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    ALBANY. OREGON, DEC. 17, 1880.
Tba PettUora.
By onler of the Council, we print In tills
Issue the petition of Mr. John A. Craw
ford, asking tlie city to release him frciru
keeping in repair the fords and bridge
over the Canal in the city limit. Tlie or
d! nance granting the r!ght of way through
the city compels the Caul-Co. to bridge
the Canal at all street crossing, and kr.ep.
thetn In repair. .Mr. Crawford, proprietor
of the Canal, consider this tax too much,
and asks the city to relieve Mitt t the bur
den. We greatly d.aibt tlie iower ol tin;
Council to relieve Mr. Crawford' in the
matter, a such an act would be a
species of clans legislation a direct tax
.upon the property fodder of the city for
tlie benefit of a corporation. In any event.
If the Council should repeal the ordinance,
the first result would lie an expensive
..lawsuit to tlie city, which might not be
terminated very soon, and be attended
with the most injurious result to city val
ues. Let no hasty action- be Imd in tlie
I. tat or letters, '
Uncalled tor and remaining in the Post
office in this city lor tlie week ending
Dec. 16th. IS30.
Bible. A S
MeClure. J M
McDonald. Wm.
Mistier, Wm J
Xewimn. II T
Kogers. .f B
Sliaiig. Charley
Taylor, Miss Sarah
Tttrpin, Martha A
Turpi n. A J
Ward. Geo
William. EP
Wild. John
Zinck. Violetta
Kellcy. Mrs (raillner)
Carlson, G A
'Chance. Curtis
Klli. John
Frrttrtni. A
From in. Elizabeth
Oritntn. Etto
Gilmottr. Mr los
Hogan. Nannie
Hunt, Miggie
Ifontze. lelU
Head, JO
Johasle. Mrs
Kuney, C O
Rmceor, Whi nQrt TJtMT
Information Is wanted of the whereobout
of James Rageor. by ids son. Wm. Rageor,
221 West Chestnut street, Lradville, Col.
When last heard from, eight year ago, he
was at the Dalles. Any information will
lie thankfully teceived by his son, name
and address stated above.
A Wr VV u ... .. a
C. A. Plu miner, under Odd Fellows'
Temple. h. ad-led to hi ? took a complete
a-ortmeiit of Book snltahle for holiday
preseuts, all new and fresli. and at price
lower than heretofore asked. The books
are meeting with ready sale. Calearly
and make your elections.
Mllllncrx Cos lor rtuli.
Mr. O. L. P.-irk wdl sell her entire
stock of elegant millinery at cost, prepara
tory to going out o! business. The ladies
are assured that bargain will be given
that will aetotiUU alt. Call and make
your eelectious.
One's lialfoti f.Ttiri-4itia eye wiil, as nsu
nl, be a success. Supper for thoe desiring
can l-e obtained at tlie Revere House, at
1 59 per couple. A lar artendattce t
spt-$v! Jrom -ttLroud. It v.-ili la? -.the
vendor tfo Winter
.; . - To iVtO J'HlilK-.
.'JTe Ir.vt 'rcVvivftd for the Imliday trade
fine line -. jr-'-fienicn's .itpp--r, silk
handkerclders t eck wear. eiW which will
be sold verr low. We are a Ho, c'o-ing
ou.ajl i"es. a,nd Sinv's overcoat ' st a
great reduction for casli.
: t,.e . "elajn-.
'. rrt of Tlutuhs.
I take this occasion to tender my her.rt
felt thanks to "those kind friends who so
tenderly ministered to tny wife during her
lat illnes, striving to make Irfrr last hours
Oti earth a pleasant and comfortable as it
was in human power to do.
; . - G. W. KfcZAKTEE.
' About the flrt of March last, a gentle
man naim d John Devine, lost a good
Jiorse, wortli f 125 at least. -The last seen
'ttl Um horse hs was at Geo. House's, about,
jslghteen cn'tles from hi Itome. From that
point tlie horse was taken across the Santi
(m, some three mile. Into the mountains,
by some one. and well taken care of. even
so far as to the trimming of the animal's
tail. IT other have horses to strar from
tlm val'ey It might be well to go Into that
.sovttott of country,, as it U a splejidid place
lf.r a ho9 to get lost in. Doe. Conn was
In feat neck o" woods last week. Mine
across the horae, and recognizing . film.
Ibronght Wm to Ms owner last Saturday.
What's de matter t
AMrenT Bauuur far
On many previous occasions we lutve
i . . . t . i . t i i
wrB 90 icriia ui pratw oi0 jminwi
The December nuniher Is truly a royal one.
From the striking ; Christmas picture.
"Santa Clans at Home" on the title-page,
to the last page with its funny pictures a"d
always prl;ht!y "Turtle Track," it is
good. The literary feature. If stories,
miscellany, etc. ne t a sort -ctiliar!y
pleasing at hoi id sj time, lu addition to
Its .usual 'wealth of Fasldou Intelligence
aH yearly subscriber r el -e with this
number, a Grand Xyji-i-'ro ..r In the
form et a Gigantic Su :.! ie!rf, 4tie full
size ot tha Bazar H-e;t. fi I.mI nrkti useful
and beautiful deslM ii,nr -nn he used as
jpattero In isllii,lu maur a rt U-l: suita
ble for Holiday it ; Io d -4n (or
pritiUog on chl'ia. -ilk itin :;. tor em-
oroKjeroe, ere., ft: i i.e t-rrpri fr states
ttiat tliese d-signs. if our. l -.-eilora dealer,
would cost U-nt'nw. tti iVeof Um. rnztrr.
