The state rights democrat. (Albany, Or.) 1865-1900, August 28, 1865, Image 1

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STATE RIGHTS nKMOgiAJJPK" avunx. ks-aik.
His low on Sesro Miiirnjrp. itc-eom-tc-Mclloii
imtl the TroKtmnsI
Office, ever the Eloro of J. N&rcrcss & Co.
flnv i'nni Fnm One Ycnr -
One-Copy for Ji Months -
. 3
The following is copied from tin revised
report of the speech made by Major Cen
tral Franc's P. l!:tir of Missouri, at the
banquet given to him in St. Louis. Juno
-'I. Wo risk Democrats to show it to
their Abolition neighbors. (Ion. Blair :
(ionilfim-n ami friends, the. war ha.v-
;M- Vnvtnmt to tw tumle i '-Kanrp in pvrv j in.g closed, substantially, M groat inch V of
rae. Tlte'l'sper itt net fce -eat to ary ''-'-; the moll wllo have been e!ti::iged in ft.
itnli,o .-.:- V i,t flip term !r whsou l -!tn.l ec ' . .... .,,
-ruivi saaiiif among others myseh, mi! soon rot urn id
Vie Hr tf-t i "'
11, Tiinrlv" fii'T boOpi: w.U i.e pon ?u
each SsiVvsrriuVif ' lite wk ! hit-U hi ri-.b-MTtnti.m
will rspi.v. mle '"'1'' i.
cnr.tinuaiu-p. acs.mi . Uii tui imai-i. l
'r'". -the Ppe wit' h U--oiKiauPil ! tha
adslrp-. -
ks lf tliP J'COpll'
ror Oae Sqaa, cf Twelve Lines, cr
Less, One Instrtian - - - - $3
Per E&ch Snlssneat lasettion - - 1
A Liberal Redaction from these
Rates t QMitevly, Half Yearly and
Yearly Advertisers, and Bjon all Lengthy
Advertisements, will be made.
CTTCf-inli'tit writing nvor n.r.mci! -i risatsm-f
r:il, jiiisl .-
Vr.-UMtoil :is h-jiU rivatos; luit ttu ;ivat
Uvstii!U wlnili h:.s disturboil t!to ojui
lilii'nnn .tur liuvfnsnu-ut "lor so Uunv
yoan.hrts Int-n ert!el, a td t-oliloil Yy t!o I li:io ro:ul tlu sj'toch v' tho
tiovtvnur ('our St;to, .doliveroil o :. ro
oo nt H i :isitn. uxul he said tin- s.iiiiii is ro
Uiniini; froiu .tln war oaino l::t-k ::inl
tiumi the soil of Missouri msnolhiteil hv
slavory; that whilst they had K-i'ti ti-ht-
(oV.oi'rs). sniil Andrew .lohusun was coin-1 front the illn-r hi t s iit-n t . -luihed willt tin
f.e'.led to put his foot on it if he wns :n j mantle of tnonan-li v ::ttd s.ei.'d one I the
iiotu-st mail. If he believes jit the Ciet-j fiiiM-t ten itoi ies of the Aiaeriean eonti
stiiutiun of the I'ttifed State-', w Itielt lie'iu-sit that Ihtfiyfmi'te, uillt one of (he
sv. i i f to oxeritte w hen he ion!; his, oath
ef office, h.e litu-t jutt his foot on
Now, 1 shall not pursue thl-j theme nt
1 irip-l'tu l:-. ill 1s iil lit.-. entile over :m
scaled him tufffc ll:l"Mo d" th- Moiit.e.'.u
mas tlur occupied tin- terri'.iivy wii'u !i iu
leriiosc fetNVecn mir Liei't Atlantic :uid
h he 'hreat ns
ui-seiit iroin me. aiiu i simpu. aiier so. f.ulu ide u- in luani as a icu.;e, .ov; v-o
Ionian ithsenoo, eomo und oioroie liu I ha 5,e y.'-d to 1 ok out in that ijtiarter, and!
rm-iit oi speakinir my se!int!ieias wutiotit : I iu re may !:e otiter on triers in vitu-n w
, .i i .i ... i i i
ail, teea;t-e there may no um-.e Mere vhm l"a -I'a-- a to-nnui hi win. it in.
lie l:irs t 'i" IJ''-M(t ruriUtzt ti'.'t ho ;
S?:th. :tnsl Ei(ls-t;sJs I'ri-Hidoiit I
Ytend.-n l'hdlii,
i.ndo :
1 1 ' J'l W luctl i
Afler .'cildu- III- fair odlWcat
... r
pW'T Which the V. lute ! -.!( e
j Hat;,;
i him.
w i'Ii
-!ate m "
.ah of i.ii,
aal h;i
'ill li.:
it tinier'-
e. 'Y
Mcf!!eT;-'.ti ealli those
i t l:c mi "lit tha.t i- tin-
politic?.-. :!;,! the--pivct of the
t ere. I it o'!--r preveiil
'. to l. '.-( Atldv .j'e-II-O!!
'.Iit I s..'uS,d f 'ha'le.
!ld -led-- Kelly's ,;ice ;iel
oa-, he'.- there.
tiue,' withotil
re-crve, hut tit the same
heat or partisan feeline;.
Hut there is anothe r jiropesition. wliit 1
has an intere-t lorn.'e. ait.t I neak ot i! more enemies than v i
hecau-e 1 ha o thnuuht of it mure than i there can I e it ju-ti-
shtll !tao f lo;k, :nd' we caiiitu! ::'I nd
toeaake enemies any mme than wo lce.
1 say that we eau't ail. td t i make ; i;
have. !
or any
IV (hi!
any otner in my rcecttt. career. v.hiNt I which is net demaieScit l v the t-afety cf
hae lost siulit of yotno d" (he ((ue-iions the Staie. Ice iu-e there men ha-.e nireadv
which hae aiiitati'il the Slate of Missmi-! heen alllicted h this war. And tvtalia
ri. f: ml lannot .-pefik of the i;:eat ii ties: ion 1 1 ion ! Follow in the track of the ;:imv
e:l licre. Verv
which w s reettt'v ''-trm
dt.-tinctlv, although I have a lurkiitjr : u--pieinii
nhout it. lint those ueiierai pics
tioiis I have thought a e-reat' tleal ahoitt.
and the next ipiestion is the manner iu
which wo .-hall treat the population of
the Smth. those even who have heen in
nieiils o
sev-es lo-W !t ." Weal! h.
