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    uiic d emocrat
I h present number of enlisted a en in the
nay 118500, CommoJurt Schley thinks thM
700a additions! will 1 rjulreJ to equip the
vesscli slrrsdjr suthori'H t.y congress.
A larger combtnstuHt of sttel manufacturers
than h ever before been known hat been
formed la Chicago. Of roitrse it will want to
be well "protected." .
The considerate farmer voted sgsinst Cleve
land an I fire juic, and for Harrison and a so
per cent, nrototive duly, behind which th
trust army itself.
l-l -ggg
The feeling among the pejl that Is being
provoked by thus and other exaiperating ring
is likeiy to finally resuit in something more
summarily efficient than the spasmodic boycotts
projected by the farmers and planters for the
time being.
The fat-ftying business goes right along,
last year it was the protected manufacturer
who was held over the fir till he exuded fat
into tbc contribution plate of Brother Wana.
maker. This spring it is the protected laborer
who is over the coals.
The real southern question is how the negro
can make an honeat living and get an educa
tion! and this, as every sensible person knows,
is no question at all at least, it is a question
that is rapidly settling it self without the aid of
politics and politicians.
It is said that the Lord loveth a liberal gver
His servant. Colonel Clarkson, is giving the
elect an average of aoo fourth class postmasters
per day, am letting as many rascals' go to
make room for them.
Texas has by far the greatest educational re
sources of any state in the Union. The inter,
est bearing funds of the common schools and
the University of Texas amount to over $KV
000,000, and the 80,000,000 acres of unsold
land will, within the next two decades swell
aVis amount to $100,000,000.
Indiana miners have been luxuriating upon
the sweets of protection (half-time tor several
weeks,)and by way of change will inaugurate a
strike next Tuesday, in which S,ooo persons
are expected to engage. This step will be taken
in opposition to a reduction of 10 per cent.
Let's see. Wasn't it the miners who last fall
carried that long streamer on which was inac-ib-ed:
"Harrison and Morton; Protection to
Amerian Labot?"
One of the most remarkable buildings
in the country is the new Auditorium in
Chicago. The main audience room con
tains five thousand seats, the tier of galler
ies reaching up to the seventh story of
the building. The organ for this room is
said to have cost fifty thousand dollars.
The main building is ten stories high and
the tower two hundred and forty feet In
nelgSt The hotel connected with the
building will contain four hundred rooms.
Besides this there are nine floors of rooms
for business offices. Built as It Is of gran
ite, the entire structure presents a most
Impressive aspect, fit for the parliament of
n empire.
1 he Ortgoman is consistent and persistent
in one thing, if in nothing else, and that is in
its deep-seated purpose to slander every promin
ent democrat after his death. Ghoul like
iu editor watches the field of the living until the
reaper, death, cuts down some prominent dem
ocrat when he smacks his lips and chuckles
with demoniac glee as if to say here is food to
satiate my desire to slander and abuse. When
the defenseless dead is placed under the sod,
then it is that this ghoul begins his work,
Happily most neople know him as a man with
a very nasty, dirty tongue. His recent attack
only lowers him in the estimation of all decent
on Samuel J Tilden truthful people.
Y-l -
ok enormous proportions to wbicn Uie in
suraoce has grown receive a stiiking illustration
in tne figures given by D radii rttf t. from the
report of the New York state surperintendent
of insurance for the last year. These figures
show increases in the surplus of the life insur
ance companies and in the amount of insurance
in farce. The assets of the 29 life insurance
compaaies amounted to $641,747,870 in 18S8,
as agsinst $395,689,478- Their liabilities
amounted to $562,390,843 w 188S, as against
53.a5'.8ta in the preceding year. Their
surplus amounted to $97,357,028 in 1888,
against $72,427,666 in the preceding yea', and
the insurance in farce amounted to $2,861,577-
128, as against $2,474,507,120.
For the last three months the news
papers of the country ,(rom north to south,
from east to west, have been talking about
a "twine trust." No one seemed to have
any djuhts that such a trust existed. No
one arose up to deny it. Prices of twine
arose higher than ever before. At length
the farmers of the Northwest, farmers
alliances, granges and other organizations
of that class who are most Injuriously Af
fected bjr the "trust," began to hold public
meetings to discuss retaliatory measures.
