The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, February 27, 1880, Image 1

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    NO. f2 :
n usr&xss CARDS.
Oa this Space Four 'Weeks.
V: :.
v- Coining I
' vlln 33
his friend and the public generally, that
i now nettled In his
Sew business house,
n.the old sland next door to P.C. H:irper A Co ,
vhera ran. ixs tottuu as greax an assonmcui uiki
lArjre a stock of
Stoves aid Eanges
tamn befonnd In any one house this side of
Portland, aim ai
Callroit, Brass dkEnuineled
iu crcv.l variety. Also,
1 1n; .. . .. .
' Sheet Iroit, -
Italianized Iron,
f1wv on hand, nlttt uutls to order, AT LIV
C3o.ll on TTlm.
.Albany, Oetolier 22. lST.vsvS
Coraer First c.i.4 Silswarti rts.,
Hn ajcaln ta.kch charec of the
felly Drug Store,
WIn pnrrhr.wl.tb entire ,kittr"st rf C. W
iaw. titocawr to A. Cnr!:c.'3 & Co., and is
oar jrecelv iris a. .
SpisaSid- Ifo-f' Stock,
valeh. add't ,t: tiie former, renders it very
CCtfHHAft: " R '' Hffereirt departments,
reeling aured that ail can be suited in both
Quality ani Pric3$
, . . - . j )! --
enrdiall v invites h old friends and cUctom
Ma give'litm a call.
WllIJWeoiTai hi"m' lfare and. careful atfc'.uich
Mil iMun, lay una BlJTht.
. Paro Wines and Liquors for mcdicina
I . S AlT 31 A W S 5 1 :
rirrt trcct, 3 doors west of Ferry,'
HOLACUSP- & GpSTZ, Prop'3.
HVIti purehJl the City Market. L w ill
kaapeonstantly on haml all kinds t-.Mis
tno ry be to lie oiiaiiie' in iik'uiuhi.
I will strireat ail times to meet tc wishes of
ail wito mar favor me with thtfli' pairouue.
X . . . .... I , .it . -
Hop whea tn want of meats. eTXhe liisliest
ukwOiiildfarPOIllC. SlvlQyU
Bier bood!i ! ,cw Departure !
Store hMly wwly Mt a. I'. IHtvis i riud
living iut added t licre,o a new iu voice late
C&aicf llilliaeiy, TriiatoiajsV
TtonaetK. Ilatx. Ac-. tiOres plensnre in. Inylrtns
Wie lad KM of Allmitvpjlid vicinity trf call and
i,peet tor tlfemivfr All -ooda will -be sold
at m4etltdry competition. .- , -
Haying aeenrerf the scrvlccnof a first class
I .Dressmaker ! .
rl make, rfftwxen in
nv atv'le dered. at short ifotlcc and ill aills-
faetorv manner. : j ' '
e?'SIakin C.lothlns; forcliilrtren a specialty
.Store on north aide-Of Flrat.east of Kllewortlf
treU Xoa are invited to call. J.'r.--
. jt. 1879.
Iaiillitla ladiaa Eeaedies.
Aflnre Shot For
Tr- ' ' o " - -a. - TTT 1
i JL m-vjt J -a.
the Indian trlle4 of t ho const and the inte
rtor, I have ha4 the uroo.l fnrtnn to dincoi-rr,
iraxn the 3fe.Ur'ton men of t he several trihes,
and from other wfturce. a nnmberof temei.lios
tor disease inci.lcrl to this eonntrv,-eonit
yM otroots, herbs and bark, and ' Hitvinir 1mm;jv
Roiieitad by many iK-nplj of tliU valley, whir
nave tried and proved the cfHrnr y,-of tlietn in
ttoa, to proenre and irr the aHide for vale,
I take this means of an niiuncma to all tliat,
rinB tbwt aensoit.l have tuuiean extend-
ton r through the moniitaii and vn!ievr4
.i mi. wemen eurittm . or laese reuieaiea
which are a sure care for "-'
FovWr and ArtcT.
t vjw V '-. . t p.,
Thoaenrferlax fronv-Ajfuo Who desire to xv
fnreii,e leave orIcr at. Mr. Strong 'a sor ori
lrntei rtet. wbera IwUI furnish Mia reinediei
ikrraaimg a radical euro ori will demand no
4,, Earned ie done tip in 41 packaea. X'irl
t: f a von ,i and expense urtuimntei'Hl to Airta
i f I Oui Lt in. bilAW CO., Aai?"t- Miue
-.. . vliirilyl ..
