The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, October 20, 1876, Image 4

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Corner Frry and First StreU.
Cite rnpy.nnercnr 1 $2 SO
One cony. slx months 1 50
To clulm of twenty, each copy 2 00
5: mile conies .' Ten cents.
5nIuTilprs of Iinn ronntv will be
rtara'l 20 wins extra- $i 70 for the year as
Hint, Is the amount of postage per annum
which we tire required to pnv on each rMer
mailed lv ns.
Ax?ntn far ttte Ite-rlsler.
Tin- fdllnwimr nauit' l sen t k-incn re author
ize') to rtx-eie nml receipt inr KiiliscrinTion
tothe lti-;isTt:i: hi the localities mentioned :
lessrs. Kirk & Hume Itrownsvillc.
Kii'kti i'.n Crstirfnrlx-ille.
W. P. Smith Ihilsey.
. 1. Tomnkin Ilimisburs.
H. H. t'!n"jrhion .Ihnnon.
A. Whclr X o. shcilil.
Missis. Smith lii-.i-lieM In m t ion I'itv.
I'. B. Irvine Seio.
1'hos. II. Keynokls Salem.
KII I DAY .wroiii:ii 20. 1S7G.
Xkw Youk, September 23, 1S7C.
VOl.l t K a i
Tlie poli'ieal pot is boi'ing here, furi
ously that is, the Republican jiot.
Monster meetings are being held every
where in tbis pity and Brooklyn, anil
there iievcr was s intense a feeling
among the Republicans in New York
as now. It u perfectly wild Delight
fully so. The meeting at Cooper Isli
tute and at the Academy of Music in
Brooklyn, were immense, and were as
enthusiastic as they were large. Ti e
meetings in the wards are wonderfully
large and enthusiastic, and what is bet
ter, tho best men are taking hold and
running them. The character ot the
llepublican candidates is Mich as to
bring out the efforts of the best citizens,
who see in the nominations of the party,
the best evidences that its pledge of
good Government will be cairied out.
The Democracy cannot get tin en
thusiasm. There is no disguising the
fact, Tilden is unpopular among them.
Tlie thieves don't like him because he
has been so se'fish as to desert them
when danger came, after affiliating with
them in their days of prosperity, and
honest Democrats distrust him, because
they k-ow who Lis associates were in
the days of the ring, and the influences
that wo'iM control him were heelected.'
Tn Albany he is the most unpopular
mau who ever occupied the Guberna
torial Chair. His dodging his income
tax, his unquestionable connection with
the Tweed Rii'g, and his inordinate,
unscrupulous selfishness, make him as
unpromising a candidate as could have
been pift np, for popular suffrage. As
a manager in the interests of other men,
he is unequalled, but honest men with
whom he has had dealings dread to sec
him at the head of attains, lie has at
tempted an explanation of his dogding
his income tax, but it is a lame affair.
The fact is palei.t, that he is worth
millions, all of which was made during
the years this tar was- levied, and he
never returned as much as would have
been- the income of a moderately small
lawyer, lie pctifogs it, as lie docs
lit tINlS
is blooming and everybody feels good.
The merchants are overrun with trade,
and the complaint now is, that custom
ers cannot be attended to. Thrones of
Southern and Western people are here,
many of them sight-seeing, but more
making glad the hearts of the merchant
by purchasing. The streets are crowd
ed with trucks, as in the good old days,
and the piles of boxes on the hide-walk
are appalling, to all but those who are
rolling them. The hotels, for the first
lime in three years are crowded, the
daily arrivals occupying five and ; six
columns in the papers, run in solid iu
very t-mall tj'pc, and this only the lead
ing houses. New York begins to look
like tho old city again. All this indi
cates the revival of confidence that we
have all been hoping for. Now let the
growling stop in the country let us all
put our shoulders to the wheel, and go
to work to do something. The hard
times aro over just as soon as people
isay so, and act as though they believe
it. If you have a house to build' and
can afford it, go on and build it. The
eun is going to rise just as many times
this year as ever, and everything is go
ring to go on as usual. The crops are
averaging well, there is money enough
and to spare, and all that ;s needed, is
to get rid of the senseless scare, and
with confidence go on. This is all that
is necessary to make good times. There
are reasons why we should not let bus
iness go by the board, if it can be
( avoided. We have streets ' to fill,
farms to settle, and population to at
tract. There was a steady stream of
emigration flowing into tho country,
the most with money, and all with la
bor, all of which : ceased the moment
the cry of "bard times" was raised.-
This Etrcam we ought to get flowing
again as soon as possible. The shortest
way to do it, is to get to doing some
thing. There are millions of Germans,
French, English and Irish who want to
come, and they will come the moment
we can say "good times" to them. We
can have good times always if we will.
