The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, August 20, 1880, Image 3

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Albany, : :
A Iso. everv variety of cemetery nml other stone;
work il..n! wit h neatness anil dispatch. Six-clali
attention ifiven to orders
Irttateaiid asliliiftton 1 cvrum y, iy man orotn
cimi,:iih promptly loiwui-dcil. All work will--!
L hi friends and the public generally, that
is now settled In bin
4 the old stand next door to P. V. Harper A Co ,
.she re can bo found as great ait assortment and
i a. large a stock of
Stoves-and Ranges
un tut found In anv one house this side of
i i'ortlaud, and at as
Ilow- a price.
'ilirii ICrnu F.nillliclcd
In arc-at variety. Also,
Sheet Iron,
Cialvuntzcd Iron,
-llwavs on hand, and ma lo to order, AX LIV
v. Call on TTIrm.
Albany. Octolier 2, 1873-SV8
First street, 3 doors west of Ferry,
albas v. s iii:go..
ilOLACHaS & GCZTS, Prop's.
HAVING riurcliasiiri the City Market. I will
keep constantly on hand nil kiivlsot Mints
-the Tory best to be obiaine-1 in the market .
I will strive at all times to meet the wishes ot
nil who may lavor uie with their immunise.
The public. .-unealiv are invited to call at my
shop when In want of meats. fcnr"Tbe highest
-asli price iwi 1 for PORK. alvlOsll
eiv Cioods! -ev Departure!
S;orc latelv owned by Mw. '. I. Davis mi l
lmvins jut ad led theroou uew invoice of late
Tlonnt-f , Huts, Ac, takes plensutu in invhin
ilioladiosof Albunrnnd vicinity to j-ii.ll u'nl
liwiHvt for tlieinsc.lves. All irou'ia will be soi l
at nrlecstlml defy comix'tition.
1 Laving socurcj the services of a tirt cass
Dresnmaker I
I ani nrcreinvl to cut, tit. and make drosses in
any style, desired, at short notion and In u satis
factory manner.
."STMktn riotlilntr for children n sor-em'ty
Store on north side of first, oast ot tllnworth
treul. You aro iu vitud to cull.
Mil. O. L. PAIIKS.
2?. IS7-
Coraar First and Sllsvcrtli sts.,
1 th. svTvrrvixsfi,
Has asain taken charge of the
City Drug Store,
' 1iavluatpiirliBed the entire intore-t of ". W.
hhaw, siiewor to A. Carotliers & Co., and is
now receiving a
. ' Splendid ITe-w Stock,
m hicn. added t- tho formir. rendew It very
CHiiphite in all the different depart merit.
Keeling aseurcd tiuit ail cau be suited iu both
cordially invite his oid friands and custom
ers to gi ve'liliu a cuiL.
Will rvcel-o Immedlale and careful attemioii
t all boars, iajr nutt nibt.
triT Pare Wines and Liquors for medicina
Ocl.ta. TT-SvlO
In the Circuit Court of the f-tntc ot Orego"
for the county of I.inn.
X. C. Bruce, plalntilf,
.lohn IS. Bruoe, defendant.
In the namo ol the statu of Orcsron : . 1 oil
Hre. hereby i-equired loapiear and answer the
loint-UiInt of the alioro pluintitt in the above
.cnrit'lvd suit, now on lile wit h tho Clerk of mild
Court, on or liefore the ioiirth Montloy. the i'tlt
dav of ftetober. Ixdnir the (li-st day ol tho
licit regular term of said Court : and you are
hereliy notified that If you tail to apjM-ar ami
answer aid complaint as hereby required, the
I'UiintilT will apply to the Court for t lie relief
leiuande.'I in plaintiff's complaint, to-wit : a
l-.-ree aaainst mid defendant for tho dissolu
tion of the bonds of matrimony su?wistinfj be
tween plainiitfaud defendant, for the enrcens
tody and control of the minor child, Lillian
Bruce, and for costs and disbursnienls.
This summons is pnbiisiied by order of Hon.
B. F. Hard in it. Jiide of-snid Court, made at
ClianilxTs in Salem, onton, .lane 17, lo.
vl2n,t Attorneys for pmmtitT.
oiiec of Final Settlement.
XJOTICE Is hereby ulvcn that the ntidersisn
it ed, exocntor of the last will and testament
of Xeisou Simons, deceased, has filed in the
County Court of Linn county, oieson. hi final
account as such executor, and Pat unlay, the 71 h
"ay of A 111; 11st, 1KW1, at one o'cloik V. M. ol t-aid
day. Iim I ccn set bv sahl Court for the hearing
of o!iji--t ions to such Aiuil atjcouiit and the set
tlement thereof, dud liny H"irsoii ittfttUd in
said estate or the settletnent thereof', is hereby
hoiiiied 10 njipear tiefore Bald Court at the court
house In Alb 11 y, Oregon, on said dtiy.aiid'ino
tlieir objections, if anv, to said final account.
