The state rights democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1865-1900, June 23, 1871, Image 3

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(the pOcmcrut.
f- : BY 8.T- SIMI SON. " ' - '
. . .-- ... - -
Note. About four years ago we
puOlisuoil in the columns of the Demo
crat thU iKeni from the original man
uscript furul.shod us by the uXithor. As
: we are now not in possession of the files
of the number of our paper containing
the pot in, and as' some interest hus
Itecu recently enkindluii in regarJ to
the literary productions of Oregon, we
have devotjtly eoiwiJcrublo time iu
search of aeopybf the poem, for the
SKysission of whU:h we are now inJcbt
ti XIes. Qfco. fcToWEi.t'of "Eugene
City who, from the the time of its first
publication to the 1 r sent, has careful
ly preserveJ tlie coi y from which we
are enabled for a second time to present
the sweetest poem of tho PaciHc to our
readers. Ed. Democrat.
Fr ih the t'aacad-s in-teii H'-rts.
leaping lik a ehild at piay,
W ibiIih, wi-icbiuh .hrug ttio valley,
iMlii iliauictte sli-K-s away.
L..vely river.
Bottly calling tu the nek ;
T.iue tbt avara us,
Mttiina and tnats ua,
Levi uu truck r Iriulr pri the.
Spring's grcn witetery is wcav lii
liiaiu ami border f-t thy ..ile ; inrtver bauut. ti.y j.-urucy,
ll-ai;t.V dlllliut till M.J Hue.
Thn.u;h tfcuajoa-plejiate uf morning
J.w thy Mvin r pplcs dance ;
U.iideu., Winn Hay d. porting.
On. iby water trail- evi iaiico,
. Wailuuf. HatLmg,
, Tinkling, pianl.iuj:.
Limpid, volatile aud free
Aiway. burned
Tii bo buried
Iu the bitter, uioon-tuad sea.
.-. . i
Tri "the Tytal ili-tpa, "inverted, '
Swings a picture the sky ;
Like .hose wav, rinp ta- p.s uf Aidea
li.utly in our dr. urns Ibat iio;
C!luled ulVn, drwued in turtnott.
Faint end I. Vt-iv far away.
Wreathing sutudiiiie ou tlie tuorrew,
4:e.ttkix frajtraare 'round tu-day.
.. .. 1 ve wuld
It re and i under
Hither Putry old drecui ;
Lift" old qui-.tiOUS,
Pa I sojr;j in
"Wbeateand wh.U.or?" throng thy Mrcam.
-0 the marine ara'e f mx-an
! in tl.y teatter. d waves gha!l fuss J
" 'he Mitirt-" rvtl.tnie thunder
Sal bysd-e lonrne- o lst.
Ob 1 Iby a nieh'of p'.adncs mine.
tiBcinp ! the w.ld t never
Iuru the !njiiic path of time !
Ctnward evt-r, , j
l.vcly river, ''
E tt -i.llio t tbe tea ;
T use tht cir ox,
Wa'ins and inari u.
Leave n tr k or trrtu h an tbce.
' Fkom Ornoio. Last Friday Mr.
Eli.ha"Barne?, of Ochoeo, called at our
oiUce, an 1 from him we jrlean the fo!
Jowiasitew ft-o:n that country: Thare
sire now altout 00 settlers in the valley,
numbering in all ab ut -5(1!) MtuU ; aud
iilui'ist ev'.-ry day new-corn -rs are
sw irni'sisr in. Tje valley is fjll of
sto -k, cattle bein-j tlie predominating
spc--ies altbouxh thpre are many hun
dreds of sheep which d tesi-irfcab'y
wll there. Crovw are in pplen li I con
dition, an i an early an i aS-.m lant har
vest is anticipate 1. There are two aw
mills in constant operation on KmUh's
Fork of Ocho o river, the price of lum-
leer rrrten eneaper tnan in ints sc
ti A prist mill is talked of, an i the
prob.ibilify is that one will soon le
erected. It is much weded, as t'w set
tlers arc now compelled to po to the
I) i i-s (liO miles tlitant) for their
. br3i,lstu!5. One school w in successful
opi r ;tion a i i two other school , house
a:e Iei:i!f bailt, s that in a few weeks
the sch xil facilities of the valley wlli
be iu excellent condition. Mail coiu
m uiication with th j valley is grcat-iy
needed, an 1 much dijssatl.sfactioti is
m inifeste l by the settlers iu.. being so
persistently ignored in that respect.
That people pay an immense amount
of tax, are iaiustrious and iiiteliigrmt,
and fuiiy entiiiod to the right of uu;l
service, and it is gross eareieitsuess, or
8 tmething worse, that prevents them
irom securing it. A gentleman of that
valley proposed to carry the in lil tri
weekly from the Dalles for Sl.oOO per
yca which is regarded as remarkably
cheap, considering tha great Jistaucj,
but the "powers that be" have seen lit
t i ay no attention to that or any other
proposal looking to a successful estab
lishment of a mail route. We earnest
ly hope that Postal Agent Underwood
will diligently exert himself to&cre
the Ochocoians their rigbta in this icl
jrtant matter. '
Retcbsed. Capt Humphrey, with
s men, has returned from his inspect
ing tour of tlie Cascade Mountain Boad,
.having been absent from this city two
imonths. He went from Ochoco via
Camp Harney to Snake Iiiver, which
is the eastern terminus of the road, and
says that he believes the entire route Is
superior to any other tnountoin road in
Oregon. The route passes through
large tracts of the richest lands in Ue
world, thousands of acres of which Is
yet uninhabited and unclaimed. The
road is now located and open for travel
the entire distance to Snake river, and
it is the design of the Company put
& lot of workmen on the eastern sec
tion and improve the road so that the
most captious grumbler can find no
fault with it. The character of the
men engaged in this enterprise is a suf
ficient guarantee that they will suc
ceed. '"
Mrs. Jas. Redpath of this city, ha
the sharpest'eow and calf In the world,
so far as the several precincts therein
have been reporeed to us. The cow
generally loafs about the calf-lot, . on
the outside of the fence, and whenever
"her progeny ets , hungry and bawls
out, she immediately backs herself up
to a fence crack large enough for calfey
trvpoke his snout through and reach
one of the elastic pendants which pro
ject from the udder, and thus extract
his fill of the lacteal fluid. Which
. shows that for ways that are dark and
for tricks that are vain, the bovine spe
cies are peculiar. "
? Aujaitv CoidVEOE.-We are' pleased
to learn that Prof. L K. Warren, of
Portland, has been elected to the Presi
dency of tbe Albany Collegiate Insti
'tut-e for the next four years. This is a
consuax nation long devoutly . wished,
and we now feel assured that a . long
ivnd successful educational career Js
opening up for our College. .
Kroad Open. We are authorized to
announce that the Willarnutta : Valley
Cascade .Mountain Wagon ' Rttnft,
leading from this city to Eastern Ore
gon ti'i Lebanon, Sweet Horn?, Hoda
Bprlngft, Fish' Ijvke, Ochoco, Crooked
lUver, Camp Harnry, At?., Is now opt n
for travel. There are hundreds of cat
tle and horses already m route over the
mountains by that road, and many
others are preparing to start. John
Oilliland, Esq., theoad agent, has been
in the mountains with a number, of
workmen repairing the road, and re
ports the road now clear of logs and
other obstructions au l the snow, fast
disappearing'lfrom the mountain passes.
