The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, March 05, 1880, Image 1

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da this Sp&es Foil? TrTeeks.
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N. B. KUMI'IlREt, Agent.
. viihss
k is friend and the public generally, that
la bow settieu in ms
t ha old etand next door to P. C. Harrier ft Co
wbare can be found as great an assortment and
aa targe atoca 01
Stoves and Ranges
aa earn toe-found in any one house thia aide of
peruana, ana at as
CastIror?J Brail St Enameled
.,..... r
; in great variety. Also,
.atwav on hand-, and niade to order, AT LIT'
ma KATK9.
.Albany. October M, 1875-SvS
, Corner First aa! EilS"Wcrti it.,
Has again taken' charge of tile
City Drug Store,
it ;, - -
.Tlit a; pdrcbawl the entire interest, of C. W
naw. anrcencdr to A. CarotUeis ft Co., and is
mow receiving; 1
Splendid 2Te Stock,
w atdT'i to tlie-former, renders it Terr
eoaa plate in all the different departments.
Faeiiax assured that all can be suited in both
. . . Quality aai Fries;
lse eordially invltrs Jiw old friends and custom
sa give Blu a oath
if 111 reeel-o Immediate and careful attention
ast nil tonr, y and aUst.
Para Wines and Liquors for medlclna
First street; f (fodrs Wast of Ferry,
. jiiiBAN'r. I : ., , ortEtiON.
1TIXA nnreliaied the Cltv Market. I will
kMn constantly on handall kindsof Meats
-aka rerr best to lo obtained in the market,
I will strire at all times to meet the wishes of
all who mar favor me with their patronaze,
Tfce public ifenerally are invited to call at my
iks visa Is Mt of irtetu, ti5Tue hishest
aasai Brie paid for FORK. .... . 51 v 1013
Ktw Cstdil New Departure!
t::LLi:;inY and dhessakiuq.
. MRS. Or Xi. PARKS.
1m. Slore lately owned by Mrs. C P. IMvis and
psyinf jdst added thereto a new invoice of late
Chile llilliaexTV Triaaia.
Bnnnets, Hats. c., takes pleasure In inviting
thIadieor Allwtty and vicinity to call and
1 - t..m. iImmuIom All will K. MM
at prices tnat ciiy eompeii'ion
Harint; secured the services of first class
r Dressmaker!
f aas tMwnartid tm eut. At. arid moke drosses in
any style desired, at short notice and inasatis
faetory manner.
frark akinr Clothtna; for children a specialty
Storeon north side of First, eastpf Ellsworth
Sweat. , Too are a vueu io can.
it R9. O. L. PARKS.
1 . .- 7.I879-
i Zafilli la ladi- ;3SemBdis'
' " ' . A Sure Snot Fr .
Kuitixa a Losa remdSscjs' sA-iioxo
XJ the Indian tribua of the eoaat and the iato
rtmpt I have had the good fortune to discover,
front the "Medicine" men f.the several twbe:
aad from other souroes, a niuntter nf-romedies
tor dioeases incident to this oountryfonnsist
in of roots, herbs and bark, and-havinx been
aoiieited by many people of thia -valley, who
nave trtat ,nd nmvMf Hi. m,,,r -.r hm 4 -
5 Mease, to procure and ojT.:r ttie sumo for sajis, i
winuntaiiioi annouaeinif -to all thati.
v x. m kmw, i- nav,-naean oxieno-.
d tonr through the mountains ud vUtrvn.
and have secured certain of theaa remedies
watch are a sure cure tor
and Asrtte.
""S a-i)V4s; from Asm who- desire t
- wirawitrnt nri strong's store on-
Htr)t, where IwiU furnssh the rensediesu
ti-tsniiiig a radical cure or I will demwnd no
k J?mediJ im tip in ) inckaVes. 'li l
if IS and P xpenses to Ao-ts
V I I Oiiidt fawe. 6UAW Co., A uir .. Maine
, Vlln33yl
Attorneys at Law.
