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Conrallis Weekly Gazette.
AVfotQXT MORNING, OCT. 16, 1885.
tm AH communications to the Uazettk, either on
business or for publication, to insure prompt atten
tion should be addressed to the GAZETTE PUBLISH
R. A. M.
fe. uon Chapter, No. 5, R. A. M., meets Thurs
av r. r !uir on or preceding full moon.
Take JSTotice.
Twelve nonpareil lines or less, or one of space
eoastitute a square.
All bills for advertising payable monthly. Foi all
ransieut advertising payment must be made in ad
ance. Business locals, first insertion 10 cents per line.
Ho business locals inserted for less than 25 cents.
Marriage notices free. Death notices free if ac
ompanied bv extended remarks, 5 cents per line will
e charged. Resolutions of condolence, 5 cents per
ine. Card of thanks, 10 cents per line.
We shall be obliged to any person who will furnish
s with any information of local interest.
No aotice,cau hi taken ofanonymoas communica
lon. Whatever is intended for publication
must be authenticated by the name and address oi
the writer not necessary for publication, but as a
guarantee of cood faith.
We do not hold ourselves responsible for any views
opinions expressed in the co juuuuications of our
By a decision of the Post-office Department all per
sons receiving or takinir papers from the postottlce
even when addressed to them become responsible
or the subscription pi ice.
Advertisements, notices and communications in
ended for this paper, should be handed in as early a
Wedneday morniug, to insure their publication.
Subscribers not reusiving their paiier regularlv will
orfera favor by giving notice of the same at this
Subscribers will hew in mine" that thesubscription
price is invariably 3M, when not paid in advance.
Increasing Freights.
Freight shipments over the Oregon Pacific
railroad and steamship line to Sau Francisco
is increasing every week. Mr. A. Grant, ot
the Salem Mills company, was in Corvallis
t lis week, and informed us that they had
perfected arrangements for shipping their
exports over this line. The Salem company
have their own river boats, and can carry
their freight to this place at less expense
than to Portland. The Oregon Pacific rail
road company will soon build a wharf and
warehouse on the river alongside their track
in this place, where any and all boats may
.discharge freight without extra wharf
charges. It i expected that ail of the up
per river freight will be shipped over this
line this season. The farmer is jubilant over
the prospects of a lively competition in
freight rates, all of which has been brought
about by the operation of the Oregon Pacific.
An Oregonian correspondent writing from
South Newport under date of Oct. 12th,
ays: The late southerly weather has made
considerable change on th? south beach at
the government works. The sands tilled in
on the south side of the tramway to the
extreme end of it, so that the beach is over
a quarter of a mile wide at low water. The
flood tides have cut the south channel con
siderably deeper and in a straight line from
the end of the jetty. The recediug tide
washes the sands from the bay through the
north channel aud beyond the jetty, and
they are carried to the south bdach, the gov
ernment improvements holding it there aud
stopping its return to the bay. All that is
necessary to secure 22 ieet of water on the
bar (and this is the depth of saud and water
to bedrock)is a large appropriation and coi -ti
nuance ef the work already commenced.
Bobber and Murderer.
Mr. G. Uodes informs us that one night
this week some hoodlum who seems to have
been well acquainted with his property, and
also that he "sleeps soundly for the first ten
hours," broke into his poultry ard and stoie
one dozeu fat turkeys. The fact that the
guilty party stole the turkeys is evidence of
a robber, and the presumable fact that he
slaughtered them, is sufficient to brand him
as a murderer. Our friend Hortes asks us to
inform the culprit tnat his second return to
bis poultry yard will be greeted with a dose
of salt and pepper, administered by means
of a shot gun, as he will in the future sleep
with one eye open.
