The state rights democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1865-1900, November 08, 1895, Image 1

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VOL XXXI.- ; u,mh,w. ..,.. .n... .,.,,, LBAjfJ r.rmrr,, .. MM5
! wi.... ,.. , . . , ; THTTB3T3AY CIRCUIT COURT.
for Infants
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Wtom&" H. A. Awcm, X. D.,
Ul 6a Oxford ft Bnoidra, K. T.
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JJaiyersit; regKi I805-I89G.
The University of Oron Eopm, Orefon, oCws fro tuition to !1 stodnti
Toag men can obUin board, todpag, boat and light in the dormitory for J2.50
p weefe. Jm faramh their ova linaa. Tonne womoa aro prorided with
Zf VKJt'ftemtee at f3.00 per week. Yoaag wom.n deairinx board should
MOreea ttou John Straub, Kugese, Oregon; or 8eeretary Tonng Women'i Chris
toan Association, Ewrnr. The Uaiwraity offers thio baoca1anreat degrees,
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science aad Bachelor of Letters with corresponding
ourses of stndy. The following shorter coorsvs are aim offered: An English
ouree leading in two years to a bvmneas diploma and ia tlurw yean to the title
iriduate in English ; aa adduced cosree for frada&tef of norm.1 schools leading
a b? I pedasjogy ; three yaars coarse i civil engineering leading
the degree of vil engineer ; a eovrsa of two yean for teachers of physical edu
atton leadicg to a diploma and the tiUe director of physical education. The
University charges an mcidwha! fee at to doUars whkh ia payaoie ia advance
y aU students. gtndenta holdizw dipJomaa from th. pnblic schools and those
aTmg hers certificates are admitted to the preparatory department without
examination. Those desiring information regarding the preparatory department
Lould addrees the Dean, K. L. Narregan, EuVeuiT
For catalogues and information address U. H. Chapmaa, President, or J. J.
Walton, Secretary, Eurene, Oregon. . , . .,
The Buiet CarRoute.
Jhortest and Quickest Line
Croeaes boh the Cascade aad the Rocky Mountains ia DAYLIGHT, affording panes
r pors tut opportunity viewing ths
Two trains daily ffum FonSaa4; oe i
j. ana opoKase, am sopsro eqaipment, esasuiang or awing ears, bol
if library cars, palace and apbolstend toariiU sleeping ears. . The buffet library carf
ore vi vipmx hi anmm, cniun:ng oacn room, oaroer snop, easy cBairs,eu.
Twin Kteamabips, "KorthweSf ed "Northlaad, ' lea Dulqtb every Monday and
tnday for the "00 Mafcmac 1kb4, Detroit, OeTelaad snd Buffalo in connection
with tie Great Northern Railway. Have roar tickets read via the NORTHERK
8TE4MSU1P COMPANY and enjoy a delightful ride free from (he neat and dust Far
ucKets and general intsrniat caii on or
R. C.
612 Front Et , Ssattle, VTmH.
mis t tue whnel that was illustrated
a , "January 189,. eTr the following title: "The naadoau"t Mo.l Shown a
e receai Nition.i Oris fSfkibfttow." U is the Wavbult 8oe.wfrn ail U tha
out admire! and talk! of hws srads bicycle in 'be world today, Who a bie'e
nut rated Catalogue f-ee. 'Ihdian Bictclb Co. Indianapolis, Indiana, U. 8. A
E E. GfF. exclusive agent far Afbeay
life :,drl
-1 .
J. JOSEPH- .Proprietor,
ant Children.
CtI cure. Colic, Constipation,
Soar Stomach, DUrrtuM, Eructation,
Km. Warm. (Ira. alarp, ud promotes dl
TTOhoat Bjjurfoqs medication.
"Toe several years I ham recommended
'Oiatorte, and hH always continue to do
Bo, M H ha Invariably produced hwoWlciat
iMtk, . .,
Txnrat F. Fimu, X. P.,
U6th stmt and Tttt i5tw York CRjr.
Ccwmjtv, 77 Xcmjux Dub, Kaw Tow Ore
11 a. n . vi Seattie. aad one at 8:55 p. m..
address j 5
A. B. C. HENMSTON, C. P. k T. A.
122 td fit., Portland 0
lrrI"Dat1aas the Cycling Atit iorir. of Amer
Monmouth, Or. A training school foi
teachers. Complete eight grade training
department and strong Professional and
Academic courses.
The Diploma of the school entitles
one to teach in any county in the state
without farther examination.
Board aad Lodging, books and tu
ition, tlfiO per year. Beautiful and
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a Ijooddemaad for well trained teachers ;
there is an over-sspply of untrained
teachers. Catalogue cheerfully sent on
application. Address
JJL Wamh PL. Campbell.
Gecretarr Preaideo
A jury w8 secured in the case of the
statu againnt John Jsoin last evening, a
follows: K C Roberts, Lebanon, SI
thore, Scio. J H Glass. Crawford., ville
J A Richardson, Scio, E C Russell, Sweet
uome, 1 rox.urawiordsviue, V W Rich
ardson, Jordan, J A Stephens, Ilalser.
VV P Kirk, Brownsville, Jos Drinkard,
Halsey, D 0 Weddle, Sweet Home, A L
uompton, hcio.
The trial of Mr. Isom was irotten un
der headway by the testimony of John
R Stockman, the first witness called.
last evening. The witness testified that
Mr. Isom was familiar with the work
mgs of the mill, and was at the mill
daily. During 1894 the receipts went to
pay running expenses, and tor wbeat and
lor Mr. lsoros dxbta. Darin e the oortor
ation he drew out, about (4000 on his
personal account. In 1893 there was a
shortage in the mill of between 20,000
ana su.vw Dusneis. upon the tormina
of the corporation Mr. Isom held 800
shares of stock, Mr. Pfeiffer one and the
witness oim. jir. isom . was elected
president, Mr. Heiffer vice-president and
the witness secretary, h. also acted ia the
capacity of manager. Mr. Barrett stored
wbeat in tne mill and the receipt was
eiveu during his absence.
This morning upon the convening of
tne court tne nrst witness caued was J-J.
