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Cbrvallis, Feb. 28, 1879.
iempekance Alliance. The Oregon
State lemperance Alliance, held at Albany,
last week, was a most interesting and prof
itable gathering, and the attendance espe
cially upon .the first day, was unusually
large. Judging from the interest and earn
est zeal of the delegations from the various
parts of the State, there is, evidently, a
most encouraging revival on the subject of
temperance in Oregon. We regret that cir
cumstances, beyond our control, compelled
na to return home on Thursday p. m. Cor
vallis, however, was ably represented to the
close of the session on Friday. From the
number of badges floating in the breeze, the
Blue Ribbon organization is taking a deep
hold upon the people everywhere. May
the good work continue to go forward until
every rumshop in the land is closed, and
the evils of intemperance forever banished
from our fair State.
That Report. That long-looked for and
most astounding public document, the report
of the Investigating Committee, appointed
by the last Legislature,is now before the
public in pamphlet form. Only 250 copies
were ordered printed, but Mr. E. M. Waite,
m answer to urgent requests, from all parts
of the State, printed a few hundred extra
copies, which are now on sale, as will be
seen by his "ad.," under "New this Week."
a limited number are on sale by Messrs, Al
len & Woodward, at the postoffice, in this
city. If you desire to be posted upon some
of the most important questions that will
engage public attention during the next po
litical campaign, you should not fail to se
cure a copy of this report. It is rich, rare
and racy, in its detail, and unearths some of
the most stupendous frauds ever perpetrated
by those in authority in this State and even
excels Boss Tweed in some points. It will
be a handy thing to have in the house. Call
early and secure a copy.
B. R. C The Corvallis Blue Ribbon
Club met last Saturday evening, as per, an
nouncement, in the College chapel. The
chapel was filled, showing that the people of
Corvalles and vicinity are alive on the tem
perance question. The Club now numbers
nearly three hundred. Dr. Bayley, Presi
dent, called the meeting to order, and
some very interesting and pointed remarks,
and was followed by Revs. Emery, Hanna,
McCain, and others, interspersed with mu
sic, MissAddie Allen presiding at the organ.
The meeting was a success and quite a large
accession made to the roll of members. It
was voted to continue the meetings regu
larly, once a week, and adjourned to meet
at the M. F. church next Saturday evening
at 7 o'clo3k. The executive committee were
instructed to provide speakers, anil commit
tees on music and finance were appointed.
Harbor of Refuge. Last week we pub
lished the official reports of the survey of
Cape Foulweather as a harbor of refuge, and
this week publish the official report on
Port Orford, so that our readers can judge
for themselves which is the better point of
the two. We also give, in another column,
a verj able communication on this subject,
trom one of our prominent citizens, signed
" Mariner." This is a subject of the great
est importance to the people of this State
and to the entire coast, as well. It is no
merely local matter ; but takes place among
the most important problems connected
with the future growth and prosperity, of our
commonwealth, and with it are intimately
connected some of the grandest enterprises
that vitally affect the commerce of the
northwest coast. Will our people awake to
the importance of this public necessity, and
with one united voice demand a respectful
consideration at the hands of Congress ?
Now is the time for action. Delays are
The Liteiary Magazine of current foreign
literature is announced by the American
Book Exchange, 53 Beekman street, New
York, the first number to appear January
15th. It will be similar in character to the
well known -'Littell's Living Age" and
"Eclectic Magazine," containing, in a year's
numbers, about one-third as much matter as
the former, and four-fifths as much as the
latter. Monthly, 128 pages, $1.00 a year.
Specimen number 10 cents;
Glad to Hear It. The Alameda ( Cal.)
En:inal of Feb. 15th, in speaking of the re
covery of Capt. Winant, says : "Capt. J. J.
Winant has so far recovered as to be out
again, a little stiff-legged yet, but in a fair
way to get the perfect use of his limb in
time. He called to see us on Thursday,
looking none the worse for his lengthened
Mrs. L. A Dennick, ilesires us to return
thanks, through the Gazette, to all the
friends who so kindly llinistered to, and
watched with, her husband, during his late
illness. No words can express her gratitude
and appreciation of the manv acts of kind
ness and attention received, and her earnest,
devout prayer is, that God's blessings may
erer rest upon them.
dr. c. M- WOOD,
The celebrated Healer, whose wonderful
cures have been published in the Oregonian
for the past year, will be at Albany on Feb
19th, 1879, at the Revere House, and re
main until March 3rd, 1S79, and heal the
sick of chronic diseases. Patients will call
early to secure treatment.
