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    Weekly Corvallis" Gazette,
. Entered at the Postoftice at Corvallis.
Oriy;)!;, as 3eojiiiUi;la3 matter
News Summary.
The completion of the Ainaworth biidge
is now fixed for the middle of May.
The mumps are in a flourishing condition
in Ooldendale. 1 he market in piee lea is
consequently quiet, . ';
County Treasurer Gray has sent to the
state treasurer a check for fh'600, the bal
ance of Lane County's taxes for thia year.
The republican county convention of
Coos county will be held at Coquille City on
Saturday, April 19. .
Heppner Gazette: Reports from the cat
tle ranges show that the aver.ige losses by
, the winter stornw will be ten per cent.
Grant County News: Thomas Howard re
turued on Tuesday last from the Malheu
He reports the stock as doing well and the
winter having been very mild.
For being a good cook and getting up at
at three o clock in the morning for ten year
rtjvernor i ieveiaim uas pardoned Usury
Harrison, & negro, who was sentenced to
.Sing Sing for twenty years lor robbery.
The board of directors of the Walla Walla
Agricultural Society have decided upon
holding a five days fair this year, becinniug
Sept. 9., aud to oBer lacing premiums to tl.e
amount of $1500.
' The othe day a little 6-year-old son of
Matt Brown at Newport, Coos county, was
very dangerously poisoned by eating wild
parsnips. Prompt medical aid soon broucht
the child around all right.
W. M. Colvig, schor.i superintendent
writes the Jacksonville Times that there was
an increase of 447 children of school adur
ing the year in Jackson county, but the in
crease in funds more than meets the de
in an d. In fact school matters seem very en
couraging at present.
Miss Ella Montgomery and Miss Laura
Hubbell, two well-known young ladies, one
a graduate of the High School aud the other
from Southern Oregon, have established an
Employment Bureau at No. 22H First St.
Portland, and will a.ive special attention to
securing positions for women iu all classes
of work. Both have had some experience
in the business, and will without doubt
give satisfaction to all patrons.
Leon Boggs, .vho is stopping with Mr. Ben
Thompson near Harrisburg, lust Wednesday
undertook to load a breach-loading shotgun
by driving the cartridge in with a bolt.
1 tie result was a demoralized gm and a ser-
l iusly wounded boy. Parts of ihe cartridge
nit mm above the eye and plowed a furrow
UP ud across his forehead, leaving an ugly
wound, and some spli iters in his face that
were subaequeutly removed by Dr. Menden-
There is no apparent falling off in the
number of land seekers at Olyinpia. On
the contrary they are increasing.
The Cteur d'Alene Post gives the follow
ing notice to Colfax: We are reliably in
foi med that the Paloose branch of railroad
will be taken up for twenty miles and a new
line run from Lower Cntou Flat into the
Potlatch jtKiiitry.
Tweilty'inen are now employed in tin
sash, door aud blind department of the Yes
Itr mill at Seattle. In the lumber making
department and yard are about twenty-five
men, and the daily cut is about 34,000 eet.
The Chicago Tribune says there art ' 31 1
bakeries in Chicago, and "there is not a
bread manufacturer in the city who does not
violate a city ordinance every time -he sells
a loaf by giving light weight and inferior
The parliament houses in Victoria are
being carefully guarded, and no one allowed
within the enclosure after sunset, as fears
are entertained of a dynamite outrage. The
Indians are also threatening American set
Temperance Department.
Circular Lettei From Miss Willard,
Tne following letter has been re
ceived from Miss Willard by the W.
C. T. U. of this place:
Dear Sister and Friend: So
often do my thoughts seek them out,
and my prayers follow after their pa
tient workers, that I have resolved to
send a letter of tender remembrance
and inquiry-to every W. C. T. TJ. south
and west, which it has been my rare
fortune to visit in the last four years.
"How goes the battle?" This is a
question always with me. Will not
your Union, through some officer or
member designated for that purpose,
A singular superstition held by Indians in
the vicinity of Umatilla is detailed by an
Oregonian correspondent. They have re
cently been having trouble with the whites
about laud, and held a conference with Capt
Upham on the loth insL, when he explain
ed to them and told them that they muat
file upon land as other men do to secure it.
