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sept. 17. isso.
FOK rr.FUiENT. ',
of oino.
ester A. Art&Tir,
?y SUunked. in SZalne !
Seven" ' Despite the
MH Democratic Cor
ruption a'und
Lri;llttire Ovenvhcm-
in sly Republican !
ne Xew 17. S. Senator will toe
- a Ucpiibllcim.
Davli a II DpabtlCM be Kc
"elected Governor,
Sirk and
The news from : Maine, on Wednesdav
looked well for the success ot the Green
oacK-iiemocratlc fusionlsu, and all over
the country the Democrats claiming the
victory because they furnished the corrnj
tjon fund) speeched, torchlighted. mnsick-
ed. bonfired and "ratified" in the old ftyle
to their heart's content. But the dispatch
es or yesteruayioiu a tnnerent tale, ana
now the Democratic lip has to be thrown
over the- shoulder to keep from being
tramped on by ita owner.
Maine is true to the old Republican party
despite fusion, frand and the lavish ex
penditure of corruption money. The Leg
islature Is largely Republican in both
branches, lnsnriiig the re-election of Davis
as Governor, AS well as a Republican U. S.
The news from "Maine will strengthen
the lisnds'Of Republicans all over the Un
ion, increasing Garfield's majorities and
every Xortherti.State will cast its vote
solid for the Republican ticket in Xovem-
lH;r' : tv
Tub Exrliwive Diclnni Oou't Seem to
be m Siwms.
The exclusive element of tlie Democratic
party tried to inject a little enthusiasm in
to their worn-out political bodies last Wed
nesday evening, but only succeeded in
getting tilt cen members to attend the
wake at the Court House. What will they
do with the corpse, is what's troubling
them now. Without the .excluded wing
Democracy pure and simple is gsne utter
ly to the deron it ion bow-wows in Linn ;
but to be compelled to humbly ask for
giveness 1 and ' the assistance of said ex
cluded wirg is, if anything, worse than tlie
Austerlitz defeat which awits them it they
clout. It S galling to the "white man s
party," (and it's the only party that can
do it ; so then we . may expect the 'ex
clusives" to get down on tltfir marow.
bones, ask pardon for getting defeated.
eat humb'e pie, and then gracefully retire
to back seats and let the victorious "ex
eluded" run de machine !. How are the
mighty fallen !'
Democratic strat?gy exhibit a new
phase In Maine it attempted to purchase
majorities. Democratic strategy failed. '
English was put upon the ticket solely be-,
cause he liad a "bar'l" and was expected
to use it. Anil he has promised to use
one hundred thousand dollars in purchas
mg vote for the Democratic ticket in In
diaua. Doubtless lie wilf try to carry out
his promise, and spend even more than
this sum in this endeavor, but he will sink
his money to'no' purpose, as was the $100,
000 spent In Maine. '"Bulldozing in tiie
North don't 0an," So these ' Democratic "re
formers", have but one hope ot success and
that is in "buying majorities But the plan
has been disclosed too early In the cam.
paign, and a close "wafcTi 'will "be kept iipon
bribers and bribe-takers, which will doubt
less result in furhiKhviig tnorre Democratic
candidates for the penitentiary.
Last week Vermont came to the front
with thirty thousand Republican majority
an unusually heavy vote for that staunch
Republican State. " The first gnn for Gar
field. On Monday, Malne held an election.
The canvass was the most exciting and
hotly contested ever witnessed in the State,
atxl the report Is that the fusion candidates
(Green backers and Democrat; get away
with a majority of the offices. The Legis
lature, however, Is "largely Republican,
showing that the State is all right, and
will cast her. vot for Garfield and Arthur
iii Xovember, .-jQurDemccratie friends
efT-ct to feel elaUtd over the prospect ot
carrying Maiue io November, but they
have no hope. Tliey are doing some
masterly 'whistllng to keep tlieir courage
up," but thU Vs an old dodge of theirs, and
will fool nobody.' , Later news gives, the
victory to tlie Republicans.
Hons, J. N. Dolph and John F. Ca pies
will deliver speeches during the canvas In
tho interest ot tite patriot and statesman,
Gen. Qarfwld,"
Ti'-a Gveriior'8 tfieisage covers about
trefva cui'jsxns. brevier type, ami Is a
err !" '.ills paper,.
Zo Statistics. J More GlM-to ftoatbcrn Fmuds. J An Asylum for (be Insane. I "Free Utud for the Indlesa." I P.obate HMtm-FIira Jf. I LEGAL.
