The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, February 20, 1880, Image 4

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Corwer Ferry and First Street.
.. TERJ13-IN
coDy, One year...;:
One copy, alz months.,
tingle copies
....................2 50
.... 1 30
Ten cents.
Agents foe n eclter. ,
J n followinsr named eentlemen are anthor-tze-1
to receive nnd receipt for mibscrlptions
to the Rkgister in too localities menuonra ,
MeJora. Kirk Bmne.;. .Brownsville,
Robert Gla-w CrawforrU.ville,
Hth Hayes. - . ----Hnley,
O. P. Tompkins 4....Harrisburg
..FEBRUARY' 20. IS80
W hy (tome People Are froor.
Brooms are never hung up abd are
soon spoiled.
Nice handled knives are tbrowri into
hot water.
Clothes are left on the line to whip
to pieces io the wine!.
Tubs and barrels are left in the sun
to dry and fall apart.
fSHBfflsV .
-.... Mg!
it boots.
uuns ara not decrease
in numbers, but they aeir advancing
rapidly in eiviliiation. Ol the entire
number, estimated at 275,000, 55,000,
Ot about one-fifth, receive ratiosis frorn
the Government. The number of rations
issued is steadily diminihing;for instance
12,000 rations now given to the Nav
ajoe8, will cease to be issued next year.
About 70,000 Indians are living under
constitutional ami written laws, adopt
ed and administered by J themselves.
There are 112.&03 who wear citizens'
dress; ttese occupy 22,190 houses.
There are maintained among the tribes
S30 schools, in which are lt,515 schol
ars; the sum Ot $337,370 i3 expended
on education, and 40,397 have learned
to read. The number of acres ot land
cultivated by Indians within the
jurisdiction ot the United Slates is
292,550 ; the total of bushels ot wheat
raised by them in 1877 was (j88,723 ;
of corn, 4,656,952 The' horses and
cids and pic?V-v UBualIy tbB
dhta ot the famNy jar
? "givenesa and spiles are' the bej
re VgDgeSgfP; torjromen.
Garibaldi says he has had enough ot
it; and he won't marry agHiri.j
The waves of a woman's handkerchief
have wrecked many a man. i
The great Canadian prophet has had
a sore throat nearly all winter.'
PaqHtte pliers.
to start a tan-
Women are the poetry of the world
as the stars are the poetry ot heaven.
No matter how poor a man is be can
always hold up a lamp-post and whistle.
' - - m , m - f r
Joaquin should be asked to Write the
opening ode for the Milters' Exposition.
Good digestion will do a great deal
more to keep A man straight than good
resolutions. i
mules owned are 216,286 ;
883, and sheep 587,444.
cattle, 2 17,
These facts
Dried fruit3 are never taken care ot in
season, and become wormy. - j are proof that the peace policy ot the
Ragfj strings and paper are thrown National Government is far from being
into the fire. a failure Dr. Clark, one of the Sec-
Pork spoils tor want of salt, and beef i retaries of the American Hoard, has
because the brine wants scalding. expressed the opinion that our Indians
Coffee, tea, pepper and spices are left
to stand open and lose their strength.
Potatoes in the cellar grow, and the
sprouts are not removed until the pota
toes become worthless.
The flour is sifted in a wasteful man
ner, and the pan is left with the dough
sticking to it.
Bits of meat, vegetables, bread and
cold puddings are thrown away, when
they might be warmed, steamed and
served as good as new.
Floating Island.
