The state rights democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1865-1900, January 13, 1893, Image 4

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    OBI ysIyc-s
Blackwell's Bull Durham
Kasbeen the recognized standard cf Smoking Tobacco
for over z; years. ' UniiVirrnly fjood and uniformly
first. Biitftt. swiet aa 1 fi'ar.-tnt-wc invite the
most fiSthJwia W test its pcalur excellence
.. to- C-.,
Attorney, at Uw. Will preotice
UU. Special attention (tlven w tur. In prob
end to cotectiou. OmCB-n th rilnn block.
Attom.v t Law vnd Solicitor in Chancery. Co J
Uon made on all point. Loam negotiated on
rabfe tonus. Albany, Oregon
Attorney at law, and Notary Public. Will practice In
all the -ourta ot thit ttata Special attention riven to
rlec'mnt and matter in prebate 0ee:-UpUlr
Maaon-Twedale Block Albaav. Of
I 1
-. h( UN A WATSON.
all ieral nutlirl will not Ive promp
(Bee ir. Odd Fellow' Tempi, Albany, O
attenti n
Attorneys at Law,
Albany, Oregon.
Attorney at taw, Albany, Or.
All land) basin' at tended to
FLDfS-S Block, Albany,
CjnJJection a spsdaltr regardless t sis. Cerree.
i In all the valley tovu: OFFICII orer
L E Biain Co (tor, Foster' Block:
R. J. L. HILL.
Pkjilitiii and Snrgcon. OFFICK Corner
Ferry street. Albany, Oregon.
Pnystaana an Soron. OFFICB Cwmer econd
and Brocdalbin '.roots. Albany, Or, Call promptly
kMI ettr and eeantry;
Hemeopathtot. tySpecUUt In diiease of the Bye.
Twenty years' experience OiBce hour'' Uh
I toSpm. 11 nd 6tc Serening. Albany, Oraran.
OF ALB ANT, nslaoX,
VV President
AOCOCIiTS KEPT so Meet to check.
SIGHT EXCHANGE and tel Taphle transfer, sold
new t orx. Ban r ranewco, cnicag-o and r a
SOOLECTTONt HADE on (atorahlo
E. Tom
B, W. Lasso
L. Fuss
Ecsiu I . Sox.
ident.. .,. J L COWAN,
e-Presidioit ...J M RALSTON.
rtCishler. O A ABCHIBOLD.
I msoToax, -J L Cewan, J M Ralston, W 8
laed, W H Oottra, J A Craword and O A Arch
TRANSACTS a seneral banking business .
DRAW 81GH1 DRAFTS on New York.
. 1 1 -tUT I Oregon.
LOAN MONET on appic-ed ecarHj
RET EI Vg deposits abct check.
TRANSACT a rencral Banking boat nets.
'J RAW SIGHT DRAFTS on New York, San Ft
-co end Portland, Oregsn.
LAN MONET oo approved security
RECE VE denosits subject te check.
COLLECTIONS made on favorable .term.
INTEREST paid on time deoostta.
e.m op s io.
8 Muj
..O S Ma
Transact a genera banking business:
Exchange bought and sold on all the priucips
cities in the United Stat I also on England, Ireland
France and Germany.
Collection made at all accessible points on favor,
ble term.
'nterest allewed j time deposit.
D E C Wiurr'i Nkxvi ahd Brain Trratmikt,
inittntetyl specific f ,r H-'--n, Dtnltiw, Con
vulsion Kit N Tvm Njuritrift,Hevteveb,VeiToiu
Pr-.t rati'.n oaued by th uie of aicobof or tobacco,
Wakefulness. Moritol I-priion, BnCteninff of the
Brain remit. Wi ln-viUy 94rt (W mlterv,
decay tvn 'leath, Premiture 011 Ave Birren fee.
Lnes of fwmt in eithereex, Iuvluirv Ceeee and
Bwrmtort hnv "i-il bjr 'iTer-ewtim of the
brmlr, eelf-tvbuiic or orer-lndu'9'10''- Eh box
aonts.ri. ejVM inonth'i tretvitnoiit. . $100 a box. oreix
hoxee for9f.eentbv ruail pripul'l on receipt of price.
To cure any ew. With ev!. order received k
foreix fixtt, aompanleJ with $' 00. wawltl
the purcher our written i"i lphm" refon
nvmey if the tretvtrnent does not affect a cure,
an tee i iued only hy
J ejm-ilnii:, praffial Mole Agrn
Alhany Or
i Hl'K.'k .if '2nl If gnnrln
lty, unit llin oioki renonble
mv on liund nil kimLnf
iu the
ETC, fcTC.
Jn AHMt ofH K Yourif'n old store,
- OK-
lady of Perpetual Help
' y Tie lan ft
Ci !- WORLD'S .FA Hi
Sept. 15, .803
Blackwell's Durham
Tobacco Co.,
Durham, N. C
Gentlemen :
We have Smoked up
ail the Tobacco at the World's
Fair, and have unanimously
awarded the Gold Medal
for Smofting Tobacco to
Bull Durham
Congratulating you on yoursiccess.
we remain Yours truly,
Diiilism, N. C.
I a tie County Gwt of lie Slate of Oregon,
or tit county ot Ann .
Ia the matter of tUt ostata of Peter We It,
To A J Welt, John Voli.Ctth
halm, and to sUl other
unknown interested in
Peter Welt, deceased: O
Oregon, you am hereby cited and re.
ouirsxl to appear Id the County Court f
the state of Oregon, for the comity of
Linn, at the cmtt room thereof, at
Albany, In the county of Lirn, on Mon
daw, the 6th day of February. 1893, at 1
o'clock In the afternoon ol that day, then
and there to show cause If anw you he ve
why an order of this court should not
iaaue empowering and licensing the
administrator of mid eetate to sell the
real property belonging to said estat
described as follows towit: Beginning
58 chain and Si lln- north of the - 'tnh
east corner of G W Klnm's donation an.1
olaim No 39.not ficttion No 2"22.;o -hip
12 south range one west of the Wl ttn
ette meridian; tbencs west 11 cb ins
thence north 30 chains and 18 lnka,
thence est-t 1 1 chains, thenee soul 3d
chains and 18 links to the pises r be
ginning containing 37 60 acres foi tie
purpose ot paymh the claims preset-,' eti
against said estate and the expeD v. ol
thn adminlat.siUon therebf.
Dune by order ot the Hon J X Dnncaa.
Jndge ol the County Court of the State af
Oregon, for the county of Linn, with the
seal of sa'd court affile J, this 16th Ua ef
December. K D. ISH.
Oregon Pacific Railed,
T .
net.., HVeeclver.
OrBgan Development- Co's Steannrs,
Abort Line to California.
Firat-elaaa through passenger and
rslrbt lins fram Portland and n'l poll
n the Willamette Valley to and from San
'ri Cisco, Cat.
Boat make close connection at Alban
with trains of the Oregon Paolo. Railroad
TIME SCHEDULE, except Santa.)
Less Albany ltSO r.
Lees Corraltis 1:03 1,
ArrUe Tannine, 1:15 r
at, : lsts Taqmnik, T.-vO
a. Leas Corral Us, !:,
a. Arrtre Altsany, 11:13 a.
O. otO. trains connect as Albarv t-n
Corral lis. The above trains connect
Tannin with the Oregon Development
company's Line or Steamships i !
V equina and San Francisco,
rami raacrsa.
