The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, August 03, 1877, Image 3

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-""riimiim jniiUsi - -ir- -
" T
. -T-
X- LJ ItXI'X' U .ArtJSa 2
as choice a selection of Furniture, such us
lour Safes, Extension Tables Walnut & Ash
CiaSU Scfas, Lounges, 2lus, Saby Carriages, Moldings, riaao stools, Etc.,
osV' brought to this city, which. I w ill sell on the most reasonable terms. CALL.
First street)! -M'y. Oregon.
P.rnppriPQ Qnrl
Always to as; rorxn at
First Door Wl or S. E. Yomig, First Street, Ailmuy, O511.
Clieap for Oasli.
uivizv, ox: &-. 00.,
At foot of I.joii Street, opposite Iojot 0:1 O A ". Ztstilronri,
Will store 5r:ii?i and Cneral
Albany, Orpiroti. Jan- 177-Iv3
z. jucr.
LLJTin, Copper and
a 1 i i s - - C 5 r 4 5 fi
1 Vs-y LJi- Wi
Kext oor to I lie linith.
4 Tn in
r-i U -r- .
Tiie Standard Organ Triumphant.
$ 1 Following Is a copy of a Western Uaiou
v I ; s-aueisco :
i 1 f
s 1 . IVloubct, Peltoti & Co.. of New York,
t JiDAL, of AWARD tor the
First Street, lortland. Oregon.
a m
PrnuiQinnc I
?3trcUftm:.c t I,ov:t Rates.
Sheetiron Ware !
?;-a fe-'i l
TS - H C-3 5f
telegram received by Sherman & Hyde, San
N ew York. September 29. lb.
have received DIPLOMA of HONOR and
iwalkb its JrxprlN. )Provf(Ioiii. Tobarro,
I Kr. 'titl-r.T, rroi hery. iiinl wood ana
M illow M nrv. Tirnt M.. AIIBIy ( Or.
"Antiocu, 111., In c. 1.
M v ii's' iia'i. i m :i ) .nr linn, t tvn a lerrii'k1
siiUVM't-r iroui K ti'iuati-f!n. - She hits I rk-(l ii;n-IthySK-Utnanil
nnm v r im-!U-s. 'i'-lu'im ly tbiny
which has ;7ivrn h r rt-iit-i i-i't-ii taur l.iiiiinvnt
I am lvjwk- I Ki ay this ha ouivJ la r. I am
duii) vvliat I ouu to o.U-ni sah.
ii. i:ixj.
Thi Is a a!nrit'r many thousand u-st iiiioni
nls i'.H'ivC'1. oi v.-tnuU'rini ouas t il'cttt.' ! ry tho
Vnttmr I.iniin: iiT. Tlu in tr i e-! ii at s of iKi nr
tk'louri' hliilu"i moun.l c:u h hciMlo. It voii
tatns Wild) ICazi-.i Ma;ha. A rn I it, !I t-k Oil,
avhoii'. aaI ii ;( iit s hit ht-rio Jin w- know xi
It i-;arj i:tV!-iMiuM: i;vt i,tx tlit- (Vniaur Lini
ment is Haur:iiin more t-uns of svrI!lnr-,
Si iir Jiilnt Ki m pi ions, MIami nai i ir-m, Nt-imiliH
S'iaTii a. fakt-'l (iieasls. !,iu-k-jiiw. At., than all
t he other I.mimeiii s, I'luthnM-at am-. K rac!.
SaJves. Uin iii-'n:s ai'.'i phtfi rs iu .v in us .
rtU'TiM:h;u lu'.. iC:;;'aehe, Weak I5aek, 1 ' v h and
Curaneotw Krnit: ior;-;. it atmivahlt. It eun
burns anl sealtis v, ii lu-at scar. lCxt ntclh 1 Ol
sons from hiit s ami si i n . aiel ieat tVos;.hite9
ami ehilihatiiis, in u short lime. No family can
aiftavl to he without the Ccniaur -.iuimeiit,
while wr.tin.r.
Tli-ettX:rt:r I.iistitient Vfllow Wrapper,
isa-lnpre-! to the tmh skin, muscles an l! l;e-h
ol' 1 he ii u i iiiio' erea ! t - a. 1 " eifec: s uj m hi soveit
ttisi.s of Sjuivin. veen7. , Wifel (iali, Vr.ix IIea-1
an) I'ttll t'.v if. are I; ; i 'i than marvelons.
