The Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Or.) 1862-1899, November 30, 1883, Page 4, Image 4

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aOlcekln (f orthillis (ia)cttf.
Albert Ray was in town yesterday spend
ing thanksgiving.
J. Senders was moving his stock of goods
to Burnett's new brick on yesterday.
T. . Blair and Zeph Job went out on a
thanksgiving hunt yesterday.
Mr. faun Avery, of Eastern Oregon, is in
the city this week.
Messrs. Win. M. Hoag and W. P. Keady
went to Portland during the week on busi
ness. Ed. C. Phelps, of Newport, has been mak
iug a weeks s'ay in Corvallis. He intended
to return home yesterday.
The steamboats are making trips to Cor
vallis since the recent rain which has raised
the river.
Rev. H. S. Mills congregational minister
of Forest Grove will preach at the college
chape this evening at 7:30 o'clock.
The river made quite a rise the fiwt oi
the week and boats can now run up as far
as Harrisburg with safety.
Wanted by a small family a girl to do
light housework. Apply at the furniture
store of J. A. Knight, Corvallis.
Rev. J. H. Hershner will preach next
Sunday, Dec. 2nd, at King's Valley at II
A. M. and at Wells Station at 7 P. M.
L. G. Kline AiCo's. sale will continue un
til their eutire stock is. disposed of. Spec
ial bargains in clothing tnia week.
The cheapest and best hardware, stove's,
tinware, plows, wagons and agricuUural
impliinents at Woodcock & Baldwin's, Cor
vallis, Oregon.
A new crossing has been put in across
Main ttreet leading from Max Fiiendly's
store room east, making it a little easier to
crpss the street this muddy time.
For a general admixture of climates, last
Saturday took the cake. Snow, rain, sun
shine, and all combined went to make up
the list, and on Saturday night the ground
was coveted with enow.
Mr. Wm. Groves, one of the pioneers,
returned home last Saturday evening, from
his visit to Ohio and other eastern states.
He reports coli weather in most of the
states, and was gjad to get back again, to
the laud of mists.
Snow and rain in E;istern Oregon, Stock
doiug well. Tiie bear have about all goue
into winter quarters, but the heavy snows
in the mountains is driving the fountain
lions, cougars and panthers down into the
The Normal Teacher published monthly
at Oregon City, Or., in the interests of ed
ucation is upon our table, anil is a neat
eight page production, containing much val
val)! e information on the subject which it
Prof. Emery of the Corvallis Agricultural
College, desires ns to announce that he will
not lecture on the horse with illustrations
as stated in the prouramme of the Woman's
Christian-Temperance Union, bnt he will at
the time stated lecture on the "Sphere ot
The first quarterly meeting for the Cor
vallis charge for the present Conference
year will bo held at Corvallis on Saturday
and Sunday, Dec. 8th and 9th. Rev. 1. D.
Driver, the P. E-, will preach on Saturday
at eleven o' clock and the quarterly confer
euce will covene at the close of the Ser
vice. 1 he official members are requested
to be present.
W. D. Nichols, Pastor.
We advertised several months ago that
we intended to publish the death notice of
any one of our own accord and without
charge, but when handed in by any one ac
companied by resolutions or extended com
ments of any kind a charge of five cents per
line v ill be made. The same rule will be
applied to marriages as well. What we
propose in this matter is that after we have
given the item as a matter of news pub
lished on our own account we do not pro
pose to publish every other persons or so
ciety's announcement of the same news
without pay for it. We run a paper for the
purpose of publishing the news and not to
publish what every individual or society
might like to see in print.
Froa. Other Piascs.
Cars will be running to Grant's Pass by
the 1st prox.
Panthers at Coss bay do not hesitate to
attack people when hungry.
Last week James Clay, of Enrnt Hirer,
killed an elk which weighed 1,300 pounds.
The meadows opposite Foster, in Urns
tilla county, raises the finest kind of wild
and timothy hay.
Mormons are coming from Idaho into
Southeastern Oregon, and settling there in
considerable numbers.
John Hinkle, of Elliott Prairie, has a
radish that measures forty-two inches in
length, and weighs about thirty-five pounds.
