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"State Rights Democrat"
Tlie Best Paper in the Valley,
"The - Demoi'crat"
One Year for Only $2.00.
Or., a Second-flats Mali Mailer.
MTtnt, rabllshers aad Proprietors:
tTTtt WTTTW-b- ! a.t,red at tse at Albany.
1 A.V III MaMMaawawaMWaMMaaiiaaiiaaaaaaaMaa- , 1, IMq!!agagMaaaaaaMaMaMaMaaBaiaMaaaaaMaaMaaaa.
M 29
There is probably ns city of importance in the world that can show
such rapid and wonderful growth as Chicago simce its detraction by
fire. To-day its population is about Mr. Peter V an benaack,
one of the leading merchants of that city said in conversation, that a
large number of his personal friends, as well as scores of representative
men throughout the Northwest with whom he had conversed upon the
subject, had found St. Jacobs Oil a pain-curing and healing remedy of
the most extraordinary efficacy. It is the Great Remedy for Rheuma
tism, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Backache, Bruises, Bums, Swellings etc.
A cody of the " Official Portfolio of the World's Columbian Esposition," beautifully
llrastritedE water color effrcti, will be sent to any address upon receipt of loc. In postage
sumps by Turn Ckajujs A. Vocataa Co.. Baltimore, Md )
Boy Stoves and Ranges of Mattjiews & Washbnrr
Bar Stoves and Ranges of Matthews & Washbor
j.L .-v- j . , w " . .w ( lit - . or '
Bay Stoves and Ranges t Matthews & Wash In
Boy Stoves and Ranges of Matthews & Washburn.
Bay Stoves ai Ranges ot Matthews & ffasabra
Samuel E. Young
It Was a J on:. - The Lumberman
tells it: Matt Gollivan, the genial
timber land locator, telle a pretty good
Oregon Pacific story, which we believe
haa never before been pnbliehed. It
happened about four yeare ago that Ed
Wolff, who at the preeent time livee near
Gates, aix miles below here, wae coming
across tha mountains by way of the
Minto Pass trail. Near .the summit he
met four hunters. On reaching civilisa
tion he reported having eeen four Chica
go A Northwestern surveyors working in
the mountains. This came to the ears of
Wra M Hoag, manager, of the Oregon
Pacific railroad, and be telegraphed
Wolff to come to Corvallm forthwith. A
party was made up to investigate the
matter and they started on a apecial
train, going as far- aa Gates. They then
took pack horses and crossed the moun
tains, returning by way of Portland.
The trip failed to reveal the surveyors.
Taxing Legacies. A number of mem-
befa are earnestly in favor of Geer s
house bill to tax gifts, legacies and in
heritances, but it is doubtful u it win
become alius, though in judgment of
manr it ia a wiae Taw. It proposes to
tax property, if the a mount is aver $6000,
which shall paaa by will or the intestate
lawa, $ 1 on each hundred. On a $ 1C ,000
estate the state would receive aa income
of 100, on 100,000 the sum ot $1,000,
and ami from the late W S Ladd aula to.
if this law had bean in force, the state
would have received, supposing he had
left $10,000,000, the anug amount ot
$100,000. Such a law prevails in New
York state, where the Gould estate had
to pay over $700,OC0 into the tax of the
After th S. G. The editor of the
East Oregonlan having said that the Ore
gon militia ''Is composed of spindle
shanked youths, and the entire lot would
not keep at bay a couple of cur dogs," the
Wallowa - Chieftain retorts: "There Is no
law to prevent the East Oregonlan man
from having his opinion and expressing It,
but if he will come over to Joseph he ..ill
find In a single company of this despised
militia forty men, any one of whom will
convince him of his mistake In about two
minutes." If he will come to Albany we
will present him to Capt Overman, Lieut
McFeron, Ex-Capts Chamberlain and Ir
vine, or almost anv of the privates, and
there wouldn't be a grease spot left of our
E ( friend, who is said to be hardly a
shadow caster himself.
Dbep Sxow. The trip from Green
Basin to Detroit would at the preeent
time co sno under the beading of carrying
mail under difficulties. Last Saturday
P M Roe eame down with Uncle Sam's
pouches), aad started back the same day.
making six miles and stopping over night
with loseph Hamilton, bun any lie r
ausaed his ieurnav. covering only two
miles, when be stopped with Mr McKay
The scow at that place is about SS feet
deep, w hile it is four feet at Detroit. It
ia not known how he made the remain
der of the trip. No mail arrived Tues
day from that place Lumberman.
In a Commotion. From a gentleman
who waa in Cottage Grove yesterday we
learn the citiieae of that enterprising and
progressive little city baa been thrown
into a commotion over the charter bill as
was passed by the legislature. It appears
that the portion of the toon west oi tbe
river haa been left out of the boundaries
of the town and the residents of the
eastern part are therefore quite angry aa
it cuts off considerable taxable property.
The party informed us that tbe division
question produced but a small amount of
excitement in comparison with this one.
-Eugene Guard.
Lebanon. A third saloon ia talked of
in Lebanon.
Tbe latest contemplated improvement
in Lebanon ia a water system aad fire
service. The matter ia being discussed
by tbe citizens general! v, as it should oe.
