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Linn Cocsty CCvonctl The nest meet
ing of the Linn County Business Council,
P. ot li t will oe held in Albany on the 2d
Sfcmday in April at 3 t. St.
Frank Pike, Sec.
HiGirwAT "Robbery. On Friday morn"
f Dg last, between nine and ten o'clock,
among the foot-hills beyond Philomath, a
gentleman from Douglas county, a cattle
buyer, was stopped by a brawny six-footer,
Who" suddenly stepped from a tree beside
the trail, seized the bridle-reins of the horse
a. which the cattle buyer rode, and pre
senting a cocked six-shooter demanded
"your money or your lite." Our friend
irom- Douglas isn't much on the scare, but
as the footpad was a brawny chap and had
the drop on -him, he concluded that the best
tbing he conld do was to '"throw up his
hand," which he proceeded to do with great
celerity. Mr. iootpad then queried as to
monev, at the same time slipping his left
hand into one of the front pockets ot the
cattle-buyers' overalls, holdiug the revolver
steady with his rigM hand and keeping a
close watch on him besides. The footpad
found nine dollars in silver in said pocket.
and although the cattle buyer fold him that
was all the money he had he would not
take bis word tor it but felt over his person
until be struck a back pocket,' which con
tained $500 in gold, which, of course made
quite a lump, and seemed to excite the
.footpad, for in his eagerness to secure the
money he not only dropped the muzzle of
the revolver down considerable, but he let
his eyes wander toward the treasure. It
Was but for a-sueond, but for such a man as
our triend from Douglas it was sufficient,
With the suddenness ot the lightning's flash
he seized that revolver and attempted to
twist it from the grasp of the robber. The
fain was falling at the time, and our friend
woi e gloves, which didn't help his grip any;
but he succeeded in exploding the revolver.
the ball going through his coat sleeve, antL;
in getting away from the robber, when he
put spurs to his horse and lit out towards
Philomath. He hadn't got more than
twenty feet when he heard a cap snap, and
looking back he saw the robber rapidly ar
ranging for another trial ; and. in fact, le
had hardly turned himself in hi saddle be
fore snap, bang went tlie revolver, and he
heard the ball sing as it passed close to his
head. A sudden bend in the trail and he
Was out of sight ot his would-be murderer,
and tlie swiftness of the animal he rode
soon carried him to the village. If our
friend from Douglas hadn't been the pos
sessor of a cool head and plenty of nerve
he wcnld have lost all his money, and pos
sibly his life. Look a leedlc oudt when
traveling among the lonely hills with a
purse full of eagles.
A Closk Cai.i Saved Fkom a Wateky
Ghave. Last week Mrs. Beldipg and her
son Ilenry were out destributing brooms
among the people. Having disposed of
their entire stock, and turned the heads of
their team towards home, they struck
Muddy, and although the stream was run
ning full they concluded it wasn't danger
ous, and drove in. The water soon became
.. swimming, the wagon-bed floated off leav
ing the wheels, running-gear and horses to
take care of themselves. The horses swam
out all right with their part of the wagon,
while the wagon -bed with its occupants,
struck and lodged on a stump. Ilenry, not
Jjking the dampness of the situation, done
some pretfy loud "singing out," attracting
the attention of a man on horseback, who
came to their assistance and succeeded in
relieving them from their perilous situa
tion. -
Scnooi. Election Who akf. Voters.
On Monday next, April 2d, at the Cen
tral School-house, will be held the annual
school election for district Xo. 5, at which
there will be to choose one director for
three years, and one clerk to serve one
year. The school law says: '-Women
who are widows and have children to edu
cate, and have taxable property in the dis
trict thirty days as aforesaid, shall be en
titled to vote." Of course, if the ladies en
titled to vote choose to take advantage of
. ' . t' may. and we should like
cue occasion in. -
beyond all thing to cve
the district, entitled to, vow
woman in
Come right
. Ijug, and don't you forget it
Latest Fashions. Our fashion editress
gives us the following as the latest, and it
taay be depended upon : For grass widows,
' lawn; for elderly women, moire antique;
for Democratic belles, anything but Rep ;
for women inclined to baldness, mo'-bair;
for women with poodles, muslin; for ship
per's wives, alpaca ; for the Misses Never
ready, delawie; for sailors' wives, serge; tor
-dairy women, calico; for soldiers' wives,
bombazine; tor debtors' wives, ticking; for
women with profane husbands, kersey; for
careless servants, crash; for Mre. Sitting
Bull, whoop-6kirt3 !
