The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, April 30, 1880, Image 1

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ft d: 31.
0a t?$5 SW "v7o.ia.
: -.
kU friotxl al the public generally, tliat
Is now settlcsl in his
WW too oi l at next door to P.C. Harper A Co ,
where ran lie faBt as great an assortment and
as hurra a stock ot
ffVC he foitnii In any owe house this siJo of
Casllroin, Bra&Knamcled
in great variety. Also,
Sheet Iran,
Galvanized Iron.
" . anit
Vra on hand, and raaJc to order, AX LIV
Call OX3L TT1T13L
'Albany. October Si, l75-3v8 - . .
CITY saTTa-' ;8T0RS.
;ismr "first a sueverSa. st
- AiBA)i, ontfiov.
'i , : Has again takon ciar t tft
. ' i. ' -. - ; - - . -
City Drug Store,
Sarins pnr-hrt the entire interest of C. W
Kkavr, ac3or to A. Carothrs Co., anil i-
w rccctvititf a
"Sploadid STQ-yr Stock,
wbifth. ad-led to the for mr, re tiers it rerj
mnlftr in all th diiferent dcimrtimrnts.
TttMng aMred that all can be Malted in both
Quality and Prica,
b mrdiallr lnit his old rriend andpuntom-
Will re"!- immediate and curefhl attention
m mil baarv, wy m4 nljrbt.
Cffllt Wtlncs and Lienors for medlclnn
CITY XItXili:T !
Ilrvt street, 3 doors west of Ferry,
SOZkACH&S is GrGUTZ, Prop's.
HATlSti pnrchae.l the City Markut.I will
kof coastatitlv on hand all kindsnf M-nts
a iwi to Hi oiiislnf. i in the market.
r siriva at all tiins tit meet thrt a islles of
ll wha t; Urr me wiin ier yoifUHAe.
Tki m'tfir .-cneslly wt; Invited to call at iny
snn when Tn want of meat. KTThc liislHHt
shrtee paid for PUUK. 5lvl013
Kew Cels t Xcw Departure I
MM: o. f. parks;
L tontately owned by Mr.CJ.l-li and
riaxjuitK added thereto a new invocpf Kite
Clioica llilliaozy. V Tiimaiajs,
Bonnets, Hats. ., takes !eLre . in inviting
theladhSsor'Jillmnyahd vicinity to call nid
laanoct fat thfcityivlvea. - AllKoods will lie sold
llarlo; secured the services of a first Class
t am prepared to cnt, nt. and make trrasa Jn
any style desired, at short notice and m a satis
Saet4f t manner.
Calf3Silt Clothing for children a specialty
tin re oil north side of rirst.east of Klls worth
treei. You are invited to cnll.
.. A Sore Shot For ,
the Indian tribe of the orthst andthe inte
Mnr, I haro ha 1 the trovl fortnne to rtieOVer,
hnni tho "SI i Mcilne" rata ttt the several trilics,
and from other soarees, a nnmher ot remedies
for dlserwas Incident- to this conntry, consist
tj of roots hariM and bark, and havlnif !wn
Miiclte-1 by many pcoole of this valley. ho
h ve tried ad r"wed the lunacy of tlem in
4las; to proenre and nlftjr the SaiAe for sale,
t taasth mean vf announcing to nil that.
Anting h pu esrsm.I hnvet!itdtn extend
ml timr thntnh the tnotintatn and valleys,
and have seenred certain of these remedies
Wblch arc a snre cn re for -
Fever and Ague.
-. i
Thnwt snflTtTlno; from Agno who desire to lie
ire l,ean hsv onlers at M r. "ron' store on
rirst aliwt, where t will ftimish the remedies;
svarr.wtina; a radical cure or I will demand no
taar. W. A. JOIIH.
IsSfRehiodiea done up in $1 paeliaaes. ;. M
h. rvixx: . j?: citASSBkRijAisr.
OFriC'K-In Fosffr's new brick block, IttSt
door lo the lolt, up .-ttlirs. villi 15
j. c., nr. U: bilyku.
Attorneys at Iaw am) Solicitors
In Chancer)",
Albany, - Oiikgok.
COI.I.KCTHiXS proinptlvnmdennall poin!s.
Ucmiis iitotiuted on reasonable terms.
Ortiw in roster's ucw block. nlivll
Attorney1 - at LaM',
Wrrfc fKAtrricK is tiik .frktrtUNT
cVblr".MT, We !se. Snti-tii) mTi. iiiioii it iv-
uu ti- :-iiivivuJid ;n-o:ate tiuttter iKi--if-K
in (JCIII f CHOWS' TCMplC. , 11V10
1. B. Hi BMt'KlltmXj
business. MvU
Iluiiipiirey A. Wolvcrion,
Attorneys and Connselora at Ijiw.
Tiri i. j. vk actk'k in ai.i,.tK coitrts
T n tlii.Site. OtFI"fe-i i r roiiinn "shriek
(upsiiiiis, Allmiiy, Orefjon. , llnlS
Attorney at IjttW,
OFFICE I'pstnirs, over John Brig?!', store,
ou First street. villi in
Attorney and Counselor at taw.