There are yet several miles of snow on
the summit of the Cascade, but stock
pass over It without any dllllculty; one
wagon has also passed over, and others
will soon follow. Last week Martlu
Luper went up on the road .with 12
workman, to further Improve the route,
and we learn that the Company are de
termined to render this road superior to
any other mountain road iu Oregon
before the summur Is ended. Th.-y
have already this spring made some
valuable improvcmiiits in the way of
bridges, cuttings arounl crossings of
streams, etc. When this route Is fairly
completed it will be of vast "benefit to
the people of both Eastern and West
ern Oregon, and we wish the Company
goodspeed in their laudable enterprise.
. TrF Jcly Niimdur of "Peterson's
Magazine" is on our table, and is unusu
ally good, even lor this unrivaled
Monthly. The principal embellishment
is a spirited steel engraving, Ahead ol
tlie Field," illustrating an oldfanh!oned
love story. The fashion-plate is on
steel, and richly colored. "Peterson,"
be it known, is celebrated for the sur
passing style and beauty of his Paris
fashion-plates. The stories are all orig
inal, and by our very best writers. It
gives more for the money than any
other." Indeed, it is a standing wonder
how so good a magazine can bo pul
lished at so low a pries, vte., S2.1K) to
single subscribers, or $1.50 to clubs
of four; but It is t bj ac-oante I
for, we suptiose. by its enormous cir
culation. No ladj- of taste ought to 1
without "Peterson." Now is the time
to subscribe, for the July ntimler be
gins a new volume, and sub-jcript;ois
will be taken, if desired, for six m ths,
at half price, so that the subscription
miy enl with the j'ear. Address
Chas. JL Peters )N,30SChesnut street,
Massxic Grand Lodge. Follow
ing were the oMiccrs of the Grand
Lodge A. F. & A. M. of Oregon In
stalled at the twcnfy-Iirst annual com
munication, held at Sab m. June I-S
1S71: M W. G. M., W. I). Hnre; It.
W. D. G M., T. Me. V Patton; G. S.
V.t A. Van Duscn; G. J. W., J. B.
Coi?g!e; G. Secretary, J. K. Hurford;
G. Treasurer, B. 1". Brown; Chm'n Ivl.
Fund Committee, J. R. Bailey; Gran I
Orator, F. It. Geasy; Grand Cl ap.,
Rev. T. M. Martin; G. H. IX, Asher
Marks. G..J. l., A. Wa'.t; G. M., F. J
IlabcoV'k; G. Stan lar.S-li.-arer, J. Con
ser ; G. !Sword-Bfi rcr, II. V V.John
son Gran ! Stewards, M. V. Brown, J.
II. Booth; Tyler, A. P. Deiin.
Oir Gauteii Item. There are few
who have any idea of the magnitude of
the garter business, and fewer still who
have any conception of tii high prices
some of the fancy articles in this line
command. According to a Boston a
pcr, the factory at Hampton, Mass.,
has a capital of S3ihi,MM and produces
about two million pairs per annum.
The ranging price of carters is cighty
five cents. The highest cost Inguss ut
rifteen tlollars, and run tip m tch high
er. We have the sam. authority thut
the lasi novelty in the Vuut of la lies'
garters are broad velvet ban a, heavily
fringefl and silver-mnuoted.
Alphin tells us that there were three
funerals at Eugene. lat Kabbatlu A
man" going home on horse back from
the circus last Friday iii.rht, was thrown
from his horsegand killed. Another
man who was engaged as a workman
on the railroad near that city, went in
the river bathing and took the cramp
and was drowned; and another man
died of consumption. We were unable
to learn the names of the deceased
persons. '
The Cosmopolitan Benevolent Soci
ty of Nevada City shows a list of Ref-
f erees which could not help to satisfy
the most incredulous doubter if such
one could be found oa this coast. Its
lends are legion, and its managers
aost reliable as well as shrewd busl-
jss men. "The second drawing will
me ofl on our great jubilee day
Four;h of July and he who neglects
buying a ticket deserves no more fa
vors from Dame Fortune.
. Ai-basy can now boast of having a
regular Arctic 8oda Apparatus in oper
ationwithiii Its limits, a thing we could
have hardly hoped for at this place; but
A. Carothers & Co., who look after
these things, determined that such
should be initiated, and now have oue
in full blast at their establishment.
'Tia cold, very cold. Try It.
ney Fry, sen., has shown us ' '.letter
from Rev. D. J. Mnndell, now preach
ing in. Eastern. Oregon, to the effect
that he will probably visit this valley
sooilor the purpose of .-preaching the
trine oi' universal salvation. When
lj may be expected is not positively
stated. '
Mabt. Bkows, editor of tbe Albany
DEiiocitAT, is a "orica" in nis wy,
ana vi ites eouie tbiiiBS that it Goes us
good to. read. The xbMXK UaI is i.lica.j.
liagtua journal. , .
It might not be uninteresting to our
friend oi the Journal ' for us to state
that we didn't get our start in Yninuill.
The public are informed that in the
absence of tho editor this week the
boys have mounted Jack Alphiu's
blunderbuss on a revolving pivot In the
door of the Democrat orace. and. all
menacing ngnungers win receive a
warm reception from its frowning cavi
ty. Come on, McGinness.
Dan. Gaby, Esq., and wife, of Scio,
have been spending a few days in this
city. We- learn frow Mr.- Gaby that
business is very brisk over in the Forks,
: and mat trie price oi real estare is rap-
idly rising.
Judge Burnett called last week.
Plenty of cherries In the market now.
There was a runaway last Sabbath,
but no damage done.
Oak woo I is 'being delivered In this
city at $4.00 per cord.
Wool Is bulng bought In this city
now in great quanltitles.
Tho river Is falling fast and will soon
be down to low water mark.
Pike's store has been moved down to
Strong & Sch ulcer's grocery.
The Parker saw-mill Is still sending
large quantltesof lumber to llalsey.
Ferry, Broaiid-albiu and Els worth
streets are being Impfovud very fast.
A will coin auuou oper
ations at KoiiJaU's brIJgu next Thurs
day. ...
A lot of immigrants came by steam
er last Sunday und ttltlcd iu Linn
The grading for tho switch is done,
aul the track laid to A ult house's plan
ing mill.
When we last week made "Sulphuric
ae.U" read "Caruolly acla" we ui iu't
mean it. .. . .
dtpjlro DeckarJ and wife returned
from tbolr weddiug tour Tuaay
evening. ' ' ' ' " ' '
Mrs. Dunlway, editor of tho K'tv
JS'uthwtt, pala our oalco a visit during
ttld woo.c. - -
The digging has commenced in the
court-yard for' tho foundation of the
eouuty jail. , ,
An uprou and shirt festival Is the lift
nioney-inaklug thxlge by the churches.
Anything fur a shltt.
The P. T. Co.'s steamer Albany came
down tlie liver lat Monday luadeMo
the guarUit with wool.
Carter & lrigg have Im I tha pipe
uf their pluliiiig mill tenglheiieU to a
coiiai.iciaole extent.
liio. G. m.. lioud hai resigned his
poaiiiou a ruurunu uiuii agent uuj
oeen p(oitiied coa iuetor.
A m.t.i uaiiu-l oharilc lias Juat rcov
creil 4,.iUl damagtnt iu tlie Muiluotuali
Circuit t ourt lor bhiuuer.
Jlr. Thus. Humphrey, who has been
paying a visit to bis relatives In tbe
lutes, wiil probabty anlve this week.
Carothers & Co.'s soda ftJtitaiu ! iu
operation and sjuirts out the cooling
and delicious nectar iu copious quanti
ties. The Kast'Portland Em hal live col
umns of uew advertisements last week.