:atid politic- - h" a-ks f. t
ad'.Ml!f;f:e of. the fourth
Meet theltiehes a'.'c:'ii-t
I Which p.'l.S-e ..-- ! ..i (1- l,
j ot hi'l' elctileii Is. as Ve'! ;-.
j I'iiillips then ': .
I Mr. Sutum-r. 3!
!.,th.ev sav to him :
: 1 it,,-, '
i par. lal.
jtato. I d.
I the-o
no-, f, ,c --
men!, t
ti'e lii!e l
th.-m the ll
the I
I ..- ;
V. !t:!e
;l in thf K .-Oni .! n il. I
VlrooiiMis I:t tf i :l menl f Sol
ttirs Is.i 't'hi'tr tltiocrs.
' : !:i it J'iII ( hroiiicie ives an
at of ::re;.i brutalities indicted -on
r- ! v i!:- o!V.- i- f th- !'
of the (. (',;
.... ;;t
make the !
The I'l'ey tdc'l t -
!;ot st e nt v v a
;.!! lemi le.-aV ''.
cl ar.'
- I
' What;'-'
.'iia'i ! '"'
that marched from thi : cit V .n : ,'ne mm.
and from thence to W:; -htntoii. witne-s-
Iie'tloit scetie of desolat ion Sit. I t'.c-t i'l'e-! 1
tion. itccearvwilhont doubt f.rthe m.Io-I' .v,"'r W:,V cr.rt. p: ii the vay d-Vl
tvof theCovermneut. a-.l v,n wi'l tltotk l"!"'11 l'fro you. -ta-ol 1 1! until it !.,-.
with me that there hr- li-oii r.taliatiorff 1 1 ,V""' v. :,v ck .r to P -r-
cnott-h. The war is ended, hut tho ih-s-j ?''' f '"" S'afe.. keep then, where
! tl... ....!...!:;, Il.r,. .,,.',.. l',..,,, it,; !.,!. ...i.. M I; ....... it...... -;i) tiie are. ttt I li a! !- t lie ;il'.H- .'.
. ... . i . . . 1
I it.
iu ; .arr'..-e
A man
-t.-r. iti2 h
Tosl4 to Aii!.t to Self.
(Jail Ilami'.tmi. in her late work, '-Htuin-hli'iir.-
1'locks'." sav-i :
. If ii''' wish to kimw whether vnu are a
f !.o.i. iiKjii't'e ot y'Ufr-e!t whether, Hi
..... . . i
oven! dol.yo!l Seek, to lllftKO
about vm by smiles and
tii 11
n :
- I - l'.e
pit.:! Hill !5Jmod.-'..iw.-:lr
ill derbn-nd. f
ill :
der cf an
!V the (
.!... .1.: i... i s
"t - .j " ii . . i ' . , onest'on I haven t had occasion to omtnit
aeliH've ! Iiero. Slavery- leal hcio. fan-! . , . , . . , .
- v i .7 ,i .j , i , inv mum :nce i si oko nere i.i- n: tt ut
1-lieu. .' vr-ts iff ... Hint liut!tiit - . . ' . ..
w ar i
shtrvry f-mi ttr .,' . It was the
that settled that question, and cdtheuuh I
nut care t o.cny to any of tho-e p a-
ted th. !amruai;e of onator lienton.
Their homes i xi-t no I
people ale driven out, at
for mv-elf. to a
and therefore,
u-tomod to look
tier rave him; that i-ithe :id e
, r.o!i!wc!I li-aic him ; that is the ;: !
i.fltd-e e!!v u'tve him. line n ,
or amiRvmiit!v. mu
-t n-n-Vc kin-wit ih
-r. v r j
name to th? tJItir. or no stt.cti'.ii wiU l.c :i',.is ot ha itiir snstatned the r.ntnos. ami
ta th.'ir cetunuiaUnti'.as.
All Lftt-.T at t'.'Ritnttm.-ati '"s wh .i'tu r en
hiineis ir f.r jiut licatv.n. bh i'..l lu i-..tdiv.-.eii to j
iV'at man o:i out; ceaion ua e ut-! things as I do. 1 can see le ucce--itv
teratieo to th? sentiment that no .der.t lion I fut titer makino- iriet-on odiou-. as it is a
.1 ...... . e.' ii. .i. '1... i': -...:l..
.i i . .. i . , . . i iwas i no oruaiu..n ot y nuorv. ' j.i wa at rea n ooinu-, i:no no ouiu-nuicii! inai wt
lifineii w no naie oeen :u imme. ii:ei,r ; , , . ,, - , .1 , ,!. it . .. -ion
M i;n',ir ;na in n in- i .i -, , , .r : i . o : : : - n.i 1 1 . - 1 f , c n-i , i . 1 ;i i, i ,ni,ri . , u.i i , ... i ,, n - ,
Ithem iu their eareer of vieterv. vet it was i
his ,! iittosi I'tid his .;(.,,(..; i-!iiac:i! V. liicli !a-ahe.:!v been ildiicted?
i i . I M
.1,.. ),;. i. 1,.....!...,;.!...! .... i t. . I -'- surroniioe i liiej on an
,.,.. ..... I, ii,!. m i nn .1 .n-i i:i i - ill I
the Kitifr.
.Spicy Inters tew Botwora I'rcsi
" lont Jhnin ant! Senator N;i-.-uer-Tltf
latter Suubbetl.