One of the children pf Ed. Piening, of
Black well, palled a vessel of boiling water
over itself, one day last week, and was se
verely burns 1.
The Willow ("reek country is being set
tied very rapidly. It is presumed that the
people will soon want a county seat at Pet
tysvilie or thereabouts.
Fifty-six experienced track-layers arrived
at the front on the 21st, says the Oregon
Statesman, and the track will be completed
to Ashland at an early date.
A petition has been circulated, and large
ly signed, in Baker City, asking the Board
of Trustees o enact ait ordinance c'osing
all business houses on Sunday, except those
which were necessary for charitable purposes.
A dark fur cape on the streets of Corval
lis about two weeks ago. The owner cap
get it by applying at H. E. Harrii' store
and paying ten cents per line for each in
sertion of this notice.
River Ripples.
The McCully passed up on Monday night
on her way to Harrisburg to load wheat.
The Occident cams up on Tuesday and
took 2000 sacks of wheat from Cauthoru's
warehouse for Salem.
First Boat.
Last Friday night about nine o'clock the
sound of the steamboat whistle was again
heard and soon the McCully was at her
dock. She took 75 ton of flour from
Fischei's mil', and finished loading at Blair's
warehouse on Saturday morning, and then
left for Portland.
City Assessment for 1833.
The tax roll for the city of Corvallis for
the year 1883, shows the following footings:
Valuation of all town lots379,829; valuation
of all personal property S333.056; total val
uation of all property 712,885; total in
debtedness 218,346; total amount of tax
able property 494,539; total amount of tax
2.472.69 5; tax on 20 dogs 20.
A Card.
The undersigned feels gratef ull tcwar Is
Mr. R. G. Simmons and family, the Cor
vallis firemen, and kind friends who so
kindly cared for my husband in his late
illness, and also in paying the last sad
rites to the deceased.
L. F. Powers.
Our former townsman Mr. A. J. Lang
worthy, now of Yaquina Bay, returned this
week from Portland where he has been ,for
a couple of months. He was on his way
home and had with him fifty nice carp
which lie was intending to put in a pond
near his home. They are from the lot of
carp sent from the east over the Northern
Pacific only a few da3-s ago.
More Scarlet Fevsr.
It wa3 ascertained yesterday morning that
a genuine ca3e of scarlet fever had devel
oped at David Lord's place in town. Une
of his children being sick with it. The
daughter of Geo. Emerick about 16 years
old also has taken it who lives on river
street. Thus it gradually spreads.
Pou Jay Lis Tic.
Messrs. W. H. H. Grant and Mose Neu
gass had an argument on the street yester
day morning, which finally resulted in a
thanksgiving fiht. When they departed
from the scene of controversy they were
both more or less convinced. They both
got away with some of the ornaments of de
bate such as eyes draped in mourning,
peeled noses and skinned faces. No doubt
after the argument both were wiser than
Gold separator.
Roy Rabcr and Win. Wright returned
last Sunday from the mining regions on the
lower Alsea where they had been to test the
practicability of a machine for separating
the fine gold from black sand. The ma
chine was intended to blow the black sand
over quicksilver with the intention that the
fine void would be held fast in the quick
silver which the sand would pass by. The
difficulty however was found to be that the
wind when strong enough to operate the
machine blew much of the san.l away which
never came in contact with the quicksilver.
They had a long walk aud were tired when
they arrived home.
The jjotics of the marriage of 8. H.
Mecklin, Esq., ai)d Mus Sillie Lewis of
this city di 1 not reach us last week. Never
theless, on the 15th inst., at the residence
of the bri Is fathjr in this city, the couple
above mentioned plighted their destinies,
aud mutually agreed Uiy should be oue
and set sail with every prospect of a suc
cessful voyage. The officiating clergyman,
Rev. Mr. Bell, made the usual felicitous in
quiries, and both answering in the affirma
tive, he said " 'tis well," go forth, and may
the blessings of heaven attend you. A
happy time was enjoyed by all, cake &e. in
abundance, enjoyed by all present.
list oe L3xr3j
Remaining unclaimed in the PostoSSce at
Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, Friday,
Nov. 30 1883. Persons calling for same
will please say "advertised," giving date of
Hardison, Mrs. R. Booton, E.