I M'ant to see the ships coming in again,
and unloading their cargoes ot human
freight, to go west and fill np the
prairies of that blessed country. Stop
croaking, and inaugnrate a new Era,
and don't waste any time about it.
I have received many letters from
your readers," inquiring sjiecifically as
to what board can be had for in New
York, and wheie. In answer let ine
say that board, in respectable houses
can be had for from $8 to $10 a week,
and if you want better rooms, say from
10 to 14. To get these rates go into
any house that has a card up,anywhere
on Lafayette place, 10th, 11th, 12th
or 13lh streets, Clinton place, Waverly
place, or any street in that locality.
Mate that you want rooms for a week,
and possibly for less time, and make
your contract for t uch time as you Btay,
at so much a day, then you can stay as
long as you choose aud only be compell
ed to pay for what you have. Be care
ful to make j-our stipulations. Go on
any ot these streets, not farther east
than 2d avenue, nor west than 6th
avenue. All these rnn east and west.
Arrange so as to get into New York or
Philadelphia- in the morning. This
will give you a chance to get settled j
without submitting to a swindle for one j
night. Take train that will bring you
in, in the mornin.'. All I have said i
about New York will apply equally to j
Philadelphia. Rooms withont board,
in either city can bo had for from 2 to j
4 per week, which allows you to get j
your eating where you choose, and at
such prices as may seem good to yon. J
By care, aud taking time you may live ;
as cheaply as you please, and have your
stay extended. You can by care make
a hundred dollars keep you twice the
tiaio that it will by carelessness. And
bear this in mind, you want to stay. as
long as you can. There is enough there
to keep you profitably a month if you
can afford it. By all means come.
'1 his Exposition, properly observed, is a
liberal education.
Once more the Americans have beaten
the Irish, and the Yankee Team may
safe'y claim to be the best in the world.
They have met Teams from almost
every country that pays any attention
to Kiile Shooting, aud have never yet
leen beaten. The Irish have crowded
thera the closest, but they have manag
ed to got away with them, every lime,
and probab'y always will. The enect
of these matches is being felt all over
tlie country. Rifle clnba are being
organized everywhere, and probably
this sport will have as extensive a run
as Base-ball. One point in the game is
tlie superiority of American arms.
Our Rides aro better adapted to long
range shooting than any made abroad.
This tie Irish' acknowledge, although
their cack-shot, Rigby, is a manufac
turer himself. Think ot hitting the
bull's-eye fourteen times in succession
at 1,0 j0 yards ! This is what the men
arc doing.
A most pitiful case of self-destruction
came to light yesterday. A widow
lady had $100,000 in stocks in the coal
roads ot Pennsylvania, which have been
considered the safest in the world. She
purchased a lot of real estate in the city,
expecting that her dividends would pay
interest on .the indebtedness she assum
ed, and expecting to sell stocks, as the
payment became due to meet them.
The real estate depreciated in value two
years ago, so that it would not sell for
more than half the mortgage, her
stocks shrunk almost a half aud her
dividends shrank to nothing. When
her notes came due, the holder pushed
her, and in short, in consequence ot the
unfortunate pnrchase, she found that
she would be left absolutely penniless.