Feb. 17, 1879. , 2w
Brick. Mrs. K A Dennick desires
to state that she has on hand a large quan
tity of No. 1 brick, for sale. Also that she
intends to" make arrangements for conduct
ing the business. Let those desirous of ob
taming brick make, a note of this, and give
her a call
Off for Frisco. The following citizens
of Corvallis expect to sail for San Francisco
on the outgoing steamer Oregon, which is to
leave Portland to-morrow : M. Jacobs, Mo
sea Neugass and his mother, L G. Kline and
daughter, Nick Baesen, C- W. Pdbean, Alex.
McFadden. The two latter gentlemen re
torn to the States.
La Grande hoodlumism interfcrre with
temperance and religious meetings.
Fresh Roasted Coffee, at Rat's.
Rev. G. W. Benett will preach at Grange
Hall, next Sabbath at 1 1 o'clock, a. m.
Cheddar Cheese new, at Ray's.
School meeting next Monday. Tax to be
F. A. Vincent, dentist, has been at Philo
math, all week, on professional business.
Preaching in the College chapel, at 11 a.
m., next Sabbath, by the pastor, Jos. Emery.
Loaf Sugar Drips very choice, at Bay's.
Silverton has subscribed S9.000 to aid the
Springfield narrow gauge railroad.
A lady's kid glove was picked up last
Tuesday morning, and left at this office for
the owner.
Recent land slides at the portages of the
Cascades have been very annoying to the
traveling public.
C. W. Royal, of this city, is handling
fruit and ornamental trees, shrubbery, &c.
Headquarters at Ray's.
John Bock, Esq., of Oregon City, came
up by last Wednesday's boat, to look after
wheat interests. '
Wheat is worth 80 cents per bushel in
Corvallis slow sale. Not much left in the
Uncle Bart Allen, of Halsey, the apostle
of temperance, dropped into our sanctum
Misses Carrie Harris and Lou Taylor, of
this city, returned by yesterday's boat, from
a three weeks visit at Salem!
J. S. Baker, proprietor of the City Market,
started for Portland, yesterday morning, to
look after wheat money.
Among the passengers by the boat yester
day morning, we noticed D. G. Clark, Esq.,
of Albany.
Wanted A good, gentle, fresh milk cow
at the New England House, for which the
cash will be paid. .
J. Collins, of California, has been in the
city, a few days, but has gone east of the
mountains. Expects to return in a few weeks.
T. M. Calloway, of Albany, and John
Simpson, of this county, gave us a pleasant
call, last Wednesday morning.
Hon. R. A. Bensell, of Newport, whose
advertisement appears in another column,
has farms, stores and mill property for sale.
We are glad to receive news items from
every part of the county. Thanks to our
correspondents from Monroe, Yaquina and
King's valley.
Timothy Donohue anil Jack Allphin have
been enhancing the value of several lots,
during the past week, by setting out maple
shade trees.
Messrs. Godfrey & Wiser have secured
the contract for building Nick Baesen's new
meat market, and are waiting for settled
Senator Slater has gone to Washington to
look after the interests of a railroad to con
nect the Columbia with Eastern Oregon.
So says the Boise Statesman.
The City of Walla Walla, W. T., was
partially submerged, a few days since, by
the sudden rise of Mill creek, caused by
heavy rains and melting snow.
The Bee says Mr. F. DeCIarke will super
intend the construction of the westside rail
road from St. Joe, which will commence a
week from next Monday.
Bring your babies. Now is the time to
have your children photographed. Airs. L.
Goldson has just returned, and is ready to
execute work in the latest improved styie.
An insane Chinaman, brought from Wasco
county, to Portland, last Tuesday, jumped
from a third story window. His Ijones will
probably be ready for China soon.
A postal card from D. Newsome, Esq.,
since the Alliance, informs us that Dr. J. W.
Watts is now prostrated by a severe attack
of influenza, and had been compelled to re
turn home.
Philomath, like Corvallis, has been suffer
ing from an attack of scandal. But, unlike
Corvallis, the guilty parties have not been
dealt with. Communities have rights that
should, and must, be respected, or law be
comes a mere farce.
An old German, named Joseph Groeder,
who was seen on the Hagar farm about noon
on the diy of the murder, as been arrest
ed, on suspicion, as the murderer of Mrs.
Hager, near Milwaukie.
Seth Morgan, formerly of this county,
but who has resided in Eastern Oregon for
some two years, returned on business, last
week. His health lias much improv in tSfeed
"bunch grass" country.
The wife of R. J. Walker, of Portland,
attempted suicide, last Monday, by endea-
oring to tlrown nerselr m uouch s lane.
She was rescued by her brother, and com
mitted to the insane asylum, by Jmlge luce.
J. S. Palmer, .our ex-Sheriff, has a pair of
fearfully black optics. He satisfactorily
explains how he came by these ornaments.
He came in contact witu ms cows horn3
purely accidental, however. No blame at
tached to the cow.
