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    News Summary.
The Rosebuig public school has 262 chil
dren enrolled.
It is said that Villard took ou ; of Port
land $6,000,000.
It is estimated that immigrants have
brought 92,500,000 into Oregon the pasi
Yambill has a population of 12.G3C per
sons; males, 4472; females, 8161. Legal
voters, 2237.
A number of prospectors are nut looKing
for quartz ledges iu the mountains South
and west of Ashland.
The citizens of Sell wood held a meeting
last week and organized au auti- Joolie Lea
gue. Twenty-one immigrants passed through
St. Paul Wednesday of last week for points
west of Spokane Fall9.
The house occupied by Fred Way mi re,
on the McTimmons farm in Polk county,
burned down a few days ago.
The Oregon Presbytery has circulated
There are fifty new houses in process of
erection in Portland.
Salem is soon to have a national bank,
ith a capital of $75,000.
Sixty-four arrests were made in Salem
during September, of which whiskey caused
A squash vine in full bloiin may be seen
growing amid the ruins of the Clarendon
iiotel Portland.
North Yakima is now the distributing
point for all the upper Yalsima, the Wenat
chie and Big- Bend county.
The Rosebnrg city election was held last
Monday and 189 votes poled. H. C. Stan
ton is president of the board ol trustees.
Land sales of the Northern Pacitic rail ;
road during September amounted to 28,490
acres, as against 19,316 acres for the same
month last year.
Judge Denny, who was formerly in Ore
gon, has been appointed adviser at court for
Corea, says the Shanghai Mail, at a salary
of SI, 000 a month.
The secretary of state has placed some
very complete and reliable time locks on
the vaults in the Capitol building, that are
well worth examination.
R. S. Wallis has bought the whole of V.
tracts during the past year.
At the Lewis county fair last week a
crazy quilt was shown, the work of a worn- F Bootttba stocb in tho Salem water com-
n over seventy-six years old. pany, also that of E. P. McCoruack. Mr.
The Kansas wheat crop is short, but, j Booth by owned 150 shares and Mr. McCor
strangely for a prohibition state, the natives naek 50 shares.
are rejoicing because the com crop is heavy, j T)(j skookum i0e in the Cceur d'Alene
The disco" ery of quartz mines on Biue : mines was receutly sold for SSOOO, and ne
river, in the Cascade mountains, west of ! g.rtiatinns are now pending for a sale of the
the Three Sisters, has created quite an ex- j Mother for 60,000. Colfax parties are in
citement. terested in both.
The steamer McCully claims the right of I Beef cattle iu the Willamette Valley are
the Yamhill river, having been to the ex- HCarce, and meat will probably lie high the
coming winter. But there is an abundance
of bogs and p rk w ill be cheap.
Negotiations are now pending for the sale
of the Oregon and California Kailroad to
the Central Pacific. If the sale is made the
gap between Ashland and Delta will be com
pleted in three and one-half years.
The Oregon City Woolen Mills employ
pense of sluicing it out so as to make it
According to the assessment roll of Was
co county the yross value of all property in
the county is 83,778,004; indebtedness,
$855,441; exemptions, 239,400.
A sharp'earthquake shock took place last
Sunday evening at Olympia, W. T. The
shock was followed by a rumbling sound j ISO persons, fifty of whom are the heads of
families, fifty more families derive a partial
Five prisoners are now being fed in the
Jackson county jail at public expense.
Ashland Tidings: Southern Oregon beats
the world for fine apples, so far as returns
have come in.
Cases of diphtheria are reported at differ
ent places in Southern Oregon; also in the
Willamette valley.
The Indians at Cceur d'Alene mission
raised this year 100,000 bushels of grain
and 12,000 bushels of potatoes.
John Kirkwood, a youth of Yamhill coun
ty, has been assigned a four years scholar
ship iu the agricultural college at Corvallis,
by Senator Burch.
Cheney Sentinel: A fine ledge of genuine
marble has been found in Wallowa valley,
Union county, The ledge is said to be from
ten to fifty rods in width.
Linkrille and vicinity are receiving about
double the amount of freight they received
last year, which shows that the Klamath
lake basin is rapidly tilling up with settlers.
