The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, December 29, 1876, Image 3

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    Halse'v. From a correspondent we
learn that Halsey is growing right along.
The Grange Store is doing a land office
business, employing four or five clerks con
stantly to wait on customers. Other busi
ness enterprises are-'flourishing, ami tlie
town is growing and expanding.
Mantling hard times.
Ciiijjstmas. The 'mit" foil almost
continuously on Monday, but it seemed to
make little .diflcrenee to pedestrians, who
kept promenading the streets all day. visit
ing stores, swapping talk, and to fill ap
pearances enjoying themselves..'"' YV'c don't
remember to liave seen a more general ob
servance of, Christmas-day in tills city.
Foi? SA1.K, Flt.l" JJi.oou Dr.uKsnnn:!
Pigs. -Parties desiring to secure lull blood j
Berkshire lifirs. should call on Mr. J. f.
Keed, who has a small tiiiraber ot pure
Berkshire, four months old, which lie will
wll tow. Parties can"caty at Mr. Heed's
resilience In this city, or leave '-orders r.t
the Grange Union Store, Albany Oregon.
M. E. Qi Airi Kjn.Y Mketini:. Kev. 1.
M. Starr. Presiding Elder ot this District.
will liold the second tjuarterly meeting ot'j
the present Conference year. :ir the M. 1'. j
Church in this cit v. On Saturday and Sim- j
luy next, loe. .'.nth and :)t. All are in-;
Thanks. Dr. Jeo. U". Gray, Snperhi-j
tontlent. of the I'. I. S. S.. wishes us to ex-
tend his ho.nTfolt thanks to the teachers "t if j
Ids Sabbath School for the presentation j
gluing m the Christmas tree; of a mngnili-
'ent allium, as a testimony ot their regard ,
jind esteem. It is a most elegant present. ;
and the I M: is very proud of it.
Everybody insures in tlie North Pacific
Mutual I.ife Insurance Co.. represented by
Messrs. Hall it Tnstin. of this city. 15y
the way. we learn that Mr. I In II is doing
n heavy business for the ' Company' in this
comity, everybody apparently taking poli
cies. !ood enoush.
Faii: Wakmm:. AT! persons knowing : i
tltemsclves indebted to Dp." E. (. Smith. ; !
an? requested lo come forward and settle '
at once. And tlmt'r yon forgot it. !
llememlier the turkey and oyster dinner
at the Opera Ilnitsi; next Monday, from 1J!
to 2 o'clock, and the sociable in the cve:;-
K.xiiK Ffi:S.i;i-:: A second-hand range
or cook stove for sale, with all the n'ece
sary furniture. For particulars call at this
office. i:
A C.UI. As Pastor. I hereby express
thanks to all who assisted in our Chri.-t-l
luas entertainment at the M. K. Church.
J. F. De Vt.i.-K.
lon"t forget the donation party at thp
M. K. parsonage thisI'rjday; evening, Ie-
vmbcr2Wh," 1S7;. Let every friend of j
the leistorand family attend well heeled. J
Prof. Warren, of Portland, casne upon j
Memday. sM-udiii the. time pleasantly i
ffmong old friends until Thursday, when ;
be returned to Portland, his present rest- i
deuce." !
AVe were pleaded to receive a call from j
lir .,r i .1.,.. i
'1. IMIIIIUIt .M I..lIUWII, I'll A UtTT ,.l .
The Dr. is kept busy night jiiuI day by the
nnustml amount ol sickness prevailing in
Gold in New Yotk. loT'.C "'"''"'
Iegal tenders. .)2"i'.KJc.
Wheat. $1 bushel.
Oats, "7cc V bushel.
Hotter. 25e pojitid.
gg, :50c"-? flozn.
Chickens, $2 oO .'? 00 t' tyeit.
Jleef on foot, ."Je ; pork, tlo., (k; net.
Bacon Sides, l.'Se; hatusLV; shoulders.
Dried apples, tie; plums, lie.
Liverpool wheat market. Iec 27: Av-!
cnt-e, ' lOs'.Kl-ailsJd; club. Jlstfd&ll S,
had several years experience in teaching,
and cm give the bet of references.
Co., G'tssr1dge'3f ill-f have a largts quan
tity of dressed flooring and rustic for sale
at Wheelet's, corner of Second and Klls
wbrth streets. It is superior lumber, and
will be sold at low rates.
At Home. Dr. G. W. Gray has re
turned from his Centennial trip, and can
now be found at his ollice, in the Parrish
brick, tip stairs, by all who desire denkil
work of any kind. ' ' ' ' 4v7.
