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Corner j?Vrry and "rW BtreeU.
C"OtX. VAST CXEVE... ......... . PROPRIETOR.
Chie eefpy,rtf year........ t 60
itnta Trf...... ...Ten cents.
Affeats ftnr tli Msntr. ,
Tfcofolfowlna; named gentlemen arejalJ1"
tied to rooeive and receipt for snbscriptlons
to tho RBQistfcB in the localities mentioned .
Jk Tloa.--...-......'Brt)irnBvinp.
btw.rt am-a Crawfordaviue.
O. P. Tompkins...
S. H.ClanRhton....
........ Lelmn on
... Shedd.
. .Junction City
A . w neeier ka.
Messrs. Smith A
.STOVEMBER 21. 1879.
A new York paper, in a recent local
Hera, telle touching story ot female
destitution, in which it says :
- Mrs. Harwood paused atd tears
ttood. in ber eyes as she pointed to a
neat-looking boy about sixteen years
old. I want to save him and my
leren-year ola girl. I have pa wned
or sold every article of furniture and
clothing I could, but I Am at last pen.
" siless.,,-;.':''''' ; "
' This little remark is a sermon for the
boys. -Stand up, boy, and listen to
yoar catechism. "What is your name?"
John." " Wbo gave you that
name ? My mother." Yes, my
good boy. There is where your good
' name cornea from. She may have
-" a witched you for eating green apples;
but she served you right. If she ever
gave yon ft gentle, little five-minutes
admonition with a hicsory limb for
telling her " I won't do it," when she
asked you to do something, she confer.
red a blessing on you. You ought to
b flogged lor. refusing one moment's
happiness to the good old woman who
, risked her life for yours, when you were
' born, and whose constant care of you
1 aa been a labor of love ever since.
; The point of the aforesaid remark is
' that we don't think much of that sixteen-year-old
boy, that she wanted to
pave. You boys know that when you
are sixteen years old, you are " big
enough and old enough, and onght to
inow -better," than to allow your
mother to save" yon. The boy of
that age who allows her to stand with
tears in her eyes and hunger in her
mouth, and sorrow in her heart, trying
to rave him will' never make a man.
A son of sixteen should, in case of
necessity, help his parents, rather than
ask them to. help him. This country of
oars crowded with commerce, has many
so opening for a young man who is
willing to be osefaL A dollar here and
there, the result of honest labor, is
easily laid away. And -the daily labor
aiked of these good lads is not severe,
nor does it take all their time. They
can enjoy recreation and still have time
for evening schools. George Stephen
aeon's son found time to work, and
play, and study, and help to educate
his father into the invention of the
locomotive engine. It ought to make
ypa shudder, young man, to think ot
that lad's honest work, and then think
What this world might be to day, with,
out a railway in it.
t?.L'Tkm is. aov in all our country, a
Soy of sixteen who cannot help his
parents as much as they can help him.
If they have money and worldly station
noogb to enable him to spend time in
cultivating his mind, he is blessed. It
they have not, and he uses bis hands
and wits to help them, then are they
.vblessed, ..indeed. ,c If your, father or
" mother lacks for this world's goods
don't touch a1 penny of their -earnings,
Bat seek to add to them. They will be
indeed treasure laid up in heaven.
! ' " 1 s
The largest cathedral in the world j
tBat op Cologne', w fast approaching
completion1. Its first stone was laid on
August 15, 1248. The six hundred
and thirty-first year ot its building was
osmpleted"on the 15th of August last. I
sua u u nopea mat toe uexi anniver
sary will really see the finishing of the
great monstov The two towers have
now reached their-last stage, and have
only to-bo-fitted witS their massive
efr o seM&stooe work. For this pur
p5fl9fttro great scaffoldings have been
erected at a dizzy height j one ot them,
howe ver, approaches completion. When
the cajt hive been finished, then a still
IMjeryBsry will have to be added
ta tJja scaffolding,, vet order to
" XP' on tits' tops of the caps of the gigan.
tic foliated crosses, Jj3ort thirty feet
hish, which are to .crown the towers.
