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NO. 43.
Published vry Friday Morning
(Payable in Advance.)
FrTw 2 w
iir Month! 2
fare. Months. 1 "
SiagU Copies..: .. A 100
!- rr lwh not naiti in advonce) 3
All notkei ind advertisements intended for pub
atiaa should be handed In bv noon on Wednesdays
Rates f ad v ert ii ng made known on application .
Of ,the pat VNk uonaensed.
Tb Urge amount of wheat posted on the
produce exchange at New York ou the 16th
inst. , that was out of condition broke the
market, and the bears jumped in and pushed
it tre$4$lly downward. Then the west aided
WiS Street, rushed in and bought to the
-v 'xtet tit 3,000,000 or 4,000,000 bushels,
forcing the price up again.
An analysis has been made of a Chinese
tipple which they have been selling among
themselves iu New York tree of excise. It
is found to contain 38 per cent, of alcohol,
and henceforth Chinese will be required to
a license to sell their native drink .
failures the last seven days were
166, as epoipared with 'Mi last weefc. rau
ures are below the average in all sections of
the country, aud fewer are reported from
the south than any previous week this
About 117,000 bushels. of No. 2 wiuter
red wheat were posted on the New York
produce exchange ou the 16th, us out lif
condition. This had a very depressing ef
fect on the market.
tinveruor Katon has issued a proclamation
caisingtue quarantine against cattle from
Missouri, Indiana and Ohio.
Frederick Greiner, murderer of Margaret
Selling, was hangrd in the Frauklin county,
Ohio, jail last Saturday.
The. New York World's Washington spe
cial say. : Secretary Bayard declares the
mails are beiim outrageously delayed, aud
more thau intimates the postuiaster
geueral will have to back down. Undoubt
edly some friction between the two minis
ten impends. The same correspondent,
peaking of the nval local tickets iu New
York city, says: "The president never
changes bis mind, at least so say his inti
mate friends. It is therefore hardly proba
ble that as ttov. Hill himself has been re
fused assistance any special pleading for
u; rh nart of his aireuts will have
any effect." . I
Tk. n.w Vnrk World favs: "Unite a
sensation was caused in the consolidated
Block and petroleum exchange, by a report
that the Prince of Wales had actually en
teral into American speculation, ana pur
chased halt a million bai rels of oil. The or
der came by cable on Thursday, so it was
aaid. and was executed by the principal
broker for the Standard Oil company. If
the reoort be true, his royal highness has
evidently been given a large ' point," for
there was a marked advance of 4 cents per
barrel, from 102J to 107.
The will of the late Cardinal McCloskey
was fild for probate on the I7th inst. The
document is brief. He directs his executors
to pay all just debts aud funeral and testa
mentary yf" immediate after his de
cease, and then bequeaths to Archbishop
Corrigan, Bishop McLaughlin of Brooklyn
aird Bishop McHeury of Albany the re
. .tA'.' a 1 ...,- an.uiintiiia them at
JllMUud ui mo cm fK : e
SSUm uv,-iif.orH of his will.
Thfc new railroad bridge across the Col
f.rado river at Yuma, Arizona, was totally
a-atvoved bv fire last Saturday morning,
Which began ou the California side of the
river. The loss is over $200,000. The cause
is unknown.
The New York Commercial Bulletin, to
ascertain public opinion ou the silver ques-
& tion aud on the expeudiency of stopping the
coinage of the standard dollar, addressed
- inquiries to a large number of persons sup
posed to have well considered views on the
auestiou"! and other prominent bankers and
Financiers of Ohio, Pennsylvania and other
middle aud eastern states. The points on
which the answers, with but few exceptions
agree, are : First, the coinage of silver
should be definitely postponed. Next, meas
ures should be takeu for protecting the fu
ture use of silver, under an agreement with
' the leading commercial nations. The opin
ions vary as what should be the forms ot
auch agreement, but the impossibility of
aav effective settlement of the general ques
tious being accomplished, except through
international co-operation, is generally ad
Millions of squirrels are em migrating from
the Mississippi side over to the Arkansas
bore, at a point commencing about live
miles below Memphis and extending down
fur twenty miles. They are swimming the
Mississippi river and evidently making for
more elevated ground in Arkansas. Thous
ands are being killed by farmers, who, by
reason a tfccL- great numbers, use bucks iu-
.tead e? sun. A iuailar autfgrauo-i
equirreai occurred iu 187'-.
