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    F. P. NUTTING, Ed. and Prop.
When Ihe English sparrow bawk it dying
toward itt dinner it cleave space at the
speed of 15a mile aa hour.
The great pelican could no Spread Its
wing in a hall bedroom. It often meas -ures
15 feet from tip to tip.
A fatal fall from a great height i; said to
be painless, as unconsciousness precedes the
crash of concussion.
Dry snuffs ax prepared from tobacco that
has been subject "to a high temperature be
fore the Uf 18 ground.
Talk about your silver dollar getting the
Daily Democrat four months. This is
big: but look at this: A silver dollar
runs the state legislature just 20 seconds.
While the editor of the Sheridan Sun is
attending to his duties as a state represen-
taliva the "devil" and a Methodist preach
er are running his paper. A curious com
A Lexow committee would have Us hands
full in San Francisco, even in Portland.
When it comes to Municipal rot the Pa
cific coast will hold its own with any sec
tion of country. ,
The Oregonlan did some wonderful work
for Senator Dolph. Will it repeat the
doses when-Senator Mitchell comes smil
ing into the arena two yean hence. This
is intended for a joke.
An interesting thing about the silver dol
lar is that it buys one hundred cents worth
of Albany merchandise, and will secure the
Daily Democrat, by mail, four months in
Retrenchment is the order of the day'
from Albany, New York, to Albany,Oregon
where the Daily Democrat may be secur
ed for 10 cents a week delivered or 25 cents
per month by mail.
It is estimated that the annual consump
tion of butter is aboct $10 per capita,
That means $40,000 or $50,000 a year in
Albany alone. A poin'er in reference to
They are bavin? a aect and sharp time
of it up in Idaho electing a U S Senator.
It is now about 20 to 16 in favor of Sweet,
with the populists stroeg enonah to have a
mountain of fan.
Albany continues the grand city of the
valley. When the clouds - of depression
rise the out look for this city in the Will
amette at the cross roads of the Southern
Pacific, and Oregon Pacific, rich in its en
vironments, cew tested mines and blessed
by a wholesonkd people, will bs second
to none. ."
Pennoi er has one friend. The Astoria
Budget rays: "The Oregocian" should
have the decency to let up oa its abuse of
Governor Pennoyer, now that he is oat of
office. Still, the people don't expect much
from an old hog but a grunt, or an old dog,
but a whine."
A large European demand for American
horse is reported. An agent from Scot
land is hers with orders to buy 2500 head
and one from Belgium intends, to secure
23,000 head, which he is looking for in
both Eastern and Western markets. They
ar taking al classes, but want good indi
viduals of good breeding. '
The Japs continue to pull the Celestials
by the nose. They knock, the chips off
their shoulders at will. One hundred
Americans could drive ' ten thousand Celes
tials through the tea fields of China. The
Japs seem to think they could face tha
world; bat they could not cope against
American va'or and genicg. . The Japs
are just about half way between the Amer
icans and Celestials. "
People don't pay much attention about
whom they elect to represent ifaem in the
State Legislature. Had it been known
that some of them would try to divide op
Lien count?, they would have been snow
ed under roof deep- It will be a good
idea in the future for the people to find out
how candidates stand on so important
matter, one that affects " one of the very
best counties in the state to the depths of
its interests.
A Helena correspondent for the Anacon
da S'andard is authority for the statement
that oue legislator committed himself to
twenty-'-wo girls who want committee
clerkships. That is tantamount to saying
there are at least twenty-two female byp
notizers at the capital seeking office. Great
Scott,' and not a single Joseph reported
among the men. Inter-Mountain.
Edward Bok in tho Cosmopolitan gays
the young man wants short sermons and
he will go where he can get ihem.and says
the Episcopal church has added wonder
fully to its membership on account of its
ten'y minute sermons. When one has
listened twenty or thirty minutes to a ser
mon, one is refreshed, but thirty-five or
forty minutes is wearisome fo the common
every day sort of a fellow. Condensation
is the program nowadays, and the Demo
crat will seek to follow this idea in its
editorial ealumns. . . . . .
Tl e people of Oregon have both eyes on
ihe present State legislature. 1 hey are
' going to be heard if there is . any
msnkay business. They wanl economy in
' the clerkship business, action in the disso
lution of the Rilr a'l Commission, and
01 Iwr commission, etcetera. The repuhli.
cans of Oregon have a grave-responsibility
on their hand. W I' they serve the p?o.
plr. fr not. P10I ably not, There wi 1 be
:he UMtal sinecure of clerkship,' tbout as
mi-ly commit for,i a ever, and jUg; i,e
sauie o'd story of back scratching on ap
propriations; o that when Ibe IrgUlature
adjourns look out.
Of all ihe ridiculous cusb 111s in the
Oregon S-ate Legislature about the worst
is that of making the Stale pay for five
newspaper for each legislator, a total cost
or over 500 fcr something .that is prac'ic
ally a personal matter. ' . - -
Leg'sl-iiors who get 83 a d.ty and can 1
vo for go!d bugs should pay for" their own
pupers. Anil then every last one of them
wiit go ho, ne with a waste basket in hand
and penknife in pocket. ' Wonder if they
don't feel cheap some times.
Make No Mistake. "
QBv dispelling the symptoms so olten
mistaken for Consumption. Soma Abie
has brocght gladness to mtny a house
hold. 11 Its prompt nse for brewing up
the co d hat too often develops into ' that
fatal di-tea, thousands can be saved from
an un imely grave You mite no mistake
bj kerpln; a bottle of this pleasant
remedy in your house. California Cat-R
cure i equally effective In eradicating . all
waccs of Nasal Catarrh. B h of these
wonderful California remedies are sold
and warranted by Foshay Si Mason 50 and
f I a package, 3 for $3.50. ,
Brace Up. ;
Brace up.
Put some electricity into your fibers;
raise your head, chin up. Don't bend to
the ground as if your last frind were gone
because times are hard. Why.tha: Is what
does It.
Brace up.
Face the music, do battle with the fiend
of depression and he wilt be conquered.
What cannot a man do who wills it; what
cancot the members of a com muni' y do who
put their shoulders to the . wheel and with
a unanimous shout push forward; what can
not the people of a nation do if ther will it .
Tha Democrat editor is an optimist from
his bump of nope to Ihe bottom of his feet.
He belleves'things will look up, though slow
ly; he wi'l believe this if the depression last
five years. He will look for good times
when another year rolls around. . ;
B.ace up.
Qait growling. Time are a grist deal
better than some let on, but they ate bad
enough. People have so gotten la tie habit
of looking long ftced and telling their
neighbois times are "aful hard,' that the
disease has permeated the world.
