The state rights democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1865-1900, August 17, 1894, Image 1

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it,; , -
atereaat Ike Post II -r at Albany. r . as Bream' - Ia Mali Kallrii
TITE at Rt'TTIX-.P4iuker:a rfrlefersi
for infants
" Caatorla l ao veil odaptad to chiMn that
I recomownd it as superior to anjr prwscriptioa
Nowa te m" n. A. Aacvar, It D.,
1H To. Osfcrd Era , IroaU a . y.
cTha use of 'OsattSBi U so universal and
' a merits so well known . feci It seems a werk
f ripererogaUoo to tntlorso it. Few are the
IW' (amilios who W not keep Casioria
r-ttala sary ixoch."
Caslos SUirrts, D. ;.,
Xc7 York CUty.
Tax CssTAra
D.. inn hank "TRUCK rl. O.S1.CS
MliJlUMj . 1 a u) t .mm. tM.
as wo hao restored thooaandato robost health and etaor. after aB other tiuali iiatlt fstla.aaeaakw
shown by hundred, of asm throJahont this and other Stale,wb weald sladl. teaufy.aadtxcaakaa,
01 wnom we uaTestrouc letters tseanEg lestinuraj to taeir recoaerj aiier usuu; our . art.
in (r uiito .... a !.-. n. na I
.bum. Ci; . Aucudtll. t89C
TW I T. flaaHia. Ijaar Sir i Be ora I aaad vaar kwia
t was troebled with leat rtror. rital woak nee, and
- airirrrfr 1- in tmid cat op with
a let J sired feaHaa boeei aabine, et : ; einee aataa
raorbeltIh..haaaaawlea el iif . Inoeeojoj
life betterthaa I baea for r.7i pert. I baa. the
ataftoat eoaadeooa la roar treata 'nt- Yea can pwb
bah this etatetaeatalao baea other, or rail on
me. 'ralljonn, H. A. BOES at and Turk St.
Dr. A. T. Sendee. Uear Sirr-I rot oao . f roar balu
two weaas saw for rheiisiat jpei. frost whira 1 .naared
farssearal laera Fortbepat- ii mot.tba I bad not
i able to w rk. Y -or belt baa placed aie la almost
set health la the two weeks I haw aaa.1 It. 1 can
all eosslertehlf . and feel like i.a ou reaerallr.
M. K. HTJtaHES. Prpri-aor taiersstleasl HoteL
Dr.A.T Pas See. Dear fair 1 bare bree oatas roar
Kleetrte aen xor cecerai aereoeai centuty. aae te-ea
feel better then I here tar See ran. I baea
la racer aaitr. and am stiwaa ia eesrr Pen
Y-iur. sratafallr. CTLAS
' tea
aalranic battery, asade Into a belt so
. BlTas aoothttur. pr leased carreBta wtooh are Itwrlaatly fast lhinabnl all weak
j,sss. it nr. an twarerra strecarac pwayoaaei J. taeaiaaitat paontf
we warrant rtu core any of the aborj wassTisnss. tod t aniartra shrunken lim
arefaaded. Tbey are cradad rn strwnctb to meet
sttan. and wm cure tao worst essaam two or tanwo esnnabe Address tor tail 1-ijri
tlndertakcrs - and -:
WT KfeEr fOfiMaiUlvcn I rrd a fu'l
V oimrts. Aleo MMtal loirs r'i
ethich will be old at
The l.o-rl 1 .tlnu I'roflla.
EMBALMING nJ I""" mi the dead a (--clrlty.
The Oregon
tVI'.n it home
s-ai,c:m: - -
" wVjcL, v,i Liberty and
A KKS a specialty of HurnysiHe fi uit tract; pear Salem
Will sell r,. 10 or 0
tj ?mall cah payment 1it
or particulaB.
V .STOKE iSNOW l-UIri. 1)K I lhT
1 f I eti room seta, chsiie, Irufcgfa, ele.,
JOntiPn. Proprietors
nod svU toe
ami Children.
Castor la ourt; Colic, Contipartoi,
Sour Gtcoch, riarrhBa, r.ruetalior.
Kill.. tYorpis, .ones sleep, ud f t:a. .t.n dl
Without injurious raotllct.:
"For revenU reara I have rwcornraeatlet
your 'Oirtorit,' and shall atwa.-r-t contiaue :
do a as It has invariably -roCueeCt buuefl-i-i
1 (Mill ki."
Enwnr F. Paxil rr. M. D
i CiCM! asd Th aUrAa :;nr Ytn-k Cat?
Compan - v, 77 Mt aaav Simaxr, Kw Yoaa Crrr.
viiist Electro IHaeartlc S.epess
umrj win care wttaeet saeaicn
ruiureaeaDOVfciroabaBS. ID
inner iroro Krmu Q
sassaasa. Dralni. I asr Ma
XirwiaiMi. stleealenaai
j'eor Slemsrr. all KewtaleCeae
ita'dta. and a-e-eral 111 health.
iheeaect.of abostfa. exceaaaa, vorry
orr-4iara,wtli tad relief sad nnrns
core In oar marrelao Inrentloa.
wh rb reqmres hat a trial to conTtnca
The most skep'iei. lo ignorance of as.
loots yoa but ba-e ana air draloal
yi.ur'ter- or nerve fores and Tttaliif
-which ta elec:rlclj and thrij
csue.i your weakness or lack ot fore
If yoa replace into your sratssn tut
eieacenta thas drained, wMca are re
and Tttft r art. I follow at once.
ir car un and Uaataaaat, sad w
snaianiee a cure or refund striate.
IS WTS aboahl he
- anruiltl Mi mail BT
fr. Rsadra'fl STJerfrie Belt la r.
pr, t. j rvtMM a s t MSK
Dr A T. ftaedn. llurSirVuiailumr.ul
naraworK.eoKDia-a .luutsnui
:r or .1 enaue, & raa a arm
from waickl aoJIrrW 'or amw mi
that 1 oolf wot bead a 7 back. maaalldoJ
wita U- i boofat on or roar twite.
month., beins- tarfWt'v cured. That was
a o. and I eat aa wel to4ar as 1 eer was ia
in km ex tw - aaja. ara i continue i to
fr It for tomr
iow rmr be mull . d I
kn .w lota of
ira heat, wares br I'. Mai
taar woo d tr it taae wwaK
.'lad U tha
BOBEBT BCRRFL End near Hatal Perflakal
D-. A. T. Raade . rear Bir iaeTwearlaa Teal
b it Ihsaebeaa area rbeaaOted. I feel mreiesa.
ri'ewyro-r as? si?
saaawaw ia aow aaailr ; arfeet, sad eeeh ear laaaM.
for the better. I I 1 ssoeh atieeatet the' befera
aaiac t'a -alt. Years u a.r HEhBT I
as to be east!? worn during wort or tdaXAl
staa weak rneri.ss4
an staatas or wwakaee. In y.ina
Mm of rrrla Ic. 1 if r n r t rdrailrlt ha
!ts. to lifsr't':l
JLand Co
office at
- oriGtO t
State street, branch office in Portlano"
acre lots
at 50 to $60
on baian?e
ahich I will sell at
Thos Brink.