Htaata, tfsssef, i a ?- LStn . -i i t
Taos sas laZyctedo ;
Willamette Taller, December 8tk ; 18th: tTtk.
The Companv nsjrTes the ngnt
iange sailing dates w'thoot notice.
K. B. Paaasengers from Portland aad
Willamette Valley points can make cloa
socnectlon with the trains of the Y again
r uu at Albany or Corvallla, and !f dei
t'red to San Francisco ahoald arrange tt
rrtye at Yaonina the evening before daU
r snulinfr
aa Pretght rate always
Southern Pacific Route
Train leave Portland Dallj.
Tonr.Y I Lv
tOSra Lv
arts A a I Ar
raos n,T 1, 132
i Son.
Ar 7:Si a a
Lt 1 4:23 A
Lv TjM r
flan Prancisee
Abre I -sins stop enls at f.l lewlnr station n ortt
ef Kneebors;. East Fort: and, Oreson City, Vt ji
tiara. Salem, Albsjir, Takasmt, Shodd, Halser. Hsr
Junction Cltv, Irrint, Eugene.
Bfssasrae sun., dailt
8:90 a si Lr
Ar' 4-w)r
I I5 r I Lv
Lt 1 1101 a
XLvl 7r)a
Wm Ar
auasrr Lca baili sxosit Stidat)
(Mrs I Lr
tVru I Ar
Ar 10 30 a
Lv 8:3? a
2:r a
9:00 A
t II
. n '. 1 1
Per ateemmiMtatloe Passe seers hoi. I lug
seeead't'lass llrkrts.sitartieit its K.
pre a Trains
Tef l4e Mvlalea.
tvaTfi kbp rsiTUie 4i aAitis
Hail iaisdaiit (ExoeptSanaay,
7:3lAS I
iz:io r a
Lv I 15:66 re
tints rsAia dailt (
Ar I :W a u
7:26 rs I Ar
Lr 5.', a
Throiatfla TiclietKi
o all point
fm (ait tfifoi mttio-i rerartitng rates.
mtvr .
on Corn party
Airent et AT-any
Wanarer ee't O. F. end
Portfande Oreiftm.
For Information and free) Handbook writ to
MUNN A CO, 861 BstoADWAT, Nzw Toarc
Oldest bureau for securing patent tn .America,
livery patent, taken out by us Is brought before
the public by a notice given free of charge In the
Lsreest circulation of any scientific paper tn the
in t
worm. Bpieuuiuiy iiidhiswo.
No lnteUleent
should be without it. week
veari SlADatz month. Address M
l'UBI IBHKHS, 301 Broadway, Htm York at y.
aw fork City.
kw prooshh nous strrisBioa rot, samim
ii ass ssaaSMsswAvewaei i.i 'u
it Scientific American
U"J.sealssmsB BkeJansalaw
I mi i aw
I H iRaansW
They fumigate imlgrant on the Maine
frontier with gleam hot from the locomotiye.
Ohio brick makers ere using a clay-tlig-ging
machine that does the work of from 17
oo men.
If all the locomotives and passenger and
freight cars in the United States were made
up into one train it wouid have a lengte of
over 7000 miles.
In a shingle mill at Grav's Harbor, Wash
recently, the entire works were kept running
all day on a single cedar stick, which made
188,500 shingles.
Government experiments at the Water -
town Miss, Arsenal have demonstrated that
cut nails have greater holding power than
thuse made of wire.
To have an invention protected all over
the world it is necessary to 'ake out 64 pat
ents in a many different countries, the
ttmated total cost of which is $17,000.
The resisting power of hri -k appears to
vary greatly In some recent tests the
weight required to crush a square inch ranged
from 1 200 to 4 500 po inds.
Peeresses of Great Britain, Scotland or
Iielami by birth, marriage or creation are
free from arrest or imprisonment on civil
process; and In the even of a peeress being
Charged with a criminal offense slit would be
tried by the House of Lrds.
A machine company in Lewiston, Me., Is
making what was probably never before
manufactu ed in this country, a loom capa
ble of weaving cloth too inches wide. It is
to be ser.t across the continent, and thence
across the Pacific Ocean to Shanghai, China,
In Concord the total precipitation of rain
and snow during the 1 1 months of the present
year was 36 78 inches, being 3 50 more than
during the corresponding months of last year,
and one-quarter of an inch less than the av
rage during the 3$ years. The snowfall
November wa nine inches, exceeding the
I'tal amount of last Winter op to Ian 15.
The following pretty eaperiment U sug
ested by Charles Wetterer ia the American
Machinist: If iron or steel fillings be corrod
ed in a damp atmosphere, and this rust ad
ded a little at a time to a jar of dilated sul
phuric acid, the crystalline carbon panicles
that existed in the metal anite to form large
cryttils; these same sill be of the hard dia
mond form.
Sound is transmitted to the ear by the vi
brations of the air. When oae particle of
air is made to virate It aets the adjacent
particle vibrating, and so a sound ae. if
not obstruct J, passes in all directions from
the sounding body . The calculated velocity
of sound in the air, when the temperture is
t the freezing point, is 915 69 feet per sec
ond. But the experiments est Moll Yaubcek
and Kujtenbrouwer, performed la 1 813 over
a distance of 57,839 feet, showed the veloc
ity to be 1089.42 feet per second.
New York Is now in the throes ot a dis
cussion sccompalacd by an investigation
by a special legislative committee uf the
problem of taxation . Their desire there,
as everywhere . is for more equitable dis
tribution of tax burden, and it ia realized
there, as everywhere, that the only practica
ble thing to do is to make that vast body of
accumulated and tangible wealth known as
personal property bear a juste r proportion of
the burden than it hss yet borne.
The advocate of the tefotm are willing t0
admit that the work is one of difficulties.
There are those who maintain that aa ap
proximate valuation of such properties for
taxable purposes ia an tmutsetieabsHty aad
that the effort should be abandoned, ltlssa
clear as any th ng can be, however, that the
mass of the people, those who own snd who
pay taxes on real property and those who
own and are taxed on such forms of personalty
as cannot escape Sitting, will never agree to
an abandonment of the effort to compel cor
yorations to assume their jus, respoosibililie
to the state.
And, in spite of the difficulties ia the way
encouraging progress has been made In this
direction. This work presents on of the fi
nest fields of effort open to thoughtful snd
coo pe tent men, capable alike of unselfish de
votion to duty and of industrious application
to the mastery of its indicate details
The field is at hand in Illinois, a Slate pe
culiarly oppressed by the evrs which it b
sought to cure. The coming session of the
A ssembly must take some strong and ad
vanced ground in tni mat er . The people
expect it, and if they are disappointed they
will know the reason why
The Popolisls of 1892 polled a surprisingly
large vote for a faction having no hope of
success, but Ibis vote gives It no promise of
permanency, nor is permanency to be achiev
ed by the proposed plan of reorganization
through uniting a dozen or more secret po
litical societies Into one.
The Populist vote of 1892 was due to the
disorganization ef the Republican party. It
drew its chief stiength from Republicans at
variance with iheir own party and stilt un
reconciled to Democracy. Its platform drove
way Democrats and I's plsn of secret society
organization showed a distrust of the masse
of the people which, where'er manifested,
will always he repali with compound tnteretj.
It does not now seem very p-obahle, though
it is very possible, that the Populist will fig
ure to any great extent in the next Pretlden-
tial election; but there it certainly roam for a
new party. The Republican party survives
merely because there Is no other party ready
to take Its place. The Populists cannot, be
cause America is not ready, for Imperial So
cialism, and the demand for this wa imposed
on the Populists at the outset hy a few city
Socialists who control no vote and wield no
influence in determining results. With an
American laiform, and with open American
methods, a "People's party" might soon
cease to be a Tfclrd party, and become on of
the two great parties of the country.