Mes-rs J. M. Chirr .V Co., ! r:tri ij s. eorner ol
Klin a n1 Front -f re-: Cineina; i, Ms to. say :
Im o:ir ii Ii' '!, ( a nnni:er of lciiii'itTP
a-re uti'.r the t 'eu;on- 1 .1 "i i men t . "I hey pro
Hornier ii saoerior ;m yti.i:; : hey have ever
nsel. We -e! hi.;!; ;e- re,nr ! ti e iioeii tot
tle-i. nt-1 ItiO'i h t'J :!;- "e;iie-!el -.."
We h.s vf x h ii -it mi-i u -im : U v iiti(niul-s.
For Wt i'ih N, C : i ; i "M-ni " rlu -, !; : i: -hf tne, ti:t..
am! for S .'fu Wovi'i in --he.-p i h:e no nval.-Fiinm-ir.
iiser-ii:.H :.n.1 "L-U-ruiT. liae in
th:e I Inimetn a r -me !;. v. h'ivh is ur;li a h an
il rod lutus i'seoT.
L:iboiai'r t .1 I!oe S: .'..
C. i-v s-trret, New York.
llr3 si 1 l "Q
lit v'iL.S'iLa, O
h:i c livaiTli. it' ! hry v.iH .Tt' ":i-t !ia ir Vili'l
.'::f. Woi'TtiS. I'.---":-:- !-iu--.Si'..- M li. 4,'rfflip.
or Sueiir'-!i )M i ;J:. i ii! i? i iuin-I v u
prmuni: i'.iu. f-f;inrn- l!-il!:i-r mim-r-ji!.
iii'rj'i;!JH'. imr :t1 f"ln 1. It is as pit':isa:it to
tttkt :s him.-v. :trii !n i: lur irurs nor irrijtt's.
l'r. SC. 1 ''nii. -:-!i. i t ! "in-.,!! i , . s., ;
I mii ns;..r i a-i'.i-la in my j-.i-n-i !-- vi:h Hie
inns; ;:-t;;.- '.ci. r-t- .-' r;--T:!t."
1 Jl w is ri o:!i- : io! Tnlrst'S ill
Ni'iv Vi'i-ki'iiv:!-r'!i!i';i:'i-ia. It i- i'.-itiv.l
tv Messrs. ,!. j. . Co.. I-! 1 toy s;ri'i-r, Sto
Yorlv, stit:t e;rs t r-initT.:l I'i'.t iu-r, M. U. oOvs
E", U P-H M
.i Hear, r H will -utruh. al c-vit t Jit-iit
UittSJ;'-" (
PCKO 8 EXTRAC'-Th irr. ut Vcm tiklc P.-l
UeKlroyrr. I;is !t'n In ws; over thirty
ears, :iu'l f'.r cI;iii!:ijos?i and prompt cura
tive virtiH-s crtiinot Jk.' exc.-iletl.
CHIlQaEB. No fntnily can nfford to be wTTrtont
l'on.1'9 i:ir:is. Arrlilcnto, Itrni.HPK,
t'ouluaton?, nt, .S;.rnln, tire relieved
nliiiost iuei:u)iiy !iy ixtfrttui application,
l'ronipt'y rulifvcs imins or Hums, NruU,
Kxroriitti;;n-, C!m ii;iic, tM Hares,
ISaiH, IYI;i, ( etc. Arrests in
fi:imntion, riducs pwuiiinc". tlps bleeding,
rrnovf. cV-'-n.r-'iriou? )il;d tiitlM rftpi!lv.
FEMALE WEAXJIESSfS. It always r. lievcsmin
in the laci ci lvms,tuilnfs.ajjd prc&i-iiigpaiu
in the li:ld. ri;itlHe, vertiiro."
IN LEUCDRRHSA itiiMtm eimnl. All kinds of nl.
ccrutimm to v.iiirh l:idit-s are Buliject Ere
jiromptiy cur.'d. Fiiikr details iu bookaccom
panyius; each Ixittlo.
PILES 1'Hrnl or hlet'illn meet prompt relief
and ready cure. .'o ca?e, however cluonic or
obstinate ctn lorir resist, its regular nr.
VARICOSE VEiRS. Itia tluj only sure cure for
ibis distrcsnitr and dangerous condition.
KIDKET DISEASES. Jt k&s no ciiuid lor perma
nent cue.
BLEEQIH8 from any cause. FortliW is a npe
clltc. It lias raved liundreds of lives when all
other remedied failed to arrest bleeding from
niw, Htinumeli, I ura.. ami elsewhere.
