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    Ike gem0ftat.
Entered at the Poet Office at Albany, Or,
as eeoond-chUM mail matter.
8TITE3 &
Ktlltor mm A
rstanr. mnrriMu. Lrt editor.
FFI0I4L liani MiPER,
Oili-iti. the e.m
(stall, 3 month
hr t cstila tyrutent u.y t marie at (htt otttvt or
84 m XUv at Ilarrlsburf .
H. Sh.ltan a Solo.
. N. Itavtsoo, III. .
K K, Montagu. Lebanon
D W. Kumbaufh, 8wui Horn.
K. A W.tts. HhsriJ.
J. A. Heard, Jttreon.
A. L. Brtriirefartusr, rmr-ii.
kmo Kinr c nnrrrtti mkktins.
The leinocratic County Central Com
mittce met in the County Court room last
Tuesday, puminnt to call.
Meeting called to order by 8am May,
On motion T J Stites waa elected Secre
tary. The following precincts wore represent
ed :
East Albany. (eo Humphrey, proxy.
Wert A than v, John Rodger.
Brownsville O I Coahow.
Center. M Parker.
Crawfordsville, L II Montanye, proxy.
Franklin Butte, 11 Shelton.
Fox Valley, iKt represented.
llarrisburg, Sam Mav.
Halsey, TJBIack.
Lebanon, C 1 1 Ralston.
Liberty, not repreenteil.
Sckt, J A Bilycu, proxy .
Shedd, Jonas' Davis.
Ryracuse, J II Rainey.
Santiam, P M Smith, proxy.
Bweet Home, Wm Bumbaugh.
Waterloo, Wm Rumbaugh, proxr.
Brush Creek, T J Stites, proxy.
Orleans, not represented.
Delegates wci e apportioned according to
t ie call published in another column.
Primaries were appointed to be held on
Monday, April 5th, at 2 p. m. On motion it
was decided to hold the County Convention
in Albany on Friday. April 9th, at 10
o'clock, a. m.
On motion the Committee adjourned
stmt die.
Sam May,
T. J. Stites, Chairman.
i'I ateejtaler.
We have changed our mind about it
Toe Supreme Court did it last Wednesday,
bv declaring the law unconstutional. The
rejoicing through the Valley is general
We have no use for such a law.
Teacher's F.aaalae4.
At the public teacher's examination in
this city last week the following were ex
amined for teacher's certificates : F M
Mitchell, Oscar C Maxwell, Ida Maxwell,
Lillie Robertson, Fred J Yates George F.
Russell, Frankie Hopkins, Jane Morris,
Minnie Vaughn, Emma Roberts, Susie
Howard, Linnie Ramsey, Louis Barzce, C
W Skeels, Clara Roberts, M F Paul, Lydia
Charlton, S A DeVaneyJ B Hughea,Laura
Stewart, Alice Cheshire, Mellie Coldy
Fannic Griggs, Mrs Jennie B Caldwell. It
has been Superintendent Ricd's policy to
get as many as possible to attend the publ ic
examinations ; it being a mistaken idea that
a better chance i offered at a private exam
ination. As a matter of fact two or three
of the above will get certificates, who
(ailed at recent private examinations.
The papers of the above applicants have
not all been examined ; but it is thought
all but three or four will pass, nine or ten
probably obtaining first grade certificates
The class was a good one.
What We ray fmr Things.
Our flour costs us $1.10 to $1.25 a sack.
Wheat is 63 cents. We pay j cents a
pound for granulated nugar by the keg and
get 11 pounds for a dollar. Potatoes can
b; bought for 10 to 25 cents, and apples are
60 cents a bushel and scarce. Meat is all
the way from 6 cents to a square bit, nice
sirloins being sold foi the latter. A ham
will cost 10 cents a pound. New onions are
10 cents a small bunch, pie plant three for
a quarter and lettuce 10 cents a bite, more
or less. Lard is 10 cents a pound, and Ivory
soap 10 cents a cake. You can get a good
dinner for 25 or 50 cents. The Democrat
is $2.50 a year and new subscribers right
riresnea'a Toarnanarat.
Chief Engineer J. N. Hoffman, one of the
Executive Board ot the State Firemen's As
sociation, returned on Saturday night from
a meeting of the Board, held in Portland.
The time for holding the annual tournament
meeting of the Association was set for the
8th, 9th and 10th of September. This late
day was agreed on to accommodate the As
toria boys, among the most valuable mem
bers of the Association. This year the tour
nament is expected to be the most exciting
in the history of the Association, as Wash
ington Territory is included in it,and Seattle
and a number of other cities there have
"crack" hose teams.
Eye lejared.
Mr. Reason McConnell.livinga few miles
from this city, met with quite a serious ac
cident last Saturday. While hammering a
small piece of steel fhw from the hammer
striking Mr. McConnell in the eys, pene
trating the ball. A piec; of th: steel was
extracted by Dr. Maston, but it is thought
some remains. The prospect now is that
Mr. McConnell will lose the use of the in
jured eye entirely.
Mammary of Meteorology for Mar. 1886,
from observation taken at Albany, Linn Co,
Oregon, by John Briggs.Esq.
Highest Bar. 30 25 ; lowest, 29.52 ; mean,
Highest Temperature, 72 ; lowest, 30
mean, 46. 4.
Mean at 7 a. in., 40 ; 2 p. m., 54.16 ; 0
p. m.,40.48.
Prevailing wind, 8. k N.
Maximum velocity f rce, 4.
Total rainfall and molted snow duriuz
moncn, iv incuts.
Number of days on which .01 inch or more
rain tell, 11.
Number of days of cloudiness, average 8
in sosue 01 iu, e.
Ha l suraa, 23rd.
Of 93 obervetior.s 31 were cloudy, 9 tair,
iQ slesr, io ramj .
Capt. Boyton is swimming down the Sac
ramento In a rubber suit. Wonder what
fun there ( in thnt.
The strikers are still striking.
Bismarck has made a remark on social
A big expose of bribery in the N. P. land
grant for future matter is promised by a
squealer. This will cause lots of fun.
Beecher says the Chinaman will yet sit
in the Legislature of the world. Beecher
lies, or we miss our guess.
Another roller skating champion
will he in Albany. How many chain-
mf w
pions there are In this line is a great query,
and they are all professors too,which makes
it the better joke.
