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. - . - . - I LT1
Albany, t : : Oregon.
Also, evervvnrietvof eemeterv and othorstonr
work done with bbiIiimi
intention triven lo oruer Horn imy prt ol '"'
IstMte hii Wii-shiinrtoii Territorv. Ijv mini or oili-
lerwise. and promptly lorwimled. All work war-
T uitrlen"-Hn.l the public generally, that
is now settled in 111
the ol.i stn.vl next door to P. C. Harper Co ,
whew can be to.iml a sreut an assortment and
larjre stock ot"
Stoves and .Ranges
.,on he fonn I i. any one House iHU side of
"Virtland, an'l at a
IaO W A. l'-RIC-li.
pumps c PiP09'
allron, Brus& Enameled
in great variety. Also,
Tin, -
Slicet Iron,
taiilvuiiixcil Iron,
liv- j
ilwav on hand, and male to order, AT
dzxTLl. on ITlm.
Vmny. October -22, 1S7V3V8
First street, 3 doors west of Kerry,
Ai.rtw v.
nop 3-
ivivi; imiiM the City MarRet ,1 w..
ev ijiootls ! cw Ooparturc S
mrs. o. :
r . 1 v- i i ' i i 'IT S I-' 1 1 T T I V.
11 Store lately owned liy Mrs.C. P. l)avis and
havim; justad led there. oa new In vutecof late
Clioics Millinery, Traaaaaass,
r-onnrts. Hats. c.. takes pleasure in inviting
the ladies ot AIYjaiiVHiid vicinity to call
Insoect for themselves. All sou. la will Ije sold
at prices that det'v eoinrs'tltion.
Having steured the services of a firsi. ciass
Dressmaker I
I am prepared to cut, nr. an 1 make. rtiwos in
any style desired, at short notice and in a sat is-
factorv manner.
. .iy-t ikin ' Clo'hin-r for children a snecmi'J
store on north side of First. east of Ellsworth
.trcct. You ur invited .oU. p
7. IS79-
' Corner First ani SUsvcrth. sts.,
Has asain taken charge of the
City Drug Store,
tivln rmrhased tne entire mn!i- -
sffaw.s.Velsor to A Carol hers & Co., and is
now roeetvins a .
Splendid ITcr Stool:,
which added t the former, renders It very
Quality aai Trios,
cordially myites his old friends and custom
ers to give biiu a call.
Will reel-e mm Hate and careful attention
.a liuura. dny nml nl.'-"'
s Mil lioars, dy
Pure Wines and Liquors for medicina
Oct. Vt, T7-5V10
Broadway Restaurant & Confectionery,
No. 67 First St between Pine and Oak,
Pox-tlancl, Oregon,
MKKVH AT ALL nol KS. including hoer and
aeiaar.iic. Balls and irties m,plieJ
with ice m. cake, oysters, etc.. o. slnnt
notice and liberal terms.
iteef steak ;V;2 ''"I,! ii,iJv. 10
If Hi steak
' i-, Yti-..lle kidnev 1
irtofn steak
l3):2 ea(rs, hrolieil, fried.
&.ei,p. " jnrneed':::::io
""" 'litijr resh season. 10
al eaueis ; - v ..-.chocolate.
Fried brains.
.lOiAddltloniil lmie ui
bread or butter.
Hot cukes
peef steaU.Tlnv- "yft"" c.s.
tea, clMX-olate. m ik or m -- .. . :
nd'ts, any .1, wiM, hree 4 to
"or twr.
eotTee, tea, c nooow.w. , " - t the
Kvery aumoiuu n4 W2ml
aJove rate
Stockhlrterf Meeting
ll'keercon-liiiitly on haivlal! kin.lsol M.-ni !nvi i,Vsl y..l. -ceased, 1ms iileil in tlieCounty
tlie rerv best to le obtained in the market, i court of Linn count v.O-v.toii.lii tina! account
I iiii triV,- at ll times to meet the wishes of 1 t ,).,. matter of saiil estate. and said Court lias
all win ' iViv favor me with their patrona re. ( a,,.i.d the thirl -lay of August. lssa. at the
The ivihiiciene allv are inviled to cll at my j hour of one o'clock in t he aliei noon ot said day
fi fJ Ji .nln w ini of meats. is-Tlie Inchest as the time Kir Ilea: in ol.j.-etioiis lo sai.l ae
iiih nriee mi Ti r ! OUK ..lvlosl.l i oour. it any there a.vl for the settlement
rash nrtn. imi 1 lor ouiv. tin r. oi. FKaNKI.IS PKKS1.EY.