J.iirKi he tire all uliku rei.eveU, autl oiteuiicr
TtiKTii'irtlv cured.
PHYSICIANS ct sllfchools vhoare acquainted
with t'oiid's Kxtrnct of Witch llar.c-l rec
ominend it in their practice. We have bjitersof
commendation, from hundreds of l'hy!ic:ant
many of whom order it for use in their own
practice. In addition to the forcijoiinr, they
order its ?e for Swelling-, of all kinds,
((uin.T, sum Tlirmil, I iillmned ToliNiln,
fimple and chronic tinir boo, ;it.-irrh,
(for which it is a ppe(;m-,t'liilhiiiiii, Front
ed I'cer, Stiiin of InneelH, Iih.inito.,
etc., Chnppeil Ilonds, I ace, uud indeed
all niMimer of skin list-ases.
TOILET USE. l'einovcs fruiti-M, Itoii hnei..,
and Mlinrlinj; ; heuls nt, l:riilion.,
end IiuiiTl(.n. It rrrirtz, ini;itirrtVt, ai:d i ir.--frt--h&,
v.l.-ile -wonderfully improving tho
TO FARMERS. fond' T.xtrnct. S, tttfi-fc
Breeder, no I.iveryMancan nilord lobe without
it. It ii used by iUl the Lftadint; Livery Stables,
Street Hail roads uatl first Ilorsetneu in New
Vork City. It has uo eaual for Sprniii!., liar,
neaa or. tSnddle t:ii;i:n, Still'tiem,
Heratehes, fvi;if!n(rs,t'utf , lneerniions,
HleedinK, liiriiiiior.ln, t'olie, Di.irrliira,
C'billn, Colds, ttc. Itsranireoraction is wide,
and the relief it afford is bo prompt that it is
invaluable in every I'arm-vard as well as in
every Farm -house. Let it be tried once, and
on will never bo without it.
CAUTION. ronrt's Kxtract has hern imitated.
The gennine article baa 1 he words Pond's Ex
tract blown in each bottle. It ,s prepared by
the only peraons living who ever knew how
to prepare it nroperlv. Kefnse aU other pre
parations of Witch Ilazel. This is the only
4 article used by Physicians, and J- the hospi
...i.2f ,h,a country ODd Europe.
J2,amUwli:tf"rm eent fT,'e " application uS
9MKt, COMPANY, Maiden
timmiiiH. . if
In the Circuit Court of the Stnte of Oregon,
for the county of 1. inn.
Suit in equity for divorce.
Robert K. Tcuiplctun, plain t iff, vs Mury Tem
pleton, defendant.
To Mury Temploton, tlic nbovc numccl defer.d
nnt: In tlie name of t lie State of Oresron : Tonnro
lierttiy required to iippeat' find answer the cota
plaint of the above plaintiff, fn t he above enti
tled Conrt. now on tile w't h tlu Clerk of said
Court, within ten days from ttie dato of the
service of tins summons upon you if served in
nn comity, Oregon ; but if served inanyolh
orcoiintvin lhe .State of Oresron, then w-ithin
twenty days from the date of t hi? service of tliis
summons upon you. and if served by publica
tion, then chi or 'before the first day o'f the next
tenn Of said Court, to-wit :
Monday, the 22'-' ir of Of-loter, 1877.
and yon are hereby notified thar'if you fail to
appear aiul answer said i-ojnplaint as hereby
required, the plaintiff will appl) to the Court.
fot the relief demanded in I he complaint, to
wit : a dissolution of the bonds of matrimony
exist iner between j'oti and plaint ill'.and for costs
and disbiirsinerits.
Thi" summons is published by order of Hon.
H V. Poise. Jnd'te ot ssd'l 'onri. made this 1 1th
dav of April. 177. K. '. lSLAf KHITKN.
api-"n3f vlMi '"' - Atty, for r!ff.
1 It r it it !i n t S 4 !i t .
g5j jv j-y y '
ALB AN V, OREGON", AUG. 3, 1877.
"Weather quite cool on Sunday evening,
and consequently we had quite a rainfall.
A little daiiKhtsr at I-ou Royal" Sittur
da' night.
Jn.lge Powell and Jace Wheeler started
for Ochoco on Tuesday.
Dave Frotnnn has returned from the
GradwoliI keeps an excellent selection of
gocKls, besides being ready to furnish any
thitig in the stove or tin line.