Whew! 'Don't we wloli that would go
Sam del Wilhoit wat the name of the
young man drowned iieur Eugene last
Saturday, llis fatlier lived in Marion
There were some runaways at the
cunipmct-taig luft ubl.atli, tiii.i a K w
la .i,t.l.. n.llWd ulI. Lut t i. iraoii ti-
4 f I
M -t..t.. l it.t.. ..ti.. t .. . L
week elect vd Gland 5eer.tary of the
Grand Lodge of Uoo i i'cliiji.a.s lor tile
cii-umg year.
L:ist.-stturJay was the anniversary of ;
the oiilt.e ol li.uirier Hill, t.i l.e oi'at
Alil.rieuli-.u,linhoiip:ea9ait tivnn. W
Were not there.
Many o. our busines't m -n have been
putting pumw in the street iu o.' !
their lvaH.i live places of business.
1 hat Is a goo 1 I k a.
Physitatis ret-oiuniend the use of
Hall s Vegetable Sicilian H.tir ItcHeW
er to prevent gray uess, and to heal erup
tions of the scalp.
We have seen a goo 1 in my thresh-
ers, m twers and other a.-rieuitural im- j
I!eiuiits ro;ng out into tho country !
Wlllllll tile last Wtl K. !
Houek ; Tal'y, of tin? star Breweiy,
h ive purchaied a v. ry line new buck j
for the ptiri-osv of delivering their lttr
to :istnm rs at a diM--nee.
We hear I thnt U'm. Thorn psoti,
Cp, o' t"; U .! ir IK tiii'ie-ilT, '
pisse l through this t ily
y?wrliy cu rwle for .mi I tin. I
AUmi;y Fire Co. No. 1 luve receive I !
... i. . . f ..... . .
uit iu itaiioit i.uiii vuuiiuiiiee 0:1 ,
Arraiigeineiitx of the Fourth of July
Ccicbrutioii al Corvullis to articipate iu
tlie fesnvitic-s.
Pv-rsoiis down from the Mountains
say there is going to be u great deal lar
ger crop of biackberrifs on tlu bum
this fall than has
befit known for a
goo J nuny years.
Let all sporting m.'n rem 'ro'jer thnt
this is Is the lirnt day of the June races.
Everybody who likes to see good horsc
racinghad belter go to the Fair Ground.
Admission free.
Hiltabidcl & Co. have started anew
delivery Lack for their grocery store.
WIIL Beach presides over the delivery
part of their business with the greatest
of ease imaginable.
Judge l'owell, John Trying, and Gus.
Wheeler, started from this city lat
Monday on a fishing exieiit.oii to a
place about 4vl miles below tiilverton.
Success to tlx. in.
' When our citizens can get such ex
cellent work tlone at Cherry's Foun
dry, at such very reasonable figures,
we hope they will not go away from
home with their money.
The Fire Company have been com
pelled to put oil the housing of their
engine until about the middle of next
month, on account of the engine bouse
not being completed in time.
James Ilerren has received a new
style of firemen's shirt from below.
The style of the shir. Is very good, bat
the fire company need not send for any
more, as this one is large enough for all
o: them. . it . ; ... ... t t ; J "
The hunting and fishing pa: ty that
started to Alsea last ; Monday we k,
consisting of Thomas B.'arl, David
Rpangler, and others, arrival himj
last Tuesday, having had all the fish
hey w i it e l, but not much deer.
There Is soma talk of constructing a
sewer, commencing lit the slough by
Mr. Geaibeart's house and running
down that street to Broad-albin, and
running thence down that street to con
nect with the sewer built by Mr. Long,
last year. . -
A Chinese Jaundryraan at Kansas
City," has got an editor there, who is a
bachelor,- down on hlni. The editor
had his washing returned to him as fol
lows: "The y sent home with our wash
ing yesterday a thing that branches 6ft
in two ways, a little below tbe top, like
a railroad junction, and has puckered
frills edged with 'tcttirig' on each end
of the divide; ' We don't know what it
ia,' and we're a por friendless man,
with only our virtue, and none but vll-
loins would seek to injure that."
The Seattle 'DltpaVk cornea to our
table as an exchange, And Is a neat and
newsey little paper. Long, may It
flourish.- .
Inst Wednesday, aa a car was being
loaded 'with lumber at Mr. Parkers'
Raw-mill, Mr. John Parker wan pretty
everely hurt by some falling lumber.
Ills legs are bruised up so as to Inca
pacitate him from working for a few
days. .
Oipt Concebt. We refer our read
era to tho advertisement In another
place of a Grand Olft Concert, to be
held at Louisville, Ky., October 31,
lrt71. This will bo one of tho most stu
pendous enterprises of the kind over
known, and doubtless will be exten
sively patronised by U. S. Grant. It
Is gotten up under the management of
prominent citizens or Kentucky; and
Chas. R. Peters, Esq., to whom the
credit of the successful management of
the San Francisco Gift Enterprise Is
mainly due, Is the agent.
Thanks. We are un ler many obli
gations to two of our Albany beauties
for a .couple of as nice boqucts as It
has ever been our lot to throw our nas
al protuheranco ovcr.
K lore Volume wutl n-t eonUln tho
in " t iiu'itiy arh.uh li a-eiimul i 1 In
f.t.r ,,f ll'i.f ii-'a f;l:,m nf W,l,l (.'IirrrS a
are. flii-ieHt a-id rr-linl.'e ntmnlv in I'tiritu:
nil lin, f.lrln '.ml. imlMini.iiry ili.iae. Mai y "
iliu fino are Iruly auiiilerltil
J!r Th' wt-i Otuuli' yl.l.l. I' by tnnu'r.
t tlie etiMidpriiil na Ivn t wer. Dr. Pluw r
A t, Ext -r tl ii ,M-iiil 1 -c-ivrty. It
urn m ant ll inir el evt r !' r' dl- .vr '
f r l" euro '( I'uril'1 . I. t ll and IU h '
the 'anrj r. r K iie!a. Sail Itl.-mn. an
a'l Skin nd .crfubiu d tv. . Sidd by '"'
OIl pr'J,rtlleci nrt lylitg oaf.
h i.i'Ixii l i. iba id. .Hat in-
v i i. wnlenul by di-tat. run ie K''
i y jir mlri.iiiij ru m w'.tn d. -liui-iivp .Ir.i', I
. mt niertnl- I ev t 'iv m n i".
fv.rriuo t inlf.dii. ti m if On, ViMUru''
i" Kft.H Uiitv. it im- liM.ii ..l.i i.iu. Iii. l ber
re a i n and int i. .rali pr r io- f ail-
111 en! ! r t.iv eurn o" .br"iin lii.ii.iet.n.
Iia in Ikiii ....I ii tun. ilitir an. neiv.ii
ff ii'lu t and nia iri im- lr-rr. und ' I. r
n r -lie la. I .rd rem-dy f -t l e.e iMup aitila -M
v. rv m-et n -I the L'i4 .
' ( lippcl llnnd nml Pncr.
More lry ur. of the Nklii.
A c., dr.,
''itrida,"eel'v IIMJKM tV.rMM 111011 UT
WIT'I tU.Y'Klll-:. Iu k.ep the hnd-- l
in all weith r. 8 e that yon r- i II Kii KM A N
liy all lira 'cint n lit nt. Manufne
lure I nnlr I t llriira A C'".. I k mill, and
lirn-st'ia. New Yrk. jjnl l'7ljt
Tin: vit i. i utori;
Haf at la. I emna In an end an I the fr.e.i'la (
..l urdvr and tablt'triim.i.t bare aM. ve I
bat )or i. Iw a e n.eaa
lb. r .r in lsr ,. tli litin .in lb., uid and iu
' ' '""'fJ - .''