, .
Half Fake. Tlie O. & C. K. It. Co.
will sell round tickets, good from the 2d to
the 7th of April, for half price, to all wish
ing to attend L inn Co. Teachers Institute,
that meets in this city next Tuasday, hold
ing until Thursday.
The Late Samuel, J.
Put away his empty barrel ;
Fold his Presidential clothes,
He has started up Halt River,
Led and lit by Cronin's nose !
Strawberry Festiyai Tlie Congre
gational Church will give a festival at the
Opera House as soon as strawberries are
Just Received. Fancy suitings, a full
Hue very low. Men's and boy's clothing.
uwmonaDie ana cheap. Wheeler, at
Lou Royal has sold hi barber 6hop to
uaney Harmon.
Gold in New York, 104"? . f
Legal tenders, 05OCc ;
Silver coin, 9495. j
Wheat, $1 bushel.
Oats, 37c bushel.
Butter, 20 25c pound.
Eggs, 14c dozen. i
Chickens, $2 50 $3 00 1 dozen.
Beef on foot, 3c ; pork, do., 7c net.
Baeon--Sides, 13c; hams, 15c; shoulders,
Se. I
Dried apples, Gc; plums, 12c. j
Liverpool wheat market. March 2S: Av
erage. 10s7d'Slls; club, 10s lOiliSlls 3d.
Special .Vol iocs.
Just What Yon Want. Mrs. J. Weed
is agent for CornwcHs improved self-fitting
chart for cutting out dresses for ladies,
misses and children doubtless the bestand
cheapest system yet invented. By this
chart a perfect fit is warranted every time.
Call or address Mrs. J. Weed, Albany, for
further information. !
Boots, Boots lor the rainy season,
both kip and gumgerubber a fresh supply,
very low, at the ready pay stoie in Shedd.
Mi sicai.. Miss Nettie Piper, teacher ot
Vocal and Instrumental music, has recent
ly located in Albany, and prepared to give
lessons in the alwve named branches. Has
hat! several years experience in teaching,
and can give the best of references. ! 4
... The Richmond Range is a great! wood
saver, and as it throws out less heat than
any other good range or stove, it is way
up tor Summer use. I
Breathitt;; 3f iasnsn without Injury.
There is no exaggeration in tlie; state
ment that thousands of persons residing
from one year's end to another in fever and
ague regions on this Continent and else
where, breathe air more 'or less impregnat
ed with miasma, without incurring the dis
ease, simply and only because they arc in
the habit of uing Hosteller's Stomach Bit
ters as a preventative. It has frequently
happened, and the fact has been amply at
tested by the parties themselves, that per
sons surrounded on all sides by neighbors
suffering: the tortures of this shivering and
burning piaguo. have enjoyed absolute im
munity Irom it, thanks to. the protection
afforded by the Bitters. Nor is that stand
ard anti-febrile cordial less efficacious in
remedying than in preventing chills and
lever, bilious remittents, and disorders ot
a kindred tyj. Taken lietwecn the par
oxrsins, it speedily mitigates their violence,
and eventually' prevents their recurrence.
Th.'se fact, convincingly established by
evidence, appeal with peculiar force to
travelers and sojourners in malarious dis
tricts, march
Conslm mill ColtlN.
From Sfimnol A. Walker, Ksq., the well-known
lteal Estate Auctioneer of Boston.