OFFICE- It. Fester's new brick block, flrat
ddbr to the left, up stair. vllnlS
3. C. rOWCLL. -. W. f. BtMTEV.
po vell a bil rjstr,
Attorneys at Law and Solicitor
. in Chancer)-.
COLLECTIONS promptly made on all points.
Loans negotiated on reasonable terms.
Office in Foster's new block. - nlivll
Attorney at Law,
court of the State. Special Rttentiongiv-
cn lu coueciitma ana proiu) umiiers, JCK
In Odd Fellows' Temple. Ii47vlO
D. B.
business. S2vS
Humphrey & Wolverlon,
Attorneys ami S'eanselora. rit Law
ot tiiiohtate. OFKiCK in Froman's brick
(up stairs; Aioany, u recoil. lint!
Attorney at Ta.w9
ta.vr, oneaoif.
OFFICE tl stairs, over John Brings' store,
on FlrSt street. vllnlS
Attorney and Counselor at Law.
Offlcr, Old At dficr Building, Albany, -Oregon.
TTILL PRACTICE in the different Courts of
V T the State.
OFFICE-In Tarrish block, north side First
street, Albany, Oregon.
All business promptly and carefully attended
to. vlln.VJ
ttnle Fnysleiaav aad Karteaa,
OFFICE - In Parrish's brick, Albany. Oregon.
Chronic diseases a Specialty. Can be lound
at mr office at all hours of the day or nisht.
JT. SI UT1AX, 91. !.,
. Lt . i.1
near Albany Engine Co. No. One's engine
Albany, Or., Jan. 9, 1880-Yl2nl5
Physician and Surgeon,
Fromans's Brick, up stairs,
Flrat street. x Albany,
C: C. KELLY, 211. I.,
Resldchcu one door north of broom facto
ry, Lyon street. Ilvl3
D. W. BAtLAKD, M. p; J; It. rOWlLL, M. .
Phyaitians & Snrgeotls,
OrrtCB At Lelmnon Drug; Store. 12n2
Fresco, Sign, Scene,
Iictcirial Paintinrr.
Rooms 8 and 7, 1'arrlsh block. corner First
and Ferry rtreets, Albany, Oregon.
X3. 0 CLARif,
dealer in
Heavy and Shelf Hardware,
. Iron, Steel tutsl MerlianleV Tools,
First door eaot of S. K. Younp,
ALBANY, (vllntO! OREOOif.
Dealer and Manufacturer of
No Veneering; No Sham. Also Oregon A5i,
Manle and Pine Suit. Sprinsr Bels, Pure
Hair Matrasses. Also Moss. Wool. Pnln and
Straw Bed On. Wand Knd utade at lowest Rates.
Work atirt S-ods warrarted as repri
Corner Seconal and Ferry Kta.
I as renressntel..
Albany, Oregon.
XV lng Jewelry a specialty. Coll. . yllnl7
(PtGfi week In your own towii, $ outfit free.
A3 vM.f No risk. Reader, if von want a business
at which persons of either sex can make great
pay il I ha time when they work, write for par
ticular" H. HAX.I.ETT A Co., rortland, Me. -
Hanron of at Ljmctt Court.
On the morning of joly 5th, 1851
mere were some nve thousand peopl
in and about the town of Dowtileyille
traders, packers and gamblers throng
ing the village, ihdiiflrtona miners at
work in the silver-beds anil banks and
among these I was engaged on a branch
of the river, a mile or so from the cen
ter of activity. The gold seekers were
scattered along so close together that
continuous line of vocal telegraph was
available tor several miles. About 10
o'clock in the morning the cr; of "Mur
derl" came up the river, quickly re
peated from ono to another, and, aa the
oat-cy was aniftwally earnest iul start
liug, all the miners dropped their tool
and made for the river bank to observe
thing. Everybody was running to
ward town, tour or five hundred i
eight and all under full headway. Of
course; our party went, too. At the
scene of action we found a vast throng
surrounding a small clapboard shanty
and within a raiuer was lying dead
hapriened to be one of the few who
crowded in. The man was lying on
the puncheon floor, and had breathed
tiia last. The floor ; eloped a little
the rude structure of the tenement, and
a broad stream of blood had flowed
from his breast as much as ten feet
There was hardly any perceptible ex
citement until alter the murdeied man
had expired, and then began that om'n
ous deathly buzz which is so expres
sive and threatening oil the Border,
where there is no law but that of supe
rior strength and no justice but that of
popular impulse.