Attorneys at Law
-lJ5.4jvi', - ohegojt.
OFFICE-In Foster's new brick block, first
door to the left, up Muirs. . vllnlS
Attorneys at Law and. Solicitor
In Cluuieery .-.
Albany, - Okeoox.
COLLECTION'S prompt I v made onjll points.
Loans negotiated on reasonable terms:,
oaice in Foster's new block. uUvll
(KOTABY prune.)
Attorney . Law,
L- - . -iLBASr, I . : OC.IaJON. . "
"V court of the State. Special at irntion giv
en to collections mid pmlwto umttcrj. Okf.ick
In Odd Fellows' Temple. i47vlO
A I.I J AX T, : : CEU(..
bnsincs.i. 22v9
Humphrey & Wolverton,
Attorney and 4'onnxelora n 1 Ijaw.
L(upstairs) Albany, Oregon. llnl
T ot tlii:iit. okkii-e in roniait uru
Attorney at Law,
a i. ha s y, : oiieu o .v.
OFFICK I'pMnirs, over John Erljjgs'. stot,
ou First street. vlltUB
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Ojnce, Old It Ojn v Tittildinig, Albany, Oregon.
VSTIM. l'UACTJC; in the dl.erent Courts of
tl-.c Slate. vlln:V2
FFIC-fc-Tn Parrish blin-k, north side First
All business proi'-ptly and cr.rcfully attended
. ; vllnsa
k. ei. J. cisi:iicaiiL,L,j
IIotBoropnthfe Ili5 sicinu and Snrseoa.
OFFICE Tn-Prf rrlshVi brick. All-.nny. Oittron.
i -1. route t! 'tirase u S:muliv. '" U; tonnfi
nt inv office at nil hours of Hie day or nisht,
when not professionally rt'.jscnt. vlinie
3. SI R31AX, M. !.,
f . -
near Albany Jtutjine Co. No. One's engiuc
Albany, Or., Jan. 9, 18S0-vl2nl5
FSaysi;ia aftcl Surgeon
Fromaus's Iirick, up stairs,
First street, .Albany, Oreispu.
Vi C. IiELL,Y, 31. !.,
KJ Kestldeiici-uiieduor uorlliol l-'rooui facto
ry, Lyon street. llvlS
J. 5t. rotrrLL, M. n.
Physicians & Srt'reoiis,
OKFirK--At I.elmnon Drug Store. t'nij
JVMl'S F. WUlTlXfi, AliXIST,
Fresco, Sign, j Scene.
Pictorial IPalinti
Koninw B and 7, Parrisli block-corner First
and Feiry streets, Allmny, Or''!.!i.
-r-oenler in
Heavy aiiu Sh&f Hardware,
Iron, Htel antl SIebnlr Tool,
First door east ofv E. Yourt)?, . .
ALhAXYt . . ivliiii-) . ! on&oolr.
lealer and Slannfacturer of
Nrt Vaneerius o Shatn. Also wespn .yiu
Maple and Pine Suit". Spring. !. l"re
Hair Matrasses. Also M"-, Wool, Pnlu and
trar Kedon hand and made at Lowest llatt-.a.
Wo-k and iids warranted as repreauine I. .
Carn icfttid sad rerry St-i., llbnny.