Dubler, Aaron, 2" Daniels, John.
Daniels, J. W. Uriffin, J. H.
Crane, Geo. W. Long, John W.
Morrison, Taylor & Co. Mengor, A.
Patterson, J. M.
N. B. Barber, P. M.
Rssoiutlons.or Respect.
Passed by the Corvallis Fire Department,
on Thursday, Nov. 22, 1883.
Whereas, In view of the loss we have
sustained by the decease of our friend and
brother fireman, Cyrus Powers, and of the
still heavier loss sustained by those who
were nearest and dearest to him; therefore
be it
Resolved, That it is bnt a just tribute to
the memory of the departed, to say that in
regretting his removal from our midst, we
mourn for one who was in every way
worthy of our respect and regard.
Renolved, That we sincerely condole with
the family of the deceased, on the dispen
sation wilh which it has pleased Divine
Providence to affict them; an 1 commend
them for consolation to Him who orders all
things for the best, and whose chastise
ments are meaut in mercy.
Resolved, That this heartfelt testimonial
of our sympathy and sorrow be published
in the city papers and that the same he
spread upon the records of our company.
Robt. Johnson, 1
S. E. Belknap. Committee.
Ikb Harris, ) '
Attempted Jail Break.
The Telegram of Saturday had the fol
lowing in regard to an attempt to break
jail at Portland. At the time the jail con
tained 65 prisoners: "For several nights
noises have been heard in the jail that led
to the belief that some one was trying to
saw his way out, but the place of the work
could not be located. A little after 8
o'clock this morning Charles Soli ram, who
is making up the city assessment roll,
walked into the assessor's office to begin
work, and was astonished to feel part of the
floor give way under him, one foot and leji
breaking through into the space just ovei
cell 2, of the inside corridor. It was in
stantly apparent to him that sune one had
been working from underneath the floor,
anil an alarm was given. An examination
of cell 2 showed that the prisoners had cut
through the ceiling in exactly the same
place that Bill Baker got through about a
year ago. The morter hail not got thor
oughly hard, and after digging one or two
bricks the others could be easily pulled out.
Between the top of the cell and the floor of
the assessor's office there is an opeu space
of two and a half feet. Into this place a
man had climbed, and with a knife had
patiently cut into die flooring, removing
over a font each from three boards, making
a hole hardly large enongh for the passage
of a man, and requiring for that purpose the
removal of one more board width. The cut
ting was done on a slant, so that the top
side of the boards fitted exactly in their
places, Morning had probably come when
the third board was cut through, and the
fourth was reserved for tonight, when the
escape would be made. An underpinning
was fixed under the cut boards, to prevent
their coming down when stepped on, but
Schram happened to step on one side of the
support, throwing the boards off their bal
ance, anil betraying the secret. Under the
hole were found a piece of can. He, two bro
ken case knives aud a whet ston3. Most of
the cutting must have been done with an
other knife, however, aud it has been hiden
by the prisouers.
Corvallis 0)t Councii.
Nov. 12, 18S3.
Claims against the city to the amount of
414, were presented and ordered paid.
The committee on finance presented res
olutions to the effect
1st. That the city Marshal be and he is
hereby instructed to enforce the law with
reference to sidewalks forthwith.
2nd. Tnat the. committee on streets and
public improvements are hereby requested
to present a written report to the council at
its next regular meeting giving the coudi
tion of sidewalks and crossings and specify
ing the location of ar,y that uee 1 repairing.
The petition of the Board of Fire Dele
gates was presented asking the council to
repair and thoroughly put in order Monu
mental iiru engine and to house said engine
in some convenient place and tp provide the
fire department with five hundred feet of
new rubber hose, whic upon motion was
laid upon the (able without discussion.
An ordinance passed under the emergency
clause to vacate a certain alley in the city
of Corvallis in Benton county state of Ore
An ordinance passed under the emergency
clause to construct a new side walk along
the north side of block No. 7, in the couuty
addition to the city.
