The state rights democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1865-1900, January 25, 1895, Image 1

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jsrr jil Jul
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latere at tbe eee at Atbaay. Sr., Mall Katlcri.
TlTCa 4 HCTTJSC.rablUher sail rr.rfel.r;
W. L. Douola:
9 I ' F 1 r .. . I . r JT 1 . 9 L f
for Infant? and Children.
rewjnurwnd it agsuparter teasy prasoripttai
V tot m." IL A. Aacarxri, VL D.,
1H So. Orford St, Brooklyn, ZT. Y.
Th. was of ObaUria it so ualvarsal and
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iXMreroeatioa to endora. It, Fswarath.
' IfStgJtf! tuqiliea who 6a not keep Caxtoria
f in rtach."
uiuaaunOLM, j
KeT YorkCUy.
Best Work
Office? Stationery
Give us y oar
The Oregon
With iti home
uk Cray Sock, comer Liberty and
AKES a specialty of Sunnysidefruit tracts near Salem
Will sell 5, 10 or 20
acre small cash payment
for particulas.
' '
TV. irrFPnnlinlWin hand a full line
coffins. Also burial lobea and aulta, In broadciom. -aiin,cannirrc, ct,
which will be aold at
The UwnI Lltln PrWti.
EMBALMING ProPcr cai the dead a apecialtr.
AS Many Pounds of Sugar.
for a Dollar, and every thingelse as cheap, as at any store
in Albany, at
Julius Gradwohls
at the corner of rSecond and Ferry
your grocfcries and crockery ware.
LVlef bed room tU. cbiirf, lounges,
uianta. which lf.n1 m
, TV At ;
4 rive
uruggimi. Ana fur it.
jufcaaau In plalu wrapper. Addreu EJS V a E l.VmT' i TiATn n iTLT
far sale la Aibany.Ore., by J. A.
CaatoriaeoivsOolKOeubpaaaiV .
Boar Stonsoa, tUrrt(M, Eructation,
EOla VforM, fires slsej, airi rrostivtca dt
gwitton. s5 J"" ' t '
WltHoutlnJwioaaiQrfkctlwi. '
'" S-"-'V"p":j.""
"To "witjml faa Aavo rocommsnd
your 0JorlV and shall always eccfcmu. u
do m al t baa lavwriabr produced honefVta
Emm F. Pumb, X.
IS&.rct aa h Av, Jfw York CUy
Taa CsrrAca Ooaw-Ajrr, tT Xnut Sraaxr, Kaw You Citt.
A Specialty
Jand Co
office at
Slate atreet, branch office lis PortlaacjC
acre lots at $50 to $bO pr
-loDg tino on balance. Wrilc
and - Embalmers.
. - m i t 1
of metallC ClOltl IMWOOOCUKHimi
. -
New Store.
sti sets. ' Call there for
etc., -wbkk I will sell t
Tbos. final.
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InsanltT. Can be earrled
biwio. w maas oraeri
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thatts order
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d Ska siur. Bold br rn.fl
. CUlUUM(jS.aud by UOIM1JS8 MxFAUUlXD. Uruggi.t. .
Mr Downie. of Lyons, w8 in the city
JDSchaft, the old-time commercial
tourist, of Portland, is in the city.
Mr Seman Meyers has rented the room
next door west of LYerrick'a and will
move his lunch counter into it this week.
Col Frank J Parker.of the Walla Walla
Statesman and Deputy U S Marshal,
jumped off the Portland train this noon
as if shot from a cannon and rushed for
the Corvallis train
Mr L Underwood, the Corva'.lis
photographer, fs in the city.
Mrs L Bilyeu, of Eugene, is in the city
the guest of her father lion R A. Irvine.
Tndge Dunsan and Mrs Win Vance
went to Salem today to attend the funer
al of their nephew, Treasurer Brown.
Doug Hamilton, of Scio precinct was
in the city today. He is solid against
division. He doesn't want to pay 22
mills taxes when tbey are only 15 now
and will probably be less this year.
Mrs C W Ayera went down to Salem
on Thursday evening's train where she
may get a position as committee clerk
daring the legislative session. She bar
the clerical ability to fill such a place ac
ceptably. Ashland Tidings.
S H Friendly, mayor of Eugene, passed
through Albany yesterday. Mr Friendly
is the heaviest advertiser in Eugene and
keeps it up at all times,.n fact advertises
biggest in dull times when it is needed
Count Commissioner Pogh, of Shed J,
came to the city today to sit at the coun
ty court. This morning he received two
letters, be read one of them anl being
busy about something put the other in
bis pocket and read it after he got to
Albany. It was from Judg Duncan and
told him not to come down today.
Last Friday a yonng lady left Toronto,
Canada, for Corvallis, intending to make
Uiis city her future home. Sbe will be
met at the Portland depot tonight by Mr
Wra Bernhardt, the popular machinist
at the carriage factory and well, you
know the rest. On arriving in Corvallis
they will register "Mr and Mrs Wm
Bernhardt." Corvallis Gazette.