. : : H
Alb&nv - -, . Oregon.
irig Jewelry a' specialty. Call., . IlnI7
ia-eutH for ,Stw II me" Hewlnjr Utf-
ft weefe In vonr o-wn town, a! oiit fit free.
at. wh inU rxirwons of it her. mi can make srreat
.'iuti.irUK. luntter. u yon want a ousinesa
rsfcVH-it ine rune a ien lueyiwoi-K. wi-nw nrr
t tenia.' t! ix. itA.iui.LlT & fo., Portland, Me.
The Old Iinrns Tenantry.
llY U. F. TAYI.OH.
Tlie rooster stalks on tlie manger's ledge.
He has a tAll like a sctmetar's edge.
A marshAl's plume oh ljisafglian nwkt
An admiral's stride on his citlarter deck.
II rules the roost and he Walks the tiny
With a dreadtul cold and Turkish way,
Tio hroadsides fires vlth his rni" V. ings
This sultan proud, of a line of kings
One guttural laugh, tour blasts ot horn,
Five rusty syllables rouse the morn !
The Saxon lambs tn thelr.jivoolen tabs '
Are playing school with the a, b, abi ;
A. el I. O! Ail the cattle spell
Till 4 hey make the blatant vowels tell.
And half a liHigh wltiuny fills the stalls
When down iu tie rack tlie clovrr fulls.
. i i -i .. "
A doye is Witltzing. round hi mate, t .
Two tiievroiss black on Ms 'wings of slate
And showing off with a wooing note
The satin shine fit bis golden throat
It is Ovid'a "Art ot Love" re-told
In a binding tine of blue and gold I
Ah, tlie blrxorii girls that helped the boy.;
Vhe tiobier lielens ot humbler Iroys
As they stripped the huk with rustling
From eight-rowcil corn as yellow as gold.
Uv. the canille-lisrht tn tlie plimnkiniboWls,
And the gleams that showed fantastic Iiole
In the quauit old lantern' tattooed tin,
From the hermit glim set Hp within j
Br the rarer light in the g'Hi.h eyes
As dtrk as wells, or as blue as skies.
I hear the laugh when the ear is red,
I ee the blush when the forfeit's paid,
Tlie cellar cakes with the.ancient twist.
The cider cup that the girls have kisseil.
And I see the tiddler through the du-ik
As he twangs the ghost ot "Money Musk !"
Thb hovs anil gd-ls in doiiblo row
Wait face to face till the magic bow
Shall whip the time from the violin.
Aud the merry of the feet begin.
Oi:c Kind Act.
One dreary November twil'ght.
Dead leaves taiuiug down at every gust
of the inoii.staiit wind strange, spicy
f-ceuta rising out of tlie ground ai;d
new rrioii hanging like a pickle of
blood otet tlio purpled dark of tl.e
southerly sky.
Jjredry Snd cliilly, a dying year; a
fast gloaming diisk ; jet the window
of Mrs. OxgaittV old brown farm house
hung out their cheery signals behind
tlieir 'ringed cotton ctfrt.iitiRj and when
the kit'jhei. door ovened, yon could see
the red shine ot. tl.e blazing logs, il-.e
figures coming and going like a minia
ture magic -lantern. . I
It was Dora Osgate who opened it,
aud came tinting out to tlie well, wiih
a scarlet awl fej-tooned over her head
and an empty cedar pail in. her hand.
As her light, feet patted over th3 carpel
of autumn leave in the - pathway, e!ie
fang a snatch from vhat good old-fashioned
hymn :
Hock ot ages clfl Rr m?.
, .I-t uie hide myself in thee.
"X!y goodness alive !; What's that ?"
For as the words trilled sweetly from
her tongue, a tall dark figure JriCd risen
from the low wooden bench un.ier tlie
apple tree, wlios-e branches oVerhurg
the well. j . i :, .
"Don't be alarmed," said a deep,
sweet contralto voice, with a scornful
intonation in its sound.; ,?lls iii3y-me,
Doia; Joanna PZlfield.; What then?