World Knouua ha CUBJ9 U STJlUs.
Two Darkish Arrertkd. Twodarities,
a .r! aUoul 00 an j 25 rears went to the
moe bliop of Clmrles "Prochnow yester
day afternoon, where one of 'hem had it
uaii of shoes half soied, for which he
paid. Later a pair of shoes was missed
by Mr I'rochnow. The two darkies were
mi p. cud, when they where hunted up
and the shoes found in their possession.
They were examined before Justice
Freeksen this afternoon. The principal
evidence against them was their pres
ence in the shop and the possession of
the shoes, which they were not seen to
take. The older our stated that they
bought the shoes of a tramp about 4:30
c'clocV, for $l.t0, describing the trans
action minutely. The justice ordered
the men held under $150 bonds for the
grand jury. Deputv attorney Kelley ap
peared for i lie slave aud the older darkey
ab defended the ens in an interesting
manner. Thev irave ihe names of Henry
Jackson, and Heory Jackaoa, Uol'i the
same, claiming to be half brothers, and
rtated that they were on their way to
Tacoma to work in a hotel.
A Suit for Fbai'd. The Oregonian Is
giving the particulars of an exciting
suit in which Fiankand Bertha V.'ieland
charge F. M Sirointon, D Palmer and
F W Graves, forming a well known real
eftate fim with fraud. Mr Wieland was
recently baker for Parker Brothers of
this city, residing here several months,
and henrethe case is of particu'ar inter
est here. Wieland, through the real es
tate agents, bought a bakery forftjC0, it
being represented that it was entirely
free from encumbrance and doing a $50
daily business. Everyihiug proved to
be encumbered except two horses, and
tickets, which lad been given in trade
for difierei things came in o fast that
Wieland did not nearly make expenses.
It was thought the preliminary exami
nation would last all day. The Wielands
were evidently badlv I unco.', but
whether they can prove it is another
thing. Dollar Apmi.-mn. -The price of
admission to the circus has been reduced
to bO cents, but it costs about $1 ail :he
same : at least that is what r cost an old
Uerman of this city. After eniering, he
saw people going toward the reserved
seats, and, thinking it was the proper
i lung, upon demand handed ont u. cents
Then the popcorn boy came along yelling,
'"Popcorn , onlv 10 em's, everybody
eats popcorn at the circus." Of course
he took the popcorn as well as other
things, until he had paid a dollar, when
he declared that was the limit, he
thought he had done tbe square thing
He Will Si e.-E H Fiagg is about to
begin suit against Marion coomy
for hich he alleges is doe him
as a balance cn printing the county
ticitts lor itie recent election. Mr
Flag.- was given iha printing by the
conn y clerk of SO.OaO election ballots.
and he presented a bill for tt e ttue in
the amount of SG00. The county court
considered the bill unreasonable and
cut it down to fwlo, and it is for t hi rea
son that the ex editor of the '.ale Demo
crat brings suit. Independent.
The jjb in Linn ixranty for 50.040
tickets wonld have been ial 23T..VJ
The cost of 40.00J was flJW.
A Picclk Factory, At Middle tun.
Yamhill county, there ia a pickle and
sauerkraut factory. The stockholders
are the neighboring farmer, who rai:e
cucumbers and cabbage for the business.
I he s'ock subscribed a as S5000. and
tttai" (.' ;tiis went for engine aud fixtures.
The main building is 66x50. besides the
engine rtSoru and cooper shop. There
are 40 acre in cucumbers- Picking has
just commenced, and furnish, s employ
ments the young people of the
borhdod. The barrels and kegs are
made in the coper shop, and the lim
ber Cat ic the immediate neighborhood.
Altogether, it is quite a flourishing home
Will Be Sold. United States Die
trie Judge Morrow ieeued an order Mon
day at Hmn Francisco commanding the
United States marshal to sell the steamer
Willamette Vader, to satisfy a claim of
R D Chandhr for coal furnished her
owners, the Oregon Development comp
any. The order ia made under a libel
filed against the steamer December 19
last. 1 he steamer is lying in the stream
then uucared lor, and Judge Monow de
cided that it would be injurious to the
pro erty to longer keep the vessel in the
hands of the receiver, Charles Clark.
M ARRixn. At the Presbyterian church
in Corvallirt on Wednesday, August 8th,
as 11 :30 o'clock a. Rev. E. J. Totnp
son. D. D., officiating. Mr. Joseph H.
WilKin, son of B. W. Wilson, and Miss
Effa M. Handy, both of Corvallis.
Card or Tuasrs. We desire to ex
press our heartfelt thanks to the friends
that ehowed as so much kindness in oar
bereavement in the death of, oar little
Mr and Miw Geo L Thompson.
President Brownton, of McMinnville
College, was in the city today.
Conductor Edward Huston end family
returned last evening from the Metoles.
Prof Adams, the new principal of the
Woobburn echo -Is aas in the city to-
"Only the Scars
Says IIekry Hudson, of the J.'-mes
Smith Woolen
Machinery Co..
Pa., who certi
fies as follows;
" Among tbe
many testimoni
als which I see
in regard to cer
tain medicines
cures, cleansing
the blood, etc.,
none impress me
more than my
own case .
Twenty years
ago, at the age
ot 18 years, I had
swellings coma
on my legs,
which broke and
became run
ning sores .
Our family phy
sician could do
ine no good, and it was feared that the
bpnes would be affected. At last, my
good old
Mother Urged Me
to try Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I took three
bottles, tbe sores healed, and I have not
been troubled since. Only the scars
remain, and the memory of the
past, to remind me of the good
Ayer's Sarsaparilla has done me.
I- row weigh two hundred and twenty
pounds, and am in the best of health.
I have been on the road for the past
twelve years, have noticed Ayer's Sar
saparilla advertised in all parts of the
United States, and always take pleas
ure in telling what good it did for me."
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer s Co., Lowell, lias.
Cures others, will cure you
Buys Wool and Gbaik Mr A Senders
announces to the public that he is in the
i fi?ld to buy wool, grain, hides, potatoes,
I etc. Call on him at his headquarters at
I the store of M Sternburg, corner First and
Broadalbin streets, Albany.
M Ii
Ml H
(J. N. Duncan, county judge; J at. Waters
and J. W. Puxh, 0oniiulslin.r. )
Matter ol application ol t V Jones et
al for aid in turning Hear slough into
the Siinliani, continued.
Bill of John Cox, $11.00, continued.
H W Miller, bocnty f
Richrrd Kholer, miscellaneous..
O P Cosbow, aid Hails
li C Cooley, aid Mrs Clark
W E (ravage, aid Cox
U F Crawford, aid Mrs Robert. . .
H White, aid Matilda Kenworthy
KC Kemp, aid self
Sarah Hines, aid eelf
John Usher, janitor
Mat'.ie F Taylor, aid
Foster Mill Co., roads
5 00
74 28
5 00
6 00
10 00
8 oO
in w
5 0o
5 00
10 00
12 00
10 50
10(1 6$
J A McFeron, salary
J A McFeron, board prisoners.