X nnal meet insr " 1)lu.h or ;biir1 .:o.,
of Altanv. l.mneoiiuty. Tk" i.s tl,e .till
Tneauay in w i"J r - r v , ,)U frnoon
oy, t ino '""" t ,,.ctinjt atjven
yrf twdday,fortle inrrnOr e.ins
directors to serve tl.e Y?iV? President.
' '
J. H. BRKHAHT, enry. .
flstuy, Oi- AiiS; 1 f3?""1!
and disputoli. Speen.l
Albany Furnitaro Houss.
Manufacturer and Iealer in
Beilrnom Suits; Walnut, Ash nnd Maple Pnrlor
Sails ; Patent Rockers. Easy Chairs und
Lounges a siieeialty.
SprinG MattresseS,
Extension Centre Tallies,
PHiar Extension, etc.
A splendid lot of
CZJ XI jSk. IE ,
Walnut and Hardwood Cliuirs of all kinds,
In fiiet, I intend to keep a llrt cla?s
FurnititrE HousE .
I am thankful for iwst pntronase, and
intend to make it to the interest of all
residents of this city and vicinity to
come and rice me.
Corner of Second and Ferry streets,
AI.IilM', tvl-'n2t OIlKliOX.
Xoliee of i'iiial Sott it usciit.
li--tey. as jultiimisti
IIVES that Franklin
rator of I lie estate of
Admin ist rat or.
J-is a St iuJar.l r.v.ruly R-mJy for
lis-r.s -s of the Livjr, SLomacii -f?
5 Av
v-L r .A 1-5 1.1 It
t P A B 3 Invigorr.toi-5
mIP in ray practice
Q B 5 and by the public,!
la V, ior more than 35 years.S
3 5 with unprecedented results
King of the Blood.
Cares all Scrofalona affection and disorders result
ing from Impurity of tho blood. It is needless to
specify all, as the sufferer enn usually perceive their
cause; but Salt Rhwm, iHmpltt, Ulcers, Turners,
Goitre, Swelling, Ac, are the most common, as
well as many alloc tiona of the Heart, Htad, Liver
gutd Stomach.
Woaderfal Core of Blindness.
D. Rassou, Sox & Co. : For the ben St of all
troubled with Hcrofula or Impure Blood in their
(retains, I hereby recommend King of the Blood,
(have been troubled with 8erof ula for the past tea
fears, which so affected my eyes that I was com
pletely blind for six months. I was recommended
to try King of the Blood, which has proved a great
blessing to me, as it has completely cured me, and
t cheerfully recommend it to all troubled as I have
beeu. Yours truly,
Una. S. 'Wkathsblow, Sardinia, N. Y.
ya ft m Q Q
awTTI 1m namirl trt in? Pnlilie SoerntAl fo tie natn
i ftily agreed upon, for every certificate of this medi-
BUM puDUUWi wt ua wuiui mm uu gcuww.
Its Ingrredients.
To show oar faith in the safety and eiccallenee of
the K. B., upon proper persoual application, when
aatisned that no impesition is intended, we will
five the names of all its ingredients, by affidavit,
'he above offers were never made before by the pro
, nrie'orof any other Family Medicine in the world.
- Many testimonials. further information, and
SDebilitites It is H g fei
Tronic, f B g ?1 ,
i nil! directions lor using win oe ioudu in me pam-
phlet "Treatise on Diseases of the Blood," in
' whicheach bottle isenclosed. Price Iperbottlecon-
I fining 12 ounces, or 40 to 40 doses. Soldbydrnir-
i fsu. 1.Basosi,So!I Co., Prop'rs, Buflalo.Jf .Y
ALBANY, OBKGOX, AUG. 27, 1880.
nerlotixly Hart.
On Saturtlay last a party from Newport,
on Ytqnitm B;iy,siartftl foravHt toSileiz.
