The state rights democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1865-1900, March 17, 1866, Image 4

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A XliW 1'AIU'Y.
YTo Tiear occasionally now a days tlio
opinion expressed that there is pooiv n
party to spring into existence which w ill
completely demolish both tf tho existing
political organization, secure the reins of
government and control the destinies of
America." We henrsnch talk here amon
ourselves, and the telegraph has several
times informed s that fneh a result was
the end to jvhich various j'ptdit leal cabals
in the Atlantic Statesvcre directing their
energies. N ne can exactly tell who
arfe to Iks its leaders or what are to he its
principles or policy." The general belief
however is. that it is ttv Ik a sort of Jiyhrid
concern, half and half lK-ino-crdtie,
and to Tost, for tin present, upon
President Johnsun, us its thief" corner
stone. Hv ohservina; closely the iudivid
uals who are.fetml of this faith, we find
them to bo, to a great extent, of the half-
atif-ltsi? port of tW-ptineiple, nil-policy
men, who, without depth of principle or
f-hadow of honesty, are ever-looking to
ride the topmost crest of popular favor,
for the ov.e sole object of enjoying the
spoils. They are men who Once belonged
to tjie lVmoeratie, or Omservat i ve branch
of the old Whig party ; who were drawn
into the so-called luun party either by
jreed, weakness or fear; who have be
come nauseated with the heavy doses of
the negro, which that party is now ful
imnistcring lo its' 'adherents, and who
have therefore cut loose from it, and are
now casting about for some place more
congenial to their old tastes, habits and
associations. The better judgment of
every one of these individuals tells them
that tlio proper ' place for them is their
old home the Democratic party but
against a return thereto, their false pride.
and perhaps their selfishness, rebels. To
cqp&back is, to acknowledge themselves
totally wrong m their desertion from it,
aud that, their pride forbids ; to come
l aek they roast of course for some little
time, at least, take n back seat, and
against that their selfishness protests.
These iue.a left thJDctaocratic Khip in its
greatest need. They forsook their posts
; and Joine-i enemy's crew and linked
their fortuues, with the destinies of the
Abolition craft, and uow, that it is falling
to pieces, of its own rottenness", we see
. these men floating upon its broken frag
ieets,t uon- a rough, and stormy : tea,
actually trying to make from those frag
ments anew craft rather than to over
come their false pride and ask for a place
o board the good old fhip, which has
outridden the ftonn, without' mast or
helm, and which is now. as ever before.
r id if g. the" wave, -with canvas tet and
colors fijiuv We. sincerely trust .that
- these meu triirseC the utter hopelessness
of their undertaking befoVe il is too late.
They fjstsSt mt;al!y'witli that vionary
prtject too bng, cr tha good old lup will
bi oat of haillug distance, and they will
be left toak, ia vtheirorrcAl graves
"nnksclled, uncofSnei. and uuknown."
Therefore it is high time for them to
commence the ronsultation of their judg
ment, rather .than of their prejudices or
thejjr pride, and when .they begin so to
do thev can not iafl tt ece the hopeless
ncss of their iiu.ti io, acknowledge their
grfef tnitf ftdr ftf for a footing on
deck of our sound coppcr-bottoniel f and
our enemies say copper-headed) craft,
eT,etthQBh jt uo. before the mast as
common geamea. Let them refer to the
past and they can not fail of being con
vinced. rrtident fy3ereepied, to the
Id Whig jtarryp the same position, that,
v in all prpb?.bijityr President Johnson will
to the Republican party, TheiPemo-
cratic ; party, approved; of his veto of the
National Bank s heartily as they approve
of hliSottsfefio bffthe Ffeedmea'g Bu-
reatt Bill." 1 et the Democratic party did
not become Tylerized then, and neither
'will t ;be9Qm Johnsonized lnoTV-.cAa
effort -Was asade then, :s iow, by" spoil
hunters and placemen to fdnn anew party;
in fact Tyler was regularly placed --in
nomination for the ensuing term, but he
and his partyt between the great contend
ing .Whig and Democratic forces, were
groaed fcj powder, as between the upper
and r E ether smiU; stones. .. Such wiU1 be
precisely the. fate of . a third, party now.
The issue looming up before us, is gigantic
and, well-defined j the two existing organ
izations are m battlo array, ,and no other
or less- trivial issue "wili attract popular
attention tmtiJ jthe question .now pending
is put forever at rest. The great issu.
now beSareT as' ihiagh maV, ia the
coming State contest, be ignored by our
eaetuies frc::i palicyl 'and thought it may
assume,'-at home,- more or . less definite
shape, is the, great one In relation to the
qualifications gC. American citizenship.
Tha-niilcaa' party, debanchedj by
sympathy fit aud close ' association with
tLs .uegroiy Ms. formally declared itself in
fare? cf the deoraditioa cf our "citizen
fchjp, by conferring it, upon all ofthe
human species cf. the nude gender, of all
races, classes,- colors and kinds. On the
tLor hand -the Democratic party, inher
itkig i tie fj-iue ot U3iaiate-VudsIan
- Bloo.J; fiithe-traditioas of aa honorable
" atfeUVthk -reptigaast at4 dan
gers itsaovaticm, and insist that the
white taaa must henceforth, as heretofore.
rttk:"'the destinies " pf "this", Continent
Witi such gigantic issue before us. aa3
with the party lines so well and sharply
defined, there can be no hopes of a third
party. No minor issue will bo heeded
until this is settled. - No parley will be
had, nor will any truce be accepted by
either siile. And these miserable go-betweens,
unless they join one or the other
armies, will, iu all probability, betroddcii
down between the contending forces, lose
their dishonorable lives, perhaps by the
friends they sympathise with, and imperil
the cause they really wished to succor.
