The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, March 12, 1880, Image 2

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Yaqalan Bnjr Bar.
VTa refer to this matter of the improve
ment of Yaquina bar again, because we
feel deep and abiding Interest in the we!
fare ot the people of Linn and adjacent
counties whom it more Immediately effects.
We are entitled to Government aid in this
. matter ; we demand it as our right, as
Americans, and a, law abiding people;
While millions- upon millions have been
poured oat ot the national treasury to im
prove the moutlis of the Mississippi river,
and tbo various hnrbors on the Atlantic
toast, by which great and populous' cities
and States havo grown and flourished In
wealth and apIctKlor, end are sttll adding
to their riches and greatness, we of the
Jforth Pacific have been left to get along
as best we may. Whtib we have a magnif
icent country, the equal ot any on which
the sunlight talis ; while we have natural
advantages unsurpassed by none an J equal
ed by few, yet we are poor in purse and
need the fostering care of the General
Government to aid us in attaining our full
growth. Oregon is yet in her swaddling
clothes, and being so far away from tlte
bead ot Government she lias failed to re
ceive the attention hwr merits demanded ;
yet (lie has grown and flourished alone by
her inherent strength and the riches of her
soil. To a more rapid and fuller develop
ment, and to the end that others may be
enabled to come and partake ot the bless
ings of oar heaven-favored land, we ask of
Congress a small appropriation to enable
os to improve one ot the many harbors on
our coast line We nk au appropriation
sufficient to enable us to remove the ob
structions, Or bar, at the mouth of Yaqui
fia Bay; We do not ask ot Congress money
lor the benefit of one man or a corporation,
but for the benefit of entire communities,
tji a whole State. We are opening np a
highway that will enable us to cheaply
transport our products to the marts of the
world, thus enhancing the value of our
lands, inducing emigration and capital.
the two great wants of our State, without
which our growth will be slow and the
' development of our vast resources indi fi
nitely retarded.
Our Government has not been slow to
extend aid for the improvement ot other
channels looking to the widening and ex
tending the commerce of various points in
the older settled portions of the Union.
For tliese purposes money has been poured
out of the general funds with " no stinted
hand, and rightly, too ; but while the
Government is thus building up and In
creasing the strength and wealth of her
Eastern border, she should not forget that
on her western border site has an immense
country, rich in soil, in minerals, in vast
forests of the finest timber in the world, in
fact a country unsurpassed on the habita
ble globe in everything that aids in build
ing up and maintaining a grand civiliza
tion, .that needs but a little fostering care
now iu its youth to make it grow and swell
into the granu proportions of au enrpire
In the coming years.
We ask ot the General Government a
mail appropriation to enable us to open a'
harbor, a shipping mart, where the na?ies
of the world may come in and depart at
any season, in storm or stmshltie ; a har
bor that will never be obstructed with ice ;
where shipping will not be delayed from
entering or from sa iiing oat hpoii the ocean
by storms or any otlrer hindrance : a har
bor which will be accessible at all seasons
of the year lor the products of the Willam
ette Valley and Eastern Oregon, at low
rates of freight,- and Where the pilotage,
towage, etc.. Will not be so exhorbitant as
to practically eat np half the value of the
produce ; where competing lines of rail
way will at once be built, thus insuring
the lowest rates of freight from the valley
to tide water, all of which will inure di
rectly to the benefit of the farmer, the pro
ducer the hope and stay of the Nation.
. We ask the servants of the people to lay
aside their political differences for a time,
and attend to the real wants of the country.
Let tbem dispassionately consider the vast
Interests involved in this matter, and as
sensible legislators there will be no liesi
tancy in granting the appropriation asked
for, -
blatters are approaching a crisis in San
Francisco. The &earitey!tes have been
making load tlirats; dcelarmg their Inten
tion to massacre the' Chinese of that city as
the only way to get rid of tnem.- Fearing
that these threats against the Chmese and
those who employ them may be carried
fnto execution, the Government lias been
concentrating troops at that point, so as to
be ready for any emergency. We may
hear of the spilling of red blood at any
boar, provided the sandlotters have the
"sand" to carry their threats into execu
tion. It will be a serious blow to San
Francisco 6bould the threats be carried in
to execution. On the other hand a "Citi
zens' Protective Union" has been organ
ized,' composed ot the most influential and
wealthy citizens of the city, who have is
sued a manifesto, declaring the object of
the association to banto preserve public
pe-c;' protect life 31 d property, restore
confidence in the security of Hie and prop
erty from all violence, the resuscitation of
legitimate commerce, industries' ana busi
ness Interests ot the people ( declares that
the Chinese matter is only a blmd,- that
the real purpose of the sandlotters Is riot
and possible massacre, to be followed by
general conflagration and unlimited pit
hnm declares that this contemplated trag
edy shall not be enacted there, and that
jjtfbliC threats of the accomplishment or
such wicked and rnticman designs win not
Be longer tolerated. The address Is plain
and to- the point sBtrtnsry deter the sand
lotters - from inaugoratlng a row, the end
t whletknoinfth can see.- , s
Fourteen new gold mines-have been dis
covered in eastern fci Deris, but the rusn m
feat cUrecUon is not great. Nobody goes
eicept t-o o.'.o the Car.-'
The Karraw Vange.