It is claimed that an experiment made in
raising corn in Chehalis county, Washington
territory, proves that corn will grow and
mature in that locality full as well as in
New England or Minnesota.
Mr. E. W. Allen, in charge of the Oregon
missionary car, writes that he was treated
very indifferently at Indianadolis. He was
not allowed to get near the fair ground, and
had to make his exhibit at the depoc.
Charles S. Coukling has a crab-apple
tree on his place in Ashland which is now
bearing its third crop of fruit this season.
The last crop is now developed perfectly,
however, the apples being very small.
Receiver Scott, of the Narrow Gauge R.
R., has discharged all Chinamen and put
white men in their nlace. This is the way to
get rid of Chinese, discharge them and let
them seek other lands for a livelihood.
In the murder case of the State vs. Fred
Wiukleinan, his attorneys demnrred to the
indictment and the demurrer was sustained
bv the court. In other words the indict
ment as drawn up was "no good,
Temperance Department.
and the
Temperance Notes.
A District C invention of the W. C. T. U.
was held at McMinuville on the 7th and 8th
inst. This district embraces Benton, Yam
hill, Polk and Tillamook counties. This is
the first district union organized. Mrs.
Addie Miller, of Philomath, was elected
President for Benton county. The follow
ing resolutions were passed:
Resolved, That we most heartily thank
the W. C. T. U. of McMiunville for their
cordial welcome and generous hospitality.
To the pastor and trustees of the M. E.
church for the use of their house of worship
for their meetings.
Resolved, That we urge the young
ladies of this district to unite with us in
this work, and especially urge them to work
for the suppression of the tobacco habit,
and to try to improve the moral tone of
Believing the "pen to be mightier than
the sword," resolved, that we work with
renewed energy and zeal in our Press de
partment. Resolved, That we do all we can to
mould public sentiment in favor of the Pro
hibitory amendment which will soon be
before the people of Oregon.
Believing that in unity there is strength,
and as our work is all founded on Gospel
truths, therefore resolved, that we ask the
pastois of all churches to co-operate with us
more fully, aud to help us in our Evangelis
tic work.
Resolved that we prosecute with more
vigor the Juvenile work.
Resolved, That a vote of thanks be ten
dered to our dear State President for hei
presence and kind words of encouragement
through the convention.
Convention adjourned to meet at Inde
pendence May 12th and. 13th 1886.
A very interesting W. C. T. U. meeting
was held at the Evangelical church onthurs-
which continued for a few seconds.
The Jackson county assessment is as fid-1 support from the same source. The month
lows: Gross value of property, 3,250,998; jly pay roll is over 6.000. over three-fourths
indebtedness, 718,512; exemptions, 242,- ! which is paid to white labor.
373. Taxable property, 2, 290, 113. A thorough canvass of the wheat belt
David Holmes: who was so mangled at ; of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, j
- . . .i ,iu : ..r rv.i...... :.. 1 ..... I
McMinnville last jveek by a runaway team, auu neuunii neroi ujmuuucj, uuva
has recovered consciousness and is able to j conclusively that the cereal in this belt is
SkmmmA without, the aid of num. ! injured bevoud repair by killing frosts in
The settlers along Lake Creek are taking ;
the necessary steps to construct a wagon
road along their little valley also a road to
The wheat was frozen in the
let them out into the Willamette valley.
August last.
Over 1,000 workingmen and business men
of Portland, says the News, were in the
A few days ago a thief opened the change j V"blic P18 l-"'" V . Salmon,!
drawer in the store of Mr. Glass at Craw- P"4"1 "'l Fuurth ;rt:ets hst week- to fo j
- i ,, i ... , ., e an anti-Coolie league in Third ward. The I
f finiHVI 1 It' .1 HIHh HI line llfl'Ut'V I'll'..
while Mr. Glass was writing at the desk.
Ernest Hecker, who has tried several
times toc unniit suicide in Pendleton, finally
succeed, d last week, hanging himself from
a ree near the bridge across the Umatilla
J. L. B'alock closed a contract with A.
H. Johnson, the Portland butcher, last
week by r!i sale of 300 acres of corn at 9 j
per acre, delivered at Johnson's feeding
Klamath river is lower than ever known
meeting was addressed by several speakers.
A rich find was discovered three miles
north of Sparta, a few days ago, by Mrs.