Have I fallen so low that I am no long
er wortliy to e?t, beneath the old apjile
tree.', it fo, tell me at onco, and I'll
"You know thit I did not mean that
"ItV hard to tell what peoplo mean
cr dont mean, nowadays," raid Joanna,
picking nt the mangy fringe of the fray
ed raj. oi $ Miaw!.., was tireil, I
wanted a drink of water, m l came td
the old well. I'll go away if you say
so." ' ,
"Joanna," raid ; Dora hesitatingly',
"are you hili'tgry: ?" . " . .'
"Hungry ? . l?o. ; There' a sort of a"
draving, though in my stomach, which
is next to it, suppose., . ' . -
'; "Would yoO like something to cit?'f
"I don't beg." ; y v . - !
"Wait a minute, Joanna." . v . . ;
Like an arror Pora Oxgate shot bacS
into the house, wnero lier thrifty moth,
er was just, getting" the teapot on tin?
table. Fiwh. LaTed : waffles.? steamed
on one ride; hot biscuit werejiled in
drift of snow on the other ; preserves!
gleamed redly through the. cat glas of
the small dish, and liquid honey oozed
from lump of, comb. "Forlfg. Dca
con I'eabody and her 'daughter Com.
fort, -were come to lea, and. Mrs.J
Oxgate 'was a housewife to be excelled
by none. .'--.. . .0
; 'Come Dora, quic with that water,"
ftaid Mrs. Oxgate, "and shut the door.
Wbat do you suppose is the use of fires,
"Mother," said Dora, speaking in a
slightly embarr&f Bed toiie, " Joaatta El-
field is out by the . welll She is coll
and hungry, acd "
Mrs. Oxgate's face hardened into
lines of stone. Miss Comfort Peabody
drew her skirts close around lief with
an involuntary . movement and Mrs.
Peabody. looked hard into ths bowl ot
her teacup. , - . . m , ...
"Thrin let her stay cold and Iiung'
for all of me! Joanna El field is nq
associate for either 3ou or me, -Dora 2
She has run away from borne, and acted
with common, strolling play actors
she has siing at, to concerto instead of
keeping that line voice ot hers tor the
temple ot the Lord she has, of her own
ireo will, given op ill that is decent
and reputable, and people do say that
she has taken to.drinking ? And you.
eipect me to opca riy door to such as
her?" -
Mrs. Peabody uttered a sympathetic
groan.,, ... .. .
"Hutrhamnia," faltered Dora, halt
frightened, at her own iHildtiess, "doh't
yon" reroerriher that He carne to call, not
the righteous, but sinners to repent
ance?" ,
"Silence, girl 1 Hovsr dare you (uote
the Scriptures to me?' cried, Mrs. px
gale, her stern brows clouding over
darkly. ' liring in that pail of water at
once, and let us have no further dis
cussion.'' . - ...
Thus rebuffed, Theodora Oxgate
crept back into the chill, troe'y twilight
dejected andempty haurTed.
"Ah,' said Joanna Elfield, shortly.
'I thought how it would be; Well,
it's nothing new. Fyeiybody's doors
are closed aginst roc.''
"Is it true, Joanna ?" whispered
Dora, coming close to her.
Is what true?"
"That you drink." j
"Of course it's true. Yba Would
drink if" you were driven as I aas. Driv
en and hunted ! There are times when
you wo'nIJ sell your whole soul tor a
chance to bo found in drink." ,
"Oh, Joanna, I am sorry flr yon."
"Sorry ! say thai again, lass ! people
have mostly lelt off being sorry for me,"
said Jt.anna with a hard l:ui''li.
"But listen, Joanna. Dd be seriouft
Won't you do differently V"
"I am not so bad- as the folks think
me, Dora Oxgate, except the horrid
.craing for drinks I havelcen nothing
worse than wild and wt'Iftil. Dclieve
me, child, for it is God's truth. Only,
when a girl gets on the down bill
every Christian man or woman thinks
it is their duty to give her yet another
'Then you will try to retrieve yoiir
own self?"
