The state rights democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1865-1900, May 03, 1878, Image 2

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Slay S.187S.
For RcpresentaUre,
Of Lane Cooxty-
For Gorornor,
Oi Multnomah Count-.
For Secretary ol State,
02 Jackson County.
For Treasurer,
Of Bakor County.
For State Printer,
Of Multnomah County.
Superintendent of Public Instruction,
Of Lira County.
District Nominations:
First Judicial District For Judge, P. P. PRIM : for
Prosecuting Attorney, J. IL SEALS.
Second Judicial District For Prosecuting Attorney,
Third Judicial District For Prosecuting Attorney,
Fourth Judicial District For Prosecu'Jn j Attorney,
rifth Judicial District For Prosecu.injr Attorney,
For State Senators,
For Representatives,
For County Commissioners,
R. Mcdonald, h. r. poweix.
For County Clerk,
For Sheriff,
For Treasurer,
For Assessor,
For School Superintendent,
For Surveyor,
For Coroner,
MECaXCT Oai3ftTlS.
East Albany Precinct.
For Justice of the Peace,
For Constable,
West Albany Pnc'set.
For Justice of the Peace,
For Constable,
Belag a minister ef trie Gospel, as well as
a teacher, I have made it a natter or cob.
wirnce ta keep aloor from all political rn
taaeteaaeats, and althoaxa the aaace ta
watch, 1 hare beea aomlnated la act strictly
a political aae, ret It can only be reached
laraas the "Biddy pool" or polities
aa- J- Emery's liter declining Demrcrvtie ntrtxi
watVon Jxsr State Sup't Public Instruction.
Hoe. John Whiteaker, Democratic candidate for
Congress, will address his fellow citizens as follows:
At Pendleton, Friday, Mav 3d, at 1 p. st.
At Weston, Saturday, Mav 4th. at 1 r. M.
At La (irande. Monday, May 6th. at 1 r. a.
At Union, Tuesday, Mav 7tb. at 1 f. m.
At Baker City, Thursday, May Sth. at 1 r .
At Canyon Citv. Sarnrdav, Mav llth, sx 7 r. ar.
At The Dalles, Wednesday, May loth, at 7 T. M.
Th; opposing; candidates for Congress are invited to
fee present and occupy a portion of the time in joint
We understand thai Rev. Heavenly
K. LTinea preached at Portland a week
ago last Sunday. Now we want it un
derstood that there is nothing mean
about ns, and we are willing to let our
political enemies derive some benefit
from the light of our brilliant intellect.
Besides, it is barely possible that the
sparkling idea we are about to suggest
is, in a manner, of divine inspiration.
(Bro. Hineshas taught us to look above
this earth for our political motives and
What we have to suggest is this :
That the election of Bro. Hinea to Con
gress and the establishment of his Heav
enly Kingdom might both be farthered
at one and the same time by a judicious
prosecution of the canvass. Arrange
' ments might be made with the various
Methodist churches throughout the
Stateby whicnBrr.Hinesmightbeadte -
tised to preach as he traveled from place
to place on the stump, it being understood
that the collection taken up on tbese
occasions be divided into two equal
shares, the one to be applied to the
work of the church and the oilier to go
toward defraying the election expenses
of the reverend gentleman in question.
And it might also be wise to secure the
prayers fcf the church for the success of
the Republican party.
One Dr. Felkmunn is running a Ger
man campaign shewt at Portland in the
interest of the Republicans. From the
looks of the concern it doesn't cost
much to run it, and from what our
German friends tell us its icfluenca is
about commensurate with the cost of
the, gratuitar.s concern. The Radicals
are resorting to base uses when they
hire a man to use his pen and tongue
to abuse the confidence and mislead the
votes of otir foreign born citizens.
A. friend writes us from Baker coun
ty as follows : "You can safely put
down Baker as Democratic the coming
election. I have been letting some oi
my Republican neighbors read your
paper, and two of them tell me they
will vote our ticket this year. We are
tfioroughly uuited here, and well pleased
trit our State and county ticket."
One of the resolutions of the Radi
cal State Platform denounces "th 2 ac
tion of Gov. G rover whereby ha at
tempted to give one of the electoral
rotes of Oregon to Tiltlen !"
And this by a crew who connived at
and endorsed tho electoral steal of 1 7
votes from the Southern States for
Hayes when tier rightfully belonged
to Tilden 1
Ye gods' ! can such cheek as this ex
ist but in a Radical convention ? This
is the class of people who have trailed
tho slow Kison of corruption through
all of our public institutions, an 1 who
have for years past been clogging the
life-blood of the nation with the cor
roding rust of cheat, swindle and crime.
iney nave accumulated nun every
where, have allowed monopolists and
money-grabbers to throw dust in the
eyes of the people while they were rob
bing their pockets and tracking dirt
with their filthy boots over tho most
sacred pages of the Constitution. They
have winked at and boldly encouraged
carpet-bag sneak thieves to carry off
ballot-boxes and count in and count out
whomsoever would pay the highest re
ward. They have no word to say in
condemnation of the greatest crime of
the age, beside which all other political
oTenses sink into insignificance, but
swear at and abuse those who tried to
checkmate their villainous Presidential
Those Radical scions of Oregon well
knew when they passed that Graver
condemning resolution that they were
doing a mean, contemptible thing, and
one of them told a Democratic bystand
er that it would come hack on them in
the campaign ; and we propose it bball.