Last Saturday a dispute arose between
Linn Walton and Wm Hildreth, which
resulted in one carrying his hand in a
sling and tbe other wearing a black eye.
It also caused the city treasury to be re -
We are general, agents for the celebrated Myers Force
and Lift Prmps, also the Rumeey Foice and Lit Pumps.
We guarantee these pumps to give perfect satisfaction or
no sale. We also guarantee them superior to any other pienisbsd a few doiure. Exptsm.
pump in the market, 1 A Hit at Misw.niAXs. The Seattle
foat-Intelllniencer in commenting; upon
the defeat of Raley's bill say s : 1 Tne peo
ple of stregon that is, the Missourlane
of the Willamette valleylon't want the
Columbia river opened. Thev are content
to live quietly and grow -heat, doing no prie. valaw and volumes of currency
TP,. ,1 1 nf Form Tmnlcmanf. Business witn Eastern Uregon and Wash-
. - r i , , , - r t .i n - ii 1 . .
ana venicies 10 do iouna in ine vaiiey, uive us a can
Pkohatk Recobd In guardianship o
Selina and Samuel Burkhart, appraisers
In guardianship of Leota and Vera
Patton, T F Smith was appointed guard
ian. Bonds $2000. Sale of real propeity
Iu estate of W P Smith, R Andrews
appointed administrators. Bond, $6000.
Bond approved.
In eatate of Jesse Barr, inventory filed I
real property $090.25 ; per. onal property
ordered sold.
In guardianship Guy and Frances
Rinehart, third account riled.
In estate Robt McCullaugh, personal
property exempt from execution of
'slue of $85 2S ordered aet aside for
In estate of McOuUaugh A Talbot, W
W rarriah waa appointed executor of es
tate of McCullaugh. Bond $800 filed.
Peraonal property ordered sold.
Final settlement of estate of J F Back-
ensto continued until March 6, and in
estate of Rebecca Vernon to March 8.
In guardianship Claud Shelton, gnard-
ia ngiven time to make showing
In estate of Nettie Sanford, adminis
trator appointed, bends $500.
In eatate Otto Serfling will admitted to
probate, J A Bilyeu, executor. Bends,
In eatate of Alfred Lsroy Reel, sale
real property confirmed.
In estate F E Mann, sem -annual ac
count approved.
A Very Versatile Man.- We learn
incidentally that our old newspaper friend
and confrere. Rev J R N Bell, A M, will
leave for Washington City via New Or
leans He i the most versatile man we
ever knew, In no position was he a fail
ure, lie is ex-newspaper man, ex-c era
of the R R commission, tx-hotel proprie-tetr,ex-presldent
Oregon Press Association,
ex-school teacher, ex-agricultural college
regent, ex-school director, ex-editor Ore
gon School Journal, ex-soldier of the army
of Virginia, ex-merchant, ex-delegate to
general conference, ex-moderator of Pres
bytery, ex-music teacher, cx-Worshipful
Master, High Priest and Grand Orator of
Masons, ex-officer I O OF, and is at
present Grand Chaplain of the Grand
Lodge and Grand Chapter, A F and A M
f Oregon, Grand Representative of the
Grand Lodge of Utah, and Grand Repre
sentative of the Grand Chapter of Virginia.
He is also a popular lecturer upon his i
hi iuu. iiaii.1, buw uiiici .ui'jii. m iiu i .
an old line democrat of the first water, and
to cap the very top of the climax he has
turned inventor, which last at all mean s
that he is now on the highroad to one of
three places, the palace, the poor hoose.or
tbe insane asylum. Corvallls Times.
Wagoner v Belejcaf. The Salem
Democrat gives tbe following account of
the war at Salem heretofore mentioned :
It appears that rvpieaentaUve Belknap,
who ia supposed to represent Benton
cbunty, favors tbe petition, and hia op
ponents charge that be does so for the
reason that the county seat of the new
county would be located m his neighbor
hood, and Mr G A Wagner, on the part
ot the remonstrants intimated that there
waa aa unholy alliance between the
friends ot B sine and Lincoln counties.
Representative Beiknap retorted to the
effect that Mr Wagoner waa an unholy
liar, whereupon Mr Wagoner promptly
reached for Mr Belknap, but tailed to
find him. Immediately tbe room waa in
an uproar, and petitioners and remon
strants were mixed up in what threat
ened to be a firat-claas edition of Bonny
brook. In a abort time, however, order
waa restored and upon an examination it
waa found that the whole affair bad been
aa bloodless aa a French duel
A Ftasimsv. Governor Pennoyer ia
decidedly a pessimist Hia face ia get
ting terrifically long, on nearly every
thing. Without regard to the right or
wrong of hia position in vetoing tbe
military bill we give ths following in hia
veto message aa a sample of tbe gloomy
view be takes of matters : "Our const i
tution provides that 'tbe militia shall
be kept ia strict subordination to tne
civil power,' but it would seem that now
tne militia is in the saddle, as it baa bad
sufficient potency to procure a largely in
creased aopropiiation in tne pasaags oi
this bill at a time when retrenchment in
all civil departments is sought after on
account of the depressed condition of our
people consequent upon the stagnation
of business and a general distress in
leCIAs. As Ft.ttSONAL
Jrscn Smith, of Portland, has had bis
amc changed lo Jason Winchester.
