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    Oitv Paper,
i UIDAY, NCV. 12, 1880.
Ion of the Repnbllesun Party.
epnblicnn party was not op-
the "solid Sooth' in itself,
t as and ii opposed to the roan
which thai solidity was accoin.
i ant) maintained. The Re pub-
party did not complain because
lucky and , Missouri were -almost
lid for the .Democracy. Not at all.
'ben any State, North or South, goes
rains t the l'epnblicau party, on
.air vote in other words, when fraud,
force, intimidation, tissue ballots and
the destruction of the ballots placed in
the box by electors, are the exception
and cot the rule, to obtain Democratic
maj-mtic. little or no complaint is
made bv ihe Republican party. But
when States, which have cast heavy
ftepnblican majorities year afier year,
are forced iuto the Democratic ranks
because ltepublicana dare not bold po
litical meeting, and when, in the face
of threats from the bulUtozers, they ex
ercise the right ot freemen and vote,
their balloU are not fairly counted, the
caeis entirely different. The large
Republican majorities ot a few years
bidco iu Alabama, Mississippi and
3 1 f 1 - 1 T i Itia.
but vast Democratic majorities now ap.
pear in their btead ; and so far from th6
manner of securing this change iu the
political status of these States being a
secret, the Democrats boast of the "ways
'and methods" by which the change
was effected, and declared during the
canvass that these Democratic majori
ties would be maintained in the future
until the negro was entirely eliminated
as a factor iu politics.
It the South was solidly Democratic
1 T -J 1 !.( . 1, T?,
it iair aim uuuurnum iiivani-, mc n
publican party wocld make no com
"any. , The fact that the solid South
has been mada 60 by fraud, violence.
torce aixl crime, is the gruund upoi
... . -. ... , .
complaint, ajid will continue to cry out
uliill me cause is rprnuvtru. awvi un n-
ions among Democrats in feclions of
the South have enabled the Rppub'li
. no electoral vote has been permitted
for Garfield, no matter what the count.
If the people of the South have courage
and honor enough to kick aside the
rascals that have inaugurated and car
ried the measures by which the Repub
licans ot the solid South were defrauded
of tlie electoral franchise, and all men
are allowed to vote as they please, and
have their ballots counted as they voted,
then there will be heard no more pro
tests from the Republican party. Let
the freedom of the ballot be maintained
and the Republican party is satisfied.
Mew Imuin.
1 lie Chinese qoesliou ana tne green
back craze will now drop out ot Ameri
can jlitici and will reely be heard
of acaui. The vote ot the 2d of No-
1 . - 3 . 1 1 . .
the "entire satisfaction" of the people,
and. tlie Commission now iu session at
Peking, China, will doubtlcsi come to
an cgreement that will settle forever
and tako the Chinaman entirely out of
all future political complications. The
"olid South" une will follow in Ihe
same train, for fifty millions ot people
the most intelligent and enterprising
the woild ever saw, "will-' not accept
mutual hate as a regular diet, when
there is such vast quantities of so much
better quality to tied upon. The last
national election has taught the South
a lewon it will not le slow to learn and
profit from. It cannot but see that it
has' irrevocably lost its former great
Not'lvem allies New York, Indiana
and Count client, nnd that its frontier.
lines are weak , and wavering. It is
possible thnt the South will tale the
advice of fume of its own leading men,
who r.nv insist upon dropping out all
- old fogies and malcontents of the Jeff
Davi, Iob Toombs and Wade Hamp
ton type, as they are lapidly passing
away from the sip;ht of living things,
take np new men who are now entering
,tapon the active stage of life, bringiug
with, them cunuiuon seuee and something
like a conception and understanding of
hutineM iMiuetpIes. St. Louis is now a
Republican city, and Louisville, Mem
phis and Ilichmona soon will be, or
else Lave the mortification ot seeing
their trade and business taken away by
sr. ere enterprising and public f-pirited
towns Tlie manufacturing interests
of this grand country have settled the
tariTr ,ctkn, and in the by and by
K : ;UiS.!:ern capital, brains au-i in
.. " t ? cat go into Virginia, Georgia
yrvj -i1 r Southern hiatw, without
i :,. -.a ion, the dc-tnatnis of Hie
: jr.'. ion factories will he in
! h the North aud West for
Among ihe most prominent of the
new political issues soon to come to the
front and crowd out slavery and Slates
right!", may be mentioned the Mormon
problem, which must be met and Fettled.
