The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, August 06, 1880, Image 4

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    jpbauj? Agister.
Corner Ferry and First Street.
fto cony, one year 2 50
One copy. lx months 150
L;l'?!fcw fes Ten cents.
til Q TJ ft TVpi war be finlm! on file at Geo
A XX AO JTiVi JEiXV !. ltowil ,i Cu's Koirspapt
AHwrti slnitB'irpauf 10 Spruce St.). wirre advert tsmg
contracts may lw juuo for it in NKW VOUlv.
Aireil ts far the Register.
The following named gentlemen are author
ised to receive and riwim for ub"erint long
to the Reoistkk in the localities mentioned :
Messrs. Kirk ft flume Brownsville.
Uo'-ierl Glass Crawford sville.
Seth Have flnley.
O. P. Tompkins Harrisburg
WJiy Oitnrotk Will De Beaten.
1. He will be beaten because of hi
recognized unfitness tor the position.
II is whole life has been given to military
maters lie has not had the slightest !
experience or training in the direction of
the dirties which would demand his at
tention as President. He is entirely un
familiar with those great economic
questions which are now pressing for so.
lution. If placed m the White House!
, , , , c , i
he would be a mere figure neaa from
sheer inability to be anything else.
2. He will be beaten tor the same
reason that Tray came to grief he is
caught iu bad company. It is not Han
cock personally or Hancock solely that
the people will be asked to vote for in
November, bat Hancock the standard
bearer of the Democratic party.
3. Haiwcfc will be beaten because
his opponent is infinitely belter fitted
for the Presidency. llano ck is known
to his countrymen simply as a soldier,
but Garfield is known not only as that,
but as one of the foremost state-men of
the nation.
4. Hancock will be beaten because
Ins opponent, in addition to neing oeuer ,
fitted tor the place, represents the grand i
cld Republican party.
It thus appears that whether the can
vass is to be pursued on the cry, "prin
ciples, not men," or the cry, "men, not
principles," victory belongs to the Re
publican file. If the comparison be
onflned to men, Garfield has nothing
to fear, and everything to gain. If the
result turns upon principles, what chance
does the Democracy stand when its ser
vices to the country are placed side by
1 -.i ; r..i.i:..,. ..
Slue Willi uie frer vices oi i,rjiuui.u
party ? Alhany Juurnal.
When Lincoln was nomii.atcd l.e re
ceived the news while fitting in the
Springfield telegraph otTic-e. His first
emark was. "Thers is a little woman ;
down the street who will be interested
... t.i . 1 .-II 1 XT 1
in tins, l Ji go an'i ten ncr. ncu
Garfield had been nominated and was
receiving the first congratulations, he
suddenly turned to a friend, as though
reminded ot something to be done, and
said: Sherwin, won't you telegiaph my
wife? She ought to know ot this.
There was a marked similarity between
the two incidents.
Gen. Hancock's blue uniform cannot
conceal the regiments of gray and but
ternut behind him. It was an old trick
ot the rebels during the war to dress
some ot their men iu loyal blue with
the intention ot deceiving the Federal
troops that ll.ey might the easier cap
ture some strong position they desired.
It did not win then, and it will not win
now. Geu. Ilanc-'ck was a gallant
leader when he was fighting against
treason, with loyal legions at his back,
but he will not recognize the yell that
comes from his followers now as the
same old "Johnny" yell that he used to
bear in his front. Uurllngton Hawk
eye. Young man don't swear. There is
do occasion for swearing outside ot a
printing office, where it is useful iu proof
reading, and indispensably necessary in
getting forms to press. It has been
known, also, materially to assist an ed-
nor in looking over me paper atter it is
printed. 13 ut otherwise it is a foolish
Whenever Gen. Hancock comes over
to the city to buy a segar or a bottle of
Vichy the Democratic press rush into
print with. "The handsome Democrat
ic candidate paid a visit to the city to
day, but not upon business of any im
portance to the nation." New York
Tbe Greensboro, N. C, North State
has got the thing down to a dot. It
saysTrrinetkEH.hr1 true represen
tative of the Democratic "partyjpr he is
not. If he is, do Union man can ttojv
port him. It he is not, no Democrat
ought to vote for him.