According -to the census returns of the
solUl Sftilh, notwithstanding the vast num
bers of colored people who have left Hint
iwppy" country tor the "cold and rigor
ous North" during the pant two or three
years a tact which was deemed of such
morunitous importance by a Democratic
Conjresa as to demand the appointment of
an 4'lnvetlgatin8-" committee there h.-is
been a steady and extremely gratifying in
crease of population down in Dixie. In
fact, in sonic portions of the South, esjiec-
ially In the quiet and peaceful State of Mis
sissippi, the increase 111 population surpass
es the wonderful growth of our most pros
perous Western and Middle States, We
may take, tor Instance, the county of Yazoo 1
ill Mississippi, somewhat notorious in the by forty millions of dollars than three 3'ears
past years, it is true, for the murders, and ago. The number of houses have not only
robberies, and whippings, and midnight decreased, but the number of domestic ani
raids, committed upon defenseless people, mals and other personal property have
whose only crime was that of being known
as Republicans, or at least as opponents of ;
the Demociatic party an out of the way
rural district, it is true, but apparently po- j
sessing attraction so greatly outbalancing
all other drawbacks as-to dec; ise or In- j
crease her population as occasion required, j
In. the case of Yazoo county let us see how 1
the "plan" of tlMS,s"shlM Sonth" looks, !
when comparfcfl with ftvrftier census returns j
We give the census rem-us of Yazoo for j
18S0 anil 1S70 i , r; j
White txpulation"s.'T,'VliitetH)puIation 4 87;
Colored Colored " 12.32:
Census of 1. census oi ih..
325 '
Total 2-2,373 Total 17.100 :
Showlng an actual decreixe in population of ;
more than five thousand from ISfiO to 1S70.
This marvelous, out of the ny county of
Yazoo, which s-hows an actual decrease in
population in the ten years Intervening
between 1SG0 and 1870. gives evidence of
such vast reci ipera five powers under the
"plan" of the "solid South" census returns
ot 1SS0. as to fairly astonish the "world
and th3 ltalanee of mankind." eciipsing the
phenomiuai growth ot the most favored
Western or border State. Read :
Total r-onnlntion in LS70 17.109
Total pojmlaton of Yazoo in ISSrt 35,000
While the rensns ot 1870 shows that the
population ot Yazoo count' decreased five
thousand in the previous ten years, we are
expected to believe that, under the sooth
ing effect of the Ku-Klnx. White League
anil shot-gun policies of the "solid South."
Yazoo county actually increased in popula
tion during tl-e ten years intervening be
tween the census of lS70and 1SS0, eighteen
thousand !
A short hi-tnrv of political affairs in
Yazoo county for a part, ot the time inter
vening between the last two census returns,
as given by an exchange, may lead to a
better understanding as to why the poj.u-
latiou should decrease from I860 to 1S70,
and increase from 1S70 to 1SS0. Follow
ing is a leaf from its history .
Inlf75lhe "White league" made a
raid on the Republican r.f Yazoo county,
killed some and drove others off Among
those killed was a memler of the legisla
ture named Patterson. Patterson was
wealthy and at the time of liang'ng had
on his person a large sum of money. This
money was neepSreeoveren hy I'atterson s
family or even ever heard from till Dixon,
the leader of the gang who did the hangtng
hecamo an independent candidate tor sher
Dr. McCormic. tlie Chairman ot the
Democratic Committee of Yazoo county.
published a card declaring tlwt Dixon was
the leader of tlie mob which hung Patterson,
and that lie converted to his own use. the
money on the person of Patterson. Dixon
replied by tlii card to l lie public :
'Owing to certain reports now in circu
lation that Patterson, a member of tlie Re
publican legislature who was ha need in
the eventful campaign of 1875. hail a con
siderable sum ot money on his person, and
that saitl money was nsetl tor my own
benefit, I feel in honor bound to vindicate
myself. Although I regret to refer to the
past, as it will bring before the public many
of our bet cifizet.s. I will simply state tha t
said money, and larger sums, were raised
and used to deray "the expenses of the
campaign, and to stuff the ballot boxes, it
necessary ; to purchase certificates of elec
tion tor two ofiv.-eis now holding offices of
trn'-t ana emolument in our county.
have in my possession the necessary proof,
and if called upon will publish it."
To tins McCorniick replied evasively.
saying only ; "itm constituted antiiori
ties of the Democratic party had nothing
to do with raising said money, or' the use
mane ot such money."
To this Dixon replied In a card that
"the Patterson monev whs used to defray
current expenses ot the eveurful campaign
of 1875; that 3.000 was paid to have the
ballot noses stutteil if necessary, anil to '
issue certificates of election to the denio-
cracandidates; that Dr. McCorniick was
chairman ot the democratic executive com
mittee at thi time and was a party to the
contract. I have in mv possession the nec
essary receipts to show who received the
3.000, and also the false key to the
ballot box." -
It will be noticed that Dixon does not
deny the killing of., Patterson, but charges
that he had tlie proof that the money was
employed In the'eahse ot the democratic
reform. Mr. lixon, however, paid with
his blood for Ids. temerity in opposing the
democratic patty. o man ever pretends
that Patterson was "a ted man' except that
he was a repliMicat.;.: Murder a man. rob
his dead body in the cause ot Mississippi
chivalry, and apply'tlie proceeds to pay for
stuffing tlie ballot' box. This is the "plan."