Petition of Blumberg to put 16 cords of
wood in Washington street passed.
Nov. 27, 1SS3.
Special meeting called to take action 011
the resignation of Wm. Hogati a" city
Marshal. Resignation accepted to take
effect Nov. 28th at 6 o'clock in the evening.
Al Pygall elected Marshal oy aclamation.
Resolution passed requesting Messrs.
Brink & Wright to, fumigate their hearse
after conveying the corpse of any person
which died of contagious disease and Ijefore
entering the city.
Yaquina Post It2xns.
There is no flour for sale on the Bay,
and provisions generally are getting scarce.
If the many flying rumor3 prove tru3,
business will be relhot hero before many
moons have waxed and waned.
The Kate and Anna is looked for during
the week, with a big load of goods for
our merchants. Capt. Treat, we are in
formed, is an office- on the little steamer.
Samuel Case returned from his trip to
tho valley on Monday. At this season of
the year a trip to the valley, as a pleasure
excursion, doesn't command a premium,
Mr. Wm. Grant came in from Corvallis
on Tuesday. He brought in a quantity of
German carp, which he will "plant" n, the
nice little stream that meanders through
his place over on south beach.
deuce of the brides parents, near Philo
math, Oregon, Nov. 21, 1883, by Rev.
N. W. llen, of Philomath, Mr. Troy
C. McDavid, of California, to Miss Lulu
E. Bunuelle, of Philomath.
The happy couple after receiving the
congratulations ui friend and relatives
present led the way to the dinning room
where all the goodies of the la id were set,
to which the guests did ample justice.
After the feast the dining room was cleared
and dancing indulged in by some of the
young folks. ,
Mr. aud Mrs. McDavid will remain for a
fortnight or more among friends in Oregon
before leaving for San Francisco, where
they intend to remain for several weeks,
spending the holidays among Mr. Dc David's
relatives before returning to their home in
the east.
We have on hand at this office a new
stock containing latest designs in ladies
ind gentleman's cards, business cards, 4tc,
which we print at very low figures. Call
aud get some of them.
Buy your oods of men whose enterprising
business tact leads them to advertise.
Circuit Court, Soy. Term.
Nov. 20, 1883. I
A. W. Wright vs Win. C. Clark, judg
ment for 394 50 and ten per cent per
H. W. Vincent vs E. Marple, judgment
for 122 and 20 attorneys fee aud order to
sell attached real property.
James Hayes vs. A. J. Zumwaltz el al.
judgment for 231 50 and 25 attorneys fees
aud order to sell a tached real property.
Lee and Farra vs. A. J. Zum waltz tt (J
judgment for 264 63 and 27 50 attorneys.
ices and 57 50 and order to sell attached
real pr. perty.
State of Oregon vs, Thos. Kyniston,
charged with assault 011 Edith Rader tried
by jury aud acquitted.
Thos. Bryan vs. Olive A. Bryan for di
vorce, J. J. Whitney appointed referee to
take testimony aud report law and facts ic
the case.
Klosterman & Co. vs. A. Hodes "& Co.,
and John Klosterman vs. A. Hodes & Co..
both cases dismissed for want of prosecution.
Chas. Hodes vs. Win. Holder, dismissed
for want of prosecution.
Elizabeth H. Mercer, her husband Geo.
Mercer, and Wm. Hood, vs. Wm. C. Jasper,
Mary Bortnan and her husband E. T Bor
inan decree reforming deed and correcting
description of laud therein so as fo conform
to the intention of the parties.
M. Sternberg assignee vs. James David-
sou, demurer withdraw u with leave to de
fendant to answer, and continued until next
A. M- Witham excused from further act
ing as juror at this term.
State of Oregon vs. Frauk Valai da, plea
of not guilty withdrawn and plea ot guilty
to simple assault made and the. following
morning Valarda was sentenced to pay a
tine of 20 and costs.
The Grand jury was reformed by excus
;ng Earnest Warren not a citizen of the
United States aud (i. Birnar.l drawn to
take his place.