A big sensation was caused in a New
York City church last Sunday evening by
a man pitching headlong from the gallery
at the feet of a statue of St . Joseph,
There were 143 words in one of E vert's
breathless sentences on the Succession Bill,
An Albany, (N. Y.) tailor says three-fifths
of the men carry shooting irons in their hip
pockets. Foolish men. ,
An Aesthetic editor in Connecticut print
ed his first edition after getting married on
rose tinted paper, the sentimental shears
.The quills of geese and turkeys are to be
used as a substitute for whale bones.
Bclva Lock wood Is again, it is sadly an.
nounced, to be a candidate for the Presi
dency in 1888. Talk of grit. Belva might
as well try to be Queen of England.
What Is the matter. No hat has yet been
passed for a monument for Sevmour, who
is mow deserving of one than many who
get big ones.
San Francisco and Rome are about the
same sixe ; but what a groaning would
there be in the latter place if a horde of
Celestials were to travel where once Caesar
and Cicero walked.
The oldest Episcopal Church in the coun.
try that in Williamsburg, Va. which con
tains the front in which Pocahontas was
baptued, and which has had among its
communicants George and Martha Wash
ington, is said to be sadly out of repair.
Edward Atkinson, the well-known statis
tician, presents figures showing that the
railroads of the United States give employ
ment to 650,000 people and transport 400,-
000,000 tons of freight annually, one-half of
which is food and fuel ; and furthermore,
it is proved that the freight rates are so low
that the Eastern mechanic can have a year's
supply of food hauled from a distance of
1,000 miles for the proceeds of one day's
The College Ketcrtaia
The entertainment given at the College
on last Friday evening was very meritorious,
as well as interesting. Principally elocu
tionarv on the part of the students,) showed
marked improvement in that line of study.
The entertainment was opened at 8 o'clock
by prayer by Rev. S. G. Irvine. Misses
Beth Conner and Lilly Robertson were
heard in a well executed piano duet, "The
Bells of Comcville ;' Miss Vesta Mason
was a genuine Boston girl in her rendition
of "The Awfully lively Philosophy f The
"Gray Swan," by Miss Flora Mason was
well recited ; Mrs. E. W. Langdon sang
with her usual popular effectual ways appre
ciated ; Miss Esther Marshall recited about
what they do at the springsf with force and
expression, showing excellent elocutionary
training ; Mr. Maxwell and "Courting under
difficulties" just fit in together.capturing the
fort It has been a query all our lives why
it takes a big, fat fellow, to portray courting
scenes ; but it does. The fan drill, some
what after the fashion of the broom drill,
only different, perhaps because fans are as
sociated with flirting, was very fine, as well
as breezy, and was faithfully rendered with
Miss Lilly Robertson as Captain and reciter
of Addison's "Fan Drill," and Misses Vesta
and Flora Mason, Helen Crawford, Beth
Conner, Esther Marshall, Bertha Keifer and
Wallace as privates. Miss Laura Tate
was heard in a finely executed piano solo.
Miss Helen Crawford recited the "Witches
Daughter" well. Site has a volume, force
and expression to her voice which are mak
ing her an elocutionist of promise. Will
Carlton's latest poem, "The New Lochinvar,"
was handled by Mr. Collins Elkins in a one
wheeled style and in a very interesting man
ner. Rev. E. R. Pritchard's vocal solo,
"Where is Heaven," was deservedly encor
ed. During the remainder of the program
Miss Goodwin of the faculty recited twice
showing an excellent knowledge of elocu
tkmary tactics and the ability to instruct
Mrs. inamoeriain and Miss welch tang
"The Fisherman." Few voices blend with
better harmony or pleasanter effect than
those of these sisters. A Medley by a large
class of students was a lively affair, at the
same time a suggestive one. A double quar
tet. well sung, closes our record of the en
War ArbbsI Agitation.
It is the proper time of the year to make
our annual agitation for a County fair. We
need one ; every County needs one. There
are the grounds a mile from the city. They
are in a fair condition now : how can we go
to work to get their use for a County fair,
and if we could get their use do the farmers
really want to join in making a fine exhibit
that will attract attention. We are sort of
confused on the subject, for there has been
a sort of confusion in the matter for several
years ; but we know there is a decided,strong
sentiment among many that Linn county
ought to have a fair to exhibit its splendid
resources. Will some one, and more too.
kick up an agitation on the subject,beginning
at the right end, that something more than
newspaper talk will be the result.
tferse Shew,
The horse exhibit in Salem last Saturday
was a fine affair, over one hundred blooded
horses being in line, offeriag an exhibition
of the best stock in Oregon. Among others
from this county was Millard & Elkins
Cleveland Bay, one of the finest looking
stallions there. The Democrat has on
several occasions proposed a horse show In
Albany. Next Spring our horsemen should
declare their metal and bring together the
best stock of this part of the Valley. It
creates a greater interest in first-class stock
and would be an incentive to our farmers
to keep only good horses. They pay in the
long run.
Leg Broken.
Last Friday morning Mr. O. P. Scott, of
Lebanon Precinct had a leg broken in a
peculiar manner. A small fir tree when cut
down fell between two other trees in such
a manner as to bend it. A man named
West cut it away from the two trees, when
it was sprung back, hitting Mr. Scott, who
was standing near, on one pf his legs just
below the knee pan, breaking the outside
bone. Dr. Foley, of Lebanon set the bone
The Man About Town attended the Col
lrge entertainment Friday evening, and
was highly pleased with the Improvement
displayed In the recitations and declamations
of the program. Several of the students
give promise of considerable efficiency as
elocutionists. It is, too, an accomplish
ment worthy of cultivation.
Since time unremembcred the practicing
of brass bands has been likened to all kinds
of obstreperous noises. Notwithstanding the
inlatory agony every city needs Its Band,
It fills a big void. We rejoice that the
young men of this city will be in the field
this summer . but denore the fact that
while there Is harmony In their playing
there is any amount of discord in their
management. Something should be done
to tune the two cliques of the city together.
A perambulation of our streets reveals
the fact that a home to be pleasant needs to
have a well kept yard. Now Is the time to
prepare for the summer. Make your lawns
symmetrical and attractive.