Many of these bodies resolved not to buy
twine of the "trust," but, if necessary, they
would go back to the old way ot harvest
ing, in order to break the' "trust." The
"twine trust" became alarmed and began
to fear that they' had an elephant on their
hands.and that something should be done
to allay the Indignation ot the farmers. To
that end they get up and asseverate In the
most solemn manner that there Is no twine
trust that the advance in price is owing
to Increase in demand, shortage in supply,
the existence ot a heavy tariff duty both
upon twine and the raw material out ot
which it is used, etc. Two facts seem well
settled first, that there is twine trust
and that they are alarmsdat the attitude
ot farmer In Minnesota, WIscenidn.Dake
ta and the Northwest generally. The Na
tional Cordage Company began a early as
last October to buy up all the twine as wel
as raw material that they could get hold of
claiming that they were moving In the in
terest ot cheap twine. The present high
prices show in how good faith they were
acting. As bearing upon this point it is
proper again to refer to the inst'ei ol put
tlngmanila and sisal hemp on the free list,
upon the former et which Is duty ot $15
per ton and upon the latter a duty of $1$
per tonu These two grasses are the raw
material out of which twine Is made. The
removal ot the duty from tbese two arti
cles does not involve the question of "pro
tection" to which some men are wedded,
for neither Is grown In this country, hence
there Is no home Industry as to these pro
ducts to protect. Neither need the tarlft-
for-revenue man be alarmed aa the treasury
L already overflowing with revenue. There
la no more good sense in having a duty on
these articles than there Is on coffee and
tea, neither ot which Is a proiuct of the
United States. The duty on twine and
the grasses from which it is made is a tax,
pure, simple and Inexcusable upon the
farmer without any beneficial return what
ever. If these high duties were removed
Russia hemp twine could be Imported,
which would make a competition In trade
that would at once break down the "twine
trust," Farmer in their meetings every
where should make a loud demand for
legislation by Congress putting twine and
the grasses out of which It is made on the
tree list. Tkty tkemithn cm biamablt
lit burd'.n thi trust it a imfefimf am tktm.
The American Newspaper Reporter for
1889, just published, states that there are
no less than 17,707 periodicals In the Unl
ted States and Canada with a single issue
circulation of 34,799,500 copies, which
amounts to an annual circulation ot dailies,
weeklies and monthlies ot 2,959,556,500
General Clinton B Flsk, the late prohi
bition candidate (or PrcslJent.emphalically
denies the rumor that lie intend to leave
the prohibitionists and join the republican
party. He claims that the prohibition
party was never in belter condition than
1 be king of Siam is supposed to own the
people, and each man in the realm has to serve
for three, six or nine months as a servant of the
government. At a certain time of the year
the entire population is marked off to particular
noblemen or government masters. These
masters are required to furnish workmen for the
government and the men under them must obey.
All kinds of work are demanded. Some men
are required to give all their time to the govern
ment, and ia this case they get nominal salar.
ies. Those who give half their time work for
the king 15 days and then have 15 dsys off.
The three months subjects get no pay,and dur
fag the time tliey are in Bangkok they have to
find themselves food and lodging. This work
practically enslaves the whole population of
males and slavery is common in Siam.
It begins to appear, however.tbat while each
sneml er of the "protected ' class earnestly de
sires that part of the tariff maintained which
protects him, each quite as earnestly wishes to
secure all the free trade be can possibly get in
those things which ht imports. Mr. Wanamak
tf, whose Zeal for protection in general was as
fervid as is his devotion to what he calls "our
Bethany life," even invoked the aid of the
courts to enable hiin to import silk ribbons, not
as "manufactures of silk" under a high duty,
but as "hat trimmings", under a low duty,. a
thing which all the silk manufacturers declarc
to be as destructive to their industry as the
rankest free trade could be. And now certain
woollen manufacturers who helped to raise
the cry of "free trade" when it was pro
posed to put wool upon the free list by way of
Stimulating wolltn manufacturers in this county,
and freeing the people from taxes upon their
clothes, are trying by surreptitious "rulings"
to get a considerable measure of free trade in
raw materials for their own benefit.
It Is doubtful If there is a busier spot in
the world of the same size than Manhattan
Island. With the year ending with 8ep
tern ber the elevated railroads of New York
city carried more than 170,800,000 passen
ger. And that is a passenger traflic only
four and a half million less than the whole
traffic of the German empire for ihc same
time, with its 18,000 mile of roads t In
Frinc?, where there is more travel, the
record 18205,273,340 passenger carried
over her 20,144 mile of road, which is
about 15 per cent more than wen, up and
down In New York and wandered to and
fro In it during the same time. In this
country during the same time there were
carried 438,335,513 passengers over the
149.91 J miles of road ; but In tbj were in
eluded the 170,000200 of New York's in
tramural record. So it appears that this
traffic was about 40 per cent of the traffic
of the whole country ,and it was carried en
33, miles of track.