D. Barrett, the complaining witness, who
tesuned to storage ot ms wneat at the
Red Crown Mills. That there wss in all
about 3900. part f which had been
carried over from last year. Phat the
wbeat was taken out without
bis consent; that he examined the bins
afterwards and they were practically
William L. Lyon was called and teeti
tied: Was assistant bookkeeper of the
Red Crown Mills for seven or eight
months: that he made out the receipt as
assistant bookkeeper, to E. D. Barrett
ana delivered it to his ion, at th time
Mr. Stockman was in Portland. In
April Barrett had stored in all 39001
bushels in the mill. !
Upon cross examination he said his
name is spelled Lv.n. and is suraed to
the receipt, L-yo-n.
A aeries of questions were asked for the
object of ascertaining by whose author,
ity he issued the receipts. Ad objections
to them were sustained.
He was permitted to answer, though.
that he had been hired to work at the
mill by Mr. Stockman, and to specify his
duties as assistant bookkeeper. (
uunng tne absence ot Mr. btockman
in a large majority of cases we waited un
til Mr. Stockman's return: but iesoed
some wheat receipts, but was not in the
nana 01 issuing warehouse receipts; but
issued load receipts as wheat came. Had
no authority to issue warehouse receipts.
Mr. Isom never gave him any authority
to issue receipts. Mr. Barrett wanted the
this receipt while Mr. Stockman was
gone and he finally issaed it.
ine receipt was formally objecteed to
because it was signed Lvon, while the
indictment read Lyons, that it was in
definite, that defendant had nothing to
do with issuing it, or authorizing it to be
issued, or that he had any knowledge of
its being issued, that defendant had ao
authority to issue . any receipts, or bad
any control or management of it, that
eviJeace did not show that the wheat!
was stored,' or that Barrett was the
oaner, that there was no evidence that !
the Red Crown Roller mills was a cor
poration ; that the name Barrett in tbe
receipt is spelled dinerenttr from the
Barrett in the indictment. The object
ion was overrated.
John R. Baltimore testified to being t
Red Crown mills last spring with E. D.
Barren 10 examine voe ums in muia.
He found tbem empty, examined all of
the bins. After bis return from tbe east
Mr. Isom said in a conversation that he
was president of the company.
John Bethuot, the bead miller in the
Red Crown mills last spring testified
that after Sept. 18, 1894, the bins were
first empty in Jnne.isua. in Lec,
there was, according to his judgment,
about 15,000 bushels in the bins- About
the 1st of March there was only 800 or
900 busbsls in tbe bins. 'When Mr.
Isom left for the east in January there
1 . ... f . . ' mm -
was aoout sw Dusneis in iw9 Dins, ils
1st of March there was 60 or 70 bushels.
Before going east the only remarks made
by Mr. Isom were, "boys look out for
yourselves." This was ordered stricken
N.J. Sinnak, testified : VYae working
in mill from April 1894 to Feb. 1, 1896,
working on night shift. ;Boardd at
Isoms. Had conversation with Mrs.
Isom, in pnsence of Mr. Isom, in Decern-
I If. . r 1 V 1 V
Der, vt, in which aars. uam mj u7
mill was not running and it was stated
because not enough wbeat for stock pur
poses, tbat is for grinding. Think there
was 800 or 900 bushels in mill in Jaau-
Tred Grimmer, a miller at tha
mills last fall and spring, was working
for Red Crown Roller mills. Testified
substantially ast last witnesses, as to
amount of wheat, tbongbt 400 or 600
bushels in January, might nava been
more. That was lost before Mr. Isom
went east.
H. R. Powell, Geo. F. Borkhart and B.
V. Worten testified.
Tbe Droeacutton rested, and John Isom
was called on his own behalf for tha de
fense. He admitted being president of
the Red Crown Roller Mills at tbe tint
of the shortaoe. bat had nothing to do
with tbe every day running of the mill.
did not know how much wbeat there w
at anv time or whether there waa any.
and had nothing whatever to do with tha
causinx of tbe shorts ire. The snairs ot
tbe mill were run by others. He kept
no track ol the receipt or use ot the
wbeat, and when be went East in Janu
ary did not know tbe condition or give
any instructions in reierenos to the
John Isom Jr.. and Frank Wood were
called to trove that E. 'D. Barrett had
said he bad sold his wheat to Stockman,
but tbe evidence wao tot admitted.
John Bertbune, head miller, testified
in reference to seeing in bins, it being
difficult except with good light. Mr.
Stockman was manager and controlled
the business, no one else that be knew
of. He attended to hiring of hands and
all the business. Took all orders from
Mr. Stockman. Defendant never gave
me any orders.
a if w . t- it,. .m
tified substantially the same as Mr. Ber-
thune as to the manaeement ot tne mm.
Was one of the men wbo did not get all
of my pay. Knew nothing of the mill
records on the subject ot management
Geo. WYounar testified tbat John K,
Stockman claimed to manage the mills
and took orders from him ia running
warehouse at Plainvie-w. Don't think
Isom ever inquired into the business,
thoucht Stockman was the main man
Jason Wheeler testified to being ac
quainted with John Isom 43 years. His
renutation for honesty and intwity was
always good. There has been talk about
the recent trouble.
J. C. Powell tsstifUd that ha had been
acauainted with Mr. John Isom 35 years.
llis reputation was gooa. nau ueara
talk since failure of mill : but .men said
... ... , i
Isoin was honest.
H. R. Powell testified : Have known
defendant 42 years. His reputation was
cood. Have heard it questioned some
since failure.
Dr.J.L. Hill testified: Have known
defendant about 33 years. "lli reputa
tion for honesty has been good. Ha
heard a areat many say be had been
wrongfully dealt with. Think have
heard only two or three question his rep
-.The defense rested, the lawyers pre
sented tbe case .to the jury, and Judge
Burnett made his charge, tbe Jury tak
ing the case about press time.
' Dr. G. W. Maaton, ptiyician and snr
geon, Albany Or. Calls answered prompt
ly in city or country.
Hereafter all goods purchased of Julius
Gradwhol will m delivered free ot charge,
No one will b allowed to undersell nun,
Andrew Holslur vs Robert 8m!th, re
covery of money. Jury trial. Verdict
for defendant.
' Oregon vs las G Boutin, selling Honor
fine of $250 and stand
day for $2 until paid.
committed st one
State of Oregon vs 0 L Reed, giving
spirituous liquor to a minor. Plead
guilty and w is fined $50. .