Brace up.
Or you will sink. A well man, If he
wills it, may sink into disease. A sick
man, if he wills it, may rise from his couch
into health. Theie is nothing like the
little pill of will to make the blood course
with rythmic thump in ones veins.
Brace up.
Sow is when the world needs braced up
men. AJi around are people trying to mass
us believe the world is going to ruia cross
lota, and that soon we win troout like the
twinkling of a star. Same time . we will,
bit not now. Mark 'it. not until several
aes have passed.
Brace up.
It is needed in business that - yon meet ,
the emergencies. Perhaps you are one of
those, who, in that era of boom, put your j
money into the stream in order to be in the
swim, covered yourself with mortgages, and
are cow reaping the whirlwind. If S3 it
ia indeed hard to brace np; but make the
effort until your limbs ache and the cell of
your longs crackle.
Brace up.
Let Albany peop'e heed the admoni
tion. Albany is all right. Oit the best
move on yoa know how, not the boom day
move; but one with returning confidence.
and let a sentiment of brotherhood induce
every man to act on the forward increment
plan, in a manner justified by the times, but
ahead and not backward. There are silver
linings to all the crouds, anl some day the
sua will shine out and we will step oa the
the Oregon Pacific overland for Balse City
or Chicago with the old time vigor.
American Railways.
The report of the statistician cf the
Inter-State Commerce Commission, who.
by the way, IsProt Henry C Adams of
Michigan University, contains some can
ons facts and figures. It is shown, far
example, that 101,000,000 more people rode
on the cars last year than in 1890, but the
average journey was not quite so long. In
1890 the average passenger rode 24.06
miles, in I891 24.18, in 1392 23.82 and in
189323 97 miles.
One can nbtlerstand why the average
number ot tons hauled on a freight train
should not vary a great deal year after
year, for the railroad managers control
that, but it is remarkab'e that the average
length of the journey taken by 593,560,612
people for that is the number of the pas
sengers carried last year should be so reg
ular. And another equally singular fact
is that the average number of passenger
on each train was exactly the same in 1891
1S92 ana" 1893, and it was 42, although the
passenger-train mileage increased from
285,575,804 to 335,618,770.
In New England the average number of
passengers in each train was 61 ; in New
York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 46;
in the South Atlantic S'ates, 40; in the
Gulf States, 30; in Ohio, Indiana and
Michigan, 31; in Illinois, Wisconsin. Iowa
and Minnesota, 41; In Nebraska, Wyoming,
Montana and the Dakotas, 35; in Kansas
and Colorado, 34; in Texas and New Mex
ico, 34, and on the Pacific Slope, 54.
In New Eogtand the average length of
the jonrney of each passenger . was 15.48
miles; in New York, Pennsylvania and
New Jersey, 17.29; in the South A' Untie
States, 31.86; in the Gulf States, 87.48; in
Illinois, Wisconsin. Iowa and Minnesota,
28.23; in Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana
and the -Dakotas, 76.89; in Kansas and
Colorado, 64.47; in Texas and New Mexi
co, 50.59, and on the Pacific Slope, 35.02
Another curious feature is the even bal
ance in the proportion of the ea'nings from
the several sources from which the income
of the railway is derived. In 1891 the
passenger earnings of all the roads in the
United States were 25.64 percent of the
whole, in 1892 they were 24.48 per cent,
and in 1893 they were 24.70 per cent.
In 1891 the freight earnings were 57.17
percent, in 1892 they were 68.24 per cent,
and in 1893 67 92 per cent of the whole.
The earnings from express in 1891 were
1 97 per cent of the - whole; in 1892, 1.89
per cent, and in 1893 1.93 per cent.
The total revenues of all the railways In
toe United states from passengers ws
1301,491,816; revenue from carrying mails
was 128,445,053; revenue from carrying ex
press was $23,631,394, makicg with other
earnings incident to the passenger service
income of $360,024,041, or 29.49 per cent
of total earnings from operation. The
revenue from carrying freight during the
year was $829,053,861, which, with other
earnings arising on account of freight ser
vice, gives a total of $832,902,205, or 68.23
per cent of total earnings from operation.
Recently the assistant treasurer of the
United S'aies at New York city has turn
ed into the Postoffice Department fund the
sum of 1,300,000, which has been accu
mulal'ng ' in the sub treasury during the
last thirty years from the funds paid to the
monej-order posioffices for remittances
which have never been claimed. Old
money orders are presented at the Post
office Department almost every day, but the
amount of the nnpaid money-order fund
increases constantly, and there is no likeli
hood that any part of the 1,JOO,000 will
be claimed by its owners. In fact, every
j ear from $50,000 to $100,000 is added to
Ibe fund, which represents carelessness or
A land contest in Oklahoma has been
decided in a novel manner. The claim
was occupied by two settlers, a man and a
woman, and both declared that tie would
fight for it till death. The man fell ill and
h: fierf e fcm.ile opponent, fofter-ed int0
e;iu::.e wctUai,nuvd oyhts iiffl'ction, went
to his shaatyand nursed him back to
health. By this time they had decided (0
divide the claim between them and then
Cupid appeared on the scene in the midsi
of a bl'zzard snd they went to n mioia'er
ini'ead of to the land office and entered in
to a matrimonial compact by whic'i racti
got the whole of it. , .
The White House corner atoj was I rid
in 1792. hd the bui dlng was tint occupied
by John Adartn.
- Valedictory.
At announced in yesterday's issue I have
severed my connection with the Democrat
after a period of more than twelve years
as editor and part owner. With many
regrets I part company with the old staunch
friends who have so generously, in all these
years, contributed their liberal support to
the paper as advertisers and subscribers.
In conducting the editorial columns I have
always sought to impress the public mind
In the direction of a better and broader
citizenship, to elevate the morals and char
acter of those who have from day to day,
and from week to week, been readers of
these columns' I tru-.t I am not at vari
ance with the truth when I express the be
lief that the efforts thus put forth have not
been fruitless ones. The newspaper is of
far reaching influence, and a powerful ed
ucator of the minds of tnen.' The respon
sibility of conducting a newspaper Is far
weightier than most people may ordinarily
imagine. Morally the responsibili'y is of
the nature of a public trust, and it is a
matter of grave importance that the editor
should faithfully perform bis trust. How
well I have performed the trust committed
to. my bands is left to the people to judge.
In bidding goodbye to the thousands of
men, women, and children who have been
regular readers of this paper, I earnestly
express the hope that all may continue
their liberal support to the Democrat as
such a paper is indlspenslble to the prog
ress, prosperity, and well being of the
people of the field In which it circulates.