That Presidenial steal shall burn in
their ears all over the canvass, and
shall reach as far as Democratic jour
nals and speakers shall travel ; for when
the claim was broadly asserted under
the Constitution by Republican leaders
that the acts of thoso who counted
electoral votes are not proper subjects
of review by Congress, no matter how
gross the fraud, a blow was struck at
the very life-principles cf the nation,
from which it is suffering to-day. The
men who struck that blow must be
struck down by the people and forever
disgraced, and the people of Oregon
will get in their lick on those rascals on
the 3rd of J ane nest.
"Beek" ia bound to make himself
known, anyhow. He declined himself
into the nomination by publishing a
card beforehand that he wouldn't have
it, and then telegraphed a vainglorious
stump speech to the Convention, rfie
eepting the nomination aad telling that
body what his "strict business qualifi
cations" would do in the office of Gov
ernor ; and now he is out in the paj-ers
with a self-laudatory letter full cf ego
tistical promises and extravagant pledges
to the people.
In the meantime Jiule Thayer at
tends strictly to his own business, and
leaves the people of Oregon, ttho have
known him so long and well, to judge
of his fitness and qualifications for the
office of Governor, ire will talk to
the people on this subject during the
campaign in a legitimate manner, and
convince an overwhelming majority of
them that he is tlie man who is just
now needed in the Executive Chair of
Perhaps if "Beek" would "keep his
seat" and remain quiet until the proper
time for making himself heard, he would
save liimselt from the pen-lash ;nzs
which the Democratic pi-ess of the Slate
are now so verv freely administering to
Our fellow townsman, David Fro-
man, who was elected Chairman of the
Republican State Central Committee,
evidently doesn't feel very enthusiastic,
and has consequently delegated one Si
mon, cf Portland, to do the henry work
of the campaign. As Simon is of the
firm of Dolph, Simon & Co., the Mitch
ell headquarters, it is presumed that
the w-ark will be well and faithfully
peri iruied m the interest of Senator
Bro. Froman did well in fchirking
thi responsibility just now but per-
haj s the Radicals of Linn didn't ex
pect him to put it vi hero it would do
Mitchell the most good.
Billy Carter's puff of himself in lat
week's Gazelle sounds as much like a
dead man's obituary as anything we
ever read. He was born grew up
arrived at the age of maturity learned
the printing trade in Illinois in '52
came to Oregon fluctuated around un
til in 'C5 some kindly wind wafted him
to Corvallis, where he has budded,
bloomed and blossomed into a temper
ance editor and now leaves many friends
to mourn his untimely e-e-nd.
We see that Bill Turner, of Jackson
ville, has been writing a very fine pufi
for Beek man and causes it to first ap
pear in the Yreka (Cal.) Journal, from
whence the Oregon Radical sheets
snatch it with enthusiastic slopovera-
tiveness. It is a good notice, and we'll
bet when Bill read it to "Beek," before
he forwarded it to the Journal for pub
lication, there was an immediate stam
pede ef the pair to Pape's for an enthu-1
aiastlc "smile.''
or ros MMtsstix.
Monday's Orcyonian contains a letter
signed by twenty-eight prominent Eo
publicans of Marion county, addressed
to "Republican candidates for the Lejis
lature of Marion count)" asking said
candidates to declare themselves openly
whether or not, if elected to the Legis
lature, they will favor Mr. Mitchell's
re-election to the United States Senate.
We admiro the courage, and believe
in the sincerity .of these men. They
are gentlemen whose Republicanism
cannot bo brought into question; but
who feel compelled by their own self
respect, and their desiro to witness the
prosperity of their State, to oppose the
re-election cf a bad aniV dishonest man
who has determined to increase his own
wealth and power at the expense of the
people and without regard to either his
own personal honor and inegrity, or the
welfare and prosperity of his constitu
We are always glad to believe in the
honesty of purpose of our political oppo
nents; and are more than willing to
admit tho consistency of the action of
those twenty-eight gentlemen.
There are, we know, many other Re
publicans in this and other ceunties, as
well as in Marion, who can see through
the corruption and bad faith of this
man Mitchell. To all of these we
would hold up the example of these
twenty-eight of Marion.
The only way to secure the defeat of
Mitchell is to insist upon the candidates
for tho Legislature declaring whether
or not they will, if elected, vote to send
hini again to the United States Senate;
and then refuse to vote for any man to
the Legislature who may decline unu"
qnivoeally to answer the question.
If thoso Republicans, who declare
themselves opposed to Mr. Mitchell are
sincere, it is in their power to prevent
his going again to Washington, there to
sell out and disgrace the peopln of Ore
gon. We commend to our Linn county
Republican readers the closing para
graph of this letter for their perusal
and consideration. It reads ai follows:
Tha recent eourss of Senator Mitche:! in opposing
measures we decru of vital imTwrtanee to Orey hi, and
bis subser.iwiey to th? irrc-at ra lixsul monopoli.-w who
are trying to defeat the Northern Pae.fic Ratlrtad,
make it imiieralic!y necessary that yonr position
th-xild ba plainly and anmistakauly uudIrtood.