BniKlors fSEEVlCKrt. Ilev. J. F. IX; Yore will
hnM sfirvices in the brown M. K. eliurcli in Ills'
cSty -on -SabHath, monnins evening. Sun.
ySslvl at2::J0P. M. Imyer meetitjf eaeli
Thurlav evening.
August Fr.OWKi:. 'l'he ino-t-nii eralle
bemgsltn ihe worhl. those sulli-ring
frotn fJysiTepsii and , JJrcr Complaint
Mor thair seventy-live ier cenof the peo
ple In the United Staf are aiflicted with
tliese tf.( diseases an4. tlieijr eStets aich
as Sour StomaclC Sick Ueadacbe. Habitual
tJostiveness, Palpitation of the Heart.
Heart -burn. Water-brash, gnawing and
burning pains at the pit of ti; Stomach,
Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue ami disagree
able taste in the mouth, coming up of-food
alter eating, low spirits. &e. Go to your
Droggist and get a 7.cent bottle of Am.'"'
Flairs or a sample' bottle for 10 cents. Try
it T wo. doses wiU relieve, yon.- Agetit
Crape-; J5t i(;?iiia, wbolesttle di iiggNts.
Nin t'ranciifco. u5m3
' CtTT tiim out It Mav Savk Yoi it
J-IFE. Tliere is no person living but what
suffers more or less with Iting Diseases.
Coughs. (Old or Consumption, vet couiyfi
nuuinwfc m--ifm ,mwr m- 4 feULn lirrJ
Dottle ot raemetne ttutt would enre them.
Dr. A. JiOKrhen' is Uertivin. tigrut has lately
been introduced in this country from Ger
many, and i-WrtrQil cufe astonishes
-ery one tlia try it. If yon doubt what
we sav in print, cut this out and take it to
your Druggist, and get a sample bottle for
10 cent-sand try it. Two doses will relieve
yon. Keular mt1"AKuU 7xM.
- - !
Special Xollcc. ... ., -1 tfVS"-??8 ' ygCHy- tiiSliH.
MrsirAl.. Miss Nettie Piper, teacher ol flWMfj--- Wl W
Ytiwil and Instrumental music, has recent- '11 .' .' Mjr
ly located in Albany, and prepared to give i'g ?:'J ''fjiBf PL ' fiSf
lessons in the above named brunches. Has y..!,, tgU.,:- s- -e-.. w- .fek-gy -&w T"y (feJL
roceries and Provisions!
Firm Io!r YVwi or s. r.. Voting, Eirl JStrt-el, Albany, Ogn.
At fool I" I.joti Mri ct, :pit..i!. l-)xt on O. A Knilroiiil,
Will -tori.' iinxla stm" (Ut-ncrsil ;t3t'rrf:itiIi :it LohcsI ECnttvs.
A i.r. A n x. Jan., lS77-!."iv'J
W. 11. McFARLANJ),
;i:nt tmk
rSext ;,xr to ti:e Itii:.
TIio Standard
Pollowing is a copy of a Western Union telegram received by Sherman & Hyde, Sail
Francisco: t .
' New YoiiK. September 'ill. 1S7(5.
PeJotiliet. 1'elton & Co., of New Yorkv have received DIPLOMA of JIONOii anu
MKDAI of AWAI1D tor the . ,
First Slrct-t, "rla!iI. rfgon.
w -. tv ? j
1 ' T . t l c i t e ii t a i
To the VrUtiia: t lmw.-Hc are now
prcmircU to Jurnish till clusse with constant
enii'tloymeii! sit iiouie, th whole, of the time,
or for Hum sjntte moiin.'iits. nusinens new,
li 'ht ami frifimlle. l'ersonsof either easi
Iv'earii i'roin ."i0 cents to ." p.-r evonins. mid u
tirot ort ioniU sum ly (levtit t n t liei r w hole t ime
io tins biisiniws. Itoyn niel urirls earn nearly iw
Biucli s nn. That nil who see this notice limy
m-nil their luhltw. and tt tlw Imsiness we
inuku ihtH uiitwnUkrletl offer: To sm-h tut are
not weu-safislied w will wild one dollar to
for thu, tmuhio of wrltinsr. Kill! imrticnhins
Mmtli.s worth several iiollnr- to enimenee
work on,milrflivl Hoiiieand Ki-siile, one
of the largest unU !est illitstrii'ert Publications,
nil wut frtti Iv mail, liejeler, if you wnnf per
manent, lllOUIlinie WOIK. nnuress,
is liNHo.v S&Uk, l'orl liuul, Maine. n2v?.J
T!IK corinrtnershlp liercfofore. exitins lw
L tween John Muni Brtd tJ. K. tottlsuieir. un
der the iiiiniu of limit & Settleniwir, i Uissolv
fd All uecoimt due the lute linn m list he paid
to Set i leineir A IHiwson. who n lone are ant nor
Uud iocmcct and fcci.i,... for '1faaUt
" , L W. U.VWH1N.