This operation- will, it is expected, be
performed 'nest spring.
it nn . f 1 ...
ii eor2p!ete3.ftnd ow a shrinkage of
lj thaa $40,000,000 as compared with
Urt ypr, tinrt one of $100,000,000-
l prsvwas year. ' total of stale,
, ffiBj rjRnL"pal tax bs fallen
f- i t: if7C3,000via, 1S74-to-$21,000,-
' Quite a dweovery in the treatment ot
diptheria has been made. A young
man whose arm had been ampu
tated was attacked by diptheria before
healing took place, and instead ot the
matter incident to that disease being
deposited in the throat," the greater
portion appeared on the wounded arm,
and the diptheria was very light and
easily managed tf Dr. Davis, of Man
kato, profited by this, and in his next
case of diptheria blistered his patient's
chest and on this blistered part the
chief deposits appeared. This was also
an easy case of the disease. The theory
of Dr. Davis is that diptheria usually
appears in the tin oat because ot the
thinner lining of the throat. Hence,
when the blister breaks the skin npon
any part ot the bogy the disease ap
pears there. Minnesota letter.
New KlnU or Oats.
A Washington Territory paper re
ports that a new variety, of oats has
been raised in Satsop, Chehalis county,
where they have been grown for three
or four year?, and are called the " Little
White Fellow." The seed came from
the Agricultural Department. A meas
ured bushel weighed 49 J pounds, and
was not a selected lot. They grow
very highland have a large and strong
stem, which prevents them from falling
down. They mature earlier than the
common oats, and yield as abundantly,
different fields in that vicinity having
produced at the rate of eighty bushels
to the acre. Several, farmers of the
lower Chehalis sowed them the past
season, and all pronounce them the bet
variety they can raise, and they appear
to be particularly adapted to that
. Fmrnalmjc Mint Don't Pljr.
It don't pay . to be caught in the
spring without a wood pile large enough
to last twelve months ; or to open the
gates and let your stock into the fields
as soon as a tew bare spots appear, or
to keep it on short rations, so that
when it does go to grass it will take
halt the summer to get thrifty and
strong. j
It don't pay to sow or plant poor
seed because you happen to have it on
It don't pay to plant more ground
than you can manure and take good
care of.
It don't pay to neglect cows, ewes or
sows when they are dropping their
It don't pay to let the spr;ng rains
wash tbe valne out of the manure that
has accumulated in the barn-yard in the
It don't pay to let the hens lay un
der the barn, steal their nests and be
eaten up by skunks.
It don't pay to put off any kind of
spring work until the last moment, nor
does it pay to work land when it is too
wet. .
It don't pay to leave turnips, cab
bage, parsnips, beets or even apples in
the cellar to rot and breed disease, for
it you have more than you can eat or
sell the stock will be profited by them.
It don't pay to summer a very poor
cow simply because no one wants to
buy her.
It don't pay to leave the banking
around the house until it rots your
Jt don't pay to be stingy in sowing
grass seed, or try to live without a
garden. ' ..'.;!
Finally, it don't pay to provoke the
women by leaving' them to cut stove
wood or carry it from the dooryard, or
to remind yon every morning in haying
or hoeing that you must saw enough
before you go to work to last through
the day.
eeneral Hnrrtaon lind Social I Inking.
It is related by a Chester," Penn.,
lady that when General William IIr
rison was running fur tho ' Presidency,
he stopped at the old Washington
House fcr dinner. After dinner wine
was served. It wan noticed that the
Genera pleJged his toast in water, and
one of the gentlemen from New York,
in offering another, said : General,
will you favor me by drinking s glass
of wine ?" The General declined in a
very gentlemanly manner. Again be
was urged to join them in a glass of
wine. This was too much. He rose
from the table, his tall form erect and
in the most dignified manner replied :
" Gentlemen, I have refused twice to
partake et the wine cap that should
have been sufficient ; though you press
the cup to my Ftps not a drop thall
pass the portals. I made a resolve
when 'I started ta life that I would
avoid' strong drink, and I have never
broken it: I am one of a class of sev
enteen young men who graduated, ami
the other sixteen fill drunkards graves
all through the pernicious habit of wine
drinking.. I owe all ray health, hap
piness and prosperity to that resolution.
ViIl yon tsrge mo now V '
jrafcfa Bllllnca on Marriage.
Sum marry; because they think wifn
min will be scarce next year, and live
to wonder how the crop holds out.
Sura marry to get rid of themselves,
and discover that the game was one
that two could play at and neither win.
Sum marry for love, without a cent
in their pockets nor a friend in the
world nor a drop of pedigree. This
looks desperate, but it is the strength
ot the game. . ;
Sum marry . in haste and then sit
down and think itarefully over.
Sum think it carefully fust and then
sit down and marry.
No tnau kin tell exactly where he
will fetch up when he touches calico.
No man kin tell exactly what calico
has made up her mind to dew. Calico
don't know herself. Dry goods of all
kinds is the child of circumstancis.