The announcement I made that Senator
Payne, of Ohio, will not be a candidate for
re-election. He told a Washington corre
pondent the other day that he wns eighty
year of age and had no desire to remain
longer in public service. Is not Mr Payne
setting a bad example to Ohio met gener
ally t It st. ikes us that he Is somewliat
Or C E Simmons, who is trying to se
cure $143,350 from the executor for med
ical advice to the late Samuel J Tilden,
figures up the sum by charging $50 a vUlt
for 2200 visits and $50 a day for holding
himself in readiness to devote hi exclu
sive attention to Mr Tilden. It Is a mag.
nificentbill of Its kind.
The most influential American at the
Japanese is Henry Den-
nison, a young New Englander of about
35, who acts as the foreign adviser of the
state department at Tokio, and to whom
the "-i'tado ha given a fine house and
COur. isnk.
A 3 :-Tk. :
Waixa Wai.i a, V T,, May o. o. w.
Hunt h about to subuiil tl,e Mlowiug piuposi
tionsi Return all the heietefor advan
ced by the people of this county, and then bond
the county in the sum of for thirty
years, for which he will build a road from Here
to the Grand Roiule valley direct. Also the
contemplated lines to Waitsburg and Dayton.
Also on from I'rescott, The proposition meets
the hearty approval of prominent and wealthy
dtir.ens throughout the county. A meeting
will b held to-night in tht interest of the new
A flad t Callfiirnlu,
SHAWNKK,,Wi., May 6. The slne conch
betwecu Pulsifer and Linwood w,i hel l up by
a masked msn Saturday afternoon, and tit
mail pouches were carried off una rilled. They
contained but UUIp. The two passengers were
terrified and dared not interfere. Similar at
tempts a few weeks ago failwl.
A I'rotulumt Mmi., Or., My 6. Asa II Hod
ton, a prominent hard am ucaLr af thi city,
died suddenly In his store thi afternoon of
heart disesse, while wailing on & customer.
On to U C.
Seatth, WT May' 6. The represent,
lives of the Eeastcm syndicates, who have been
examining the Bellinghtm Bay railroad, have
reported favorably on the road and it manage
ment. This insures the loan of $335,000,
which will complete the rosd from Seattle to
New Westminister, a distance of 148 miles.
This will give Seattle connection with the
Canadian i'acilic as soon ss the road can be
built. It is thought it will U finished in a
little more than a year.
Crops Injured
San Francisco, My 6. heavy rain,
fall of the last few dsys is a nuuer ofcongrstu.
lation in some parts of ti e stmc, but consider
able damage has been done to the grain and
fruit crops. In the Sacrsnwu; vulley a con
siderahle Quantity of seed grv i: been injured
and what has been cut has twr n u.tcrly det troy
cd. Samoa.
Loniion, My 6. It ls;s: ' thst'Oermany
will consent that Mulictoa ? .ilnstnted as
kingof.Samos, provided tl.c united States
government purchsse the Grim plantations
or guarantees payment IftheS-Muonns purchase
them. Germany will fuither yive her de
mand for the punishment of MuUafa, if the re
latives of the Germans who were slaiu arc
amply compensated. Gcrmsny will nut claim
political preponderance. .
A Hampls.
Chicago, May 5. William Tansor, in a fit
of insane frenzy, jumped out of bed this ruo.n
ing, brained his six month old bby, attenpted
to murder hi wife and then cut hi own throat
with a table Itnie, The wife h-t iumjxd irora
the bed when her husband atoc, and, diviuing
his purpose, sh tried to save tU infant, but he
caught it up and beat out its hr-tins against the
wait. Then seising a knife tHe maniac drove
the woman fiom the house. The police, when
summoned, found him in the room pacing up
and down and singing a lullaby to the corpse of
the infant which he held in his arm.
A WakhlagtoN flnb, '
Nv Yot K.May 5. A new national patrio
ic club was organised last night. It is to be
known as the George Washington Club, and
it constitution provides: Every msn, woman
and child who subscribes to the doctrine of
patriotism may become member." letter of
encouragement were received from ex -President
Cleveland, Senator Evarts, Senator Ulair, John
G Whittler, George William Curts and others,
tiro ward.
San Fancisco, May 5. Charle I) Mc-
nenry, assist sn! manager of Roll U Watt's
insurance agency, this city, was drowned estly
this morning. While going on Iiosrd the stesnt
er South Coast with the captain of the steamer
Mclienry's hat blew off. In attempting to re
cover it be fell into the watei wnd drowned
before assistance couid wS Sun. He wss
32 year of sge and leaves d i. .Iicr.mother and
sister ia Orange, Lo Angclc county.
ttoia la California.