W. P. Keady was excused as baliff and
Perry Ed !y appointed Instead.
L. G. Kline & Co. vs. A. J. Zumwaltz
et al, judgment for 123.63 and 5 attorneys
fee and order for sale of attached real es
tate. B. T. Taylor vs. S. Raybnrn et at, de
murer to complaint withdrawn and leave
granted to answer.
Ben Hayden vs. B. Dove and Rachael
Dove refered to Geo. W. Belt to take tes
timony and cause continued to next regular
A. J. Apperson vs. Wm. Blodat H al,
default entered agdnst defendants J. B.
Lee and Charles Logsdon and order to serve
summons by publication on Aseuath Blod-
tettof Idaho, L T.
Nov. 21st.
State pf Oregon v. Thos. Kyniston, in
dictment against defendant dismissed.
Green B. Smith vs. J. X. Smith order
upon sheriff of Linn county, Or., to mak
conveyance of laud ill said county to said
G B Smith.
Rosetta Sherlock vs Wayman St. Clair,
judgment for S658.S6.
John Collins vs Mary Collins, on stipula
tion of parties decree of divorce heretofore
made is modified so as to give to said John
Collius the care and custody of minors
Charles Collins and Alfred Collins.
Venire for 10 jurors issued to serve for
balance of the term.
Grand jury returned into court two indict
meats each endorse 1 "not a true lull'
against Silas Oilman and Louis MeVay.
J C Polly vs Nancy Polly appointed H W
Keesee as referee.
Lucius Norton vs, Olive Norton, decree
of divorce granted.
John W McGrew vs Gen P Walling jind
Dora Walling settled and dismissed.
J W McGrew vs Geo P Wailing settled
and dismissed.
Henry Chambers and Louisa Chambers
vs Morris Alleu and Wilson by
jury aud verdict giving the cost to Chamb
ers the value thereof being 40.
W A McCuilough vs Ogn Pacific R R Co
by consent of parties continued until next
H Polly V3 Nancy Polly decree of divorce
granted to If lolly.
Wm Burnett vs. Wm H Alexander it al
foreclosure of Mortgage for 3392 and 350
attorneys fee.
R G Simmons vs B V Hylan 1 trial by
jury and verdict for Simmons for 100.
Hamilton, Job & Co. vs Eugene Weide
mann et al decree of foreclosure in favor of
Hamilton, Job &Co. for 727 and 70 attor
ney fee in 1 in favor of A ina Hodes for
$67S and 60 attorney fee.
Thos. Bryan vs Olive Bryan divorce
granted to Thos. Bryan and to have the
care and controlo of minor chil I Willie
Wayne Bryin.
Sarah A Terwilliger vs Paul Terwilliger
order made to serve tunimona by publica
tion thereof.
Joana Springer vs The Willamette Valley
and Coast Rail Road J Co. and Win T Web,
ber judgment for S2G2.58.
Clharles Logsdon vs Wm. Blodgettet al
foreclosure in favor of Charles Logsdon for
9950.24 and 192 and 75 attorneys fees
and 1262. !9 and interest to Jacobs and
Neuiass and sale of land.
John Harris vs Robert Logan et al fore
closure in favor of John Harris 1021.94
and 1 18 attorneys fep in favor of deft. Geo
W Houck and son for $318 and 26 as at
torneys fees and sale of mortgaged land.
Nov. 23rd.
John Huffman vs John Moore during
progress of trial by jury on motion of de
fendant Moore, Huffman was nonsuited for
lack of proof.
Hamilton, Job Sc ,Co. vs Chas H Nash
judgment for 454.32 and 18 costs.
M L Barnctt was excused to serve longer
as juror.
Nancy Polly vs J C Polly dismissed at
plaintiffs cost.
Wm M Hoag vs Sol King and J. W.
Ray I urn demurer sustained with consent
of plaintiff to am ml complaint and plaintiff
have until Jan. 1st next to tile the same,
Nov. 24th.
White Goldsmith & Co. vs J D Graham
el al, continued to next regular term.
Geo. Lauderking vs Henry Lauderking,
continued to next regular term.
