The Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Or.) 1862-1899, February 14, 1890, Image 1

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XO. 3.
for Infants and
"Caatoria i bo wen adapted to children that I Castoria cures CoHe, Constipation,
recommend it aa superior to any prescription I Bour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
known to me." , H. A. Abch, M. D., I Kmae)na Kive sleep, and promote Cl
IU So. Oxford 8k, Brooiiya, N. Y. WttLutinjuilou medication.
The Cbotaub Company, 77 Murray Street, N. Y.
p ? ? p p p 97; p t?
Wc will commence xm MONDAY, Feb
ruary 3rd,' a Remnant and Odd and
End Sale,
Every Remnant in stock less than cost.
The' balance of our cloaks, wraps, and jacket, less than cost. '
Reductions and bargains in Ladies', Misses', and Children's Shoes.
A lot of ladies' gossimars less than
Big bargains in Men's hats, and
Every article in stock reduced.
Call early and often and help us to
make room for our new; and elegant
Spring Stock of Dry Goods and Men's
T nrrtJTV?! TT?fi A
CEST" We have placed on our counter two hundred and fifty Men's
Suits, some of every size, 34 to 42. which we are determined to close
out immediately. This is
gHCall and see the goods yourself, and
be convinced.
The Hecjulator
m m. 4
n q
boots and shoes.
TrT Too vn incimi
of Low !Prioes.
Some paper has started the silly
question: "Do inventions decrease
wages?" ." Certainly they do not.
On the contrary, inventions in
crease wages, shorten the work
day and decrease prices. In fact,
inventions constitute the only pos
sible way by which labor can be
emancipated from drudgery, long
hours and poor pay. Inventions
are increasing every year, and
wages are constantly advancing
in all countries where they are
utilized. Take calico as an ex
ample: There are persons now
living, who can remember when
calico sold at 25 cents a yard. It
now 6ells at 8 cents. .This great
reduction in price was effected by
inventions. In the meantime,
wages have in no case fallen, but
have advanced very greatly. A
day's wages will now buy as much
calico as a week's wages would
fifty years ago. Calico is selected
as an example, but the same facts
are true as regards other manu
factures. '
Any one, no matter whether a
laborer, a loafer, or a capitalist,
who talks against invention talks
against one of the very greatest
material blessings that has been
vouchsafed to the world, and it is
astounding that any person can be
found who is so ignorant or so rash
as to condemn them. Scientific
A Frankfort mathematician,
Dr. Bein, calculates that two men
playing dominoes ten hours a day
and making. four moves a minute
could continue 118,000,000 years
without exhausting all the com
binations of the game," the total
number of which is 2S4,52S,211,
S40. London News.
The common lot Is one of sorrow say
at lesvat she pessimists, they who look at
the worst side. Certainly what would
etherwise be a bright existence, in often
shadowed by som? ailment that overhang
it like a pall, obscuring perpetually the
radiance that else would lit; it the path.
Such an ailment, and a very common oue,
is nervousness, or in other wjrdi) weakness
of the nervous system, a condition only ir
remediable where inefficient or improper
means are tnken to relieve it. The con
current experience of neivous people who
have pesisteutlv used Hostctter's Stomach
Bitters is, that it conquers entirely super-
seusiti-ene8S of the nerves, as well as dis
ease so called which . are invited and
sustained by their chronic weakness. As
the nerves gain stamina from the great
tonic the trouble disappears. Ujj the
Bitters for malaria, rheumatism, billious
uess and kidney troubles.
Fine photographs of the "flood" at Per
not Bros.
STPoes a general practice in all the court AIfo
scent for all the ttrnt-claiw insurance companies. 2:54
-The Niagara
Desires to inform the public thatit has established an extensive lumber yard
in Gorvallis, near the - Oregon Pacific depot, and is" prepared to furnish all
kinds of - T , '
Including Shingles and Lathes, at reasonable prices. This lumber
is the finest in Oregon, being sawed in the very heart of the Cascade
mountains. -- . .
GSFFot particulars call on or .'address, WH. MILLHOLLEN, at
Corvallis, Benton county, Oregon.
"When I'm big I'll be a soldier,
That's what I will be;
Eight-for father, fight-for mother,
Over laud and sea!"
And before him on the table
Stood in bright array
All his little wooden soldiers,
Ready for the fray. . .
Then he charged his little canon,
Singing out with glee,
"When I'm bin I'll be a soldier,
That's what I will be!"
By the firelight sat the mother.
Tears were in her heart.
Thinking of the swift time coming
When they two must part.
Soon the shadow fell between them,
Soon the years flew by;
He has leit his little mother,
' Left her perhaps to die.
All the laughter Kne forever,
Ail the sunshine fled;
Only little mother praying
By his empty bed.
Then there came a dreadful battle,
Aud upon the plain
Crept the little mother, seeking
Some one 'mid the slaid;
But she never t'ouud her darling
In the white mo'.n gleam.