One of the strangest tilings in the 'world
Is foreperson to sign two petitions diame
trically antagonistic to each other. The
hardest word in the English language to
say is "no," and the greatest Incentive pol-
"In the Spring a young man's fancy
lightly turns to thoughts of love" may be
poetical ; but thsre Is lots of kernel to It
all the same. Watch our young men and
observe their conduct.
The man w ho goes into a convention for
office should do so with the determination
not to get mad if he gets left, even if he
thinks matters were crooked against him
A perlsl Mcrtiag.
Last Monday evening a special meeting
of the Common Council was called to con
sider the demands In reference to certain
Band instruments, over which there has
been a dispute. Our citizens will remem
ber a subscription paper circulated a couple
years ago for money for certain instruments
and as well about $130 loaned by the Com
mon Council to the Albany City Band to
help pay for the said instruments. All the
things being done under the consideration
that the instruments should be kept in the
city. The city was duly refunded the
money advanced. It may be stated that as
well the boys otherwise paid pert of the
purchase price of the instruments. Now it
seems it is desired by other parties to start
another bend, and these instrument are
wanted in the business. In order to obtain
them the Council was asked to declare
them city property and take possession of
them. Hence the special meeting. The
Council very properly said that they had
nothing to do with it ; that it was none of
their business. This was sensible. That
body has its hands full without running city
bands, a fact nearly all of the members ap
preciate. Wonder where the sixteen year old boy
got his poisoned water to get drunk on last
Wonder if Albany can atam? all the learn
ing in the city this week.
Wonder If the eagle will spread its wing
here on the 4th.
Wonder if the price of wool will keep up.
lope so.
Wonder what financial paths wheat will
perambulate this summer and fall.
W ondcr if we will have a WMWai
Wonder if all of us realty mean to make
it tropical for the Celestial by leaving him
Wonder if the Executive Board of the
State Firemen's Associatkxi thought that
there is not a wheat harvest in the vallev
as well as a salmon harvest on the Colum
Wonder why we cannot have a base ball.
club in Albany this year as well as a band
A reeaUae Morse Steal
Baker City has had a peculiar horse steal
ing case and trial, not often paralleled.
Following is the account of it :
In Mav. 188c. Hevman Swisher of linvh-
valley, or., took a mare belonging to K A
.. yfc w 1 . -1 .
Whittaker of the same place, and drove her
along with a band of his own horses to the
State of Nebraska, where she was sold. A
menu 01 Air. Whittaker. acting under a
feeling of duty and right in the matter, in
lormed Mr. Whittaker that his mare was
being driven out of the country, as soon as
he saw her in Swisher's possession in Idaho
Territory. Business prevented the matter
being attended to at once. The mare was
kept track of, and subsequently an agent
was sent to Nebraska, who purchased her
for $100 and brought her back on the cars
to Baker City. She appeared as a silent
but emphatic witness. A great deal of In
terest was manifested in the trial, as the dc
lendant is a man ot considerable means,
possessing also a most unenviable reputa
The ApprepHatleas.
As completed by the Committee on Rivers
and Harbors, Oregon will get the follow
ing amounts :
Coos Bay entrance, $ ; Vaquina
Uav, $ao,ooo ; Lpper Columbia River, in
eluding Snake River, $10,000 ; mouth of
Columbia River, $150,000 ; Lower Wil
lamette and Columbia Rivers, $100,000 ;
Upper Willamette, $10,000 ; Coquille at
its mouth, $20,000 ; Chehalis, $2500 ; Cow
litz, (to complete), $2000 ; Skagit, Stilla
guamish, Nootsack, Snohomish and Sno
qualmie River, $10,000.
Completely OH.
Leave the Chine ie abiolutely alone. It
will settle the question. Democoat.
Correct. Set the example by discharging
your Chinese pressman. Popular J'ulm.
Haven't any. Our pressmen an, and
have been for a long time,white men. Please
don't shoot at random ao much. We prac
tice what we preach in this matter absolute
ly. Look at our shirt bosom. It doesn't
take many squints to tell that an American
did it. Again we repeat, "leave the Celes
tial alone."
Democratic mate Convention .
The date for the Slate Democratic Con
vention is Tuesday, May 4th, at 1 1 a. m., at
Portland. County primaries were advised
to be heid on April 5th. Linn county will
be entitled to 130! the 190 delegates. In
our report last week the name of P. H. D.
Arcy, of Salem, should have .been given as
Secretary of the State Central Committee
instead of C. J. Trenchard.
The Linn County Teacher's Institute be
gan Its work at the Opera House, In this
city, on Tuesday evening, a large gathering
of citizens and teachers being present to
witness the opening exercises. The fact
that great and Increasing interest is being
taken In our educatkmnl matters Is one on
which the people of this county arc to be
congratulated. County School Superinten
dent Reld set the bull rolling on the evening
mentioned at promptly 7 145 by announcing
a piano solo by Miss Laura Tate.whlch was
followed by prayer by Rev. Brownson.
Miss Ina L. Robertson, of this city.deliv
ercd the address of welcome, an exemplary
effort, both in manner and in substance.
Off hand, In a very distinct, well regulated
voice, It was the model address of welcome
we have heard atnn Atbanv Institute. Here
It is In full :
It is my pleasant task to-night to welcome
you here 5 let me do it right heartily. It
gives us much pleasure to have you with
us, and we hope you will spend the time
pleasantly and profitably In our city. Our
institute Is like a feast where each guest is
exected to bring a part of the provisions.
We hope and trust that during the few
months of our separation you have all been
gathering loaves, and have brought them
here to show your liberality by sharing
them with others. Sof while we welcome
you among us, we would have you know
that we expect something of you in return.
We want, and feel that we need encourage
ment and help, and ask that you give it to
us with unstinted hand.
In the history of every teacher there Is a
time when special attention is paid to a cer
tain study. For example, one teacher may,
during a term of school, take particular In
terest In the study of geography, and may
discover certain facts which might be help
ful in teaching that study. Another may
give more than the usual amount of time to
arithmetic. Another to grammar or read
ing. There are many teachers who luive
dimculty in making proper use of some of
tlte text-books In our schools. Some do not
understand how to teach Sill's grammar.