The Indians refuse to do thia, or to traffic
in land at all, claiming that it is no better
than dealing in human flesh, as men are
made of dust and return to it at death They
believe that land should be free to all, and
are not satisfied at haviug whites become its
owners. Trouble will probably result.
The permanent . organization of the wool
growers' association of Grant county took
place on Saturday, and the following offi
cers were duly elected: Wm. Hall, presi
dent: G. W. McHaley, vice-president: E.
S. Peufield, secretary: J. Luce, treasurer.
The regulrr meeting of the association will
be held in the Granger hall, in John Day
City, on the last Saturday of each month.
The next regular meeting will take place on
Saturday afternoon, March 29th, at 2 o'clock.
Every wool grower througout the county is
invited to join this organization.
At Harrisburg considerable excitement
was caused the first of last week by the ser
ious poisoning of Mrs. Mary A. Boggs, Dale
McDonald, Mrs. Boggs' grandson, and Mr.
Martin Powers, a boarder, on laat Sunday.
Several otherawere slightly affected On
tracing up the matter it waa found that the
troubled came frouvthe flour, as some were
affected from .ating the bread,, and others
from eating tyacuit and pie made from the
same flour. Drs. Mertdenhall aud Davis
wjre called, and by prompt work soon had
all ot tne affected ones relieved and out of
danger. The symptoms of the poison were
those of strychnine. An analysis of the
bread will be made. Mrs. Boggs subse
quently emptied the yeaat made from the
ti our into the hogs' feed and it killed two
out of the three hogs which she was feeding.
. A Tillamook lad was recently the victim
of misplaced confidence, A large whale
had drifted ashore in the neighborhood in
which he lived, aud his father desiring to
possess such a coveted prize, fastened a rope
so the narrative relates, around the behe
moth's tail, and it was at this moment of
triumph that the over-confident youngster
seated.himself upon the forehead of the mon
ster. It appears that the whale had as yet
failed to give up the ghost, aud when it be
came aware of Some obstruction to its
breathing, it gave a somewhat Jumbo snort
and sneezed, the poor beguiled youth fifty
yards out into , the, sea.. The youni? Tilla
mookite succeeded in reaching he land in a
safe condition, however, but iis doubtful
if he will seat himself on the nasal append-
i a i .
H? iiereaner. jixmrtan.
Manufacturer of Cigars, aQd Dealer in
Tobacco, Pipes, etc.
Patroni2e home lndUHtry. Uigurs at Wholesale
aud Retail 218tf
wKSaw all kinds of Fire Wood, Poles
Fencing, on Reasonable Terms. '
Call at A Cauthorn's for Information. 2183m
write me minute replies to that great
tiers, and taken altogether, things look ! question?
critical. j Especially, please tell me if you reg-
A paragraph from the Colfax Vidette j ularly meet for prayer, that God would
gives the suggestion that in the event the j be in the Christian women of this land
Northern Pacific railroad goes into the j, . ...
, , . , ! to overthrow the liquor traffic, not bv
bands of a receiver, its operations may be : ' J
temporarily suspended. This shows the OUr might or Power but by his spirit?
Colfax unfamiliarity with railroad matters, j I am also most earnestly hoping that
Handsomely paying railroads never suspend you have gathered the children into a
buslness- "Cold Water Armv." Our dearUiUi1 n B . ,
, ., . . - a One Door South of Graham ii Hamilton's,
The California and Oregon Railroad will ! ( inrrlnn ,0 r,- iEt.i 1 J
" 1 uuiuvu 10 uun aosiataiii 3UUC1 illlCllULlll
P ll . L 1 1 i I 1
of this department of the N. W. C. T.
U., and will send you all possible help
mile of straight track; the road following j and suggestions if you will notify her
be one of the most crooked roads in exist
ence. For the thirty-two miles already
completed, there is hardly a quarter of a
the winding of the Sacramento river where
possible, and boring through the mountains
where impossible. Almost the entire road
bed will be solid rock..