At twenty-five we kill pleasure; at
thirty-five we it ; at forty we bus
band it ; at fifty we hunt after it, but
at sixty we regret it.
How to Use a Grindstone. l.Do
not waste the etone by running it in
water, but it you do, don't allow it to
stand in water when not in nee, as this
will cause a soft place. 2. Wet the
stone by dropping water on it from a
pot suspended above tte stone, and
stop off the water when not in use. 3.
Don't allow the stone to get out ot
order, but keep it perfectly round by the
use ot gas-pipe or a hacker. 4. Clean
off all gi easy tools before sharpening as
greace or oil destroys the grit.
Neuralgia. A hint to snfti-rers
from I'Curalgia is given to- the Louis
ville Medical News by one who tried,
j with happy effect, a very simple an-
aesthetic, which we always may find at
hand, more conveniently than ether or
chloroform. While suffering acute
neuralgic pain, he began to inflate his
lungs to their utmoet capacity, and then
to forcibly expel the air. Almost im
mediately the pain began to lessen, and
presently so nearly ceased that the pa-
tient fell into a refreshing sleep. This
simple remedy is easly tried, and will at
least be found soothing.
To STorIi.EEiixG. Asa Kemper, of
Ross county, Ohio, says that bleeding
from a wound on man or beast may be
stopped by a mixture of wheat flour and
common salt, in equal parts, bound on
with white cloth. If the bleeding be
profuse, use a large quantity, say from
one to three pints. It may be left for
hours or even days, if necesi-ary. In this
manner he saved the life of a horse
winch was bleeding from a wounded
artery ; the bleeding ceased ir five min
utes after tlie application. It was left
on three days, when it worked loose,
and waseasity removed from the wound,
which very soon healed.
A Little Red School House There is a
lilt!e old plain wooden school Iioue, pn lut
ed red, and setting hack from the county
road, in the Western Reserve, Ohio, which
nnit possess tlio magic power of conferr
ing greatness. That little school house
i:S s,.ujej llont ny a culpie of big buck
eye trees, and back of it a sloping jilay-
ground runs down to a creek whose banks
are lined with hickory trees. The school
house has but one room, and in the corner
-t that room hang the teacher's lunch bas
ket, and hats and shawls. A modest lit
tle affair is that school house, and yet it
has given to this country Klislri Whitt
lesey, Joshua It. Guiding, Benjamin F.
Wade and James A. Garfield. .9. F.
Slock ICeports,
Commodore Nutt, the dwarf, is about
to oten a saloon in New York. It
would be a terrible temperance lecture
if while drawing beer he should tall into
the giass and be drowned.
"Brother," paid the dean of East
minster to the dean ot Westminster.
"What does the prayer-book mean by
whirled without end ?" "Eternally
gyrated, I suppose," was the response
"Ctesar," said a good-natured gentle
man to his colored man, "I did not
know till today that you had been
whipped last week." "Didn't you,
Masse ?" replied Cajsar, "I knowed it
at the time."
It was Pellham who said it was
eminently resectable tol j -rrested for
debt, because it shows that you once
had credit.
The Omaha Herald says that a
drink of Council IJHifl's whisky will
make a man go eff to some secluded
spot and rob himself.
"How does painting agree with my
daughter ?" asked an anxious parent.
"It makes her too red in the face," re
plied the teacher.
DeaJwocd obituaries state that "the
deceased was of an unobtrusive nature,"
when he didn't poke into more than
three fights a week.
A Michigan, widov who jumped off
a load ot hay and knocked down a
tramp who made fun of htr sunboniiet,
had three offers of marriage within a
A drunken man at Fort Worth,
Texas, entered the circus and patted the
big lion on the head. The arm he has
left will do to turn the organ.
A rumor was current at Washington
on the 24lh that an insurrection lias bro
ken out in Mexico in connection with
the recent election. Assistant Secretary
ot State Hay said that he had heard
nothing of it.
The Government ot Capetowu tele
graphed to Loudon that the natives in
one district ot Basulland are quarrel
ing with each other. No Europeans
have interfered and no troops have been
ordered to enter Dasutland.
Uncle Dan. Waldo, who lias been
suffering some time with cancer, is re
ported as much worse lately, larely
leaving his house.