'tVlio was be?"
"Who killed him ?"
'Where is the murderer?" were the
inquiries repeated a thousand titties
over, and presently the crowd began to
surge in a particular direction, indicat
ii g tliat the homicide Lad been dis
The man killed was Joseph Cannon,
an Englishman, who ! had come from
Australia a mao of giant stature and
strength, considerably above mx feet in
highland weighing perhaps 230 ponn Is
The person who killed him was a Utile
Mexican woman, from Mazatlan, uouou.
ally small even for her diminutive race.
Cannon . was a good-natured, carousing
miner, and very popular with his asso
ciates, who were chiefly English and
O -1 ..a .a i .
ocoicn satiors wiin tne usual propor
tion of "Sydney ducks,as Australian
people were then called, i On the night
of the 4th, immediately preceding the
murder be bad been o a spree, and
"ran all night" with his rough friends,
who in their hilarious j intoxication,
went about knocking at people's doors,
and making them get up to drink no
body minding that, then ; the sailors
had plenty of money and were disposed
to throw it around lavishly. In the
course of their raid Cannon and his ca
rousing friends kicked at the door of a
certain clapboard shanty, which having
only frail, leathern hinges, fell in, and
the rude visitor ran away. The cabin
was inhabited by a young Mexican and
his reputed wife. The man dealt monte
in a neighboring saloon, and the woman
took in washing. In the state of socie
ty at that time the two were living
respectably and by their united exer
lions were making money. The wife
was rather a pretty little woman, show,
ing the Indian features Wry disfinctlyV
and was about 24 years j eld. It was
sai she had been of loose character.
ana had killed two other men but of
that I never had any authentic jufofma
tion, a'nd so far" as their lieihrrVsaid,
the pair were living honestly and rVpu.
fab'y, with no more f candle than gener
ally fell to the lot of a young and good
lookiPff ro'rnao in those ioagTi oid
times. .
On the following morning having
somewhat recovered from his debauch,
Cannon heard he had .broken into
the family V; door and rted off to
pay the damages and make an apology.
While standing o'ri the outside, talking
in broken Spanish to the Mexican, Can.
norij placed a band on each door post,
andwhile iathat situation the woman
p'rang out from a place of concealment,
and with a long, sharr bowie knife
subbed huff throftgli'tTw"4center of the
breastbone and clear into the bean. Tfie
blow mast bve Iseen tremendous, to
tins have cntthroofii bis strong andj
gigantic anatomy, uannon reeled back
into tbe middle of lbe treet, 'fell with a
groan, and waa carried into an unfinish
ed house, where the roufder cry was
given, aa related in tbe foregoing.
Cannon having been a popular leader
among the , rougher sort of miners, a
.-: :.- ! fir ; , . ; '
cloud of indignation rose rapidly
an( with ominous portent. There
was a standing-feud between the
rusty looking miners and the flashy
dressed gamblers ; the homicide woman
belonged to the latter class, and woman
though she, was, it was resolved that
she must die. The crowd continued
to increase and gather resolution and
fury ; the woman had not only murder,
ed a' popular miner, but she was the
wife of one of the hdted tribe of gam
blers ; and die she must! Some of
the more humane citizens offered to in
to fere and stay the horrid proceedings,
but they were at once intimidated and
put downne or two of die more demon
strative having been driven out ot the
villigte lo fear of their lives! . A lynch
court was summoned, and twelve jury
men eagerly responded. One or two
lawyers volunteered tor the prosecution,
but none for the defense, .There had
been a Fourth ot July celebration the
day before, and the shed, something
like a campmeeting preacher's stand,
was still there ; and to that Judge
Lynch and his court, together with the
prisonej-, repaired, and the triai began.