Dr. J. R. Bayley, at the earnest request
of the brethren of the Mystic Tie, has con
sented to deliver an address on the early
history of Masonry in this city, before Cor
vallis Lodge No. 14, at the next stated com
munication, which is next Wednesday even
Fakmeks. Call and see the latest im
proved LaDow Wheel Harrow, at Woodcock
& Balawin s. far superior to any ?verotlerea
in this county before. Remember, also,
they have a few of those old reliable Gor-
ham seeders, tor this spring trade.
Just after dinner, last Tuesday, an alarm
of fire was sounded, caused by a defective
flue in the building occupied by E. Rosen
thal. 1 he hre department was promptly on
the ground, ready for work but the fire
was extinguished betore our new engine
could be got in operation. The damage was
The telegraph, between here and Albany,
was silent the first of the week, caused by
the line across the river being broken bv the
Willamette Chief. Oh the same trip that
boat, in passing under the ferry rope at Pet-
tijohn s, had her smoke stack, pulled down,
and also struck a snag causing one hundred
dollars repairs necessary.
Willie Herrold, son of C. Herrold. well
known to the early inhabitants of Corvallis,'
returned to the home of his childhood, last
Thursday, after an absence of eleven years,
spent in Eastern Oregon, Washington Terri
tory, Idaho, Montana aud California. But
he sayf, in all his ramblings, he found no
place he liked better than Corvallis.
The worst wind and ram storm" of the
season, we think, occurred last Thursday
afternoon. That was the opinion of some
eight or nine passengers, and we among the
number, on the Albany and Corvallis stage.
Geo. Bentley, the accommodating Jehu,,
brought us all through in good shape, how
ever. The union revival meetings are still con
tinued daily, at 4 p. m. and in the evening.
The attendance is large, and there is a mark
ed improvement in the religious feeling in
this community, and some nave indicated a
desire to "flee from the wrath to come."
Revs. Jr. S. McCain, H. P. Dunning, Jos.
Emery, J. W. York, J. A Hanna, W. C.
Kantner, G. W. Bennett and Prof. Royal,
are heartily engaged in the good work.
Jos. Bryant, of this county, met with a
very painful accident, last Saturday, while
c6ming to town, with a load of wood. At
Steward's hill, below town, the team, four
horses, became unmanageable, and ran down
the hill, throwing Mr. is. , with great vio
lence, to the ground He was badly bruis
ed and received a very ugly gash lb the
scalp. Dr. Green was called, and dressed
his wounds. At last accounts he was get
ting along nicely.
As a faithful and impartial journalist it
becomes our duty to record many things
that we would gladly, as a private individ
ual, let pass without notice. . But whenhe
peace and harmony of community is broken
up, and acts of the darkest and most damn
ing character are perpetrated, we dare not
remain silent, lest that 3ileuce be misinter
preted as an indorsement of the criminal.
In order to correct many vague rumors that
are afloat, we will give, briefly, the facts in
the case, so far as they have come to our
knowledge. On Monday, of last wees,
Frank Rayburn, our City Marshal, was ar
rested upon the complaint of Miss Mary
Brown, charged with seduction. Upon a
preliminary examination before W. H. John
son, J. P., he was held to answer at the Circuit-
Court, in the sum of 400. Bonds
were given and he was discharged from cus
todyl On Friday following he was rc-arrest-ed
on the charge of an attempt to produce
abortion and had a hearing before Julius
Brownson, J. P., of Philomath and bonds
fixed at !j?8P0. Failing to give bonds he was
committed to jail, where he si ill remains.
On Monday of this week Mis Mary Brown
was arrested on the charge of administering
drug3 to herself for the purpose of produc
ing abortion. The matter was heard before
Squire Johnson, aud the accused discharged.
And here the nwtter rests for the present.
Volume 1 of the new and beautifel edition
of this excellent work, just issued by the
American Book Exchange, 55 Beekman street
New York, embraces the history of our lit
erature from the earliest period to the times
of Queen Elizabeth, with lives of all noted
I authors, and choice specimens from the wri
! tings of each. All who are interested in
the higher claas of literature will welcome
this new edition, with its clear type and
handy form, and all who have been looking
for the era of cheap books, will be more than
satisfied, with its wonderfully low price.
The entire work, in eight volumes, number
ing over 3,200 pages, is offered, delivered
free of expense, to"those who subscribe dur
ing January, in paper binding, for $2.50;
cloth, S3.50; or half morocco, gilt top, S5.00.