And now let us see if the Republi
cans of Linn have the courage and hon
esty to projound similar questions to
their Legislative candidates. If they
should do so we predict that at least
four of those candidates will not and
dare not give an unequival answer to
this question, as they are unquestiona
bly pledged to Mitchell's interest.
Let the test be made, and if we have
done those men a wrong wo will gbvily
make the amende honorable.
A meeting of the Incorporators of
the Albany, Lebanon and Brownsville
R. R. Co. was held in this city last
Monday, at which Hon. D. P. Thouip
son, of Portland, was present. The
question of grading and tieing the road
and turning it over to Mr. Thompson
or some other capitalist who would stock
the read and run it was discussed, but
as there was no definite proposition
made to the Incorjiorators from these
paifies it was agreed that the matter of
soliciting stock under the original plan
should proceed, and that the people of
our own county would build and own
the road. This plan seems to meet
with more general favor than any other
yet advanced, ami will most probably
be the one carried out.
We now earnestly ask our Linn coun
ty citizens to take hold of the matter
and push it through. This is one of
the most important local enterprises
ever started on the Pacific coast, and
will be the best paying investment ever
made ; and we urge upon our people
the necessity of pushing it to an early
The Remitter of yesterday morning,
in its obituary notices of the persons
comprising its county ticket, says each
and every man "shall nd will bo t lect
in June." How can tho public place
faith in anvthino- that is fcaid iu that
paper hereafter ikiing tlio campaign,
when everybody of common sense
knows that the writer of that sentence
knew he was asserting what neither
himself nor any one else believes 1 Linn
county is at least 200 Democratic to
day, and our ticket, being unobjection
able, it must be conceded by f.tir mind
ed men that if trading and swapping is
not resorted ta we will elect the entire
ticket by a handsome majority.
Devr do it.
We understand that already proposi
tions have been made to trade off two
or three candidates on our ticket. This
kind of a business is wrong and is de
cidedly undemocratic, and we hope it
will meet with no favor from Demo
crats. V e have a good round majority
in Linn and can elect our whole ticket
handsomely if the party stands square
ly by the nominees, but if the perni
cious system of trading and " dickerin"
is resorted to by any of the candidates
or their friends, then there is no telling
what the result may be. If trades are
made on one candidate it may natural
ly be inferred that the business will not
atop there.
Let every Democrat stand by the
whole ticket ; don't break the lines and
we will give the common enemy a thrash
ing that thy will remember the rest ol
their days.
rOUTIt tl PAH3 ,XS.
In the last issue of the Catholic Sen
tinel appears a very stron-.; article from
the able pen of our Republican friend,
a T tr .n i -1 . , .
v. jJicvoiuiicK, numonisuiug Urego-
niaus to "Beware of Political Pai-ions,
a part of which we herewith repro
duce :
We are among those who are uncom
promisingly opposed to political narsnns
We think that any mati who supposes
himself consecrated to the hi-U and
holy ofhco of a minister of God and
who expects to preach tho Gospel of
f M :j i. .11 : ... . . ' ....
tiitnb iu mi lueu JlTertpecilvo Ol JHllltl-
cai mas snouiu not degrade the sacred
character of the ministry by mixing
prominently in me corrupt and degrad
ing pool of politics.
Political preachers, too, as a rule, are
the most unscrupulous hence the most
dangerous elasa in the community in
whose hands can be placed political
power. But of all the different aperies
of parsons who forsake the service of
Christ in order that they may reign as
demagogues over a political cabal the
most dangerous, unscrupulous, and un
trustworthy are these men, who, calling
themselves MethoJisl preachers, only
make their religions belief a stepping
stone to political place and power.
These men, whenever they are placed
in power through tho suffrages of the
people, never fail to carry into public
life all the animosity and sectarian hate
which characterized their sectarian ca
reer, and if it should be the misfortune
of the people of Oregon to I repre
sented by the ex-Reverend H. K. lliues.
the cupola of the Capitol will reverber
ate with the most vindictive spleen that
can emanate from the polluted heart of
a political parson.
This may apear strong language, but
our readers will bear us out in the as
sertion that we never make a charge
which we are not able to sustain, and
as the Catholic citizens of Oregon, in
tend to exercise the right of suffiage at
the coming election, it is well that they
should understand the danger that
threatens their political welfare in case
this ranting demagogue should be elect
ed. TON. BEAMEs) AT HOlll.
The Jacksonville Time, published at
the home cf the Democratic candidate
for Secretary of State, gives that gen
tleman the following highly compli
mentary notice :
5nce more has Jackson e", tlio county
of the Stale, been emnlii:ieitte'ntcil with a place oil
th - ticket; an honor ac-knoalsded to be due her.
And it is with pride that we mwia that our f Jl.w.
townsman, I. l. Kaimes, has been selected as such
representative. He U peculiarly fined for the arduous
duties of litis important lace, and ombinea good
fiitanctal acumen with a
a th'
orotlh onnrentiMM tii all
that may be required of hint. 1- na boyhood a ri-
ueni 01 our state, atratust wlvim nothing h
ard, on the contrary, much in his faror.'Tom Reamta
t-s rre-emineutly the r-ht man in the riitht place.
Scuthern Oregon fully appreciates the c-itnpl meat a
V,. r-i-.i t.. t.
- w ii, siicui 14 aune next.
