The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, December 10, 1880, Image 3

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oRegoK, torn. io, isso.
i V -'-V
Y. Frnrnun, K .......
1 Kline, 1
X. J. Heaton.R.;.-.
J. L. Halter. l ,
A. J Hont,R......
IL Burkhsrt, D ...
1 1st W. MW. Sd W.
...... F JW W
(ij . TS . 67
O. O. McWata. B .... 7 77 M
. urn., tk 7 It 6S
For t he Connell - first Wri : Jiulce Black
hnrn. Hen., " : rmnk Partoti.liera ,63. Second
w1"; ! i- rmnninir. Ren 72 : W. B. Scott.
I wtn .'lOO- Third Ward : K. K. Pierce, Rep..
j s rbirk. 8r- Ix-m- 5. for the extra
Mill tax. 86 ; agaiust. 315.
A large numbei ot the friends of Mr.
- and Mr. Win. 8. Peter met at their resi
dence on Tuesday evening to celebrate the
anntversary of their fifth year of wedded
lite- The handsome and coy residence
nileil with a JoHv a set of people a
ever wentany wliere, and all unite tn say
ing they never spent a more enjoyable
evening. A large number of wooden fa
vors were left as tokens of esteem, among
which we may mention : - A buck-saw and
liorse. box wooden" toothpicks, load ol
kindllngwood, tan and borse-elioe made ol
holly wood, embossed chromn, au im
mense hickory cane, set of carved Walnut
..Loir. nrvMl walnut laniii bracket and
match-safe, walnut whatnot, walnut paper
bohler, three pair of ebony easlcs, walnut
toilet table, pair of panncl pictures In oil,
framed, wall pocket, two pair ebony vases.
pair fancy carved walnut brackets, walnut
slipper cae, ebony book rest, eoacnanut
linnrr. huce wooden bowk fancy card ta
ble, cork money-purse, two pair carved
hiiML tl famou wooden shoe of whicli
the poet writes t
There wan an old woman who lived In
She had so many children she didn't know
what to uo.
making in the agg.-egate an Immense and
attractive assortment t useful aud beauti
ful present. At a late honr the party
brake un. exoressin? earnest wishes for
Ion life, haunluess. prosperity and use-
tulnesstrt Mr. and Mrs. Peters.
A Trtaaaralsir Kmsmf.
On Tuesday a team left stawling in the
middle of First street near the corner ot
Broadalbin became frightened and pro
ceeded to make good time up First street.
Arriving In frout of the Register building
they marie directly for tlie building, and
would have dotihtless made a wreck of the
almvr-window on tlie corner, liad it not
been for a sigu-pot which brought the
team np with a short turn, throwing one
of tlie annimals down, when bystanders
secured thetn. The sign-post was broken
I short off. tlie hore that tell was bruised
seinewhat and the harness injured to a
small extent. A team owned hy.jdohn
Morgan was standing In front of tlie build
inf. Seeing tlie runaway- coming. John
statted his team out Ferry treet in
hnrry ; tMsexciM"! a wood team standing
on the eat side ot the building, which pro
ceeded to clatawa towards the suburbs in
good style. The owner succeeded in gett
ing hold ot tlie lines as they started, but i
was thrown' down in; ilie muJ and ran j
vei when -jbe team prtK-eetietl as far a
the Iadian ranclierie near the cemetery,
where they were Rev-tired. A wiml)er of
chk-fceiis Were on the wood rek, tied by
the teg, bnt they 'escaped.... 81 r. Morgan
SiHTwleit Vc stopping hi t'm before any
damage was done.. This . little., tear np
broughmfsre people on to the street than
We have seen for good while, and tlie
opinion seemed to prevail that if men will
toerstst in leavttig teams alone l tlie street
to row away," endangering lite and pro
njf,'ley " ihonWI be Jieavily fined for
very meU acatrr&xxe. '.
. i , -'
., , A e(t Deed.. -
I Tlew tle Albany express an1 perliaps
' rtany Uvea were, Mvel is thus told by tlie
- Kat PorUnr ridontar t' ? Otl Monttty
morning, as tlie tiortheru-bouud train came
thnuderlttg ' down, John McGonegal.
machiiiist at tlie car sbopa. observed llwt
one of the rails .ner. thf "Brooklyn mills
bad Cpread or had been maliciously dis
placed by a " fiendish wrecker." Quick as
thought be grasped a fla and signaled tlie
engineer, who immediately whistled "down
brakes" and tltus tlie train was fortunate
ly stepped In time to avoid a . wreck and
Injury, and possible loss of many lives.
On -learning the cause of this sudden lialt
the gratitude of the passengers wa not
only , expressed with emotion verbally.
hut .ifi by a purse of sixty dollars, which
was .Wiiiingly snbserlbed lor 'She-' person
who 3-vl sa ve! tlem, from Injnry end pre
- babfy prematore death. The needed re
pain caused but a short dolay; wien tlie
train prothnl, with all on board feeling
a depU of cratHtKle 'toward John Mo
Gooegal. .' - '7 ""
Osras Aesff terjr
On Wedne3ay, sMis Vinnie Moutcith
was going Iiome, M youth met her on the
Idewalit and caolit the money satchel
she held tn her hand end attempted to
wrench It fwa bcr. Minnie is gifted
with plenty tst. seifpossessiotj well
snirtcle, and with the remark, "X you
slon't," she took the sstt-la ! 'inrt of the
wKild-l: 3 thleTa band. WIim. Ive ran awaj.