The Kindergarten social !at evening
at the residence of Dr G W Maaton was
well attended and was an event of much
interest. A program was rendered jxs
secsMg much merit. Misses Edith
Smick and aud Hulbort ware heard in
a well rendered piano duet. Prof Lee ex
ecuted a piano so'o with hie usual skill;
Mr Waiha Nash showed that he bad a
reliable and expressive touch on the
piano; Miss Maud Huiburt sang sweetly ;
Mrs Smick gave a reading- that pleased;
Mrs E W Langdon with ber customary
power tang suitably for the occasion ;
Miss Brouner read a Kindergarten selec
tion on children's stories that made
Triends for the Kindergarten. A con
versazione conducted by Mrs Lee proved
a good feature and was of such interest
that while only a short time was in
tended an hour was aoent, one full of
instruction. Those present besides those
mentioned above we;e Mrs Prof Yonng,
Mrs Nash, Rev Smick, Lewis Smick, Mr
and Mrs II C Watson, Hon L Montanye,
Mr and Mrs Hart. Mias Adda Hart, Mrs
U W Simpson, Mrs A S Hart,Mr Syfers,
Mrs Mai ton. Miss Cannon, MUa Mary
Montanye, Mrs Wm Fortmiller, Pro!
Lee, Mrs Strainey, Mr Fred Emmett,
Mies Price and the Man about Ton.
- For Cutting Timbsr George W
Humphrey, depuiv United States mar
hal, yeterdy arrested Mr Pcnalngton
at hia borne on the river road about six
mile north of Eugene fur cutting timber
on goTernrient land. Pennington had
been hauling Un brk to the the tannery
hi this city, and Ms alleged that while do
ing co he cut timber on government land
injhe Cedar Flat neighborhood. Pen
nington claims that he filed on a claim
there and cut the Umber on that Und, and
when the time came be proved up on the
claim. He was released Ust night on his
own recognizance, and is to aopcar before
United states committoner wauoo looaj
(or a hearing. Register.
Ciuxeit JfESTDso. At the cream
ery meeting held yesterday aiternoen
about forty fanners were present. Jame
Hunter was elected chairman ana sj u
Shaw secretary. A strong opinion pre
vailed that a creamery was wanteu, at
least was an institution worth investigat
ing. Edward Loony, II L, Laselle, K P
Payne. C II Walker and G L Beece were
appointed a committee to ascertain the
number of cows to furnish milk and the
cost of the plant, Thomas Froman, H
Bryant and X H Allen on grounds and
location, and H Bryant, ft P -Payne and
C L Shaw to prepare articles of incorpor
ation. The meeting adjourned until
Wednesday, Jan 23 at 1 :3U p m.
The Congregational church was crowd
ed last night, the lecture room as well aa
the main auditorium oe:ng miea wan an
attentive congregation. The pastor
talk was based upon the earnest cry of
the jailer who said : "What must 1 do
to be saved." The spirits power was
manifest throughout the congregation.
Services again tonight and throughout
the week . A warm welcome is extended
to all.
"Chasci Crs." Xay:Xay: Not if
you nase the trip east via the Union Pa
cific System. No change to Chicago and
but one change e New York, Boston.
Philadelphia and other eastern cities.
Time three and one half days to Chicago
and four and one half days to Aew lone.
Ccbrss & Mokixith, Agents
Union Pacific R R,
Albany, Or.
Are teU-tale tymptoms that your blood
in mitt rinhi UMof imnurititM. eausina
lugguih und unsightly complexion.
A few bottles of 8. 8, 8. vnll rtmort ,
all foreign andimpurt matter, eleanui
Vie Hood fAorouiiJHj, and give a clear
and ran complexion. It is most effect-,
val, ana entirely harmless.
Cl.M. Haton, 13 Lsarel Street, Phtla., say: !
"1 have had for years humor in my blood
which made me dread to ahaTe, as unall boils or
pimples would be cut, thus causing ahavins; to
be a great annoyance. A Iter taking three bottles
my lace is an ciear ana smuoin u
it should be appetite splendid,
aleeo well and feet like running a
foot nee ail t or the use of S. S. S.
Treatise on blood and skin diseases mailed free.
who care to pay a little more than the cost
of ordinary trade cigarettes will find the
Made from the highest cost Gold Leaf
grown in Virginia, and are . -
The eagle arose from his high rocky ost
With wild strange longings awake in
his breast,
And circled he up, ever higher and bl.h
er, With passionate hope and a burning
' desire
To rise to the realms of the red luring
Upward and onward, with strong,
steady flight.
With faithful exertion, and eye on the
He flew, till exhausted, discouraged
and weak,
He sank again down to bis own barren
With ambition vanished, and task not
yet done,
And naught but . despair and blasted
. hope won. . .
The pcet arose, for a strong ardent glow
Was filliog his mind with thoughts
that would now
Into the paseionate, wonderful realm,
Where music with joy the soul does
o'er whelm:
Hia mind was enraptured, aud beauty
did fill
His heart to o'er flowing with beauti
ful things;
And strove he to rise, ou the in tuts
broad wings.
To vent bis emotions so lofty and deep,
In words and expressions that never
wou'd sleep. -Bat
soon was appalled, bv the difficult
That almost impassable, before him did
Like the eagle, be sank, with over
come will,
And ever his song, and his longings
were still.
Eooaa Lsaor Lcwta.
At Salem.