O-cnr Wilde tmd some one the other !av
that Joaquin MIHrr was the greatest poet
America had yet produced. He quoted
the first line of "Walker In Nicaragua,''
which begins "Walker is a brick," and
declared that it was peculiarly full of fire
and force. This prompts us to hint of
something I at Oscar's head is not full Of,
but we refrr n .
The new publications ishuc d from the
press of the United States daring I891
amsuntcd to 3500, of whinhonly 1104 sur
vived at the beginning of 1S92. The total
numlier of American periodicals of all
sorts. Including newspapers, Is now 30,115.
Some of ihen. rtrp prtty ch" ap stuff, but as
a whole they Indicate that the people of
this country are the hungriest readers on
No matter who may be speaker of the
next house of representatives, that body
mutt lie organized In tucrt a manner that
the strongest men will be the leaders. In
other words, it must be organized in the
manner that will best enabls it to carry out
the will of the people as expressed at the
poll last month.
The Koyallktsi
Madrip, Jan 6. The Count of Paris has
gone to Seville with bis son, Ferdinand
Pram-is, aged il years, and Count d'Haus
sion villc, formerly manager of the count's
pre 83 bureau for spreading royalist opin
ions. The Count of Paris will, it is
expected, be soon joined by the countess
and the rest ot the family, and a gathering
of the Orleaniat princes and their principal
counoelors will take place to fix a line of
conduct in view of the French general
elections, The Spanish government is
keeping an espionage upon the count and
his adherents.
Wants to Be a senator.
Saciiamento. Cal, Jan 6. In reference
to the report that there was a probability
of his appointment to a rosition in the
cabinet of President Cleveland, w vv roote
"If there is anv such disposition on the
part of the president I have not heard of
it, and 1 could scarcely say whether or not
1 could accept such appointment. I have
ambition for only one position, and that
is United States senator, which I regard as
the hignest office in the gift of the peopie."
The Populists Heel:
Oreoos City, Jan 6. The state central
committee of the people's party dosed its
pension about 2 o'clock in the morning
Every conceivable subject received the
attention of the committee and resolutions
bearing upon convict labor, exemption of
indebtedness, mortgages, manual training
in connection with the public schools,
establishment of a great daily populist
paper somewhere in the center of the union
and anv number of other schemes were
adopted as measures to be pushed by the
party during the next session of the legis
lature. The members elected to the legis
lature bv the noDulists were rtresent and
said they would do all they can to carry out
the decision of the party organization on
these measure.
A Bi Han Dead
Oakland, Cal, Jan 6. Police Judge
ssia a s-T ssa a J it"
unariee i znav. ot Aiameoa, uiea uu
morning at 1 :a0 o'clock f'om fatty degen -eration
of the heart. He was 38 years eld
and weighed "0 pounds. A special coffin
will be made for nini. and the fune'al will
take place Sunday.
t oe Iran fer trrt-LI kling
La Grande, Or. Jan 6. The city
council last night closed a three-year con
tract with the La Grande Edison Electric
Light t onipany tor X lauu-candle power
lights for street lighting, the price being
t&O per month.
Aa Eeefeeiaatiral t atrt.
New Yore. Jan 5. The ecclesiastical
turmoil, which has been created by the
visit of the pope's legate, Moteignore Sat
olli the stand ha has taken on the public
school question, and hi decision in the
case of Or McGlynn, still continues. Al
most all the fighting is done under cover.
I Ths churchmen are divided into two parties
those who are striving with might ana
main to make Monsignore SatoUi' mission
a great success, and those who are doing
. all they can to haras him and make a dis-
. , , . . i
i mat raimre or me taoor ne nas unwnaten
of bringing about peace and harmony
among the discctraant elements ot the
Catholic church in America.
Celef Vtraiber
Loitdos. Jan 5. The rtresent cold spell
on the continent bid fair to be almost
disastrous as the coM spell of two years
ago. A dispatch from Fiume. Austria,
says a railway train was stalled in the
tnow near there for 18 boors, aad the tm
prisoned passengers, were famishing and
half frozen when rescued. A cottage at
HerzogrTiburg, in Austria, was buried
under a mass of now. The cottage was
inhabited by eight persons For three day
they were without food or fire, an t when
the rescuing party reached the cottage two
of the family a ere already dead and the
others so prostrated that it is feared more
may die.
tasty se BXirei -
Wash in oi ox. Jan 5. The bill of Sea
ator Dolph, allowing Judge Deady to retire
after March 4. passed the .senate today
Senator Doiph say there i an evident
misapprehension about the bill to permit
Jndge Deady to retire. It does not seem
to be understood generally that all federal
iudees are entitled to retire upon fn!l
salary at 70. Jndge Meady will certainly
retire in Juiv. 1KH. and Mr Oevfjiand will
appoint his succsjssor. The bill involves
nothing but the salary for 14 month.
Public business and the present condition
of Judge Deady s health demand that he be
allowed to retire.
Wassjnotox. Jan 5. The friends of
President Harrison who have bad occasion
to see and talk with him of late arc very
much concerned about his condition, aad
express the fear that his health will break
down before the close of hit administration
The death of his wife, to whom be was
peculiarly devoted, was a blow from which
he has not rallied, and it left him quite
unable to withstand the ilk-fortune that has
since followed him.
A risMl of War
rAXAMA. Jan 5. lne boundary ques
tion between Costa Rica aad Nicaragua
has been reopened. There is a prospect of
war between the conn trie in consevuece.
A body of Costa Rican soldiers have taken
possession of the territory claimed
Nicaragua, an ultimatum which the latter
country is not disposed to asrree with, she
is preparing to defend ber rights.
Ptte trial sir Id
Pobtlaxd. Jan 5 Pete and Jack Grant
and Miks McCarron. sailor boarding bouse
runners, were up before United Slates
Commissioner Paul R Deady yesterday for
examination on a chanre of harboring
deserting seamen . As a result of the ex
amination. Ja-k Grant and McCarron were
discharged, and Pete Grant was held to
answer before the grand jury in the sum
of 200.
r ret set! Lettslallea
SALE. Or. Jan 4 Today the state
board of equalization adopted a resolution
addressed to the resolution addressed to the
legislature, recommending certain change
in the assessment law. It recommends that
as the 5- mill tax. now required to be levied
by the ccunty courts for school purposes, is
an inducement to assess property at less
than it actual cash value, the said tax
ought to be abolished, and in lieu thereof
an act should be passed requiring said tax
to be levied am rata according to the
number of children of school age in the
county. The board wants the law amended
so a to give the state board of equalization
Go days in which to complete its work, in
stead of 30. as now. It recommends that
the law allowing deductions of indebted
nest and exemption of same from taxation
should be so amended as not to allow anv
exemptions fnr indebtedness. It asks the
repeal of the present law on the assessment
of mortgage. It wants property assessed
as actually owned March 1, at noon, of
each year.
A Creal Eveati
Sprihofiki.1), III, Jan 4. The 38th
general assembly of Illinois convened at
noon. Among the visitors were many
prominent leaders of both part'es, but the
most conspicious in the throng were a
dozen or more veteran democrats, who
came from all ports of the state to witness
the realization of their dreams for a quarter
of a century--the opening of an assembly
democratic in both branches, with a demo
cratic execntive at their back. Caleb John
son was chosen temporary speaker.