"Ilavinsr experienced results ot a satis
factory character from the use ot Witar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry, in caes of severe
colds, during the pat two years, I have
full faith in its renovating power. I was
first induced to trv tins medicine by the
stroncr recommendation of a friend, yvho
was well-nisrh srone with consumption, and
yvhose relief from the use of it satisfied me
ot its great value in caes of cold and de
cline, and mot i-U-arlv demonstrated to mv
mind its srreas value as a, restorative, that
only needs a fair trial to insure a grateful
recognition irom the public." Sold by all
Important to nil Iuv;ilils. Iron in tlte
The Peruvian Svrup. a protected solu
tion of the protoxide of iron, strikes at the
root ot disease ly supplying the blood with
its vital principle, or lite element Iron
This is the secret of the wonderful success
ot this renieuv m curinjr 1 lysiwpsia. J.ivcr
Complaint, DiO'Kv, Chronic Diarrhoea,
Boils, Nervous Affections, Chills and Fe
vers. Humors. J,oss. of Constitutional Vig
or, Diseases ot the Kidneys and Bladder,
rumale Complaints, and all diseases orig
inating in a bad state of tlie blood, or ac
companied by debility or a low state of the
system. Sold by alt druggists. march
PIMPLES. I will mail (tree) the recipe for
nreimrimt a simple Vegetable 1 Sal in that will re
move Tan, Freckles, i'impies uil'l IUotell
leaving t he. skin sot'r, oU-ar ami tjeaut ilul : also
instruction t'u- pro;lucin a luxuriant srrowth
ot hail' on a iu!l hea'l orsmootli face. Address
TU-n. andelf & Co., box 8121, 'o. 5 W ooster-St
New York. ton43v9
TO t'OXSt'MPUVE. The advertiser.hnv
ing been permanent y cured of that ilreatl dis
ease, Consnn pi ion. ly n simple, remedv.isaiix-
ious to make known to his fellow Kufterers the
means of euro. To all who desire it. In; will
send a copy of the prescript ion used (free of
clmrei, with t ho directions tor preparing and
usin:; the same, which they will lind a sure
cure for Consilium ion. A 81 lima, l$ronchitis,&c
Parties wishing the prescrmtion will please ad
dress Rev. K. A. Wilson, l'H PennSt., VVilliams-
uun', . . iisvsij lou tsva
o .
KrroM of Yo til. A gentleman yvho suf
fered lor Years trom Jservous J lebility, I'renm-
ture Decav, amlail theell'eclsof youthful indis
cretion will, for the sake of snllerins? human itv,
peud free, to all who need it, the recipe and di
rect ion. for itiakinr t he simple remedy ly which
lie was cured. Sulterers wishing to profit by
the advertiser's experience can do so by ad
dressing in jierlect confidence, John B. Ogbks,
4-2 Cedar St., Neyv York. u43v
Tc People Want Proof.
There is no medicine prescribed by physi
cians, or sold hy DrusiistH, that carries tiach
evidence of its success and superior virtue as
iir.r. i. . . . - - - . --.tljl
f.ri thd l-i-i.iit rniiftnmnHnii. or
OiKld.. "v ' , ---
any disease
of the Throat or I.imscs. A proof
a Sampx J.ouie w regular size at 75
effects befpie nuvint tm.i,ni in ihia
cents. It has lau-iy ih- V":, , -
eonntry . ernwny. - "that
eures are asionixioii c,,-. ; .j
Tit ran doses will relieve ny
Sold by all druggists.
Beiucinbcr This.
t .1,0 ti moor vear for Pneumonia. Lunsf
Fever Couglis, Colds, and fatal reslt of pre.
disnosition to Consumption and other Throat
andLnn- IMases.' Bosckbb's Gkumas
Syhup has Iwea used in tins neighborhood tor
the past two or t uree years whuuiiu i"s.
failure to cure. If you have not used this tned
ici .eomlf go to your Omggist in this city
and aSk him of its wonderful ccef among
his customers, iiiree uj.-;-. .
worst ease, if vou have 110 taith In any medi
cims Inst buva Siuiiple P.ottl.1 of 11ohek s
lar riize bott le 75 ceitta. JJon't negUiet a ypugh
to ave 73 ctnits.
A CAll.
To all wlio are snfferinj? from the errors and.
. ..,,t,- .ns 1 si-nvonsl nv a missionary
7., soinii Amerit-a, Send ajelddid enve-
vi m the KKV. JnHKPH T. iMIAS, auuion sj.
Hible lloiusc. -New 1m.-A.-8v.
The Richmond Range never goes back
- ., ni4Awift but is werfect in
OH tilC fcWVi 7 At, ,
tvprv deonrtmeut of cookery, isoia only
by McFarland.
Major AViiite Is located one door west
- T?..rt 'a First street. Albany, yvhere
he is prepared to do all yvork in Bis line,
such as repairing watcnes, cioeKsyanu jew
elry. Also, engraves door-plates,- silver
ware, &c. Five him a call.
"ew Cashmeres, Empress cloths,. Reps.
and other dress goods on the counter, at
w heeler's in (Shedd. Gootls as good as the
best ; prices a loyv ad the lowest.
Groceries and Provisions!
rirst Door West of S. E. Young's First Street, Allmhy, Ogn.
