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T Jl.'rC2?li Paint is the Oldest and Most R.-liiible Mixed Paint.
We have testimonials from owners of t he finest residence 111 ihe county, show in;; that it is all
that la claimed for it by the manufacturers.
Call and examine samples, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. S5S"A full assort
ment of aUades kept constantly on bund. - SllvS
Oiler iox S:i"c:
Thresher, Header, Reapers, Mower. Wajsosss, Rakes Plows,
; v - "T", Ilrr'wi, &. e. -
' 13. Will store Grain.' Wool, and General'. Merchandise nt 7;v,fx.
NUI!HOTH WAREHOIW-Head of Baker and Lyon streets, at Depot of O. A C. It. It. Co.
ALBANY, Oregon, July 14, IS70-44VS .
Incorporated Feb. 4, 1875. Capital. $20,000.
jjmds STORE !
Corner First and Washington streets,
Albany, : Oregon.
President, S A. DAWSON.
Superintendent, A. JT. J O II SOX
S. t A.NXO.V,
s. A.
M. 91 1 1.LFR,
a. i. HKI It.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers lri
Hayes and Wheeler Club. The Re
publicans and others of this city who in
tend to support Hayes and Wheeler in the
coming election for the office of President
and Vice President of the United States,
are requested to meet at the Pacific Opera
House on Saturday evening, Sept. 9th, at
7:30 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing
a political club for the campaigu. There
should and We think there will be a large
attendance. Let Republicans and honest
men turn out to the meeting.
Clothiiijjr, Hardware, Crockery,
Groceries, Farm Implements
and Machinery, Ac,
Also, liny and sell tn commission all kinds of
Goods, Marketable Produce, &c.
lec. 24, lS75-14v8mti
A IVciv ami fjarare Invoice
J e w is Xj
Handsome Presents. At the regular
monthly meeting ot Linn Engine Co., Xo.
2. lield at the hall on Monday evening. Dr.
G. W. Gray, President-i presented to the
Company a handsome trumpet and a curi
osity in the shape of a niallet both oh
tained by him while on his visit East. The
mallet was manufactured in Egypt,- from
wood peculiar to that country. The boys
are not only proud of the presents, but of
their President, whose thought went out
to them although so far away and amid
such novel and exciting scenes as were af
forded by the Philadelphia Centennial.
Brookside, X. J., Aug. 23d, 1876.
Ed. Register : Many friends in Albany
requested ns to write as soon as we reached
home, and with your permission I will do
so through the Register. Our trip on the
steamer to San Francisco was exceedingly
pleasant. Old ocean was unusually quiet,
and we were always ready for our meals
when the appropriate hour arrived. By
request of the Captain, I preached twice
on Sabbath to an attentive congregation.
Mr. Suclier, well known in your city, was
among the passengers, and requested me
to say to the Albany people that "the old
man got through all right ; that he never
expects to see Albany again, and bids them
all farewell."
After a tev days repose and enjoyment
among our friends in San Francisco and
Oakland, we started on our way rejoicings
Terrible Accident. Near Jefferson
on Monday last, a team driven by Mr.
Jabez Terhune ran away, upsetting the
wagon, throwing Mr Terhune out and the
wagon upon him. one of the hubs, it is
supposed, iji iking l.un in the back. After
a thorough examination Wednesday, his
physician, Dr. Smith, pronounced Mr;
Terhune's wounds incurable, and that he
can survive but a lew days.
We have since learned that Mr. Ter
hune passed away on Wednesday.
W. B. Carter, Es-j.. of the Corvallls Ga
zette, and his estimable wife, came down on
Tuesday evening" last. After a fraternal
call on Western Star Idge. I. O. G. T.,
the object of their visit to the city, they
'return! home the same nigh.
The intense itching caused by certain
diseases of the skin is speedily allayed by
and id a short time found ourselves lip in Glenn's Sulphur Soap, which entirely re
the mountains, breathing the fresh, cool ! moves every species of eruption, is per
air, and astonished at the beautiful rind j fecilyaie. and fir cleaner and more effect-
Panorama. Prof. White's panoramic
views ot scenery in the great and wonder
ful National Park, exhibited tit the Opera H
House Tuesday evening, did not draw the
crowd such an entertainment should. The
lecture of Prof. White,- which was a de
scription of the country as he saw it in "72,
was most vivid and entertaining. As an
elocutionist: the Professor has few if any
equals on this coast.- Mr. Glenn added to
the attraction of the occasion by singing
several beautitnl songs.