A snow storm occurred at Ishpeming
Mich., on the 20th, eight inches falling, and
the storm continues. The mail train of the
Marquette, Houghton & Ontonagon railway
is blockaded at the Summit.
Orders were promulgated by the treasury
department on the 20th, prohibiting the
shipment of wheat from Duluth in Canadian
W. A. Rowe. of Lvnn. lowered the
world's twenty mile bicycle record at Ham-
den park Springfield, Mass., on the 16th.
His time was 58 minutes and 20 seconds.
The best previous time was 58 minutes end
56 seconds made by M. K, M. Webber there
last September.
It is announced that Bartholdi, the French
artist,, leaves France on the 24h to superin
tend the erection of the great statue of Lib
erty in New York harlior. About the time
of his arrival the pedestal will be ready for
the statue.
The New York Times thinks the pros
pects of a railroad from Winnipeg to Hud
son bay, for the shipment of Manitoba
wheat to Euglaud are somewhat indefinitely
postponed, owing to a report brought back
by the steamer Alert of the difficulties of
navigation of Hudson strait, which was not
clear of ice this year until August 22.
The Massachusetts commissioners of dis
ease in animals visited C. G. Parsons dis
eased herd of cows at Greenfield on the 20,
and pronounced the disease "blackleg or
"anthrax" fevei, similar to Texas cattle fe
ver. Iney ordereu tne came isoiateu. aim
the i remises disinfected.
Chicazo Tribune: And democrats have
begun to vote the prohibition ticket a little!
Here's a state of tilings !
New York Times: The democrats lost
the state through the efforts of John K. Mc
Lean and his PHcrupubus ang.
New York Sun: The result is a check
for the democracy, and no explanation can
chauge the fact ir render it any the less disagreeable.
Cleveland Flaiudealer (dem.) : It is a vic
tory for John Sherman. His hold on the
Germans stood him in good stead, and he
will grab the seuatorship for his pay.
New York Tribune : It is clear that
President Cleveland aud Governor Hoadlf
did not get the splendid vindication tor
which their, friends worked so long and s
confidently. If verdicts of the people ever
mean anything, this verdict cannot be reck
oned insignificant.
Bostou Herald (Mug) : The republican
triumph iu Ohio is significant of two things:
The failure of the democratic party to im
plore the advantage which it gained in the
election of President Cleveland, aud the un
impaired cohesive power of the republican
Philadelphia Times, (Deui.J: The repub
licans of Ohio have won a staving victory
for fLii ofT v ear uiainst a houeful party iu
. j o - -
power both at Washington and Columbus.
It will be so felt iu Pennsylvania and in
New York, where the political pulse is more
sensative to October signals of political
cheer or distress.
Nev York World: The result of the
Ohio election is to be regretted, because it
is an exnressiou of hostility to the demo
crat, ic administration and will be paraded
by the repuplicaus as an indication that a
reaction has already set in against the dem
ocracy aud in favor of the restoration of the
republicaus to power.
St. Faul Fioueer-Fress: Republican suc
cess in Ohio is immeusly significant. It
proves that the people, having shown the
party errors aud having seen it profit by
chastisement, are ready to stand by it in op
position to an organization upon whom the
highest honor confers no degree of the in
telligence above that needed to gabble about
the omnipotence of the spoils.
Philadelphia Press: This result shows
that the republican column, instead of being
shattered by the natural defeat of last year,
stands undismayed and unbroken. Demo
cratic power at Washington and democratic
efforts in the states have not shaken re pub
lean faith or allegiance. The party comes from its temporary reverse with fresh
courage aud renewed determination.
Boston Transcript, (Mu.): The Ohio
oil-Hoad ley-John McClean democracy went
..., uiit.h a dull thud yesterday. Jonn
Sherman's personal strength in Ohio, ans
from his successful career as a senator aud
cabinet officer, is indisputable. Should the
next legislature re-elect him United States
senator he will become more powerful than
ever in national republican politics. It will
give him an immense start toward the next
republican presidential nomination.
