The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, January 02, 1880, Image 1

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    ., -, , . ,- . - ii;.r
Oa tils Spaco ' Four "Weeks.
Coming !
rr vke4 this oPi'ORTUNrrv to inform
JL "hi. friend and ihe public generally, that
is now Mttlwl in bis
en the old .tend ncuoorto r.i.imna.
i . i c.uti.l iu irreat an assortment ana
a. large a stock of
Stoves and Hanges
a ran he fonnt In any one house Ibis side of
urt bind, and at as
ulxxxx5 : 3EAifi'!
Ca.llron,- Brass Sc. Enameled -
In great variety. Also.
Tin, . .
Slirfl Iron,
(afvanlxctl Iron.
unci i
nry4 on band, and made to order, AT UV
Call on Sim.
A Kiany. October Si. ISJMrS
Corner First as.i EU3-werth, st3.
Albaxy, oregox.
- f t . t "... '
Haaagain taken cltarge of the
Drug "Store,
hsvla nurrha-iel the entire Inferrat of C. W
Kbaw. awor to A. Carol her. 4 Co., and U
mow reeetv ing a . ' ;
Splendid Xm&"v7 'Stock,
wkieh, added 1 lb. - fociaer. rendra It very
rumplwe In all the dlSiaauit department..
FMliitg assured thai a tan imj sailed in holh
Qualit7 i'iai Erise, '
aeordlattv InvlrcM (m iM rnund and unhtoiu
s. K iv'aim a : . : . : -
- milSCSffTXOlTS, ' v
'ifll' ' ' ' '
Will rpcnl-e Immu lta 'd can'.fnJ attention
t all SMar, r muni wlU(. ,
,"?'? T ' - ' ' s
raro WTlnt and .UqaorS jfor inediclna
Oo. K. T7-5T10
First etrwt.S dpors wost of Frrry,
.ALUltl, mtl '''' OHKUO. -
HAVINrt pnrfelinwl tba City Market. t will
kr coantanlly 0a hand all klndaof Meat.
in h. nhi.f mvt In tli market.
I irtll .trfv.atall time. 10 meet the wishes f
-UnMnirafOT n wim rneir pu-i nnwo,
. pakliyonfl ally are Invited to call at my
nnn warn in want m few "w .1
nrlo. tmld for rOSK. , ftlvlOslS
Mew Goods I ' ISvxr Departure !
L:iHn.Eif Ana DSEssriAKKia.
rlix In
Bonnet., Hats,-, take. ptensnre In Invitiaa
toAie ot AlbaSy and vicinity to call anj
loet rihetn-t.lvea. All aoodawUl be sob!
at mlw ttat Heft m1",l . ..,,
Ilavln ecnreir tbe aerrica. of a firat class
nrenare1 toent, t, and make dreMesJn
vSirtred, at ieert nottoe and bi .
I ant
an y v
factarr HAaar
t?inobmg for children atmecialty
?SiMS-Fbt.east ofJEllswortlt
. fUirMa:
at ore on
Ton are Iwrrtea mean
. 17, 18T-
- -XalalEtlt .'ladiaa 'Ssaaediea. . ...
.ji-Mrt.-A'toe snot'For- ;s
ihi lAdbtn tribe, of the ooast and the jnte-
rbw. I nave ti ""Jf "iVu---i irtha!
' . , 'Aettifia vn is lantivrir.
from U"MoW'ine' inoi ----,j-
whlchareasareefrefof J.: I $J:l . ;''..
wlS'a raU ouTe or 1-,
meieadoae p la tl peoaaee, ,
WHAT, N V R ? o. mem
Bound to Pleas" Clotliier and Gents' Outfitter,
3. IS. SAVAGE, 21. D.,
PSiysiciau and Surgeon,
Froman.Vi Brick, np stain.
First street, s Alnany
J. A. DAVIS, 91. 1.,
J?liysician, Surgeon,
FFICE ANI KESIIKN;b rlrat aireet.
over Itedncld iiom, Aioany, vr.
M. D.,
The city ot Albany, and ei.tered upon 1 the
TMiBTT-rtBST year ot bin practice, rn-t fuiiy
of Albany and .arroandlniceeunWy. .g
at Fohay Uxonl drag .tpre. Kdenoe--.n
First street. a"
Residence one door north of broom facto
ry, Lyon street. ,lT"
n. W. BAU.ABS, X. D. POWEl.1
Physlciams 7 & njpseon!