1 Tho Oregon Fever.
It is a settled fact that this state will re
ceive a large immigration from Iowa next
season. This has been brought about by
the visit of the Iowa editors and the mis
sionary car now in the east, A letter war.
received in Portland recently from a well-to-do
farmer, living near Oskaloosa, in which
he says: "In fact, the great thing at the
Oskaloosa Fair was the car. Everybody
aw it and admired the Oregon products di; -played
therein. Consequently, an Oregon
fever rages, lama wealthy farmer, and
have an excellent farm, but will sell it out
next apt trig, and leave for the laqd where it
is said crops never fail."
From Behind the Iron Barr.
Last Saturday a tramp entered the house
of Wm. Gird, twelve miles south of this
place, and took therefrom a pair of boots.
On Sunday Mr. Gird found his man in
Monroe and brought him here for trial. In
Justice Quivey's court Monday he acknowl
edged his guilt and was bound over iu the
sum of $500 bonds to appear before the
grand jury, in default of which h 3 now looks
at the world from behind the bars at the
hotel-de-King, which is apparently entirely
satisfactory to him. His name is Jo Wil
son,' a tramp by profession.
Amended School Laws.
The new editoin of the School Laws order
ed by the Legislative Assembly is now pub
lished. Full supplies for the use of school
officers have been forwarded by the Superin
tendent of Public Instruction to the several
county superintendents for distribution.
Each school director and clerk is entitled to
a copy and will be supplied by the county
The Kree Kree takes the "kake."
Bo3's clothing at cost at Whitney closn
nut sale.
Nobby Hats at cost at Whitney's closi
out sale.
All goods at cost at Whitney's duaii
out sale.
E. O. Chamness has a full line nf late
M. S . Xeugass went to the Bay last Tu
day on business.
Jos. K. K. Irvine arrived from the Ua
Wednesday evening.
Men's furnishing goods at cost at Whi
P. M. Abbey returned home to Newpnr
last Tuesday morning,
ney's closing out sale.
E. O. Chamness carries a full line o'
ladies writing material.
Corsets, Kid gloves and parasols, at ens
at Whitney's closing out sale.
Joseph Hirshburg will soon open a Inn!
at Independence, Polk county.
Men anil boy's shoes and boots at c
at Whitney's closing nit sale,
Burnett & Johnson's is headquarters fi
smoking aud chewing tobaccos.
Don't forget that E. O. Chamness is sel -ing
sciiool books at Portland prices.
The social party at the City hall last S
unlay evening was an enjoyable alfair.
A tine line of velvet and plush picture
frames aud mirrors at E. O. Chamness'.
Woodcock Jfc Baldwin have a nice iron
harrow, mum-thing new. Call and see it.
A new stock of mens ami boys hats and
cipB, the lat at styies cheap, at J. W. Han
sun's. Save your apples anil save money. Buy
one of those nice cider mills at Woodcock &
Yon can get a fine white shirt for $1, and
tine uuder clothing iu proportion, at J. W.
A three and one-half inch ste .l White
water wagon, bran new, at Woodcock &
Mrs. S. E. Belknap, Mrs. S. B. Avery
and Mrs. E. H. Taylor are visiting friends
iu Portland.
A new Ketchum wagon, three and one
half inch, for sale at a bargain at Woodcock
& Baldwin's.
Benton county offers the following bom -ties
for scalps s Coyote, $10; Bear, $2.50;
Cougar, $2.50.
Job printing executed with neatness and
dispatch, aud at the lowest living rates at
the Gazette office
The Corvallis Cornet Band is making pre
parations for their second annual ball on
Thanksgiving evening.
Get your Guus, Sewing Machines, Musi
cal Instruments r:paire! at Wall Bin
they warrant their work.
French candies are received fresh nearly
every day by Burnett 4. Johnson, at the
Whist and Billiard rooms.
Just received direct from the factorie--,
watches, clocks, jewelry, etc., and for sale
cheaper than ever by P. P. GretFoz.
Furniture for sale and house for s de or
rent. Two blocks north of the court house
Corvallis, Or. Inquire of Mrs. N. C. Polly.