Among the many natural curiosities
of this country it is not generally known
that there is a "floating island." Up
In the "Siskiyou," lying like a peSfl
in the great mountain chain, is Squaw
lake, a beautiful sheet of water now
utilized by a mining company as a res
ervoir. For many years the late has
been a favorite and delightful resort for
fishing parties and contained nearly
in its center an island, Comprising about
aru acre ot ground covered with luxuri
ant grass and a growth of willow and
alder. It was never dreamed that the
pretty little islanl was not terra firms,
but when the bulkhead acrcsg the out
let ot the lake dammed up its waters,
the island roe slowly until it had been
elevated folly sixteen feet above its
original level. It would be a question
for the naturalist rather than the geol
ogist to determine the age of this float
ing island, as it is evidently made np
entirely ot decayed vegetation. Per
haps at some remote period the roots ot
a tree, uplorn by a mountain storm
and drifting ont in the lake, formed1 the
nucleus from which the island has
.grown, but it seems singular that it
thould have remained anchored and un
changeable in its position. The locali
ty is much frequented1 by pleasure seek
ers who will hereafter notice the in
creased elevation. -
The Jevll dud TomWaf kerf
have made more progress in civiliza
tion in the last decade than dnr'ng the
preceding fifty years. Harper1 'Week.
"Forgive as oar Trespasses.'
A story is told of a certain nobleman
of Alexandria, who complained bitterly
to the bishop of that city of his enemies.
While in the midst ot his tale the bell
sounded fof prayers, and bishop and
nobleman dropped to their knee0, for
mer leading in the Lord's Prayer, and
the latter leaving tor the time his story
untold. When the bishop came to the
petition, "Forgive us our trespasses,"
he stopped suddenly, leaving the other
to go on alone. 1 he nobleman attempt
ed to continue, but, startled by .the
sound ot h's own unaccompanied voice,
and recalled by his companion s silence
to the significance of the petition, stam
mered, ceased praying, and rose trim
his knees, a hopeless man until he
afterward found hope in a Letter di-position
toward his neighbor. ' It is an
easy thing to say,- "Forgive us our
trespasses," by rote; it is difficult,
sometimes, to say it understanding.
It we stop at this petition when we are
repeating the Lord's Prayer until we
have taken in the idea of it, how many
of us will go on ? I
A witty divine said he spent a day in
New York because it was all he had to
spend there.
In a garrie ot cards a good deal de
pends on good playing, and good play
ing depends on a good deal.
One's self-satisfaction is an nntaxeed
kind of property, which is Very unpleas
ant to find depreciated.
It is not safe to criticise a singer's
upper register. She may become heat
ed, which will act as a damper upon
The Foit Wayne Sentinel is daily
proving that an Indiana poor-house is
only one door removed from Satfu's
roosting place.
An ex-alderman in Syracuse, N, Y.,
knew what he was about when he
mariied his cook. It w isn't, three
weeks before she fell heir to $20,000.
The Chief of Police of Ilochester
(N. Y.) says he fri?! break up street-begging-if
ho has to arrest every woman
who hst a husband aud seven children
in the Chicago tire.
There are 500 vacant houses in
Memphis,the result of the great epidem
The General Missionary Society of
the M. E. church in New York has
ordered an appeal to the U. S. supreme
court in the Dalles mission suit, lately
decided against the society in the U. 5.
circuit court tor this district:
Somebody has been asking about
"The Devil and Tom Walker?" The
New York I'imeatajs that it if an old
New England catch-phrase, employed
as a caution to usurers, and derived, it
is asserted, from an actual personage.
Walker was a Bostoniau having been
born there about one hundred and fifty
years ago, notorious for his miserly dis
position. In those days when supersti
tion was rife, he was thought, by ig'nof
ant people, to have sold birmelt to the
devil for a large sum ot money. With
this money he opened his loan office
there, and during the financial panic
which prevailed during the time 1730
1741 -ot Gov. Johnaih&n Ileicher, com
pelled many merchants to pay most nsu
rious rates, causinc several of thenr, it
is said, to commit suicide. He grew
rich and according to tradition tried to
cheat Satan himself; but Satan,- who
has always been moTe or less potent in
that vicinity, determined to foreclose
the mortgage he bad on the old hunk's
aoul- - With this determination he knock
ed at Walker's office door while he was"
screwing the last hundred dollars out ot
a poor wretch who had fallen into his
clutches. The usurer opened the door
and immediately disappeared. The
storv was current that the mysterious
visitor was a black man who had come
ou a black horse and that he had seized
the Bostonian and flown away with
him. A number" of . people at once
searched Walker's office;-but his money
Chests were empty, and the rame , night
his house caught fire and burned to the
ground. ; Torn Walker's fata wm long
cited a a, terible : warnings to usurers.