Jurors J S Gray, Wm Mackay, W W
Starr, H Myers, Simon Kline, W C Riggs,
W S Locke, Nets H Wheler, E C Taylor.
Hugh Herrou, Geo Houck and D. Ruble
discharged from further attending on this
Beu Simpson vs J W Raybnrn, leave
granted by county court to J W Rayburu
to issue execution reversed and held for I
Henry Chambers and Louisa Chambers vs
Morris Allen aud Wilson Bunip, motion fur
new trial denied-
John Hulfuian vs Frank Moora, suit in
equity continued until next term.
Maria Armingtoii vs Sol King, continued
until n-xt term.
Fleischner, Mayer & (Ho. .vs L Norton,
judgment against Norton for 400.36 and
order to sell attached property.
Napoleon B Avery vs Pundcrson Avery
et al report of sale of real property by
referees confirmed in part arid remainder
not confirmed.
G B Smith vs C B Linville Administrator
and Sol King sheriif, injunction against is
suing execution made perpetual.
Oregon California Company vs
Harriett Bowen et al, the court appointed
Wm S Kelly Guardian ad litem for Charles
Rowen, Hugh Bowen, Henry BoWen, Etfie
Bowen and Edith Bowen.
B. T. Taylor vs S. Raybnrn et al, demur
er withdrawn and answer filed and plaintiff
have leave to rep'y it) teq days.
Nov. 26th.
H P Harris vs Ogn. Pacific Railroad Co.
settled and dismiss)!.
Willamette Valley & C R R Co vs M L
Trapp dismissed without prejudice.
Same R R Co vs W Wyatt, submitted
and taken under advisement.
Oregon Cal. Railroad Co vs Harriett
Bowen etal, land appropriated for line of
railroad the company paying 32:1) therefor.
A J Young vs M E Young divorce
Opt. 27.
Ogn Cal Railroad Co vs Wm Glass, trial
by jury which began Saturday and now
rendered verdict for 1378.06 damage to be
paid fpr "and aril improvements to be an
preprinted for iine of railroad.
Henry Humphrey vs Beaton county dis
E A Abhy vs Geo Gnnde'.l et al, judg
ment for S6.75 and to be a lien on steam
boat Benton .
Ladd & Bpsh vs Ezk Marple et al, for-
closure for 3Sj2 and 350 attorneys fees
and order to sell mortgaged land.
Charles Albreoht and Joseph Pirnni
applied with their witnesses and were
awprn and admitted to citizenship.
Ocn Cal Railroad Co vs Rosa McBeeetal,
appropriation of land for railroad, PO pay
John W. Ballard vs Lydia C. Ballard
continued for service.
Eliza Saunders vs G W Houck, motion
for judgment overruled and leave to de
fendant to answer in 30 days thereafter.
Liurilla J Ramsdell vs Thos Ramsdell
decree kit divorce.
Adam Willhelm vs W C Woodcock and
Sol King case argued and submitted and
taken under advisement.
W W Yantis vs S H Oliver confirmation
of sale.
Staver anil Walker vs Graham and Mofe
head judgment for 103.50 and 12 attor
neys fees.
James Hayes V3 Abraham Wood et al
order to serve summons by publication.
W E Elliott vs M. R- Elliott et al suit
to partition real property J R Bryson ap
pointed gua-dian at liter" or minors and by
common consent partition was made.
City Taxes.
Al Pygall who has been recently elected
by the council as city in irs'ial re j icjIs us
to announce that the tax roll has been
placed in his hands for the collection of
taxes. His office will be found at the store
of H. E. Harris, and Isaac Harris is also au
thorized to receive and receipt for taxes.
On all taxes not paid before the 1st of Jan
uary 1SS4 yill be charged twenty per cent,
addition for collecting the same.
Wheat In Portltr.d Srm at 1.80 per cental sacked.