We frankly tell these gentlemen that
their hopes of n new party, are neither
founded on facts or judgment, that they
are imleed most abortive aud delusive,
and we cautiou them to finally aud for
ever abandon them, before it is too late.
Let them reflect calmly and dispassion
ately upon their present disabled condi
tion ; the character and elass of their
associations, and they cannot fail of hav
ing the same feeling, among the negroe
and negro worshippers, that the Prodi
gal, spoken of in Scripture, had among
the swine. And when they sineerclv feel
this repentance, and with truly penitent
hearts retrace their steps to their father's
house the Democratic party they may
he' assured that thev will receive a hearty
reception, the fatted calf will be killed
and we w ill all rejoice when " these our
dead are alive again, and these our lost
are found."
Shf.-Pixmk.rkrs. A delegation o!
Radical women, headed by Mrs. Senator
Trumbull, lately import uned the Presi
dent not to pardon a Mr. Cox, a wealthy
citizen of Jcorgetown, D. C, who sided
with the South. Tho reason these sho
spoilers had for this unchristian conduct
was that a bevy of strong-minded negro
worshipping women had appropriated Mr.
Cox's beautiful residence for a " National
Colored Woman's House Association,"
and they wanted to hold it for that pur
pose. The leading tabbies iu this philan
thropic scheme arc making handsome pin
money out of the institution. Like Bel
lows and all the Sanitary Commission
Agents did, these women make their 14 As
sociation " pay.
Good Ahain. The loyal scoundrels
who arrested, imprisoned aud otherwise
outraged Democrats in the North during
the war, on allegations of disloyalty, arc
now being made in many cases to atone
for their acts of villainy. One Scroggs,
who was Provost Marshal in Western
New York, put ia prison a Democrat
named Chas. P. Davis and kept him there
eleven days. Lately Mr. Davis brought
suit for damages against Seoggs for false
imprisonment. The loyal petty tyrant
pleaded good motives " for his unwar
rantable conduct. The jury didn't see it
in that light, aud gave a verdict for Davis
of? 1, 150. Scroggs had his fun ; now he
will have to pay for it. '
The Hypocrite. In Cleveland, Ohio,
a short time ago, a loyalJustice suuimou
edajury to try a jrase, and among the
loyal jurors selected was one negro. The
other jurors were to a man Abolitionists
who had favored negro suffrage in the
South ; yet they all got very indignant at
having a negro on the jury with them,
and finally the Justice had to excuse the
darkey. Abolition preaching and Aboli
tion practice are essentially different.
i , j !' ;
! No?,. Dead.-A short time ago the pa
pers reported that McCormick, the in
ventor of the celebrated reaper, was dead.
He is not, it now appears, and has lately
made a bequest of 10,000 for the estab
lishment of a professorship of practical
mechanics in Washington College, pre
sided over by Robert K. Lee. McCor
mick is a native of Virginia.
Oxe of 'Ext. B. H. Day, an intense
ly loyal Kadical of New York was fore
man of the Grand Jury which indicted
several Democratic papers for disloyalty
two or three years ago. The same B. II.
Day is now charged with printing and
publishing indecent and obscene pictures.
No doubt he is one of the pillars of the
Church of the Puritans.
Beast Butler. During his reign of
terror in Louisiana Beast Butler stole a
statue of Washington from the State
House in Raton Houge, and sent it North.
The people tf Louisiana are now endeav
oring to ascertain what became ;of it
Most likely the thief sold it out of the
country. .
Bebel-Generals. Late State papers
say Ex-Generals Heath, Pillow, Hood,
Longstreet, and other Southern leaders,
have been in Cincinnati and engaged sin-
teen hundred white laborers, and purchas
ed eight hundred cotton ploughs, to work
plantations in the South. ' -
; -Kobekt Toombs. This distinguished
man is a resident of Havana,' and has his
family about him. He haa ample, means,
and proposes to pass his days in that trop
ical clime.,-. - ""- ,y,j-., 'J
' Well Pboposed. It is proposed by
tne JJemocrats ot KJmo to erect a moau
ment to the memory of Colonel i Samuel
Medary . ;. ...
' The New Orleans Crescent describer' a
character in that city an old man, clad in
seedy garb, bent in form, and wrinkled in
face, dependent upon friendsr who once en
joyed an income of $-30,000 a year and was
a TUMffUtf Afinta in tils lirvewAlitma ' f. In l & 'aT
be gave one soiree, which cost him $25,000.
The peculiarity of the case is, that the old
rellow takjaa his reverses with a Christian's
philosophy and enjoys life as keenly as
when he rolled in wealth".
The Co ii federate 'iuik.
Wo think it n high and important duty
devolving upon this generation of I he men
of the South, says the Montgomery, Ala.,
Leilger, to transmit to posterity an impar
tial vindication of tho noble Jott illl'.ited
Confederate causer lis enemies malign
ed it before its fighting era begun; they
persistently misrepresented ig during eve
ry phase of that gigantic i "litest ; and
now that it is overthrown ;fiid hlceps iu
eternal death, their hate, or passions, or
prejudices, render them incompetent to
correctly attest it before the tribunal of
aftertinies. It is impossible to entrust its
guardianship to them.
The men of intellect ami cultivation in
the South, who know, because they feel
the priceless estimate that nil of us set up
on it, must become the preservers of its
memory, and by truthful delineation of
its origin, progress, ano; tall, enable tuos
who succeed this age, to properly judg?
of the pure motives and honest biuccrity
of those who upheld tho " Comiuered
Banner " in the "CJreut Bebclliou. '
Kvery vestige of vitality and potency in
the cause itself is lost ; but its spotless
honor and reputation should be us dear to
now and hereafter in in other day upon
some glorious victory of Lee or .Jackson.
e cairuot afford that other lands or oth
er things should attach any thought of dis
grace to that cause, or brand with dishon
or the name of a single man who bled or
suffered in its service. It should be a
chastened consolation ol all of us-in re
membering its tr.iuie and mournful desti
ny, that not by thought, or word, or ad,
have we detracted from the high praise
that is due the heroic valor and suffering
displayed in its defense, or the lofty uud
unselfish patriotism which actuated the
motives of those who guiJe and support
ed it.