An excellent remedy for sore mouth is
sage tea sweetened wilh honey. It is also
good (or chapped lips.
New comers to this State since January,
number 0,334, not including Chinamen or
Pigeons reported plentiful and fat.
Young grouse are also abundant and ten
der. See fire limit ordinance in this Issue.
No more frame buildings can be erected
within the blocks mentioned. !
California grapes and sweet potatoes in
market, the former 15c and the latter 12o
per pound .
Mr. T". II. Ptmlom having received the
necessary tools is now prepared to do all
kind-s of stenciling in good shape on short
notice. Call at his place and see samples.
Miss Minnie Allison returned to her
home in this city last week, having dis-mi-sed
her school for vacation.
'Graham is the man to build you an ele
gant, fashionable, well fitting suit of
Mr. T-. KIkins and Doc Lister started for
the Ochoco country the third day ot the
Meiilames Allison and Arnold are busy
cutting out and making dresses, etc., for
their lady customers. They are also agents
tor a first rate sewing machine.
Prof. Powell and wife. Mrs. C. C. En
glish, and others, started for the Bay the
first ot the week.
J. F. Whiting can't be beat with the
brush, and as an architect he stands at the
As a mechanic Joseph Taylor ranks A
No. 1, and therefore he has his hands lull
of work. If you want a hou-e buiit heV
the man you want to superintend it.
Blackberries tire reported plentiful out
on the Lebanon Mountain Wagon Road.
Mr. Propst secured seventy gallons in a
few days, returning heme last week.
Ed. Cart wright on the 23d of July was at
Qniuailet Indian Agency. W. T., where he
was etijuyitig himself spiendidlj". As soon
as the tun gives out Ed'il come borne.
Those glorious Summer nights are here
when the lover whispers impassioned word
in the ear of a fanned maiden, and feels
his undershirt sticking to him closer th in
a brother.
At neeonnts Van Vaetnr was getting
away with his share of fish at the Hay
In the mean time Hay and Thompson an
running the grocery store right up to tin
Mr. EHvnrd. of Sr. P.tnl. Minnesota, tin
I inventor and mnnnfaclnrer of the El ward
' Harvester, arrived in this city on Saturday
! He is out on a tour of observation, and
; will (lottTitless take home a full budget of
! valuable information.
The Rosfliurg Plaindeoler asserts that
! "Wilbur F. Cornell, the well known typo, i
i en route to Astoria, with the cxpectatioi
! of joining with Tom. R. Merry in the pub
j lic ition ot a newspaper at Astoria. This
i will, if it proves true, make things lively
' at the mouth of the river.
I , . .
Kev. 31 r. l iiompson was united in
marriage to Mis. Adda Mansfield, of thi
: ciiy.on Thursday of last week. Tlie happy
j pair moved right out on to a farm next
day. We w ish them long and pleasant
C. C. Reekrnan, hanker, of Jacksonville,
arrived in this city on Tuesday evening's
j express. Mr. 15. is one of the best men in
Southern Oregon, of which he has been a
resident about a quarter of a century,
j The City Drug Store is one of the most
j handsomely and artistically arranged in
the city, and the stock large and of ti e
lu st quality. We'll bet a section of gin
I g.'i that you can tit id rliere the bet
long cigar you ever saw for sale. They
1 are nearly as long as a hoe bundle, and
j made of most excellent tobacco. Try one
! for luck.
Captain Cochran, of the Farmer Line,
launched a new steamer at Caneinah Mon-
i d ly. The new boat is to be called A. A.
i Me Cully, and is 143 feet in length, 30 feet
i beam and 4 feet depth of hold. She is to
draw but eleven inches, and is intended for
the. upper river. She will carry 250 tone,
and wjll be ready for business about the 15th
Van Vaetor's store was broken into Sun
day night, the thief making his entrance
through the back door. The door in ques
tion being a sash door, all the thief had to
do was to break out a pane of glass,
run his hand through the opening thus
made, unfasten the door and walk in. A
few cigars and other goods taken, but as
no money Is ever left in the store over night,
the thief seems to have been disappointed.
Turkish mothers now put their babies to
sleep by singing that tender little song :
I've a letter from the Czar,
Raby mine, babyinine.'
And he. says he'll liftiinr ha'r,
Babj mine, baby mine ;
He has crossed the Dan-u-be,
He is coming after me,
Aud we'll see what wc shall see.