, HEBAMOJf, ' BCMNI.'".'
OrriCB-At Iebanon Drua Stored 2n2
- CVS-
areczaaoB toj.b. wtatt,
dealer in - .
Hcaiy and Shelf Hardware,
: Inm, Steel mm! Weesmnteal' TIb,
First door east of R. K. Toang,
i&BJivr, ; jTiintai osxaoir.
Mrs. C. Honk, Proprietor.
npHT8 HOUSE b teen tboigblyoTerhauJ
X ei and renovated; and plieea in ;' '
oondHion for the luieommotlntim, of . gaerta.
Oood Sample Koom for CoromerciaJ Travelers.
mm and I-ebenon. Free Cvmem f rn
MantJtectueers of ;
Carriages and Wagons.
T A ROE stock Can-njreanl WajyoriSconstant-
ly on hand, fe? iteoui
tone at short notioe and in
irtnff and lob work
the most SKiirun
. . sa-i
Alnaety, r. '
: a Ferry Street
"-;.--0eaJeTandTnfacweeot.-i- u
Ha5r Matrasses. Also Moss. WooT, Pom ami
Straw Bedton hand andmadeat l0eit Rates.
Worfcaad mtxwSs wmrrantnA as iwpreaaMal.
Corner Bseesin Mrt "rry nt., U
Attorneys a.fc Law,
alb ah r. . - OXJEOOX.
OFFICE-In Foster's new brick block, f!rt
door to tbe loll, uprtaira. IInl5
J. c rowtu.
W. B. BlLYKf
Attornejra at Law and Solicitors
; : . tn Cbancerjr.
COLLECTIONS promptly made on all pointa.
Liant negotiateU on reasonable term.
Ofltce in router, new blwk. iiWvlI
Attorney at Iaw,
courts of tbe 81 ate. Special at tention gi v
n tnoollection.and torobatu matter, vrrics
In Odd Fellows' Temple, j n47vlO
Humphrey & Wolverton,
Attorneys and 'onnaelre nt Ijw
f of t hi. St ate. OKFif-R In Frouiaa .uric
(upstairs) Albany, Oregon. , lints
Attorney at JLsl'w9
fFFIC E U p st a ir, o ver John Brlggn' store.
Attorney and Connaelor at Law.
Offloe, OUt Tbtt Office Ihtildina, Albany, Oregon.
TC7TLL PRACTICE in tbodlflVrent Courts of
T the State. vllnSS
:' D., EI. COWLEY, j : :: .V,
i"TFICE In Parrish block, north side First
W Htreet, Ainany,tn-eron. . '
All business promptly and earefnlly attended
lO. yunoi
Fresco. Oignv Gcene,
Tictorlnl Fainting.
U KoMt and 7. Purrl-h Woek.oorner Flrrt
and Ferry etreeta, AJDany.uregon... - ,
Artnlit vgnrowiitmni. as outfit freet'
eOONorlak. .Beader.if you want a business
at wbtch . persons or ettner sex can mace trreai
nay all t oe t ime waen imey wora-, write iot pa
tlculv nU. E1U.ITT A Co., Fort land, it.
A llapoy New Year To All.
1 o
We greet all oar readers with a happy
New Year, and wish them success and
long Itte. May the coining days bring no
sorrow or pairr to tlielr homes, but instead
niay the blowings of a kind Providence be
over them to shield and guide.
Blank Deeds and Moitgsges at this
office for sale, printed In. the latest form
and iu the best manner.
rmh Ptrh Wtuted.
.One tu 11 lion pounds of fresh pork wanted
by Phil Colien, Albany. T 8
e .. "
. Tbe oistor-ot tWWthodist Episcopal
Chmeh J1I dUconise next Sunday morn-
injj oa Copartnership with God.'and in
the evening on llow old art Thou ?"
i-.f .. Bine Ribbon (Ink.
Frklv nlclit, Januarr 2d, the Bine Rib-
btOO Ghib will holti forth as usual. A good
programme will be offered, and nil sliould
"W B. st. FREEl.A4 Urn loeated In
Albany tbr she prnetlee of nentbitrjr.
All work warranted. Oi(lc tn lnrrlli
blcliL, rorapr FlraS n Ferry ant. full
At VFltalesale.