DANIEL SlMoXS, Jn., K.vccu'or,
M'eatuerford Blackburn, Attys lor Kx'r.
July 9, lMsVvian4l
Executor' N ot ice.
4 tMiHtwntary on the last wiliand toMtameut
of Nicholas Kizer. doceaseil, wiv tsued to the
iinderslaned 011 Uie 41 dav of June, lsrto, by tho
County Court of Linn county, Oregon; t here
fore u'l persons having claims against theestato
of said detased,aro requiru'J to ptesent the
aiue, wirh the proiier vouchers, witliin six
months fiQln the date hereof, to t he nndet-sin-l
at his residence in fld mnnlv itf Linn.
F. M. hlZti:, 1;.m-i titor.
Pu.lL 1 June ii, Wy-v VinSM
: Oregon.
from any part of the!
Albany Furituro IIcuss.
Manufacturer and Denier in
F U 11 "N I T U K E,
Bedroom Suits: Walnut, Ash and Maple Parlor
Suits ; Patent Rocker. Easy t 'hairs and
Lounges u sH.'ciulty.
SriuN CI 3 Eattk ess eS ,
Extension Centre Table,
INMar i:tci-lou, ete.
A splendid lot. of
Walnut and Hardwood I. hairs ot all kind?,
In tact, I intend to keen a Ih'--t class
iFmixiTW.E HousE.
I am thankful for istst lwitronage, and
intend to make it. to the interest of all
residents of this city and vicinity to
collie and see me.
Comer of Socond an.l ferry streets.
ALBANY, vliir'tj OlSIXiOX.
Xotiee of i-'iimi Settlement.
1-1 I'lesiov
is TIf.irKBY tavns that Franklin
Ouvid rrosjt-v, dt et;!c'l. tiled in ! het'ountv
i I om't ot l.iim roiiiiiv.t r'-;;on. 1:1 una! account
; in t fcjr matter f said estate, und said Court h:i
I niiiH.iiitcd thethirJ day of An''isi. 10. at the
j hour of onen'ciock in the afternoon ot sai Iday
an the time tor liearin oi-it-otions io stid ac
! ctmnt. it any llicre l-:.::n 1 t'-.r tlf s.'tt I.-mciil
thereof. FKAJNKi.IN PKfsi.KV,
.Itiiy 2 I, lsso-vl-intn Adininisinitor.
old m nmmL
JVDit. S.uciTOiu's L iv nit I.s v:r-oi:.vTOi:'.J
with tmprcccdeutetl rssiilts.jj
t w CBMrnsn u n 18a bhoadway,5
.O, I fli dKt3runU IVIiUcy IJEWyOiilCClT'X
Zing of the Blood
Cures nil Scrofulous affections imd disorders result,
ing from Impurity of the blood. It is needless to
specify all, as the sufferer can usually perceive their
cause; but Salt Uhem, MHmpUi, Ulcer, Tumors,, StotUingt, &c, are the most common, an
well as many affections of the Heart, Iliad, Liver
and Stomach.
Wonderful Cure of Blindness.
D. Raksov, Son Co. : For the benefit of all
troubled with Iscrofula or Impure Blood in their
ysteras, I hereby recommend King of the Blood.
I have been troubled with Serofula for the past tan
j enrs, which so affected 111 y eyes that I was com
pletely blind for six months. I was recommended
to try King- of the Blood, which has proved a great
bleesinff to me, as it has completely eured me, and
I cheerfully recommend it to all troubled as I have
bees. Yours truly,
Mas. S. Wkathkbljow, Sardinia, N. Y.
gppja fl m CI jy o' CI I
will be paid to any Public Hospital to be mutu
ally airreed upon, for every certificate of this medi
cine published by us which is not genuine.
Its Zngredieuts.
To show our faith in the safety and excellence of
the K. B., proper personal application, when
fstistted that no imposition is intended, we will
eive the name of all its ingredients, by affidavit.
The above oilers were never made before by the pro
prietor of any other Family Medicine in the world.
Mmmy testimonials. further information, and
full directions for usiiia- will be found in the pam
phlet 14 'I'roatiM on Diseases of tlie Blood," in
whicbearh buttle is enclosed. Fries $lpeTbottlecon
Jf'nioK I! ounrss, nr V n 50- Hres. Sold ij dnnr
We. D. I;a60M,Sus 4 Co., Trop'ro, Butfsio, X.Y
I ?:s it r.a:ai?r t-:n-J for j
jj.iit;--nsr s of taeLiwr, Stojn;ich
aitvl Bov.-.-ls. It is, Pnn-lT 'Si'JR.U
ZsrU-It uever
-biiitatit iB g-a gH-'S
2via Afj;,ct avv NL-i; .