"How can I? What is there left fi.r
' Your superb toice, Joanna."
"Yost would have nia sing myself in
to fe"eclability,ch? ' And iu the mean
time I should starve."
. "You need not starve,Joanna. Here!"
Quick as gfitnifig, she drew a small
gold chain, with a locket shaped like a
hcait dangling at Its end, from her
necK. , r i ' '
Dear J oanna, ta e t TiiiJ'. . .It is vfort fi"
m'eney, f know, and it is all I have in
the world to give. Sell it and use the
money for your own needs."
Joanna Elfield started vaguely at the
gleaming trinket. "
" in Earnest, Dora ?"
"Of course I am. Ilnsh ! Mother is
calling me. I must go." ''
"God bless you tor this," said Joan
na huskily. VAu.'Dora ouo .word
tiiore I'm lonely, Jcanna Elfield, bat
it Von will, let me kiss you just once."
,v MJS ot ?6wer, Theodora Ox-
gate threw her arms around "' tlie tall
girl's neck, a'nol . pressed her soft, cold
lips close to tl.e other's ild month.
And as t.lie did so, something ; plashed
on her cheek a hot, round tear.
i The next minute Joanna Elfield dis--
apfeared .into the. world of shaddws
that was hovering pyer all tlte aiilumri
landscajKj. And as'sfie ifei.t she" mrfV
raurei?', uncoiiscioti's that she was speak
ifrg aloud:"- ,
, "Some one believes in rne yet 1 In
me I It's a strange sensation, and yet
't gives, . one ' soinetliitig to live for,
after all!" . ....
Dora Theodora 1 Wliy 4ott
yoti' answer f - Cut no ons- thinks it
worth while to listen to-rne nowaday'"
J f " - "sj , f
It was Mrs. Oxgate's shrill, p'omar
TOic&i ana wrs. vxgate, helpless from
paraly'&fs, sat in Iter cu&liiotied chair iu
the snnny doorway.
"What is it, rnamma ?' as&ed Dora,
coining to the door.
The Oxgate farmhouse had drifted
sadly to decay. Fences had fallen ;
gates bung creaking on one hinge ; sun
ny pasture lands were neglected ; grass
meadows had toppled over with their
own weight ot harvest. And Mr;'Oit
rate herself looked, as she sat in tlie
dor way, like the very genius, of decay.
"The carriage with them grand peo
ple that lias bought tbe G.lenwood place.
A gentleman dr&ssed like the Prince of
Wales, and a lady whose diamonds
flash tit to blind one.- Ah me! It's a
fine thing to be young aud rich. Look!
the carriage is stopping J Pcriir ps they
hare dropped something.:. Sr. re as I live
the ladyV coming, back, trailing tier
purple silk dross in the dust like it was
dorrie.'tiij. gingham. Oh, lear me, I
wish I had my best list on."
She gave lief apton a twitch and
t,ried to settle her scant skirts over her
poor, useless .feet .as the tall, stately
figure swept Up to the door. h'
"This is the Oxgate Place, is. it not?"
the lady asked iu a deep, sweet voice,
that betrayed her at oiice. Dora an
swered promptly: t
"Thw is the Oxgsto Place ; and yoti
oio .feanna Elfield.',-. "
v "Not Joatu.a Elfield now ; but Jo
anna AveneT, she rejoined, smiling
and flushing. "Here is my husband
George, this is the friend I told you of,
Whose hatid, ten years ago, lifted me
out of the darkness aud set me in the
tight path. Oh, George., you don't
know how mucli I owe to her !"
Mrs. AVenel was weeping softly how
yet the smiles shone brightly through
her tears.
"Dora," sli3 aldel, "that was the
turning point in my life. See ! I have
jour go'd chain wiih the heart , yet. 1
knew then that one human being Jiad
tail h in ma still, and it renewed the
fountain of life within me! Dora,
Dora, you are my guardian angel
God b!ess you for it." ,, , .