On Monday evening a meeting ot our
citizens was called at the Court House, to
take under advisement the proposition ot
Mr. Reid, President of the Oregon Rail
road Co., made to this city. The proposi
tion is, that upon the assurance Of the pay
ment to the Co. of $43,000 by our citizens,
the narrow gauge road contemplated bv
the Company on the west side, will be
brought to the bank of the river opposite
this city. Mr. Reid distinctly says the
Company will not build a bridge, but if
Benton and Linn counties will, he will
cross the fiver upon it, placing the rail
road depot at any point or place in the
city tlie citizens may direct. Mr. Reid
aiso agrees to continue the road on to
Yaqulna Bay juntas soon as eighteen feet
depth of water is assured 011 the bar at
tliat point. The payment of the $45,000
Is to be-made In three installments, $15,
000 at a payment, and the third or last
payment probably would not be called for
until 1SS2. Mr. Stearns, ot the Portland
L'ee, was called upon, and tola in a clear,
forcible minner what he knew of the con
templated system of railroads lor Oregon
by this Company, commonly known as the
Scotch Company. He etatt'd that the In
tention was to build lines of railway to
every available point in Oregon where it
would pay tlie Company and where the
citizens were willing to aid the enterprise
by putting up for one tenth the cost of
such line ; that is, wherever tiiC people
were willing to pav one dollar of every
ten dollars expended in such improvements,
there a line of railway would be built
provided the indications were favorable
that such line, when completed, would
pay a fair dividend to the Company. Mr
McKenzic also addressed the meeting in
the same strain. This matter of building
narrow gauges all over the country
wherever there was tt hope of their being
profitable, has long been under advise
ment, and the scheme adopted only after
the fullest information in regard to the
whole matter. The advantages to accrue
to Albany by the building of such a line
are obvious no one disputes or underrates
its value ; and should the road continue on
and make connections by which we could
reach the Atlantic States, $45,000 would
be but a more bagatelle as compared to
the benefits which it would confer upon
our little city and its people. But should
the line go no farther than this city, the
benefits would not be so great. Tlien
another question ot coin comes in. To
complete the connection with this city,
a bridge would have to be erected, at a
cost of say $45,000 a total of $95,000, we
will say. This is a large sum ot money,
bu: however large it may appear, our
people can and will raise it whenever it is
made clear that the benefits to arise from
such a large expenditure will be ii1 a
corresponding ratio. For the privilege ot
being connected with Portland by .mother
line of road, and that Only, we are ex
tremely doubtful as to the alacrity ot our
people in putting up any large sum ot
money ;' but if they are assured of a line
of road reaching to Yaquina Bay from this
city, or to the East, a large sum of money
can without doubt be secured.
To sum the matter up, as we have not
room to discuss this question fartlier at this
time, we are inclined to think Mr. Reid
will, upon consideration ot all the facts In
the matter, either reduce his figures, or
guarantee continuing the Hue of road to
the Pacific ocean at Yaquina Bay, or to
connections with the East. As the com
mittee appointed on Monday niglit to
confer with Mr. Reid, will doubtless ob
tain a more complete understanding of the
matter before reporting next Monday even
ing, we shall a'ait that report before
further comment.
lirernbacli labor Convention.
A call is out, signed by F. C. Paine.
cluiirmau of the executive committee of
the.iabor greenback party of Oregon, for
a state convention to be1 held at Salem on
the 25th of March. Tlie 'object of the call
:s stated to be the nomination of candidates
for the supreme and circuit judgeships,
presidential electors and representatives
in Congress, Delegates are apportioned
as follows : Baker county, 1 ; Benton. 18 ;
Clackamas, 5; Clatsop. 2; Columbiat 1;
Coos, 1; Curry, 1; Donglas, 1; Grant, 1;
Jackson, 8; Josephine, 1; Lake. 1; Lane,
15 Linn, 20; Marion, 15; Multnomah,
20; PolK, 15; Tillamook. 3; Umatilla, 2;
Union, 3; Wasco, 1; Washington, B; Yam
hill, 3. It is advised that county conven
tions be held March 11th. The call says :
"All workingmen's associations, all labor
reform associations, all who are opposed
to the old parties, are urged to come into
this great movement as honored and power
ful strength thereto, that all who are oppos
ed to unequal and to
pernicious class legislation, may unite to
posh their own great work to the relief of
honest industry on to success.
. Santa Fe, one of the oldeif towns In the
United States, and one of tlie last to lay by
the cloak of mystery that remoteness con
fers, has been reached by the iron steed,
and is now in close communication with
the great commercial cities of the East.
It is the present terminus of the Atchison,
Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, a line that
may soon be extended. In a year or two
a southern route : to the East from San
Francisco will be an accomplished fact, and
the journey across will be romantic and
delightful, to say nothing of the prospect
afforded for brisk railroad1 competition.
More Ute fndians fwrve gone to Wash
ington fo eaf the food and slumber in tbe
blankets of tlie Great Father. Meantime
the White River host lies aa Whlling
away the winter In inidistnrbccT comfort,
ft is nice to be an Indlan'.-
.; In a message' to the Senate on the 8tlia
the President dist'fnetly enunciates , the
doctrine that no European Power or Pow
era can be allowed to control the great
American highway across the jfstfimTis.
There is a good deal ot taffy abodt 'link
ed sweetness drawn out."-'
- '-'-- Late RalM.
The nomination of Mr. E. S. Kearney
as U. S. Marshal for Oregon has been con
firmed.. 1'he indications are that congress will
hot interfere with the present internal tar
iff system.
Tlie California legislature nas passed a
resolution to exclude Dennis Kearney from
the legislative halls.
At Riverside, Cal., on the 3d. Mr. Tal
made, a highly respected citizen of that
place, hung himself. Temporary insanity
was the cause.
J. W. Mackey has purchased the interest
of J. C. Flood in the mills and mines on
the Co in stock, tt Is said that he paid over
$5,000,000 for the property.
At Marysville, Caliiornia. on tlie 3d John
Bunker, stopping at the PMIiidelphi
house, took an overdose of morphine, and
before physicians arrived death ensued.
It is stated that the New York Evening
Express, which has heretofore been John
Kelley's organ, is about to fall Into tlie
hands ot Mr. Tilden's friends and will in
future be his organ.
The private secretary ft Leiand Sanford,
president of the Central Pacific Railroad
Co., confirms the report that the Pacific
Mail gives up its China line to tne Union
and Central Pacific railroad; including the
steamers City of Peking and City orTokio.
A Washington dispatch sa3-s that the
Post will have 11 n editorial saying that at
a meeting of prominent friends of Tilden,
which was held In . New York last Satur
day, the declaration was made by that
gentleman, that he would, without doubt, be
t!ie democratic candidate.
A fire on the 4th. at Circlevifle, Oiifo'.
destroyed two coaches, eight freight cars
and contents, furniture, plate glass and
other valuable chattel property. Loss es
timated at $40,000, which is probably light.
From $3,000 to $4,000 was realized at a
Paruell meeting on the 4th in St. Louis.
A special to the Cincinnati Gdzette says
that G. Groseman and Wm. Carson were
found guilty ot the murder of Bernard
Picker at Van Wert, Ohio. Picker was
murdered at his door one night in Deceni
!er lsit. and the murderers then tortured
his wife by placing her feet to a hot stove
until she told them where to find $1,500.
When the men were arrested one of them
shot the sheriff and constable; inflicting
serious injniles. Daniel Harmon, tried
with the others, was acquitted.
An extensive reduction In the worlshig
force in the government printing ofBee was
made on the 4th.
A meeting of the Pomefoy greeuftack fac
tion was held at St. Louis on tlie 4th.