, ,n , . ' , ,
is one of God s noblemen, and Southern
Oregon will not be alone in showing
her appreciation of his good qualities
aad peculiar fitness for the oHIce of Sec-! sl,e(!en ot hls and will be Demoerat
returv cf Stale. j ,u T"JiJi,tf. the Presidency in 1S80
liut, thai ley, you shan t cail Jackson
the banner county this year if the Dem-
ocracy of "Old Linn" can prevent it.
Our party is in "excellent fix for a
gallant and successful combat, and we
will roll up such a majority as will for
ever wipe out the Peter Cjoper stain of
But do your best, friend Xiekell, and
we will be first to give vou cur paw if
you beat us.
VtlLl lL 3tIsKKrK$ETATIX OR Vt eriX
There was r.o German dt-lcrate in the Pemo-raUc
S'ate 1 onvKition. In riew of this, the Oref-m Stasis
Zeituni aks. "Are the IleutocraW afraid ot the Ger
mans, or are no ;ennan real PnuocratsV We mt
it up. Sew Northwest.
Now, Sister Dnniway, allow us to re
fresh your memory. There were sev
eral Germans in the State Convention,
among w hom we remember M. S. Hil
man of Grant, Johnny Orth of Jack
son, Joe Webber of Linn, ami several
others whom we could name if we were
now iu possession ef the report of the
committee on credentials.
When professed uon-partizan jour
nals like the Staats Zeituny and the
Xeio yorthweet so glaringly misrepre
sent and falsify the record what may
not be exected fi-cru ranting Republi
can journals.
We pause for a reply.
IIEAVtMl H. lll.XE.
In consideration of the unworldliness
of the Reverend H. K. Hines, who was
so certain that he had not sought the
nomination, and could only be induced
to run because h(shoard the " voice of
God " calling him to Congress as he
had doubtless heard the same voice call
him to preach the gospel we think it
would be very appropriate to make the
H. K. stand for Heavenly Kingdom. '
Rev. Heavenly Kingdom Ilines is ctr-
tainly euphonious, and is indicative of
the time and place where he will receive
his reward for carrying the Republican
banner during tho present campaign.
Will" IMtX'f THEY Fl.l IT
The Linn county Republicans, in pri
vate conversation, say if a Mitchell
man pops his head up they will "scotch
it." But we don't sea that they have
yet made any effort to discover what all
observing persons know that a large
majority of their Legislative ticket, if
not all of it, is of that "breed of pups."
Judou Whitxey, our candidate for
District Attorney, will canvass Polk
county next week. Wo hope tho peo
ple of that section will come out to
hear him. He is a sound reasoner, an
able debater aud an honest man, and
those who go to hear him cannot fail to
go away favorably impressed.
" J cdge Pipeb will come home from
Eastern Oregon in time to enter on the
county canvass" so it is announced
with flouri'.h of trumpet. O, Lordy !
Let everybody stand from under and
get out of the way of this great orator
ical gladiator. Whoopee 1
John M'jrrissey died yestsrday.
Grant wag at Milaa ou the 27th.
Continuous fighting ia reported in
A delegation of Southern Congress
men is visiting Boston.
Wood's tariff bill is said to be unpop
ular even witn tree traders.
O'Brien of Flood i O'Brien, San
Francisco, is about to die.
Five thousand workmen are engaged
on tho Paris exposition building.
A Chinese minister to Washington
win soon leave Uuina f r this country.
bervian soldiers on furlough hs.v
been ordered to join their regiments
Some Greeks, Thracians and Maced
onians are joining the Mussulman in
surgents. The U. S. Senate has voted to post
pone the repeal of the bankrupt act
tut iiexc January.
Ed. Durham shot and killed Chris.
llouman at Dead wood City on the 28th.
Lynching is being talked of.
lhe next dividend of the Con. Va.
will be only $1. a share, owing to the
repairs necessary m the mine.
A; communist named Lasron. is in
New York purchasinsr arms for the
iraternity throughout the country.
John Gamage, who stabbed Lebreton
in San Francisco, is under $20,000 bali.
Lbreton s condition is critical.
A man named Joe Murphy has been
arrested at Briggs, for an outrage com
mitted at Gridley, Cal., on Friday
Gun. Todleben has been appointed
enmmandering-in-chief of the army in
Turkey, with Gen. Imeretisky as chiel
oi tne stau.
A very disorderly public meeting
asnem at v ictogia on the 25th, in
which tho lights were put out amid
til . IT- . " .
groans and hisses. '
Grand Duke Nicholas has been pro
moted to the rank of field marshal Gen
eral and recalled to Russia on aceount
of his ill health.
Hayes and parly made a trip throuirb
the coal mines of Pennsylvania, before
returning to Washington from their
Philadelphia reception.
England will not listen to the Italian
proposition to state her views until the
main principle of European control has
leen settled.
A privateering scheme is said to be
litting out in San Francisco to attack
British commerce. It is supposed with
Russian letters from marque.
It is rumored that Pacific railroads
arc satisfied with Turman's funding bill
as it will enable them to appeal success-
luny to the U. S. courts.