Specimen pag.'s, showing size, style, type
and paper of the entire work, and giving
full particulars, including inducements to
clubs, will be sent free on request. To those
who would like to examine it, volume one,
which is complete in itself, containing 41G,
pages, will be sent, postpaid, for nominal
prices : In paper, 20 cents; cloth, 35 cents;
half morocco, gilt top, 50 cents. Purchasers
have the option of getting the other seven
olumes by paying at any time the remain
der of the regular subscription price. The
publishers only to subscribers direct, in
stead of giving to dealers and agents the
usual 50 or 60, per cent, discount to sell for
them, which accounts for the remarkably
low prices. '
Passing Away. The large concourse of
people in attendance upon the funeral of our
late respected fellow-citizen, Mr. George F.
Dennick, last Sabbath, was proof of the
high esteem m which he was held in this
community. After brief religious services
at the hoitse, by Rev. W. C. Kantner, the
remains were followed to the Grave by a
goodly number of Masons and Odd Fellows,
in appropriate regalia, and numerous citi
zens. The funeral ceremonies, at the grave,
were conducted by the Masons, at the close
of which the Odd Fellow brethren deposited
their sprigs of acacia, and mingled their tears
of sympathy and love. It was a most im
pressive and solemn occasion. Mr. Dennick, j
by hisNionest, honorable dealings, and cour- t
tcous demeanor, made hosts of friends, who
deeply mourn their loss "but mourn j
He was !
Consumption Cured.
An old physician retired from active prac
tice, having had placed in his hands by an
East Indian missionary the formula of a sim
ple vegetable remedy for the speedy and per
manent cure of Consumption, Bronchitis,
Catarrh, Asthma, and all Throat and Lung
affections, also a positive and radical cure
for General Debility and all nervous com
plaints, after having thoroughly tested its
wonderful curative powers in thousauds of
cases, feels it his duty to make it known
to his suffering fellows. The receipe will be
sent free of charge, to all who desire it, with
full directions for preparing and successfully
usir."-. Address with stamp, naming this
'" r .-. Hi A A "VT 1 1 XT' j.1
paper J'r. ). ' cwrae, st jo auan
Street, i'hiladelpha, Pa.
They AH Take It.
When the system is run down to that
extent that you pass sleepless nights, are
nervous and irritable, have gloomy forebod
ings, sour stomach, sick headache and coat
ed tongue, do not enrofl yourself as high pri
vate, in the rear rank, under General Debil
ity, but cheer up and try White's Prairie
Flower, The Great Liver Panacea, now for
sale in every city and town on the Continent.
No medicine ever compounded is half its
equal for the cure of DYSPEPSIA and LIV
ER COMPLAINT. It has a specific power
over the liver, and by curing the liver Dys
pepsia and all other diseases arising from it,
vanish as if by magic. Sample bottles are
sold at the small price of 25 cents that will
convince you of its merits. Large bottles
75 cents for 3ale everywhere.
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Rcncwcr
is a scientific combination of some of the
most powerful restorative agents in the veg
etable kingdom. It restores grey hair to its
original color. It makes the scalp white
and clean. It cures dandruff and humors,
and falling-out of the hair. It furnishes
the nutritive principle by which the hair is
nourished and supported. It makes the hair
moist, soft, and glossy, and is unsurpassed
as a hair-dressing'. It is the most economi
cal preparation ever offered to the public, as
its effects remain a long time, making only
an occasional application necessary. It is
recommended and used by eminent medical
men, and officially endorsed by the State
Assayer of Massachusetts. For sale by all
5S The National GOLD MEDAL was awar ca to
Bradley & Rulofson for the best Photo;rraphs in the
United States, and the Vienna Medal for the best in
the world.
429 Montgomery Street San Francis
HSJew this "VVeek.
R's. Nos. 8 and 13. passed at session of
Legislative Assembly of Oregon, 1878. Pam
phlet Edition,, 240 pages.
This is an exact copy in word, letter and
figure of the oflieial, printed by order of the
Prices Single Copies, 50c ; 10 Copies,
54.00; 20 Copies, SO. 00; 50 Copies, $12.50.
Agents J. K. Gill & Co., Portland; J.
M. Bacon, Oregon City; H. D. Boon, Salem;
Ed. Bnum. Ailiany: Allen & Woodward,
Corvallis; R. G. Oallison. Eugene Citv.
2SfeblG:9w2. Steam Printer, Salem.
not as those who have no hope.
an honored Mason and Odd Fellow, and re
ceived great distinction for meritorious ser
vices in the Union army, during the rebel
lion having risen from the ranks to the po
sition of first lieutenant. His family, in
their bereavement have the sympathy of the
entire community. "Peace be to his ashes."
Complimentary. The following very
neat and complimentary notice, in reference
to our discarding the "patent outside," is
from the Daily Oregonian, for which we
make our most polite bow :
The "patent outside" has been discarded
by the Corvallis Gazette a great improve
ment. The Gazette, as a county paper has
no superiors and few equals. It i3 hand
somely patronized in its locality, as it de
serves to be. The railroad will give Corval
lis a big lift, and the Gazette too.
