The Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Or.) 1862-1899, April 20, 1883, Page 3, Image 3

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Wfktkte (Ton mtti.
FiliDAY MOKKIXG. APR 20, 1883
Newnaper Adsestising Baton (10 Sprues street),
where adTtii eoatrscts i: ay sSc for it in
jvtt. y. rk, at n less toan fur rcgic-.r ad rate
tjrh V FISBSS. Room 21 Merchant,'
Excbaiam Bntldint, is our authorised aireui n an
Bnmebitbi and hut contracts f Mverttein marie by
V.n at mir regular prioen. trill be rw" by
The CorraUis (, azivi tk Is-kept on f.le at Ma agency.
Phurt attnotmcerneril ef lcab t.u.U-.hed free.
Wh aoir.paivied bv an .-v mu-d not ire n
lnlkm ftre perHnewftloecharired A poetry
p,:i.!i.!(e,l by reooeai win be charged tor t the rate
of five cents iwir Hfie.
Several arrests have been made in Port
land for violation ol the liquor ordinance.
First class clocks just received by P. P.
Hare and Cart.
Tbe PlaimUcder ("ays: -The etrt and hose
ordered by the city board of Raseberg ar
rived on Tuesday's freight of last week.
The cart was purchased from the city of
Portland at a cost of 100, is second band,
yet but little worn. There is 300 i'eet of
hoi, new, ordered from San Francisco at a
COSt of v"?7'".
Basdss'jte Compliment.
Hon. K. P.- Earhart, See. f State, lias
receive 1 a very handsome certificate front
San Francisco, announcing bis election as
an borfary member of tbc Masonic Veteran
association of the PaciSc coast, an honor
conferred upon him for distinguished ser
vices rendered to Free-masonry. It is of
c enut design ami emo-'hiiea a cm on u-
reoorj of his Masonic hi, lory fnn
itialion in 1864 to th present tim
Nearly Browsed,
Mrs. Boggs an d daughter, in attempting
to cross the bayou i,eir Lancaster recently
met with an accident. The water was deep
and one of the hoists gave tij) and tried to
drown, but by loosening the team from the
back the other horse draged tbe drowning
one o;.t and saved his life. The ladies were
left in the back in the middle of the deep
water an 1 bad to shout for assistance before
they could et out.
On Sunday, April 29, Archbishop Seghers
will dedicate the Catholic church at Monroe.
For the best pocket knives go to Will
Hiss Majrgie Campbell has been for some
time at Toledo, this county, clerking in a
store at that place.
It is believed that Mr. Chamberlain, says
the lttmk.iT, w ho was arrested and taken to
the I'alles on a charge of theft, wa the vi.
Uenkle & Davis have added to their stock
of general merchandise a line of hardware
making their stock more complete.
What we know nliout farming is that dur
ing the present week we ate nice tender rad.
istiee ar.d onions which we have raised in
own garden tiiis spring. Thats all.
Your place to buy the cheapest and best
harness and Baddies in tbe valley is at S. A.
UemphJOl's veil known stand.
It is rumored save the Ureaonian to the t
effect that work OS Jlie proposed railroad
bridge across the V'iileniette at Portland is
jto rnrnmrnmB immediately.
K. C. Vaugiiati h3s a nicely assorted
stuck of groceries, crockery, and glaaeaare
I for sale on the .best an. I most reasonable
Dowdall lodge o. 14, K. of P., was or
ganised at Brownsville, Monday evening,
April 9th, by Geo. W, Hochstedler, acting
grand chancellor, with 14 charter members.
Judge y. A. Cbenowetfa har s' far re
covered his health that on last Monday
morning be jumped into a buggy and drove
to Albany to there take the cars for Kugeue
to attend court at the latter place.
T. L. Smith of Dallas iiad gone to bed
last week with the lamp turned, down and
burning. It burst ed while he wag asleep
The telephone is being established at Ta-
Genuine pebble spectacles and eye glasses
for sale at P. P. Oreffoz.
E. Rhea, at one time a leading citizen of
-J Lane country, died at Alkali, Wasco county
last Saturday from the effects of an overdose
land set the room on l:re but was extinguish-
led before any great damage done.
Xeaiiy all of the attorneys of Cervallis
V 1.U ilnn nit t.lio t:v,n nf lri.. w.i.b w-,.ti. to S'.i.i.oTif.
1 C D
city attending court. The all absorbing in
quiry is what would have become of the
A Blnjaiar A
C. R. Montairne. of Lebanon, met
quite a serious strident last Satarda;
Dropping his knife, it struck are penetr
ted his foot to the depth of about two ,'eir aSnla if th-v had nil "one
, ( o
The ladie, of the Presbyterian church will
have a church sociable this evening at the
! r sidence itt their pastor Ilev. fi. P. Lhtn-
, , , , , , t , oiui ol this place. h,very body- is mvueu
Montac-tie is not. AOle to ho r.Ti the Btreetsl r. v J J
since that time.
inches, in which condition it mas broken;
off, says the Albany Htra'd. Dr. Loir !
was called, and nfter consider?.1!'-', work j
succeeded in getting out ihe bla
featb of Krs. iiiilon
Mrs Dillon, wife of Rev. Isaac Dillon of
the Oregon conference of the M. E. church,
died of lingering paralysis Satur day, April
7th. at Seattle, V T.. iu the 60th vear of
ber Mrs. Diiloii cro-sed the plains in
1852 with her mother and brothers, in the i
same train with Hon. A. A. anil David.