EJ?or Dntcrat:
Tbe legislative assembly of Oregon has
met and is organised and ready for bus
iness. There seems to be a strong indication
on the part of a large majority of the
representatives for a sweeping reduction
of the expenses of the state.
There baa been a few unnecessary in
vestigating committees lopped off, and I
think many more wilt meet tbe same
Tbe senatorial question is the all at
sorbing topic at the present time- Sen
ator Dolph is on band with bis followeii
which are not few, and all tne presriae
which possibly can be is brought to bear
upon any whom they I bink can in any
way be influenced to support their pet.
When on the other hand the opposition
to tbe Portland click are getting in their
work and tbey are not lew. Dolph It
meeting with more opposition than he
bad any ida of. He has no easy job cn
his hands.
The sudden death of R G Brown, tbe
treasurer of tbis county baa cast a gloom
over the entire city as ha was a man re
ipected by al. and had many friends in
Linn coubty as well as here. s
The legislature will likely adjourn to
morrow to attend the funeral ceremonies
of Ex-Gox Shade ick.
I find there is a large majority of the
people in favor of a senator w bo la vers
the free coinage of silver consequently
those who stand off from the Portland
ring will have tbe strongest backing.
Benton county has made a tax levy of
15.S mills.
Tbe county court, to have cet this
ternoon, adjourned until Monaliy.
The new steamer Elmore lil be
the river eboai the first of February.
said to be tbe lightest draft of any
the river boats,
Jap Minto. of Salem, has bren appoint
ed countv treasurer of Marion county to
succeed k G Brown. It is a cold day
when the Minto dont get something
from the public
At the last meeting of tbe cHv council.
of Corvallis, Weatherford & Wyatt. of
this city, were allowed f too atiorreys
tee In the Water Work case, which has
been fettled.
Grand family matinee Saturday, Jan tS
at the opera house of Mils, the bit of the
season. Clever acting, catching music,
dancing, bright specialties, etc, etc. Price
reserved seats 35 aid 59, children under
a year accompanied by parents reserved
seats 35c Curtain rise promptly at 2
'clock. Seats now on sale st usual place.
A bill appropriating 140.000 for tbe ex-
pense ot tne legislature was passed.
Tbe bonse resolution urging tne con
struction of tba N'lcaraugQa canal was
concurred is.
Jobsf on offered a resolution providipg
committee to name number ot clerks
and tbeir per diem.
An appropriate resolution on Ex Gov
Cbadwtcb was pas red.
Among the new bills were: Abolish
ing railroad commission; IHwson pro-
iding lor payment ot certain taxes due
state; prohibiting tbe catching of salmon
in fish wheels; requiring banks to report
quarterly to secretary of state ; regulat
ing interest and usury: relating to
assessment and taxation.
in the noose U L Parmenler was ap
pointed doorkeeper, J A Peckhstn mail
ingelerk, and M Ensenburg upstairs
A resolution asked conerewe to secure
the forfeiture of all unearned lands.
The senate enteied and Governor
Lord was formally inaugurated, after
Governor Pennoyer'e retiring meeeage,
a statistical affair. Chief Justice Beam
administered tbe oath of office.
Both houses were adjourned early In
respect ot Ex-Governor Chadwick.
A republican caucus resulted in Dolph
receiving 40. Fulton. 12: Tongue, 11;
Lowell. 4 : Lord. 2; Herman. 2 : Story. 1.
40 votes will be required to elect. Tbe
minority did not agree to stand by the
caucus, but Dolpu will get tbe extra six
all right.
m m m
Wooden, Tin,
Silver, Golden
Common every day.
Karl' C over Rooi.the great blood pur
ifier give freshness and clearness to the
complexion and cure constipation, 35a,
oc, 1. 00. roUtay A Mason Agents.
Shlloh's cure Is sold on a guarartee. It
cuies Incipient Consumption. It h the
best Cough Cure. Only one cent a dose.
5S,50C,Andgi.oo. rothay Mason agents
Dr G W Msston. physician and surgeon
Calls answered, promptly In cur or
country. "
Tut Latest News is that Julius Grad
wohl is doing business in his new ouart
era, the old Post Office and Odd Fellow's
building and Upora House, and to give
an introduction to his new store, be will
soli tne following goods lor net cost only.
1 box full weight Savon soao 85 eta. 2
oxes French sardinei 25 cts. Oysters 10 cU
r can, Arbmcla and M coffee 25 cts S,r
a all otn ir goou soiu as low as; any
ass on tuu ns.
"You Abi All Riqht
If you take your washing to
the Albany steam Laundry. If you
don't you are not. Something is the
matter of von. How can you go to
Chinese establishment with a ttrst-clsss
steam laundry in tbe city. Don't do it
Be all right by quitting ft. Suppose you
do make a few cents; what does it profit
you, with the Chinese smell and lurking
disease around. Patronise the Albany
steam laundry.
- Captain Sweeney. USA. San Diego
tai say: "snnorrs uatarrn Kemedy
the first medicine I have ever found that
would do me any good." Price 50c.
I Y Bentley will repair children's shoe
sfter school and have them ready (for the
nexi oay.
Tluf. is a large amount of m racy, more
than I ever expert to have in my posse,
ion, uoless I can find a rich widow who
Ima almnt US')!! flil'.l. which the WOliiil 1
willing to give in ezebange for n i in-Unil. j
lint mere we not mnnv i ui'u k1MiI 0,
widows "lying- around lwe." and tlm
proxpects of my becoming the pawesior of
such a sum are not very encouraging.