I A McFeron, ex Enright
El Light Co
Oregon aglEnright
Oregon agt VeYnon Warner
RW Moses, roads
N Neehatn, salary
41! 41
10 60
22 50
32 75
62 20
-'i. -Ji
106 G5
7 95
7 30
10 00
17 44
6 75
3 10
129 28
Km oo
7 50
83 80
10 00
12 00
50 00
1 25
12 11
91 00
8 00
5 00
7 oO
lo 16
10 00
30 75
6 00
6 00
2 66
3 Oo
:2 oo
6 80
15 04
n 37
10 bO
24 60
ti B Weddle. roads
I J Kilison, lees
Mary V. Davis, poor acct
P i-pinks, sect coat's
Stitea & Nutting, printing
E T T Fisher
T W Oilmen, roads
o t Hardman, salary
D F Hardman, expenses
Pti Morris, salary
R Class, aid Barnard family. . . .
Tritet A Miller, acct poor
A R Rutherford, eupt
8 C Clark, sect jail
Frank Deakins, assessor
A C Gaines, bridges
H C Watson, acct poor
J L Uolcome. bounty
Oliver Chesney, aid
rees, prel ex, district -
P M Smith, aid Watson
Graham a- Shaw, roads
Dis Beers, examination forter
J D Burkhsrt, aid J A Albert. . .
w R Kay, lumber
Berrixan A Humphrey, lumber.
r"e?e las'. ice Hairie
J C Cox, aid Barnard family . .
Matthews & Washburn, act t I!
Tatnm A Bowen, roads
Harrisburg Lumber Co, roads. - -
R W Fisher, roads
Hodges A McFailand, acct poor.
Vaughn X Downing, Jumber
O P Coshow, election
k 1 Cam ran, lumber .....
M Pontaen, acct C II
Ella H Mendenha), electiojs...
W C MHIer A Son, lember
Oregon agt Robert Foren el al
Oregon agt Robert Foren
Oregon agt L E Morgan
J B Tillotaon, bricges
Santism Lumber Co
Geo F Fish, acct jail .
J W Reee, acct jai
Conn A Raettner, sect jail
J L Irvine, sect jaii
W E Baker, acct jail
A H Woodin, acct C H
4 U0
IK 71
2J 50
7 60
53 89
9 65
46 81)
65 70
IV 00
54 16
10 80
15 75
18 50
09 -HI
12 v
67 50
19 10
1. U
3 83
1 SO
10 00
30 45
6 00
50 5
J A Camming, acct poor.
Mr our, acct poor
Glass Bros, aeel poor
H Meranda. acct tour ...
L Coleman, roads -
H Baker, aid Mrs Vail
Fee. "Ttvn v Botrir
Mrs Elizabeth 0born. aid
Oresoa agt Geo I.npt.m. peel ex .
H M Stone, avert road
J S Van Winkle, irki-lcntal . .
14 2 hO
42 50
19 85
I 00
6 00
K W AnuatrosaT. acct poor
Warm Spring Johnny, arxt jail.
Fred I Hi ton. acct poor
cla e o( 7t U brine cainlncd in
jilt n lor teacher's LCniflcate
An i.ntnrnit! ot riout was
made fom Port and o China Yesterdav.
T Mf Mi'. , r Cundifl has thv .Mnls
of ihe Mai about Town for s-iir.c fine
strawliertlec raised in the garden cf her
ifttaWf, and IhK 9th day cf Auguu.
There U ore redeeming feature aUiul
the woo) The woo! Is all sold
at once and the money, though not much
here 1 pt-t into I'r'uiatiun.
A toung ladv of Eugene ha in! mar-
mi-A , . 1 .... .. i . ii.lm. a
jioeed 10 that p'sce. Lore mu-t be
from Oregon to
lonf that wi 1 taee o
Dakcta farm.
wi'l taie o- e
The newspapers from everv
the count rv
report timet
rnanutac.orie. are racing no over ana
Idle men are going 10 work
Ets'ern stjf: I plenty at a
low ra'e
Yesterday afternoon Mr Charles liar
nih, while st work 011 il.e roof ol J J
Graham hot.e, slipped anJ fell to the
grou-.d. resulting in hi. tel. ar st being
dtsloca'ed and a bone broken. Drs
Davis :n-J Irvine attended him
The editor of th t An'.el ape Herald E M
S -.utt is f jot ia r. Recen'iy be was
defeated by a professional named Stevens
wnen a bet ol $500 was m de that he
couldn't give him filteen feci and do it, to
ano'.ncr coolest it to follow.
Considers le coattrcnt l.i been mtd
atout ihe tower adjoining the Cusick
brtclr . The fan about Town is informed
that it wa erected lor th: architect D C
Sch-ll to s'. tn-l up in and oversee the
work below.
In Umatilla county tl.e rtccip s ol the
rect rJer lor uly were Si33.a5.tne reco-d
er doirg Ids own work . Toe receipts ol
thet'ou.ity Jlcik ate given hv the E O
as 627.45, wh'ch is called a sms'l volume
of budnesa, rcce'p's ol ihe sheriff, 1 IS So.
A much bei'cr showing than that if thi
The Vigilant ha won fif races and ost
en In hrr CSSstesl. al b ihe tin x '.
She h. sheen en'ered in eetiteen more,
and 1 he hss wind and an open ea will
tin most cf them ; but the Urinar ia beat
I er without a brecx '. Hence the Vigilant
Is much tie better craft
Mr D'Arcv statrd lata repnr'er of this
paper todav that wherever he traveled he
saw Ihe same cvldrncc and heaid ike
same complaints of hard rimes as he sees
here in Oregon. Dot he tf.i iks the esst
Is beginr lng lo recover from the drpre.
si n, end he Ihinkc there Is ro doubt but they will experience a revival in busi
ness there lefore e do bete halem In
Teachers' examination began yester
day afternoon, with the following appli
cants for reitiflcate: A J Bnrneson,
Shelhurn ; Matlle Cross, Halsey; Miss
(iay Case, Detroit; W A Calder, Browns
ville ; Alice Caiy, Scin : Mrs Km ma Cole
man, Foster; Hattie DeAnr.and. Ha'sey;
Cera L Hudson, Tangent; C F I In in
oh tt-y, Portland; Luitie D Jackson,
Sweet Homo ; Robert W King, Holley;
May 0 Lew is, Detroit; J K Love, Alba
ny; Win Miller, Slielburn ; T J McClsry,
(iatee; Rosa L Newton, Crawfordsville ;
Flora Overholix, 8helburn; Marv E Pot
ter, Shedd; Kstelia Parrish. Sodsvi.le;
Clara E PerVett, Detroit; Mrs K B Pegg,
Albany; Frank Robinson, Rosa; I S
Smith, Tangent; Urace Stafford. Halsey :
Eugenia Shelly, Fortland; Krnet C
Thurston, Monmouth; Sam D Titus,
Shelburn ; Cora I) Venn, Tat gent; Allie
Wilson, Halsey; Maggie Woodcock.
1 Monroe ; John A Welts, Detroit ; Eva C
1 White, Laccmb; Richard Wheeler, Al-
1 ..