For the present, and may be for all tims to
come, I bid all Su editorial adieu.
T. J. Stites.
Curious Facts.
la Portugal a married lady cancot legally
publish literary work without her husband's
The elephant is commonly supposed to be
a slow, clumsy animal, bat, when excited
or frightened, can attain a speed of twenty
milts aa bonr.and can aeep it up for half a
The chameleon's eyes are siluattd in bony
sockets prcjecliog from the head. By this
contrivance the animal can see in any direc
tion w'.thout the slightest movement save
of lh eve.
The habit of turning sound three or faor
times before lying down has survived la
the domestic deg from his savage ancestry .
It then served to break down the grass ard
maxe a bed.
A man in Bremen has invented a kiad of
"oil bombs'' for calming the waves,' which
can be fired a short distance. There are
small holes in them, allowing the oil to ma
out ia about an hour. ..
The alligator never leaves fresh water
hile the crccodile frequently travels long
d -stances bv sea. It has been seen 1 000
mites from land.and it, is possible that these
sea-gotng crocodiles have given rise to sea-
serpent stories.
Probably the very largest fire-iasoraace
policy in existence, or ever written, is that
covering the property of the Santa Fe R til-
way Company. It was issued by the rbue
nix Fire of London, England, ia in amount
1 1 7, 000, co J, and fakes a premium of $170.-
000 to carry.
Birch waited loag far a full recognj 100
t a cabinet wood. Within the pas year
it has ruaie rreat strides ia the favor of
manufacturers of furniture and finish,
looks now as if it were to take the place
cherry in a large ay. No nan hern ar.d
comparatively cheap wond can be utilized
tor Hght-cjlorrd finish so well as blr.h.
"Did yoa ever anice the fact," asks
observing correspondent, "that tie
who walks on ihe shadv aide cf the street
and takes off his hat to cod his hea l on
hot day is, nine times out of leo.bald head
ed, while the mm with a shock of hair
enough to make a window brutb never
thinks of removing his Ls. whatever lie
temperature msy be.
Treated birch," says a Philadelphia
builder'beromes mshogany of rare beauty
and 'soaked' nnple goes into all "ebony
pianos now. So cleverlv is the 'fake' wood
'weighted' that nothing short of borings wilt
prove the deception. Maple mahogany
soaked though to a depth of foar inches,
and will polish even better thaa the gena
ne wood.
The Atlantic steamers, which most make
the voyage now In seven days or unler.buro
from two hundred to three hundred tons of
coal daily, making this item of expense over
I1500 every twenty-foor hours. The Cat
bria burns twelve tons of coal per hour, and
oa every vessel of her size the journals sod
bearioes of the machinery require 130 gal
Ions of lnbricatirg oil per day.
Worse than Ilcre.
Tliia clerkship st-al business seems to
universal. It is not confined to Oregon
and Washington. California is having
dose beside which that o! Oregon is a mere
speck. The Examiner says:
Tbe prodigal distribution of clerkships
and other positions among the needy horde
that has followed the legislators to Sacra
men to is nothing less (ban a scandal. The
actual needs of ths Legislature in the way
clerks, dooi keepers snd watchmen hav
been exceeded thrice sver already, snd the
end is n?t yet.
Ytst. rcxy Senator McAllister expressed
the fetling of the people of the State ou!
side of Sacrameoto when he hotly denounc
ed the extravaganne that bad run cp Ihe
contingent list of thu Srna'e to $7:9 a day
agaiast 1 he $269 that sufficed for tbe Srnate
of 1SS0. There is no more legislation be
fore the Legislature te day than there was
before that of fifteen years ago. On the
contrary there is less. Yet tbe expenses
are already three times tbit of the old Leg
islature and piss evf n those of some of the
extravagant bodies that have roused the In
dignation of the people 10 so Liiy'i a pitch io
later years.
The assemb'y Is raining a ran with the
Senate. The necessary attaches were sp
poin'ed on January 8th, and they are now
doing such' work as is h:lng dooe. Yet on
the 9'.h twenty-eight more a t'Ches were
named, on the i6 h forty-three more were
provided for, snd yesterday tho Assemble
voted to put thirty seven more on the lis'.
It is notorious that these appiiiin.eots
are not needed by the State. There is no
servfee that these appointees wi'.l or on
perform for the people. Yet tl.e uumbc s
of the Legis'ature hive voted almost unan
imously U psy them tl e peoplet money.
Toe vote on the last j b found only nine
teen nitmbers opposed fo the grab o fifty
srven who f tvored it.
fire Men Killed.
, Sti'bgw, Ky., Jan. 22. About 11:30
onight an explosion occurred at the
mines of the Tradeswater colliery. Five
kegs of powder exploded inside the mines
killing nve men a ad two males and cav
ing the mines in on them, About 75
men are now at work digging tho men
from the debris. They have reached
the mules, and they are horribly mutil
ated. Money iu Ltwn.
t have money to loan on good 'farm
land In Ltnn and He.ilon counties in
ums not over 3000. Mo delays in fur
nishing the coin. Call on 0 G Burkhar'.,
Mbany, Oregon. Also money to loan 011
dtv prrpcrtyfin any amount on long tlm
at s low rateoE i.iieiest.
Dolph Being Swallowed Whole.
Capital, SALEU.Or. Jan. 26nd, 2:40 p 111
This is the day of days in legislature of
Oregon for it is today that witnesses the
election of U S Senator. In the upper
house this morning Senators lirownell
placed in nomination Dolph and mado a
very able address in behalf of his man. He
viewed his past life, his ability, his integ
rity and moral upwrightness and occupied
half an hours time ana about ten sheets of
tpye written manuscript in the telling
senators and spectators why his mau should
go in. His eloquence bad a salutary effect
for Dolnh secured 19 votes out ef a nnnsihiA
30 and Hare and Dennett secured together
the remaining eleven.
Senators Houston. Holt, Cogswell, But
ler. Beckley, King, McAlister, Roily, Smith
of Clatsop, Smith of Sherman and Van
Deburg voted against the gold stnndiird
man, could not be persuaded or bluffed
into doing other be. Several of the sen
ators who upon arrival at the senate were
counted Capon by the opposition, cast
their votes for Dolph when the critical
moment arrived.
Comment on their actions is considered
unnecessary by the silver men. In the
lower house today the speaker announced
the chairman and members of the different
standing committees. The selection gives
a very general satisfaction and displays a
vast amount of painstaking stud von sneak
er Moores part. The election of U S Senator
made a special order of business for 2 p m
and at 1 :45 the large assembly hall is
crowced upstairs and down.