Not a true bill was found in tha case
of A. Blaker. held for the grand iurv on
account of a shortage in the Shedd ware
In the matter of assignment of Louis
Viereck. Final account alio we i and
assignee discharged.
Nettie I Weaver vs Joshua P Hahn.
Plaintiff takes non suit.
A Wheeler vs J A McFeron. danisms.
Russell A Co vs W II Mills ' Contin
L MsFarland vs J W Johnson, eject
tment. Jadgment for defendment on
Adjourned until Monday at 9 a. m.
gsahd jrar's axpoa-r. :
Wi, the erand iurv for the countv of
Linn, for the October term. 1895. of tbe
circuit court, having disposed of all bus-'
iness nreeented to ns. would most re
spectfully report that we have visited
the various countv offices of said coontv
and find the business of the different
omces well kept and the officers obliging
and courteous. We find the vault con
nected with the clerk's and recorder's
offices insufficient to bold the records of
the county and that there is consider
able extra wear on the books of record
for the want of room. We would re
spectfully recommend that the county
court take steps to increase the capacity
of the vaults. We further recommend
that the closets in tbe jail be removed
and substitute a tank closet, also the
closet at the court house be removed and
a trough system be substituted.
we nave visited the county itl and
find the prisoners well attended.
e would ask to be dischareed from
further attendance upon court.
Albany, ur., ov. 1, 1895.
M. C Giix, foreman,
G. W. Prou.
IX. F. V. Haxutox,
T. O Hofkixs,
C. F. Moist.
B. A. PoiSDtiTea,
Fsasik CaasTasJc.
A true bill was brought in the case of
Mrs. Hannah, with an indictment for
murder in the first degree.
EmmaO Hannah, appeared at one
o'clock in person and with her attorneys
Weatherford A Wyatt, she will plead to
morrow at v a. m.
The shooting of Mrs Charlotte Hiatt
ornrrad on Sopt. 28, at Jordan, the sob
stance of tbe farts of which have been
It ia probable her trial will not take
ace at this term of court.
In the case of Whitcomb arrested be
yond Sweet Home on a -count of a hig
trouble, not a true bill was found.
In tbe case of Oscar Williams "Not a
true bill" was returned by the grand
ury. This was tbe young man arrested
kr assaalung another yuung man st the
horn, of R. R. Humphrey in Waterloo.
When tbe case ef the state of Oregon
against Emma G iH1"?5, Indicted lor
the murder of Mrs Lottie Hiatt, waa
called the defer dant appeared with a
bouquet in hands and neatly dressed in
black. She appeared rather nervous but
not excited. Upon being called to plead
her attorney. Mr. Weatherford. respond
ed for her, "not guilty." An adjourn
ment was asked for until tbe next term
of court; but was denied, and Monday,
November 2o, at 1 p. m. was set tor tbe
trial of tbe case.
The jury in the IsomTcaso were oat all
night, not coming ia until about 10
clock this forenoon. They were unable
agree, and were dischareed. The
ury on final ballot stood 3 for conviction
and 10 for acqoitol. On tha first ballot
tbe vote waa fiva for conviction and
seven lor acquitaL Three ot tbe five
finally voted for acauital ; but two, E. C.
Russell of Sw Home and S. I. Shore,
ol Scio, held oat for conviction antil the
final vote of disagreement.
In the rasa ot the Mate agt J. l Keed,
ndicted for selling liquor without a li
cense the jury brought in a verdict of not
guilty attar being oat only a few mo
The grand jurv at press time had not
reported on the rase of A. Blaker. It waa
also considering another case, it was
thought another phase of a hqnor case
up the Santiam.
la ma ease oi ids otaiaairiu. t. ateea,
hsdicUd for selling malt liquors seven
fury mn were drawn wbea the court ad
journed st noon. Upon convening court
at 1 o'clock the case was dismissed on
motion of prosecuting attorney.
Dr. Wyatt. of Lyons, who was recent
ly paralysed, came to Albany today for
Mr. Fred Fortmiller. of Portland, was
in the city tods to ettaod tha Lyon and
Gal braith wedding.
A little boy rams to tha home of Mr.
and Mrs. J as Crouch Tuesday afternoon.
Oct. Z9 aad met with a hearty welcome.
Mr. William Vance arrived home
vesterday and Miss Lora today from
their tnp to California aad Colorado.
Tbey came by way of Portland.
Tbe yoanc people's societisa of the
eitv aava a social last night at th ar-
morv. Games ware plavcd and a lunch
of apples and cuts partaken of. A big
crowd attended.
The Camden. Maine Herald pays a
beautiful tribute to Walter Hobbs, re
cently of tbrs city, wbo died at that
place on Oct. 19. Tbe DxaoauT will
publish it tomorrow.
Messrs Case A Pease, recently of Cor-
vallis. have moved their oetfit to this
city and will open up a barber shot in tbe
iron i room oi cvarvcruu f nimirou ?
real estate office ia a few davs Tbey
will shave for 10 rents and cut hair for 15
cents. Eutrene Guard. Mr. Case is
brother of tbe Albany barber of the same
J. L. Scott, the vooular drummer, is
taking bis family to Oakland, California,
to spend tbe winter. Tbey went to C res-
well today to visit with relatives and
tonight will leave for their new home,
Tbey will probably return here next
spring to reside ana in tne meantime
Mr. bcott will retain bis headquarters in
fcugene. oaera.
The Knights snd ladies of the Mecca'
bees tendered Dr. aad Mrs. J. L. Hill
reception lest evening in honor of
their silver wedding occurring then
Tbe occasion wet a nappy one in every
respect. Tbe members of tbe lodges ex-
pressed tneir appreciation oi tne neroes
- .... ... ...
ol tbe occasion by presenting mem wiin
a beautiful silver fruit dish and spoon,
Mr. J.B. van winkle, the commander
made a speech for tbe occasion, one full
of eloquence and feeling. During the
evening a program was presented con-
sisting of a solo by Mrs. Lamberson.
duet by Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Sears, instru
mental music by Ravage and Young
violin and guitar, a recitation bv Mrs
Craw and a solo by Mrs. Lee. A deli
cions lunch was served, vt. and Mrs,
Hilt were given a complete surprise, ntt
knowing of the nstnre ot tne gathering
before then.
Elklns Johnston Wedding.