- Baby mine. :
Our farmers have purchased more ma
chinery this season, for harvest ing than in
any two past seasons, it is asserted by
knowing ones.
Father Freeland has gone to Seattle, W.
T., for the Summer.
Cucumbers in market.
Indian uews very thin.
Tlie Salem Slntesman has a new head.
A Sunday School has been organized in
Salem for Chinamen.
The Murphy temperance movement is
looking this way, having arrived at Salem.
Are we to have a County Fair, and if
not why not ? j
Perry Raymond and party returned from
the Raj' late Friday evening.
The reason we like pretty feet because
all's well that ends well.
Mr. Sidney Dell has withdrawn from the
editoiial control of the Portland Standard.
Those '-bucket collars" at L. K. Bhiln's
are way up, certain. j
Senator Morton is at ' the Seaside House,
near Astoria.
The big strike is almost over, the strik
ers having weakened.
Eugene Buchanan drives a handsome
pair of bays.
Wm. Watkins is making a most efficient
night watch.
Go to John Briggs for yorrr blackberry
The hazleniit. crop bids fair to be unusu
ally large this Fall. ' !
W, XV. Parrish and wife, of Sodavillc,
was in the city on Wednesday.
Frank Wadsworth is recovering from a
severe attack ot illness.!
It seems possible we may miss the anun-
iiT visit of the circus this season.
The usual number of entertainments
have failed us this season.
J. F. Backensto starts Eastward about
the 15th inst.
Read the big double ad. of the Albany j
Collegiate Institute in this issue. j
Henry Backensto is at present domiciled , belt tlmt ,ma caitKt't West's arm, with his
in Victoria. knit'e- The arm ju,t above the w rist, the
Rl l.iGlOt s.Rev. S. G. Irvine will j wi,Uh of ,he wheel, was badly crushed,
preach at the M. E. Church on Sunday ; "lakiug what is called a compound cominu
evening. j tet fracture. The boate in one place pro-
Rev. Mr. Atkinson, of Portland, will i t''.uded through the flesh. Sheiitl' Her
preach at the Congregational church in j rci1 l,am' a UI!l" 1,1 hU l",KE' a"'1 uM
this city on Sundav morning and evening,
M.-s. Scott has gone to the mountains in
search of health. She is very poorly in-
Mrs. Samuel Miller is still very poorlv,
i,i i, i nt ...
w ui uuibi it hi. iiiiu -.
come as heart1 and strong as ever.
Hon. W. S. Newbury. Mayor of Port- j
jand, was iu the city in the front of the j
XY. C. Myer has gone to bis home near
Ashland, Southern Oregon, taking his
Porcherons with him.
Fresh butter has been unusually scarce
during the week. However, there was al
ways enough packed butter on hand.
Mr. Myer of Ashland, informs us that he
can not begin to supply the demacd made
upon him for Jersey cattle.
Mr. West was badly used by a tltreshing
machine out on Nathan Bond's place last
The brickwork on the I. P. Church was
let at $219, instead of $100 as reported last
"Round the world in eighty days" was
what's the matter at the Opera House on
Wednesday and Thursday nights.
Dr. A. Wallace Calder and wif ol Cali
fornia, arrived iu this city the first of the
week. Mrs. Calder is the daughter of Dr.
Bell, ot Bell & Parker, druggists.
Our friend Judge llanan owns a luce
buggy and horse, and we frequently lake
hini out riding. He enjoys it and so do
we !
There never ha been
tory of this city when
dwellings were being
a time in the his
so many elegant
erected. All our
mechanics are busy.
One friend to another, who had jusf. re
turned from a trip to Europe : "Did you
enjoy your European tour?" "Very much
indeed." "Did you call on any of the big
ones?" "Yes. I -called on two queens!"
Was it a pleasant, a flair?' "No, not very:
for alter I called I found that tother chap
had three kings."
Twekpalk's Eaki.t Apple. It is true
that while Oregon lieats the world for
splendid Fall and Winter apples, she has
no early apples worthy the name. On
Tuesday. Mr. XV. C. Tweedale. of this city,
exhibited to us some apples that promise
to fully supply this want. They were
seedlings, raised in his garden on Washing
ton street, aud were decidedly the finest
early apples (rijieuing iu July) that we
have seen in Oregon. In color and shape
they resemble both the hcllflour and pear
main ; the meat is brittle and mellow,
with a most delicious flavor, being just
tart enough to make an' excellent desert
apple, while for making sauce it has really
no stiperior even among the later varieties.