Mr. Buut, City lfanli:tl. ooh alter found
the culprit la the sntMiriw 'ml arrested
Mm. Sis ge hL, na tne 4e GoitUmlth,
satd he was from SUwn. tl that he was
xteea years ol lie mas jttft the
hn-w t a tlse lUrshal wautvl. as lie had
reiet wn;rprv.f coat Ivttvn leaving
Cil-'a, which ilw Mrbai f.wind mon after
i arrt. after a HitW srnrH,, city
. i.rv,i ot riaiem. ui lnjr imiHje.i. t-amc up
TV.'. evening :! ti the Ito" to
?y- -.. wnrre hp u't'.l e trt. d ft..- string
-i .. years, died at
f rr son, Ca;t. IJmrlirey,
fila Kifeasua On.
Following Is tlie
for this
evening : -
Opening address Dr. S. O. Irvine-
Vocal dttett Mrs. 6. E. Chamberlain
and Miss Avery.
A duress L. K. Armstrong.
Select Reading W. O. Palmer.
Vocal Solo "A little monnuln lad"
Cltas. Ilafienden, MUs Fannie Stralian ac-
Address Rev. J. W. Ilarrls.
"Sateljr ElMtiva.
Safety Lodge No. 13, A.O.U.W., Tues
day evening elected the following officers :
P.M W, R. J. Graham; M W. R- A. Fos
ter; G F, D. T. Wynum; O, Jos. Webber;
G 12, D. SJoan ; R, O. L. Parks ; R, M.
Baumgnrt ; J. Joseph ; I W, M. Ilous-
tan ; O W, Phil Cohen : Trustee, J. Grad-
woiii Physician, Dr, J. I.. Hill.
Mrs. G. W. Kczariy died in this city on
Wednesday atteruoon. after an illness of
several weeks,- or consumption. She was
the oldest daughter of Crill Bnrkhart, Esq.
The brreavel husband lias the sympathy
of many warm friend in Id great loss.
Khe passed away caluiy and pesccftiliy.
professing to be perfectly happy and will
ing to die.
In Usil and
I-uLs of "rtiCMSi.
Tims Bros, display of silverware, jewelry
of evety description, gold and silver
watclies, etc.. Is tlie largest and most gor
geous ever opened hi this city. Those
ladies' gold watclies are beauties, and llie
prices are unusually low for good solid
gnoiis. Tiioe new style ladies' chaius of
massive gold attract every eye. Window
aud show cases are crowded with so many
bi-autltul tilings, tliat it la a positive pleas
ure to visit tlie establishment and feast the
eyes on them.
Ostea Aaarnl Call
Albany Engine Co. gives its twelfth
animal ball at the Opera House on Christ
mas eve. It will as usual be an Immense prominent firemen, accompani
ed by wives and daughters are expected
from Portland, Oregon City, Salem, Eu
gene and Corvallls. The hall will be de
corated in a tasty manner, and all who at
tend can depend on receiving tlie best
tliere is to be obtained tor tlieir comloit.
Mini Disviajr.
F. M. French has received the most
tasteful and elegant Invoice of silverware,
and it now ornaments tils show window ,
affording a beautiful sight, especially in
tlie evening, when the gas has been light
ed. There are some specially rich "piece
among the collection that some favored
one is sure to get for a Christinas or New
Years gift. Take a look at tlie beautiei
before they are gobbled up. He will also
receive a large Invoice ot jewelry next
Where Purrkme,
About these times tlie careful housewife.
In view of llie early approach ot Christmas
and New- Years, 1 looking about for tlie
place wliere she can obtain all tlie necessary
stuffing" lor fruit, jelly aud other cakes,
mince pies, etc. If she will drop into
Redfleld & Irving, she will find the best
quality of r!'.i.-i's citron, currents, all
kir.ds of caudird gofds. canned fruits.
spices, fresh butter, laid, and an endless
variety of candies, sugars, syrup, asu! all
kinds of goods kept in a first class grocery
store, all fresh and good, to be sold at the
lowest living margin. -
A flue Thins; fjr the Teeth.
Fragrant SOZODONT l a composition
of tlie purest and clioieen ingredients of
tlie Oriental vegetable kingdom. Every
ingredient is Well known tn have a bene
ficial effect on tlie ti-etn aixl gums, irs
enilHtlining or antiseptic property "ml
a romalle trasraiH make it a toilet lux
ury. SOZODONT reniv'ves all disagreeable
oden from tlie tweaih caused by catarrh,
bad teeth. Ac. It is entirely free from the
Injurious and acrid proierttes ot tooth
fiastes and powders nlilcli destroy tlie en-
inel. Une oottie iaM six monliis.
It rays to Insure.