Tlie parry consisted of Mrs. Abby. Missi s
Alexander and May Mcliniel, 11. UafTen-
den. Mi Crow and James Dixon. Tlie
parly role in a tlioronglibmce Jiack. In the
vicinity or Fr nk Stanton's place, ns they
were crossing n dry swail in which poles
hail been laidto keep vehicles from entirely
disappitirlnpr in "soft" weather, a part of
the load hoofing it over the rough roid,
leaving Miss McDanicl to occupy the rear
seat all alone, the tore wheels dropped
down into a rut with a jerk, the rear end
ot the hack rebounding with such force as
to pitch Miss Mcl)aniel head first to the
ground. Fortunately she struck in the
mud, otherwise her neck would have been
broken. As It was she was taken up sense
less, and although everything that could
be thought ot was done to resuscitate her
some time elapsed before she gave any
signs of rc turning animation. Owing to
the mishap the party were unable to return
to Newport until Monday. We omitted
to mention that Mayor Clark and family
were In Ihe company, in their own-convey
ance, ot course. It was the intention ot
Miss May and friends to start on their
honiewasfl trip on Tnes.lay last if she was
able to travel.
Rev. .T. T. Wolfe goes lo Siletz Indian
reservation as Superintendent of instruc
tion for the next twelve months. We hope
it may prove a pleasant and profitable
year to him and his.
Rev. Isaac Dillon who is to till the pul
pit of the M. K. Church in this tity the
coming year, h:is th reputation ot being
otic ot the most popular and earnest preacli
ers in the'Oregon Conference. We have
not learned when he is expected to arrive
Mt. X. C. Hawk, of the Pacific Type
Foundry, San Francisco, arrived in the
city on Wednesday. He was taken very
ill while on his way overl-uul beyond
Rosebtjrg, and was compelled to lay over
nearly two weeks, but his health is gradu
ally improving we were glad to learn. He
"oes to Portland to-morrow or Monday.
On Tuesday Mr. G. F. Simpson and a
Srentleman from Portland, get into a
bttprny in fi-out of Mr. S.'s business house
on First, street, and gave the word for his
ame little three year-old to travel. Quick
as a flash she started to' make the turn
down First streit ; the suddenness ami
shortness of the turn upset Ihe bu-rsty.
throwing both men to the ground. Mr.
S. held on to the strings, and the mare
was stopped, the bupjry righted, the men
reseated themselves, and proceeded on
their way. The mare Is a quick as a
flash in all her movements and requires a
steady nerve and strong hand to hold her
'I lie ' lirornlnn,
For SnptemlM i-, affords excellent reading"
it is even an improvement on former is
sues. Its conleiiLs are varied and enter
taining, and can not hut please the wide
aw:ike jx ople of the Pacific slope. The
magazine i? growing in popularity every
day. and will soon have a wide-spread cir
culation. Published at Xo. 202 Sansome
street. San Francisco, by the Calitornian
Publishing Co., at $3 per annum.
Titus llros.
Have iuf. received largo invoice of
gold and silver watches and jewelry, of
the latest designs. Also have for sale the
Xkw IIomk sewing machine, manufac
tured since the expiration of patents on
sewing machines, and combines the good
qualities of leading machines. Call and
see. 43
Prel (erlan t'lturrb.
Service will Ix? resumed next Sabbath
morning. 1 he congregation will assem
ble at the chapel of Albany Collegiate In
stitnte. Sabbath School Immediately at
the close ot the morning service. In the
evening the pastor will deliver the first ot
a course of lectures on the life of St. Paul
A corijial invitation for all.
I'natilnioiiKly IteeommciMled.
The Oi-egon MethiHlist Conference unan
imously recommended the pKintmeut
of Hon. F. M. VVadworth, of Benton
county, to be Agent at Siletz Indian res
ervation. As this reservation Is the pro-
t-2eot tlie Conference, Mr. Wadsworth
! will doubtless net the appointment. He
will make a good ageitt.
A Card of Thnnko.
We take this means of tendering our
thanks to Dr. J. L Hill for hs very atten
tive service, and to our neighbors and
friends, and the K. of V. for their kind
assistance and sympathy during our late
bereavement. N. J . Ientox.
S. J. Henton.
List of LetlerM, .
Uncalled tor and remaining in the Post
office in this city for the week ending
Aug. 2lith. 1880:
Brown. A J Wilcox, Geo.
Dick. Isaac A Williams, O II
Strout. M II Younjr. Wm JT
Ti.e AjUi
Piepared by D Plummer, Is proving a
popular and effective medicine. Wlthnnt
advertising. It has hy Its merits extended
the demand to adjoining localities. Being
pleasant to take, ai)il afTording a certain
und speedy cure, recom mends it to all.