Aiuawortn, the wife of a well known miner
there. The pay strip has been uncovered
for 200 feet and is fifteen inches ide. Be
yond stripping no development has been
The Coquillc Herald says: The run of
salmon into this river is unparalleled. At
the mouth of the river they are so thick
that a person can kill theui with an oar as
he nulls his loat along. A drift-net was
discussion, in which all are invited to j
The American express company has
cided to dismiss any and every employ using
intoxicating I rinks. This is p irely a bus
iness arrangement. A great corporation
serving the public as a conveyor of goods,
finds that its service is impaired by any to
leration of drinking habits among its em
ployes. When will the greater corporations
the city, the state thu nation , learn the same
That the best and cheapest pleace in Cor
vallis to buy all kinds of
ait, ni Tp .iTTipmn ir tir rile i-tmiiTrv itv li t'
.,. ... , ill u . put out at Machado's the other day, and at'
ilnri Manv ditches which have hereto-!'
fore been fed by the Klamath arc left high
and dry this season.
Mr. Frank Wood, of Albany, who de
signed Oregon's memorial stone to the
Washington monument, left last week for
Washingt m ;with the stone, via the North
ern Pacific Railroad.
The Leep Brothers, of Cornucopia, on
the 11th of September discovered a four
' f oot free gold ledge, about eight miles
soudiwest of Cornucopia, on the Eagle
creek side of the mount ins.
The Oregon Railway & Navigation com
pany's bran;h road from Colfax to Moscow,
which was completed a few weeks since, is
iu good operating condition, and trains are
running regularly over that extension.
A little ou of S. A. Greene, of Ashland,
was accidentally shot by his brother last
week Monday. The ball tore through the
palm of one hand, the thumb of the other
band shot off, aud a flesh wound iu the
During the tirst nine months in 1885,
three railroad were projected in Oregon of
an aggregate length of 563 miles. In tlx
same time seven were projected in Washing
ton Territory, of au aggregate length of 95i
S. A. Hughes, who resides nine miles
north of Salem, has discovered a mineral
spring six miles above Mehama, in the forks
of the Sautiam, which, from analysis made
of the water, will probably prove to be of
great value.
Mr. Ezra Meeker, commissioner of Wash
ington territory to the New Orleans exposi
tion, in his recent address at the Lewis
county fair, stated that thirty-two years
ago he had camped with his blankets but a
short distance from where he was then
standing, under a large fir tree. All then
was a dreary aud howling wilderness. New,
where once stood giant trees, there were fine
and beautiful farms all along the Newau
kum and Chehallis valleys.
The Portland News says; Mr. S. J. Gor
man, merchandise broker at No. 1 Wash
ington street, recently made a shipment of
5,000 pounds of Oregon dried prunes to Og
den, Utah. He is now negotiating for the
shipment of a carload of prunes to Kansas
City, Missouri, and will consumate the sale
in a few days. The car will carry about
22,000 pounds, valued at 1,600. Mr. Gor
man says the demand for Oregon dried
prunes in the east is increasing. The sam
ples sent east last year pleased the people
very much. Prunes cannot be raised in any
quantity in the east, but are produced in
great abundance in this state.
the end of half an hour it was so full that it
was with difficulty got ashore. It was
found to coniain 137 salmon.
Polk county assessment: 8283 cattle, 75
mules, 4763 horses, 4763 hogs, 26,3.iG sheep.
90,489 aires under cultivation, wheat crop
1.042,910 bushels, oats 492,750 bushels,
bai ley and rye, 31,303 bushels, butter and
cheese 152,065 pounds, hops 111,950 pounds,
hay 11,245 tons; potatoes 80,225 bushels,
apples 182.655 bushels, prunes and plums
11,475 bushels, lumber, sawed, 1,850,000
feet, population 6316.
The Coqnille Herald reports that six
bh;ok sand claims, including the Joshua
Wright claim, back of Randolph, has re
cently lieen sold for $540,000. Great ex
citement exists, from the fact that a com
pany has bought the Eagle mine in addition
to the above and intend to stait up with
100 men. Several other rich companies
have their agents scouring that part of the
country, and locations are being made.