The Cincinnati lu-juirer of July 17th slavery, and have done with it
rivM the foiiowin'?: ''tholaiitjr iM!0H as thoy rri.-i
that eue-tion, and settled it forever Th
j'.ie-!;on havinir been settled. I think wo
sltould have s,,nie m w issues mnv, an-!
out'relv ones; that we mt-lu t-
in-;itu: i. ti 1
in ! Lie,
an t the
i cheer af;
1 teid-t 1'
oheor, lo-e 0 f ',r hiit:
i ties exultation he s
-Ide-. ajud
: In Ybe
dl: -Mv a ilooont burial l this
an f..r
it. the
A friend at . Washington a-sus us
tliat a fovr weeks since an interview to .k
pl.iee lotvcen I're-ilent dohnson ami
Scuator Sumner, wliieu w.i' .-abstain Saliv
as follows :
'Gi-od evening. Mr. Vei lont." said
Senator Sumner, hi-t week. ii;wm enter
inii the rres"hlcut's rinau i:i ihz White
'(Jood even-asi. Mr. Senator," revl'e !
the President. Th -e. he f.'iivl for n
moment, until I fitrsh a Jot tor to i'I
Tha ktttr Jvin? uni.-ht l. -3:? Piesident
tnmcd to Mr. Suiuner. when the hu'.i-r
paid :
" Mr. President. I have ciUe l n y ou
iroa.t i'.!, -t!o:i ev is, as tl
;lti:!td. the iUe-ti,.U of the IV
' f ihu State which h i-. e 1 e n
ijot'.. It seems to me to lv ,
j worthy of the oon--lueratiiii -'
-tale-men. and that they ik
I the .-odv to i;uesti,ns that arv
sfl'ikt-s n,
'l' j;.it!'..';atio!i
fl ietl Is. i:':t.itio,i i teiteral. hi
atiot: i- the .inatneiit !' let , ! .-'
New v. lit 11 We look 1 at k; an 1
a la-uoettt the origin ot the icbe!
ltrttiner-. in which it was bronnht to i'i--
1 refer to what . a- V !',Hl''
that ;
few arete 1 t em Iu iJu-s.- S.mth-rn S'afe-i
at'lnvd l v o '-a niirahu w lei "ot tin ir ami
' ptl!ll-:in:et:t !'l-;!!:c 1 ! V tlif lV:
War. by the pre. it oi ject we h.a l in V
- ! he" I e-!of,it i, ti of i.e. r t i over I! men! .
-:i!i t! ! f. no eth'-r roa-.i.
et Li r riiibt : ti-u- can its pr
an v other shai e n t -ilil he jtt-t h ii
e-s t!:e sah tV of tile (i.e,cnin,(
lew. i
m l i y- no
,est:o;i in
,,) ; po-it ion to bear bard u:
I ' 1 II'.' solution el III.' one-
Ins lit itii: n "in' M'ic. !
t i-oav to !;;i:e cott;-
tind on- I. ' ' 'I'wo t hi;
tie- i i j-1 i f- ; i in our -
111 lie-:
ti oi.
the I
r -, , ;-ii . j
ii '- up-.ij ;
'i i .'::- ;
. 1 1
" !
I'"-'.! the uthi
of Ihe I oil
e I litiiil !i'!
After two h
of -,vcre s a e s v::s
' uppre-s tie n
i-eu'lut.-iits beeai
;,--e,::h!e.l in si
oiie.-vs. dliis
lo th -o, t - j
to a round of
ih ' ':' ( ml ai the ground
' ;?i;:iU:-t the eaves o
ii i
Me v ..ope S!!--p.fill-j ...
-u rni'U'es to !!:!; o i ioi k.
sirs of sufferiii. th' erii-vi.e!'
.. Iio '. idiout M-vehf y;' .year's
peril. And policy, trie
aen r e t e
known to all ol" vmi when we -i e
i oi.tes li'om
: from the tiovevnmetit of tie- I'uiti-d
tates ; ftiri,l.(., hv the Set -r- tarv of
lived at by the I're-ide!.! the.
t- Irom lit'-re liiaiu
lieu. I ie-er- i. J t;ei ; t u
the i'eerinei w liieh !'.a e fee!) in! .-
hy the I'l-e-ideet of the l'iiite.1 Si t!,.., 'n
Jit's several eel.-.m.:-p 'U-i. and 1 ttt; the
iu e 'tiij'i-ii tain.
oneht to lv buried.
"i I ll o-e . ! tier li
' i ar. eot't
..r v
-e t iier I'.v i'i ts-ius
I lilted States ; wbenthc-e m n had ;;'t
n,.ve tne w hoU' ot t!te Mates ;n U:o:r h o: i-.
a.!i it.tere.-'t for our people, a' . .t-a v, i'! , 'hey t iM'ited tlie!r p.owi r, t hesr ai !n-:ieain-f '
always have an ititero.-t ie" ..n a. It i- Meen devoted t the rn'to'i ; and mir tlov
hctrei . :.'-o. ll-tt vv'd i;ct rid .f . erttinuti at Wa-hinoon s'.oo.l sji!!, atui
ti:e-e ,d 1 i--e. .. boc.itt-o we can then bet- d'l 11 'hiiur to prolect and defend th-i-e
1- tie
ill he h'Mie h.t tl
of ir.-e !.ej. wh;.di is :rll tha: w,
-Hatched iron i ilii terrible so, m-
a-1 : t i u. w ill re ay. i aitd I think
at !! distaut.iiav
we have uoiie.
ted hV
ii lie
i W !e re ! he 1 're-i !-.
i'I hat is the f.r-t r,i:'
i if he is not -;:,'.' .!
: ca.'l he he m 'di ! i'
I f ho i eon .Ttasteo of t h
v.iilJ1:' id. a' .Join:
f 1 -Vcem! , r C
, t.e;: k ers io.
ie : v. i ..
;-!.(!-- nn; oj'1 .!r.- e
la ! ,(' 'Ji :l-."-s i: . !
caii!!'-t .et a major
No taat', : w here
--lands; tlmr- s- the
they U"Ver will t. e
J - l! ! th" C"!:lf
( '!
I: en a
1 'lid and heart-ret
!a. e o in ' in- mot'tii u,v
-e. The soldier of the;!