Geo. Kiilingcr, the bridge contractor,
Came over from Alriea this morning after
some Hupplien. Ho reports work mov
ing alon;; nicely, although sonic delay
hurl been fxperiencod ou account of lln-
inability to secure tl
Corvallis Informer.
the proper lumber.
Judge H H Hewittrame over f.o-n the
Kay i. us noon, ami tt Alien ana r. in
Condit went there.
Mrs C K Maxwell, of Tacoma, is in the
citv. the Kuest of Mrs H J Hopkins, a
former Wisconsin neighbor.
Lieut E C Brooks, an Oregon boy, who
graduated from West Point in 18so, is
now commander of a batalHon of Cadets,
640, at Glrard collese.and is meeting with
distinction. TheOregon boy against the
Miss Iva Turner, of Portland, a former
res'dent of Albany, is in the city visiting
Two EDrroB.--Newpa()(r m'n need to
be thick skinned. Tim ity editor of the
Salem Independent took a vacation, and an
exchange ay he carried along a lightning
rod witti which to evch electric eels. Edi
tor Guild, of Sherid.i . took a trip to the
mountains, end a D Alius editor who hap
pened at the same plate del lareh t'nut "be
canned one of our hore. stole and ate two
pounds of honey, 'swiped' u iSt belonging
to Bro Parker, chewed up one of Bro Mor
rison's dirty sucks, filled one of Bro TeuU'
shoes full of clam chowder and eat ti.e
ropes of Bro Stiles' lent besides other
things too numerous to mention. The Ut
we saw of him he was hugging a black
boltlo and yelling 'Yip. yer belcher (hie)
life! I'm goinif to ilsic) eakh a nedro with
a deuce! and don't 'yer hic forgit it.'
The people of the nice little town he calls
home-Sheridan had best call him in be
fore someone damps his measly can-ass in
to the creek roerer it belongs,"
A Hop liitowiNo Centss. Le!anon ta
a big bop center, there being 233 acres of
bearing nops in this vicinity, besides a good
many acr? of new yards. The hops are
growing cicly, and it is estimated that the
ield will average 15C0 pounds to the acre.
If they turn out this well, the yield mil
amount to the grand total of 'C9.500
pounds, or about 2000 bales . At 10 cent a
pound they wculd bring t&.'.iiO. Abjnt
17,997 will be pid to picktrs alone. To
pick, drv and bale the crop will coat about
e2-'.165. Following is a complete list of
the growers in this district and the num
ber of acres of bearing hopa owned by each :
E L Ibew. 16; Kelso A UUa. 15; W B
Donaca. 13: Jobn Mavheld. IS; P I Wa
lace. 10: J U Moist, 10; Eucene I'him. 10:
J D Bilyeu. 10: S M Pennington. 10; G
Horning. 10; Taylor Evans, 9; 8 O I-ong,
9; Geo Boss. 9: Ed Alter.. 9; J Houk. 8;
C 0 Gentry, 8; am Mullen. $: Jo Buhl.
7; A J Fox, 6: I Hart. S; D Andrews, 5;
J Whither. Si W T Ufliurrouab. 5:
Thos Lewis. 5; G W 4:
Thomas. 4: Scott Wallace. !: John rckren.
3; 1! P Hargett 3. Total. 233- 40 cents
a bo: will be paid for picking. Advance.
SoDAVtixK. kr tlarkneas. of AlUany.
u putting in a new hexier ct the bath
house. It will be completed today.
The telegraph line between Sodaville aud
Albany is again in working- mder and dis
patcher! can be sent at at time.
JamM Pourd went to Albany today.
Mi Fena Flory re tamed Crom Albmy
0 C McFarland and Maud Beard, cl Al
bany, took dinner at tbe Brigg bMtdtng
bouse today.
Tbe carpeoter work on the new Hotel ia
complete J and as soon as tbe plasierinir i
done it will be ready for ocmiauK-r It ia
tiuite a slructure. Laving? rooms ami a hail
dows stair and seven large room, up
stairs, all being plastered wails and ceil
mg. Tbe main building i thirty be forty
ssat, twtTity teet high, and then to this u
added a kitchen and dining room, oje
. l - 1 . I a . . .
Mory uign. twelve oy lonr six lee in
dimension. Ihe Uiildmg wben complsSl
will cast $:500 Review.
Mb Deyos L tV Deyoe. Tbe popHiar
prc-jmetor cf the Elk ity hotel, returned
yeaterdaj fit-tn Monroe where be purchased
from S ti Thomn.jn bt stnrJt ot general
nTrhandi. netinu threfor the mm cf
S3W. Tbe stork will be parked imme
. diately and abipped to Kk Cllv. where it i
' ate ......... al ,1 . I a
iiiKiiuvu ji t.: iutt ita.-z ti
large general mere ban. U ing eatablisb
"'eot. air Deyoe Lai had several year of
rtu ssaful hBi--SSa expertetve and the rest 1
tlenu ot uvai viuoo of L:nn . -inty are to
be cngraluUtei upon the fact of having so
large and well seierted a rtork broaght to
ich a sparely settUI ixnghliofhiiod by one
so tb'-rougfc'y posted on all tue tnt and'oot.
of nieyrhanUle life and who i aleo well ac-
'(cainted witn the ltk and disLkes of hi.
patron. Gazette.
Oscab BiJt nt-F tin r Tbe tore of
11 Blount was rloeed one day lat week
by aLtachroenU aggregating S44iO levied
by an Albany man and by Portland credi
tors. Mr Blount was emtajjrssaed by losae
a year or more ago ami could have' clo-ed
r-ut or ma le a settlemeat with bi cre-iitor.
J1 ! "tage of what be owed them
lflr be woak! pay I fit) rents on the
dollar, and be w:t inrvn an extension tf
j time. Mr Blount is one of the entet pris
.ec n 01 i ins basinet men of the communitv. and
mntoving , hu bope lo see bim have "a fair
, htnee to Come tbrt uah hi diftc jltv all
rigid. Ashland Tiding
Tne OarHA.Vs Home now contains nine
inmates, two of whom are absent on a vit
iation Under Hie tnanagemant of Mrs
how it it neatly keyt, ami it a very pleas
ant place to visit The Man about Town was
shown through tbe building this morning
and was greatly pleased at Ihe arrangement
of things. The use of the upper story,
though, will not be needed for seme time
Street cars leave First street for it at 8:lf.
1 :.10 and 4 o'clock and remain long enough
for any one to go through the building.
Tbe trip is an enjoyable one.
A Bio Job. An Oiegon City minister
haa undertaken a big job. The Enterprise
says: Rev W Cowan wishes to know
why the churches of tLis city are not at
tended by tbe men. and to get'at the reason
as near a be can. has addressed a letter to
a number of tbe business men asking them
their own reason, and to obtain from other
men their reason fcr not aUcnding church.
i tie tuoject win tie the theme ot his - r
u:on next Sunday evening and he hopes lo
secure and throw some light on the subject,
without howeve. . uaing anyone's name.
