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    Weakly Corvallis Gazette.
Entered at the Postoffioe at
Ore 'u, as seeou J-class matter.
News Summary.
The oyster men on Shoalwater bay are
fcusy this month, the demand for bivalves
being large.
W. H. Price, living near Port Discovery,
has discovered a Hue dejxisit of fcoij iron ore
ou his farm.
Empty houses at Goldendale are being
bought up by farmers and moved out to
grace their ranches.
Rogue river valley and county is about to
appear in pamphlet shape and be freely dis
tributed. A goW idea, if well executed.
The government has just established a
ip,nal station at Port Angeles, from which
hereafter weather reports will be made. It
is on the government' own line to Cape
Times must be dense out in Modoc county
Cat. The delinquent tax list occupies fif
teen columns in the local paper at Alturas
which was lucky enough, to secure its pub
lication. The fall sown wheat in Kittitas valley
has been well protected bv the snow, which
melts no faster than the earth can absorb it.
This enhances the prospect of a lull crop
the coming year.
Mrs. Laura Wilson, on trial in San Fran
cisco for selling white b.ibies to Chinese,
denies that she ever sold tlicm, but ac
knowledges to having given away 100 in
the last fourteen years.
Jacksonville people boast of spending
$25,000 in building improvements within
the past year, the brick buildings in the
I urnt discrict and improvement in the flour
ing mills being the principal items.
A considerable amount of real estate has
passed into the hands of immigrants in
Linn county during the past few weeks.
During the past week $25,000 has been
paid for land near Albany by immigrants.
Gov. Adams, of Nerada, happened to
overhaul an old ooat the other day and
Jound $3,800 in one of the pockets. He
had forgotten all about the money. We've
done the same thing a dozen times. Astor
iau. It is stated that the Northern Pacific will
lie completed to Ellensburg by April 1st
and that connection will be made with Ta
coma in October. The temporary road over
the Cascades will be in the form of a Z, or
similar to that used during the construction
of the Bozeman tunnel.
Concerning the proposed new building for
the state university, for which $30,000 has
been appropriated by the legislature, the
Eugene Guard says: "The building will be
a two-story brick structure, with basement,
of very handsome design. The first floor
will be used as an auditorium, while the
second will be divided up into class rooms.
Plans will be ordered immediately, and the
contract will be let as soon as possible. The
whole work will be under the supervision of
the Board of Regents. The building was
badly needed, and our people appreciate the
action of the legislature in so promptly
passing the measure."
After the legislature had been in session
forthirty-eight days, its committee oa elec
tions was at last enabled to report on the
L lughlin-Burch contested election case,
recommending that Burch hold his seat.
Inasmuch as Burch has held it so far, it
would not have been much satisfaction to
Laughliu if they had reported in his favor
and given him a seat among the solons for
the last two days. The testimony written
out in long hand makes 800 folios, or 80,
000 words, and covens 500 pages of legal
ctp. It is made np in three bound books.
There were about 125 witness examined,
and fifteen days taken up in the examina
tion. It will cost the state about 82200.
Oregon ian.
Salem is troubled just now with a great
deal of sickness of the malarial type. Why
is this? It is the fault of bad drainage, and
siothing else. Which is better, to pay
, from $10,000 to $20,000 annually in doctor's
bills, or to pay a less amount in draining
the streets, and thereby prevent disease?
The latter, of course. The medicine taken
after one becomes sick is not so effective as
prevention. ISo one eoejd expect anything
but sickness with the streets full of slimy,
.stagnant water; and when spring opens, and
the rains cease, it will be a thousand times
worse. The healthiest cities are those
where cleanliness and drainage is well at-
.tended to. Tribune.