The following account ot the wedding,
refenvd to yesterday, is fiven by one
of the guests:
The marriage of Miss Mary E. John
ston, of Neff's Mills, Pennsylvania, te
Mr. O. W. Elkins, of this airy, which
occurred at the reeidenee of Key. and
Mrs. 6. X. Meminger, in Ashland, Or.
Wednesday at 1 :30 p. m., was a pleasant
event. The parlors were tastefully dec
orated, a beautiful wedding bell made ot
white chrysanthemums waa appropri
ately suspended over the eouple and
over the bell the significant inscription
"Omnia Vincit Amor." Alter tbe eere-
J mony congratulations were extended, a
sumptuous dinner was announced, and
heartily enjoyed by all the guests pre
ent. tne nappy coupie received n;anv
useful and handoome presents. Showers
tf rieA fnIlnti;M,i thftm as thfv tnriLr
departure n the 5 p. m trnin for Al-
iimiv. Liieir luiiirts iif"iit- air. piiu iim.
Elkins will bo "at home" Nov. 6tli.
Lyon Gttlbrai.b 1 Wedding.
Tbe residence of Mr. Joseph P. Gal
braith was the scene of a very happy oc
casion in is morning, a. a tew invited
guests gathered to witness the marriage
ot Miss Nina to Mr. William L. Lvon, of
Pullman, Wash. Tbe knot was tied by
lis, in a very beautiful and impressive
manner. President W. II. Lee presided,
at the piano, playing Mendelssohn's fa
mous and ever new wedding "march, as
the couple marched slowjy int the par
lors and various faroWkf' snJ popular
airs softly, like ''UomeTweei Ilome"
during the progress of the ceremonv.and
"He. Gone and Married, Yum, Vum"
at the close. '
A delightful wedding breakfast, both
ample and toothsome, closed the exercis
es, alter which the guests viewed the
many gifts and departed leaving their
beet wishes for a long aad happy life to
the newly married couple. The loviie I
guests were :
Messrs. and Maies. W. L. Vance, T
l.. Wallace, W a I'eacock. T. M. Won-
teith, W. H. Lee, Wm. Fortmiller, C. E.
urownell, y. u. McCu"agli, of San lia
faet.Oal, Rev. and Mrs. D. V. Poling,
nev. and Mrs. K. J. Thompson, Uov,
and Mrs. W m. Gay, of Lafareite, pre.
Misses Lime Parrott, Roseburg, Leono
Kay, Salem. Mary Mclntvre, Oregon
Cfly, Lora Vance, Ilattie 'llackleman,
Flora and Vesta Mason, Sarah (eiiv,
Carrie Layton.II atUe Bsll, Lillian Mc
Hargne, Olga Hewitt, Ethel Kedfield,
Mae Pollock, Elisabeth C'arro; hers, Min
nie McParlaad and MesSrs. Fred Fort
miller. G. K. Chamberlain, li. K Tow-
II, A R. Ruthertord aad Ir F. I. Ball,
of Portland. i
College Notes.
Jiny made a mistake and
tie Ed-
al" is studying pbvstcs
It is currently reported that e ero-
d.lpbian society is going to have a 'hen'
party without any boys arouud to 'peck.'
Tbe junior class is "wrathy, they claim
to be superior to tbe soph's. TheVenior
to the contrary .notwithstanding. Every
body knows the have mora brains to
the square inch than any other c!aa in
me college.
Tbe art department, under he man
agement of Mrs. Young is in a (1 Hirish
tcg condition.
A certain hirher class man savs that a
Sentence in law niigbt have beeu ex-
prestod orally.
A WostMsarrt, Bov. A lov iriohe-
trotter is coming toward Albany. He
was at Roseburg ; yesterday and the Plain
dealer says : Richard Vincent .the wot Id
renowned gloUs-trotter, generally knoan
as the "Morning Star," a name given
bim on shipboard on hie first trio aero
the Atlantic because lie alwavs laid in
bed till noon, ia at the Van Hoaten to
day. He is on bis way to New York to
pr.otisb a book which he has wnlen
during his trip around the workl.wiUiout
en so much as a nickel in his pur-?.
He started from New York about two
reaps ago at tbe a ,4 hi 1 years, and bar
visited nearly every country on the la
of the globe, always traveling fim-cla
and potting up at firswlaaa hotels. To
accomplish this he has bad to draw ex
tensively on bis immaculate gall and al
ways carry his nerve at half-cock. But
he has made the rifHe. and number
among his frieoda nearly all the crow n d
beads of tbe countries be has visited, be.
sides hand reds of less imporant person
ages, such a steamship and railroad
magnate, who furnished bim transpor
tations oa application, and all managers
of first-clase hotels whom be favored w ith
bis patronage. He carries a scrap-book
in which are passed th. presa notice he
has received (and tbev are iecson). and
the autographs of tbe various goem-
meat omcials whom he called upon while
on his travels. He speaks eight lan
guages more or ke fluently, ami in the
use of so many different Umiroes baa ac
quired a decided foreign accent, which
makes it a little difficult to believe that
he ia what heclaims to be a native born
American of A merican parentage. For a
boy of 14 he has seen considerable ot tbe
world and bis book will probably be
worth the reading.
Bama Deor It. Thorn w. a. the man
arrested recently on account ot the bo
gus checks on the McMinnville bank giv
en J. w. Bently and Mrs. Ashby nearly
two years ago. who was discharged be
cause 'the prosecuting attornev did not
wish to put the county to tbe expense oi
bringing witnesses herefrom Yamhill
county, is in the citv, and is threatening
to sue tbe city of Albany for damages for
false imprisonment. The best thing Mr.
Thompson can do will be to drop the
matter, else the state will push tbe
check case airauist him wltatever it
All fob Orboox. An exclianee says : 1
Last Thursday a long train ot cove-red
wagons came slowly into Union from the
sooth. There were 11 wsvons in 'the
train, and each one seemed to be filled
ith people, ranging ia ago from the
little dimpled babe on the mother's
breast to tbe hoary-haired grandfather,
approaching tbe sunset of bis earthly
day. Thev: were from the soot h western
part of Nebraska, and had come all tbe
way to Uregon la the waoons. Un one
of tbe wagon-tops were tbe words : "All
for Oregon." w lien ask. d whither tbey
were going thev said tbey intended l
stop In Grande Ronde.