Murder, and robbery, and ballot box
stuffing, and false swearing and false census
returns being the whole and entire assets of
the Democratic party of the " solid South."
can honest, lawxhiding. consciencioti citi
zens of Oregon vote for Gen. Hancock, tie
standard bearer ot that party ?
If the Republicans in Maine had been
defeated by the liision ticket, it would not
have been a Democratic victory. Plaisted,
the fusion candidate for Governor, was
originally a Republican and became a
Grecnbacker. He was placed in nomina
tion by a Greenbak Convention, and then
endorsed" by a Democratic State Con
vention. Had he succeeded It would have
been a Greenback victory and not a Dem
ocratic On Wednesday night the Democracy ot
Portland expended a good deal of breath,
and money, and powder over the Republi
can victory In Maine. They are cussing
the telegraph now the "hired 'tnlsary"
ot the "radical."; ,. .
Big Nosed George, a noted road agent
and murderer, arraigned at Rawlins, Wy
oming, on Monday, on charge of murder,
plead guilty of murder in the. first degree,
refusing all legal counsel, saying he would
't3ie for his crimes.
The great frauds committed in the South
ern States In taking the recent census are
so glaring, that a man must have an ada
mantine cheek wIk dare deny them. In
South Carolina where an increase of forty"
three per cent. In the population Is claimed
in the last ten years, the decrease in wealth
according to the same census, is. if any
thing, more remarkable than the increase of
population. During the past ten years the
value of land is represented as having de
preciated more than twenty-three millions
ot dollars, and the number of huiMings
is less by 2.610. than ten year ago.
By the official report ot the Amlitor
of State, innd recently, the taxable
value of property in the State is less
largely iW-rensed. But these unblushing
census takers, under the direction and by
order, doubtless, of the shot -51m bosses.
ask us to believe that., although ten years
ago there were but 705.GOG people; living
in 124.545 houses, there are now 90G.S24
people living in 121.031 hones ! Does any
sensible man believe that men accumulate
wealth and decay in that manner ?
The eleventh biennial 'session of the
rwt. T.riwlntnr mnnwMl at Salem on
Monday last. The Senate organized with
the following officers : Sol IIirch. Presi-
rient ; .T. O. Peebles. Chief Clerk ; G. O.
Holman. Assistant Clerk ; George Tatem,
Sergeant at Arms ; Joseph Acton. Door
keeper. The rules of 1878 were adopted
for the government of the Senate for the
present. The clergymen of the city were
invited to open tlie sessions with prayer.
The house organized permanently with
the following officers : Z. F. Moody.
Se:iker ; C. B. Moores. Clerk ; J. W.
Strange. Assistant Clerk ; E. C. Iladaway.
Sergeant-at-Arms. T. A- Bacon, Door
keeper ; Charley Cosper and L. Laughead
Pages. A South nmle Solid by Frand. .
The following outspoken paragraph is
from the Mobile (la.) Gazette :
We shall live to see the day when the
solid South will be regarded as the greatest
political mistake ot the age. A South
mailt? solid by fraud, perpetrated under the
veiy sanction of the vlh-st election laws
that ever cursed a community, cannot long
exist as a menace to the whole country,
and should not be permitted to exist tor
the safety and happiness of the tree people
of America. In it present aspect it means
antagonism to healthy national feeling,
political decrepitiule, industrial death.
Cant. Dolg. charged with having caused
the wreck ot the steamer Great Republic
at the month of tlie Columbia river, was
arrested in San Francisco on Monday by !
U. S. Detective Finnegass and Special Of
ficer Fred V. Davis, and turned over to the
U. S. authorities. He had a preliminary
examination before U. S. Commissioner
O'Brien, who held him in $2,000 bail, and
transferred the case' io the U. S- District
Court in order that the necessary papers
may he issued for Fending the defer.dsnit to
Oregon, where he was indicted, for trial.
Oar M'onld-lir nulers.
The Chicago htter-Oc-".an says :
The Sta'es of the South, one br one. are
payh'Z their bonded dt ht by dr-twing a
wet sponge across the face of the Ledger.
They are all solid for Hmeock and the
party ot repuiliati-m. In five vears past.
$277,000,000 of honest debts. mo-tlv
to northern and fort-itrn capitalists, luive
been thus disposed of. and moie in pros
pect. These are the t'op'e who propose
to run our national affairs for us. Their
credentials do not impress us as being ex
actly what they should be.
A Chicago telegram of the 14th has this
of the lil tic mare : Captain Stone is said
to have stated privately to-day that he in
tends to drive Maud S on Thursday for a' I
there is in her and to lower the record to
snch n point that St. .Inlien will not bo
able to touch it. for this year at least. It
is said that he believes Maud can make
tlie circuit in 2:0S if conditions are favor
able. Her trial trip of 2:14 yesterday, in
the face of a high wind and poorish track.
is considered quite remarkable.
deorire II. William.