A Peculiar llllli
Washington. Jan 4. A bill introduced
in the house today by Martin of Indiana,
that all persons appointed to offices under
the United States shall be for four years,
whether under civil service or otherwise,
and thatno person is to be eligible to hold
office for more than eight years, and all
persons having held office for this length of
time or longer thai! not be eligible for
office after July 4, t893.
fa n'l See Them:
Salbm. Or, Jan 4. Superintendent
Downing denies the report that state papers
will be allowed prisoners to read in the
penitentiary. The statement, he says, was
made without his authority. He considers
it highly unadvisable. for reasons which
are recognized all over the country, and in
the adjoining states of California and
etaraed the Pa,
New York, Jan 4. In President-elect
Cleveland's mail today was a letter and
card sent him by Thomas C Piatt Tne
latter announced that Mr Piatt, as president
of the United States Express Company, in
closed a pass, giving Mr Cleveland the
courtesies of the company. Mr Cleveland
looked at the card and returned the pass to
Mr Piatt.
In some parte of Lane county the peo
ple are naming the proposed new county,
Mohawk, etc. The Democrat predict!
the legislature will name it Dennis.
There are no flies on the Salem Statesman.
It wants a law compelling all subscribe! of
its weekly to pay up back subscription and
a year in advance. Every paper in Oregon
will second the mo' ion for the humor of the
The Salem Stalesinan refe.s to Judge
Kelsay as the great constitutional lawyer
cf Benton county. Bv the by, n emin
ently proper designation.
An exchange tells a story of a tramp who
rang a doctor's door bell and asked the
pretty woman who opened the door If the
doctor had otr of old trousers he was
willing to give wy. "I m the doctor,'
replied the plump and plesstng young
woman, and the tramp fainted.
A Salem dispatch says: Jndge Boise
has become a convtrt to the movement for
the repeal of the mortgage tax law and the
law allowing deductions tor indebtedness
Ashe Is the father .of the measures, his
condemnation of them now will be one of
the strongest argument for their repeal
His tnfluence In the state grange, also,
will strengthen the purpose of the legisla
tors connected with tiai ooay .
Dr J W Harris was called to Fall Creek
last evening to administer to the wants of
Mrs lirlfnn, ol that precinc:, wnj wa re
ported to be seriously Iniured in an sect
dent. He found that the old lady who Is
6o rears old. had been thrown from a horse
and her foot hanging to tne stirrup sne
wss dragged uulle a disunce, but by some
mean she became disengaged, this saving
her life. She wa unconscious when
found and severely chilled by the cold
He found her badly bruised, but nothing
of a lata! nature.- uuard
The Mill City Gazette and Bantiara
Lumberman are returning compliments,
characterised by such expressions as hali
demented, gibbering, idiotic travesty,
etc. As one of them says. Lay on Mc
Duff, and dammed be he who first cries
hold, enough" there is liable to be some
fun ere the storm mows over.
S M Newport, once a Journal reporter,
is one ot the champion knot tiers of Linn
county. He is a J V and married as
many couples in 1S92 a any of his fellow
justices. His services in the matrimonial
field are really required at his former
residence where there are several pros
erous voung lawyers who are still single.
The re is Lr Conn for instance. Salem
Journal .
Men have various ways of carrying
money. Butchers, grocer and bakers
carry it in a crumped wad. Banke- in
nice clean bills laid in fnl) length in a
morocco pocket book. Brokers always
fold their bills twice The young bosi-
nesa man carries his money in his vest
pocket, while the sporting man carries it
in his trousers pocket. Fanners and
droera carry their money in their in
side pockets- Editors carry theirs in
other people's pocket. Ex.
A mathematical genius haa figured oot
that an average waits takes one over or
about three-quarter of a mile, aad a
square dance make you coyer a half
mile and a galop equals a good mile, at a
run too. fount for yourself how much
the girl with a well filled programme
traverses in an evening. Twenty dances
is the average, you know. Of these
aboat twelve are waltz. There, at
once, are nine mile. Three galops and
she baa done H mile. Five other
dances at a half mile apiece, which is
hardlv a fairly big estimate, brings her
close upon fifteen miiee.
Some) persona who were on Mount
Hood last fall reported a place near the
summit where the beat was too intense
to be borne. Now the Dalies Chronicle
say. the eastern crest of tbe mountain is
black and barren ot snow orer a large
part of tbe highest altitudes, an appear
ance never lief or? noted at this time of
year It is thought this must be due to
th internal heat noticed by the moun
tain climber last season.
Eli Brattsoa killed a -mad-hen"' oo the
Yamhill river th other day sad It was on
rthlbittoo at the post office ail day Moada.
It is very rtre ta these parts, baltefooadoo
the Coast and ia California ia n saber. It
is slate colored, has a sharp bill like a chick
ea. web feet sad looks like a small wild dock,
They are said to live oa fash and arc unfit to
be eaten on tccount of the odor of the flesh.
Sheridan San, A good assay have bees
killed arouad Albany.
Tut Esodce AccarrgD. At a n eeting
of Rescue Hook & Ladder Co last even
ing the Monitor Chemical engine wss
formally accepted. M D Phillips wss
atated fnrsm.n an.! Qua tt-L.-. nt ...
'" 'i1;.' sssa savrai . -
sistant, and the president was directed
10 appoint twenty nve men to run toe
-ss j t nsriton, r n fropst ana
L lereck were appointed s committee
to confer with the City Council in ref
erence iu locrwasiog ine memoersnio ot
the company to seventy, wbicb would
simply place them on s footing with tbe
other companies. Albany ranks first
among tbe cities of the coast in respect
to ber fire department, in proportion to
to ber population, a fsct of much im
portance in the future development of
ths city. We cannot have too good a
department epuipment.
The impression that any ot the City
Council are opposed to a chemical en
gine is a mistake. They are all heartily
in favor of it. The opposition is simply
to an increase of membership; but it is
probable the ordinance, already pre
sented, providing for the increase, will
psss st the next meeting.
Ur Tug S ASTi am. The stockholders ot
the Green Bssin Lumbering Company
held their snnusl meeting st this place
last Monday. No business wss tran -eacted
and an adjournment was made
until April 12th, 1803.
Last week T P Medill, who lives four
miles above hers, shot a deer and then
cut its throat- The deer then jumped
up and look to the river, making its es
cape. Three days after J L Berry hap
pened along that way and saa the deer
on adrift in the rivsr. He procured s
gun snd killed it.
The Santism Lumbering Company, of
Mill City, hsve shipped to their Albany
yard during ths past rear 1.390,415 feet
of lumber, 54,146 feet of mouldings,
.14,378 pickets, 603,000 cedar shingles arl
205,100 lathes. Lumberman.
List or Patents. Granted to Pacific
States inventors this week. Reported
by C A Snow A Co, Solicitors of Ameri
can and Foreign Batcnts, Opp U S
Patent Office, Washington, DC. 8 J
Galloway A G PCramer.Plainview, Ore,
ear-coupling. C I Hal), San Francisco,
Cal, hydraulic elevator. D F Oliver.
Oakland, Cal, lamp aapport. F M Ryan,
San Franc'sco, Cal, car coupling. A B
Scott A J W Wright, San Francis), Cal,
M Hard-table. K. Ptempel, Alameda, Cal,
batter-cake mixer and depositor. V
Taber, Sampler, Ore, wateJ wheel J H
L Tuck, San Francisco, Cal, cable. H L
Weitael, Oakland, Cal, auxiliary steering
H t it It III
GORMI.ET-ORAY On Jan 4, 1893, at
the residence of F M Or ay in Halsev, by
Rev M M Marling, Mr F. E Gormley and
Mist Msrtha J Gray.