Tbe flouring mills at Drain's have
shut down for repairs. They will be
ready for operation tor the new crop.
If the census of St. Louis be taken
over again the young men about town
who can see double will be employed
to take it.
A lady of Vallejo painted a plate of
cakes so naturally on the tablecloth
that a visitor poured molasses over it.
Each one o the four Presidential
candidates is over six feet high and
weighs over 180 pounds, and each man
is in tbe best ot health.
It is strange how much better a photo
grapher can take a picture to bang in a
show case than lie can for a customer.
Grandmamma Now, Nellie, spell
ice. Nellie I-c-e. Grandmamma
Do you.know what ice is ? Nellie
Yes, grandmamma, it's water tast asleep.
It is cheering to learn that young
men who ri le the bicycle become per
manently round shouldered, and walk
with bent knees and and a ciab like
The haying season is upon us, when
the astute farmer gets his Work done
for nothing by the city fellows, who
think countrty life is so delightful, you
Love is a nightmare with one foot,
Two children with one bun,
Two turnips with a single root.
Two cabbage heads as one.
It mu-t have been an exceptionally
dull boy who was pemiaded to work a
wheelbarrow under the impression, as
stated by his father, that it was a new
kind of bicycle.
When you call a Connecticut man a
liar he may hit you onthe nose or he
may wail and poison your cow. It is
this uncertainty which makes the Nut
megers civil to each other.
"I must do more tor my mother,"
says a sentimental wiiter. Yes, sonny,
so yon must. You mut get right
away from hme anil support yourself.
You can do more for your mother in
that way than in any other.
A lawyer once ruhed up to Jerrold
m the street1 sin J said, with a flushed
face: ".Mr. Jerrold, I've just met a
scoundrelly barrister" Jerrold looked
at him with a bland smile and simply
answered : "What, a coincidence !"
Play-actors are a very popular class
in Japan. When it was reported that
Ichikawa Udaji had cut his hair short,
a person ufKokura who is one ot his
admirers presented him with a suit o)
clothes in foreign style, made of Suk
iyaori, which costs alout yen 3 50 per
foot, the buttons being said to be made
of pure gold.
There had been a heavy thunder
storm, and the parched earth and will
ed vegetation drank in the refreshing
showers. "I should think the plants
would whisper to each other how deli
cious it was," he exclaimed, enthusi
astically. "Yes," she said, "all but
the onions ; ttiey wouldn't be likely to
whisper, with such a breath."
"Many pupils" says Wo'tsohme
"are as good piano-teachers as their
masters. Many can read music as
well. What American amateurs need
is the innate idea ot the composer,
who should be first, while the player
is hardly visible as second." This is
undoubtedly true. What the public
needs, however, is a large brick build
ing where all the piano-players can be
locked up.
Report-fron Los Vegas report heavy
rains through the northeast portion of
New Mexico. Then ghas been a drough
in New Mexico and a rain will greatly
benefit growing crops and insure plenty
of giass for stock.
P&ellOta Slap or s.
Catfish eight inches long have been
caught iu Klamath lake lately.
Hon. J. C. Drain- is the boss wool
buyer of Drain's station, having paid
30o per pound and shipped over 30,000
Feudel Sutherlin has rented hie farm
near Roseburg to Hon. Jas. Chenoweth
tor five years tor a rental ot 10,30 for
the period named.
One hundred and thirteen marriage
licenses were issued from the county
clerk's office in Douglas county from
May 6, 1878, to July 14, 1880.
Mrs. Susanna l?riggs, relict of Rev
Samuel Briggs and a pioneer of Dong
las county, died on the 28th tilt., near
Canyonville. She went to that county
in 1851, and endured the dangers and
hardships incident to making a new
home in a strange and then uncivilized
land. ' She was 75 years old at the
time ot her death.
The overland stage line from the
Dslles to Baker City, has reduced the
fare to Canyon City from $25 to 820,
and has made a like reduction to Baker
City. .
The steamer John Gates ia now the
only boat running through to Lewiston.
As soon as the water recedes enough to
admit ot the Spokan's being hauled out
upon the Celilo ways, she will be re
planked and fitted for Snake river trade
in low water The Almota is running
up toTukanon and carrying way freight
to relieve the Gates.