SnorLD Go. J G Wright, the well
r.own pioneer of Salem, has received the
following invitation, which will at least be
interesting to old timers: "Hvas I'otlatch
Mock a muck Clams Tyeslj M Rosen
berg, Klahnwia So-an: Xei.ka tickey mika
pee konoway mika clootchman chahko ko
notnaxt neisjta kopa Pish Ship tieorge E
Star tenas sun Sundav Stotckin moon
kwinnam sun matie chuck mamook hyas
potlatcii Hyu hee-hee. pee niuck-a-mttck
nyu clams. C oshe mia lolo tenas opc
uan kopa sapolill ictas. i'r. halo ipsoot
Kloshe miica potlatch sitkum dollar , ce
momook closhe tumtuni copa Capt Wil'iam
aon. Mika Tilliciims, Ikn Mill.T. tieorge
Dikd.- Mr Addie Calherino Howard,
daughter of Mr and Mrs P M Smith, died
at her parents' home in this cily, August
li, IisiM. aged Si years B lnontiis and 'il
tlays. Mrs Howard was bom near Iaba
non on November IS, 1870, nn.l continued
ba reside here until a little over two rears a
go when her marriage occtirrtHl e.nd she took
up her residence in Portliind. She was
widely known, ami her social qualities
were such as to endiar her to all who came
within the circle of her acquaintance.
Lebanon Advance.
A CiiALi.ENOK. Lincoln county has a
resident who ia 74 years of age who has
never sued a man, nor been sued; who has
never been in a court room on oath, and
who does not owe a man a dollar in t he
world. His name is J H II vi raft, mid lie
lives in the upper Alsea val'ey. We don't
believe there is a county in the state that
can boat this record. Leader.
Takkn Fob (Jhekniks.- A man, j?om
an and seven children from one to two
years apnrt in age attracted attention cn
First street today, though a few j.vrs ago
such a Bight would have caused no com
ment, while in n store the Man about
Town was induced by a butcher to assist in
gaping at them, when the mother remarked.
"Those men who ore staring at us must
think we ore curiosities."
CGo to
"aiker Bios
Talk Is Chxap: but when you cme to
facts 'very body knowt that Crawford A
Ptxton take better photograph than any
other gallery In Oregon and at as low
price s the lowest. Frtl tire?' adjoining
Masonic Hail.
Price's Cresun Baxtng Powder
Porty Years the aVtanCard.
At a ball In Sewport there were HH
women and only JO gentlemen.
Jesse Spencer hat served in the Corval
i riie department 21 continuous years.
The Silem Flouring md't hate the
conlra,:t for fainUhh g flour for ! e Chem-
aa Indian schoo', t $1 17- pcr bun-j
tirej pour.da.
Notwithstanding t' e f; ct iht j at 1 n
the sslarlcs ol bc .own'y 1 fficers iie
nvirclhan ihe rrcrlots, the entue i rar
will show a big sat log
The salaries of po icemen in Wsl a
Walls been ml. iced from 8Sj to $65
a month ; engineers, $80 to $"a; drivers,
$00 to $ 5: scavengers, $75 10 S65
The Pics e"i. of il.c fo.lovtin- hlghaav
robLery : p'otne data ago three men
stopped a boy who wa coming to Scio
wtth produce, an robbed him of a roll of
There is just one EnglUh lord alio Is an
American citizen. Lord Ksiitax, ol Mary
land, wio Is a piacticlng pnytlcian. Al
though entitled 10 a seat in the house of
lord., he has never taken advantage of
the wistlagutshed honor.
The circus ii Albany this week was
very sllmly attended not avx-ve joo people
being pretest . The cirrus la one of the
luxuries ol lile and hard tin t strike It
pietty severely Pres.. Pr-ibsb'y 1, 000
people attended both cxhibf'ions.
'1 he pslr of Chinese pheasant turned
out last May bv Joe Million have been teen
Islrlv In W C Mter's fle d on Bear creek
It i supposed they had netted In Mii'lon'
field early in Ihe season and Iha their
net was det-roved by the high water. It
Is hoped they wld no't be disturbed sgsin
and t'.at ihey wPl taUe a gotsd Lrge fam
ily. Ashland Tidirur.
Straw i now arriving at ihe paper mill
at the rate ol about 100 ton dally . A
bout loo tram nt hau'ine, at,d each
team hauls from 3000 10 6501 pounds at a
load Farmer are paid 50 cer.u a 'cad
lot the straw, ,,! teams'ei receive 10
certs a bundled for hading. The com
pany uve -d "o grt fire or six thousand
ton this t.-xr, which ill cost them be
tween $10.00, and f 15,000. Lebar. on Ad
vance. State Superintendent McE rov ha re
ceived nolle from man Thatcher, of
the committee ol rewards at ihe aw Id's
lair, ol the awards given Oregon on ac
cveant of the educational exhibits made at
the fair !jt tear. Tncy were In favor ol
'.hi tia'efort,.e leuera; ethfbit in that
country, pttmarv, grammar and h!gh
schook; to the Willamette onlvetdly st
Sslero ; the ata-e university, al Engene,
and lo the public schoo! of Satem, Port
and and A .
O C McFarland went to the Bay today
Mr Tbonua Kay. of the Salem Woolen
mills, was ia the city today.
It was Rialto ami not ! red Weilberford.
who returned from San Jose.
Mr L Bilyeu of Fagene. wa in .Albany
today 00 hi. way home from a legl trip to
Mias Annie iHimond. forrneriy of this
city, and Mis Nellie Loary. of Alex-decc.
. i - -. - -.
ao.. are in roe citv on a vj.n
Among SaUesi pec pie bound for the
today were SopmntciidVnt Downing and
Book-keejser Thomp.-n. of tbe pettitestia -ry.
ami Hon Til Ford.
Mr 0 D hennejy left loday for P.rtlaad.
to ercept a position on the Onion Pacific.
In about two weeks he will begin running
out of The Dalle a condortor.
Mr Adolph Sender and .'easie Mosets
have rsarchased a gwaeral roerc hand is store
at Alara. and will begin business ther- at
once. Mr Moses left for there today.
A M Dalrymple. of the asylum corps M
at'eodsnls. retnrne,! from Alnany this af
ternotwa. where he has hrteti visiting hi
brcher fjr the rust two weeks S.ti.m
has teen in ctrsakane a rear, was in Albanv
..u.. . , . va.' . ' , . i .-tuaui. WHO
today on his way lo Cot valU. his isetotacr
nd be cat ine disposed of their furni'ure
stote in Spokane.
Next Suniv IV Geo G Wright, of
McMinnville. will make a century run.
Leavizg McMinnville early in toe morn
ing, he will run lo Corvallis, three to Al
bany, arriving here at about 2 o'clock, aad
continuing to Salem ami t berate heme.
I pon brgnnatng active riding Dr W right
weighed 1 230 pound. He tas sinew re
iucssl hi. Serii S an-t if one ..f
Uhe fastest rider in Oregon.