Oplev, Old It lXHx Building, Albany, (krrgon.
PU.VtTiCK in thcUiflrrcntCourtsof
ft the Stale. vllnj2
DEI. II. 3. iif
Iineepittble Fhyfclelau aiul Snrfeou,
OFFICE -In. Mcllwain's hrUk, AUntny. Ogn.
Clmmic '-li.-:i-H-i n. &oiultp. Can lc fouwS
at my ortk at all liunrs ot the day or nihr,
when not professionally absent. .vlinlu
J. SitltTIAN, M. D.,
fttXTfSiR TO Till. HKKWElt.)
OFttCt XD IlHlliEXCE -On Scond St.,
m-ur Alimny Knein: C. No. One's engine
. Albnnv, Or.-,1 Jan. 9, lrO-vlinis
Physician nwd ureii,
Fromans's Brick, np stairs.
First t-ec.
t Albany, Onxoa.
Office iv trr.v.iJr's nniCK P.r.irocK.
Ki-sideiiL-e one door nbr;!i of brwotot fucto
ry, Lyon street. Ilvl3
Fresco, Sign, Scene.
Pictorial I?aiiitiiiB--
Itooms and 7, larriili block, corner First
And Ferry i-trei-ts, Albany, Oregon.
I. C. OJlrAItlv,
dcnlcr in
Heavy and Shelf Hardware,
Iron, Kteel snjd .'JlecSinntcs' Tools,
First door cast of S. K. Yonni,
AT.ISAXY, (vlln49) Otl&GOX.
llrs. C. Honk, Proprietor.
TfllS tlMl'SK l:ns !cen thoroiurhiy overV.nnl--d
mid iinov:ted. nnd pUic-d b" find clnis
cnilt'tW trtr ;be aceommtv'-Vu-.n bf isssnefts.
iool Sample Uorn tor Cir .!ri'ri-.i:il Travelers,
tcneral Sfnsc ti.TIre for ' "i-vn'.!i-. Independ
ence nnd j-lnnon. 'ree Conch to aml i rin
the boose. vnn4!
T o"vro3L&arjsi,
Albany, : Oregon.
lnij Jewsiry a speciaJty. Jnll. vllnl7
AsrcnU for "Jw II im" oettins; X
Sritepiiite gajetitiite,
Alljany, Oregon.
Xlie lecond Term will open on
November I3t I8T9.
CO FAR ' AS tt W .riKMIi.vllLB THREE
courses of ilHttractitril will Im hcirsmi: In
this Institute, viz: Ciossicult euienlitia and
A MlCorpi of lnstrictors lias lieea
For pmrtleiflars cohcurnhiK
ebtirses of
V to v
study, and lite plt--e of tnition.
0aroia r tourer Aaaorlalloa .
Recording Secretary's Office.
Salem, April 17, 1380. J
SlR. Editor. The eighth Annual Ke
tinlon of the OreRon 1'loneer Association,
will be held this year nt the city of Port
land. Jime 15, lS8(j; It being the thlrtr
fottfth .tnniverSfiry of the signing of tffe
treaty settling the boUnilary between the
two' great ffowerS; the" Uiiifett States and
Great Britain. .And, as t!iat stfct relieved
the American settlers of Oiegou of the un
ecrtalnttes Hint had tat so long ti time betn
S source of great rineaslness in regard to
ibeir statrs, liether they would be com
pelled to lire tinder an English flag, or
have the pleasure of residing where tlie
stars nnd stHheS that they loved so well
shculd be the eiiibletn tsf their native re
publican government. But the signing
of the treaty on Juno is. 1S48. feV the
minlsteis of tlie twtf Irlgfi'' cohfftjetht
powers ftliliig ttirevef, that Oregon
shotiUllma )oition of the tJnilefl Statts,
was lulled with joy by the eitiisens of
Oregon, who luid staked their all ai'Jd
bnivetl every danger in traversing tlKf
plains and crowing the nigged inotinlHiiis.
or sailed Jhroiigli dit-int oceans, to Intro
lnce civilization and make Itnuies on the
sliores of the great Paeifle and lay the
Inundation of the sun-down State of the
A tew years ago it tiecanie mainfest to a
number ot l'ioi;eers. that it would be of
givat bi-netit lo the rsopie of Oregon and
especially to fhe hUtorian. to orgiinize an
:i-siM-:itioii w itli one of its oliii-cl a set
f Mill In ili-ir Coiititiilion. 'tocitHeet fr:nn
living vvittivs-e-H such facts relating to Hie
Pioneers and history ot tlie Territory of
Oregon, as the AoX'tntlon iniy deem
Worthy of jre-i v.i'iop. and to promote
social iHtcroourse among it members."
This iatiilable oIij,-i;t is bing earritl Oiit
in -spirit as well a- to the letter, and even
now, at this early d:iy ot the Association
exUt'iivt a Rivat "rt mount of valuable
history hits licen collated and placvil in
permanent form in the animal publications
of the Association ; thus rescuing from
oblivion that which is daily growing mom
dilftVnlt log'Miicr. as tlie htirdy, bo!d and
eiiterpriMiig men whu took flu nbtive part
in affaire w!!i.n "Oregon tvs h w. '' are
-rapidly passing away, and htanV t.irl;y i'.
their toitdis recollections of iiicidrnr.s "timf
may seem trivial within Ihcnisclvss. but
make iinportaitt lactois towarris a com
plete history.