But while asserting this, which is un
questionably our due, we would not be un
derstood as advising a spirit of crimina
tion or recrimination against those who
differ from us in that momentous struggle.
A far off history will justly place the odi
uni of comparisons. But while reeognii
ing our terrible l;ses and overwhelming
defeat, let us still stand up and protect all
that was so noble and virtuous in that hon
ored cause. To the last let us maintain,
that for no venial, or ignoble, or trivial
ends, did we commence or pursuo that un
dertaking, but that iu all sincerity of pur
pose we believe that our violated rights,
outraged manhood, and insulted honor re
quire it. In thus -vindicating with his
torical accuracy the priceless aud immor
tal memory of the Confederate cause, wc
cast no obloquy or contumely upou those
who opposed or reproached it.
Heading for AUolitlonltt.
Fifty years npv, the British Govern
ment had valuable colonies iu the West
Indies, where nu immense amount of
tropical productions were grown by the
regulated labor of happy and contented
uero slaves. A few years later, Eng
land, in a fit ot 14 ldiiiaiithrot'V," abol
ished slavery in till her dependencies, and
the result has beeu a steady and rapid
deel:ue in the productions of her West
India possessions and a still more fearful
degeneracy of the negro race. At pres
ent those islands, the most favored by
nature of any portion of the earth, tcarce
ly province enough to supply the meagre
wants of the .wretched beings who inhabit
them. Plantation, ouec under a high
state of cultivation, are now covered with
weeds, aud the elegant mansion has given
place to the nolo hut. Has the freedom
of the negro improved lib condition in
those favored islands? Ila his freedom
increased his knowledge aud usefulness
has it demonstrated his capacity to
govern himselr : lie is freo and has wen
for years,' and the result is thus told iu
tho London Standard :
Sndden emancipation, wear told, exempt
ed him i'ruin the daily necessity of labor de
fore he had acquired those inntincts and de
sires of civilization which might have stimu
lated him to labor for the take of gratifying
them. He has souatted down in idleness
and sensual indulgence wherever land was
plentiful; and sank back to the barbarism.
the sensuality, the heathenism and supersti-
turns oi nrs ioreiainers. 1 lie reports ot the
West India Governors leave no diu?t on the
mind of any imnartial nerson tlmf rinaiinn.
tion has fulfilled nont of the promises w hich
were so cunnuentiy made "by its advocates.
It lias not made the noiiro a Imttcr. a wiser.
scarcely a hapnier man. He is more brutal
and less useful than he was a a slave ; he is
further from the level of a white man ; he is
more savage, more, vicious, less amenable to
reason, less grateful for kindness, less sensi
tive to religious influences, and in every way
a worse man than tho Virginia slave of l8Gi).
Emancipation ha not jriven Us security
against negro rebellion.
This is a true but not a flattering nor
encouraging picture of negro emancipa
tion, llow Jong will it be before the lib
erated negroes of the South will u squat
down in idleness and sensual indulgence,"
and 4sink back to the barbarism, the
sensuality, the heathenism aud supersti-
. - I IT'S n,
uons or nis ioreiainers :
A Malicious Oi trage. The ladies of the
First Methodist Episcopal Church (South)
of Lexington, says the Observer and Itenort-
er, having determined to hold a fair for the
benefit of their Church, applied for and oh
tained permission of tho owners the use of
the building on the corner of Short and Mar
ket streets, formerly occupied by the Govern
ment for military puposes. For two or three
days they occupied the second story In inak
mg preparations for their fair, when a guard
oi negro Boimers was placed over the premis
es, and they were no lonser nermitted to en
ter there. No explanation of the proceeding
has been vouchsafed to thern, and we are left
to conjecture its cause. The one generally
assigned is the removal; by the con sresra tion
a few days since, of certain radical officials
of the Church- However this may be, we
have seldom heard tf a pettier or more con
temptible use to which the United States
army eoqld be put, than this indirect nrohi-
bition of the holding gf ladies' fair for the
oenent ot a t'nurcn.
i Chakitt. That charity alone endures
which flows from a sense Of duty and a hope
ia God. This is the charity that treads m
secret those paths trom which all but the
lowest of human wretches have tied. That
is that eharity which no labor can weary, no
ingratitude detach,, no horror disgust ; that
toils, that pardons, that suffers ; that is seen
by no man, and honored by no man ; but
use tne great laws or nature aoes the work
of God in silence, and looks to a future and
better world for its reward. ; f ,'v ,
; Some weeks since, Gen B. M. Prentiss
and son of Quincy, 111. "were fined for horse
whipping a young man who was visiting the
General's widowed daughter. On the 12th
inst. this daughter drowned herself in her
father s cistern. v -
The Oppression ol' Tiimtioii.
The receipts from internal revenue, to
day, were seven hundred and twenty five
thousand dollars. The receipts from .July
first up to dale are one hundred uud eighty-seven
millions live hundred thousand
ifollars. The Commissioner is confident
that the receipts will reach three hundred
millions for the fiscal year. 1 Washington
llow long will the people submit to be
bled iu this atrocious manner ? llow long
will they nubmit to have industry and
trade burdened with such mi intolerable
taxation ? This is only one form. tio, id"
our taxes. Of the oppression of thcother
the New Yoik Post (Uepublicunj nnys :
Headers hav e seen w hat prinedv profits
are divided among the b.urt holders iu
our cotton and woollen mills thirty,
forty, fifty per cent, yearly on the money
they have invested a quarter of a million
of dollars iu some instances anuuully di
vided niuong the members of a single
company. From -whom comes all this
money ? From the poor people, who
shiver in the bleak blasts that sweep or
streets aiid in the' tin warmed and ill ven
tilated cells of what are, called tenement
houses. If is well known that the differ
ence between the cost of a suit of clothes
purchased here nnJ one purchased in
Canada has become so great under our
system of duties as to def ray the expense
of a journey from many parts of ibis
country to Montreal or Toronto. We
may judge by the enormous amounts of
the dividends made by iho llastcrn mill
owners with what a crushing weight the
indirect tax on the material of garments,
levied at our custom-houses, falls upon
tho Aiueriean laborer."