- SO Hi l.o.MOItlt t !;..t t I.ev-
ejs :;::d .;ro:s!i d; tit the
'-Uiil!''- ,d" ll.e li'ien drew
!,!". tto.'tb'r of item, .y.-w
'dreti. v, h-ot o:te oi' 1i;o-e
ked that if w as a ba i haroii--
;ui--t iiii- ;u
haopy th
phoH.-mt saymjjs. 1- it a matter jf con
cermtK nt. when you sit down to your
break fast, to say a bright word of pympa
t It v. or endearment, or playfulness, to'
cheer your w ife, your son. your daughter T
lo you -.he Tommy a preliminary toss as
you -place him iu hi.; hioli chair, or do'
pyai.-e Kitty's first awkward attempt to'
-mooth her own hair? Jo you' notice
(lie little arrao.oemonts that have been
j do ;'lor your oomfort and convenience
! I 'o vmi cooitdiim-nt the cook on tlie nice
T':l hef
,!, .-o ii.,,..,-. i ,it Lab uuia UU
::"''i her s'd't lmtv f remind vou that Hhe fs'
''"'"! there, d.oi - vyitr hand slide down to ruli
r. and thas nttka her liatmier for'
yoitr ihoiieht "f her or. if a law of the"
Mode- : id i't r-ians forbids her the dining"
room, do you throw her a hit of bread to
eon- her exile? Is the faithtuTi!dotr'
(i- : i t-i.i 1 i . t
icoHee, or th.' !''!it mickw neat caKeg, or
I tie- U-aiitiful! v-hrov. n toast whkdl whe Setd
-p.-.rtienlarly if the cKtk bears
ishmen ' .
lie h
1' :
!l V, i
and -honk! b
r. An.-.ther
t! --,.i
k ! 'V to ! - hi'!
i. o-..-rt ;e-t he
rv .
ait the -niterine thiotteh
, i t -r jr. lire, with o'earaad unhias.-ed mil
!s : unarmed n. en who Were I'meni-?-". but
fir. I.iiiooln utile Jo:!. Dxyis to '
w,H ':' -,! '
io'l.e ;i the 'id
i e an p; . ot e or
he! H
!i'-re-s o. v ,-
Mom -
,i ' I to
o . . '
-id. -at
, .-! k ;
: (he
. '. I !. !
1 it hea- iao there j-i
f folnt-rnv 11- d.oa
a! ti s:iine time thro
I fe '.,fj. S ootid ut
:: ft ! i !" V osiieef ,
-ir-l :.b
-' an I
i w
r !,
I : !
wl i I:
k ', ;.t.
di d tieir
b : -them
M .tk.
ot the'ctoU'id.
havino- "j.ut i-n
.' le i f.y h',i sliare not (nilr'of fitful'
hut i f f verith a '. If you have yourself,
an uiicon.jiierahde aversion to cats and
docs; do yo i -till see to it that their XvfUt
a!, in tUi I ofh it to theni ? If yotf meet
a. ehii.l I--,' oo u jie. street, do you en
deavor to .console htjii ? J)u yon ever buy
a y's v oi th of e; inly for the "ragged
hoy vi h't is lookimr at it with eager eves
th.rr.tioh th-.: sh..;. window on (Jhrtstmas
'. e f I l.o you take pains now and then
to : k a fa ery word to the widow whose
only soii 5 a- gone ;ti ii long .ea-voYage ?
As y or s .;s mui daughters approach ma
' terity. -v their bedience and affection
ito it a.-'' tr diminish ? !). they go out
f;om your bouse as from a prison tr from
a home, with ciger feet indeed, but with
ot i
ione for the future ''mV'O't tlicm to heloree'l into n ''eiiion. !
in the re-ir.tnix.ition . i" the State. Ii'A'au we h.d.l such men to a .-'rict account-; Agati
o;H- i.ihids are iilad with the oh! j rein li-: J'bihjy ? Who is bl.imcless in his mat-i Cincinnati
' "' . " - , ees and ft obio's (.n , unest'ou of -l i- icr- :,nd w ho iV most to hlame. ' ; , c
for the purpose ot expressing t j vorv v.e shall not be able I'Von i. ,!r- Virginia v.-tel hy ,uaj.,i:y V i X ,
vtewsol reject yx. nA with ih it s,ees-ion. but the, cn-pirators ; ' " UJ "'
Cnstrac ton. i ne.s whhh the- m::':ude of the om- armedby oili -ial- of our on u ( loieiitment. ' . f( ". 4 " '"
W ell, t:r. reruiod tho I resi.e.nt. ; . , . , . , , , ... ,- ... . net.enett!
,r V w ll itien ne:r:':iu thi't ure .t .i.os?i ii oi the 1 irgitr.a out ot the I mmi. and f or . ; ., . .
M.r. Snutner commeiteeJ bv saving: i - , , 1 , ,i ' ,, i t i- . t r - i " -.h"- with tr-th. r
. . v v !ro..r-iu. 2itn.n of the t.ite t iov. rm. u ts l'f'Rtlf afur no had a I.opuIdnMii I lc-t- . , , .
bir. your North LamiiB i 1 -.ti :i j , . , . . , i,:i, ,.. i,. i , i.. : :lhe t toy t-nintenf ha I n
, . .. I wlr.c'i been in rehe'.i on. 1 K-rt-.""' not atone wht.e v.e leui a I ! -i-i . . . ,. .
.ti-ies not meet the apprt.oiit-.oa of tne r-V,...- ,?....,,.,-.- ..... idr f th,. i ,..i.wptl.s 3-e." ' pjatned tt lom wba. p.
l'-Olt C.
'. the l O! TO-po'tdcnt i' the
tJvZutti'. has the j.'ioume
-:t there
.!. !!!- !.
- t!i
a .-!!
'.un-d to
h'-v o'id. driv.
iV.'iueat. ''. 'Af
; i ?! or in-ar i.y,
ie- ;n !-!".". r-
i' i :'V'
and i f (he "p
. : ; o r
tl- i.e,
, , ir
,'!v her.
d a .: -ill
t the
!t . t
hivk the '
of the war thus tlirovva!"
rtle. and thev will not mi? ni.t to
What people rre yen representing, j tu-ry jtoc
icr w n't l it ,,r the ,k'.i !
d hurled the be-.::r fur tho living.
-Now. 1 Peiu'vo, tor niv own )
laimel bv Mr. tilii-oln
.no-oil! :
t '.. d title 7
t i
!U!' i. :"!!
o r . i :"
lit! -!.
ni ' - !o
- d, :t
r- I
eiitmcnt s; .d l vwith fo'.ded ltands :utj
h.fv e m r - tel.
- i
Vi-IWdoven to feed, jts siddiors coopedi"'":" VMU " ,
up in the heloaeured f.r.s .f the Smith. V'M.1,or T "",
I . , , i;u is or let IHlti -catv
ord:r, i! i.'i' ot so-! . , , ,, '
1 we
Sir?" asked Mr. Johnson.
fortlie reoriratiiz'-itio-i of thV St--ito:
In lA'ui-'aut. ai'ter tht.
ce. -ii.ti w.s upon
!!J l- OV
to i-aptuti
I'.ml hi t
' e i '
t th
! ie. it
-The who! Northern people." Miid i tiory vr!,:ch lias i; hi yjyT-ii.i ,y tlm
Mr. Sumner. - , J people in the l.i.-t Pre5:donti.:l ohetl-si.