1893, Mr George W King, ot Portland.and
Mrs Matilda J Hat.rahan, of Lebanon,
were married at the Christian Parsonage.
MULLEN. On Thursday morning,
Jan 5, 1893, at the home of her father. Mr
Walter Ketchum, in Albany, after 'a
lingering Illness ef cancer of the stomach,
Mrs Emma E, wife of Samuel Mullen,
aged 38 years, 16 days. The deceased wss
born in Linn county, residing here ll her
l'fe, where she was respected and beloved
by all who knew her. She was married
Mr Hsn.,,.1 Mullen on Nov o. l87f. who
survives her and besides leaves two sans,
nd many friends, to mourn the desth of
tn exemplary wife, mother and neighbor.
eouwTif rot bt.
(J, N. Duneae. oountv ludn: Wm Hi,,i..,,,,.i.
and J. W. Push, Commissioner.)
The following road supervisors were
appointed: R L Smith, dlst 13: W C
Stellmaker, dist 151 John Burnett, dlst II;
Martin Rlland, di-t cr; John H Scott, dist
22; H C Davis, dlst ?..
Continued application A T Shelton et
al for county road over BlueO-eca; mat
ter of correction of assessment ot I M
In matter of H E Cadv et al for countv
road remonstrance was filed. Case oend-
Disallowed, bill lohn Donaca. f. ore-
liminary examination.
In application of G V Uueener et al
for countv road, Ed Miller, Ja Trusdale
andThos M tinkers were appointed viewers.
Dismissed, bill State aul i M Burnett.
$30 10 Also bill Bute airt Andrew and
Joshua Nichols, $2 50, also hill Al Hill,
I-' 00; bill John Donaca, 111 00.
Continued, bill Marion Shakleford.acct
poor 2 60; bill State agt Clyde Pratt et
ux, m 00.
Sheriffs tax bond was set at $50,000.
Supervisors of roads appointed : Dist
31, A W Stanard; dist 40, Herman, Ar
noldidist 29, Mi Cody; dist 45, W I
Steele; dist 1, J N Brottierton; dint 30,
Thos Turner; dist 24; Henry Freerkean ;
dist 41, Jas Ware ; din SO.Geo W Colbert ;
(Jbbe Peters, dist 63.
Roads districts 13 and 8 ordered change
by Marion Propst aa requested.
Two children of Mrs Emma Cave or
dered placed on county at expense of
Bond of CC Jackson as tax collector
for $50,000 died and approved.
Road supervisors appointed, Frank
Smith, dist 13; Thos F Miller, dist 4;
Jonathan Burkhart, dist 16; T A Barnes,
dist 52; H Shelton, dist 2; Vm Frolicb,
dist 8.
Continued, J W Garland's bill as sup,
Bill of A P McNary sup. dist 43.
Adjourned until Tuesday, Jan 10, la,
at which time the tax le-y wi'l be made
The following bill were ordered paid:
P L Wallace, and Mrs Kitt .
B White, aid M Kenworthy . . .
John Uber, janitor. . . .
Frao'et Smith, sup dist 13
Jeff Montgomery, sup dist 4-.
A M Wilson, sup dist 10
$ 10 CO
10 00
10 00
40 00
30 00
46 00
18 50
34 00
Louis Iiuber, sup dist 2
Wm Frolich, sup dist b
O P Coshow, sect elections
4 00
R L Smith, tup dist 23 $ 70 00
J C Ooodale, acct roads
W E Werner, bounty
ferry Hay, acct, road
Harrisburg Lumber Co, acct road.
Jo L Dixon, acct roads
A Blevtns, bounty
Geo Slavens, bounty
S A Nickeraon, acct road ....
M Nye. bounty
Geo Rots, acct roads
W W Crawford, acct road
9 01
5 "
4 9;
4 44 i
5 ot
W n
5 oc i
c 00
3 60
4 33
4 j
1 80 j
3 2S
1 Soi
N M Basher, acct road
Oscar Mealy, acct roads
O t Card, acct road
J Wbhers, acct road
G Kium, acct road
Crusrn Jt Menries, acct road .
Downing Bros, acct roads
teste M Smith, acct road
P W Spink, lumber
John Geisendorfer, acct roads
8 W Moore, acct roads
E E Parrish, arc, road
8 A Nickerson
Gill & Calavan. acct road
J A Zysett.acct road
Oregon agt Noah Kam3ton.fee
pre ex
3 10
1 00
I r Uankall 10 .s t.
Lane Lumber Lesguejtcct road. .
Examination Mr Abraham
Wm C Jlell maker, top dtst 15 . .
John Burnett, sap dist 11
Ben C Irwin Si Co.ftAttonAry, etc. .
C C J ackaon. sheriff fee.
E T T Fisher, fee.
Roontz & Power, acct road
B F Crow acct poor
A P Blackburn, supt.lUt 37
O BJenningtvtAipt diet ic
Martin Rlland, tup dist tt
Arthur Churchill, sup dlst 11
W C Miller & Son, acct road
W H McMahon, sup dist 33
Oriental Tea Co. aort roads
Kimsey Si Davit, mUcelUneou ..
Trite A Miller, acct road.
Too Froman. acct roads
0 M Burkhart, acct roads
Thos Froman, sup 14
G C Cooley, acct Mrs Clark
W C Morgan, aid Laura Kindly
I. Morse, acct
s-Ute agt lohn Wilson
Bl Vincent Hospital
Henrr Bergman, sect date case
State agt Geo Rolf
Slate agt Floyd Rowel!
E K Davis, acct roads
G F Russell, as supt
E A Evans, sun dlst 31
Herman Arnold, sup diet 40
Betasoti Harris, sup dist SO
W J Steele, snot 45
19 00
93 00
$0 00
31 00
71 ii
4 to
3 fx
7 64
22 OO
33 OO
88 33
33 00
a 7S
2 6l
t$J OO
f 6 00
15 00
10 00
IS 40
6 75
9 So
W H Hesvmati. sect roads
j I N Brotherton.sup dist 1
I es w se, , .
i g (VlZCr, SOp -lltt JO
I W O Kixer, dist '24
3 00
n 00
24 00
10 00
10 00
15 00
j a C Miller, dist 41
E P Urge, dist 30
Road dist 14, acct road . . .
Wilson (ilasSrSCCt poor...
Albany Water Wora
Oregon agt Geo Rolf, fees
Cbbs Peters, supt dist 53
41 2f
09 oo
Lt Ashland's St bc aw. -The second
, ,, , , , . u. .
clean-up. of the Ashland Mining Co m
made mis wees, commencing on the 1st
and ending upjn a nice, smooth clean
bullion Tnesdav afternoon. Supt Jos A
W ilson carried it to the bank of Ash
land for sa'e keeping and exhibition be
hied the iron railing. The gold bullion
weighed 426 ounces which st the price of
$15 per ounce makes it (6390 This wss
from a 26 days ran of their 5-stsmp
quarts mill at ths foot of Helman street
in Ashland. Six days ran was on low
grade ore that would not have been ran
through bad the weather allowed haul
ing. There was less than 200 tons of ore
in this run. The bullion was shipped to
tbe U 8 mint at San Francisco after
many eyes had viewed it. Kecord.