A leading physician, Dr. Cyrus D:
Aiken, tvho died recently in Downie
ville, an honored citizen, was called as
a witness, and wishing to save the poor
wretch, gave hi3 opinion that she was
eucien'e; a howl of inbred nlity was
raised and he was driven from the stand,
had to fly the town, and durst not
return foi- two days.. A cettnin Mr.
Thayer, from Nevada, undertook to
make a speech in defense of the priton-
er, but he was kicked off the platform
and the crowd below opening a gang.
way he was beaten off the ground
driven across the river, and fled up the
hill, leaving his 'hat and mule behind
him. A certain man with a white
bandage on his head, took (an active
part in the prosecution, aided by a
young lawyer who thought to gain
popularity with' the miners. The trial
lasted four hours, a rope leaving been
thrown around a small enclosure, like
prize ring, and every now and then
the crowd would make a surge, break,
ing down the ropes and interrupting
the proceedings. Nobodv had the
courage to face the furious mob and
speak for the woman, who sat' with the
stolidity and coolness of an Indian wsr-
rior in council. The Hon. John B.
Weller, who was then running for Con
gress, was at the hotel overlooking the
lynch court and was requester to go
out find speak to the people, but he de
clined. Aa the delicate condition of
the prisoner had been suggested, a com
mittee of doctors was appointed, who
took her . into an adjacent house, made
an examination and retried to the
court that the statement ot her situa
tion was untrue. She was then found
guilty, sentenced to be hanged, and
given four hours to prepare fdr death
All along the prisoner had borne her
self with the stolid fortitude belonging
to her race. In the interval the doom
ed woman made her verbal will, gave
away her little property tor the use of
her various frSbuds, and then was ready
for the awful moment when men trem
ble and pray j but not so that little in.
Carnation ot human heroixm, as she
looked out ait the preparation of the
The gallows -was constructed on a
bridge over he Yuba' river, at the
lower end ot the town. In the middle
ie bridge had two n'prigTits and a
oea'm overhead almost a ready made
scaffold. A piece of scantling was lashed
across from one post to the other, abont
four feet fforri the flooring ;' the tope
and tioose were in ilace i a' stenladder
was procured tor the prisoner to ascend
to the scantling- which answered the
purport of a judo " The prisoner
and her few terrified' friends came down
the street fn a melancholy little corn pal
nfi and op on the bridge np to the foot
ot the fallow There she shook hands
wiin ana iook V pt her friends, and
ascended the ladder with a firm agile
step. Standing on the narrow scant
ling, while "a deal sflenco Ttrcvfliled
if iththevast ciowd of spectators, she
took off A fnWa hat. which she had
borrowed to wear to the gallows, and
deliberately and' skillfully shied it over!
ip.e neaas or the crowd to its owner
jejst wks ot straw, and'sailed on the
wind , V pasta-board card do when
tJ'fowa. - Then she twisted op and fixed
her Iprij black ti!r4 nootbed . dbir'ri
her dress,, placed the noose t found her
ucck in the proper manner and raising
her hand, which she refused to have
tied, said, 'Adios, senors !' Tbe signal
was the firing, of a pistol. Two then
stood with axes to cut the tope and let
fall the scantling upon which the
woman stood. In his trepidation, one
ot them missed bis aim, and failed to
cut the rope, so that only one eud o
the timber fell and the poor creature
lodged in her fall. There Was a cry ot
horror, from the crowd, with fierce oaths
at the awkwardness ot the accursed
hangman ; but another blow dropped
the timber and the body swung. The
rope was new and commenced untwist.
ing the body whirling aroundtintil many
turned away , deathly tick- at heart.