MoCtiliv. Her remains w, re taken to !
Sde;n. T'.ie faneral took place on Wed
Deaday afternoon of l ist week in the M. E.
church at Salem.
to attend.
John W. Moore Jr., is announced as a
candidal for the office of city marshal, at
i the eon ting election.
pat Murphy a hard w orkiugson of Erin
who went into a low down saloon last Sun
lay evening at Porthiud wa beset bya lot of
ro-jghs and in the attempt to rob him was
severely beaten and bruised.
Thomas Graham, of this place, has not
; been v. t 11 for several days, in consequence
' thereof he has remained at his residem
i during considerable of h-.s time lately en
i ea voring to repair himself.
Kew D,i0 Sr atpo.tlaad. j j, Stone, an old resident of Pierce
Mr. Oeorgs P. Lent has just opened a county, was suddenly taken with a paraiy
new drug ttore in the brick building on the j tj.j stroke while at work in his hop held',
corner of Second and Simcn streets, which, i He- was 70 years of ago ami is in a critical
for elegance of- furnishing and conveniem-e , condition.
of arrangements, is excelled by n..n in the I xhere 1E . t ler,laD(i for ia)Jor Walla
city, says the Standard. The stock is all ; yj, 3t prewnt; n;(,re particuiary farm
fresh and new, and hatj been selected With heJp Ti)e varioU9 employment agencies reference to the requirements of this! a,.,.. that the supply is in ad equate to the
locality. Mr. Lent several years ago at- i ,)
tended school an 1 iraiuated at the Agri-i ... : .. - , . .
,. , ,, - . :Ve keep constantly on hand at this oiiice
cultural College in this rdace. ,
inm , n a large lot and variety of stationery letter
Sj if is. jhca-is, bill heads, envel opes, and "papers of
It Willi, ? seen from the A Is no ter the ' 'ii:ier!nt kin,,a wl,kh we farniah at the
bead of new this week that. Kelsay and floi-; l?are,rt Wihi prices.
gate have recently form! a partnership for j Martin Woodeoek our paternal relative
the purpose of engaging in the practice of ; after visiting with us for several months
law together. Mr. Holgateis an energetic ! returned it Marion county near his former
industrious and prompt busioess IB in ' with i home where he purchased property near
a fair knowledge of the law and with Col
Salem. He intends to move there soon rind
K.el-ay's long exnerience at the bar and
dustrions habits with the books the
firm will be well prepared to do business
will no doubt command a good share of
, make it- his future honie.
Mrs. Eva L. Stannus of Lewiston, I. T.,
I who has U;en visiting friends and relatives
I in this county for the last few months went
1 down on the train to independence last
Died InAlSany.
John Hackleman, of Alhanj Linn county, Wednesday, from whence she expects to
Oregon deputy cierk of that county and r,,turu to home soon-
formerly assistant State treasurer of Oregon I W. Gilbert, broker of Salem, has been in
died suddenly at nit home in Albany last : town the ast two days. He left for head
Sunday morning at S o'cloc!-. of pnenmonin. ! quarters y.sterday. He is conu mplating
On Thursday of last we'-k he attended to i the project of starting a branch office either
business, went home in the afternoon of : at this plate or in Albany. lie has not def day and complained of being sick. He 1 riutteiy made np bis mind yet as to which
was up last SatrrJay afternoon and said he ' P ce suits him best.
was better. He was past master ot Valley j The Weston Ltcdtr sava the railroad
I.Oilge A. 0. U. . and was baaed ia-st ageur. at Walls Walla proposed to run daily j from appearance looking at it from the out-
Aiouday ry tnat ''er. j trams letweeu that place and Blue Mourn- ! side, f me would suppose they throw the
tain if Weston would repair the wagon road
between VV estoa and Blue Mountam. The
of lau'ilauum, administered by himseb5.
In 1882, Dean & Co's. mill at Marshfield
Coos COTnty, ran 3fJl days, cat up 1S,867
logs, and manufactured 13,111,235 feet of
lumlr, 2,332,000 laths, and 238,000 broom
haudlea. '
The Lewiston land office is crowded
daily with men saeking for vacant laud,
and the country for within 15 or 20 miles is
being traveled over extensively in search of
the vacant fractions.4
About a dozen or fifteen men arrived in iast Wednesday night on their
way over to Yaquina bay where they in
tend to go to work on the government
works. Success to the enterprise.
On the 10th of the present month the C.
and 0. Stage company ceased to have
charge of the mail from Roeburg south,
the radrnad company having eiteuded their
through line to Riddle, whore the stage
company takes charge.
There'is much vacant laud on Cstnas
Prairie, also in the delta of the south and
middle fork if Clear-water, arid on the east
of the south fork uext the Oro Fiuo moun
tains and plenty left on the head of the
Potlatcfa and on the east of the Potlatch
Wheclan's ranch near Echo, purchased
by William Rector, in February for 43000,
has Oil it KKX) teres of beautiful wheat. It
is said the crop will amount to 30,000 bush
els. This will pay the purchase price and
leave a large balance in the hands of the
present owner.