New Steamer Line. The Pacific Coast
Steamship Company announce their inten
tion to run a line of steamers between San
Francisco and Portland. In conformity
with this announcement their steamer, the
Orizahii, sai ed from San Francisco on
Thursday for Portland ; returning, she will
sail from Portland on the Sth inst. The
Company propose placing two steamers on
the route at once, to be followed by others
as the trade increases. J. McCracken &
Co are the agents at Portland, and the
steamers will land at their wharf. The
farmers' wharf at Astoi la lias been leased
for the same purpose. This opposition will
lessen freights and tares between Portland
and 'Frisco.
i .
From Hon. W. II. Jones, ot West Rover
"I have been troubled from my boyhood
with chronic or hereditary lung complaint.
Some years since, early in the winter I took
cold, which contifrTied to increasas the sea
son advanced, although I made use of all the
"Si n
but I experienced no relief. During all
this time I was gradually runnincr down.
losing flesh hnd strength, until my friends
as well as myself, became very much alarm
ed, thinking I should waste away hi con
sumption. While in Boston, during the
spring following, I was induced to try
wistar's jjalsTtui ot Wild Cherry. After j
nun uaj s triaj i wHssensioie mam was re
lieving me: in ten davs time mv couo-h
had entirely ceased, aud I was soon restor
ed to health and strength. I
have ever
since kept the Balsam iu my house, and
"t'f'ever any member ot my family has a
cough or cold, it tsiiuniediate v resorted to.
Nt family should be without it.
Sold bv
all druggist.
Robbery. Last Sunday night Van Vac
tor's grocery store on First street was en
tered and robbed of sundry articles. From
various causes suspiciou was directed to a
young man named George Anderson, who
took the noon train, on Monday for Salem.
A telegram was sent to Salem, and officer
Miuto succeeded in arresting the young
man and placing him in jiil. a Deputy City
Marshal Watkins went down on the express
train Tuesday morning, retaining with hi3
prisoner iit 'iioon of same day. When
placed in jail officer Minto went throtigh
Anderson's pockets, and what he found he
hauded over to oflieer Watkins. Among
other things was a check, which when
turned over to the agent at the Salem de
pot, produced a trunk belonging to Ander
son. Upon opening the trunk the officer
struck a bonanza in the way ot "store
goods," such as fine pocket cutlery and
several boxes of choice cigars nil having
the sale mark used by Van Vactor. - The
prisoner wu taken before Recorder Mon
tanye tit one o'clock i m. on Tuesday, and
after duo examination. w:3 held to bail in
A km Ci:Cni:r. On Tuesday morning,
out on the farm of Councilman N. Bond,
a new comer named West was i-o unfortu
nate as to get bis left arm crushed between
the wrist and elbow. Mr. Wet was en
gaged in starting up the threshing machine
as they had just eo.mnouced harvesting,
when in some way his left arm was caught
in the main licit, the wheel making three
revolutions before the machinery could be
stopped. Sheriff Hrrrcti was present ami
lnrc'v 0,1 aitacinng tlie machine
lo u,u I'ower. wnne another party cut the
i mm lo - ,r ule ""wor-snu when uint
! teaiu ehl this city it looked as though
j U had made good time. Dr. J. L. Hill
lost no time in reaching his patient and
' d"S that could be done to alleviate
his suffering. The patient stood tl
ting and bandaging splendidly, and Dr.
Hill thinks he will lie able to save the arm.
Oi'it Distuict Schools. The School
Directors nave developed a new plan for
conducting the District schools for the com
ing year. As we understand it the plan is
simply this: The)' employ Mr. D. V. S.
Rcid as Principal of the school, giving him
f 500 per quarter of public money, and al
lowing him to collect $2 50 for each scliol
lar per quarter, he to pay the other teach
ers required. There are to be three assist
ants, and more if the goon of tho school re
quires it. Two teachers have already been
selected, viz: Misses Maria Irvine and Ella
Ilunsaker both excellent selections indeed
and the other will be decided upon at
once. The schools will not open, in all
probability, until the first of October. Tlie
Director's have under consideration the re
pair of tlie Central school bouse. In it?
present condition it is not : lit place in
which to attempt to chool our children,
as it Is nothing but a barn. It. will take
three or four hundred dollars to nsak it at
! all respectable. It is high time the District
ere cted a good, substantial house in the cen
tral portion of tiie city. In this respect we
seem to lie behind every other town in the
State. -s soon as pos.-ible let us have a
good, large, substantial school-house in the
place of the old rartlc-trap that now does
duty as a school-house.