A fire was discovered Thursday morning
of last week in the basement of H. S. Croc
ker & Co.'s widely-known stationary and
printing warehouse of San Francisco. The
great establishment was completely de
troyed. Not a vist!ge of the immense
stock was saved. The loss is estimated at
nearly $1,0J0,000. There is no insurance
on the building. The Crocker building was
valued at 75,000. The total loss on stock
and building is 400,000; insurance on the
stock, 225,000. A large amount of. Christ
mas and other goods were in the basements
of the block, which were flooded.
Shreeves & Co., manufacturers of jewlery,
who occupied the upper floor ot Crocker's
building. Their loss i s 30,000, insured.
Schweitzer, Sachs & Co. lose 100,000;
Chamberlain & Inijalsbe, designers, lose all
their stock, value unknown. -
The census of Lane connty is completed,
showing the total population to be 10,068.
Of this number thirty-one have passed
the age of seventy years. Three of the
number are over ninety; each of these were
soldiers iu the war of 1812 and all draw pen
sions. One couple, aged respectively
seventy-eight and seventy-six years have
been married over sixty years, and another,
whose ages are eighty-one and seventy -two
have defied the ills of life together for fifty
eight years. The oldest in the list is ninety-three
years old, and most of the entire
list have lived from thirty-five to forty-five
years in Oregon and all are hale and in full
posessiou of their faculties. So it appears
that the balmy climate of our state is not
enjoyable to the young and middle aged,
but is exceedingly kind to the old.
Cutlery, Tools. Iron, Nails,
Pumps, Rubber hose. Iron aud Lead
Pipe, Rope, Barb Wire,
Granite ware, Stamped ware, Tin ware,
Japanned ware and House Furnishing goods;
or to get all kinds of job work in the line
of sheet metals or plumbing done is at the
Hardware and Stove store of
bay Oct. 8th, a series of interesting meetings
grand jury must present better findings.- I will be held each Thursday afternoon. Ou
Baker City Tribune. Thursday loth, a paper on "obsateles to
. n m Christianity" followed by twenty minutes
rrom careiui usiuudi-co
icle learns that 650,000 bushels of wheat
have been received in Dayton this season,
including what has gone to the mills. Over
320,000 are still in the yard, and but two- ;
fifths of the crop has been delivered. Every j
warehouse is full and 13o,000 bushels are
piled up outside and covered with sheds.
An agricultural exchange says that no
grass of any value is better adapted to
slough land that is liable to overflow at
times than Fowl-Meadow grass. The hay
is almost as good as timothy, and the sec
ond crop is nearly as heavy as the first.
It can be sown this autumn. The seed
weighs 14 pounds per bushel, and it requires
one and one-half to two bushels per acre.
The population of Coos county, as ascer
tained by the State census, is 5,795. It was
4.834 in 1880. The number of legal voters
is 1,646. Gross value of property 1,936,
859. Taxable valuation, $1,387,501. The
county has produced during the past year
21,000.000 feet of lumber, 29.600 tons of
coal, 7,300 cases of salmon. 657 ounces of
gold dust, and 38,530 pounds of wool.
Sunday morning, Oct. 4th. shortly after
daylight, the family of Judge D. C. Lewis,
living at the corner of Third and College,
were awakened by cries on the front porch
of their residence. Opening the door Mrs.
Lewis discovered a ru le package of rags,
from whence the sound proceeded, and
opening it found a male babe, certainly not
more than twenty-four hours old. Oregon
ian. A well is being drilled at the residence of
Mr. Friedlander, of Roseburg. The drill
is now eighty-six feet in solid rock There
are verv good indications of water, but not
a good flow as yet. Nearly every well in
Roseburg is dry, aud citizens are alarmed
about the future water supply. They are
in hopes it will rain soon. The grass is dry
and stock will certainly die of starvation if
grass does not spring up soon.
A Crematory will be opened for use at
Mt. Olivet cemetery, Long Island, in a few
day, and there are already fifty bodies there
waiting to be burned. The cause of crema
tion is steadily growing; Dr. Beugless, i
president of the United States cremation
company, says that the society began in
18S1 with eleven memoirs and now has
over two hundred, although no special effort
has been made to gain accessions. Tele
gram. The Baker county assessor makes the
following returns: 120,000 acres of land,
valued at 338,166; value of city lots, 217,
992; improvements, $717,234; merchandise
and implements, $256,540; money, notes
and accounts. $357,979; household furniture
$40,915. There are 4917 horses and mules,
valued at $397,664; 47,945 cattle, valued at
677,391; 47.668 sheep, valued at $71,786;
2082 swine, valued at $5865. The total
value of taxable property is 2,252,664;
number of polls, 8113.