But in a few moments Juanita. was
dead. .. v ,.
. This, terrible scene was witnesseJ by
most of the few women,. who had then
come to the place, and two of them had
their children in their arms , and it is
not long since I read the marriage
notice of those infant spectators, now
beautiful and accomplished young
The body was at length taken down
and carried to her poor abode, where it
was hoped to revive her. A clapboard
was torn off to give air ; but when it
was given out that she was not dead,
the brutal crowd rushed in surrounded
the house and swore that if not dead
she should be hanged again! Hut
Juanita wai -beyond the reach ot their
vengence. f?ark came on, and still
tiger-like many ot the savage wretches
stayed round the house all night. On
the lollowing day Cannon and his slay
er were buried near together on the hill
side, and their half obliterated and for
gotten graves may still be found, if.
indeed, the gold diggers have not dis-
emb'bWled and washed away that prim
itive oemetery. I -saw the graves and
their faded inscription as Idle as 1862.
About . fifteen years ago, when as-
cending.the Feather river to MarysViUe,
I heard that a m&n was dying on the
lower cfeck ot the boat and on going
to see, at once recognized the 'man will
the white bandage on his bead,' who
had beeu a leader ot the mob thirteen
years oeiore, wnen tne woman . was
bung in Dowuieville. He was dying
miserably and friendless, and his re
mains were left at liuba. I had for-
gotteti his name, but he was the identi
cal leader ot the lynch court, as was
afterwards ascertained. The young
lawyer who led the Prosecution after-
wards ran for the Legislature, but was
beaten because ot his participation iu
that shameful affair, ami, about eigh
teen years ago, he was killed by Indians
in Nevada Territory. Nearly all the
prominent actors in the tragedy are in
ban rrancisco and will recognize tbe
accuracy of this sketch. f
It has been said that Major Jack
Strathlau took part in and urged on
the mob ; but, having beon an eye wit.
uess ot the whole affair, from first to
last, I hereby certify that Jack had no
hand it, but on the contrary tried to
save the woman from death. To have
offered to do more than he did, would
have produced his forcible expulsion
from the town, and the destruction of
his place.
This,J I believe,; is the onfy accurate
and circumstantial account ot that tragic
affair that has ever been given to the
public by an eye witness. For many
years it was regarded as a stigma on
the character ot Downieviile ; but the
chief actors end most, ot the spectators
have long since passed from this scene,
There is no end. to the gullibility of
the public and of worthy scientific men.
A few days ago an account of a pcrpet-
nal-motion machine was telegraphed
from the wilds or Illinois, it was
vouched for by some Chicago scientific
roan. iSow comes a report that tne
Pro'esflor of tbe Mineral Department of
the British Mnseum has publicly an
nounced the "entire success" ot J. Bal-
lantyne Hannay'd experiment in mak
ing artificial diamonds. Doubtless the
value of gems of the first water will not
suffer to any appreciable extent nntil
the ?nny Soot turns out his crystal
ized carbon by the bushel.
England has taken Herat away from Af
ghniiiMan and givcu iMp, Persia' as a, re.
Tvard to thft latter fos her Assistance in the
struggle, with the Afghans,. It is I he west
erly key .oi Alghanlstan, .aryj. sSbrtla the
ofilyrp'jpach to Western Ifidla,. Jt has.
long been viewed as an ," outpost of the
British empire of the east against .the er-
croachnjents of Russia. A rnllroad Is to
be built by EngTnnd from Teheran, .the
capital or Persia, southward to Persian
gulf, which will be wholly on Persian
territory, and will open communication to
within seventy miles of the Caspian sea.
Slgnor Antonio, many tlmps und oft
VVder 51 Ito yoU hve bs'l me
About rny;mrney, und said dot
I took more Interest in a year.