Bar now, alasf Boston is latf of Tom
Walkers.. ' ,,-5
John Kelly and" Sara' Tildeb' Have
buried the hatchet.- And oh! if tbe
Latchct could reciprocals !-
A Sfeau Miit Buys s Mouse Troi.
Alm&st every city and town lays
claim to the meanest man, but we be
lieve' that about the smallest specimen
ot a mean man resides in Newburyporl,
Mass. A few days ago he called at a
hardware store and represented that he
was troubled with a mouse in his pan
try at home, at the same time asking
the e'erk for the loan of a mouse-trap to
catuT. the animal. The j clerk replied
that was hardfy the way business was
done at that establishment, but inform
ed the gentleman xtfto Was being im
poverished by the mouse that a good
trap could be purchased j tor 20 cents
After some dickering, the bargain was
Concluded, A few days a"fterward,how.
ever, in walked the owner of the trap
with the information that he had been
successful in catching the moose, arid
that the'artfcle vtfould be ot no further
use to him. This was ; followed by a
request that the storekeeper take back
the trap and refund him the original
price. .-- This was rather ja staggerer in
theTway ot chek, But the rrian behind
the counter quietly took ont 20 cents,
passed it over to tfie M. M., and re
marked that he would refund the
money and at the same time present
him With the trap. Gracefully thank
ing him, the M, JO, quickly pocketed
the cash aud trap, and walked out with
the satisfied air of conscious rectitude
Nexcburyport lleraftt. .
A Wood stove is not made of wood.-
Boston Post, Nor is a coal stove
made of coal; y Funy, isn't it? -Detroit
1'ree Press. And a snow plow is not
made of snowV Awfully fotiy, isn't it
usangor Loihmerctal. r either is a
srtonge ealie made of sponges. Te-he!
'Boston Journal of Commerce. Noi
a' head dress ot heads ah, haf ?
1 ; .
A Tittle Oil City girl observed her
mother' measuring cloth, by folding il
up to her nose with one hand and reaeli-
ing dt to arm's leftgtfa with the other
She assumed a thoughtf ul aspect, ancf,
after cogiiat'riig a moment, asked y"llo
ran yon measure cloth that way?1 Can
you smetr a yarar' yuy JJerrick,
A; written mass of confused ideas is "'i?
write-tingla. Si&m .Sunbeam. And
the occupation of the 'lone fisherman"
is . a try-angle. Boston Journal 'of
Commerce. And- a" dispute between
printers m to which "case" certain piec
es of type metal belong might be tailed
a "quad rTTangle.v
'arbollins; Themselves.
One' of the most sickening aflVirs. if.
ntJei-d, It is not the most horrible, which
it eter has been our duty to' chronicle'
ftppeiu'tl last Saturday on the premises
of "Sir. Solon Ki-lley, about eight miles
from lluntsville. There was a hog-killlug
in progress, aud two colored men, Robett
and Dctini IVi'trick, "hrothi-rs, got into a
dispute' abont each other's share iif the
year's crop. A Jong kettle tilled with water
tooil heaf by. The w.-iter hi the kettle
i:vd been heated to sti'eh a high degree that
they were waiting tor it to cool a little In
order to scald hogs in If. The water was
so hot that fhey were atraid it would "set'
the hair ot the liigs. This vvas the high
temperature of the water when the brothers
began to quarrel. Dennis, who was the
eldest, told Robert that he would piU him
in the kettle if he didn't shut up," and
Robert, the preacher brother, told Dennis
that it he put him (Robert) in the water he
(DeuuL-) would have to go with him'. Den
nis caught Robert and pressed him', back
ward in the direction of the kettle. Ite
pressed him, b'tti ot them having their
arms locked meanwhile, until they both
went headlong into tiie seething water.