P A I t O C K
For Sale!
A Good Business Location,
With a number one Store House
24x70 ft., with house attached
suitable for a small family.
Situated in the center of the
City of Philomath.
And a good shipping point
ON THE O. P. E. P.
For further particulars enquire of N. W.
ALLEN, Philomath Oregon.
Seven hundred of the best citizens ot
Seattle have organized themselves, and have
been divided into companies of 20 each,
under a captain, and appointed t o guard a
certain district of the city and maintain
law and order therein, says an exchange.
These men have all been sworn in and ap
pointed deputy sheriffs, and when properly
armed will be able to maintain the law
against all comers. This action is very
creditable to the peoble of Seattle.
A traveler in a Butte City restaurant was
3F3. 33- CASE, X.
(Ollice over Carlile's Store. )
Where he may be found day or night. Dr. Case is
a graduate of Aew York eity, and comes to this euaat
from the east where he lias had several ye-rs experi
ence among the sick. His manner of treatment is up
on the most modern and sciotiiic principles of medi
ciue. Puol.c irilrouagercspjctiu.iy solicited,
CJRVALLlS, nULXiON. 22401-
i jfli nsi n
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
New barn, new buggies, carriages,
and every thing else new and
first-class in all respects.
Sprial Attsntm Gton Transient Stack.
Good Saddle Horses.
IPrices Reason.-"ble.
(Second Street.)
noticc for publication.
Land Office at Oregon City, Ogn. , Stpt 16, 1885.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before the County Judg:e or County Clerk of
Benton county at Corvallis, Oregon, on Wednesday,
Nov. 4, 1885, viz: .lames Herren, homestead entry No
4300 for the S 1-2 of 8 E 1-4, N JC 1-4 of S ,E 1-4 and
& E 1-4 of N E 1-4 of Sec. 12, T. 10, S.R. 7 W.
He names the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon and cultivation of bai l land
viz: James M. Townseiul, Emil Seifert, Wm. Herron
and Richard Seifert, all of Kings Valley, Benton
county, Oregon .
22-39-5t Register.
Real Estate Agency!
Real Estate Agents, will buy, sell, or
lease farms or farm property on
Having made arrangements for co-operation
with agents in Portland, and lieiim ful
ly acquainted with real property in Benton
county, we feel assured of giving entire sat
isfaction to all who may favor us with their
patronage. O. A. Waggoner,
20-(iyl T. J. Blfoku,
Rifles, P!s(ols,
Amuiiition, Cutlery t
Spy Glasses, Fishing Tarlcle,
Sewfiig Machines,
Work made to order and warranted.
20-33tf c. MODES, CcrvalHs.
jfrTf f ftjjjjog
GENE LEE. Proprietor.
(OpiXkdte il. E. Harris" Grocery Store.)
Wattling, Iraning', ro.ishing and Fluting j
docc 19 order and at
Reasonable Prices.
J. C. tlOo.,
Manufacturer of and Dealer in
Domestic Keywest and Havana
Wholesa le and Retail.
Chewing and Smoking TobaccoB
and Smoker's articles generally,
Also just received ft fine lot-o!
No Chinese labor employed.
I wish to call the attention of my patrons
to the fact that I have moved my Harness
Shop from my old stand to the shop on Main
street formerly occupied by Cameron Bro'a.
I shall carry a good line of harness and sad
dles, aud by honest work and fair dealing
endeavor to merit a share of your patronage
Attorney at Law.
Fire Insurances Specialty.
Money Loaned on Good Security.
New Jewelry Store.
C. W. Smith,
A practical Jeweler and Watch-maker has located
in Waggoner Je Uuford's real estate office, Corvallis.
Special attention given to repairing fine chronometer
watches. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices to suit
the times. A fine stock of watches, clocks and jewel
ry constantly on hand. 21-51tf
Wm. Hartless has ten extra fine Oxford
bucks for sale at reasonable prices.