Te R'-r WT.-Mr. B.F. Rajjp to
day showed the DaorAT tone prunes
Sued aad put op ia the Urapqua valley
hat are remarlahly fine. People desiring
to ae bow prunes Might to be boted snd
pat up for the market should call at Mr
fUmp's store.
Below is a list of premiums for lbs bis
sbmaothemnm snow to come off in a re
wseks. Best white, yellow, red and pink.
1st pre Ttium fl .00 2nd 50 ctn. He-t nmerf
variety 1st prsminm 1.00 2nd 75cts. Bet
variety cut flowen. 1st premium f 1 00 2nd
Octa. A souvenir tor tbe moat artit'icai-
ly arrranged T. M. '. A. emblem will be
gt nn.
Dr. Afplund was fined 500. GoUff
easy. Host men gel tne penitentiary tor
a like o eoce.
A Black stooe club is to be organised in
Albany tonight w n me rorowtng mem
bers: I. A. Finch. C. E. Hawk-ni. W. C.
Cwmnbell. Ned Carbon. A. I hum. Al
r rrerrsen, io. unnec. jo. i rigut ana
1. Y.Tait, all law stadeuts.
Tbe Linn county exhibit at tr.c enpot.v
tion will bJ pictured in nest Sunday's
big Oregoniaa edition together with a big
wnteup Parties wishing no send copies
.ant can do so iree by leavidg their nataes
with S. N. Steele.
If any of our Oregonian friends have
ever seen better weather t'.ian October
bas given ns w would be pleased to
Boar from them. Eastern people would
imagine this to be spring time, whea
compared with their snowstorms snd
Uiss Radie Cohen came up from Port
land this noon.
Mr. William Ralston left today on a
trip to Olex. where his son Lonner re
sides and where he owns property.
I wss taffrrinM with stomach trouble.
sad procured a bottls of Hood's Stirs pa
stil, it aeipeo. me ao mucn mac l use l
for every ailment.' , It, K. Simpson,
ooneberry, Ore. :, , ; ,
Hood's Pills curs aU liver ills.
We are here to please yon.r If every
Ibiiig is not O. K. kit dly let us kne
We are not selling at coat but st moder
ate iro(lls. We can furiiuh you any
thing in the harness line at lowest prices
See our line of 15, 20 and 25 cent whips
Power A Tomli40.
Walter Sawyer Hobrm.
In the death of Mr. Walter Smr
modus, a great frnei lias fallen upon i
large circle of friends. He died In (Jam.
den, Saturday, Oct. 19th, at the age of
uiiriv-iour years and a lew months. He
wss the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. C,
r. Hobbs. who have lived for the last
lee years in New lork, but are among
tbe old and most highly respected fami
lies of this place Mr. Hobbs having
iwa-u one oi utmuMi i nonorea and suc-
ces-lul business men. He was also a
brother of 5Ir George Hoblie, prominent
in business circles of New York. In bis
young manhood Walter S., was engaged
in the shoo business in Boston, being
associated with tbe well known house of
Putnam A Jenkins. Here he remained
lor six year, aad then became traveling
salesman for a large boot and shoe firm
of the same city, and traveled extens
ively in the south snd aeeu Tie contin
ued in this employ for another six years,
ant resigned his position in order te
make a heme for biouielt in the far west.
sVfcn yeart he bought a ranch near
the enterprising and growing city of
Albany, O.vgon. He began work at once.
setting out fruit tree, with bis own
hands, and succeeded in making a beau
tiful and attractive p'aee of residence.
In September, 1H93, be was married to
Miss ttcorgia daughter of Mrs. Sarah
Haskell, a young ladv of many accoro-
plishmeuts and highest worth, a teacher
in the public schools of our twn. and
tbey immediately went to their home in
the et. Here, as everywhere, he sur
rounded himself with many friends.
PoMH-aung a frank aud generous nature
he waa drservedlv and uniform! v nwo.
lar ; friendly to all, he was tbe friend of
all. and hi absence will be sadly lelt
wherever h was known. Sometime in
Jaauary last, he was taken sick, and af
ter a lew months, came east to the home
ot hU lnytiool. t.opina that tbe chaos
would be benencial and lead to recoverv.
All was done iliat could be done, noth
ing that kve could prompt ami means
supply was wsnting. But the end came
at last, and eurroooded by wife, mother
aud father, be quietly and painlsly tell
to sleep,
"blessed sleep,
From which none ever waka to weep."
Tbe fnneral services occurred on Tues-
dsy afternoon, from the residence ot Mrs
Haskell, and were very largely attended ;
thev were conducted by Rev. Fred M.
Preble pastor of tit. Baptist church, as
sisted by Rev. L. D. Evans pastor of tbe
Ctogrcgationat church, and Rev. Henry
Jones, reCor of St. Thomas' Episcopal
church. The floral tributee were nara-
erocj and beaaufti, expressive of the
very great esteem fa which the yoang
man was beld. To the wife, to the father
and mother, to the brother, and to the
many friends, tbe heart-felt sympathy of
all ia extended. Camden, Maine,
Brownst tile.
Mrs. J. P. Cooky, who has been sick
for the past two years, took her depar
ture Sunday for Arixooa, where she
hopes to be 'benefitted by the change of
climate. During her absence her mother,
Mrs. Cole, of Port land, will remain al
tbe family residence in this city.
Brownsville's public schools are both
in at-seton now and the six teachers have
their hands fall with their pupils,
and more to follow socn.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Blackburn, who
came to this city some two veers ago
have moved to Albany. Mr. Blackburn
was in the drug business here for some
time and made many frieoda. We sin
cerely regret to lose them from oar city.
Rev. J. W. Spangler, pastor of the M.
E. church in this city, is quite ill at the
parsonage, but hopes to be out again
Halloween nurht reac :ed Brownsville
again this year and tbe small boy reach
ed the neighbor s gate souieuuiee tne
neighbor reached the boy.
Wm Christencen ia having the Knapp
property, recently parcbased by bim, re
paired and placed in a neat condition.
Two revivals are in progress in this
citv now and are lanrely attended by au
dicoces wbc attention is evidence of ao
small degree of interest.
O. P. Coshow. formerly of Brownsville
and Albany, was in this place Sunday
evening aud gave an interevting talk oa
his recent trip to ftaitimore, wnere
te went as a delegate to Hue national .
Y. P. U. vouveulion o( the Baptist
L. L. Sav. the popular cashier of the
Bank of Brownsville, made a business
trip to Portland last week
It was raining tbia afternoon.