The Petersburg In. let says: An old lie-
$rro woman in the iimrkct u tew morinni's
since, was interrupted in the naleof come ar
ticles she rxihwed contrary to the market or
dinance, and highly indignant threat, gave
vent to licrentirp lack of appreciation for the
blessing of freedom in au emphatic ejacu
lation reported to us to bo in these words:
4 Wish M.issh l.inciiin had done kej hit
freedom. Its jes like t'oitfedeiik nooo-v
more you gt on it, the less 'count it is.'
Her head's level, sure ! If all the f recti
mMi are as easily. convinced, wfgoiuwith
Mr. ltoutwell fer unirrif-il suffrage. Wo
men, d.irkicd, babies, lunatics, Indians aud
In Paris, when (he Kmpress stood ot the
bedside of o p or fcilovv dying of the cholera,
the death-damp on his brow, dcath-niiht
before his eye, he took her for u Sister of
Charity, and in answer to her quest ion,
said : " Yen, my fdster." " My f riend, "
said the Sifter, who sUmmI !cde the Kmpres,
44 it is not 1 who nm speaking to you, it is
th Kmpre-s.' " Let him call meVi-Ocr ;"
said the Ian press, 11 it is the mot fwaiuitul
name he could give me. It in a name France
never will for-rct."
A remarkably thin man observed one eve
ning a gentleman mn.-h inebriated approach
ing him in so irregular a direction that it
might have been concluded he had business
on Uith side tf tUa way. After they had
com e near, they eyed each other for "n mo
ment, when the lean man raid to tho other,
"Mv friend, you neem to have drunk ton
much." 44 Ye," wa the renlv, 44 and Sou,
iv.i I .............. i ... i.. "
A drunken lawver, going to church, was
observed by the minister, who paid to him :
44 Nr. 1 will liMr witne- ajiftmst vou nt
the day of judgment. " The lawyer, thak-
ing hi head with drunken gravity, replied:
44 1 have practiced tvventv-ftvo vears ut the
bar, and always found the greatest ratals
the first to turn State's evidem-e.'
There is said to be an cx-armv sutler re-
sldingin linfiatiandis, vvh.i ma le two millit n
iollors in tourteeu mouths, which lie invest
ed in United States bonds, thus escaping
taxation. Ho was a 44 loyal' man of course,
aid terribly severe in his denunciation of
copperheads and peace men. He made a
good thing out ot the war and doubtless re
gretted its close.
A Stwtch woman havinir invited a centle-
tnan to dinner on a -particular day, h nc-
cntod with the rwmntion, 44 Jt l nm fpar-
vd," 44 Wool, wcel," said Mrs. Robinson,
If yo re dead I 11 not expect ye."
44 1 wonder what makes hiy eyes so weak?"
a young exquisite once inquired of nlr. Ab
crnethy. 44 They are in a weak place," re
plied the lwtor.
ubore iiaiiied lnvtitutiun nf Li'aruing, at a
mvctiiig hcia on iSnttinlar, -Syr, 1 1. ioo, rc-nrtsan-tbo
Sehaxil. ly thfi cinployment of Rev. W. A.
FIXLKY. A. as rrBsnlent, ana ll. A. aiim
tiun. Kso., Professor of Matbctnatica.
The Profc-esors havinir cliarce of tho Inslitutimi,
pleiljro theiusclvea to devnte UUtirillK Utten-
to the interests of the puiiU jilacc-d uudcr
their aupervwion. r
AU tho branches of learning usually tanght in
Colleges will receive spoelal attention when desired.
The Trustees iutend to iniiko the CurvuU'w t'ol-
worthy the patronage of all friends of cducatiuu.
Primary BniscnKS ., $10.00
prkpab atort, ditto......... 12. so
Adtahck!, ditto 15.00
.Of those living out of the Connty. tiayment re
quired hivariably hi advance. Thoxo in the City
and Granty, oue half m aavance, tno oaiunee ai
the close of the Session.
TifVor further particulars' addrcM the Presi
dent, ItKT. V. A. Fi.NLKV. Corvallm, Oregon, or
SI. UAAir.KWLftl,
President Board of Trustees.
Dcarmoer 2, 1S65. 17-tf
Every Physician located in the country or a
small village, and engaged in the praetiee of his
profession, has more or less frequently found the
successful treatment of chronic diseases difficult, u
not impossible, owing to the absence of many fa
cilities which are within the reach of thojje residing
in the cities and larger towns.
The undersigned has for this reason made ar
rangemcnts for the treatment of this class of cases
by which patients can have the benefit of all the
appliances known to tfc profession
Persons placed under bis care will receive in ad
dition to medical and ergical treatment, the bene
fit of Dr. Langston Parkers method of treatment
by fumigation ; the use' of many of the tpineral
and salihe watcrsj boiV for bathing and gonera
usa; bathing in sea water, to., when indicated ;
beside the ordinary general and local baths of wat
er, heated air and vapor.
Physicians having under their care or knowing
of persons afflicted by obstinate rheumatism, skin
diseases, diseases of the urinary organs, 'Ac, winch
have resisted ordinary treatment, will confer a
great favor upon such personB, by calling their at
tention to the facilities here afforded.