Bns'ness men make the matter ot Insur
ing their good and proerty of the first
Importance, as no man can tell the day
nor tlie Ikmh in which his property may
be damaged or entirely destroyed by lire.
even though he may exercise the greatest
care and watchfulness. Onr farmers are
pretty generally making assurance doubly
secure by insuring their grain after ,. plac
ing it in the warehouse. This Is wise and
safe, and should be followed by all. In
sure your grain, houses, barns, or goods
of any kind lu a sound company, and yon
can sleep soundly. Amangthe soundest
Insurance companies doing business in
Oregon, none can be more highly recom
mended than the Connect knit and the
German-American. It is a noteworthy
tact that both tlie above companies paid
every dollar of their losses In 'the great
Chicago and Boston - fires, . a fact : which
speaks loudly In tlieir favor. The instruc
tions to agents In every case is te find out '
speedily the amount ot any loss by 'fire in
which tliey are interested, and pay It to
the last tarthiiig. These are the compan
ies In which to insure. Mr. Julius Grad
wolil is tlie accomodating agent for both
companies In this city, to whom all should
apply who desire to insure in sate com
panies. . , --- .,v,:i' a .,
Tk Sew Hatet at the Pepa.
Under charge of Mr. Jas. A. Gross, the
handsome and convenient new hotel at
the depot lias gained rapidly in public
favor, amino hotel In the State uow stand
higher in public favor iSverytMpg Is
sew and Clean, and the corn lor t ot gue
epecialiy looked after. Hot coffee and
cakes are ready and. pan behobtaiiied by
those wlshng tft refresh tharoscye before
taking tlie morning Express.
Itr. C, W. Cray,
Dentist, Albany, Oron. Offloe in Fos
ter's brlok block, np stairs, at large bay
window. Prices in proportion to time and
f Ux Elee
The Republicans ot the city netn Con
vention at tlie Court House on Saturday
night, and placed la nomination tlie follow
ing ticket : For Mayor, D. Froman tor
Recorder, N. J. Henton ; for Marshal, A.
J. Hunt ; for Treasurer, O. G. McWaln ;
Counctlmen 1st Ward, Judge Blackburn ;
2d Ward, F. S. Dunning ; 3d Ward, E. E.
Pierce.' - .r
On the same evening, the Democracy
met at the Opera House and nominated
the following ticket t For Mayor, L.
Kline; tor Recorder, J. L.. Halter: for
Marsiiai, Cal. Burkhart ; lor Trensurer,
Louis Mi'ler i Council men 1st Ward
Frank Par ton ; 2d Ward, W. B. Scott ;
3d Ward, J. S. Clark, Sr.
The election was held on Monday, and
after a hard fight, and all kinds of twist
tug and pulling, the Republicans came out
on top, electing tlie Mayor, Recorder,
Marshal, and Councilincit In the First and
Thin! Wards, while the Democracy bare
ly got to the top " with tlie Treasurer and
one Councilman. However, we are sorry
tn lose the Treasurer, who Is a first class
man and a Republican clear through, as
well as the candidate for Councilman in
the Second Ward, who would have made
an excellent, carrlul officer, no doubt ; at
the same time our sorrow is somewhat
assuaged from the fact that the gentlemen
who succeeded to tlie places are men who
stand high in their party, and have proved
competent In place of trust heretofore. 1
Last year. It will b? remembered, the
Republicans elected the Mavor, Marshal
and Treasurer, while the Democrats elect
ed tlie Recorder. Tlie Democracy also
elected four Couiiciitiieu out of six. As
there were two Republicans ahl one
Democratic holdovers, the next Council
will stand tour Republicans and two Dem
ocrats. Ami this has been the way the
thing lias ruu in the Council tor years, one
year four Democrats two Republicans ;
the next year, it any change, was four Re-
publicausto two Democrats. It U entirely
owing to the legislation of the new board
whether the Republicans hold power
longer than the year 1SS1. We believe
the Council, as it will be composed atter
January next, will be one of tlie strongest
and most careful, and will be particularly
solid on all questions affecting the future
Interests ot this city.
Hurrah for our side.
Arrival T sscw Toy mm! raarjr
Ed. Baum has opened out the
stock of holiday goods ever brought to thi1
city. You caii find any kind of present
von mav desire, to suit any are or condi
tion, at BauuTs. I will mention a few ar
ticles only, as it is impossible to go into de
tails. My stock is Immense, and I intend
to sell at the lowest rates In or?er to reduce
it. Following are some oi tlie articles
Baby buggies and wagons, rocking horse,
railroads, baby trunks, Bolietnean vases,
majolica ware, toilet sets smoking sets,
cups and saucers of all kinds, velvet frames,
writing desk, work-boxes, shell boxes.
an Immense stock of dolls, new styles ot
photograph and autograph albums, the la
test styles tu coral. Ivory, shell aid pearl
card receivers. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all to examine mv goods as you
will profit thereby, and will find the pretl
est goods ever brought to town. No old
goods on hand all the latest and newest
toys. Call In time to select presents be
fore they are picked ever and the choicest
gone. Holiday picture books handsome.