Oregon Tisibeh. The Record tells of a
prominent wagon maker of Salem who once
refused to purchase a lot of oak wagon tim
ber because it was not the equal of the. East
ern article, aud bis customers required the
lest. Of course, as as an experienced work
man he knew the difference between Ore
gon oak and the Eastern article, and knew
why the latter was superior to the former,
at least this would be the supposition. The
experienced mechanic went to Portland
and purchased a lot ot superior "Eastern
oak," which.not to make the story too long,
turned out to lie the very oak timber be
refused to purchase lccause it was Oregon
raised ! It is contended that it the same
pains are taken with the Oregon oak in
seasoning it and preparing it. for use as is
taken with the Eastern, it is just a service
able and valuable. And it also appears
that when Oregon oak is So seasoned and
prepared for market, experienced work
men can not tell the difference between the
Oregon and the Eastern grown. A hint
to the wise is sufficient.
A Boot Thief. The arrest of a man
for drunkenness on Wednesday, disclosed
the fact t hat he had a pair of new boots,
and that he had been endeavoring to sell
them for $1. A lurther examination dis
cloed the fact that said borts didn't make
a "pair." as one wXAsrvrn and the other
an eight, w hile lioth wie for the left foot.
A little search led to tit discovery that the
oild 8 and i were still fp the box nt the
Grange Store. Instead of a d. d., the par-
j ty .will stand his trial for the theft of a pair
j of boot. LTpon his preliminary examina-
tion t,e mail gavt 1)ls nanle a. GeorjJ0 i)lln
f . . . . . '.
iels, and claimed that lie purchased tlie
boots at Salem. lie was held to bail in die
sum of 500. and failing to find in Ibis
amount he now languishes in durance vile.
State Fair. The State Fair begins Oc
tober fth and continues through the week..
XV. A. LienellinfT has consented to deliver
the opening, while Hon. A. J. Dufer will
deliver the animal address. The coming
promises to be an unusually Interesting
Fair. The - railroad and steamboat lines
of the State have rendered the usual half
fare rates,' and as everybody . will have
money the coming Fall, the attendance
promises to be unusually .large.
Personal. M r. S. B- Story and wife,
of East Portland, came up on a MMt to
f.-tends in this city last Saturday, Mr, Sto-
.'. , f(r a visit to the Eastern States
, r nr" oiavi
. about the ivin nisi. v
! f:--m the old hoine-tead. twcnty-firc years-..
.A.t ; - IT. h..nit b h.nnf
Albany Collegiate Ikstitcte Open!
on Monday, September 3d? 1S77, with the
following Faculty : Rev. II. "VV. Strattou;
A. M.. President ani Professor of Mental
and Moral Sciences; Rev. L. J. Powell,"
A. M., Principal and Profeor of Mathe
matics ami Natural Sciences ; It. II. Hew
itt, A. M. Professor of Ancient Langtingea;
Miss Clara Price, B. S., Preceptress anil
Teacher ot French; Mtss Dora Salinger,'
Teacher of German ; Mi- Nettie Piper;
Teacher ot Instrumental and Vocal Music
Mrs. W, S. Peter, Teacher of Drawing
and Panning. For terra and other infor
mation see advertisement in this issue;
The Trustees of the College have determin
ed to purchase a complete set of philosophy
ioal Instruments for the use of the school,'
s.miething we believe no oilier school lif
tlie State is in possession of. ' The teachers
are the tfqual of any in the State and lov -their
profession, and we exjcct to see the
coming the mojt prosperous neasoii . the
College has ever enjoyed.. Our citizens
can well feel proud of such an educational
institution, and should do all In tlielr power
to foster it.
Sen at oh Mokton Accompanied by Con
gressman Dick Williams, Gov., Gtbbf,
Judge Dolpb, Gen. Simpson. Geu. Odell;
and a number of otlier prominent gentle
men ot Portland and Salem, arrived ou a
special train from Portland in this city on
Friday about 1 noon. Word came down'
from the depot of their arrival, when car
riages were Mfcurcd, and Senator Morton
and son, and others who desired, accorn-
pauieil by Mayor Parker, were treated to
sight of our city and its handsome public
and private residences. The great Senator
professed himself delighted with Albany
and her people, a large number of whom'
congregated at the depot and gave him a!
cordial shake of the hand. "We are sorry
that the time of the Senator was so limited'
that be could not make a longer stay. AC
half past two v. M. the train returned to
ijw or i.ETTi:re
Remaining in tho Post Ofiice. Albany,
Linn County. Oregon. Aug. 2d, 1877.