The new county established east of the
.John Day river is named after Col. Gilliam,
who a.-cidently shot and killed himself in
that region in the year 1848, at the close of
the Caynse war. Gilliam county contains
bout 46 townships of fine agricultural and
grazing land. The land is mostly the bunch
grass table land, of easy cultivation, and
produces from 35 to 40 bushels of wheat to
the acre. The principal trading points are
Alkali and Fossil, but other towns are
springing up rapidly, such as Condon, Clam
Olex, Eight Mile, and Rock point. Ad
joining Gilliam county on the east side of
Marrow county, carved mainly out of Uma
tilla, with Heppner as the principal town
and county seat. This county is named
after Captain Jack Marrow, a member of
the Legislatures from Umatilla. The prin
cipal settlement ia both these counties has
been made within the last three years, ex
ceeding anything of the kind known in
the history of the state. Statesman.
The depression in the wool tra le is driv
ing some of the Coos and Curry county
flock-masters out of the business.
Wheat shippers offer to advance 20 cents
on a bushel on next season's crop, to Walla
Walla farmers, which was not offered last
Citizens of Ashland tender a splendid
building and grounds there to the State, to
be kept and used as a normal school.
Reports from all parts of Coos and Curry
county agree that this has been an extraor
dinarily good weather for live stock in that
section of Oregon. While they have had an
unusual amount of rain, there has not been
sufficient frost to check the growth of grass.
Major Jones of the United States Engi
neer Corps, will soon leave Portland with
a force of men to survey Priest's Rapids on
the Columbia river, an appropriation of
$6,000 having been made for that purpose.
The Priest's rapids are on the Colombia
river about 200 miles above The Dalles,
and extend a distance of 1 1 miles.
General work on the locks and canal at
the Cascades has been resumed for some
time. During the continuance of the heavy
snow storms and very cold weather opera
tions were almost entirely suspended.
About 160 men are now employed at the
government works there, and the force is
being slowly inct eased.
The Second Adventists are at it again.
They are bound to wind up the world some
time. The prophets live at Los Angeles,
California, this time, and place the date at
September 30, 1SS5. The announcement is
made through the columns of a paper called
the Los Angeles Trumpet Call, and the
editor was but lately discharged from the
Stoc'.on Insane Asylum. The Adventists
are at least a persevering set in the matter
of prophecy.
Mr. J. H. Stine, formerly editor of the
West Side, which flourished for some time
at Independence, Oregon, proposes to es
tablish himself with a weesily newspaper
at Grants Pass, devoted to the interests of
that section of the state. A bill has just
been passed by the legislature which fixes
the boundary line between Josephine and
Jackson counties, by taking four townships
about sixteen miles of the Rogue river
valley from the latter, and adding to the
former. A second bill provides that the
inhabitants f the entire county of Josephine
thus created, shall have 'the right to vote at
the next June election for the county seat.
There is little doubt but that Grant's Pass
will receive a majority of the votes. Mr.
Stine will be the pioneer publisher of Jose
phine county, as it has as yet, never had a
newspaper within its boundaries. He says
he has received substantial encouragement
from the people of that section, and be
lieves his new venture will accrue to his
own profit, as well as to that of the coun
try he will represent.
Protection for Newspaper Carriers
Portland carriers held a meeting recently
for the purpose of forming some plan to
protect themselves against dishonest sub
scribers. It is said that persons in that
city will subscribe for a paper, and when
ever the collector come around will keep
putting him off, telling him to "call again."
The collector does "call again" several
times, but never gets his money, and finally
has to stop leaving the paper, having lost
the price of it during the eutire time it has'
been left. The newspaper beat then sub
scribes for another paper, and gets it free
for two or three months more from another
carrier, and so on for six or eight months,
and even a year in some cases. The carriers
hereafter will have one common "black
list," which will have upon it the names of
all the above class of swindlers, and when a
man fails to pay one carrier he will never
get another paper from any of them without
paying in advance.
The Senate.
All doubt as to the senate for the next
four years is removed. The election of Ev-
arts from New York and Teller from Colo
rado insures the republicans a clear majority,
whether the legislature from Illinois respects
the will of the people or not. There are al
ready chosen or to hold over 41 republican
senators out of 76, and the democrats with
out Illinois can get only 34; with the sena
tor from that state they would have only 35.