Hon. George IT. Williams is expected to
arrive in this State in a few days. Jivlge
Williams is one ef the ablest men in the
United Stater, and if it be possible the Gar
field Club of this city should secure him for
at least one great speech before he returns
to Washington. No man is more thor
oughly acquainted with national politic,
and none vould be listened to with great
er attention by all our people.
Fell oat abon QnarrellDar T
"All is not gold that glitters," and the
ancient harmony and good feeling, once so
boastfully claimed as reigning In the ranks
ot the old ami reliable Democracy of Linn,
13 stirred to its profoundest depths ; and it
is feared, with reason, too, that matters
can not be amicably adjusted hi time to
save it from utter route In Novemlier.
Vale. Bourbons of Limi your light has
gone out.
The Washington County Fair begins
next Monday, September 20th. The Walla
-Walla Fair will be held next month.
Linn County Fair opens on tlie Gth of
October. Mechanics' Fair, Portland. Is
advertised fo commence on the 7th of Oc.
tobcr, but may commence on the 4th. and
will attract visitors from every part of the
State. W e believe the races are to com
mence at Salem next month.
Judge Caples was absent from Portland,
and therefore did not receive the letter of
invitation stmt from tho Garfield Club ot
this city, asking him to deliver an address
on Saturday night, until the latter part ot
t'e week. Previous engagements prevent
ed his coming, but he will be with us be"
fore the can vars Is ended.
Senator Bayar.l has taken tlie stump In
South Carolina.
The State has submitted long enough to
extortionate charges for keeping its insane,
and a determined effort will be made dur
ing the present session of the State Legis
lature to build an asylum where the unfor
tunate of our State may receive proper
care and attention at figures that will not
impoverish the State treasury for the en
richment of one man. Under the present
" management" we are inclined to believe
that persons sent tliere slightly demented
are almost morally certain in a short time to
become permanently and radically insane.
It it is possihle for the State to erect the
necessary hiiiMing. let it le dime ' if not.
let the contract be given to reliable parties,
who propose, as we are informed, to con
tract for the keeping of the Insane tor a
8ecifiel numlier of years at rates prob
ably less than half now paid the present
monopoly. Let justice done our insane
and the taxpayers at the same time.
Ilnnroek Ko!' tiling: Syrup (o Beauregard.
Following is a Toledo dispatch to the
Cincinnati Commercial, ot .Inly 2d : A
gentleman in this city to-day received a
letter from a friend hi Vicksburg who was
a residen- ot New Orleans at thetinie Gen.
Hancock was Hi coniniand of the latter
city. He incloses a. copy, ot a note sent hy
General Beauregard to -General Hancock
j in reply to an invitation from the latter to
j dinner. The not" ran thus : "Gen. II.
; Please don't humble me by those flags.
: I'll come anil see yon. but first remove
, them." The frigs were accordingly or-
dered down, and Beauregard diind with
General Hancock, who was thus guilty of
an open insult to the flag to soothe the irri
tated nerves ot an unrepentant rebel.
liienulnt Keporta.
Through the politeness ot Hon. R. P.
Earhart, Secretary of State, we are in re
ceipt ot the following biennial reports to
j the Legislature now in session nt Salem :
Report of Secretary of State ; State Uni
versity ; State Agricnltiiial College, Cor"
vallis ; Superintendent of Penitentiary.
Salem ; Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion, and State Librarian. Each is neatly
printed in pamphlet form, showing that
the State Printer appointed to fill in the
time before the Printer elect could take his
office, Mr. W. P. Keady, understands his
business to a dot.
The ORrOrld Ciub.
The Gai field Club meets Wednesday
night next, at the Court Hone, and every
two weeks thereafter until after the close
of the Presidential canvass. All per-ons
in sympathy with the party of Union ami
universal freedom, and who prnose to
vole and work for the election of the tried
Statesman and patriot, Hon. .las. A. Gar"
Held is urged to place his name on the
roll and become an active member of the
W:ishlirjfii)ii"s Ielsnte.
Hon. Thos. Brents has been renominated
by the Washington Territorial Republican
Convention for . the Delegateship. Tom
lias made a good Delegate, has labored in
dustriously and successfully tor his coustit
tuents in the past, and will be re-elected
by a good round majority.
L'iilnnlrictl Mifrtu
Linen and muslin guaranteed of the best
qualify, to be had nt L. E. B!ains for one
dollar each claajier than 3-ou can buy the
stuff, at retail, ot which the shirts a.c
made. Cull at Blain's ami see tlicin.
The Democracy of this city are trying to
sell their " spliced" pole, as "fusion"
don't pan out. Vide Main's election
Maj. Gen. Bushrod Johnson, of tlie ex
confederate service, died at Brighton, III.,
on the 13th. One by one like leaves they
I tie people l Maine have decided to
have no more attempted Gum-Ion fraud:
Dcuioerolfe t'nMeiialn Kong,
Fin!? a sonar h s!iot-inn,
A pocket fnli of kni ves ;
Fouroni twenty black men
A rtirminjj tor" their lives.
When tlie-pollsare open.