Mrs. i Daniel Gates, a lady of 80
years, living on Spencer creek about
15 ,miles from jugene, was severely
burned while engaged in roasting coffee
on Sunday of last week. The poor
woman was partially blind and allow-1
ing the coffee to get too hot opened the
oven door, when the flames rushed out,
igniting her clothing. She lingered in
intense sgony until the next evening,
when she died from the injuries receiv
ed. Apple tree lice have destroyed the
apple crop between Foster's in Clack
amas county and Pudding river. Farm
ers who in former years have raised as
high as four thousand bushels, will not
have enough this year for their own use.
Ladies' Variety Emporium.
2BS. mTj. HYDE
German Zephyr, Canvas, Thread, Pins,
NeeO.les, Buttons, Ileal Hair Switch
es and Curls, Hosiery, 8tam)ed
Goods, ilmc., f-c, dec.
Also, Agent, 'or Dr. Warner's
Ileal tli Cor; :
Clilltl's Waist!
ami Madam Foye's
Corset Skirt Supporter1.
KfFreneli ftampinar clone to order.
iaiaSBroaJall)in St., opposite PostOrtice.Jg39v
Mrs. C. II ouk, Proprietor.
rpHIS HOUSE has been thoroughly owrliaul-
J- ea ana renovateu, ami piaeeu in nrr- cians
condition ior the accommodation of its guest,
iiood Sample Room tor Commercial Travelers,
tieneral St:isre Oftice for Coi-vallis. Independ
ence and Lebanon. Free Ctmli to aaiU iroin
Hie house. vlln40
Neatly eieeuted at this office.
In the County Court of the county of Linn,
Stale of Oregon.
In the matter of the estate of C. A. Wil.iams,
To Charles T. Willinms, executor of tlie last,
will anl testament of C. A. Williams, deceas
ed : You nr noiiCei;. ci.ed anil required lo
le and npiiear mj Uie above jamed nurt in ,he
Court House iu ibecKy 01 Al nuy, in said coun
ty, on
Natvrday, Vie 7th day nf August, 1880,
at t lie lionr of 10 o'clock in tlie forenoon of that
rtay. nni'. ihen and I here fellow cause, if any ex
ist, why (fci order should noi 'icinivle 'cmoring
you as tbe executor of said la'st will rm" testa
ment, nv prayed ior in Uie petition of Mary J.
Smith and S.inili Arthurs, devisees Oi said C
A. Williams. dc,ct:d.
Witness my hand aiid the seal of said Court,
this (it li dav of July. A. D. 1S80.
L.S.J " N. BATJM, Clerk,
per J. II. Haokiuian, Deputy.
July 16. 18S0-vl2n42
Sheriffs Stile. - .
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
i".ie county of Linn.
Henrietta B. Gore and James Gore, Appellants,
J. F. Hendrix, Respondent.
of execution issued o.-. of thea'iove nam
ed Court in mvor o Uie n'xive iiamed aviel
lan ts. and a jainsi . .iea' e opinpti tw.wiOent,
to me dii-cei", unci t eltveivc", Uie first jor Uie
sn.ii of liw IKico .s with inieicr-. p. ,he ra.e of
ten per ce.ii. ramiuni iVoru .lie Sill irv nf
April. 1 0. pod i'le wrail for .e sum o" S13
-l., witii iu.e'epii: r, the rate oi ten p ren.
pornnnnin iiom .he 9. h -day of June, 10, I
have levied moo Ihe following described real
proneriy, to-wii :
Lot No. one (li and four ('! in block No. six (6)
in the city of ir iri.:!nir.'n . hecoiiiH v of Lin".
Stale of or-' or ! the lea' i.operty of thesaid
respondent, J. F. Heudrix, d on
Satunhnj, the 24'.h dny of July, 1SS0,
at tlie Court House door in the city of Albany.
Linn county, Or -wn at he honrof oneoYlock
P. SI.. 1 will sell .-.iiu veal proper. y at public
auoio... ior cash 'n hand, io the Highest bidder,
to sal i.-i'v said wriis -i ; accruing costs.