Marriage is a safe way to gamble ; if
you win yon win a pile, and if you lose,
yon don't lose anything.
JetiT Jnvis (Capture.
f . Lane, an old United States sol
dier, is the conductor ot car No. 17,
Pitsburg and Alleghany railway. He
served his country four years and ten
months, and has three honorable dis
charges. In fact, he has more. He
will carry with him to his last day the
remembrance of numerous incidents ot
that terrible strife, chief among which
is the meeting and capture in petticoats,
under the most trying circumstances, of
Jefferson Davis, the president of the
confederacy. Mr. Lane is about thirty
years of age, married, and has a family
residing on Pennsylvania avenue, A lie.
ghany. He has been in the employ of
the railway company nearly two years.
This morning the writer introduced
himself to Mr. Lane, and mentioning
the pubject of Davis's capture, the fol
lowing facts were related by the gentle
man ; He was a member ot Company
M, Seventh Pennsylvania cavalry,
commanded by Col Pntchard, which,
with the Fourth Michigan cavalry, was
ordered to proceed after and capture
Jeff Davis and his party. The Michi
gan cavalry went on tbe trail directly,
while the seventh Pennsylvania cavalry
went round about. A report reached
Col. Pritchard, while on tie march,
that Davis would cross the river at the
forks of the road early on the morning
of a certain day. The Seventh set out
to head him off, and arrived near the
road about 4 o'clock, when the morn
ing light was just appearing. Back of
the road thev noticed a camp fire, and
almost instantly a volley ot guns rang
out on the still air from the camp.
Thinking that they had surprised Davis
and his men, the Seventh returned the
fire, a brisk skirmish followed, and the
scene was intensely exciting.
Suddenly the soldier noticed a rather
youngish woman leading an apparently
old woman, with several children and
one or two other persons following.
The woman asked the guard ot tho 4th
Michigan camp if sheconld talce the old
woman to the spring-house for a drink,
and was answered in the affirmative
The supposed old woman wore an old
sun-bonnet and a drescuig gown, the
latter looped together in front. ; Day
was dawning, and light was clearer,
and on the way to the spring-house the
old lady slipped, the front of the dress,
which was not looped all the way down,
was blown open, disclosing a pair of
long cavalry . boots. The guard saw
the boots, leveled his gun and cried
"Davis, halt !' He did so, and tearing
open his dress, Davis said, "Shoot me;
kill me." In the meantime the firing
had been going on without interruption,
and fully thirty saddles had been emp
tied ot brave soldiers by the unfortunate
mistake of the commanders in . their
hasty firing. , ,
Davis turning to the gnard and Lane,
said : "Your men are . killing each
other; stop the firing. -I have no sol
diers with me only the persons you
see here.""" Lane placed his hand on
the shoulder of Davis and said : "You
shall not be harmed. There ie do oim
here who will hurt you." In a little
while tbe firing ceased, and there was
great sorrow over the loss ot the brave
companions of the two union regiments,
by the unfortunate meeting in the dark
but considerable joy at the unexpected'
capture. Mr. Lane was assigned to
accompany Davis to Murfreesboro, jsnd
sat beside and chatted with him all the
way there. He is positive as to the
dress of the confederate chief. As the
writer was about to leave Mr. Lane, he
said t "We made one mistake .. that
morning. When Davis bated his
breast we shoald have shot him."
littsburg Qhronicle. ,
A San Francisco telegram of the
15th says v District Attorney Murphy,
this afternoon, will ubmit a case to the
supreme court for decision on the point
raised that the late grand jury was
not a legal bodv on account nf KoTno.
formed of only 18 members, the fore.
man, iunmngnam, aying while- the
srand iurv was in session. -Tt vill Ka
a leading case, as nothing' like it has
ever before arose iu California..
A Iteapairinc tfrfaai."
The Richmond ( Va.J State, a stanch
organ ot the Southern Democracy,
which has, until quite recently, mani
fested much hopefulness in regard to
the political prospects tor 1880, is
greatly cast down by the result of the
Ohio election, and makes no attempt to
conceal its dismal forebedings It
speaks of the defeat in Ohio as the1" Ap
pomattox of the Democracy," declares
that the condition ot things in New
York forecasts- an equally disastrous
result in that State, and sees "no
future" for the Democracy. "Never
until now," it wails, "did tho fortunes
of the party appear to be at so low an
odd. the North may be called as
r .. .
solid in Democracy, if not more so."