Frank Bros, of Portland have failed fur
about 1 120.00O.
John Wertfail's son in-law wbo went to
China two year ago will be back ia Albany
in a few dart
It bas been atated lint out a dioa of raia
fell during October. Mr. Brigg's repert,
though show tbat one-temh ot an incH
If. F. HoUenback. at one time a red
dect of Alb-iny h leased the opera ho
at Eugene and will maiiAe it tne coming
Wilson and K.tch a bave t-.e oi
tract for patting ia a drainage system at the
Uvpbana Home, an lmprovemsni that win
add greatly to tbat institution
On account of a marked increare of bu
sines in tbe city &:elimaer lire nave
been obliged to add another wagon to their
delivery business, and now run five.
Be sura and see Uncle Sam awd tbe Bauy
Brownie at tbe opera bouse rrulay eve
Nov 1st. Ticket for nie at Hodges and
McFarland. admission 20 cents. Rexerved
seats 25 centa. Children 10 cents A r
ciat will follow, with refreshment.
Tha Stat University and the Willam
ette Univendty football teams will meet ia
(Salem tomorrow The Democrat pre
dicts that tbe S. U.'s will win with a safe
The B acks' one Club ref riydto yesterday
was ortmaiaed with U. b. Hawkins as
nreaident. Ciiriton Sox vice president, and
Josenli E. Wright se-retary '1 he club
prontL to ba active in Ifurd studies this
winter. '
The citizens of Albany hsve subscribed
tl&'O toward etablith a a turjentine fao
torv in that citv.and st lr Lamberson
totako chrce of ths eiiieriseKad rondact
it. i ue lr. reus u insi tost is ikw rara
cientcKntd toeittablixh the en'erprise ia
Albany, although he could do well if he
bad that amount to add to hi plant ia
this place, snd he will not sccept the pro
nosition. Then. too. he cannot afford to
leave bis practice and business in this
cty, Advance
A BrsiNKSB Chang A. J. Johnson
has bought ot Edward Uoine his one
half interest in the Sci Roller Mills.
Tbe new firm will be Johnson A Phillips,
a strong firm. Mr. Goins will put a' I
bis energies into his Albany business.
The Spotane Review says the Livei
pojl market justifies 4 cfei'ita more fjr
wbeat than is being paid in the
Highest of all in Learcsicg
was Psi
Albania Pioneer Minister
After a Long Iltneea.
Iter S. G. Irvine. D. D . d; .t.
a . V w- -a. uw
home in this city, last evening, Oct. 31
1895, at 7:45 o'clock after sui iHmj-a of
over three years, at the age of m years,
2 months and 17 days. Linu county thus
loses her pioneer minister, the Willam
ette valley loies one ihntiflw4 ,:.k ,t.
apboilding, tbe world loses oo of iu.
noblest roea it is ever ones lot to some ia
contact with. Dr. Irvine's was a hieh
character, fullv roundwd. Ha .
christian in every fibre, and for over 40
years preached the gospel atraignt. His
iua wm oeneaiction to those under its
influence, and his name will be a anoao
ment for vears in th. hi.tnev n
christian mmistry of Oreeoo.
ir. Irvine waa bora in WootUir. Ohio.
In 1815 he mlniinl ima ti - "
New Athena. Ohio, aad ia I860 IrZZ th
theological seminary at Cannon bur?
fenn., being licensed to preach on July
.'in owing m ine ministry over 4d
years. Uanng the summer of 1851 be
preached in New York City and received
an argent call to remain there but he
chcee to come to Oregon as a missionary
and made the trip bv water reaching
here in the fa I, preaching bis firsr ser
mon in Albany Nov. 16, 1851. in tlie
building now owaed by J. A. fJpham on ,
Water street. He bes-an the pastorate of
tbe Oak ville church Nov. 20. .852. '
preaching at Albanv Mrt of tbe time, he-
gianina: bis duties mm nertnanent nutnr
of the Albany United Presbyterian
church in June 1S57. prearhins' at Al
bany and Oakville on til 1874. ihronrh
rain and sunshine, always meetinc his
appointments. In that year be assomed
the pastorate of toe Albanv chun-h.chuh
he filled actively until Amruat 18lr2.whea ;
he preached h's last sermon ia the
church, being taken ill ia that month. )
and never recovering sufficiently to again 1
myfimmi 1U uie puiIHl ; OUV SUIUCienUy V.
pay two visits to the church dorinx the J
meeting of the general assembly in May,
iev . lsonez ins illness bis life was a
continual sermon to these fortunate ia
seeing the christian fortitude, the won
derful patience and the beauty of his
character. In 1878 Dr. Irvine was ac
corded the highest honor in tbe church.
tnat of Moderator of the beneral as
sembly. He was married twice. Be
side a loving, faithful wife the deceased
teares six children, Mrs. W. U. Gastoo.
of Tacoma. Mrs. C. H. Stewart. and Miss
Elisabeth Irvine, ot Albany, aad O. H.
Irvine, of McMinnville, bv his first wife.
aad J. Ciera and 8. Elliot Irvine by his
second wife.
Tbe funeral sei skes will occnr at the
church Monday afternoon at o'clock.
A Bear Story.
Near the Braitoabosh oa th O. C. A
E. R. R. live Mr. and Mrs. Neil McRae.
Tbey are an estimable elderly couple oi
Irish extraction aad live alone. Last
Wednesday evweine they heard a noise
ia the shed adjoining their house, and
seeii.g the cat and chickens run, M rs.
McRae remarked that there moit be
something to scare them and opened the
titenen door and saw a big mack bear
ia the wood shed, ia tbe act of raising
upon his hind legs as if for attack. She
ecreamed and slammed the door ennt.
Mr. McRae laid aside bis rape aad sot
bis gnu. bat the bear had disappeared
when tbe door was strain opened. It is
supptwed that tbe extreme! v dry weath
er made the uear seek the river tor
Sowb Maatos Tax Parses. A. Bash
is Marion ceontys heaviest Individual
tax payer. He is assess id at 1 ,.
Mr Bosh worth over tl.0M.00B hie
claimed. Til Ford pays th moot taxea
of any Salem lawyer, oa 129,63, Jo-lew
noise second, panac a rcaa.'U. rx.