Iated"lhis2ilu day of June, 1SS0.
Sheriff Linn county, 0.reg6n.
By Geo. ilrMPHittv, Deputy.
June 2j, 'S0vliii3a
fjrCT business now before the public. Yon
IlLiiJ t mil make money faster at work for us
than at anything else. Capital not required.
We will start you. tl2 a day and upwards
made at home by the industrious. Men,
women, boys and irls wanted everywhere t
work for us. Now is the t ime. You can devote
your whole time to the work, or only your
spare moments. No other business w;ill pay
you nearly as well. No one willing to work
can fail to make enormous pay bv engaging at
once. Costly Outfit and terms free. A great
opiortunity for making money easily and
honorably. Addrtsss Tkuk A Co., Auzusta,
Maine. 4-2-13
For more than a third of a century the
Mexican Mustang I.lnittieiit has been
known to millions nil over the wnrlil .
the only safe reliance for the relief of
acciaents and pain. It is a medicine
above price and praise tlie neat or its
It Ind. For every form of external pain
Mnstang Liniment is without an eqnal.
It penetrate fle.h a ltd muscle to
the erjr bone making the continu
n nee of pain and inflamation impossible.
Its effects upon Human Flesh and the
Brute Creation are equally wonderful.
The Mexican
Liniment is needed by somebody in
every house. Every day brings news of
the agony of an awfnl scald or burn
subdued, of rhenmntte martyrs re
stored, or a valuable horse or ox
area by tho healing' power of this
which speedily cures such aliments of
ltheumatlam. Swellings, Stiff
wwiu., . uftiu-acKcu ifiuKici, xsurns
and Scalds, Cuts, xtruises and
Spralnt, Poltonom Bites and
Stints, Stiffness. Tameness, Old
Mores, TJIcers. Frostbites, Chilblains,
Sore nipples, Caked Breast, and
Indeed every form or external dis
ease. It heals without scars.
For the Brute Creation it cures
Bprains, Swinny, SUIT Joints,
Founder, Harness Sores, Hoof Dis
eases, Foot Hot, Screw Worm, Scab,
Hollow Horn, Scratches, Wind
frails, Spavin, Thrush. 11 Ins bone,
Old Sores, I'oll vU, Film span
the Sight and every other ailment
to which the occupants of the
Stable and Stoeh Tard are liable.
The Mexican Mustang Xjlnlment
always cures and never disappoints;
and i l is, positively,
Tarn O'Shanter, Jr.
aft A V UK BTiirvn ah x-o
V. , - A JL i X-S
MA IfMU A Y.I- u I" la.n C-ll..
during the season of 1880, com
niencinw April 1st. and ending
July l5Uit f$0.
TOiolesale aad
In fact the Largest, best Assorted and most Varied Stock of
GROCERIES In the country.
la Fireproof Brick, First
Over ONE THOUSAND xx Use xi Xjixin Countr.
Albany. Oregon. McFARLAND & HARVEY.
Jllf T Great chance to make money. We
need a person in everv town to take
snliscriptiona for the lareest. cheapest and liest
Illustrated funily publication in the world.
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free. If yon want profitable work send us your
addess at once. It costs nothing to try the
business. Norone who engages fails to 'make
great pay. Addrcss- Gkokgk .Stixson Co.,
Portland, Maine. 42-13
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
the county of Linn.