School books and stationery wholesale and
retail. I will sell to country dealers at San
Francisco prices, as I purchase my good
direct from the East. Er. Bacm, corner
of First and Broadalbln streets, opposite
tlie new block of Senders & Sternberg. 7
V. K. tiranel Jnrar.
Uniteil States Marshal has summoned the
following residents of tlie State to appear
in the' United States District Court on
December 14th, to serve as Grand Jurors
therein :
W. F. Kirk, farmer, Oregon City.
William Porter, farmer, Oregon City.
J. C Hastings, farmer, Iewisville.
B. F. Suiitli, farmer. Iwtsvllle.
W. II. Hobson. merchant. Stay ton.
Thomas B. Tagsdon, farmer, Corvallis.
Richard Irviu, farmer, Corvallis.
A. S. Pe.rsham, farmer, Corvallis.
Jacob Whiteaker. farmer. Corvallis. . .
F. Healy, fnrmer, Letauinn.
John D-ntiy, farmer, Lelmuon.
J. R. Stump, fanner, Buena Vista.
A. M. Smith, farmer. Buena Vista.
" Penumbra Kelly, farmer. East Portland.
A. C. Gist, farmer, Dallas, j
A. J. Hoyt. millman, Sandy.
A. Mathews, farmer. Pleasant Hill.
J. Hntidleston. farmer, Eugene City.
J. W. Nesmith, farmer. Dixie.
A. J. Purvlne. farmer, Uncoln. , .
WiUIamfbunnan, farmer,! Amity.
W. B. Jolly, rcHlman.HHIsboro.
Samuel Brown, farmer, Salem.
Kleetfoa r Ofltes-rs.
The Indies Industrial Society of this city
held their annual election on Tuesday after
noon, with the following result:
President Mrs. Coll. YanCleve.
Vice President Mrs. G. F. Simpson. .
Secretary Mrs. G. W. Hochstedler.
Treasurer Mrs. L. J. Powell.
Executive Committee Mrs. G. Parrlsh,
Mrs. O. To ParHs, Mrs. f . M, Westfn!,
and Mrs. Win. Cannon. .
fhe Society meets every other week, on
Tuesday, at P. M. All ftiemte are in-
vlted to attend. The next meeting will be
held at the M. E. parsonage on Tuesday
next. '. . - - .j. , .:. ;,
This Evealnaa MaeiaMe. . .
-H . . 3. T " ais.aa '
A sociable will be given at Mr. Isaac
Conn's residence, near the head of Lyon
street this evening, to which general
invitation is hereby given toj our citizens
to attend- V It i a pleasant : walk tiiee
moonlight nights, and I) crowc mar be ex
pected. -fOwing to the death of Mrs.
Ketarty, an active member of tlie Society,
the sociable U postponed tmtlt furthee
Cv ti Baewtt
F Rafmr t?ather. .
Gossamers, -Storm
Rubber coats, ,
Rubber leggings.
Rubber overshoes, .
Rubber umbrellas,
Waterproof gloves,
Roys' rubber boot,
Iong and knee rubber boots.
Oil overcoats, oil suits, etc..
At L. E. Blaln's, and cheaper than any
other place in Albany.
Mineral KprlBff.
About fifty miles south of Eugene are
situated the famed hot springs, tlie water
flowing from whicli contains medical
qualities adapted to tlie cute of many dis
eases. Mr. David Kltson ownes these
springs, of which there are three, two cold
and one hot, and has put up accommoda
tions in the way of bath rooms, etc., tor
invalids. In the vicinity Is excellent hunf
Inz ground, while tlie streams are full ot
trout and other fish. This will soon be
come a tnincHis place of resort, not only for
Invalids but for pleasure seekers generally.
-JL.O. V. W.
D.D.G.M.W A. D. Rogers Instituted
a lodge at Sclo. Dec. 7th, with tlie follow
ing officers: P.M.W., S. F. France; M.W.,
A. F. Beard: G.F- II. A. Johnson; O., I.
F. Folster; It., J. F. Brown; F., W. E.
Kelley;R., L.. B. Royal; G Wm.Costello;
J.W.. J. E. Woods; O.W J. H. Marks.
We are Informed IfV brother Rogers that
tlie material In the new lodge isorthevery
best character, which Insures a good work
lug lodge In Sclo.
Mr. Koger will institute a lodge at Tan
gent this evening.
A Sociable wilt be given by Wlllammette
lodge to-morrow evening at Odd Fellows'
Temple. All members ot tlie order are
Match IIhmS. .
A match hunt, fourteen on a side, came
off on Wednesday, between teams com
manded by Opt. D. Hacklenian and Capt
Nick Springer. We have only room for
the score:
Hackleman's team scored 1,969.
Springer's team scored 2,608.
Capt. Hacklenian scored 310 points, get
ting 11 ducks, 12 snipe and 5 killdee.
Capt. Springer scored 736 points, getting
50 ducks. 1 snipe, 3 killdee, 1 otter, 2
pheasants, 1 Iiawk and 1 grouse.
Eleette at Acs.
The municipal election at Scio on
dav resulted as fol'owa :
Mayor Daniel Gaby.
Recorder S. W'illiams.
Marshal- G. W. Morrow.
. Treasurer Jesse Beard.