The Isthmus Canal quetion, incidental
ly ivoWinji a footing tcr Americans and
American iiilUutious in Central Amer
ica, must be duly considered. The
question ot what we can do tor or wun
Mexico, which stands in the way of
American progress southward, will de
mand attention at the hands of our
statesmen. Then one source ot great
agitation ami perplexity will be the
proposals for dividing old Stales and
the ad mission of new ones into the
grand old Union. Western Pennsyl
vania demands to be separated from
Eastern Pennsylvania ; Texas will soon
have at El Paso the nucleus of a new
State capital, and by the terms ot her
admission can claim the right to be di
vided up into new State?. These and
other issues will be settled on strict ly
business principles, involving the inter
ests ot labor, capital, revenue, expendi
ture and trade. We believe that ab
stract politics and purely visionary agi
tations will have no place in future
ditcutsions. With the incoming of
President Garfield new books will be
opened, old issues and animosities will
die out, and our grand country enter
upon a new era ot growth, prosperity
and power.
The attempt by a lot of crazy Idiots
and scoundrels to tamner with the vote
of New Yotk State will prove abortive
and will on!y afford a chance for a few
idiotic editors ot the Philp kind to cry
fraud and continue their lying for a
few days longer. General Hancock
with the respectable men in the Demo
cratic party, announce that they will
have nothing whatever to do with such
idiotic attempts ; and they Fay further
that Gen. Garfield is elected fairly and
honestly, and will Iks duly inaugurated
President on Ihe 4ih of March next.
It looks a little as though some of the
fools wanted to stretch hemp, and they
will be duly gratified if they continue
their unlawful acts much longer. The
people will not stand much more of
this foolishness.
In Thursday's Oregon ian Wallace
Nash, Esq.. of Corvallis, answers the
assault ot "Esatnine:" on the interests
ot the Central Willamette Valley. It
is a stinger, and Mr. Xash, in a jipntle
manly manner, skins "Examiner" and
lianas his hide on the palings. The
people ot this valley have a long score
to settle with partie ot the "Examiner"
strii, who have exerted themselves to
tlie n'most in past years to defeat all
enterprises calculated to give us a har
bor at Yaqnina Bay, and cheap and
rapid transportation facilities tor our
products, and we believe the day is not
far distant when they will be enabled
to pay np in full-
Since the announcement made bv
General Hancock, that Gen. Garfield
has been duly elected, and honestly as
he believes, and that he has no sympa
thy with the blackguards who were
guilty of procuring the forgery of the
Chinese letter and the other villainies
of the Democratic campaign, and that if
necessary will aid iu placing Garfield
in the seat he has been legally and
lawfully elected to fill, we are begin
ning to think Hancock is not a Demo
crat at heart at least not a Philp
The Chinese letter, a forgery paid
for by the Democratic National Com
mittee ; the perjury of Worey and
Lindsay, taught, procured and paid
tor by this same committee! These
are the proven rascalities ot the Barnum
committee. After such black and con
temptible villainy, can any honest roan
remain in a party that is managed by
euch villnius? Political history furnish
es us with nothirg so criminally de
grading as the acts of this Uarnuro
coronvitee. Even a life in the peni
tentiary would be much too lenient for
the scoundrels.
The North contributes c'Z.tSS per
cent, of the total receipts ot the postal
department, and the bouth 17.12 per
cent. The service ot the South costs
nearly 50 per cent, ot the whole amount
expended, and since the Brigadiers
have had control of Congress they have
gradually swelled the expense by add
ing Star routes in the Southwest.
"Is swinging healthy?" asks a young
lady. It is, under some circumstances.
But it the gate-hinge breaks, the pastime
is not only unhealthy but dangerous.
We are always glad to extend to the
young and inexperienced the krowl
edge attained by years ot experience,
We intended to give a
statement of the vote of Linn county at
the election on the 2d inst., in this
iKsne, but unfortunately are compelled
to defer it until next week. , It is value
less except lor future reference,
Editorial Hole.
Garfield's majority in Indiana is 6,
320, about 400 less than Porter's in
October. Those frandful negroes, no
John Sherman is a candidate for the
Ohio Senatorsiiip.
The alumni of Williams College have
tendered Gen. Garfield a dinner iu
honor of his election to the Presidency,
at any time he may elect.
Democracy seems to be on the wane
everywhere. Four years ago Virginia
was carried by the Democracy by 50,
000 on the 21 inst, the State brvrely
gave 10,000 Democratic majority. In
fluential Democratic papers advise the
abandonment ot the party organisation.