First ballot House. Dolph 29; Judge F
ar,oore. zs: Lord. 1 : w. 11. 11 are 7.
Joint ballot tomorrow.
Lacks One Vote.
VAFfTOL, OAXKM, ur, Jan so, o p m
Both house met in joint convention at 12
o'clock today to ballot for U S Senator.
The large assembly hall was packed to the
doors who spectators.
several vtt strong speeches made by
anti-Dolph men cod were received with
cnews. uoipn speeches met with groans
and hisses by spectators. Owing to illness
of one member it only required 4o votes to
elect of which Dolph received 44. Just
lacking one. Will ballot again tomorrow
at 12 o'clock. cUUot resulted as follows
Dolph. 44: Haw, 10: Lord. 5; Geo II Will
iams, 1; Moore, 17; Herman, 4; Ujonett,
A Lane County Gun Accident.
Ecgxxk, Or, Jan 21. Ed Poill, 17
years old. a strident of the University,
living in Springfield, while coming over j
this morning shot himself in the right
1, making a bad flesh wound. Be had
the revolver in the right coat pocket,
and while studying bis lessons be on-
eoncioualy polled toe trigger the ball!
entered bis teg just beloar the groin.
penetrating the Bean downwards about
10 inches and setting slothes on fire, lie
went to a boat near and a doctor was
sent for, who extracted the ballet.
Xue box factory U awn red. the ma
chinery already arriving.
Aa usual the Smiths are in it
are six ia the state legislature
Uon l tell vonr tronctee l.sre: we
have enoogh of oar own," is a sign be
hind a Portland hotel bar. Mercury.
The Salem Frt gives the editor ot
that city the following bard bid: Gov
Fletcher of the Editorial staff of the
Poet speaks tonight at Uowelt Prairie on
"Common Sense." Newspaper men of
Salem will do well to attend.
x -Superintendent Mc Kirov bat not
yet taken bis chair. Hecannotgive up
ire-polling. Ua looks mor like any
thing else than professor of literature.
Poet This is unkind, for a a matter
of fact Mr UcKlroy baa very much the
appearance of a professor and is certain
ly a gentleman, though nt runs thin;
into politics too much.
Normal schools cost the burdened tax
payers of this state for ls3 9 the biz
am of tol,3o2.7'. -Not another dollar
ought to be appropriated for them. They
also are Ma schools maintained at
favored points at the expense of all the
taxpayers 01 :e state.
As we are guiltv we have to oublisb
the following from the Times: The
Willamette valley papers, whenever the
S P overland train from the sooth pass
es late, gives "heavy snoas ia the Siski
you s'' as the cause. Neither toows nor
storms has delayed trains in the f-iski-
yoos id any of the recent brief blockade
or delays there has been no lack of
snow on the biskiyoos so far this winter
bat the storms and enows that have
blockaded trains have been sooth of
these mountains.
faase Mrlefcca.
SuASoiiii, Jan. 22. The Japanese
movement on Wei-Hai-Wei has caused a
panic in Ticn-Tsin and Teking. Tbe
Chinese peace envoys have been ordered
to expedite the negotiations with the
Japanese government. Japanese cruis
ers are watching both channels at Wei-Hai-Wei.
The attack upon the strong
hold may be delayed a week. The siege
trains move slowly, the roads being cov
ered with snow.
Long Siege of Dangerous
Left In Lew Condltlon-Clven Health
and Strength by Hood's
"C. I. Hood ft Ov Lowell, Mass.:
"Gentlemen: I bars been through a terrible
siege ot illness, and owe my present health to
Hood's SarsapariUa. First, I was taken alck
with measles, and oa the eighth day the doctor
said I bad bronchitis following that complaint.
In a short time lung fever developed, and I was
ia a serious condition for quits a while. When
I began to get a little better, my friends thought
that U I ever got up I would bars
I had such t terrible cough and threw off twice
my weight leoctlnoedlnaveryweakaadlow
condition; my weight falling from 115, before I
was taken stele, to CS pounds. Then in January,
1883, 1 bad an attack of the grip, and was con
fined to my room ten weeks. After this attack I
was still very weak and did not gain health at
all until I began to take Hood's SarsapariUa. I
had no appetite for anything, and was sick at
my stomach continually and had a bad taste ia
my mouth. Boms friends who were taking
Hood's SarsapariUa begged me to try It. jly
parents bad despaired of anything doing sis
good, bat began to give me the medicine, and
before I had taken ons bottle there was such
A Change'for the Better -
that they were glad to have me continue. Tbs
second bottle did for me What no medicine had
ever dona. It gave me strength sand brought
my general health up to where It was two weeks
Before I was taken with the measles. I nave
now nlshed my third bottle, and feel strong
and well. I shall always thank to Hood's Sarsa
pariUa." E. Irkxa Harris, Irving, Orsgon.
Hood's Pills are prompt and efOetent, yet
Basy in action. Sold by alt drarglata. SSe.
HU E. Irena Jlarrlm
Irving, Oregon.
Fought for Life
A Deadlock.
Olvmpu, jan. 22.-The republican
caucus to nominate a candidate for Unit
ed htatwi senator reconvened this even
ing, and, after taking 12 ballots without
agreement, adjourned sine die. This
moans that the prominent candidates,
Levi Ankney, John L. Wilson, John .
Allen and John S. McMillan each failed
to secure the requisite 41 votes to nomi
nate, and that tho fight will now be
thrown into tho legislature, with every
probability of a reiitition of tho dead
lock of two years ago.
Will Ke Itt II.
Portland, Jan. 22. Paul Jones, the
globe-trotter, was duo to arrive in Port
land last night, but he did not come.
iioubtieaaliu wm be here today. Jones
has been On tha Snnml far n imintutr cf
days, and Portland is a part of his itin
erary on his way back to Itoston, Mass.,
wuurv ue in to arrive by rebruary 12, in
order to win a wager cf $-'iO00. Paul
Jones, otherwise Euiil C. Pfeiffer, a lloe
ton nowspajer and magazine writer,
started on a trip around the world. It
was on a wager of ')000 tliat a man could
start absolutely naked and travel around
uie giowj, and in that tune make foOOO
Big Wheal fttstpsassU.
IIifi-NEB, Or., Jan. 22. There lias
been a total of 820 carloads of wheat
shipped from the Willow Creek breach
tlua season. The wheat season is prac
tically over, not mora than 15 per cent
remaining in the farmers bands, the
greater portion of w hich will be used for
feed and seed.
rgarlttas ttsewsa.
Sacbavkstu, Jan. 22. George C. Per
kins was thoaen United States senator to
succeed himself for the unexpired term
of the late Lcland Stanford, by the legia-
houses met separately. In the assembly
the first ballot sufficed to give Perkins
one more rote than the necessary major
Tsslear la Brkl;a.