I'eop'e wondered -rnuch tlt3t .those
rich Aveneis ot the Place had an insig
nificant oi it. like Dora Oxgate so much
with them, to say nothing of thai tire
rotuo pronnj old r bore, her mother.
But Mrs. Avenel was a,great lady, and
of course could be excused for having
her whirris one of vhioli was always
to wear a thread-like chain of gold
about her neck, with a heart-shaped
louket. hanging from it.
"When she could have dismonds in
stead !" said Miss Comfort Peabody,
who had of late observed that she had
always thought Joanna Elfield to be a
And Dora Oxgate, although she had
settled into a solitary, hard working
old maid, knew that her apparently
purposeles life had not been hi vain.
"For there is joy among 'the' angels
ot Heaven over one tini er "that re
penteth.'' ; . i -
Demorallxnllon foiiarifiient on Irre
liloii. OricS let men thoroucrhly believe that
... ... e
secret crimes haie no witness but the
leriKtralor ; that human existence has
no purpose, and human virtne no un
lailing friends ; that this brief life is
every thing to us, aud that death is to-
tal, everlasting extinction ; oifce et men
thoroughly abaiidon religion, and wbo
can' conceive or describe the extent of
the desolation which would follow
We hope, perhapS that human laws
a"n'if natural sympathy would bold so
ciety together. As reasonably might
believe that, were tlie tutu quenched in
trie heavens, .our torches would illumi
nate, and our fifes quicken aud fertilize,
the creation. What is there nji hnman
nature to awaken t respect ami tender
ness, if man be the unprotected insect of.
a day?" And what is ho . more, r it
aiheisin be (rue ? ; Erase U tlio'ugiit
and fear ot Go(l from a' c'orrtrriiMifly.and
SolfishHess a'nd sensuality woul absorb
the whole man. Appetite, kVowinsr no
restraint, auJ p'ivert!yt and suffering
baying no solace of hope,, would trara
plo in scorn on' the rcstialnt. of linman
laws." yi'rtr.e, duty, principle, ' would
be mocked and spumed as unmeaning
sou -ids. A sordid relt-inlerest would
supplant every' oiher teel;ng", and raan
would become,, in fact, what the theory
of atheism declares hica to be com
panion lor brutes. "v :j ;.V,.. ...
. Wee the proposition to choose Presi
dential EfcCtorby Congressional dis-.
tricts applied in all the States, it would
tsass tlie sagacity of ths o'dest politio
ian to predict the result ot tlie tiext
elc.cton ; it would, however, bemre
.likely to fairly represent the will ot
the people than our present method ot
How Sbv Wm Saved.
At Baden Baden, about twenty yearn
ago a Hungarian count, Christian W ,
and his daughter Helen came to pass the
seasqn. The yonng comites, charming
a.nd beautiful,. aftd heiress to a large tor
tune bequeathed her by her mother, was
soon urrounded by a boat of admjrerfl.
She speedily became captivated by one
of the 'faciei-..worthless ot her suitors,
Carl M' , because he had a handsome
face, and long, black wavy hair, Wa"
gifted with extjtiisiie taste, danced
marvelonsly, and possessed rare powers
as a ctngq,K Carl was a noted gambler
and given to Jisipfrt,on and Connt
Christian. beoame posfctsed.of informal
- - ,t'v' "
tion that tlie young chevalier bad quitted
Naples in consequence ot some scandal
ous adventure in which he bad been
implicated. k "'
Helen was so completely infatiiatcd
with Carl that she gave no heed to the
advice, the prayers, or even the orders
t her father. She Would not believe
the reports of the disgraceful anteced
ents ot her, wily lover. The condition
ot affairs brought the old count, poss
essed of a remarkable, degree ot firm
ness, to the determination of originating
some plan whereby he cxid effectually
overcome the persistent efforts of CarJ
to secure.his daughter, as well as con
viuce Helen that to save her from such
an unprincipled man was a deDd of
paternal tenderness and care. .