As der brinclpal was com to !
Still have I. borne all dose mlt
A patient shrug.
For. vat you call It? sufferance?
Vas de badge of all onr tribe :
Yon call me bad names
Miibelievcr, ctit-thront, son uv a gun.
Cheep Slion. and so on.
Veil, den, it now appeared -Dot
you need my helup I
You come to me nnd yon said.
Mister Sliylock. old poy, I vonlrt
Like to borrow dree dotisand dollars
Till next Saturday t you said so?
You dot haf booted one,
ttW' dn?e' T1 tlrriesi j
Und spurned me from your threshhold"
IJke a tog. Ajoncys Is your suit then t
By goodness, yon have mow -shrek
As a book agent, t S&mld t not said i
Hurt tog money?
De a son fry a itq ' . -
Keep a bunk account ?' . ' :
Didn't It been sn Impossibility
Dot a cur should lend yon..
Dree dousarid dollars? , OK . .' ; .
SJmll J.bcnd low. iinrl in a hnrlim,n,
Mlt bated breath find vhiapereti humbleness
tjrwu 11.13 ;
Fair snr.yon spiton me on Vedqesday last,
You epuhied me on ThHrsdsv,
On Friday yofi told me to vine off
Mine shine off;
A under dime vou called me
Old stick-In-der-mud :
Und. now, for dose l!ngs
I lend you a five cent nickle
Ind topk .n morfgnge '
Ou ybtir old paid head ! Don't It?
Another Railroad Boom.
We are reliably Informed that the Frank
fort committee of the bondholders of the
Oregon and California Railroad Co. have
nnder consideration ,the construction of
branch roads from the. main line of their
road to Silverton in Marion . county, and
from Albany to Lebanon in t,lnn county.
A meeting, we leant, has been called and
will meet in a few days to decide finally
upon the matter. There is no doubt bitt
that the construction of the branches will
be authorized and work commenced at
once. Tlie branch from Albany to Leban
on has been a matter of negotiation be
tween the people of the last named town
and Mr. Kohler for ome time ; and is
: now brought before the committee by that
gentleman, who is at present in Germany,
In pursuance ot his understanding with
the citizens of Lebanon. ',
The construction ot the Oregon and Cat
itornla railroad will be a great benefit to
the people of Marion and Linn -counties,
tnd will be especially advantageous - to
the towns of Silverton and Lebanon, each
ol wbich-wlll be a terminus of a branch
road and will necessarily become the wheat
depot and center of trade of a considerable
section of country.;. This will be more es
pecially the case if the people of the east
side should not succeed in getting the pro
jected narrow guage railroad. We hope
the expectations ot the officer of the com
pany will be realized, and we shall be able
to announce soon that the. construction of
. i i . . . -? . . ' . .
mcse orancnes nas Deen autnorized by tbe
The farming class do not figure very
largely in the present Congress ot the
United States. ; The American Ccrrespond.
ence classifies the members as follows :
The Senate is composed of 78 members.
of whom 59 are members of the legal pro-
tesjion. ut 233 representatives, 219 are
lawyers. .. The President and Vice-Presi
dent of the Republic and almost all the
heads of the departments are also lawyers
There Is only one physician in tbe Senate
and slin the House. In the Senate there
are also eight merchants, one journalist,
two planters, two agticulturists, oue bank
er, one mine owner, an 3 only one- person
witjiotttiry professions "retier," as they
would be called iu Europe. In the House
there are twenly40 merchants, five
bankers, three capitalists, two Inventors,
five manufacturers, two professors, twelve
farmers, one architect, four journalists,
two Clergj meii,' one stone-cutter, one In
surance agent, two cabinet-makers, and
three agents of transportation Hues.
feelore timber steps are taken to popu
larise the electric light It would be well
to appoint a committee pt experts to de
termine the effect of that agent on tbe
organ of sight. It is, the Lancet thinks,
by no means certain that the light can be
used for ordinary purposes such as-read
ing and writing, without Injury. In any
event this is a matter for Investigation,
and the issue raised is too serious to be
treated without due consideration; : There
is a question, that some peculiar effect Is
produced by this agcqt ; and it the physi
cal effects on the organism are. In any de
gree proportioned to the sensation, they
can scarcely be without consequence.