The Association has always been Feady
and U noy aujciolis tn receive contri
butions from all aim nlfly tlcsire to give
sketches of Mlvetitllres, biographies .fir all
tlt-cened 1 'inne r, tit" atito-lflograplllei of
the livii.g borh insle and lemale.
The loiindcrs d t-.o Association having
a just apprcfinti'iii of the benignly lntln.
ence of. woman tir tlie good of man. thus
jneatj' .issiting lii re-noving the .ttperi
tie of frontier life. Iliey Were coriltal'y In
vited to bevonic tncuil.ivrs of tlte Aocia
t in. , . : . " .
TIhi Re-IJniotts liavn fHeji a sourf f
great profit to ail who have atrived in
Oregon of lare years, as well ns of pleasure
to those w ho are eligible to liccome nietn
!er. To the lorim-i class, it affords an
op()ortHnity to see many of the olil men
and wctiicn who have become mort. or
h ss notetl as pionetrs. and listen to their
account of incidents, both grave and gay
of days long gone by. as they are related
a'mfttit! tlie camp-fire. To listen to tlie
addresses replete with valuable historical
fact which ciiutiot bo obtained in any
other way To see tlie men who rocked
tlietrradie of Oregon in i its infancy of
Provisional Government, guided in sturdy
yotrtli as a. Territory, and looked with
parental pride.vheu it was fully developed
and admitted as a State ot the union. To
members, it irt lng iheui face to face with
tlr5 whom tliev most nrobiblv have' not
met for yeais. and afford an opportunity
to talk over old limes; to refresh tlie
memory of tho departed, and ascertain
the we'tare of the living; it affords an
opportunity i social gathering which is
bcnrftciVU to all. !uc!i l)eiiig the cii!. It
is sincerely Iioxm1 that all pioneers ami
their frie.ids will make an rxfea eflbrt to
attend on Oregon's Day, the 15th ol Jhe
That day was chosen for several reasons
but the gratest is for that mentioned -bovc
the final settlement ot the Oregon quest inn ;
another, it is tlie most pleasant lime of
year, wla-n there is really move let.mre
than any other lime. It "being betivcen
seed-fime and harvest. And certainly we
can atliinl one tlay from tlio toll of life
from the farm the workshop, from count
ing houe and fn-toty. We. as a people,
tk) it Iiave a sttltirient nMmbt'r of holidays
but tim mm b toil.
Arrangements have lieen made with the
different transportation companies, that
all who attend, lo pay full fare in going,
but return free, on flic; certificate ot the
Secertary. J. HUN'UY BROWX.
Ilecurding Secretary.
The Portland Standard tells of a young
man who called to see his girl, and after
the customary Interchanges of fashionable
gossip conceftiing tho weather she asked
iiiin It he liad lieat of the new parlor game
called '"LeaiYear."' lie had not but. ex
pressed a willingness to learn if. (Well.
said the cold-blooded murderer of his future
happiness, "it's awful simple. I just put
ymi on my knee, so; and then I squeeze
you. like this ; ami tlien I say. "I.Mrfii g.
will you l" mine ?" He was fairly cauglit.
Rod surrendered without a struggle. Xo
Breatlies there a man with soul sd dead .
Who never to his wife ha said
When she has laid her little la-ad
Upon Ida wesket fir a bed I
" W'y. there's ycr sky-blue botrtbaiSihei
' I'm sure It's nicer'n any seen'
A-sweeplng muddy crossings clean j
W'y won't it do to turn the mean,
ungenerous "old briile.'
. ; c-
The Gold -Hill Xfifs is resprtn' for
this story.' A stranger in Bndie last veek
5n eating a plate of hash at a restaurant,
being verv linngry, ngllarde.lly neglect
ed to chew it proprrly and shallowed ft
large coat button. Tliey doctored him fof
pneumonia fhree drtjrS b":lore lie was able
to explain. Then they tert him a. big
buttoii-hole tied to a string and fished it
out In no time. He, now jwii all hi
hash through ft cane bottomed chair very
carefully before eating.
The Troy (3V Y.) Whit alleaws" tlwt
Hendricks is ready to" atlapt himself to any
issue that infly fee brcngbr foftfard. He
. .... . ... M 1kiw.lri9rff lt,di
IS Willing I" run m .
date on a stifrarnoney tjlattWtff. or rtes rerun.
As a n agl'e straddlet lieiWfieKS Is tor
ahead ef Datkl UavK-
I'olltlenl li
The Cltic'nnrill Commercial says that f.r
a frail nnd feeble . invalid, Mr,
seems to be doing, a good deal of work.
Tile leading Repub'lcan newspaper of
fh'dlnna. the Journal ot Indianapolis, is
hrefi'l In bht with nice lift! paragraphs
aboiit tVashbhrne. .