The press has agreed to' leave Kearney
unreported in the future, which is regard
ed as tlie best way to kill tlie Intendlai'y
on. A sensible conclusion.
The U. S. Marshal, of Delaware, on the
4th. arrested Gc orge C. Ward and Thomas
Hughes, assessors for Wilrfhigtou. on a
charge or refusing to assess republicans
who desired to pay their taxes and thfls 6e
qualified to vote.
The secretary of war, at the request of
octrci;iry ouiiuia, ifciJ tiirevicii v..uionei ll.
Clay Wood.. assistant adjutant general, to
report to General Howard, commanding
in Oregon, tor duty in connection: with tlie
Umatilla Indiana,
Captain Henry Johnson has been order
ed t" relieve Lieut. Col. Geo. E. Cooper,
assistant medical surveyor, temporarily in
charge of the department in San. FnrnclsCO".
First Lieut. n.G. Ellsworth has been
detached from command cf ffie msriiie
guard of the U. S. ship Jamestown, and
ordered to report to Mare Island (Califor
nia) navv to command the marine
guard ot the ship Lackawanna;-
The U.S. steamship Ranirer was plated
out ot commission at the Mare Island navy
yard on the 24th lilt.
Some of the New York Politicians ffre
Mocking against Grant.
ine viovemnr 01 v irgima nas vetoed tne
repudiation act passed by the Legislature.
Truman Griffith was found frozen fo'
death a halt mile from Truckee, Nevada,
on the 5th.
E. G. Cotton, a well kown theaf 1 leal
maniger, suicided at Alameda recently
111 a vacant lot with a revolver, shooting
himself hi the brain.
The reilemiit Mm nirpiiev lias discovered a.
very dangerous $f00 counterfeit bill on tlie
Nation! Bank ol Coirftireree of Pittsbtirir.
the first of this series.
The Committee on claims inorfed in
favoferf pSylng the claim ot Wanvn Mitch
ell. $128,000. money received in 1S63 from
sales of cotton and given into tlie treasury.
JaS". ReOpafh, tlie special correspondent
IjoiiY the Tribune, has svrrt to- Ireland.
writes that the famine Is well in hand.
that all danger of general starvation seems
to ba-ve passed.
Thf Sentinel' Whvieeone, Wis., dispatch
savs that tlie entire wheat crop ot tliat
section will be' a fiiilnre. , The cause Is
frequent freezing and thawing. Most
farmers will plow it np.
A dlspatcnf has been received from ' New
Orleans m San Francisco to senrj a lot el
Chinese down them. If they trd,- and"
supplant the negro labor, we would not
give much tor the he.ttttenS Choices of lite.
Walker Kilirer- 23 rin old. was hanfred'
at Mexico Mo., on tlie 5th, for the nittrdef
of L. D. Wftlfhghffm on .tan. 9th. Joseph
Core was hanged' at Lebanon for , file
murder of William II . King on Sept. Klh.
Both executions were public and largely
Robt. Smith, ot New Pine, Lake county, '
fell in a well last week and broke his leg. ,
N. E. Goodell, formerly of Washington
county, is the discoverer of the fauibris
Skagit mins.
W. E. Pratt lias been elected chief en
gineer of tlie Oregon City fire department,"
and F. G,Grfep, assistant.
The Bedrock Democrat calls Thomas
Merrill, of Baker City, a woman beater.
' Mrs. E. A. Marsh was elected director of
the public school at Forest Grove.
The snow is from ten to fifteen Inches
deep in the vicinity of Llnkrllle. Stock Is
Cirlng badly, btit no serious losses are re
ported. ' . ..
The Mountaineer wants a high school
establlslied at the Dalfes. It argnes tliat tt
brings people to a town to give their chil
dren an education ana makes business.
The Examiner la Informed tliat live stock
in the vicinity ot Linkvflle are doing bet
ter than has been reported,- and that if
Marvn fs not foo unfavorable there will not
be a teiy serfoui TcSs. "
ANrrlty has voted fo' raise $300 by Special
tax for school pn'rpoSCs. i ; .
Mr. Loomls of Clatsop,-has lost a' targe
number" of Cattle ew frig-to tne severe weath
er. , ,
There fre five opium dent In full blast
at tbe Dirties.-
Johnny Hyde, of Dallas, Investigated an
explosive cartridge a few days ago, and
now carries his hand in a sling.
Miss Eva Robert was thrown from a
wagon near Wheallan'd recently and suffers
the fracture of an arm and severs bruises.
C. T. Thomas, of Astoria, captured a
large salmon and on opening it found a
fine mallard duck. The Astorian, in re
porting the matter, says: The explana
tion is that possibly the fish swallowed the
duck accidentajly, as it was diving, 83 this
is the first instance recorded ivhefb rtliy
thing has been found in the slbmach of a
A correspondent reports Interviews with
21 republicans and 18 democrats of Pilnc
ville, WasctS county, upon the Choice ot
presdentiai candidates. Of tbe republicans
nineteen Were for Blaine, one for Grant
and due for Mitchell. Of the democrats,
there was one for McClellan, two for Fields
one for Seymour, two for Biyard and teu
for Hendricks.
A fellow named Duffy lit out of the
Dalles between two days.
Al. Powers, tlie mail carrier on t"io Mc
Kiuzie route, had his feet L'adly frozen a
short time ago.
It Is feared rhat the late freeze lias done
considerable damage to winter sown wheat
in Lane county.
A. S. Patterson, postmaster of Eugcnei
is elected school director.
The hop growers of Oregon will, it is
reported, plant more extensive gardens on
account of the good prices which prevailed
lust eiSou.
Green valley Wys foitl" miles west of
Oakland, forty inhabitants, eighteen yo- j
ters, three young ladies and two bachelors, j
Tlie trustees of lie C. P. church. June- '.
Hon, says the Guard, refused to allow Mrs. j
Duniway the ue of their ehurch building ,
for a lecture, and thereby Created dultc au j
excitement in mac iowii.
Miss Sailie WhiteaJtcr, Say a correspon
dent to the Roseburjj A'fir. while tripping
along with two larjfe jialls of ird!k One In
each hand, stepped accidentally on to a
sltck piece of timber,- slipped and fell,
dislocating her shOulderund receiving other
very painful bitiises. Terrible warning to
girls never to milk.
In a shooting affray at Leesbhrg. Lemhi
county, 1.Th between Wm. Ludeman and
Tun Connor, tlio former was killed and
tlie latter dangerously wounded.