In writing a sort of history of Heppner
and vicinity the Gazette says that the start
was made iu 1865; that there is now a popu
lation of (JOO people; total business done
amounts to 300,000 a year; there are 200,
000 sheep in that section; that the section
produces 1,400,000 pounds of wool annually,
and that the Gazette is just one year old.
School Superintendent Baird has been
busy for several days past in apportioning
the state school fund, says the Oregon City
Courier. The fund amounts to $9400. The
number of inhabitants in the county between
4 and 20 is 4525, nearly 400 more than a
year ago. The sum of SI. 83 is therefore
allowed to each person in the county liable
to attend school.
From excelent authority, says the Dallas,
Oregon Itemizer, we have derived the pleas
ing information that a grist mill will be
surely built in Dallas this year, upon the
site of the one burned down about a year
ago. The new mill will be a larger one, and
will have a capacity of 100 bbl. per day.
Men aie starting for the mines from the
vicinity of Waverly, W. T., daily. It
makes me think of thn days long gone by in
Oregon, when men left the plow standing iu
the furrow or the ripe grain iu the fields to
go to the mines. If all go that are intend
ing to go the labore: s iu the field will be
Our youtig friend Harry Abbott struck it
rich on his wedding day, says the Walla
Walla Union. He received from his father
a complete outfit of furniture, bedding and
cooking utensils and a 10,000 check on one
of the city banks. Harry will soon have
sufficient means to give his own children
Quite a number of persons in Portland and
vicinity are preparing to move over to the
Xestucca country this summer and make new
homes in that region. They will be joined
by several parties from the eastern states,
and make up a considerable settlement.
Phere are many spots in that country where
settlements can easily be cleared, aud a large
number of people will go in there this year.
AH told, over fifty ladies have registered
their names herein order to. vote at the
next election, says the Walla Walla States
man, Iu view of the fact that the ranks of
both parties are filled with political cranks
we are really pleased that the ladies have
come to the front. Men are so fooled anil
led by the nose by these monomaniacs that
the votes of level-headed women will be
uecessai y to equalize them. Therefore we
say "sai. in ladies and register, the last one
of you."
There is some prospects that there will be
a Government ship-yard establi-hed at Lake 1
Washington, W. T. , The Seattle Herald
quotes a correspondent in this language:
There seems to be a great deal of inte-est
manifested by the goernmeut iu the plan.
I have talked with a great many influential
officers of the navy, and all are enthusiastic
over the subject of the establishment of a
shipyard here. I think without doubt such
a post will be established at Lake Washing
ton, probably upon the large island in that
lake. Capital sufficient to put the canal
through is ready for investment therein as
soon as the bill shall become a law. Every
thing looks .to a successful carrying out of
Seattle's long-cherishedjdea, and there can
now be no doubt that the ship cannal will
be built, that a navy yard will be establish
ed here, and that all the beneficial results
attendant upon those facts will accrue to
our city.
Speaking of the outlook for Wasco county
a Dalles paper says: The grass is short, but
has started thick, and sheep are doing finely.
Cattle and horses begin to pick up and will
do so rapidly, as the grass gets longer. The
fruit crop is promising better than at first
predicted after the excessive cold nights.
A large amount of grain is being put in on
spriDg plowed land:,. We do not hear of
a single lot of fall sowed wheat or rye that
has been seriously injured by the winter,
and we have received accounts from Alkali,
of your wish. May I ask also if you
are securing biblical temperance les
sons in the Sabbath schools, and tem
perance books and papers in the same?
The latter can be had without cost to
the W. C. T. U., if the officers of the
Sunday schools are favorable.
Scientific temperance instruction in
public schools and frequent articles
and items in the public press, are
methods of great importance as you
know. Public meetings, sermons by
pastors, prizes to the children for es
says, all these quiet educational meth
ods are doubtless pursed by you so far
as practicable.
Now, dear sisters, please tell me
what you are doing, and I shall learn
what methods have succeeded best,
and how to help others by your experience.
Believe me, with sincere affection,
yours always in christian work,
Frances E. Willard.
The reply to this communication
will be in the next issu of this paper.
IOOO Men and Boys
To fit them out in the latest style of ready
made Clothing. Also the finest lot of
Pants Patterns and Suitings
Ever brought to Corvallis.
Call and Examine Goods.