Which statemejit. wiil a ot-,. In. uitirin'd
. by any on w! iav es'i,"','e tlil tt.niiti
iil Supplement. TIu : iptioo rttiec of
-Andrew firstnr Is 1 a t-jr" ....l' .
, K(:.'r ,. r W emitted to a vahia'do fireniU
um, and. if fhev fegiii aVH the Itecetttbcr
' nn tuber, they tecujc fiio juhriattuas
Cotnatjr Covurt Deeetaber T
In the matter of the application lor va
cation of a portion of a county road, J. L.
Miller, Peter Bilyeti and James Williams
were appointed viewers.
In the matter of J. S. Ramsey's applica
tion tor a county road, the report not be
ing complete was continued until next
The bond of J. J. Chat 1 ton, as tax collec
tor, was approved.
Tlie bill of W. G. Piper for telegraph
ing, $3 35, was allowed.
In the matter ot holding Inquest on
Chinaman. King, bills were allowed ag
gregating 5l 30.'
BUI of J. R. Bone. $5 33, allowed.
Bill of Kingdom A Waterman, lumber
for district No. '4, i ls-O 32. allowed.
Fox, Baiim & Co . (ill for spikes for
district No. 13. $ 13. allowed.
Allir. Kolii.iso.i fc Co.. iumlier lor dis
triet No. 11. $43. allowed.
C. Clark, bill of lumber for dHtrict No.
9. $13, allowed.
C A. Ploiinner. bill of i-midi ies, f 15 S7,
Dr. C. C. Kelly, tor medical attendance
on Taylor, an indigent, $3, allowed.
Peters & Sox. bill for spikes lor district
No. 4. $11 fO. allowed.
F. S. Duiiiitng, cnflhi. etc., lor Indian
woman, $25. allowed $15. , p,.
E. D. Haven and .1. H. Maine, justices,
for canvassing election, $3 each, allowed.
SlH-rilTof Multnomah county. for serving
subpoena, f 5 30, allowtnl.
- S. Gourley, work done tor R. Carter
road stiHriiitcndetit, if'2 25, allowed.
A. Wheeler, lumber for district No. 19,
$1 97. allowed.
McFarland & Ilarve', nidse. as per bill,
$7 50, allowed.
Peters & Sov. nails for Conner, road
Uefvisor. ifo 75, allowed.
In the ninttrr of mileage and per diem of
judges and clerks of tlie November elec
tion, the Court rdered that $2 per day be
allowed each, and 10 cents er mile as
mileage for delivering poll books.
Wm. C. Tweedalc. fixing root of Court
House, etc.. fii2 25, allowed.
Geo. W. Young, laltor and material for
Court House, f5 50, $4 50. allowed.
A. F. Cherry, iron furnished for vault
In Court House. $380 49, allowed.
A. Wheeler, lumber for district 19, 348
90. allowed.
Allen, Robinson & Co., lumber for dis
trict 5, $29 99. allowed.
J. R. Herren. asking lor refunding t
acct due from M. Cunningham, $134 CO,
The report of Superintendent Riddle; for
Hamilton bridge, was accepted, and bis
biil, $25, allowed.
W. R. Kirk, lumber for district No. 41,
$20 61, allowed.
Allen. Robinson fc Co.. Mipplies for dis
trict 6, and for M. C. Calloway, road su
pervisor, $20 13, allowed.
State of Oreffon vs Charles Thompson,
sundry fees, $21 70, allowed.
. Mansfield -t Monteith, blanks furnished
Sheriff. $15 50. a'lowed.
Dr. J. A. ravH. medical attendance on
Peter Johnson, $10. disallowed. '
Phil Cohen, nvle tor Holcomb, a pau
per. $22, allowed.
In the matter of Mrs. Eat. an indigent,
it was ordered that $3 per week be allow
ed her tor four weeks, until the next term
of tlie Court.
The petition nking tor bridge across
Ow) cr.-'k, from Peori i u Aitiiny. eon-titm-d.
St. John & ,Sioie. for. but!.tim Hamil
ton bridge. $300. allowed.
Paul Bolt's petition for e linuo-e o cotmtr
ro'-d viewers to meet O'Uviy r!i v"y r
rtt ?w':!;itin- .l i- -( I . Yiewi-r txrr -T.
Smti.ervi!le. Preston B.irtrer and C.ii.ts.
Oi lines. . -" "'
Aiiii'i 'i'to:', ifT. S. ("r,-..ik ti-v el-antro
K V. T. Fi-her. John
IJ"ti:t-:i. !in-olt;Ted
Cla.vr:-rl ! :
. OIiH'V Frev. lii'iilvir for 1 i -1
No. 5,
$52 81. $49 31. aUowed.
