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(I'ay&ble in Advance.)
Per Year $2 50
Mx Munths 1 50
Three Months 1 00
Single Copies 10c
All notices an 1 advertisements intended for pub
ration should he handed in by noon on Wednesday.
M. S. Woodcock,
Corvallis Gazette
NO. 8.
Inch. ... I
3 Inch . . .
4 Inch . . .
i Column
4 Comma
2- Column
1 W 111 3M 6M 1YF
$ 100$ 3 00 $ 5 00$ B 00 $ 12 OP
2 00 5 00 8 00 12 00 18 00
S 00 6 00 10 CO 18 00 24 0&
4 00 7 00 12 00 18 00 30 00"
5 00 8 00 14 00 20 00 85 Ou
B 25 10 00 17 50 .15 00 42 00"
9 00 14 00 24 00 35 00 65 00
15 00 25 00 40 00 60 00 100 00
J. It. BRYSON, Attorney-.-ft-Law.
Office over Hamilton, Job & Co. 's Bank,
tire in all the Courts of the State,
Will prae-
.1. R. BRYSONi
Attorney at Law,
All business will receive prompt attention.
Collections a Specialty-
Corvallis. June 24. 18-25tf.
And Iioan Agency.
We have money to loan on good farms in Benton County in sums to suit borrowers.
Interest and Principal can be paid in installments.
We have a large list of Good Farms anil Ranches situated in various portions of
Beuton County, for sale on easy terms. Parties wishing to buy or sell a Farm, Ranch or
I own froperty, will savu money by calling on us.
riPt'Cr A f -lttontinn mt-on n x.llonti.uiQ i-l nnrnv
0 collected promptly paid over. Careful and ! Corvallis, Oregon.
OpfiCE : Up-stairs in Jacobs & Neugass' New Brick, oppo&ite Occidental Hotel,
profit attention dven to l'robate matters. Con-
vejaneing' and Heardiing of records, kc
Will jive attention to buying-, selling and leasing- real
estate, and conduct a funeral collecting and busi
ness agency.
Office on Second Street, one door north of Irvin'a
shoe shop. lS:43yl
PhrMckm. Surgeon and Electrician.
Chronic Diseases n ade a specialty. Catarrh suc
cessfully treated. Also Oculist and Aurist.
Oifice in Kuher'8 Block, one door West of Dr. F.
A. Vincent's dental office. Office hours from S to 12
and from 1 to 6 o'clock. 18:27yl.
G. R. FARE A, M. D.
Physician & Surgeon.
Inur Store. Corv-alli, Orcyou.
Max. Frieadlcy
prov.t:n;lti. t.-
.Vcw Store. All of the latest
liiu new and complete. Ail
Work warranted. IMjase give me a call
H. B. AVEST, D. D. S.,
Ilavin located permanent
ly in Corvallis 1 desire to in
form the public that 1 am
ready to do all kjnd of dental
work. My instruments are
all new and of the latest im
proved style All work in
sured and satisfaction ruar
antecdor the money refunded
Otfi ca over Graham & Gold
son's Drug store, Conallis
Oregon. 18:20tf.
The President of tlie Central Paci
fic Railroad Company is represented
as saying tliat he and Ins associates
had paid out eleven million dollars
for steel and iron rails more than
would have been paid without a pro
tective tariff. A short time ago rails
could huve been bought for $40 a
ton, which now costs $75. The boun
ties which are now paid for the pro
duction of iron and steel rails in this
country are enormous. The Salt
Lake Tribune has the following:
i ne icmrai I'aeine Jioatt, rear
Reno, in Nevada, passes within four
miles of a mountain of magnetic iron
as fine as there is in all this wor d.
The Iruekee River, with unlimited
water power, rolls right beside the
I . i , . ....
irat'K or me roari. Atiove, w;th;n a
few miles, on railroad land, are pine
lores t s, large enough to make char
coal to melt the world. If there is
nothing but charcoal made from nine
trees to smelt the ore, we think that
Governor Stanford has acted wisely
to keep out the iron making business
at Reno. If suitable hard coal can
be found for making pig iron near
the ore an J limestone the business
would pay, otherwise not.) One
million dollars invested in iron-works
at Reno would have furnished all the
rails the Central and Southern Pacific
together with their branches, requir
ing m addition, could have sup-
The largest and Best Stock ever offered in Corvallis. Bedrock Prices.
siiii! C'ojfj)or War, Granite Ware,
I foil Sloe!, ESopt', Too!, Mi : Eros;
jpa, FuziipM,
Zinc, E;u-.