But it is hoped by republicans throughout
the country that the splendid services of
General Logau will not be ungratefully re
paid by defeat. The people of Illinois gave
a clear majority for tho republican cause,
aud a plurality of over 25,000. To defeat a
republican candidate for senator, either
electing a democrat or depriving the state
of half its representation, would be a wanton
defiance of the popular will. Included in
the list of 41 republican senators are Gener
al Mahone and Riddleberger, who joined
with their associates in formally adopting
the republican name prior to the national
convention, who sought admission to that
body as republicans, and were recognized
and admitted by the convention, and who
heartily supported the republican national
candidates. If without them the republi
cans had not a majority, it is possible that
the bourbon democrats would have been
willing to sacrifice almost anything to secure
the co-operation of the Virginia senators,
though there is no reason to suppose that
any overtures to them would have succeed
ed. But with 39 members, a clear majority
of the senate, besides the two senators from
Virginia, the republicans know what their
opponents have nothing to gain by offering
terms to Mahone and Riddleberger, and
the savage abuse of those senators by demo
cratic organs will therefore continue. The
confirmation of Cleveland's appointments
aud the power to defeat mischievous legis
lation will rest with the republicans of the
senate for two years from March 4, and
After that time they have reason to hope
they will be supported by a republican ma
jority in the house. JT. Y. Tribune.
Temperance Department
Education vs. AlconoL
Every one can see the outward effects of
alcohol upon human beings. We know that
those using it to excess usually have bloated
faces, bleared eyes, red noses and many
other disfiguring marks left by the habit.
These are too well known to need enumerat
ing. And it will seem as though these effects
were bad enough to make all wish to put
down the habit. If one could become intox
icated an indefinite number of times and still
recover and oe no worse off mentally, mor
ally or physically, we think the visible effects
ought to be enough to deter all from the use
of alcoholic drinks. But these are only out
ward results from inward effects. There
are many no dojbt that are ignorant of the
laws which govern the organization of the
human system that they think they can take
poison in their systems as often as they like
if they do not kill themselves outright, and
may recover from the effects of it and be
well and strong, and live as long as if they
had never taken it. But educated people
who have studied the physiological effects of
poison upon the human body know that
everything that injures the system injures
the health; that it interferes with the per
son's usefulness and certainly shortens life.
The youth of the past generation and of to
day have been altogether too ignorant as to
the actual effects of alcohol on the body
from a physiological point, we firmly believe
that many people would never have acquired
thejhabit had they been taught in their
youth all these facts.
The temperance people now ask that their
children and the coming generations may be
enlightened on this subject, and taught to
understand their own systems and the effects
of abusing them by the use of stimulants
and narcotics, even as they are taught to
other important branches of knowledge; to
the end that they may learn self government
in order that they may be qualified to ad
minister the affairs of the nation.
Herbert Spencer says: "Knowledge
which subserves self-preservation by pre
venting the loss of health is of primary im
portance." We do not say such a knowl
edge would by any mens wholly remedy
the evil, but that she right knowledge im
pressed in the right way would effect much,
we infer that as vigorous health aud its ac
companying high spirits are larger elements
of happiness than any other things whatever,
the teaching how to maintain them is a
teaching that yields in moment to none
whatever, aud therefore we assert that such
a course of phyisology as is needful in the
comprehension of its general truth, and
their bearings on daily conduct is an all es
sential part of a rational education.
We heartily endorse this with reference
to scientific temperance instructions and to
this end have asked that our legislature
place upou our statute books a law requir
ing that in all schools supported by public
money, instructions be given in physiology
and hygiene with special reference to the
effects of alcoholic drinks, stimulants and
narcotics upon the human system in order
that the children of Oregon may have equal
advantages with those of Vermont, New
Hampshire Michigan, New York and Rhode
Island. Wherein laws have been euacted
makiug such instructions obligatory. We
sincerely hope to see such laws iu full force
all over our state and that right speedily.