New M.tXAQEatKST. it a meeting last
evening of the directors of the opera
house association a proposition from C
B Wjnn and E D Cusick to lease the
opera house for the ensuing vear was
accepted and they have already taken
charge of the business, including the at
tractions already billed. They are live,
rustling young men with s good idea of
the public pulse in reference to enter- ..! -.Ill n.W. . fU-.
secure for Albany the best to be obtained
V"". .
uo,. n f , r A llsassss tssa ksSM. ,a ha .W n&l
U pon the resignation of J Joseph as sec
retary ot tbe Albany Building Associa
tion F P Nutting was elected to that
sssssw '
A Great Invbntiok. Is the self
pouting coffee and tea pots. With them
von can pour coffee or tea without furr
ing the pot. Wonderful. None of the
hundred 'title Inconveniences of the old
fashioned way. Coffee cooks sure tiid
pure and cannot burn, and tea to perfve
llon. You raise the light ltd and the
coffee or tea runs from he spout. Ifyou
would have the finest thing in tiie world
order one when Mrs lalt, the local agent
calls on ou.
The Portland Collection Agency hat com
menced several elila to ontlsot accounts for
Q I, Blackman. Par.ies owing him should
settle their acoonnt and save ootts.
Ladisi Fiss Sitost. I htvi a full lin
of ldi tine dress shoes, all solid and h
latest novelties in style, and revanntbl
prices. SAMtntt, K. Torso
Th finest line of pocket knives in th
olty at Stewart A Sox's
Oreat reductions in Aermotor wind mill
for Decern Oer. See the a.ent, vV W Craw-.
ford. asssj
Before buy in j your winter stock of hoots
and shoes and rubber goods go to Klein Bros,
Albany, and get their price. Thsv will
and can ave yoo money oo evry r' It
is a pleasure to them to (how goodt
Oregonian Eneyolopedia coupons taken
Conn U Handriosoo '.
TCloaka and jaoketa at cost aad less a. W
F Read a.
Call and tee new fall dress goods at W
mosjb age abboab.
"Advertise! Advertise!
Ink on paper, ere it drie,
Speaks for you wbero'nr it tries.
girls got Inst in the ftg iu Portland
este .ay, snd had to be helped borne.
Ths' .easts like s London item.
The dt pat hot.1 is being repaired gener
ally, and will alto be decorated with a 0-w
coat of pain-, of s shsdo lighter, s new to or
having been adopted along ths read.
Members of the Y M C A auxiliary and
all other ladies interested in fitting np the
room of th new Y M C A huil'ling are
especially requested to attend the meeting
.ailed for that purpose tomorrow (Friday) at
4 p rr. in the rooms, and tn make arrange
ments lor the grand opening reception.
An investigation has been Ordered into
the Insane asylum scandal. The Wood
burn Independent intimate that there la
considerable mbre than smoke in the
That brilliant young editor of Fort
Townsend, who ar bounced through the
columns of hU newspaper that the un
known person who .mt him a basket of
calves' brains for a Christmas present wa
an as., eeeme to have made himself the j
public butt of a private joke.
Aptkk a Hl'SBASD. Most men are nit I
u-nnh 1 , 1 1 M t i r, it fnr Ml. Sinlf nt i '-.r
! valli. though, ecn,s to consider hers an
exception, for she was in the city today
I hunting for him, he having left their home
In Cor valli without previous notitieatisn.
A. Mr. sn.ii ih. ir,,.. Hm,.
i this mornihsr.MrSee!! disaoDeared throuffh
rear door, andlcfl for
the North by
tie path.
Mexic. exported 43 7So.o poinds of
coffee last year.
Mr Birteh has told his barber shop to Mr
John Winker.
Novelties in weddinj sod ball invitation
st .Smiley, The Leaning Printer.
The State Horticultural Society .ill meet
st Port Ian i J.n loth snd 11th.
... ,VL. s. . .
Evaicehcai church st the usasi hoar
" " '
The preparatory department will prrVutbly
be abolithed from tbe !tab Agrieuitarsl
Mr alslkey, of Rochester, N V, is 1 oking
over th Oreg , 1 Paciii: wi.b a view to b-
ooenieg iu superintendent.
TH. tbstal i.v.t - tt.,- ri 1 ....
under the rats male bv the tt boar.! f
equaJizstion will be S 73X1,904. Thit siw.ald
also B1SSB a lnsrer b
. .. .. . . . . .
The Catholic charch has been fitted np in
sieLrut manner dnnn, the r-et Jr .
fact teautved to by some recent news -akea
hy Crawford St Paxtos.
Smiley, ths Printer, is always abreast cf
ths time, having essd improvements m
hi omee and is better prepared tbsn ever
to supply the peonl with id pr m tine.
Th Pendleton E. U. says: The neordet
haa been tgwd aiace the first of -fc vnr
in memos enia of the realm for licenses
Up to this sftereoon thirteen saloon men had
oeatntsaten , ssvef. I ir the unvt ei- td
d-:icg batisets for six months. A few ss-
80 1 loons, it it said, will be cloten, as tbe pra-
tM pnetcrt nd insi taey can make no mosey,
4 j The Fay Mills revival in Omaha has
4 been stirring matter up in a live man -
' I ner. One of tbt worst dives in tne city
4 closed dnrinst the meetings, the proprie
43 i tor. Louis I .nldamith said in order tn
j wive religion a fair deal and services were
i held inside the saloon, a reformed sport
Poaching with tolling effect.
at the Seatdcg Rccx. There was
, quite a large attendance at the skating
j nnk last evening 10 witness the mile race
J which wss won by Rov Bent lav in 4 &,
being only t, second faster than Elmer
I Dan rials. This gives the contestants
each s heat in ths race, which will be
decided tomorrow evening, race to begin
at 8 :30-
A $5000 Masonic Temtie U to b; built ia
t .-.. . 1 -k .: .
tht state 3-4'3. aad f : j.000 worth of as-
i ' svsw -
rr, an otl i.o n. iecin e:..n t-. i
" i , n. r. as
isis arnsrn ior ss m ,t iiosess ar , ... a
map ol Lins eoontv, which will c eagvsved.
It Is oas of tie best piece pf work .eea ia
Albany sad eWecs great ersdtt on the
workmeotbi? c! dr Rrstrieid.
taWSaWsWaWa ettimoottu artir.
. lg 1emar". SSSSSt ttse popolari',- (lalimrhts wen. a matter rJ wmud snd
00,Cegh Syror. the poaUr reanedv for ail
20 S throat sod 1 nog diseases Try a 25j 4 0.
or a 50c S w bottl. Said by J A Camming,
M Msrv .- , fUhanoc. .hen I w.w I.
ISBJJOFdoKeil .ten frcm the ear wtth a Usrga ' '7F' r, , - is U,sU,d
66 00 ! package of gold. wee. ss fcapny a. acoid lf 1 tt'. D G M in the presenee
40 00 children when thev hail iHst t l.o, O NI .mur fS?,,.,,e" and invited
27 20,u, the mo lev to oay off the !i , F".- Th Albany Military Band fura
16 CO , against the Lebanon iS-otiam t'.n.:. The 1 Jf BOm.exf 1 tent ,niusie which was
12 00 sum was 15000. - Lebanon Ex pre.. d7 sppreoated. A lunch was tnred
34;! Word reach ,1 to Uy that, httl. Ssenfd "m
20 0t' rf.v.,. 1 . present.
even mile northeast of her, had Keen i
awrtotrs .Bjunee. one log brokea stvd her
body being aleo badly rtvaBgleii.-BrowBs-
vtll Times
AsAcciogsrr.-BertCase,s)n of M
j Case, while scuffling with John Gcesgh-
er. at tne home ot bis lather, in some
anacrountable manner fell, dislocating
hts shoulder. He wss brontht to the
otBg of Dr Mas ton ADavis who re
idnced the di.l.icaiion .ml .t hi Km-
in a comfortable condition.