Also Plows, Drills, Harrows. Seeders, Wagons, and all kinds of
We aim to keep the best in market, and the best is always the cheapest.
I ome and see our stock and price our goods before buying.
MRS. K C. POLLY, Proprietress,
The oldest established Dentist and
the best outfit in Corvallis.
All work kent in repair fres of charts and satisfac
ton yawantood, Teath -extracted without pain by
ne use 01 citrous uxiue ua.
XlTRoonis up stairs over Jacobs & Neuas new
Brick Store, Corvallis, Oregon. 13:27yi
(Successors to T. J Buford.)
SaaTiag, Sknpooing, Hair Cutting,
Hot and Cold Baths.
Buford's OU Stand. 18:3C:ly
W. C. Crawford,
J E WE L E R .
assortment of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, etc.
All kinds of repairing done on short noticd, and all
work warranted. 18:33-yl
Will be pleased t receive Pupils for
At her residence corner of 4th and Jefferson
Streets, Corvallis, or will visit them at their homes
for the purpose of instructing them. Terms resson
. able.
The study of Harmony a Specialty.
2"Tlie Occidental is a new buiMins, newly furnislied, and first class in
every articular. Stages leave this Hotel daily for Albany, and Yaqnina
Bay on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
TSJo Chinese employed in this house.
Druggist and Apothcary,
Photograph Gallery.
First Class Work Only!
Copyinir in all branches.
6rerol taken at rash prices.
Produce of all kinds and
A full line ot B'oks, Stationery and Wall Paper. Ot r dings are fresh an:'
well selected. Paescriplions compounded at all hours. 18-26ly
Wheat and other Grain Stored oiflhe best of Terms by
Corvallis and Booneville.
Farmers will do well to call on me before making arrangements elsewhere
plied other roaas. '1 he Central Pa
cific would not only have had all the
protection which is furnished by the
Pennsylvania men, but would have
had the added pro tec ion which coraes
of 2,500 miles of transportation. If
the Pennsylvania iron manufacturers
have so rich a harvest, why could
not the Central Pacific Company have
been wilting to double that harvest
for themselves? It would not only
have bej'n a boon to them, but a
blessing to Nevada. It would have
given hnndieds of nun work; there
and in the mountains beyond it
would have supported 1,000 families.
The Company had unlimited capita';
it had facilities for securing the most
capable workmen; it had an unlimi
ted field for '.he product of its manu
factory. The Company now has its own
rolling mill. It manufactures cars
and locomotives. Five new locomo
tives have just been placed on the
Oakland lorry routes adapted to
that trafic. The Company lias re-
ceniiy ixiuni a coai mine in asii
ington Territory, from whence it
will draw supplies for its vast system
of railroads. The fact that it has
already established r. rolling mill to
work up old and worn out rails, is
evidence of a purpose to go further
at a future day. The time will come
shortly when no iron rails will be
used on any of the more important
roads in the Pacific States.
Where they will be made is another
'question. 1 litre aaajgajt bodies of
iron ore in California, Utah, Colora
do and in Arizona Territory. In
the latter country there are said also
to be deposits of anthracite coal at
no great distance from the line of
New Mexico. There are vast bod
ies of iron ore in Alaska, as well as
in Oregon, although, taken as a whole
the Pacific Coast country has not
been thought to be rich in the better
class of iron ores, and it certainly is
not rich in coals suitable for smelt
ing. There are no coals in Califor
nia, so far as is now known, beyond
the crude deposits known as lignite,
and probably not a ton of genuine
anthracite coal has been laid down
at this port which was procured
within the limits generally designa
ted as the Pacific Coast. If charcoal
could be made cheaply enough, iron
could be produced with little diffi
culty. The furnaces in Oregon, and
the iron works recently initiated in
Placer county, in this Slate, will
probably give a good account ot
production hereafter. A few years
hence the production of stell rails on
this side of the Rocky Mountains,
will become an important industry.
Railway companies which make their
own cars and locomotives, will not
iguore any possibie advantage there
may be in the manufacture of rails
for local use. San Francisco
(Salt Lake Letter to the St. Louis Republican.)