Shut the niKir- rV moulh ;
Isn't that a bullv wmv
To make a solid Soli I h 1
Jf ortbern sympathisers.
Making ve:eh c-ii:ilfy ;
5!fljor Generwl Hancock,
Killing reliel taffy.
Emrlish hi h qnandVy
ITow to sjhmi.I Ivs dollars;
Along: comes n politl Sonih.
And fits them all with collars.
A Krnsfrnnt RrinKi and Pearly Teeth
Are easily obtained by cleansing your teeth
daily with thnt justly popular dentifrlee.S' ZO
IJONT. Composed ot rnre antiptic herbs, It
imparts whiteness -to the teeth, a delieions aro
ma io uie urea luanu preserves intact, from
youth to old nfje. ihe teeth. Acidity of the
slonmcU will dest ywy.-t he. Hti-oKt-rwt teeth unless
Its eiiucis are counterautea with SOZOIMJNT
and this pure tool h-wjsh protects the ilenta
surfaces by rmovthif every imnnrhv lhat ad
here to tlicui. Ask your druggist lor SOZi-
An immense, amount ot fmit is being
canned in Marion county.
A heavy frost fell in the Waldo hills oi
last Wednesday night, nipping potatoes.
Deans, etc., without mercy.
Mr. Phelps commenced picking bops at
ni yarn near siivcrton last weeK. employ
ing 25 Chinese. His crop is most excellent.
the ate rains being very beneficial to it
Wells, Fargo & Co. shipped from Pendte
ton during August a total of $10,346 11
of which f4.55 20 was in silver bars ana
fS7o in gold dust.
The Baker county Agricultural Society
have ofiered a purse of $100 to be contested
for by any one desiring to make a horse
back ride of 50 mtles with the allowance of
ten horses for tlie instance.
William Cox and Albert Nash, recently
engageii in ine manufacture or brick neai
Pendleton, have shaken the diut of Uma-
tilla county from tlieir soles, leaving liabll
ities to the amount of $70C in Pendleton
ami Weston. .
The tax levy for Douglas county for the
ensuing year is zi mil's.
A Rebecca degree lodze has been oraran
ized at Ashland, under the name of Hope
looge. io. 14. Members of the -Jackson
ville lodge assisted In tlie ceremonies.
E. F. Walker and J. B. Wilslev. of
Jackson county. hav recently received
machinery for the manufacture of orghmn
svrtip, an-1 wtty soon. commence operations.
Thev have twenty acres tu sorghum (which
reseniDies orooon corn), tnat has grow
finely. :
To the Republican party are the people
of the United States indebted for the pas
sage of the homestead act. During the first
years of Buchanan's administration every
effort to pass a free homestead bill through
Congress was defeated by the Democratic
party ; an 1 when in the last year ot Bif
chanan's administration, by Increasing Re
publican strength, the bill was put through,
Buchanan vetoed it, and tlie Democratic
party sustained' the veto. When under
the administration of the patriot-states
man Lincoln, the bill became a law. both
branches of Congress were Republicans,
which niade its passage possible. The
Republican party has from the first not
onlg been in favor of "free lands for the
landless," and pre emption laws, while the
Democracy has as stretiously oppo-ed, but
its whole career has shown it to be in fa
vor of all laws cnlculatfd to lie of the great
est benefit to the gn-aie-t number.
Anson C. Ticht-nor. ot Calisloga. Cali
fornia, has been interviewed regarding
his dUcovery of gold hi the Thermal springs
at Calistoga. which Tjcheiior and Judge
Dnndy have recently purchased. Hi as
serts that gold is'held in solution in water,
and that from a gallon ot water taken from
the Pacific oceaii he lias obtained a net
profit of $1 3a Unsay thai the waters ot
the springs aru richer, and that ii-oui ten
barrels he obtained .930. He proposes to
make gold as cheap as sand. Here i hi
theory as given to a reporter of the Call
Well, down in the interior of the earth
where all this hot water comes from, gold
is formed by tlie agency of intense chemical
and electrical heat. This is in solution
which no quicksilver will amalgamate
This water tills seams of rocks and becomes
transmitted into metal state through elec
trical influences. .nw, if we can repro
duce this state, resulting m the precipita
tiou of co'd. the problem is solved. I sus.
pend a piece ot rolled sheet lead, chemical
Iv pure, in boiling water, to which I have
ailileit two of the i-ements of gold which.
uiiiiiii-r with a third, form a b'uish black
protoxide of go!il which H'lheres to I lie
lend All forms of gnM have an affinity tor
leail. By mi-pi ndini lead ill chemically
reati-d water electrical infiiiences occasion
precipitate. I believe gold is alloy ot other
iR't ils. hihI the only reason ah-lieiiiists ilnl
ot discover the art of transmutation was
"ecaiise all metals weiv not known then
A hundred ditlcret-t metals may enter into
Hoy. Fin ther without any chemical pre
paration, lead may be placed in ea water
lid in tune gold will precipitate upon its
ii r face. In both case- ordinary treatment
for smelting gold bearing lead ores is fol
io well.