Strufof Figs. Nature's own true Lax
ative. Pleasant to the palate, acceptable
to the Stomach, harmless in its nature,
painless iu its action. Cures habitual Con
stipation, Biliousness, Indigestion aud kin
dred ills. Cleanses the system, purities the
blood, regulates the Liver and acts on the
Bowels. Breaks up colds, chills and fever,
etc. sitrengthenes the organs on which it
acts. Better than bitter, nauseous Liver
medicines, pills, salts and draughts. Sam
ple bottles free, aud large bottles for sale by
Allen & Woodward.
Croup, whooping cough and bronchitis
immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure.
For sale at T. Graham's.
Shiloh's Cough and Consumption Cure is
sold by us ou a guarantee. It cures con
sumption, for sale by T. Graham.
Shiloh's Vitalizcr is what you need for
Consumption, Loss of Appetite, Dizziness,
and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Price 10
and 75 cents per bottle. For sale at T.
Will you suffer with dispepsia and Liver
Complaint? Shiloh's Vitaiizer as guaran
teed to cure you. For sale at T. Graham's.
Sleepless nights, made miserable by that
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That hacking cough can be so quickly
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For lame back, side or chest, use 'Shiloh's
Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents. For sale
at T. Graham's.
Catarrh Cured, health and sweet breath
secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy.
Price 50 cents. Nasal injector free. For
sale by I'. Graham.
A Happy Thought. It was a happy
thought that led to the production of a con
centrated fruit syrnp, so harmless in its
nature that it may be given either to the
mother or her babe, relished alike by both,
and of such wonderful efficacy that all who
take it feel brighter and hippier. Allen &
Woodward will furnish anyone wishing
Syrup of Figs a trial bottle free of charge,
sell fifty cent and one dollar bottles.
Corvallis Oregon.
THE OCCIDENTAL is a new building,
newly furnished, and is first class in all its
Stages leave the hotel for Albany and Yaouioa Bm
Holidays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Floor far
19-36 ly
Large Sample
Commercial Beo.
Send six cents f or postage and receive
free, a costly box of roods which will
help all, of either sex, to more money
ngot away man anyrnin in trie world.
Fortunes await tbe workers, absolutely sure. At
once atldreisVRr ot Co. , Augusta, Maine.
From a Calling Card to a Full
Sheet Poster,
The Corvallis Gazette Office
In Quality and Prices.
Send few prices and estimates-
Real Estate Agency!
Real Estate Agents, will buy, sell, or
lease farms or farm property on
Having made arrangements for co-operation
with agents in Portland, and being ful
ly acquainted with real property in J'enti n
county, we feel assured of giving entire sat
isfaction to all who may favor us with their
patronage. G. A. Waggoner,
20-liyl T. J. Bcford,
C Ornamental. Useful n
Something that will last and
Be a Joy Forever,
At Philip Weber's
Patent Rockers, Folding
Chairs, Picture Frames,
Brackets, Work Cas
kets, And in Fact
In the Farnitnre Line for the
Holiday Trade.
Of either sex admitted to the
On any week-day of the year.
The College Jonrnal, containing informa
tion of the coarse of study, rates of tuition,
board, examinations, etc., and cats of plain
and ornamental penmanship, free. Ad drees,
Lock Box 104. Poaixara. Ob.
In writing, pletue mention this paper.
. Grand Central Cfflce, Fort Worth, Texas.
SAM CUNDIFF, President. E. M. MACY, Secretary
B. W. BROWN, Vice-Presileat. A. W. MORRISON, Treat,
Chartered under th. laws of the Stat ot Texaa. June 11th, 18sl. CopyrizH secured bj filirx title Jane 11
1481. in the office of the librarian ot Congress, D. C.
No. 7 Powell St. Corner Market. San Francisco
O. C. WHFELER, DD. LLD., President.
W. H. WAKD, Vice-President.
W. K. TAYLOR, M. D. . Medical Director.
J. N. RUSSELL, Sr., Superintended.
J. N. RUSSELL, Jr. Secretary.
PACIFIC BANK, Treasurer.