Their piteous and awful screams and moans
soon attracted others to the place, who
finally extricated thiin from the boiling
They retained theh senses When first
taken out, and fhch intense irgoiiies were
simply beyond' description. Tiiey at obce
complained" oT their hot Clothes,' and when
these were taken front their limbs gnat
flakes Of boiled' flesh went wftli them.
laarfng their bohfcs'ejEp'cseiT'. Their Cfomls
fell out and their hair dropped from their
heads. They had literally been cooked
alive i The sight wos such that t!ioe who
witnessed" it ere vfell-iilgh paralyzed with
horror. ,
All possible measured of relief were tried
during the night,- but Robert died the next
day, and1 Dennis died on Monday Huntti
vtlte Ala' ludepeTulenU
yk Mr. Dimmick prop
nery on iak iy.
The work of building scows for the trans
portation of rock, has been commenced at
There have been but two divorces grant
ed in Lake county since its orgauiztlon.
The Mail learns that arrangements are
being made to raise and repair the life sav
ing station at Cape Arago. ,
non. I. W. Case, O. W. M. of the A.Oi
U. W., has appointed A. D. GloVer and
Mr. fcfotidhue deputies for British Colum
bia. Mr. J. W. Bennett, of the Coos Bay -Vetrs,
has gone to Ireland, and it Is said for the
purpose of biinging back a wife.
Col. Xesmith conducted the fifnersll ser
vices Of Mr. Lute Savage at the grave;
Mr. Savage came to UiU State fit the time
Col. Ncsmith did.
Win. Ryan, who settled hi Clark county,
W T, near Vancouver, over thirty years
ago, died very suddenly of heart disease,
last Wednesdny week,
t Mr. William Collins, of Collin 1'iiiding.
has sold BiiE to the' Oregon Railroad auii
Navigation Company, who will ptitChinit
men to cutting wood.
Says the Lake county Examiner i 'Tfie
books in the sheriff1 tirtice show that of
all the taxes levied since the organization
of the county in January, 1375, ugv to Jan
uary,1879,less than $40 remain uncollected.
We undersUmd, siys the Statesman, that
the State Board ot Education arc making
arrangements to reopen the mute school at
an early day, and that Rev. P. S. Knight
has been persuaded to take the manage
ment and supnhtend the school.
The proprietors of the Canal Fork Gold
and Silver Mine, situated on the Sautiam,
will I ave their mill in running order by the
first of next month. Parts of the machin
ery was carried hi by footmen, ciossing
snow in some places IS feet deep.
"Kiss me JNeditie, ere you leave." "is j
that a hint, darling ?" he replied." "Jio
Neddie, I always speak plainly." Tiliri,' !
turn, turn.
The Yonkers Gazntte says that some
men's brains arc like lands in the West
plenty of theiii but poorly cultivated. It
was speaking about the people in the East
when Ic made that remark:
Millions of smelt are dying from some
unknown cause in the Columbia aud float
ing ashore. In the vicinity of Pillar Rock
the bank is lined with these little fish tor
some distance, and hundreds of voracious
sea gulls are constantly devouring them.'
It is confidently expected among fisher
men that the run of salmon on the lower
Columbia fhis season wfit be unusually
large. There are favorable indications of
a good senson, Hrid extensive preparations
will doubtless be made by the various can
neries along the river to secure the run.
The Pacific Mail Co. have .nnounced a
war of rates to San Francisco for passen
gers and freights. After the 12th, rates
for passage will be $75 for first class mill
f 35 for steeraje. In opposition, the rail
road compaire on the llth,'jff fed the fol
lowing rates; First-c!as, $100; second
class, 75; third-class, $45.