Divine Services. Next Sundry, (March
2d) being the first Sunday in Lent, there
will be divine services in the Episcopal
Church at 11 A. M. Subject -of sermon
"Confirmation as obligatory on all professing
Christians." Notice is given thus early to
allow time for preparation, as it is the inten
tion of Bishop Morris to visit Corvallis on
the sixth Sunday in Lent, (April 6th) for
the purpose of administering the Apostolic
Rite of "Confirmation" or "The Laying on
of Hands. " Robert L. Stevens. '
Stock is suffering in the vicinity of
If every individual and every family
would be3tow a tithe of the requisite in any
ordinary attack of acute disease, in strving
to prevent and ward off its attacks, there
would rarely be any Use tor calling in tne
aid of the physician. In all ordinary de
rangements of the stomach, bowels, liver
or kideys, you need only a few doses of
rr-ese a Hamburg lea.
Astonishing Sncces.
It is the duty of every person who has
used Boschee's German Syrup to let its
wonderful qualities be known to their friends
in curing Consumption, severe Coughs,
Croup, Asthma, Pneumonia, and in fact all
throat and lung diseases. No person can
use it without immediate reliet. inree aos-
es will relieve any case, and we consider it
the duty of all Druggists to recommend n
to the poor dying consumptive, at least to
try one bottle, as 40,000 dozen bottles were
sold last year, and no one case where it tail
ed was reported. Such a medicine as the
German Syrup cannot be too widely known.
Ask your Druggist about it. Sample bottles
to try sold at 10 cents. Regular size 75 cts.
ror sale by Graham & Hamilton and Allen
& Woodward.
Pretty Mouths
Should have pretty teeth in them,' but it is
not unusual to see between rosy lips, teeth
discolored and decaying "through neglect.
This disfiguring defect should be repaired
without delay, by using fragrant SOZO
DOAT, which removes every particle of
tartar from the teeth and renders them
snowy white. This admirable aid to beauty
is perfectly harmless and exhales a most
delightful aroma, and is in every respect
preferable to the ordinary tooth pastes and
powders. Try it and see for yourself.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Ore
gon, for Benton county, Thomas Thrasher,
Plaintiff, vs. Catharine Thrasher, Defendant.
Suit in equity for a divorce.
above named defendant, in the name of
the State of Oregon, you are hereby sum
moned and required to appear and answer
the complaint of said plaintiff, in the above
entitled suit, now on hie in the office of the
Clerk of said Court at. or before the next
term of said Circuit Court, to be holdcn at
Corvallis in said county, on the second
Monday in April, 1879. And you are here
by notified that if you fail to answer said
complaint, as herein required, the plaintiff
will take judgment against you for the want
thereof and will apply to the Court for the
relief demanded in the complaint, to-wit : A
decree of divorce ilissolving the bonds of
matrimony now existing between you and
the plaintiff, and for costs and disbursements
of this suit. This summons is published by
order of Hon. J. F. Watson, Judge of said
Court, bearing date Feb. 2S, 1S79.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Dated" Feb. 28, 1S79. 16:9wG
State Treasuror'6 JTou'tlir
State Treasurer's Office,
Salem, February 25, 1879. )
the following warrants of the issue of
18J9, will be paid upon presentation, at this
office, numbered as follows :
324, 3U3, 385, 394, 411. 412, 416, 417, 41S,
419, 423, 42(i, 427, 434, 435, 436, 438, 439,
444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449, 450, 451, 453,
435, 456', 457, 461, 4(12, 4C3, 4b'5, 460, 407,
468, 469. 470, 471, 472, 473, 474, 475, 476,
477, 478, 479, 480, 486, 489, 491, 492, 493,
494, 495, 497, 498, 499, 500, 501, 503, 504,
510, 513, 514, 515, 516. 519, 521, 522, 527,
528, 529, 53$, 535, 536, 537, 538, 551, 552,
553, 556, 560, 564, 565, 566, 567, 569, 571,
572, 573, 574, 575, 578, 579, 580, 581, 582,
587, 588, 589, 594, 590, 597. 598, 599, 601,
602, 003, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609, 610, 011
012, 613, 614, 015, 620, 623, 625, G2& 028,
629, 630, 631, 634, 635, 636, 637, 638, 639,
040, 041, 042, 043, 644, 646, 651, 652, 657,
659, 660, 661, 602, 664, 665, 666, 667, 669,
670, 671, 673, 675, 676. 677, 680, 681. 683.
684, GS., 086, 689, 691, 693 ; Also, issue
1878, Nos. 1873, 1874, 1850. 1881,.
Interest on the above warning will cease
from this date.
16:9w3' State Treasurer.
Hamburg Figs'
Price, 25 teals per Box, Sold Everywhere.