For the little cannon tiriug
Woke her from her dream.
All a dream! He stood beside her,
Singing out with glee, '
"When I'm I ig I'll be a soldier,
"That's what I will be!'r
R. L. Taylor, the barber, now shaves for
15 cents.
Scratched 28 Years.
Bouy civered with scales. Itching terrible.
Suffering endless. No' relief. Doctors
and medicines fail. Speedily cured by
Ciuicura at a cost of $5. '
Cured by Cuticura
If 7. had known of the CtrricrjRA Rkme
DIKS t enty eiwfit years ago it ivuld have
saved me ?200 00 (two-hundred dollars) and
an immense amount of suffering. My dis
ease (psariasis) commenced on my head iu a
spot not larger than a cent. It spread
rapidly ail oer my body and got under my
nails. , The scales wonld drop oil of me all
the time, snd my suffering was endless and
without relief. One thousand dillars would
uot teinot me to have this disease over
again. I am a poor man but feel rich to be
relieved of what some of the doctors said
was leprosy, some ringworm, psoriasis, etc.
X took ... and ... Sarsaparillas over oue
year, anil a half, but no cure. I cannot
praise the Conceit a Remedies too much
'f hey have made my skin as clear and free
from scales as a baby's. All I used of them
were three boxes of Cuticura, anil three
bottles of Cuticura Resolvent, and two
cakes of Cuticura Soap. If vou had 'been
here and said you would have cured me for
200.00, you would have had the money.
I looked like the picture in your book of
psoriasis (picture mini be r two, "How to
Cure Skin diseases"), but now I am as clear
as any person ever was. Through force of
habit I rub my hands over my arms and
Ifgs to scratch once in a while, but to no
purpose. I am all well. I scratched
twenty eight years, and it eot to be a kind
of second nature to me. I thank you a
tnousana tunes.
" DENNIS DOWNING, Waterbury, Vt.
Cuticura Resolvent.
The new Blood and Skin Purilier and
purest and best of Humor Remedies, in
ternally, and Ccticuka Soap, an exquisite
Skin Beantilier, externally, speedily, and
permanently cure every species of itching,
burning, scaly, crusted, pimply, scrofulous.
anit hereditary .diseases and humors of the
skin, scalu and blood, with loss of hair
from pimples to Scrofula.
Sold everywhere. Price, CrncPRA, 50c,
.Soap, 2oc ; Resolvent, $1. Prepared by
tion, Boston.
f3Send fur "H.iw to Cure Skin Diseases
64 pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimo
nials. .
PLES, black-heads, chapped and oily
skin prevented by Cuticura Medi
cated Soap. , - .
Free from Rheumatism
In one minute the Cuticura
. anti-paiu plaster relieves rheuma
tic sciatic, hip, kidney, chest, and miiscu
lar pains and weaknesses. The first and
only pain-killing plaster.
Below is given the "declaration of
principles" of the Corvallis nationalist
club lately organized:
"The principle of the brotherhood
of humanity is one of the eternal
truths that govern the world's progress
on lines which distinguish human na
ture from brute nature.
The principle of competition is
simply the application of the animal
law of the survival of the strongest
and most cunning.
Therefore, so long as competition
continues to be the ruling factor in our
industrial system, the highest develop
ment of the individual cannot be
reached, the loftiest aims of humaDi'ty
cannot be realized. .
No truth can avail unless practically
applied. Therefore, those who seek
the welfare of must endeavor to
suppress the system founded on the un
reasonable principle of competition
and put in its place another basedon
the nobler principle of association.
But in striving to apply this nobler
and" wiser principle to the complex con
ditions of modern life, we advocate no
sudden or ill considered . changes; we
make no war upon individuals; we do
not censure those who have accumulat
ed immense fortunes simply by carry
ing to a logical end the false piinciples
on which business is now" based.
The combinations, trusts, and syndi
cates, of which the people at present
complain, demonstrate the practicabil
ity of our basic principle of association
We merely seek to push this principle
a little further and have all industries
operated in the interest of all by the
nation the people organiz ;d the
organic unity of the whole people.
The present industrial system proves
itself wrong by ihe immense wrougs it
produces; it proves itself absurd by the
immense waste "of energy and material
which is admitted to lie its concom
itant Against this system we raise
our protest; for the abolition of the
slaveiy it has wrought aud would per:
petuate, we pledge our best efforts.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria,
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Hiss, she clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she cave them Castor a.
The G. A. R. encampment, which was to
have been held in Eugene last Wednesday,
has been postponed until March 12.
Land Office at Oregon Crrr, Ob., )
January 28th, 1890.