Persons calling for these letters must givtj
the date on which thev were advertised.
Breeve. R W Moore, LE
Buchtel. Man- Mc Eutire, A - -Kevins,
H J ' Mo Klnnls. Phil II -
Berrigan. Michael Par ridge. Frank
Crov. C M
Poiter. Rials
Deniing. Albert
Fiindt, Mrs
Frakes. John
Gates. E R 3
Hinds, Wm J
Hinds.. Ida
I Iota;. T J
Hanson, H
Hasctton. .Tas
Ivens, Taylor
Jones. John ;3)
Kay. Thus
Koontz, M
Kickinan. Carl
Richards. Saiah
Royce, George
Roberts, N
Salt, Robert
Wagsdaff, W W
Watson, J N
Walker, Wm " .
Whk1, A T
White Allle (2) '
Wareiid. Juhu .
Wettereii. Paulina'
Wilmarth. D E (3;
Handsome. While at Mr. Purdom'
gallerj' of arts on Wednesday, w were'
shown the handsome medal and diploma'
awarded by the U- S. Centennial Commis
sion to Messrs. Parrirti & Miller, of Jeffer
son, for the bej't Flax. The medal is of
bronze, handsomely ornamented, while the
diploma Is very neatly printed, and is to
be framed in Oregon wootl. Isn't it some-"
thing to of that Oregon ilax. in com
petition with the product of that article of
the entire civilized globe, took the premium'
over all competitors both for lint and seed?
'Rah for Oregon !
Oak Point School. The school at Oak
Point, taught by W. R. Jones, closed July
iOth. Whole .number of pupils, 4S: males,
20 ; 'females, 23. Tho following members
of the school were placed ou the Roll . ot
Honor : Albert Pattcison, John Barton,
Joseph Smith, Henry Jackson, Luella
Stockton. Lizzie Eagy, Mary Coney, Mary
Morgan Rolx-rt Smitli, Clarence Stocktou,
Elmer Hamilton, aud Lillio. Coney.
W. IX. Jones. .
The Kittatika Bl ACft berk r To our .
taste, is one of the best varieties - of the "
genus Ruhns,! Being sweet it take? less
sugar, and the seeite are small, resembling
more nearly the strawberry. It makes a
mo3t excellent desert dish. Mr. n. Ken
ton is in dally receipt of this frnit, and will
deliver it in quantities to suit all who may
de-Ire to have it on their tables. 'Order
left at W. 0. Tweedale'o will be promptly
attended to.
Oatmeal for the Complexion. Say .
an exchange Take the dry meal, a little
in a preserve pla;e, pour on just enough
cold water to make thin, strain ..throtigh A
little seive and dip a cloth Into the water, .
wash over the face once or twice and let
dry. Tho result, says the writer in the
Household, is a beautiful complexion.
Back Again. Capt. N. B. Humphrey,
Judge Wolverton. Capt.; Harper, Judge
Baker, and two -or three other choice spir
its, under the charge of Gen. Jenks Mont
gomery, returned from Yaqnina Bay last
week. We should think from the looks of.
the parfy that they had a time.
lf-ou want to punt your name on your
handkerchief, shirt, or any other article of
clothing, drop in at Pu.-dom's and get
him to. cut you a stencil-plate, and nimfsbi
you with a bottle of indellible ink and &
brush, when you'll be fixed.
XV. C. M ver offers a premium of $200
for tho best "family of draft horses at tbe:
coming State; Fair.
K BuchanaiTwill sell you anything yon
want in the agricultural implement line at.
lowest rates, i
Yon ought to see those new goods at
E.BIaiu's hats, boots, gloves, clothing,,
knives, jewelry, etc.,' etc.
The Maehlne Wat Worn Out.
W by ? Not because it was not well built,
but it was wrongly rnn. Thousands of
men who have run down long before their-lliree-scorc
and ton. years are accomplished,
might have been renewed into sprightli--ness
ami vim if they had tried the well
known Peruvian Syrup, which co'itains
among itsVomponuds the Protoxide of
Iron, fK combined that it assimilates withv
the blood and invigorates the whole syrtenie
This syrup has proveAl-wfllcaciouB in thous
ands of cases,; and will do everybody good;
who inc it. All dnigUifekeep Jt. " aug