It may new he fairly qdoied Here clear
Wheat 58
Oats .. 4&
Wool per Yb. .' 17 to 18
Flour per barrel 6 60
Macon ides ... 14
Hum. , . . . , , 16 to M
Siiouldera. ; 10 to 12
Lard, 10 lb tins 1 1-i
Ketfi 11
Butter, fresh rolls . . . , 35 to T
tK, per doz 85 to 40
lined apples, Plummer 10 to 12
Sun dried-....,. 9 to 10
I'lcms, pitless 12 to 14
Cliiclfetix, per doz SOOtoSiO
Hides, dry Hint , , gf t 13
' (rrcen S to 7
Potatoe.-i , .' 75
Ojese, Uuie 6 00
Ducks, " , 3 50 to 4 00
Onioua, per lb 3 to
ISTew This Week,
Corvallis H.&L Co. No. 1,
New Year's Eve., I883.
Cpmmittee of Arrangements.
Committee on Invitation.
Reception Committee.
Floor Managers.
Inspection Committee.
MRS, F. A. Ht-LM,
Prizes Will he Given to tie Best Sustained,
aay asd Gentiem&a Character.
Tickets, $1.50. Spectators 50
Spectators dancing after uu masking-, $1. 00.
Ladies free.
All persons are hereby warned iinst and forbid
trespassing on the lands of the undersigned in H nton
county, Oregon. J. S. KlM:oll.
All persons knowing themselvps iudebted to th$
undersigned either by Note or Cook account will
ulease call and settle immediately as 1 must have
money to do business with. Those havii g claims
against the same will please present them aud get
your coij.
In the matter of tie tstatt of Rjbtrt Shlyly
Notice is hereby given that on Nov. 8th, J.SS3, the
undersigned wad duly -appoiutcJ by the, CQUnty
Court of tientoa County, Of j'on, administrator of
the estate of iiobert Shiply deceased, with jpill an
nexed. All persons having ciuinis against baid
estate, will present the same to me duly verified
within six month at piy residence uear Monroe,
Oregon. CHARLiiti G. SUIPLY,
Administrator of Robert Shtply deceased
20:4 7- w5.
Land Ortke at Oregon City, Oregon.
Nov. 1, 1SS3.
Notice id hereby given that the followin ;muned
settler hag filed notice pt hid intention to muke na
1 root in sonuort oi hU claim, sui that said proof
will bj madj before t'ao Couuty Clerk o Denton
County, at Corvallis, Oregon, on
viz: Morgan Lilian, Homestead Entry No. 3033, for
the S. K. qr. of N. W. qr., K. E. qr. of S. W. qr. tt
N. J of S. E. qr. pf Sec. S, T. VI, S. R. 8, W.
lie nanvjs the following witnesses to prove hia
jontinu ,us residence Ufnn, and cultivation ot, sa'.d
land, vis: Jackson chambers of Summit, B. F.
Grant of Little tjk, and L. W. Mulvaney and Wm. F.
Hemaqa o. P.iilomath, ail of licuton County, Oiegon.
4G-5 L. T. LARI.V, Register.
To ha:ifl!e ran t l.LX'S. KA.U11.Y BIBLES.
Yw r-.mNt'iiiii emtlon now reai'y, the most
elc rut KttJf indued. Nunvrb 1'Uuto. Al
bums, si exclusive doHimd.d.rcctly iniponed Iter
c:r own, and standard vublicataons: Hill's
ftt.r.ual. Hi toriea, etc We offer unrivalled in
CcaiiiziU, with exclusive territory. Write to u.
Pub! ichers.Manuf actnren and Importere.Lakesida
Buildiiu. 218 and 230 S. Clark Bt. Chicago. 1m.
We have bought the stock of goods formerly owned by Max
Friendly and will now
Offer Them fa Sale Regardless of Cost !
Below is a few prices that goods will be sold at as Ion
Calico 20 Yards for
as they last;
Cabot W" 13 YaHs lor
Cabot .A" 12 Yards for
Trousdale 11 Yards for
La4;es Gossamers,
Si?? Spools X bread,
Five Spools of Silk,
And all other goods, consisting of a well selected stock of general
merchandise in the same proportion.
Come Early and get Your Choice of Coods!
That will astonish you. A large stock of Men's, Youth's
and Boy3 Clothing at Bankrupt Prices,