License was Issued today for the mar
riage of August W Shulz and Dasle A
Hon W R Bilyeu and J R Wyatt went
to Harrisburg this forenoon to try a civil
case ia the Justice court of that city.
Row Hlbler, an old Corvallls prim rr, bow
a sudcessf ul merchant of Scio, was In town
today enroute for Portland. From him we
learn that our eld fiWnd, Tommy Munkers,
of Scio is like the Timet force, wrestling with
the Keelev tobacco care.v-Corvatlls Times.
Married, In Eugene, Oregon, last Tues
day, at the residence of Mr Eli Bangs, by
Judge G W Klnaey, Mr J L Hoffman and
Miss Blanche Pipes. Mr Hoffmen is one
of the proprietors of the Eugene Ice
Works and the fortunate lady is a neice of
fudge Pipes.
Jamts Abraham, a resident of this city
for forty years, died at his home on Bast
Pine and Seventh street, yesterday, sged
82 years. The funeral will take piece
tomorrow at 2 d'etat from the Centenary
chuich. It is estimated that Mr Abra
ham's philanthropic bequests during his
lifetime amounted to $75,000. Portland
At the meeting of the C L S C last
evening at the residence of Dr J L !iitl,an
able paper was read by Mrs C 11 Siewart,
on the Important subject of dtv govern
ment; Mr E S Barrows presented a flowery
sn elaborate paper on Acadia, and Mrs
Nutting was heaid In the reading cf
"Courtln' " from Lowell. The next
meeting will be held with Miss Laura
f'aie.aiid the roll call will be a fagot party.
Colonel Jav P Lucas, of Condon, Ore
gon, after driving through 40 miles of
snow, and being delaved 4$ hours at Bon
neville by the snow blockade, arrived on
Monday to comfort his sister Mrs T W
bhellon and her daughter. Owing 10 his
duties ss county clerk of Gilliam count v
he was compelled to start for home tbfs
morning. Eugene Guard.
Assessor H S Williams cams down
from the front last night.
Rev Edward Eccleeton and Miss Zoe
Marks, of Lebanon, have been in the city
for a day or two.
E H Bahr, clerk of tbe fisheries com
mittee in tbe state legislature, has been
in the city. Mr Bant waa formerly a
law studsnt of Albany.
Do not forget the" Apron and Necktie"
social to be given tonight at tbe resi
dence of Mr C E Browne!!, by tne Y P S
C E of tbe 1st Presbyterian church.
The Pendleton E. O. eays: Senator
Jeff Meyers, who bv tbe way, likes to be
noticed by the newspapers, has a bill in
tbe legislature which tne gentler sex will
tax a aindiy 10.
J J Dubruille, of Albany, one of the
members of the Lebanon Electric Light
Co , waa in town this week locking a,
residences with a view to moving lo our
city. lbanon kxprees.
Mr Clare Vunk, who haa been attend
ing tne Holmes isuemeee College in
Portland for several month, has been
obliged to return home on account ot ill
C W Elkiaa returned Wednesday from
bis ranch on tteaver. He reports stock
in that section standing the winter well.
Mr Elkins haa been in Eastern Oregon
over twenty years, and says last Wed
nesday waa tbe moat disagreeable day he
has ever seen on this aide of tbe moun
tains. Ochoco Review.
sat 1' an at
Katney. 01 independence, a
former citixen of Albany, ws in
CMr Will Merrfmae, the r P clerk ts
M i
hh 1
mi. it li fartland that wants the
boat railway; that enroses the Lake
Washington canal; that gives advice to the
legislature at uivmpta."
Our First Marshal. The first Mar
shal of Albany was John Clever. An
old t liner tells about seeing Mm make the
Portland satisfied. The repeal of
the mortgage tax law ts well received in
this city, especially that part which pro
hibits the exemption from indebtedness.
That this indebtedness has been played
for all it is worth, there can be no doubt,
and the new law will reach many who
have heretofore escaped bv that question
first a treat ever msde in Albany by a city I ble reute. It ia understood that the Gov-
2457 2nd A worth st, Albany, Or
'fhe Forum
1893 $
H.C. Porra
I W.E-Rutesu.
The Forum.
rat ronvv u f vitt mate what Tax Rmv
sum Comt im to MnaUttt. and mnt f ijioriiM 14
tmt Utouahlul ptri jdKal w ham mr Aad."
THE i OEtm contains artlclss about what me a
sxs new doing la the world.
The problem sand the tasks of ytmr own life and
thought, and ot' oar own country, aad of oar own
time; the educa tion of your children; the latest re
sults of research in yoar own special stndy, the great
book of the period; thereal leaders-, the lsjgemsTe-Btsats-are
thaso act the most tatsrsstsBg lubjootai
The sesrst of T us leras-s hold on iu reasVvrs U
tiuet Its wrkers auks it helpful to all wao think.
Its readers form the dominant part of every pr e
fession, craft, and class - those who sj succeeding
because they hat e a correct meaaurr, of the intellec
tual forces aad of tbe larger activities of American
Ufa. the best-Informed, sad the most ambitious.