'. IVcuiubuc lS,'ltrn'Wit
At- CO.,
us is-
Shestiron "Vare !
t t:i.;:i;i:.Tkt
(let "'lilt
roil Tin:
AImiiilNlrUr" 'ot(r.
TVTOT1CK is hereby given that the under
XtI signed. Setii S. Ilayf, has been, by an
order of the Comity Court of I.itin comity,
Oregon, made at the Nowftiber term there
of, 1S70, duly appointed Administrator ot
the estate ot Seth W. Hays, deceased, and
all persons having claims ag;hist Silid es
tate, are beitby requiretl to present tliem,
duly wrltletk ,io the . tmderiguefL '. his
place of business in Ibtlsey, ki I.imi count-,
Oregon, within six months, from, the date
hereof. ft Kill S. HAYS.
Achnistnitor -Dated,
De. l, l!S70. ' . nlOvil
' DKAUKlt ra . . j
G voc? ci'ieK J?i'0 vision .
Tobnrro, licnr. C'ntlepjr Crwk'
rrmid WwdA Willow Wret
Cult ami hiiiu-
iit 3
' i ' I
Letter fftnu a Prnt-HHiler. ' '
"A.NTtocil, It,i.., Pee. 1, ls?4.
"Mkssks. .1. TS. Uosk & Co.:
"My wife lius. for a time, 1een h terrilile
snrt'erer fioni lltieuniat ism. She has t i ied many.
pljvHieiniiHHini umiiy ivmeilies. 'i lieonly iliinjr
wliieli h:m si -en her n'lit-t is t eiitam- l.iiiinicnt
1 11111 i-eioiitstl to siiy this tins onreil her. t nui
Uoiiijr what I enn to extent! itsnrtle.
i . W. II. lHNti.
This is n Smnirfeof many thotistoul lestiinoni
ills received, ot womlertnl cures elteeteil l.v nu.
t:entanr l.ininivnt. The iny reilu iits of this nr.
tfLle ini- puWiMheil urouiitl each lioitle. I con
tains Witeli Haze, Mentha. A rniei. 1,'iH-k Oil.
Cnholii' iiml inifi-eilients hitherto tittle known
It isn rnilispnlHtile I'aet that the Centaur Lini
ment is ix.-ilin cuoitf more tmw of MviiltinK,
St ill' Joints. Kritpt ions. 1,'Iiemiiat isni, Nenniluiit
SeintU'iu t:kel Hreusts, I.oek-jtiw, te than nil
the ollii'i- I.iiiinicints. Ktnbrot n t ions. Kxlravis.
Sjilves.t lint mi'iits mnl lilnsters now in nst .
KorTiMitliache. KiU'ai'he, Wink Itaek, 1 t-li anil
Cutaneous Eruptions, It itiliniinlie. It euren
lni!-ns ami i-al'ls wilhont u si-ar. V.W raets i-oi-soiis
from liiiesnml st't hinls lYost-liiteti
anil ihiinTains, in a short lime. No fauiilyeiin
ailonl to lo without the Cenluur Liniment,
wliite wrap'i
'l Iie'eiilaor I.inimeiil, Yellow Wrapper,
is a'la-ire I to I he tonsil skin, umst a's mid tlesh
of the animal emit ion. Its eitects Uion seviae
t-ass ni siiji vin. .SH-fenv. Winii a!l. Iti'j Heail
tin t Poll Kvil.are little' less than tinirvejons.
.Messrs. !. Mi l'luivAt n., i n-ntr-rists. ciii iH-rof
Kim 1 Ki-ont strMfs. t'iuelntuitl. Ihto. say :
'in Mir ma- hhorhoo'l a numlier ot' 1 viuistt-rs
are urinir the C!ntnm Liniment. Thi-v pro
iinitntM-' it suiwrior to nn t hin t hry lia vir i-vrr
useil. We si'll as Jii'rli rts four to tivtMlozen liI
tles er month to tlu-st ltunlstrs.'',
' We have t hoasawls if simitar testimonials.
I-'ir Wounds. ialls. Si-mtt-luvs, Hin-lHiinr. ,Ve.,
aii'l for Sj-ivw Worm inlieelt has no rival.
Farmers, livi-ry-iuen itnl sto-k-itisiM'f, laive in
ttiis i.hiiineiit 11 n'liie'.iy wtiii h Is worth it hnn
itrcil times ilscosi. j
J.abonttory of .T. 15. Pos & Co.,
; iii l'e street. New York.