Geo Kennedy and Lafe Wilson left
day for a hunting expedition in the Cascade
range, probably in the vicinity of the FoJey
Engine No. 2., one of the largest nf the
coast, and belonging to the O. P. railroad,
came into Corvallis last Wednesday for the
first time.
Woodcock & Ba'dwin have ma le an in
portant reduction in the price of pl ws.
Farmers will do well to call on them if thiy
need anything in that line.
M. S. E llington, of AH -any, Oregon, wi 1
loan money on five years time -witli im
proved farm security, but not to exceed one
third the value of the property.
The interior work on the central scho 1
building in Albany, is almost finished, and
when the building is entirely finished, it
will be an ornament to our sister city.
The Oliver Chilled Iron Plow still takes
the lead, and more are now used than any
other kind. Prices less than ever. R
member and ask for The Oliver; take no
Jas. A. Canthorn returned Wednesday
evening from San Francisco via Portland.
His two weeks visit to the Bay City was f r
the purpose of making arrangements for
shipping and selling wheat.
A writer on fall fashions informs us that
"the backs of some dress skirts will be
bonffant." This is good news. If none of
the backs of dress skirts were to be bouf
fant, it would be discouraging.
Howard Bramwell, of Harrisburg, form
erly a compositor on the Herald-Disseminator,
arrived in Corvallis Monday evening,
and is now employed in the mechanical de
partment of the Gazette office.
Bishop Morris intends to hold service,
preach, and administer the Holy commun
ion, in the Episcopal church. Corvallis on
Sunday next. Services to commence at 1 1
o'clock. Ali are cordially invited to attend.
Jas Scrafford, formerly of this place, but
more lately of J ndepeudence where he has
been engaged iu the manufacture of monu
ments and tombstones, passed through Cor
vallis this week. He informs us that he
has retired from the business and wid short
ly move onto a farm near Junction City.
The management of the Mechanics' fair
very generously donated the proceeds oi
Saturday evening's attendance to the Chil
dren's Home in that city. There are now
fifty-five children iu the home, and previous
to the donation, less tnau $100 in the
treasury. The receipts on that evening
amounted to $945, which was donated to tl.
Will Wilziuiski, with Wilziniski Bros.
J i., of Poi-tmud, spent Sunday iu Corvallis.
Mrs. Biddle hu rr turned from a visit in
u , nc ui.ii install and relatives,
f. ti. Poms, tin Aili.iuy job printer, wa
i rvaliiii i'lieaiioy cv mug on buuine
cp n and . ok at the new ready mini
uing ft.r men, joiitiia aud boy J W
..S. ill's.
1 rge and well selected stock of cloth
c l.ttest styles to make op cheap av J. .
UayiJ Osburn represented Valley L "!',
in. 11. K. of P, in the Grand lodg.' sea . ..
a' Sale. n this week.
$. one semis us a circular setting foi I
th .- :uerii8 of a patent incubator, but
i.i bet on the old ben.
Mei.-d.iin s Jacobs and Seugass went ti
he Bay Tuesday m mini; for a few day.-
creation at the e iside.
D. P. Fagan aim up from Portland 1. t
week, n l is now ng .e.i in delivering li
istory of Bjut-.u eoaufcy.
It is believed that . ...i . iul at are coming,
ot not with a .as in re 1 ke., the ent:e
I ue than 'he . shower. ,
The lectureof D.vid iVautj t Cleveland
Jtiio, at Pitman's h i ! Tuesday evening is
poken ! s lii! 1 interesting!; ;,,r . ..
Misses Ida and M -ttie Pnrnett, Eda and
.at ah .lac 1 is. Bertha N ugiss,.atvl .Nci.ic
ilain visited Alb.iry i uesday rafteruoon.
The Mechanics' fair does not attract .many
f our Benton county citizen", although it is,
s-id to lie unusually attractive this .season.