CHeap foi Go,&Ul.
UHiAIlV, SOX fc CO.,
At Toot or I-.yon Street, opposite' Depot On O. A KiilrHt,
T sTT. A 3ST"5T OHEGr03ST.
Will store Ciruin ami Ociieral
Ai.isany, Oregon, Jan., 1877-1.") v9
Tin, Copper and
TS3 ZEST lit
Neil tiiMir to the Hunk.
A. F. SMITH & CO.,
rJ7iie Standard
Following is a copy of a Western Umou
f raucisco :
Peloubet. Pelton & Co., of Xeyv York,
MKDAL of AWARD for the
rvrTT T?T)T A TT dHP
123 Krsl Street, Portland. Oregon.
"W. C- Tweed alb; ?
Call and see him.
'q q 3 M &. S 9-"'
To the WerklnK flam. Wo are now
-prepared to furnish, all classes with constant
employment at lioine, tlie wliolc of tlie time,
or for t heir sjwre moments. Business new,
lijrlit and profitable. Persons of cither sex easi
ly earn from Ml cent to 3 per eveninjr. and a
proportional Hum by devotinii tlielr whole time
to the business. Boys and j? iris emu nearly aa
niuch as men. Tbut all who see this notice may
send their address, and test the busineHS we
make this unparalleled offer: TO such as are
not well satiBfled we will send one dollar to pay
tor the trouble of writing. Full particulars,
samples worth several dollars to commence
work on, and a eopy of Home and Fireside ona
of the larnest and best Illustrated Pnhlftations,
all went free by mall. Keafler, if yod wantpor--
niaiieni. otouianitt wore, aanrest,, ttrnoiu.
bTiaoN 4C'o., Portland, Maine. InitivD.J -
IWercliandisc at
IinvcH ICafcs.
Sheetiron "Ware !
telegram received by ShoYman & Hyde, San'
Ntw YftitK. Sentember 29. 1876.
have received DIPLOMA of HONOR and
DKALER IK iirorlfH. I'ritiluhinit. Tnhnrm.
1 iKara, iHli r,, I rockery, mill Wwd anu
nmuw nnre, f irst M., Albany, Or.
OFFK'K OF SlN-riKR MAJtt'FACT'iro Co.,
Portland, Ok., Janiuiry-23, 18
Special TV-otic.
I of onr cunt omul's, and tA all nersons desir-
ine to THiretuiM-. one v.lehrterl sewmxr ma
chines, we resiKH-tfnlly notify them that the
Messrs-. TITUS BKOS. are ouratrcnts for Alba
ny and, Linn countv. and that tlmv. or C K.
WOLVERTON, Esq., are fully aiithoMned to
wiiw-i ami wsviie nmHnain aeeoiiiiis lor us.
. mc ruugvr juanuiaci-iirin? tomTwiiy.
Jlanagpr Oregon and W. T.
Letter from a Postmaster.'
"Astiocii. Ili... Tht.. i. 1874.
'SIkssks. J. E. P.(we & Co.:
'Mrv Wife has. for a lonir time, ljcen a terrible
sntt'erer from KlieumatiHiii. She lias tried maii v
phyRnilansand many remedied.' The only tiling
wnien nas ttiven ner renei isientmir iiuiment
I aft i-ejoiced to sjiy tliis lias cured lier. I am
dOiiiLr hat I can to extend its sale. .
Thia is a samuleof ninnvtlioiisstid tcstimonl-
ftls recidved. of wonderfnl cures etl'eeted liy the
Centaur Liniment. The ingredients of this ar
ticle are published around each bottle. It con
tains yVitch Hazel, Mentha, Arnica, Mock Oil,
Carbolic, and ingredients hitherto little known
It is an indisputable fact that the Centaur Lini
meat is performing more cures of Swellings,
Still' Joints, Kru pt ions, lihemnatism. Neuralgia
Sciatica, Caked Ilreasts, 1-ick-jaw, A.C., than all
the other Liniments. Kmbrocations, Kx tracts.
Salves, ointments and pliuslers now in ust.
for Toothache, Karache, Weak l!iek,ltch and
Cutaneous Kruiit ions, it Is admirable. It cures
bums and sc:ills without a sear, extracts poi
sons from bites and stings, and heals frost-bites
and ehillblains, in a short time. No family can
afford to lie without the Centaur Liniment,
white wrapper.