Iimvp bt'itltli. if l lii'y w ill list- ':tstriii tor Wiixl
ili, Vi'hi, cr'hmsSiv Motitli. Cinp
r suni1fc-! i 'mn!:mifs !i i rniin ly n vic
tablw pwr:mit ion, uml -onl:iii; m illuT sninvr
iil, inorilm. nor ak'olinl. It is as ili':is;mt lo
iitki a- 1hiiiv. aixi nt'it hr itor rijH'S.
I r. K. Imiidh Ii. of u?Hmf . K. snys :
"rum iisinir t'astoria in my pniciit-o will tlie
most signal Iwn-!!!1 ait'l littpy n'stjlr.'
I hi is wliut every am' siv: Most imrss in
"New York t'ltv usfit lie 'aioria. It ispn'jvtn I
ty Me-Ht-i. .1. H. n X '., H'. I y Hiiii, e w
York, sum'Sjiois it) .JtMimrl l'ftelter, M. 'i'vH
have jrs-r i:ei kivi;i
A iVcxv and Larc 3 voice
AikI wilt' Nell nt Hie FuIlowinK Trice! s
Coin silver, 2 oz. 1". H. ISarflott AVHltSam
Wateft, tin: ench iifhlrtional ounce ! Ml.
KUrht-tbiy Scth Thomas Clocks from $s- 09to
12 lt. -
Anrl :ilt otlmr Kiwis irr pivivrt!nn.
TlHionly house alMv i'ortlauil tluit Beeps
tile '
Uoocbt Kolcl, Eiigrnvnt Frev of CTMirjje,
BY Mil. KVERET. ..
I'ntet ical watch-nmker and Jeweler, late of ( al
ifonihi Wilteh Co., uiul the only engraver in
. A jroo'1 nssortment of Sewing Machine N'ee
tlles axl attiulmH-nts. .
tK tfl tO(l PrUav ut home. Samples worth 1
tP J IU kPZtl) free, stixkon V.. Poft-lanil, Me.
SEN I 25 to ii. I'TfuWELl A (.')..New York,
for Pamphlet, of lot) juices, eintMlniiiflt 3,000
newspnpet-8, and estttaated howin!t cost of ail
vertlsiug. . ssvsy. - ' .
Administrator's Kotice.
NOTICE Is tw-ivhy jiven flint ,fhe nndersifcn
cl, W. If. ;oltra, was dulv i))ohitert by an
order of vho (lor.ury Court of Linu eonnt v; On
jion.dnlv made at the Octlolxr term of said
court. 1 ft. a. the ndiulnitttrator of tlie eHtaterif,
Selina Morris, late of Linn oonntv, Oregon,
now dweaseU; aiul, all persons liaviiiB- claims
ajrainst said estate arc hereliv inquired to pre
sent then to tlie nnderslgnod. at his residenoo
In Albany, Oregon, dnlv verified, within nix
months from the date Horeof. f
W". ir. noT.TUA, AdminiRtrator.
November I", l7.-4w , - , : . -
NOTICE is lwrefnsivnt to A;McKnflre.'wno
... lH wtlcbtcd ftnrd Settltwncir on note or
Jlin and interest fronj SeptI87B: to Wlllimn
Humlmuph, on account of Ka ; to ClWvrles Iti
pralwm, Iwlanrn on nofo of aboitt 32, whlcti is
"ndorsd to Hrtrd A Settlemolr bv Xmmiel Mil
Vk,0, P- Plommf r. aeemm't of ten 4S ; to
I.. O. llumcs. order of io: to Fred, tiraf, ae
count of l so; to J. B. Wllaepjic-onnt of tan,
if, y or eitlierof t hum, th said debtors,
shall not pay over twanv person orvxvrsons who
may hold said claim or claims until the whoto
of all arnomits shall be endorsed as crellt on
a certalrt ffotnlssnrv nott of 77 S9, liearina
late titicnurfier Hi, isTfi and dtie Julr 1. M7, ex
ecuted by ;eoitre. w. liawstin atid tieorso K.
S'ttlcmeir to John D llnr'l -.,
1 Uii ISMi day ol lec. Ib7t)-n ISvDin 1
i 1 It 1 V 1Y P rtft f4 av i
i' V i V ,IJ ni l ! !
DI'.O. 2'.)i I87.'i..'