The subject matter Is mi differently arrang
ed from the books formerly used that we
are bothered and perplexed. Others can
not account for the lack of consistency in
some of the solutions of the examples given
In Brook's arithmetic. Now te! those who
have paid special attention to these studies
explain them to the younger workers In tlte
school rssom, and so 'help on educational In
terests. We have known of good teacher
who have come to our Institute meetings to
lUten to what wa said and go nwir think
ing their own method better than any pre
sented. Yet they would not be persuaded
to give one idea which would he a help to
some one else. Ikies thU mean a little sel
fish ? 80, with due appreciation of the In
telligence expressed in the face before us,
we would urKe upon one and all the neee
sity of taking an active part in the meeting
if thev are to be successful. Let u be
prompt and regular in attendance so far as
it is possible, thus showing that we are
truly In earnest, in our work. Again let
me express my pleasure and pride in having
vou In our mklt, and wUh that each one
here may find something which will be a
help In after work, so that we may say we
have not come here in vain. Welcome,
Mrs, W S Walker,of Brownsvitletnswer-
ed in an excellent literary paper, which we
et speak for itself I
L mhk axi GKNTLKfttKN : A crisis oc
curs in the work of this institute at an earlier
time titan we thought. The pause i almost
painful until we rallv our llvllest faculties to
U justice to the welcome of thr hulv who
preceded me. Considering wltat we mav
anticipate from thi institute and also what
dignity we attach to the assembly the open
ing words of Coleridge s apostrophe to Mt.
mane ur 10 the mind : "llast thou a
claim to stay the moving star in hi steep
course t So long he scents to pause on the
txtld, awful head t ) ovcreii;" lllanc. Thi
occasion i thus impressive in Its beginning
, . - H.w .,Hp,m . ,1. xrKuimoK
Hie dav-star of this Intellectual red letter
lay luu'risen in the person of the beautiful
till V flflk fisr't ft. Cite rwtevrtn
ana accomplished Udv who ha extruded
.li. " r
thia courtesy of welcome
Such la mv situation of tlte dignity of tlte
aemhly to which your charming usher ha
invited us ; and we accept the invitation,
hoping to find a place down in Chatnonieri
or some such lowly vale, and study the
changes on those majesties above us. In
this invitation we recognize one of tlte func
tions of the Superintendent of Public In
struction, whose energy and tact have ele
vated the standard and perfected the organ
ization of school work in the county. In
this civility we acknowledge the hospitality
of the city, wltoee wealth and refinement
makes it epeeiiy the place for an institute
In the Interest of public good. In this cer
emony we acknowledge the hospitality of
tt-llow trarher whose wisdom, the produrt
of a most interesting experience. Is, by the
generosity ot their hcart,tnc common prop
erty of all.
'Their welcome means more than all elae.
No profession is fuller of appeals to human
ity. Ina profession whoe seal is a superior
intelligence, one mav expect to find the
heart at its best. Fellow teachers, with one
appreciation of your gcxidncss but half ex
pressed, we retire thanking you in our hearts,
in behalf of all teachers, officers and visitors
from abroad, we accept your gracious wel
come, and we challenge all your knowledge
as with your comfortable but less valuable
privileges of home and fit v.
State School Superintendent McElroy then
delivered an address on "The Promotion ot
Good Reading in the Public Schools." It
was full of tlioughts which should be digest
ed by every teacher present. It showed In
new terms what the teacher can do, if de
termined, towards building up a taste for
first-class literature, for which the great
amount of vicious literature of the day,
shows a necessity. The teacher should
regulate the private reading of the student,
and should keep a weekly record of each
one. Every school should nave a library
though a smalt one. It should be backed
by a good one at home, and a public one
for the city. The speakers expose of the
subject matter of the current literature o
the day was a fine one, indicating how well
he was familiar with the topic.
A male quartet, "The Soldier's Chorus,'
was rendered in a fine manner by Messrs
Irvine, Brush, Fortmiller and Awbrey.
Prof Thos VanScoy, of the Willamette
University, delivered a very thoughtful,
solid, address, on "Internal Educational
Work." A svnoosis of it could not do it
-r a
justice. It was kernel all the wrfy through
and was generally appreciated for its splen
did thoughts.
' . . .
Institute called to order by County Super
intendent Reid.
The following officers were elected t
President, ex-officio Prof D V S Reid .
Reporting Secretaries, T J Stites, 0 S
Train and M A Miller.
Enrolling Clerks, Miss OUie Kirkpatrick
Mary Irvine, Mr Geo Sutherland and J B
Certificate Clerk, J F Stubblefield.
Committee on Introduction to consist of
the enrolling clerks.
Rev T G Brownson, of Albany then en
tertained the Institute with an address on
the subject of "The Teacher's Consecration
to his Work." The lecture was carefully
prepared, well delivered, and highly appre
ciated. The point was well made that
whether the teacher will or not, yet he does
mold the character of his pupils and the
only question is what shall that molding
and character bs ? They will be what the
life of the teacher Is. The teacher should
be thoroughly consecrated to his work
Should be enthusiastic, earnest. The teach
or will then have a genuine Interest In every
pupil. This leads the teacher to study into
and adopt the lest methods of teaching.
These he wil! gather up at Institutes. The
teacher will thus be held to a rigid system
of self culture, developing mental power
and storing the mind with valuable facts
for future use.
Supt E B McElroy discussed the question
"Are County Institutes Legal." The law
does not require them nor are teachers
bound to attend, but professionally they are
Prof Walker asked if it would not be well
to petition the Legislature to pass n law
making them obligatory upon Countv Su-
crtntcndents and teachers.
Supt IC B McElroy then discussed "Man
ners in Schools." The teacher should be
the Itest example himself of manners In
school, 'lite good manners and politeness
taught In schools Is u life work. The con
duct of the pupil on the street or at church
Is a sure Index to the character of his In
struction in hi school. The lecture was
instructive and listened to with much in
terest Prof J B Hughes presented the
subject of"Credlt Marks and Roll of Honor"
In an entertaining manner.
The in mutes of the Clerks showed lbs fol
lowing tsschsrs present, with thsir pos tollies
address :
Alltanr las L Robertson, Jano Morris.
Kstella M Howard, l.urs Csinnbwll. Mrs M
M1IU1, Ollis Kirkpatrick, Margsria Brink, s
Minute Allison, Mary Irvine, Kate rrtv.
Jennie Alexander. Frank is Hopkins, Mrs J John Lees, Orris Archibald, J B
Hughes, T J st,..., H H Hswitt. C W
Akeela, l)V Hsld, Walter Modes. M H
Shedd Milium Porter, Jean Mt Daniel.