'-Ii a-iTohend von will find you but jnd which has Ken announced in ;L".
repreeat"a small portion of the Northern j proel-mi.ttb-.n f Andrew- dohi-.n. "It i.:.
people." replied Mr. Johnson. j 1 helievo. sa:i-f..elon!y ktmn u to every -
. ti,m ;..,,- - nK ol-a ! that th;se w ho nianitaitic 1 a dde-r-
your North Ci-rolina lWimation as aa;ntvien: of this question, and eonrende 1 1 . hi- was Me condition -d e
indication ofronr mdiev. must we?" ndnatio,, with Mr. Lincoln, did i wnl -ay. and people do say I have
tn-.f roee.vo a sitc e vote m t ie r.m v. a. '':tr I i neni say so mat uu se nnarmeo
. 1 r. ,1. 1 on- it vtnrv
is notorious Uiat tt vasi - , -
. . . ,1 I i .. .: 1 - : I ... .1. at tamo. ; no i
i'i.1! i lev ii i t ;i i.nuf 411:1101111.- iMii liie 1 it 11
1 ... ,. .. .. 1 ."- ... 1 ; Mt nnau - tdMr. I.'
1 0111, 'i e'n.', 11 ii'ii - i-...'i ine- .ic.'.i.ii. ; . . i. . . ..
,. ...... , 1 . . ...11:1. .1.. . . ... i 1 ) ivmi-m 'fiia: it w:f-a 1 urn tc -t. ; w ,tn
ll 111 -f .1" , 11..I.MI III', OUC, St III I lljl'l V ,, . . . . , . . ,
,?.,!-.: .. , , .. 1 tr . j -Mr. I.ioeolu. v hie. i he to Pm t::v t i t, -.
1 lie t iiioii nil n into ivltoilion. . .
tits ot
1 ll
' 'I
inav now- havi
uive it then !"! e a-
hi t.-td i-
U'te St.
" Y
03. sir.
replied the President.
., tion at IJaltimore. abl
' Then, sir," id Sumner, --you co
not intend to enfranchise the black man ?" 1 .- xl wet-.t t o
1 . 1
loueti there wore
tint Cieiventioii to
rnlon men of the South, who wnv a ma-
: j ritv of the peoj
eoii!e. otiiiit not t'
'and in d'iustr.ithei of mani p
In. po'iey.
i I'll tell you. tie-oral." Mr. b'h.-.b.
i was said to have beg in. ' I'll ie'! vi a
wh it I think about taklne d. l'.ni.
ial e . . . , . . . . ' .
.'in 111 1 -ii ic 1 ne 'ii oiiiii 1111,1 11. o
i -
' I -L ; i
s 1 v. .'eiimr it ti
ii iii i. e :jeii:. ;i' refu-e
!' i I t inir the
; 'IT - th,- M -i .r w.-uM
-1 r-::i if- '.'' -a-i ' .-e-Ti
;'f j- - 1 f l'.e sa:i,-r; r
' ? ' I ,e u't s atn t si!', ll
;).;. I to cut. the
"'' i'' "tht r pi r-on w ni 1.
alt 1 -aw I.i.ier-
-ny hkid is-ne i
e and liion'ii. ('oh
:.::i::-a:id- the ieilia-n:.
- 10 he an '--te l. but
. r. hi :'s'.'. ;t'i. lie (
'r re'.- i-e. and also that
nor- i.'nte fie tlie c:r-
a tender lineering at the last ? When '
you cine n;t'i the honsey Jo you hrlu
sunshine w-'rth you'? If there is a cloud
tt your bn.w. d your family seem irftore
anxious to ili-sipate it. or to get out of.
your way ? If Your sous .-ee yttu n the"
o,,. r sl ie of the street, do they run over"
to join v,'t, or do they turn down an alley
to a.vol j you. or ket-p on the other side
!iU they are ohliL'el to cross? to the
t! -rks in yoiir warehouse, the carpenters
win are building your house, tlni Ir"ish-tm-ii
who are laying your pipes, the plow
man w ho is furrowiiio- your land, the gaf-
'doner .who is pruning your trees, like to
" have you pass by. for the pleasantness of
. 1
your manner hi ootmtienuing tneir laoor,
or the c.urteousi"ss with which vou listen
com j
1 re
. 0
u I have nothing to do with the M,h-V"te against Mr. I.meoln. Vet Mr. Kni-iu-nmuu. o e,lu nave ..eon t"ipi ,t.,j,.r.,t.ce leet.irer. who wa- y.rv "id -' ' "
Jeet: that exclushely belong to the!-k- announced a rain and airain i laMin.ler r.tther thati Mibmtt. Put l.-k ; ; t,a. ,,,..;,,,. ., .,., j0 ul obn Ai-thot!-.
States. -You certainlv would 'think it a i difierent letters in regard, to Louisiana.!""- l.ow these men treat the M.bject j t;j, . ,)l0 ,lav slt-t,.r M,;-'...k It
usurpation on niv t if I attempted to!a"Ji-- regard t- Arkansas espciia'ly ia a j a. tools other .fiestioits ami l"-"-j ritK iu ,lu, ,li)t ,U ,K. . th(, ! h-m vU . w h r
interfere ia fixing the oualiSeations ofjletier which )ie addressed to (ieneral: - notorious that the nogv-s j h i. a . rioniI vv tl,:,kir,. : ci-hty-f mr eon it
: -t u ' ISfoele. as to the manner in which the-e . hi;i t alm-'-t all tho f..rtiiicat.oiis in tien- 1 1, ,. 1 , , ...M...,-.. if tl..-v t.fe !
tritrirn?! s ill -'1 iiMH i: iim:.;. i 7 - - . - , , unit u u imumir. .vr-iii-T imrii-iii.L'
- U
"But," replied Sumner. ' Ma-v.c-hu-petts
has alwavs been a loyal State."