The weather in British Columbia has
caused a great many to die.
ft Is announced that Goods!! & Nelson
will run their l-ne of steamers to the sound,
wlieii they commence carrying tlie mails
between Srfn Francisco and Victoria.
Anieltlo or John Everest.
The Corvallis Gazette contains the fol
lowing particulars of the suicide of Prof.
John Everest 3
Deceased was Imprisoned Monday night,
March 1st. for being intoxicated, and was
retained in prison ly. the .Marshal Tncsda'y
and Tuesday night tor the purpose ot get
ting sober. Tuesday night, at aboiVt it
O'clock. Marshal Miller erit to the prison,
as U his custom, and seeing blood on the
floor, asked deceased whht wai the matters
and received the answer," "I want to die."
Tire Marshal, in nil haste, sumiiioiied Dr.
Lee, no shortly arffvefT and tumid that
deceased had severed tlie main artery of
his. left arm. jiit below the elbow, the
weapon used being a small pocket knffe.
The doctor carefully bound up the woifnd
a'nI stopped the flow of blood, after which
he returned home; - Marshal Miller had
occasion folic absent a tew minutes, and
on his return foifii.T thai deceased had re
moved the bandage and the worfnd was
again bleeding profusely. Dr., Lee was
again called to dress the wound, and a
watch was. placet I .over the man to prevent
his removing the bandage. But it was to
Irrfe 10 save Iffi'fl. Deceased was a native
At Kent coihity. England, and was abont
forty-five years of age, and lias innerouii
relatives in OWgon. He leitvesa wile and
6ne child, who wer. at Tlie Dalles at tlie
111116' of his death. He was a member of
Multnomah tribe. No. 7. I. O. ft. M.
From alnut the 1st of December fo Febru
ary 1 4th' he was' at Philomath giving iu
strrfctfou to tlie brass band nf that place.
hU contract liavimr expired on the latter
date, as sftown by his diary. Deceased
was sktlltor in Ms proies'-foii. was' kind and
generous, and well respected by all who
knew linn.
Tlte . Iowa Legislature' dots not waste
time In debating on' the meaning ot
heiiouabalus as a slanar term, nor do iu
members rxcliange rare bits of billingsgate
as a relief to the anluous labors ot law
making. The Legislature concerns itself
with a domestic evu oicomargaruie .
has a nice ta;-te iu butter, 'ami both Houses
hive just passed a bill, making it au
offense, punishable by heavy tine and Im
prisonment, to nianuirtciure oleomargarine.
Congress could not do a' more Seilsrblo
thing tliair to follow su;c
Tlie Cinclnnnft1 Enquirer refers fo. tlie
sm'alfpox as' "thfe natianirl disease of Chi
na ' ,
Get yorif spectacles ot F.M.FreiiehV
Ratlioad matters are booming.
TniS cry is "bridge the Willamette."'
All indications point to a bhsy SuVnmeir.
The various railroad lines projected in" this
valley will make times lively when actual
work is" commenced. Sjieed the hour.
I Watches clocks and jewelry at French's.
Pi ices way .dcwnV ...
! Stalker Bros, have moved their marble
shop to'thj two-story frame on corner ot
Ferry aiid Second streets where all kinds
0 work in marble can be obtained on lib-'
eral terms.
j We afe glwl t'd'see that" MV. J'acksoii ta
able to be out, altlioiigh still suffering
from bis fall on Monday evening. -Excellent
Oregon City hams at' Eh'Sen
deiis'. j E'i-Gdv1. GtbDi. of Portland made a' a
pleasrrnt'caTt on Wednesday. Time deals'
kindly with ojir genial friend,
j Fine CIrfqhfo cftVese at W. U. iSiltl
more's. -
I Au irorw rise stock or Spring aird .Sum
mer goods at A. B. AiJIlwahi's, received
this week.- and morA cAiiitiijf.'
. t There are twenl.v-TM'rf'n firwvfrif'e
candidates for the I'fRce of Sheriff, and nil
the precincts not heard from.
j Politics are boiling. "Get iu" or yoa
won't get anythfng.
( Teas, sugars,- coffees, etc., at W. U. Bal
timore's. j Potatoes are retailing at 25c per bushel'
in this market.
j Hats, boots ami shoes, at W. V. Balti
more's, cheap for cash.
Mr. Ousterhont started for Eastern 6"rV-"
gon on Wednesday had a few words
with CIn., and left. .
Second street Is by all odds the worst
street In the city." Improve It.
We were pleased to receive a viMt from
Mr. Bcnsil, of Yaquina Bay, on Wednes
day. . Mr.B. is a genial gentleman, and a
great believer in and worker for the har
bor at Yaquina Bay. 'Rah for Yaqnina
With a bridge across the Willamette,
owned by the citizens of Albany, we would
be In a condition to secure the building of
the several competing lines of railway,
now contemplated, to this city. If any
one railroad corporation should get con
trol of the bridge, our chances would be
thin, as railway companies would prefer
to go elsewhere rather than be compelled
to construct a bridge across the river.
The City Council has ordered the pur
chase of a lot on Lyon street on which to
erect an engine hones for Lhui Engine Co.
The cbsl ructions removed from the bar
at Yaquina Bay, and we weuld have two
lines of railway to that point from the Val
ley in less than two years. A bridge across
the Willamette nt this cify. built and own
ed by our citizens, and both roads wonid
tap this city and don't yon forget it.
Albany's future is secured if ohr people
will but act riow:
Messrs. Jackson & Kallsky beg to ten
der their thanks to the citizens and fire
department, for the aid and assistance so
clieerfully and kindly rendered them on
the occas-ton of the fire in their store on
Monday last.
We learn that Dr. Thompson, a brother
of tlie late David Thompson, of this city,
has secured a position on the O. & C
railroad, and U How on his way here to
fill it.
AVe have been flooded with demands tor
tlie Register this week but then we can
Stand It.
The mutter ot the city printing still
hangs fire.
Among tlie names mentioned by the
Republicans as probable candidates for
Sheriff, are Ike Conn, ot this city ; Carp
Sperry, of Brownsville; Messrs Cusick and
Charlton, of Lebanon; and U.C.Powell, of
Albany prairie.
Uaffeuden Brothers keep a grocery store,
groceries and provisions is their specialty,
and they keep the largest and best variety
ever brought to tirii city. Every flung of
the best quality and brands, at lowest liv
ing rateS.
Considerable sunshine during the week
forcing people out of doors to enjoy the
A gentleman from Iowa was in the city
during the front of the week, looking into
the advantages offered here for erecting a
cloth factory. We learn he has concluded
to" stay right here.