No trouble to show goods.
Two doors South of Post Office,
11. i:. HARRIS,
J. B. Scrafford & Ero.,
Marble Granite.
Com .'His, June 24, 18S2. 1S)-1
KiflfR, Pistols,
Amunition, Cutlery.
Spy Glasses, Fishing Tackle.
Sewing Maclirn?s,
Work made to order anil warranted.
20 33tf c. HOD ES, Corvallis.
A False Marriage.
F. R. Hill, of Wilbur, in solemnizing a
marriage contract in the capacity of a notary
public, has certainly superceded his fver.
The statue says that any minister or priest
of any congregation or judicial officer is
empowered to perform the marriage ceremo
ny. As to where Mr. Hill can find any law
authorizing hiin to act iu a judicial capacity
is a matter that puzzles the brains of some
of our legal gentlemen. While not imputing
to Mr. Hill any improper motives, we can
see nothing binding iu his action, and the
only step out of this iiuandry into which he
has carelessly plunged this couple, will be
for them to try it again, and be properly
married by some person authorized to sol
emnize a marriage contract. Plaindealer.
Corvallis, Oregon.
THE OCCIDENTAL is a new building,
newly furnished, and is first class in all its
Stages leave the hotel for Albiny and Yaquina Bay
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Large Sample Uooiu on First Floor for
Commercial iTIeu. 19-35 ly
Having several months ago fully enfran
chised both of my sous, Willie H., and
Alvin W. Bagley, 1 hereby notify all per
sons concerned- that 1 shall not be responsi
ble for any of their debts or contracts, and
neither shall collect or claim any interest in
their time or earnings, as they both have
full power and authority from me to do
business on their own account.
12ml Wm. Barley.
21 -Sly
Real Estate AgencyJ
Heal Estate Agents, will buy, sell, or
lease farms or farm property on
Having made arrangements for co-operation
with agents in Portland, and being ful
ly acquainted with real property in Benton
county, we feel assured of giving entire sat
isfaction to all who may favor us with their
patronage. ti. A. Waogoner
20-fiyI T. J. Bufokd,
The Gazette,
Largest Family Papers
Published in Oregon, containing all important dis
liatches, news from all parts of Oregon an the Pa
cific coast, all local news of importance, besides a full
supply of general and firesiie family reading matter.
The tjazette,
As in past, will continue to be a faithful exponent of
The Interests of Benton County and the
State at Large.
It will faithfully and fearlessly warn the people of
wrong, imposition, or anproaching danger where the
public is interested, never fearing to pubhs h the
truth at all times, but will endeavor to always ignore
all unpleasant personalities which are of no p;iblic
nterest or concern.
weeoccd & bjldwws
Direct from the East !
uintui mum
Eastern and St. Louis
CoRVflujgi - Oregon
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an execu
tion issued out of the Circuit Court of the state of
Oregon for the county of Benton on the 10th day of
February, 1884, for the sum of one hundred and
eighty dollars and fifty cents, with interest thereon
from and after the 20th day of October, 1S77, at the
rate of one per cent per month, and the further sum
of three dollars and ninety-five cents costs, and three
dollars and seventy-five cents accrued costs thereon
in favor of Frank B. Dunn and against W. H. Huff
man upou a judgment recorded, entered, docketed
and enrolled iu said Circuit Court of the state of Or
egon for the county of Benton, on tne JOth day of
October, A. I) , 1877, wherein Frank B. Du
plaintiff and the said W. H. Huffman is defendant
which exeucution commands me in the name of the
state of Oregon out of the personal property of the
said defendant, or if sufficient thereof cannot be
I found, then out of the real property belonging to
said defendant, in said county, on or after the said
20th day of October, 1877,!I satisfy the sum of one
hundred. and eighty dollars and fifty cents now due on
said judgment, with interest thereon at the rate of
o ne per cent per month from the 20th day of October,
1877, and the further sum of three dollars and ninety
five c s costs and three dollars and seventv-five
cents rued costs and costs on said executin.