The Cincinnati Enquirer says : Kven
In Indiana tliere is less exhibition of the
demiitid tor Hendricks since Jewctt baa
bee'tl brought lutd tile field. .
Tiie Ciqciimatl ComnTfcffll thinks tlwt
Senator Edmtlttd Is a good man, but he Is
rJet theo-.sly rifnri tvlfbcHii Sa Ne llie country
from sudden and total deatrlivtlou.
. Sherman Is sanguine tff sl&cass;, which
Is 'more thtn can be' said of ntost Hf his
organ: H!s U fpr'-'Hl tS fiavfS nfi doiiKs
ahottt tits iiKtffinfltioii rft Clftcagfi, and to
i' greatly eiicbttraged by bis visit to
Ohio. - .
Tfic JEtoblle Register sadly remark: it
U prbtef to say mow, abU , we-jay to wfth
regret, ttfsf; wHM Alabrttiia Jn, bt lot
wluxvef Is noflmiftfcQ by 0Mt3iietnntl
Coiivtiilloii; i wilt Ije exee'eiffniJly difficult
to' cari-y the State for Mr. Tildeu." i n
Tiie Cp'nnect kKt enitblicans in Crn-
. . ....... ............ ...... ... v ...
liistrUt'ttous to delegates, but pledged a
vigorods snpnori lo the Chicago nominee.
The delegation favors ItUitue, with Kd
mtlmi' .IS second citoice.
The tienver Trfftune mourns over the
Shefuiiiii "boom. !' ami intimate that Its
untimely decadence wtfs due to tPc persis
tent lying ot Its oppotit'tft?.-
The Lansing (MicH.) Republican thinks
that the Republicans are wild in entertain
ing a hope tliitt the electoral f'ote ol any
Southern Suite may be depended iipan by
l ite propheev is titfcretl by a corres-
poiulent . lire . w York Stm, that lieu
linrier of ia-acliusctt, and Mr. A. II.
Stephens of'Oeorgia, will be the candidates
otitic tirveuback-laixir fjonvenitoii that
meet on the Oth of June, in Chicago.
Iowa Democrats met In State Conven
tion, and drug up tiie fraud business first
tiling. The Chairman declared that I lie
electoral frauds must be tlie chief campaign
tsne. and that "a man must be nominat
ed at Cincinnati who can defeat Oraot. as
anyliody of ense can see that Grant will
be nominated,' It Is evident that some
droppings Irom the bar'l' have readied
thb Hawkeycs.
Senator Hoar of Massachusetts, says the
Chicjigti Trib'me, has written to a memlier
tf I be .Massachusetts Ieislatnre a letter
on the Presidential question, in which lie
advise strongly against - .instruct ions to
delegates to tlie Chicajgrt CisnVeiitloii, but
urges that Intm I selettthl Wild can tm de
pendisl upon to act tor the best : interests
of the Repiitdcnu party when tlie time
tor nciiou comes, lie dc not believe
Gnlnf. Hie strongest catHlidafe tliat could
be iiHtliliiiitetli fenrlux that in the event
ot his iirtitiliirttioti flirts oiifd le large de
fections among thi Germans, mid Repub!!
cams opposed toa third term. :
The Mobile (la ) Register thinks the
Mayor of Galveston who proiosed tlie
following tonst at a baixnici eiven toOen.
Gnuit In that city; ought trt toe nmrlC PVist-
m;sster Ueneral nt Hie very least. 1 lw
'tonst was "Generar Grant wr bonon-d
auest. Greater at inies have niardied under
bis command than Xaioleon"si His glor
ies are greater than tile crown."
The Atigiita (Me.) Jnnruat r!as a san
(riiine estimate, but which it. claims is from
a Verv careful ami act-unite calculator of
national political a flairs at Washington,
which predicts that orl the first ballot in
tlie National TtepUbiiean ConventiHu
Blaine Will liavf 3.9 vote. Grant 201,
Sherman 1 43 and Kdmunds S3. This
woutd he lor Blaine within id VrJteS of a
The Sr. T.n!ll Glim-DiMtcmt thinks the
Cxotln investigation lias nciiU; the lieni
fH'rals very -ick. It aiMs i ' lite Soiiliicrn
people kiw the real cames of the move
inert ft Ihe c-ilorial people Northward,
and it they wili to stop ille diove'iieiit
ihcy;mut remove the c.1 It 's. t. ingress
can add nothing to their inlormttion. nor
is it tlie business of Congress-ttf stlggest
a reaiedy."
The man who first invented sleep
Was blessed by Sancho lanza.
Who seemed to "tMok :he fellow had
Just struck a big bonanza.
But there are times tlie thing wont work
And then we bless the master
Spirit of Renins, which brought forth
The soothing inuftard plaster.