The Value or a Law Porvr. The l Mft operation of the so
compiler, of the present owner "
obtained the privilege to charge the en ! appropriaUoc to car-v the law into effect,
ormous price of 313.000 for their work , and remove the Cairns from this conn try.
through the seemingly harmless wording
of their contract with the county, vii.,
tbst they jointly contracted snd agreed
to furnish "a full and complete descript
ion of sll real estate in Clackamas conn
ty," and that, besides f 1500, their re-
numeration for this work was to be
j "15 mills of all real property discoverd
by them not on the assessment roll ot
1S3I." Now s large oroosrtion of the
real estate in the county an which an-1
uuai taxes were oeing patd was not
aua exemplified the value of a point in
law anil alar, tha vl. v !,..!- 1.
., V "'." ,U , I.
J "tuitnomao county will pay ahcot 130.
imiA . . .. - V,
0000 for her "oresent osrisr'
Oregon City Conner.
Reopened -W R Graham hat reopened
hi tailor shop, and has on hand a tine line
ot Minioes, reaoy to be made tin for those
wishing tirst-clast work done. Thanking the
!""" "i-ersi patronage in toe past,
he tolicitta continuance of their paironxge and
orxnises good work and prompt aUention to
ie neecs ci ins patrons.
Look Hstt Tike your bntter,
chickens, and other farm produce to
icm ((igtcn opposite tne Kins House, in
Albany, and et the highed market
prices tn iraiie or cash.
To aid DiRcet Ion take one Smut Btk Dssa
Sftt r outing. 25c. per bottle.
A large atook of pruning shears .nd pruu
ng h o.. the best made, just re-iva4 at
Stewart Sox t. Now is the tisje to as
Ashhv st- Carte, RstlFrtate, 80J W, h
ni;ton Street, Portland, Or.
W y Read hat a large atook of hoots and
thnea lo anient from, and tho best va.ns in
Sheo Baby was slca, vre gave her Caatorta,
Then she was a Child, alio cried for Caatorta,
Vben sho bfcame Miss, she clung to Caatorta.
.'bn the had i Mdrs she gave tbem Caatorta,
Stewart & Sox sail tha
shears and scissors.
vary bait pat a
M M and J L Chapman to W T
Igan, 30 acres 10 w 1 , g "noo
Ianu I, ... , U it.'. .. . '
acres is w uih
H Bryant to M Hale, 40 acres, 13
w 2 200
J L Campbell to Margaret Cyras,
74.88 acres 10 w 1
A P Flory to VV W Parrish, 100.38
teres, Sodaville 1
J E Cyrus et al to Margaret Cyrus,
4.42 acres, Scio
U 8 to lohn Neil, 646.60 acres Patent
Chas Pfeiffer to John Isotn and K
J Lanning, lot 5,bl 8, Albany. 2750
Geo S Coe, trustee, to Trustees A1
bany Collegiate Institute, 6.U0
iii-res. Albany, to correct an
old deed . 1
lien .-hepard to Linn cennty, strip
land, 30 feet wide 0E 3 1
B It Butler to Linn coun'v. strio
land, 30 feet wide 9 E 3 1
B 15 Warner and Averilla Warner
to Geo C Cooley and W R Kirk,
trustees, all property in trust
fordivts'Mi of estate 1
O&CRRtoSM Pennington. 1
acres between Albany and So
daville 1
GC Turner etal to Mildred V
Kimsey. Ida M Turner, Sarah
J Hoiburt, 3 deeds in division
estate E i'urner
Eugene Hash or to Anna Bashor, 1
lot, Harrisborg. .
Louis Barzee, trustee, to H M Peery
ei ai, o acres, Koosville
D h lton to R A Leteinger,
i , cre 13K1
' A f? 10 T, loper,75 acres
i ,
' m Bilyen to John M BilveuJ 5 2
i 1 42 feet fscio 1500
NswroitT the Tebmlv t-i The Cor-
vallis (.utile tats tb niili.m
j pacllle ',1 wiu have it's terminus
; ri(ht in tfae city by Af g maM
meeting a committee was appointed to
j work in conjunction with Kings Valley
' and Toledo. In the conference with tbe
Southern Pacific committee that was ap-
! ?(':n.ied t?.ecure bf -'at ot. WT, ,rom
! A,rhe to Newport they rroraiee that as
isnreasorover Cleveland is tbepresi-
(lent elect dim will that rcsul have a
terminus before New Year's day, 18&4. in
in the citv of New nor t the best all tbe
', year round watering plate on the Pacific
i coast and the second harbor 00 the north-
. west roast- With the Oregon Pacific
wedded to some continental line, e-
port will be the home of the pleasure
seeker and capitalists of tbe country
of the Rocky mountains both winter
' and summer
Scio. Mayor Monkers, Recorder Sbel-
. , . , . "
ton and Marsnal Dilley, w the way taey
siiould be addressed now.
Chas Piatt, the victim of the coon -tree.
I sccident is still slive, snd his father
expressed the opinion on Tuesday that
be 18 improving.
Last week E J Daley tcting for Wm
Faber, bought Jeff Mot, ?omery' bop
j"0?- paying 17 eta per pound for them.
1 Bo little attention is naid to the law
t against gambling in this locality,- that it
is carried on openly. Report says that
Use play has been running high this
j The Bank of Scio now has both a new
j president and a new cashier. The former
president, J S Morris, and cashier. OS
May resign ir.f. and T J Mnnkers elected
president and A J Johnson cashier. Tbe
I annul eleeHtrsn ,rf dsSrsesstw wenrs nn ths.
j 17th Inst Press.
, 4ll .u . . f.v.t.
showing the approximate age of convicts
in tbe state pen 1 tent in rr during the last
: two yeats: under 20 rears, S3: between
SO and 30. 351 ; 30 snd 40. 214 ; 40 and
i 50. 77; 50 snd 60; 35: 60 and 70,9: 70
j snd 80.6 ; orer SO, 1; total, 796; average
age. 30-16 year. Two of the number
; were under 29. 4 were 15, 15 were 16 snd
; 2 appear on the register es 13 when re
ceived. Ont boy 16 years old wa sent
to the reform school as incorrigible, to
I 001 he unexpired part (7 months)
01 tits term, lire average age in l?vl,-a
, is years
Jt DGg Boise's Posrnos Reeect'r the
, r, ... : . r
Oregonisn stating tl at Judge Boise wss
in tavor ol repealing tbe mortgage tax
law. The Salem Journal saws: Judge
noise wss seen by s Journal iipiefta
ttve and said be was not tn tavor of re
pealing the satartgase tax law. bat of
sllowinc no exemptions for debts except
; could be definitelr ascertained.
, x. , . .
Dead. A briei dispatch from Bjise
''. dl'' Tlln. C17
n-nt. stnnc th deth of James
I hairnes, formerly of this city, where he
v . smews. tor a ivut wsae-riu-
i ployed sa baker for C Merer and the
Parker Bros.
a oss susvsi xrrr r sec 'fst
a r testa;) psra suA4j xto.) jjj aiaj
Ttse 1 birr e BUI.