The treasurery department has an
nounced that Mexican dollars are not
a legal tender in this country and that
those accepting them do it at their own
HeaTy rains and melting snews have
swollen the streams iu the Black Hills
1 1 scn an extent that part ot Dead-
wd City is threatened with munda-
A gushy Democrat says that Roscoe
Coukling will soon make the great
ayus-na ami noma uer territorial
gains, thou-di ready to yield much when
it will insure peace. England has gone
80 far with war like preparations that
i'. ix tuoiigui, mac sue cannot uacR out
without fio-htinjr.
Democrats in caucus are said to have
agreed that the judiciary committee
set during the recess and investigate
the Presidential title. If the testimony
warrants, Hayes will be impeached.
Some Republicans are said to be work
ing with the Democrats.
Intelligence is received in Constanti
nople that the Mussulman insurgents
supprised a Russian encampment near
Philloppopolis, taking 1,000 prisoners
and four guns. They are now march
ing toward Samakoff. It has been sug
gested that the Porte should offer the
msuigents amnesty in the event of their
laving down their arms.
lhe amount ef LT. S. notes retired
the present month in consequence of the
issue national bauk notes will be about
1,200,000. The Secretary ef the
Treasury orders th;s amount to be re
placed by silver dollars, to be paid out
in me coursa ot business. I his sum
will be distributed among the various
sud treasuries and public deitositones,
so that to this extent the silver dollars
will be paid out for currency obligations.
This jmyment of silver dollars will not
interfere with procuring silver dollars
in exchange at par for gold com at any
Some Republicans may censure the
Rejixter for not running up the State
Republican ticket, but we can't see
how they should do it. The proprietor
of that journal has regularly issued
a paper in tho interest of that party
for eleven years past in Linn county,
against great odds nnd with little en
couragement antl les3 support, and it
does seem to .us that if there is any
balance in the .way of obligations the
weight is against the Radioal party
and in Van's favor. There is no Re
publican paper in the State that has
struggled along and existed tinder such
adverse circumstances as Van's, and we
don't blame him if he now asks ffr
some substantial aid from those who
may hopo to be benefitted by his sup-
ort. And we suppose they would
give it if they had any hope of success
in tho election, but being utterly hope
less of victory they can't afford even to
help their most earnest and gallant sol
diers in the unequal combat.
The East Orejonian gives some good
advice to tho Democrats of Umatilla
county, and as the same may fit sonle
of our Linn county Democrats, we give
it: "Let every Democrat stand to his
colors, vote the whole ticket and all
will bo well. Remember the bloody
shirt 8 to 7 count, and although you
may feel that you have not been fairly
dealt with, for God's sakedon't go ever
to the ranks of the enemy, for what
can you expect there. When you cry
for bread they will give you a stone.
It has been the rule of that party to
gobblo everything, and you can expect
the same treatment at this time."
tUOIFi "Et3L.-
That lively, newsey, snappish little
Democratic paper, the Eoseburg Star n
on its ear because Republican exchanges
are trying to tell it who Beekman is.
It says:
It is useless for any Republican ta
attempt to tell us who C. C. Beekman
is ; we have known him ever since he
came to this State. "Beek," as he is
familiarly known, has made a fortune
in this State, and at present is a bank
er of Jacksonville. Although he got
all his money in Oregon, he has seldom
made a legitimate investment within the
State but confines himself to the busi
ness of buying gold-dust, discounting
notes, and participating in jobs, no
matter how disreputable, where he can
mate a uonar. tin is Known Here
not very favorably, we are constrained
to admit; as the person who purchased
the $15,000 Road Warrants from
Douglas county. He has neither relig
ious nor politial principles, but has
been a Republican just so far as it di
rectly interested "Beek," and as to his
"peculiar fitness for the otfice for which
he was nominated" we have been un
able to discover. It is true he has had
some experience, having at one time
been President of the Board of Trustees
of the town of Jacksonville, but even
in that capacity he failed to impress
any one with his "executive ability."
The only claim he bad on the Repub
lican party was his connection with
several powerful rings, which alone se
cured him the nomination for Governor.
and in the event of his election these
rings will have to be sustained at the
expense of the people of Oregon. In
deed, it looks too much like a repetition
of the Woods administration to meet
with success at the bands of the vo
ters of this State.
The Democracy of Marion last Sat
urday pat the following admirable tick
et in the field : State Senators Jesse
Parrisb, B. F. Benbam, John T. Smith;
Representatives Fielding McClane, F.
X. Mathieu, John Savage, Nathaniel
Young, J. W. Weatherford; County
J udge, J. J. Shaw : Sheriff Loais
Byrnes; Clerk Q. A Grubbe; Treas
urer Paul Oberheim ; Commissioners
L. C. Griffith, J. W. Thornsbury ;
Assessor W. B. Simpson ; School Su
perintendent X. N. Steeves ; Coroner
Dr. B. M. Savage ; Surveyor Seth
R. Hammer.
If the people of Marion county should
be guilty of such a crime as the defeat
of Judge Bonham aad Jesse Fairish
they ought to be disfranchised that is,
those that do it.
MEs Srr FAT.
Some sensible writer says that saying
smart things does not pay. It may
gratify your spite at first, but it is bet
ter to make friends than enemies. If
you cannot make people happy, at least
refrain from adding to their mis
ery. V hat if this woman is not your
ideal of womanly perfection, or that
man your model man 1 Your mission
on earth is not te remind them of the
fact. Each of us has faults of his own;
in correcting them we shall find ample
occupation. A "sting" or a "dig"
never did any good never helped any
one to be any better. One who falls
into the habit of taking them soon
looks illnatured. It is not always
possible to join the Mutual Admiraton
"Society, and be a good member, but
at least one can hold one's tongue.