The issue of standard dollars from the
mints during the week ending October 17,
was $1,028,750; during, the corresponding
period of last year, $594,997. Shipments of
fractional silver coin from October 1st to
October 17, amounted to $567,559.
Shipments of coin from the overcrowded
vaults of the different sub-treasuries .to the
treasury at Washington, since the general
transfer began, September 3, amount, to
about $26,000,000 in silver and $5,000,000
in gold. The $10,400,000 in silver brought
fromjNew Orleans in naval vessels, is -in the
above statement. All the gold came from
San Francisco, from which place about $13,-
000,0o0 in gold had previously been sent to
New York by registered mail. It is est
mated it will take about month and a half
to count coin already received at the treas-
, . i : . l. . .1.
ury. A. new ana luiproveo. wciymug
ine was received at the department from the
Philadelphia mint, aud will be used in
weighing the coin.
A Washington correspondent, who ap
pears to speak with some authority, says
the president is worRing a great many hours
every day, many more than clerks in de
partments and many more thau under of
ficials who cornplaiu of the hardships ol
their position. He allows himself absolute
ly no more license than is actually necessary
to preserve his health. He recogizes that
he has made a mistake in some appoint
ments, also that they have generally been
the result of overcontidence in representa
tives and senators, aud sometimes in cabinet
officers, but always iu persons whom he
ought to be able to trust.
The agent at the tort Belknap Indian res
ervation in northern Montana, has informed
the iuterior department that a uumlier of
Cree ludiaus, reiugecs irom the British pos
sessions, have crossed the line into the res
ervation, having iu their possession "silver
ware aud articles of ladies' apparel, sup
posed to have been captured during the Big
Bear outbreak. The ageut requested that
these intruders be escorted across he line
and forbidden to enter the United States.
The matter was referred to the secretary of
state, who has replied that these Indiana
cannot be arrested, except upon extradition
by the British authorities, and that this
government should not countenance any
kidnapping of ludiaus. I he interior de
partment is at a loss to know how the dan-
tsrai refugee can be Tdsuuvtjd, under. Uu
circu instances.
The secretary of war has issued the fol
lowing general order, which will heuuetortu
be an additional army regulation.- "In tune
of peace, details of not less thau one officer
aud three enlisted meu will be kept con
stantly under instruction ai:d practice in
military signalling at each post in the Uni
ted States, until the officers and all the men
who have sufficient intelligence are profic
ient iu the code of signalling by Hag, torch
and heliography aud houieographic code
with discs. The post commander will de
tail an acting signal officer at each post, to
give necessary instructions and supervise
field practice. Monthly reports of in
structions and practice will be rendered to
the chief signal officer through the depart
ment commanders. "
The civil service commissiou has address
ed a letter to President Clevelaud, calling
his attention to an attempt by the Pennsyl
vania republican committee to collect politi
cal assessments in the departments, aud
suggesting the propriety of making an in
vestigation of the matter, with a view ot
punishing all parties connected with it who
can be reached by law. They say it is their
belief Chairman Cooper, who is responsible
for the begging circular, is not an employe
of the government, and therefore cannot be
reached. The letter suggested that congress
lw asked to extend the law so as to cover
such cases.
The appointment of C. W. Roby to be
postmaster at Portland, Or., settles a ques
tion which has vexed the postomce depart
ment for some time. The principal candi
dates lor this office have already been given
along with an outline of what was represen
ted to be the feelings of the people in re
gard to them. It is stated by persons from
the state that Roby's appointment will
cause dissatisfaction among the old democ
racy of the state. A protest has also been
filed against Mr. Daniel htewart, recently
appointed postmaster at Walla Walla in
Wash. Ty., on the ground that he is too old
and that he is in the hands of certain re
publicaus, who will practically run the of
fice. Mr. Vilai stated that the protest
would receive consideration.
Mrs.Leland Stanford has had constructed
at her individual expense a mortuary chapel
which forms part of Trinity church, on
Powell and Post streetsS.F. The room is 40
by 20 feet in size and has been appropriately
fitted up for the purpose for which it is de
signed. It will be used as a temporary de
posit for remains brought to that city en
route to final place of burial.