'"That may lie." replied the President. j
may :tv
States should bo reorganized ami rw!u ."' 1 1 - ... ; ... !was beine mived. the triett.l iu-inu itine.
again to resume tlie functions of lovorn-i spoi-silik, for ttiesetiung,. oti;d there j,v ,,,.,1'jf ju, wouldn't like iu-t the least ', ' ;'' '
,,.,, n , lv,,i ie.ii,re.4 it 1 .ee-i n,e ' iHi OUierv n .siil all n!l:f I iny. Wlo - ,. ., . -. . ll i i o ... , ,
lUelil. i liC rt.iiiiW Heior.-C'T ll I'l.ltl.-l, , . oroo of sometime. s)rone,.v (o ln-.-i.-e t, oil in . -i'i
. .. . .1 . ., . i-- . - - ,
"but the loval men of the South hive j they elected them, an 1 Uiey rejestel the!";
made untold sacrlaees for their Union!
pentimentii, wh'le Massachusetts has laade
hundreds of millions out of her lovaltv.
and it "would he a poor return for S.mth
J era adherence to the f toy-ernment. if the
' latter should, in violation of "the Consti
tution, thrust upon them local laws in
opposition to their wishes."
At this reply of the President. Mr.
Sumner became impatient ai;d irritable,
and rejoiued by saying : 4-1 -.nn sorry to
see you evincing so little -sympathy with
;that element that placed you in power."
At this, the color flashed to tlie Presi
dent's face, and he added, emphatically,
" You and I might as well understand
each other now as any other time. You
are aware, tir, I have no respect for a
secessionist; hut, as much as 1 despise
them, I still have a greater detestation
and contempt for a fanatic."
"Good evening," said Sumner, and left
in a huff.
reveiieeful t. wards that other ola
. Vi
'. , do
; V
I !'
I other propositions because 'they rejected !"'' people, it wo should undertake to p.un
! the representative men who put them for-! those invrroos for building tho
I ward, an 1 Andrew Johnson, true to the ! cations around Richmond, Atlanta, and
pledges which he made to the people. i sliurgj It would bo aly-ur.l, it
and which were sanctioned bv the people j would bo ndtvulons. to hold them respons
in the election, has issued his proclama- -'-'' '"r -"'. ,,lat v;":k- heeauso they
t ion for the reor-anization of (bivoiii-r,l!'- veluetantiy the- were .omjicUo.J
went in North (daroHna and several of! t" do it. and this I !n eminent of ours
had imt the power to relieve them, .vmi
so it was with thy vast majority of the
people of the South, in regard to there
V -
to the
Fifty-five Yeaes of Missionary Erronr.
,The American Board -of Foreign Missions
have been in cxiste:ice fifty-fiv e years, in
which time it has fpont somixOOi .!'! JO and
conYerted some C0,(lK. souls, or a few over
1.000 annually. This" is altout .'"one-eighth
the number of African communicants of
Christian churches in the South ix-fore this
" blessed war" to liberate the negro's soul
"(from his bodv) hadbeutim its i4 halv work."
XJut of 4,0'K)oo slave-i some 4-jI,0iK" were
Christians, hut being nnenlijiutened hy the
"inspiration of tlie Bible according to lleeehor,
of course their salvation was not worth a rush
"compared with the success of " great moral
ideas." The converts of heathendom made
by all the missionary efforts of all the w-orhl
dnl not equal one-haif the number of cJuis-
ihe other States, in which he
the position maintained by Mr. Lincoln
iu his. last utterance. Said he: 1 do
not k now that these States have over been
abroad."' The States have never been
out of the Pnlon. and a man who main-i
fains that thoy have been out of the Pn-
ion there were certain traitors in ;
those States is just as much a secession
ist as the secessionists themselves yvhoj
attempted to carry them out. Now. w hat j
is the difeyence 'between these classes ot
people? ' They do it from different mo
tives, and they ought to have the benefit
of their motives, but still they mriintain
that the Union was actually dissolved.
They must maintain it, because they un
dertake to lay on these States conditions
which they do not impose on the other
States. Now every State in tho, Union
has. heretofore, without "oucstion from
any quarter, decided who should exer
oise the right of suffrage -witnin its bor
ders. ' The States always controlled that
question. Rhode Island excludes a large of its foreign population from the
right of suffrage by a property qualifica
tion. An Irishman or a Gorman, no
matter what his other qualifications, can
not vote if he does not own a certain
amount of real estate in Rhode. Island-
i and thev would hav ta cut it up very
iiuiiiiiti xiricans In thi ?sooi-h in S!i a to , , .
ri,fie. f .i i, V11 , small to aliord anv hire voting popula-
SJIY nOtllino. fit tho l,., , ..,,,.,r,r -
. O ll.i l. IA ,V...,.
sixty or seventy Years-previous had died re
yoiein in their simpe faith in Jesus Christ.
But then thev were fuave, and their 'unpadd
labor' was growing cotton to clothe the backs
and sugar to tickle' the palate of Northern
philanthropists, ami nkius Puritanism was
getting no glory to itself from their materia!
and spiritual Wfclxare.Uepublican (L. I)
HrcnT ix TnAT. .President , Johnson lately
ordered the release of two citizens of New
York who hail Wn tried by a military court,
convicted ami senrsneed to a term of 'iranris
irament and fine ea;,h, and ommanded 'that
thev should be handed over for trial to the
civil authorities. This was right. Now, let
Tiim follow up this excellent precedent '
tion (laughter).
franchise n
He cannot exercise the
in the State of Pihode Island
and Providence Plantations. ..Who has
ever questioned the right of Rhode Island,
small as she is, or of any other State, to
maintain its restrictions ujk.ui the elective
franchise. But now some men say that
the revolted States, those States that have
been iu rebellion, where certain men have
usurped jiower, that said States subjected
themselves to a certain condition of infe
riority and "that they cannot now return
to the Union except the Congress of the
United States first prescribe who shall be
electors in those States. Andrew John
sou has put his foot on that- proposition
, hi . . i
teiiion. ami we an kiiow ii io so.