M i-'i 6 l'i-'i8,O0 '
2 111 I KV-g
25 i r! c?S 1,as L'ceu Ufie,1
I III 1 a"i y io pubiic.5
lyftXf i' lor more thtrn So
Tlie eas tf the State of Oregon vs.
Pottingor & Barnes, criminal prosecution
for libel, was heard la-fore Justice of the
IVace Haven, of West Albany precinct, on
Friday lu-t. Judges trnhun & lti!yc-n for
tlie State, Judges I'owell & Bilycn for the
defeiis-e. TIh.; cause of action was an
article which ajincarcJ iu tho local col
umns ot defeiid.uit's paper, charging Jas.
11. Lmm, of tlie dry goods tirm of Johnson
& I.tinn. sit:ii, witli striking or otherwise
ili-using 5!r.s. Blown, and diiving her out
of" his store at, Scio. The first witness
for tlie State called was Me Monteith, who
testified that I'oltinger & Karnes were
! publishers of the Herald.
I Jas. II. I.tinn called : I was waiting on
Mrs IMtiHiiw .-oid tltinn lrtokiixr 110 I i..'ivv
Mrs. Blown oii the opposite side of the
store, loiivt-rsiiij; with her son. I nsked
Mrs. l'hillips to excuse me a moment, and
walking across tlie store to where Mrs.
Blown stood, I touched her on tlie tight
shoulder with my right baud, and as she
ttirnrd her face toward me I stepped hack
and poii:iug with tny left hand toward t'ie
front tloor of the store, ordered iter to
leave. Upon turning around she said :
Why, Mr. I. mm."' With my lelt hand
still raised and poit.ting toward the door
1 again ordered her to leave the store.
Mrs. Brown went out leisurely, and when
she hailed in her p'-ogress 1 repeated my
demand for her to leave the store. As she
passed toward the door, I followed to the
em! of the center counter, and then crossed
the store to w here I had been waiting on
Mrs. Phillips; iu the mean time Mrs.
Brown passed out ot the door of the stoie.
C;n being cross tpiestioned. Mr. I.tinn
swore positively th:t lie net! her struck or
pushed Mrs. Brown that !;? merely laid
the fingers of his right. hand on her
shoulder, her buck being towards him, to
draw her attention, and then ordered her
to leave the store. lie. also swore that
Mrs. Brown had not been hi his -tore since
he ordered her to leave, on the 17ih day of
July, and that to his knowledge she. bad
not been in bis store previous lo that time
for eighteen mouths or more.
W. W. Kitehaid-ou called : His testi
mony corroborated Mr. Loon's. He swore
positively that Mr. I.tinn did not strike or
otherwise misuse Mis. Brown and he
closely watched Limn during the whole
time m-til he went back to his place and
Mrs. Brown left the store.
Mrs. (i. W. Phillips: 1 Willed that Mr.
Ltinn did not strike Mrs. Brown or push
her with his fi-i, or maltreat her in any
way : that she witnessed the whole a!iir.
laying special ati ntion ihioughout ; -he
did not think"' or guess," but was
tmst positive in her answers.
P. II. Kaymood : Te-luii-d that t!:
papets eontainig the libelous article pa-sed
through the iiiiiis as usn.I, except that
Judge Powell and some others did not get
their numbers.
(. W. Johnson : Was in the store, saw
the whole transaction, and was positive
that Mr. Lunii used no violence in any
way ; he ordered Mrs Brown to leave the
store, and -he leisurely dvj artetl. doing
more or less talking as she went out.
O. K. Iloldregc. (bintist. : The evidence
of this witness tallied with the others for
the Suite ; was eoutldeut that no force was
used iu any way, that Mrs. Brown went
out ot the store without assistance ot
any kind.
The prosecution rested here.
Tho Court then repaired to the residence
of" -Judge 1). 15. X. Blackburn, when: Mrs.
i Brown has Iieou staying during her stay iu
the city, to take her e idence.
Mis. J. J, Brown : I saw Mr. and Mrs.
Kiteliardson in the store whe:s I went in.
I had been in the store about five minutes
when Mr. Luuu came to me. I was talk
ing to my sou, John F. Btown, when Mr.
Lunn came up to me. look hold of my
shoulders with his huods, and pulled me
around, and asked me to leave the store.