The chevalier had contiuued adroitly
in his work ot ensnaring the young heir
ess, and finally in direct terms asked her
to elope with him. lie wrote a uotea
proposing a clandestine meeting at an
hour when her father was iu the habit
of going out to play whist with some
gentlemen of his , acquaintance, that if
she favored the proposition she wear in
her belt a rose as a" sign ot consent.
Count Christian, buying intercepted the
letter, look occasion : soon after to ap
proach Helen, and asking her to go out
with him, at the same time -bai.iling her
a flower, remarking : "Fut this in
your belt s an ornament." tShe smil
ingly obeyed. Iu tjourse of their walk
they met Carl, who bowed, and was
overjoyed to notice that Helen had
carried out his request.' t
The Count couducted . his daushter
to the residence of one of ibeir.acquain:.
ances and requested her to. wait uiitil
he called for her. This done, here
turned to tlie botlse he occupied oil. the
outskirts of Baden. lie bad sent away
his servant, and was alone. At Hire
appointed hour Carl arrived and leaped
over the garden wall." Finding the
door securely closed, 1 be eutered the
house through one .ot the windows.
V ith pleasurable excitement he hasten
ed towards : Helen's apartments but
great was his' astonishment to find tier
. . . . . . -
father armed with a brace of pistols.
The Count closed tbe door, and said to
the miserable chevalier: ..- ;-'.
"Carl M V I conl J kill yon fl
have the right to do "so. You have
entered my house at night; you have
broken into it. Icauld treat you as a
felon nothing could bo more natural."
But, sir," 'said Carl, trembling, aud
iu an almost inaudible tone, "I. dm not
a robber." . . . , i . . . r
I 'Nol a robber !" exclaimed Count
Chrhtian. "What 'aro - yon, "then?
You liave fcorne to steal my daughter j
to steal an heiress and a frotuue. I
have J'our . criminal , letter, I., shall '
show you uo . mercy. If you refuse'to
o'licy me I will slay you." '
; "What is your will, sir?" " ' -.
" Yoi rcukt -.leave Baden thib instant,
yon must put at least 200 -leagues be -
t ween it" and you, and never come into
the presence '.ot my .daughter,' ." For
yjanr Uavelingexpcuses I will give you
2t,60CT fra ncs. i j 4, t 1 1 -- . .v . x
Carl endeavored to apfeak. ' 5
t'Silence P said the Count,? rt i yoice.of
thunder. -S You' must "obey. 'tq Ibat
secretary U themoneys j take it,' I,.
1 he clievalier entared t,bo remark ;
Permit tfie to - declino your offrrtM
The false modesty ot the young man
was orercorrfe by the frnperiou; gesture
of Ahe old man. '
, "But,'J said Ctirl, "the- secretary is
ocketl.' - ?
: . Break 'the lock, then,",tJreturned the
County aud his pistol in bis band
he repeateil, : Mbreak .ft," of 111 blow
your brains out P.:' r
Cari.obeyeoV:; I'-
"It.ia well. said the ow gentleman:
"tfiose : bank" .notes 4.are .yours . Ilaye
you a pocke'book. witli anything identi
fying it as balonffing to you?"
'YeS." - 1. ' ' ' -"
" Then let It Gait in Tront of the secre
tary which you have broken open."
; "What, sir?" . . .
"I must have proof which will convkt
you. I mean to have all the evidehod
Of burglary. Robber or death ! . Choose
Ah, I see your choice ' is made. . No" '
go before me. I do not quit you uuUI
you are a league from Baden. I return
late, and enter no complaint against
you till to morrow noon. Begone !
Chevalier Carl could rot resift tbe.
compulsory order, and Count Christian's ,
plan was carried out to the very latter.
The affair created great noise and excite-i
ment. Helen could no longer doubt M
to Carl's character, and it was not long -before
his -image was banished from: he
heart," and that was in dtte time surren
dered to one ot her eoufins, a Captain
of an Austrian cavalry regiment. '
.. .t . ' Tbe ' Pie aeaSfon.