Its writers are the leaders of thought and of ac
tion everywhere aad in all kind of important work.
Ask the best informed man la yoar community
what he thinks of Tub Yonvu. or send to us for
the written opinions of some of the leading men in
your State, and ia all other States.
ltarosmi: tJsiosBqasre.gewTork. tSsyesr.
rw- HutKTfvthrmt may be t direct lo 777E roKVM
or XfavatMto.kiltkednbcrllion agenci or bookseller.
or uromgn uiu poonr.
Hoa. -
! & F. Eoswaos I
r. a-wauow
W. H. Mauock 1
F. Mamom Csawposs
hA Pnaman
W.Otwrrr Hvos
ALBERT BR0WNELL(Snwe8or to flyman & Browne.!, Proprietor.)
V J cltv. Ve would call the attention of our friends to the fact that we are
better prepared than ever before to furnish eyerythlng In the shape of Fruit, Shade
and Ornamental trees. Small Fruit vines, etc., at either wholesale or retail. Oar
stcck Is first-class, guaranteed true to name and free ' om inspect pests, and our
prices low. C. E. Brownell Is our city agent and f ers left with him at his
store will receive prompt and careful attention. fVr , and see mc or write for free
catalogue to
marshal. Die city had just been incor
poraied. oeoree Miller was on a spree
and was painting thlnsra red . Clever, not
Ukir g the job at close range, got a rope,
and finally succetded In laasootna Miller.
when he was managed without further
trouble. D Mansfield, the first recorder,
nnea ntmtn tne proper maontr
What as Ixpclsb Did. A few days
ago Lon toung, a saloon keeper of
Main es, Oregon, waa returning borne
from Baker City on the care. He was
standing on the platform, when his hat
blew on. On a sudden impulse, though
tbe train was going at full speed, about
forty miles an hour, be jumped off alter
the hat. He was knocked insensible
and his right side was paralysed. He
may recover.
A Bio Company. A new company in
corporated Is the Pacific Stone Company,
by F D Wood, F Benlar and W W Mar-
quam, to operate the Wood stone quarry
In Benton county, opposite Albany ; cap
ital to be Si 50,000. This reads well, and
the Democrat hopes to see It develop
into a great reality. The Held is s big one
Held too Loxo. Several Umatilla
ounty farmers are slill holding grain
harvested In 1891. One has 6,000 bushels
on hand An offer of 91 cents per bushel
was made for the whesl after the harvest
for tnst year, and was declined by the
farmer, who believed that the price would
reach $1. Some Linn count farmers are
in just about the same kind of a boat
Arm Bkcken. Col John Kelsay is con
fined to bis room temporarily with a broken
arm, the result of a fall suttslned by him
while in Salea. last week. Although the
fall wss a violent one, and more or less pain
was sunered in consequence, the Col. was
not aware that a bone had been broken un
til his arrival home, twenty-four hours
after the accident The Col. has a power
ul physique, by the by. Corvallls. limes
Another Chapter. The Scio Press in
its long writeup of the Serfling murder
closee with the following: Many of our
citizens attach blame to R F Ashby of
rortland and Albany, for the fearful re
suit of the match that he was instru
menta' in bringing about. Whether he
ia in the least blamable, we know not;
but we have heard it said that Bsrfling
stated he was sorry he could not include
Asiiby in tbe killing.
An Accident. Yestcsdsv afternoon Mr
and Mrs A li Woodin and Miss Zella Wood
were returning from tbe couniiy. when they
met another team on the bieli embankment
ny Mr Burknarl's. Their borses became
mgmenea ano turned on the, roa into a
pond of water by the side. Mr Woodin-
was hurt on the bead and bruised consider
ably, while the others only secured a cotd
but muddy and disagreeable bath.
Steamer Arrived. S H Willamette
Valley arrived at Yaquina at 8 a in, with
following passenger list: J P Pevio.U A
(irandshand, li a Brasfleld, a Wiemens,
Corvallls; E Olliver, Albany ; T Chaffee,
ernor has signed the bill, snd our city
fathers, who have been casting about for
the source from whence the Increased ex
penses roust come, see the this
bill will add probably one-third more to
the taxable property of this city. The bill
was passed at a very opportune time.
Dispatch, li was peculiarly a Portland
measure to defeat the mortgage tax law
and no wonder they arc satisfied.
A Yol-ng Blacksmith. Clyde Danoals,
of this city, working is the shop of his
father, la probably the youngest oiaeksmun
In Oregon, being only 13 years ef see. A
sample of his work may be seen at Parker
Bros, which cannot be excelled by many
workmen after many years ef excellence.
The boy Is a genius for his sge.