ThetMerk wa ordi-red todraw a warrant
for $171 71. Interest due on warrant drawn
in favor of A. S. Miller Son.
Ordered that the Clerk draw a warrant
tor $98 to pay one year's Interest on $S00
note dtie Mrs., A goes fJird.
In the matter of J. M. Coon for change
ot comity road ; dismissed at eo.t ot pti
tiouer ; per diem allowed and mileage (lis
A. Batim. clerk's fees. $732 55. allowed.
.T. J. Charlton, sheriffs fees, $43 50 al
lowed. Tlie petition for a bridge across south
fork of the Sautiam. continued to next
Mrs. C. nonck. fr lodging Johnson, a
pauper, $11. allowed.
Jas. H. Foster. Iron window shutter for
vault, $32 10, allowed.
Petition for $00 to laiild bridge across
north Santiam at Mchama, part In Marion
and part in Linn, disallowed. . ,
The petition for pay for caring for J..
W. Stahl. nu insane person, disallowed.
M. Thompson A Co.. nail, etc., for dis
trict 19. $31 92. allowed.
G. W. Honand Ana. Lincoln were al
lowed $16 20 each for tee and mileage.
In tlie application lor license to run a
ferry accrosr the north fork ot the Santiam
from Sclo to Stayton. it was ordered that
license lie granted, the person running the
terry paying $5 each year in advance for
the term of fiue years, the bond to be $250.
the ferriage to be : For two hone team,
25c ; slngTe team, 25c ; four horse. 37',c ;
horse and man, 15c ; footman. 10c ; cattle.
5e per head. -- , .
Tlie following salaries and per diem
ordered paid : L. FITnn, County Judge.
$75 ; M. Cunningham. County Commission
er, mileage and 3 per diem, $19 ; L.
Douglass, mileage and per diem, $11 60.
Jas. R. Herren, bailiff one day, $3.
City Voameti .
Met in regular session on Tuesday even
ing. Mayor Clark presiding, ttte fill! "board
being preeit.
The bills pnenti:d v-t last jaepbsng were
ordcrvd raid.
The petition of O. Klock, presented at
last meeting, was granted, with ttte, pro
vlson that tlie flume be at least 12 teet
from any house, and that all sidewalks
and streets be replaced by said Klock In as
good condition as before removed, and that
the committee on Streets and Public Prop
erty be the judges In the matter.
Tlie petition of McMeckin and others
was refused.
The committee on Streets and Public
Property, to whom was referred tlw peti
tion of Boyle, tor sidewalk, asked further
time, which was granted.
The Recorder then read the election re
turns, and tlie pervon shown to lie el cted
for the several city offices were declared
duly elected. " ' -
Petition Klgned. by property-holders
asking that the ciry pay for the improve
ment of Second street, as the work was
not finished until the change of the city
charter, ' referred to projier committee.
A petition from Mar-dial Hunt, asking
the city to repair the city c.-lalioose. it !
mg unfit for use. after full debate, the City
Marshal was ordereV to put the calaboose
in repair, put In a flue ami stove, and pte
seut the bill at next meeting.
The petition of Cherry & Parks for side
walk was referred to committee on Streets
and Public Property.
Petition to declare Geo. Dougherty,
Robert Meyers and Peter McBride com
mon drunkards under tlie ordinance, on
motion, was granted, and the Marshal was
directed to notify all parties engaged in
selling liquor, of the above fact, and of the
ordinance n.idef which tlie Council acted
in the matter.
Petition of J. A. Crawford, .-asking the
city to receive all bridge erected by the
Surinam Canal Co.. an l keep them in re
pair hereafter, was referred to committee
tin Streets and Public Property.
On motion of Scott, the City Printer was
ordered to print the perhlon of J. IT. Craw,
ford in the next Hsue of the RkGister.
A petition unking for the repeal of tlie
tax on latuiriries. was read, and, on motion,
referred to committee on Health and Po
lice, to repoit at next meeting of the
On motion tlie Recorder was directed to
advertise for bids to erect a fence around
One's engine house.
On motion, it was oiderd that the com
miiteeon Fire and Water be instructed to
make plans and specifications for fence
around One's house.
Albany RKfilSTius. ad. of special tax.
six weeks. $10.
Albany REGISTER, city printing for 1SS0.
Messr. Purdnm. S. H. Althonse. Wm.
Rumhaiiglr. John Hannon, Geo. Hum
phrey, W. H. Goltra. judge of city elec
tion, were allowed $2 each for such service.
Messrs. Harper. Staiger. R. Fox, T. J.
Cline. Ed Zeyss.1 Iero.v Edwards, clerks
ot city election, were allowed $2 each for
such servlie. y .
J. GradwobK rent of council chamber
from Sept.. 1S0. to Jan.. 1881. $25.
D. G. Clark. Mayor, servicvb in canvass
ing vote at city election, $3.
J. I. Halter, Recorder, same as above.
- Louis Miller, work for Albany Engine
Co.. $'5 25.
Mux Stocker. work for HAT, Co.. $4:
Rutiarts& Dubruille, materia! tor A.F.D.
F. Willert. work for A.F.D . $1 50.
Rules suspended and above bills ordered
Allen. Robinson & t; luniher. $13 9.