The'Steamship Oceanic, which sailed from
Sen Francisco for China last Saturday took
away npirly 1100 Chinamen, and there were
over 300 who wished to go but could not
be carried by the ship. There were also
100 coolies who were from Portland,
who exjiected to take passage on the
vessel,4Bfc will be commpelled to wait un
til the next steamer sails.
A close estimate of the total losses by the
recent Crocker fire place them at $775,000,
the most costly tire San Francisco has ex
perienced for twenty years.
A 1 Little, a northern Pacific tie contractor
of North Yakima made an assignment last
week and on the 19th with friends, he had
a knock-down fight with his employes who
claim fraud. Little then had the assign
ment dissolved and turned his property over
to the bank for the benefit of his creditors.
But Marshal George seized fifteen thousand
ties aud four thousand cords of wood iu the
name of the government, charging Little
with despoiling the government lands.
The thirty-first annual session of the
grand encampment of the I. O. O. F. as
sembled in San Francisco on the 20th. The
grand secretary's report showed that nearly
$2,000,000 hae been disbursed by different
Odd Fellews lodges of the world du. ing the
last year for relief purposes.
Professor Edward S. Holden, of the Uni
versity of Wisconsin, was elected on the
20th, president of the University of Cali
fornia. He is about 37 years old, and is a
nephew of the late Wm. Holden, who was
at one time lieutenant govern r of California.
No sensible man ihould get mad because
a newspaper duus him for money, says an
exchange. . A dun is not au impeachment of
a subscriber's lutegrity. hut is simply au
out-cropping of a publisher's necessities.
For instance, several hundred men owe us
from $2.50 to $5.00 each; we have to dun
them all in order to get enough to pay ex
penses. Instead of getting angry and
topping the paper because the publisher
asks him for what is honestly due, tne suo-
scriber should thank him for waiting so
patiently, and pay up promptly like a man,
and in addition pay a year in advance,
Closing out Bale.
The closing out sale at C. H. Whitney's
is attracting many buyers who are attracted
by the very low prices actual cost lor
foods. This is a geuuiue closiug out sale
o i-
and as the stock is a well selected one a
first-class, the people should not fail toin -
prove the opportunity.
Clothing. Clothing. Clothing.
The best assortment and linnet goods for
men, youths and boys ever brought to Cor-
vallis, at prices that will satisfy you if yon
will .call, See our $12 Cass Suits worth $15
S. L Kwm
The Standard says: "Russia and Austria
are unable to conic to au agreement in re
gard to the Balkan difficulty. Prince Bis
marck is determined to prevent war. The
three powers have agreed to restore out
wardly, status qv aI'd Bulgaria, Servia
aud Greece will probably le choked oil."
"' The Berlin- correspondent of The Daily
News says that nearly ail the powers have
agreed to a conference on the Balkan ques
tion, and that hope that peace will be main
tained increases.
Every available armed man has been sum
moned for service. Tlu Burmese ministers
have decided to stop the British envoy with
the Indian government's ultimatum at the
It is stated that as a result of the Pacific
attitude of Bulgaria, Servia is disbanding a
portion of her reserves.
A Times London dispatch says: "Proba
bly the world has never before witnessed
uch a strangely perplexing situation as that
which this week was seen m the Balkan
peninsula, with hundreds of men being
dragged into the field, with forced levies,
half a dozen different states on the very
threshold of hostilities, and with nobody
able to guess how the various combatants
will rauge themselves, once the die is cast.
Austria aud Russia are preparing for war.
The suppression of news has become one of
the tine arts in both countries, but enough
leaks out to render this certain, that Austria
is now mobilizing 60,000 meu, who are be
ing quietly got ready in Bosnia.
A cablegram says it is reported from Sofia
that there is a notable decrease in the war
like fever which has prevailed since the
Ronmelian revolt. The disposition of Prince
Alexander of Bulgaria, owing to his hasty
action in that affair, is not among the im
possibilities. Russia is fomenting trouble,
notwithstanding the czar's display of dis
pleasure at the exploits of Prince Alexan
der. The war preparations of Turkey and
(ireece are unabated. Romania is quies
cent but watch I u i.