The governor sent ia tbe following veto
to the senate Wednesday:
"1 herewith return senate bill No. 2i
with my dissent This bill proposes to tale
$60,000 collected from the psop' through
the t axing power of the stats, and place it
in the hands of a commission to be expend
ed in making a show at Chicago. The
legislature has the undeniable right to levy
taxes for the general benefit, but a well
defined line of limit is clearly established
between those benefits that are practical
and those that are merely speculative. It
is unquestioned that the legislature can
authorize expenditures for works of utility,
necessary for the general welfare, but it is
more thsn qusstioaable if it haa the right
o levy txe upon tbe people for intanrible
and uncertain benefits, such as are supposed
to accrue from advertising their products
either in Chicago. Japan, or elsewhere. To
tax some people for the benefit of others or
to tax the people for any other purpose
than for the frugal administration ot gov
ernment in the full excrciso of its undoubt
ed prerogative may not bs specifically in
hibited by any constitutional provision, but
it is so repugnant to right as to be equally
condemnatory, for the precepts of justice
sbould be as binding upon the conscience
of the legislator as are the restrictions of
the constitution. Let it be conceded that
tbe legislature can exercise the power of
levying taxes at its own will and "for any
purpose, and tbe taxpayer will become at
once the prey of the schemer, and corrup
tion and extravagance, through doly
enacted statutes, clothed with all the forms
and sanctity of law. will hold high carnival
over tne spoliation of the citixen. A de
parture from the one safe rule that the
taxation of the people by the government
should be strictly limited to its bonnt ad
ministration in tbe exercise of necessary
governmental functions wculd open wide
Oe door for public peculation at the expense
of private thrift, and, if once sanctioned,
oar fate government would soon become
what the federal government for more than
a quarter of a century has been a most
effective instrumentality for tbe robbery of
the taxpayer for the benefit of the boodler.
I veto tbe lull."
Am tswfwrtaal MSTerearei
think themselves ill, that they are not affect-
td with any disease, but that the sysUm
simply needs cleansing, ia to bring comfort
borne to th-ir hearts, aa a eostiva ooeditu a
i easily cured by osing jyrup of Figs.
Manufactured by too Lali'wru a rig nyrop
W men you come to
Albany .
Don t fall to visit
The druggists They carry- a large and
ch-.Ice tnc of drugs, patent medicines,
;tc Prescriptions are always carefully
and attended to.
It will
Pay you.
Athhv 4 Csric, Resl Fr'ste, 80. Wss! -
ing'oa Street, Portland, ( r.
All Style to go to Mueller's par
lore with the ladies and treat them to
Coeoa and- High T wafers. Served at all
Hhiloh's Cure, the great cough snd ctoap
core, is for sale by ns. Poeket size contains
twenty-live doses, only 2So. .Children love it.
Fosbay ft Mason.
t!on, visiting his parectv
O H BSoont was at 'Jacksontire Tusa.
day, on bwsksesa coenectel with the ft' Se
men t of the L Msrtla estate.
Mrs Bonne!:, of Albany. Mrs CoArjs, of
Taageat sad m Couch of Albany arc 10
the cRy, -arlog eared acre by ike i..aru of
Mrs 1 ii Couch Harrssbar Cca'ler
A W Dawes, the secuoa bees, stationed st
this place, will move to Aibaar this week
lo be employed as waichosaa coon the O P
bridge acioss the WiUame-.le. Mill City
Mr E O Woodwwlh, diegrist with j A
Camming, has gone to Sesttle ' for a few
days to stiend a meeting of the State Exam
ining board of pharmacies of Washington
of which be is a member.
Get ready to attend the St Valentine
entertainment at tbe U P Church Tuesday
evening. Hearts will reign. Good pro
gram, sociability , St Ynlentines P O box
at door, and other attractions.
Rev A J Hunts Ver formally resigned the
paatorage of the Baptist church of Indepen
dence, snd will occupy a position in Mc-
aiioviiie colleee as a w-ictor of roods lor
that in st Hetion,
Mr S J Wickroan, who has been a red
den! of Albany for a couple of years, some
of the time running tne city launoiy. left
this morning for Denmark, Australia, as
a missionary for the EvangeUcle church,
aad Intends staking this work s Hie busi
Upon the nomination of Hon J H
Mitchell Mr I D Miller of Millers has been
Invhed to attend the world's fair as a rep -resenfatlve
la the department of agricul
ture. The department will cenvene on the
1 5ih of October. Mr Mailer will accept
the honor and attend if passible
The Y P S C E ot the Presbytciian church
gave one of their alaays enjoyable social
lsst evening at the resident of Mr C E
Brownell, which, notwithstanding the incle
ment weather, was well attended, The Man
About Towa being among those fortunate
in being present. Betides numerous at
tractive games was the apioo snd necktie
icaiare, in omen tne men ntmmeo trie aprons
snd the Isdlcs the neckties. It proved the
fallacy of the old jokes about men not know
ing how to handle a needle. A delicious
lunch was served.
trcckmek's party.
