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    A.LBANY. OREGON, NOV. 28, 1880.
Notice 1 hereby j-tven thit an election
will h held In Uie city of Albany, Linn
county, Oregon, on Monday the 6lh day of
December, I8S. tor tne purpose oi eiecx-
Ine a Mayor, City Recorder. UUy Marshal,
Cltv Tresiirer, and three Aldermen, one
from end! Ward. Poll to be opened at
SoVlock A. M- and closed at 6 oVlotk P.
M., ot sski day. Poll will be opened at
the follow! na- places lo-wit:
Flrt Ward In I be west side of tbe
rvniat House.
St-mori Ward In the east aide of the
Conrt Hons.
Third Ward Tn the office of the Farm-
in' Warehouse Joai-any.
J. t,. HATTER.
City Recorder.
At the session of the Common Council.
held November 23-L, 1880. an onler was
made that vote should be taken at the
mnnfvliuit election, to be held December
6th. IHBO. whether the animal tax levj
ball be increased troin S to G in His.
. apaafMi1tjrrMveii&ta.
The Republicans of this city are request
ed to meet in convention at tit tjowrt
House on Saturday evenh.g December 4th.
1SS0. lit T-.SO" o'clock, to piece .ln..tioinina- J
i.AM .ninTuTM Tn in mm liirai mm m vwiiivh. 1
tion tananTHXes lor ine srrcrm ny nniz.'
to-wlt: Mavor. Recorder. Marshal and
Treasurer, ami to ratify the Ward nomi
nation lor members tor the Common
Council. ..'
Tlie Ward conventions wilt be rwl.I on
Friday evening. December 3d. 18SO. to
.ce in nomination candidate for Gouit
cilmeo,; a. .I!owi First and Second
Wards at the Court Hou-, to nominate
one counciirusn from, each Ward, lhird
Ward ft the office ot the Albany Farmer's
Conrpatiy. to nominate oue candidate for
A full attendance ot Republicans is re-
o nested. hotU-ot tbe Ward meetings and
the city convention. -
j. City Central Com.
eteaa IMf Mm.
As the eity election will soon be here
It behooves our citizens to look around and
select men who will when elected have
the Interests of tlie city at heart good.
common sense business men who will con
duct the business of the people as they
would their own. The city need a Coun
cil composed of liberal, progressive men
who will see that our sf reets, alleys, side
walks, etc.. are not neglected, and at the
same time will not be too prodigal In tlie
use ot tin people's money. Our outgoing
Mayor, as we have before said, made a
most excellent officer, and we are sorry
(hat tvec-in not have his services far at least
another term ; for when we get a good
officer It Is well enough to press him
Into tlie service as long as he can be kept
there . with his own consent. One man
held tlie position of -Mayor ot Providence.
R. I., for sixteen consecutive terms, and
would have been nenlti honored with the
position had he not positively declined
Ettt as Mavor Chirk can not serve again.
as li expects to be absenf oiuch1 of the
time during "the coming year, we 'must
fill his place with another. V There are
a number of citizens who would grace the
position, all of whom, however, after br
ing .interviewed, as we are informed.
positively refuse to serve. Among tlie
names mentioned is tlat of Judge Black
burn, a man specially qualified, by his
legal attainments, good solid Judgment,
and an uiitimitel amount of nerve to
stand for his conrktons of rlj-ht, to fiil
the people. The Judge will doubtless
objict to receiving tlie r,omlnatlotit but as
a gotid. loyal citizen lie sliould not ortjit
when his services are demanded. As to
the pBtee 'oL Recorder s Tlie present In-
cttmpent desires to be reelected, and we
ran say that our greatest objection to him
Is that lie belongs to tbe party of iion-pro-
gresston a pnrty tlwt lias always stood
In the way ot every iiuportaut measure
calculated to Improve our country and
better the condition of the poor of this
Nation. Mr. Halter Intends to do. tlie
fair tiling, and ho has attended to his dit
ties during the term of office now about
closed, faithfully, and If tlie Republicans
can not pat up a better man, we shall not
grieve to any alarming extent If lie socce d
himself. But we do not wish to be eon
sldered as acknowledging for a moment
that we have not In toe Republican ranks
men who would not fill the office with
equal honesty and capability. But tt is
a fact that we sometime tail to pat our
best men forward, because of an unwill
ingness, sometimes, on tbe part of suitable
candidates to jooaoe to the front. We nave
no reason to complain of such a state of
aSalrsjin this occasion, as there are sever
al gentlemen, well -qua! nee to nil toe
office, 'who have expressed themselves
; willing to serve It nominated and elected.
A i none the nanus wo have beard men
tioned re Jtylge Hewitt, J. H . aluin. J
V. r JoUa Jlanooo,. N. J. Henton. and
. titers may be still others. Judge Hewitt
is a lawyer and bo one doubts hit qtiali fixa
tions."'". U. Maine was elected Justice of
the Peace for East Albany product at the
June election, and too well known to need
suy comment from us. John Uanuon has
resided I .ere from his youtli. up, and there
fore Is well known to all. John fa not en
joying the best of health, we are !:. farmed,
and is therefore lncapaeiued tor doing
lahorlcW and oahtinoons wirk. N. J.
IlenUm is a druggist, eminoyed ; for the
most part since his residence among us.