WisHijtGTos. Jan 6. Senator Dolph
tarn - uv sua; Mritrj at Ifex it wa
: likely thai the Chinese ia his state won Id
Mr Dolph doe not believe the law
A ...
ths progress of Consumption. In
all its earlier stages, . can be cured.
It's a scrofulous affection of ths
lungs a blood taint and, as in
every other form of scrofula, Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Disoorery
is a certain remedy. Bat it must
be taken in time and now is ths
time to take it
It purifies the blood that's the
secret. Nothing else acts like it.
It's the most potent strength-restorer,
blood -tdeanser, and flesh
builder kuovra to medical science.
For Weak Lungs, Spitting of Blood,
Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, and all
lingering Coughs, it's a remedy
that's guaranteed, in every case,
to benefit or care.
If it doesn't, the monoy it re
In other words, it's sold on
No other medicine of its kind is.
And that proves that nothing else
is "lost ss good" as the " Discov
ery." The dealer is thinking of Ass
profit, not of yours, when he urges
something else.
r Cesarr Court of tie State of Ore
jftm, fer Linn Connty.
n the rust ter ot the estate of Was II McBride, Oeei
iltrMitneil admii iatrator of said estate has filed
his final aixvunt taemn witn tne cievx ot said
eo'urt, and that the county coort of linn county-.
Orceou, bat apHunid Saturday, tne rtn any of
January, lssst, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon ot said
sky, ss the time for searing and settling said ac
count tnd th ttlDni of said estate.
Published by order of J N Duncan, County Judge.
Dated December Sth, 139s.
U H Hewitt, Administrator
; CosvalOtvT larst 'A.waasjgar
Hair aad Eyebrows Fell OS. Doctor
and Many Beraedlea Mo Benefit.
Entirely Cured aad Hair
KesTtored by rhttlctrra.
: My wife has been t font, lei for years with dry
emeu sad scales on ber bead snd eyebrows.
Alter aceming to tie dormant for years ta Ber
system, is broke out. over i
Her hair same oot tn Uf
srated a pitiable condi
tion. We tried almost
everything, sot SB
continued to get
worse. Then ws tried
one of oar best phy
slrttsst, tat tut to no
purpose. Finally my
wife believed Use the
Crnixst Rsaumrs
woe id care bet. After
he Bed need BSSS
boxes of CcncrsA.
and about s dossa
rake ot CtmcSBA
Boat, snd foor bottle of Crncctu EisoLvaat,
eke was erxrsdesjtirely. Itrr hsir csc.e oo sgsda.sod
teeVsy sswtssss. fines bead of Wtsl early hair and
as ssaooth skis as any lady in AlW iitc ss. Ber eye
brow are heavier than they ever were, Ber seats 1
free from dsndmf?. &.'- ber heahk i exestlrirt. Bow
snfleriac with i
or to those who may doubt lbs tmrkfnlrsias of this
statement, writ me, int losing a stamp, ana t
win llllli fliy answer. I at tor that tat Ccn
ctrsA ttssutmss cured my wife, tar ake used sastb
iaa eat staring lbs foor or free nsostfcs sas nesst
mCesm Street, j lltwtowa. Pa.
Cuticura Resolvent
Th. w Tttond snd Kkta Purifier. iatemaOv. sad
j Ctrnccaa, the frees Bkto Cere, snd CtrriccA
1 h.r, Use exquisite Bain Beanttaar. swiwassuy , to.
sternly r-tJeve and speedily em emy asesee see.
banter . tbe skin. slp, sod Mood. wHk loss of
hair, t r, j infancy to tet, frost pterp las to ssroasw.
Bold everywhere, price. Ccttctba, SOe.; Boat.
4Se.; lilsot-VsTXT, SI Prepared by the Mass
aT " How to Cure Skin DUeeses." passes, M
It usiisllisis. sal ifsrfcsrrf"' "
D1DVC Skis sad Bests
DAD I V by CcncrsA f
ItSssaM tc-i seaattatd
OAS. Absobrtely pure.
Xisbser sad Utswta Fsass and W
nt re-: ;s
1 r.tfMii Ate
W. L. DouartasShc.wzrscaa
sa basat nlas U tba prtliss aV
-VL- L. R. BI.AIV.
TWO me?; AND one boy
Vhile trying to Crowd theii
At rxxrj
itore, where they t'watt have on hand
he largest Stock south of Portiarsd, of
tne latest improved Rifle and Sho
n : - immense stock of Fishing
"scklt of every description : Tents,
Han. oc .Cam p Chairs and thousands
tf oti. ings too nnmeroas to mention
JEt ipnir Shop
a corascct n with the Store, and one of
Se best wo men in the Slate to do any
snd all kind, of wor
Coene one Come No rouble to
how goods Small prcsr and quick
is oat -xi otto
Facrr avsd vsamsii rt'xfor sal
consisting: of SS acres o- : of land
mm so lie north of Albany Lan-1 wall it
proved. For particulars inxxtire of
W H Wab.xkx
lavlaf Portland. &451. 1.
7M f . 1.
47 Biurs lifkff St. hM.
3 lev (Jiifkfr to Ctufa$9.
?0 Boars Oikkfr to Ornha uA
Kansas City.
Kot rate and srenewat information cal
on or addres
W II HCRLBt'RT.Asst-jjcn'i. Pass. Agt,
254 Washington St,
A new and Otsntet TrsattnMit. esKwbting of San
xsuhri.Ointraat in CUiules,l in Box and Pill
s lsShveCurto terval.Blind or Bleed,
ing Iscsing, Caronic, Becsni sr Hereditary Piles, and
Banyosa.-dtSlstll and female weakness.; it St al
wjy a gisat teaeSt to the gs iera) health. The first
nsoeveti at aatssjieal cure readering an opera lion
the State nunc .essary boreafter. Thi retnedv
5if .f!r taowntofall. tlnerhex. Sfor Sft';
5fi?9 "?' tur from this terrible disease
WMa a written guvrantec ia toeitivrlr tiven with
o0xea,ta refund the raonev it sot cured. Send stamp
or free Sample. OavraaWx! Issued by
S A fa attains. trzxtat. Sole Ageat.
Altsaar, Oreatas
WELu DIGGING Ed Davidson in
preps red to do weil digging; is
first class style, promptly, and wilt guar
antea his wora.
sSM StHBt Sf t
Ajsts-Fsstra tTttstst. t
sstBsiBslB MWagnlsiltT.
(Wl x 001,
i tmssa
BtsatOait Basnst to thsssrortd tor ttera3ea.
rtmssttn u
srsirr affraast. Tsissstsi ttrknlW.I.
rsaasassw swprSce tsaasi 11 ea ssataossv Lsafc
lata jiat bay.
W. t P s s. Bracktc a, Staas- Bo try
jfEvittrotit IMs-tthtlonorrtHsssO
ABBjF iieet. White. Pts-rustorrhrasMl
MM Ssss-V : try uunatt rai diachaxgftatUtSsa
Msnivoiir drugget lor a bottle of
Esss?1"1 It our tn s tew dav
KsssassB ih.'ut the aid or pa felicity of a
Mawfa debtor. Soc poisonous ' a- 1
Hlnaatwl net to stricrar.
HsssjSH Tto THaseTtsl SsssTfcaa Cart.
VS A lltntimrSuaad by sssaataaaatstj
Tbs Iraas f Isissical Cc.B
V k cisjwuri, o.