San FeANCt!ico, May 5. nin wss ciuite
general throughout the stale t-uy. Reports
received here to night indicate that in genera
the rain has been much bentH to grain, esperi
atlv to that which was sown late. The rain
may cause some early gram to 'jje, and will
be injurious to hay that is now in the held.
A Snow t4r4i.
Tai'CKEE, CsL, May 5. It hnsbeen snow
ing constantly since yesterday afctneou. Two
feet has fallen at Trucked on J three st the
a-.Vv .. -r" "y-
i .
mm en - 1 Wl
3 iTUulj tuSl 8 Liu VIED BiruElS,
Hardware, Mill, Steel aM Farm laclery.
Toes Machines are too well knows to netd eommsnt. Thousand of farmer have
used thsm and epoak of them with praise. They are tho only Harvesting
Machines that will give IHTmB BATISFACriON to the purchaser. ,
The most EiTsotlv and Cuoeossfui Combination for Threshing and Cleaning
Grain ever constructed.
buckeye mn mm twine-binders.
HH r.sturs that tt.tluxiit.hrs this Twin Hinder I lit I.UfhtmxM at tXralt, ramhlnnl with ill
CstntinUuary Ntrantth and txitml.Mltr. Th Hinder Is ot tha Al.i.l. hy inUWrn, tli only wily snnnwlul
on. yl known. V hsv. two stvl!), Ih Kl.vatur lllmlur and lit. rtntlurui Inixlcr both tsmllwit - IkiIIi
tveomUMHidnl by humlrwU iA psmra.
Deero Plows. Doer Sulky Plows,
I Carriages, Photons, Top Buggios,
IS. 'lhrivlljIVIivrmiyiM
.A-lbtiny, Or.
0. p. cosiiow & sons,
Real Estate and Insaranca Agents.
Heal eat ate mi l Olleallon and
NnUrUI bualawsHltemltd to.
City Heat Market.
SEILTZ EROS,, Proprietors.
Keep n full I loa of .neat t( all kinds,
lit a cool ln, (juinplaUly pro
tected; anil sUway freorj.
Also hay eonstantlr rn banJ anliitou
and othrr llh.
l'ur ltiuwn Inborn eccs at
t'l ptr Mti tM. 'f tie Letthors ara
tne nrvs rgg producers
raised, Ail!rr, K. C. Ifcffman,
I". W. box .T7H. AJUany. Vt.. or
call at rrsuUac on rd Strvet betwsen ilont
-mtry snd luilroad Sirst.
1. s. iiiitu. l. c, jos0M, j. mstcss, a. sirx.tns
ant ail STo'.arlal xrork
KeaUte, Wahlngin.
promptly done.
T, U. hot, UO.
Executrix Notico,
Noilr I heteby lilven tiiat the c Bder
algntwi I hnon by ibe County Vcvjl tor
Dr. M. H. ElJii
All any, Oregon,
f'!l Br'
iltv 1.1
A Hew Groceiy Discovered
Kiiwr t A
, 1
Taran- Klcrtion.
Tacoma, May 7. The city election came
off to day, and the dewK-rats hsve elected S
A Wheel wright mayor Ly about 150 majority.
The cou--ts in tltc Kcood and Third wards are !
progressing very slowly, but so far indicate the I
election of Charles T Ublman, rep., for coun
cilman over Louis E Post, democrat, by a good
majority in the second ws.d. In the third ward
M Doagon, democrat, is elected over I B, by a considerable major
ity. In tbc first ward there is a tie for coua-
ctlnaan, between Conway, republican, and John
vr t- . - , . .
i. r uuer, ex cnici police, democrat. John
Horsfall, democrat, is re-elected by a Lsrse
majority for councilman ever Baker, republi
can. So far the count indicate the election of
the remainder of the republican ticket: W II
Snell, city attorney; T C Armstrong, treasurer;
C O Bean, surveyor, snd J P Hodgins, street
Washington, May 7. The president made
the following appointments to-day.
A L Thomas, of Salt Lake City, coventor
of Utah.
Ellsworth Daggctt.of Utah, surveyor general.
Perrv Tohnson. of Idaho. repistM- of .a hn,l
office t Blackfoot, Idaho. -
William 11 Danietson, Idaho, reccivr of
moneys at Blackfoot, Idaho.
Joseph F Bennett, of New Mexico, scent for
the Indians of the Mcscalero agency,New Mexi
The president this evening appointed Frank
W Palmer, of Illinois, to be pulilic printer, and
Theodore Roosevelt, of New York, and Hugh
S Thompson, of Soudi Carolina, to be civil
service commissioaers.
, ' 1W Wr atl-rr.