Thpre will tie preaching at the M. 15.
Church of this city next Snnday evening
hy Eev. J. 'f. Wolfe. NQSpryices In the
Aug 25th, 13S0.
Ki. Register :-Since my last letter
the smoke is not qiKite so thick, and the
weather Is conitortalAly cool.
Harvesting operations are progressing
rapidly, and the yield 5v quite good, unci
the quality Is first classy
From the present appearance of the
weather it don't look as if we shall have
any rsiln to trouble the graii till the farm
ers all get through threshing.S
Last Monday, to the wife ok. Mr. ils
Thoinp-on, a son was born, wlihie he is
upon Willow Creek looking after hjis in
terests there.
Mrs. E. Rockwell has been very ick
with a large carbuncle on ihe back of fw;r
neck, but is getting better now.
Since the weather got cooler Mrs. C.
Cochran is troubled with rheumatism, and
teels quite oorly.
As a chronicle of passing events it be
comes my painful duty to mention an
affair that happened in our little town late
last Saturday evening. A thre.-hhig cro vd
near town finished a job of threshing, and
hiving a keg of beer, most of them gut In
toxicated, and one of them, Mr. Marion
Angell, came up town to the blacksmith
shop of J. D. Arthurs, and got into a dis
pute with Mr. A., which wound up In a
few minutes by Mr. Angell getting his
jaw broke. There is a vry good moral in
this transaction if all would only take
heed, and it is this: never drink any
beer and you will not get your jaw broken.
Walt. Jack his got his porch finished,
and a new set ot stairs, and it is a great
Mr. .1. D. A-thurs has also got a new
porch added to his house, which adds
greatly to the good looks and comfort of
his home.
We are sorry to say O. P. Coshow, Esq ,
is confined to his house by sickness.
The saw mill had shut down till after
harvest, but as the railroad needed con
siderable timber, the mill has been runn
ing most of the time for the last week,
with a new crew of hands, Geo. A. Dyson
acting as engineer.
Another gang ot Chinamen arrived here
this week, and are at work grading tin
switch, and a lot of carpenters are at work
laying the foundation for a warehouse 30
by 70 feet, and more funds are soon to
be put on and the work will be pushed
through as rapidly as possible. Work on
the road i progressing finely, and It Is
confidently expected that Ihe cars will be
here by the middle of Octolier next.
Tlie great demand tor men and teams
here still continues, and as the Company
intend to build two more warehouses just
below here, work is likely to continue
some time. Many strangers are here
every day, and things are beginning to
take shape lor a rapid growth in the near
future, at least such is the prophecy ot
Xarkow Gavge.
Severely Injured.
On Monday forenoon, as Mrs. Geo. F.
SimpiOii,-iccoinpanieil by her oldest son and
another boy from thW city, were driving
toward Tangent, the animal attached lo
the buggy shied or jumped suddenly to
one side of the mad. The suddenness of
ihe movement threw both boys outw of
the huggv. when Mrs. Simpson attempted
to gain pos.-esion of the lines dropped by
her son as he was thrown out, of the vehicle.
As she was reaching to obtain the lines,
the fore wheels of the busrgy struck a con
Milernble bank on one side of the road.
made by the workmen in digging down
ami repairing it. with such force as to
pitch Mrs. &impon to tlie ground head
fir-t. It was a fearful fall, and w hile no
bones were broken, her head and face
were severely contused, and it was some
time before she fully recovered the use of
her f:icuities. The animal, rinding lierself
free of all control, trotted off down the
roa.l a considerable distance and then
stopped, where she was found shortly
afterward by one of the boys and driven
back. It .vas a painful accident, and the
many friends of tlie lady will be pleased
to learn that she is not likely to suffer any
permanent injury from it.
Down In the Dint.
Last Friday a carriage load ot young
people started tor the country in high spir
its. They made good time tor a short dis
tance, and made light of the intense heat
and fearful dust that enveloped horses and
carriage like a cloud, until, like a Hash of
light, something gave way and down came
the whole business into the unfathomable
dust. As soon as the team could be quiet
ed and the fair occupants hauled out of the
dust, it was found that the king-bolt
ha I broken and two other bolus given way
causing tlie downfall. After considerable
trouble. a fair amount ot perspiring, and
the expenditure of a good deal of solid talk,
the vehicle was patched up. and the parly
Failed hack to the city to slow music.
