The Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Or.) 1862-1899, May 29, 1885, Page 2, Image 2

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    Weekly Corvallis Gazette.
Entered at the Voatoffice at
Oregon, as second-class matter.
THIS PAPER will be found on file at the following
named places, where advertisim; may be contracted
ior at our rejfular rates:
C. W. LOMLKR & Co., Advertising Agtnts,
Portland, Oregon.
!. P. FISHER, Advertising Agert,
San Francisco, California.
GEO. P. HOWELL & Co,, Advertising Agents,
Mo 10 Spruce Street, New v ark city.
J. H. BATES, Advertising Agent,
41 Park Row, New "York Cltv.
X. W. AVER & SON, Advertising Agents,
thUadjlphim, Pa.
BLstnark is quoted as advising Turk
i v to side with Russia in case of an
Vnglo-Russia war.
There need be no difficulty in secur
ig help at the summer hotels. Al
most the entire democratic party are
With the election of Gen. John A.
Logan as United States Senator from
Illinois, and a republican Senator from
OregCn, the Senate will stand fei'fy re
publicans and thirty-four democrats.
A bill is before the Ohio Legislature
providing for punishing the wife beater
with public lashing, in addition to fine
and imprisonment. It is said fo be
strongly supported and the lead-rig
journals favor its passage.
"Why do Texas lawyers and legis
lators always sign petitions to have
convicts pardoned out of the penitenti
ary?" '"They do it in obedience to the
scripture." "What scripture!" "Do
unto others as ye would that they
shoud do unto you." Texas Sitings.
It is related that upon Tony Xolt
ner's visit to Washington he was intro
duced to President Cleveland by Mr.
Slater, with a great deal of ceremony.
The ex-senator stated that Tony had
been a life-long Democrat, a delegate
to the Chicago convention of 1884, and
that he was the editor of the leading
Democratic journal of Oregon. The
President scrutinized Noltner closely,
and after the pair had departed, turned
to his private secretary and asked:
"Lamont, did Slater say that fellow is
the editor of the leading Democratic
paper of Oregon" "He did, sir," re
tponded the secretary. "Then no
wonder the state is so heartily Repub
lican," observed the President, as he
resumed examination of official documents.
Ex-Gevernor John Whitaker, has
filed his official bond with United
States Commissioner Larason as col
lector of internal revenue for this dis
trict in rheisnm of 875,000 His sur
eties are B. Killin, D. P. Thompson,
E. S. Kearney, Louis Nicola, John
Catin and T. M. Richardson. These
sureties were approved by United
States District Attorney Watson, and
the bond will at once be sent on to
Washington to be approved' by the
propel officials there, after which the
commission will be for varded. Mr.
Whiteaker has made arrangements to
take charge of the office on the 1st of
July. One of the bondsmen informed
Si reporter that there were four demc-
i sts on the bond, and each of them
wrote his own name, or what he al
leged to be his name. One of them
'.-id he went on the bond because Hon
est John would not steal anything, and
ii he would there was no chance for
him to steal much in this office, and
also because now if any one asked him
to go on a bond he could say, "I am on
one now for $75! 000. Oregon ian.
The London correspondent of the
Evening Post says: "Almost without
warning England is landed in the midst
of an acute political cricis, of which no
body foresees the end and no one can
hardly exaggerate the possible conse
quences. For the following facts I can
vouch, although every man here has his
own opinion. Chamberlain, president
ef the board of trade,- and Sir Charles
Dilke, president of the local govern
ment board, said positively in the cab
inet that they would resign rather than
support any further measure of coercion
for Ireland. After a hot discussion
they weae induced by the other minis
ters to agree to the renewal, in a very
mild i'orm, of the crimes act. In their
opinion a measure of local self-government
should precede any land purchase
scheme, and Gladstone's statement that
the government would introduce a land
bill later in the session was in advance
of any decision of the cabinet to tht
effect. I am credibly informed that
Sir Charles Diike wa in the Louse of
cemmons at the tim Gladstone's state
ment was made."
New York Tribune.
The count has virtually ended, say
democratic journals, and after twenty
four years of republican rule, everthing
that ought to be in the treasury is
found to be there, except, possibly, two
cents which appear to be missiug from
one of the packages. ' Exactly what
republicans have for years officially re
ported about the condition of the
treasur', the new democratic officials
find to be its actual condition, all the
money that ought to be there, is there
Always excepting the possibly lost
two cents.
This is satisfactory, of course, and it
is just what republicans have expected.
But what becomes of the venerable
campaign lie, used by the democrats in
every contest for twenty years, that
"millions have been stolen from the
treasury." Mr. Manning has the
books, which show every transaction
since the democrats left Washington
in 1871. His very first step was to
set some of the best experts in the
country go overhaul these books, in or
der to know whether there was any
mischief concealed, and exactly what
amount of money the treasury ought
to have on hand. They find I'O error
or fraud in the accounts, and new debt
Statements are issued, showing to a
cent what amount of money, and of
each kind of money, the treasury ought
to hold. Then one. of th grained ex
perts was appointed treasurer, and the
vaults were turned over to his custody,
and he sets trained accountants to
count all the money. They do so, and
find that the cash actually held agrees
precisely, both in amount and in kind,
with the cash that the treasury books
show ought to be held always except
ing the two cents aforesaid.