Bkookltv, Jan. 21. Violence and
bloodshed, constitutes the record of the
eighth day of the electric street-car oper
atives' strike. Three militiamen are in
the hoepitals with broken heeds: two
having suffered at the hands of riotous
men and women, while the third was
the victim of his own carelessness, hav
ing fallen out cf a second-story window.
A score of more policemen are suffering
from bullet wounds or contusions of the
head and bodr, disabling them for the
time being. To what extt nt the strikers
nave suffered cannot be conjectured.
Will B A4vaar4
Ciuoiuo, Jan. 21. All the Western
roads have now recorded Utt-ir votes on
the question of advancing tho one-way
anil round-trip rates to the Pacific coast,
and Uie vote is unuiistakablv for the
raise, which w ill take effect February 15.
The matter was prac'jeaily decided some
days ago, but there wen a few lines
which were slow getting in their vote.
and the matter was not considered as
finally settled until thi-y had been beard
. aaSTertBC la siestlwrh.
New Yeas, Jan. 21. A special from
Carter City. Kr.,sjys that in proportion
to its population there is perliape no spot
in this country where mon want and
ruflfring exist than along the vallcrs of
eruuri aim uuiiug nwu, in mat coun
ty. The valleys of both streams are nar
row snd the suit pour. The hillsides are
so steep they cannot I farmed. Thcv
produce little vegetation, and grating is
not possible. About 25 have died.
vstu i T4&r.
SaauMexro, Jan. 21. The California
legislature w ill rut separately tomorrow
for a Cnited Hat senator. " The most
prominent candidate before the legisla
ture, which is strongly republican, are
Perkins. Uie present incumbent, and M.
II. Ie Young, of t'an Francisco, proprie
tor of the an FranriscoChronirle. Con
gressman Lowers and Jacob Neff Isave
a'o bee a mentioned as possibilities.
BV!llermte Stanlrr
Wau-A Walla, Wash., Jan. 21. Be
tween 11 and 12 o'clock, iodav, at Uie!
rui.ruitar 1 , j-fTJ Jioyt K1I4CU
Convict Ueurjrc Keif by striking him on
Uie head with an ax. The men were at
work excavating pita in Uie bnckvarvl at
the same time. Keif was in one and
Hoyt another .abont 50 feet away. While
Uie work wsa going on ilovt uicked on
an ax lying on tlie embankment and dc-
tiueratelv wulsiol to the pit where Kelt
was working, and, without warning, hit
A MMra4 BVriarra'.
rtxDLEVos, Or., Jan. 21. Charles S. j
Jackson, receiver cf Uie National Kank J
of Tend k-ton, has received auUioritv from j
Uie controller of the currency to declare
a dividend ot 23 per cent on the proved j
claims of the clueed bank. Tbe bank j
suspended May 10. 139J.
A etcl Saak.
Locwvinjt, Jan. 20. The Cincinnati
k New Orleans Iacket line's steamer
itate of Missouri waa sunk in the Ohio
nver just below Alton, Ind., Saturday
evening, just after 6 o'clock, and it is be
lieved at least 10 lives were lost. The
vessel struck a rock and ripped the star
board side-open from end to end. In tees
Uian five minutes she was a complete
wreck. Nearly everybody jumped into
the river and made for the shore, some
hundred yards away. She had on board
20 passengers and a crew of between 73
and 0. .Murt of the crew were negroes.
So far as can be told, no pa tigers were
lost. One man rescued four passengers
on a mule, which swam aialiore. The
passengers were all ticketed through to
."cw Orleans,
1 ke Balle B)taaler.
BiTTB, Jan. 20. John Sloan, sr., the
55 th victim of tbe explosion, died last
nigbt. Lty his death, his wife is left en
tirely alone, two sons, John and Ixi.ttrc-
men, having been instanUy killed by Uie
first explosion. Con. ft. Clair, anoUier
victim, is very low ana is not expected
to survive the night. George Devov, a
cigarmaker, the 56th victim, died at 3
o clock this morning. Three more fu
nerals of victims were held in Butte to
day, and one more body was shipped
away. There are four more in the hos
pitals who can scarcely recover.
Terjr Serteas.
Brooklyn, Jain. 20. There is a )ossi
bility of federal troops being asked for,
in view of the interference -with roads
which carry tho mails. Members of the
First artillery, United States army, sta
tioned at Fort Hamilton, who have been
away from the post on leave, were noti
fied last night to report for duty at once,
as all leaves of absence aro cancelled.
This is a precautionary measure taken
by the commanding oilieer, so that his
men will bo ready for any emergency
that may arise.
Destroyed ay EartMaalie.
London, Jan. 20. Tho Times has a
dispatch from Teheran, capital of Persia,
stating that the town of Kuchan, in the
province of Khorasan, which was de
stroyed by an earthquake 14 months ago,
and which was subsequently rebuilt, was
again destroyed by an earthquake shock
Thursday last. There w as, as on tho
previous occasion, great loss of life.
A Baker Clly Aliercatltw.
Barer City, Jan. 20. This afternoon
an altercation took place in the St. Law
rence resiaurant.ixMween the proprietor,
Mr Adams, and Frank Bhinn. While
Adams was eiectiniz Shinn from the
house, the two clinched and fell. In tho !
melee bliinn bit off a portion of Adams'
nose. Later bhinn was locked tin in the
county jail.
More War JSewa. ftU.
Shanghai, Jan. 20. It is reported here
on good authority that a part of the Jap
anese fleet is bombarding Teng Chow,
a short distance from Che Footo tho
west. No detai.'s have vet been received.
The British warshin Daphne and the
Ameiican warship Yorktown are in the
vicinity of Teng Ohow.
Ladles wt.o oetire to order a De'sarte
Corset or waist, or self adjusting corset
from Mrs Talt, may leave ordtra l;h
Mrs Howind o;i Broadalbin St between
snd ar.d 3rd Sts.
Rhuma.isra, Neuralgia,
SESTETS, T7Z&X3, 'J?tt2Z2JZ'3?.
as. si.
XaWa (ha a lata ta kava II aoae. W
will pat 1S9S "O. J." ellaearr Urea
with wood ar aleel (eopprr alaiedl
rtsaa mm roar "ola wheel for. ......
Wa Will hav e a full line of RAM
BLERS to ihow you in due time.
Overman A Scara.
a. nine. w. n.DiKDiKcnr. d. a. jamk
Calliraorc Blotk, - Albany, Ore.
complete line of
in all its branches.
EMBALMING specialty.