It. A.-Strattord. moving No. 2"s bell
tower, etc.. $23 50.
J. G-radwohl. n.-iiu for beil tower. .63e.
Referrexl to committee on Fire and Wa
ter. J. L. Halter, fees, ete . $13 25.
Clierry & Parks, lumiier. etc- f 10.
A. llritit. f-e. eto.. $7 50.
Ed Broim. st-itjonerv. 1 25.
J.. I,. Halter, tee, etc.. ,7 40.
Ii ferred to committee on Account and
Cm r:-ni, Expense.
Avijoun.ed. , .
How's Tour WiikMoit?
Since the City :.nld an emb;traro
on the washdiottes, some of" our people
have been put to the greatest strait to get
cl.-an linen ome parlies not having had
any washing done for more than a month.
Parties now send their washirg to Salem,
r-thers to Corvallis, Harrishurg, and other
places. Under the ordinance no one lias a
right to do washing nn'es a license I pro
cured, and that license is five dollar a
month. Washing rate will have to be
put to bonanza rate or our washerwomen
can't afTbrd'to pay the license ; and if high
rates for washing prevail, our cltixcn will
not ay them. lurt will hunt some other
place. Take any view of tlie. case yon
may, it works a hsrsdhlp to those women
who eiigage In washing for a livelihood,
and lias done no one any good whatever.
A.O. V. W. 1
Taneent Lodge. No. 37, A.0.T7.W-,
was instituted by A. D. Roger. D.D.G.M.
W.. on Friday evening, tbe 10th inst-,
with the following officers :
PtM.W., Jos. J. Beard.
M.W J. W. Newcnmb.
F., John F. Beard. .
0. , George Grimes."
R., James Elkin.
Fin.. Geo. W. Luper.
Ree, Joseph Simpson. '
G-. H. McClnng.
1. WM Wm. Doty.
O.W Joseph Doty. . m
The lotlge will meet semi-monthly, on
Saturday evenings. ,;
On Wednesday Mr. Roger went to
Lebanon to look after the proposed new
lodge in that city.
rr . Ealar Wcalber. .
Storm coat. -Rubber
Rubber leggings.
Rubber overslioes.
Rubber umbrellas, - - --C, "
Waterproof gloves.
Boys' rubber boots.
Long and fcnee rubber boots,
Oil overcoats, oil suits, etc..
At L. E. Plain's, and cheaper than any
other place in Albany.
Fine white blankets and comforters cheap
at fJbc Farpjcrs and ccJianh' Btorc.i
, : jfETflrioa.
To the Honorable Mayor and Common Coim-
cil of the city of Albany :
We the undersigned, residents ot said
city and taxpayers therein," most respect
fully represent to your honorable body,
that John A. Crawfoid Is now the owner
of wimt la known a the Albany and Santi
am Water Ditch or Canal ; that said canal
passes through and acrors various street
in the city of Albany ; that the same was
bnKf. at ao expense of shout $60,000 ; that
Said John A. Cr I wford has owned said canal
for about tour years ; that your petitioners
are informed and believe tliat the Income
rfrom said canal has been only sufficient lo
keep the same in repair, ami that the , day's has marked tliem down so low well, and ths. present - owner you'll he astonished at tlie prices. Silver
have nevei realized nnv Income from said i p'atetl ware at figures never before beard
canal ; that tlie sakl ditch or canal has ma- , of in this market ; gold neck chains ;
teriaily added to the busliie,-- wealth and ladle.' gold watches, rings,, lockets but
prosperity ol the city of Albany,)y bring-; you must see for yourself and hear tlie
ing to said city water power for maim- , price.
factoring and other purposes ; hsreto- j- All the stsirlet fever cases are getting
fore the city of Albany granted the r'gbt
to the owners of sld canal to appropriate
a portioti of certtiin streets In said city for
the use of-c said canal, on condition that
said owner would build and maintain
bridges at the several crossings of said
streets , that said owners have built said
bridge in accordance with the - conditions
of said grant. Your petitioners further
represent that on account of tlie non-productiveness
of said canal to the owner
thereof, and the large outlay necessary to
keep the same in repair, and on account
of the benefit accruing thetefrom to the
city of Albany, it would he right and
proper, in the judgment ot your petition
ers, for said city to receive and accept all
the bridge mid fords heretofore built over
or across said canat in saiii city limit, and
to maintain and keep tlie same in repair
hereafter at the expense of said city. Ami
yvjur petitioners would pray your honor
able boily to pas an ordinance relieving
the said John A. Crawtonl, or his assigns,
from maintaining said bridges and fords,
anil that the city hereafter build, repair
and maintain all necessary bridges and
fonts across said canal within said city
Mart Pa v ne,
I C Dickey.
G Richard,
G W Gray.
Frank Parton,
C Honk,
Eil Mtirrav,
S E Young,
SD Haley.
W 11 McFarland.
C-il Burkhart,
I M Irving.
F M RWtileld,
L H Foster,
Eugene Buchanan,
E W Langdoii,
P C Harper..
A Cniir inghani.
Jaon Wheeler,
A B Mcllwain.
Allen. Rohinsoiii&Co.