In tbe drag establiMimeut -T Fi-hsy fc
Mason. lie is a quiet, iiua-iiming young
wan, and has bad I rge ezperiei-e as a
book-keeper, is Uiomugbly lucattid, is as
straight as a string In tswltirs (uaUers,
and woald keep the busiiies of t he! city, so
fr as his fSc- u coucenitl. rilit up to
tbe handle. Those ho know hi o have
no doubts s to hi qnaiincaHomC : The
Office el Mitrslial hw been wHt fllle-iby
the present officer. A. 4. Hunt Ia .more
srorttsy. Im.k-. fHi-i-nf. ,.(r. t kI won.
omical aT.ce ('.? cSl'ui-ti h Albany never
bonoml ku their votes. And this is. so
U as we hay been, able to get an express-
Ion, the gnueml teetlng of ' all citizens.
This being the case, and as Mr. Hnnt is
a candidate for re-election, there possibly
will be no serious opposition to bis nom
ination in the Republican. CouventlMi.
As to the Treasurer we are not prepared
to say whether Frank Redfleld Is a can
didate for re-election or not. One thine
we know is that he has made a eood officer,
and we Suppose if he desires tt he may ob
tain the nomination, although we have
heard hi name mentioned in connection
with the office of Councilman from the
First Ward, lie will fill the bill in either
position. We have heard tlie names of
several eetitlemen named In connection
with the office ot Cooiictlmen. but as tins
matter has not been as thoroughly canvass
ed as that ot the city officers, we refrain
from mention. If the Republican party
wish to sneered it must put up its best
men. The general leeiing seems to oe.
we want com!, active, business men in the
City Council honest men, of good sound
judgment, who will do the square thing
tor our citiaens.reganlless ot political bias.
And thU being the feeling we ttitist put
the best men on our ticket.
A Chinaman named Ah King, who hung
up at the new store of Qnong Sing & Co.,
on Ferry between Second and Third streets.
had been sick for some time.' and drring
- oniuroay nigtit lie was chitsvcu- w n VK
tr . t t . . . i . t
pen lii the rear of the building on the alley
below First street on Ferry, ard placed
therein. As to be expected, he died early
the next morning. Tbe Coroner being
informed of the matter summoned a jury,
a postmortem was made by Drs. Savage
and Hill, and firm the testimony of these
physicians tlie jury rendered a verdict that
the Chinaman Ah-King came to his death
from dropsy of the henrt, his death being
hastened by the exposure of Saturday
night. The evidence before the Jury was
so conflicting that we -do not know wlietlier
the deceased vra furnished with a suffi
ciency ot blankets to keep him from freez
ing or not, some, of the witnesses testify
ing that he ws left withont any covering.
and others that he lutd plenty. Young
Tao. a Chinaman who has been working
at City MMls. was arrested for removing
the Chinaman and placing him in the p'g-
pen Saturday night, on the charge of man
slaughter, and after a hearing before the
City Recorder, was bound over In $250 to
answer. Whetlier any more arrests will
grow out of tlie matter remains to be seen.
Tlie Shooslna; S Mnlsejr.
On Friday last, at Halsey In this county.
a boy named Thompson, aged about 15,
shot at Mr. W. II. Gaston, under the fol
lowing clrcumstnnees, as related to us :
Yontig Thompson hail been attending the
district school over which Mr. Gaston pre
sided as teaclier. It seems that his conduct
h:id been of such a nature that Mr. Gaston
could not tolerate, anil therefore on the
flay in qi estiitn expelled him from tlie
school. Mr. Giton handed Thompson hi
books and fold him to take his departure ;
T homn. in moved a tew steps i toward tlie
door, di ew a pistol, turned and tired at
Mr. Gaston. Some one standing near
Thompson struck his arm down, and the
ball Intended for Gaston entered the floor
of the school room. Mr. Gfon Immedi
ately seized hold of young Thompson, and
succeeded In holding him until the appear
ance of an officer, hut i-ot before Thompson
struck him in the five once or twice with
the revolver, bruising, his features consid
erably. Young Thompson h:id an ex
amination tlve next day. and was held to
answer in the tW sum of $300. which lie
gave and was released from custody.
We really owe Ur.cle Sam" postal boys
an apology, and we now make it. We
ordered some colored paper, and alonir
with the ret came some deep blue. Well,
as it Is a color no one wants hills printed
on. we concluded to tie it for wrapping
up our mail, and the route agents inform
us that they have difficulty in reading.
in the dimly lighted cr. the directions on
these wrappers, wen. we promise you
we will discontinue the use of blue paper
for wrapper-1, for we know that post
masters and route agents have trouble
enough when, tlie directions on papers and
tetters are not plainly written, without
oar adding to them. Yon hear tis.
i. . e. f.
November 24th Albany Lodge No. 4. I.
O. O. F., elected the following named
officers to serve from January. 1SS1, to
January, ISS2 : J
Noble Grand Ed. Ze vbs.
Vioa Grsud A. C. Irfiyioii.1 v X
Secretary G, W. Hocb-ted.Jer. j U.
Permanent Secretary J. A. Davis.
Treasurer J. II. Burkharr. .
Trustees J. F. Backeusto, P. H. Ray
mond and I). P. Mason.
Librarian T. A. Parker.
Installation first Wednesday evening in
January, the Installation to be public.
The Daughters ot R bekah meet at tlie
Temple to-morrow night to oake necessary
tm eroeerfco.
Since every one has conceded tlie elec
tion ot Garfield. HafTenden Bros, have de
termined to give tlie public a benefit aud
accordingly give notice lint on Saturday,
November 27th, and for thirty "days there
after, tliey wlllooffer all thfclr stock ot fancy
and shelf groceries at Immense reduction.