Well, what interest have tbe render of
tbe Dxmik-bat in your catching a rich
widow? Perhaps some one auks. None
whatever, unless the caU-l- would be tbe
meMis of bringing $600,000 into Albany;
but 1 think 1 can iell how that ura of
money can be put into circulation in the
town and the surrounding country.
wish it to be dis'Joclly undenCood, how
ever, at the outset, that 1 am not a populist
and do not believe in "fiat money " I
want none but the genuine stuff. Well,
how shall we get it? I will tell you how
others have done it- Down in Humboldt
county, California, there is some as beau
tiful and fertile land as can be found any
place on the Pacific Coast. ' When 1 lived
in Areata 85 rears aero, i saw potatoes, not
like those that the Irishman said be raised,
"many often weighed a pound," but oce
of which weighed' 6 curerfsi 1 U.- ex
celleucy of Humboldt potatoes is known in
all parts of tbe slate, and they command a
ready sale. - lint still tbey did not bring
much money into tbe county. The market
was fluctuating, and the farmers did sot
become rich. Eight years ago, when i
made a visit in Areata, they were apparent
ly no more prosperous than they e in
10. Recently a change has taken pla .
8o 1 learned last week from . one of my
Arata correspondent t. He say: "The
bottom (the beautiful prairie oa V m west of
tbe town) has become a great dairy country,
there being two creameries to hanale the
milk and a third about to ce erected. This
has made the farming community prosper
ous. Last year over fuOO.OuO came into
tbe county from butbr alone.''. '
Now, if this can oe done in Humboldt
Co, Cat. why not in Lion Co, Oregon ? 1
can see but one reason why it raioot, the
want or commence and push, tuts is tbe
private opinion of one who cannot eat A I
bany butter but thinks be nool l, if a good
creamery was established.
Cast or Characters for Aunt Di cab's
Husking Bee at the opera bouse Monday
evening. Ian 21st:
i nue jiuus. air rxi luougeu.
Aunt Peggy. Miss Mildred 3urmet.
Thomas Jefferson, Mr Carlton Sox.
Scipio, Mr Marvin Turner.
Josiab. tbe nervous old bachelor. Can
HeUer. the fu."T old maid. Miss Minnie
I hide from Boston, Mr Usmmer.
Maggie, Mrs Tbos Overman.
Little lord 1'auntleroy. Mr Cba Soars
MoUy, MLw Laura Vacte.
Jew Peddler. Mr lirowa.
Ah Sin. Mr Wm GalbTailb.
Patrick O'Brien. Mr Frank ElWins.
KiUy Mafcmy. Mi Lillian i Anvil.
Incorriinble small br.v. Mader Kenneth
Invited gwtU to heD eMertain the
linking Ike, aonlie. Mi C O Lee, Mr
Langtoo, Mrs Nutting.
The Cajb Settued. Deputy Sheriff
Moore, of Sweet Home, tame to Albanv
hut night ith Mis India Howes.dAUghter
of George W Howes, ordered prudcred on
a write of habeas corpus. Tbis is the case
here Mr Howes refused to allow bis
dangfater to marry Mr E C Kuweit and
locked ber up. Mr Uoe bu tsule ar
rangement to move to Miwoori to (orate.
The milter was settled by Mi Bowes a-
rreewg 10 go 10 7f issoan wtia ner parents
or one year, an 1 then if she desires mar
come to Oregon and marry the man of ber
choice. be returned borne and tbe mar
riage license will remain of no use for at
least one year.
The Lebanon Express tars: Mrs V. K
Chandler ga-e a nieaAeot lea party I set
Wednesday eveutns. st ber residence in
this city, in honor of ber itcrin-Uw, Mr
w 1 Read of Albany who is visiting ber.
Tbe foil jwingladies were prviat : Madams,
niwiiKW!. rwcj, Aoam. ineauie. cum,
Peebler. Carman and Mm Fannie Griggs.
Messrs Carman, Montague, Chandler and
Dr CbeadSe got around in time to set a
(bar in the elegant supper bat was not
considered in the party, a it wa a regular
ladies party. All present reported a most
delightful evening.
A Bad Snowiso. A railroad efficial
told a business man of Pendleton a day
two ago that during 15M 500 ear of meat
! shipped into the Northwest from tbe
East, the value of each car being estimated
at an average of $2300. A considerable
amount of this rceat is produced in the
Northwest, sold to Eastern market and
reshipped West in tbe form of packing
house products. K J Wilier, wboee busi
ness in the wholesale trade place him in a
position to make authoritative statements
in to is regard, est imates that out of $oQ0,
C10 worth of provisions purchased by trad
ers in Pendleton during a year. fT5,0Oo. cr
one-fourth of the total amount, is paid to
California for 4oduc that could be p'o
duced in this state. Tribune.
A QctSR Fixd. J Bitter, the well
1 . , ... . ..
a nown onicner, tell of boding some
strange things in a cow' stomach tbe
otner oay among tbe ibing found were
several staples and a number ot hinle
nails, besides a small gold chain, the
latter evidently belonged to a breast pin,
ana wuai na oecome ot the pin itself is
unknown. Mr fciUer nurchased the cow
from rank Benson, but the latter denies
that be has been in the habit of fading hie
cow on goid chains, nails and the l;ke. As
yet the owner of the chain ha not bwn
found. Uoaeburg Plaindeaier .