Everything that she had in the world
would be taken from her, and she, at
the age of sixty, accustomed to an easy,
pleasant life, with nothing to depend
upon, would be thrown out upon the
world helpless. She had no friends to
depend upon aud nothing but the alms
house was before her. She went to her
room, put npoii her table the deeds
which had ruined her, her certificates of
stock, on which no dividends had been
paid, and all her other worthless securi
ties, and fastening a cctd to a hook in
the wall, bung lierself. She was found
dead tlie next day. She left no letter
the only explanation was the pile of
worthless securities, but they told the
story well enough. And now comes
the curious part of it. The day her
body was discovered, there came to her
address a notification that an estate iu
Scott land, which had been in litigation
for years, aud of which she had given
up hopes years ago, had been settled,
and that she was entitled to 90,000
which she could have upon receipt of a
power of attorney, to draw it ! Had
she only waited two days! When I
make up my mind to commit suicide I
shall always wait two days.
The loyal sentiment ot the nation is
thoroughly aroused, and this means a
sweeping Republican victory. Intelli
gent men, who love tho Urnon, recog
nized the fact that Democracy in power
is simply the restoration of those evils
which threatened our Government dur.
ing tlie rebclion. They feel that a vote
for the Democratic party would be a
vote against the Union and its brave
Wheat sells at Waitsburg at 27 i
cents a bushel.
If there was any virtue in Democracy
it has a grand field to display it in the
C '.y of New York. It has held undispu
ted sway over that metropolis. What
has been the result? The Jebt of the
city has increased from $00,000,000 to
$140,000,000 iu less than ten years;
taxation has become almost as severe as
confiscation; and uules the people de
liver themselves from the political
thieves who are robbing them yearly
bankruptcy will certainly overtake
them. Yet Democracy, iu the face of
its misrule in the city and State ot New
York, and other cities and States where
it holds sway, aspires to govern the
nation. To permit its ascendancy would
lie to invite general ruin, and involve
the country in troubles greater than
any yet endured.
The man who can visit the Cente'n
uial Exhibition and go home a Demo
crat must have very little of gratitude
iu his nature. The priceless result of
Republican wisdom and Royalty are
gathered together in Philadelphia. If
the Democratic policy had prevailed
we rhould have had no nation to glory
over, no Centennial to celebrate, no
welcome to extend to the world.
Strangers instead of rejoicing over our
glory would have come to weep over
our shame. No true American can gaze
upon the wonders of the Internationa
Exposition without feeling increased
admiration for the Republican party
whose courage saved "the country aud
made' possible this Centennial Exhibi
When the Republican party came
into power the auctiou block and the
slave pen were within the shadow of
the nation's Capitol. What a change
has God wrought tinder the sway of
the Republican party ? To-day the flag
floats over freemen everywhere. Sla
very has died before the breath of free
dom, and another decade of Republican
rule will wipe out forever the spirit of
oppression which still lingers around
the recent fields of bondage. The
pray?r of freemen throughout the world
is, that the party that has done so much ;
for American liberty and . human pro- J
giess will continue to govern the conn- j
try until every vestige of evil growing j
out of the institution of slavery is re
moved. I
Every Republican vole 'must be got
out this fall. No business transaction,
no public or private engagement mnst
be allowed to interfere with voting.
This must be considered a sacred obli
gation to lie kept at all hazards flnc
under all circumstances. The loss ot a
single vote may give a State to Democ
racy. The loss of a State may lead to
the surrender of the Government to
those who have plotted its overthrow.
Republicans must work as ifon one vote
depended the salvation of the Republic.
The lukewarm must be aroused to ac
tivity, the doubters must be convinced
by the presentation of facts, every friend
ot the country must be enlisted in the
great work of defense. Tho signs indi
cate a 'Republican victqry, but our
friends must remember that the result
depends upon the work accomplished.
If the work is thorough the triumph
will be complete.
We judge a man by his past record ;
if -it is good, we trust him, for what he
has been through a scries ot years he is
likely to be through years to come. If
his record is bad we shun him. We
have no faith in him, and pay no respect
to his golden promises. So with parties.
We judge them by their past record.
It that is good we suport them ; it it is
bad we want nothing to do with them.
Wc have confidence in the Republican
party because of its excellent record ;
we have none iu Democracy because of
its bad one.