Tlie Centaur Liniment, Yellow Wrapper,
is adapted to the tough skin, muscles and llcsh
of the animal creation. Its effects upon seveie
eases of Spavin, S'veenv, Wind Gall, Hi Head
and Poll Evil, are little less than marvelous.
Messrs. J. MeClure &Co., Druftgisrs, eornerof
Elm and Front streets, Cincinnati, Ohio, say :
"in our neiy liborhoou a numDer oi teamsters
are ustnar the Centaur Liniment. Tliey pro
nounce it, superior to anything they have ever
used. We still as high as four to five tlozci; hot
ties per month to these teamsters."
yve have thousands ot similar testimonials.
For Wounds. Galls. Scratches. 15 ing-bone, Ac.,
and for Screw Worm in sheep it lias no rival.
farmers, livery-men ana stocK-raisers, nave in
this Liniment a remedy which is worth a hun
dred times its cost.
Laboratory Ot J. B. Rose & Co.,
ft! Bsy street, New York.
Mothers mav have rest and their babies may
have health, if thev Vill use Castoria tor Wind
Colic, Worms, Fevcrishness, Sore Mouth, Croup,
'tir Stomach Comnlainls. It is entirely a vege
table rtrcrwimtion. and contains neither miner
al, morpliine, nor alcohol. It is as pleasant to
taKe as noney, ami neit tier t?ags nor grijws.
nr. ti. iiimocii. oi lmiMini. u.. says:
I am using Castoria in tn v pract ice with the
most signal benefits and happy result."
l nis is wnat everj" one says: jjiosi nurses in
New York City use "t he Castoria. It is prepared
bv Messrs. J. II. Hose A Co., 4t lev street, New-
York, successors to Samuel Pitcher, M. O. JWvs
fT In tfinn iwi-ilayat lmw. Sttinples wort h tl
Qj IU WLj free. Stinson Co.. Portland. Me.
t; KNn-iie to G. P. 1K1WKLL & CO.. New York
O for Pamphlet- of lixi pages, containing 3,(WK1
neyvsapcrs, ami estimates snowing cost ot ad
vertismg. 2Svsv
tt Hear, for 1 willKpcak of excellent
POND'S EXTRAC' The great Yeeetable Pni
icsrryer. iaa Deen in use over tulrty
years, and for cleanliness and prompt cura
five virtues cannot lie excelled.
CHILDREN. No family can afford to be whont
l-onti' extract. Accidents, llntlHCM,
C'nntnalnnft, Cnta, Sprains, are relieved
almost Instantly by external application.
Promptly relieves pains or llarns, sicaldiv
Excoriations, Chaflngs, OUl Sores,
Boils, Felons, Corns, etc. Arrests in-'
flHtnation, rednces swellings,- tops bleeding,
removes tliprolorHtionmntr heals rariidlv.
FEMALE WEAKNESSES. It always relieves pain
iu the ixick audluiustfannes6,audpre6sirigpaixi
in the bend, nanaea, vertieo." .
IN LEBCORRHCEAithas no equal. Allktatlaof nl.
cerauona 10 wnicn laaiet are BUDject are
promptly enred. Fnller details in book accom
panying each bottle.
PILES blind, or bleeding meet prompt relief
and ready enre. No case, however ch ionic or
obpHnate, can long resist its regular use.
VARICOSE VEINS "is the onlysnro enre for
diAtresbins and dangerous condition.
KIDNEY DISEASES. It has no equal for perma
nent cure.
BLEEBISQ from any cause. For this is a Mpe
ciiic. It has eaved hundreds of lives when all
other remedies failed to arrest bleeding from
yire, flnmarh, lunpw, and elsewhere.
iiarucue are ail alike relieved, aad often per
manently cared.
PHYSICIANS ot all schools Tvlioare acquainted
with Pond's Extract of Witch Hazel reo
ommend it in their practice. We have letters oC
commendation from hundreds of Physicians,
many of whom order it lor use in their own:
order its use for KwclIinKa oC all kinds, ;
tninsy, pore- l iiroar, muanra Tonmu,
simple and chronic liiarruwa, Catarrh
for which it is a specific,) Chilblains Froat."
cd Feet, Stings of Insects, Mosnnitoe.
etc., t linppetl Hands, l ace, and indeed
all mnnner of skin diseases.