Mr. John Burns, of Union, Oregon, ea
g".i!ed in the stove, tinware and hardware
business at that place, is in town during
the week visiting friends. He was some
fourteen years ago with V.. H. MiFatland
iu business here, and is well known to our
old citizens of Corvallis.
The Alaska Commercial company lias
bought the Western Fur company, and now
has no competitor in the Alaska fur busi
ness. The terms are not known. The
Western Fur company was composed of
English capitalists, who found the. strug
gle sgaiust the Alaska Commercial com
pany too bard.
If not ? Why not ? Use the Great Oregon
Blood Purifier, an appetizer. Iiver-regnlator,
ar.d a sure cure for your impure blood. It
makes the skin smooth, soft and fresh; the
eyes bright and sparkling; the brain clear;
the cheeks plump au rosy; the breath pure
au i sweet, and good circulation promotes
vigor to the whole.system. Ask your drug
gist for it. Price, $1.00. g
The Lane county grand jury at the pres
ent term of court there found an indictment
against Abrtms for killing Dr. Brown Lee
at Junction, for murder in the first degree.
He will probably get off with live years in
the penitentiary, as a Lane county jury was
never known to hang a man for murder.
Or instead lie may get lined a few dollars or
some like severe punishment.
Mr. James W. Brassfield, of Newport in
forms as that during the laFt week ori the
government works at the Ray a lot of new
hands were added to the force and list week
the jetty was extended about 100 feet. The
present appropriation if they continue to
progress ail the time" a-i fast as last week
they will build a hirge lot of work. A lot
of new hands have also been put on the
rock qniries. The work wii! be added to
the jetty this summer will certainly make
quite an improvement in thejjdepth of the
water on the bar.
Fred LeBa'lister, a young man aged
about 20 years, son of Charles LeBslIister,
of this city, says the Seattle Poxi, while
working at the barrel factory recently,
siipped and fell backward into one of the
immense s'-eani vats used in steaming the
bolts before being converted into barrels.
Before the young man could lie extricated
from his perilous position he was fatally
scalded. Medical help was summoned but
too late to do any good. The unfortunate
young man Buffered terribly for a time, until
death relieved hiin. He was an industrious
young man, and had only been working in
the factory a couple of weeks.
Dirth find Filth.
The Chinese laundry on the opposite side
of the street north from the Occidental hotel
is bidding fair to create one of the dirtiest
most filthy places in the city. On the side
ol their hnil ting toward the river pidgin
dirty wash water all over the floor on the
inside of tbe building as this filthy water is
pour ng down through the floor and out of
the siiles of the building on to the ground
along the side of the building it runs into
a small surface drain south into the street
Goio fjr H'jaltii.
The old trentleman .N"iit;ass who his been
sick, and confine I to bis house for several 1 l'r"V"tn wae accepted, but has not been
-weeks has so far recovered that he started ' "tt 48 i'ct'
last Tnesd.-.y morning accompanied by his j Jaruas W. Prasilcid, of Nev. pr.rt, arrived
daughter Miss Bertha for California Thev - i" this city hurt .Tuesday evening. He rode
int. nd making an extended tonr through mr.-ba.;k from" E;k city to Philomath "" thence it runs down and over the
that state and rh .p. clev. her-in the hope'd he Uiioks he c-t d.ecid. diy tbe best of j bank immediately south of Mr. Pitman's
of regaining the old gentlemen's health. i:- -A-t S "e he iaade it quite uneasy i piaiuing mill and thns all the tilth empties
They were accom poiied as far as tjsn K.-an - ; ' 'r the saddle so much so that at the Kttcr j iatn nJy few feet above Mr.
ciseo by son and brother -M.-st. The family ! p'ace he procured a buggy and came in with j Pitman's steam pn:np from whence Mr.
have a large circle of friends in thi c-mmni-1'"- j Pitman gets his supply of water which he
furnishes through the water works to the
people of Corvallis. This accumulation of
phy I ,.. mafia of disease to be iMrriift into Tnnv-
WiillLIM, L lUHI. 111. ! I ' - uim
.-: '0 Keeping Opsn Doors.
In onr last issue of the Gazette we made
mention of a stabbing affair in which v.a
said "on lat Saturday (meaning the Satur
day of the week before last) after midnight
when all men should have been quietly at
home enjoying sleep iu another one of onr
town Saloon, two parties bad some woid3
and one stabbed the other." Our friend of
the saloon takes tome exceptions- because
we said it was after midnight. We did so
understand it since publishing the item
however outside parties who were there
present at the time informs us that we were
wrong as to the time as tho aff ury occurred
about 15 minutes before midnight. l or the
discrepency in point of time we h.we no apol
oy however to make. The difference in
the time as to whether it was 15 minutes
before midnight or 15 minutes af
ter ward mkes not a particle of difference.