Vale, Democratic praty.
The quarrel among the Democratic
leaders in New Yoik seems to gather
torce since the election, and may end
in a general smash.
A telegram stating that Johnson,
a colored barber, had been elected to
Congress from the 1st Arkansas dist'ict
by 1,000 majority over Poiudexler,
Democrat, Inter- Ocean's special from
Little Rock, says there is not much
probability ot Arkansas Congressional
districts going Republican. Certainly
not ; at least as lonjj as the elections
in the South are iu the hands ot the
The prohibition amendment to the
constitution ot Kansas has about 10,
000 majority.
John Ke'ly, having become alarmed
at the charge that he is endeavoring to
keen the Presidential question open,
telegraphs a denial ot the charge.
The Madison, Wisconsin, Democrat,
a strong ITa'ncock journal, since the
election comes out in an editorial ar.
going for the disbanding of the Demo
cratic party. It says : The Democ
racy has elected only 35 out ot 180
Congressmen in the North, and only
carry New Jersey for Hancock by 1500
majority and Nevada by 300, and that
out of 10 Northern Sta'es they have
not elected a single representative.
The North is solidly Republican and
the South Democratic, and the North
ern Democracy has performed its du'y
to the country and has nothing more to
ofiVr, no other party duty to perform.
The cheekiest cheek is exhibited by
Hancock leaders in New York in charg
ing fraud upon the part of Republicans
in New York. A partv that had a
Bass Tweed a party that 1 as carried
New York city elections by fraud and
corruption" fur years to attempt to
mate fraud stick at the door of . the
Republican party in the rural d-.stiiet
ot New York, is an evidence ot such
total depravity as we never expected
to see even at the hand ot the brazen
faced leaders ot the New YOrk Demi c
racy. Brents is re-elected Delegate to Con
gress from Washington Territory.
Small pox is troubling San Francisco,
and Virinia City, Nevada.
It i believed that the improvement
on Tillamook rock will be completed
so that the light may be used this win
The wife of Gen J. II. Turner, of
Pendleton, died on the 5ih iunt., aged
44 years.
EdwaH Murphy, tor the murder of
F. D. French, near Jefferson last spring,
was tried at Pendleton a tow days ago,
and found guilty iu tlie first degree
The proof was plain and pointed, the
only defense set np for ll e prisoner be-
nig that he was insane from liquor at
the time, and com-eque itly incapable 1 of
malice or premeditation. The jury
delilerated only about an hour.
The Democratic cry ot great frauds
in New York, seems to have soma
torce in it as the Democratic majority
in iSew iork city is still enormous.
amou- ting to Mien an im
mense majority is beyond all reason,
and io sensible man wilt claim that it
is an honest one. If this dishoiiest and
fraudulent vote is thrown out, tneu
New York will stand where it actually
and rizhllv belongs one of the solid
Republican States. This fraud busi
less on the part of the Democratic
leaders in New York murt be discon
tinued or a large number ot the lights
ot Democracy must gel behind prison
bars. .
The Republicans get se.veral Con
gressmcn in the feonth. J hese were
elected in districts so overwhelmingly
Republican that the "usual methods"
ot the Demociacy were powerless to
keen them from voting. Others were
elected but through Democratic "meth
ods" were counted out. These latter
will doubtless be awarded their seats
if proof is made that they were fairly
It is said that Hancock denounced
Barnutn for liis general incapacity am
failure, and his attempt to cry fraud i
New York, and says he will have
nothing to do with any more of his
rascality. He says Garheld is elected,
ad that's the end ot it- .
Flattery iz like colone water ; to B
sjnelled ov, net swallowed,
A Tragedy in Two Aela. -
Bust ;
B -y,
' D'ist.
In a recent peech in San Antonio,
Texas, Governor Roberts, the Demo
crane caadiJate tor re-election, said iu
explaining the difficulties which he
found iu his way toward reaching a
cash basis for the State finances : "The
task was rendered more difficult, and .
in a great measure experimental, from
the tact that no person knew, or from
reports furnished from year to year of
the receipts of revenue and of expendi
tures could tell, exactly or approximate
ly what was the net revenue, the pro
duct of each former year, or the net
expenses ot each previous year." This
is a sweeping charge of the most serious
nature against two high Democratic j
State officials, the Treasurer and con
troller. A Horrible Deed.
Batksviixe, O., Nov 8. A hor
rible tragedy became known here yes
turday morning. Frank M. Beiden
baugh, a young German and wealthy,
who three years ago married the daugh
ter of a neighboring farmer, came home
late Saturday night intoxicated, and
entering the room where his wife and
child slept, assaulted them with an ax.