Residence er 3rd and Ca-sr-ooia
Insure j-our property wilt
Joseph V- Talt ir. The
OldHartford THE NEW
AGENCY, D or ono o f the
ollitr reliable fid line com
panies he represents. Notes
taken and plenty of tins
given for payment on faru
insurance. All business plac
ed witL him will be prompt
ly attended to. OFFICE IN
Albany, r
Star Baker j
CarRraatfeifcla a4 Ural t
mm rretta,
Orle- Frwlla.
Causae Msxa.
mmi. taat St kaat la a ftmm
vartasj aaa tmnmj aton Haast
wrtrt ansa pate I
Next term 0h?ds
Jan. 2, 1 895.
NEW CLASSES organised in Colleg.
orroal. Commercial, IVparatory and
preparatory L epartraaits.
Address F. G. YOUNG, .
I CAN tilVE you more genuine Insur
ance for a fi.oo than any oilier agent in
Any rjhocl-boy who can control pre
miums to the amount of f 300 annually
can rciie the agency for an imurancc
Co., for tuat reason do not think that
every man who writes Insurance policies
Is sn "insurance man.'
Insure in the SUN. PHOENIX, LON
of Ne York ant) have something- for
yo;:r money m cae of honest loss.
Notes taken on ar:r Insarance.
M fc RNDERst, M'gr.
Valley adjuster for the gun fns office of
UighesCpriceripalJ for all kinds of
The s partnership batwr en k VeV. F
Vail ana 8 LWir?iton ha b ien ditto vail.
VL and r Veal will continue tha bailie. a.
D.ted January 12, 1S95. .
littler & Collins,
Good work a ipeclalty.
YtaNTED.-A gentleman
with two
V T cnuuren living ou a
farm ceaire
to secure tbe services ot a nclddle age
lady aa housekeeper. Jnqni re at effke
Sciatica, Dagkacha.
THE 1895
With . A J." CIlMcfctvr Tire, nrw
doBble-loclilaw m r mlrrt (rapper
platen) rims LISAM THE WOHLD la
peril, llaalaeaa.treasla saS bra a If.
1M03 prlrea l-all Miodrla (mS
ar alrrl rlas -SIOO
IHU5 prlera o. 7. M, U. tt'. Ca.. MS
Mrs prlera Wo. 4'm. ' aa H'a,
leaaactrS alrel rlaaa. ....... . 13
1895 IDEALS 9
SH-laea. with 0. J."
oa h! ar alrrl rlraa
. ., -. aoa
Harper'8 Weekly.
IN 1895.
Harper's Weekly is a pictorial history
ot the Urres. It presents every Import
ant event promptly, accurately, and ex
haustively in lUosiratloo and descrip'Jve
text of tr.e highest order.
Tbe manner In which, during 1S9. U
has treated trie Chicago Railway Strikes
and the Chlno-Jaoanese War, and the
amount of light it was able to throw ea
Korea the Instant attention was directed
to that little-known country, are exampl
of its almost boundless resources. J atlas
Ralph, the distinguished writer and cor
respondent, has been sent to tv seat of
war. and there joined by C D WekJon, th
well-known American artist, now for
many years a resident of Japan, who has
been engaged to co-operate witH Ur
Ralph In sending to Harper's Weekly ex
clusive Information and illustration.
Duriosr lSo everr vital question will
be discussed with rigor and without prri
udice in the editorial columns, and also
in special articles bv tbe b'ehest author!
ties in each department, l'ortralu of the
men ard women who are making history.
and powerful atd caustic political car
toons, will continue to be characteristic
features. "Ibis Busy World, with iu
keen anJ kindly comment on the-lesser
doings of the day, wiil rema'n a tegriat
Fiction. There will be two powerful
seHait, both bandaome'r Illustrated Trx
Red Cockade, a sUrring romance of '. WJ
en days by Stanley J Whtvroan. aud a
novel of New York, entitled The Son of
His Falt er, by Brander Matthew
eial novelettes, and many short ttcrVt
br popular writer.
Send for Illustrated Prospectus.
The Volumes of the
whh the Number for
each year. Wbeo n
Weraly hegta
facaarv of
tint ia m-
tiooej, subacrtp lions will begio with tbe
Number current at the time of rc;lpt of
rdcr. Cloth curt, for bledlnf. ft. 00
eacH by mail, poaspaid. Title-page ana1
lode sent cn applica-.toa.
Haaa .
Oxaoi r Dna, ta awa ia M
KOTtM ana aas Sa e
aiUMoataasanraneMcrasHacra I
msm PMiopiciu.
"tt tear:
HARjrta-s eaxvk
raur tlx ta a: tdtanSbcr ia tat Taaa Kasaa.
to the EAST via the
Dcion Pacific System.
Throneh Pullman Palace aleepera
Tooriat sleepers and New Reclining
Chair cars
Trains heated by steam and cars light
ed br Pintsrh Liaht.
Tim to Chlcaeo 3l dav. time to
Sew York 4H day, which is many
honra anicker than all core petitors.
For rates, time table and fall infor
mation. sddIv to
Crania i ifosTSiTB, agenU, Albany,
Or. Or
R W Barrox. C K Baows,
Gen'l Aeent. Dist Pass Ait
135 Third St, Portland, Or.
Notice is hereby giren to he leiral
voters of School District 5'o 5, nt Lien
county, Plate of Oregon, that a special
school meeting of tha said District will
be held at Central School 1 loose on the
26th day of Jan 1S95. at 7 o'clock p na,
for the following objects: tor the pur
pose of levy ioir a tax to support schools
for the ensninir year.
lated this 14th day of Jan, 1S33.
A K Bloom,
Chairman Board ot Directors.
F K Allkw.
Notice ia hereby given that I have the
funda on hand and will pay all connty
warn mtii stamped previous to Nov 5, 1894,
interest on the vanie closing at this date,
the 5th day of Jan . , 185)5.
. i. U. MORRIS.
County Treasurer.
Get your
at .
Ferry street, between First and Second.
The heat meats ot all kinds at lowest
prices always on hand, as a trial will
convince you.
Here Is Your Chance.
Oood Burbai.k potatoes delivered fo any
part of the city for 15 cts per bu Also if
any man wants to work In a grub patch on
Mackiemar.'e place near town tor me ci
15 cts per hour and take potatoes for pay,
come on with grubbing hoe. Address me
by postal card, or otherwise.
imr ANTED. A widow lacy desires a
ff placatowr I kin a private family.
Call at this ofuoe.
Notice for Publication
TJ 8 Ina Offlae, Oregon City, Or
Dae 18, 1894.