A ' Tkuthfli. PicTL'iiE. General
Sherman in his "Memoirs," dropped
some observations which are quite ier
tineut to present developments. They
areas follows:
"The young men of tho South, sons
of planters, lawyers about town, good
billiard players and sportsmen, men
who never did work and never will,
war suits them, and tho rascals are
brave, fine riders, bold to rashness, and
dangerous subjects iu every sense. They
care not a sou for niggers, land, or any,
thing. They hate Yankees perse and
don't bother their brains about the past,
present, or future. This is a larger
class than most men suppose, and they
are the most dangerous set ot men that
this war has turned loose upon the
world. i
These men must all be killed or
employed by as before we can- have
The Democratic treasurer of Van
Wort, Ohio, has hidden away $13,00Q
so well that be cau't tell where be put
'The Kentucky picket- line ! establish
ed by Watterson was withdrawn dar
ing tho holding of the Soldieu's Con
vention at Indianapolis.
The Republican party is like a
staunch ship' that has been tested - by
wind and -wave and proven seaworthy
in every respect. She has met the
fiercest tempests and brought her pas
sengers and freight through safety.
The question now before tlie people is,
Shall this noble vessel be laid aside for
the old worm-eaten hulk Democracy,
that was condemned years ago as un
worthy of confidence or patronage?
The peoplo who intrust their lives and
property to a craft require something
more than paint and putty to satisfy
them that the vessel is sound. Tilden
may paint and putty Democracy trom
stem to stern, and hold out the induce
ment ot cheap fare tor the Presidential
trip, but intelligent people will give the
old hnlk a wide berth. She has been
tried and found wanting, and no assu
rance ot reform in her management can
save her from public comdim nation.
. ...... '
Vermont and Maine have given rous
ing Republican majorities, backed by
an enthusiasm and earnestness character
istic of the early days of the Republi
can party, whi!e Arkansas, Alabama,
aud Kentucky roll up their ante war
majorities for the Democrats. The
contest between the sections tor suprem
acy in the Government has taken form
on new issues, but is as clearly defined
as ever, and has become a struggle be
tween loyalty and disloyalty, with all
that is imp'ied in the spirit that aclu
a'es the two parties. Men ot the North
choose ye whom ye will serve.
Professor Rudolph, in a lei.gthy let
ter on the sun says: A mollon or white
hot mass, 850,000 miles in diameter,
equaling in bulk 1.200,000 worlds like
our own, having a surrounding ocean
of gas on fire, 50,000 miles deep,
tongues ot flame, darting upward more
than 50,000 miles, volcanic forces that
hurl into the solar atmosphere lumin
ous matter to tho height of 160,000
miles; drawing to itself all the worlds
belonging to our family of planet?, and
holding them aU in their proper places;
attracting with such superior force the
millions of solid and stray masses that
are wandering in the fathomless abyss
that they rush helplessly toward him,
a,l fan i lto his fiery embrace. And
thus he continues his sublime and rest-
less march through J'is mighty orbit,
having a period of more than 18,000,
000 of years.
A currency of uniform value in every
State of the Union ; public credit un
equaled in our history ; personal free
dom vouchsafed to the humblest indi
vidual ; a wise homestead system, giv
ing tree farms to all who live upon
them ; aud peace at home and abroad
are among a few ot the items for which
the nation is indebted to the Republi
can party.
Thf l'oetr j- ol' the Throttle Vnlve.
Not long ago an engineer brought in
bis train to a stand at a little Massa
chusetts village where the passengers
have five minutes for hi uch. A lady
came along the platform and said: The
conductor tells me the- train at the
junction hi P. leaves fifteen minutes be
fore our arrival. It is Saturday night
that is the last train. I have a very
sick child in the car and no money for
a hotel, and nono for a private convey
ance a long, long way into the country.
What shall I do?
Well, said the engineer, I wish I
could tell you.
Would it be possible for you to
hurry a little? said the anxious, fearful
mother, -
No, madam, I have the time table,
and the rules say I must run by it.
She turned sorrowfully away, leav
ing the bronzed face ot the engineer wet
with tears. Presently she returned and
said, are you a Christian?
I trust I am, was the. roply.
Will you pray with me that the Lord
may in some way delay (he train at the
Why, yes, I will pray with yon, but
I have not much faith.