This, however, a gross exaggeration,
in every Northern State then is a large
and active Democratic party. In all
ot them there is perfect freedom of no.
liticftl opinion and action. The "solid
ity" of the South is quite atiother sort
ot thing. If there isa'sinyle Southern
State that is doubtful, under tho pres
ent condition of thintrs. we are at a
loss to name it. Of course we all know
very well that there are several which j
would be either doubtful, or erintniy '
T" 1 f ... .
iepu oucan, 11 every cuizpu t. w't.m
the Constitution and laws ?Ko tie
right of suffrage were permit re.! u
exercise it. But unfortunately that
freedom does not exist in a number of
the Southern States. And the fact that
it does not exist goes far to account for
the overwhelming reaction in the North
which the Virginia paper so mournful
ly deplores.
A Desperate Boffin.
A Calaorian assassin was lately lib
erated from' the galleys, where he had
been for nineteen years undergoing
punishment tor various murders, nis
first visit was to his native village,
Santomena, the inhabitants of which
were far from desiring the pleasure of
his company. His first meeting in the
village was with an ojd friend, whom
he clubbed to death at a single blow ;
a little further on he tell in with two
other compatriots, presenting them each
with a mortal stab, still another com
patriot in an adjoining thoroughfare
was met by him and killed. He then
went home in search ot his unfaithful
wife, but, not" findine her, he vented
his spite by killing a baby that she had
given birth to during the last three
months of his imprisonment, besides
slaughtering a good many sheep in the
back yard. After this he went into
the country, stole a fourteen-year-old
boy, imposed a ransom on his head,
and, on being attacked by the police
killed the bov in order to make a freer
fight with his assailants, two of whom
he wounded, and was himself then
Mr. TlMta't Rtoefc.
For once, at least, the astute states
man of Gramercy Park has made a
blunder. It now appears that it lie
had not been in such, a huny to get rid
of that Elevated Railway stock which
benevolent Cyrus W. Field let him in
to he would have cleared over a quarter
of a million out of the transaction.
Moreover, he would not have incurred
the deadly hostility of the Field family.
which, with all its clientage and clans
men, is now out on the warpath against
him. The sodden and general upward
movement ot stocks in the New York
market has lifted the Elevated Railway
shares to a figure far higher than that
at which Mr. Tilden sold out in alleged
violation of his pldge to Cyrus W.
Field. This has been an unlucky year
for Mr. Tilden, and his cup ot sorrows
seems fairly running over. The disas
ter In Ohio, the schism in New York,
the general defection from his standard
in the South, the revival of the income
tax suits,' in connection with the decla
ration of jar by the Fields and the un
fortunate result ot his sharp practice in
the matter of prematurely throwing his
Elevated Railway stock on the market,
constitutes ench a series ot afflictions as
few mortals are called upon to encount
er in the space of a twelvemonth.
An eccentric English gentleman, a
candidate for Parliament, at a recent
meeting ot his constituents, was asked
by a man in the crowd, "What about
the Liquor bill T "Well," said the
candidate, "mine was uncommonly high
last year. How was yours ?"
The summer is passed and the season
nearly ended, and yet not more than
two-thirds of the young ladies have
learned to carry their parasols gracefully
upon their left arms as they used to
their "donjes" when they were fiaxen
baited fairies-.
Many a rurat maid finds- felicity in
fitmg on a tbroa-legged stooV en the
off side of a muley cow dreaming of love.
Forget sot thine; own importance, is
an old peoverb. It is about the only
thing that some men don't forget.
A tombstone with a simple cucumber
carved upon it is oftentimes more ex-
pressure than- one with 10,009 lines of
obituary pioetryv
"Do you keep any Ilttmbufg edg
ing fi asks si timid miss. "Not if wtf
can sell it,"' wtfs the pert reply of the"
clerk. He kept some that day.
Ere never wanted hired girl be
cause Adam never loafed aronnd the
corner grocery nor t the village tavern.
A religion's exchange says poetically
that Adam and Eve began in spring
and ended with early summer. We
always thought they had a fall trade.
A lady at Fall Kiver while on her
way to church last Sundav trod on tf
other lady's trail, fell and dislocated
I liA ln A nAl ltn. . r . . m . C n rf'
! shorts skirts,
j ."A lady in Wilmington, N. C, Won
L of ten dollars by rolling in a
wheel'arrow her first baby down town
to her hut-band's store, a distance of
four blocks.