A New York: Herald reporter, whet
was interviewing prominent persons on
the subject of pie eating, struck Mr.
Beeclier in the course of his iuterroga.
live tour, and elicited the following: . ,
"Aie you in favor of pie, Mr. Beecb
er?" . ' - --U, '
"Very much, indeed. 1 think it M.
an American ins tit ii tion, nd ought to;
be supported on the ground oi natioti-!
ality.'' ' .
What kind ot pie do you like best?', .
"Well, I think a good app'e pie fea .
elysium. And then again, there i
mince. Mince pie-!- Why mince pia1
is dear to the hearts of all men all ovet
ibe world." " ' .. ' "-' -
"Pie eaters throughout tbe world
will 'be' glad ot your support. Mr.
"Why? lias ie grown into dis
f .vor ?" . ,j r -
"Very much so just now." rf
"I am always on the side ot the weak, j
yon know. I have got through with, j
slavery aud the Chinese, and here I am
now on the side of pie,' " - -
"Do you know any thing about ho ,
pies are trirtde ?7 tr:,' . . . . ;
'I do, sir, a great ;deal;- They ut"
made .with a, to p. aud bottom crust a
light, brittle crust, with the .very choie "
est fruit between. What Njjw England
heart does not swell with pride when
it thinks ot pumpkin pie V ... .
"Are yort going to set up a cook,
shiip ?' said Mrs. Beecher, who was ;
. present. , . .- , .. : -.'. . -; ' - ; -
"Xo," replied ths eminent divine'
turning, toward his spouse, who t was.
making a new dress out of one appar- ,
ently already well advanced in yeart ?
" I am only being interviewed ;, on lha
subject of pie. Just fancy, mother, the '" :
world is turning its back ; upon pie. '
What next? Ah V .heaving a deep,
siglu "It is a cold and changeable ' "
world " 'Suddenly brightening 4 "op. iS
"They tlon't know any thing about Mrs.
l3eecher's pies ; that's fevjdqri 'j wish" 4
die could make pies for tthe whole ,001 - -r
verse, and we. should not have aby of !
this trouble." , t . . .. ..
' "I - think, Mr. Pcecheer, if peopl' '
could get such a pie as that there woo Id '
be a great rage for it.,r ' "
"I haven't the least doubt ot it. Uu
then there's pie and pie the .68,010 aj. -there
are saints and saiuts. There are - -'
bad saints as well as good. saints, and I
am told tliere is some very bad pie. a
no in it mat is bo njucn aoWD 6it '
Well Mr." Beecher, ;the theatrical
people have abused it roundly. , ? ,
. "Have the?, indeed ? I -ara sorry to
hear that You may be sure they hava"
fallen in the way of some bad pie, or. -they
could all come here and " partake .
of the real thing arid be converted into.,
"the true told ot pie, ,1 mean right down : ,
regular pie no pudding.; j Yon can't
humbug me - with - puddings. That
would be delightful. " And now Amer
ican pie is in dispute. A'as, poor pie I '-
Tlie petrified child in the family of '
Jv hi Khislcy, of New Philadelphia
Ouio, continues to attract general alter . ,
tion, and. is considered by all who bay o, -
seen it to. be ,, Uie . wonder of wonders,,.
1 ne narauess nas gradually spread over". "
the entire body,' some portions being o -
hard that not the' slightest indectation
can be made, The case is said U iV.
without a parallel In the history of V
country, and, the singular diseasa.Lsi "
ihus far baffled allmedical akill:. ' IIov
the child can live. In this BoiidiCed : j ,
is the greatefet mystery. 'The.r-'- :
- -, . - .-I", ..- 'I'',,.'. . V M,
are greasy grieved over its ea 1
and are doing everything in tir j
for its rcfief. Globe-DemocraT.
'May, raid a lover to V. .
'give us a , kiss, will you
if au," ' E3i 1 i"&ry,- "1 ..' ) - y