This king-bolt business must be looked in
to more closely, else somebody'll be out
and injured. -
Almost n l Fire.
On Monday a fire was started on the
farm of Bob Carter, just In the sou'hei n
edge ot the eity. in the straw where he had
been threshing his wheat. There was a
large quantity ot dry straw, and the wheat,
sacked and ready for hauling to the ware
house, was in the midst of it. The fire Is
supposed to have caught from the loco
motive. The fire, fortunately, was dis
covered hi time, and with considerable
exertion was extinguished.
All I!iil. or Lumber.
We have for sale at Lebanon and Grass
ridge some 300.000 feet of lumber, such as
scantling, joists, barn timbers, boxing,
fencing, and other rough lumber. At
Lebanon we have a superior lot of dry
lumber, consisting of rustic, flooring, etc.
Owing to the late fire, we ore offering
this lumber at reihiciHi rates. Address us
at Lebanon. 4Stf Cosn EliOS.
School Iloolitf.
Lowest prices on School Books at Plum
mer'9. Odd. Fellows' Temple,
Counc'l met at the usual hour on Tues
day evening last. All present except
Mayor D. G. Clark and Councilman L. C.
Minutes of last meeting read and ap
J. L. Halter, fees. fl5 70.
Register, pi-luting licenses, fl 50.
City vs. A. W. McBeth. f.
City vs. Schofleld, f4.
A. J. Hunt, fees, $40 25.
J. A. Warner, tees. $3 50.
City vs. Geo. Daugherty, $4.
City vs. Wm. Ileckman. $4.
Marlette Eddy. Injury to horse. $20.
Committee on Fire and Water recotn-
mended that One's house and Hook S
Ladder house be insured in the sum ot j
$1,000. In some good company. :
Uhe report was adopted and the Kecor- ) ile Ls of the opinion that itshculd be stated
cter Instructed to attend to the matter. j at which end, as his with his
The same jCOJiimitte reported the paint- mother's slippers inclines him to the be
in c- ordered olf One's house and Hook & lief that the statement taken generally is
Ladder hor.s., by Mr. A. T. Arnell, com- 1 COITect.
pleted according to contract, and that he I
had done $5 worth of extra work, nud
that s warrant be drawn on the treasurer j
ir me uni oi me ic.uh f
The Mine committee recommended the
appointment ot John Jones as engineer
for Two's, and nightwatch as well, to re
ceive for the first $20 per month, and for
the latter service $50 per month, the
service to commence at once. Tlie report
was Adopted.
Cojtnmittee on Fire & Water reported
in tlie matter of the washing away of the
bank nt the toot of Broa-laibln street, that
the Marshal be instructed to notify the
owner of the mill at the foot of said street
to chaiifge the spout in some other direc
tion so that the water will not wash down
the hiink.
The same committee reported on the
pctitif u of Di Phiuimer to erect a water
tank In front of Odd Fellows' Temple,
denying the petition.
The special committee to investigate
city liens, asked tvo weeks further time,
and there being no objection, the same
was granted.
A petition signed by A. D. Rogers and
Joseph Allison, asking for a sidewalk
across the railroad block on the ease side
ot Calipooia street, between Ninth and
Tenth streets, was referred to committee
on Streets and Public Property.
A petition asking that the drain along
the south side of First street, from the
pump in front ofS. E. Young's to the
Registf.H building on corner ot Ferry
street, he extended west to Washington
street, was granted, and, on motion, the
property-holders were ordered to put in
the same within fifteen days.
A communication asking the attention
of the City authorities to the Canada
thistle, supposed to be growing on some
ot our streets, was read. On motion the
matter was referred to the committee on
Health and Police.
A petition from Linn Engine Co. No. 2.
asking for a tender, was read, anil on
motion, Fred Willert was ordered to build
tlie same for the Co. in thirty days. The
tender will cost 00.
A resolution asking the committee on
Ordinances, with the aid ar.d advice of the
City Attorney, to prepare an amended
charter for the eitv, and submit the fame
at the next regular meeting of the Com
cil for Its approval, was adopted.
On motion the Marshal was instructed
to build the fence between Mr. Fiy'slot
and the city property on Lyon street.
There is about twenty feeC of fencing to
he constructed.
Itll.l.S Al.l.OM'ICl).
W. N. Miller, engineer's salary, $45.
V. II. Hewett, attorney's fees, $15.
It. Y.. Harmon, nightwatch, $G0.