Now, therefore, in obadience to said execution, and
in pursuance thereof and in order to satisfy said exe
cution and pay the several sums of money therein
named as aforesaid, and not being able to find any
personal property of said defendant out of which to
satisfy said execution and the several sums of money
aforesaid, I have levied upon and will sell for cash in
hand at the Court House door in the city of Corvallis,
uenton county. Oregon, on
Saturday, March 291 h, 1884,
Between the hours of nine o'clock in the morning and
four o'clock in the afternoon of said day, to-wit:
At the hour of 1 o'clock
In the afternoon of said day, all the right.title and In
est aud estate of said defendant, VV. H. Huffman, in
and to all that part of the following described land
situated in Benton county, state of Oregon, to-wit:
Lying west of Marys ri'-er, the land claiir donated by
the U. S. Government to JuHus Brownson and Mary
Brownson his wife, situated in Sec. 3 T 12 8 B 6 W in
j the Willamette Meridian, bounded on the east bv
Marys river, on the north bv claim No. 40, on the
west by claim Nos. 71 and 76, on the south by claim
No. 50, also all that part -.f claim No. 76 which lies
south of the north-east corner of claim No. 71 and
bounded on the east by the above described land and
claim No. 50, and on the west by claim No. 71, con.
taining in all one Hundred and twenty-six and 50-100
A Fine Business Location,
Oregon Pacific Railroad.
A good store building with dwelling house attache d
a livery barn and two lots, situated on Main Street,
Philomath, Oregon. Also a small stock of goods,
just such as every country merchant would want.
Call early to get the first chance at the property.
21121m For particulars address,
Philomath, Oregon.
X. K. Cor. Second and Yamhill Sts.,
A. I. Armstrong,
J. A. Wasco,
Penman and Serrctarv
Designed for ths Business Educatioa of Both
Admitted on any week day of the year.
Of all kinds executed lo order at reasonable rates.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
The College "Journal" containing information
of the course of Study, rates of tuition, time to
enter, etc., and cuts of plain and ornamental pen
manship, tree.
All work in my line attended to promptly
and with care. 21 1 ltf
Will be mailed CDCC to aM applicants and to
customers of last "66 year without orderiag it.
It contains illustrations, prices, descriptions and
directions for planting all Vegetable and Flower
Seeds, Plants, etc. Invaluable to all.
D. M. FERRY & C0.uSk
s-i w w To e - ft n v
Notary Pcblic.
A-ttornevs - at - Law.
Prompt attention given to business intrusted to our
care in all tne Courts or the state. Demands collected
with r without action anywhere in the U. 8 Will
collect claims afirauist the Government at Washineton
E. Holeate, a notary puMic. will rive strict attention
to conveyancing, negotiating loans, buying, selling
uiiu leasing real estate, ana a trenerai agency imsmess
Local agents for the Oregon Fire and Marine Insu
rance coirpanv of Oregon, a reliable home company
backed by the heaviest capitalists of the State.
OtHce in Burnett's new brick, first door at head of
acres more or less. Now out of the above described
Rock Creek, Lone Rock, Crown Rock Oak ' Und tw acres tbe 80u'h"west corner by the mi"
M...J. n """mi w a, j-cier nj l.. i. Banks.
105t Sheriff of Benton county, Oregon.
1 --f ' ""l.n, ftkrV :
drove. Kimjsley, Bake Oven and from sev- j
eral points on the Washington, side.
The Want of a Xtellable Diuretic
Which, while acting as a stimulant of the kidneys,
neither excites nor irritates them, was long since
supplied by Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. This fine
medicine exerts the requisite degree of stimulation
ujion these organs, without producing irritation, and
Mexicans" bv Frederick A. Ober. The most
fully illustrated aud the largest popular work ever
puDiisnca. A Stirling narrative of a most interesting
journey from the Yucatan to the Kin (irande, in oc
large octavo volume of nearly 700 pages. Agents
wanted. Apply to J. DEWING & Co., 420 Bush St
San Francisco. Cal. 13m
Land Office at Oregon City, Oregon,
Feb. 18, 188.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of her intention to make final
proof in support of her claim, and that said proof will
be made before the County Clerk of Benton county
at Corvallis, Oregon, on Monday, March 31, 1884, viz:
Mary Horton, widow of Moses Horton, deceased,
Homestead entry No, 3317 for lots 1 and 2 of Sec, 34,
T 12, S R 6 W.