The ex-Krnpres Kngen'e's . grief for
the tragical : neath of Imt son is to have
a nemiliar expression. She will sail in
FewuarV In fhe same steamer which took
Prince Louis to ZtvJulsnd. ; occupy his
Cabin., us his horses - and canlages on
landings Unlge in bis apartmuets at Natal,
follow bis route to the bni-b wliere he was(
killed and kneel on tlie 'Identical spot
where tlie boy lell pierced with assegai
wounds. Tliem lwwill plant a memorial
cros Which, at great expense, she has liad
ttiannfachred, and then let race her weary
way to l5hlarid. 1 ; -
William Bighitm, says the TnUtnd Em
pire, at one time a resident of Butte creek
in thts countyv but now refilling In Stevens
comity. W. 'I';, recently so'd a band of cat
tie owned by himself and Dan Dnnnheiler
for $V).Ot)0 These gentlemen still retain
their floe band of 700 hor-es with tlie
tlioronBiibretl stallion Oregon, rwn brother
to Bill Bigbam. at the head. 'They have
managed matters shrewdly RBd. if ihey
have no bad luck In the next two years,
will la able to reckon tliemselves among
Ihu foremost in means, as tliey are now
foremost In cutcrpilse. of that great ami
growing territory.
The Infmtd Empire says ! Tlie ltl yard
of the Oregon Railway and Jf avigntlon Co.
Is being metamorpbrtsed so that no one
would know It. All the buildings are be
In raised neafiV tour feet and the lot fill
ed Hp In proportion.' The new car slwlp Is
nearly completed and Car building will be
gii! ttt once. ' ' ".::
the fitat&iMan tells how Mrs. Garrison's
hrtho came near burning,- A kerosene
lamp was left burning without .1 Cbhtthey.
wiile she was in another parlo the house
visiting Tlie I.-iirip tlirst and . scatters!
bnrning fttiid; she heard the noise of glass
breaking and Was ahle to put out tlie fir's
Without much damage.
Come, sweet lote, when tkS gbit-voiced
" wren ' - : i -,'; f -;
Is piping its silvery notes.
Tell mother to set the briixi'e Aeni
And pn to be siiro he vofen. .'
My darling Is happy now, 1 wrerh t
And will always see that tffy grate's kept
greeny - -
A good charactef can not ba etoien by
day of nUhf. Ii any man 1ms, i character
tlwt can bo stoleii, the tbiet will get cheated.
A Moaarrk of te Sea.
Tlie City of Rome,4he new steamer ol
the Inman line, now being built at Baf-row-ln
Furness, Lancashire,-England, will
be a marvel ot marine architecture. If thtj
contractors specifications and the proin
Ises of tbe managers of the steatmlfip trdrh
pnny are compiled with tbe City ol Rome
will be the largest aim finest tncnji&rit
vessel in tlie world. ; Site will be 3.000 tons
larger than the Arizona or the City of Ber
lin, her sister ship, and 800 tons larger
than the new Cunarder, oovr being con
structed on tlie Clyde. She is to cost a
forritne-over f 1,000,000,;. tt is said and
will fee as hear perfection lu tlie way of
safety, speed and -comfort a it Is possible
for steamer corripanies and ship builders to
rltfnlli. Site tit bS Completed in tlie spring
t.f lssi, and I placed ou tlie regtUot
line between Jfcw York ami LivCrpe.
The dimensions of the fjity of RdmL will
be : Length of keel SW feet '; length vef
all. 590 feet ; breadth of beam, 53 feet ;
detph of hold; M feet 9 inches ; depth from
top of deck houses to keel, 42 feet. Her
measurement will be 8,300 toos. Tbe ltHll
will be of the best iron and will be built In
the best manner, with 11 horizontal bulk-
LeMs-and 2 IWnglt.'idhiai biilkliead through
engine and boiler rooms. Tlie engines to
this marvelous addition to the Inman fleet
will be 7,500 horse power, with 6 cylinders
3 of which will be high pressure and 3 low
.... uTiJ . , ... .
pressure. There .wni.De. cigni Doners,
heated by 4S furnaces and tt is promised
that the new vessel will attain the great
speed of 13 j-i knots an hour. There will
be three smoke funnels. She will be
fonr-mnstcr and carry an enormous pfead
ot canvas Hi tin auxiliary to the engines,
Tho saloon and stritfcrooms will be placed
amidships and will contain every facility
for comfort and luxury. All the'In'test iui
provemeuts are to be added, ami the cabin
will be splendidly furnished and Upholster
ed. There will be 253 revolving chairs at
the saloon tables, and the staterooms will
easily accommodate 30(3 first-class passen
gers. A drawing room, which can be oc
copied by 100 ladies at once, will be placed
on deck iniinedi&tery over tlie saloon. The
smoking room will be above tlie drawing
room, and will accomodate 100 smokers at
once. Tlie saloon will contain six bath
rooms. There will be room on board for a
vrry large number of steerage passengers
and space for an enormous quantity of
freijrht in the hold.
fcbarblcf bjr ttilitleuialaea.