The point ve were making was that busi
ness houses where men could lay arouud
until a late hour of the night until they be
come crazy drunk and then gjt into a rjw
with some other person and shoot or stab
them and have to be tried for such offence
putting the tax-payers to enormous expense
should lie closed up in the e irly eveuing be
fore such disgraceful scenes occur. And we
further state that trie public h:is such an in
terest iu these thing that it matters not
what kind of a basinets it may be whether
saloon tippling house store shop or any oth
er kind of bussneas if parties by laying
around them and thersby becoase crazed to
s ich an extent that crimes are committed
for which tbe public have to pay sums of
money for the punishment thereof and such
places if c-le-riisg them at 15 past midnight j
will not prevent such occurences then they
should be closed at 15 minutes before twelve
and if such time is not early enough which
experience has taught us that it is not then
they should be closed at S o'clock and if this
will not do then close them at G o'clock
and if closeing them early will not prevent
criminal disturbances then close them al
together. We nave no disposition to make
any distinction between different classes of
business only in their effects upon the pub
lic. But it is a settled fact that when any
business so effect:3 the public good a3 to be
burdensome to the people and to tho tax
payeis they have a constitutional right in
herent in all civilized government to so reg
ulate and circumscribe such business so as
to prevent it from interfering with other
people in society.
True Cash Value.
The annua assessment in the several
counties of the state is being made by the
several assessors of their respective counties
Time and again the legislature of Oregon
has passed laws to serve as a guide in re
quiring the assessors to make a just and
equitable valuation of property. Hut thus
far the efforts of the legislature have availed
nothing because assessors general iy deemed
themselves competent and antbOrrzed to
take the taw into their own hands an 1 place
the value on property according to titer own
notions of equity and equality. The leg
Ls'atur of 1SS0 on this subject provided
that property and especially laud should be
assessed at the "true c:ish value," an l'further
that "the true cash value" sh-ill be held and
taken to mean the amount' each property
would sell for at a voluntary sale made in
the ordinary.course of business, and not.
what it would bring at public auction or
forced sale." This legislative definition of
the term "true cash value" certainly seems
so plain that no man could possibly be mis
taken in following it uuiess the deviations
from its directions were dons purposely.
And yet it has had no ma t rial effect in the
system of valuations praticed beforo its
passage. There 'a not a single county in
the state where their assessor has followed
the directions above quoted, although at
the same time they have been acting as
sworn OiScers under oath to do their duty
under the law. And yet two-thirds of the
property assessed since tho pcss ige of that
law instead of btdng assessed at its "true
cash value" they have assessed it about from
one third to one-half only of the "true cash
vrlue, " and yet if these assessors were told
that they ha l violated their oath of office
and by so doing had. made themselves sub
jects for the examination of a grand jury in
each of their respective counties they
would no doubt be insulted; but that mat
ters not the fact would remain the s.-tme.
It remains to be seen whether the assess rs
of this year w ill follow those of the past or
3ody Recovered.
The body of Mr. Gagin who was drowned
in the Yaquina last March 22nd, was re
covered last Sunday afternoon between
Fords point and Oneatta. A corroners jury
summoned to inquire into the cause of ins
death brought in their verdict to the effect
that he came to his death by accidental
drowning. At the present writing we have
been unable to gather any further particu
lars as to the condition of the body.
Larje T an..
Mr. Win. Pitman of this place, in the
effort to improve his water works in the
city is building a large tank which when
filled v. iih water will weigh about eighty
tons. 'It is to be live feet deep and twanty
feet wide by thirty foot long on ths top of
a frame fifty feet high. Thi3 improvement
is being built immediately adjoining to ami
north of his present machine sb p. When
completed it will afford a large supply of
water and a great improvement over the
old plan.
Newport itoms.
The steamers Ona and Kate and Anna
have been unable to put to sea on account of
rough weather; the sea is rough yet but get
ting smoother.
The body of James McKeegan was dis
covered in the water just above Oneatta last
Sunday. He was with-ainan named Brown
both drunk startod from Newport a eovple
of weeks ago and when near tne R. K. wharf
their boat capsized, Brown got ashoro and
McKeegan was drowned.
A professional candy maker r.nd soda wa
ter man will open business here this week.
The barber improvement work is in full
The engineer in charge Mr. J. S. Polhe
mus has everything well prepared and work
goes ou rapidly.
The city council have ordered tho streets
trruded 60 feet wide in front of the three bus
iuess block3 of this place. And tho grade
Match Cams
Onlast Saturday there came from Mon
mouth, PolhCo., nine of their has- ball club
and engaged with the Corvallis nine in a
match game, the result was 7 to 23 in favor of
tho Monmouth club after playing nine icings.
The Monmouth boys were; accompanied
by a lot of amiling young damsels from their
vaeiuity and in the evening, before twelve
o'clock of that night, they had a very en
joyable tim tipping the toe to some pleas
ant music supplied for the occasion.
K-:w Good3
Our popular tailor ,T. W. Hanson has been
for s.ime time past receiving a large and
w ell assorted stock of ready made clothing
which he will sell on tho most reasonable
terms. Mr. Hanson being a practical tay
lor he wid make hu ready mi lo scits fit a
customer "like tho paper on the wall." He
also keep-i a very lar;e sto3k of all kindi of
cloths from which he c.'.a make the best and
nicest fitting suits for all those desiring
clothing made to order. Call ami see him;
his place of bnsinee is two doors south of
he pj st office.