The inquiry should, tor the sake, of the in
ventors and the pub He, be undertaken
and completed without needless delay.
Professor Collier of the 'AjrtcUltuWl De-
pai tment, has several barrels of excellent
sugar: on band, niade ttata sofghutri and
cornstalks. He says that bis observation
warrants the .statement that tbe cause of
previous failures- on the part of experi
menters hi. making Ugar from sorghum
Is. toJ ioqud.Jn the facttJutt ther iuvari-
bly cut ills stalks too' Jo jhe season,
hystalk .must be rully.Diature and ripe
before sirup will crystatize. . : v
The beet-sugar crop ot Europe. Is fUis.
yjeajr estimated at 1,0 10,000 tons,-. befng
11U.UW tons mora than last yeas, and the
cane sugar crop of the United States "la .
nlacad at S(XflfsVhoelwada this
St. l. . ra o - v v( iwiu
ouble the quantity ever produced before,
yet this aggregate amount is smatt com
pared with the world's product.
Bnylock to
:: . . .
Whooping cough Is waking the echoes
about Canyonvi'le.
Horse iraclng Is the regular Saturday
amusement at Mola'.Ia.
Stock In Josephine county Is faring bet' V
terthan n many other local i tie?.
The editor of the Jacksonville Time' la'
presideut of the literary association of that.
citv. : .' -'
r-oner langnlshoiS" In- the Rosebnrg
jiti. .or obtaining a pair of. hoots nnder -false
pretences. - - - '.
Kepojta front Lake county are again iV
favorable, ami a heavy loss of stock la
that section is anticipated, v- r V
.. A literary.soeleti to which ladies are ad
mitted on eorial teims witb neii, has bcea.
started at Jacksonville. ..y.
It Is feared that sohwjfjf tba ?it f tat
uc-.u sown; in Jac, on county will V
uuii, auu rcsowing D,ecesstcateu-
Mr. Thomas Brown of Oardon fn.ii
has been as disastrous to UaffSTas county
interests as was the w inter of 1861-62.
Walla Walla dismisses fear of a grass.'
hopper raid. The last snow and ireeze
"fixed them."
At Spoksn Falls, says the Times.Honr U
selling at. the grist mill at six dollars and
a halt and seven dollars per barrel. Y.
Lake county will soon be called upon to
pay- her indebtedness to Jackson county ;
an execution will be issued to facilitate
matters. r
A lodge of Champions of Honor, a new
temperance organization lately In trainee
In this State, wms recently founded at Ash
larirt, with 28 charter members. '
The grand jury recommend the build
ing of a new court house at Jacksonvili.
the present one being uncomfortable, in
convenient and tiiitU to transact the busi
ness ot the count v iu.
Work in the quicksilver mine In Douev
las count is progressing finely. The re-
tort constructed by Dr. Chase, of Califor
nia is almost ready for ttsei mid they will
soon begin to boil out the quicksilver.
A first class anality of lime, has been
discovered fvo miles west ot Dsiliae. The
mine is owftcd by C. Q. Ito well, M. M.
Ellis and T..i)tiiler. :
The Pendleton " school teacher' was ar-.
rested and tried for assault and battery7
upon one of his pupils. The charge wasr
not sustained auu the peuazogue was dis
The Port Madison mill nrorjertv has
been sold for $11,000. The mill is now-
running on two hand's. time, and cutthur.
about, 55,000 feet daily. . -
Whatcom county has granted tour 1iquor
licenses to men intending to petldlo' out
fortr-rod whisky on the nnrwr waters ol
the Skagit and at the mines. t ,
The wood supply ot Jacksonville la
growing short or. account ot the.- tmusu'
amount consumed and the bad roads which
render hauling almost impossible.,- p
Company F, 2ist Infantry, Capt. Riley,
now at Fort -Klamathi,-Oregon, has been,
ordered to Vancouver" Barracks as soon as
the roads are in condition for tbe march to .