Wm. Sctttbs, of Newport, was taken to
Portland iast Monday, charged with giving
liquor to Indians, lie was held to answer.
Rev. J. W. Harris, of Albany, will hold
services at the Congregational church in
this city next Sunday, morning and evening.
Mr. Purkeraon's daughter, 13 years ol
ae, died of diphtheria at the residence of
ner parents, about 10 miles west of Eugene,
last week.
Miss Minnie Huffman returned from
Baker City last Monday, where ail- hid
been visiting friends and relatives for sever
al months.
Ten thousand dollars is the size of the
lump of gold paid to Emi e Richeubourg tor
a serial story now running iu the. Petit Jour
nil, Pans.
Letter writers who wish a speedy delivery
of their missives, under the hew tea-cent
stamp, should he careful ti give a full and
accurate address.
The steamship Oreg n recently collided
with a whale off Tillamook Head. Til
ship wis somewhat damaged, but succeeded
in killing the whale.
Frank Irvin, our popular boot and shoe
dealer, is again confined to his room with an
affectation of the eyes. It is hoped that he
may speedily recover,
Immigrants ara still coming into the va"
ley, looking for homes. 11 you have fare s
to sell or rent, make it known through the
columns of the Gazette. ; Jt
Willis Vidttto, the dispenser of law and
justice iu Alsea valley, was ii our-'ciy the
first of I he week. He reports . everything
tl lurishing in his precinct. "
There will be a grand hall at Kizor's hall
iu Philomath on Friday evning, Oer. 23.
1885, A general ihvit.itton is extended,
and a pleasant time is expected.
A foot race has bre n arranged lietween
Ed. Ray bum, of this county, and Dick
Patten, of Salem, to take place at y
on the 25th insr., for $50 a side.
Our efficient city Marshal, A. R. Pyg '',
c iiitempl iting a rush of business in his line
the coming winter, has this weekvcohstru t
ed a new sidewalk to the city cooler..
It is said that Chinese are digging an '
sicking potatoes near Baetn Vista Pork
c unity, for 2 cU per bushel. Some 10 000
bushels were raised in that vicinity this
Rev. E. R. Mnrgatroy l's enrage nent
with the Presbyterian church in thia city
will conclude next Suir'ay, when he will
hold services both morniug and evening.
AH are invited.
A coal mine has been discovered within
the corporate limits of Dallas, Polk count' ,
The coal has been tested and pronounced oi
an excellent quality, and it is thought to lie
a valuable find.
A Jersey calf belonging to Mr. F. A. T z
er, die i near Monroe last week, i On ex
ami ling the intestines they found two tape
worms one about 6 feet and the other
a lout 24 feet long. .
Religious services will be connected U
the Methodist Episcopal church iu this city
next Sunday morning and evening by the
pastor. Subject of the eveuing' discourse :
"The Love of God."
Alex Samuels and wife left last Tuesday
morning for a southern trip. They will
probably spend the winter in California for
the benefit of Mr. Samuels' health, which
has been poorly for some time.
A valley editor thus acknowledges a prei -ent
of fruit: "We have recuived a basket of
fi le grapes from our friend B., for which he
dll accept our compliments, some of which
ire nearly two inches in diameter."
The Eugene City Re .fister began its sec
ond volume on the 7th in3t The Register
is one of the 1st local journals on our ex
change list, and it is a pleasure to learn that
.ts success has been fully appreciated by the
citizens of the progressive and prosperous
city of Eugene,
Henry Chambers, of Kings Valley, was
in this city Thursday. He informs us that
the people of that valley expect the narrow
,ui;e railroad to be extended from Airlie '
to a connection with the Oregon Pacific, soon,
which if done, will give tbem an excellent '
market at their very doors. He al-o informs '
us that Wi.iard Price has made an assign-'
meut of his general merchandising business
to a Portland firm.
We desite correspondence from all parts
of the state, and iuvite discussions upon all
aides i f every important issue of the day.