State FYiater Baker mad hay wbea th
ran shone and is assssatd at $18,900,
which means that he ia worth Frohahtv
MO.Osw. JH Albert pars en 35.836.
Breymen Bme, oa 40.432. Jack Bar
nett oa 5.S79, Fete fArcv oa f.45. G
I Downing. 913.A3.V, Thee Kay Worn
Mill, so.ooa. Anton EJeia. t7.eil. Gov.
Lord, 15.400, U. J . Senator McBride oa
PS.7S5. The pofwit have rnven the rec
ord only throasrh the M'a.
Urraa Savtias. tate Laaa Aaat
DavenBort has PMurawd frn Kia lHb
throngh the apper Santiam rvsjioa,rber
ne wee una we to find anv land tbat
could be had for the state outside th
limits of the Cascade reserve, so ae will
he forced to wait antil a stria on either
of the railroad is thrown open, which
doubt lees will occur soon after conrreee
meets. Mr. Dawn port says the indica
tions ail are that the Oregoa (antral A
Eastern railroad extension will pim ewd
next snrinff aa earl v a nnriible. New
ties and timbers are brine gotten oat in
great nam hers and there is an air of
thrift, progress and hopefulness among
me people an a long me line. ctaiesman.
Mr. and Mrs. V. L loong came an
from Salem yesterday with a p ot
.wr. loung s art collection.
On Wedneedav. October 34J. about fiftv
members of the Jnnior Society o the
Albany Baptist church met at the home
oi ansa vena renmngton, weir lormei
apenntendent, for a surprise social, as
she is about leaving tbem to he absent
during the winter. Thev wanted to show
their appreciation ot ner work for tbem.
and concealed their plans so well that tt
was a surprise in the fullest sense. They
passed a merry evening wait music,
games, and a "Tootn-ptrfc." luocn at tne
Immense Little B.-ownics.
Vnl williatandine a heavv rain laat
night there was a big crowd'et the opera
nouse to iijv oniwum in umr an
tic. Nothing more laughable was ever
presented ia Albany. The Brownies
f roved a cyclone of fnn. Tbe were
anny in appearance, and had been well
trained by Miss Vandersol. of Salem.
They appeared ia eight scmea during
the program, ist, arriving; then a school
seen in which th yoang man abont
town got a good thrashing for turning
somersets serves the room : then a sink
ing school, a bedlam of discord,; a trip
throngh Chinatown ; ki e making in
Brownie style, in which Mack the bar
ber got an adv. in on tb finished kite;
a leap frog scene full of leaps and tum
bles ; a foot ball game ending in one of
the players being carried off on a stretch
er and the grand march and ball in
which fantastic figure tripped fantastic
toes regardless of time. Interspersed
was a well rendered piano dost by Misses
AMerson and Smick.a recitation," Brown
ies Ride, rendered with excellent effect
by Arlene Train, a bass solo by Mr. Lnd
dell, a splendidly rendered recitation,
arcme ivan. ry Mrs. neater, erect-
Ution by M IBs Vandersol, presented with
power ana elocutionary jadgment, a
vocal sl sweetly snag by Mis Aldevwon
and music by Palmer's orchestra. This
is a family of plavers lesiding a few miles
from Albany, assisted by Riley Hulburt,
who furnished some fine music for the
occasion, very creditable to tbe young
men and women in tbe orchestra. The
entertainment closed with refreahmeuts
ami aocialibility.
Power. Ltt U. S. Gov't Report
A Live Affair Across the River.
A very live affair eccurred between Al
bany and Wells yesterday evening. Here
is the history as told tne Denocsat.
Barnard Mocker several months ago re
sided iu Califoraia. He was engaged to
a daughter of Wm Rile. Sam Barnett,
a nephew of Riles saews to Lave been
jealous, ami in spite wrote some very
own and False letters to Mr. Hecker
about bis future wite. Mr. Hecker came
to Oregoa to be married about two
months ago. He gave Baraett 24 hour
ia which to leave axicT Barnett left, bat
returned a few days age, and as well a
yoa r ;t-r brother came here from the eaau
Ia ti meaatime Mr. flecker aad Miss
Btlee bad beea married. Bamett w:
agaia ordered to teave, aad promised to
do so, rmt did aot, lesterdar Mr. Bites
was shown the lettera, aad was greatly
raceosed. He
incensed. He took Barnett to task for
il' nd bowed one of the hHtera to young
They drew a revolver, accord
ing to Mr. Kile's version and made buu
give op th others. Tbe Barnetta then
went to John Tomihuos'a, where they
were boarding, followed by Mr. Riles,
who tried to ret a gun, bat they would
not give him one; then he went home
two miles away, got a shot gua aaJ came
back. He found Mr. Uecker and the
younger Baraett ia a fierce fight over the
Just then Sam BaraeU, who had been
hidt? the bara came out aud cred in
tbe air, he said to frighten Uerker a ay.
Kile saw bun, and bred at turn twice;
but failed to hit him. Tbe Barnetts
then agreed to eave.pweked their things,
were brought to Albany aad left on th
over laud, rem said be proposed to
come tack, tat the younger bo:L'er de
clared ha wvMiid never return.
J ads Hewitt win take chare of de-
" . 11 "j
Pru fcitul Monday.
Col. Georve TeleXer-returned to Albanv
last night after aa absence of several
Hon. M. A. Miller and family, of Leb
anon, were in the city today on their way
Dome from rortiand.
All young men are invited to the Y.
M. C. A. roums at 4 p m tomorrow. Rev.
Abbett will address tbe meeting.
Captains Roberta aad Bozart of tL
FaraDoB, came ever from the Bay this
none, moraine the next train.
Mra. Geo. C. Will ia acain about after
having been laid op with a sprained
ankl tor soaie rirae. Salem Journal.
Mr-ano Mrs. McHarsue. of Browns
ville last Tae!ay cetebrated their 51sa
anni weary ef tfeeis- wedJia aa veat
worts cuenaaag.
Pr. Cox. recent! of Browavi!Se. lias
located in Chicago aad bas hi office in a
15 story block. Quite a change from fats
Oregon office.
Mr. H. M. BeaH. receiver of tbe Linn
National Bank, return! this coon frou
tnp to baa i rancisoo, coming on
the Faralloo, which arrived as tbe
Bay ye ever day.