His wife's skull was crushed by a sin
gle blow and then his son'- throat was
cut by the edge ot tho ax. He then
went to a room where Mrs. Stephens,
a visitor, and her chill and servant
girl were sleeping and killed Mrs. Ste
phens and child. The servant girl !
awakened, sprang toward the door, but j
was knocked senseless and left fur
dead. Upon recovering consciousness
she gave the alarm and neigiilwrs camp.
It was not until morning the murderer
was found hidden in a tobacco houe
with his throat cut, but not fatally.
Jealousy, insanity and drunkenness are
the theories advanced to account tor
the horrible crime.
Home nrt Country.
The other night roon after a ward
meeting had opened one ot tlie electors
rresent bpjian edg'ns for the door as it
he meant, to leave the place. lie was
soon flopped hy a friend, who t-aid :
"Don't leae us now- I want yon
to hear whal the speaker is sayitn
Hear that ? Ha says we 'must triumph
or the country is doomed."
"Yes I know ; but I've got to edge
along toward home," was the reply.
"Home ! Great heavens, how can
yon talk of going home until he has
flnisliel that speech ? There he goes
again ! He asks you it you want to
see griss crowing in the streets ot our
cities our fertile farms returned to the
wilderness our families crowding the
poor-houses until I here is no longer
room to receive another."
"No. T don't know as I would ; but
I gunsji I'll sort i' work my way out.'
"Wail fifteen minutes ten five
wait until he finishes. There it is again.
He asks whether you arc a freeman or
a slave. He vanls to know if you have
forgotten the patriotic principles defend,
ed by the blood of your grandire if
yon have forgotten the sound t the liberty-bell."
"I don't know a I have, but I must
go really I mut."
"Hear that! Hear that! He says
your country will bless you."
"I can l Bny s to lliat," replied tlie
man, as he cruwlert alone, "iut I'm
deal sure tho oM woman will if I don'i
get hume in time to put tliin codfish to
soak tor breakfast "
"Grent srntm ! do you prefer codfish
to liberty ?" exclaimed the oilier.
"I don't know as I do ; 'out I git
more ot it."
"And yon will we this country min
ed pee her no lo destruction ?"
"I'd be kinder sorry to st?e her so
down hill,1 slowly observed tho delin
quent as he reached the floor, "but it
you had a. wife who cou'd begin jawir.rr
ai 10 o'clock and not lose a moment
nnlil daylight, and then end up wtt.b a
grand smash ot crockery and a fit of
byslerics, you'J kiisrier stand oft as I do
and let this glorious old Republic nerz
through some mighty fine knot holes."
Tlie boy was still through the long
day. lie made no "harsh, discordant
outcries ; he tore not around the rooms;
he jumped over no tables nor lipped
over no chairs ; he stood not on his
head nor turned sumersaults against the
dfMr. Iso, he was perfectly quiet, still,
, ' 1 1 '
lie was dead.
:- ' - I
Next io importance to freedom and
justice is popular edueal'on, without
which neither justice nor free lorn can
be peimauently maintained., Jaw s A .
j GarJtcM, i
There are two cases of small pox i
Seattle. Both came from San Francisco,
and in both cases the disease broke out
three or forrdays aaer arrival there. One
is that of a young man, who with wife and
children arrived on tlie Victoria a month
ago. A pest house was furnished, and
tlie whole family put in it. The man Is
now about recovered. One of his children
was taken with the disease and died and
was buried last week. The others will come
out nil right. Outside of the man's family
no contagion whatever has resulted. The
second case is tiiat of a prostitute who
cam on tlie last steamer. The disease
made itself apparent on her last Friday, and
precautionary measures were taken at
once. She was taken to the pest house,
while her associates (five other women and
several men) have been . quarantined to
wait the result.
The work ot laying track of the N. P.
R. R., Wallulu to Ainsworth, has been
commenced. Several thousand ties were
brought down from Ilarknesa & Go's mill
Ian Monday. Tlie track between Wallula
and Ainsworth will belaid as a narrow
gauge road for the present. As soon as
tlie O. U. & N. Co's track is widened this
road Wlll lla(3e BtanJard gatlge ai,
Two years ago the total vote cast In
Wnlli Walla county was 1223. This
year the vote of Walla Walla city alone is
1322, or nearly 100 more than the total
Pi the county two years ago. Tlie total
vote of the county this year is about 1800,
an increase of COO in two years.