S Q Irvine.
R W Armstrong,
Eil Belanger.
J F Hacliensto,
J C Powell.
James Ellison,
W T Hearst.
M M Harvey,
J II Purkhart,
C D Simpson.
S H Althoose.
G F Simpson,
C O Barries.
Chas PfleftVr,
O P Piinnal.
G W Young,
U I tirtm.
J M Nolan.
Uurhlmrt Bros.
See card of Messrs Burkhart Bros,, real
esfhle nnd money brokers, , First street.
They are first class business men, and any
business placed in their hands - will be
properly and efficiently transacted. Par
ries desiring-to borrow money, in small or
large amount-, caii find thoKVOln at their
office. - lle-ttl their card. .
Koclnble ttitss Kvenlnar.
A sociable will be given this evening at
the residenc of Mr. Iiaac Conn, arid Mr.
and Mrs. i.'onn understand how to make
t!ie.:e pnrtk-s pas off pleasantly to all who
. Road nuvkly. J'-,. '
Craii! market -dull.
Wi;iammefte swelling.
The A.O U.W. sociable S-.tnrday night
was a siiii.fss.
Mr C. Klock has gone to San Francisco,
and business may call him to Wisconsin
before be returns to this city.
Get a Raymond movement of Titus
Bros, and you will have' the boss time
keeper. Get ready for One's ball It will be the
gayest hop of the winter.
It you want to make, your wife perfectly
happy, buy some of those choice pieces of
silverware at French's for Christmas.
Cyrus Westlake and family return to
California on the outgoing steamer.
Mr. Oliver Price, hereon a visit for a
few day, on Tuesday -started for Arizona.
If j'ou want to make your boy a useful
present, and one that will tickle him all
over, purchase one of those bracket saws
of Peters & Sox.
Ex-Siiertff Dickey got married last,
week. Just as e expected. May the
new firm live long and prosper.
Ike Conn now warms his dwelling house
by means of a furnace placed in the base
ment. In this way the heat is equally
diffused in every room in the bouse, which
U quite a large one, night and day, at
about the expense of cost ot keeping up
one fire.
The handsome display of Jewelry at
Titus Bros, is' attracting an unusually
heavy trade. Call and see bis handsome
silverware. -
Mrs. J. U. Burkhart arrived it her wr
in this city on Monday, after a few weeks
spent in the East visiting relatives.
Mr Fllndt, who lias been East a few
weeks, arrived home all O.K. on Monday's
train, having come overland from .San
Read the new ad. of Haffcnden Bros.
They are offering bargains to housekeepers
in the way ot shelf goods and fancy gro
ceries bargains that can not be obtained
every nay, and it may be as well for all to
look at their stock and prices before it is
toe 'late. .- , -
Mr. Wolverton's team skedaddled again
onj Monday, but done no great damage
otfaer than to spill the milk promiscuously.
It jls good team, and affonU us an item
every now and then.
Rea.l otyfashloned funshliia for a little
while on Wednesday.
eiirW lemr In !.! eltr Tht in on oi
bcariet leyer tn this city, l ms is u cf
l Of bad drfj.Mg. ;
A nice parlor or bedroom set, in ash or
walnut, would make a splendid present tor
Christinas and you. can get the best at
lowest tates at F. M. DaRiial's.
Joseph is.selling holiday goods so low
that bis stock is being rapidly diminished.
A tew more bargains offered.: :,i
The prevalence of scarlet fever as an
epidemic has thinned out our schools, and
bid tlilr to stop them entirely.
No end lo wild geese and clucks and
snlj-e, ; lut It takes shooting to get
away with them.
F. M. French ha received an Immense
stock of jewelry this week, and as be
' doesn't want to keep tiTein over the ho i-
along nicely, so far a we can learn.
the '
worst cases being
at Mr. Beem's and Mr.
Mcll wain's daughters have
Two ot Mr,
scarlet fever.
Heav5 frost and Ice yesterday morning.
Just try those choice new dates, import
ed fliis. raisins, chestnuts, almonds, wal
nuts and oranges tliat Haffeiideu Bros,
have Just received.
It ! reported that some of tlie wash
houses will commence business again.
Miss Mary Harmon gives a grand musi
cal concert at the M. E Church in Eugene
City this evening. Miss Hannon has been
teaching niu'lc at Eugene for some mouths,
and has met with bril'lant success.
Blank books and stationery, at Plum
nier's. Vases, toilet sets, etc.. at Pltimmer'.
Latest novelties In writing paper at
Pinmmcr's, under Odd Fellows' Temple.
Perfumery and toilet articles at Plummet-.
Undoubtedly tlie best quality of coal oil
for the le: s mor.ey at Plummer's, under
Odd Fellows' Temple.
Holiday books at Plummer's
Photograph and autograph albums, the
largest assortment and lowest prices, at
Lead pencil at 25c per dozen go off
like hot cakes at Plummer's, under Odd
Fellows Temple. That's tlie place to go
for bargains.
Pocket cutlery, razors, etc., at Plum
mer's. Toilet soap, good quality, 50c per dozen,
at Plummer's.
These hard time make people look about
for low prices. We notice Plummer, the
druggist, is as busy as ever, .and reports
trade increasing.