A'nle eiilef niel einnnnron )xrr,
Christ litas comes hut once a year!
ts as trite a couplet now as when it was
first writfen ; and our citizens," fully appre
ciating the 'situatton.''' entered into the
festivities usual to fuch occasions with the.
heartiest good will. The. exercises in the
evening at the various churches were most
interesting, and of course secured the larg
est nftenfiott. The
j:,?rT!ST cni iioti
Was most beautifully decorated inside with
evergreens. f?n each side and through the
center. A number of beautiful crosses :md
wreaths, made ot evergreen, were ta be t
seen in various parts ol the room. Over
the pulpit was placed the beautiful motto,
worked in evergreen. '(Jlorv toCtid in tht1
Highest,"' and just lieneath it. in
ters. "God is Love." On the rig1
ilr li t-
wcru '
thu words, "Peace on Karth ;n oft the left
the expression of the angel to John in j
in Patmos, ".Wor.-hip God." On either
side of tlie pulpit was a tree, not lieariug
twelve manner of fruits, nor were their
leaves for the "healing otthe nations." but
they bore ninny valuable presents, which
proved to be very gratifying to many pres.
ent. Alter the assembling of the people. ;
numbering between three and four hundred,
the exercises commenced about 7 r. M..
conducted by Deacon Piifus Thompson,
consisting of the following programme,
the singing being conducted by Prof. J.
P. Newell :
Singing by ! he school.
Prayer by Kev. A. .1. -lltuisacker.
Sinning by the siliool.
Address hy !,-. K. i Hill.
Kecitation by Barbara, Myer, -S:tnt;l
Clans will come."
Recitation by Dolly Ilantu.
Sin;ing bv the school.
Thtn followed xha ineontiition of tlio Fnmk lltirklmrt; Ai.-t.nnt Stewardess,
pre.-iciit-- nmtihoi hi ncurly four Imtulnn! j Mr?. Mry 3IcConnc;II ; Florn, Mr. Susan
in all. During tlie entire time the best of i CJiurchlll : Iniottn,' Mrs. p. Fronian ;
liehavior was ob-erved. The (Ore?:, Trs. IJotline ; Gatekeoir, S. Kro-
m v iv ix'ii. ! man. Tlie nujniber.s ol the -Lodge jvutook
an rarly hour" Monday evonin-. un.. j oI a basket dinner and spent n mast enjoy.
crowded tar !cyond its seating capacity. ja ' c ,llnc"- ff ' .
by tht; attcmlants and friends of the Sunday j Uaitist Svmiav Snioor. C't'iNVKNTK'ijf.
School. Two trees bad lieen irovidei. i A Hnptist Snntbiy School Cotivtrliti'on
winch were loatleil down' w ith presents, j will be held at Oregon City oil the third
whilst a 'large number were placed else- ' week in Jahnary. openfng on Tuesday
where, there being absolutely no room left evenhig. Jan. Ulth, and eontiniifng two or
on the trees to li.-mg them. There were i three tlays. Some of tlie liest PjieaRers in
probably live htmdntt presents distribnted. the churehes or Oregon are expected to
The decoration was hea ntifttl, consisting of j present esays or addrpsses on living topic;
an arch with mottoes; large star with mot- ! which will lie freely discnsscd by the eon
toes; monograms and wreaths of evergreen. ventFou. fhurehes are requested to send1
trimmetl with little ilags. as well as an ar- ! tlelegites. and all intefesferf are Invited to
ray of trimming all arouml the church. , rontc. The hospitality f the chnrclr as
The decoi-itiitn and geiM-ral arrangements
for the evening n-fleeted credit on the offi
cers of the Sund:iy School and the Commit
tee who distributed the presents. Kvery
one present seemed to be well pleased,
more especially those who were so liber
ally remembered on tlie trees. The orna
mentation will remain in the churclt. with
the exception of the trees, until Spring, in
a'l likelihood. At the
r. t.
a good audience was assembled at an early j sible, we understand. Ere lon$thc money
hour on Christmas evening. The literary fin- this wheat will be paid out, putting in
part was short, novel and very interesting, j circulation many thousands ol dollars, re
eonsisMng of a short prayeK and a few j lieving. at least to some extent, tint sfrhi
very appropriate remarks by the pastor, ! geney now prevailing fu money matters
av. S. Irvme. I). I).. '"Merrr Christ-
mas." by fourteen small children, eacb
child reciting a vcrse and. air anthem by
the church choir. At the close of theexer
cises. Kris Kringle himself in cwtume, :rp
leared and distribnted the presents and
not a member of the Sunday School was
missed. The church was decorated with
lestooning and very nppropn.-tte mottoes.
j The trees were on each side of the pulpit.
j with a wire drawn from one to the other,
on which was made a grand display ot j
.scarfs, handkerchiefs, etc., while directly
under it stood the pulpit, with its load of
silver, toilet sets, glassware, etc. tine ofj
the nrincinal events of the evpninr was a
present to tlie Superintendent. Dr. Geo.