Mr August Stark, of W ill A Stark, who
recently returned from Chicago, where he
took a full course in ophthalmy. will make
a srsxialty of tbe optical business in con
nection with tbe arm's jrwelry trade. Be
sides keeping a good stock of optica! goods,
he will make special order, having glasses
ground to order so a to lit special cases,
tbe proper way to ev u e a perfect adjust
ment. Albany will thus have a permanent
optician, a young man who may be relied
Ccl J B Eddy, of R R commission fame,
wa in Albany yesterday ud hi way to re
sume tbe arduous and troublesome duties
of his unappreciated office, after a sojourn
at the hay. Mr Eddy wa a great favorite
at the seaside, hi winsome ways making
friends on eiecy hand. Among the excur
sions of which be was a party was one in
the tug over the I tar. While outside tbe
colonel it said to hare lawn boasting how
he would soon he 'anding the fish in fish
erman s'vie. nnd was emphasizing- It with
a Highland Hiitg. when ho lost his ccrai
It'srium and fell into the briny deep. Be -ing
heavy, be went down several fathom,
but aa promptly rescued on reaching the
other day Obi Kelsay got locket! in W K
Yatss' lw offine. After an amusing time
of it in climbing throufh windows and
over roofs lie got out. when the . Gazette
gives tbe folbwing characteristic scene:
'Fine day," the Judge began. "Ye;, ye!
went into" Wit Yates' office this morning
Fine hoy, fine boy. by the way. don't you
see!' the scribe was just massing his
force for a reply, when tbe Colonel pro
ceeded: "Was looking up a litt'e clean
law, don't yea see! lies, indeed! A good
library in there, don't you know! Just got
interested in a case in 10th Oregon, dtin't
you see! Will went off ami locked me in
Dam careless fellow! Oh, yes! -Know him
well; ves. indeed. After icceivinz some
stutistici; on the demoralizing influence of
swear words, the Judge continued: "Pretty
Rtirv for an old man! Oh. ves! Handle a
dumt-boll like a vonncster. Yts. ves! Ask
lim Flett lim will tell von the same thing.
Fine bov. Jim. Oh. ves." Having thanked
Uic man with the petkcil for his valuable
services, the Colonel departed. A few
minutes later he buttonholed Will Yates
on a street corner and Will had to bring
into play all the trick he hod acquiied in
his years of practice, to convince the Colo
nel that ho was innocent ot the charge ot
having ierpetrated a joke upon him.
Whrn Travel's
Wh.'ihe' o't pleasure bent, or buinea,
taae on every trip a bottle ol Syrup of
Flat, a it acts mast p'eusntly and el,
fectuallv on tbe kidneys, livet and bowe.s
nreventlnir fevers. Iieadtchet and other
form of slcknets. For 'e In 5oc and $i
bottles br sll leadins! druggists. Mann
factured bv the California F'g Syrup Co
Notice to Farmers!.
Having rented the Magnolia Mills and
warehouse we are prepared io store lCOOtiO
bushel.! of wheat and oats. We also have
a first clivss chopper in the houso iiutl ore
making special inducements tl secure
storage. See us before making arrange
ossota foi storing.
Gko F Simpson.
G W Simpson.
The fact that Hood's Sarsa-jtrilla. once
lalrly tried, become the family medicine,
speaks vo'ume lor Us excellence and
medicinal merit. Hood's Sarsaparilla I
Nature's oo-worker.
Hood' Pill become the favorite
cathartic with every one whotrlc them,
t" Ice's Creajn tialili-g Powder
Most Perfect Mnci.
Highest of all in leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
I 1 .f
A.torHER Bkaii Story. Bear stories
are always enjoyed. Here is one told by
(to KNSSlara Reriew : I in last Satunlay J
inr jassawi iMiDDitan, ot myrtle t reea, was
hnnting for big near his home when. bear
ing a noise in the broth, be forced his way
through the thicket an-1 came face to face
with a large cinnamon bear rhich was de
vouring a sheep it bad killed Tbe bear
nrTim.'.tlr rai ! itself nnnn ila 1,,
and advanced with ouUtretrhed arms to
ilk r.nsnrpected vi.itor. it r
Dunniran concluded that he hadn t lost anv
bear. and heat a hasty retreat wit'j old bruin
close at bis heels 'I be race was n. and
no doutt very interesting to both- man and
bear, but tbe former got the better of it by
ipiickiy ascending .- small white oak tree,
where, gasping for breath, be heaped a
tirade of abuse upon tbe bead of hit baffiet
pumurvr. The liear walked around tbe tree
for awhile and then started for the moun
tains, while Mr Danivan. with steps that
ecvmomlzed in the wear and tear of shoe
leather, started for borne where be secured
a rifle and some dog, and in a short time
had the tables turned witii the bear
up the tree. A well directed shot put an
end to tbe excitement, and mw Mr f 'mini
van ha. a dollar bounty, a nice I rear skin,
and a real true bear flory to tell bis frand
Collector Black ox Like Co. Hon
T J Black, collector of customs, has re
turned from three days' trip to liaise.
Linn county, where for -ime year be has
engaged in bonne. His brief visit was
one of pleasure and butinets combined.
"All the fanner arv - very ba.y just now,"
aiu Mr Blabk. "in tbreahuiir out th;r
grain. Tbe yield is not as Urge at was an-
iKipaie.1. owing to toe wort ot toe grain
aoht. Tbe grain leok fine at it ttand.
but the head are not fully filled ouL The
yield of fall wheat will not be more than
two-thirds of what it was last year. Grain
i beginning to come in pretty lively n-jw
at the ware nouses, i be berry is full and
p ump, ami look See. It is the general
opinion among farmers that the yield of
pring grain is not affected lo any extent
br th at-bl. Will!, the vieid of run ia
not to large as last season, yet the increase
in aevetagv will m -re than make of tbe dif
teretxe 1 be r-.ay and oat crops are verr
alundant Though times at a little de-
: nresaeal now. jk tbe farmers are in:lined
to take a hopeful view of the future
IIbabd Fftow In 'Jregon's section f
tie world's fai. tt Chicago las, year many
three onnce sample sacks of Oregon Spr
jrise wheat were given away to visitors
from all sections of the United States, and
just now returns are beginnicg to come in
as to the results Fn,m A A lnb. of
Conkiin. Mich, comes a letter to W H
isavage, who tan charge of Or-g't
cultural exhibit al the exraj-iuon. Mr
Irish says: "Tie three poomis three ounce
of ' rret jo Surpri wiuter wheat yon let me
have at the world" fa'r I sowed September
I tan ami txarrested July otb lis poaod of
aaw .'. -at- Me.,. -K., r I .
- -e.
much cf the Hd 5oul wheat we iaied
' 1 wa t mn h r-, 1, w. . . .
' e., .1 , t .ita.1 . n -i.
aad white head. K:ain satslatf Haas lenrrsh
anC would bar? ave- agel about fat isishett I
per acre 1 beiiere it srill be a valuable
aciuisition I often think '4 the pleasant
hour spent at th- world s fair ar.d alwavs
take in tbe fegn cxbii it." Staiesman.