All matters lor Duplication should reach us
ue day
Tiie family of Henry Bryant, the gentle
ni.ii;iy coll iucior on the i). P., arr. 7etl 11.
Jorv.ilhs l ist S torday, dircit f.oni Iudiana
lr. Bryant arrived here a Jn ,u has
ever siiice held a position with the railroad
o .mpany.
I'll grand jury a- Sea on the9thinst.,
s ii. en an uulictmeii lor murder in the de-roe against George W. T.bbetts,
. ; comp.i.-ity in the Chinese murder at
I - It .s thought other indictments
lit f jihiW.
tor subscriptions we have waited patient
iiu'ough ine dull part of the year ana
the time has come when delinquents
hold pay up. When you real this dont
nk it means your neighbor, bu if you
a qa iter of a dollar tak. it home, and
hen pay tip,
file initial number of the Cosmopolitan
.'I iiuUealrr, a monthly journal devoted to
ile interests and welt ire of the whole peo
ple, published in 8-m Francisco, is on our
C line, H is an ex rodent journal and is
Welcomed to our "X .ist.
Win. Knott mourns the loss of his best
still of clothes and a n w razor. A sneak
tiiirjf entered his house, about three mi es
north of town, ,ast Saturday iu his absence,
and carried away tiie ab ve named articles.
The guilty party has not iieen apprehended.
The Ya mil ill Rrtortrr, one ot our livhest
exchanges says: This is tin: season ot tue
year to advertise. If you have got any thin,
to sell let the people know it. If you wa.,t
to buy anything iu the Way of horses, cat
tle, sheep, swine, real estate, etc., teil tl e
people so through the columns of your live
loc it paper.
Most every 5; ai'ir is made by clieap
Cam -se laoor, but as a guarantee that the
Kree Kree cigar is made by white labor, a
certificate ."mm the president of the Nat
ional Lalior Union is pasted on every box
ortityiug the fact. Burnett & Joiinsou
have the exclusive sale of the n in Corvallis.
They are the best "five ceuter" iu tue city.
1 he directors of the Lane county agricul
tural association held a meeting iu r.ugcne
city last week. It was unanimously agreed
.u pay Oif the premiums ill full, which
iinount to .?."S). Upon auditing tue bills tl
vas found that the expenses of the fair
am ,uuted to $ti44. 78. The total receipts
vore $1478.25, while the total expenses, in
cluding premiums, readied $14o7.3S, leav
a balance on hand of $10.87.
To mark the last restiug place if your
dead, buy of Woodcock & Baldwin, a White
dronze monument ma le of pure zinc, which
s the most handsome o) uauieut ever put iu
. Cemetery, a id which will wear uithout
ciiauge, retaining i b beautiful appear.. nee
is long is ti.ile lasts. Anything from a
s nail foot or bead stone costing from ten
d diars up to the more costly and elaborate
ly decorated in nitun. uts can be had at a
very reasonable cost.
No sensible man hould get mad becau e
a newspaper duns him for money, says .tx
excii.mge. A duo is not an impeachment oi
a suiiscriber's integrity, but is simply an
out-cropping of a publisher's necessities.
For instance, several hundred men owe us
iro.u $2.50 to $.3.00 each; we have to dun
them all in order to get enough to pay ex
peases. Instead of getting angry and
stopping the piper because the publishei
asks him for what is honestly due. the sun
scr.ber should thank him for waiting so
p.tie tly, all 1 pay up promptly like a in n
and in addition pay a year in advance,
Again the farmers of the Willamette ta
ley have cause to rejoice in seasonable rait b
that will cause the newly sown wheat
sprout and take firm hold before the severer
storms come to check its growth. S i
"Xchauge: There has never been a mat , y
-iderate year than this to Oregon f enters,
both in the abundance of the present am
promise of the future. If only some con
tingency would arise that would caure the
products of their industry to be in sharp
temand, foreign mortgage and loan com
panies doing business in the state with lautl
for a basis would find their occupation gone
hortly after another harvest.