It. Saltmarsh, sundries,
Marx Banmgart. sundries, fl 75.
Parker Bros., hauling. 50c.
City vs Rube Garrison, $5 SO.
City vs. Geo. Sparrowgrass, $5 30.
City vs. Henry Heart. $5 30.
City vs. Jas. Smith. $4 50.
A. J. Hunt, fees, etc.. $37 GO.
J. L. Halter, fees, $12 55.
W. II. Miller, e'erk of election, $150.
On motion the committee was instruct
ed to draw an ordinance fining any per
sou blowing a police whistle, except when
in actual need ot assistance. Boys and
others who have been in the habit of blow
ing whistles to the annoyance of the police
heretofore, will take notice that a repeti
tlon of such acts will cause their being
locked up and fined.
For Contempt.
A man named Wm. H. Harrison was
arestod by deputy sheriff. S. H. Clanghton.
in this city on Sunday, per order of the
Sheriff ot Multnomah county. It seems
that Mis. Harrison had sued for and ob
tained a divorce from William Henry ; she
had also sued for the custody of their off
spring, a girl some ten years of age, and
the Judge had taken the matter under ad
visement, ordering the pm-ties to appear
at another day for his decision. In defiance
of this order of the Court. William Henry
Harrison secured the child, and came.,, to
this city, leaving her at the Revere House,
and going into the harvest fields to work.
Upon his appearance In this city on Sun,
day. he was arrested for contempt of the
order ot the Court as above stated, and
taken to Portland to answer.
We are indebted to Wells, Fargo & Co.,
for a copy of their Express Directory for
I8S0, a very convenient and handy work
to have in the office. It gives a list of
principal points in territory occupied by
Weirs, Fargo & Co., showing the proper
express offices for way-billing, tc, with
a full list of the Co.'s offices.
"Household art decoration is what takes
with mv boarders." said Mrs. Glldersleeve,
as she made a bread pudding and called
her eldest daughter down stairs to paint
raisins n it, "il"l H' saving, loo,"
' Parag-rnmlecs.
Two drunks In the calaboosfo Sunday
. Onr Mayor and family have gone to Ya
quina Bt.y.
Young men should take warning from
the story of the watchful inother, who,
thinking that her daughter's' guest had
stayed long enough, wandered out on the
piazza and inquired If the morning paper
had come.
The only remaining child of Mr. and
Mrs. Newt. Henton. we are glad to hear,
Is slowly recovering, although for some
time her life was dispaired of.
Messrs L. E. Blain and 8. E. Young
are In San Francisco purchasing immense
stocks of goods tor the fall and winter
Johnny says it may
woman's work Is nevar
be true that a
at an end, but
j a ire inner evening a "nappy young iei
i ler" started out to take a buearv ride.
.1 4 ; . J ,
Later 5n ,lle eve,l1ng he refnrne,l withjjor-
tions of the huggy, which he had carefully
gathered up, and which he left at the black
smith shop. He didn't say a 'word, but ho
lookpd a whole dictionary of adjectives.
Keep the people posted on tlie value of
Intelligence over vice and ignorance. In
telligent people are law-abiding ; they
enrich, and beautify, and build up, and
circulate money, and "create employment
to people. Intelligence pays.
A new style of ladies' hats Is called the
"Orchard." It probably gets its apple-
ation from the number ot blossoms on it.
Dr. Ely claims that tobacco injures the
eyesight. That is all well enough in
theory, but if you have got an extra cigar
about your person a smoker is pretty sure
to incoyer ii.. I
John Bingham, of Prinesville, has been
pronounced insane. '
Hand lamps, hanging lamps, chandeliers
and lamp stock, at Phimmer's, under Odd
Fellows' Temple.
A lady lawyer out West alwavs address
's her husband at breakfast as "My learn
ed brother" ; at lunch she calls hi n "the
counsel tr the defense"; at dinner time
she calls him "a brass-mounted pettifogger
with a cheek like an armv mule."
It is a singular tact 'that when a deacon
makes up his mind to go fishing on Sun
day the dav is warm and the skies cloud
less. But let a newspa;ier man make up
his mind to indulge in the same pleasure
and see how otiiek the weather will go
back on him.