A Lite Pt.acc Last Tuesday was
quiet day at the post offije, probably the
quieiew, uay 01 uio weee, and yet ass per
sons oj acuiai count called at the general
delivery alone, many people calling for
several outers, several hundred were in
Al.. il A at , . .
me oiuue iu uie private twxc. ibis gives
somewhat of an idea of the life of the post
Vekt Prompt. The Lebanon Express
says that last Monday. G W ivies. I oral
agent in this city for tbe Royal insurance
company, received a cuecx. on the Albany
bank for SGOU from bis com nan v. in full
yment of the amount insured of tbe resi
lence 01 nr e cwing. ini i a verr
prompt payment, as it had only been five
days since tbe building had burned.
TH cats lCAt. The Tlf.le SUter and
their splendid support arrived In Albanv
thl noon from lorvallii and will olav
Frou Frou to ntght.followed by "My Un
cle's Will." To morrow afternoon there
will be a treat at the matinee, and in the
evening M'Lls. The endoisement of
this campany la general.
Paralytic Stroke. Yesterday morn
ing Mr Walter Hobbs, residing across tbe
river, near Thornton lake was taken with a
paralytic stroke, affecting one side of his
body. Dr Hill was sent for and attended
bim. Mr Hobbs is lying in a critical con
dition. At tub Congrkgationat, Church.
The serylce at the Congregational church
last night ws one of Interest snd quite a
number remained for the after meeting.
The pastor piesched from the words of
Pilot; "What shall l do then with Jesus
who I called Christr" Service again to
night, - ' .
An Absolute Cure.
The Original Ablsttne Ointment is onlv
put up In large two ounce Un boxes, and li
an absolute cure for old tore, bums,
wound, chapped hand snd all skin erup
tions. Will positively cure all kind of
pile. Ask for the Original Abietlne
Ointment, fold by f osliav Si Mason at
S cent per box, by mail 3p cent.
Pianos and Organs. Save small deal
ers and agents commissions by buying
from the Wiley B Allen Co. direct. In
quire at H J Jones book store for prices and
n tor mat ion. ;
TTHE Royal Baking Powder is the
purest and strongest baking pow
der made. It has received the highest
award at the U. S. Gov't official inves
tigation, and at all the Great Inter
national Expositions and World's Fairs
wherever exhibited in competition with
It makes the finest, lightest, sweetest,
most wholesome breadcake and pastry.
More economical than any other leaven
ing agent. .
yi t
20.0O0 Worth of Propcrtv
trtroyed Thl Morning.
The city ef Halsey was visited this
morning by the biggest in lis history.
About 1 o'clock flames were discovered
iaing from the Urge frame store building
owned by T J Utack. occupied as a general
merchandise store, by Stafford At Garrett,
on the main street of the city. When dis
covered tbey were under such head sray that
almost even thins- was buraerf in tba sfora.
and very little was patten out of the ad
joining store occupied by Mr Clyde McCoy
a a drug store, loe telephone apparatus
wmm uua iivw mi siove jus in time aaa
a very few other thing were saved. Tbe
ftaow-t tpn-ad smxw lb alley to the frame
warehouse oSoe, formerly occupied as an
agricultural warehouse, and owned by T J
Black, then nearly empty. It w also
entirely consumed . By hard work cn the
part of the citiwns who formed a bocket
Uiirsde the tumc were cooSoed to these
building. Koontx A Power, opposite
McCoy's, the other general merchandue
tore of the city, wa uninjured. Tbe fire
was undoubtedly incendiary, according to
tte report given tie Democwat. Just
ho it started or i't where, could hardly
be told from tbe big bead war obtained.
I ce iosseM were about a foUows: T J
Black, on boildine. perhaps $2,000: Staf
ford k Garrett, II5.U.0, insurance 13,000;
Ci?de McCoy. tlH. insurance f 1000; and
probably f SW to the owner of the drug
More building, a company consisting of Mr
Mioy and otoers.
As nearly as can be learned Stafford tt
Garrett carried 3 000 insurance in tbe
Northwest and 16.000 in the Liverpool.
London A' Globe: Clyde McCor 1 1.0.0 in
the Sun.
. The Legislature.,
la the wnate the follow ins were among
the new bills : By Butler, providing for
legislative clerks to be appointed by the
governor; by Yanderburg-, providing for a
constitutional convention; by Dawson,
amending the code in reference to ceiia
quent taxe; McGinn, providing for county
oScial newspaper; by Yanderoo'g, repeal
ing military an4 unireraty ta; by Daw
tow, de Suing tbe words land and real
property; by Hcllung, abolishing private
In the house tb follow i eg were tbe
mors important bills introduced: By
Moore, repeating railroad commission; by
Huffman, to enable sheriffs to collect mile
age; by Young, repealing gold and silver
provision of law on taxes; appropriating
money for graded school at Lakeview;
Moorbead, providing for verdict ' of nine
jurors m civil action; Hi lie-gas providing
that marriage shall not take place within
three years of divorce; Baker providing for
10 cents per line first insertion and S'j
subeequent insertion of legal notices; Tate
requiring criminal actions to be brought
in peonct where committed; by Daly,
providing for punishment ot carrying on a
rhivari; by Yate. providing for footpath
of four f-et on public highway.