Dr. HaVils, ot Eugene, arrived iu tlie
City 01T Wednesday.
For Knle.
A neat frame building on Brnadalbin
street, how occupied by George Weller's
saloon, for sale at a bargain.
th6 premises.
Conn Week.
There fAis been considerable tir during
the week hi the city. Circuit Court having
drawn an Unusual number of people to
gether. Patrons oT HnsuHiiUry.
The convention ot delegates to elect
representatives to tlie State Grange, will
meet at Albany on Saturday, April 10h.
1SS0. at one o'clock" P. M. Each Grange
is entitled to send three delegates.
R. A. Irvine, Deputy.
It la a Parent's Dnly
To see tlixt their children take. particularly
during the Spring season, a dose every
morning of that great Spring regulator,
You can rest assured they will have no
fiithy sores upon their little faces, and it
will impart nattual bloom to their checks.
Nldirny villa "ote.
Midivatvii.I.E. March 3d, 1SS0.
Rkgist'er : Dear Sir Noticing by
a la;e number of the Rkgister, that yon
solicit iidms from the several neighborhoods
fn cfr valley. I mill therefore attempt to
note a few.' as belowi
Onr sOhool closed about three weeks since,
and 611 Thursday evening, the 20th of last
month,' had a grand exhibition at the Hard
man school house. AH of the participants
acted well their parts, and all present were
rnu6h pleased and interested. In fact it
was an occasion which afforded a great
deal of enjoyment, and will not soon be
Our school meeting came off the first of
this month, resulting tu the election of
Mr. J. S. Dickson u Director, and the re
election of Mr. E. Kerbh-r as Clerk for the
term of one year. The next term of school
M'tll nrntmTilv hiotn nl-icitit tlm flt-c .fu
(intend haVIng a' four niolitlis' rim. :
The politfcians of litis viefnffy will cer
tainly remember the 'primaries"' and at
tend, anrf endeavor to do their doty fn that
line Especially the candidates will be on
the nlert, "and don't you torget it." We
ninth desire a change from a Democratic
fo a Republican victory, as We do not want
old Linn eWuity fo beeome entirely bank
rupt', etc.
" We'haYe not done niuclVfi'i' the way of
plowing and sowing- grain fiis spring,
rfowever. some Of tne most r'eoltite and
ambrtibiiit dhi venture Atlt dmliig that Sg
gv weather, and did soine plowing.', Km"
the t'eiiVjwsfuon MarclV n iiid'a'nd rain is a
little tntfroiYgh to'ad'uiit of such' work be
ing done to advantage, coiisetfreny nro
housed up, endeavoring- to survive ii'uttt
better weather. ;
...The fall sown gram in this section of the
valley Isdotn very" nicety Do'iiofc. think
there was"any of the fall variety at all in
juretrby tlie freeze hi fbfs Tielnlty. We
cittlci phte a fair crop thi year.' - ; -The
goofl Patroiishsve rallied and re
built Harmony Hall, No. 23,! which was so
bidly demolished fy the long to be remoit
bered wlndF storm of the 0th of January". '
- Many of ohr. farmers are talking of 60
ing considerable work ori tlte rcd this
pcason. We will wait patiently and report
when the work is done. XXX.
""'t Wrtat Broken.
" On Friday night last as Mrs.Kirkpatrick
reached the sidewalk In front of tne Evan
gelical church, she slipped ind fell, caus
ing a fracture of arm near the wrist. Dr.
Bough ton was called in and gave the nec
essary medical attention, and the patient
is getting along finely.
Broken. .
Near Brownsville, one day last week,
Mr. W. R. Finlay, aged 60 or thereabouts,
fell or was thrown from a sulkey plow.
breaking otie leg below the knee. At last
accounts the old gentleman was .doing as
well as could be expected under the circum
stances. -.v
, ...
Elegrnnl Furniture.
Sec the new advertisement of Mr. James
Dannals, proprietor of the Albany Furni
ture House, in this issue. For elegance,
taste and durability, the furniture manu
factured at this house is the equal ot any
in the market, and is sold at prices that
will astonish the public. Call and see for
yourselves that we have not overrated the
Orojton IreSJ tery.
Tlie Presbytery will meet iu this city on
TueSiiay, thrflftth lust v in the hall of ihe
Y. P. C. A-fat -7 o'clock P.- M. The
opening sermon "will be delivered by Rev.
A. L. Lindsley, of PortHlud. On Wednes
day evering there will be services of a re
ligious character. The public is cordially
invited to attend thesemeetings.
School Election.
At the school election for this district
(No. o), held Monday afternoon, H. n.
Hewitt, Esq., was elected Director, arid J.
II. Btii'kliarfc. Esq., was re-elected Clerk.
We have now three well informed, zealous,
consciencious gentleman s Directors witli
whom the interests of the district can safe
ly be trusted. Mr. Burkhart thoroughly
understands and will fill tlie bill as Clerk
right up to the handle.
Ir. B. It. I'BEEUAD has located In
Albany for the practice of Dentistry.
All work warranted. - Office fn lnrrf!i
block, corner F Jrst and Ferry stn. fobl
.cw To-Iaj
Xotiee of Final rroof.
T.ani OKFrrr,
Oekgos Cn"v,Or.. jrarch 10, issn.
NOTICE is hereby driven that the follow ins
named auttlifr lias tiled notice of his inten
tion to make !hiI proof n snpiwrt of his claim
anil secure final entry tlmrcof, n,nt that said
proof will lie made before J. L'. Cowan. County.
Clerk of Linn eounty, Oregon, at the eotinty
PCTtnf enil county, on Wednesday, the llt'li
clay of April, 1SS0, iz: Junius F. Whiting,
Hdiuottcaf! Apnlicuiion No. 3S82. for the Som It
east quarter of S-etion 8. Towhshio 12, Sonlh
l&iiiKe 1 West, and mimes the following as his
witnesses', viz: Berry .lames, F. M. .Miller,
Thonms H. Buderand W C Cusick. oil ot Leb
anon. I.tnn comity, Oregon. L. T. BAKIX,
March 12, l.S3lS-vl-2ii24w3 Keller.
Albany Furnituro Housa.
jaMse dannals,
Manufacturer and Dealer In
Bedroom Suits; Watrvnt, Ash and Maple Parlor
Sails ; Patent Krclters, Kft'sy Chairs and
Lounges a specialty.
SprinG MattresseS,
Extension Centre Tables,
Pillar Extension, etc.