J ust then tho conductor cried, AH
aboard. The poor Woman hurried back
to the deformed and sick child, and
away went the train climbing the huge
Somehow, said the engineer, every
thing worked like a charm. As I
prayed, Icouldeu't help letting ray en
gine out jnst a littlo. We hardly
stopped at the first station, people got
on and off with wonderful alacrity, the
conductors lantern was in the air in a
half minute, and then away again.
Once over the summit ft was dreadful
easy to give her a little more, and then
a little more, as I prayed, till she seemed
to shoot through tlie air like an arrow.
Somehow .1 conlden't hold her, know
ing I had the road, and so we dashed
up to the ju notion six minutes ahead ot
There stood the other train, and the
conductor with his lantern on his arm.
Well, said he, will you tell me what I
am waiting here for. Somehow I felt
I must await your coming to-night, but
I don't know why. I guess said the
brother conductor, it Ls fot this, poor
woman with her sick and deformed
child, dreadful ajixious to get home this
Saturday nighty But tlie man on the
engine and the grateful mother think
they can tell why tlie train waited.
Wallula is in need of a hotel..
Condensed Lightning.
The party of Indians who lulled Mon
roe, stole 26 horeev.
General Morrill has left Custer City
with 500 men on a scoot.
Tlie yellow fever interments oo the
13th numbered twenty.
Martin T. Tupper, the poet, arrived
in New York recently from England.
A reinforcement of 130 recruits is
ordered to Fort Russell for the Third
Tom Ochiltree is to be matched
against Ten Rroeck for $10,000 a side
in a five mile raer
Ex-Gov. Gaston, ot Massachusetts,
nominated for Congress by the Fourth
District declines.
S. S. Cox has been nominated by the
anti-Tammany Congressional District
Convention ot New York.
A bonded warehouse, in Louisville,
in which were stored 400 barrels of
whisky, was burned oh the 12-h. Loss
Tho Republicans attribute their de
teat in Indiana to the fact of Walcott's
withdrawal which was an iirjury to
Imposing exercises are on the pro
gramme and extensive preparations are
in progress for the closing day at tlie
Centennial. '
The Western Union Telegraph Com
pany have elected their officers for the
ensuing year. Wm. Orton was elected
The llepublican majority in Ohio is
increasing. The strongest candidate
may have 10,000. Barnes will receive
about 7,000.
The election returns were scanned
very closely at Washington and gave
considerab'o disappointment to the po
litical managers.
The Monetary Commission is seeking
information from bankers aud merchants
relative to the rise in gold and depreci
ation in silver.
The railway postal service is spoken
of in high complimentary terms by the
postal service commission, and praised
for its efficiency.
E. A. Woodward, the forger, has
been removed from the cell in murder
er's row. The confinement promises to
le long. Should the indictment fail lie
will lie arrested on a suit to recover $6,
000,000. General Sherman is now in Wash
ington attending to business. Urgent
appeals are made to station more troojis
in South Carolina. IJut the opinion
among army officers is that there are
already troops enough there to protect
the citizens iu their rights.
The United Slates postal commission
has concluded an investigation at St.
Louis in which it was ascertained that
the fast mail service was of no practical
value to the business of the community,
as it arrived when tho bulk of the busi
ness was already transacted.
Montenegro rejects the five months'
On the 20th inst. 15,000 soldiers
start for Cuba.
The Turks arc now planning an at
tack on Drina.
A band of 4,000 horses from Russia
arrived at Kladowa.
The Emperor of Austria has received
a le.ter from the Czar.
Yon Arnim's sentence involves a loss
of title and possibly his property.
Tho SpanUh Protestants in Spain are
said to be in danger from fanatical
The Duke of Abercorn has resigned
as viceroy. Tho Duke of Marlborough
is his successor.
An understanding on the Eastern
question between Russia and Austria it
considered certain, ; -
Gen. Quezda has ordered the destruc.
tion of all fortifications not ocoupied by
the Spaniarde.
The Porte's note is very conciliatory
and his proposal for an armistice is
nothing more than a wish.
Gen. Jovelar retains the. oaptain
geueralship of Cuba, under Campos,
commander in chief, .
Scrvia refuses to aoeept the six
months armistice because she cannot
maintain her large army daring the
The Porte specifies in his note to the
Ambassadors bis refusal to entertain
peace proposals submitted by the Powt
ers. ... .