BrBSED to Death. M aggie Scott,
seven years old. a daughter of Win Scott,
who lives on be Scott's Mills read, five
mile from SUvertor.. was dmdfulty burned
on Mondiy morning. The little one was
alone a a "distance from the house and it
i .apposed the was handling matches
In some wav her apron took Sue aad she
started, set earning, toward the bouso. I sat
being overcome by the beat she fell face
down and was unable to rise. When help
reached her the lire bed badly 'ourned her
back and lost r extremities. A pbysian
from this city was summoned a quickly as
possible, but little could b- done for " the
sufferer save to alleviate her agony aad
death came to her relief on Tuesday in
dependent Sti;ili That Cor jet. tt is said that
lie rae Klli. who .rks a placer mine on
Starveont. picket up a nugget a few days
ago valued at S. ami that he a.i.i his
partner washed out $100 in one week, it
is also report el that Pat t ':'-hc-a- who owns
the old Dwelley claim near Green Moun
tain. Is taking out f 100 a day. Strikes of
thi kind pay much beUer than raiiroad
strikes. Rosebtirg Review.
Died. At hi home in Hi'tcy, Wed
nesday nigh'. August 8, 'Pe Mr Thomas
Morgan Mr Morgan is tlee gcnt.-min
who wa rttn over by the errs a month orj
so sgo. lleha una rg ,e twY s-jrgu-i
oreration t, ar.d being almost 75 sear ol
age, he wa conttitutionally lo i weak to
stand Ihe shock. Times.
The time oi the count v court was
taken up this forenoon in considering i
plans and bids for building and reiMir
ing several cttunty bridges.
The etintract lor building a hndge at
akvillc was let to J. R.Tillotson at SltH:
Oso for building a bridge at Pauisat $120
aid one on the Crabtrvc at $170. Tbe
an tract for II pall MIS tbe Lebanon
conge was MB to w in. as. John at SJllt.
Rcligitius Services.
The fiist of a series of sermons will lie de
livered at the Christian church Sunday.
Aug 12, entitled. "Sin. and its Punish
ment."' in the evening the subject will be
Mattin Luther." Tins is the styond in a
ceries ot sermans lor the etemngs en-
titled "The Fourt 'rent Lights of the Kef-
imlMISI nil Restoration. iiie sucwvtl -
int two will Is. "John rtiley "and "Alex
Campbell."' You are personally invitcl to
All men ore invited to be present at the
gos(el meeting tomorrow at 4 p m, for one
hour only. Kev a s Copley, ot me r.vau
gelical church, will addie-s the meeting at
Y M C A hall from 4 to 5pm
At the M E church tomorrow at 10 :30 a
in. the pastor will prearii ou "Christ's Tes
timony of John the Baptist."' The subject
for the 7 :45 p m service is "Choice of the
True Life." All the other services as usi at.
All will be luadt welcome to these services.
J T I 'tutor.
At the U P Church there will lay preach
ing in the evening by Rev A M AiSnB.
No service in the morning. S S nntl C K
as usual.
No preaching at the Baptl.t ch ircu. S
S ami Young peiiples serviivs ns usual.
RallrtKtd Notice
PiJBn.ANtt, Oregon, Aug. 4, 18S4.
"Travelers must not f-Tgvt that the
O. R. & N. line is thorotitriilv retiaired
and all trains arc running without trans
fer or delay. Through service to Omaha ,
Kansas t'Hv, St. Lotus utui t lucagtt
Pullinitii riUvptM-s, tree reclining chair
cars, upholstered tourist sleencr8 and
modem day coaches.
Call on o. K. . agent lielort pur
chasing tickets, or address W. II. llurl
burt, general passenger agent, Portland,
Hall' Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer
ha. res'.ored gray hair to U original col
or and prevents ba'd-iess in thousand-, ol
caves. It will do so to yoa,
tr. Price's cream Bchlag Powder
WorM's Fair ttlghtst Award.
A Jr-immeri dav wi
; feature cf the Mate' fair.
probabir be
White shoe are new lad White
a good co or but there is no sense in
for out d or shoe
The Al -any Social Club will hold a
busint a meeting Monday to whleJ. all
member are invited.
Excursion train lor Silverton leave
Ailitny at a A u Keturnirg leaves
,tre"on 5 P "
Fair for round trip
1 ne river steamer Wrn M Horg hss
been chartered br the Union Pacific and
wii jc Uken down the river the first of
n xt week.
Oo to Silverton jn the excursion Loroor
ro r, take your luMh basket. The Ma
rine Band and the Portland citv band will
be lhre.
Take tour best g'r' and go on the con
ductor Ex:urrn tomorrow. Tbe eham
pion Base Ball of the season trill be
Kfayed there tomo-row.
Judge Bellinger ha beid that telling
iouor t- an lacitn wlio it in charge of a
United State Iras an agent is not punish
able undet the United State tututes.
Tae decition wi!) have the effect of -ere
materially lessening the incomes of Eatt
cn Oregon devuy U S martha's.
Senator A J Johnson, of Scio, authoriz
e us to state that be I prepared to beat
any o'-h-r senator in Oregon in a game cf
- while Riley Shcltun, depoty
poctmasser of that burg, cava be can beat
any defeated candidate in "the county at
the umt: game. Jeffertov, Reriew.
Among the entries made for the rta'e
fair race are Dr Smith's Altago roll jo the
3 minute c'as , McKnight Bros Flora
G. by Alteeo. ard Mr Allie Brers' rn'
lie B, bv A! wood tree re. in tbe i-2y c'as
McKr.ight Bro Carry Shirry, by Alfajo,
ia the - . c ass.
The Pend etoo Tribune eslimale ihe
wheat crop of Umatilla, Or, for this tea
ron si 4,oSo,ooo bushel. The average
yield I placed at 17 bathe t per acre. It
will require more than $125,000 worth ol
a -kt to hold the wheat. Probable too
' f" estimate of the amount of wheat
in ins: counts, giving it at lea a
of the crop of ;he entire state
Hunting Celestial in Marion count v it
evirtectly t luxury, judging from that fol
lowing in he Independent: Mr EJsrin
Jory nd Mr Willis were out han'ing on
-tin day and happened to get on someone
iand who had to ne objec-kms to it, and
loth toung gen -Semen were arrested and
fi-ied $1 1 each before fudge Edes lor tres
pass. The hop bd u try will pu- $3000 or
$4 .r.- in circu arson arstbud Lei anon
la c-ne. lake the abnernimi inrl h ai'J
I sPP'oach $100,000. The Express :
In crsnveiaalhxt yeaterdav art h W B Don
aca. he said that hs bop woa'd bear
near'v twice at much a last year, that he
had rot had o spray any and there were
w en. r isjrsca iu re
imJ a-veri other. ad areadv con'rai.'ec
i ,i..i. t r, . .1 . " J
i "
i Uau DOOn
Judge Strahaa came cp from Portiand
! County Treasur drown, ol
eoTnty. is in the cn v visiting
Newport A Whitney have rented the
rrcnt offices on tbe second floor of the Cu
sick brick being eres-ted.
u W Dans is ni sole owner of the
F qaarry. having irchad hu part
tiers interests in it
Mr Ichn Ross and Miss Alice Hayes, were
uhited in marriage.on AogS. 1894. at the
ctBce of and by Justice J C PoweiL
Married, on Wednesdav erecing. Aug S.