Dr. X. G. Blalock,-C. W. Colby and Tft
S. Colby, with a capital stock of $50,000,
are now duly incorporated as a flume com
pany for the purpose of constructing a
flume to extend from the bead waters ot
I lie north tork ot the Walla Walla river to
Milton. ,
The Walla Walla Watchman says :' Xtt
less, than fifteen men Iett the city lately
in search ot land. Everybody wants:
It. We expect a bisr slamnfdB .wf
Spring, but Wheat Will be wheat, for ail
(hat. . . '
Mr. Pate, supervisor of one of the Wnrl-
on county districts, has attached tlie bag
gage of a company ot ChiiHtTherf; worklnr
near Jefterson. for theh- road tat. and l
celestials have carried tlie matter to the
courts. . j
A petition is now in circulation In TVn
Ja3 county praying for tlie construction ef
Kiiiumisi- a, uio niomnoi tne UinpqUa
river, on the South side. The nearest
lghthouse. to that harbor is that on n n.
Blanco.' thfrtV' eiiles south. Th mm.
merce of the river, and of the coast, de
mand the lighthouse as desired, and the.
petition is meeting witb the signatures ot
everyone. : ...
Thomas S. Wilks writes from Green
ville, Washington county, as follows. In,
your issue of the 2it inst. I noticed an
item regartling a little daughter ot Mr.
Backus' having died of starvation. I have
the word Of two men from Jehalem, viz t-
Mn W-eed- and Mr. Knight both nelirhv
bors of Mr. Backtis that the'.etfltement is.
false In every particular. The tacts are as -follows:
On the day ot the storm Mn
Backus was in Washington county, and
he started home two .or three days afier.
He experienced much .difficulty in srettino
over the road and was oVer two days mak
ing the trio, liis family were not desti
tute, as was stated, nor did he go to SLi'
Helens, tor he would hare to pass thfoug?i
the settlement te get to St. Helens. . His-
child died ot some disease resembling a
congestive chill. ... , -
non. T- W. Davenport -recently sold hi
farm neajr Silverton tor $12,000.. -u. .
: Reports from Lake county "are not
favorable, and a heavy loss of stock hi
that section Is anticipated. -
T. B.. Odeneal has organized Banner :
Lodge Jfo. 23, -A. O. U. W.,-at Jackson
ville. . Some ot the best men iu that place
are members. . - 4
The new Iron steamer Cotmnbia, 333 fot-t
long. 35 feet -beam and 23 feet depth t -hold,
built for the Oregon Steamship Com
Danv. was launched at Roach's yard.
Chester, Pa., on the 24th.
The Xew XbrteiTinies Is authority tor the-
statement that the vegetable known as the;
Jerusalem artichoke is neglected without
cause, and that its merits warrant le a
place among our regular table vegetables.
A tew use it as a pickle, but It is claimed
that as. a boiled vegetable it has a, delicate
flavor of Its o wo which faintly recalls the
truffle and that it is really excellent. It t
even better when used, after boiling, int
cold salad, and as stuffing fof . foivJs; and
the component part of soiip Iff U filghly
recomended. In conclusion It Is-eafd -that -
at this season ot the j ear w hen. tlie addition
ot a alngle vegetable is of decided advan-
tage,nene have better claim lor a posUIoti
at the -table, tlian the Jerusalem artichoke..
But it seems to have the Ul fata to l'i?3 a
bad name and is shunned in cc-oseu.--:-: .
It is exceedingly hardy and yieU-i jo vr."
that It )3 hard to s'-in ressi It '.vhia t -.C"J