It will be seen by reference to his ap
pointments elsewhere that Gov. White
aker is already in active service. He
speaks at Pendleton, Umatilla county,
to-day, and will go through the rest of
Eastern Oregon as fast as possible,
cleaning up at The Dalles on the 15th
inst. From thence he will come to the
Valley, and probably work south, be
ginning at Portland. We will advise
our readers of his further appointments
as soon as they are made.
Linn furnishes two of the next of
ficers of Umatilla county S. M. Pen
nington for State Senator and J. L. Sper-
ry for Sheriff. All our earlier settlers
know "Mac" Pennington and Jim Sper
ry, and if tho Democrats of Umatilla
want any recommendations or certificates
in thoir behalf just let them send
down eight or ten thousand blanks and
they will be filled out and signed by at
least that number of Linn's most sub
stantial citizens.
Washington Territory had better net
send the returns cf its election on the
question of a Constitutional Convention
back to Washington it it expects to
be admitted as a State. The returns
show that less than 4,000 votes were cast,
which would indicate that the Territory
did not contain over 20,000 inhabitants
all told. This would be a State in
short dress and low neck collar
wouldn't itt
We observe that the Register leaves
out the "Rev." in the name of its can.
didate for School Superintendent.
Isn't it funny how Bro. Emery's letter
scorched the political parsons. That
letter has immortalized one honest
preacher to the everlasting political
damnation of all office seeking Rev
erends. SAME TUIXtt.
When Dave Thompson, Mitchell's
right bower, couldn't get the Radical
Gubernatorial nomination, he did the
next best thing he put in Beekman,
his own partner in mining schemes,
which will answer Mitchell's purpose
quite as well. It is the same thing,
you know.
Politics en top. '
Brownsville railroad scheme daily
There are 300 acres of flax in Tilla
mook county:
Lakeview, Lake county, has two
telephones in working order.
The Astoria pound master Is kept
busy lassooing unlicesned "purps.'
A new quartz vein has been tti-uck in
Tillamook county, also a rich coal
The Democrats of Umatilla county
have a stronger-than-Sampsan ticket in
the Geld.
Mrs. Col. Stewart of Pendleton, had
a rib broken by being thrown from a
The Greenbackers are making a d si
perate move to throw Jackson county
for Mitchell.
"Pref." Lorraine bilked Jacksonville
and then glided away "like a thing from
shadow land."
Old man Bull, of Empire City, got
his arm cut Utterly to pieces below the
elbow in a saw mill last week.
About 200 head of cattle have died
from eating poison herbs in the vicinity
of Silver Lake, Lake county, this
The road between Jacksonville and
Ellensbarg is thes abject of a !etition to
Congress, praying ibr gO.'.OO with
which to fix it.
Work on the Middle creek mines,
Jackson count, has ceased until their
ditch is run 15 miles for water. It
will cost 830,000.
The bridge across the McKenzie, in
Lane eounty.will be one of three spans,
the largest this aide of the Rtrcky
Mountains, built of wood.
In 1854 Turkey was a base for the
English and French armies acting
against Russia, and the Black sea was
open. Turkey is now the base for
Russian armies, and the Black sea is
virtually closed, as the Bosphorous can
be made impassable. An English fleet
could strike directly at Russia only
through the Baltic. But the entrance
to the Baltic is inconveniently near
Germany. On the Pacific coast Russia
superior to that of England in those
waters. England must meet Russia on
land, and hence the importance of
Austria as an ally.
The Southern Methodist Episcopal
General Conference, which meets at At
lanta, Ga., May 1, trill consist of over
300 delegates, one-half ministeis and
one-half laymen. Two, and probably
three bishops will be elected ; one in
the place of the late Bishop Marvin,
who died suddenly after his return from
China and Japan. A bishop is also de
sired for Texas and one for the Pacific
Flaaactai aad Caaajawretat.
OoM in New York, 100
L?gal tender! ia Portland baring, scli-lf, IX.
Sliver coin per cent, discount.
...1 17 1 S2
...a 60 O Ou
...4 24 10 4 6M
... 40 IS 45
..10 DO o li 50
10 &0
.. 1 50 19 I 75
- ira is
.. 6 ,
lOiJ 11
.. lij 14
.. Stt9 ill
.. III
S Hi
.. lSi IS
.. " 11
. . 20 ta S5
t! 13
.. w
Hi, s
.. 12 O 14
.. 4 60 a t 08
ta s oi)
.. 14
.. 10
S a S
.. 10 ( 22
.. 6
.. lit ta p
Superfine ...
OATS, per osael
HAY. bated
POTATOES, per baakel
er.EP, choice on tout, per a.
HOGS, extra cnoiee
LARD, in keys
in 10-B- tine
BUTTEE, in brine
Solid ,
Freeh dairy
BOOS, per doa
Applea, eon-dried, in aacka.
in ae..
Peara, asm -dried
Plants, aun-dried
FOVLT&Y, old hens
Spring- chickens .....