I would have, instead of the sentiment
which 1 understand was uttered here the
oilier night that these men shall not be
allowed to return to this State I vrouhl
have the proclamation, of the President
carried out in good faith. When an am
nesty has been given by the President, an
amnesty should be given in good faith by
the people. Now this .thing of. political
lierseciiiiu.T and execution, which is not
necessary for tho saicty of our (Joveru
nient, is intolerable, and repugnant to
every man's sense of justice and right. It
is contrary to the character of the great
and magnanimous people like that to
which we belong a people who have the
power to maintain their own institutions
against all adverse fortune -not like the
miserable dynasties of Europe, that see
suspicion lurking in every shade, and who
are ready- to hedge themselves round with
terror and to execute every man who ut
ters a sentiment of disloyalty to their
crown but we people are great and mag
nanimous and can foriive, because the
jirinciples whicli1 we ujdiold live forever
and are indestructible, (loud cheers).
And when war is ended, war should end,
and peace should begin, else, when can
we have peace, ? We would forever be
compelled to keep pur armor buckled on
and maintain an annv which would of it
self saddle us debt and taxation that
would be felt by our remotest posterit" ,
and although -the llepublic has main
tained itself against intestine foes, yet if
you kcej alive this animosity, if tho per
secuting and unrelenting spirit is allowed
to keej alive animosity aud keep up a di
vision, it will be producti ve of no good re
sult. You know and you m ast all feel
that we have other enemies. The gentle
man who addressed you a few moments
ago (CoL Baker) alluded to the fact that
in the home of troubles there came a thief
ali i -a vs. " I noo ,
l ight to -it on - ti
"h referred to a t "intuit!
committee rep ri tie.:
.-he is. no m ot -r ,-. h ;i
nn ii w alk ..ui-i !e I lie b.
! tits nerves alter the oMmu-tin ' heat an
exercse. ' .n, replied tlie locum r. "I
couldn't think of it. I'm oppose I t" it
on principle.' ' Rut.' 1 added, with a
longing glance at the black hot tie that
stood conveniently at hand. ' if vou could
manage to put in a drop unbeknownst to
mo. I e-tiess it wotiiiin t hurt me much.
Vmi- :.. I " m .. t; I., ia h'tir otiioitic)s m u jty
to have concluded. Pin bound to op-; ""d tiny vot- on th .,. .,.
pose the escape of Jell'. Jhivis ; but if ymi ! ,,'hf rh" !b'pte-..t:ves
could manage to let him slip out unb deej.-ioi,. ihu v.nt -. v
knownst-like. 1 guess it wouldn't hurt ' I'bei son won't do i" ' W h ,
iiiemueh:" ' I""'' pobtie:., iu ;tl . " (
- And that." exclaimed Cen. Sherman.! If Pre-ideot J.-b;.- ..
" is all I could get out of tho tlovernment ;d -tie, it w ,ii be doi.e. It n
:is to its noliev mis .....o-iiioi,' lb-'!"' ihne. Tbt t- th" o
laints or requests, or the
q't-.i.: oi'Knurnt!"!!! witn whicn yon mg-g'.-s;
alterations and improvements? lid
'..(others like to have their sons work on
v -tir firm during the sunnier months
and do the boys like to come? 'In short;
are you it cotnfortable person to lire with
A, io you 'pleasant to have about? - .
'I J'O A bolition rlv East on N'egrq
ftfulfriijce. " '
We get the following interesting politi
cal items from late. States papers :
The Boston radicals, at their late meet-
tMi. s'v ch irt'od.- atrainst ling, provi'.lod f"i the ircjtaration of an
. : 'e . . oif l ,( HJ that :t soldier ! a ldre-s, embodying their views in favor
1 1 e ..' iii the :u?.j-.l 1 o;i-e -of. of 'negro suffrage. The address has since
i ;:, ' .; o r ,ir,.,. nionth-, lacking a ; been issued: signed by the officers of the
t .5 . aod had be: si lying very ill tir; meeting; and its demand is not merely
im-i .f tbj.t.-'t month of Ins con-! that the negro must be permitted to vote,
!;. ;,. bitvltie-ryen deprived of a phy-jbut that the South must be subdued in s
i ot. .n i. tinni w ivhlii tlie last teirdavs. ; political as it has been in a military point
'd remained in tlie truard house, 'i he j "f view.
Iks in tlie i.eii. !.'.,, . .'lood testify that ii . Wendell. Phillips, in a speech at Farm
's in r.d pr o o of ihe-e oflieers to! ingh.un, Mass.. alluding to the jKsition of
me-, for the -. ditrhtc-t offenses t.n 1 President Johnson on this question, gave
street, whit a ladder around their! the key note of a radical opposition to the
'ie k-. mi t to t-i.i.ipt i them to carry it fori measures recently adopted by liim in the
t, o n nt a time. Iu one instance ; organization of the Southern States, in
l.voin,!! wre comj.elhd to carry this ' faying :
i id ho- f,.r two h .ni-. having their hands; -Andrew Johnson knows that when
tie i b, f in I them. S mio ladie in the i b,. oviemiod these six States he 'ave Off
that tlie ladd.erithe black man to the control of the white'
ne' e ni.. i ho id not ie:
cks vf t : Ilieli verv
h oe
: w..r
i io' lii.
. ; ; ...
It-. th
ad your duty and mind is
( i t
e (!!
O "t
iiiim.Hoiit t uicer' -,tid let it be known as Mr. Sumner let
is h in Is v ere not untie I Abrah-t-n Lineioi know it that if this it
- thev w.oid report the his attitude he myst : count us as his opptv! .
' ' Seer.'ary of War. The:nenfs; that vhoni J:e stands to-day we dp
1 within the time e'lven.
I! !!
... !
! e i
.V, -I
.-. ; lei J raV
itdd-V H fV
!' !-:i!;n
f at. u t 1
not tr, -t hir?. ' ijie present policy is
v I worse than error, it Is a crime.'
r ten
hd h-r.
bol loaders, till Soerotary' Stanton as.
ktiowitt - wh
sailed mo for ihtvis' escape
w In- re 1 1 1
) stand on the Jth oi,.
! he lets I he -Wd r.i
A I'eor AsnioriiiMit JoJSeScct S'rotu. ; ihinks lho-v .; -: h
j their rclitiotv Wile, ih
The Ilarrisburg Patriot, of dune 1 Mh. j;n ; v'ti:lt ,., ..,
publishing a letter from an imaginary j j-)j(. Vi,,,, t. ;j ... . !fj
loyal ofiiee-holdor. to elerieal friends. : iM. ,Ml,j ,i,t.
which is one of the host specimen-- of p-j""(. a!j,;t (, ?
litieal s:itire we have read in a long peri
od, alluding to the common and insulting
intimation of so-called --loval" lecturers
that Democrats will bo so ashamed oi
their course that they w ill want to change
their names ami those of their children,
the writer facetiously savs:
1 1.