A splendid lot of
o in -A. x m ,
Walnot and Hardwood Chairs of all kinds,
In fact, I intend to keep a first class
FurniturE HousE .
I nm tlmnkfal for past patrona-re, and
intend to make It to tlie interest of all
residents of this city and vicfhlty to
cOme and see tne.
Corner of Second and Ferry strcats,
P?oire of Final Sett lenient.
NOTICK Is hereby given that the nndersljrn
el administrator of the estate of A. ta
rothers, deceased, has tiled in thuCountv Court
of Linn county. Oresron. his flnal account, in
the matter of said state, ami said Court has
apnointed TUESDAY the Sth tlav of APRIL.
1S80. at tlie hour of one o'clock In the afternoon
of said day, for the hearinir objections to said
account and for the settlement thereof.
March S, 1830-vl-2n23 '...j Administrator.
In tne Connt.y Conrt of the county Of Linn in
the State of Urejroii
tn the matter Of the estate V
.of. ... J. CJtatfon.
n. K. Vt. Clarke, dcot-ascd. ,J t .
ToftirahM. Cltn-ke id Frederick W.. Clarke,
heira at law ot II. K. W. Clarke, deceased,
above named, and to David Cahn. Alexander
Weil, Alexander Lazard. Simon Lazard, Elie
Lararrl. and T. E-'erton II"KtT.and tonllolber
persona whose names are unknown, if ant
there be. tltat have, or claim to, have, aiiy jri
teres't.rijitht or title, in lawor inequity, ftTor
to the real property hereinafter d"5M.Tilcd
you aid each of you above named and referred
to, are hereby eited and required to he stnd ap
pear in the County Conrt of the connty of Linn,
in the Slate of Oreijon. at the court house In
the city of Albany, in said county and Stat'e,on
Tuesday, the 4th day of. May, A. D. 188D,
at the hour of One o'clock in the afternoon of
said dav, the same being a day of the resjn'ax
Mav term A. I). 1880, of said Court, and then
and there show cause, if any exist, why an or
oer of sale should not he made, directing and
licensing the administrator of said estate to
sell all the rlghtv title an imerest of said H.
K. W. olarke,leceased,atthetimeof his death,
both in law and in eqtrtt v, in and to thereat
(ireperty hereinafter described, as prayed for
n and by the petition of John Coskkr. the
administrator of the eslato of said decerned,
hieh said petition is now on file in the Coun
ty Court of Lfnn' crthnty, Oiesron, Which said
real property is described follows, to-wTt : .
The one equal uii'divided one-cinnth of the
following desctlned real property, toJWiti
- Lots 4 9 ahdjlO, in Se-tion T, tOwnShlp ll,
ranKe I, containing IB 5fI00 acres : lot IjSee'lon
, township 11. ranirol, containing M2inp
acie8tlott,8BofN W VahdKE of 9W
H Sec 21, township 11. lantje 1. cpiitalninsr 98
-lSttaorca ; lots 1 and 2, Sec 8,. townslifp 11.
raiiae r, contnininst 40 acres : N fro X of NM
and'S KJfofS E k. See 1. township 1. ranVe
l.containtnpt 119 10.100 acres ; KM , of SM, Sec
ll township 14, range 1. con tain inKtl eres; N
K frn Si of N W M and S W JTof.N W: AT, Sec 1,
toShhi ran nift7?';ioer;5
N W k' of 8 W M. See I, township K. run we 1,
a. l. P, frac of N W
and 1 half of S E If lot No. 4, and N B it of S W
1 of StSaTTp ,f R 1, coniaining 225 S4-100 acres,
and the SE 5 oH E and W !a of S E X of Sec
5, Tp 12, R 1, containing 120 acres, and the E X
of jforth Eait qnarter, and East half of tbe
S J , and lots , i. S, 4. ft, 6 and 7, in Sea
7, TP 12. K 1, containinK 826 SB-100 acres, and the
E X of S E If and 8 W if of S E If and 8 W If of
NWK and W X of 8W and 8 E Jf 8 W X
of Sec 9, Tp 12, R 1. containing 280 acres, and S
E If and S H of S W Jf of See 11, Tp 12. B 1, con.
taininpr 240 acres, and all ol See 13, Tp 12, S I,
containing 640 acres, and lot 7, Sec U, Tp 12, R
1, containing 6 Vino acres, and N EqraraJKEqr
of N Wqr of Sec 17,Tp 1 ?,R 1 .contain tag- 290 acres,
and lots Nos. 1. 8, 4 and ft, in Sec 23, Tp 12, B 1.
containing 104 lviooacres, and N E or or N K"
qrand W X of N K qrof Sec 25, Tp 12, R 1, con
taining 120 acres, and lots 1. 2, s, 4, 5 and 6, See
SI, Tp 12, B 1. containing 121 24-100 acres, and
lot No 10 in Sec 33, Tp 12. R 1, containing 39 76
100 acres, and W X. of N W qrand E KotSWqr
and lots S'os 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9 and 10, in Sec S5, Tp 13
R 1 containing 866 62-100 acres, and lot 1, Sec 1,
Tp 13. K 1 W. containing 22 39-100 acres, and lot
No 2 In Sec 1, Tp IS. It . and S W fractional qr
of N W qrof Sec 1, Tp 13. K 1 W, containing S3
40-100 acros, and S E qr of N W qr or lot 3. Sec 1,
Tp 13. R 1, containing 42 M-100 acres, and 8 E qr
of S E qr and W X of S E qr and 8 W qr, In Sec
A. Tp 13, R 1, containing 20 acres, and E X of
Sec -, E V of N W qr and E X .of SW qr, 8 W fro
qi of S W qr anil lots 1,.B and 3, See 7,Tp 13.- It 1
containing 36040-100 aeres, and N Wqr of Ji W
qr and lot'So 8, Sec 9, Tp 13. R 1, containing 55
8S-100 acres, and the X E qr of S E qrand 8 Wqr
of S E qr and S K fracl ionul qr of S W q r, or lot
5, Sec ll, Tp 13, It 1, containing 117 88-100. acres,
and E X of N E qr and N W qr of T E qi'and 8
X of -N W qrnndSWqr in Sec 17, Tp 13, B l,
(-ontainlng 80 acres, and E X of of Sec 19,Tpl3y
It 1, eontainintr 3!0 acres, mid W X of N E iir
and S E qr of N E w and lots 1 and 2, Sec 23, Tp)
13,R 1, containing 143 09-100 acres, and N, frcl
or. or lots 1 and 2, Sec 2.5. Tp 13, R 1, coirtaining
8 6.'-lC0 acres, and S X of Sec 25, Tp 13, K L.eon
taln Ing 320 acrvH. and J he N fractional- SofNE
qr. or lots 1 and 4, anil H XofS K qr, N W qrof
S. W qrand lots 8, 5, R. 7 and Sec 27. Tp 13, tt
1, containing 279 01-100 acres, and S X ot Sec .
and N X of N. Wqr. Sec 29. Tp 13. R 1, contain
ing 400 acres, and N Jfaof N B qr W X of N W qr
nnti B ,t iiiif-noMiil qr Sec 31, Tp 18, R 1. con
taining 2-.H 40-100 acres, and N ! of N W qr and
W X of S W qr Sec 33. Tp 13. R 1. containing 16C
acres, and jot 6 and 7 In Sec SV Tp 13, K 1 , con
U"",!,"?, and lots i and 6 in Sec 19.