If yon don't believe It, jit )t go and get
their prices ; they will be pleased to show
you the goods, and you will find it hard
work to resist buying. This is only for
thirty days, as no snerchatit . can sell long
at such Drlces. But they wish to reduce
this part of their stock before invoicing.
Mr. J. P. St. Larence, the blind baritone
vocalist, and Mr. Charles Hlnes, toe blind
violinist, will give one of their; musical
treat at the Opera House In this city on
Friday evening, Dec. 3d, 1830. Admit
lauee free.
City Council convened on Tuesday even
ing at seven oVlock.
The Mayor, Dannals, Gradwohl, Salt
marsh, Martin, Scott. Patterson, Recorder
and Marshal present.
Minutes of Jut meeting read and ap
proved. Bills presented at last meeting were or
dered paid.
Committee on Health and police asked
and were granted farther time in the
matter ot tlie overflow of the ditch near
Scott, as chairman of committee of the
whole, to whom was referred the matter
of tbe caving in wf the river bank at the
Cheadle mill, presented a reKrt recom
ccdiug that the Marshal be instructed to
allow all kinds of cleanly rubbish to be
thrown into the hole. Adopted. ..
The committee asked fuMhur time in re
gard to the matter of lieu against, tlie U.
P. Church.
Mr. Foster asked leave to make a prop
ositi on to the Council, and was allowed
to do so under the head ct "new bushies.'
Petition of E. Boyle, asking for a side
walk between Seventh and Eighth streets,
was read, and after debate, was referred
to the committee on ordinances. f
Petition ot J. A. Crawford asking for a
change ia the direction ot tbe. ditch, or
Dame now building, from tlw north to the
South Kide of First street, wasgrantcd.
Pi litioi. uf C. Klock, asking tlie privilege
of building a flume from Secoud sticet
down Broadalbiu to Clieadlo's mill, was
reteried to committee ou Streets and Pub
lic Property.
Mr. Ftwter xtate.d that the Albany Water
Works would -et up hydrants lit different
part of the city whr-re most needed for
the prevention of tire, etc., for the sum of
from $300 tu $1,000 prr annum ; a.d
suggest, d that, as with the present tax,
there nil! lie no money to pay for such
service, the Council submit to the voter at
the coming election whether the extra one
mill tax, allowed by tbe Charter on such
vote, shall be assessed. The tax now is
five mills, and the Charter provides that if
the legal voters of the city order It, tlie
Council may assess a six mill tax.
it is uudei tocd, of course, that the
extra mill is to be used solely and only tor
the purpose ot furnishing water for fire
On motion, the Recorder was ordered
to submit tbe question of the levy of the
txtra mil! tax to the vote ot the people at
the coming election.
R. E. Harmon, salary of watchman, $C0.
John Jones salary as watchman, $t0.
P. W. Spink, wood, $5 75.
A. J. Hunt, repairing sidewalk, $16 45.
A. J. Hunt, sundry work, $7 00.
L. J. Halter, Recorder, $16 20.
R. Fox, judge ot election, $1.
C. C. Cherry, work ou Jo. 2, $17 75..
Bkownsville-on-the Calipooia. 1
Nov. 24, 1830. $
To the Editob of the Rl&istek :
Last week ice formed very thick for this
part ot the country.
W. C. Cooley, eldest son of Geo. Cooley.
was married to Miss Callie Sawyer last
week, and I omitted to state in letter last
week that Doll Brusha and Miss Emma
Irving were married the week before.
Rumor says flint several more young peo
ple w il: soon enter upon the great ocean
of matrimony.
The mill is still sawing out ties and they
are delivering them along tlie read bed.
Last night J. B. Montgomery, Esq.,
chief contractor of the narrow gauge, in
company with Col. Wheat, arrived in
tewn. The track is now across the south
Saiitiam river, and will undoubtedly reach
this city iu two weeks from this date.
By t he sudden rise in wheat In Chicago
it bt-gins to look as if there must soon be a
reaction in pi ices here, aud we are all
very impatient to see this much desired
thing take place.
Last night was tlie night appointed for
tlie Blue Ribbon Club to meet, and there
was a splendid programme gotteu up by
the Excutive Committee. There was a full
house, and Rev. Mr. Handsaker delivered
a short but telling address on the' subject
of temperance ; but towards the latter part
of tlie entertainment tbe hoodlu ja elemeut
began to show itself, and required prompt
action on the part of tlie President to have
the entire programme performed.
Last Friday night we came near having
a great conflagration that, once started.
would have wiped out nearly the entire
business part of our little city.- The
furniture shop had a sheetiron stove, and
it set trie floor on fire and bunted quite a
large hole in tlie floor, and nothing but a
lack ot wind to fan it into a vigorous
fl-tme prevented It from getting a start be
fore morning, when it was easily extin
guisfied. It this had once got underhead-
way the new buildings and most ot our
business houses would have gone. The
city marshal has visited every house in
our city since, and every precaution is
being taken to prevent any more such
There is strong tslk of organizing either
a fire company or a book and ladder com
pany soon. B. it,
the rasssla Mill.
Mr. C. Klock, ot Wisconsin, recently
arrived In our eity. has purchased the
Cheadle flouting mill at tlie foot of Broad.
albin street, and being a first class miller,
will turn out an excellent quality ot
flour for all who desire, aa under his con
trol it will be almost exclusively a custom
mill. Bring on your wheat and get first
ctasa nour.
Among tlie names advertised In the de
linquent city tax-list, appears that of James
EJkins. This was a uLstake, as Mr. Elklns
had paid all taxes due from hhn long foe-
fare the advertisement appeared.