I don't recollect whether I was angry or
not. I turned to leave the store. I hwl
gone, I think, aS.-out ten feet towards the
door, when Mr. Limn placed his left hand
on my shoulder and I felt the blow on my
left side. I first thought that he had
struck me with a knife, I first felt a sort,
of tingling scnsa'.ion. I stopped before I
got to the door and spoke to Lizzie Brown,
my daughter-in-law. She asked me :
41 How tlare you to speak to me you have
slandered and defamed me." I went on
out of the store, but k told Mr. Luu i
1 efore I went out : ' The reason you order
me out ot the store is because I ordered
your wife (Mrs. Luuu) out ot my house.
You can write to Cam Point for it."' I
went on out ot the store ; got to the Scio
hotel, about a block away, when I began
to feel sick. I did not find any one about
the hotel. I met Dr. Martin's little girl
and went on over the bridge to Dr. Mar
tin's house. I felt sick and dizzy when I
got there ; washed my face and felt better.
For a halt hour felt sick again ; washed
and felt better. The affair in the store
took place on Saturday evening. I stayed
at! night (Saturday; at Dr. Martin's. On
S.bbath went to Mr. Baldwin's, and
stayed there until the following Friday.
Went from there to Cot vail is. I told my
sister-in-law about Mr. Lunn striking me ;
she was the first one I told about it.
Came from Corvallis to Albany. I was
hurt once before about Fix years ago.
Was thrown from s buggy. I told Mr.
Kirkpatrlck about the trouble ; I also told
my son. Z. M. Brown, about it after I be
came sick. I dhl not want my son to
know if, for I was afraid there would be
David Kirkpatrlck :TestIfied that Mrs.
Brown had made a statement similar to
the above to h'ui ; that lie . had known
Mrs. Brown for twenty years, and that h
hc'.icvcd -ial she said.
Judge D. K. X. Blackburn : Stated that
Mrs. Brown, while stopping at his house,
had told him that Mr. Lunn had assaulted
her, and claimed that her illness was
caused by the treatment received at the
hands of Mr. Lunn ; that Mrs. jtrown was
a sick woman, and that he understood Dr.
Hill had said one of her ribs was broken.
Dr. J. L. Hill : Was called In to see
Mrs. Brown while at Judge Blackburn's ;
that she was ill ; had been injured Just be
low the shoulder-blade and in the short
ribs ; he couldn't say positively that a rib
had was broken as ho had nevsr been able
to make a critical examination ; whenever
he pressed against tlie rib it made Mrs.
Brown sick.
Charles Johnson was called by the pros
ecution, but we did not hear his testimony.
The examination and pleadings occupittl
the time of Friday, and until lute Saturday
Judge Haven discharged the prisoners.
He said the evidence was strong that Mr.
Lunn did not abuse Mrs. Brown at the
time charged, b'.iti Mrs. Brown had been
ii jured and had been very ill, and the
prosecution had not shown that the hurts
were received at atsy other time or
place ; therefore the evidence of the pros-.
cut ion was not deemed by him sufficient to
hold the prisoners and they were dis
charged. .VAJEBIOW JAUE.
Bitowxsvii.LE. Or., Aug. IS. 1SS0.
Ed. Reuistkk : It seems the same with
papers as with individuals, the weather is
always a ready subject. It is splendid for
harvesting, operation, but the air is so
thick with smoke that it seems to take tlie
sun a long time to pierce through, and he
'ooks like a huge red rirey ball that had
got loose from some other part of the heav
ens, and to a person anyways superstitious
it portends no good.
It is too early yet to learn much about
the yield of wheat in tills locality, but it P
only fair to estimate an average crop, and
it we had only had our usual June rains
the crops must have been very heavy ; but
the weather has been so uncommonly dry
that even the hop crop that promised to be
unprecedented)' huge is hardly going to
come up to last year.
Walt. Jack is having B porch built over
his door, and Mr. Croft has got bis finished
and it looks neat and tasty.
The saw mill had shut down till after
harvest, but is busy part ot the time saw
ing material for the railroad, and to-day it is
to commence sawing out the luuibt r for a
depot and warehouse.
Charley Ellswick is improving, as is also
Dick Warren ; he has just Iieeii moved lo
Peter Hume's house.
J. M. Moyer ami family, and Jas. Keeny
and faini'y start tor Yaqubia to day, to en
joy the coo! air ot the Pacific.
The great cry hire now is for more men
and teams. There is not an idle man or
niule Jiere at present.
Operations on l':e railroad are progress
ing very well, considering the limited
amount of help they have got. The grad
ers a re about two miles from hero at pres
ent, and last Saturday evening 00 China
men arrived on the works and the coutrac"
tor liires every team that comes along.