The friends and brother truckmen of
Mr Frack Purdomand Mr Al Savior took
them by surprise by meeting at the
home of the former last evening, that be
ing their birthdays, tbe 44th and Slut
The truckmen entertained their friends
In fine etyle. Games were played and a
nice lunch was served at a late hour
Those present were: Mr and Mrs Frank
Pntdom, Mr and Mrs Al Saylor, Mr and
Mrs ueo stimpson, Mr and Mrs Johu
Troutman, Mr and Mrs Joe Myers, M
and Mrs ij o tviiEins.Mrs Jaue Stimpeon
Mrs t. ivieier, airs Misan ntrdoni, Misses
Bertha W allace, Mary Webber, l.ucinda
Farwell, bou SNeeiand, Edna Miller.Ber
tha and Lena Kiefer, Lillie McIInrgue
rannie Jitus, rannio KUnards. Maggi
aad Cora Barker, Emma Smead, Lillie
Purdom, A B Lacy, Joe TesKev, J A Mc
Feron, John lorman, Will Conn, 0 Nee
land, John V illianmon, F E Allen, R B
Wilkins.wui Warner. James Mcllargue
J A Barker, Carl Kiefer.Arthur Purdom
That the republican party is an organi
sation wholly devoid of political principle,
held together, as has often been tersely said,
"by the cohesive power of public plunder,"
and held together very badly by that even,
is patent to the most casual observer of
public events in this state. In the dis
graceful scramble for tbe highest position
in tbe gift of tbe state cow going on at
Olrmpia. tbe leaders of tbe two factions
have spfarentiy lost, if they ever had any,
all sense of personal decency in their rela
tions with one another. If aa intelligent
foreigner, an Englishman for instance,
coo Id be set down ia Oiympia today and be
told that the republican beer garden 'here
was aa organ i Alton of citizens for tbe
porpoee of carrying oat ,,-ertain political
ideas in tbe common wealth, be would
certainly receive the statement with in
credulity and surprise.
Nor is tots ail. If half tee republican
press says is fame, there is not a prominent
man in that party worthy the political sup
port of any reputable community. Senator
Allen figures aa all that is bad in public
life. If one might believe tbe reports of his
enemies in his own party. Judge Turner
fares 00 better: Governor McGraw figures
a a meddling busybody who has pushed
his operations to tbe verge of 'esral liability
while poor Representative Ludden is pill
oried with unlimited abase for having
changed his vote to A I 'en. after several
wfeks of futile effort to elect Turner.
The Chronicle is charitable enough no
believe all that tbe repuUiran say of
one another. At the same time it rather
credits the veracity and reliability of
tbeir organs to find what was white before
tie election made so very black after it.
Thc'r party newspapers have done much to
discredit tbe character cf the republican
organisation in tbe eyes of all right-think
ing people in this state during tbe past
few weeks. In this regard their iinsssnw
ary work, though lacking ia dignity and
honest 1 . may vet make for tbe ultimate
advantage of the state. Spokane CJsrowirfe.
SAL1K.M rolNT.-.
The following are some of the sslient
points of an article on the tattfF sjuestion
by David A Wells snd published In the Feb
ruary Forum, The low tariff riod la the
United States extended from 1847 to i860
aad Prof Sumner of Yaie says it was "the
golden se of of our national history , when
foreign commerce and American shipping
Increased as never before or since: and when
domestic manufactures did not perish asprel
dieted, but. made steady and genuine pro
gress. Ia 1 861 when tariil duties were large
ly increased such action hinged almost en
tirely upon the demand for more revenues
I wltb which to p-osecute the war not upon
protection Another more striking Illustra
tion is to be found in the fact (bat although
the United States and Canada have united
in building up a doable tariff wall, one on
one side of the border and tbe othtr on the
other side, which all trsde between tne two
countries hss to climb over, yet nearly one
half of Ibe trade of Canada is carried on with
United Slates. An illustration of the. ab
ardlty ef tariff legislation which freqaently
obtains, may be found in the fact that the
United States impuseaa duty of is cents s
pound upon imporied bops to jro'.ect A
merican hop growers against the Uieap hops
of Canada, while Canada imposes a duty of
5 cents a pound upon Imported hops to pro
tect Csaadian hop growers sgaicst the
cheap hop product of America. If the bop
product of the United States. If the bop
growers of th; United S ates need protect
ion against tbe Hop growers of Canada, then
certainly, tbe bop grovcrs of Canada do not
need protection against the hop growers Of
he United States.
A Washington dbpatcb says:
There ia bo longer any tope smoeg the
republican employe of the senate, tele
graphs a Washington special, that they will
be able to hold their places.
Tbe election of the populist -democrats in
Kansas and Nebraska removes sll doubt a
bout tbe ability of the democrats to reor
ganize as a body.
Now, of the holdover snd newly elected
democrats ia the next senate, there are 4
members; there are five popolists, all of
whom HI undoubtedly vote with the demo
crats on reorganization.
The republicans will have 4 vote if Ike
minority In Montana prefer, rather than W
A Clark ss s democrat- to allow the gover
nor to appoint Colenel Sanders.
Wish the Vic President Stevenson and
the assistance of the populists, the democrats
wfll have a working majority .
a XAtTitAt, EAKoarTEg.
One of the most remarkable geologic
substances hand in any part of the world is
s'on believed 10 be peculiar to Finland,
where it occurs in many localities, it pecul
iar property being 111 of a natural barcra-
eior, curiously foreteUing, by change of col-
the probable character of tbe weather ia
the near futcre. It is known by tbe came
of tie secuksir, and is said to tars black be
fore an acproacniag rain, nhiia in fine
weather it is merited with spo.s of while.
Far a long time this interesting pheaotaeaoa
was mystery, but an analysis of the s'-Oce
shows it to be fossil mixed with clay aad
containing a portion of rock, salt and nitre.