Sam FaANCisco, May "7. Trouble from
landslides is feared by the Soutliern Pacific
Company along the Shasta division, where rain
was falling heavily to day. Some small slides
occurred, and the loosening of the ground ha
been so general in tlie cuts that much damage
is threatened. Snow has fallen to a depth of
two feet on the Siskiyou range. The Southern
I'acilic reported to day that four and a half
feet of snow hsd fallen at the sttmmit of the
Central Pacific railroad, and that it wns still
A Big Storm.
St. Paul, Msy 7 It had been blowing
hard all day yesterday and last night in the
Northwest, The wind to-day increased to 1
gale snd considerable damage was done.
At Fargo, Dak., some buildings were blown
down. Reports are coming in from the coun
try of dsmage lo building and crops.
At Buffalo, in this county, the storm reached
i's greatest severity, wbest in many places being
blown out of the ground by the wind. In other
places it v buried so deep that it will never
come up.
Take roosoMilos,
New Orleans, May 7. The Timet Demo,
craft Lafayette special says; Four hundred
armed men, under General Alexander Declautte
of St. Martin's parish, rode into Lafayette this
morning, took possession of the town, and de
manded the resignation of a negro justice of
the peace and negro contstables. The latter
had disappeared, but .he former complied with
their demand.
Strong's ot'l corner.
st. f,'s. .
full lit... J'
Quiok aale an I amall i.rirtt." "Live
sua let live," Is oar motvi, l".ta rati
ant dxsmlna r.ur f u.l t -t price,
4 'tisfsctlon guaiatiteod.
Produce Taken In Exchange,
Very llcii5ifully,
Grass and Garden
Mini county. Oration, ouly ;iMnll
l--x.-tiirU oflhs, Ihsl v. l. and iManiitit
oriionry "uiaod. i!ersis, Ia( or I.lnn
ooiiuty, UrrRou. All erona h tvtnic
claim. Hgaiunt al l tnt(.ro hrel ty no
tiflod to pivixnt tUm duly verlitml fotho
i-jtecutrlx at llaiy, (irsKr.n. duly erl
Owl wlihin mi month from thi d-l 0.
Thle 17i day tvf April JKh!.
M. J. I'rsi.Aii!,
Exerutria oftbs iat wUf
of Henry P.olaod, le'J
w. , BSTIIKarORD, All y.
all kludsat
Palace Meat Market.
Will koop cons a'Uly on ho. beat
rauUoo, pork, ye I, 11. via, eta., t ie bet
tneata anl largeet variety in the r.lty.
Cash ohl Car alt kin.iaitf far tooK.
idminiBtrator'H Holier
Notice ia hereby t-iven that the unds rsla-
ed have !u -v th County Cuurs of Lion
ouonty, 8ut of Oregon, duly appuiut! A1
minis tr tors ef the estatt f Euorh 1 lunit,
deosassd, Uts cf (aid county and Ktat. Alt
persons bavicg claims aaalust said eats le ar
rsiotrd to 1-m.ent them properly yorifWJ to
sue ondenitiea at ifarnsbirir, Ulou eotrntv
Urenon, wtihin ix nntths frum this d t.
This 4tb day of April, ISM.
W. K. Mmusnuai.L.
8am May.
J. K. WsUTUCRrotto, Administrators..
Atv'y for Adm'r.
Notice for Publication.
United Btates Land Offloe at OrKon Clly,
nr., March sziki, ' i.
Notlr-ela hereby crlvsn that in coiipl
aticewlth the provisions of ten stt of
Cengreae cf Jnoe 3rd, ISC, entitle "An
art for the tut of Umber land Its. the
Ntalae of California, Oresnn, Nevad and
WaablnKton Territory," Ueory W Hievti,
01 Aioany, rouniy or i.lnn, Mate or r
gon. ba tbU day filed in till. ofBsi hi
sworn statement No. 497. f'tr the not chase
tftheN AotH Vf l ami N of8 of
o. at, in lovvn.iiip iso. louth,
nsrigti no. er, ana win erxr pro r t
abow that tbe Inad sought la inoie" ealu
abio for lie timber or ton thai for a;rl.
cultural purpose, and to cUbllb ht.
claim to said land tfore the Ke (Inter
and receiver crtbUcfflce at Uregon City,
Tkstrsstay Iheleih star tJam.
Ha namna wiitmuaa , st ft tv,t.i
- r., . &
M. ArmMtroiiir. A B Woodlo and RU itiard
t'oz, an or AiPony, una county, () rgott.
Any and all persons clalmlncr advi a-Mtlt-
the above described land are requ esu d
to fl their claim la thin office 1 m or
before said 20tb cay of June, Ihhq,
W,T. Br-R r,
. ' Itenlster.
iiho-.t Health, so
t I ttljl,) CI .