Owinir to some little misunderstanding
with the Co., the parties here who had in
tended building a warehouse back
ed out. and the Company intend to put one
up. The bill is made out. and o;icratiOiis
are to commence to-iuoriow putting it up,
and from all indications the road is bound
to be completed this tall in time to carry
part of the grain crop, anil Mr. Hausman
has opened a street through between his
house and Mr. K. Thompson's, so that
teams can get down to the depot grounds
without any more opening gates, and by
the time my next letter leaves here, the
depot, building, will in all probability, be
well under way.;ow tiAL'OK.
Lebsaoa Siotea.
I.KBANOX, Aug. 17, 1S30.
A new project is on the tapis now. A
company has been incorporated known as
the Lebanon & Santiam Ditch and Manufac
turing Co., with a view to dig a ditch from
tho vicinity ot Waterloo to Lebanon tor
manufacturing purposes, etc. A number of
our active citizens and business men have
gone into the enterprise, with our enter
prising and wide awake railroad ma:;, L.
ElUins, Esp, in the lead. We hope this
undertaking will be carried through to
completion, as we are satisfied that it xvtli
prove a great benefit to this town and
A. Keys damaged his threshing machine
last week to the amount of forty dollars,
by trying to thrash a pair of shears used in
cutting tlie wire bands on the bundles.
John Bland has just finished a commod
ious and conveniently arranged barn, with
all the modern conveniences. John is, an
energetic farmer and U bound to succeed.
G. II. Jud', Esq., has taken charge of
the well known Lebanon Hotel, and the
traveling public may be assured that their
wants will be supplied, if they will give
him a call when stopping in town.
W. YV. Parrish, Ksq., of Sodaville, will
make a trip east of the mountains soon. '
I. O.U.T.
Officers of this Albany Lodge No. 344
I. O. G. T., for the term ending Oct. 31st,
C'lothliii; Lost.
A package ol clothing, in a grain sack,
was lost Sunday, August 15th,- somewhere,
between Albany and Saddle Butte. Tho
finder will confer a favor by sending in
formation to this office or to Miller Morgan,
at his farm.
No price, so, lar ve Delieve, has been
offered for wheat. TIkj indications are
that, wlaat prices will rule low for the
W.C.T.. E. R. Skipworth; W.V.T., An
na Mansfield ; W.K.S., S. Q. Deckard ;
W.A.S., Emma Jfany ; W.F.S.. Henry
Mcllwatn; W.T., R. Fox ; W.C.. James
l'ot linger ; W.M.. Geo. Hardy ; W.D.M.,
Flora Cowan ; W.I.G.. Etta Smith; W.
O.G., Gpo. Harris ; W.R.H.S.. Thomas
Callahan ; W.L.H.S., Harry Upham ; P.'
W.C.T.. J. A. Tvler.
Waruaer-'m of I.fnu Comity, Take Notice.
It is now a settled fact that the Board of
Directors of the Agricultural Association
of Linn County have determined to have a
fair, commencing on the 6th day of Oc
tober next. This is certainly a good
move. It was foolishness for the farmers
of Linn county ever to let the fair go
down. Why go away from home to at
tend fairs, and spend their money away
from home ? Is It not better to have a
fair at home, and spend what little we
have to spend at home ? Let every farmer
m Linn county come forward to the fair,
and bring the best of tlieir products and
exhibit it, and wc shall have a fair like
those of years gone bv. Since the farmers
ot Linn county saw fit to stop the fair, we
have never had a prosperous season. Prov
idence has disowned us, and threatened to
destroy Linn county altogether. Now
let us all cot no forward to the fair, and
bring part of the plentiful crop that is
now before us. It really ought to be a
week ot thanksgiving for the bountiful
crop and the good health which the peo
ple of Linn comity are iiow enjoying.
Let every man ;:nd woman in tlie county
come, bringing a little ot tlieir tithe-money
along, just as the Bible commands, and
we shall have a glorious fair. No man
can object to this, at least no Christian
man can. Now just take down your old
dusty Bible and read the 23d, 21th, 25th
and 20th verses of the 11th chapter of
Deuteronomy. Read for yourselves ;
don't require the aid of a priest to read
for you, and do as the Lord has command
ed you. And let no man say what you
shall eat or what you shall drink, or where
withal you shall be clothed. This is the
command of the Lord. Now all do if,
and we will be happy when we meet at
the fair. J. J. Fixlayson.
CniiUldntets for Uie I'nf vcrslly .
On Wednesday, Cotintv School Superin
tendent, Prof. Gilbert, assisted by County
Judge, Hon. L. Fiir,n. and Prof. Sox,
examined (he annexed candidates for
scholarships in the State University at
Eugene: Misses Rosa White, of Browns
ville ; Lillie Robertson, of Halscy ; Nettie
Robinette of Crawfordsvtlle. All passed
fi ? examination with flying colors, and
the County Clerk at once Issued the
necessary certificate to each. Linn county
is entitled to one more scholar iu the Uni
versity. Icr Monal .