Ti.ij fact betnc kr.", the ext sanation of
the change was exsy; that is. tbe salt, ab
sorbleg tbe moisture, tsrned black when tbe
condition were favorable for rain, whOe the
dryness of tbe atmosphere weald as natural
ly bring out the sal; from the Interior of tbe
stone in white spots an the surface.
?T will bo pleased to
A'bany, Oreg
A District Conventio of tbe Epworth
League will be held at Corvallls. com-
1 mencinsr on Tuesday. Feb. 28th. A eood
program baa been arranged and a large I B0o large 8 oz, bottle,
ueisgauon is expected. 1 gun
1 icafier
sarathatl ;b.-t ono dreaded dissese
M' 9 s uvBii i.oia to cure in all Its
,t,K'':. rtttd that U C'a'.nr.-h. Hall's Catarrh
j' i" L&e wily tKi-s'th-.. .ttre known to the mod-
leal fraternity. Catarrh L.-ina a constitutional
llsesso, requires o, coii'iituiioual treatment.
Hill's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting
llreetly upon t:ie voon ana raucous surfaces or
.he syntcin, thereby destroying the foundation
if the disease, and eiv Ine the patient strength
by bulldinx np tha constitution and assisting
nature In doing Its work. Tbe proprietors havo
so much faith In Its cirratlve. power , that they
offer Ono Hundred Dollars for any case that ft
fails to curs. Bend for list of testimonials.
Address, P. J. CHENEY & CO. , Toledo, 0,
0f Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Consumptives, do out despair, There I
hops. Try West's Congh Syrup. It will
always cure in early stages, rreenre a
J A uumming, Urug
Worm hnonlng.
last Alluock's Porous Plasters sro the
hichest lesolt of medical science and skill
and in ingredients and methods bare never
been equalled.
That may are she original and tr.enmns
porous plaster,., upon whose imputation
imitators trade.
That Alloock' Porou Masters nevoilfail
to pel form their nine hai wcrk qaickly and
That thl faot is attested l y thoutands of
voluntary and unimpeachible testimonials
from grateful patients.
That for rhoumaticm, weak back, soiatios
lung trouble, kidney disease, dyspepsia, ma
laria, ana an local -.ains.tbey are invaluable
that ansa you buy Alloook roroti
Plrs rsyou alsolutil obtil itbs best plat
satm sue-
We suppose that, now the mjrtgage tax
aw is repealed, if a money leaider who
lives outside of the state should take a mort
gage for money leaned in this state be
would not have to pay any taxes here for
tbe mortgage and note, being personal
property, and, under the well principle
of law, follow the person, would not be in
the state and hence not rubje d to the juris
diction of the state. But it will be differ
ent with citizens of this stale who loan
money and take mortgages. Being peraonal
property, such notes and mortgages would
follow the person of tbe owner and hence
would be subjects for taxation. This is
quite a discrimination in favor of foreign
money lenders. Some money lenders would
find it quite profitable to take up their
residence in another state and then loan
their money in this state.
From an interested standpoint the Drx
ockat is prepared to express tbe belief that
the machine or Hill men are preparing to
turn New York over in the near future tc
Uis republicans. These machine men ar
turning every Cleveland man in the sU
out of office or place, and so intense is their
seal in this work that they have turned
down every laborer connected with the
Cspitol building who is known to be
friend of Cleveland. It looks very much
like the democrats of tbe country will hav
to try and get along without New York
hereafter. If the democrots of Indiana
Illinois and Wisconsin will deport them
selves aa becomes tbe friends of tbe peopl
we will not particularly need New York in
presidential conflicts hereafter.
The first porterhouse steak was 10 called
n New York city, in the famous old tav
cm of Martin Morrison, st 337 Pesrl street
This was a favorite resort lor seafaring men
A steak being catledfor by an old pilot one
nigh., Morrison said he had no steaks, but
would cut snd broil for him a thick slice
from the siiloin which had juit been prepar
ed fur roasting next day . Morrison's place
was known as the Porter House in the
neighborhood, snd its frequenters soon
col to talking about the Porter Hous
Lie Oregon Land Co
vVitn its home office at
In the Gray Block, comer Liberty and State street, branch office :n Pnrtla-i-
MA.KES a specialty of Sunnyside fruit tracts near 3alem
Will sell 5, 10 or 20 acre lots at $50 to $60 ptT
oro small cash payment long time on balance
or particulars.
Julius GradwoM's Bazaar
Te very latest '.news is that you can buy at JULIUS
OR A.DWOHL'8 BAZAAR, for net cash, goods as follows:
Ar buckle's Coffee, Per Pound
lbs. Granulated Sugar $LOO
lbs. Magnolia Sugar White i 1.00
No. 1 Kerosene, per single gallon 25
Cans refilled, 5 gallons LOO
b Gallons Good Pickles, market firm. 1 10
20 lbs. No. gavon Soap 90
1 Gallon No. 1 Syrup 40
J wi: conduct. a strict cash store, and sll goods will be sold for net cash froaa I
25 par --nt leas than regular price. My stock of China wars), raney goods, aos
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fry, lamps and fixture is complete. 1 make a spewivUj of fine teas, coffee and
sating powder, and always please my easterners,
Agssi for several responsible Insurance eotnpaa at. J alios S3rssd cross I.
cn Childrer.
rr,ii,trtA Uassupcrttr sasssy pnaaiptua
intit II A- Jattn, n. Du,
Ul bo. Oxford St., BaotJj, K. T.