Politics did not enter into the election.
and the onlr contest was for the office ot
Treasurer, for which there was .-quite a
fight made.
Mare Sldiolara
for FaeaS Clrava AatlMf
Tlie Secretary of the Interior on the 1st
Issued orders providing for an Increase of
one hundred pupils in the .number of In.;
dian rotith now educated at the Forest
Grove. Oregon, industrial school, ami for
forty or fifty additional at tlie Hampton,
Va. school.
Mrmbers of Albany Ixwlge No. 4. I O
O.F.. are earnestlv requested to meet at
their half-to-day (Friday) at one o'clock
p. it., sharp. Geo. F. Sqipson. N.G.'
! 1.1st of (otters, .
Uncalled tor and reniainine in tlie Post
oftice in this city, for the week ending
Dec. 9th. 1880.
Ankerv. T J
Chentway, Judge
Clark, Archie
Gallaway, James S
Tlnchcn, T
Marrot, T n
Hogan. Miss N
Smith. David
'lulanaa Uraecrlca.
Now is tlie time to get your Christmas
groceries, and Haffenden Bros, have got
lot of such things for that great festival.
and they sell them clieap.
, ReliKfaoa.
On Sunday at tlie Evangelical Church
the pastor will preach at 11 A. M. upon
The Perfect Knowledge," and at 7 P. M
upon The Religion of the Bible."
B. B. raCCUSD has laeatsal la
AItanjr tar the practice mf ateatlstry
All warat warranted. OBlec ta rur
alaeh, wiatr First anal Ferrjr a Is. - febl
OFFICE in Odd Feuows' Temple, Albaay,
Oregon. Ail work earefalty psrfortned, ana
reasonable as is con sis tout wits good work-
At Ills New Mtap.
Fred W11.I.KRT la now established in his
new t'woto."jr wsjron and Macksmlth shop,
on Second street opposite 8. K. Young's ware-
House, -iiere lie is pretarea to no an aincw oi
hhu-kiimit.hins. renairlns of hacks, aasons.
etc. He also bas on hand, and will continue
to mnnnfaotnre, nacK ana nuagies, wnicn win
be sold at the lowest poaslbls figures on reason
able terms. KvlSinS
" Mayor, . ;
Two Council men.
Five to two. :
Hip, hip, hurrah !
No more elections until June.
A full vote cast on Monday, with no
The large and elegant display of holiday
goods at Foshay & Mason's is attracting
nn Immense custom.
Mr. C Kloclt, purchaser ot the Cbeadle
mill, Is putting lu a new thirty-Inch tur
bine wheel, and expects to be ready lu a
tew days to turn out the best of flour.
, The fine lay out at Conrad Meyer'a place.
and the low prices, is rnc.ily rdng his
stock ot holiday attractions. Qo early.,
It la rumored that Fred. McCoy and
' Minnie Johnson wer married yesterday,
Mr. Beem'stWo children afe strictest
with the scarlet fevef.
The McMinnville came Hp yesterday
first boat of tlie season. :
The breakfast calls to codfish balls
- And bash that make the small boy fetter.
The hired girl bakes the amber cakes, ,
c Aud the wild buckwheat leaps In batter.
Rush, Bridget, rash, set the old griddle flying;
, Speak, Bridget ; answer, pancakes, frylug,
frying-, frying. -
Have you seen the new furniture at Dan
nals' ?
The extra mill tax was voted down by a
large majority.
. Yon want to see the new jewelry at
Frank French's, when lie opens It out. -
John Berry's little boy died of diphtheria
last week.
Several cases of scarlet fever in the city.
J. Joseph is selling his large invoice of
toys, dolls, etc., for the holidays, at very
low prices, as he desires to close out entire-
ly.- " " ' " '
- The immediate prospect tor seating in
this vicinity isn't tlie best in the world at
Red field & Irving have a full supply of
fresh groceries.
Have you seen that splendid exhibition
of silverware at F. M. French's. It is cer
tainly gorgeous, and so tempting. Who
will lie tlie lucky ones to secure some of
those bcatltltul presents f
Fourteen days and then Christmas.
Watch-tweeting at the M. E. Church on
the evening ot Dec. 31st; - .
The Daughters of Rebcknh will give a
sociable and supper on New Years' eve at
the Opera House.
"My life try yours enfolded la,"
He whispered to her car ;
I only breathe when you're about,
Live only with yon, dear,"
Bays she, with archness nn her brow,
"I've latth in what yon say
Then, gland ii or at ins raven locks,
"Yon dye when I'm away.
See notice of administrator's sale of real
estate belonging to the estate of the late
Robert Carter, embracing 100 acres o'R.
H. Pollard's donation land claim sale on
llie 15th day of January next elsewhere
lu this issue. Wrn. Kinder, administrator.
The best taffy in town is to be had at
Wliat a relief it ts to turn from the polit
ical editorials in exchanges to the calm,
dignified statements to be found in tlie
local notices of patent medicines. There
is no lying in patent medicine advertise
A merry party assembled at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Peters, in this city.
on Tuesday night to celebrate the fifth an
niversary of tlieir wedded lite. It was a
pleasant occasion.