Administrator's Notice.
the undersigned has been duly appoint
ed Administrator of the estate of George
McBee, deceased, by the County Court of
Benton county, Oregon; all persons having
claims against said estate are required to
present the same to said Administrator with
the proper vouchers within six months from
this date at his residence 7 miles south of
Corvallis, in Benton county, Oregon, or at
the office of James A. Yautis, in Corvallis.
Adm-'r estate of Geo. W. McBee, dea'd.
Dated Feb. 3, 1879. 7febl6:6w4
Capital - - $1,000,000.
Pacific Branch,
M 210 Sansome St., & F., Cal
Agency for Oregon and W. Terrritory with
HAWLEY, DODD cc CO., Portland.
Have been tested by the most disatrous con
flagrations in the country!
They are thoroughly lire-proof.
They are free from dampness.
Their superiorityUs beyond question.
Although about 150,000 of these safes are
now in use, and hundreds have been tested
by some of the most disastrous conflagrations
in the country, there is not a single instance
on record wherein one of them ever failed
to preserve its contents perfectly.
Have never been broken open and robbed by
burglars or robbers.
Hall's burglar work is protected by letters
patent, and his work cannot be equaled lawfully.
His patent bolt work is superior to any m
His patent locks cannot be picked by the
most skillful experts or burglars.
By one of the greatest improvements
known, the Oioss. Automatic Movement, our
locks are operated without any arbor or spin
dle passing through the door and into the
Our Locks cannot be picked or opened by
burglars or experts, (as in case of other
Locks,) and we will put from .$1,000 to $10,-
000 behind them at any time against an
equal amount.
The most skillful workmen only are em
ployed. Their work cannot be excelled.
Hall's Safes and Locks can be relied at all
They are carefully aud thoroughly con
Made in America, or any other country.
To any person who can prove that oho of
Hall s patent burglar-proof safes lias ever
been broken open and robbed oy burglars,
up to the present time.
Agent for Oregon and W. T.
Office with Hawley, Dodd&Co., Portland.
this wonderful discovery are these :
1. Meats can be preserved Perfectly
Fr;!Bl for an indefinite length of time in
an open vessel ; that is, a ve3el with a cloth
tied over it, or with a snugly fitting cover.
2. Vegetables of kiid. if sound,
can also be preserved indefinitely, and with
out drying or cooking.
3. Any clean vessel of wood, stone, or
glass, that will hold water, may be used to
contaiu the article preserved.
4. ' The process is so simple that a child of
ten years old can operate it, and there is MO
toniger of mistakes.
5. As used, neither the material nor pre
served articles are 1 13 jtsrioim lo tin
il;;ii!E9, nor is the flavor of the article
preserved in the least a Feeted.
6. The apparatus, se :ret, directions in
full, and right to use in Liie family only, arc
7. The entire additional expense for ma
terials, will not ev: d lVJ-ai!y-fi v"
cents for preserving 100 pounds of meat
or for preserving a barn I (30 gallons) of veg
etables. 8. The materials use 1 can usually be ob
tained at any drug store, and prepared at
odd times, when a person is not otherwise
busy, and kept on hand for future use.
9. Neither flies or vermin will ever
disturb meat preserved by this process.
1 0. Meatsfthat have become taint cd can
be restored to their original condition, and
then kept sweet indefinitely.
11. Experiments do not justify giving a
guarantee in regard to fruits. But the prob
abilities aie, that large, solid fruits, such as
apples, pears, etc., can be preserved. Ber
ries and solt fruits are considered doubtful.
12. We will agres to verify all the above
statements under a forfeiture of $300
gold coin, incase we fail in any particular;
Provided, that in case we succeed, the par
ties calling for the trial shall pay our neces
sary traveling and hctel expenses to the
place of trial an.: back, and in addition,
pay us for our time and trouble the sum .of
S100 gold coin. Both sums, as well as suf
ficient to cove traveling and hotel expenses
to be deposited in responsible, disinterested
hands before we start for the place of trial.
A copy of the above, properly signed, is
given to the purchaser of every Bight, and
stands as our agreement and guarantee for
the truth of the above statements.
fll WiII.1tTiof.fa Volla.r ,-. . ,1, f
and including ISenton county, aud west of
.L.. H':!!- .1. HI J- -
tut; t liiameiLe jiver, uesiring iurcuer in
formation, will address .
Corvallis, Oregon,
General Agent for the Pacific Coast.
Parties north of and inclnriiYi
iy, and eat of the Willamette River, de- luiiucr iinuj. iii.u.ioii. win aufiress
Albany, Oregon,
General Traveling Agent.
Firemen's Election.
1 a Firemen's VSuwti
hall of Young America Engine Company No.