As they wandered by flic river si'de,'
Tvas galligag and gum.
Yet now and then lie softly cried,
On. ymn, yum. yum.
But don't aLnse poor-Smithy.
There has been a serious case of diphe-
ria. says the Independent, in one orthe laun
dry building at the garrison, the family of
Sergeant Burke losing by dentil three chil
dren. The well portion of the family have
moved into a tent on tiie river bank, isola
ted from the balance and town. The hou-e
tvill he destroyed when those now sick re
cover ami vacate it.
stored vvrni
THE uxdehSigkkd will tilvh
y?r bushel, in laill feed,"
0cr nuil vTlwve the Market fries,
eittier torel with or sold to tliem this season
Srtelts iurnlslied to mrties jleitll& witU
Alburi y, jf'igust t, 79'.
Kfagnlrfecmt Tress e.
A Vfirshlngtoh cof respondent ot the San
Francisco' Post,- in a recent letter to that
paper, speaks of Mrs.- Morat Halstead.
wile of the exfitwr of thfc Cincinnati Com
mercial, li this wise i Mrs. Halstead is
owner of the mot remarkable tresses in
thtflaud. Her telrt flne silky and of pure
spun gold color4 ripples from her head to
the lloor, and shaken loose It forms a man
tle ftbwit her heavier than Lady oUfa's.
Uncoiled onee at a Parisian haresser's,
tfie proprietor shrh;kel vildly and sum
moned evert ofie to come near and see
the remarkable che'felure of the American
inifv. ?fevir.- niver." he said, as he
spreaO his fingers, beat the air, and hov er
ed about the glorious locks, "haJ eyes seen
the like, or evVn tiii agents wlio go off to
Brittany and Ilia"' peasant districts to buy
Hair; en such a bonder as this." Her
rtangWef,now a grie'stat the White nouvs.
does" not possess the ssme length and lux
driahce bTKalf as et mother, but In color
and ifhertess It Itf Identical with hi rs.
rThe Jffi 'cufmfttee ' ot public build
ings and'gfotfnils has' agreed to a bill pro
viding fof a' public building at Clarksburg,
'West Va.ytb cost flt,000. "
fii n 6ir rniBie-
JTm. SAr;yoMis Lveb I-wiookatobS
Siptlttlns; tbe VlflTerenee.
A young man with the blush of country
life on his cheeks, says the . Detroit Free
Press,' sold out his produce at the market
recently and entered a shoe store and said
he wanted a pair of shoes for his wife.
"What number?" asked the clerk.
The young husband scratched his head,
looked very much embarrassed and finally
said ;
"Well. I've been married about eight
mouths, but this shoe business stumps me.
I don't hardly believe she wears elevens,
and I don't think she can git into
fives. I grtiess If we split . the difference
we'll hit her pretty close."
He was given a pair of eights, and afier
squinting along (he SiSii mt' observed :
I guess ihcm'll do. She's awful proud
and I know she'll squeeze into 'em for all
slip's worth..
Loii'MctCintH-y shot aud killed hi- f t ier-m-law,
.Tacoa Frye.' oil tlii public square
on the" 11 tlintf Peoria, III". Cause, divorce
proceedings' and family' quarrels, foe which
McKtunuy held Frye accorih&ble.- Both
parties are v?ell kliowii
A delegation of niiem ployed white men
waited on t'he Central Paclfio" railroad au
thorities and asked1 them to discharge lh
CHtnamen fir tfteif' employ,' and" give wbtt
men wdrk.- The company promls'cd to
give an answer -'Monday.
. The ITonse Cbmmitted'oiVmHlfnry auliirs
has'agreed to retHrt Civorably to'the Hotise
of Represcilta fives, , Frost's birll donating
tour 'bronze and ight irbii cannon for
theprop6sed statue at St. Lotirs of Gen.
Francis P. Blair.