It's hope that keeps us up.
It's hope tliat keeps onr memories green.
It's hope that makes our lives sublime.
It's soap that keeps as clean.
Harold, youngest son of O. L. Parks,
fell Hgaiust a iiot stove on Saturday, and
was severely bunted on tlie uioi.ah and
left hand.
Mr. Beem's little boy Is fit of scarlet
One of the old boys Is to be married
soon. We tion t mention any names, but
he's an old, brick all the same.
'The best brands of coal oil at the City
Drug Store.
Don't torget that Ilaffeiiden's have the
finest stock of candies in the country, aud
all kinds ot nice things for Christmas.
A great deal ot snow lias fallen east of
the Cascades, aud the weather Is exceed
ingly rigorous. It Is feared that the losses
in stock will be unusually heavy.
Ed Baum offers a large selection ot
handsome holiday goods, and Is selling at
prices that Induces slathers of custom.
One or two ot Clement's children are
said to be afflicted with scarlet fever.
City Council meets next Tuesday even
ing. Orgeana Encampment this evening.
Have you seen those new hunting suits
at Blain's tliey beat anything.
Mr. Oliver Price, who has been absent
from this city fifteen or sixteen years,
dropped in on his relatives here on Monday,
from Alaska, to their grert surprise "and
joy. His many friends extend a warm
welcome." -
Dr. Krischbaura and mother return to
tlieir California home next week, after a
pleasant visit here of several weeks.
Put away his old suspenders,
He's shinned up the golden stairs,
. Ieaths cut short his fearful bendeis,
Never more he'll go on tears. .
At the municipal election on Monday at
Salem, the Republican ticket was elected
dear througn without tlie loss or a man.
The Republican ticket was opposed by a
citizen's ticket, composed of Republicans
and Democrats. " "
An attempt was made by some dastard
ly wretch to burn up '' Eugene last Friday
Wm. Tally, ot Harrisburg, was in the
city Wednesday...'- -;. :,:f ;..;L V"
funeral obsequies from the residence, under
the auspices of tbo Odd Feltowes, at 1:30
r. h.
John Morrison, Esq., of Scio, vras in the
city yesterday. Reports business good in
The match hunters liad a big supper at
Murry's Wednesday night.
Our youngest son, Ralph, lias been quite
HI ttiis week, and is still feeble.
Three of Clement's children have .the
scarlet fever.
Frank Arnold has received another sup
ply of that excellent stove polish.
Wm. Morgan is in tlie city for a tew
days, v -. ' , .'. -"
In boring tor water in the Wiromera dis
trict, Victoria, recently, a tree was passed
through for 8 feet at depth of 250. feet,
and the cup brought up several fruifc-stoiie
similar to the nuts of plains ; some were
smaslied, but the kernels, were recognis
able. It seemed evident that there was a
grove of trees there. .
It is Interesting to note the railway
np Mount Vesuvius is HKte; by fourteen
of Siemens and Jlalske's; electric lamps.
The illumination p te crater and the sides
of the volcano Is, according to theElekro-
j techulsche geituwg, grand in the extrcino.
Birdie,- get my flannels' ready, , .
Flif the summer winds are dyingj
: And In dells by birds deserted
Polar blasts are shrilly ringing;
All the little dowers are faded.
And tlie -oods are dank aid sere
Ah. my soul Is chilled and jaded .
Bring my flannels. Birdie tiear.
Mat. W if lard, ngeu l, when coasting
down Columbia Street, Seattle, strode a
lamp post with his sled and broke his arm.
The Nanaimo Coal Co. is furnishing
coal at San Fra ncisco for $7 a ton on an
old contract, when coal has gone up to
$12 and $14 a ton.
Mr. Adams a well known hunter, cap
tured a white lieaver on the head ot Skoo
knm Chuck river.. . over on the Sonnd.
This is the second lie has killed, the Olym
pia Tribune says.
$20,000 is too much for a lady to carry
witii her while shopping. Prudent editors
never allow their wives to carry over $5,
000. An Englishman who recently advertised
himself as a cook said to a wouldbe em
ployer. "I hope I shall hot have to boil
There is considerable sickness about
Klamath Agency and Fort Klamath.
Very little wheat selling iu tlie Valley
at present prices. On Monday, 77, cts,
were offered in Salem.
Tlie CrvciWe snys Philomath has made
more improvement tlie past Summer than
ever befcre in one seasoif.'w
Stages from the south are tailing behind
hand on account of the late storms, but
are still ahead of schedule time
Hampton Bros., of Lake county, have
sold 264 heart ot cattle to Dr. Patterson ot
Surprise valley, Cal., tor $22 50 per head.
J. G. Wisdom and others, who left Jack
son county for Eastern Oregon a short
time ago, has located at Weston, Umatilla
The amount ot wheat threshed in Rogne
river valley tills year was about 100.000
bushels lew than last year, the Tidings
says, a little more than half a crop having
been realized.
Tlie County Court of Josephine has
made a considerable improvement in the
county buildings, shingling tlie jail, the
clerk's office and the jury room, and other
wise repairing said builtlings.