Lillie J. Basbronck, plaintiff,
M. L. Hasbronck, . C. Cooiev and J. H. Wash
bum, partners nnder the flrm name mid style
of Cooley & Washburn, and Albert Butts, de
fendants. To M. L. Ilasbrouck, one of the defendants
above named : j
In the name of tho State of Oregon Yon are
hereby required to appearand anKwer the com
plaint filed against you in the aliove entitled
action, on or before the fourth Monday of Oc
tober next, it being tbe
25fA dap of October, 1880,
and ihe first day of the next regular term of
said Court, and if yon fail so to answer, the
plaint iff will apply to the Court for the relief
demanded therein, to-wit : the dissolution of
the Ixmds of matrimony subsisting between
plaintiff and yourself, for the eaie custody and
control of the mtnorcild, Walter j. Hasbronck,
that the interest of all parties in and to the fol
lowing desclIb.,. real estate, to-wit :
Beginning at the southeast corner nfthe Sam
uel Johnson donat on land claim, being claim
Nos. 82 and 38, ami notification No. 2071, runn
ing thence west 147 rods, thence north 90 rods,
thence east IU ods, thence south 90 rods to file
beginning, containing 80 acres, and lvim( and
being in Linn county, Oregon,
be ascertained and determined, and if necessa
ry, that the same be sold by decree of said Court,
and such liortions of the proceeds thereof lie
decreed to the plaintiff as she may in equity
and justice be entitled to for maintaining and
carrying o.i this suit, for counsel foes and for
the future maintenance and support of plain
tiff and her child, or that the undivided one
third thereof, five from encumbrance, be set
apart and cos firmed to her in her individual
right, and that any portion of the personal
Rroperty. that may be on hands at the final
earing, e decreed to plaintiff or be sold for
the benefit of plaintiff and child, and for the
costs and disbursments of tho suit to be taxed.
This summons is published v order of the
Hon. R. P. Boise, Judge of said Court, made at
Chambers in the city of Salem, Oregon, on tlie
27th day of July, 1880.
vl2n4 Attorneys for Plaintiff.
NOT FAIL to send
' our fries 1.1st for
1880. Fail to anr
aidresa upon ap
hltcntlon. Contains
oesorlDtlona of everr?
thins required for
- personal or family use,
with over 1 M Illustrations. We aefl all
Booda st wb .sasls prices In quantities to auic
is purchaser. The only Institution to America
wbo make this their special business, address.
7 3J( Wabash Ave,, Chicago, f!fl
Retail Sealers la
Street, Albany, Oregon.
The Great Carriage Manufacturing House of ih
Best Material, Goort Wovkinaniiliip, Hundiome Style,
and Dnrftfcle Vehicle, in Every Respect,
Tbev cive unfailing satisfaction. All their work is warranted. They have roceivsd testimo
niais from all lwrts of t he country of purport similar to the following, hundreds of which are oa
file subject to inspection :
, fmvrson Fisher Co.: Oaiva, Ills., Jnlv 10. JfeTa.
t hive ued one of vour Top Bngsries three years, and three of them two years in ray Uve
stable and they have given nio ierfect satisfaction and are in eonstant use. OacA SatAi.i,lET.
hin r.irpunt Jouss h: - Nbwbbrkt. 8. C, Jnly 17, 1?.
iimi"rirs I have liecu nsinj the Emerson Fisher Buggy I bonght from yon as rous-hiy.J
snmvLw as any one could. I ha 1 a fast, horse, drove him at full speed, sometimes with two U,
diisnd" my1i in the bnggy, and .t is t-luy worth all the money I paid i for It I
ersen & Fisher Buggies a id do. M. 5KAGU, Farmer,
Tim favorable renntatiou the Carriages have made in localities where they have been usS fe
intend venrs bv Livervmen. I'hvsleians.and others requiring hard and eonstant nse, bas fed t
Incrensed demand from those localities, to meet which the manufacturing facilities of thca
uiklnuioth establishment have bvon extended, enabling them now to torn out in. good style.
Albany, : Oregon..'
ing .luwelry a specialty. Cull. vllntf
A cents for "A'ew If. ue"
Scwteff Mm
Infallible ladiaa Xieaaediea.
. Scire SSiot Fer
tho Indian tribes of the coast and the inte
rior, I have had the good fortnne to discover,
from Hie 'Medicine' men of the several tribes,
and from other sources, a nnmberof remedies
for diseases incident to t his country, consist
ing of roots, herbs and bark, and having been
solicited by many people of this valley, who
have tried and proved tbe efficacy of them la
dianflim. tn niYmnFft and offer the sima for sala.
I take this means of announcing to all that,
during the past season, I have made an-et end
ed tour through the mountains and valleys,
and have secured certain ot these remedies
which are a sure cure lor
Fever and Acrue.
Those suffering from Ague who desire to he)
cured, ca.ii leave orders at Mr. Strong's store on
First street, where I will furnish the remedies,
warranting a radical care or I will demand no
pay. W. H. JOBiai.
S5-y Remedies done up in 1 packages. 1VI