The Senate, iu executive session, has con-
flnned ttll fhe sifpervisors of ei-fltm f- r
California, as well as those for ColoMtdo,
Oregon, Arizona, Dakota, Idaho". Montana,
New Mexico, Washlnjftbtr and Wyoming.
Prmjosals to sell bonds to the govern
ment aggregated nearly $12600,000 ; on
the 12th, and prices ragged" from 1103 to
$101 and Sherman lias agreed to accept
the offers.
Frank, sou o' C. M. Lawrence was ar
rested in Omaha on the 11th Inst, on a
charge of poisoning his father, the object
ot tbe deed being to get the losurancc me'
5 lilver-S:
a . - " - &7 z k h r. i -
V" i.fS & a Jfi B 3 Pi .invigorators
"S. in my practiced.
Ly the pablic,5
more than 35 years,
m Sf for moi
P vitli nppn'cedeirfed rcsulta.3
as Bnrcuisr wiij. tell ov its nErt Tnon. Jj'
SubscflBs fdrUte
. - rti -
is n rc:vaaar 1 1 amity Ll -medy for
;Iise:ts-.-sof tlicLivor, Stomacft lfc.5
San J Uowa'.s: ilb is Purehv' -.iiIRL$
2T?3.-tabIe. It never
JDebilitateaItia B
JCifur-rtic tend ?M PP'
k i H H H a JTiZ
an wo vj s
Iri f.iiin cotinir oftgiti it firtrc the tl EElaLY SXEGSS-?
i. ".-.' -. .
I iffi
fhe mftst rnferjris and itt.Iart
K!iii( of the Bltfol
6ure nil Sorof alon flectioni and disorder! rMoltA
liiir from Impurltr of the blood. It la neadlaaa tot.
pacify all, tbe auffarcr can uaually percmre their
csuh; but fait Mhcum, ItmpUt,' Vtctrt, Sfusw
Goitre, CMUiin, ara tha moat eommon, as,
well aa many aBoetiosa ot tha Heart, Utttd, Mvtr
and BtomacK.
WonAarfal-Cttfe'cf Sllniaeif'
D. Kahsom, Sou Co. : For the benefit of all
troubled witlr (Scrofula or Impure Blood in their
tyatema, 1 nareor recommend, meg of tbe Blood.
1 nave oeen urouoiea wiia oarouua lot
fear, which ear affected my eyea thai
I hare been troubled with Borotula for the past tea
nat x
fl.etely blind for ais moutha. I waa nwommaaded
to try King at the Blood,- which has prored a grsst
bieaauifc to ma, aa it has completely cured ma, and
i cneenuiiy recommena ii to ail irou Clea ss i nave
been. -.. --.Toura truly.
, Km. 0. Wlbnauaow,- Bardinia, N. T.
will be paid? to any Jnblie Bqaptul to be mstn-
uiy ae-reeu upon. jpr every eeruncatef this I
Th4 fcElcLY HEGIIlTEli slfte first ap6f IC.J
county in ability, arid the freshness an&
relia6ility 6f its news.
apicY oca.s
of -
Pric' ifedfetcerf io uit the Maid Times
To ahow our faith in the aafety and eXoaHsnee of
the K. B., upon proper personal application, wbea
eatiened that no impoaition is intended, wa will
at tha names ot att its arSdarit.
he above otfura were never mail a hnfm tw tiw. -im.
prietor of any other Family Uedicina rn the world.
Many teatimonl&la. further icformatioD, and.
niu directiona for uhimr will be found in the pam
phlet "Trestiae on Diseases of the Blood," in
which each bottle ia enclosed. Prioaflperbottleeon-i.
2ninBl2 ounces, or 40 to 50 doses. Sold by drusy
Nts. P. EiHsoM.boii & Co., rrop're, .Y
Tfie iTEEHl.Y uiiuis"
artV if8rlTtTfrtlna to
0Lt YASCLBYEt klhit Crc