On Tiicsday last a German butcher by
the name of Hans WIg".r fased through
our town en route for Uttte JiOck. wbetss.
he stated, he had mitny' Irknids. After
traveling as tar as the first crossing of Da
Vis Creek he became fatigued, and as there
Was no hod-e in sight, concluded to rest
himself UpHn SHtnc Hat rocksi which form
ed quite an inviting' resting place by the
roadside. Exhausted In blind as well as
Llxwiy, he soon fell asleep and all was a
blank to hlin until lie aroused with a stait
and the reajiiation that He was In the
clutches- of srlfiiS Hue HF something ; look
ing down, such a sLht met Ids eyes as
would have made the stoutest heart! bound
with agitation. Clasping both right and
left legs were IB rattlesnakes of the dia
mond sjJbcies. colled from the feet tip and
looking him greedily in the face from both
sides. It was a moment to try the nerve
of the bravest herb' ferlown to history, ami
we need liartlly say tliSt .Mr. W. trembled
fttihi head to foot,' but knowing tliat ids
salvatirin was Inaction rather than action.
he drriijled back as If slior, and lay as one
dead; htHv long he remained In this pre
dicament is hard to tell, as Under such cir
cumstances minutes lengthen Into hours
and hours into days, but some time after
dark both snakes, becoming wearied, no
doubt, slowly uncoiled themselves, and,
after trawling tinder his neck and round
his head several times, moved quietly
away. It Is needless to say that cur Teu
tonic friend made tracks for the nearest
bouse and fell fainting while trying to
climb the fence to enter. After some little
trouble he was revived, but it was found
that during h:s lying still, blood had oored
from his eyes and mouth ; his hair, which,
lie said, before was raven black, liad al
most an Iron-gray cast. Ilttrrison Art.)
Times. -
A j Combat with linfo.
A remarkable and perhaps Unprecedent
ed combat took place at Bostlck's Mills.
niar Pee Dec N. C. It seems General
Bostk-k and One of-his employes) Ander
son Waylest went iuto a corn bouse which
had been stored With corn tor nearly twelve
months, and which has been Closed for
ttiat length ot time. After getting tn they
found tliat the place was literally alive
with rats, Who, so far" from short ing terror,
began to attack fiercely the two men. who
in vain attempted to beat thetrf bft".. They
came Upon them in droves,:' biting them
about tile hands and face and legs, several
actually getting under WaT'lea shirt. In
tlie struggle Wayles unfortunately turned
over a heavy bale of fodder,. 'which blocked
jp the door and prevented 11161? retreat.
Both ihen Crlel fof help and wet a rescued
fi'om their perilous situation. The whole
of General BttstlcVa left ear was. eaten off
and Ids face was horribly gouged Wayles
resented ft sickening sight, Ilia nose and
lips hciiiM literally fcateu so that hU best
friends t'Uiild not recognize hiirij while his
left eye was torn ffota its soclcet. Augusta
CoMtitttttmuitstt ' '
On td A pril nth the sheriff at ffomriaa
county had Collected m0.53&S3 lo taxes.
An exchange writes ot a man "emwd-
1 lig the ltd off- lib liter by cramming.
The best thing out it bad cigar; .
Tlie best cosmeth? seap awl water .v ,
1eadville Is fiierrtia with bauVefs- FaFo.
An auctioneer is a man of morbid tastes.
There are mrthngenesi, but no wotrieiv
A bad
among families. , -
The first-prl2e trick-cat lii ttie Bost'on
feline Congress was named "Uncle Sam
my." .. . - '
A dead - whale drew , bi audiences lo
New York, but the, lVall-street sharks can
discount him. , . ;: -
Sensible roarrled men always depend on
their better lmlves, wlien they .want to
clwnge their quarters. ,. . -.,
t It soraetiuuja. occurs . in tlie Thespian
hcnvebS that a neljitlous aggregation ot
cTiuceits ki mistaken t&fjfaj trt?
"iife editor of the Crei Sforte Rkatrd ; Xvfsti
es to purchase 40$boo jacks, fia ts must
be very numerous in fels back yard. . ' -
New English racing rule : In all cases
tlie horse that comes in first shall be de
clared the winner, provided lie is not a
bloody Ilamcricai I. . . : ' .
Tbe latest sweet thing In tbe song line
Is entitled. 'Kiss me Quickly, Birdie Dar
ling." It is described as serlo .comic the
scrio part probably beginning upon' tbe
arrival of the old niatt.
A cumiing correspondent trit'rf to ptH
tlie New York Sun in a hole by inquiring:
"Can a man in tills country marry tils
widow's sister ?' Tho reply was : There
Is no law against it."
The New Orleatig Pttafttne is authority
for the statement that 'witch Emma Abbott
kisses iier R6nieo" the sound is so start
ling that the stnifc-carpenters think tbe
balcony is breaking down. ,.
A young larly sent a poem entitled "I
Can ?Tot SlakS Illm Smile" to a British
newsprfper." Tlie editor ventures to cX'
press lie opinion that she would hare su
ceeclcu liatl s!ie shown him tlie poem,
A candidate for tiie nomination for Gov
ernor of Missouri is down tvttli the measles
caught in kissing tfe $fi baby ot a dele
gate fd the convention. The opposition
papers aft; poking fun at It In rhyme.
In tbe United States about 400 news,
papers style themselves "Journals, 275
"Democrats," about fit carfi "iifiralds"
"Gazetc's" and Republicans," 190
"Times," 150 ''News," and 130 Press
es." A fashion jonrn il says that "some of the
new satin brocaded stuffs are brightened
with gold threads, and tliese goods take
tbe name of cloth ot cold." - The - heads of
the nieii no ay for themj;iswt)rrghf.
encd with silver threads.