HIDES, drr Hint
Oood calls
Murrain ,
Deer skins
TALLOW, perk
HOPS, Oregon and Washington Ty..
aLautT aaaan.
WHEAT per bo SI 00
OATS per bo 30c
HAY baled 15c.
Looea lie.
POTATOES per b Jl 00.
BACON hamali jr.
Sides toglfsc
Shoulders 7J.
LARD 'a 10S, tins! !5aiM
BUTTER Froea roll 2ic
EGUS Wt&lbc
SUGAR San Franeisso 13c
Island 10j(12c
COAL OIL Downer. 5 23 eass &
Deroe's. 5.eal eans 66.
Millinery Fancy Goods!
line Ccmolete Stock of the i-aviat VtmUi
in hji uue ana naving embraced many pportumtk
piTOtjjiTOu wusw puFonase at unusual tow rates, we
wm oner unese uooosnunn? ibe Couunsr Season at
f YTU a ADIilV a Ta IF I a-aW iiiVr,iv .
-aa a uavAUiAli a tJ rlUUbO.
A specialty. Also, agaots far Damoresi Patterns
Car. lat aad Ferry 8ta , flteglater Balldiaf h
the enpanernsihip here'olore ei.-t-intr
between Henry A. Clark an J. I
Halter, nnder the Arm name of Clark"
Halter, doiwir business in the c-iiyo: Al
bany, as m rb:e and atone workers, is thi
y di-aolved by mutual consent. Henry
A. Clark assumes all debts against Ike
Grin, and will continue tie business at
same place.
UKMfr A. t l-a"tt
Albany. May 1, 1873.
T3"r?Qrpbtisiness you can engage in. $5to-uper
1 1 Vid 1 das made by any worker of either eev
right in their own localities. Particulars and sample
worth $6 (res. improve your spans tint at this cu-i-
l Adiiresa aiusoii a vu., jrorUaad, Jiau. 89
1 ! !
U If
il s ? f
'-I I -
a a
si ca
?? i 5
- S o
G-3 a e
"i e es
See e e
by viitue ot decreeand order ttm.v ?
aued out of the Circuit Court of the Male of
OrKo,for Lin iiCouuty, Upon lhe atilhda
of March, 1878, itp)n a Judgment rew.vei"d
in wtid Court on t,'i '3lh liny of March, ln7i
infavorof B Krenner, Hainlilf.aHdagaiii-t
Alexander Moore and Am lion y Moore, de
fendants, upon a suit brought In isa d Comt
for lhe March lerm tuereof I8 '8, wherein
wtid U. Jiroimer w I'iaimiir, and Mareiiut
Moore, Alexander Mom), Anthony Moons
and Charles Uojdrtougli Bre J-te!e!!daiu,
for lhe aunt ofono thousand and aixtj-rive "
and &7-10U dollar (SlOio.o ) V. 8. gold
com and 'ho further sum of one bundled
and fill y dollars (150.o0) as attorney's lees
with interest at the rate of ono per cent,
per mouth, in U.S. gold coin, 1 have levied
upon the foilowiiig'iescribed jeal property,
to-,it: Tho undivided west halt of Jon
athan Keeney 'a donation land ciain, nutili
ca loll No. 2. L'ie!aim-ljii..ei-liou 17'luni!
snip South of ttaiige 2 We-t, bImj aii
that portion of the Meitinuig' donation
land claim Mdjoiiiiug u,e Jonathan Keenwc
donation lanu claim in set-lion 17 in Town
ship 14, South of Kange t West, tho name
being the tract of lana formerly owned by
Jonathan Keeney and by hiai and ti
wire Mary, deeded and sold to AMhonv
Moore, Albert Moore and Amant Moore,
containing ao ai res in the Jonathan Keen
ey's donation claim and WO acres in ilie
Isaac AicfJiiuii' claim, fxeepting there
from tho tnuivided one-half of the Kouiti
half of the West half of said Jonathan
KeeneVg donation land claim, all .if eaij
land lying and being in Linn County.
Oregon, aud on .
Saturday, tte 25th day of May, 1878,
at lhe hour of one o'clock in the afternoon
of said day, at the Court Hou.-e door in A I
bany,laiiiiCoiiti!y,..iegoi,,l will aell Ht imb
lie aueiiou to lhe liit-hi. l,i,l,i.- r... ;
gold coin, cash iu hand, paid outhsy of ia!e
all the right, title and interest of aaio le-
letaaiita, Alexander Moore and Anthony
Moore, in and to the hr.inl.r,.r..
ed real property, the pr.jceeda of said sale
-i-poeu, nnsi, u tOd payment of lha
tost and expenses of this tale aud the cost
PV, "'.'.' B,,d he payment to af
Plaintiff, th said sum of iooo 57 and tho
further sum of t-loGO in accordant with
said judgment, and the stirplusj, if
atiy. t,. v paid over, oue-halr to the said
Defendant, Mareena Moore, and Ibe other
hair to said Uefeiidant, Charles UtwdnottKh.
Kaled this April 19, 1876.
n37w4 ssh'ff. Unn Co., Or.
Treat all Chronic aud special Disease.
tn.s ol voathful foiliM .m- iiKltf -i
do Will to avail themstlves of this, the gre!s boon
ever laid at. the altar of scfijiiaj. buniamtr 1.L
SPINNEY wUl guarantee to forfeit tx aierJ,
olSemmal weakueas or private ojsea.- of any kind or which hd andi-iaks and fails to cure.