I?08KH A SfKC;UT I v,
Cneu,ry kiti pis , t-l Hxid, te.
the old and relleblo .byiic;i, ha locate.
eJ permanently at 10(1 Hum WkIIi ntreet
whre be J prepared to tr.-t all kind ol
disfaw In a Cfrcfnl nianncr Ho readily
and jjlvea K name and otiln - ttm
Intnif tlx plic- on the br-i.t and two
under the rbonlds-r b!d He roano
factnren hi own mediclveii and' ulve
oon.'i nation end Infurmnsioo frf. Call
011 faim for txprfciieed tuairrrnt.
Owong 'Wa.Gee Co. ,
hu j'rtat opened, nest door ti, C ' II. Spn.
crs, and elegant line of
of a large variety and many ci r.'ut. Also 8
superior line ef teas. .
v35sf .is. use IT.
II istliel.est l-.cljicr lo ll nlili ruJ i;( ..iiicksii
enrei Linii, I - ;t in ; -.i-.-(ur ll iiiscs'
lite .St..!.ii,.h. l-.,-.r. 4 md bkm. I'
cures K'uyiii; s;i t. K.,li.iin, Co-iied rtiuguai
and Hcu'!;uht-, rctnc 1. (.nulipalion, llllior.s.
isi 1 and !, dr;v 3 linjnir'iles out or.
JiiDlood anil dries up oMr'.uits. 'i lie JSiikSnes
mn buy It. Hie Workiiiirtiicn use It, the Ladies
tut I', the Children rry lor it and IIik farmers.
sv I is their best health ci-tservrr.
Sot i tvsrywhete, $ i.l m Luillc; six for Sv
;Hotice"for PaWicatlon. '
Land OUioo at On-gon City, Oreou, :'
March 23th, 188'J. .
Notice is hereby (tireu that James CraWrsss
of Linn couotr, Oieou. Guardian of tha,
minor heir of Joah I'ownll, deceased, who.
made Homestead Entry No. 4S03, for Ihe N
h of N K snd 8 K i of N E i of 8eo. 20",
Tp. 11 8., K 1 w., hsseiveo notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support of saiuV
claim for the heirs at law of said Juab Pow
ell, deceased, snd that .aid proof will be
made before the County Judge, or in hist U
enoe, before the County Clerk ot Linn coun
ty, at Albany, Oregon, ou
Friday, May 4tb, IK8. j
. He name the following witnesses to prove
said Josb Powell's continuous rcridenceepou
and cultivation of, said laud, vis ; J A
Crockeu, Thorn Crockett, A J Fit:twter
nd F It Powell, all of Lebauon, Ltun coun
ty, Oregon.
Any person who desire to protest gainst;
tli allowance of soch prcof, or who know of
any substautial reason, under the la w ad tho
regulations of the Interior Department, why
such proof should not be allowed, wilt bo
given an opportunity at the above me itkined
time and place to cross-examine the witness
es of said claimant, and to odor evidence i
rebuttal of that so omitted by claimaut.
. . W.T.Bi'BHBrr, ' '
- ,"' v v.; - Ksgister.
Hntico for Publication.
Laud OlTioe at Oregon City, Oregon,
Meich 25tb, 180.
Notice is lictcby given thattb followina
Dmel lelilur h filad notice of hi intention
to make llu.l proof in support of hi claim,
and that said itroof will b mads bsfor the
Cuiinty Jud)(a, or in hi abssnc, bsfor tb
tUmuty Clntk ef Uun county, at Albany,
Frlway, May (lib. 19,
via t San 1'et.r Johnson, Home lead F.otry
Na. C4U5. for tl.a N f) ef S K i and t 4 of N
i; I uf Mee, IS, Tp. 12. i It 1 K. II name
the following to proy hi contin
uous resident! upon and cultivation of, id
land, vis 1 Hainurl Simons, Fraok ImII1.
Urant Mndlny and John Hieon, all ef ib
anon, I.tuo couuty, Oregon.
Any je.-son jii dciies to protest against
the allowance uf such proof, or who knows of
any substantial reason, under the lew and the
regulation 01 tbe Interior Ilepartmcnt. wb
ucb proof should not be allowed, will be
given a opportunity at tbe above mentioned
time and placo to eruas esainine tbe witness
es of said claimant, aud to elcr evUlsnce in
rsbutul of that submitted by olsimsut.
dm e
FashlonaUe anJ Styliah Suit, BaiiiM Suits, Light weight
Simnacr Suits. Boy, youth' end ehUd W uit.
Furnishing Goods.
Finn Una of light weight util-iircr -bal brings n and eoolrn ; foiety, il'ttti
tickvrar, Cri irs nit.iridcrr, gnaranlofrf for two ,, in
all the Utet novdfte.