Koties is horsby given that the follow.
lng naned aettlar baa QUd notice of his
intention to make final proof ia support of
bis claim, and tnai said proof will bs mads
before County Clark of Lien Co, at AU
baov.Or, o Fab 12, 1895, via. Joseeh O
Gibson U E No 10947 for the lots 1, 2 and
7 ree is sad n tv J ot H w cf See 17
110 3, K4J!. Ala names tbs following
ltaasaes So prove bis eontloooos residence
upon and eoltlvaaoa of, said land, vie: E
J, of Gates, Or, W H McOosal,
J II Mct'oana. VV'm VI McBrida. all of
Mioto, Or
- BgjUr .
Notice for Publication
U 8 Lat .Ornce Oaauox Cmr, Oa
Dm iR. l 94.
Aotica ts hereby givao that tho following
named settler baa (tied Botios of his ia
tcotion to make lisal proof ia asnoort of
bis cla in, and that said proof will bo mado
nelcr tbe ixranly Clerk of Una Co at Al
bany, Or, 4 Feb 9tb, 1895. via: Joha A
Blataeh H E No 10S74 for tba N i of N W
x aou .i ?i oi n r, j oco t i 14 a, a a r.
ne Barnes ue followicr wltnrsias to
prove bis ooptiaaoos residence anoa and
csltivatioo of, said la ad. via: G at Geis-
codoifsr. rHer8cblosaef, H F Haibott, H
v nchaltc, all ot Albany, Or.
Koties for Publication
US Lairp Ornce, Oarcoa Citt, Or
Dw27, ISM
Notic ia fcerebv civan that tbe follow
iog ramed sUlr baa Glad ootica ot his ta-
taation to rssis final proof ia aacport of
bis claim, sod that said or oof will he made
oeior me cxanty dark of Utom Co, at Al
bany, Oresoe. a Fab 16, 1895 vrat i E
YaomsMt, H E No 6243 for the SEJf 8ce
22 Tp 11 j R I R U naaMS ha fallow
tng w.tnt to prove bis cootinaoas rest
ft . n m n nnm .mI Milt.liM j.f miA ta.J
via: G A Dowaiag, W L Wallaoe. W 6
Ctark, all f Lacomb, Orvgta, Carks
Uowolng, cf Suytoa. Or.
S5.00 totic.oo PES DAY at
setting Lightning Plater and platlcp j
e.ry, waicne. tanieware, etc. very
noute nas goods needing riatiag. 1.0 ex
perience ; no capital; no talking. Some
agents are reak'os tic tisy. Permanent
oUon. Addresa H K & Co, Co
rn bus, Onto.
Aotlos t feareby grvea that the anccr
aigsadhas teo daly sppraBted by tbe
Coqotv Cosrt of Lias count?. Orecoa. a
saaeator of tba last wul and teatasoant of X
C llicrf. deeeawd. Ail parsocs haviaa
rb-aa agaiast aaid aatata are hareby aotib
'd to p-earat tbe aama ta taa asdairaed
at Sao, Una eoaaty. Or, dalr verified at
by law raqairad witbia all moats frcxa the
aata ol tba) aotiee.
Paled this 12:u dar of Jacatry. U93.
Jrrrassos Istbls,
Wratberfori Wjatt,
AUys ftr Eiecwtor.
FH Hammer.
Wmlt Itzzmm lertiist,
215 and 217 Davia SL Cor. Comosemal,
Sax FajLSCtsco, Cau
We pay the highest market price for
wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, ap
ples, poultry, nuies. wool ana gen
eral prouuec.
It wili pay yon to write as and keep post
liberal advances made oa comurements.
Pin Francisco Produce Each.
Member: -j
( San Francisco Fruit Esdiaiige.
at La. Win aracUe la al eaorta at Sh
Saacnl maali'M va ta aniins ta aralrtr
atatacalactMaa. OrtKs-h ta FJaa Mar
kiurmj at La kaa BaBidw la (Tiiarary.
aaaaaaaaaaaall potatm.
iM aaraav. aJaaa-
- AlUmejs at Law.
Albaxj, Gregon.
A f- 1 eorpa of teatrocSra,
toorwea 01 ndy trrangad - maar
U psi,ea 01 atndanta.
Sftdm raa-acraarai ecras araaVa
Nottoa is hereby given that th asanal
vs -tiog of ths ttooV Holder of the Alba v
Baitding and Loaa Aaaociattoa wilt be held
oa Fnaay. Fab 15. 1S35 at the hoar ol 7 JO
p m of aaid day, in tbs Bank of Oregon
baiMiog ia Albany, Liaa eoaaty, Orra,
for tba parpoa of ehctiag bibs direetam
and three aaditor to asrvs for th term of
oo year Beit ensuing bom aaid mtalirrt,
and aatil fhait tacccaaon are alec ted aad
qaaliSed and to Waa -act sack otkr ba i
aaaa as atay ooats batore the ccjalioB
Doae by nrder of sM ssaoeiatioa thia
ISth day of January, 1S93.
C B Wit x, Tl Bavavr.
Seecu ry . Vicj Prwid a .
Notice it hereby eivea to all whom it
may sonearq that tha nndeniened M P
Frait, ha biea r ppoioted admin'jtrator of
the eaUte of D V Miehael, deceased late
of Una eoaaty, Oregon, by the Hoaxahl;
County Conrt of th state ot Oregov, for
Linn connty. and that b bas filed bU bor.d
as och adrriBL-trator and th tame baa beaa
approved by said court. All (rsoa having
elainia agaitat said attat hereby noti
fied od reoaind to prwnat th aana ta th
andetstnd at th cfiic of Whitney & j
Aawport ia Albany, Crecoo, or at his rt
neoea abr.ot six miles south Of Brawrsviile,
Oregon, properly verified within ix months
from th date of this ootica. And all per
S.W ladebtcd taMitt eutat ara reqoired to
rntke imnediat pay meat of th ton to
tre ncdertigoed.
Dtted at Allaov, Ortroo, Jaa 10. 1S95.
M P FKCIT. AdrniniatiaVr
Whitn.v Newpcr!, Attya. for Ada.
WANTEP. AcTiva. Bonk t CiKtf
ats or Laky to travel rrtertirg ttitb
lithed. r!iabl hocs. alav J63 mnetol
and lrar!ing x-i, with, ltcrrtr
sji'el. Kne'ose itf-leie andaiif addresta
sUmpeJ edvel'P" THE DOMlNI 'N
317 O nah Baildioir, Chiotgo.
Some no 1 fencing t a f '
I per thoiiHn I, an I
aoina oak crab
wood at f 2.50 a cord. M SlSMu.
it.T as the tront..