Emma Kobtrta, t'lsra Roberta.
Heie Sarah Miller. M A Milla.RHoda Hud
son, 1. V ixmsway. ttso s ttlmrU'rl, J A
liiiysa. 0 B Cyrus.
lbanoo Clara Angsorgs, Alios Ambler.
Adat'omstock, Atone Mark., I'rsiict Cnrl-
ton, 1. Ambler, Klhe Mack, Aids Charlton.
A Marks. K M Mitchell. CC ( ..sand. J B
Wirt, J K stobbUueld. M A Millsr.
Harrisborg Clara McMeekee. Mr Jewiti.
BrewnsvitTs -Mrs Kanma E Brown, Mrs
W M Walksr, H K Archibald. W M Walker.
S P Hpioer, M R Brown. W W Baity.
labgent K Hristow, Osaar Mcrrlud.
Crawfordsvdls Sarah A King.
Hwset Horns 1 1 K Brooks.
Hslssy J O (Jibson, Hsrvsy Bond. J E
Van Winkle.
Jaaolion M 8 Htarr.
Corvailie J K Braedeoberry.
Tamer-1 Russell.
Prof W 8 Vfslksr, ef Brownsville present
e l the subject of "Should Prises tte used as
loceatit-t to Study.'' It it natural that
prises should be bestowed to public school.
Relieved in vrues io school for scholarship,
good conduct, etc. Prof Jewitt, of Harris
berg followed upon the same subject. He
behaved a good act should spring from a
good motive. He behaved that reward should
eoosisl in the knowledge acquired and ac
complishment attained. The prise usually
goes to those who seed no incentive. Rev T
U BrowBson hsd always been ia favor of of
feriag and giving prises. Had received tnasvy
prises himself while in school atd did net
think he had been injured thereby. Mum
Brut tow was to favor of prises. Miss Howard
was opposed to giving pit sea for attendance.
Prof Looswey, of Scto was opposed te prises
sod this opposition was based on experience.
Formerly gave prises bos believed it tojori
00, Mica Ina Robertson ws sp sed to the
prise syateoi. Foe ad it bad pdey. Mrs
Balltmers sad Miss Suir were opposed te
the ay stmi. Mr W A M ihe used lit merit
system as a mere reonrd of sttat jment. Pro'
Sutherland was not ppaeu te giy nig prtxee,
uu; WM oppose. I to the injudicious manner
L ., 1 u t
I "I1 them Some allowance should b
UU. WM ouoosed to the iniiidiclutl. maimer
00 aexe pars ae one
a ..
and superior talent mi tin part of others
Prof McKlroy was io favor of pnxse in sehool.
Mr Hewitt wee utterly opposed to prtae.
Believed that the sobetn. wee bad pol
icy. The benefit from the system was c m-
flored to only a very few. Mr Montanye
was rather io favor of prists. Pmf M
asked many pertinent and pointed qoestiooa
which were aptly answered to the amuse
ment of the Institute.
W A McChee presented the subject of
' Relation of Teachers to Public Schools."
The teacher shoo Id be a person of the strict
set moral character. Should he a man of in
flnenee. X person should be allowed to
teach who frequents saloons.
M A Miller presented the subject of "How
to Secure aad Maintain Order io the Poblie
Schools." They should have one rule I "Do
Bight." Tl.e teacher should be manly and
pleaaaotto his pupils aod thus gain their
confidence. Mtogle with children and par -
.M th nU
ante, interest the people.
, ,, , z-. ....
Prof Walksr and Mum Ina Robertson
were selected to answer question placed 10
the query box.
Tbe eession was opeoed by ao instrumen
tal solo by Miss Anna Houck followed by a
recitation by Miss Alice Porter. Theu cams
o vocal dust by Zira Marks ami Ethsl Peters,
Oration by Miss Kate Bristow, and solo by
Mies Laura Bridgeford. Next eame the lec
ture of the evening by Pres. Stanley, of
Monmouth. The subject was "Man and his
Development." It waa handled in an able
and interesting manner for about an hour.
Ia our next issue we will give a synopsis ot
of the exercises will be given next wc , our
press hour being Thursday afternoon, render
ing it necessiry to divide our account f it,
A literary and musical entertainment of a
high order will be given this (Friday) even
ing at the Opera House todefray the expens
es of the Institute. Everybody should attend.
te (School Teaehi r.
A triangular board has s perpeodioalar 12
feet long and a base 12 inches. How far
from the base shall a lino be run parallel
with the base, so as to divide the triangle is -to
two equal parts. Written arithmetical
required. One years subscription to the
Democrat for the first solution presented at
the Democrat office.
native ions ef Oregon. "
The undersigned native citizens of this
State respectfully invite all native sons of
Oreonn whn are -citizens of the United
wa aj v
States to meet at the Council Chamber in
Portland on Monday, April 5th, 1S86, at 8
o'clock p. m., for the purpose of consider
ing the propriety of organizing an associa
tion of "Native Sons of Oregon."
r,en W McBride. W II Adams, V S
Chapman, Al E Raleigh, Paul N Dcady,
Wm M Laclu, Ji rioinian, yt lutuum;,
Henrv E McGinn, Dr Holt 0 Wilson, Geo
L Curry, Sam R Stott, R P Be. W F
Osburn, Frank C Baker.
Should there be any eligible person who
thinks well of the organization of such a
society, and cannot attend, he will please
drop a line to the undersigned, who will re
port his name to the society.
Frank C. Baker,
enre of "Rural Spirit."
tHK 4M sstnntn
Fins weather.
F M French, levvelor.
Hiss oloso westhsr.
Register A,ril 0th, Oih aad 7ih,
Rolled eats at Read k Browneh's.
The best harness at J J Dubruiiles.
Get your coffee ground et R. 4 BV
Nature's own retne ly,0-, 1 1 Kidney Tea.
This is a vaoation week fur school children.
Hoi semen in Eastern Oregon, are "round
ing up. '
There are 437 patients in th State Inaane
Dudteh men iu Njw York City wer
Will Albany have a base oall club this
School tesoners ran n atters In Albany
this week.
J. P. Wallace, Phyeioisn and Surgeon, Al
bany, Or.