Dr. W. F. Alexander of this city, was
united in marriage to Miss Estella J. Wal
ters, of JefRjrson. at Sr.. Paul's Church of
this city, bv Rev. T. B. White, on Thurs
day evening of ia-t week. They have our
W. B. Rice, telegraph operator at the
depot, and a good boy himself, was united
inmarr ase to a nanusome young tauy
residing near Salem, yesterday.
Eil. Settteinelr was married to Miss
Olla Harris, of Dalles, lastveek." Recep
tion at the reideuee of his father iu this
city last Friday evening. ;
Mr. Knighton was nnited to Mrs. Phipps.
stinghter of A. S. Nanny, or this city, at
Chemeketa Hotel, Salem, last week.
Mr. W. W. Philtimi was married to Mis
Mary C. Houston, at the residence of the
bride's parents, yerterthy. -
On Thanksgiving Day. at the residence
of tlie bride's parents near Miller's station
in this county, oy Key. Ki.lgltr. or Maiem,
Mr. Will B. Rice and Mif Mary R. Gil
more. Will has secured one ot the handsomest
and sweetest women In the country for a
wife, and May has for husband one of the
most .thoroughgoing, reliable and big
hearted boys in tlie universe. May pros
perity and happiness ever wait on and
remain In their home.
sw-- .
School closed In District on the 13th
Inst., with the usual- exercises: Prize
were awarded Lain a Burkliart for highest
standing in first spelling class : Malcoin
Denny iu second spelling class, aud to
Effio Denny for most improvement in
wrPlng. 9
Following is a list of names of those
who were not tanly during the term :
Allie ftnrkhart, Effie Denny, I -a lira Burk
lvrt. Idella Marks, Malcom Denny. Arthur
Bmkhart. Emma, Inn Marks,
Clarence Marks. Iatjia Farrow.
Reword of Merit.
The Oregon Kidney Tea has been awar
ded two medals by the Oregon State Agri
cultural Society, "the first of bronze and
second of gold, the difference in the value
of tlie two i:ulicatiug the increase in tlie
esteem of tlie community which a year's
trial ot tlie remedy has Induced. For all
disease ot the kidneys and nrlnary organs
it is unsurpassed. Duut fall to try it. Ask
your Druggist for it.
EM of Letters,
Uncalled for aud remaining In the Post
office iu this city for tbe week ending
Nov. 25th. 1SS0.
Bentley. Mrs All let
Carter. Geo F
Creecv, A E
Foster. Frank
llowll. Miss Mag
Whitchouse, I j A
llaner. Mrs A M
Merkel, C W
Merkel, Will
Slalton. AM
Srsn. A F Jr
Waiwick, J F
Born To the wife of Cah Bnrkhart. of
Burkhart Bros., this city, ou Tuesday, a
bouncing boy. 'Rail.
Y. . C. A. 5
Subject Sunday afternoon, 25th diapter
ot Matthew, first thirteen veises. Dur
lug the n hearsal ot the Cantata of Queen
E-t her, which takes place on Wednesdsy
evenings, services will be dUcoutinued ou
that evening until furtlier notice.
Pr. T. W. Harris ha removed from Eu.
gitenc City to Albany, his office being in
Foster's brick bl ck, up stairs. The Doc
tor's arrival will be hailed with pleasure
by hosts of friends. The Dr.' was duly ap.
predated iu Eugene, sa evinced by a pell
tion. largely signed by promiuieiit citizens
there, asking him to remain in that city.
Allen, Robinson St Co. are runnirg tlielr
saw mill on full time at pres nt, but expect
to shut down soon, only running -is the de
mand may require.
Call at L. E. Blaiu's and see those new
"outline suit patterns" something new
in children's clothing.
The thanksgiving di niter yesterday at the
Revere House was llieboss, aud was enjoy
ed by the regular patrons of tlie house as
well as a large number of invited euests
Mr. Pfeifter is not any a good printer. but
lie can run a hotel to the perfect satisfaction
of the traveling public
Senders A Sternberg have moved into
their new store, which Is one' of tlie haud
somest and most convenient In the city
Jackson Kallsky are to take the room
lately occupied by Senders- & Sternberg.
A house full of books, pictures, music,
bows, arrows and targets, toys, brackets,
and! hundreds of handsome and appropri
ate articles lor Christmas gifts at Fosbay
A Mason's, and you arelnvlted to call and
see tbera; -
Titus Bros, have new goods, rich and
dazzling, specially tor tbe holidays, which
you should not fail to see. - -;
Another new lot of overcoats received at
Blain'a this week. . '
More Iiandsome- furniture at Dannai's
where you can get almost anything you
may need in the furniture line, way' down.
A lull stock ot the latest in their iine at
McFarlaud A Harvey's, and a huge invoice
en route front the East, among which
are some choice novelties, new to this
market looked for tiext week.
Piummer has received from tbe East a
large Invoice ot standard works, scientific,
historical, poetical and literary, all baud
somcly bound and many of them richly il
lustrated, which he can sell at astonishing
ly loir prices. From among these can be
selected appropriate holiday presents for
old or youug presents that will be lasting
mementoes of affection. . He has also a'
flue assortment of toys, , toy and picture
pooks for the little ones, and among other
real curiosities the Pantomime . Book, the
cutest thing you ever saw, and which will
afford no end of delight to the children.
You want to see. by all means, tbe , hand
some lay out at Piummer's, at Odd Fel
low Temple. - - ' fc 1
That taffy made ot New Orleans mo -lasses,
at Osborne's, is splendid.