"What shall 1 change it to? If 1 call
myself (Jreeley they might think that 1
wrote that poetry about the 'Flaunting
Lie' and the - Starry Rag.' If lca'l my
self (iarrison they will swear that I was
the chap that denounced the Constitu
tion of the United States as a 'covenant
with Death and an agreement with Hell.'
If I call myself Sumner I might bo
mobbed for saying that the man v im
obeyed the Constitution was a dog.' II'
I took the name of Wright, who knows
hut that I should be followed up as the
howling infidel who sa'd that 'if (led
Almighty did not abolish slavery, 'H
n n st a n i l orcat,!Scointfrrl.' And I cer
tainly shan't call myself Phillips, for fear
excited bondholders should lynch me tor
proposing to repudiate the national debt.
If I have to drop my old
name and take up a new one, you have
ml d ooV assortment in the Abolition
vocabulary to choose from."
J.t of
I ,,,
oiti . se ell! V
1 'enioer..! ie pal ty H
t he I resilient w '.- o I
i. hire of the Republican jar-i w ,! ; i.
with them, if t'.e jV-",., ni.',., . i;
So you see. oetiti -mcti, our f Me rt ia
the ban. !ii of th1 e ,y i ;io'. and the
dispii.-it ton of A nd row A oloi-, ti on tie . : l
itay ot Wcccmber uni, ii.' i-mc-v..
stands vrging these Slate to choose the-o;
iiien lo Congress. Now. t!ie ijite-;;oii ;,-.
"Can we exert any , sin h power on h;m
as that when he has et thciu chuscii. he I
shall allow them to stand outside of Cm
W .Oil
i I : ! S (1 I .1 .It,,) t
e.h- thi.1 t J',1'IU
w aud ' S..
.: e ..( .--;...; ii !.,
I esoei iail V V
-.1 i. til,' i.o-Toos.
, I
f;,ey 11
a !,?,
i A';- td
v a?!
ti ti if
I tte
! ,U t
i j
tr i;i t nr
I e i lili'loV i d on tll!.
i.ill t'ae phc'is lire
A Mt !.N -ii'ii v Tut th. When a raki-h
: ,.;u!i ' n-tiav, lnemis arnini
! idiii in order to restore him to the in:
,.: i:.. o ,,.! i :.,.!-,.., , i,
I,., , . , - . . , ' III. ll'. ,.-., . ., 1 ..-.- no MHO.!,-- ,,. -
abide the judgment the '"Va1, ishe 1 uixai him to win him ba-k a mint'.
i innocence and peace. No one would sus
pect he had ever sinned. Bur. w hen a poor.
eoiitiit'oi,'' ..-ivl is lii'trnv.'d. slii reeeives iheV:
brand of society, and is henceforth driven
from the ways of virtue. The betrayed is
honored, respected, esteemed ; there is no
th ace lor iier tins siaeoi tuetri av e. ..Hurtv
Tn : sjH'cch at Chicago, on the fourth
of de.'y, Mr. Henry Winter Davis di
ur.u h i negro suffrage on the same grouiid
with the Boston radicals, namely, that the
You'll is not yet subdued I Thus he eX-
hiiiiis : "'
To-day submit it to a vote of the
S uthejlii peojdo. whether they will re
ioa;n ti part ..f us or expunge the Fourth"
of July from their calender, restore theif
-ha. tore 1 slavery system, and fbrnSi an 'in
dependent power, and what' would be the
overwheh; iag answer? an unprecedentl.
oil ; in favor of indejx-ndenee V "'"
The Chicago Tribune in an article on
the negro 'suffrage question states that
Mi.'s course' has 'cailsed pro-;
found dissatisfaction in the heart of al-nio-t
every earnest and undoubtedly loal,
inan in the North." And further en;
VVe cannot forbear saying hfs action "Is,"
in our o .in ion. the hen t imt blow that t)t
l"!l'J '"".-e h't. rfcircil since the tcH?
ttt -lll.
What say the Abolitionists of Oregon?
.iioui... I j) ( j lune or mean to dodge the negro
'Ulil Ol j w - -5
!! -ii pat'!,,
.- refuse.
tie- t...: !'.'
an j.;rnv-'s
en-.igh" to
i.r:! I.e!
nieinlters ol that body. 1 e are hoping
that those, States will stand outside id'
Congress, ami our Republican party shall
say, " You cannot come in until you send
us a ratification of tin.! Constitutional
Amendment." Rut suppose when thoy
staml there the I lerk. ot ihe House urags : .(J , . i ,.; i,..!,.;,,., i,.i,w' for Imr'.
them in without giving us time to impose nf p0iU.0'n0 voice of forgiveness!
that condition? Whv. then thev will These are earthly- moralities unknown to
saV, (jienileuieu, here vc are. it you
uffrage question '
; rent talkers arc like cracked pitchers; every
thing runs out of tlit-iii. i
want that ratified, v.e will
treat. If you want it ratified, ratify the
rebel debt.. I f you want it ratified, ratify
our Constitution. Here we are inside,
unconditionally, unpledged." While they
are out the helm
heaven, mere is a ueop wrong, in tnem.
and fearful are the consequences.
A dispatch from La Crosse, Wisconsin,
says that a tornado passed over Union Coun
ty, in that State, on Julv 1, which killed IT
nersous. iiiiurcd ntmut, 10th find Trotmt,t
:.. :.. l. l.. ' K... . ,o-' "
i-. tu oui n.iuiic. iUy aweuings.
Tut Forrest Divorce Suit Again. Ed
win Forrest, thw tragedian, has again man
aged to get his divorce suit before the Courts ;
this time in the U. S. Oireuit Court of New
o -k, to restrain a Trust Company from
paying over the alimony to his divorced wife
which the State Court years ago awarded
her. The case lias been before the Courts
one way or another for over fifteen years.
Forrest has lots of money, and more perti
nacity than money.
IvEvrrcKT o Legal Tenders. At Frank
fort, June loth, the majority of the Court of
Appeals, consisting of Judges Peters and
Roljertson, declared the act of Congress
maliing Treasury notes a legal tender un
constitutional.' Judge Williams dissentiid.'