W. Gray, ot a large and beautiful album,
from the members of the school, thus show
ing their appreciation of his services in
that capacity tor the last few years. ' Tak-
jug it altogether it nvas n" crand sueee..
, " . , , fe '
showing that the several committees havinw
" """'
v... . , me peopie
in the right place.
pi a
. ' ST- l'Al'L'S CIIl lK'jr.
We have no report trom this ebnrtfh; bnt
learn that the presents were satisfactory,
and an enjoyable time had by the large
number in attendance .
There was no celebrat ion. wo lielieve, at
either the Evangelictil or - Episeopttl
Churches. At the . , ,
the Cl'.ristmas festival went ofl'in the usual
jileasant manner. Xot only the members
of t he school proper were present, ' but
every vacant place hi the church was filled
with parents and other friends. The room
had been beantUully decorated, uuden tlie
direction ot the Misses Cminer and TJbbie
Althouse, and M"essr3. Oastoii, Ferry and
Sox. BesWes tfVe qsnal garlands of ever
green upon the wal.s, heavy festoons were
sprung from difTcrrrit points to centers in
the ceiling. . A eross wreathed in. mrrtie,
with the lutein!. -U II. grouped ia
crown about.the top, filled the ventral
space' behind the organ" and choin Over
tnearch was displayed the single motto,
-Glory to God itt tlie Highest, on earth
peace, good will to meu." t,The rtandsomu
Christhias trees at the right and left of" tlie
pulpit phitform; were heavily loaded, with
not less thaw two htmdred gtfts. from par
cuts and children, tetiehefs and scholars.
and ol her frientls. The pastor and wife-
were kindly remembered witli many nleas-
I ant testimonials of reg.ird and encourage-
"t. After everybtKly had Teen matle
happy in the way ot giving ami reeeivh.g.
the pastor made a bnel adtiress. Air. liiow
as Callowav recited an original poem, anrf
the "Merry Chrfrtmas" services wet
elos - nl n itb a few aniproprlare remarks by
the fonner Siie!'iMfeiiden. Prof. 1. K
Warren, and-the dtwcologv- . Finis.
Nkw Tkai'A As Monday next is New
Years day. a day set apart by custom, al
most from time jmroemoriirl. in the which
gentlemen make rails on their lady friends,
partaking of their hospitality, it lieoomes
a matter of inferest a-mang the gentlemen
ot this-city to know jnrst Wh among the-I-.idies
are going to receive c:llers keep
open house on next Montfay afternoon.
The genej-al expression among thor gentle
men U abont this : Wherever tflio doors
are ojkmi wintViW-hlinds ami etfrtalns
drawn back, and a stfnmor decorating the
"pizaro." with sloshins of good grub in
sight, it'll ho taken for granted they'll be
welcome and there'll be the place to hang
up-the- usual 6 mimifes and' T.adresr
he prewired
Tlie Posehmg intlfj,f,nh-i,t says : "A party
who was aciuaiutef with the nofeiT 5?ntt.
liledsoe while, in the Oregon penfteritinf3
passed through this city dfiring the week,
1 fe inftH ined ns that Uledsoe is dead was
",lot fi'cott, Arizona, by a man named
Sloctnn. about six weeRs ago. Matt, had
' been drinking heavily, and wuile in an in
; toxica toil condition v?ent into SlOcum's
i saloon, ranting and swearing, and coin
: meneed breaking Ihe tumblers on the conn-
'"'I smashing tip the Ltr fixtures.
Slocum cnnituaudiug him to desist, and
llledsoe paying not the slightest attention
; to bis commands, drew a revoiverand shot
' him tlettil. We suppress the name ot our
iutorinanr, (who wirnesstl Miitt.'s death.
Ciianu Pi:.n:iEfJi!.vxt:iK. At a meeting
of Grand Prairie (J range. No. 10. P. of II.,
for the annual election, held on Saturday
last, the officers elected were as follows r
Worthy blaster. Win. Anderson ; Overseer,
Thomas ; Lecturer. Mrs. Annie
Reed ; Treasurer, Olney Fry. Jr. ; Steward,
Reason McConuell ; Assistant Steward.
! Oregon City will lie extendetl to all.. W.
Carey .Johnson, llev. .1. T. Jltilf, llev. I).