For special information apply in person or by
letter, to J. L. COOMBS, M. D.
' - 1 ; ! - ' - , Portland, Oregon
S- Consultation Rooms in Cree'a Building
over Well?, Fargo 4"Ca Entrance from Stark-it
1 the full ij'iir n! Min i-n. I m -I'Khiihi ki
ti-iidiiitc-c "if il iec!.inil).-l ii I'fin iet r uteres l
cktv (.'Meet tilt- lin i-1 pritii'i't ii n l t.uljfetr.r Bt-
(enlinii in evcrvlhm wlin-ti ttm liuiiw ulsoi'ls, li
clili'l'tiiin 111" tiiind h ml n'wi' elver ti llu- Imily.
Tin- Uilii.ilil Sntwiii if H-" i'li-'l wilh f li'inliil
llfllli' l;lt i-l uiHOtl-d d llitll U 11 tlic- tiet ha-
prti Vfun-iit.".
Ih alwuja Flijtlia-il vilh 1 tats very bi-et
4 1;tllS,
i.k.t.u iti:i:it,
mit 44 no roit i ii."
lfn tit Iihi on lmnil itlwuv n-ailv ter riiiniiiri,
lUiaMit frniii Yu'iuinn l'.uv. iirkmmli !f.';il by -1 i -vurr
tu l iiiiiur l any it a)tr touu I L-ltuirberc
un Uiu coaHl.
... v i.sii...
lli-lifil liji ia tins luci j-lvli-, uiiti S 1 1 r ntitip.
Tim Siiiluim i mi tlio ntir'.lie.-i t nriuT f
tlit lib ii k m t 4-a-t lii thiit 'u liii !a Hir..ii.'vr'ii
I'lia-ifle'l MaiiiK
Ailiuny, S. 2S. fn.'i.
j. d. srRrwcEi?,
mis i.u.Nd r.sTA!!, i 'M-
liiiidinux and Well funti'duHl lai.ii.-ia in iiiiliu-
taiurd rs A
1'lts.t-t Iush lutrrior Eloti l,
!'r llif e?il .r1;ii:;mi-iit nf r-f;tilar t'earilt-m and
iritti.ivii! fillets.
Tlti- Ti'ii)a Man ti t nitin !v r" lniilt vcr
and thiirni i.'v t- !nn.iii!i..l liiili NLW 1.5 K lit
lU'Miiijj iiii i J ti!ii!iirr.
OrKCE T-.I33LiI3
T. fir-.tiiU-rl w't'.i t-vfry ciiltantial a ml rare
ttvnt ill the finvii:?.
rzm rocras
rc OriH'iiiriii.i.K ntid mil v'iili!;if l. rrompt
and can-fu! a!ti-itilauri Is t!..!ire l In yart..
The fnlif'irida ftnge tintatiy' mail ene!ie
otn e 1 1 and i fr-nu fin1 f I 1. I'liargv iti'idf-rriie.
Att'ffir, Aii;.'u.-. 1 l;l, lSlij. aiit-llfr
Fri:ic a 8ii it i:va m that
lm-y lauve cut t llu faf vit amt l-t-t ct Ud
t h ki il
i'liloni Jatlc riolhin.? mid
ariitM I tirniltin;; iioviln
In U.i- latf of Hri';:i n. .tint aic aMo to iiifonn
i!ie -uUic that wc 11 tit as
As t!i-y can le Mirchaeil for iu Pan Franei-.i.
When V!';tinj; lVirdied ami ii-iri-iis t jiii!c!iaa
Hiiylhina iu tut iihuvf lim nf, wili tiinl it t
t! eir uiivi!!t:ij;? to
t?ie Cm- flot-k nf
ON TIIH 111 v i:n SIDE OF
lJclwrrn Arrlsotii'M anil tlic
l.lnrolit Iloitmc.
rrtlniil, I'of. 20. isr.3.
What Cheer House.
Front SI reel, between Yamhill
ami Morrison, Portland.
M. O' CONNER, Proprietor,
TQVl.n KISl'EnFll-LY IX-
l inn bi I'lriius and the 1'ubhc jreuemliv
that, having moved into hi
i4EW and splendid hotel,
Ho In now Tin-pared to nccimitiimiiito any number
of tJuefta ni;h llnard mid Loiliriiifj. -
Laeh Itoom is lilted up with eu'.irtly
Sew 'Furniture, Carpet In??, and
I-re tn tli .spring Mattresse,
and U comiuiHlinuia and I'oinfortable.
I furnifhed with liie best of evervlliitiit the Mar
ket afiord;! fish, flerh, I'owl, vo'-etablun and fruit.
Hup(in?e brought froikthc steamers to the lintel
wilhuiit ebari".
A Fire Iroof Safe
Is kept fur the reciire keeping of Tieasurp or any
parcels of value belonging to !uinl.
ISotel Open at All Hours.
The Proprietor is thankful for the very large
share of pubjic patronage which has beeq given to
huu for Real's, and is continued to laiiu, aud would
respectfully Kolicit an increase of it. In doing so,
ho assure the travelling public that no expense or
labor will bo spared to make this bouss the most
dcxinible and agreeable Hotel iu Ureguu.
t'oi tlaud, Dec. 20, ISCi. i
PER PLOW'S, uud i 11 them ut reaaonnble prices.
I also intend to keep tlio Cast Steel Plow of Col
lins' make when it can be hud.
(Jive mo a call and see for yourselves".
Albany, Feb. 17. R. C1IEADLE.
15,000 hihcls of Oata. by
J Uifole cxisiing under the name of OLIVER
at MAKKHAM lias been lii'solveit ty mutual con
sent. All accounts pre payable to II. Oliver, who
will pay all liabilities of suid firm.