No time to write advertisement
this week. Will throw it in sight
Ami will Soil nt the I"olloHi:if Prices :
Coin silver. 2 oz. P. S. Hartlett Wnlttinm
Watc h, 01 It); each uiMitionui ounce 1 Mt.
Eiht-Uav Seth Thomas Clocks from s o to
J 14 1.0.
Anil all other eoo:ls in prnjortion.
The only house aboe Portland that keeps
(iooclt Kolct, Engraved Free of llinre,
Practical watch-maker and Jeweler, late of Cal
ifornia WatcU Co., and the only engraver in
A sroo'l assortment of Sowing Machlno Nee
dles aa.l attachments.
his friends and the public generally, that
lie is now settled in his
On the old stand next door to P'. C. TIarper Co .
where can be found asgretttmi assortment and
Ad large a stock of
Stoves and Eanges
as can be found in any ohe house this side of
Portland, and at as
Casttron, Brass & Enameled
j in great variety. Also,
Tin, I
Sheet Iron,
Galvanized Irori
Jwa-vs On hand, and made to order, AT LIV
Albanly, October 22, 13755v8
To Man anct Beast
; is the enAJH-l
There iWnO'sore it will not heal, no lame
ness it will not cure, no ache, no pam, that
afflict! the human body, or the body of a
horse or other domestic animal, that does
not yield to- its malc tonch. A bottle
costing 25c. 50c. or t 00, has often saVed
the life of a hutrmn being, and retoml to
life and useTulne3S many a val liable Iiorse.
FOR MEW, IT WIIJ. ClTRE -Rheumatism,
Burns. Scalds. Bruises, Cuts,
Frost-bites.- Swellings. Contracted Cords,
Pain in the Back. Lmnbjtjso. .Sciatica,
ChUblains, Strains, SprahV Srtft" Joints,
Sore Nipples, Eruptions, Palnsj- Wound,
Spavin, Galls and Sore. Swinny. iiing
Bone, Windfalls, Big! Head, Poll Evil.
Humors and Sores, Lameness, SWellnigs,
Scratches, Distem-per StiMuess,- Strains,
Soreness, Open Sores . 23v3
- " " ' ' " '"..
ic in 9 tiil IHsr oay at nonte. auiiiiwi oi-lhl
l $til tree- M-ISSON & Co., Portland, jle.
SEX tse to G. P. KOWKLL & CO.,New York,
for Pamphlet of loo vas. contalnmar 3,or0
nemrAriers, an-1 eattinaU' showimt cost ot a'i
verUBlnjf. . . 2v?y .
Albany Book Store.
jr.o, FOSIIAY,
S,-liool nxk, lliunk Books, sjtationery
f anay Articles, &c.
Ktxiks iui ported to order, at shortest pos
sible notice. v3n30
Groceries, lroA'isiont .
Talmceo, iurs. Cutlery 4"rc34--rj'.
null WoimI & Willow Ware,
S.-i?" Cult and see him. 21i-5
Furniture Eooms.
1. xxj:vrvx!VG.
Tlpp lea v to announce to the citizens of this
city atri Hun-oumiing country, that he litis open
cd 0 lr;r tcw; of
in the buildinsr latelv ocennied lv lr. Plmn-
rner's drntr sior. on Firs-, s reet, where can be
had. on rai' - otiabic terms,
I'arlor Sets-,
IS fit, k Suits,
Eaij Clsairs,
-Center Tables,
5S ook-cascn,
- Sale.
and In fact else needed t
iO TO IiOtrSE'iaJL:Ea'a.G.
My goods are well made and of tlie very
latcst and f laiKisouie&t Styles.
fcTFCRNITCRE nuinufactnied to order, at
Bliort notice. .
: iiF- Furnit ure repaired and pat In good shape
on snort notice.
Give mo a can.
Albany, Nov. 26. 1ST5 lbv-S
no ehatr KOet from my factory without my
niniK uim it. AH others are laise imitation.
andKlioul'i be so reirarded. All persons tire
herebv warned inrainot atlemptiug any uch
imposition upon my customers. jjETZLER.
Jefferson, Or.,-Jan. 21. 1S76.
In the Circuit Court of theState of OroROn for
Ktneiinc Uoncasier, Plaintiff, vs. Hiram Don-
caster, DetenuHiir. - . , . .