' "M " " I "? " '
j i.ti .ur t Hi.d ui U'li r r' rt- tr an
.i t.. t,e tbe Icu.ti i.f pni'l urn at..i
ui.l. I. J fj' a-l.ll.l li l Ju-t
mi 4 li I- ibv aio. k aiid e .ile . .'ub y U
.. j r .-r:i-n ! .b ir vania Wi..i-
ii.i, i!imu fr .Iu a t.ti er .nc . Atatl.l.uiv. I
. ih r.,f r. n.,i
A i Ittpt ruri'ttrta.
rij. . e i. !.:. t. : - u"-, ai d it i
h -r-f-i;e .r...t in ih. a 1 -rli. Mii'iit t. ..
d.ii-c a turtty f 141'tf, iiti M -iii li e u.
I.e. iiit.i a lojl1 m. .... Tbuw Mrt rel. I
U .-t.ic' Si .iu -o i tit er w . th .t ta br-
t,d med e-t i. an I ab.t ll ail d-. Iu liu
Srt, .l., tu alt" la i a lilnu'.al.l. louie
and a'l.rali, e ni.i -iT .r C inl.itia.i ! !
n dm-'y uru - u a.enl ilu tbu
n-rl -la I. t K.i' i .ub tal e..
, t i:...a' :e e-. eU Ua ia d t b doi-.a.
..r ti, - e'u mi-t a.i im i.yn-ian. Tb.-- i.ire
.tie .t. aie r. M.. u i d imb $ .at jre
and n
!ir .;i n. a t . fr.-la e a f f
.r .ii .11
i y i ii- i.t e inn t
ti n rl
r HI ii I
I. d n a ri. tl ali
li.. 1., Me'., I. e iiier
.id e a
and t
t i S i- .r- trt..f,.r. aili mua if
li- . 1 r -ill all. It b.i. d le Tn ll' "f ;
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ni ft tii a ra.liral rur i t t i I rard
ir d I . in i..y jid '-f M l-n di-r.
I'r... ii.t. rin i eni rv r, i. rif-u. rt in., get -en
d liili'y, e n. lip ill -n. aii-k head ii-be. man.
ta' I' i'ili I" whie!; I' e f eld- ir. a.ol.J"t.
it faritii all the fi iida .f X'.w l""ly, im-'Mdi e
tbn lil. f.d. and tlie rnili-.liinu ui aliicb il im
,.r. in the trmia'rm U ti ui-i o-'li, l
il.e alighieat narli-m. Thi i a i hiili-r .f fa'a
w! wrh r- ad. t. f'-r lhr:r .ik.-. .hud uialk
"",,'c,, l"'er
Offic No. 64 Froat Street,
HEAL ESTATK in tola CITY and KA.-T
F0KTbA,u. in the ino-t ne.iralilu i-cilire.
-..t.aiiilinjr, ir I.Ol.H. IIAI.K liLOt'KS aud
tiLuCKa. llUtK.-i and BlOM.. j alee,
, " j. ' '
' fyi'KOVF.Ii FAIIMS, and r luil.le on-
nltji- .tu.l i. AN l)S, lnca:cd in ALL. uf tbe
flTAlfc: for SALfc.
llk'AL KSTATE and idh. r i'mp ty pur.
.diaaid f..r CVrrepii.ideina. in tin. t I I V and
Uir uftimui Ilia kTATX" and TKKItl I UK IKS.
a lib iat raia and no Ilia timet ALlVANfA
.EUtS lliU.VIa.
I.OtX.i N i.UTIA and CLAIMS fir ALL
Aud a O nirul Kl.V A.NCI.tL aud AUt.NtY
liUINESa irunaacteU.
AOEXTS uf tbln OFFICE In all the CIT
IES and TOWNS, in the 'M I K. will t.rlte
dturiptbitii uf FA KM PliOPtRTY and forwa d
tue aaiue Ui tbe aUuv andrt.a. . 0u25tf.
ine P lis Ki" may jiially be atj lud tf.
jfr at tne liuiiie uf tue w..rld, f ir tliere i iki r
IJinii nf the icluh Intu art ieh it haa tmt mund
tie way. a id been l.irel.v , u-ed and , brjbl.'
prud. M-ir.nvitr. ll cr i ia eiiine t-i wh ell ir
bu .tint pr-.ved to be well adipt.'.l fr ha cure
nt n eunaid.Tablu vniely ul dieu.eii; it la a
.ie ly and rale rem. dy fur bum, ai-nida. cut,
biu - a, wmiiidi and vjrimia utlier injuri.., ar
w. ll ut fur ilym nlery. dii.rt lioeu nnd Imw I ei in
plain'a e.irriill.v. it ia uduiiruldy u ted fur
every r im uf men nil the fune uT li e l'du.
t ia a very i-ixnifli-au! t al n dwithatnnd.
n tbu lnn K-ri l nf y -ar thnt tbe "P n Kili
oi' haa bo. n baf.-r lh wnrld it t, n v-r ''
..ii.- whit nf its n.iul::rilv. bur, mi the enntrary.
tho e dl fur it ha atradily inrrxaaed fium it.
A nt di-e iv. rv. and at nn irviiiat tiinu bat thr
d mum! fur It bien Itrvat, nr the quantity
made been s law, it ia tn-diiy .
An. ther -iciiiHount f ict i. H at n' where h
thf Pun Kileriver been in bin tr repute, '
been inure ienerally uieil by iea.and indt
vidualu, lb in it hue been b re a limit;', whuro t.
wn fiMt dtM)i.' r-d and intrnduced. Thnt tbe
Fiiiit'Kil'er will enntinne In be. what e have
ntylcd it. thb on it mbwhb r TltR WuHl.n,
there cannot I e tbe aliudoWof tlotibt Prori
dence Advertiser.
.... . .... I . .3
..' " ' ' ' 1 ,U1'..' .' . .
liliMOnili 1 Ol UHi -
As CAnOTniRS a cos "PH.k Pitt
t. CM.VTMEAT,".' Lara t.iw kouiuu eu ut
tue it.ibdard pruparali..u t,f tha i(ny U tire
pared and rue mm jaded fur filui ontg (trbeii'.er
vhruiii n'r reuaiit). rtutTerera ID ay tlj. n 1
it, Ibat tills remedy, will (ilie tlj.m , Mjnit.iBunt
r lief fruui lUI Irwttbtetuuia auil lauiajtig buio
ulaiiit.. Maul pnitpnlil lt nny adilretil (wltliln tbe UnU
ted tiiuie; upuu reeult ( itie ',$l 60.' ,
A. i;aRo'iiieu8 4 CO,
BlOyl Albany, Linn Co,, Oi"n.
To Young Men of Ambition 1
' VTt lleKpevtuVy Cull Tvur AUtufwn t
Wber tun men wntrh fur. sliatieat, "lit man
iiiakei ebano..'. While len im n wall f.r amiii-.
tiiim tn tur.ii gp. ifNi' mb. Kit
eililleteii I'm I , una nuci !, and ii ended a loan
rluet.lbe'wriie ul. furiuna. . Thf i nn
l-k likt filHrk. and fortune tnnat faeura IhiMi
wbn are iimat Indifler n In It, N-w la vmirt ine
Tovrself rortuna's ravoritsi
Vr pnriiuul ir'. 'lr.a
mirasn ' pr All SON.
Tdsllf Albany. Or.'f n.