The Ashland Tiding sars: A son of
Richard Roach, aged ten or twelve years,
was thrown from a horse last Saturday.
and liad ids right arm broken below the
elbow. Dr. Inlow set the. limb, and In
forms us that ft is doing well.
A surveying party is now in Lake
county looking out the best route for the
railroad from Winnemncca to tlie WH
latnmette valley, says the Democratic
Times. It represents the Scotch Company,
now building the Oregonian Railroad.
There are uow 225 pupils in attendance
on the Jacksonville district school, over
25 of whom are non-residents and pay
I tuition amounting to nearly $200 per tern.
This is somewhat of an increase over the
attendance ot the corresponding time last
Mr. Chns. Shepherd, proprietor of the
mail route between Sitvertpn and Clack
amas, has traveled the distance ol8 736
miles from the 17th of May to the 27th or
Nov., 18. performing. one-half of this
distance on horseback and (he entire dis
tance alone, and losing but one day during
the time. I ' .
During November the mints coined
574.000 gold, and $5,300,000 silver.
Tlie Ponca Indians have won a suit
brought for possession of their lands against
another tribe who expelled them.
The Arlington ' Hotel and the Signal
Office at Winnemncca burned Saturday.
Los, $16,000; insurance, $(,000.
Vanderbllt ; Is having to , make heavy
combinations with western railroad systems
to head off the schemes of Jay Gould.
The Christiancy divorce case will drop.
as the evidence against Mrs. Christiancy
proves to have been founded on mistaken
identity.- ' - :
Tlie Ohio Presidential electors called on
Gen. Garfield, and he made them a sensv
ble speech about tlie sovereignty of tho.
people awl the duty of tho President. ,
The Grand Jury on December 3d. Indicted
Josh Hart, Louis Post, Kennard Phil p and
Chas. A. Byrne of the Truth for criminal
libel on Garfield; also S. S. Morey for per
jury. : .
Gen. Miles Is not to have charge of the
Signal Service. Doesn't want it. Will
probably be made a Brigadier and have
Ords' department. Genera McDowell la
not to be retired. -
. At Otero", New Mexico, Dr. C. A. Wash
ington, who was accused by a servant of
having chloroformed her when treating her
professionally, and violated her person.
was taken and hung by a. mob. The girl
made this statement before her death.
, -Seentary Sehnrs ' recommends that
township of land on the Coast range, con
tain lug the heavy growths ef redwood tinT
ber, be withdrawn from sale, both in Nor
thern and Southern California, to preserve
these species of trees from extinction. In
that State.
.; Tlie Jews of Germany are thrllty. They
have kept out ot losing speculations; have
saved their money, so they are wrtl off".
when the German people are having very
hard times, so the government, being pres
sed by the Socialists, Is diverting popular
attention from political troubles by iiiRtitu
ting a political prejudice against the Jews.
Butter dealers In Chicago have had a con
fereuce to protest against adulterated but
ter and cheese that now flood the Western
market,.; Recent exposures of tlie villain
ous compounds which are manufactured
and sold ns butter, have greatly damaged
the business aud rendered some action
necessary. The only feasible plan suggested,
was that daalers in the bogus article be.
compelled to label it under its appropriat
name. The last Legislature passed a law
requiring this to be done.
Professor Tamaaia attributes the lrarco
dlate cause of death by hanging to the
clcsing of the respiratory c,ru
AUvIy. Ueuaaeralle Foneral t-wie.- .V'
The Republicans of Clarinda; Page v
county,- Iowa, Itad a jolificatiorr msetteg
on Friday night, tlie 5th inst. AcewdffJ
to the Couocil Bluffs Jfoilpareil tliey had;
the biggest kind of a tlaie, with' 'ir.ainfnsK
tious, fire-works, mir-de and speechify ing. -After
several republican- orators, among:
them Congressman-elect Hejm, .
given vent to their feelings with -spread-eagle
speeches, the crowd called loudly for". -Lon.
B. Cuke. Cake U a ' 'Democrat- uuf
the Xonpareil snys lie looked too depressed
to spenk ; but the crowd wouldn't be j nt
oft, so he mounted a box and made the for
lowing unique speech: "
Fellow t'mzENS:--A man usually at
tends his owu funeral, but it U nor expect--ed
that he should talk a great deal.
Laughter. I knew the funeral cereino- "
nles would go on without me. so I conchi-r
ded I had better bring in - the pod -Laughter.
But it fakes a great deal of '
grace to sustaiu a man who helps fhruistt '"
the corpse fur an ..occasion like tbiss.-
Laughter. i Nobody but . a , Democrat
could do It. Applause. It is certain
that no one save the Democrats have Juiif
a chance to try it for the last twenty years.-' "
Shouts- and applause, Disappointment . , "
Is the modern Democrat's birthright, and) "
mourning his normal condition. , They 1
took out patei.t on disaster twenty "year? ' .
ago and it ha never been infringed. -Tlie?
patent run out in 1878 and they have just
got it renewed. Looking oyer the ' land- ' "
scape for the hist twenty years, IbeljoWt. '
acres and acres of busted hopes, cords and
cords of disgruntled ambitions, barrels and?''
barrels of unavailing tears, oceans and' -oceans
strewn with the wrecks of phantom
ships once lairdened with Democratic dav ..
hisious. Great, applause. Disappoint'
ment is an anchor to the Democratic sotif
both sure and steadfast.