A Istgf tit, in tlttH di mioiftit of tht. In at in tlin
SUPS OX12,3?si:2a s.
Tb WgMt uk ar..l V' r,etr m prio aod ,'.b1 h""!
c.rrW,dag.l . ef "ffered ta the cltM of h
i anil Faahioneble Vun, atocng oiler a Hoe flock of tbe
John 11. Htctsoo bat.
MetcbantlisiloMug under rXpert tailor. 8 iu nd ta order under short
nolle et rtwatksbU lo ftme. More good turned oit than ever bcf ire.
L. E. BlAffl.
Kotics for Publication.
Unit J Ktate Land Oftloe,
Oreeon City. Or.. MaroU 11. lss. I
Nolle) t bereoy Riven that lo compli
ance with it prov.slons of tbe aot ef
Conir,ef June3id. ?8, enUllod "An
aot for the sale of timber land In tb
Male. of California, ureifoo, Nevada and
Waablnvion Trrritorv." WlUiarti W
tUchardvott, of W lo, county of Linn, Slate
ofOieKOii, baslhUdty Ai4 IntbUofUo
bin atatoinent No. 47, for tbe por
rbassi of the N K X of 8 K V of feotloa
Sto, Sim in T.iwi.sulp o. )0 eotttb, rang
o, i wsMt, and wilt on.r proor to snow
tiiai the laud sou til I. tnoia valuable for
lie tlinbyr or isiuiie llian for agfcuUo'a
purposoa. anl lo esusbllati bis claim to
aid land before tbe iw.rlrter and Kocoiver
of tbiHrlUreat CrrgonCliy, Oregon, on
rriday, the tits stay ml Jane, I,
" Jtonamiaa witneeat AM Luoaa,
W V Mll er. H Miller and i W Coiapton,
all of tsolo, Lion couuly, tiregon.
Any and all eron ciaituing adversely
tbe abovedeorlbed land are requeatl
to C!o tbeir elaitne In ibis ofllo on or be
fwre ud "lb dy of Jun, lss'J.
w. T, Bl'HiCKV,
b m
Special Bargains In Cashmere,-
U. I H-.ll ''' 'Whin f .rtb-. to -y
nibited iu tbi cUf. nr,d at greyly redact prices
Piques, Lawns, India Linens,
Naoioeteln wlitr, srn and color, H t prca wr toocb cbcajjef
thro over lfore cflrel in thw city.
In btown aod Wescbed. Tbi .lock I bought in New Yctk at !
tban importer' price, and am aWe to give gocd 58 Iccli ail
linen bleecbed at 50 rote .er yard and otbera in proportion.
All IU good I baj direot from importeri by tbe rml, and cn 11
tbem much cheap than if bought of jobber towela I bay in qan
titiea in N w York, and am offering tbem at prica tiat atn aaro to
sell the good.
The LEADING Grocery Store
Kotics for Putlication.
Und Odle st Orngun Citv, Or., 1
April llJud, j
Notice is bsraby gives that tbe following
usmrd swiiler lias bld notice cf bis intention
to nusko llusi proof to support of bis claim,
and that .aid prout will t made I furs tbe
County Jletkof Lian county, at Albany,
Oregon, o -
Taca4ay, Jan Silfc, IBS. .
wt i John S, My or a. Mtiinsstead Kntry Xso.
7ilil. f r tb 8W!;' See. 23. Tp. II. S. H
4 av. fie names tbe lullowir.g witnesses to
prov bis eontmuoas rusulence upon and cal
uvatiou of, tid lod, witb a view to coin-
mutina said eetry vitb cssb pym n', nade
Me. 2301, It S t W II B Huwart, Henry
Hewmn. Wm Clark aud K 8 Isarsar, all of
Hook Cisck, Linn oouoty. Dr.
Aey peison who dair to protett srsltut
the aiiuwsoceof auob proof, or wbo knows of
any substantial reason, under the taw and
tbe reguUtiona of tbs Interior Department,
wby esiob proof should not be allowed, will be
fclven su onportooity at tbe above meutiooed
line aud place to era examine the wituet
of id claimant, and to offer evidaoeo in
rebuttal of that submitted by elstniaut.
Wallace, Thompson & Cs,
13 mica- S-.XIE3a3. TEaO"?
Notico for Publication,
United Kale I .and OfUoe.Oregon Clty.Or
April zuoa, issi.