Both bouse adjourned uolu Monday at
1 o'clock.
Dr J W Watt will preach in Lebanon
next Sunday.
Mr and Mr Van Wilson aetit lo Eugene
today to visit with Rev and Mr ilson.
Judge R Slrahan is now a member of
the firm of Dolph, Mallory & imon. of
Portland, having retired fnra the law firm
which is now W bailey & Pipes.
Mr Hammond, of Bonne. & Hammond.
was in Albany this noon on bu way to
Corvallis, where the O P confirmation u to
come up tomorrow. There is a strong
feeling that tbe sale will be confirmed, and
tbat tbe f j0,0(X) will fail to be deposited.
Building dc Loan sstociailon meeting
to morrow night.
Mite social at ;he residence of Mr af F
Rhoades, First ar.d Main streets, tonight.
The total tax levy of Wasco county to
it mid, about 7 more than I.lnn will be.
In the Senatorial caucas at Salem It 1
reported that Dawson and Templeton
voted for Dolan and Johnson, Scott and
Smith sgsinst him.
Tbe Advance pepetratrs the following:
An Albany boardet founds nickel In his
hath the other day, and on reporting it to
the landed, the rep'led : "OH, that's U
right, I put it there; I thought I'd give
you Utile change tn your diet"
fr w a. l.i
AsaIaVKJ thehUls-aad
never exceli
od. Trifta
and proven"
is the verdict
of million.
Liver Regu
wr lalor ia tho
hip r "onl y L"er
JD Oil Li md Kiducy
jactiicino tc
which you'
can pi. 1 your
faith for ft
euro. A
mild laxa
tive, and
purely veg
etable, , act
ing Jirectiy
on the Liver
and Kid-
uev3. 'fry it
So! d -by nil
Druggissla in Liquid, or in rowde?
to be taken dry or mado intoa tea.
The King of Liver HcIIoIbm.
"I iiiivo usud vmirHlmmonr Liver Reins.
lato-Miit cum eoiiMTlenllouHly any It Is the
kincnrnll 11 VT Ineil IflueM. 1
medicine c'.ost 'o llwlf. Uso, W, jAOk-
1 ouiiftuier ii w
I W-.T
L'uoouim WaahlugUin,
U. .- ". real sms wi
You Can Here Keep Track of Tour
Judge Wolverton came up from ftalem
uus norm.
Mr J A Groat left tl;i noon for Arhiand.
where be will assume charge of the Depot
Hotel on Menday morning.
Osborne Daw left on the noon train to
day bound for Roseburg where be wilt
enter the employ of C Niece in the candy
nunuiActanng bonnesa.
Tbe Epworth Learae gave a verr eciov-
aUe social last evening at the residence of
Mr E A Parker A choice ui c 2 1 am wa
rendered and a fine lunch served.
Mrs Dr Beudrex went to Aibanr Mon
day morning to be in attendance npon her
daughter. Mr w h uns. who is in
poor health. Uarruburg K;view.
L W Deroe. cf Elk CiU. was in town
Mooday. lookinir after Elk bridze. at
present tied ip at Toledo, having floated
down to thii punt 00 high water ust Ssi-
ojcay night. 1 aqutna l om.
It wa rnmrted that E C Russell
lao j
Miss India Howes, mention of whom
nude in the Dkmk-av vesterdiy.
married in Lebanon last evening. If so
tbe old gentleman was gloriously left. A
telephone communicatioo with Lebanon,
though, failed to con 5rm the fact. It was
not known whether ibry were married or
n Several Albany me indodin? Jodre
lina and Wallis Nash went to Corvallis
today to attend the O P confirmation. Mr
Nash did not take along bis 130.000- Tbe
parties be rrprewoted bad rerorted that
sufScieBt time had ot been gives them to
cosmmmate arrangesient to make the
A Mixture to
be Taken
In Small
OU st Ktrin & Dnbt flV and inquire
for 1 heir bargain shoe.
In order to make room for prior good
winter bnots win be sold at cost br Klein
& Oubruille.
Mr John Fox is baring ti st?re occu
pied by Parker B.-o painted and bright
ened generally in the interior.
lohn Shaw, a txM race trainer, was
arrested isst nighi lor being drunk and
disorder) and sentenced to three day In
the calaboose.
Probate Record.
Ia estate ef Olney Frr. petition for order
of sale of real property bled.
Ia estate of A V tiaroutte. bond of SI 200
In estate of N Meyers, inventory Sled
Real property $C0O
la estate of B W Hamilton final hearing
set fur March 5.
In estate Tof Jonathan Xeedham admin
istrator discharged and bondsmen exwjer
a ted.
In estate of Owen Bear, distributive re
ceipt filed.
Ia estate of Mary Ualloway .report of sale
of peraonal property approved .
In estate of A B Mcilwain wilt filed for
probate. Provides for equal distribution
of nmnertv to threw children II F Mcil
wain. Mr W H Raymond and Mr Mckj
Monteith, excepting cafe to M i upon cer-
Lain navment to sister and personal re
membra rices to each. Appoints H i Mc
ilwain and Strauder Iroman executors.