J, on Madison, between Second and Third
creeps on tne owi day ot March, 1879, com
mencing at 7 o'clock p. m., and continuing
until 9 o'clock p. m. of said day, at which
election there will be elected, by the quali
fied voters of the Fire Department of the
City of Corvallis, a Chief and Assistant En
gineer, of the Corvallis Fire Department, to
serve for one year ; that D. Carlile, 8. H.
Look and G. W. Kennedy have been ap
pointed judges of said' election, and W. A.
Wheeler and N. P. Briggs clerks of said
election. By order of, the Board of Dele
gates, E. B. McELROY,
Mver Harris, President.
Dated Feb. 18, 1879. 16:8w2.
Change of Firm.
J3I the general merchandize business here
tofore carried on next door south of the
postoffice, in Lorvallis, under the firm name
and style of
Sheppard & Jaycox,
Have this day taken in as a partner, Mr. C.
U. Barlow. Hereafter the business will be
carried on at the old stand under the firm
name and style of
Sheppard. Jaycox & Co.
Mr. George A. Sheppard, of the firm, will
in future reside in San Francisco in connec-
tioo with the firm, thus enabling us to oner
superior inducements to customers. Our
motto being in the future as in the past, low
prices and fair dealing, a liberal share of pat
ronage is solicited.
In consequence of the above change all
parties indebted to the old firm are request
ed to call and settle their liabilities without
January 1, IS; 9. 21febl:8tf.
Sheriff's Sale.
issued out of and under the seal of the
County Court, of the State of Oregon, for
the county of Benton, to me directed and
delivered, for the sum of (458 57) four
hundred and fifty-eight dollars and fifty
seven cents, with interest thereon, from the
4th day of January, 1864, at the rate of 43
per cent, per annum, and for the further
sum of 835 50 costs and accruing costs, in
favor of (ireen B. Smith, and against Wm.
Linville, for want of personal property, out
of which to satisfy the same, I have levied
upon and seized the following described real
property, to-wit: Commencing 20 chains
east of the S W corner of Sec. 35, in T 10,
S II 4 W, Willamette meridian ; thence
north 18. 76 chains ; thence west 60. 00 chains;
thence south 18.76 chains ; thence east 60.00
chains to place of beginning, containing
112 56-100 acres, lying and being sitnated
in Benton county, Oregon, together with all
the tenements, hereditaments and appur
tenances thereto belonging, or in anywise
appertaining ; and on
Wednesday the 2Glb day of iHarcSt 1879.
I will sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash in hand, all the right, title
and interest which the said Wm. Linville
had at the date of saiil judgment,- or now
has in and to the above described real prop
erty to satisfy said judgment and costs, aud
the costs and expenses of sale.
Sale will take place at the hour of 1
o'clock P. M. of said day, at the Court House
door in the City of Corvallis. in said county
and State. SOL. KING,
. Sheriff of Benton County, Oregon.
Dated Feb. 19, 1879. 16:8w5
Vick's Floral Guide;
Notice of Final Settlement.
of Stephen Howell, deceased.
The Administrator of sai l Estate having
filed with the County Court his final ac
counts in said Estate, it is ordered by the
Court that notice be given and published at
least once a week for four successive weeks
in the CORVALLIS Gazette of said final ac
counts, and that the 8th day of March,
1879, at 10 o'clock, A. m. , be appointed for
the hearing of objections to the final ac
count and settlement thereof.
By order of Hon. W. S. McFadden,
County Judge, done at the Court House at
Corvallis, in Benton County, Oregon, this
3d day of February, 1879.
7febl6:Gw4. Administrator.
State of Oregon, for the County of Ben
ton. In the matter of the Estate of F. A. Macdon
ough, deceased. Citation.
To'the heirs unknown of Francis A. Mac
donough, deceased, and to all other persons
interested in said Estate, greeting :
In the name of the State of Oregon, you
are hereby cited and required to appear in
the County Court of the State of Oregon,
for the County of Benton, at the Court Room
thereof, at Corvallis, in the County of Ben
ton on Saturday, the 8th day of March.
1879, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day
then and there to show cause, if any exist,
why an order of the Court should not be
made for the sale of the following described
Real Property, to-wit : Lots 3 and 4 of Sec.
10 T 1 1 S R 1 1 west, Will. Merr, containing
53 50-100 acres of kind situated in Benton
County, State of Oregon, belonging to said
estate, as prayed for in the petition of Sam
uel Case, Administrator of said Estate.
Witness, the Hon. W. S. Mc-
l. 3. Fadden, Judge of the County
Court of the State of Oregon, for
the County of Benton, with the Seal of said
Court affixed, this 5th day of February, A.
D., 1879.
Attest, B. W. WILSON.
7feblG:6w5. Clerk.
Tins standard article is compound
ed with the greatest care.
Its effects are as wonderful and as
satisfactory as ever.
It restores gray or faded hair to its
youthful color.