One crime, which was committed
here only a short time ago, I must
describe. Mrs. Maxwell came to
Sail Lake City with her husband in
1869. Two years afterward her bus
band took another wife, and one year
subsequent he was sealed to a third
Mrs. Maxwell objected, and in order to
prevail over her sons she told them the
secrets of the Endowment House. The
penalty for revealing these secrets is
dismemberment of the body, cutting of
the throat, and tearing out of thetongue.
Mr. Maxwell overheard his wife, being
in an adjoining room, and forthwith he
infomed the Elders, who sent for the
unfortunate woman and her two sons,
They were taken into what is called the
"Dark pit," a blocd-atoning room under
Brigham Young's house. The woman
was then stripped of all her clothes and
then tied on thp back to a large table.
Six members of the priesthood then per
formed their damnadle crime; they first
cut of their victim's tongue, and then
cut her throat, after which her logs and
arms were served. The sons were com
pelled to stand by and witness the
dreadful slaughter of their mother
They were then released and' given
twenty -four hours to get out of the Ter
ritory, which was then an impossibility,
The sons went then to the house of a
friend, to whom they related the butch
ery of their mother, and then geting a
package of provisions started, but on
the following morning were both dead
they had met the Danites. One
other ease similar to the above occur-
ed about five years ago in the City
Hall. These are truths, and the lady
to whom the sons told their story is
willing to make affidavit to the facts if
she can be guaranteed immunity from
M onnon vengeance.
HO.TiE EDl'l'.iTIOT.
One ton of gold ore from the El Dorado
mine of Gold, Basin, was lately treated at
the Lone Star concentrator works, Mineral
Park A. T., by way of experiment. The
result was most satisfactory, the tailings
only containing about $5 per ton of gold,
The reduction gave about one hundred
pounds of concentrations to two thonsaud
The following rules are worthy of be
ing printed in letters of gold and placed
in a conspicuous place in every household:
1. From our childhood's earliest in.
fancy inculcate the nccesaity of instant
2. Unite firmness with gentleness.
Let vour children alwavs understand
that you mean what you say.
3. Never promise them anything
unless you are quite sure you can give
them what you say. .
4. If you tell a child to do some,
thing, show him how to do it and see that
it is done.
5. Always punish your child for
willfully disobeying you, but never pun.
ish him in ange-
6- Never let theTi know that thpv
vex you, or make you lose your self,
7. If they give way to petulance or
ill-temper wait till they are calm, then
gently reason with them on the impro
priety of their conduct.
8. Itember that a little present pun
ishinent, when the occasion requires, is
much more effectual than the threaten
ing of a greater punishment should the
fault be renewed.
9. Never give your children any
thing because they cry for it.
10. On no account allow them to do
at one time what you have forbidden,
under the same circumstances, at an
other. 11. Teach them that the only sure
and easy way to appear good is to bs
1 2. Accustom them to make their
little recitals with perfect truth.
13. Never alow tale-bearing.
14. Teach them self-denial, not self-
indulgence. Ex.
Manufacturers of corn-cob pipes can't
get cobs enough.
The streams of Colorado are to be stocked
with 400,000 brook trout eggs.
The woods of Maine are to be stocked
with quail from California.
There is six feet of snow on the summit
between Carson and Lake Tahoo.
Over 82,000,800 have been- subscribed
for a cotton mill at Beayer Dam, Wis.
The Biloxi, Miss., cannery is booming
and employs over 10O white men and boys.
The new building for the New Yoik
Produce Exchange is to cost Sl,65,446,
The worst kind of rheumatism is the spare
room-atism . Burlington Hawkeye.
There is talk at Brocktoa, Mass , about a
tooth-pick factory,, to make 70,000 picks an
Newark manufactures, $56,9S5,7G6 in
1880, show a grotfth of one-third in ten
It is probable the Virginia Legislature
vvill abolish chain-gangs and the whipping,
A Philadelphia doctor has been fined 850
for not reporting a case of small-pox which
proved fatal.
-Notices in Local Column, not less than 2S cents for
each notice. Excecdinir this amount 10 eenta ner
line for each insertion
Transient and Leiral Advertisements 2.00 Del-
square for first and 1.00 for each subsequent inser
tion. No charge for affidavit of publication.
Transient, advertisements to be Daid in ADVANCK.
Professional or business cards (I square) $12 per
imnunj, No deviation in the above- rste will be made in,
favor of any advertiser.