TOILET USE. Kemoves Morcness, Bonahnessr
and NuiartinJ heals Cats, Kruptious
and Pimples. It rem res. invigorate, and r.
freshes, while wonderfully iniprovinjf the
TO FARMERS. Pond's Extract. No Stock
Bruedur,no Livery Man can afford to be without
it. It is nsed by all the Leading Livery Stables,
Street Kallroads and first Horsemen tn New
York City.- It has no equal for Sprains, liar
ness or Saddle Chaflnss, Stillness,
(Scratches, S wellin(rn,Cntg, lAeerationa
Dleedinn, Pneumonia Colic, linrrli0-a,
Chilis, t oltls, etc. Its range of action ls wide,
and the relief it affords is so prompt that it is
invaluable in every Farm-yard as well as in
every Farm-house. Let it be tried' Once, and?
vou will never be without it. ,
CAUTION. Pond's Extract has been imitated.
The genuine article has the words Pond's Kx--tract
blown in each bottle. It iB prepared by,
the only persons living who ever knew how'
to prepare it properly. Refuse all other pre
' partitions of Witch Hazel. This 1b the only
article used by Physicians, and 15. the hospi
tals of this country and Europe.
in pamphlet form, sent free on application to
Lane, New York. .
suitable fob :
Dwellings or Business nouses,
SITUATED in the business part or the city
two lots. In block No. 3, in the city of Allia-
TUATEO In the business part of the city
two lots. In block No. 3, in the city of A Ilia-
nv.Orepron, on tne corner 01 rerry ana waier
streets, near the City.Mills, steamboat luhdina
and O. x C. It. K. size 01 lots :
. IOO fee on Ferry street 1
133 feet out Water street,
wlth-butldinss thereon.
Inquire on the pramises for partirul
Albany, Or., Jan. 26, 1877-18 v9
P 0 M 0 ' s
School election' near at hand.
An addition lias been bnlli to tne O. Ur
vvarehouse on Second street.-"
rfurnoi1 fn tlie blood is supposed o be
concentrated near one's "fiinny Bone!"
Take a bine glass siih batli fof almosfan
complaint. .
The syveetest of hams at Van Vactor's,
sho' nuf. " .
Those peyy west buckles at L. E. Blain's
are scrnmptnons.
. Farmers are just its busy as they can be,
seeding' and sich.
A ncyv brick yard Ls to be put" in opera-
ticn thisseison. Go it.
Capt. X.- B. Humphrey lias been spend
ing a portion of the yveek in Portland.
Peach and plnrn trees In full blocm, In
dicating a full crbp.
The geueriil fiealtii of city and1 c'oflnty is
improving, yve are glad to learn.
"Gai-den pass" is beginning to' appeal1 in
onr markets.
Eev. J. Boyversox, of tiie Evangelical
Church, this city, lias gone to California on
a visit.
Slarshal Westfall is after the faxes they
must be paid' before the first day of May,
Or 5 per cent', will be added. Pay up.
We make onr best bow to Master "Willie
Wadsyvorth for the presentation of a hand
some bouquet last Saturday.
If yon want a durable, handsome, loW
priced cliair, go to F. S. Duhning's, the
furniture man on First street.
Albany is going to be a good city to get'
out of this Summer, if more attention is
not paid to drainage.
The cleaning days have come,
The saddest of the sad.
When all the house is misery
And every woman's mad.
Tlie greenbackers are yvide awake at
Harrisburg. and threaten to. print a paper
to advocate their interest unless the Xucle
vs comes to their aid.
The lady yvho puts on white kid gloves
and then wears seven finger rings over
tliera, hasn't the least idea that she isn't
doing hei whole duty by society.
They tell of a wealthy London barber"
who has just cut off his heir without a'
shilling. Xovr, our barbel's are different;
they never cut off anybody's hair without
a shilling. -
'Let me," said Mr. Moody when lie
opened in Boston, let me -call your atten
tion to a book called The Holy Bible.' "
Several of his hearers went home and found
they had one.
Rev. B. JR. Baxter, pastor of tlie South
ern Methodist Church at Harrisburg, was
presented with a suit of clotlies receutly by
his friends of that little city. -
Jock Morgan, of Yakima City, has had
two churns made at Dalles reeentlj, each
having a capacity ot one hundred and
thirty gallons each. Jock means biz.
One hundred and twenty Indians have
recently professed religion, under1 tlie
preaching ot Joseph Stwine, at Indian
preacher, 'at. Warm Springs reservation,
about sixty miles from Dalles.