F. Frenth has a few choice pieces
of silverware on hand which he will stll at
wholesale prices rather than hold them
over. Chance tor bargains in this kind of
Men From t'anrer.
YV. II. Nickloy, on Wedneaday of hut
week, died from the effects of a cancer on
the lower Hp. lie suffered untold pain
for months.
Dr. V. W. tiray.
Dentist, Albany, Oregon. Offle In Fos
ter's buck block, tip stairs, at Isirge bay
window. Prices in proportion to TTMK and
material consumed. 11-34
T. Be Keanukfi4 i. -i- -
Kemoniber timt Ilaneudcn Brothers
have the finest and best assorted stock of
plain and fancy groceries In I-inn comity,
and they 'will not be undersold. Clioice
hams on hand,' and every kind of canned
goods and dried fruits.
Cnatoas Urftudlna;.
Ballard, Isom Co. wish us to inform
our readers that they are now doing ens.
torn work at tlielr flouring mills in this
city, tliarglng the rejrnUrtoJl of one-eighth
of every bushel. They want farmers tn
call and see them and . test the quality of
flour turned out by them- it is most ex
cellcnt. i - 54 ":!:' 13 ,
Carter A Son., , -
-One day last week we called at the plati
ng mills of Messrs. Carter . & Son. and
were surprised at the extent and quality of
the machinery used in their Jare factory.
and the amount of fine work they are en
abled to turn out daily. It is certainly
one of the finest appointed factories in the
State, and they turn ont work that com
pares favorably with any ether In quality
and price. . . -
Done to II la Beat.
Tlie sad news rcnclied this city of the
death of W. A. Hill, on Monday, at the
residence of his brotiier-in-law, Mr. Bris-
tow, in Saletn. Deceased was about 20
years of age, and died of consumption.
He was a member of Albany Lodge No.
4, 1. O. O. F. He was brought to this city.
on Tuesday, and buried by the Lodge of
which he hsd lonir been an honored and
worthy member. Peace to his ashes.
Forewarned Forearmed.
1hvlf4lan. and Itivallrla nfm vith flmfldftnm
The kaiser Celebrated German Klixir for Con-
snmption and throat and luntr diseases. It i.
rich in the medicinal properties of tar. wild
cherry, etc Is rendered perfectly harmloss to
the youngest ehild. This would nave proved
an Antcel of mercy in the household of those
unhappy parent, at Vallojo. Dixon. Beaver,
Utah, and nnmeron. other places, whose chil
dren were slaughtered by a quack medicine
recommended hy It. owners to jure croup, poa
mwinir no properties cnlcnlated to cure it, out
instead a deadly drtifr which hns slain its thon
mnda. Re sure von aret onlv fierman Kllxlr.
The irenulne hears the Prussian coat of arm.
and the - Ihe-slmilo stirnature of lr. Kaiser.
flamnle. at all drae stores. Larse rise. 75 een t s.
Fwhat IIasos, Wholesale Ihrajtifiatn. Sole
Agents. nsvixms
Which has already become a household
word. Is derived from tite Greek, and com
posed of two -words, Sozo and Odontes.
" Sozo" translated, means to preserve.
and " Odontes" the teeth" SOZODONT"
a preserver of the teeth. , And it Is true to
Its name. ' It beautifies and preserves the
teetlt, Inruens and invigorates the gums.
and corrects an impurities or the breath,
The odor or tnm pure preparation is so
delightful that it is a luxury to apply it.
It is aa harmless as water. okl oy drttg-
gut ami perfumers. . . u
''i" -- l.'M-ntai i itfi. n.. ..t
"s'j -": l;V Weal Mod nr It. . ;
Mr. Editor r We wish to -express' our
heartfelt thanks, through, your paper, to
those who attended our social ball at Knox
Butte Grange Hall, on the evening f De
cember 23d, 1S79, for their excellent con
duct. We never saw a more genteel set of
youngsters at a gathering of any kind.
And our musicians. Messrs. Oakly, Pierce
and Godley. surely deserve credit for their
good, music and faithfulness ; they can
rattle out musie good enough for any bail.
We enjoyed ourselves hugely, except one
of the Committee, who thought we , were
not going to make expenses, and so bad
r the "rheumatics.!' : . ; CoMMnTEE.
A Most Exciting Time , .
The BlEsest Hant on KeCora.