- Ed. Baorn has a store full of goods from
which every one can get tbe presents de
sired at astonishingly low figures.
Mrs. J. n. Burkhart, who went East on
a visit a few weeks since, started oo her
return to her husband In this city on Tues
, day. . -
Late periodicals at Allen's Book Store.
The thanksgiving dinner at the Opera
House, given by tlie ladies of the Congre
gational cluircb. was a success.
As HafiVuden Bros. - are selling at re
duced rates to reduce stock, now is tbe
time tolaylri groceries. "
Extra discounts given to College stu
dents, on school bonks and school stnvpltea.
at Wiley B. Allen's new Book and Music
For bargains in family groceries go to
Haffendert Bros.
An archery club will soon be formed In
this city, , and Foehay St Mason have splen
did outfits. .
Dr. Ballard, of Lebanon was iu the city
More new goods at Samnel E. Young's
dress goods, liaudsome flannels, etc.
See those handsome-stoves at John
Brlggs' new sty h s, and bedrock prices.
Wheat quotations 73c per bushel.
Clinton Nanny and his new wife arrived
in this city a few days ago from California
on a visit. lie is a son of A. S. Nanny, ot
this city .
Ballard, Isom Co bae put the brand ot
flour on this market, manufactured by the
new process described by u same' weeks
since. Mild tlio e who have tried it pro
nounce It tile' boss. According to the
bakers one barrel ot this flour will make
fifty loayex of bread nior than other floitt"
Scares for ladies and gentlemen, most
approved styles, just received by Peters &
Sox and you want to buy early, as the
indications for lots ot seating this winter
are good.
Wheat prices are stronger and gradually
advancing In Chicago. We can not look
for an advance In prices hero until tonnage
is supplied to carry our wheat to foreign
The Amended City Cliarter.
An Act to amend an Act entitled "An Act to
Ineornorx i e mo uiiy oi Aiouny, approved
October 24, ttmn.
Be it enacted tni the LefriiAaMvc AttemWy of the
StalT of Oregon :
Section 1. That section 6 of said Act as
mended bv Section I of an net entitled "An
act to incorporate the City of Albany," approv
ed October 2. ISM, and further amended bv
Section aoran net emiriea -an aci, io nnienu
it ii t-t. tin an act to Incorporate the City
of Albany," approved October IS, 1878. Be and
tlie fHuiD is uereuy anienueu su iw rv-uu m
follows: Sections. The Major and Aldermen
Mlutll eoinpobu the Com n. on Cuunciiof auid City
nnd atanv meet in slinll have powm to pro
vide for the election and qnalflcotlon of otB
cera and for filling- all vacancies In office ; to flx
the time and place or thetr meetings, ont tney
shall meet as oi'en as twice In each monlli, to
levy and provide for the collection of taxes for
city purposes on all property, hot h real ana per-
s-mai. wnnin tnecny iiiiiiik, i-r ict unit- h
Indebtedness sha'l te deducted from any aess
tnciit made upon any person or property for
clt v purposes; to sit as a board of eqnali witlon,
to adjust and equalize the ussetiBUient roll, or
to provide by ordinance for tbe creation of a
board of equalization for snch purpose, raid tax
not to exceed tlveinillson the dollar pcrannuni,
Prveidid. tax may beralfed to six mills on
the dollar per annum by a majority of all the
lejrally qiialitled voters in sttd city, votinsr at
anv iimnif.inH.1 Kleilon 1 to establish hosnhals.
provide tor the prevention and removal of
nuisances; to license, regtrlate and restrain
laundries; to lleciipo, tax and reicnlate anction
eers. tarenis, ordinaries, l awkers, brokers,
peddlers and money cluuifR-rs ; to licence, tax
and regulaie the mnnin of hacks, carriages,
carts, waxons, drays, trucks and omnilmsses,
within the city limits; to fix the maximum
rate of earrvingr persons and freights thereon:
in license, tux. and regulate bar-rooms, billiard
tables, theaters and other shows, exhibitions,
or other amusements; alo, to prohibit and
regulate bawdy houses, gambling bouses and
gambling. Prm-MLed the Ciiy Conned shall have
exclusive control of all licenses, and that no
part of the Income derived therefrom shall fto
to the county : and provided further, that any
pers n liaving paid a license tax herein provi
ded for to thecity.sliall be exempt from paying
such license tax to ths county tor the purpose
for which said license shall have been granted
by tlie city; lo establish and regulate market
houses and places ; to estabdsli. retrntate and
sustain tire companies; to provide water at the
expense of the pronerf v-holdcr In the districts
established as cistern districts ; to appoint Arc
wardens; to lay out and establish cistern die
trtcts; to appoint property guards and pre
scribe their duties and provide for tl eir com
ncnsatlon : and bv ordinance tocompel any
lierson present to aid In the extinguishment of
tire, and the preservation or property exposed
to danger In iine of fire; and by ordinance to
exercise such ot her powers as may be necessary
on such occasions : to establish and regulate a
nollue and niahtwatch : to impose fines, penal
ties and forfeit ares for the violation of city or
dinances; to provide for the making, cleaning
and repairing of sidewalks nt lite expense of
mid bv the owners of the adtacent lots, frond
that the Bi reels at the aeveral crossings shall be
graded, paved, planked or oiberwlw unproved
and keiu In renair. and the crosswalks at such
street crossings built and kept In repair, at tbe
cost and expense of tlio city, and such cost and
exiense shall lie paid out ol the general fund ;
lo proviue lor me maicing, reopening anu re
pairing of gutters, draina and sewers; tograde.