"As for me." cried M. Cbesnelong in
the cliamber of depntles during the debate
on Article Seventh, "I lay my hand on my
conscience as a ctirlstlnn, a Frenchman,
a fattier of A family, and I push away that
law, every bit of it."
It is feared tliat Colonel Prcjevalsky. tbe
Russian explorer in Central Asia, Is lost,
and the ditly consolation In tlie case is that
Count Beia Szsciienyi, who is iil search, of
him, is also in a fair way to disappear.
The removal of rtti3!iih names from tlie
English language can never bo' regretted.
There is ndthtng new under the sun
which is not art Old tliirig in China. Ni
hilism In all Its doctrines and practices
was Invented by Wang-ngan-Teche, a Chi
nese chief, born in l027, who red need it to
a socialistic system, and in 1060 Wng-ngan-Tche
was the most powerful man in
tlie empire next to the emperor.
The Harvard Athletic Association , has
establislied an r amateur prize ring. A
couple ot young men belonging to that
ancient St-rit Uf learning nummeled each
other a fe'iv days ago so that tlieir respec
tive maternal ancetors could not have re
cognized theirt. And yet there are old
fogies in tills coiintfy wtio say - that the
cause of education is not advaoclng.
In tlie national hymn which tile Mar
quis of Lome has JUst Written tor Canada
lie ma des "Dominion" rhyme wllh "Uni
on" ;his very first rhyme, which lie -repeats
several times), terrors" with "mir
" "upon Iier" with 'houor," nor
' with "hurt her." "hours" with
"ours." "sorest" with "forest" and "glo
ry' With "o'er ye." No one outride" o"
a royal family could do this and escape a
clubbing. " '.
Sweets to the sweep : - "And whin wn'j
yer be gettin' up. sor t Sure, I wat t to
come up and swapc." , Undergrad : "Oh
go 'way sfoody. When you come up and
sweep, I'll get up and dust."
This Is tlie latest for wcddlnjg invitations :
'Come around and see ns capture a mother-in-law,
at eight O'clock, sharp." -
Tlie grocer offered him a frozen ham
but ho said he'd rather not take the cold
shoulder from any one.
A witty lady bfclnsf ttsked her opinion of
moustaches, replied, "I have always set my
face against them." : .
It is thfe same with tlie rffeft as with.
You can't tell whether thev are MM -
bad till they're broke. ' 19 T".
rirst Ira fe Female I'd hat t i
your shoes I" Second tiitio--" Yon tfiruihlt.l.
get In them !"
'No ma'am.'4-: said the crrocer tn nn .n
plicant for cretlit.
J . .... TTX I
j.. i.i'i . " .
own fcelinjrs." .
irusi my
Greet all ihe bwtbreru,f says St Paul:
wlth a holy Idsa." , "Now; VthrS
tne Chicago Mo vwill td mahr naV
tors misinterpret tbe word heAti, o i
A man In Texas sliot five filen. and no
attention was paM to It, but &dSJ hi
W??" V bour the
Otfefton is iniiltv ntik. ' . . .'"
IT tfira ihfs wife Polirnn give,
An Illinois glrlV toast,: Tha t-riiini.
our arms tirclr reward ; fall If,, mer) ; fin
In 1?9; i.000 wtlesE. tt.liil . . ..-.. .
In 1879, 24.ioH3,Otf(i osul cards war ,
isedintheU.S. . , . vT ' -ZJ.
riilladeiphia scbool-teacbers salaries tt
be Reduced 8 per cent. ; -, , .
. Norfolk Va and RiclnncJnd, tty to b.
connected by Hf.U. . ,
Jefre.-son Davis exp'erts to' fn:jse' tJfySa
bales of cotton oil his MUsLssl ppl piaatssn
. Ancitlii
K. 11. ext
The tfmttm OdiiisKtaiat-,
means has been discovered lii Englaiil. ' ,
A full-blooded Senaca Indian is a CreT "
man on the Erie Railroad, and a giiosf 1
one too. ) t ,." -i.a
Nearly 5.000 women and girl ars ,
ployed about the coal mines ot Great BrUv ,
aln. ' ; -'; :- "- -
Gross earnings nt tbe Iron Moant&la
R. for 1379. $5,292,611: increase ffver-
1,878, f778.290.
Goss, Sawyer A Packard ot Cotu!t,'t.'"';j
have since 1868 baiit '13 . veeseU' L..J
KHins, BW,w.l
incnes. , -..-., .... j .
California averages higher rates lor far .
labor thart iny Atate in the; Union. tUl, .
$4T month without board, and t3-37 ar J
day for transtetit belaid tmi-taat tisnst.- t
Theclieapest railroad to operate In tfo&- -country
is the Sandy River road, in Ms'ne,"
of two feet gauge. Tbe road, which t '
eighteen miles long, employs seventeen "
men, and the total cost of running the.--
trains In this, the worst season of the yca, ,
Is stated to be not more tban $20 per day.