D. B. X. BLArKDl'BN,
business. 22v9
Albany Furnituro House.
Manufacturer and Dealer in
odrnnm Suits: Walnut, Ash and Maple Parlor
Suits ; Patent Ituckers, Easy Chairs and
Lounges a specialty.
SprinG MattresseS,
ExteiiKioii Centre Tables,
E'HIar Extension, ete.
A splendid lot of
A -tr -frr
Walnut and Hardwood Chairs of all kinds,
in l:tct, I intend to keep a first clas
I :im tliiinkftil for i ast patror.Hire. and
tttten-l to ui:ike i? to tlie interest of all
re-si limits of l Hi: city and vicinity to
tonic and foc inc.
Corner of So con i and Ferry streets,
AIUA3 Y, vl2n-24J XU:c0!N.
Allbany, Oregon.
Tlie S.'i;J Term will open on
Wednesday, Sept. 1st, ISSO
For Particulars concerning the courses of
study and thft price or tuition, njiply to
Hf. Kf.KKKT COMlIT, Prn.
July 30, l(W0vl2n45
Ladies' Variety Emporium.
21. J. HTDS
Urrnutn Zpfiyr, Canwi.. Threnti. nns,
KeeiHm, ll-ittons. Ileal lliir Switch
es awl Curls, Jfoniert, Stumped
Goods, Ac. Ac, Ac
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BSenltli Carti !
Child's Waist
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Covset Slcirt Supporter.
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an make irrexl twy all tlie time lliey work,
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nd, Maine. 43-13
AtluilnlntrR tor'N Kotlre to Oedltont -K-Ixteol
Unulrl Urluitle, Deeeaat d.
N OTIC K is hereby ivcn to the ereditors of
sain deceased.and all whom it may concern,
that tlie under-tinned has lieen dulv appointed
adininislraiorof the estate of the 'said Uaniel
HriiiKle. decease1, bv nn order f the County
Court of flie slate of Oregon, lor Linn Conntv,
initde by L,. Flinn, Judne of, said court, dnted
the 4ih day of Oclorber, A. 1.. 1K80; and all icr
sous liaviiiit claimsaainst said estateare here
by required to present them, with tho proper
voucher, within six mom hi from thedsiteof
this nof ice. to the undei-siijtned at his residence
four miles east of Shedd 8:ation,in saiil county.
H. H. VVKK1HT, Administrator.
J. W. Wright, attj'. tor adm. vlSnS
AamililNtrntor'n Kotlee of Appotntnti-nt.
NOTICE is hereby given that tho undersign
ed was, by t he Conntv Court of Linn C un
ty, Oiviion, at Its regular Sepietnlier leriu, 1S0,
ttuly atuminted aduiinisimtor fit' bonis n.n, mm
t -stomenlx aniixn,ot the estate of C. A. Williams,
deceased. Allersons having elainis aj;niiist
the estate of said deceased, will the
none to Ihe undei-siorned at lirownsviile. Linn
' wJtiiih six montii from tnednte hereof.
j PKTKIt IlUMK.'Aduiinistrator
i Pated sept. 17. issu-nsivii
I Wetilherford & Blacktmrn, sttysforadmr.
county, oi-cKon, verified as required hy law,
TST FAITu to send
r our frire J.iftt tor
SRU. Fkks 10 S117
tnre.i& upnn p
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dnscrlpUons of every
tlniidr required for
. Dfinnnal or faltlll V HMfl.
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f ood at wlinles-.te riec In qusntittee to pnlt
lie purchajvr. The oulv InHtltutloD Iu America
who uvitce this rheir siinoial business. Address.
91 8B VibMtl AT.(jUhlcago, ;i).
aai ESAD
Albany, : :
Also, every variety of ecmetcry and other stone
work done with neatncitsi anJ disiMiifli Sviti.i
luttention Kiven to orders from any part of the
State and Washington Territory, by mail or oth
er unu promptly
Samuel E. Young
Is now receiving his
stock of Merchandise, consisting of
. 2T0TI01TS,
ZIotiso GkccLs,
etc., etc., etc.
Ma-ay of tlisss gosds era fcoufht
fs?oai Ksa-afecteraro
&S03S ITo Trasli
-asd Trill C3 cold at voycls.x
Sept. IT
King of the Blood
Cures nil Scrof nlous affections and disorders result.
Ing from Impurity of tho blood. It is needless to
specify all, as the suiferer can usually perceive their
cause ; but Halt Bhtum. JHmvUt. Ulcers. Tumors.