Tilden, the , other day, hobbling out
from Giamercy Park, htrpped npon
and tore a 4ady' skirt. ''Tram wreck
er !" .he his, hitting the old an iff
bin teitderHct f t
Ho iTirnFvd to cleave to her: and
. when tl.ry Wiia to the theater and he
came back between acts with a piece
, of cork in his whiskers she knew from
the fragrance he exhaled he had clove.
A man named Babbitt, wbo lived at
Niagara Falls, went to a neighboring
village to drown hiroeolf. Some people
do not appreciate home comforts and
Even the death angel has not wings
broad enough to engull in gloom the
youngster, who is one of the mourners,
and is to take bis first hack ride on the
occasion ot (be funeral.
"How shall . we train our girls 1
asked an exchange. Train 'em with
about twenty-two yards ot black silk
if you want to please your girls. A
stlk velvet train would also make them
Stanford's Livx;a IntcgobaiokS t
r a Stiindar.t Family Bsmedy for
5Us;'as!s of the Iirer, Stomach -V;
(V" it Krai r-fi, 1
v" sr.
been nsed?
ttiMWiM Mv . ln my practices
if l! v antl by ho public,?
"Bq wlJs for mora than 35 years,?
S wiI trapsieeedented resnlta.?
ss. t.w. SAsroao, u.d., iSSS-f
King of the Blood
Cam nil Scrof aton nfF-.-ctions and (liaoidm raanlir
ins from Impurity ot' the blood. It U needleaa to
peeif y ail. an tle ttf-Tcr en usually pcrcelTe tbeic
mok ; bat Unit Bh'tzm, Pimpli, Vlctrl, Tnmtrt,
imtTr JSmlliH09, Jre.v are the moat common, a
toll a many atfuctioua of tba Heart, Utad, lvr
and llnndt.
Wculerfal Cars of EliadasM. 1-
D. lUiraojf , Soa Co. I Tor tho bensflt of a!f
troublad witb Setofula or Impon Blood (a thoar
mumr I horaby raesmmand Kimj of too BloooV
I bar bosn troubled with Barofula fox tho paat t
feara, which so aifcetad my oyaa tbat 1 wu'
pletaly blind for six months- I waa nmtnirf
to try King of tho Bieodr which has proved a groat
Massing to ma, aa it baa completely eured me, and
I eneenuuy reoommena it to au tronlMM aa X aaro
loan trmiT, -Km.
8- WgUTifBLOwSanlinta, ST. T,
1S.' z fy'
wfflf be paid to- any FabUer
rfM to ba avto'
eate-of this merits
any agreetf apoa, lorerery
tiAS pnblislMd by us wamb
not gvnnine.
Its Xaigredientis.
To thotrsnr faith la tho safety and caaaUane of
the K. Bn npon proper peraomal appUeatioa. wbeay .
aatiafled that no imposition is intended, we wilF
f'Te tho stamoa of all it wurrsdieats, by affidayiw
he aboTeomsra were nerer made before by the pro
arietor of any other Family Ifedieino ia the worlds
My teattnoattsds.farthw information, and;'
full direetiona for using' will be found ia tho pain
phlet " 1'raatise on Diseases of tha Blood " ia
which each bottle is enclosed. Price aicerbottleaea
nragu onncea, or w so eu Qoees. . Bold By droo.
asa, av w-rs-rop-ra, Cttnalo, H.Y-
JfOT TAIX to sen
for oar RE PH1CK'
1.SST. More complete
than aver. Contains
sL W deserlpMona of aver
LJ thing required for
ws, with over lOOT ttftwtratioiHB Sena nine'
eota for It. fHtampa wia do.) We ii all goodie
at whotosale prices in qnMitidea to taittha pur
chaser. Tha oniy institution In America aha '
aiie 'h tfcirw.iii hut.nesa. ai-iroaa
. iiOS'i'fiOMEfSr WAM CO, '
J Vegetable: It never ffff TfJ?
JDebilifcites It is cL U (gP
SCatharticand jff fgM RJyj'
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Cubscribe for tho
Itt Lifti county ought to h&te the YTEEKIr rtJCCSIS
K JfiElt. The moal Cfftterprisf ng and ia lac
The WEtSEtLY nUClOTCn lathe first paper In Oo
county In ability, tind the froahneea end
reliability of tto news.
TncnctiAirr editoisials.
And fcrtry i& be commenced a series f valuable
!. .... - - ......... r
i ' articles on Af;ricaltaral Chemistry.
ONLY 2 50
A"'; cfbtidllsr. IsxccassInQ- -'; Circuit!
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