3' 4 i
John Lewis returned last Wednesday
from Eugene Circuit Court. He, gave the
information that Frank Wilkinson who was
indicted last fall term of said court for kill
ing a steer, was tried therefor by a jury of
Lane county, and after the state Lad in
traduced their testimony in tbe cane the
defence did not introduce any testimony at
all but simply let the matter go to the jury
on the evidence of the state, which jurv in a verdict of acquittal without
hardly leaving the box, Iu justice to Mr,
Wiikiuson who for a long time lived a citi
zen of this county, and for the benefit of his
many friends in this county who knew him
to be an honest upright citizen we mate the
to be protected from the washing of the wa
ter by a good substantial bulkhead. This is
an improvement much needed hero.
a .
Monroe Item?.
Mr. A. Lamb is having a new houss erect
ed near the site of his old one.
Dr. Modisette, of Alsea, was in our town
a few days last week; he thinks of coming to
Monroe to hang out his shingle.
A missionary concert w as hold at the M.
Es Church at this place last Sabbath even-
and the
Ease Ball
Monrnonth and
Corvallis base bail clubs was given for three
games a few weeks ago r.nd on last Saturday
the first contest was had at this place. Trie
day was rainy and disagreeable, but at three
o'clock the clubs came together and played
nine innings in definsnce of wind and weath
er in the presence of many spectators. Th
Monmouth nine is composed of nimble lads
who are evidently in good practice, w hile
the Corvallis club is merely organized and
have never played together before, which
resulted in the deplorrble defeat of the lat
i ter club, tiie score standing 7 to 23. Our-
biys are not discouraged, however, and it is
their intention to meet again on Saturday
the 28th, at Monmouth and play the second
game. At this time, we understand, they
w ill contest in various athletic sports and
with favorable weather the day will n
doubt be interestingly snent.
Eurled Under a f alltns Pir ana Instantly
A representative of the East Portland
Water Co.. who has just returned from
Chehalis, W. T., gives the follow ing account
of the fearful death of Mr, W. H. Terry
an 1 the bravery of his devoted wife under
the m(Kt distressing difficulties: Mr. Terry
with his wife and family arrived in th"
Chehalis valley last summer from Indiana
and took up a place r?ar the head of the
Chehalis river and commenced to make a
home. His place was two miles from any
other house and only a trail for an outlet.
On the.29th of last month, about 2 o'clock
in the afternoon, while falling timber about
200 yards from the house he was caught by
a falling tree an I mashed to the ground by
its heavy weight, killirg him instantly.
When his wife got supper ready she called
i him but ho not appearing she went in Beareh
of him and found him with his bead and
shoulders buried under a tree. At first she
tried to dig him out but the log kept set-
" .-..o..i uwpe ipeey re 1)f. W. p Smit?, ,vho t.r several years
. . j hafc hSeh quite a successful practiuiu
; sicmn ;n
last Tuesday mprninjc for Protland where h
:.orwt...s -epatea irom tne city ... the fatuUi,,. of far tnwn nrftmutMl ,
oau.iwroMj .mcoi-eu an interest IU a orilg hindrance
Young Cox, whose habit Las been for
long so tsse on at,ot ail ol trie ardent
.spirits he oan.'d get, has agtin dnuk re
cently to such :.n extent that be verv
near has in the boots. Th
,!,-.,: .!.,-. i , ,
... .. .... , -.loo'oi-. i ion; n ooko-! - , n
him no iu the ctv boardi house tVa-wai"" K'iw"" Pland v 9 h t , , f ' ,
' further dev,h,pu,;aU. We Uwn that h- elegantly mounted pair of horns, which '' rah Mulw left W home some
has . o.r -n o 1. , " ! nce adorned the bead of a monstrous Texau ; t,n' a a Bll-V City, .uichigan. for the
lnntin ax K , !?,,- '...,,...;r f. -i,.!ster- They measure five feet from tip to
11 the ease toe parties Supplying him
tn necessary ptnsnnoos compoumi
: go on day after day without any kind of
t e b.-ivo rwn r..fii tV.nt .loriro-
cletr orv weather that the stench from this
iuoj ucc3M iu ins now oc.-i oi la- ... - , t , , ,
s ! sonrce is enough to almost kniK-k
bor. I a" . . ,
! down a block away.
, I Governor Moody was fresoDte'i 3 lew days j
A tcy 5int stard.
Another C33e which merits the condem
nation (if every good citizen has come within
our observation during the last few day.
Young McLaughlin, a boy of about fourteen
years of ago, has for some rime past been
getting drunk and thus far he has evaded
all efforts of the city authorities to aseert:in
wnere no hrwwk. oia mpior. . m last , t,i; (wn S)J sh(; , j h
A sk.. M t it ' t 1 l: J - i 0
iin.ay we again .uuou mm oruns. , ilitm, ov(,r hj bl,d wh th
pieces rolled apait she drew liim out and
carried him to the house. She sat up with
the body of her dead husband until moraine
i when she took her two children, onr- two
rive.1 at bucii a coi,rri:i in :i aua.i. ctiat ;iar- 1
' 1 ye;'.rs aii.t tiie
eots cattuot sateiy live tn town and raise a 1
family of Imys withohf rnnnin
w ho placed him in the city calaboos where,
at this writin-r, he j et tahgnMhes. Snch an 1 ,
occurrence a-s this is a burning shame and '
disgrace to a civilized people. This .has
the rrik of
some outlaw giving or selling to their boy"
intoxicating liquors and find them coining
h, me drunk from the effects thereof. When
such things i this occur frequently and al
so the sale of liquors is repeatedly made to
parties who are declared to be cominor
drunkard it turns a great many thoughtful
persons ugainst too traihe in intoxicating
liquors who have heretofore remained pass
ive on tiie subject satisfied to premit every
bo ly to .lo as they please in the matter. But
when every law of (.he laud ia violated and
young boys arc m die drunkards repeatedly
ther three months old and
made her way over the lone! v trail for two tion
miles to the next settlement where she told
her story and sent ai l to bring her de d
bnsband ut. Mie never shed a tear, but
b re up bravely, until she had told her sor
rowful tale, when she broke cotnoletelv
down. Her nerves were strung to tho tit- j
m'-t tension during tho- fearful ordeal audi
ing. Tiie music was very
contribution quite liberal.