For a good pocket knifo go to Read Jc
do to Read sY Brownell's to select from a
complete stock.
Dr. J. T. Tate, Dentist. (). F. Building,
Albany, Oregoo.
The finest tine of window ooruice mould
ugs at Wood in's.
5,000 worth of clothing st cost st Mon
teith ft Seitenbaoh'a,
Mrs I) C Duvsll was drown! at Salem
on Thursday of laet week.
Our Eastern factory boots and shoee are
ell warranted. R. ft B.
Read ft Browned are the boss for low
pitoea io boot and shoes.
Lettoee, ooions and pie plant, are in the
market at good pnoee.
They are shearing aheep in Kteteru Oregon.
The clip will be a big one.
Splendid line ef ladiea fall end winter gar
ments at Monteith ft 8eiUniMuh's.
Rev Spriggs, of Salem. i,t , .-i in the
Congregational chureh last Sunday.
The lane County Demeoratiu Convention
will be held at Eugene April !od.
The Prohibition County Convention meets
one week from to day in this city.
Kxsmine Woodin'e Extension tables. They
are -well go and see them for yourself.
F M French, agent Sinter suufactnriog
Co.toppoeite Odd Fellows Temple, Albany, Ur.
The dying words of John B Cough were,
"Make your record clean, young man.''
Kitty Lynca, of Portland, won a race io
San Francisco against Blaine, in 2:'27.
Some people will aever learn that it te
dangerous business to sell liquor to Indians.
A boot seventy have united with the M K
Cbnrcb at Halaey dating Rev Judy's revival.
The ladies of the Free by Ur tan Cbnrcb
will give a social on Friday evening, A on I
About twenty carpenters have began work
on the machine ehepe for the O P R R at
the Bay.
Dr. M. H. Kilts, phyaiaian and surgeon
AH any. Oregon. Calls made tn city or
A large and I res It line of tfrst class con
fectionary alwsya oo hand at Hoffman ft
Wajti5 Plain sewing or dress making,
by Mrs Viola Miller, at the lesidenee of Use
Employ white labor. .ur washing
done of J W H sleey. Leave erdr at Reed
ft BrowneR'a.
A steamer of shinglee arrive 1 to Albany
Monday from O P Tompkins' Commission
boose to Portland.
You can depend oe being elected if yon
a . ae a a
can on i o.r.-t Meyer lor ynor groceries.
Everything pare and fresh.
Three years io the peoiteotiary and $2903
fine ts the penalty to W. T. for tektog each
papers as the PotkfOasett.
Mr Wallia Nash, of the O. P. R. It. has
become a naturabxed Arm-ncau citizen . W
ebaao and congratulate.
The Albany ferry waa auaiu put to work
last Monday morning after a deep watery ex
oencnee of over a week.
1 ' " .
to Ptushaw's new Drug S tors for pure
U. , tl bg iWnptL,
caretdliy compounded,
Fur Sale Good milk cow, 3 bedsteads, 6
ehsirm, ctokiog stove aad fixture and other
utensils. Inquire at this ottice.
Mrs lassie Whitney has opened a dress
making establishment next to S I Y suing "s.
We speak for her a good patronage.
The Salem Vidtttt wants lleceiver Scott
of the Narrow issue to nay off his hoods
lostead of building $1000 snow plows.
In the chess games between Stetnitz and
Zakertort the former won the first tow
games and the championship of the world.
Bark hart 4 Pfoiffer are doing some fine
work in their Job Printing othce. Now is
the time to get goou work et low figures
Cows are eertetnly a nuisance on First
street, as they call on the erocera for all
their plunder, without even saying "moo.
Over thirty school teachers were examin
ed in thia city last week, twenty-eix appear
ing before the county board ot examiners.
Mr J ! Fountain, a former Linn county
. gentleman ia a candidate io Jackson couuty
j on the Trohibitiou tictet, lor Mate lgiaia
1 . . , ,
O. W Mastoo, Phyaioian and Surgeon,
... ,v . ;.,i., f , ., ...,,
i sasssasXM ,wl""' 1
j College of Pnyaicians and 8urgeons, Ctncio-
nati, Ohio.
Farmers, why will you pay forty dollars
far a fanning mill when you can buy one of
John Brush k Son for from ten to twenty
flee dollars f
If you want the Democrat for three
months ao as to get all the election news,
why sail in and subscribe now, if you have
not already.
Do Ooid, of Cincinnati recently net G633
ems. ever a column and a half ol this type,
solid, in three hours, the fastest typo setting
on record.
The Yaqoina Bay papers are all on ex
ceedingly friendly terms and are profuse in
giving each other taffy, particnlatly efter
each frequent demiae.
The steady increase of subtorihors to the
Dkmocrat is very fUtteriug, and shows thst
our efforts to publish aoleAii,livc uewspper,
are being appreciated.
Heury Pane, Sr., has been Tretaurerof
Jackaonvilie seventeen yar. Paps and
County Clerk Wtlion. of Bitto cmaiy
should be oaged together.
At tiremen'e tournamenta in O.egoo hi re
after official time will be kept by taking the
time of the two oearetof three time keepers
and dividing their sou by two.
fae little steamer "Topsy," which made
nab efforts to stem the current
between here and Csrvallis. was sunk a few
days ago at the wharf at that place.
Oaoree C Revoe and wife returned to Al
h.nv last Saturday from ao extended trip in
iviifnrnis- Thev liked the climate iu the
southern part of that State very much.
John Tlonham last Monday brought to Al
bany a large number of valuable skins which
he obtained on a trapping expeditiou on the
Santiam, and sold them to M. s ft. 1 .mug
Shavine soau. hsir oil. pom vie, bay rum.
hair tonic, csmetic, combs, shaving brushes bruahas. iuat reoeived, a large sup
ply from Philadelphia, st LtuU Viereck'a
Barber bhop.
The Rochester (N. Y.) Ptt says the pen
may be mightier than the sword, but it is no
amount beside the beer mug. which "his kept
Parsons in tho Mayor 'a office for over ten
A Portland man has drawn IllKXJ in slot
tery. We'll wager anything he doesn't
know what to do with it. Other men have
paid thousands upon thousands of dollars for
this o-ae thousana.
The Laundry Queen Washitig Machine,
being introduced here by Newman Brothers,
works like a charm, being faster sn I wash -iug
more completely than any other machine
whoso work wo have seen.