YanCleTe'i Team get ,oTT ems,
Brem't Tcan get 1 3,746-s
(rand total of 9,823 ema.
VanneTeTeam Wins by 1,331
- ems.
Tha most exciting time erer witnessed
on the Pacific coast within the memory f
the "oldest Inhabitant," came off In this
vicinity on Friday last, December 20lh
It was time long to be remembered by
all who knew anything about it. It was
the day set for the match bunt between
the vtt teams ot prin'isticsl ramrods, tlie
one team commanded by that veteran In
tiian warrior and bear banter, Gen. M-V
Brnwriand the other by. Coll. Van Qev,
who runs the boss shooting-stick' in .this
office. Tlie weather was unexceptionable
for hnntins (a eood warm stove in ont of
the wet), and the gentlemen composing tbe
two teams proceeded to put In the time as
Suited them best. And scattereeyllong the
lakes, swales, rivers, creeks, canal and
wheat-field?, from early morn to dewey
eve, could have been seen (with a magnify
ing glass of three million horse-povfer the
bandaome forma of eleven typos busy gath
ering in all the game within gunshot (of
their pocketbooks) ; everything being
'game'' that came within their reach, ft
was a busy nay, and aithongh the wind
bowled over tlie prairies and through the
pathless woods, and the cloudlets wept a
continuous weep over the awful slaughter
committed by the professors of tbe shooting-stick
and mallet, sometimes called
galley slaves," yet nothing daunted, tliese
brave men breasted ami backed up to tlie
storm and gained a victory in fact, a
victory, in point of 'points,' unexampled
iu modern history. We feel prondof the
craft of tills city. A more energetic, per
severing, fearless lot of hunters never put
gnus to their shoulders. And now for the
score :
M. V. Brown 1 torn cat, 2 ducks 400
ems. .,
'V. J. nine 2 geeso 000 ems.
L. O. Ralston 1 tame goose, 2 chickens,
1 duck, 1 live coon, 1 crow, 1 . mallard
723 em.
C. II. Hnmphrcy 1 goose 450 ems. :
Alex. Pnrdom 2 ducks, 200 ems.
L. X. Liggett general average 533
.f. G. Evans general average 535
Total for Brown, 3,746 ems.
Coll. Van Cleve 1 jay 23 ems.
W, II. Mansfield 1 owl, 1 snipe, 1 duck
- 300 ems.
31. S. Monteith 2 mudlarks, 1 mallard.
1 pheasant, 1 quail. 1 jay 1,523 ems.
TV Callahan 1 mudlark, 1 mallard, 1
duck, 1 hawk, 4 squirrels, 5 robblns 1,029
ems. , .,
Jas. Foster, jr. 2 crows 50 ems
C. II . Stewart 1 tomcat, 3 mallard, 5
ducks, 1 ineadowlark 1,325 ems. V
John Ilackleman general , average
725 ems. . . .
Total for Van Cleve, 5,077 ems.
Van Cleve wins by 1,331 ems.
But this is only tlie begincement the
next ma lo will show more "points," we
are Inclined to believe from tbe hints we
have. heard, than was ever dreamed of in
the pliilosoply ol the wildest hunter of
Wehfoot. .Wait.
Following Is a schedule of the " game".
hunted, and the points" allowed for each:
Buffalo 3 Iuck.....tJ 100
Elk 2 Goose. 450
Grizzly bear.... .. 3 Snipe 150
Black bear 2 Killdee.... .. -30
Sinnamon bear....2l ; Plover.... ... 150
Deer....;... 10 Sandnepe .... 24
Crow..;. 25
Blueiav.... ...
. .. 23
... 40
. a 05
... 23
.... 23
... 2
Skunks (aiive)1500
Shitepoke.... 281
Quail. ....... 145
Pheasant.'.... 100
Grouse.... ... 202
Coon .... .... 201
Tom eats..... . 50
Jack rabbit... 63
Rabbtt(unjack 200
Woodpecker .33U
Blackbird. .,.124
Gray squirrel. 200
Chipmunk....' 10
Mink (pelt)...... 3
Fox.... 5i
Meadow lark
Ovl..., .i. i..
Chicken..., ..
Tame goose....
M no lark
Blackbird.... ,
Jaybird.. .... .
&tgehen,... ...