! .1. Pierce, committee. ;
( ii.m;i:i II.vnps. Xearly or quite
every bushel of wheat stored in this city last
fall, has been sold within the last few days
by the producer, either to our warehouse
men or to houses below. The Farmers'
Warehouse, llain. Sox & Co., and prob
ably others, who purchased wheat, have
sold, and are shipping below as last as pos
fn T,it. ik lmvn (.tl niei-e.
The Dii'iitiiekia .t Biiowxsvir.r.x.
This malady has made fearful havoc of the
young in Rrownsvilfo. No less than twen
ty children have died with it there within
the last two months, all of them, with one
exception, under ten years of age. The
exception was a child of fourteen. There
were live deaths between Friday of last
week and Monday' of the pit-sent week
tm ee ' A,11 neatl of ttecreasmg,
tho malady seems to be .gaining in strength,
a"'1 is now attacking older persons. Some
f"""! have lost as many a three chil-
turclu 11 l proving a ureamui scourge,
aud the end is not yet.
Last S.vnnmv Xkiut The Young
Folks and Old Folks had a way up party
at the residence of Dr. D. Tlicc. A
VfIHlf ertt t-.n1 1 fllll lfl7TT tVMV lllltffxl 111
i ," .' . ,r ii- c. v
mock maniage, bv Tlev. II. A . Sti-atton.
, . , , - . ...
who,' to his agreeable surprise, received the
r - TOHtabfc lnarria,e fee hicoin. The happy
...,.,. .
eonpSe, with their friends, took a long
bridal "tower."' walking from the Dr.'s
residence to the O. C. Itailroad depotr
where they took the ears, returning on the
railroad switch to the street running south
of tlie point from wWeh tney pfartetl'.
There was just busl.ela of ftm. tlie fable
was most bountifully supplied, the host
and hostess, most alf:rfje mid joily. and
everybotly seemed to be on the top- rornirf
of happiness.
DlKECTOKS El.KCTKJl. Ijtft JTonday
evening the stockholders xfLiftn Engine
Co.. -'Xo.. 2, met at the lioose of the said
Engine Co-, and elected" GV Ar. Gray,
SL Thompson, .T. V. McCoy, Fiiink WoocTs
and A. B. Morris Directors for 1S77,
Them was rather a slim attendance of
stockholtlers, owing to the Christmas trees.
Ball, etc.. on that evening.
TE3TPKBASCK. Bart. II. Allen; State
Deputy, I.Oj1.T will address the citizens
of Einn county an the times and. places
mentioned ns follows r SodavUlar on tlie
evening of Jan. 2d, J87". Pleasant Valley-School-house,"
evening, fTan, 3d. Cyrus
Grange Hall, evening. .Tan. 4tli. Jordan
Talley. evening, Jan. 5tlr.
He will orgaulzo lodges wherever le
siretl. '. ..
Jsbwork lias kept iw busy during tlw
week. 'We are turning out letter and- bill
heads, cards, circulars, etc., in neat style
at reasonable lov fiarcs for coin.
t V1LLK..
r r.liQW-NSVH.1,1.;, Dec. 25lh. 187G.
Eihtois Kwsistnu : lliig Cliristriins
day. the day on which it is believed tHe-Clirist-child
was born into tlie world; and
Which all christians celebrate as a day of
rejoicing in commemoration ot tliat morn
ing when the angels from lienven pro
claimed pence on earth and good wtli to "
men, is tie of sadness and mort:lng to-mam-
; weeping fii titer and mofner in oor
ijuict villnge. The grim destioyer is in
deed in onrmitJst. mid the Angel ot Death'
lias with noiseless step entered tfce halls of
the rich as well ns Che cottage of the poor,
plucked ft'-oiivDheiiee the choieest buds ami
flower, ana earrfcd them tlie
silent mansions of the dea. But deatlr
Hives a shining mark, and We are lain to
believe that, through tlie grrfleringg amt
death or the ChriBtehad. these bnds aiui
flowers will bud antf bloom agtiln mnr
brightly in fhe smilrglm ot neaven. never
more Do fade atitf die.
Three of the oldest eiiildren of JU
Powell .-Hiti wife liave fteen called away
and" but one is left three angels In Heav
en, and ontr jit tie- ba' leta t tJiem out
Three of .fonii Cwi!niitghams clilldfeti ..
have obei'etl tlie summons two- of then
even now await their consignment to th
tomb anil one is left, though ttr low
long. (Jotl only knows..
S. IT. Vestcott lias lost two, and is him
self very near the ether shore. '
Ov C. Thompsoti Ir.vt tost one,, and' w
Ihiow not whose way neat be munmoned
How trite t is that "in-tbe midst ot life
we are in deaf h."'' Ieatli i tndee.tT reaping
a iTci i harvest here, but we trust .all the
MieaVi?s Wilf be garnered-in tlie storehonser
of (1ml. '
There hs nothrng talked' of Here- bnt
death, and conseqnenWy I can write, of
nothing else, Your.r O. R.
r.r.TTEn rlUiMA 'niA VELixevote
itaiey. or., Dec.arj; jsth.