We were pleased to receive a call from
S. H. Shepherd, editor of the Grant County
Xeurx, published at Canyon City, Oregon,
yesteiday. Mr. Shepherd is publishing a
lively paper and of course it is proving
succes-ful and profitable. He came down
to secure the necessary material to enlarge
his paper, and will soon issue the Xw as
a forty column paper. Success to him.
H started for home on the noon trsin
lion. M. C. George will pass through
this city on Monday, en route for Yaquiua
"A Stiicti in Time Kate Mile.-'
Wo see by a late Eastun paper that the
Standard Oil Company has secured the
few remaining refineries ot the coal oil
region. Now is the time to buy, as coal
oil will proltabiy be advanced by that
great corporation. We note the arrival
of a large shipment by a C. A. Plummer,
the druggist. See him and secure a bar
gain now.
List of Letters,
Uncalled tor arid remaining in the Post
office in this city for the week ending
Aug. 10th, 1S80:
Baker, Rev J C King, L B
Bnrbiti!:. II. Moore, Mrs Louis
Davis, (t II ismith, James 11
Di-pew, M F W Smith. J M
Faircole. Amanda Finill, Mary
King, Sarah A Thompson, Louisa
Ferrill. Mark
1. H. RAYMOND, P. M.
To Loan.
Mrs. Sarah F. A. Hutchins has six hun
dred dollars which shu desires to loan, tot
from one to five years, on real estate se
curity. Apply at this office.
New wheat coming in.
Health good throughout the county.
N. Ban in started for 'Frisco on Monday.
Bill and letter heads a specialty at the
Register office.
Go to C. D. Simpson and get your new
wheat sacks.
Those cookies at Hafieudeus' are un
equalled. We extend the special thanks of a "grass
widder" to Jas. Finlayson, Esq,, for sever
al gallons ol blackberries and a pitcher of
That new tea of Haflendens' is pleasing
every one that fries it. It has excellent
flavor and great strength. Try it it is
The demand for water in this eity will
soon require the enlargement of the Santi
am Canal.
Rev. J. T. Wolfe will probably be re
turned to the charge in this city. He is
an able divine.
C. A. Plummer received this week one
thousand gallons of the best brand of coal
oil in the market. Buying iu large quan
tities, tie is enabled to sell at bottom
prices. Call and see him under Odd
Fellows' Temple.
Hafiendeu Bros, sell groceries at the
very bottom figures, as a call will prove.
But then they keep only the choicest good".
All kinds of parlor and kitchen furniture,
chairs, extension tables, and slathers of
lungs you want, at James Dannals.
You can get your wheat stored with C.
D. Simpson insured at lowest rates, and
money advanced.
The Webfoot poet, Thomas M. Calaway,
Esq., ha3 gone to the country for a few
weeks relaxation from the pressing cares
ot his business, to draw themes of inspira
tion for ibe whiter supply of poetry.
Freddie, the little son of Ed and Ella
Merrill, of Astoria, died on Wednesday
morning. Ho was a bright, handsome
little boy. and the parents' hearts are sore
iy tried in this alljietioi),
County School Supetlntendent, Prof.
Gilbert, was in the city one or two days
this week, attending to the duties of his
Mr. Paxton an- family have returned
from the Bay.
Ed. Hafiendeu, McWain and wife,
Misses McDonald and Minnie Johnson
and Fred McCoy, we learn start from the
Bay for this city on Monday next. Have
had a splendiferous time.
That honey is delicious, and cheaper
than syrup ; that cheese is rich and can't
be beaten ; that coffee in cans, and the
roasted in papers, is fragrant, and oil !
that tea ! Where ? Why, at Ilaffeut'en
Bros. at least that is the verdict of those
who have tried and therefore know.
C. D. Simpson has always kept the price
ot wheat up. No combination. Will
always get the top price for the -farmers.
Jas. Herren returned from the sodas in
front of the week, looking better than tor.
months past. He had a couple of conges
tive chills while up there, and made a
narrow escape, but seems to be all right
The matter of building a' bridge across
the Willamette is being fully canvassed,
more than usual Interest being manifested
In the matter. It is time. 11 Albany
shoulJ be turned over to the owls and
bats. It will be a most ?evere blow to the
whole comity. The bestSnteiests of the
county its well as the city demands that
such all improvement be marie, and the
parly or parties who oppose It arc the
enemies of the entire community.
Wilson Blatn has closed his mountain
school, and is now enjoying Ins short va
cation here.
Down freight on the river has been re
duced to one dollar per ton to Portland.