Pine i
luirrel...... 24
Ground squirrel... 40
Turkey wild .... .. 50
no tame 150
Cougar'.... 1
bagie ibaiti ) . . . .... .756
Muskrat .... ..190
Pigeon.... 50
do (stuffed) ,...2
m TSimSt. ,.v
It depends on whom a bluff la run.
whether it will pan out well or not A
man that is centring some way to get tlie
best of another and thinks he has got him
in a tight place, U the easiest man in the
world to bluff off tor example, as the
stage en route for Marion from Scio was
driven upon tbe ferry boat across the Santt-
am river, as a general thing tlie driver
alights from the stage arid waters bis team.
The ferryman not being on good terms
witn the driver, as well as with many
others, thinking this a good opportunity
to show himself, draws a knife from his
P01 ThJ his Intentions were remains
a mystery, but quick.-as . thought Mr. S..
the driver, drew from his coat pocket an
old peculiar pipe, at the same time brought
it to bear upon , the. ferryman, saying.
"D you, draw a weapon on me,. will
you ?' "Don't shoot," and a plash of
water was beard.' By that' time the pas
sengers roared ont in laughter to see Mr.
DM the ferryman, in the river np to his
anas, pegging for mercy, which was grant
ed. ettaterman. -
Miss Minnie Johnson has gone to En
gene City, to spend Um holidays with her
parents. . :,. .... i
Christmas eve arrived on time and was'
mil? celebrated tn f riuT burg. The CbrlsX-
mas trees af tbe M. E. ChtrrcK, U. P.
Church. Presbyterian Chttrch, Congrega
tional Cflurcfi, farfgeifcal ChflTch alio M.
k. Church' South were weil filled, tlie num
ber of presents prrAabty being as great but
not quite as expensiYe s In former years.
The children reamed to enjoy the ; oecaaian
just as well as if the : presents had been
more costlj. The pnfertnlntneiits given at
each place, we are fnf&rmedC adtled to the
general Interest. SantotTClaas" at the
M. E. ClmrchrrCT was gorgeous in 'patent
leather boots'? and gay trliHraftjgs, seei
fitgly tickling the risibles of the large audi"
enee tliihey couldn't contain themselves.
Tbe ball given by Albany Engine Co.,
No. 1. was well attended, and proved an
un usually pleasant occasion. The decora
ttom were in good taste, and the manage
ment was all that could be desired.
On Thursday evening a supper was
given at tbe Exchange hotel, by the loner
In tbe third match bunt between the Burk-
hart ami Ilackleman reams, the last named
being the losers. ' It was a first class sup
per, as all who "got In" on the occa
Slon will readily testify. By a unanimous
Vote of the Club, Mr. Murray and wife and
Mr. Kick Sprenger and wife, tvbo arrang
ed tlie whole matter of the supper, were
returned special thanks for their efforts
in behalf of the Club and its guests on tbe
occasion. After supper quite a number of
speeches were made, provokativeot a good
deal of metriment and jolarity. It was
a season ot fun, and the only regret about
it all is, that there seems little show for
another similar supper very soon.
A RattrOMl to liknMn.
The people ot Iebnnon are rejoicing In
the prospect of earlv railroad connection
with Alliany.. Tlie O. & C. Railroad Co,
proffers to put down the rails and furuish
all tlie necessary locomotive, cars, etc..
if tlie citizens will grade the road and fur
nish the ties. Just as soon as the road is
ready for the track, the Co. promises to
have it laid, with new steel rails, and the
road throughout furnished in first class
manner. The work, of grading will be a
small matter ; the only expense being tbe
ties, which will cost probably 6.000. V
understand tbe people interested have re
ceived the proposition favorably ; and if
this be- trite, and the people resolve to do
the part assigned tliem, the snort of .the
iron horse will be heard on the streets of
Lebanon within a few months. We are
led to believe that tlie road will not stop
at Lebanon, but will be continued on over
the mountains-jnitll it makes connection
with an Eaetirir- line. We don't snpposfl
all this will bcMCdtnpitehed In one season.
but in the rear future a road with Eastern
connections will be built, taking in Leba
non and this city, and making its western
terminus on the Pad He ocean, as we be
lieve, at or in the Vicinity ot Yaqtri&A Bay.
A road to Yaquiaa Bay Is the great desid
eratum,' and We can have such a line by
the right kind of work. 1 .
m - i
KaoSes Braoa Band. !