I'he city was full of strangers on Sunday,
a majority ot whom seemed intent on get
ting outside of as much forty-rod as poss
Canned goods are still sold very cheap
at Haffenden Bros., and they have a great
The weather last Sunday was perfectly
splendid. "
As the days begin to shorten the amount
of coal oil consumed increases, and it is a
question ol Importance, where is the best
place to buy that article ? Well. Haffeii-
den Bros, are prepared to meet all demands
for 150 test oil, or cheaper grades, either
by the five gallon can or on draught, at
the lowest possible price,
We have received the premium list of
the Jersey county, Illinois, lair, which
commences October 12th and holds four
days. It is a neatly printed pamphlet ot
nearly 100 pages, containing, besides the
premium list, much interesting intorma-
tion. Thanks to the friend who forward
ed it to us.
Mr. J. F. Backenstois still out in King's
valley, fitting up a mill.
The 'Albany farmers Co. have given
out one hundred and twenty thousand
sacks for the present harvest. This should
give the warehouses of the Co. in this city
240.000 bushels of wheat, and the proba-
bllity is the r.motuit will over-run these
Hon. M. f. George arrived in this city
from Portland on Monday, and spent the
day shaking hands with his numerous
friends in this city. On Tuesday he drove
over to Corvallis, en route for Yaquina
Bay and points along the coast he desires
to visit before returning to Portland.
- Present indications are that wheat will
not open at a higher figure than t oc per
bushel, and it may not go so high.
Choice sugar-cured smoked beef at Haf
fenden's. Also prime lard, breakfast-ba
coil and shoulders.
Perry Spink and family returned from
the Bay Tuesday evening, much Improved
In health and muscle.
Airs. Coll. van Cleve and children ar-
rived in uaker uity on the loth lust., where
she will remain Several weeks Visiting her
A tln lot of honey at Haffenden's for
sale at low rates. -
The dust is unusually thick, as those who
drive out of the city iu any direction speed
ily find.
Zeph. Job and mother, Mrs. Hamilton,
ot Corvallis, were In the city on Tuesday.
Young grouse, f:it and tender, are plenti
ful along the fences surrounding the grain
Rev. Mr. Dillon is to fill the pulpit of
the M. E. Church in this city the coming
year. He is a good preacher. .
Mr. Ben ICohn is now a resident of Bam
berg, Germany, and hereafter will be in
regular receipt of the Register.
Tender ordered for Linn FTngine Com
pany by the Council was just tlie
thing to be done. As there was no way
provided to carry fuel on the engine, in
case of a fire any distance from the engine
house, especially in the night, the sacks
containing coke had to be carried by hand
and a two hundred pound sack, especial
ly In mu.Tdy weather, is not the easiest or
cleanest thing to handle. A tender in
which to hanl the fuel was an absoloute
necessity to the complete efficiency of the
steamer, and tlie prompt compliance of
the Council with the request ot the Com
pany, cannot bv too highly coniuicmled-
Duncan Montelth returned .
Oregon Tuesday evening. The -ed
of much benefit to Donfc. x
r Mr. Crosby has left as lor a few .
to rusticate amid rural scenes. His .
service in the U. S. Navy especially fit hi.,
tor the duties devolving npon a dairy maid,
A new comer at Mr. L McClnng's on
the 16th. Mother and daughter doing
Always ready for business at F". Sf,
Dannal's and any Mud of furniture oil
hand or made to order.
Mr. Newt. Heutou's Httli daughter, thr
sweetest and prettiest, little girl In thr
city, died suddenly on Friday.
Albany and Lebanon I'nlted.
The grading on tho road connect htg this"
city with Lebanon U finislied, and tl.S
trnck-laying progressing satisfactorily
The first through. train over the road be
tween the two cities It is expected will be
run a week from Sunday, as the entire road
will be finished by that time. Whooray '
A CKmmI Sbeep Tale.
If any of our readers recognize a familiar
face in the following, they can laugh as
much as they please, but they must keep
mum : '
; A man in raiher indifferent circumstanc
es, surrounded by a large family, being en- ;
tirely out of meat, had recourse to the
sheepfold of a neighbor, (a wealthy farmer)
tor re'lef. The neighbor, having a large
flock of i-heep, did not perceive he had lost
any until one of tlie finest of the flock, very
rge and fat, was missing, and counting
Ms sheep, he found ho had lret several. '
Unable to account for this extraordinary
iost he resolved, a tew nights after, to
watch. About midnight, he observed a
uncommon disturbance among the sheep,
by tlie su Iden appearance of a man dressed
in iliscmse. Ciirmsitv. as well c in rK
serye tJle coPfluctf the person so as to-
find him out, induced him to be still. Ii
ti,e flocij ,i,cre W1W a raal witn w,jt.. it
seems, the man was lathe habit ot con-
versing, as it he had been-tlie actual owner
ot the sheep.