Strand Long had the misfortuno to break
his right arm last week. The animal on
which ho was riding fell down, causing
the fracture. He is getting along all right,
and will soon be ready lor. another turn of
the wheel of fortune.
A petition asking that Hon. F. M.
Wadsworth be appointed agent at Siletz.
was circulated last week, and signed by
every prominent man in this and Benton
counties. During the war Mr. W. served
under the old flag, and in one of the en
gagements had the misfortune to receive a
shot from the enemy through the lungs.
Besidef, he is honest and capapble, and
there should be no hesitancy in giving him
the appointment.
The Blue Ribbon Club gave an entertain
ment at the Opera House last Friday
evening which was largely attended.
These entertainments are popular.
An excursion train brought up a large
number of people from Portland last Sun
day, arriving here about 12:30. The wood
shed just east ot the depot was decorated
with evergreens and partially closed in
with canvass, and the excursionists tripped
the light fantastic u::til 5 o'clock in the
evening. We can say this much for the
party, that so far as we hav? heard every
thing weit otT pleasantly, and the peace
of the city remained unbroken while they
were here.
James Dannals has some of the hand
somest lounges anywhere.
With a united effort wc can bridge the
Willamette, and save to the city the vast
trade that will certainly go elsewhere if
this matter is delayed much longer,
j Another strenuous effort will be made
' to divide Linn count v. This feeling could
j have been allayed if our citizens had shown
: the proper spirit of enterprise in the way
; of building passable roads leading out into
the populous districts.
The fiax factory is now turning out
work In good shape.
If you need any baud bills, bills of fare,
etc. in your business," come to see us.
The air is full of smoke, supposed to be
from burning forests.
The Oregon Annual Conference conven
ed at Eugeue City yesterday, Bishop Wiley
Mr. John Dc Vore, son of Rev. J. F.
De Vore, late pastor of the M. E. Church
of this vity, died at Carson City, Nevada,
on the Sth itist., aged 23 years. His sister,
Mrs. Josie De Vore Johnson, was with
him at the time of his death.
The steamship Cul'imfiitt, lying at her
wharf iu Portland, was thrown opeu to
the inspection of the publiu on Monday,
and is estimated that 7,000 people visited
the vessel that afternoon. The universal
expression was that she is "perfectly mag
nificent." Mr. N. Bautu sailed on her
for 'Frisco on Tuesday.
Miss Eva Burbank, of Eaft Portland,
was drowned at Ilwaeo Beach on the loth.
Ventured too far out and was overwhelm
ed by the wave.
Dr. O. V. S. Plummer and family, of
Portland, arrived in this city on Monday,
and are visiting relatives aud friends. ;
The Taylor street M. E. Church is going
to have a $3,000 organ.
Too many non-tax paying dogs' in the
city. Can't the Marslial kill some of the
dogs or their owners f
A street always runs in some direction,
but a sidewalks.
Taylor street M. E. Church Portland, has
a membership of 205 with 30 probationers.
Last year the congregation expended for
salary ol pastor, eti .. 3,583 65. The Sun
day School numbers 500 scholars with 44
teachers. Expenses of Sunday School for
current year, $346 42.
Geu. Stonemau, one of the great Union
Generals during the rebellion, passed up
the O. & C. Railroad on Monday to Rose
burg. The General is a member of the
Board ot Indian Commissioners of the U.
S., aud is gathering Information concern
ing the tribes of Indians in Oregon and
Washington Territory, preparatory to
giving his views to the Board at tlieir
meeting next January. He has visited
Walla Walla, aud will soon make a tour
to Puget Sound.
Eighty-five cents per bushel is the price
paid for new wheat in Salem.
Rev. J. T. Wolfe and family are in Eu
gene attending the M. E. Annual Confer,
Mrs. J. F. Baekensto started for Astoria
Wednesday to visit hor daughter, Mrs.
. Hon. F. M. Wadsworth went to Eugene
on Wednesday.: ; , : '
The weather so far luu been quite pleas
ant for dog days.
J . W. Roots, near Marshlleld, Clacfcatrut
county, lost all his fences by forest fires
last week. .
A fire Monday night on Front street,
between Market and M1IL Portland,' dc
tioyed eight building. Total loss, $32,-
000; insurance, $12,500. Newbury, Haw-
thorne & Co. were among the suffer-
ers, losing a $2,000 warehouse on widen-
there was an insurance of $1,000.
The track has been laid some -distance
from this city over the Lebanon railroad,
aud on Wednesday tla; construction trairr
m&de its first trip over it, carrying tier,
etc., tor the road. In in. loading, through1
the careless handling of" the timbers, a
Cniuaman was struck In the back with as
heavy timber, knocked down aud injured
After the regular 'di ill bl"I.1iiifngli'"'M
Co. No. 2 last Tuesday evel'lng was over
and tlie boys pulling out lor the house, Uie
hose boys undertook to pass the steamer,
raising a yell as they came up. This
fired up the boys on the steamer aud they
lit ont down First street at a 2:1 1J gait.