Business sold.
I hereby notify all of my former patron
and friends that on the 3rd day of Aliens
1885 I sold my store aud tinware hnsiaes
tn Corv dlis, Or. to J. R. Smi. h. All per
sons indebted to me wiil please call at tin
old stand on or before the loUi day of nex"
October and pay all debts due me. Mr.
Smith or mynelf wiil be in readiness to re
ceive payment at any time. 1 thank all for
past favors and patronage and ask that they
continue to bestow the some upon my suc
cessor Mr. Smith.
Jacob Webeh.
Silk Culture.
A California lady is endeavoring to intro
duce the culture of silk in this state. She
had samples on exhibition at the Lane coun
ty fair last week, and writes as follows:
"It is not my place uor would I presume to
give Oregouiaus advice in this matter. But
if I should make any suggestions they would
run somethino after tilts f isnion; Show the
lilk to the .tiles; tell tbem all about it;
,et them interested, a it is mostly woman's
ork; keep it jefore the p ople until the
legislature meets; lay it n-tor.i them and
ask for an appropriation, t start an exp n
meutal station with tiiai ure attached. Ouco
nuder wa, tue riddle is solved, aud you
w.-uld I surprised to se h w rapidly silk
culture wouid spread." l'he samples on ex
nibitiou were if hue quality, aud it is be
lieved thai this , i.lustry luitit be succes. -tally
introduced iu Oregon and would cer
tainly open n jj an avenue nf industry that
would be Valuable to many who are now
classe I ii' n n -producers.
'."tie sludgers
Article .n tgroeiiient have hen entered
into betwe' :. Have Campbell, of Portland,
and J ict. Dempsey, of N w Y.rk to fight a
match of eight rounds. Marquis of QiieeUs
lierry rules, for $10) a side, and the winner
to take sixty-five por cent, of the gate re
eeipts. The Hvrht is to take, plice within
100 miles ot Portland on .the 2nd day of
November, 1885 An article in the tigrei
m nt reads: "In ease of no'i -e interference
the r- feree, if appointed, or the stakeholder
if not, to "rd r the men ro meet on the same
day. if possible, if not, to order the men to
gether on the following day. In case the
referee is unable to ieci le the tight at the
end of the eighth round, he is to have full
power to order an a Idirional ro mil. "
ISTew This Week.
navigation of the tJpp9r Willamette.
Since Z. J. Hatch, with the steamer
McCully and her crew, opened up the Yam
hill river to navigation so that boats could
pass in and out, the steamer Orient his
been using the sam-, and endeavoring to
control the freight by cutting ratas. H ty
ing to a certain extent failed, they have
now sum tinned Capt. Spencer, with hi
boat, the Salem, to their assistance. The
M:Cu!!y is doing the buk of the business,
says the Telegram, and will eoatiaaa to do
so ton; after these jealous crafts have gone
to the b ineyard,
Rev. T. B. White.
Rev. T. B. White, minister of the M. E
( ,'hurch South, and the father of Mrs. B. L.
Arnold of this place, who has hail his resi
dence for a number of years in Corvallis and
later in Albany, and among whose citizen
he and his family have formed so m ny
pl'-asant friendships, depaited last Monday
for Northern Georgia where he will make
nis future home.
Seriously 111.
Mrs. N. P. Briggs of this city daring the
past few days has been in quite a critical
condition. Her daughter, Miss Inez St.
Clair, who has been in Boston studying mil-
i sic, has been telegraphed for, and raa hed
nine last night. At the present
Anting, however, we are pleased to state
that Mrs. Briggs' condition is improving.
Olotlinj ClDtiiaj. Clotning.
The b"St assortment and finest, goods for
m jii, youths and boys ever brought to Cor
vallis. at prices that will satisfy you if you
will call, See our $12 Cass Suit worth $15.