Albany, Eebruary 15, 1366. -
I tofore existing between the Undersigned un
dcr the firm and name of KOIIN & RICE, is this
day dissolved by mutual consent. .
. DAVID KOIIN will contiuuo to close tha bnsi
nesa at tbe old stand, and will pay all debts of the
firm, and is authorized to collect all debts of the
old partnership.
. , david koiin,
" '; ." '..,:' ' ' e. rice. ...
Albany, February 4, 1SG6.
. . .
All thosn indebted to the firm will please settle
with the undersigned, without delay. D. XOIIX
Son. IIS, I'iO antl r2 Troiif, or
nrr ol' .llorrlion Mr'"t.
mood n i:vs i ou Air,!
rpilEXKW Ol.l tllil fV IHTKIk
I Inn inK J" t li -i li ) -Hiiiiy loil lii-'l. tool I io'K
iii.w fi-ii'l v I'nr lli ii 'i iH hi nt liiii-'io, lli! Pr.jiri
i tnr wmild my tn llin I'iili ni n Vi ilhilii-Oi' I'lh'y
land (,r Siiiiilii-ni llri'ruii, nf f. I y r ( i.liiml iti
mill lalaili", and t' t!i - tr-ivd!iii I h!;o (jenerially,
It-iit lii i tn.w I - fly tiirni ruiUi all ln lavor
liini with tlieir palrim"
AT Pit!) I.H TO HI IT.
'flu- Nt:w I'ol.rvm i l n-i - ir;-l v tn-w Imi'dtrtif.
Iianl fiiiiln 'l, rdix nt II vi'iililntml mnJ w-H f'"--
liinllfd, ii tins Ciii;ll'ilv t'l f' I .ably III Pillltlill-
dati! Six llamilri-il llm rtji.
Tb ' 1'inii'K I'.'ioni U larj'a and fiiii!fi'i,.i"HJ. and
lian line uii of tuoum witia i-idniiiliij; d'atii, f r
the tiiim:
Will In ftirnii-lird wild I lie l.e.i dm M iirltt-t aftur U,
fid tlii" Pruprii-lor I di lnrmliiaxl ii hotel iu
Pnrllniid fhull shI bis in lijij Ljix''.i!fUi'i', ut'J,
uud 0'ilnjil". tt-.n'"i of hi" litb'e.
Hol ohl ui;l Miuurr Uiiilm,
pur t!ip ilm-iit, I'n-e T fliwe.
i i.ntpv I'liap lnjf Fate
I'fir the Svenre 'leprir it if vnlioib'.in bi-lina-ring to
The ft (lnc-rfs c'livcyed to and from
tlii- ll'iM wi:!n iil clmrari".
Huu.te t'jit-n all niht.
Hoard, per WfiK - -lloiin!
untl f.odInsf - t to Hl
"f'h Puipriftor ut !i!l liuifi rndi-tit or t
liti-aiinbii alufaUri, anl w lit! iin-eiittly
I lie JiulrmiHgo id thi- tr:ii Ui:ir fil..'ii".
1". 11. MNWuTJ-, I'rujirietor.
Portland, lcc. 2, I ' tii.
A AN Y,"ol i 1 2( i OX.
OflHcry Mile and Pattern.
And Garble Uoi Kol A" Kind.
THU FI.i:sT EallTTUIll.MJ 1
thk iikst :xi:cuti:i wokk
In the tntr of Oregon 1
All work done nt my Marble Tcrd i turfird out
i.tB lo t v jMrf-rt ;iti),f,ic!ion lo my j-ulron.
Will be usual parties crdcring work flaitll iekct.
The I.oest lAvlnz Trices
Will be i d ia t-vuy ir.itai!e.
Or3er from er,y Part cf the State will
b raithtally and rromjtiy J Ulca.
T ju lit l iu J5jiniiter r.:c:fi- lla.i, ,,n tLe wmI
tidu of the :i .t luaniti i'roin lot river.
Th; j!i!ili( art- invited t eail tt my iho
ami esaviiin- f ciinrn of wurlt.
Ali'aiiv. Jianiurv fi. l'i'fi.
lui jre, t'hi'ici! and hit BW.'ttcd t.t'k of
Old Jantatra r.uni,
Spw KrrjTlJsnd S!um.
Tennent's, and Maurice, Cox. &
to.'u Ale and Porter.
M"r hanfs nnd Penlprs from the Interior are re
spectfully invitt'il to cM and vsumiue my stock
luif'ora iiiiri"haiiiiff t'lewhpre.
J'ortlsud, ltc 20, IH63.
tiro intort-rt - iu tl.a? ALhA Y EOL'NiRY
Prepared to Furnish
Of every descrition, on short notice. Also,
All Orders for
Will be filled with dispatch, and in a satisfactory
. manner.
Agriculim'al InapSeisicnts
Manufactured to order, and particular attention
paid to Repairs.
All kinds of
done to order on short notice
Albany, September 16, 18i55.
or will Manufacture to order, eyery style of
at the shortest notice and lowest possible charges
Boards Matched and Planed.
Work executed in a, style not surpassed by any
Shop in the State.
; The Mill is in the lower part of the town,
on the river bank, at the eorners ff the joining
claims of Uie Montieths and llacklctpan.
Albany, September 20, 1SC5. . ; ,.
Is the place to save money : where you can buy
jroods at Small Pi-ofits. I5o sure and call, and so
fur yourselves. a"l t R. f'HEAPI.E
s Tin: IIU llT 0 HT OF
t!.e Mule of Oregon, fuf .), (.......(v of I.ion.
Mi.n-li T "ii, J --fn t ' '
I Mi-UNK K. illt v, I'laintiir h-uit in K-juity
.ii:riKU-os 'iirFr.)tlI1,ri j
ToJIJ i i:!MN IItrrf tll iief,,n.l. t In Iho'
iiliuvi- i-iilitkit cmim j
It. tin. mime of tliePi,, tlf Oregon: Vou art)
lur.b.v r. 'iinr--l'!V.mnw(m,., ( fl,,,,rBr aod an.