The Maine Beet Sugar Company' tm'-ii
completed the working Hp of the..be6t ,j$-r n
last years Crop. Tlie expenses for baeiai "
lalior, Ac., were $107,000. The produce ,
of raw sugar was sold to a Boston reftawry -
for $110,000. - ,w,
, A printer at a horse race says s talis)
dash Is too lo;ig for a newspaper columu. - ;
Sensible men witii grey heads are Me
good words they never dye. . ; . i. ? vev
A mad dog is a pronounced instance ot , ;
cur-rage. ?. -l '"'
The tMitcbers are the 'oaesr priacipalrr
concerned in the adoption pf tb looat-
trick system. Its a matter of Joint Inter-, ,
est to tbenT.' -'
It is . very, well that tho ; yootSw:
of our country should get high, bat -.
they should do so just as tbe oaks da, hf,
drinking water.1
Ynnnir nrplt 'fiehnofffae ehonfrt ffleA
i r. .
Vto nViistocre fived,' . , oil"
barber. 'Certainly ; did fbS bribjfj it . wIl., . . ,
you ?" i. '' ;' '''.. .
Andrew's iiainar says it I naturai o ,
concliMle that Father Time is married, swe
because he Is called father, but becaus tu
is so often tikert bv the forelock.
A little giri 8fj-- miptMtm fce&fo ' ,
the minister. Tiie subject was 4eow.V
She wove in tills compiirnmtaryjBentenae ft.,
"The cow tbe most nsctul animal fa ttS ' -worhl
except religion." . - ' - ' 1
When yon hear a man, In tho taid&l
entlou has beerf contractI.fcw; t i
xiie largest sugar .mm in , lAUr
Howard MorrJisritptl tlantarion,
Clmrles parish. Tiie rblleHitio ft tt
f an argument ; XS'l 1 4sjSin v,
lreto4 to. k.&4dgm ? C M$ mt" -.
yoacsrr juat bet that tit (U, -ealu''
himself jitfe of the rrtattcr xtadbf '
discussion, and ca'culates W aW?? tH
there is to knot abont it;
"Janaes" YoorV received. It la , '
called a drop curtain, becaaee when ft
goes down the boys go oat lot droft ' '
ot something, a cnetom baude4 &vmtl" ' '
troro the days of Shakespeare. " '
Several bills are. before ' Oonre&s
aiming to provide Alaslta. with aoea :
kind ot a govcrnrHeut, s.The ..BOfjeMty .
of passing subh ifjeiUdtB aaaoon '-, .'
powiiblo is argent. The early develops 1 " 3
mentof the resouroea of th Territory', '
is a matter ot , greatet importaBca t
the Pacific coast and would benefit tt-4
tlie whole ooantry. i , - .fj -
It is said that HUlne touched 50 sM
the last of Jannary. Grant wis 5T '
la t April. , Sherman waa CO Jac MMji.
Washburn was G3 in September.
Conkling was 60 in October. 'Thtfr.
-.-1,J Vil Uti.tS .Uti.i:i tT-.1
isa reavueu ma uuw uuuiust lu Amc
irembef. Ilfehdricitl was 60 in Seotem.
t T
ber. Garfield Ufa his 49th yer , Bay
ard was ii in October. TUden waat -66
and Hancock 55 in February. Sey- '
mour will bfe70fin if ay Washlngtoa
was in his 57th year when he was first, , ' "
elected, nd had jnrt entered, h' 66iV '
year hen h6 left John Adarel "
was 61 wh ha' waa, elected, JafTemtd -i i
was 57, Madison in his 59th year; McSt -roe
iu his 59th and Joliti QatneyfAds ' ' '
ams in his 68lh. JacfanVn was 61 whert "
chosen first time, ifod tiHiotk t3 ' '
when re-elected, whfle fc'e tad tfttachiii
his 70th when bo hid gnUtedVo;oa. J ,
v an liureii ,wai bi ad Harrison , 11 .
when they werer elected. t fathilo: Tylcl -when
he took office had just passed tJa lir--51st
birthday. Polk was elected oa a.I. ft t
most precisely his 49th birthday. Ta-
lor waa not cmtte- 6$ when oTecUj, asi
FlllnioHf was in bia tjlt year wbi, &
sncceeded hirn. Rerts hid fiisi ytf
completed! Lis 48tb eaf whth bar "''"
elected, and he was the junior df , e,:f
who have taken th6 presidentiil dba.",
except Geucral Grant: f Mr; Eat. "
an was elected fn bid ctt Zt. Tja,- "
.hr in bis 5dt and t-Ctb, whif 'Jcl.'
ton' sncceeded (a b 57lhw . ' I
.urt-i : ; i--- . i. ' T"' ' '" 6 .--
Iroprofementi oool'tcua' to i li
W 'partisan tac'tif fa tH
latest is to circ'nrfjvent poKtiosl
$jigf$ptt cn T-cfN' C -rt '-w.l
Conthliofj' tttncthtis 4c
drif!ngoobjeei:.:ii:3-- ... .AJti''"
faction. The r"'r'ssr2.!-;i
. .. t