Bond., ttt.OOO.
Religious Serivces.
United Presbrterian church: Services
conducted by the pastor at 11 a m and 7:30
p m. S S 2:30; C E 60. Strangers al
ways welcome.
A full house nd an interesting service
again at the Congregational church last
night. Services at 11 and 7 :S0 tomorrow
and throughout the entire week. Dr Clapp
telephoned today that he will be present on
Monday and remain all week. Everybody
is invited. A 0 services tonight.
Y M C A meeting: We expect to secure
Dr F 11 li wynne for the Y M O A meeting
Sabbath afternoon at tuetr rooms at 4 p iu.
Excellent music both vocal and instrument
al. We hope Dr Gwvnn. will take entire
charge of the service. Alt men are invited
aaR asg
Paiker Bros, grocer.
Unw eroam ehee. jut i eeeived at CoaraJ
P J Smiley job printer, Flino Block," do
Srst class work.
Sinok theoslehrated Havana filled $ sent
cigar at Julius Joseph's.
Falroniaa bom. industry by smoking the
celebrated whit. Ulnr cigar, maaafaotarwd
ey la'ia Jo.Mr..
Not A California Bear.
Anybody can catch a cold thl of
weather. Th- 'rouble Is to let go. Use
the rran who caught the boar. We advise
our readers to pu'chase ot Fojhar & Ma
son a bottle of Santa Able, the California
King of Consumption. Asthma, fiVonch't
I, Cough and Croup Cures, and keep It
handy. 'Ti pleating to the taste and
death to the above complaint. Sold at
50 cen!s snd $t a bott.e or t f r ti to
California Cat R-Cure gives Immediate
relief. The catarrhal virus I soon dla
placed by Its healing and penetrating
nature. Give it a trial. Six mouth
treatment si sent ay mail
")r. Price' Cream Baking f do
4 tSars Oo. Cswaws t Tartar f
Karl' Clover Kojt will purify your
lood. clear yov.r complexion, regula'e
our oowei auri make your head
s a bell. sc. 50c, and' $i.o
I For Nebraska. Mr H If Palmer and
' IT. VJT V T; rt It.;. nnntT tn fnrwur
Nebraska mea and they know the eonditioa
of affairs there UMtougfaiy. People in
Western Kebraska nndoubtedjy need all
the assistance tbey can secure. 60 Messrs;
Lewis end Palmer are getting mp a ear load j
ef Hour and fruit t tend back. They de
serve tbe anri stance of aU. Different ar
ticle will be tagged in the following
"From our abundance we give unto thee." 1
From Albany, Oregon. Giver Jan.
1895. Artids The Willamette Vat-
lev. Otegon. Albany is locaUd in the
center of the far famed Willamette valley,
which is the garden spot of America, it has
aa equable climate; cold Uizrards are un
known. No drouth, hail or hot wind in
swtamer. Tbe best fruit country oa the
cesstinent; abundance of fine timber, min
eral wealth and fishing. Real es'at low
and ao boom in prices. Oregon is the
place to make a sure and easy living.
Fo. Gawk Warbex.C W Watts, of
this eiiv. has il least one newspaper nut-
ling for aim fur tbe position cf game ward
ed. The Jefferson Rerier says: C W
Watt, of albanT. is at Salem rastling for
Che appoaotjatcnt cf game warden. If this
posiuan is a ssoecar-. it should be abolish-
- ed, bat ia, a be ie, a game warden
wno wsi conscseafiousiy peiimm ms amy
a badly needed. And would be worth
tnasrr times the amount of his salary, then
Walts should be appointed. Be has what
hould be tte trtaart "noil' of anyone
in tbe suite forlhe place, 1 c the faithfc!
discharge cf has duties as deputy game
wardea for the pa 2 year, ana it wa by
hia individual effarXa that justice wa
meied cwt t snanr srioiators of the game
law Tie Renew .afeoeate Watts' ap
pointment fur the reasoo that st want a
warden who will a that tbe law is en
forced, and the past work of Mr Wa&s
proves that be will do this.
BocaT a Hote Mr J A Grois, af
this citr has bees reported fb base bought
tne Depot Hotel bojoaeas at Ashland senrai
times in tbe last year or two. Soasfollow
ing from the Record read more like bus-'
Pef,: ureas lotuy oewgut uh rurnt-
rare, uanf. gooa wui. cic oc uae Lpu
hotel from H D Parker far oGlO and will
take pocsesaioa this week with bis wife.'
Tbe building belong! to the S P. Gross is
tbe well gntwn and popular hotel man.
Albany. Sir and Mr Parker will mve to
Saa Franciaco.
Tbr Tnnu Sisters played last night
to a good sSsed am lence which thev pleat
ed from beginning to end. '-My Uncle's
Will, a comedy, wa presented, followed
by the play of Froa Frou, one that brings
out the best talent of a troup. It was
presented with excellent effect. Tbe
troop is one of the bast in their One of
pes tormasace ever ia the city.. One of
the beat exhibitions of eenoUoaal acting
ever seea here was that of Essie aad Min
nie at the end of the third act. They
were enthusiastically called tctore th;
curtain. The support is ail viong. - A
matinee was befog given this afternoon
aad ta-nignt M'Lis will be presented.