Another humbug, doubtless.
to get a
fabulous price for the property.
The Willamette rails t'anal.
Following is a statement of the business
of the Willamette Falls Canal for the
welve months, less twenty flays, ending
August 31. 1379 :
Ninn'w r of passonsers, fi,(VJ". PV $ 1.WS 150
Mimner tons ot riciifbt. 48, Sin. spc 24.8::i 00
N limber of liorses and cattle. 4'.n. 2ie. . 124 10
Number of shecpand swine, 2.jl, 10e... 25 10
Kilt's ot ,'oirs, ir.. one 44 7"
oi-.lsof stave bolts, 91. 2."ic 22 75
One scow 5 CO
To'al tif'.GOi 70
Following is a statement- ot the business
from September 1. 1S79. to August 31.1&S0.
All boats have been "safely passed in the
order ot their nriival. and the locks were
lnsed by high water for only 38 hours d u r-
iig the year :
No. pnssenfrers. 17.S73. 10c
No. niw freight. ns,71l. 51V
No. horses ami cart le, ."7ii, 2'tc
No. pheep and swine, 275, liK:
$ I.7S7 30
2'J,SV 10
14 00
27 SO
10 75
fl 00
39 50
No. coiils ot wood. 43. "- c
lS.OiHift lumber, raft. 50c
7:J,ooiift los, raft, 50c
Total... $31,373 05
The President and Party.
President Hayes and party arc expected
to arrive in Portland in a few days, .the
exact time we have not as yet learned.
It was at first announced that the party
would come overland, but the progamme
has since ln-en changed, and the3' will ar
rive at Portland ot one of the fine steam
ers plying on the line bci u-ecn San Fran
co aid Portland. The pingianiiue then
seems to be a trip up the Columbia as far
as Walla Walla. Upon returning to Port
land, it is understood they will pass Pack
to San Francisco overland. It possible
tlie President will he induced to stop in
this city a few hours at least, on his way
to San Francisco.
It seems to be an houorab'e thing for
Mr. Slater to take back pay as a member
of Congress in the eyes of Democrats, but
for Gen. Garfield to refuse back pay and
rnvir U back into tlie treasury wa an act
of robbery" and --plunder." Gen. Gar
field who refused buck pay is denounced
by DomocratU- journalists as a "salary
grabber." while Representative Slater who
did take linck pay and keep it, is lauded
as an honorable man.
Mr?. Parks'i-rlll he in receipt of her first
installment ol new styles and fashions in
Fall and Winter millinery, hats, bonnets,
flowers and trimmings, early next week.
She has ordered an nnnsnally large rtoek,
which will oil soon be here, due notice ot
which will be given. The first installment
ol the new j-ood will be here next week,
and we found the alarm In advance, so
that all may be on the'ookout.
TLIst of Letters,
Uncalled tor and remainiiic- in the Post
office in this city for the week ending
Sept. lfith. 18S0:
Bean, J Kiley Harris. Mrs Mollle
Blake. Vl!son Kixlgers. .1 II
Cooper. Femiimore Kisiler. Annie
Cure. .1 M Keed. Jos
Cumtnings, Ilattit Ferrill. Mark
Amos Wlllits has sold his saw mill and
timber land on Kean creek. Jack-on
county, for $3,800. L. S P. Mar-h U the
purchaser. The proiiert.y is regardetl as
the best of its kind in that "sect ion of the
country, aiiu cost more than the price
realized In its sale.
Adiuliihilmlor'M Notice of AppolHlm-nt.
NOTICE Is hereby sdven that the rmdersisrn
ed waa, by t he County Court of Linn Conn
tv, Oregon, at Its reiular Sept ember term, 1880,
duly appointed administrator lr bonis rwn, ettm
testaments annexo,oi the estate or C. A. Williams,
deceased. All persons having claims against
the estate of said deceased, will present the
same to the nndersiKned at Brownsville, Linn
county, Oreon, vei l lied as required by law,
within nix months from the date hereof.
JKTF.K -HUMfE, Administrator.
Pated ept. 17. 1880-n:lvl3
jfeai harford Blackburn, attys for admr.
On the 6th Inst., J. W. Stahl was
adjudged Insane, and Sheriff Charlton
ordered to convey hlui to the Insane
September 7th, J. H. Bonghton, Exr.,
filed final account In the estate of W. H.
Goodwin, deceased. Hearing appointed
for Saturday, October 9th.
tin the 8th, Peter Hume presented his
petition to be appointed administrator de
bonis non of the estate of C. A. Williams.
Petition granted.
J. A. Bilveu. administrator of M. T.
Mack, deceased, filed his report of 6ale of
personal property. Approved.
Rnsnna W. Williams adjudged insane on
the 10th. and Sheriff directed to convey
her to the. Asylum.
Petition of Thomas T. Wilson, guardian
of James A. Wilson, to sell reil estate,
Ifitndnouie Dry Uoo.