On the Hth the Montenegrins, with
fifty battalion, almost surrounded Der
vish Pasha, and obliged him, to retreat.
A dispatiih of the 12th from R;ua
says the Turks have been victorious
over the Montenegrins i goveis! engaga,
ments. .
A young man named Johnnie Rone
break recently left Oakland, Doug'as
county, for California. '
Sis ambitious young men advertise'
themselves as candidates for the office
of city marshal of Rcfehurg..
The stock range near Idaho City is
abont eaten ont. j
There are nine lawyers and two banks
in Walla Walla. i
Walla Walla merchant are receir
ing irtitfieiFM? freight.
Major Mallet will take charge of Ta
lalip Indian Ageatji
The Seattle fire depa'rtffietrt has or
dered a new 800 pound tell,
There was an agricuUorst fair at
Snohomish City last WeeJf,
About four thousand bales vf hops
will be shipped from Olympia this sea
son. r
Walla Walla valley is literally load
ed with grapes and other fruits.
The Good Templars have withdrawn
their patronage from the Echo.
Very rich silver ore is being taken
out in the Health District Idaho.
One hundred and fifty miners will
Winter at Cassiar.
Dr. John Mills Brown was elected
Grand Master of Masons, on the 13lb.
The steamer Isabel arrived at Victo
ria from W range! on the 13th inst, with
200 passengers and $20,000.
It is reported that John Lick has;
gone to Sail Jose. He keep himself
aloof from the creditors of the estate. V
The body ot a stranger who had;
died ot the small-jvox was found on the
outskirts of Victoria. The disease pre
vails in that city.
There were ten entries for the 2:35
class, but only four scored. The race
was won by I lay ward Chief in three
straight heats; time 2:31.
The citizens of Stockton have conclu
ded to resist the $30,000 tionds for the
Stockton and Visalia railroad, decided
against the city by the supreme court,
The attendance at Pay District course
on the 12th was good. The postponed
race of Wednesday was called, and won
by Sweet brier. The sixth aud last
heat was made in 2:31.
A good shoemaker is wanted at Cor.
nelius. '
The Recorder has completed the as.
sessment of Corvallis.
Sneak thieves are doing a flourishing
business at Dilley.
A saw mill is being added to the
Lafayette furniture factory.
Tho Tillamook wagon road is all
cleared and ready for grading.
Roth Kinney and Booth's fisheries
are doing well on the Tillamook river.
Considerable clearing has lately lieen
done in the northern part of Lafayette.
Oregon City A Men fruit dryer has en
gaged Chinese labor in place ot its
white help. '. '
The Alder, fruit dryer a Corvallis is
making things hot tor the Benton coun
ty apples.
Seven hundred head of Wasco coun
ty cattle were recently sold in Sa
Francisco for $26,000.
The 20 Chinamen who went to Me
Minnville to get employment in tho dry
house, went away disappointed.
There is more virtue in a single
year of Republican rule than in all the
sermons on reform preached by Democ
racy. It was Ben Hill who said daring the
darkest days cf tho war:
"Every cinizen with his gun, and
eery negro with his spade, can do the
work of a soldier. Yon can destroy
the enemy by retarding his march. Do
This man is one of our law makers.
In ppeaking ot the rebel war claims
General Hemis said, at the mass meet
ing in Steuben count v, Ohio: "They
want ns to pay for the nse of tlie batt'e
fields on which we licked them, and
their impudence goes so tar as to de
mand rent for the ground on which
they licked us."
Another Republican outrage fur
nishing a United States vessel for Tweed
to return home in witnout expense to
himself. Democratic tax-payers, now
is your chance to grumble.
"Yon ought to have lost both leg"
was Tilden's remark to a crippled no
Jier, and the soldier lived to make his
affidavit on it.
Tlie secret of soeeew may be found in
a few words: Get every , Republican
voter to go to the polls. A single vote
may turn viotory into defeat.
Printing by hand.
PrlntuiK by steam,
Printing from type,
Or from, hlacka by the ream,
Printing In black.
Printing in white,
printing in colore,
Ot sombre or bright.