MIIS. M. A. D I ! I I)G VMM M E li
,!.; w r...M i;.. M r, . .wt.J
ll aju't . Ie ll. in l,nm an l atmil in
.it.a ii tit w MILl.EilY AND I A.VCV UUDJ.h,
VtlV.TS. hlj-U.Jj.. TilM.1 .'.US. lit.
in wn I'll nu invne. li N't n inn in- l.i l. .
nf A'li.ny and ! iniiy. 11- r jtnid will be ..!.
i i'Ii 'f p if n t rbo'ii'.r ttn.ii ver be).ia . C r.i
In tbi-iiiiifte. and ll.fir innlily c urn t fiil li.
ill.f ,e'lnii uiMif!i.:iii1
i :. a I!. "
ilhaiiy -
- - )i-tii
KMM.CTKll.l IM-oli.MS TIIK 11 li I.f
I. ml ll ' baa leni. ved the dd ataud i
M'bere all are Inrilvl. aured that tl'.nda la bir
line are dd at lite btaeal ra.b prit-ee.
cuwitTtt ii man:
Jure nil. Toy Gilt "nd BUuk Cooks.
ll. I . Ai
Of rveiy kind u-ed In tbe Male,
jtnlOKS IMI'OHTLIi TO ol'.DEn. .
i' tl native. ' lKcliiltily .
rilllMV. Jt'.NE 13-1-r.n.arj E .u-.lnali.n
I a. a. I- 4 f, a.
.'l.MAi. Jl.VE :S-Ait.nal .tmu Ly
l.. . A i. n a.,, i.i Diia-. . a.
M .M'.i. Jt.K Zt l'.e,.ji j.-.. j I'
.ti i , b b. i.. 4 f a t i.ii.i.n.i.. ; j . a.
111. i'. Jt.i. l.ti. .ti .. ..j i'..
" l"i' Si . a I" tj f. a. t.ii'-.l.- n.
J. f a,
fc i .flttY. Jf.VK Z" Eai.tual (
'.v Cu.-, st a. i. . a. t.
ti.. ., ,
I 111 U.'M-AV. JI.NE Sil-S-kty Adlt.
I'H I. UK ll.m.l.ul u ir,..... ikii, 8J -.
C ui.i tjig-wn. r. r I . Ami euria
r ti-i.v..ijr U. v. rt il ;n i.,.i ,4ay.
n I lei ,..'. A H.iLt.Y. IV .il-t.
rniis a.m At iiti.TijMj t-y i.iK h t.uiu
I I i r.i -I I. .in. l a t . d jje aul v.
.. ) I u .ilfA . Ji l.r '. I i I , kI U . U A
lul. n. i.... i,q. ,. ib it ai-i i. e mvoi y .'.e t e t.
tH3 li. It. 1;1UI'1.K. rV t t iry.
ok. w u. lClir:tTN
vi . t -.- u eitv. i t 4's-u
I rlltte
&mtUtmiirtt tJpttmmtg ttjfttfti lA trjftirfii mnmma
nmU iutJte Hid im fit t4tmttt
HHii est f U r tmd Vkm
(C ijimmitmcB, J tc-
eg mU ttil .V'-Twal
TO TIIK .tFri.l(Ti:,
It. Vi . K. liiliirilill lthiti..n illSSIN
f e. re .i b. .ali. nia Im
u. ,r .ir.nae. and wnuid lake lb a i..p rinnii.t
tn ! in in. I ti.iul lliat be euniluuca In i. u-ilil bu-Im-tilute
lur Itiu cure ol I'lir.-iiio tliaeaeee ul Ibe
tunj(-. Liver. Kidn. y.. Lieani and
Orana. and all pnvat. iiiva.e.. vil. PJ b
ill iu all it. luruia aud aiaea, c.uiitiil U eakin.a.
aud all tbe biirrni 0"lleUi oce i.f aclf-abili (Sou
..rrhte .. Uleel. Mrieture. N.wturnal aud liurnal
euiiri"n,.Cexiil hebility. llinanea i.l the Kack
and Lmna. li.Hainiiiiitiuii id li e Madder and Kid, iU' and lie lm Uiat bia h m rXicri
eneu and .uiceaalul praruce will cui.tinue Iu iururi
him a rharv id' puldie iiruua;e. by b prut tii-i
id e-any year, in Eurupe anil the Iniiud MulVa.
he il balded tu'apply tlie luurt cdii i. lit and ue
rv.nlul reinrdie. mhIIi.I diavare. all biuda. II.
nee. tin nirrcury. .bare. uiudcrate, trial, bi. pa
tieula in a i uir.ct and In U'i.-alilc Wa; , ami ba
relVn in e ut unqiictmuable vrrarity Irutn men
ul knuwu rr.pictal.ilily and bigb (landing inauei-
ty. Ail puilie. run.ulliiijt bun ly Utter ri tber
wire( will receive tl.e beat aud gculleal trruluient
and implieite- rcy.
To Female.
Wbrn a feiua e tu tr.-uinv, ur afllioted witl.
.liavai-e. aa weakue.a id tbu back and liinlm. pain
in the baud diiuueia ul .i);hf. Inaa ul muatulat
power. palpitutii'U nf Hit' heart, irritabilily, hvr
vun.ueaii, es'retne urin..ry diOicultie, dininse
ineut id' funetluna, jtenerrl debility va
ginilie. all dtauaMia nl the wumh. hysteria, atirili.
ty and jail ntber di.caaea .eeuliar t lema leij abe
ahnuld co i.r write at once tu tbeeelobrated female
ditcuir. W, K. Uuberty. at bi Medioal Inrtilutu
and enrmult bini abuut her Iruublea and li.eaee.
Tbe Iloptnr ia eflertinii mure curv than any ntlitr
phynioian in the Stnle ( Califnrnia. la t nn fatre
deliouey prevent ynu. but apply immediately and
nave ynur.ell truiii pninful aufii-rinK1 and prema
ture death. A '.I Married LiuKe. whime delicate
hatiltli tir utber rin nmalanrci prov. nt an lucreaae
in their fm.iili, fbmild write or call at Dr. V. K.
Iiherij' Medical limtilule, and they will rvrcive
every pur-gilile relief and help. The Durtur'a uffl
rn are an arranged that be can buconiultod with,
nut fear ut libaervatinn. .
To orrfponIentaj.
Patienti re.idinn m any part uf iIk-SihIc. how
erer di.tmit. win-may def'nv the I'piniuii and ad
vice'uf Dr. luherty in their reiei live oiim a. and
whii'tliink proper tu milimit a written aiafemelit nl
inch, in prefercnoe tnhnldinir a persunnl interview.
ir- ruKpei H'ully afatired that their cuu)iuunicufiuri
will be held altered.
If the I'"""- he fully and candidly di'for iliid , per
inmal onmiiiunleation will he unnvreafary, aa in.
'triintiuna Inrilkt. ri-trimen, nnd the Konurnl treat,
uient nl the eaae (in'-ludinv the remeduii). will he
iv.rwardi il without delay, and in inch a manner aa
tu onnei'.v nn idea nf the purpnrt nf the I. -Iter r
parii I o Ira nam it ted. CiOHnUntlim by letter or
iberwiae. rur.K. Permanent euro i-iinranti-ed or
n pay. Addie.t. W. K. DOIIERTY. M. P..