The so called terrors of Line and Benton
counties viz: Jim Smith and man Lawrence
quite, met their match at Monroe a few day3
ago. It was a gentleman from Indepen
dence on whom they tried to run a bluff but
the gentleman didn't "catch. on to the bluff"
worth a cent and the terrors were obliged
to confess themselves beaten and returned
The whooping cough has got hold of our
town at last; nearly all the children in town
have it. Clydie, little son of Dr. Taylor, is
having quite a serious time with it.
Business is pretty lively in Monroe at
Fraukie Brown who has been quite sick
for some weeks is eonvalesanr.
Miss Lota Kittredge who has been at
school at Salem has returned to her home
near Monroe. The remainder of the family
who arc still at S- . will return shortly.
They report Salem as quite inferior (? to
Monroe, April IS, 13S3.
Summit Items.
Our bill of fare the past woek consisted
of wind, rain, haii and snow, a very pleas
ant conglomeration, which, when well
served npjp simply delicious to a native,
but rather monotonous to a foreigner.
Last year in February and March rain
fell on 16 and 15 days respectively, whereas
this year there were but 7 wet days in Feb
ruary and "ditto" iu March.
By the way "ditto" reminds rne of a good
anecdote I once beard: A bashful and not
over-educated young fellow went to sea his
girl one night .tad as be started away, he
put his arm around her and whispered in
her ear. "Dearest I love yon;" to which
she sweetly responded "Ditto," meaning, of
I course a reciprocation ot his tender passion.
Tbe voanc man could Bet find "ditto" in
his vocabulary and asked hi father, the
next day, as they vero hoeing cabbage,
what it meant. The old gent rested on his
hoe, and pointed to the cabbage in front of
him, with the remark:
"You see that cabbage f
"Yes." responded tho youth.
"And yon see the next one there 1"
' ' Yes. "
"Well that is called 'ditto.'
"D n her 1" the impetuous
youth, "She called me a cabbage head."
Many of the ranches in this neighborhood
hive sown down considerable mesquit grass,
which is now coming up, and will Wdl re
pay them for the trifling expense of seed.
Mr. Herzig's brother," who lives in Ohio,
is inter, ting to m'e with his family, to
Oregoii the coming summer and to locate in
this neighborhood.
Mr. Haas a Californian residing in the
Upper Sacramento valley was in Oregon
last Peeernber and finally bought SO acres
ofjMr. Herzig. Mr. Haas is expected to
arrive here with his family next July or
A gentleman from Dallas was
through here a week or two ago
who was out bunting for land. He was
much pleased with the green timbered eotin
trv, but was not very favorably impressed
with toe burnt timbered. He failed to see
anything attractive in black stumps and
log. It seems, however, that thy cattle do
just as well, if not better, in the burnt dis
tricts. I imagine that the reason is. this,
where there is much green timber the trees
shade the ground and little or no sun reaches
the ground. Ko.w it i3 well known abun
dant sun is necessary to produce abundant
vegetation. In the tropical regions vegetv
far more luxuriant than ncre; noon
ing will mature in the dark, inn is the
reason I presume that vegetation is jo scan
ty beneath tho giecn timber. Cut down
the pine trees, clear the ground, let' the
ground be in its natural state and in a short
Philomath Items.
Kersplunge !
Nast is not abont, -Josh Billings is away.
Mark Twain is busy; and all too agents of
the iHtingi, the Havckeyt, and all other
funny papers aro elsewhere scouring for
paragraphs. So we must'do as Tell a we
He fM aftet the Doctor He cams pest
haste. He rode. Somebody out about
needed the Dr. Ho arrived st tha
Dr's house; but saw no Hglit. Ha saw oeo
at Bennett's, the next bouse, where the
surgeons had dene a skilifnl curs of an.
abnormal growth in tho cavity o! an eye.
He did not draw rein; but headed for that
light. He forgot about th railway. So
did the Iiorie; until he was just upon ths
brink of the railway cut, some four or five
feet deep. The horse paused, Hs wasn't
long doing it, either. The rider did net
pause. He wanted to rind the Dr. Ha
headed for the light, ne pressed cn as far
as tho bridle rein, which be convulsively
held in his hand, would allow. He struck.
The jerk of the rein pullod the bridle off
tho steed; and he went home, did the steed,
like Tom O'Shanter. He found the Dr.
but he h3 not told very many people.
You ought to see the beaver s!ide In that
ditch. May be he did not want anyone to
see it, and went back and got down and
wallowed, in the slide, trying to obliterate
it, so that the joke might not get out. It
looks that way, it is not a good print of a
man. It i3 mussed up some.