pave, plana or oinerwine improve anu Keep in
renair the streets, alleys and sidewalks within
the city limits at the expense of the owners ot
tlie owners of the real property adjacent to or
aliulliiiir uuon such improvements, and to
charge the expense or cost of such tmprore-
menis against ine owners ra siien rent iron-i-ty.and
t provide for the collection of the
same from such owners resiiectlvel, and to
charge the cost and exinses of such improvc
mnnta aa a lien nnon such real Propjrtv : and
to provide that the cost of such imp.ovementM
ebnll eonstltute and become a lien npon such
leal property from the date of tbe recording of
such lien nntU the same Is paid ; to provide for
the recording of such Hens by the City Record
er, in a book to be provided tor that purpose,
and to be kept tn his office, and to provide for
forectotrtnir siion nens, ana ine saieoi properr
to aatlstv the same. Jrotidcf. tluttall publican
main sswers within the corporate llmitsof said
i-li v of Alban v shall be eonstmcted and reualr
ed at the expense of the city, and snch expense
shall he paid out of the general fund ; to pro
vide for supplying the city with pure water tor
domestic and sanitary, tire and otlier purpose,
and to make the necessary regulations, restric
tions and contracts therefor : to change, alter.
vacate and lay out and open streets and alleys
within theeny limits, and M regulate t ie en
trance to basements and cellars from the streets
and sidewalks: to create a Board of HeaUn Of
ficers for said city and define its duties; to di
vide the city Into three or more wards, and to
change the same or ereate-new wards. Provided
I list eacn warn so createa anu estaoiisnea snaii
lie entitled to elect and be represented In the
shall be elected eaeh year :' J'WidrtS. that at the
am election held in said city niter tne. estso
llshment of any new ward or wards, there shall
be two Aldermen eleoted from eaeh of such
wards, one for the term of one year and one for
the term of two years, from each of said wards;
to provide for, regnlnte and control the storage
offfunnowder and other combustible material.
and the use of candles, lamps and other' lights
in suoue, siamcs anci ouirr places, io proviue
tor the erection, repalrsand regulation ot piers,
nubile wharves, docks and bridges, and to tlx
the rate of wharfage ; to provide for the pre-
veniin i. securimr or removal of anv nre-Diace.
stove or other apparat us w h Ich may be danger
ous tn causing nre ; to regulate ana presenile
the manner of bnildimr partition wal'sand
fences ; to provide and regulate the running at
large animals, and tne uiacuarge oi nrcarms
within llin clt v limits: to license and rexulate
Sorters and hotel or steamboat runners, and to
x the rate of portage ; to make appropriat ions
for any and all Items of city expenditure, and
to provide tor tbe payment of the debts and ex-
and prescribe his duties and provide for his
compel, sat ion ; to provide for the weighing
and measnring of bay, wood and other com.
modi ties bought and sold In said city; to pro
vide for the removal of standing, wetter and
Ani.ii,nwhAiMnmn slid ommnive substances.
and to prevent streams from overflowing Ihoir
nanas. to proviue bxhiubi auu f'ro,
trodncdon of disease inio I lie city ; to provide
for the prevention or restraining of any noise,
riot, disturbance or disorderly assemblage In
nlsce In Bald ettv : to pro
vide for the prevention and removal of any ob
struction in the Willamette river, within the
city limits ; to make all ordinances and laws
necessary to carry into effect provisions of tint
rh.,i.i itnii in wunr, tha health, peace and
improvement of saldclty.and to provide for
the punishment of the violations of any city
ordinance, oy tine or jrapnuonineni, am 110
fine shall exceed one hundred dollars and no
imprisonment shall exceed thirty days, Pitt
vHlsd, that tbe citizens of said city should not
tm exemttt from the psarment of such mad
taxes as are or mav be Imposed by law of this
State, prceMed further, that t he County fjonrt
Shall not nave power to esinuiiMD any county
mmA within the eor-nsrate limits of mid clt v.
Src, a.. That the best Interests of the City
nf AllMhV demand that this act take effect and
he in force from and after its approval by the
uovernor. -Approved
October SM h 1980.
. W. W. TttAYSS. Goveraor.
Black .walnut- arid holly, scroll-saw
wood, just received by Peters & Sox.
Sec the card of Dr. E. O. Hyde In this
issue. The Dr. lias a large acquaintance
in this community, all ot whom will be
pleased to know he intends to remain here
permanently. - -
Will B. Rice and bride and wedding
party passed south to Rose burg by rail
yesterday. Will has a furlough of two or
three weeks, which he will spend in the
mountains hunting deer.
Complaint has been made that several
cows are permitted to .lost around during
tlie nights '.villi bells ou their necks, to the
great annoyance of those who wish to sleep.
Take off tlie bells and save trouble, A
hint to the wise, Ac. ' '
AIoaMjr for SKe procsieo of
All work wiu-rooted. Office
oIok, etai FlraS nrtrnt Terry oSo. febl
Vaeaal riaeea
In the dental ranks will " iien-i occur it
you are particular with your teeth.- and
cleanse them every day with that famous
tooth-wash. SOZODONT. From youth
to old age it will keep .the enamel stauless
and uiiinialred. -The teeth of persons
who use SOZODONT have a pearl like
whiteness, and the ' nms a roseate hue.
while the Oreath U nitrified! ami rendered
sweet ami fnrgraift. Hf iscomposed'ot rare
autiscturc entirely free from
the ohlecrlonahle and injurious Injrredients
ol Touth Pastes, N
Dried Fruits.