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has hied notice of his in
tent ion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that saul proot will bo made be
fore the County Judge, or in his absence,
hefore the County Clerk of Benton county,
at Co. vallis, Oregon, on Saturday, March
15;h, 1890, viz: Eli Spencer, homestead
entry, No. 5744, for the south east J of
Sec. 5, 1 p. IS, a K 6 west. He names
the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence .upon, aud cultivation of
said land, viz: -
G. VV. Mason, P. Moore, A. Sims, and F.
M. Spencor, all of Philomath, Beutou coun
ty, Oregon.
Land Office at Oregon City, Or. )
- January 29th, 1890. )
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled uotice of his inten
tion to make final pi oof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made
before the County Clerk of Benton - county
at. Corvallis, Oregon, on Friday, March 21st,
1890, viz: Howard L. Bush, pre-emption
D. S. No. 6454 for the N. W J ol N. E. J
S. J of N. E. i in Sec. 14 Tp. 10 S. R. 7 VV.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence npon, and
cultivation of, said land, viz: J. Kibby,
D. Kibby. Hoffman aud J. Price, all of
King's Valley, Benton county, Oregon.
: - . Register.
Land Office at Oregon City, Or'. j
January 31st, 1890. J
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the County Clerk of Benton countv. at
Corvallis, Oregon, ou Friday: April 4, 1890,
viz: jenersou J. Iroxel, homestead entry,
No. 5,463, for the N. W. J of Sec. 10, Tp.
II, S. R. 7. W.' He riaines the" following
witnesses to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of said land, viz: "
v. uroom, rl. Herron, C. Warren, and
F. Duncan, all of Summit. Benton countv.
Oregon. - - ; - -
2:14-6t. - Register.
Children Cry fbi?
Concerning a Woolen Mili
Several weeks ago the board of
trade of Corvallis received a letter
from ; the proprietors of a woolen
factory in Iowaasking if any en
couragement could be given to in
duce them to move their establish
ment to this city, also enquiring
about the condition of things in
general. This was answered in
due time by the secretary wherein
he stated, among other ' things,
that, although Corvallis had no
water power facilities just now, the
question of bringing water into
the city for such purposes was be
ing discussed and might result in
the construction of a canal. A
second letter was received from
them yesterday, and they wrote
that they preferred to use steam
as a power providing wood or coal
was plenty, etc., and wanted to
get where the water, that they
would, be compelled to use in
cleaning the wool, was of the
"soft" kind. An offer was made
to srnd one of their men here to
take in the situation providing his
fare one way would be paid by the
board. Very likely this will be
done. It seems, though, that it is
hardly necessary; for if huch peo
ple desire to view this state they
could afford to go down into their
own pockets to defray expenses in
so doing. Albany's woolen fac
tory is a "home" institution just
remember that.
To Portland. Parties desiring
to get to Portland, can take the
Oregon Pacific tram to Albany,
then take the U, P. 'boat which is
now running daily tp Fulquartz
landing, and be transferred again
to the narrow gauge and be taken
to Portland. This news was re
ceived here Wednesday by tele
gram to W. A. Wells the U. P.
A New Bridge. The county
court has advertised to receive
bids for the cons! ruction of a new
bridge across Mary?s river at this
city. The bids are to be opened
on March 5th, next.
We'll Be There. At the Con
gregational - church next Sunday
the pastor will speak in the morn
ing on, "The Bread of Life," and
in the evening oru -'Newspapers
ajid Christianity."
Postponed. The district teach
ers' institute, which was to have
convened in Albany on the 12th
of March next, has been postpon-.
ed to the- 19th, 20th and 2 1st of
For fine poultry go to C. B. Wells, Phi
lomath, Oregon.
Near, on Friday, Febru
ary 7th, 1890, to the wife of Wm.
Bier, a son.
In Corvallis, on Sunday, February
9, 1890, at 7 a. m., to the wife of S. T.
Jeffreys, a son.
In Corvallis, on Monday, February
10, 1890, at 7 a. m.: to the wife of W.
C. Corbett, a son.
Near Corvidlis, on Tuesday, Feb
ruary 11, 1890, to the wife of Isaac
Jackson, a son. . ,
In Corvallis, on VVedneedi'y evening. Feb
ruary 12, 1850, at the residence of Wallace
Baldwin; William Edwards and Miss C'lane
A. Baldwin, Rev. A. Rogers officiating.
The groom has been a resident of Corvallis
for a few months past and is quite well
known by her citizens. He is a first-class
workman in the art of paper-hanging, aud
seme of his. skill is exhibited in the rooms
of the newly-organized land company and
also in the bank of Job brothers. It is his
intention to. soon go into business here for
himself. " His bride needs no introduction to
the Corvallis people. The Gazaits ac
knowledges the receipt of some very deli
cious wedding cake the first in 1890.
There were several nice presents giyeo the
happy con pie, among which some Wfre from
the grooin'i mother now residing in the state
of Kentucky. . ,-
Pitcher's' Castoria.