Mark BiLLmaa.
Remaining imclsiuVKi in the Postoffice at
Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, Friday
April 20, 1SS3. Persons calliug for the same
will please say "advertised," giving dats of
the list.
Kecy, Siloy D., .
Armstrong. G. A.. Farrington, 3. B.,
Jackson, W. , Ivy, .Tames
Jensaly. Adolpb Moore, Charles.
N. B. E irber, P. M.
lsal Note.
Andrew Emrjek is announced as a candi
date for the office of City Marshal at the
coming election.
New This Week.
lOOO Men and Boys
IS! tilt
11 Ail-
To fit them out in the latest style of ready
made Clothing. Also the Cuest lot of
Paais Patterns and Suitings
Ever brought to Corvallis.
Call and Examine Goode.
No trouble to show goodf.
Two doors South of Post Office,
A-ttox'neys a,t - Law.
Col. ni myself bare formed coputnet
slii in tho ptactjoe of tin law Tiie Col's ex-r.erit-nce
at the iisr and on the 3er:ch anii Lu studious
Dabxta is s, sure gcarti.t.-e that ail business Intrusted
tu ua in the line of suits or actioa? in Court wi.l
well attended c.
J will continue other business and give promjrt
attention to the same as heretofore. Such a Ccllect
hsg. Vviri'r a Kour,- Public will attend to canvty
ttueinir in-all it brancrif, Bccdd. Mortgages, Real
j-and Ciiattol, Leases, K leasts, V-ztters of atloroej.
(Jontracts, &.c. b'j soil anil lease Keai i-i.t
both faru;s a:.d town propcrtj, cullect rer.ta, ne-grotiau-
Ita!is, bearch ad examine titiea, and a gen
eral afr ncy buiinc-js.
Am now brie! building antl have fire proof s
;' ;r the safe keepi:1 of note nj other TaUuable
papers loit ur collection Uc.
Oihee in Luruuitfa new brick, flrat doer mi kead e
Land Ottioa ol Ofgoa Citj, Oregoa.
April 10, 1S85.
Notice is hereby giree that the followinj-nanivi
ettler lias tiled notice of his intention to make dual
iirool in support c? his ciim. and that said proC
iil be made Oiforo she Couuty Clerk ol Beata
County, at Corvallis, Crfcon, on
iz: John Steeprnw. Preemption D. S. No. JTI, lat
ths Lots 1 t 7 ol Sea 33, T. 13, 8. R. U W.
lie oarce ttitr following aitnccies tr pro-a bit
continuous feidei-e ujuin, and cultivation of, said
l iiid, t; Ulysses S. Hoiirtte ar.d James Viditn of
Tidewater, and Harvey Stccprow and V,illiara Bowsll
of Alsca all of fmtou Osrs. Oreg-nn.
20-17w h. T. BARIN, Retfjter.
tim you will find wild grasses wild flowers
and shrnbe w ill spring up where previously
there were none. Sone of tliese more pir -tioularv
the pca-vioe, woolh n breeches
1 'locally so Vailed) anil wond sorrel are good
be severely pnnis ia 1 SSHtboreis cits-h
ia oru the iiBiiu hil of tho Gov's! new rcsi-
pary w
curious that a oianv
.She proceeded rir.if. to U'ashingrcn Trritr.ry
w here srie spent a time with her son. On
last Friday she arrived in Corvallis, and ac
cornffanieH by her nephew 21' Gilbert
Quwy of this place, she went to the country
with cim io visit her sister", the mother of
Mr. uuivv, and the rest of the fanilv.
persons who handle in manner: Will ,ome one please tell n ! Xhfc two tiaU h-v, t otbep
ine iKfore hant-iim- and it hm, tha. l.i.u :ttcau- wu-" -"P"'
i 1
th-.t the atjf aotlioritiee will not catv-h the ! A Willbur correspondent in the Plain.
aveu to him. Is 13 cert',iulv : dealer .speatte of thtir tiHicora in the folllew-
: v NsJ-fitO. are so fru'v in-; what to do with the tramps? One day last ; fore for tfiirty.en yoara and the meeting
;f- "f tU' ""'y- jwe,;. u ,i. -Sthai, titteen" presented them-.; was a p.ea3ant one. Mr. Qui h
' -y.-.nn.''Teaa i doors of the various dwellings . tbe two gi,ter3 talke(, liear) a
-' r i . t hnc t nrt nnu Iirtn ..nni:r . I ... .4- . l. f.A ... f, 1 J a. j. -1 a. i i J
- - . - - j '-i.hl.i.iiiiiii!'h iii to f -c lou, sAiiti u iustru to
""T , n rr ,t as . thev vera rlma I,.n,. ,.1
: r m:iog .Irnnic on the j were waited upon. During the night some j roidnight whea he went to ,1
..ov5, ..wuaniottM uv some law-ereaKer 1 poultry ana eggs ana various otner articles j jija noxt
aire r Tnerewit n to get rirtmknpon. were- stolen, What u to be done J
niornine when he not nnthev mm
. . c i J
1 also likewise enged,
were only relaxed' when the strain was
;-Thii is thl:ind of grief that kids if
will t in-l: at;r.