The population cf Chicago, according toj
the latest statistics, is about 630,000.
At a sale in Vicksburg, Miss., recently, a
plantation containiug 1,909 acres brought
only 2,225.
General Grant pnys $1,000 a year for his;
pew in Parson Newman's new church ins
New York.
Northern Texas newspapers complaiha
that the towns and cities of thai section are
overrun by tramps.
Complaint is made along the line of tha-
Texas and Pacific Bailway of the employ
ment of convict labor.
Governor Gear speut 6,000 more than
his salary while an occupant of the Iowa,
Executive Mansion.
W. H. Vandeibilt, paid $201,000 for
State taxes to the Conptroller of Now York
one day last week.
It is said that the 50,000" girla employed"
at various trades in Chicago average iu
wages only 2 a week.
The Eate Ami Loring of North Yarmouth,.
Me., left $2,350 to his children and $37,-
00 to missionary societies.
The guavatrees around Tampa, Fla., have:
at this time ripe fruit, green fruit, and.
blooms upon them.
Sixteen thousand acres of white pine tiin-
capital invested in the oyster business in
this country.
The two most important things in this
lower world both begin with the- letter M
money and myself.
The Iowa House, by a small majority.
has declared that it is improper for mem
bers to accept railroad passes.
There were 10,048.615 cigars made in the
Indianapolis district last year, an increase
of about one million over 1880.
It is reported that the machine shops of
the Cincinnati Southern Railroad i'jr that
division will be located at Lexington.
The Little Rock Argus says that in the
dictionary of the future the word "Colonel"
will be simply defined as "an Arkansas
man. "
Ramsdell of the Repnblic (Washington,
D. C.) offers a purse of $5 for the beat letter
contributed by a lady declining an offer of
The number of cattle in New Mexico is
estimated at 500,000 head, yieldiug for
market about 90,000 head annually.
At the Republican primaries at Seattle,
W. T., yesterday, only eighty-four votes
were cast, out of a voting population of
over 800.
llPP land U"K ri-fnrk' aitlfl in I jinfun rwAiinfv
Census tables give $10,583,275 as the I p, frMmn
New York's savings banks hold $424, 2C4,
S06. The increase in a year is but a trifle ua
der 48,000,000.
Old clocks of the forefathers' days, cleaned!
and repaired, are sometimes heard from in
Boston as selling for $75.
Abetter was mailed recently at Pensacola
Pla.; for Glasgow, Scotland, upon which $11'
postage had to- be prepaid.
The war of 1812 ended sixty-seven years
ago, and yet over 2G.000 widows are draw
ing pensions on acount of it.
One curosity of this winter is the recent
flight of the largest lot of pigeons ever seem
in the vicinity of Platteville, Wis.
The present population of Cleveland is:
185,841. The police census shows an in
crease of 13,438 duriag the year just closed.
The war footing of the German army has
been established by the budget of 1882 at
500,000 men. In the event of war, th
number could be doubled at twenty-.'oia-hours'
notice by telegraph.
At Glasgow, this month, two telegraph
messengers, fourteen years old, sen
tenced to rive years' penal servitude for
having stolen or destroyed letteis.
The English revenue receipts are already
$11,000,000 above what they were at the.-
A company with 75,000 capital has been
organized at Jackson, Mich., to manufacture same period of the fiscal year in 1881, and.
willow-ware, wooden-ware, brooms and
broom racks by convict labor.
London has a population of four
millions nd a half, says the Mead-
viile, Pa., Crawford Democrat. Of
this multitude only 60,000 are church
members, ant! only 200,000 are regu
lar attendants at religious services.
Of the working population it is stat
ed, on as good authority as the Bish
op of Litchfield, that, only two per
cent, are found in church.
The outlook tor the manufacture of pig
iron in the South, during 1882, is most prom
ising, particularly in Central Alabama, The
predictions are 400,000 tons or about 334; per
cent increase over last year. Several of the
largest furnaces in the South have lately been
pounds of ore. The concentrations assay j compelled to stop work in consequence of be.
about 9(W per ton. ina out of ore.
They are burning brick in Northern
Dakota with twisted hay. It is claimed
that a kill of brick can be burned in twenty
four hours by the use of this material.
Irish turnips and potatoes are selling in
New York for less than the homo product.