John H Young was am sled Friday for
selling liquor to Indians, bv Deputy Marshal
Burkhart, and taken to Portland. When
captured he was at the squaw oamps near
this city.
Several Albany young men attended tbe
achml exhibition at Tangent isw, Friday
evenin g, and while there met with a hood
himish exoerience, some of thst element
j thera trying to get away with their team,
Bentoo county men dare not run for of
fice. Bush Wilson and Sol King seem to be
a -nattery everybody ia afraid to attack
So much hevw these men accommodated the
voters of the county that they hsve things
wieir own way.
The man who prefers a city weekly paper
w wwn paper neoanse --it a got ir ore
teadin in it, ' reminds ns of a countryman
who pioked out the largest uvr ol boot in
the box beoaiiee they cost no more than a
smaller pair that tit him. Kr,
That slight cot 1 you thuik ao little of my
prove the forerunner ef a complaint that mav
be fatal. Avoid this result by taking Ayer's
Chsrry Peotorsl, the best re.nedy for colds.
ooughs, catarrh, bronchitis, incipient con
sumption, and ad oth-r throat and long die
"How are we ever going to get through
our spring and sum mere work ? We ere all
run down, ttre'l ont before it begins," So
ssy many a farmer's fmily. '.Ve answer.
try Ayer a 8rat,rilla, Tots n just the
medicine yo 1 ned. and will psv co no .11 id
interest on the money it costs you,
"A'lyersity" wai the Ust -ahisct for
sketohee by thi Portland Art Club. ff..w
would the picture of a ions Chinaman,
moneyless, hie u u iie lost, and entirely lei
alone hy the community do lot one of the
sketches, A lonely look tmr beirsrsr
ith a child in In r arms to ! the oris on
the best conception.
Who will be the next State 8;hon Snrstr
intendent has be sutriml by Prof. Carriena.
01 1 ii'iepemitmcs. komieg out on a
tiket ft why knot whose so extinguish in
Oregon as Osrriegjs or moor emnant as a
akolarly edereationiat ft kwslified jenneraliy
new who is ft then he will make a kanvas ae
is one.
A boy fifteen or aixteeo yeare eld, and
painter, attracted some attention laet Sab
hath afternoon I y walking rail fences through
the streets of the Piret Ward. It is an in
famous shame thst ahoy of tht sge of this
one eaa get liquor to drink,' sod aolicient to
make htm drank, in the eity of Albany.
1 1 " 1 SJOO ...
soi l at, AP Vf Un
. . . a . , '
Geo 1 Foster is io Idaho,
Rev Lockert, ef Oaklsnd, ie iu the eity.
Jodge McPaddeii, of Corv.lbr, was iu the
city Monday.
Es P M Chance, of Aetoris. was in Al
bany over Sunday.
H II Smith, Esq , hss moved his law of
fice front .Junction to Corvelltr.
C C Cherry returned last Monday from a
business trip to the Bay.
J W Webb, of I'ortlao I, is t" go to the
Chrietiae Church iu Salem.
Miss Emma Schubert want . Piirtlaosf to
lsy in her Spring stock of rm'ltoery.
Assessor AlforJ, ef Benton conn'y ia said
tone lying quite ill near Jiarrtsburg.
Miss Lulu Barnes is viaitine? in Sa'em.
where she ie the guest of the Mteaea Strang.
Ktate Superintendent McKlrov is leudioa
bis aid te the Teacher'e Institute this week.
M S Monteith left lor Astoris 00 Satur
day, having secured a position there in a
shipping bouse.
Hoo (io E Chamberlain. or efficient
District Attorney, returned from Mirion
county's Circuit Curt laet Saturday.
Lieutenant Seibree, of the Government
service, was in the city the first of tbe week
on his way from Yaqnina Bay to Portland.
Mrs Amanda lng left veetrdav. after a
abort here, tor her home at isouius
City. She has been visiting friends in IVlk
county also.
Mr Miller Morgan and wife, of Shedd. and
Mrs Helmtck, of Albany, will start next
week for a two or three u ontbs visit at their
old homes in Iowa.
Mr John Morgan, of Shedd nreooct. hat
been in Seattle some time with a band of
nomes which he ode red for sale. Tbe mark-
et there, though is very pmr.
!pnt V S Marahal Burkhart went to
Portland Monday with Joho Yoang.cbarged
with selling liquor to Indians. Warm Spnuz
Johnny and a squaw went along as witnesses.
Mr Andy Cowan, father of J L Cowao,
has just return. I from a visit to his oil
home in Kentucky. He was gone several
months and had an enjoyable time, though
experiencing different weather from that
common to Oregon.
Isst Friday three Harriaburg men. CaJ
and Wiley logrant. and Joho Alford eame
down the Willamette on a raft of aah logs.
meeting with various exciting twiet aboots.
They disposed of tbe logs to Robiusou .V
fl eat.
s mt 1.1. K. YSIX
has just received an invoice of those cele
brated daisy kid ahoee for ladies. Just the
shoe for summer wear. Is light aod soft as
kid and will wear much better.
4 leiblng al Mellwetna.
By calling at A B. M 11 wain's yoo can
get your clothing at pricee that will aaton-
iah yen. He has a good stock aod is bound
to sell it.
Uver one hundred vaiietiee of hats are
displayed in tbe windows of L E Wain's
Hats and Caws.
.V 11. Allen ex Co., are uow receivings
arge stock ot bats and caps, children a
traws, iu season will be made a specialty.
Last lea, Alteatlea.
M-, Vierick has; concluded to 'place his
aromatic shampo') in tbe hands of all
parties wishing to do their own shampoo
Ing. He will hU It In quantities, from
Ton so rial Artiat,
Fishing for the sprightly festive trout ia
tho order among the otherwise unoccupied.
Monry to Lean.
We have money to loan in sums of from
$?03 to SqOOO, on uood personal or ieul
estate security.
Clink, Moxteitii & Co,
J b mating
Burkhart & Pfciffcr are prepared to do
all kinds of printing on short notice :uid in
first-class style. They allow no one to un
der bid them nor do better w" -k. Call and
see samples.