Run Friinoiacu, California,
Dr. PoniiHTV hHH.iuf puhlii-hed an Important'hii-t etnlxidyinit nisuwii vl.'waand experience
in relrtlnn tu Impotence nr Virility, hein? a hnrt
treatiae nn Sp-rmnturrhfea riemlnal Wenkneaa
Verv- aa and Pliygieal Debility cn-eqnenf nn thla
affootinn. and nllicr dieeaiea uf the Fexual Orirana.
. Th'a lllt'.e w-irk enntsina inforrnatii n of the ut
nviai'Tnlutt tu all. wheihi r-roarritd nr (inele, and
' will be ent FREE hy. mail nn reeulpt "nf x eunt
. in pita;c (looipa fur retnrn liontagre:
A) dmae, ..... W. K. WH1ERTY. M. J..
T3n38t ij . Saa Francisco, Csl.
A U V K It T I a r. M I. 1 . j
ojlokious news:
.a . rr-
rT-T -Saw
. a
C'licii;tr l ban the 'lieprt X
Cutne anil convince youraolvc pnrclma
ln eleewlKie, Oar el'iek eunai.l iu part w
BOO I S A Nil SftoES,
. j ' 0 HOI F.RIE,
aud a trreal many article. ! t nmf-rona to name.
Ali i, l).r.. Window. Olm and Putty.
paooucf tak;n in exchanse for coots i
m v fx f ii" :
spWg & 1U.V.KER mtmmiin.
"n ..rdi-r I" pi-i. !! 'nl'v fu tl e m w ra .
.. i.,an tin in t!ia city -t l'iiii.y I iU ly ul
...ii bive ili'-r on'ily r-i.h.l (
an -
nid bt.e- d n. w Mi. t in , nun a; abirli
ii if D scbs Pco.tlvo Mcttoa tcroU
jlatve. vukii im p. r.t .tiee sr ih it wy.
li.fai u bana a .up'.'y ul .uMriir
II .ve uui.v.d a c r,. i.f tu.t tint A a
... !., ! aie m.w pr ..r !. ! .
id anO-ni l tuppiy all may 1 e in a. n
f wutk 'It tb"ir ln-e; and b' t by a.ti't at en
iii t I.U.HI a. an I puin .ili y iu tir.r e- a
rrlt t- ui' rit a e.iu:iaeai. eul f.aldie fa ri tuse
Ofl. r 'eU al Ibt r t-rv. or wi.b K.i tar.ti
il hi Cmw. will mi ie pfni't a't- nt'n.
Alliai y. 1Hi-n. April 20. I S I S -ZOlf
It will eat r ni tuli. r.n ',..u.inl e I "I '
inn r ff dat It l'j llu 'v. enl ' '
X ml mautiia: order, wit'i pin ty f tender ut
I m ..I all Vtti enf.tai lie n bi.n l fm
ale Fir, vtih adJr'.. " i-it
n4)a6 E KCKLKK.
I liaunn. Linn ii-Bolv. tln-y-n.
S200 OOO PouiuIn
wool- wAiVied::
Tor whk-h i 1 p y tt e -
call vu o lef r.- i-l n-. ,
tI3P.AL ADVAC.S M dl CM W.SOt. . j
P. i IIAKt EH CO. j
IVottiry I.inllic,
. i
c t:1.1t .4 1. t i. t.Mi.ii. aci:m I
Wih at. I.ii I- b. Loving hlni wi iin il l!
L-Utr ., utaa eieu'! ii H
, t, I . . aii.i at.. (.!
ai a.ti'i.t. ti in e 1 e lit-..' mcu .iix 'V e -
jU'tllln e. el-iui-. .a i.wy 1.1. i.f ii. I a -
tmi .iii.. An 1 e.iv. vc -1 i..ilai lite ,te.l
inw.nv. .i.i..h 1.1..IU .tii
b -i- I'C.n r enl In I.t tie.ka aid It.c.r.
. r'- Ci.c. in il.lii-r-in M-t. and l.ini ii.-
ifi v. a m a Uaiinaill tl. 1 11.1 1 aa. aiul ( e
eially w.lti the lUi tird. i.fK-a. , ahx-l
can lc ae ,i.iie 1 l l-y , ex. ri. nn. 1)
Ting 61. eon in .1.1 1. a' aervi. o iu tne C irk an
lte;i rd. r' Office f Litib Cuuui.t , I have dw. r
end that ibvier.- many iie:eclivx tilt., to Iti a
Kolau- i.i tiii. e um winch i ai l pay lb pat
ti. Iu l-ii.k a.lvr. ai.d lb im It.e I.
Cruspndoniv fnnn the Atlantic Start in rc
p.-.rii In Ufi(; .ii and t. e P.nific C'U'.t ;
Wlli receive prnnipl all lun 1..
1'i. an adur nt ivc me a call at any OlT.e
n Ailibtiy, Linn C umi , Or-.- n.
I lakv tl.e lil'di ft relet ling ta the fidluw.
ti g leaidema nf the diflcrnil Mat a nuui d :
il it'uHi i II n. Jam,. S. K-illiiiK. Ix.i-n Ca.
linn, (i.o W. Iiunn. Iliolinmud j linn E. l n.
M. Cbar'e.: M -r.. Tutt V il.'Ual.l. Si. Jnf. p! !
IS, It. Threl'ikvld. E-q., K 'li-a. City: Co! A.
W. I'niiipl oi., Lib. rty: K' e. Win.:- M. Ila.i ;
I'.ev. Andrew Mnnrw, M-x.m; 1 . 1 a i . p E M.
M.irviu. tt. I.oui.; Ex Unveruur Tuun Full.,
M L"uia.
AeatHrZ-j Bialmp II. II. KkVanub, l ex
Oi'oIl M. Carter. Eiq E rii.
Ae 'i.rl ..M ..i. Nartuup A Ci iik. Bank
er., fcew Y'-rt City.
utWu Jinn. Wm A- II L-te'and, Guld
en ('it.t; II"". H'iu: N. I:rea. Ik nvri till.
Joi.iiB'i -lie I.' II. MaLekt. urp :
Mi'JnrJ H. B'.ue. IMera.
C,i;;i mill--("u 1 It. 1 r, E q , SuisO". CilJ :
JnliH T. Hill E q . !,.. Ane e.
Orrgun 0'ivr.r I.. I. tlr- ver. Pahm: M"m
Diviiln-ti. Et , nd Una-el. Feirv t W-ml-ward,
P itland; lt.e. B R Hitst.-r. V Ik ei.ui tyt
M II., Eeq., Ilakir City; II. .11. Jnl.n
liurrett and llv. Win. A Finier. I'l.rva'li.i
R v E. U. Oeary, U..n W. F. Ale'satu'.er, II .u
N. II. Crannr, Albany.
Albany. April 2i', 1S7I. v0o3ntr
to tsie rAcirio coast
' AND I TV VEM Y f'Aalfi ' .
The I'riccs di e now all litduced.
oOLID SILVER Uniting Wahkf foie tiiiij
SOLil) t'.uLD anliiii; ll'iilcaca $rii
Our ViVca are o'l in Jhi knbai K! nud let
len in tinilC ItUt (it.M'INK W , I.TH A . V Al 011 KK
Every nne who wanta a Welch or ftela aTi'e
iru tn be p isteil tibmild write tn us IVt nur Iilua
trilled llisliiry nf Af utt liir.akinjr. It will mat
vim nnthinjr, as we aend it pnst pui l withntii
el arpe, and with it a lull Catnl'icne nf all the
W11P lies with pr evs nl em h. When ymt neiive
tl i. yna will b gurprlHtil at Ibe w' mtca and
ynu will tbi u uiideratund i ur plu nfamdinB
Wnt-I e t any place hnwcvir teumte wilbnui
any ri.k tn tl e miroha-r.