Now, Messrs. Democrats, it is in or
der to thank you for disproving anoth
er of your favorite lies, which you
have used in every campaign, especial
ly in the rual districts. You have
taught many people to believe that the
treasury has bee'-: systematically
robbed for a long time, and that, if
democrats could only get control and,
in the language of Mr. Hendricks, "let
the light of heaven into those vaults,"
there would be horrible things dis
closed. ' Three times elaborate and
costly investigations have been under
taken, some democratic senator having
asserted that he had found traces of
fraud, and believed that millions had
been stolen. Not a trace of wrong
was discovered, but still the falsehood
was persistently repeated, and it was
said that the officials in charge "con
cealed the vast deficiency. At last,
Messrs. Democrats, you have the
"light of heaven," and an overhauling
of the books and a counting of the
cash by your own trained experts.
And it proves that your leaders have
been persistently lying, year after year.
It is greatly to the credit of the re
publican party that, after all the
changes and excitements, the corrup
tion and the temptation of twenty-four
years of unrestrained power, after the
tremendeous financial struggles of the
civil war, and the issue of new kinds
of currency in vast amounts, the
suit proves that the accounts have
been absolutely correct; and the guar
dianship of the public money absolute
ly faithful. In a party point of view,
it was well worth the tempoary loss
of power consequent upon defeat last
fall, to secure this demonstration ef
the honesty and fidelity of republican
j officials. When republicans came in,
j it may le remembered, they found
that the treasury had been robbed by
Jacob Thompson whom this adminis
tration takes pains to honor. The
country will not fail to note the contrast.
- Says a Washington dispatch: A
New York democratic congressman,
whose name is withheld, went to the
White House some days ago and "gave
the president a piece of his mind" on
the subject of federal appointments in
his district. Among other things, he
is reported to have said: "I do not
suppose that 1 shall improve my
chances of recognition by this visit, but
I felt it to be a duty that I owed to
you as well as myself. Some appoint
ments have already been made in my
district, all of them without any refer
ence to my opinions or wishes. The
men selected may be democrats, but
they are not democrats who have ren
dered the party any service, so far as I
have been able to discover. Now there
are plenty of good men in the district
men in every way as good and well
iialifiecl as the men who have received
appointments who are democrats and
have been of service to the party. I
desire to say to you that such appoint
ments as have been made in my dis
trict have produced much discontent
and that has been aggravated some
what by the retention in office of re
It, is reported that at this stage the
president remarked: "I have heard
all this scores of times, and I am get
ting tierd of it. There are complaints
because I do not turn out every repub
lican officeholder immediately. Peo
ple seem to forget that this is a big
country and that the machinery of this
great government cannot be overhauled
in a week or month. I am doing the
best that I can, and I am weary of the
constant repetition of the same com
plaints." There is a growing belief in official
circles that neither Postmaster General
Vilas nor Secretary of State Bayard
are long for the Cabinet. There is ex
cellent authority for believing that the
President and Secretary of State are
not in harmony' as to the policy of
placing so many ex-rebels in diplomat
ic positions. On the outset of Mr.
Cleveland's administration, it was the
unde'stood policy of Mr. Bayard that,
as far as possible, the South should be
recognized at the State department.
By giving ex-'-ebels offices out of the
country, it is thought that their claims
would be fully met and satisfied with
out incurring the criticism that would
follow if prominent ex-Confederates
were put in high places at home. This
policy Mr. Cleveland has livod up to
most thoroughly, the exceptions being
hardly sufficient to take off the curse.
The Secretary of State living on the
middle line between the North and
South, has, naturally, a large acquain
tance with Southerners. He has been
overpersuaded by them until the mat
ter has become offensive to the Presi
dent, and the latter has talked about it
to some of his New York friends. Ex.
New York Herald.
It is not long since the democrats
claimed to be the debt-paying party,
and formally declared in convention
that "readjustment is highway robbery
and readj usters highway robbeis." But
the party now accepts the readjustment
scheme which it so lately denounced,
and Senator Mahone in his recent let
ter to Senator Warner Miller declares
that it is ready to go, and even has al
ready gone, to a degree of repudiation
beyond that charged to the readjustees.
Boston Advertiser (Mug.)
We suggest to the postmaster gei -
end that it would be a good idea to re
quire of those who ask for the removal
of any officer on the ground that he has
been an offensive partisan in any of
the indicated particulars and of the
candidate for the vacancy to be created,
explicit assurance that, if appointed, he
will strictly refrain from all such par
ticipation in politics as is by the post
master general held to be offensive and
unbecoming in a public servant.
Boston Herald.
It was a quarrel over toe inces
which led Conkling to quit the senate
divided the party in New York, and
contributed to the loss of the presiden
cy. And whenever there is sulking or
sore-headedness in the democartic paVty
to-day, it is due to disputes, or disap
pointments as to the offices. It is high
time for the party to turn its attention
from men to measure, and from the
offices to the problems of statesman
ship, if it expects to justify its being
Albany Journal.
In all their disappointments the re
formers have clung to the hope that in
Postmaster General Vilas, the cabinet
member who controls the great bulk of
the federal patronage, they had a firm
and abiding friend. Even this hope is
to be abandoned, and Mr. Vilas, too,
it seems, must be classed with the
good men of this administration who
have gone wrong.
, . Boston Herald (Mug.): Postmaster
General Vilas's action in notifying
democratic members of Congress that
they "must determine the postmasters
of the fourth class for the several dis
tricts" is a most unwarrantable one.
In Governor Cleveland's letter to the
Reform league, he sain that appoint
ments for non-political offices not with
in the scope of the civil service act
would be "based upon inquiries as to
their fitness, directed by those charged
with that duty." This assuredly does
not mean members of Congress or de
feated democratic candidates in repub
lican districts. '
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