Goitre, SwtUingi, &c, are the most common, ss
wen as many attoctiona 01 the Heart, Mtaa, Limr
Wonderful Curs of Blindness.
11. Rahsom. Son Ic C.n. Vnr fha h,ri f .11
troubled with Bcrofula or Impure Blood in their
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neve been troubled with Scrofula for the past ten
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II m ct ,13 o X o B
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Its Ingredients.
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'he above offers were never made before by the pro
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Many testimonials. further information, and
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phlet "Treatise on Diseases of the Blood," in
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.Baiisom.Som A Co., Frop'rs, Buffalo, N.Y
Made under Cooky's patent. Elegant, essy.rrsce
ful and healthful. Sat'-fHrtion (juarantet-d. Under
the clasp is laid a quilird pad, which renders nisting
impossible. Fwware of infrinpemciits. AsK lor
Cooley's Corset and take no other, bend to us
throu"h vonr dealer for a snmplo Corset, ranRlnjr in
price from 73ecut ti $-2.00, si:d your order will he
filled bv return mail. Manufactured only by tne
Globe Manufacturing CcmpaDy,
' . St.?, S'lS and, S47 Fntntltcay,
: Oregon. .
iorwaraea. All work war-
his friends and the public generally, t oat
is now settled, in his
on the old stand nextdoorto P. C. HrpeTC ,
where can be found as great an assortment and
as large a stock of
Stoves and Uanges
as can lie found tn any one noose this side of
Portland, uid at as
c3 JEE&&9
CaBtiron, Brass A Enamel
in great variety. Also,
Tin, ,
Sheet Iron,
Galvunized Iron,
lways on hand, and made to order, AT LJV-
OciXX on
AHany, October 22, 1375-5 v8
First street, 3 doors west of Ferry,
AL31jl. -
liOLACZSS St &C3TSf Prap'a.
RAVIVG imrelinwl the City Market. 1 will
L hnil li k ndsof Meats'
-tlieVerv lvs to l obtained in the tnsrket.
I will strive at all t imea to moot the wishes of
01 who may favor nw wun tneu
The nublio irene aily arc invited to trail at my
4hoo when In wnnt if meats. tfe- he " ,""L
msh piico pai l for PvK:v. Slvimia
Sew oj1i. Hew Departure 1
H WIXC; PUKCII .WEll lltr. tllbuoaai
S;,io la'.Mv owned vv Mrs. C. P.Hsvtossd
'lavin.i juilu 1 lelllieixnoa new Invftlceoi ut
tonnets. Hats. Ac, tu"tesp;a-nro in invltlnB
Mic Indies of Al'vi iy and vu-iiilty " o . J ' ', ;
inspect for tlieiu.oivs. aii soim- ""'.
ll prices I lint (lety co!iiix;i iin".
Having seenre J t tie aevvuwoi "
I am prepared to cut, fit, and mnke dresses In
iny style desired, at short notice and In a sat ts
faytory manner. .
Slore on north side of First.easi of fcllsworth
street. ou are invncu i
Mtt-5. O. I. PAIIKS.
S7. 1S79-
ISY DSpTTQ store.
Hasasaln taken chanteof if
City Drug Store,
havins purchased the entire interest of :.
Shaw, successor to, A. CuroUiers A Co., ana ls
now receiving 0,
Splendia Horn Stoc3r, -
,.t..v. .,i, tho former, renders U vsry
complete In all the different de lrttuerits.
Fellins assured that nil can be suiteti in not
Quality aad Price,
eordiallv invites his old friends and cus-io-n-
ers to give tilin a call.
i nil boon, cvny sou sustus.
tZf Pnre Wines and Liquors for UHnlivti
rsarposea. ..--
aa. SAiiiinaitsii.
Oct. as, 77-v10
P. "WOOD fis CO.,
Manufacturers of
Elead Stones,
Man lies,
Tils for "Walbs,
1 Sasss for Gardsa Fou&tti&s.
and all kinds of work done in Si one.
As we set our marble direct from the aaacv
r'es, and have it selected with eare, wi can as
1 sum eusiouieis ine
Tiie Best Materials as3 Loirest Pita
Ov r from anv part of tho State promptly
attended to. " "
lfe5All work warranted as represented.
tr-Shop and Works nn coriieroffsecoiid ft(4 tiltectii, Albany, 'ireynn.
:, r. d ft tf?.
March 19, 18S(-vianJ3 '