Mrss Fern Svrahao. of Atlanta, Ga..
came up bom Portland last evening oa a
vot wito Aibacy tneads betore joiniug
her mother in ner Docs at Auajua,
Tbe Epworth Leago of the M. X
charch tendered Mr. aad Mrs. CoUias
Elkins a reosptioa last snrvaiag at the
church. It waa a happy event. Geo-
nia cotigratsiatieos were abowered up
on la popular eoapie. A delicious
laacu was ses ed denag th eveairif.
A farpris party waa tendered Lee
Payae bias, eveauaz at tb boss of 'a
arwota, at the corwer of Ferry and 4Ah
Svesi hoars were speat ta a
1 vwly man Bar, greatly e joyed by the
follow ing who were prases : Edith Kao
lin, Edna Frocaaa, Meed Frasnea. Laura
DaaaeJa. Hatua Olsea, rouslw Pauer
eaa, Grace Payae, Fraaki Paya, Ciai
terinl, ctewo uamioo, vtui
Merle, Otto Ctabtraa, Kotwrt Coort-
wright, Yaraoa Ismp aa La raya.
Dr. Beer rweeotly aiala a tHtnasea
trip to Wasoa eoaaty, hie Istaiet boave.
White there be waa aaaaa sertooaiy ul
with appaodicuoa, tssd Dr. Mrs. Bears
at ooc seat for, leaviag tor tnere
the middt ot tb week. Tbe weeco
News ways: lr. H. K. Boer is ronSwed
to his bed at the reside- ei Mr. T. C
Brock, with ao attack at appeatdicitie.
He baa th very beat of art wo I sataad
aac aad it ia expected tbat be will eooa
be able to retara to bis bom at Albany.
Dr. GeisendofTer, of Arlington, was in
tlie city Tbareaay auendin oa Dr. H.E.
Beers. Dr. Mrs. Beers, ot Albany, came
np yesterday to attend on her hosuaud
vr. jteers.
Wiu. CLoaa. Through res sect for th
emorr at Dr. Irria ta tmaiaesa
boesee af lb city will close Moaday al
ternoou dariag ta faeeral senrices,
maay ot tbem already having expressed
a dewir to do so. Th faaeral eermon
will he arwached by Rev. T. J.Wusoa of
Fagea who will b assisted by ethers ia
the service.
From 1 to 1 o'ekak J he remainsj will
lie in state at ta church where they
mav be viewed.
.WLKi'MW m
J?9 laV aL.
Both the metaod acd remits whoa
Syrup of Fig ia taken, it is pkasest
and refreshing to the taste, aad acta
Sntij yet promptly a tie Eidnrya,
ver and Bovrela. cleaase ta rvs-
tern effettaalty, dispels coMs, head
aches and fevers and care habitual
constipation. Syrup of Fig ia th
only remedy of ita kind ever pro.
daoed, pleasing to the taste saa t
cp table to the caTsnacIi. prompt ia
ita action and traly eaefcial fat its
effects, premywl ealy f ren tha most
healthy and ogreaabie sabeiaBcea, its
many excellent qmlitiea ooBUBead it
to all and have maae! it the Brest
popular remedy tnewn. ,"
Prnip of Fitn is for sale in 60
ecnt bottles T all leciis? elroo.
jisis. yvnv reaiaww arnjjiB is
may set bave it oa haA will pa-
cura it promptlw far aay obm wac
witbeatotry it. Da not aaieptary
Urn FKltCltCQ. CC
musriut, n. -umn
Sf .a
If .-v
N"w Time Card.
fjllosung u thi aim tlmsciri fj,h
AHjany Strer-t Railway:
be far will ieairv corner of First and
WanhiftKton ttrwts as followii: :
4:ij a. m. frutrniogovgtland tntia.
H: 1 , " " leUnon train. ,
1 1 :-'" ' " YiiijTia i trnin.
120 noon, t-am going nontb.
125 p. m., Hon-vUT-e train n.Ttb bunua
sod wtt boood Yaquioa train. -
1 -tw p. m V. U U. train, east lj-:d.
40 Lebaeon train.
11-35 " Overland traia goieg toutb.
4M - Orpbaa's Home.
Tbe cur will ak meet al incomimr trains
on both tbe Southern PaciSc aad O C. A
E. railroad. C-G. Burxbabt,
Almo evervhodv tWea anma I.v-;.
medictne to cleanse ths system and keep th
biood pure. Those who ttka SlMJHONS
IJVFB ff PflJt A TfB r'itrilt , A
get aU the benefits ef a mild and pleasant
laxative and tonic that purifies th blood
and strengthens the whole system. And
more than this: Sl.vLstOMS LIVER REGU
LATOR regulates tb Liver, keep ft actjva
and healthy, and when th Lfvsr is la
gooa condinon yoa find yourself free froaa
Malaria. Biliousness, ladigsspon. Sick-
Headafhe and Czifi aflna ant ri.4 (
that vera out aad dsbiatatad fea9na
These are ail caused by a sluggish Lirar.
troubles will only be had whan the livsr
Is property at work- If troubled with anw
of these compliinta, try SfJLHONS LVE5?
Regulator. Tha tdng ot Lhrsr Modf
dso, and Bettsr taaa Kls.
Eaa ta Z Sunp ia red oat wrapper.
. u. zeuixt as Jol, FbXlav, (a.
Dealers i a
and Oats.
TT Hare had mere tbor'Migh truiaiag ia
all the bnacba of iaacrabce this any
ether ageat in Albasy. aad caa giTe yoa
awre geaaise iasarance f--r your macsy
tasa aay other agssot i th eiy.
District agesib; for the Sea. of La tcs.
setaboxbei 1 iiO A. D . roeaix. of Lca
ea, A LK, 1782 aad "Ccauiitst." of
V . .... .
se im. Tne owiy eootcaaj iiiis; a
ar?rv r him t'otjev.
i. sCNDEltS, li Co.. Mi-r--.
sp Wfiod Saslig.
rfwi: j to hard time J. N. Coocabs will
saw wood cha-uer than ever Mined wood
twice ta two, 35 cew's; oA gran, twice. .
ram-.: ewce ia two oO ccs': tBe err is 40
sewf: ord, 25 cents. Urder seft t W.
T, Womt i ger? s'ore us reccivw
Bvempt atteouuo.
no. m mami fo
SttowrWaal a4 waSy V SCH. nVuil iw-aMHMBj.-M.
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