A Times Ottawa special says: As the
Canadian Pacific railway will be running in
few weeks from the Atlantic to the Pacific
t is understood restrictions placed upon the
nstruction of lines from, points in the
Northwest and Manitoba to the internation
al boundary,, to connect with American
railway systems, will be withdrawn. Iu an
ticipation of such withdrawal, Sir A. T.
r...!.. .,; thA necessary notice in me
Mrlll. win ft1'- -
Ufficial Gazette that he will apply to parlia
ment next session loracharUrto construct
railway from the coal fields in Manitoba to
the international boundary line, in the di
rection of Fort Beuton, M. T.
The London Times has advices to the ef
feet that complete anarchy prevails in Bur-
mah. It is expected that certain tribes will
storm Mandalay. A very hostile feeling is
show n in Burmah toward all foreigners, and
a general massacre is feared. The Italian
consul at Mandalay has been thieateued
with imprisonment.
For the week ending Friday night thtre
were reported by the authorities of the Ro
man Catholic cemetary, 293 deaths from
smallpox in Montreal, 59 at St. Couegoude,
16 at St. Henri, 7 at St. Gabriel, 2o at St
Jean Baptiste, and .23 at St. Louis.
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Iff l&m 1
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned that
pursuant to and in accordance with an order of the
County Court ot the tate ot Oregon fer Benton
County made and entered ou the loth Cay of Sep
tember 1835, will on the !Cth day of November 1835,
at the hour of 1 o'clock P. M. , of said day in front ot
the Court House door in said county, sell at public
auction to the highest, bidder for cash in hand the
following described real estate, belonging to Emma
K. Shipley, Lena B. Shipley, Charlotte E. Shipley
nd Elm- r C. Shipley, minor heirs of John L. Shipley
deceased, to-wit : The undivided om half of lot num
bered eighty-eight, (38) in block numbered nineteen,
(1H) in the city of Phftomath in Beuton county Or
egon. Also the following to wit : An undivided one
fourth part of the original donation land claim of H.
S. Ha'lock and Lucritia Hallock his wife, it being
claim numbered fifty :ine, (53) notification number
ed C2U3, in sections four(-i) and nine, (!l) in Township
eleven south of rane six west of Willamette
Meridian in Beuton Com ty, State of Oregon.
Guardian of the minor heirs of John L. ShLpley,
deceased. .
Dated this 14th day ol ucteuer, los.
In the Circuit Court of the Btate of Oregon Cor I
ton county:
G. W. ROSS. Plaintiff,
In the matter of the estate
Geo. P. Wrenn, deceased.
Notice is hereby given th it by virtue of an order
of sale, duly male by the county Court of the tate
of Oregon, for the county oi Benton, on Saturday
April 7th, 1S8S, at the regular April term of said
court, directing and commanding me, F. A. Cheno
weth administer of said estate, to sell at public
auction all the right, title, interest and estate that
the said Geo. P. Wrenn had at the time of his death,
iuand to the following described premises:
.u -i.r, ,,f two hundred and fifty one
11IC till J -..
acres, ivinir in the east 1-2 of the donation land claim
oi Geo. P. Wrenn and Mary R. F Wrenn, his wife,
notification (358. claim No. 5, T. 11, S. R. 6 west,
Willamette meridian, in Benton county, Oregon.
More particularly d.-scribcd as follows, to-wit: Be
ginning at a point 4.65 chains east, of the 1-4 Sec.
corner, on the line between sections 16 and 21 in T.