IS9t at Brownsville. Mr ft K Jacks yn and
Mrs M E Wilson. Rev C C Sperrv. otScat-
Married, on Amrost S, at the nonri of the
bride" parents in Eogene. by Rev 1 J Wil
son, Cecil W Dority. of Spritigfisld, and
MUs Marguerite E Blairt, of Eogene.
Elmer Dannals and Fred Senders, of Al
bany, returned borne this morning trota the
Bay. The boys say th: t all the old maids
of Oregon axe at Newport Informs.
L R Train and wif wLo hae been in
Albany several wess the guests of S S
Train, left this noon for their home at Fort
Dodge, Iowa.
Dr Perao; was called to Granger yester
day to consul with Dr Wallace, of Albany,
it, the Miss Logsden case. I reform sr. Miss
Logsxlen died yesterday.
Mr Frank Wood is in the city. He re
cently leased a quarry at the Bay and has
uncovered a seven foot ledge of stone con
siderable !ik -:':.. Pioneer only with a blo
ish tint to it.
Auiojg thos who went to the Bay this
noon were lit Adams. Assessor IVakins,
i Marshal le. John Froshay and daughter,
j Miss Rislev. Mrs Train and daughter, Ed
jJasick, C B W inn ami T J Stitea. .
Rev A White returned today from Al
bany, accompanied by Rev Metayer of that
f lace ant) Chancellor Archambaott. of the
Uocrse of Montreal. Canada. Salem
Hon Phil Metsrhun left today for Oregon
City. He was accompanied by J E Mc
Coy, who with a crew of men will blast out
the rish ladder for tbe state. Mr McCoy 's
crew of six men will follow tomorrow ind
they ail! camp on the river. Saltan Jour
Lawvt rs Met ..mailt anI lnss were in
Albany today on their way home from a
long tramp across the Cascades- t"Tossing
by wav of the Lebanon road thev went as
far as the Metoles. re uitiing by way of
the MrKenz'c. Both looked healtliv and
rugged. Thev wslkeel X) miles in ten
tiavs. and received stiiendid treatment everv
wtiere. Only in one case were they refused
entertainment. Thev found an intelligent.
hospitable peopfe aiong the route. At the
Metoles tiarticularlv thev foand splendid
accoinmodatiotn with Mr Allingham. They
de-. lar.- the experience to be a good one.
tnd art" sure of a great beDeut it
oi public t stint at 'on you will i.nd
Parker Bro. It has lakin year, ot hon
est dealing, a store lull ol the best goods,
a continuous round ot truth telling and,
above all, the right price for the right
goods to It-ad Parker Bros to their piesert
proud position. Their grrcerie are stand
ard, their produce fresh, ami their baked
goods the best In the mailer, and or a
iplendid vai'.eiy
A Geiman painter, who has been aork
ing in the country, came to All any with
some money .and yettriday bought a tick
et for Portland; but he got beastly drunk
and though placed on toe cat '.his noon
got off, leaving his begaie. and as a re
suit wa pu' in the city j tb this after t con
OiE si via The I'm on Pacific.
All repa'r are now complete! and the
The Union Pacific trains are running
hroagb without change, leaving Portland
dal y at 7 o'clock p m, carrying Pullman
and tourist sleeper reclinirg chair car
etc Cheapest and shortest route to al'.
points east. For rates and informal loa
call upon Cvbban MoNTSirn.
Local Agents.
"As oH sa
nerer excei-
U a I .Ol
an 1 proven "
is the verd;C.
b f mUliooii.
i '. m c :. -Liver
Ixior ia the
a 1 y T ivet
-ad Kiducy
solicit w tc
which 70a
can pi.i yonr
faith for a
cure. A
mild laxa
xn Jirecviy
on the Liver
s n d Kid-
Trv it.
to Irri tak
n it
7 or marie mtO;
-f l.ivr M .-ic'ae..
at 1 iiave n-
htue-arai Ban
kiat, of ail
ateu'leinee 1
do. 1:,--..,:i..i.
f n-.-Jii;;mr.LlTerBt;i'--
- i,tiuciir savy it is lim
1 nwdieiriea. 1 ecneUer it St
r o Itseit. Ciao. Mf. J ACT
'S, ai.ii iiijru.o.
tie 2. era 3 (a rts cw
The Hugged Gi
is largeiy an
Fresh air
and exercise
usually pro
dv. c sound
appetite and
sound sleep.
Sickly chil
dren obtain
gTeat benefit
Scuffs Emulsion
of cod-iiver oil with Hypb
phosphites, a fat-food rapid
of assimilation and almost
as palatable as milk.
1-41- e-l r. Jtr 5 Y
W. L. Douglas
3.? POLtCE.3 Soles.
knr wwrrsaeias W. L.
aetata Satwara.
e t-c large Euuialatlarcrs ol
advertised shoe in tbe world, and
the raise by stamping the name aad price oa
tlse 'en,, watch protects yea agaisss higtt
pr-.ret asd eae aaddleT-raTr's profits. Ocrssors
evaal castoas work ia str. easy :vac and
weariaa; cualities- W7e tare tie m sold every
where at lower price for ihe ealee giro tawa
int otner mace, l e sc ssssttnste. u we
dealer cart rot sapp-r woe. we can. Scad by
"Tearthing is tiv noWest art but tees
sorriest trade."
ee stew-nwa
A training school lor teachers-, theory
and practice combined.
. Strong professional course ami vsrel
equipped model school.
l Uorvuigh preparatory ar. l academic
Normal. Advanceel Nonual, Busiit
Music and .trt IVpartments.
Licht expensee. Board and lotliritur.
books and tuition not above $lo0 per
The tevwn of Motinioittli has a beautiful
and healthfnl location in the very heart
of the Willamette Valley twelve miles
south west of the State Capital. It has
no saloons.
The Normal School entitles
one to teach in any county in the state
without any further exaniinaticin. Grad
uates command good positions.
Expenses. Tuition per term oi tea
weeks: Normal $o.2o: Sub-Normal $";
Commercial $t5.2". ltoard and lo-Jging :
Board at Normal Dining Hall $l.?o per
week; furnished rootus. with tire aitd
light, from $1.00 to $1.2 per week.
Boartl and lotiicing in private families
from $o.00 to $3.50 pcr wevk.
Vitality and grow th have always char
acterised the work of the Normal School .
The coming year promises to K one of
the best in its history.
Catalogues cheerfully sent on applica
tion. Address
P L CAMrnma., President,
or W A Waatx, Secretary oi Faculty.
aaaaaaBaasa ss sTl wa
Met, ard
$100 per BottteC
One cent a tioes.
This O.bat Corrcu Caaa promptly rrarsa
where all others faiL Cjughs, Crou; , Sore
Throat, Hoarseness, Wl oOfiiag Cough and
Asthma, for Consumntun It has no rtvai;
has cured thousands, nd will CURE YOU If
taken ultima, SoUl by Drnggl- on a guar
antee. Tor a Lata Back or Chest, esse
are you Catarrh? rnu n nkxir ia ruaratv.
Stwdtuourajrou. rrice.i ct. Iuiecterfrea.
Teas rata nave saai
SaSa J aaat
aaavuia nu'e M
B t iao W si wj