Samuel E. Youkg is making a specialty
ot packing and shipping Plmnmer. Alden
and sun-dried Apples and Plums, fur which
lie is paying the highest market price.
Tate Sew Hotel at tbe Depot.
Under charge of Mr. Jas. A. Gross, the
handsome aud convenient new hotel at
he depot has gained rapidly in public
favor, and no hotel In the Slate now stand
higher in public favor. Everything l
ncw and clean, aud the com to: t ot guest
specially looked after. Hot coffee a ml
cakes are ready and ean be obtained by
those wishing to refresh tliemselves nelor
taking the morning Express. 13-0
Dr. 4s. W. SJrajr.
Dentist, Albany, Oregon. Office iu Fos
ter's brick block, tip stairs, nt large bay
Prices in proportion to timk and
materiai. cousumed
OFFICE In Odd Fellows' Temple, Albany.
Oregon. All work carefully performed, and
reasonable as la consistent with good work
manship. B93vIS
A. B. Meacliam, U. S. Commissioner.
wasarrested on Ids arrival at Denver ou
Sunday, charged with being an accessory
to the murder of Jackson, who was killed
by tlie Utes last September.
The joint committee of thirty met at
Washington on Saturday, a; id initiated tlie
necessary arrangements, lor the inaugural
ot Gen.' Garfield on the 4th of March uexf.
Minnesota's official vote gives Garfield
40,583 majority. Minnesota is solid for
tne union, good government and pros
SsiSlee so Tax-l-ayeva mt sjsbbi fa anal
Notice is herehv artven that T win iumi ttu.
Tax-Payers of Linn county at o'clock A. M.,
kuu muim until io ciock r. xt. at t net r respect
ive Dlaces of vo'lnif In th uvnl im
at tbe following times and places, for the pur-
- wucvtiiig io xoj- ine year iqbv .
" """i- monaay, novemoer w, isso.
Scio. Tuesdav. November so. isaa
Franklin Bui te, Wednesday. December 1. 1080.
Santlam, Tnnrsday, lleeeniber S, 1880.
LA30HUOII, r rtuav. uecemoers, isso.
Waterloo. Sat urdav, December 4. 1880.
Liiierty. llontlav. ilecemberS, 18t. "
Sweel Home, Tue9lay. lieeember 7. 18S0.
Hrnsh I .'reek. Wednrwiay. December 8, 1830.
muuei, Aui-suiv, uvnniDiirv, K90
Brownsville, SaiurOay, December 11, 1880.
Centet, Monday. December IS, 1880.
Syiscwe. Tue-Jiay, Detember 14. 1830.
O.-iean, Weflnesrlrv. December IS. 1880.
Ha risburj, Thursday. Deoember 16,1880.
Hnlev, ?i jOay, Decs m bar 17, 1S30.
Shedd. &: svdi.v, December 18, ISSn.
West A!:i;:ny, Monday, Dc: ember 9,1Ssn.
East Al-iany. Tncmlav. December SI. 1230.
TAKK KOilCfi : Pay vour taxes and aave
Sheriff and Tax-collector of Linn Co. 6r.
v rTi i v r mrii
Conrad ;Meyd3?s I
Tliemiblia lssneelnBv.lnvlted fo rail and ex
amine the large and varied assortment of
Inst received at Conrad Meyer's, on corner of
UniadalUln and First, atfeeta. tpongLjfing of .
of all kinds, unique and handsome ;
Wax, China A Rubber Dolls,
of all sizes, styles and prices ;
Baby Haggles, -
for nice little girls;
Wagons and Velocipedes,
for good little boys ; s
Musical Toys.
that will delight the children ;
Toy Sets, "
cheap and handsome ;
Fancy Work-ISoxes,
h indsome for presents to any one;
and an almost endless and Innumerable variety
of goods, specially ordered for the holidays.
AH kinds of onfeetions. Foreign and Domestic
Nuts, Fruits, etc.
Call and see for yourself, as you eanno lts.ll to
be pleased both iu quality and prices.
Xotb This--Fresh Bread every day . -
Albany, Or., Nov. M, 1800-13-; '
"VTOTICB Is hereby given to all whom it
Xl may coneern that, on Tnnrsday, Do
eember 7th, 1X80. at the bonrnt one o'clock
P. M.. at tho regular tirro of tbe Ckwuty
Court of Llan county, the andersiirned will
tender his res-tfimtSon as administrator de-
Dotiis non ot the reetauary estate of Owen
tiees, ueceased. JAtJOJJ KES3,
Nov. 12, 18SO-12u7 AimuiUtntor.
t . :.m sV ,m
T- " - . .... I , .:.
" has opened a splendid lot of . .
Toys & Christmo.s
O o H";Sr;j ;
la GradwohTs brick, lately oeenpted- by 3r
bam, on Firat street. j
All kinds, styles and varieties of Dolls ud
Toys for the holidays. aJl of which I fntantf to
sell remrdless of cost, to close m; lit ti es
lines. Call and be oonrlnced; Ham tratti of
' Albany, Oregon. Hot; 19, 180. ,
Broadhiad .Abaca;
X tain tbelr standard ot eaeslieoos as
; . ...v i i "' t
Clmca.p stc ervicabla,
, ........,,...-
w"U' aot
Aa entire new line of thamoatdeslrahlaakastaa
jast received at - i- i -.