11 s R 6 west, of Will. Mer., running thence south
58.50 chains to the middle of the channel of Marys
river, thence following down with the meanuerings
of said river to the east line of said donation land
claim, thence north 84.25 chain to the north east
corner of said claim thence north 8!Meg. 27 min.. west
32.35 chains to tlie place of beginning containing; 250
acres more or less. Also the whole of the following
in the west half of said c!ai::i beginning at a quarter
Sec. corner on the line between sections 16 and 21, in
T. 11 S. R. 6 west, niameite aiermi.n, mc,i.c
south 89 dogrees. 27 min. east 4.65 chains, south 58.5U
chains to the middle cf the channel of Marys river,
thence following up the river to the middle of the
county load leading from- Corvallis t. Kings Val
ley, north 16 degrees east along the middle of said
road, 16 chains north 6 degrees, west 18 chains,
north -26 deareei. west 23 chains north 39 degrees,
s to the north line oi the claim, south 89
degrees 31 min. east 13.20 chains to the place of be
ginnig containing 39. OS acre. Therefore in accor
dance with and in pur uance of said order of sale,
F. A Chenoweth administrator of said estate of Geo.
P. Wrenn, deceased, will on
Saturday, October 31st, 1885,
at the hour of one o'clock P. M., of said day in front
of the court bouse door, in the city of Corvallis in
liMiton county Oregon, sell at public auction to the
hhrhest bidder, all the right, title, interest and
.t whi.ih the said Geo. P. Wruin had, at the time
of his death, in and to the above described premises,
together with the appurtenances thereunto belong
ing. Terms of said, cash down at time of sa
f a. chenoweth;
Administrator of the eitate oi Geo. P. Wrenn, W
2240 -5t.
To Jacob A. Kenoyer and Sarah K. Kenoyer too
above named defendants; in the name of the state of
Oregon you are hereby summoned and required
appear and answer the complaint of plaintiff now oo
file with the clerk of the above entitled court agalMt
you in this suit on or before the first day of the net
regular term of said court it being the 10th day ff
November, 1885, and you are hereby notified' that's
you fail to answer said complaint as required hereii,
said plaintiff will apply to the court fot the retiaf
prayed for in said complaint to-wit: a deeree agalnat
you for the sum of 3400 dollars together with interest
thereon at thc.rat-' of eight percent, per annum froui '
the 5th day of November, 1878, and for the foreclos- '
ure of the mortgage mentioned iu said complaint and'
to secure the payment of said sum of 8400 and inter
est as aforesaid, upon the. following described 'preua
isfes to-wit:
Beginning at a point in the center of Marys river
due east of the northeast corner of Jackson Zink's
lanu claim, thence west to a leaning oak tree about
one foot thro'ign on the top of the hill abt ut ope rod
east of the gat the line between G. W. Ross and
Jackson. gink, thence cast. of porth to a point fire rods
north of a lone fir tree, (the point ir.en t ioned he re is
about due west from the road passing i.. .8. Fclgar's
dwelling house.) thence running east to the center of
Marys river, thence south down along Man s river to
the place of beginning, containing 18 acres more or
less. Also lot No. 2 in Section 10, Township 12,
south of range C west of the Willamette meridian and
containing 12 and 57-100 acres, all situated in Benton
county, Oregon, and for the costs and disbursements
of this suit and for such other and further relief as
may be quitable and just.
This summons is published by order of the Hon. R.
Bean, Judge of said court which bears date of Sep
tember 30th. 1885.
22407t Attorney for Plainth.
Is hereby given by the undersigned Administrator
of the estate of Smiley Carter deceased, that he ha
filed his accounts for a final settlement of aaid trust
in the County Court of the State of Oregon for
Ucnton county, and t hut jSynday the 16th day of
November 1005, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the for
noon of said day is the time fixed by said court to
examine the same aud bear objections thereto.
Administrator of the estate of Smiley Carter, ce-
Dated this 16th day of October 1835.
Land Office at Oregon City, Oregun
Sept. 14, 185.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to mak. HiaX
proof in support of bis claim, and that said proof
will be made before the County Clerk, ot BraKa
county, at Corvallis, Oregon, on Saturday, Oct list,
1885, viz; Henry Gerber, Ifomestead Katry Ha
5412 for the 8. 1-2 of N. E. 1-4 and S. 1-t of X. W. 1-
of See. 24, T-11, S. R-, 6 W.
He names the following witnesses to prov. kia oon
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land,
via: Oliver Wituani, Charles Witham, F. M. Johaaoa
and Wm. Morgan, all of Corvallis, Benton Cooaty
22-38 5w L. T. BARIN, Register.