Cbe ssss of Cseseeii i so mins-sal aaa
OrtTts so wr'A klr Lfcil It aerca a w.rt
' iwaw-r: :oet&xse. it Fe ar the
trthreu .amuses srao no not tee? Cutona
CasJ os JtaSTTS. f.D.
Kew Tort Ctry.
Ui, Faster a j-xr-ry tale SeCcrueJ Cb-jrch.
Cartorla ctts Co!" Ocsira.-:
fSossrSsonsaca, Taarrjsaa. Ernrtatinm.
Tor errvraj rir I hare iulotiiii ii tcS.
jo- Castor. " as i sLiU ragjoauacsir
isnaiHi "
Etrsrgr T. Faaasa, M. ft,
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Sea-Toes: rati
Trr Citruct Cosa-aav, T7 StlL r Srassnr, Xatw Teat
weoxize hom f iMsirnrnoNs.
Tbe Uamev Peak tin mine at Deadsrood,
South Dakota, and theTemescal mines in
California were tbe only two nuses in the
whole country where it was aliened, ieven
by the friends of tbe Vi.-Kin'ey bill.) that
tin iu paying quantities could be obtained.
It was confidently promised by McKinleyJ
that hia increase of tbe duty on tin would
develop these into paying mines- Tbe
beauties of protection were proclaimed from
every repuh.'i -an slump speaker in the land
during tbe last campaign, and these mines
were referred to as proof of tbe great bene
fits of protection. Weil, tbe mines in Cali
fornia closed down indefinitely juM after
tbe November election, and now tbs mine
of Sooth Dakota have permanently closed.
We trust tbe Oregonxi will once more tell
bow the tin mines of thi country will soon
supply every demand for tin in tbe country.
We trust every a ool grower in tbe
United States will look into and seriously
consider these facts : For the twelve months
ending December .'list IsM. there were
imported into tbe United States 139,317,-
1 pounds of wool and for tbe year ending
December Stst 1W there were 187,784,-
090 pounds. We mention this to show
how well tbe wool grower is protected under
the Mc Kin ley law Now look at another
fact and then say what should be 'thought
of the Oswssssaw's repeated statement that
the democrats will protect manufacturers
and not producers. For tbe first year above
named woolen goads to the value of 934,
010,95 were imported and for last year
there were imported of such goods IWT.olo,
39- worth. Importation of wool increases
while importation of woolen goods de
creases. Tbitetls tbe whole story.
r itKAD, President.
1 L CO WAS, Treasurer.
J O WP.rPSMAX. Oesaetsij
Geo F SIMPSON. Tic Preaadesst
I Onwaa Geo F Simpson. W F Re 1, D B M jiUsiii.U ternsrsr.
J S W ealbertord, C J Sta art. I O iYrrtstaaa. ;
several Solid Eastern' and Fcraign Gompanies
Sauer kraut,
Chow chow,
White fish,
Sweet pickles,
Dried fruits
In large vaiiety,
Specialties in
Teas and coffee,
things nice,
A large stock of pinning shears nd proa
ns hooks, the bast made, just reoeived a
Stewart & Sot s, Now is the time to nss
Fortnely sites for furnaces were often se
lecled with a view to .material being brought
to the tops of the furnace without any ex
penditure of poweri nowusrs me sites are
chosen so as to admit ot ready removal of
the Iron and slag in large quantities within
a limited time, plenty, of room and good
One hundred ana twenty of tbe heaviest
manufacturing firms of San Francisco, most
of whom are republicans in politics, have
sent a petition to congress asking that in
the revision of the tariff, iron ore, coal,
coke, pig iron scrap iron, and scrap steel
bo placed on the free iit. Now these
gentlemen, seeing that reduction of the
tariff is a foregone conclusion are ready to
rush in and secure ti e best benefits to re
sult from such reduction and in doing so
they manifest the true spirit of the scheme
I protection ask for something that will
beuetit theuit elves but ignoring the interests
of all others. But this petition, though
se!tish, thows that the great lestrictive and
prohibitive Chinese wall is tumbling to
pieces rapidly.
The first bell mng in Ameiics was erected
on the fust church ever built lo this countryl
early in 1494, Columbus landed at Isabel
Is, on the island of San Domingo, in De
cember, 1493, snd soon built a church.
Shortly afterward a new cltv was begun in
tbe royal plaltat La Vega, and was called
La Vega, or the City of the Plains. The
church, with the bell, and all the other
bouses of Isabells, were then moved to La
Vega. ' '
The eyeball of the owl Is immovably fixed
la its socket, hence the look of wisdom that
that bird always appears to have. Iii the
horse sn eye in which white predominates
Indicates s vicious nature.
Frost has a variety of effects on different
products. Under the same influence eggs
will burst, apples contract and potatoes wil
turn black.
E K fcEP ccrttsntlv en I si d s full !:r e cf n-tlsMc, i?t ih rt C t decs! its an
ceffirs. A!:o luiial icls srd suits, in licstclc'.h, tttir tisl n nt.ri
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