Jame?5 L. Lewis.
Shee;, ,atth, Horses asd Sogs bought ard
sold and Contrasts nr.da to famish same
Mutton, Beef and fat Kogs a
Real Estate Agency.
A. P. Gaines.
Real Estate, Employment aud Collection
Business Solicited- Eeferences Given-
OFFICE. First door south of Fisher's Brick, main
Land Office at Oregon Cittf, Oregon,
Sept. 10, 1885.
Notice is hereby eiven that the following named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the County Judge or County
Clerk of Benton county, at CorvailU, Oregon, on
Saturday, Out. SI, 18S5, viz: Charles M. Kirki.ess,
Homestead Entry No. 421S for the S. W. one-fourth
of N. W. one tourth of Sec. 6, T. 11, S. K. 6, W.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said
frightened out of his wiU when he heard a and, viz: T. F. Alexander. James M Watson M .
' r Watson and Geoige W Owen, all of Kings alley,
waiter- scream out: "Gimme a graveyard ; Couty 0rtfg01L
Stew, potatoes iu the dark, two men, a Also Charles M. Kirkness, heir of L. F.H. Kirkness,
horseback, a moonlight on the lake and a ! deceased, Homestead Entry No. 4210 for the Lot No.
flmbeau." Then he was toU that a grave- ' 4 of Sec. tf, T. 11, S. R 0. W.
yard stew meant milk toast; potatoes iu the 1 names the following witnesses to prove the
j dark, boiled potatoes; eggs, circus style, . i(1 land viz. T. F. AieXand,r, James M.
scrambled eggs; rough and ready, pork and Watson, M. F. Watson and George W. Owen, all of
beans; a flaoibeau, light hot cakes, and Kings fatter. Benton County, Oregon.
Brinkerhoff System,
For the Cure of
Over 30,000 cures Recorded In 6 vear3.
Piles, Rectal Ulcer, Fissures, Pruritne-ani,
Fistulas in Ano, Polypus-liecti, Etc.
Cured without cutting operations. Dr. PiJkington,
suriteon, oeu 1st and aurlst, and proprietor of the
sanitarium for the rye, er aud nervous dla
easeM, Portland, Oregon, has Ijten appointed atrent
and physician, for this system for Oregon, and has in
t wo months made a r.umberof cures of cases, in some
of A'hich, severe operations with the knilc Lave only
done harm.
Refer b permission to Jas. W. Weatherford, drug
"1st, well known in Salem; Frank Gardner, machinist
at car shoos; Et. A. Bampy, druggist at Harristmr?.
Oiegon, and others.
Will meet parties at Mrs. Hemphill's
hotel in Corvallis from arrival of stage from
Albany, Tuesday, Oct. 13th to Thursday
morning Oot. loth, 1S85.
Address for pamphlet, etc.,
1)1. J. IS. 1'ILKINGTOX,
Portland, Or.
Those who work early and late need a wholesome
reliaMe Medicine like Plunder's Oregon Blood
Purifier. As a remedy and preventative of disease
t can not be beat. It checks Rheumatism and Mala
ria, relieves Constipation, Dyspepsia and Billiousness
and puts fresh energy into t-.e system ry making
NEW, RICH BLOOD. All Druggists and dialers
keeu it. 41.00 bottles. 6 for 85.00. 22143m
moonlight on the lake, rare beefsteak.
j 22,38, wS.
L. T. BARIN, Register.
The ni YEHS' GLIDE la
issued March and Sept.,
each year. 8C 210 pages,
8x11 inches, with o v r
3,300 ; 1 ; ust rnt Ions a
whole Picture Gallery.
GIVES Wholesale Prices
direct to eonxumer on all goods for
personal or family use. Tells how to
order, and gives exact cost of everj
thins you use, eat, drink, wear, or
have fan wtth. These KVALI ABI.K
BOOKS contain Information gleaned
front the marietta of the world. We
will mall a copy FREE to any ad
dress upon receipt of 10 eta. to defray
expense of mailing. Let na hear from
yon. Respectfully,
887 fc 229 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, 111.
Direct from the East !
Eastern and St. Louis
Corvallis,) - Qleo