Wo si.nd any Wntt b y- n order and !et y n ex
amine i' be!rr y- u pay fir it !' tint, nrdor a
Watch till ynu first lent fur tho Price,
and whi-n ? n writu please mentiun Ibe Stuie
HlgUt Damoamt.. ,
.: , Adilrtf in full
' Watchranh:v8 and Jewelers,
No. 805 BROAIIWAY, BTew York.
We ha've a !1 atnek ' nt extra' hoae.v 'I'aca
such a. 4. S, 6 A 8 os, always on Liwd and can
fill all orders promptly-. . s42tn3
.1 i; t im, i i
'JL KHd Ktn. Wr . wnttlil n-ap' et.'uiie njdirire
dial we nuw k en e-.tiita-tl v nn Bind a r.v l r
tiefe i.f. Ene I lab , It Ika' . V-vl 1 1. Klinl
blllll at reaaunahle rate. .. There (ana have
given p rn at fatlnrnctmn in iTery aualeiioe.
Wa .1... bai. lt,..T-1..... j .
not i xculled bjr an oil er ta tbe marfc .t. Give
.. I ; P. C:. JlAitPER 4 CO.
' : a2.f.
JLn laf.TU'jta r.'.onn r-rrTrrrra, poa".
iaz rare TO.tlC ami ssv:xx nropetliea'
certain cure for tivKVM.XTi, eoiir,
xrt;r.u:u, t.nd til kUidred Dlaraae.
It couipVj ly reaturea tbe (yatem a hen Ira
rtSrad ty, revlvtm tbe tefxa of l-
UlSCVt aa4 CKXSTA1. OM4X4, roCU
r&!!y e:ire acaortxA. salt enei'S,
tsd a'd KnVPTIVSS eaal CVTAXSOV1 Dla
caaea, civet immediala end perm; net: t relii f
la nvarzrai.l. CBTia2t.ti Turaore,
Eolla, Scald Ilead. Vlem and flor-a; enCI
e!ia f rota tlie ayaleta all traoea of ZIorcurlal
ItlafK-Itl-.TT Sr.T,3t-S.brhlTBfi
from aa beib Sma 1 lni:;;-noa ilacm Cam .
It la tVfore p-eaTarty n.iih'.m fir ni Yj
I rtnalea end CUIlirea. aa a O-UDJ
rtsa mmi atxov.iToa,
T e by a'l fric;;l.
ZZO asd CZl ITarict Ctst.
Ca r:t3cos.
aw.i -"eg
I C3 r. Ivn ccr.t3 3-0-1 c:n bzj
cf yc Crcccr cr Irz-lct a
packajD cf CZA II0C3 TJ12INE
nrdo frcn prro Irirh IIo3 or
Czttzzoql, vrhlcli "vrlll naka
cltccn cjzzztz cf Il3 Ilzngz,
zz.1 raLi3 rti'7cf rddi2g3
Crctard:, Czczz2, Ciarlott
Hzzzq, Lc. It Lj Co cheapest,
hea'lhlcct czl meet delicious
focd in t!iov7cr!d. Itnokesa
splendid Dessert, czd hi3 na
cqizl zjz a lijht cnl delicato
food for Invalids cad Children.
A Glorious Charfjo!!
Flantation Bitters.
This wonderful vcsctalilc re
sforative is tbe alicct-anclior of
tlie feeble and debilitated. As a
tonic and conllal for t:c aged
aud languid, it lias no cqnei
anions ttcniacaiics. As a remedy
for the nervous weakness to
which women arc especially sab
Jfct. it is superseding every other
stimulant. In all climates, tropi
cal, tcni;eratc, cr frigid, it acts
as a h:ccinc in every species of
tZiaordcr vv.tich undermines the
LoUily r-trcngth nnd breaks down
the animal spirits. , For cals by
all drugslts.
Oil t Uuslel is rienij of Seid for aa Icr.
Yield.i.0 to ICO pr cent, more tliaa Coai
tuoa Oats wiuli HaJ iia Amount
cf teed per Aire.
0 egnn yie'd (La !al t.v.i ye r (hnth she rtrr i
ir.i : In In 0 ar!y win, frit in SO t. nmrv
1 1. i.i. 1.11 . ier a n-; late .a .wn. 60 to 70
1 um.i la. In ibiti em .uu, o.nh I ul ol own
.i.i!ui-id fi- ni Bo to 7U l.ii.hula; late wn Xilh
el liay j, 41 t i bnar-els
( .i.if..n iu yield : In I.SJO. 00 tu 175 bu.-bc f
P lu S'2 il.. a, . il n r aero.
Ki.iwuv tee I a. Id in Inih Franeiae tho r'1
winter ut $7 5 u-r bu.he! .f 88 lb. We w;ir
lai.t i:.i"u 1 a a e e Ui and trei.uine at Si 00 t. t
.ai-k 1 72 Ha , nr we will lumii-h ih.m to be leat
d with ei unm.n nata, be put in we'I, in K-wd
'' n, in r uin l.iinl, and at the same time
"l r. e-t- tilth 1 1- ti e exrr.a which the N-rway
v:o da er ti e roiniin 11 m. t.i must l e d .live e 1 m
11a at t. e tr.inaiy mi ih r.irm wle'O the omji i
rai e I, in rn.y Tnr tl 0 -d fumii-hud. in. Alatck 2-, 1871. J. 11 M CLAXE,
xtlna-'tf. L. ll.JlUSOX,
2 0 , aOOA C RES 2
tnr nf the WT.Iauic tj Valley and Ca.eide
Mmi luin Vfnn Rnad Ci-mpanyi tuade Iceem
b. r 10, IS70. I am n--w ael'intt
AT Ml i VATE AliE,
at the Cnuiiiiiny' aioo in AMintiy. SO.UOt) acres of
bind, tnnri. nr iean, b. I nting In said Cumpany,
.'unatvii in l.inn ei.uiily. Or gnn - -r-
IVts'ihik deniriit t pnii'l.aso wiil he ftimUbed
with a do."riiiti'iii and uf said-lauds by
iifl'lvina-nt l.'i.ini'iinv'a fiioe.' --
TKUMS 0F ALE: . din. one-third of r-or-c'.hic
uiinn v tn hand at time nf e: remainder
in Iwi allium I iaymerit, taking ir inti.Siiry nutcs
therefi.r at twelie pvt cent. ier ui nuiu.
l'Hiehaera du.irinjr t f ay a e renter amnunt
i.hnn in h nd will hiive a deduction nt
tev ier Cttlt.
" The title ti Ihe land Is irond. and purohaaer
Opiin part in' nuytnenl will receve Cninnnny r!ml
fnr deed. Tbnae myine fo'l amnaiit of )nrihaae
price will reet ive their di-rdu at nnoe.
Sale tn cnntlnue until ail nt said lauds bavp
been nCered tnr Male.
Nt !. Ul peisnna resldlnjj nn any nf the
Cmnp iny'a Innda in tliia i-nun y srj nntifi .d to
emne fnrwanl iwiucdiatoly - dwire to pur.
cha'e the amee. - ' ELKINS,
Feb. 9, 1871. - . Bjerotarjr.
" A . Vj5 lil "la liMUNTS.
Tbe Cilncyf are tw m ftwuW, sllaaleJ at
tho aiqier part uf Ibe 1 110, errvtinde4 by fat.
o I lai.tinif nf turw parts, ril t tbe Aatcrivr,
lb Int riir, and the Etieii r.