Printing tor merchants.
And land agents, too ;
Prin'ing lor any,
Who. se printing to do
Printing for banker
Clerks; auctioneers, ,
Printing for druggists.
For dealers in wayea, '
Printing for drapers
For grocers, for a
Who want printing dona,
And will eonie and see "Cou."
PvintVng of p&oipWet,
O- k'tgger- books, too ;
In teict, there are few thing.
Cut whut we can do.
Prmtifig of placawlK
Printing of bills,
Printing o ciwte-WiO'l'es
For sUM-es or tor mills j
Printing of labels.
All color or use, sirs.
Especially tit for
VVcbfoot nrndticers..
Printing of forma
AH sorts you can get
Legal, commercial,
Or "House to be let
Printing rtone qnfctly
Bold., stylish or neat.
At the KX31stek Prln tlng-o'lrar,
Corner oi First and Ferry fcttreeii
&atfofff fepttf(att Plttttotsi
When, fn the etonomry of Vfertidmix-
t hf Mrd wr to be pwrged of hOmffn smtery
and When lt sjrengtfc of ajoteftmfet) c f
the people by Ifite people nfof f-'fr-W
wfob dymowVffHtert. the ltept)crr
nrt? tftme info- pxrwer. If Mf
fljem tfh prf Je. IneRerf by tfeefr mtmt
ries to hijjfc dfc for the g ef etSr
3. The permanent pffclrfttffion rf'
Soutliern suction ot tlie Unlort HnS the Ttv
protection of all its citizens In ffwr fr err'
jovinent of all tlieir right and tllto U
which tlie Kepubileun party stand sacred!
pledged. Tlie power to provide for tlie en
forcement of the principles embodied hi
.i... rv,ncrtiirlnnil nrMonrinittilt 1.4
L 1 1(7 ICTVJCIJ VVIN1VM.""" .....
vested by those monuments In the Congress
of the United States, and we declare it to
be the solemn obligation of the legislative
awl executive departments of the govern
ment, to put into immediate mid vigorous
exercise all their constitutional powers for
removing any just causes for discontent-on
tlie part of ny clas. nod for securing to
every, American citiam complete liberty
nwl exact equality iu the exercise ot ail
civil. politiutU ami public right. To tliU
end . we imperatively demand a Congre
anil n Ohief Executive; whose cnurnge and
fidelity to tliese duties slmll not falter niit.U
these results are placed beyond dispute or
recall. . , ,
4. In the first act of Congress signed by
President Grant, tlie National Government
assnmed to remove any tlonhts of Ui par
pose to discharge all jnst 'obligations to the
pnhllo creditor)), and "solemnly pledged it
f:iHh to nmke'proTislons ut the.etirlieet !niC""
tienhle period for the redemption of tho
United State notes in coin.' Commercial
prosperity, public morals mid natintut! eretl
it demand tlwt tlie promise be fwlWled ljr
a couthmotts wild steady progress specie
5. Under the Constitution, the rreRlent
and' hemU of deMirtments are to m:ik iiom.
mid consent fopinhiriiietit.and tlie flow
of Representatives Is to nawe nwl pmrt.
rule fid th It. officers. Tlie best Interest
the politic service demand that these dis
tinction lie respvt-ted ; that tenlf! an4
Kepre'iitiitlve who may be judge atitr m
onsers, slionld not dictate pMli)tietiti tn
tAlee. The invariable rule in Hpniu4'OH"nH
sIkhiIiI have refen'tiee to the honesty, fideli
ty and CiipHcity of tlie uniiolntees. rlvinsr
to the party in power those place where
harmony and vigor of administration re
quire lis policy to lie represented but per
mining all oilier lo be filled by persons
selected n it It sole reft-rente to tlie eflicfciiojr
to the public service, and tins right of all
citizens to share hf the honor of rendering
fcii lh fill service to the country
0. We rejoice in the quickened conscleiiee
of tlie people concerning political nfUi7r.