Notice I hereby irlven that In com pi 1
anbe with tha nrovinlnna oftbn aot of Con
Krei-e of iuue 5rd. 1878, entitled "An aot
tor the sle of timber land in the tstatea
of CsllfniHla, Oreiron, Nevada and Wash
inaton r rrltory." Leander Brown, o
Nuytou. n atity of Marlon, Ktateof Ote
K'i, us m s usy tiled in tbi omoe ma
-wuruKi. ,,nt No. ids, for tbe purchase
oi ids n . ot neoiion iso n, iu -sown
ahlp No. id south, Uanga No, 3, east, and
will offer prccf to show that tbe land
aotith la mora valuable for Us timber oi
etone tban tor aurioultural purpoeea. and
i tmtabllsb hi claim to said land before
the lit-glnier and Heoelyer of tbla ottice at
urcaon I'll v. lirccon. on K rlda-p. tha lUlti
day of July, lBhD, Ha nauitsa wltrienwue:
H. Shaw.iT. 81 and W. lloey. all of
win city, Marlon county, and J. 25,
Browu. of Albany. Linn county, all of
Any am all peronso)Hlrrlng adyersely
ha above described lauda are ivuueated
n i . . . . . . ...
iu mo iuf,r cisinns in tin ontoe on or
berora said lUtb day of July, Jtsef.
- W. T. BuanitT,
Administrator's Notico
In the County Court of the Statt o' Oregon for
Linn County.
In the matter of the estate of Geo. W,
MoBride. deceased.
Notics i hereby Rivoo that the ondnrign
ed Administrator of said estste has tih -t li s
final account therein with the Clerk of id
Court and that the Court has appointed
' Bnlurduy, Jane 8tb. 1889,
at on o'clock in the afternoon far th hsr
inj of objections to said sccount and for the
settlement thereof. " '
Publisheil by order cf D. R. N. Blackburn,
County Judge.
Aibsoy, May Cth, 188D.
' , A. McDbidk,
. J 0. .Powkli., " Administrator.
- Vttornoy. " ;
Tlnlr Stock of GROCERIES
in alwayn Complete.
Ladies Cotton Hose
Are cbtapt-r tbut year tban ever before. I bv ei ccee'ed in t
tiog some good Urgeir,, all ol wbich I s.m effcrirsr 'o my costciueisi
Tl.e above is an outline i f (ie fWcj I am gon g ld .n-ine on
and will eudeavor to do my ari towatda scuiitfc lie tros. iB Li,.n
and adjoioiog cowntiea to AH-anv. and to k-e-p op ib tbe j,rr-c-r.
of tbe lively and (rowing city of AU-uy. I wi;! bis r ,:h-k
aaj about -
Carpets, Boots and Shoes, Gn cciies.
f eV
Requircmsntsof aStenog 'apherr
. 9
rfj Succeed ns a stenographer, one muse lc ho
U uniU in KliortUand, skilled lit tyia
hticIii. is ock1 pflTiiiiMn, is rjOiuMteiiit cor
nsmmioiiU In the Sliorthnnd IJepnrimiinlol ihe
HonouoH tsaohinu in shorthand, oailv praotio
type-wriiing, cabefuu insthuotion iu penman,
tup and abundant pmtL in correspondence sioply
qualify students lor positions always open to tuora
iuily prepared to fill them. Send lor catalogue.
A. P. Armstrno, Trin., - Portland, Or egon
for 1889 and respectfully call attention
to our stock of
Groceries, Confectionery, Etc.
We &hall endeavor at all times to serve our cus
tomers in the best possible manner. We always
aim to purchase goods of the best quality and to
sell them at the lowest cash prices. In addition to
our grocery ousmess wo iautuvu Buusscripuons
or-all the leading newspapers and magazines.
Also take orders for all kinds of rubber stamps,
seals, etc. We cordially invite all who have not
done so to favor us with their patronage. We hope
fcy fair dealing and careful attention to business
to merit a continuance of the liberal patronage
heretofore bestowed upon us, , .
Very Respectfully,
in tbe fact tbat I tn offerinft better bargains than any one eJse in Aibny
Koogbt at bankrupt sales I can stll -
First-Glass Goods
at or below COST.
General merchandise ot all kiuda oe.ll an me. .,Pariiculaibargins in earn,
of shoes.
Cash for Goods or Conatry prditfc
AlbKQ;, Orgc..
Drags, Paints, Oils, Brashes, Alabas-
tine, Artists' Materials, Etc.,
, Guiss & Son.
Lookout for Low Prices
I ata bow reuitiog trni.ure at mr 'factorr M cont. Pe.-lf,le wiahine furni
t...r can Jn i to look here for Ur?ftu,8- i n!n Rll,a3U,BU ak M .iuri., -the
next 3l dajs. . Coojo and fxsmine my iforn nnrchasins p!,-
Facsory at tbe river eod of Lyon Strei-fc.