By calling at C. Meyer's tlie searcher
after holiday goods can find an excellent
and varied assortment, consisting of toys
of alt kinds, handsome china, beautiful
vases but we can't enumerate, go and
see for yourself.
Ed Baum's store from end to end is a
gorgeous array of 'Christmas and New.
Year's." If you have not been in, don't
fail to call and see the splendid sight.
You ought to see what a delicious lot of
new candles Haffeiideu Bros, have they
can't be excelled.
All kinds ot good thing to eat are to lie
obtained at the store of Haffeiideu Bros.
Don't forget this lact.
The Cantata of Queen Esther will be
produced at the Opera House about the
last week In January. The wardrobe has
been ordered from San Francisco.
Good smoking, and die wing ? tobacco
cheap, at the Farmers' and Mechanics'
A Christina tree will be erected at tlie
M. E. C'mrch on the evening before Christ
ftnas. A good programme for tlie evening
will be offered.
Buy your holiday ,giods at the Farmers'
and Mechanics' Store.
Drop Into Wl'ey B. Allen's and get one
of hjs almanac for 1881, tree." ; ""
Bedrock prices on all goods at the Farm
ers' and Mechanics' Store.,., i, i,. f.V
If you have real estate to sell place ft in
the hands of Burkhart Bros., who will sell
it if any one can.
Have you seen those elegant brackets at
Wiley i. Allen'?
Tlie silver steel goods at Titns Bros.""
can't be excelled.
Picture, pctre, frames, all the lafe-t
music, choice new books, albums in facLj
the nicest holiday goods In the city at
Wiley B. Allen's.
Tlie city Is full of holiday good, but for
choice goods go to Foshay A Mason's.
Sociable at Ike Conn's this evening, to
which all are invited. - '
Will B. Rice Is In charge of the office at
the depot again.
Tlie Evangelical S. S. of Albany will
have a Christmas arch on Christmas eve.
The public Is cordially Invited. - "
: Wnere to Porch.
' About these times tlie careful housewife,
in view of tlie early approach ot Christmas
and New Years, Is looking about tor the
place where she can obtain all the necessary
"stuffipg" tor fruit, jelly and other cakes,
mince pies, etc. If she will drop into
Redflcld & Irving, she wtil find the best
q iallty of raisins,, citron, currants, all
kinds of candied - goods, canned fruits,
spices, fresh butter, lard, and an endless
variety of candies, sugars, syrups, and all
k'n Is of goods kept In a first class grocery
store, all fresh and good, to be sold at tlie
;owest living margin.
OFFICE in Odd Fellows' Tetnplo, Albany,
Orea-on. - All work carefully performnd, and
reasonable as is consistent with good work
manship. n JB via
At HI New Khop.-
Frjtd TV ii. i, est 1 now established In
klaAbJmlthln- ka... : ... A- . . .
J re, nnutc nl unrfflen, which -will
id at tue lowest possibi. tinnr on r.
, ?le tcrn?8: viaw J
. rsro willekt is now established In his ! , , ' ' " '
new two-to.-y traston ant blacksmith .hop, Ple,l8e least One wing ol tlie. Democracy
on Seoond street opposite 8. K. IoihikM ar. In a speech made by Senator Bayard re
Jiouse, wlicre bo ia prepared to lo eil kinl ot ., , f . , . , .. 7 .
At tlie residence of Ir. Robert Wilson,
in this city, Dec. lSift, 18S0, ,iy Rev, J. W.
Harris, Mr. W. n. Pearl and Miss S. Ada
Hughes all of Linn county. "
Dr. O. W. tirajr.
Dentist, Albany, Oregon OfSce in Fos
ter's brick block, up stairs, at large bay
window. Prices In proportion to TIME and
materia.!, consumed. ; 11-34 ;
UHltVMST, j .. .
B. It. 'RKKI.AlkI tiu ! lat
Albany for the practice of Bentlalry.
work warranted. OHiee tm nMrrtoh
block, comer First sad Ferry st. .t rebl
-The Sew Hotel mt Ibe Oi'pat.
Under charge of Mr. Jas. A. Gross, the
liandsoire and convenient new hotel at
the depot has gained rapidly in public
i favor, and no hotel In the State now stand
higher In public - favor. Everything is
new' ann clean, and the comfoi t of guests
specially looked after. Hot coffee, nnd
i cakes are ready and can be obtained by
' those w'shg ' refresh themselves before
laKingine morning Kxpres. l-o .
It' Pays to Insure.
Bus'iiess men make the matter ol insur-
j ,n the,r goods and property of the first .