Tlie ladies composing tlie new brass
band gave an entertainment on. Tuesday
evening at the Opera -House, wbiclr was
crowded with our citizen. The Mechan
ics' Brass BamL Albany Cornet Band; and
Oakley's Mlnbtreis aided in making a
most attractive bill for Um evening. The
first named band has greatly improved of
late, and gave us mic on the occasion
that called forth the meet flattering re
marks. Tbe Cornet Bam Is also whooping
right atotijf. and the boys will soon be up
iu Iront. The ladies did not receive their
instruments until last week, vet ther
played one piece In such manner as to re-
ceiev a tnmnltnous encore. The minstrel
performance ... was good . enough, and kept
tbe audience In a continuous roar. The
hall, too, was more comfortable than Usual,
and ail seemed to enjoy the occasion. Tlie
receipts must have been large. Succeas
attend the Ladle' Brass Band.
of CsaS.lse '
HillofCosibthiab Iadgx Xo. 17, A. FA AiiL
Whereas, It has pleased the srreat and
Supreme Architect, before whose infinite
wlrirtom ami goodness we most nomwy
how to take from amonar us mir much be
loved and honored brother. D. M. Thomp
son : Denoiu now swiiuy tne sands or time
rim by. and how? rapidly our lives are
drawing to a close. . He bad hardly reached
the prime of manhood before lie was cut
down by the all devouring scythe of time,
and was gathered Into the land where our
father have gone before us. Hence to
that bright celestial -Lodge to which all
good Masons hope to attend. He has been
called to his long . home ; his labors on
earth are e ruled ; his voice Is hushed for
ever ; no more shall we meet him and re
ceive lila friendly grasp ; he will no more
go in and out before us. To which sad
dispensation, though deeply grieved, we
iiesoiva. mat by the death of our es
teemed brother, our lodge lias tost one of
ks oest ana most esteemed memhers ; the
community a most worthy aid hmianhla
man. ana nis Kindred a kind and affection
ate relative whose blameless lite Is worthy
w wir utHine Benrary,
netniTta. inat a maurnlnff natrn tm in.
scribed to his memory -in our Bonk ot Re
cord. anfN that this Lodge be draped In
mourning, and the members wear tbe
usual natige or mourning for thirty days.
Resolved. That a copy of these resolu
tions be entered upon the Record ot this
Lodge, and one sent under seat ot , iw
Lodge to his wife ; also, copies tor each of
uie papers 01 wis cuy. -.
L. !3ksxer, .
Erorart: HrJCHANAJ,
- Albant, Or., Dec. 20,. 1873.
The.' plastering ip the new hotel at tbe
depot is tbeught to be iujnred by tbe late
eold am7t . ;.r
aro. u.z
" --! Tae Prfntera
The' game .iTppV provided' at Mady
Restaurant oh Saturday evening for Jhf
printers engaged In the mafett ritthf pf ti
6y bebre, and "their 'paSS; "Viblg
thing", and the prinMrV enjoyed it aa ther -
lUTitnauty no enjoy jgoou tnmgs, ..vra .
noticed thtftone or two of tlie mmnnr nV
ardtned the "Jgame pJafej before .Qmm
somewliat crlt'Scaliy. btt the majority wen
the "whtflfe hog" without, , ftnlvar or bat
of the eye. Mr. Mady la a tnastur hand at
getting up game, nd he put' kt his buf
licks on Saturday night's snpper.T Gan
Brtrwn acknowledged having been beateiv
Ml fafd tbe' entire blame on Bill .Caanon'i
horse the animal the General bestrode en
the bunt.. We said bestrode, , but. '
should have said led, aa the General Ialir
ed that the , animal ; had oeyer : been, oiu"
caied la war tactics and woHldA.atas.
flre, therefijre be had to dUnwmt aai3 "Um8"
the unruly beast. lie was. perfectly wcl
satisfied, however, tfesthis team was in
condition to win now. antf (&rf Droooan
to walk Into the euni''' ia tbt atit
hunt. Tlie evening was pleasantly spent
by the typos and tlielr friends, the rati
at times being fast and furious. We a wastf
tlie next hnnt, which will doubtless coroe
iu due season. As the last hunt exhausted
all tlie " game" within miles of tbe city
(as well as the quoin of those engaged?