Mr. S. E. Young has returned from San
Francisco where he purchased a very large
stock ofdry goods, etc., which can now he
seen upon Co inters and shelves in endlesn
array. The ladies are specially interest
ed in those handsome styles of dress goods
the . latest and most fashionable. As
Mr. Young buys far cash, direct from the
mai,iifiielure.he"'"llas a. large pweentage
over time buyers, and can and .will sell at
very much less rates. Call and see.
ton hills.
are numerous In tlie Silvcr-
"N'olloe So Teacher.
The public examination of teachers will
he held at the Superintendent's office in
Albany, on the last Friday and Saturday
of Septemlier. tn coni'iience at 1 o'clock P
M. ot Friday, September 21th. 18.
County School Sueriiiteiident.
Xew To-Day.
Albany Furniture House.
Manufacturer and Dealer In .
Bedroom Pnits; Walnut, Ash and Maple Parlor
Saits ; Piitent
atoctcers. Easy I 'hairs and
I.puDges a specialty-
SprinG MattkesseS,
Extension Centre Tables,
I'iliar Extension, etc.
A SiIun'Jid lot of
o n X "E-S. 25 ,
Wnlnot and Hardwood Chairs of all kinds,
In tact, I intend to keep a first class
Furniture HousE.
I am thankful for ixist patronage, and
intend to make It to the interest of all
residents of this city and vicinity to
come and see mo.
Corner of Second and Ferry streets.
ALBIMT, vI2n24 0ltr05.
M .
Santiam Academy For
Fall Term loinmener Montlny, Kept.
20, ltf.O.
SANTIAM ACAPKMT is located in I.eha"on,
I.inn county, Oregon, at the terminus ot
the Albany & iJclmnon Railroad, and near the
line of the Narrow Gauite Kailroad, In a pteas
nnt and healthv part of the Willii!iiett! Valley.
Tli' Acft'lcmv is snoplied Willi Philonorihieal
and Chemical annai-atns. and a Library ot two
hundi-ed and fifty volumes.
The arroiinds ore ample and pleasant, and the
building commodious.
B r I can i obtained In rrort families at
niioiia' -'e in'is. Rooms can le otitaine l by
tlios wli- n-ih to ltonrd themselves. Itooms
will he fnrni"lied in the Academy, if application
be made soon.
Primary i on
Common School j "0
Hivrh School 00
Comnnrcial Conrse ,...97 00
Instrumental Music 12 00
o Incidental fee required.
A Xormal Class will beoiiranis-cd and especial
attention -riven to the Normal methiHls of
teachliisr. inclndinK Ihe Tonic, tnetliods of in
strnciion. tonii-al revies of all the common
school branches, and contractions or shorter
nif'tlio Is in arithmetic
A monthly report of attendance and standing
or studcnis win Do sent to parents ana guarui
It will ho understood that, where no previous
arranurement is made, natrons will settle the
tuition on or before the close of each term of lv)
Students can enter the school at anv time.
and tuition will be charircd for the time they
are memiM-rsoi i ne !H-nooi.
The irovei-ntnent will be strict and Education
al. Our motto Is : "Practical Education
'Knowlodire is Power. Edniration is more- it
includes the ability to control and apply that
student" eotertmr the school will be consider
ed In honor- rdedmd to s'-stain the rules nno
Stood name ot the school, by industi-y In doing
nenr. -rr oriiers win oe rotninea.
Koi" furtnor pttrtif-itlars nmMy to.
rT-i.. U1LU-.K1, iTincipat.
Lebanon Sept. 3, 1880.
In the Clrcnit Court of the State of Oregon for
me conn iv oi i.rwrj
Lillie J. HasUrnnck, plaintiff,
M. L. Ilasbronck-. G. C. Cooiev and J. H. Wash
burn, partners under the Arm name and stvlo
of Cooley & Washbnrn, and Albert Butts, de
fendants. To M. I.. Hasbi-ouck, one of tho defendants
above named :
In tlie name of the State of Oresron Ton are
hereby required to appear at.d any wer tlie com
nliiint flled against von in tha above entitled
action, on or before the fourth Monday of Oc
tober nest, it oeing ine
25.'ft day of October, 1880,
and the first day of the next regular term of
said Court, and if von fail so to answer, the
plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief
demanded 1 herein, to-wit : ihe dissolution of
tlix lionda of inatrimonv subsistine lietween
Plaintiff and yourself, for the care, custody an-!
A... . ihi minor child. Walter C. Ilasbronck
lhat. the Intei-est ofall pa it lea in and to the fol
lowing desci-UMKi real esiaie, io-wn ;
: i t cumtlitMicit cornerof the Sam-
neljobnson donation land claim, being claim
... .i oo Bnf4 ..titlnii nn Nn. 2f71. I'll n II-
inR thence west U7 ro.1--, hee V'?!,
thence east 14. rods, thence south 90 rods to the
iM-ifinnlnir.contaiiiinirSii a-i-e,and lylnn and
lielnu in t.iii coiitm.v. v"-."",
iw narartainMl and dctermlneil. and If neeessa-
, thB.t tlmsn-iie'wsold by dereeof saw court,
ad such por-ions of the pi--eeds thereof bo
decreed to the plBiiilift s she may in equity
arsticSbVrei.tii!l to for nminlalnln and
wrrvinK on this -lilt, for counsel fees and for
.'eSrlnB, W decreed to plaintiff or be .sold for
r ni.intifr and child, and tor the
costs and disbursments of the suit to he taxed.