The hose carriage was on tlie sidewalk
making excellent time when some man,
whose namo we could not. learn, got in tho
way, antl was knocked (Mr a and dragged
a short distance la-fore thol't-arrlage could
be stopped. This give the steamer a de
cided advantage, and it made the engine
bouse, nearly throe blocks away, ahead of
the ho.e boys. We hardly thiuk the hose
boys will run on the sidewalk again it is
rather too dangerous.
Father Settlemelr came In from tlio
mountains on Tuesday the first time ho
has visited the city for two years.
Miss Mealey and brother were in
tlie city on Wednesday.
Brownsville has high hopes of being
the county-seat of the to-be new county.
There will be neither services or Sunday
School at the M. E. Church on next Sou
day. Prof. Powell and wife went to Eu
gene City on Wednesday, to remain dur.
ing the session of the Methodist Annual
The narrow gauge railroad company are
to erect a 50.000 buslicl warehouse at Scio.
O. E. Iloldredge, dentist, was married
to Miss Sarah Beard at Scio on Saturday
Senders & Sternberg's brick Is being
pushed right along.
Mr. Davis, of Yamhill, and Miss Augus
ta Bi idgtord will have chargu of the public
school at Scio.
Scio has petitioned to be made a money
order office.
Five new buildings completed in Scio,
with a demand for more.
The water for the depot will be supplletl
frorn the Santiam Canal.
The Flax Factory is running on full.,
time, employing fifteen or twenty hands.
No one nerd be idlo iiow, as the harvest
requires all the bauds that can be obtained,
while the railroads are anxiously iivptlr
lng tor men aud teams.
P. C. Harper is engaged with C. D.
Simpson in the warehouse at foot of Ells,
worth street. Charley is tlie boss wheat
The castings fot the front of Senders A
Sternberg's brick were made at the foun
dry, and are good enough very crcbitable.
Warm afternoons exceedingly
Moonlight nights. -
hlmuam Academy.
The Santiam Academy at Lebanon, un
der charge ot Prof. Gilbert, will be opened
for the reception ot scholars on Monday,
September 20. 1SS0. A full corps ot teach
ers will be employed.
At the parsonage at Shedd. August
12th, 18S0, by Rev. H. C. Jenkins, Mr.
L. G. Thompson and Miss Nellio Jenkins,
In this eity; August ISth, 1830, by Rev.
S. G. Irvine, D.D., Mr. George S. Smith
and Emma O. Backus. 'The parties reside
four mile-s west of Lebanon.
Cur va I its stag
she never
The traveling public will please take
notice, that, the General Stage Oftto tor
Corvallis has. been removed from the St.
Charles Hotel to the Revere House.
Stages for Corvallis, Lebanon. Dalles,
Independence, etc., leave the Revere
House daily (Sundays excepted) at one
o'clock P. M. CHAS. PFEIFFER,
Prop. Revere House.
At If la Sew Shop. -
f'HKD Wii.lkrt is how eattdllshMl In hi
new twosatoy wajron and hineksmttli aliop,
on Second street opixwitc 8. K. Younfr's ware,
house, where he is prepared to do all kinds ot
bluckstnttliiiitr. repalrinsr of hacks, wairons, ,
ote. lie also lias on hand, and will continue
to manufactin-e, hacks and buKKiea, which will
be sold at the lowest possible figures on rtuso",
able terms. . 3ivl2ui3
Ir. B. R. l-'BEELAail hxa teeatee Its
Albany for the prettv of BeaUstry.
All work warranted. OfBee In Ptrrhlt
block, corner First and Ferry ata. fob
OFFICE in Odd Fellows' Temple, Albany,
Oregon. All work carefully performed, ands
reasonable us is consistent with good work,
mansblp. nSSvlS
Or. C2. W. Uray,
Dentist, Albany, Oregon. Office in Fas
ter's brick block, up stairs, at large bay
window. Prices In proportion to time andj
material consumed. 11-34'
- Armed to Use Toeta,
Is a very common expression, but we
think that armed to embellish ami pre
serve them to a ripe old age is decidedly
mora Appropriate. This can be done by
keeping yourself supplied with a bottle ot
that spltmdid dentifrice, fragrant SOZO
DONT, which will beautify Uie teeth and
preserve tl.em trom the ravages of decay,
SOZODONT contains no acids or gritty
substances which injure tlie enamel, but
is composed ot rare an . antiseptic herbs
which have a beneficial effect on tlm
whole economy of the. mouth. Sold by