.nra-rilx" - a ..7 ..f llio pj,,, m j , above
,-ulitU 1 eauw, tn.w - a lil ,,;,, vn witli the
( link of tli caul witMi,, (,' ,uy f the ,
dale of lb ie i tint ia,,,,,,,,,, upam Voti if
(.rv-.l in f. l !.o:ii P' u..t?(0r.r.,ii, orif "ived In
",v "(l1"' '-'"oily m th'r 8tt t'o ii williitt twenty
-Jays f tin- 'Ut . - f -nif fc, rM(f f,p, yu . if
, rvi; I ' ot. "I i l Ratta ,v lh-firt day of
th-.' next l. rrl nf the ti tUM t c. ifc,
Iowa of A!!ofiy in the ;1)U county on ths
loi-.rlli M'.rdsy in March.,.;,-); And you ar
iiiilln r noiilifd :ti;il If yon fail t ,iriwi-r an abov
r '(iii-ed i!io fr.i l eomplaint iU l,P ih-ii for eon- ,"
fc-l ' t''" I"'"?""' '"fadiMolHtitisi ol the mar
riiti; l.e!wi-ii li e raid I'iaiijiHf ,i.t rouruelf will,
be fcrant"d by the Court, an eI til, r.-e for the
mi.! imd difbiir-imefii f fte I'lajmiflT Lereia.
Hv or ler of llo Court;
(jl'INN TllOH.VT0Jf,pt,!WtOTfor I'laiatiff.
Pifly rent revenue rtatnji.J
JVbruary , Iftflrl.
I, O. W. UU bi.rdon maeriJ of the nald Linn ,
eoiinfy. r-rtft'y tin." fora-t-oicg u, ,e n true copy of
be ori;;iini! Kicwraoiaii in n.iid ujt in equity.
' O. '"'. W'l"ul,,' Sheriff of JjuaCu., Ojriv sr
$50,000 JV70BTH1
c 1 1 a 1 1 1 ;i :sjjah i ktt;
rront Street, and ffo,' 5 WatLingtcn '
Street, f ortlaad. 1
The ItrpreNt, .Host tiu rsil, and"
;llt kplt ndia AiiorlniHiit of
on 'in:; pacific coast,
iticiiLY lion; i. '
nililrs, ri-Mjt r and Iljtisn Rook,
An IiiimeiiKe Assortment of
Orders From the Inferior.
Portland. November 16, ,
Nan I raurinfo, C'ul.,
' oiae of lite Urttt and lnyt xtrt'it Klwkl of '
iaH.lti in i-vi ry I'cii.i! iiu-jiit f Liti rstnrc-, and Ktt-
.le and l:i-y .cleti-.titry t it found etywbere ia
the woild. 'I'ttvy o-cii.y nu i-i.tirc baiiifitiff, S2 by
ft- t, ilir Kiorb s, i n Mcrehant ftreel, which
eiiinerir in the rrar with the More wi Mmitg mery "
i!n i t. Tlifrc sn. tiine dpfiartan-iitii, i-sch urratagtd
undtr many i ululi vif-ifiis, a itillowii :
Jliwrellntieoa UooU.
1. Hift'.ry ; 2, ISiop rri by : j, Novels; 4, Grrn .
mt-nl nod Politic: b. llcbiilion l-itciutore : 6, ga"
jtfial and Eihii a'; 7. .Meiiiail Md Jl'nal fck-noe; 8-, ;
l.Bi!frua; lin t orat, ry , g, l.tiiv and th ;
!B-ifs : l), P,try ur-l ti,t f., ram ft; 11, Wit and ij
Humor : 12. Fit-sii ii; Vi, VI mkt colhettd itfo il-,
uuii-?; I t. 1 ivLtiiii-i.nry slid Odd Fe Ih w.Lip: 15,
Mi.-i'-!laui nu Fn'.j.ei : Ifi, Kibit. prayer liotk, ,
and llyiiiu Hook; la, Iiiuiifatcd Woikt; IS, Jttf .
-fiile lin.ks.
fielontinr BoebK. '
1, Military tttid Kaval - iMsfae-; 2, K&viatkxf.
a&d f?iiip l'.iiii iuijr ; 3, AreliiiMtuiv Rbd t'R'ntry ju
, J'iie Art"; a, ti.uiny tnd Lic-cirk-t M- .-.
eliatitciii iSi ioiiui. ; 7, A) j.!iial Wicltsnl .-4i lba.
I evful Arts: J. turrciity. Trswie at.d Ucro6$fr
V, lutln.mai:cs n.nd hiitstttriug; lo, Ai-trusxmy ;
II, tJeOf;:.l;by, EldoraiioD kad ( iiiiiatoloijy ; J2r;
Zoology, Minib;;, ttc.j 13. Katurtel lii-ttry pf tba .
.Minc fiti Iviiigiii.iti ; 1!. Vcitbl Li.'.tii ni; &..
Agrieiiiuiri: : 10. Ii, nu !ie Artf 17, AuiUttnttiU.
(iiiiiii s ami l oi luuf 'J ..lii.'ig! L", i'hoi! j 19,
'yi.ii. jviiijis and Iiftii.itark; 20, Uetwial and ;
Pujialar ieacnc: 21, JUtHllanetnts Woika.
31 tllfn! RooLh. , '
Als-'dd, Anatf-my. A;io,lciy, A-t!,ms. Aascnl--:
tidi-.Jii, liiood, I'rrtiu. J;j j-cLiii, Cbc.-t, CfatmiFtrr.