This summons Is published by order or the
lion. It. P. Boise, Judge of said Court, made at
Chamliers tn the city of Salem, Oregon, on the
vlln44 Attorney for Plulntlff,
tilt nd her c in". or um "'"""tv- ,
?uTh"ndThi. anyion of the person.
-A-ttorny ts ;r at Law,
rFriCE-In Foster's new brick block, first
door to the left, op rtatrs.
O. POWELL. w. a. BH1TKC,
Attorneys at Law and Solicitors
in Chancery.
' AlBAtty, - ORE002.
''OI-T.EeTIONS promptly made on alt po fa.
OfVi'iT "eV,"i,ii on reasonable terms.
Office In Foster's new block. nlivll
Attorney at Law,
-Hi Odd ---ellowa- Temple. mMXTi-
. n. sr. BU Kui'ii-i,
AUIAXT, -tit4, Ofr-CUON.
- ' - !2v8
IlumpUrey A Wolvcrton,
Attorn,- aa, pu,-ior- . ,
VV of thtttfii
StAcarcK rv ai t. tu.
of tbi.S.ote. "om, ViV-V.a.7-
(upstairs) Albany, Oregon
X.. M KO.VTAl'E,
Attorney at Jn w,
OFKICR-TJp-nln.over John Brigsrs' stora
on First strict. vllnls
Attorney and Counselor at Law .
Office, Old tost Office Bunding, Albany, Oregon.
TTTIt-L PRACTICE in the different Conrts ot
tf the State. rllnSi
I. M. JOXES, ITI. .,
Physician and Surgeon,
OFFICK-At Plnmmer'8 Dm? Store, in Odd
. "iJow Temnle. Rksioexce- Second anil
Washina-ion sn-eett.. one block sooth of Ana.
Mai-snail's livery slables. 46vi3
Ifoiueeoim-hic; Pliyilclnu noil Snrseou,
OFFICE -In Mi-Ilwain-9 hiiik. Alliany. Oirn.
Chronic -fcwae a Upeciultv. Can lie tounti
ar mv of-li-i-fit nil hour of ti, Huv ,xtu.
wlieu not iiroiuasloually absent. vl2n1
near Albun v l- n i-in. I Yi On.. .
Albany, Or.. Jan. 9, 18SO-vl2nl5
B. 2-1. SAVAGE, 11. D.f
PI-yiciaBi asinS ' Stirireon.
Fronians-a Ilrk-k, up stairs, '
First street, s Albany, Wrrcou.
vl-inlu .
C. C. KELLY, 91. !.,
AI.ltA.XV, J s OBimti.
Kesidcncc-ono door north of broom facto
ry, Lyon street. llv!3
Fresco, Sign Scene.
Pictorial X-'-aiiitjugf.
Rooms and 7. Parrish block, corner First
and Ferr streets. Albany, Oreson.
oealer in
Heavy and Slielf Hardware.
Iron. Mu l and .llvcliantcw" 1'ouIh,
First door east of . K. Tounjt.
AliBANY, (Vlln40l OREGON.
ALBANY, : . OR EtiON ,
llrs. i Houk, Proprietor.
Tin ITOUSK has been thoroughly overhanl
t;d ami renovated, and placed In "rst class
condition for ihi' accommodation of r inests.
liiwt SHinole Room tor 'nmuierelRl ravclers.
Gi-neral Srasre Ofrlce for Corvallis. Indencnd-
ence and Ixibanon. Frre Cowb to and f am
the house. vllnO
Albanj, Orrgon.
Tlie Second Term will open oit
Wednesday, Sept. 1st, 180.
; For partlchlars concerning the courses of
stndy and the price of tuition, apply to
July 30, lWvl2ntt
THK PROPRIETORS of the Magnolia Mill
offer a rreuilum oi
In Mill Feed, overand above the market prce
for -rood merchantable WHEAT, either sold to
orored wilhtnemthseason &
Albany, July 30, 1880.
Notice of Final Settlement.
N6tH:K IS HEREBY GIVEN that Franklin
Presley, as administrator of the estate of
1 .'avid Presley . decea.-ed. hns tiled In t he County
Court of Linn county, Oregon, his tinal account
in the innl ter of said estate, nd said Court hns
appointed the third day of Angnst, 180. at t lia
hour of one o'clock in the nlternoon ot said day :
as the time lor hearing objections to ssld no- -count,
if any there he, and for the settlment-
July 8d, 1880-vl2n4O . Adtuiiiialmlor.
Neatly- m?nt(l at this offlc.
J .