Ask your drageist toe a package of Orego
Kilney Lea,
fieett atesn'ts la Every Case,
D. A. Brsdford, wholesale piper dealer
of Chsttsnoosto, Tenn., writes, that he was
seriously afflicted with a severe cold that
settled on his litns ; had tried many
remedies without benefit. Being induce 1
to try Br. Kina New Discovery for Oon
sumption, did so and was entirely cured
bv the use of a Few bottles, Since which
time he h used it in his family for all
Oouih and Colds with best results. Thin
is the experience of thousands whos?
lives have been saved by thta Wondorfn
Discovery. Trial bottles r,e at Fjsbay
Masan's Drug Store,
day evening, March 25th, 1886, at ti e
residence of the bride's parents, in th s
citv, bv Rev. H. P. Webb,MR. Chaklis
Crowder and Miss Mary Wkstfall,
The DKMtx-RAT extends the happy cov.
pie its congratulations and wishes for pros
perous lives.
CANNON HUNTER. On March 281 l
bv Rev. J. C. Roberts, at the residence of
Geo. Huston, East of Harrisburg, M t.
Syi.vestkr Cannon and Mrs Alice
Hotter, both of Linn countv.
The Democrat unites with many friends
in Albany in extending congratulations.
Mr. Cannoh has made a good shot. One of
Linn county's most prosperous farmers lie
deserves a continued long life and prospeii
tv, and likewise Mrs. Cannon.
Iry Mentis, .o(Iohs. Kit.
.My stock of staple dry goods, notioos,
dress gooda, etc, is now quite good for the
seaon. I will he adding every wek new
goods in new and desirable shades in dr a
goods as well ae in novelties in dress good
and notion. Parties wanting cannot do
better in this city thn I can do for them in
ttyle and price. I buy cither from roanu
faottirer or impnrtera direct I keep no
bankrupt, .took. hn .ell too new. fresh
goods and warrant them.
Samcki. E, YoDJfO,
111 1 sip .wis mrmw a awe wm
style oe to os nl.ltxe 1 to dispose of them at
oust, ours are all new styles and firet-clas.
ItKAD k BaoWMBU. ,
Aiir ef
youuff men v. ill do work of all kind, tawing
wood, gartlrninjf, d, , f,r,rvr order. at Head
t UrownelVt.
A letter received at VVells & Fare's cfH as
in this oity the first of the week, wai ad-
aressel : "Mr ,Jv Win ..t
VVe'.U Fargo & Cos Kxnres. Altianv .tteaasaa
California, Aovrn." " ,
ll.mli and noue.
H, Alien k C.., ar- now receiving a
fine line of boots and those, they propose ia
the future to in ike a specialty of this branch
of their busines, in addition to a full line of
Bochiogham k Hocht's make of boots ard
shoes which for durability csnnot be ex
celled, they have a line of Esstern goods of
all grades including s line of S. D, SoIIars k
Co., of Philsdelphia. children and misses
shoes, which are as good as any Manufactur
ed. They guarantee eyery ahoe jast ae rep
resented. GtVO them a trial.
Crawford, Pat .tegrapber, Albany, or
I have all tho negat voe taken be
B. Paxtoa and any one can have dupli
cate from their negatives by addressing
us, at tLe fallowing prioee : Card oizo, $2
per dozfln, cabinet siz. f 3 per dozen, boti-
dours, 6 per dozen. I keep the finest
line of Oregon viws In the west. Cata
logue furnished ot application. Copying
and enlargirg old pi-turee a specialty.
$1,470 for bounty on w'ild animal, his
been paid in Union county since September
ISl. -
Cerrived Sew Tnl Week
Novelties in imported dress mod, Bondes
or Nigger heeds, brocade, velvets and silks,
lace, dress goods, etc., st
Sam" 1. E. YotrscX
ev t. . . . .
A. B. Mcllwain has a large and well select
ed stock of newo no as over brought
to Albany. Call on htm aod make your selec
tions from his first --class stock.
Hall faprr
N. JL Allen k Co. 'a new wall papers are
now arriving direct from the factory, all
grades now in stock. Call and examine it
before purchasing.
The New York Time during thirty-three
years has had from four to sixteen libel suit
on hand, but never had to pay a eM 'a dain-
Fancy iists.
The place to get fancy go-sl of all kinds,
ie at Mcllwain'a. ITia fprin 1 nthc.' is here,
and there ia no discount 01 it beug first
class . Birgtios offere I
els aad Cap.
It is time to get your spring head apparel.
A. B. Mcllwain has a stock of bats of the
latest styles, which every man should ex
amine before baying.
Rev F M Culp will preach to the children
of Tangent next Sabbath at 11 a. in. Give
him a big reception.
N. II. Allen dt Co., keeps a full line of
groceries, and they wdl give you as mneh
for your money as yoo can get io any store
in Oregon . Try them .
Slop and Read.
Our liue of Fall and entire Spring garments
for ladies, miss and children are offered for
sale st exact cosf. We have ilesirable" styles
in jerseys. New Market and Bissian circu
lars, suitable far spring pnoes which
cannot fail to please. Give us a calL
Monteith 4 Seitcn bach.
Opposite Peyce . Robson'a.
Keep a fresh stock of all kinds of
Will sell as cheap a any tora in Albanr,
The above cut illustrates a fence ma
chine that makes the best.obeapest, hand
somest, strongest and most durable fence ;
by a combination of galvanized steel wire
and wooden pickets woven solidly togeth
er. Old fence lumber, split 01 sawed pick
eta of various si. mav be used. Turns
all kinds of stock without datizor. A man
and boy cau we ive about 'A 1 rods of fance
per dev. I'rice i t machine witimi tue
reach of every farmer. For further par
ticulars apply to
Gray A Bryan, Agents.
A I ban v, Ortron.
Impurities in the blood should be ex
pelted, and tbe system given tone and
strength, before the presum ing ett'ucL id
warm weather are felt. The S regon
Blood Purifier is a purely vegetals!!
compound, manufactured by a oompetent
chemist. Persons having f-uffered from
Liver and Kidney complaiut, debility,
scrofulous eruptious, or any other disease
caused by impure blood, and twwn cured
by using this wonderful remedy, invari
ably recommend it to their frieDds, Try
it now. Delays are dangerous ! Price $1
a bottle, or for $6, Sold everywhere
A full suioly of the usual sizes of car
tridges, brss aud paper shells, prime
wads and bar lead. Also the best pow
Pkteus fcSrEWABf,