The anterior ahanrbii. Tue aUitvit eawf'rere
f r veins, wbi. b a a depnert fr
the uri ie and e-nvey it tt tbe exteriur, Tbo
-xier..irla e idu-t"r alan, teriainatiof In a
single tub-, an I called tbe lirtur. Tbe orelere
ir-C'iun ete I a-it:t ihe bladder.
The bladder ia emnp fe t of various eoeeriaa
or l-.u'ra. divided info par!, viz: tbe Cpper,
t:.e L -wer. the X-rrv-inn, and Ihe Moeoua. The
tipper cup la. the lwer retain.. Many tare at
d air ' t-orinit withoii Ibe ability; others r
iiafe w.l'mut the ability to retain. Ibis fre
q'laoty leuri in children
T'i !' t-irae aiTeetiuna, we Boat brine; Into
ao'inn tbe inn;le(. wbicb are cuita-ed is tteir
rar-'ina fn wii ma If they are neg'eettd, Uraeet
ir Irpy may cn'ua.
The ri ider toaat alao be maIe aware, that
howvi-r may ! 1'ie attack, it is fare ta
alT ct the b-i'lilv be tltb and mebtal puer, as
narfl-ahnai blmiJ are sopported frvta tbee
One, on RecTM. Paia aeaTr'.lg ia
he luins l ia dilative nf tbe abjve dieas,
Thie neca' in n tiiapvaew to aeid etvaiaea
and ctilky eoneretioas.
Tn ItiT't The ererel "ihm from neff.
'ict r irapr-ini- tr at roe it flbe kidney. Triero
-rsina beint w-:ak !ie w iti-r la sot expelled
'ri'B the b'a 1 1 -r tint a'l w-l tn rrma-n ; t t.
-o o- fereri-h. aad se-titnent forms. It is tmm
hi A Iba? tb sticc ia lorased, aaa Kravd
B'irtr s a e-.IIi-ein f water in same parte
r ,h. 1. . iw I u J.a- . . ,
..... i. . - 1 . Ki.iririi, Himfl ICCDTfl
, t.i th ,ir- aff-t 4. rit: when generally
. IfnM : . ... it. -i ;,:.,..i 11 i
fibaabJuoi.-n, laeita; wbenaf tlif dioet.llydro
tbnru TnEATacxr. tltlmhold's htghlr CKoWotrat
i IcuiBea .a Ex.raci JSueLa U decidedly b -i
.j re-nc ;i js f -r uf tbo bladder,
iin.y., K.avui, dr psical aae.lin;f.rbeamanao
i;.d Oitiy aiToetiua Co ier this bead we kin
.rrn,ed l)...uria, nr difficttliy aad pam ia pa.
..ij5 M4k-r, Si2uy Sect lt.m wr . email wa -1-laeatuiactu
g a i f w .Ur; Strangury, or etna
,'Mg uf wat.i; Hematuria, ur bluody uric-;
i .ul anl lljvaioaiism uf tbe kidueya, w li-bnt
a ib.j;i im ijuantity, imt I Tin eaae in e-ilor. ..r
a k. ti aa alaay a highly recommew-Jed
if tue la'e Dr. ljy.c, iu tiieao aa. ettuna.
d'UU i lereaaea .Im puwer nf diea
.iiu. th j abtrlk.nU into beaitby ca
re iw by Ibe watery r cleareiins diap.
iti . anl all aa lateral enlargeaMnta, ii wU
s pata and iuSamas .tn.D, an reduced, aad it ta
.-.koa by ia -n. wimen.aad eUiidreu. liirec'.k-os
i'jr mm aoi diet accuiupaay.
Pait.Altrt.fBiA, P , FvO. 55, 1S6T.
II. T. IIsLiiaoL, Umsgwt: -
Oct tin 1 have Imko a soj-rar, for epwarl
if iw.-nty years, w tb i;rava, bladder. Sod kid.
uey atfjttiaui. during whieb time I have naed
rariiKis m.:dio.n.-.l pr.-paroiions and beon under
(be trcaluievt of the moat eminent Physicians,
x.iene.iotoj but little relief.
Hiving seen yuur preparations extensively
d valued, 1 coniolt.d with my family pbyaiciau
tn r-.-g.trd to using your Extract Bucbu. .
I dii this because 1 had used all kinds of id
rcrtiaud reaied.e.. and had fuund them north
les,acd snuie quite injuriiiBs ; ia tact. ' I dee
paired nf ever getting well, and determined tt
use n 1 remedies hereafter unless I knew of 4be
"uredieuti. It wa lb s that pnmptad me tn
aae yuur route ly. As ynuadveuiaed Ibat it was
.-oinp ixed nt imo'ju, cub b. an 1 juaiper berrie.".
it uuourred to inu an 1 uiy physician as au excel
lent e nu'iin t o l. aii l. with bis advice, after as
sainu ati'in nf the articb-, and eunsultiog again
tth tbe drugt, I concluded tu try it- I com-m-n.
e.l its dm but eiht m-iutht aso. at which
time I W11.1 cnuS i d t my r Mini. Froia the firtt
b ttle I wus a-tmi-'el and cratiS.-d at tlmbcao iff el. and aftt-r uins it tun weeks, was
ib e tu walk out. I muu. like? wr ting yaa
full st.tttftnunt f my cs.-o at tiiat time, but
oy iinir r.-m .nt intuit "nly "b. tetnpnrary. and
U ?rcfii"- O -'Dolu led t defer ca I see if It would
ffet perf. ct euro, kn iwim: t'nen it would Vi
t Rrouter value to you. and mure sat-afaetory
M Ul.
I am nnw able to rep-rt tha a euro is efftetcd
tfter utng tue reme ly f r five months. .
I have 11 t naed any now f -r ihroe tnoatbs,
10. 1 fuel as we'.l in all r.-? peels as I ever did.
Yuur Buoba boinj do ml I uf any unpleasant
r;iKte at d U'lnr. a nioa t- nle and iuvijnrator of
rhj system, I do a it mem t i be without it when
ver occasion may require its use in such, effeo-
ins. m Mccormick.
Shnn'd any donht Mr. MaCormick's stat Deot
ie ref r ti the fnllowins; icetitleraeo :
"Hmt tVit, BioIkr. ex-tlovernoir, Penn. -:
Hon. Th is. U. Florenee. Pltiladelphta.' :
lloa. J C Knox, Ju-ljto. Philadelphia,
Hon. J. S. BWk, Ja.l-8. Puiladelrthia.
' H m. I R. P rer. ex-Soernor Pi'ntj.
" linn. Kllia Levi., Judtpi, Philadelphia,
' II n. R C. tlrk-p. Jude, United StatesfVmri. W. Woodward.. Judce. Philadelphia.
Hm.W. A. Porter, Cit Solicitor! Phil a.
' II . John B : trier, vi -Oiivera-ir, Clifars!a.
: ll R. Bank, Au'li'oc Gtju'l, Washingtca..
An I inuny ntbers. if eeeeaaary. '
Sold by all Unisjf'sts and dealers ererywliero.
Rew in of counterfeits. : Ask, for Hehnbold's.
T'ke 00 ntor. -; r a ,1; -
Pnto l.2i per Hot tli. or is Wttes for $d.&0.
flulivored to any address. Ies eribe ij aptoint n
Ad r si II T. UELMB0LD. Drs and Cbsoi.
lol Warebonan. ft9l Brenlwee, 3ff. Y. .. '
tl--niraTe4 wrapper, with fao-e'
uiy Cbamioal WawboMe, and signed
" . n-.X. KEL3CT0t
-apr28fi3r2 ',...