Star. cjrt3sqcaltiavaurcf4. ictuajr
ontlaatin two boaoa or aavolhw brar.u. No
Sactni b boat. MTG EX TH SJii t IS 8,
FromTerminai or f rumor Po-iuU lh
Mm Pacific : HaBroaP
la Ihe llsseae laker
To a3 Points EAST ail SOUTH
It ! the niSISO CAR ROUTE.
It rasMB Tbrwgl VKftTIB't '
aaa Vm t
icposd of Kaifix Can Unssrpuwi
illaaa Drawiu IteaSIeepsri
CI Latttt Eqsicacst
itr.f.: eitbi jortrsjtel and la
ri'ti imissiIi ii ar b r'b free
silft'iU'iid fr ail far s of rirator ...
Sr4S I Ji UAitH. ad
1 Cmiim Liai caniestiaitli
Usintemipte. 8erriC3.
Pnllmaa sleeper reasrratioos cat. fe
scored fa advsoostbroagb any
agaot of tba road.
rH ROUGH TICKETS to wad front si,
oointa faa Asnsaiea En gland and
oropa can bs porehsaart as aay
UekatofSos of tbis oonrpacr
Full lcfrmatlofi eonoarning r-te,tlma
trains, rootos and otbar Jat-ula for
tsbad oa appiieaeoa to any agaat, ay
. a.atiatant Gaearai Ps sngor Agant,
So 121 r-rat St. cor. Waafaingtos).
Portlaad. Oi aso
C -t Xt'.K. I its' ra.
Koike fa hereby given that the aadci
algned, ad.nlnUtra'or wills thr will an
nexed, cf Joseph Sotnoaerviile decaased
has filed bis final account of aaid estate ia
the offic of the eoonty clerk of Liaa
connty, Oragon, and the coenty jodgre
of said coon'y has fixed the 71b dar of
January, 1995. at I o'clock in tbe after
toon of aaid day as Ibe time for hearing
and sealing said estate and in hear and
determine any objections that may be
filed against tbe approval of said acroast.
T E GaiMia. Admr.
J J Whitney. Att'v for Adset.
a (as OntrCcmrtafOnt State 1" Orrgtm
for tie Ccwmlf f Lin -.
Witisam Kimbaagb tsdDW BnsaWagh,
eopattatcra aaderta 6rsa aama of Ram
baagbASaa.- Plaiatia.
K 6 Fry. Iiettm&act.
To N B Fry. tba aba na-aed defeadaat,
la tie nam af the state cf Oregon yen are
hereby reqoirai ta apt car and sawn tba
eowpbCBl of plaiatiff ta tka atom catitJad
actios, and aoc on 61 ia the bv esrjtlad
eoart aa ar befor tbe first Monday, the 7th
day of Jaaavy, 1S95. to said day betagta day ef tba tegajar toa af amid eaaxt tor
amid atoath ia tbi aoosty aad ia case yoa
snail Uii to appear aad answer, tt plaia
bffjwidtake jadgmeat agaimt yoa tit
a - m. I? H U rim vitk
iatenat tbereoa ta lika coin at tea per ccat
per aa aaa treat Jataary 17tk, IS90, aad fcr
the f art her saoi af tea dollars a tea oeabU
sttoray fee. tad their eotta aad diaear
aenU of thu- aibca to be taxed. Tk!
tanimons ia carved by pLbasataoa by
order cf Htm i N Daaeaa jarife cf aaid
eoaa-y.whicn crow beats date So S, 1S34
lated No 6. li.
Hostastk St Hu xixwaa,
Atty fee aaiaUifx.
Southern Pacific Co.
baraa Tutaa Man FDrtaai Hair,
ma'AX.I. Ii
tli-. a.1 L
arises aa
La I tS a a
I4S r a I La
a4i ar
Afeova trains stop a. all statioaa from
Pari anl to .!binv ainiv. also Taa-
cwaWSbid i.Haisey.HarristKirs;, Jaactjon
Civ. lrrloit. Etgaae an l all stations
tram Rowbarg to SLSniand loctoaa.
sis b rortaaa A -e
SMtralL aibaav LvlMa
aSaa far la' "i I T S
taatscx axaaca.
ajMaalbr - Albaty arlieaiaa
t Itt a I At teaea LaltaSaa
n I Lv Albaay At j S tr
Sra lAr Labaaaa tl
Dinine Cars on Ogdsn Rocto
Attaaaaa SaaU Tmraaca Trmtaa
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is tie CimtU Court for Litm Commtf.Slai
Ia equity.
D A Bochaer, tpnatee, plaintiff v Char-
lott S Cotea aad Streael Brmoger, de-
To Samael Btaaiar of the abov Bmad
dfoadaaU: Ton ar ter-v rcqairad ta
a pair oa th nth dy of M area, 1S95. that
o eg the fi st day of the Marh term of
aid court, to anawtr tha eomplaiat bld
against y oa in th abov entitfed caste, aad .
if yoa fail to answer tor want thararf, th.
plaintiff will apply ta th court f r th ra
1m damaaded ia tho ocbi plaint aarvsnv
i.t: For a jadgatent agaiaat Charlo't Sf
Cooes, for the torn of Ei$ht Handrad and
Twwaty-fiv (S25.00) Dollar, Ug:br
with intaroat thereon at th rat ( taa
per cant par annaaa from tho Sib day a
Fahrt ary, 1S93. aad the lorth-r aaoi o
On Hoedrsd ($100) DolUn aa attorrey
fees ia this suit, and for th cost acd uu--burtemeota
of this to.t.
Sod: Xhat tha tul drc-e mar b naad
for th sal of ths lot d jsenbod ia th eoaa
plaint, towit: Lot on (I) in block twoaty
thras (23) in tba city of Albany, Una
ooanty, Oregon, in th tMim provided by
law. and that lh proceed rj said sat b
aeptid to th pvymoot of the s mount da
plaiotiff, ard that said Cnarlotta S Cohen
and oamael Btatioger, aad all pcraoaa elaia
iog by, throng b or noder thea., f ubttquaat
to th cxtcotioa of the mortgage saed
Poa 10 tha eamplaiDt, nay be barred asd
torvr foreelvaad ef alt right or cqaity of
redtmptioo in said pramtHt, aod for tac
other and foifher rlwf a U tbia aoart suy
saera meet snd eqnitable.
This amta.ont ts pablisied uy order nf
Hob H U Hewitt Jndjieol Deptrtment No
S, of said eonii. aaad apoa th 30tb
day of October, 1894.
GxABiir.SiLvxsioira, MctraT & Bacwa
Attoraays for plain uX