TPJ,K eo'Wlwng 7d H-tOOacv. and NE qr
of X I qr TOd --low I.W9, 4, 8 and 9 in Sec 29. To
10. R 2, oontnimrt 1SS lo-lflti acres, and lots 1. 2.
3. 4. 3. 6. 7, and 10 and II. in Sec 33. Tp 10. R 2.
containing 204 94-100 acres, and N E qr and lota
1, 2 and 3. in Sec 3. Tp 10. R 2, containing 223
24-100 aci-es. the N W t ract ional qr of N W qr of
Sec l,Tp ll.R 2,containing 40 4-I00 acres, and lot
".IS ?ec7-,TB K 2- containing 8 Il-Jo acres,'
afid lot 4 in Sec 23. Tp 11, R 2, containing 6 87
100 acres, and lots 1, 2, 3. 4 and 3 fn Sec 85, Tp 11.
R 2. containing-48 73 100 acres, and lots J, s. i
and 4, in See. 1, Tp 1:1. R 2, containing 21 44-100
sores, tlie S W of N W qr and 8 E qr of ft
W qr of Sec 3. Tp 13, R 2. containing 80 acres.
?,?. ',';sHnd8l",'c.-.7' Tnl3' R 2. containing
?S1 H"?. a,l''1 9' and 8 W qr of See. 9.
Tp M, K 2, cAiituining 920 acres, and 9 E qr and
N ir of S.W or of Sec. 11. T 13, R 2, contain
ing 2w ac .c. E S'-of Sue. and E X N W or
andN W qrofN W or and E pf, S W flr arfd
S W qr of S W qr of fee M. Tp 13. R 2, contain
ing nbO acres, s of S E qr and 8 X or W. qr
"i0; i ' Tp 'A." ?' co",1'ng,l(iftacres; W -X
of N W qr and W X of S E qrof Sec. 23, Tp 13.
5 3Vco-";f inin?r Jfaeres, E jj. of N E qrand W
X of N W qr and S E qr of See. 25, Tp 13. R 2.
contaiiiiiig3iiBcres,lots5, 6 and 7, Sec 13,Tp 10.
R 3. containing l acres, lot 1, See. 23, To 10 R
3, containing 13 80-lii0 acres.- tot No 1 in Sec 27.
Tp 10. R 3, containing 13 tiVlOO cres. loM or N
E fract ional qrof N E qrof Sec. 25, Tn-10. R 3.
containing 41 8.V100 acres, lot 3. Sec 5. Tp 12.-S
2. con tain ing 11 41-100 acres, lot 1, Sec 11, Tp 12.
11 2, containing 19 56-100 acres, lot 5. Spc 13, Tr
12, K 2 mmainimr 7 55-100 acres, N W q'tOfX
hq 2' N W qr and lot 3, in Se 29. Tp
5 '"i1 12-lOO aeres, lot 1. In Sec
?pJ2-,R J iaining 24; 93-100 acres, lot 1.
Sees. Tp 12. E 3. containing 3 4-100 acres, all of
the foregoii g sections and lot parts ot sec
tions and lotsare in the TownsMpsand Ranges
above given and all of said Townshins and
Ranges being south of base line and West of
illainctte tneridnui, according to the public
survey of the United States in the State of
4 ot S.1C 31. Tp 12, S R 1 E. containing 425 96-100
acres, N ij ot s W qrof Sec 5. Tp 13. S R 1 E con.
IS v & 1-V,1 B w qrof See 19, Tp 13,
?. T,CS"B" n' ';? J8-,1 acres, all or Sec,
EluTj "..c1,,1; """aining 040 acres, all Alt
Sec 23, Tp 13, S 11 1 E containing un arZ n
Sec 21. Tii lS.S K J K containing 640 m-res"lot'
2. 3. 4 n 1 . X of N W qr of See 27, Xp 13i S K
1 L , contalHfnst 11 S7-10. acres, E XMiffl qr
nfwTniT n , v iota .and
ot bee 29, Tp 1 J. S K 1 E. contain Vng 28346-100
acres, NEqrofNEqr and tots 3, 4. Si b and 10
SccSl. Tp 13, S R 1 E t ontarning 139 41-100 acres!
' " W. Tp 13, S R IK 4d,n7ai n ifig
13 4 i-loo acres, J, K qrEqrofN War lots 1 2
TplA S It 1 E containing 593 8V100 acres.
fractional .S' Sec 5, .To 14, 6 R 11 E. containing
276 64-100 acres, U of Sec 21, Tn I47s R li E cSf-i!l'?in-Ft2
Tntl?" ",r, fe-o'ons23and27and
?rV , t TipI't-S..R ',4, ' 'I"" ' ' ions 13 and 21,
h 1th' s" J'r Sefrs 23 "d 25, Tp 14. S K
' ,tR J5'"" Sees 7. "ami 13 in Tp
" s tlh N-W lr of Sec 15, Tp 14. 8 R 16 Ej
Fff'JL' 1H ani S-'. SI and 35 in Tn 14. S It.
of Sees 87
and N W q, of s ?; q'r'of 8eS s Tn 14S R 1-K
cotai,,hls2, acrel hf of s5i,Tst f'of X W
ci-1 -rrTv'sfR ,?-" Qrof N E qr Sf
iun'rUi' ? i- K.ontaining 481 21-100 Seres
?. .?7." P J1?"' Sec 23 and all of Sees 27 and ai
W fi-aclioni o;r,i s "hi , "' '"V"5' V
iP.:i,? i' 1 ,,,e foregoing tracts of kind
nnrl fnr, c',.' -' , AV'" -"'
, " - . ' ' '"i--"n , iko jots 1. 2. fc.