Leaves have their time to fall '
And ' flowers U wither at the north wtndV
breath,' -
And stars to set. but all, O. democrat!
. Though hast all time for thinoown death .- -
'I might say with skylock; SufTcrance,
j-ea, sufferance is the badge of our ,; tribe.' .
I could give vou 329 reasons for this.
Laughter. A hiwyer offered a judge six
teen reasons wiir liis client" was not pres
eutlu court. First, he ' was dead.-' The -
judge told him he might omit the" otlier 1
fifteen. The first reason of in? 329 is, we
lack the voters. You will ailow me to ,,
omit the.otlies 323. Applausive consent. ......
But I could give you more than J29 rea- ,
sons. Yea, Morey-y letter, jonu nsny
did it with his little racket, j Great p
plausc: Wade Hamptnvs mule 6r0&elifi '
leg Instead of his neck and Ben Hill wasn't
norn a mute. -English had foreclosed his. .
mortgages aud we couldn't redeem; Tben-i :. .
Tis the south that can s'npply... s.-.t
So,lid comforts while w die. . , , .
In some States the greenback party f.
fell through a crack in the platform and .
crip:h d us. Laughter. Brtl?rVtocracy
still lives. Great applause. i,It s like thsr-
mnle it never - die.-' - But unfortunately "
like the mule, wliile It lives It Is forever-.. -
throwing its riders. , - i .. .; "
it bucked Gieeley off ami killed hhu in
1872. Tilden stuck on .nut Hi lie passo.1
under the wire. Applause. .But there
was so' ninth daylight between hlm'snd
this democratic- qimdruped.i the. Judge .
counted him off, altliongh lie Jiad Ids. fees,.-
n the stirrups. This year we got a plen- ,
did send-off and might have won. but 0e ,
djnkey was stricken down in Indiana with
g) Landers. Applause. We close thi ' '
chapter ol hissory with the Iwpe the atory
will not be continued liwinr next.. Clieers -
We accept defeat the oore cheerfully bet
cause of tlie magnauimous tiianner with- ....
which yon take the victory. Wev take. It
every four years. It is a standing prescrlu--
tUm. It might well be called the quadren
nial ipecac- Groans. Jt works up befbrw '
election, and works down as. ifie rethrt!' ' '
come ftu We. thank yon for the mftgnant- T
mous way in which you have turned out "
to our fu Herat. Applause. : We congratv
ulate you on f ie magnificent and imposing , 4 .
character of tlie obsequies." Here the.
speaker's feelings overcame him, and h"
retired amid encoring earthquakes and'apV'
plauslve avalandies. 'y ; ; "' -
The Queen ot Wurtemberg'a life Is re-
gulated withexnciaess. She is the colonel
of a Russian regiment, and frequently ap-' 1
pears at review in her uniform. 'Her
Majesty Inherits her father's Xthe late Ozar J
mania for drill and pi peel p. .Tlie fa -t
beer-lrliiklng. pipe-smoking, King Cole, to-
whom she is mated, used to ..dispute with!
her abort It, but at length gave in awl al-
lowed her to have her head. AH ne now '
asks is to be left undisturbed In ' dens Iti-'
his palaces, in which he can enjoy a little- .
untidiness. , .
William Martin, a convicted murderess
was living under sentence nt denth.In jaij
at LebanoiH. Mo. There was no Dope if j(
a reprieve, and the prison was too sfroujj;.
to break. So Martin; made" desperate lov
to Martlia Wilson, tite aherifTs diiuhter,"
He was yonng and handsome, and his suiir " 1
successful; One - ulght she unlocked' bUr f
cell, gave bim clothing, money and we p.
ons, and eloped wltb- him. The auertX
offered $5,000 for tlieir capture,, but they ,
have not been found. -j ' ' "
; llie lighting of the reading-room of- th ....
British Museum by the Siemens electric .
lamps was resinned for the whiter on Oc- "
tober ISth. TTie, apparatus of the lamps
are now lilted above the arcs ; brown jap-' J
aimed reflectors send tlie llIit to the floor..
and topaz-eolored gtass screens- arcs pac-J-.
beneath the arc to intercept Hie blue ra r
wlitch hitcrtere ' wlUi the- purity of "
lights :;.-y, - - - , ; . j,) 4
Brazil .Inereaaea Sier iKti'i'iSay-Btrssss'e.';
- Owing to Uie Argentine republic' arma
ment tho Brazilian pemto Ium voted a
credit of 5,000.000 Kitlrels fr t! purpose
of increasing tlie naval fbrs-a- of EraziL t .
Tins ofipeUto.i thereupon : declared Ita .
willingness to vole a credit 4,03.5,03
wilreU for army material. The ralnfeter
ot wur accepteil the ofiVr. The covsr?
mcitt at the mim tiue exj-fjeii ctw.i .
deuce In the pacific imeuluKui ot the Ar- .
"t.uic govo:'umc:i "
! f