Thsre are many at the aye of thirty-five to si its- wtio
are troubled with too frequent evacuation of the blad-
der, often aeocrm!aiei by a slht smartmror l-omi-ir
seoaaton, aad a weaken of the eyem m a maim.?
Ure la-.ient cannot ssjcmt for. Oa examining; tbo
orinary deports a ropy sediment win ofeea be Lci.d
and sometimes small partides of albumen will annc-ar
or the cokT will ba of a thin najkish hue, again ehrn-'
in? to a dark anj torpid appearance. There an ms-iy
mat who die of this dignity ignorant of the eauMt,
watch is the second stage of semiuai weakne s. La. S.
will .guarantee a perfect core ia ail men caseo, and a
bealtoy r.-uiration of the gntto-uriiry organs
Omca Hota 10 to 4 and to 8. buntiavs from I
to 11 A. a. Coasuitaaoa Lee. 'fti -.,n .h ...".-.,......-
aad advice, S-s.
Call and adjrejs,
io. 11 Kearny St., tan Iraociaca.
The Celebrated
English Draft Stallion,
BIjACK PRIVCP. was imrnned fr in
mr)a-rl to California t.v Taiir! l.n-r. ami
-tiippesj to r-KOii in Keitrnary la-st and
sold .to A. Iwxlin-, April 8, IS 8. Black
Krmce is It, hands and s litvhes high, antl
weigh l.Tati pouiids. He ia of a dark
brown cotor
Ml.At K PR.XCK will stand the nesem
season a follow: At I e- anon, Unn ifiuii
Mintl, Tu-rlar snrl WrTinerlar ff
t h w. ek. At my farm S mile Sjmlh J
l-tianoii tm Tliuf-day. Iriaay and Satur
day of : week.
TEKMS. inr e srvi e. 10 to ! pairl
when strvire w rendered ; Season. s i
le paid on or hs-f.a-July la. ISTS: Insur
ance $30, to be rui-i as soon as the mate
pr.ves in be with foal, eranice- owners, or
is about lo leave h- mnti rr. All .-are st ill
he taken to prevent accidents, but will not
beresponsthle for any.
jtsar-Call and see the horse before mak
msr other arran-rements. Good pasxuntga
can be had at reasonable rales.
STil A. DOtGE.
The Famaats Trailing ntaUiwa,
Western Chief,
tkc property af . Hcgelr a FaMlaad,
win stand the eesmrjs; season at Albany, and esa be
seen by calling upon Alex. Shannon, at the Revera
House. Ti-- hief win be let to mares for threa
mares f.r ift.
WESTERN CHIEF is a beautiful dark uv, & years
old, 16 hands hich. aud sreig&s lOO lbs. He is f (-are
PathSnder stock, and although never fut in csose
trainin makes fast time oa the turf, aad is pronocac.
ed by celebreted home&icn as one of the best trotters
in the State.
PISDKiKEE: "Western Chief" is by old "Path
finder he by OM Morrill he by the "Jenni-"
colt ; he by "ijullrush ," he by '-Justin Morgan.1
The dam of tho "Old Merrill" horse was by thft
"Farrinjrton" horse; he by '-Vaoee;" be by imports
Messenger-" Pbctnix i" thtts eombiauis; the Kctraa
and Messenger st.s.-k.
For further particubLrs inouire at the Refers Hou?a
VJ OTICE is he i-eby it i ven to t he hvx payers
i of SH-hool Disirict No. 5 Linn enty,
Oregon, that i he liiieetors of said JWamct
will f-it as a Iknrd of iijnalizaiioii for the
purpose of correutiiiir any errors that nitty
exist iu tiie assessmtt roll of Raid ilia-
ri t, at the office of the Clerk t f the l -
Irict, I.. 11. Montanye. oi Krirfay evening.
May 24, IbT-1. at 7 J o'clock P. M.
All complaints and aftichtviia lookinit ta
aeormttioD of errors in said ruli must be
in writinp and hld witht't lerk tmiir
Iwfor ih hour fixed -aid tneii- g.
lly order of the Hi ard of I 'Hectors.
L. 11 Mi iXTaNYE,
SJ4. Clerk rf .-cti"Kl Uifct. K. 5.
T?u 1. r i- Cveninc and Weeklr newstnavMr w j. , rjt
the Rocky alountaina,
I a twlve-pajo journal, ant in proportion to Its sisa
t ft cho.3t jaoer iu thj country.
TERMS IpsMlase free),
Duly. ill. Weekly, $3 per year ; parts of a year la
pr vurtiou. bend postal card for spcctiuen.
Contractor, Cuiltk-r ami ArclsilecL
Albany, Ora,aa.
LI. modern aiehiteeture aud building
of any aud all deM-riptiotia p.oniitly lo. Iintn.1. plans and spes-irica-
ishs diawn up on short notK, vlotiiy I
attdepeadeace, tres.
in first class myle, I be. to inform
he traveiinir public that I can give thetu
ood actrui mi) Jai ions 18-3 1
fl C Fanes Cards, Saowthtka Daniask, ia H stjles,
Aw wKkaaiM,lt)cta, iaiuCarwUa-,,Jimnm.y. Y.