Importance, as no man can! tell the day!
not fllo tiAn. tn 1 . t. lila . f. in v n,w '
be damaged or entirely destroyed by tire,
even though he imy exercise jthe greatest
care and watchfulness. Oar farmers are
pretty generally making assurance doubly
secure by Insuring their grain after plac
ing it in the warehouse. This Is wise and
safe, and should be followed by all. In
sure your grain, houses, barns, or goods
of any kind In a sound company, and yon
can slee'p soundly. Among flic soundest
insurance companies doliig business in
Oregon, none can be more highly recom
mended than the Connecticut and tlie
German-American. It is a ! noteworthy
tact that both the above eo-opanle paid
every dollar of their losse in the great
Chicago and Boston fire. a fict which
speaks loudly in tlieir favor. The Instruc
tion to agents In every case is to find out
speedily the amount ot any loss by fire In
which they are interested, and pay it to
the last farthing. These are tlie compan
ies in which to insure. Mr. Julius Orad
wohl Is the accomodating agent for both
companies in this city, to, whom all should
apply who desire to Insure in sate com
panies. J j
Arrival or Sw Toy and Fancy coods.
Ed. Batjm lias opened out jthe largest
stock of holiday goods ever brought to thi8
city. You can find any kind of present
yon may desire, to suit any age or condi
tion, at Batim's. I will mention a few ar
ticles only, as It Is impossible to go iuto de
tails. My stock is immense, and I intend
to sell at the lowest rate In orer to reduce
it. Following are some oi the articles :
Baby buggies and wagons, rocking horses,
railroads, baby trunks. Bnhetneau vases,
majolica ware, toilet sets, smoking sela,
cups and saucers of .ill kind, velvet frames,
writing desks, work-boxes, shell boxes,
an immense stock of dolls, nw styles ol
photograph and autograph albums, the la
test styles in coral, ivory, -shell ami pearl
card receivers. A cordial invitation Is ex
tended to all to examine niv goods as you
will profit thereby, and will find tlie prcti
est goods ever brought, to town. " No old
roods on hand all the latest" and newest
toys. Call in time to select presents be
fore tlicy are picked over ami the choicest
gone. - Holiday picture book 3 haudsouie.
School books and stationery wholesale and
retail. ' I will sell to country dealers at San
Francisco prices, as I purchase my goods
direct Iroin the East. E. BaCM. corner
of First and Broadalbiu streets, opposite
the new block 'of Senders A Sternberg. 7 -4
A Fine Tblna; Tor the Telh.
Fragrant SOZODONT is a composition
of the purest and choicest ingredient of
the Oriental vegetable kingdom. Kvery
ingredient is well known to have a beiu-
ficial effect on the teeth and gum. Ira
embalming or antiseptic. proierty and
a romatic fragrance make it a toilet lux
ury. SOZODONT removes all disagreeable
oclors troin the ureatn caused by catarrh.
bail teeth. Ac. It in entirely free from the
Injurious and acrid properties of tooth
paste and powders which destroy tlu en
amel, one oottie lasts six months.
3(ews from all Points.
On account of tbeabsnoe of fifteen un
paired Democrats, the House can not elect
its officers at Dresent.
Telegrams state tliat G$h. Howard will
not be appointed commander at West
Point In place of Gen. Schnfleld, although
he was called to Washington for that pur
pose, the President having been dissuaded
from making the appointment by Gen.
Sherman and Secretary Evarts. who con
sidered the change too violent in view of
Howard's Well known variance with Sco
field's administration
Charles Marshall, a noted despe.-ado ot
Belleville, Xevada, on the 7th Inst., brutal
ly murdered an inoffensive old man,
named Jack McCann, whom he first shot
and then kicked until be died. As the
Sheriff and party was starting with tlie
prisoner on the 10th for Aurora, a party
of citizens attacked and o vet powered the
Sheriff, and took the murderer to the out
skirts of the town and hung him-
By an explosion at the Penygrieg
colliery, England, on Saturday, eight-six
miners were burl :d alive.
Dash A Co.; New York, coffen men,
failed on Friday for (1,400.000.
Mephistopheles. the new . opera, U the
grand attraction tn Cblcigo.
Mayor Cooper's : appointment of Alltn
Cambell to supersede ..John Kelly as Comp
troller, was confirmed on tlie 10th. All
the appointments o Mayor Cooper, some
of which were Beinblicans and the rest
anti-Tammany Democrats, wcw coniirni-
ed. Tlie bouncing of John Kellv will
I Mllllv A I krx.,.. I 1. I- - 1 1 I 1.
' " - - V""t : w ,
, rn nri i..,n,K.iL.i , i
to ..d w tho Goybi nui.a.t Wtelu un-
paid undervalued InvoJces, declaring tW
Senator Conkling, Noah Davis, the JJis-V
trict Attorney, Mr. Jayne, special otleer,
and George S. Bout well. Secretary of the
Treasury, were present to the Custom
House when the money t237,000) was paid
over.and ttiat fhey diylded it among then
On Saturday; Messrs. ; B.Uwell.
Arthur. Davi and CnViklmg pnbuvhwl
irU to tlMs Phliadclpliia ft.?, tliarauer
izlng the lirge as a Untitles cuumny.
Senator Bayard denies making the chatigeft
alleged. .;.
Dr Charles EaHl, convicted of procur
ing abortion at Chicago ot, the 10th, was
sentenced to five years in tiie penitentiary.
Wm. Gray was hangnl ( Slieriirook,
Quebec, on the 10th, lor the uturdes of
Thomas Mulligan. He died protesting his
Wood, a Chicago buck driver, who drug
ged aud robbed a Knight Templar during
the cnncUvr last August, get five years
in tlie penitentiary, , .