fee i for most any kind of stock. This 13
Sunt'.ay School Orgaaization. i WW th hurnt timWed country is the be.s
Ison" tii:xrr, On., April Ifi. ISS3. stock country it gets more sun and the earth
peatcilly I ' rj-.: - ine e,vanc:eltcAl Sun- i v cvv naturallv or unices more.
while parents remain powerless lo avoid the day s.diool was reorganized Sunday, April I I was going to the Smnrnit the other day
awful calamity it forces every sensible man ; IS, IS, with tho following result: when in one of these di3ftgreable April show-
to the irresistible conclusion that snch an j Superintendent, M. J. Connor; assistant era, the wind Met?, down one of these huge
idferqal traffic should he blotted from the ! superintendent, Win. Ihirgett; Secretary. ! black sentinels in rather too close proxim
locd. Snh a contemptible evil should not j Mrs. Barbara Chamb, rp; troasur"r. Miss j ity to me to be altogether pleasant. I got
o- eii be tolerated by a license. I Liz'e .Wood ; librarian, Miss Mary UaHeck; j out of tbere mighty quick. The old Nick
Lchoristcr, M. J. Connor; organist. Mrs. j himself couldn't have made better time.
.Horseman. Hattio Miller; assistant organist. Mrs. i Vo. sir. I'm not stuck after them.
Sir V alter will 1 at Sol Kmc s stable ; Nfdry Cliaiubers. . . Yours trill
n ::.t Monday and Tuesday April 23
US - "1W
Hon. F. M. .Thnson annourn ei himself a eondl
IjAs for the office of City lteconier at ths couiDf
election on the firs Monday In May next. S0:1T
To Che Tctcr3 of the City 0 CorvallU: I btrmkf
aT?nfuncc- raySetf. as a ccntlidite for the efflre of Ctf
lieccrder, at the uleclrn U i held on to first Ma-
dja iu next Uur. 1CU
To the voters of the City o! .Corvallis: I hereby
announce mv.-cll as a vandid?tc for the office of City
Treasurer at the election to be held on the tint Moa-
day in kluy next,
imuimKms notice.
Notire Ui hrrebv given tiit the undsrsljnM hra
iven dul,- a;.ioiteU almoiistrator of the eetata ot
Samuel B. Thompson deceased by the OmaBSf Court
o. the stato of Oregon for Benton County. All jor
fr.s tiavinj: claims aainjt Said C3tat3 will present
the fiaipe prorly verified to me at my residence
r.t i orvaliis, Oregon, or at the lu.-office of E, Ho'gata
in Corvallis. Oregon, within six months from th
date ol this notice. S. L. SHKDD,
Administrator of th estat Samuel H. Thcunpsan
deceased. IQ-wt
T7'i 1 ) CJ T X'. T0 uniniprnTed MU la
Vt OtJUllj. Corvallis. Or. One of
toe choicest buiuilnsr p'uws in th city for aaU reas.
onable. ALSO Four uni.-nDToyod iol-s except fenc.
ed in Corvallis, Or. -The chc.icsst building place in
the city for .ale reasonable. Enquire of M. 8. Wood
cock at Site Oaxette oifics.
Ti'iX Q l T Es Valuable farm all under
t. KflX k) iJi j.enca only aiWD from
Corvallis of tr,J acres. 90 arres now in cuUivation, tarn
balance o! it cin be cultivate!; alxiut 20 oi it i,ow in
iti at with a f:ir houpa gol bam and g."nery.
wilibeaoid at a bargain Terms easy. Er.uirsoi
31. :j. Woodc-jc'i at this Cazstt iifllce.
Merry Mason the fine Clides-lale Stabon
will stmd the season of 1S83 at 8ol King's
stable in Corvallis, Bontou county O.-c jwi
Jtn. I rom t
above comiutiiitcaUon
rooriisni'.ation roferf
at Ki
T. L. Kintstunut.
name? occrrninc i.i the
3 supnoso that tbe
to therein oecurrcil
me i
11 y in t!,U couutv. But the
M John Duucan and family aro now
living with the Messrs Warren on Yaqnina.
Mr. Jac'i Ayles, son of Captain Aylcs,
left Hock creek the -week last and iu
comnanv with Mr. Graham formerly of Gpzj
vallis intenrH taking
o uys oat oieacn weeK cominenoino; 4pn comvnunioation does not. iWHAafa, f,,-ai,f i.,.-i ti,., l.,n.l
6th 1883. D. Gkcsoj.-, Owner. than the place vcbor dated. Summit, 'April Hth
: ry tU CAT TT. A r.KMoi 7a acres.
i r J1 DAjJIJi. tor 1.-5S tr.aa ia per
sere, baing one ol the cheapest r-1 rams in
8er.ici." count.;.-, siuiatl 4 miles we-t ot aloaroe, J ot
a mile from a ffeo-j school, in ona cf the bast peigh
b'rh;od in the state with chireh pri -ilegs handy.
Ab-.!it 130ac.-c in cullivution, ard over 409 can be
euiUvtaed. All under hince. with good twe . story
rip to tiASfiern Viejon tha rc.- iroc 1, ict hi weU solted tr rfrfc
1 and dairy purposes. Thid is or of tire chearest fannw
- .. - -,wa
' hi ttte lilamctte valley Tsn;:s eaey
M. S. Woodcock at tho Gaastte o31c,
Cnqviir (