7 ' 7" HSBI W containing 10137-
qrofSE or Sec ta Tn li stniw
40 acres. h S E qr and N E qr of 9 W qr Sec -5?Vrp
U S il ' epntainlng.120 acres, hf ot
N E Qr 27 TP 14, S R 1 W containing 8
acres. W hf of N W qrand S E qrof N W or
Byi7!?" Ui 8 " 1W containing l2fiacrA N gf
of S E qr of Sec 27. Tp 14. S R 1 W containing
80iicres, N Eqrof S W qr 8ee27. Tp 14, S 11 1 W
"'"'"'ig 40 acres. N hf of N E qr Sec 1, Tp 14'
S B S Vr . containing so 83-100 acres : the Ttn','
sbilis above referred to as South and Ranges ar'
west are .all Townships sonth of Lase lineancl
Ranges West of Willamette meridian as ctab-I
lislied, by the public surveys of the United,
States and all the foregoing tracts, parcels and?
lotsare the same desert lied and contained in '
list No 1. of lands gmnted to the State of Ore-' '
gon by the act of Congress, approved Jnly ft
A n lSiie.toaid in I lie const rod Ion of Milharv .
aryo' " state, wutcn saw list was nled-in
the ofBee of the Secretary or State nf the State,
of Oregon. Jone 1st. 1871; alsiSall the lands In -addition
to those hereinbefore particulnrlv de
scrilied, that He and are sitnated along the line-' -of
the Wagon Road of the Willamette Valley
and Cascade Mountain Wagon KoadJCompany.
which said road commences at tile Iowa if
Albany. Linn county. Oregon, and extends ,
easterly and terminates at a point in the East--'
A(.n hniinfisrr Of 1 lie StRtA of Immmih . :
the trashoe Ferry on Snake river, and are em' -.
braced wit h in a con t in nous belt of land extend-'
ing sii miles 6n each side of said mad and ex-,'-fonflim
the entire lenirth 1Yrrrt. ,iwl .-kli. .
were grantcd byfie ln ited States to tbe State,
of Oregon fict of Congress, entitled "an
act granting lands to the State of Oregon t
aid iiv.tbe const ruction or a Military Road fretri
AHwiiv. Oregon, to the Eastern bonndary o?
said state, approved .J.tJly 5. 186ft, and by said.
State of Oregon granted to the Company afore-,
said by an act entitled "an Act donating certain,
loi.rts to the WlllamcttO Valley and Cascade
L Mountain Wagon Koad Cojnpany," approved .
Oc.HXier.S4. JWW, ana wnicu now nave oeen or
which hereafter at any time may be selected
or located by said Comoany .and certified or'
patentctt bf the Cnfled States to. t,e State of
Oretron or to said Oomtiaiiy under or by virtue.
or the act s aforesaid or ei t her of t hem or an yot h
eract or acts that have been or hereafter may be
.nctert.v.tlid. State of Oregon, or. UieL' nitesL
L8 atesin respect tlifcreto. There are exceixedr
out of I lie aiMive uuaui iwt "-ihw ibviiuikiwiiiii
described tracts, to-wit: E hf of Eqr8ec26,:
Tn 13. S R 3 W containing 80 acrqs, W h of N
qf and Ehf of Si W qr heci,p,, B WMO-.
f tHlninsz 160 acres. S hf of X E qr of 8 W qr Sep.
r-21.Tnll.SRJW containing 20 acres, N. hf of i
tv Sec 21. and lots 8, -wi' 10. Sec 7, Tp It. 8 R 1
W eontainirur 97 83 lno acres, lot No 1, Sec7
Tp 10. S R 3'W containing. 13 63-ltlO acres, lot 1,'
Sec 3, Tpl4,-S R 8 W. containing 3 4-100 acres
lots 1. 9, 3, 4 5. 6, Sec 31. Tp 12, 8 R 1 W contain.,
ing 121 24-1W acrest lots 8 and 9, 8ee 99, lots 10
and II, Sec 33, Tp 10. S R 2 W containing 68 87-
100 acres, lots and , Sec 7, Tp 13,SEiW eon-'.
tainine 39 34-100 acres. Nlifor .J w or X W qr.
of N W qr and lot , Sec 29. TpB,8RlW, con
taining Ml 12-lno acres, said, excepted parcels
amount tne aggn-gaie io-.o tviou acres
nc excepting from the lands he re jn before de
scribed so much thereof as is in the actual use
of tbe Willamette Valley and Cascade, Mounj.
tain- Waeon Roert Company, for tt rqpd(.tbe,
whole distance through said land's ( also ex
cepting from the lands heretnhetere oescisbeat
the following, to-wit: Sec S3 injs 13, 8 R I K,'
By order or i ne county t mtn oi k,van eoujnty
Oregon, made on tne tn nay oi aiarcti, j
xrmu, tne same ucinti 'ih v ui mc rcgiiwr i
In witness wlrereof. I, James L. ConTAH J
County Cleric and cx-offlcio CJurk of the aforen
said-County Conrt of Linn county. Oregon "
Iiave hereunto set my band and affixed thoT
seal of said Court nt my office on this 4th day
of March, A. D., 1880.
L eotmty Clerk,'
March TK 1880-rl2u24
term. A. 11 lnno. ox saiu lour. - . . -. '
o .. V ,- ', -onai a or Sec 7. Tp 13.
t.I ti e ,'.Hi"in? 1-lno acre9' of Sec 9V
c-,1 containing 640 acres, X of Sec
it. JLU o J l h. contain
; i , . . ? 11 " qr or woe i, Tp
lo, S R l0 E wntaining 400 acres, all of Sees 3.
and 11 i Tr? J?,15- S !? ,s K-" of Sees 7,
and ll in i R M,S K 17 E, the W lit nf w hf
of N E qr and hf of K q'rSro fifp ll 8 B1
",. eontamhig aso ,,. k hf of i'c and
?i V V:. "'"mining lso acres, all
... . . . . x( r ii i oi jsec w and s hf of
8-E U F V T 2,i 2,3' 89nrt M "'Til 14. Stt
18 E, the L ti-act ional hrof Sec 1. Tp 15. SRM
t ?.?.B',JC9 3- 7- 9 Tp 15. S R 18 K.
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14. 8 R 1 W containing 809 -100 a?res.N E or oft
N Eqr and lots 1,5, 6 and 7, Sec 9, Tp 14 SRf
W contalninr 51 10-100 acre . lot No 1. Sec 11
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