CAPT. J. N. LEONARD, State Supt.. Portland, Or.
The object of this Association is to provide endowments for living members as well as benefits for
families of deceased members, at the least cost conaiiiteiit with perfect security, by issuing endowment is
well as death benfit certificates.
The plan embraces two forms, lite and death. One pays at the death of a member, and the other p
in five equal installments during life. The association is operated on the mutual plan. Jt has no sto:fc
holars to absorb its earnings, and no trustees among whom to divide its surplus.
The total membership r.f the association now amounts to nearly 12,000 with a steady inereas
each month . The association has disbursed to date f370.76S.83 in benefits to the legatees of deceased mum
bers, and on maturing coupons. Is loaning from fif tee to twenty thousand per month to lining members.
Paid Legatees
Paid endowment fund. Home Office
Paid endowment fund. Department Offices
Balance uu hand
11,902. 65
Total - $376,7S.83
Agents Wanted in every county of the Pacific Coast.
F. M. JohnSOn, Eesideut Agent, - - Corvallis, Oregon.
City Stables iDaily Stage Line
On the Corner West of the Engine House
new and commodious BARN,
I am better than ever prepared to
keep tlM
At Reasonable Rates.
1ST Particular attention given to Boarding Horses
Horses Booxm anu sold or exchanged.
Having secured the contract to t-arryiag tk
Corvallis to -A-lbany
For the ensuinsr four years will leare Corvallia racfe
morning at 3 o'clfck, arriving- in Albany about
o'clock, and will ttart from Albany at 1 o'clock in -h
afternoon, returning to Orv&llis about S o'cl
This line will be rt pared with good htn. and emir
ui driven anu nice comfortable and
For the accommodation ot th
Wheat and other Grain Stored on the best of Terms by
aX. aT. BLAIR,
Farmers will do well to call on me before making arrangement eisewlu r
Cor. Second and Monroe Sts.,
Keeps constantly on hand all kinds of
Coffins ard Caskets.
Work dene to ordsr on short notice and at
reasonable rates.
Corrallis July 1. 1881. 19:27yl.
Notary Pmue.
A.ttornevs - at - Law
Prompt attention given to business intrusted to on.
car.; in all the Courts of the State. Demands collected
with or without action anywhere m the U. S Wil
collect claims against the Gov ernment at Washington.
E. Ilolgate, a notary public, will rive strict attentioi
to coovej'ancing, negotiating loans, buying, selling
and leasing real estate, and a general agency business.
Local agents for the Oregon Kire anil Marine Jnsu
ranee Con-pany of Oregon, a reliable home company
backed bv the heaviest capitalists of the State.
Office in Burnett's new brick, first door at head ot
Clothing and Tailoring
You can find the latest styles of ready made
clothing, also the finest
Pants Patterns and. Suitings
Ever brought to Corvallis.
Constantly on hand a full line of
Furnishing- Goods, Underwear,
Shirts, Neckties, &c, &c.
No trouble to show goods.
Twe doors South of Will Bre.'s.
Typ& and all Printing Material
In the latest styles and at pi ics but little Biers
than cost of labor and material, on short notieo We
are constantly turning out at prices whith defy rem
petition, the niet designs of
Letter heads,
Bill heads,
Visiting cards,
Business cards,
Ball tickets,
.Note books,
Order books.
Receipt books,
Druggists labels,
Gummed er
Legal blanks,
Send, ior Samples and
Pricaa to the Gazette Of
fice il you want the Best
work at Lowest Prics.
Diseases of the Spine and Joints, Club
Foot, Tumors, Ruptures, Ulcers, and all
Surgical Diseases; also Diseases of Women,
Jievous Diseases, such as Paralysis, Ac.;
specially treated. Consultation Free. Ad
dress or call on Dr. H. C. Sticknkt, Gener
al and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dekum Block,
cor. First and Washington Streets, Portland,
i Oregon. 21U