Well, Mr. Ram," said the nocturnal
visitant, "1 have come to buy another
sheep ; have yon any more to sell P"
Upon which he replied himself, as iu the
person of the ram :
'Yes, I have sheep to sell.
By this time the owner of the sheep per
ceived him to be one of his neighbors. .
"What will you take lor that fat weth
er savs the purchaser.
Four dollars," says Mr. Ram.
That Is a very high price," says tlie
man '-but, as you are so good as to watt
on me tor the pay, I think 1 will take him.
Well, Mr. Hum." continues tlie honest
sheep buyer, "let us ses how many sheep I
nave Dongni or you. " .
'It I am not mistaken,' savs Sir. It am.
this is the filth."
He then went to cast nn the amount ol
the whole ; and. after giving Mr. Kam a
polite invitation to call on him for the Dav.
and bidding him good night, led the weth
er home, while the owner lay laughing at
the novelty of the scene, as uishiv gratified
as if he had leceived ample pay for tlie
A tew nights afterwards, when tie stirt-
posed his neighbor was nearly out of mut
ton, ne caught the old ram and tied a little
hag under his neck, and placed a piece ot
paper between lus horns, on wbicn he
wrote in l.-'rge letters : "I have come for
my pay I" Under the Hue he footed the
whole amount of the five sheep, exactly as
his ueighlior had done, as before related ;
he then took the ram to bis neighbor's
house, where he tied him near hU door,
and went home.
When the neighbor arose in the morn-
ing. he wa not little surprised to find a
sheep tied to his door ; but it is beyond
to express his astonishment when he found
it was the old rani with which he lud
been dealing so extensively in mutton.
with his errant! on lus forehead, and the
amount ot the five sheep accurately made
out. as he had done a few nlelits before.
in the person of the ram.
Suffice it to sat, he obtained the money
and, after tying it up hi the bag. and rear
ing the paper trom his horns, he set the
ram at liberty, when he immediately ran
home, jingling h;s money a it proud ot
naving aet-oiupti.Mieii tue ooject oi nis er
rand, to the no small gratification of the
In this c'tv, August 20th. Irma C. Hen-
ton, aged 5 years, two months and 20 days
of scarlet fever.
Little Trma was as beautiful in mhid and?
heart as In feature and form : the idol of
her parents, captivatlug all hearts- by her
winsome ways. Slie was followed to her
last resting place by many sorrowing;
friends. The parents have the tenderes'
sympathy of the entire community in thehr
great bereavement.
At Ilia New Mhop.
Fsed Willert is now established in huv
y ""i" p.
I on Seconl street opposite S. fc. Yonnir's ware-
I noune, w here he is prepared to do all kinds of
I bliiefesmitlilnjr, repnirinK of hacks, waeoao.
elc. no also ims on nnno. ana win continue
to mnnnfHetuiv, hneksand bnrnies, which will
he Hold at the lowest XMsIlle figures on reason
able tevuis. 35vl2mJ.
nr. B. R. FREELAftD haa located las
Albany for tne practice of Besttiatry.
All work warranted. Office In Puriah
block, corner First and Ferry at. febl
OFFICE In Odd Fellows' Temple, Albany,
Oretron. AH work carefully performed, and a
reasonable as is consistent with good work
manbhip. n3SvlS
Br. U. W. Uray.
Dentist, Albany, Oregon. Office in Fos
ter's brick block, up stairs, at large bay
Prices In proportion to time niuf
material consumed.
tne Teeth,
is a very
think that
common expression, but we
armed to embellish awl Dre-
serve tliem to a ripe old age hi decidedly
more appropriate. This can be done by
keeping yourself supplied with a bottle ot
that splendid dentifrice, fragrant SOZO
DONT, which will beautify the teeth and
preserve them fiom the ravages of decay.
SOZODONT oontbi8 no acids of gritty
substances which injure the enamel, but
is composed ot rare an antiseptic herbs,
which have a beneficial effiHst on tlie
whole economy of tlie mouth. T Sold by
druggist. ati&.