Trout a.-'eplentiful, and the boys yank
'em out of the Calipooia with hook and
line, just as easy.
The Portland authorities' have a pretty
good clue to the murderer of the man Da
vis, and they will doubtless have him un
der arrest in a few d.Tys,
Frank Wood has recently purchased a
splendid piano from the U. S. Co-, for his
little daughter Nellie. It is one of the
fiiH st toned and well made instruments in
the city. Miss Xellie is in luck.
The physicians of Salem have resolved to
sink all questions of priority, and will as
semble together and examine into the cause
and cure of diphtheria. This is a good
I.eotard, "the greatest living magician,"
so the bills said, gave an entertahnnenf at
the Opera House Wednesday night at
least' he was advertised to do so. ,
Dave Morgan has left us for the silver
springs, taking his assaying traps with
him. Suecess, old boy.- There isn't any
better men than Dave.
W. K. Graham hs sotneot tlie handsom
est goods ever orongnt ro nits marker,
which lie is ready to cut and make into
elegant, fashionable, neat fitting suits for
any who wish.- Call and interview him at
his place 011 First street.
The board of Directors ot the Pioneer
Association will meet on Friday, April 6,
at 2 o'clock p. M., in tlie office of the Secre
tary ot the State Agricultnral Society.
Salem. All interested in the success of the
Association- are requested to attend.
Try one of those roasters-to be had at
W. II. McFarland's. You will never eat
meat roasted in any other way after trying
one of thcia. ?
That rumor that' Peterson proposes erect
ing a three-story building on the eorncr of
Ferry and First streets,-is almost too good
to be true. v - .. -. '.."' ,',"--.-
Dr. Slade swears that when he gets out
of the workhouse he will overthrow the
British Government, if tie has to summon
assistance from every spirit in the eternal
world. We already notice a slight decline
In English bonds. j
A wag tried to annoy a popular preaclier
by asking him if the fitted calf in the para
ble was-a mle or female. "Female, to be
sure," was the reply, "for-1 see the male
in the flesh before me.'v
We have got over our worry to a consid
erable extent ever since ,xVe read that the
new counterfeit $1,000 bills can be detected
by tlieir "greasy feel." Of course we can't
be imposed tupon now. It. eats', tearfully
into an editor's salary to lie "stuck" by
four or five such bills in a- week ! -
A recent letter from Kev. I. Wilson, late
pastof of the Methodist Church in this city,
recites that in his new field ot work" in
Michigan, a great revival of religion iris
sprung up, and no less than one hundred
and sixty have been received7 into jthe
Church by him during the past three
months. And he says the good work still
goes on.
Good firewood at $3 per cord, and plenty" .
of it. r
Onions, cauliflower, greens, potatoes and?
spring codfish, in market. -
Broom-corn from Klikitat yoii' hear
me! -
Briggs wni sell you a" stove or range if
be has to throw in the tinware at cost.
Look tor a wedding" so61r si: way up af
fair.' '
You want to be tfiorortgl'ily posted, there
fore read tlie new ads. in this inimber.
Spiing chickens are in order now, ou tlie'
half shell.'
They expect o na ve a tin shop at Peoribf
soon. ;
Mr. Odeneal of Portland, was ih fhe city
on Tuesdaj'. ,
Col. Sanborn, of the metropolis, towered?
among us in the front of tlie week.
Splendid table potatoes at 50c per bitslielj
delivered at your door.
, : Under tlie influence of such splendid?
weather .the roads are drying up rapidly.
: Mrs. Cross goes at once for her new stock;"
of goods.
Mr. Culver and family leave us in A fe"
days fot" Ochoco valley.
Ilofel business still in stfttiYquo: Some-'
body's loosing a big tliing.-
Tho familiar buz of the; cheerful and irto
'petuons horsefly once more waketh the'
John Foshay lias purchased Iiarr's stock
of goods, and there is now but one music
and book store in tlie citj.-
Don't send in any more Havanas we've"
quit smoking. It's nearly lightning,
though, you better believe.
liev. I. D. Driver has been Holding meet-' -ings
at Harrisburg. Several conversions
have resulted.
A purse containing fifty dollars was pre--sented
to Itev. I. D. Driver, by his friends,
at Harrisburg, last week.