ErrrKaxv Opposed. A rejnoarfxance
eras being industiocsly circulated about
town yesterday opposing tbe proposed div-'
ision of Linn county. The people heica
boota are bitterly opposed to the soovernent
agitated by the peopM ol southeastern por
tion of the county. During the first half
hour 63 names were secured. Hamsburg
Review. Tbe truth is. only a few people
really want divisioavea among those wbo
signed pennons. And those wbo do axe
working against tbeir pest interests.
AT. sVlca Crwcdsi Ca&fag ffwvnler
Host Pwrfcct ivbwla.
Bshr was sick, v. fjrm An- Chwtaris.
ska ww a OsOd, an. cried tr Castorls,
sb. Vsoaaa. SDss, ah. ctnag V Caawsia.
Wsttai aw. kad C&Udrwa, saw gavs tiwca Cwssorfa
. Brings comfort and improremeiit aik
tends to personal enjoyment wk-s
rightly used. The many, who live b
tr than ethers and eu joy life more, wu
less exptnditure, by more promp-A
adapting the world's best product u
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquM
laxative principle embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative ; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling celda. headache and fevers
and permanently caring constipation.
It has riven satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, liver and Bowel without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable aubstance.
Syrup of Figs is for tale by all drug
gists ia 60 cent bottles, but it it man
ufactured by the California Fig Byrup
Co. only, whose name ia printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
k" ilia "W
roa A KINS.
A2f9 Fine ZaliiKjxjpsi
srvo f'X eaTMCeae
Ovar On. KilUow PtopU wtmx thm
W. L. IXrag'as $3 & $4 Shces
AO our aboes are equally satisfactory
Tawy gtv. tb. swat vsJ lor tfc. n.ey.
Tbey s.wsi cwstsas shots km Mytm e Ht.
Tbsir wswrlag ejwwlities srs nrrssSKl.
Tb. nrteec sr. wallwi. slssnii wa sAw
Frwsr Si to Sj mmwtd w wthcr s.fcts.
If w.w tenia cumnA sopply yaw vecu. bold by
As sgneable laxative sndKrcrg tarn,
totihy tfraftm or teat tymail. gaafe
aaa tXXCper pwckaee fewapkatraa.
TTss ffa The Fsverita TX!t r..ll
lAw U.VJ fortbeleet sand Hrrsth.sar.
Foskty t Maaoi, Ages.1.
Liniment .
tor '
Barns. .' ' .
Caked & Inflamed Udders.
Rheumatic Pains,
Bruises and Strains,
Running: Sores,
SUff joints.
Harness & Saddle Sores,
Blisters, '
Insect Bites,
All Cattle Ailments,
All Horse Ailments,
All Sheep Ailments,
Penetrates Muscle,
iIembrane and Tissue
, Quiddy to the Very
Seat of Pain and
Oasts it in aUiffy.
Rub In Vigorously.
Mastaag Llaumeat coaqvsert
Hakes naa r Beast wrcB
A sovereign Remedy tGx&
rfttDifoat Chest vi Lvnrs.
StHD TOR fKmm.
. A ZjmV' -
tx b. e. iisisi niTi txs istn tsxascss?
sotd ander pasiuv. writtea awaracte by
sutbsrasd aswala aaiy. to nn W eak Memory;
Lewaof Brsin sad Ket i. IWhi ! Manhood:
cod.; all Drams:
Ijossaf Puwwi of tbstieowmtave Owraas in sitber
sfia. sawssif by orer-esrrtjoo, YoatMul Ernes, or
rii i in Cs. of Tobweco. 0ui sw Lkisor.
wlbicA lsarsi wo Misery. Owsnxptioc. Insanity
and DwuA. By aaaU. tl m box; six few ti; wuA
writtsa gwaimnts. to cor. or second anusy.
gkmpl. paekaaw. contain ing uvda?s' WwUssvot,
wnk fall insuweuun. osets. Oct saucp
waiysoid tooaesi peraua by soail.
J A Cummmg, sole agent, Aibanr.
Bmcifs Biuma-Cfilsry.
SlsWtlisi CttTrTsviTV for Ki
HswawiewslMk, ttreiai u&umx '
apaja cr gvwtrai .van citi imior wimn.
miisssa, leosat, IVtaUirsyy in(slkr AOU iry.
PSjaxru- JkAsttl4W 4QtWla fo4T AkuhOJt
ISt &Wttera Avecas, CHICAGO.
Srild by all druggists.
stel pa mmm fills
rstboorigisalaod only FnENCH.saf.aadr.
bAblaoar. oa th. market. Friao$l.UUt sU by
A tiwaaia. soil oaiy by
I A Cuinnurt", sole sgent, Albany,
LC IM4(1 SA i.M diiiMW ot imitinam Vtnsmrj Or.
l4S . M , .WFUfMTlUe
ssa s fKcvKn iiib
TMtbr wtitb li,,nM li 1 1ri
WT WMlt Awm. Mrf im IM CAM W '
SrWal II r Jiiirtwr'
J A Cummhig; sole ajpnt, Albsr y.
sV-VasWgwacaaswsawsSBTal V
. - - . -
; m NE W