Large invoices of carrots, onions and celery
are on the'way across the Atlantic.
The New Haven Register wants a gospel
car attached to all railroad trains. Yes
just imagine the interior of such a car with
the train two hours behind time!
H. B. Evers of London, England, has
purchased in the last few weeks, in Missis
sippi, 700,000 acres of land from the Levee
Board and 300,000 acres from the State.
Railroad engineers have commenced the
work of locating the railroad depot and the
laying out of the town of Ysidora, in the
Santa Margarita Valley, San Diego county
Coal shipments from Seattle, W. T. , dur
ing January aggregated 19,137 tons, and
were in excess of the shipments of any
previous month in thehistory of the port.
The tallest mountain in New Mexico is
Mount Baldy, north of Santa Fe, which has
an elevation of 15,202 feet. Mount Taylor,
west of Albuquerque, is second, having an
altitude of 11,200 feet.
The thousands of tons of wheat which
were, a short time ago, piled up at the
Waitsburg depot, W. T., haye been re
moved, the last having been placed on the
cars about the middle of January.
When Brown complained of a rush of
blood to the head, Fogg endeavored to ease
his mind by reminding him that Nature
abhors a vacuum, and Brown's blood rushed
to his head worse than ever.
It took a Harvard student only two years
to conqner Latin, but he was four years
learning how to throw a lassoo so as to en
able him to earn $30 per month on a Texas
ranch. Detroit Free Press.
A Yankee bicycle dealer has utilized the
happy thought of presenting a pair of
crutches and a box of court-plaster to each
purchaser of a bicycle. He is monopolizing
the trade. Norristown Herald.
Eight out of every ten men in this country
will do more hard work to trace back the
pedigree of a horse or a dog than to establish
the fact that they were related to the most
noble King in Europe.
Real estate at Seattle, W. T., is selling
as never before, and at figures at least 100
per cent higher than those of one year ago,
and in some instances 200 per cent higher.
Daring January 200 investments were re
corded, the average consideration being
fully $1,000. One hundred and forty was
the higher number ever before recorded
in one month.
a considerable surplus is expected.
Princess Elizabeth of Hes3e-Darmstadt,
the plain but good-hearted daughter of tho
clever Princess Alice of Englaud, is going
to marry the brother of the Princess of"
Wales, Waldemar of Denmark.
Francis Wise, a distiller, and the richest
man in Ireland. 6as just died. He left no
will to dispose of his wealth, which amounts
to 15,000,000. A reasonable share of this.
is in American securities.
The contributions for the victims of the
Vienna catastrophe have reached the sum
of 1,000,000 florins (485,000). and as not
more than 200 families will ask for hell
there will be a substantial sum for each.
Clerks in the French Government oflice
only get an average salary of about $500,.
and consequently there is cot such a rti
graceful scramble for office as in the UnitoiH
France and Italy have hitherto produce E
sugar only from the beet root. The sugar
cane has lately been introduced in Vxitli
countries, and its rapid growth threaten
the beet root industry.
It is interesting to note that the Dnti li
are at present engaged in reclaiming half a
million acres from the Zuyder Zee. B -tween
1840 and 1852,45,000 acres were ii,
cued from the sea at Harlem.
"I have divided my subject," bega i tli
parson, "into two heads." "Two 1 cad
with but a single thought," whispered I tj
to Mrs. F-, and then he closed his eyes f
his usual nap. Boston Transcript.
It is said that all the mines of Soqth
America and Mexico, in the palmy d .vs.
of Potosi, Cerro, de Pasco, Cartorcc, Kl
Doctor, and Pachuca, never furnished p
much silver annualy as was produced In.-r
year by the mines within the United States..
Throughout Virginia City the Wato
Company has about two hundred men at
work. Most of these men are engaged in
digging up frozen water pipes, and doinjp
other work made necessary by the laie
cold weather.
The Carson and Colorado Railroad is now
within three miles of Candelaria. At this
point is being put in a long trestle-wor'
which is fifty feet high. This is being rap
idly constructed, and soon the oars will be
running into the town.
Business men in Baltimore popose to or
ganize a Manufacturer's Aid Association, with)
a capital of $1,000,000, the prime object of
which shall be to erect and equip buildings
with motive power for the purpose of rent
ing the same to manufactures who cannot
afford to own their own works. It is be
lieved that such an association will attract
important manufacturing inters its oi bo.