It is reported that Secretary '1
has been offered and will accept tlie olllca
of President ol tbe Panama Cunal, awl
tliat lie will soon resign Ult posit iou in the
Cabinet to accept it. - '
At Iawretice, Mass., a married mat
named Wardman, becoming jealous nf his
mistress, a Miss Pinkhain, shot and killed
lier. To complete the business tut then
shot himself. . ' r
On tlie 15th of November seventeen
transports with 9,000 men, left Aric upon
campaign against Lima.
Subscriptions to the DeTeseps canal
ave been discontinued in San Francisco.
Detectives under the direction otPfukb as'
ot Pittsburg district, have arre-lVd a large
numner or counterfuiters in New York
It took two months to work nj the r wi
nes, and abont f 1,000 in counterfeit silyer
was obtained fromtbecnanterfelters in the
various deal between tlie detectives and
counterfeiters during the time. ,;
Secretary Thompson ha ftesired tlie
President to name his successor as he will
retire on the 20th Inst. I - v
By a fire in Philadelphia Saturday night,
Ann Higgins. aged 73, and John Lyons,
aged 23, were burneil to death, i . ;
Ex-Seuntor Jas. F. Sfarbuck, for a long
time one ot the most distinguished lawyers
in northern New York, diet! on Saturday.
Emigrants In large numbers are on tlieir
way to Ocklahama Territory, and declare
they will enter the Territory at all hazards.
It Is believed '25.000 have already entered
the Territory. Federal cavalry under Col.
Coppinger is in close, pursuit, i "
On Friday night at California, Kentucky.
Talman Webster, a saloon keeper, and
Wm. Stewart, a farmer, quarreled about a
woolen comforter. Stewart went away
and got a pistol, and npon returning was
shot through tlie head and instantly killed
by Webster. Both were man-tad mi.
Five firemen were smothered to ileath at
a fire in Cincinnati on Saturday evening
last. . i
Last week, at Salem, Clareiiden county,
O A, . 1 .
o. iuto yuuiig coiorex i people named
Joe, Vance and Julia Barnes, aged respect
ively 18, 13 and 15 year, murdered a
young white woman named Kennedy, dur
ing tbe absence of her linsband. and robb
ed the house. : Citizens 'promptly hung
the murderer. V " ; i '
Tlie revenue C3l lectors in the South con
tinue to have a hard time On the 10tb4
twelve mile east of Cooksville. Tennessee.
U. S. deputy marshal Cant. James. Davis
was killed, and D. S. commission-! G. W.
Campbell beaten nearly to death, j , "
Nlne-tentlii ot tho .busi ness, portion of
Pensacola, Alabama, was destroyed by lire
on Friday- night. Mrs. Damtana was
burned so badly a to casue her death.
Loss at out 250.000 1 N ,J!
. , : Mormon : m tssioua lies are at work . tu
Ohio, and are making converts, j .
'fbe Brule chief. Medicine Boll, was ae
cMentJOfy the 13th, the wound be-
Jay GofUL-wa's negotiating tor tte pur
chase of the Inui Mountain railroad on th
13tb. - -i-b't?',:,' ,:t
The. trial of tbe Morey scoundrels drags,
along. . .
There Is prospects ot a bitter war, be
tween tlie Western Union and t,!i: Ameri
can Union telegraph companies, j '
Texas gave Hancock $5,000 niajorfty
over Garfield. . r... i ,4 .
A bill lias been introduced iti Cougrees
reducing letter postaga to two cents. , ,
D. J. Murphy,. of San Francisco,- has
been created a Herclitary Marquis of tbe.
Holy Roman Empire, by bis Holiness the
Pope, on account ot his great services to
religion. ... j -
- General Grant has been to inspect all tbo
unioiiaci.uries sr. sratterson, evr
Jersey, and was received by the. Board of
Trade of that city.
The total amount of gold received tnim
Europe from August 6th to December latti.
waa f 52,337.600 against 171,332,000 tor
same time last year.
Tbomas Dllly, a Urmer, and his wife.
who llveil near Colona, Iowa, were horribly
tnurde-ed. supposed to be on account of an
ok! grudge. A bloody apado was, found,
which was probably used to perpetrate tbo
horrible crime. . i
The Jacksonville Times says; Several
farms have been sold in fhls section of lata.
We are gradually receiving many now ad
ditions to our population. i.
- The Deitiocroic Times tells of a tlilef
who after stealing valuables worth 1300
from Morris Epsor dwelling. ..Jackson
ville, returned all Uie pluucjcr tbrutigh a
third party..
Tbe State Uertfd says the stock men
ot Lake anility resolve to demand coin fej
hand when they sell stock and won't be
buttered with checks on San Francisco, as
lieretofore. -,
Hoa Brpwn, a veteran ot tlie war of
JSli. lives with his graw'son, Orr. Brown,
of Murchy creek. Josephine count r: to t
jn his 89tb year, bjit is stilt nuile active lor
PM so old. . , ! "
Eider M. Patterson of Jackson omtv
ost ajgne oK the other day, by epizootic.
A number of tlie liorses of that vallrv aa
afii'ued with it, but very few cess havf
resulted fatally so Lir. '