Ei. 15 EorsTEit : -I arrived at hls placer
on the 20th fust. After providing for my
little horse, I bore my letter of introduc
tion to Mr. Black, the gentlemanly Super
intendent of the Grange Store at this place.
His business was such that he really ap
peared not to have any time to dewte to
any one outide of his customers. Tbl
store is doing an immense business, keep
ing some four or five men. busy waiting
upon customers.
, In the afternoon T lotle out to Aaror
Cbndras where I took twelve application,
Xext Tay went in the direction of Wert
Point, passrng j tlirongTi a fine farmrng
eonntry. whli good bouses, Ixtnts. efc,'
The farmers generally have made gooifnse
of the past two or threw wefks. I lavr
seen from two to four plows going on most
of the farms. Some are done, etliers lialf
done, anil so on.' As my business ta. whir
farmers, T talked freely with tRem whont
fctrm hiterest ae well as "aisnrawce, Tfcey -are
to a imtai in fine spirias say then will
he at least eme-third more acreage in rjh
the eomfng. season tbttn the last, aud wftfc
fitvorable weafher the Italsey' wareliorfteff
cannot give them storage room for theft
grain, and are jubilant ever tlie ( expeeto
tion of tlie coming crop bringing a gootl" .
price. I never was more hospitably en?
tertaiued. both fiiyself and horse, free eff .
The- only difficulty iti ; traveliiig frotw
lionse to house in places is tlie absence ot ,
net!essary gates ia many places kail te lay ,
down the fences, . i .
Having secured' application. to trie
amount of twenty thousand dollars, with m
good prospect fiit ten or flfCeen more, we
lieaired" for Halsey. I fcel eotifldent that
at kstst one hundred Ifconsmid dollar may
be seemed in this vicinity liespectftillyr
. V F. II. .
Agreeable to previous announcement,
business meeting of Elnn Comity Bible
Society was held in the FT. P. Clinreh ew
Satnnlay ! evening. Dee. 23d, Rev.
Dr. Irvine presiding, Mr. J. Coftaer acting
as Secretary., , . ".-
The report ot ilr.. Foshay,' Depeltary
Agent, was submitted and appreted. Tb
rejiort shows tTiat the deposBtary fe -well
supplied wltlv bibles- and otner book,
which erm be pnrchnsetl at actual eoet,
The meeting adjourned to attend annnal
meeting of the Society, appointed tor Sab
bath evening hi the Ctlurt House. 4
On Siibbath cveuing Dec. 24th, the Conrt
nonse was closely filled 'with onr eltizettSr .
there being uu other church services, prob
ably, in tlie eity, KeT. S, G, Irvine,
President of the Soeiety, In tlie eliatr. The
exercises were epened with prayer, after
which Kev. .S. Bowersox, paster of tb
Evangelical Church, made a very eloquent
and ableatlirress in belialf of tlie d&trfbi'
tion o the bible. He w followed by
ProC Powellr of Albany Cel legate Infttl
tute, liev. T. B.AVhite. peeler et the M.
E. Cbuivli Sontb, anl Kev. V. C. Uetsle,
State Agent, in Iiiteresting addresses, after
which a collectioif was taken iwv wTtich
amonuted, added- to the boek -seh dnrlng
the year, to $Stl 3A.
The coinntittee appoiutad ta nominate
officers fiir the ensuing year, made the fol
lowing report, whieh was adopted :.
iTesident, Kev. H. W. Stmt ton.
Viee Presitlent, Ke. J. F. De Vore.
Seerelarj', Rev. J. Bowetnox.
, Treasurer, Kev. T. Ik White.
Depositary Agent, Mr. J, Foeliay, ,
Executive Cemmlttee Kev. K. C. irfiT,
Dr. J. P, Tate, F. M. Miller, E. B. I'm
domatid E. II. Montanye. ; : '
' The-meeting adjourned subject to tlW
call of tlie Chairman of the Executive Cera
mittee. ..a, F. M. MilKKB. !:
ii--; .-.;:t Clir. Kx Com- ,s-.:
The Pr.ACi:. If yon want an elegant
suit of clothing mltable for making XeW
Yearn calls er to get married in. I.. E.
Blain lias tiltetu, ac Iesn price (lian yot
ever heard of before in I bib eity. Go and!
ask Blaiti about it. .
' n