and will hoid all public otUcer to a rfgM
responsibility, and engage tliat the prose-"
cm ion and punishment of all who betray
'official tru-ts shall be swift, thorough, anil
7. The pnhl U: chool system of the several
S?Mte is tlie bulwark of tlie American Re
public and with a view to its seenritv ami
permanenee.we recommend an amendment
to ih Constitution of tlie United State fwe
bidding the appropriation of ativ pwblf
funds or property fbr the benefit of any
schools or institution under sectarian roo-
troi. v
: 8. The revenue necessary for enrrent x '
reuuittire aud the obligations of the puhlie
debt, must lie largely derived trom drttie
upon Importation!, which, no fiir a" poMi
ble. sbonld m adjn-teil to promote tle in-
. . .. . I .. I . . I . .....1 ...1 . I A
trivia i rtioei ii-jtn i.iiifr nun numicc illtr
pros)erity of iho wlm'e country.
9. We reaffirm oor opposition to further
grant of the public In i ids to corporation
and monopolies, and demand that tlte na
tional domain be devoted to the free uses of
the jieople.
: JO. It is the imperative dnfy of tho gov
ernment so to modify existing treatie with
European government Hint tlie same pro
tection shall be afforded to the mllpteri
American citizen that i given to the native
born, ami tliat all nrevssa'ry laws should 1
passed to protect immigrants, iu tlie ab
sence ot power in the Stares for that pur
pose. ' 11. It is the Immediate doty of Congre
to fully investigate the effect of the immi
gration and importation of Mongol fctns-np-on
tlie moral nod material interests ot the
; 12. The Kepnblk-an party recognizes with
approval tlie advance recently
made toward the establishment of equal
right for woman by the many important
amendments efTectetl by lieptibffcan legis
lature, in tl! laws wliiclt concern li e tier. and property relations ot wi ve,
mothers and widows, and by the apjoiut
ment and election of women to the snpertrv
temJence of education, ot charitie. mid
other public tmt. The honest demands
ot this class of citizens for additional right,
privileges, and immunities, should be treat
ed with respectful consideration. ..
. 13. The Constitution confer upon Con
gress, sovereign power over tlie Territories
of tlie United States for tlieir government,
and in the exercise of thl power it It right
and the duty oi Congress to prohibit out
ei irpnte in the Territories that relic of
barbarism," poty-gamy and we demand,
such legislation a shall secure this end and,
the supremacy of American Institutions in
all the Territories.
14. The pledges which tlie nation has
given to Iter soldier and sailor must bo
tulfllletUnnd a grateful people will always,
hold those, who Imperiled tlieir lfe for
their country's preservation In tlwklndest
remembrance.- - -
1& We sincerely deprecate n'l eptlou,iJ.
feeling and te?u(encies. .We. therefore,
note with deep anllcltutle, that the 1iim,
era tie party counts,, a it clilel iiopc of fcuc
ces. upon the electoral vote of a united
South secured through the effort of those
who were tecently arrayed nf.ttint I lie na
tion, aud we invoke- tlie earnest attention .
of tlie country to the grave tmlh tliat a
success thus achieved would reoMi aection
sl atrifi. limieril iiHtioual honor and human
16. We charge the Democratic party
vith being th same In character and spirit
as when it sympathised with treason; with
making it control of the Houe of Repre
sentatives fie triumph and opportunity of
the nation's recent foej with reasserting
and applauding in tfef National Capital ttte
sentiment of unrepentant rebellion ; with
sending Union soldiers to the rear, and
promotlngConfedeitale soldier to Hie front;
with deliberately proposing to repudiate
the plighted falrlioftte government; with
being tkls and liaeevUe upon the oversliad
owlng financial qtiestion ; witb, thwarting
the end of justice by U partisan, mlstnau.
agement and obstruction of iuvesintioct ;
with proving Itself, through the period ot
it ascendancy hi the Lower liowe of Con
gress. utterly Incompetent to adi&to'tcr
the government, and we wrn the country
aga.ust trusting a party thus aliie mwur
tby. recreant and tuvajmblo.
17. Tfce Nat'ona! .Adminfctrattaii gveriu
commendation for- Its honorabht worc in
the management of domestic and furclrn
affairs aud President Grant deserve in
continued hearty gratitude ofthe American
people for Bl patriotism and his cmK-nt
svrvice tu war and, in peace.