, It removes all eruptions, itching
and dandruff. It gives the head a
cooling, soothing sensation of great
comfort, and the scalp by its use
becomes white and clean.
By its tonic properties it restores
the capillary glands to their normal
vigor, preventing baldness, and mak
ing the hair grow thick and strong.
As a dressing, nothing has been
found so effectual or desirable.
A. A. Hayes, M.D., State Assayer
of Massachusetts, says, "The con
stituents are pure, and carefully se
lected for excellent quality ; and I
consider it the Best Prepabatioh
for its intended purposes."
Price, One Dollar.
Buckingham's Dye
This elegant preparation may be
relied on to change the color of the
beard from gray or any other undesir
able shade, to brown or black, at dis
cretion. It is easily applied, being in
one preparation, and quickly and ef
fectually produces a permanent color,
which will neither rub nor wash off.
Manufactured by R. P. HALL & C0.
m lj a Bnggbti. Hi SmIni U SWtelaM.
A beautiful work of 100 Pages, One Color,
ed Flower Plate, and 300 Illustrations,
with Descriptions of the best Flowers and
Vegetables.and how to grow them. All for
a Five Cent Stamp. In English or,4(Jer
man. , ' -mti ":
The Flower and Vegetable Garden. 179
Pages, Six Colored Plates, and many' hun
dred Engravings. For 5Q cents in paper cov
ers; $1.00 in elegant cloth. In German or
Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine.
32 Pafres.-a Onloreil Plat, in ipkraro ,,,
ber and many fine Engravings. Prjc 1 . -25 a
year; rive copies ior ?.uu. specimen nuni
bers sent for 10 cents.
Vik-S Seeds are the best in- .the- workL
Send Five Cent Stamp for a Floral Gcide,-,
containing List and Prices, and plenty of in
formation. Address .
JAMES VICK, Rochester, F. Y.
State ot Oregon, for Benton County.
Frankie Savge j Suit in Equity for di-
vs. . - i v , .
James Savage. J vorce. , .
To said James Savage, Defendant: In the
name of the State of Oregon, you are here
by summoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against you in
the above entitled court in this suit, by
the second Monday in April. A. D. 1879;'
that being the first day of the next term of
said court for said county, to be holden, six
weeks trom the first publication of sum
mons, and if you fail to appear or answer,
forwant thereof, Plaintiff will take a1 decree
against you dissolving the bands of matri
mony heretofore contracted between you
and the plaintiff, and for all the relief claim
ed in the complaint. And you are. notified
tnat on the 24th day of January. 1879. Hon.
J. F. Watson, judge of said court; made an
order directing this summons to be served on.
you by being published once, a .week for six
consecutive weeksin the Corvallis Gazette.
a weekly newspaper published iu said coun
ty of Benton, and that you enter, your ap
pearance oy xne second Monday in April, A.
31janl6:5w6. Att. 'y f or PL'ff.
Lands! Farms! Homes!
I HAVE FARMS, (Improved and. unim
proved,) STORES and MILL PROP
ERTY, very desirrble,
FOn S3 Xj: 213 .
These lands are cheap.
Also claims in unsurveyed tracts for sale.
Soldiers of the late rebellion who have,
under the Soldiers' Homestead Act, located
and made final proof on less than 160 acres,
can dispose of the balance to, me.
Write, (with stamps to prepay postage).
Address. R. A. BENSELL,
Newport, Benton County, Oregon.
January 7, 1878. 16:2tf.
InTenlcr and Proprietor of Taylor's
Proposes to cut a Ditch five feet wide at the
top, one and a half feet at the bottom and
two feet deep, throwing the dirt two feet
from ditch, for the small consideration of
Thrt'-thrcc and onc-tbird Cents per Rod.
This he guarantees or no charges. He has
threp machines now in operation. One each
in Linn, Benton and Lane counties.
Junction City, Oregon, Jan. 17, 1879.
Chemicals, dye stuffs;
And also the very best assortment of
- ever brought to this place,
!! ,t". I J
. . I
: ,i ... ' v i nift
J i..H.r. k
given his patrons perfect satisfaction, has deter
mined to locate iu Corvallis, where he hopes to be fa
vored wi'h a fair share of the public patronasre. All
work warranted, when made under his. supervision.
Repairing and cleaning, promptly attended to, -, 9
Corvallis, Nov. 2ii, 1S7S. 15:48tC
City' Trucks and Drays.-
Trucks, lately owned by Mr. James Eglin,
we are prepared to do all kinds of
in city or country, at reasonable rate. Pat
ronage solicited, and satisfaction guaranteed in'
all cases. ALBERT PYGALL.
Corvallis. Dec. 20, 1878. 15:5Uf.
statements neat I v printed at this office
ill ' . : - ' .lu.5dl rrl