S. L Kline.
Fruit Drier.
Buy the Economy fruit drier at Woodcock
& Baldwin's which utilizes the heat on a
common cook stove, ami enables the drier
to work when meals are being prepared on
the same stove. The price of the Machine
complete is only twenty dollars and will en
able fruit raisers to save the fruit heretofore
wasted, without expense.
Closing out Sale.
The closing out sale at C. H. Whitney's
U ittractmg many buyers who are attracted
by the very low prices actual cost for
good. This is a genuine closing out sale
and as the stock is a well selected one and
first-class, the people should not fail to im
prove the opportunity.
Two or three ladies and a like number of
gentlemen who are experts in canvassing
and who derire work nf that kind and who
can furnish reliable reference as to their
capability and reliability toa attend carfully
and honorably to work entrusted to them
can perhaps find some thing of interest to
them hy calling at this office.
A' heat per cental iu Portlan I, sk'd. . .Si
Vheat per bushel in Corvallis
Wool ner lb 10 to
flour r barrel $4 00 to t
Ricon sides S to
iiams 10 to
Shoulders 0 .
Urd, W lb tins
" kegs fi to
Butter, fresh rolls 20 to
gs per doz to
Apples, green 30 to
ried apples, Piomtner 4 to
" Snn ............... 3 to
'ittiiiv. pitless 6 to
Chickens perd.iz 2 00 to 3
li le.s, dry flint ' 10 to
" given 5 to
Potatoes 25 to
Jeese, tame, perdu. 6
Ducks " " " 5 00 to 6
Land Oiliee at Oregon City, Oregon
Sept. 1, 18S5.
Notice is heraby jriven that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made b jfore the County Clerk, of Bent' n
county, at Corvallis, Oregon, on Saturday, Oct. 31st,
1SS5, viz: Henry OsHtlst, Homestead Kntry No.
BBS for t ie S. 1-2 of tt E 1-4 and S. 1-2 of N. W. 1-4
of Sec. 24, T. 11, S R..6W.
He names the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation of, aaid land,
viz: Oliver Witliam, Charles Witham, F. M. Johnson
and Wm. Morgan, all of Corvallis, Benton County
22-38 6w L.T. BAR IN', Register.
J. B. Lee, M. D.
G. H. Faksa, M. I).
Phvsicians, Surgeons
And Accouchers.
Corvallis, - - Oregon.
Q. B.C'J RTIS, Proprietor.
The best dollar a day House in the
Notice ie hereby given by the undersigned that
pursuant to and in accordance with an order of the
County Court of the State of Oregon fer lien ton
County made and entered on the 16th ay of Sej
tember 1885, will on the ?rthday of November ISSf,
at the hour of 1 o'clock P. XI.. of said day in front it
t .e Cojrt House door in said county, Hell at pubi.e
auction to the highest bidder for cadh in hand tl
following desc ibe : real estate, e longing to Emma
E S-iiplej-, Lena K Shipley, Charlotte E. Shipley
ud fclur r C. rihipley, minur heirs of John L. S ipJoy
i erased, to-wit: The undivid d om miif of lot num
bered eighty -eight, ()in block numb red nineteei ,
.,!)) in the city of Philomath in tieutoq county Or
egon. Also th follo'.ving to wit : An undivided one
.'ourth f tart of the original donation land claim of H.
8. HJ:U 'k an ! Loot tia Hallo jk bin wifn, it being
claim d birjd Sfty-n n i53) notiQcation number
ed in -wt iH nine, (9; iu Twuhip
iij oh o ui,'! tdc -v.-st of SVUlimettd
Jferiian uj ii i' tm iyt Sii-.XS of Oregon.