A little five year old son of Mr. GitBens,-
near Peoria, in crossing a log recently, lell!
and broke hi3 arm neaT the elbow .-
Bob. Irvine, Herman Sox, Chas. Simp
son, Chas., Wm. Vance, and Otherr
are stiflerers from the hiilnre or Allen PaiC'
A big cate has ocenrred at the ferry'
landing at Peoria, obstructing the ferry--boat
so that it has not rnn for some time.-
There was a terrible amount of "buzz
ing" on Wednesday, over the varebouse'
Mr. Quivey, of Corvaliis, came down on'
Friday, remaining two or three days among:
Billy Carter, Esq., of the Corvaliis Ga
sette,- made ns a call Friday morning last,
happy as a lark.
II. C. Clement has the contract for paint
ing the M. E. Church, and he will do it In1
a way up style.
One horse-power is a pover that! vlll'
raise 53,000 pounds one loot ih one minute.-.
Any of our Webfoot gii'ls Can raise tWb
feet a minute".
Young Vermont, i's a dapple bay, 'sixteen'
hands high, Weighs 1,300 pounds arid is Sis '
years old. He is one of the finest roadsters'
iu Oregon. For foil particulars read tlie"
advertisement in this fesiVe;-and tnen Call1
on Mr. Martm Luper, the o.Vner Of Ver
, uiont. "
Jock Morgan, an old Albaliy lioyi is now"
running a dairy near Yakima City, W.
T. By the first of May next Jock expectr
to milk two hundred and fifty cows, and1
will turn out slathers of fine butter.
See the Recorder's notice, and if jfritf
own a dog go and pay the license.- Dbn'f
throw oil' on the dog because of the doilarV,
but pay up or get rid of the dog. And1
don't yon forget.
Mr. Furry, of Bl.iin, Sox & Co., left US'
the middle of the week tor Monticello
whore he expects to hang up until July.
We wish him a pleasant time while absentf
from us. -
Our friend Mr. A. J. Johnson leaves tot'
his ranch in Lane county to-morrow or"
Monday. AVe wish him continued pros-" '
perity and happiness in his old' home.
Mr. Beldiug and Lon Royal have secured1
claims in, Klikitat valley, W.- IV where'
they propose removing at- an early day.
A saw mill at the falls in the Santiktn1
Canal would be a bandy place as well1 for"
power as fbr logs. The fiiie timber1 on1 the'
Santiam could be floated dow'n tlie' Canal1
to the mill, and, there need never be ahy".
lack ot supply, nor any stoppage Of fiiie"
mill, i "
AVater-works is what we need' more thai
anything else. Good, wholesome watef la
demanded, and there is little or none In'f&e
city, j The cause of nearly every case" -
iliness in our city is traced directly to tlie
bad' water. We want pure, liealthy water",- .
and the sooner we get it the better' for" alt1
concerned. ' - - "
Any fellow- who ever loved; and: lost tlie"
object oil whjch.tiftjiad bestowed his love,-
knows just how the author of this felt :
"Site w-eighs about 200 pound,- ,
Her slices are number seven ;
. Her eyes are bine, her mouth it l
, . Like some of those in heaven.
" 3 Her waist it measures fifty-four,-No
arm can pass around her;
And she is gentle,- kind and trti,
But is engaged, contouud her."
' Dr. Kice delivered' a lecture 6n- liygiene
at the Collegiate Institute last' Friday. W
were not present but hear it Mgnl tpckesV
of. , Dr. O. P. S.TPlummer leeturer at ther
same place this afternoon, on She' suhjedf
of galvanic electricity, explaining telegra
phy by the aid' of appropriate apparatus
Dr. Plummer will no doubt make the lec--ture
Very entertaining, as he is mosil tlbr
oughly posted on the subject in liandl-
-A telegram from Ben. Odeneal on1 Wedi-'
ncsilay, stated that he had purchased the"
iurnitnre of the St. Charles Hotel of Mr
Matthews, and would be here to-day, pay
off' the demands against tlie house, and?
open out on liis own hook. Bully tot
Odeneal. We wish hlm evorysuoeess, am
believe tbat In his hands, wlthareanabl
rent, the St. Charles wUl fiourlsli.
Jack Beicaw was arrested in PbrtSan
on the 27th, charged with getting away
with a $300 watch. Jack says lie took the
watch from Hume, who was drunk, r
safe keeping- We hope that after a t$
hearing Jack will come out all rigfeW