two or three weeks may elapse be rare tfid
next bunt but there'll be a hunt, sure. 3
. , . , ,j' ,
Tlie M. E. Sunday School concert en
Sunday evening was very entertaining and"
interesting. The diurcb was crowdeVI wtUV
people, and good order prevailed with7 one
or two exceptions. The children all ac
quitted themselves well, and all deserve'
praixe. The original poem, by: TbomiSf
Calloway, was well read and welt Written,
showing in every line that the author hf a"
poet. The magic lantern views were very'
entertaining, especially the last plcfonSr
ami Prof. Main added greatly ttte'tfft'
terest by his explanations of the shad"-s
ows on tlie wall." In short we have seldom .
wiuiessed a more entertaining concert
than that of Sunday evening at the Meth-
odist Church. Give ni more of tbeto;
A Chinaman named Pen, liad bis feet;
badly frozen during' the recent cold .snap,
in this wise : Upon the wager of a small .
sum, probably One dollar, lie walked; .
through tins suow Jie distance of aTmtlev
wlthont boots ot shoes oft' fifr fcef (o Bhlelt ;
tiiera from- the weather: When he'caW'1
m he ooald searrely walk, and hl jest" -were
Immediately placed lit hot water Xff.
warm them. The doctor thinks he enrf '
save tlie feet, buf It will be close ehevd7
Boot - tm : tne ' 7BA' ' n
Last Sunday a young roah' tiaincd Joe ...
Myera, over in the Forks of the Santianr i.
about fotn tntles from Lebanon, snot bluK
ing it badly. He was liandJlng a" foui'
sliooter wlien one of tile balls exploded,-tbe
ball entering the palm of the hand andr
ranging upward came out .at Um wrist.
Dra. Ballard' and Powell have the case is ,
band, and hope' (6 save the , bamL front' .,
amputation. .: ; . lir ,. ,4
" o
.t Jew Years' Dinner.' ' 1
. -s - ' ';- ; .1 ;. -t
'Pha TnirioB ft tha f ' V. r?hnrh tiMt m
Dinner at tlie Opera fionse on NowVears'
v. . "v v. , mm . ..... u.. wm i
ihvlMim 19' rn 9 nVhvV iml TjMbai l .1 t s i. n.i.ic .
Dinner 50c; lunch 25c. There .
music postofB'cev oysteriv lee cream, etc.
A cordial infltaffon is eitendedf to all to '
participate. Contributions to the Dinner .
or Ltlnch Umnk fully received. Tieketa tor" ...
Mnner or Lobfeft tfao l ofrtmned the"
Cornmflte at the doorV , , . , .
Tbe Association extends to yob, Chris
tian worker, a ft urgent invitation te at..
tend anu' participate in its meetings; etAi
ing and praying together that Its Win tar
campaign . may result' in God's glory" andj
the salvation Of many precious souls; Tbe.
subject for next Sabbath la f ."Tlie dVne el ,
awakening." Romans ; 13-11. r, For Wed
nesday evening 4'The day of pentecost."
Acts 2d chapter; i; V.
Mr.'.W. tf. Baltimore has nought ui '
the stock of groceries, prbvislohs, etc!,' ef
Julius Joseph, In the Register buildings '
takings possession January -1st,., He prev-
poses , to Keep a nrsc class assortment of
goods in his line, and don't, yoi forget hv
nenry Coleroan, reported lost lest week
has turned up all r'ghC at Big Madwg.
Henry is too old and experienced a moun 1
talneer to give up for one i little
storm, -t .,ft,-.s j '',-.,,.,..!',.. ;
Mrs. G. Parrih has removed her mill lav.
r? atom from tha RiavrA TTonu luflnj
difTs building next to tint Bank.
n. jii . ... . ' ' -
Dec 23th, 1879, In BoenaC Vfsta, t llW
I rnuaiica vi ciwurtair uufs jr nvm t v
Bowersox, Mr. James Church, jr aaJ
met jr t w aN S ' . n Vv.tA. il.-
.mas Maggie a,, amvta en et rm.B vcxmiyj 1
Oregon. , "' , . ,
m i'-r.f-. i i- v- j-.-. .' !
Mrs.' Emma McDonald; wife of Chas. A.
McDonald engineer1 en ihe" A:15any Ex
press, died ' Dec. 30th1,' and was- burfesJ ed
the 1st cf Jan.' ; - '""