She names the following witnesses to prove the
continuous residence unon and cultivation h said
i tnereiore, lar newer adapted lor the purpose Moses Horton, deceased, of said land, viz:
than unmcdicated excitants often reported to. Dys- ' .
pepsia, fever and agus, and kindred diseases, are all -'- S S' PowcI1- Dr"r.v D- George Mercer and
cured bv it. For sale bv als Druggists and Dealer I John Todd, all of Philomath. Benton cunntv. Or.
generally am ',. U T. RARl.N, Reeistcr.
THOS. J. BLAIR, President.
M. S. WOODCOCK, Attorney.
Classes of Real Estate on reasonable terms anil
will thoroughly advertise by describing each piece o
projwrtv entrusted to it for sale.
Mr. T. J. Blair will always be n readiness, and wil.
take great pains to show property.
Otlicis near T. J. Blair's warehouse, or at tl
Gazkttk onice.
Tr.c following nieces of niODertv will h i,i m
extraordinarily reasonable terms:
TOWN LOTS Six vacant lots in the northwest par
of Corvallis: Nicely situated for residence, fenced and
set out witn good variety of fruit trees. Price "1.000
TOWN LOTS Two vacant lots in the aonthwca
part of Corvallis; Very nice for a residei ce, fenced
li set out with fruit trees. Price $150.
corner of oth and Jefferson streets in Corvallis, Or. ,
with comfortaole 1 story dwelliiurwitn ti good looms
a good stable, woodshed (Lc. Half cash. La anr j
on reasonable terms. Pries $1100.
SAW MILL Undivided i interest in a mill rtsn bv
water, a good planer and seven acres of land uset1.
in connection with the mill. Power sufficient tn run
all f the year, situated handj to market and within
about 7 miles of Corvallis with an excellent good
road to and from it. Terms easy.
FARM Farm ail under fence only 2$ miles from
Corvallis of 150 acres, so acres now iu cultivation, the
balance of it can be cultivated; about 20 of it now iu
wheat with a fair house good burn and granery,
will be sold at a bargain. Terms easy.
FARM Farm of 47S acres for less than $18 per
acre, being one of the chcaesl and best farms in
Bentol. county, situated 4 miles west of Monroe, I of
a uiiie from a good school, in one of the best neigh
borhoods in the state with church privileges handy.
About 130 acres in cultivation, and over 400 can be
cultivtaed. All under fence, with good two story
frame house, large barn and orchard; has running
water the vear around, and is well sailed tor stock
and dairy irai-poses. This is one of the cheapest farms
mi ,ne ,, MKcnciLe vaney terms easy.
LOTS Two unimproved lots in Corvallis. One ot
tne choicest building places in the city for sale reas
onable. ALSO Four unimproved lots except fenc
ed iu Corv allis, Or. The choicest building place in
the city for sale reasonable.
STOCK FARM -320 acres, about 50 in culti ration,
150 acres can he cultivated, 60 acres of good fir aud
oak timber, the balance good grass land. Small com
fortable house and barn, it lies adjoining an inex
haustible ou range, making one of the best stock
ranges in Benton county. Situated about 10 miles
southwest of Corvallis. Price 1(100.
FARM A farm of 136 acres of land situated J
mile from Corvallis. in Linn County, Or. All under
fence; SO acres of rich bottom land in cultivation,
56 acres of good flr, ash and maple timber; 2 good
houses, 2 good orchards and two good wells with
numns. Terms: S30 ner acre half c:lsIi linwn .nil
balance payable in one and two years, secured by
mortgage upon the farm.
Land Office at Orecn Citv, Or.
Feb. 21 , 1864. f
Notice is hereby given that the following: named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before the county clerk of Benton count) , at
Corvallis, Oaegnn, on Monday, April 28, 1884. via:
James H. A Id rich, homestead entry, No. for the
N W J of Sec. 6 T II S R 7 W.
He names the UL owing- witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, via
Jas. Hamar, K S. Hamar, P. Bryant and Joseph
Bryant, all of Summit, Benton county, Oreg-nn.
?Uft L T. UAK1N, Register.