Children, (hiTifonn. l-'htafeia. CliiOiiic. Cotisnmp- "
ti m, liai.'f'm-'i?, Iefotmitiei. Drutal SMirgcry, I)io
tiouarit . liipission, l'ijri.iri, l;ijiifatorics, 1U-s-tor,
ioiui-si;o Midla ino. Virnfr, Efilfy, Ery
niotlas, Kyaj. lViii!a , K ver tioat, litmijl., HearV
Itbitutoxy, Ilomotoi ati y, Jlrdft'patl y. Ir floetiv
If,iHiiiiy, Joii -fs, Liv r, I.U6. lt ria 'edica,
Mt diCil Jnritjirud. i tM?, J!tiabrDf. Slicrofetlic :
Midwifery. Mii.d. Jt'trttcs Kvsttm; JCtnralpia. Ob- -Utiies.
Pul.y, Pa rn l.r kiss. PatboUapy. Pharmacy,
PLyti'itogy., Poios, Prartic, Pi- :
fcrijti.'i. l's-ve'ii'b pv. R-t turn, f;i 'i)u.atism. Scur
ry, serofulii, kin. uiaiifwac, ?pin, aStowaMdi,
Surgery, ILroat. Tobacco, Water Cure. -.....-'
Enj;1i?li Ritwrts, American Reportu, State R
orU aud 1'itit?. At ridtmeot, A b tracts, At
tious at Law. Admiiii-itrBWirf, Adwkalty, Agency,
Ariiitralion, A-iif:i!im'iit!i, AttacLweBI?. Psiimints,
Uaukruplcy, Carrkrs, Chamery, Civil Law, Ctades, !
Coinmereial Law, Ca niiiioa Lr, (.'ontniels, n
vtyaiiv'uii,'. Corjiorfitioiis, Criminal Law, DamagM, -
Hirorce, Equity, Evidence, Executors, Forms, Ib
mraueai, laisaniiy, Ju-iice of tb Peace, Jurirdie
lion. Landlord and lnant, 3'ritiin JLaw. Mer
cautiie Law, Mtxban Law, Military Law, Mines,.
Mortgages. Pui Inert;!. iiis; Patents, PerxtmsJ Prop
erly, Pitiiaiii-, Pr.'eiii-f. Railways. IU'al Property,
RvVi-nae, Hi.l'i, Khi.pinf, MmnriJ. i'lnily of Law,
Suretyship, 'lax Lw. Tnistots, Vtcdors, Wills.
St liiol Itooli
IlavinR special U rme from tl: pricripal publish
ers of School Boole, from whom we bny in Tery
large ini!ntatic, we can. sell at lower price than
aiiT dcftler on the Pacific Coast, '
1'hi dtjmrtiui.-iit is arranged under tha followin; "!
head : ; , .
Anatomy and riiyio1ogy, Astronomy, Bk- .
ke;pin, Rotnny, Calisdicnics and GymnasticaV' '
Chemistry. Chincw, iielsVw anal Porioguese; Cobs- J
puitition. Rhetoric and Logic; IHeUofiaries, Draw- v.
ing, Eloentiou, French, Ueoprapliy, Geology and
Miiiorjilofry ; tiertuHn, Grammar, Ureek, History,
ltari'au, Liilhi. Mathematics, Mtatal Philooihy.
Music. N; lli.ttiry. Natural PUiloeopty. Ob-i
ject Tcl.ii)g, PtJiajartfhip, I'oV.lxnl Economy .
Readers and fnih m, ipaiiish, Tesclitra' Register,
IVaehtrs'. Library, MiHancoiii Edsa atiojoal
Workit, Si braol Ajiparams, SchfHil iSfatioDory.
Aiiiiuis our own publications an the fouowinr -
Educational Woiks -;
nearly rendr.
preparing. f
be followed by
CLARK'S HISTORY, preparinff.
Religions Boobt.
Commentaries, Concordance. Dictionaries, Eccle
siastical HLstory, Pruyers, Sermons, Theology ant :.
Subscription Department. :
In this department acBts and canvasser eaa.
always find a variety of Books, Maps, EneravinR,
io., which are not sold oat of any bociV-etore, but.
exclusively by subscription. Full information ,
promptly givtn npom application by fctter or in.
person. ,
Affidavit, Agreement or Contract, Alignment,.
Bill of Exchange, Bill cf Sale, Bond, By-Law,
Certificate, Chaitel Morttrapas, Check or Draft,.
Coroner County Court, County or District Court,
Custom Haui. DeelarHtion of Homestead, Deanl,
District Court, Lease, Mortae, Xotice, Power of "
Attorney, Probate Court, Promissory Note, Pro-. '
test, Receipt, Release, Return, Satisfaction, WilL, '
Writing Papers, Printing Papers, Wrapping Pa
pers. Tracing, Copying. Parchment, Boards, Blank
Books; Pocket Books, IXjfcs. Envelopes, Ink, Ink
stands, Mucilage, Sealing Wax, Wafers, Poas, -Cards,
Games, Rulers, Folders, Cutlery, Erasers,
Rubber, Globes, Slates, Crayon, Pens, PenciU, Pea
Holders, Brushes, Colors, Instruments, Quills, Tab
lets, Labels. Tape, Seals, Hips and Files, Boxes,
Scales. Eyelet stamping Cutters. Racks, Weight,
Calenders. Twines. Pictures. Photographic Albums, "
Alphabet Blocks, Binders' Materials, Miscellaneous.
Stationery. . ..- .
Orders way be left with E. A. Freeland, Albaay,'
or, please address 1L IL BANCROFT at CO.,
augI4-6m Sua Franeisco.CaL . '.
IVOTICE! ' ' :f
J3( tie up. Wo will take WHEAT and OATS .
at the highest Cash price, oa ul aceoants due i
r cash will do just as well.
an'JR J. FLEISOr-,