RATI Uisli ZL 70X72TG'Xt
Albany, Or Oct. SZ, usMvUib' ' K" "
f Boot will find them at SABtUKX. K. TodKsa.-
These Boots are also made wills the catobrmtasl
ntanaara screw, warrantea not so rip.
tx. c. JOHritsor., r.i. d..
Hoino5uptbic ;
Pbyslvistn ctnd Sa-r-ge.. . .
OFFICE in Froman's brick block, ap-statrs,
Albany. Oregon. . - : j , Hat
Head. Bead, Bead, ;
UilKTiiATt TT7.AT .
riraS SstreeC Alfewaty, sitsw,
JT. R. HERBEW, i Prepricter.
kinds tbe market affords, and win pay j
'ho highest cash price Cos Beef, Pork. Mattes.
Veal CRlve and Ch tokens i also. Hides amd '
FnrstKmtfht and sold. J tl 8. K R els -
October 1. 1880-vlS nL v .
Notice of Final SeUsessMait.
dersiirned, the exe-ntor of the last vrUl
and testament of W. H, Goodwin, deceased, Ihm,
Sled, in the Comity Conrt of Linn county. Orw-
gon, his final account, and said Conrt has so- .
pointed Tuesday the 7t b day of December. ISwtt
day. tor the b-srttii of objections to said tr-til
West lie rford A Blackburn, attys 1
Ledles' Variety Eapsrfca. :
iAailHws timhm Vt ..OsVlU
Carman Zephyr. Canva. Thread. 'Pint,
Needles. Button. Kenl Hair Hvitch
es and Curls, Hosiery, StaiHpml
. Goods, ., fcc, e. ,
Also, Agent for Dr. Waraera
. -. jCnllsl Wsitst -ana
Madam Foye
Corset Skirt Suppoytez
lVFrench tampln done to order.
U&JTRroadaJbin St.. opposite Post Offteagtrtr '
silts ii eiii cnanos to muv money, tt m
WsilF need a person in every town to take
subscriptions for tbe largest, cheapest and best
Illnstrated family publication tn the world.
Anyone can become a successful agent. Bis:,
elegant works of art given fres tesnbeeribera,'
The price is so low tnac almost everyeony sub
scribes. One agent reports taking JS6 sufweri-.
bers in a day. A lauy agent repjris wiaaissg
over taoo clear profit In ten days. All who sss-
gage make money wsr. i ou ran innm ni
your time to the business, or oniy ipaurw time.
Ton need not be away from borne over trig at,
Yon can do it aa wen as oumra. i nu aireeutana.
and terms free. Kiegant and expensive Ontflt
free. If you want lvrotitaoie wont hmci roar .
addiess at once. It coats nothing so try tao
business.- wo one wno engages tana to tnw .
great pay. Address UaXiBOx 8sutaoit Co
lUlUWIUf sUBMirvt - -.. w si as uae j.
a week In yoor own town. SSOatCt
fi-ee. No risk. Header, if jba want a.
business at which. taarsoBS of eltber
an -Make great pay aUths tiaae tbwj -, .
for particnlars to, H. HAt-t-fTT AlJMw
nd, Maine. .- -.-!., . - .Ha-. .. ,
SSnihiMlrsl,1i Wesfre Urn
utse Mtauim ssrssaKset
NOTICE is hereby jrtea io Utooteedltorsof
said deceased jtnd all whom it mav eoEeean.
that the undersigned baa-been duly s"rriuxn4
administrator of the estate of tbe smioslal
Brinele. deeeased. by an order, rtt tha 6oantv
touix oi ine itsn ui unrno,
, for Ltnn County,
made by L. Flinn, Jtodge of satd court, dated
. !.. ls0:and alii
sons ha vi n mt clat m against said etfi,i e , rs
by required to present them, with lhi ? .irapsc
vouchers, within six months from tboaataaf
me sin aay 01 uoionnr, a.
this notice, to tbe nndersf'rnedat.ltlB tresidenea,
four miles east of 8bedd saidKa,ti
iu tt. wtuiiHC, AOinnusuater.
J. VT. Wrisht, atty. for tdm.. . . vsaaA
Aawlauoirwsorw MeMew r
NOTTCB Is hereby given that tbe jnsis"''h
ed was, by the County Court rtt Linn ' f
ty, Oregon, at Its regular Septembeg; tetnt. I -duly
annointed administrator de bonit w. eras
teUamenuammexotOt the estate of C. AlSaifefwtift
aeceaseei. AU persons Having ctfti'ans.e
tbe estate of said deceased, will prmva. t ih
same to the nnderaiamed at Brownsvlii. Linn
county, Oregon, verified aa required by law.
witum six raontns trom tne aaie oereot. -, ;
PETER HUM E, Administrator.
Dated Sept. 17, 1880-n.lvia .
' Went herford A Blackburn, atty for adnay, i
xe mam
niltfl t si"tsi a
sootbes. reltevss mot at eore ed enrsa wwe
ether pUatsra fad evea to relieve, it esmm-vm
greater asorspewcrf ol pslu, euw.
estng and enrattva propertMsi ti-ia i. .
poroas plaster, and la fr Btie . Vk Wa :"
. and tbe aoealSei eieetrleM s-npisbtsssbV It as
speclsiiy twicowntifa-aoi f-sr the" aove aitaiatsts, '-
atao. to 8tla Ksthto eeisieslinav
:' tslt"5 o4 at tae.t Juemmmm.
: ; PsUhae. Waea scti yea will wstitote-
even a Ett-le aataa to iMtostM tSWa as-;
..: tsot allow aay s iw B:r ta fee shmmsiII
& SS' 9 ' JLj'ii- mtsm tmrnwam