GoardiaiMrf Wit n iuor iieira ol" Joliii L. Sh.pley,
Dated t-tb 14th day of October, l85.
hereby given by tha undeiisiiod Administrator
oi the estate Saulcy Carter deeeaVetf, ho has
1ltid his accoun'-s for a lliuil detiletii :tit Of said trust
in the Conuty CtiU'-t of th .State of Oregon lor.
e.iton county, and Mit Monday the lttth day uf
November 185. at the hour of lOge'etoek in tto fore
noon of said day U the time fixed hy HXd court to
exaudne the same -m i hviax objotlooi tiieroto.
Administrator of the estate of bauWj Carter, de
eeaeed Dated thi 16th day of October 13S5.
92-49. 5t
in the matter of the estate
Oiio. P. Wrcnn, deceased.
Notice is hereby given th it by virtue of an order
of cale, duly nt ic by the county Court of the tate
of uregou, for the county ol iienton, on Saturday
April 7th, 1883, at the regular Aj ril term of said
court, dirking and commanding me, F. A. Cheno
weth admin.tor of uaid estate, to sell at public
auction all the right, title, interest and estate that
the said Qoo. P. Wrcnn had at the time oi his death,
iu an i to the following descried premises:
The undivided 8-6 of two hundred and fifty nne
acres, tyiatf in the iaast 1-2 of the donation land claim
of Geo. P. fVruun and ii.-ry B. F. Wrenu, bis wifuv
notifiiution o2:8. claim . No. 51, T. 11, S. R. B west,
Vdiamctte meridian, in lienton county, Oregon,
.lore particularly described as follows, ttvwit: Be
ginning at a point 4.6S chains east of the 1-4 Sec.
corner, on the line between sections lti and 21 in T.
11. ti. it., west, of ,Vill. Xler. , running thence south)
58.50 c" ains to tile middle of the channel of Marjn
river, thence following down with the meandering
of sa.d river to the east line of said donation land
laiiu. thenCi north 84.25 chains to the north east
corner of said claim thence north S&leg. 27 min. west
32.35 chaius to t e place of beginning containing 250
acres more or less. Also the who'cor t;.e f -IlowlrLg
iu the west half of said claim beginning at a quarter
Sec corner on the line between section lti and 21, in
T. 11, S. it. ti west, WiHa ne.tu Mcr.dya, thence
south SM dagres. 27 nun. ettst 4.65 chains, suUh 58.5U
chidns to the middle cJ tiie channel of Marv riv,;r,
thence following up the river to the miildje of the
county load leading from Corvallis to Kings Val
ley, north 10 degrees eat along the middle of said
load, 10 chains north G iagr west IS chains
n rth 23 d'-sgre-j. west. 23 chains north 38 degrees,
wast 5 chau.s to the north line o? theclaitti. south fcf
degrees min. east 13.2 chains to tiie place of be
ginnig containing 3 08 acre-. Tnerefore in accor
dance with aii'i m pan nance of said order of sale,
F. A Chenowcth administratoi-of aaid estate of Geo.
P. Wr&u deceased, wiH on
Saturday, OcaOdt 3115,
at the hour of o'clock P. M. , of said day in front
of the ccurt hqu e door, in the city of Corvaiiis iu
en ton county Oregon, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder, ail tne, title, interest and os
tate which tbe said Geo. P. Wrenn had, at the time
of his death, in tn ltt tue ab ve djscribed premUes,
together .vith the appurtenances thereunto belong
itig. Terms of bald, cash dnttti at tiu.t of sa
F. a. oin:xo.v.riC
Adn;iniatrator of the estate ut to. P. nan, deed.
22 -40 5t. ' '
,-i il ii s mi i i i w 1 1 MKawMMeswjawawssaBWsww
M is L A .V c.O CIS OA kliis.
A-tl orne'v
M. 3. waascock,
at Law,
Attorney at Law.
Will practice in all tile tkmrts in the state.
Collectiotis promptly attended to
(UCkil ill I'o.-.toliiiv l.lli'dilig..)
Corvattig, - - Oregon.
"H'Kc ii.tza MB HE 1 WP8BBMBpl SaiM
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