To Hiram Doncaster, the above named de
fendant : '
nerebv required to appear and answer thocom
nlitint of the above plaintiff in the above enti
tled court, now on tilo with the Clerk of said
court, wltntn Ten u-i "-
..hi..nmitnntiniivAit if w-rved in Linn
1 1. oirhn : but if served in any other
.,.;, in th Stnte of Oi-eu'on. then within
twenty daysfi-om the date of l he service of this
siiinruons upon yon ; or if served by publhM
t Kn. then on orlwfoi-e the tlrst day of the next
fHi-tri)f id cilt, to-wit. fonrtay,Ooiobjr93-I,
176: ana vow are ijc-kj- hhi v
fall t A apfKiar and Snswcr nd c6mrlalnt. as
hcrclvieo."ird. the plaint iff will apply tolne
r.' . ,ii,.r nraved for In t ho complaint.
to-wit, difwo'iution of fhe lionrts of tnatrimony,
e X ist i n et ween you amipiinu'i.'"-i"""'
custody o tne mmor jj; rj . ill " MPHK E T.
Attornev lor pl'fl.
VnWished by ordor of Hon. B. f Bonhaw,
. r, i mar r this 8lh dav of An-
' -nut. 171. ' '."UsUJifio
Big Thing in, Harvesters. Through
the politeness, of Mr. A. M. Roop, of the
Grange Unio:i Store, Tuesday afternoon
last we'laid tlie .pleasure of riding after a
spanking pair of trotters out to the farm of
Jason Wheeler, where a number ot people
were assembled to witness the trial of a
new harvesting machine or rather, an old
and favorite machine with new attach
nients, to-wlt : Wood's : Reaper with
Locke's Binder attached. The machine,
all .things ' considered, worked first rate,
and if, after a. thorough test, tlie binder
comes up to the expectation of it3 triends.
this machine will soon take precedence of
all other har esters now in use.-.
Printiii; by hand.
Prtntitit; by steam.
Printing; frtun type.
Or from blocks by the ream.
Printinij in Mack.
Printiiif; in white.
Printing in colors.
Ot sombre or bright.
Printing tor merchants.
Ami land agent, too ;
Priti' ing tor any.
Who have printing to do.
Printing for hankers.
Clerks, auctioneers.
Printing for druggists.
For dealers in wares.
Printing for drapers. '
For giorers. for all
Who want printing done.
And will come and see "COLL."'
Printing of pamphlets.
Or bigger books, too ;
In tact, there are few things
But what we can do.
Printing of placards.
Priming of hills.
Printing of carte-notes
For stores or for mills ;
Printing of l.fbels.
All colors or use. sirs.
Especially tit for
Wcbfoot producers.
Printing ot forms
All sorts yon can get
Legal, commercial, , -Or
"House to be let. ""
Printing done quickly,
Bold, stylish or neat,-
At tlie ReGISTKR Printing-oliee,'
Comer 6t First and Ferry Street.
Strangk. 31 r. Ridge"wny, who handles
the ribbons over the route from Lebanon to
Sweet Homo, coming down trom the latter
-place on Saturday last, on tlie new road
between Nye's and Ames' creek, discov
ered a little two-year old child right in the
road, up to its armpits in the mud. The
child was attended by two hound pups,
and the indications were that the pups had
done their best to extricate their little mas
ter from his perilous situation. Ridgeway
pulled the little fellow out, and conveyed
him to the nearest house, Mr. Clement's,
where the little fellow was washedLnp.Jiud
inquiries set on foot to ascertain the pa
rents of the child. From the point where
the little babe was found, it was a mile and
a half to the nearest house, going toward
Sweet home. No one in the neighborhood
recognized the child. We have learned
since the above was written that the pa
rents have been found.
giand scenery around us. But I need net
tell the readers ot your paper about the
wonderful mountains, beautiful plains, and
all the interesting scenery along the way.
as most of them are more familiar with
those things than I am. Suffice it to say
we all enjoyed the journey very much, and
reached our friends and relatives in Michi
gan sate and well.
Corn looks good in Michigan but the
wheat crop was not as large as usual. In
New Jersey the weather lias been exceed
ingly hot and dry.- There is an unusually
large crop of peaches, and they are very
cheap, selling for 23 cents per basket
about 50 cents per bushel.
I will say for the encouragement of the
friends of Hayes and Wheeler, that a vote
was taken for the two candidates on the
cars near El mira. New York, resulting as
follows: For Hayes. 91 ; lor Tilden, 42.
Times are dull here, and money seems
to he just as scarce here as in Oregon.
Thousands of men are out of employment,
and the coming winter, it is team, will be
one of great suffering among the poor.
We have been enjoying ourselves at the
canipmeeting, near Denville, .N.J. What
a wonderful change in these meetings!
llow different from what they were thirty
or forty years ago I The oltl-tashioueu
enmptneeting, so memorable in the history
of thousjiiids throughout the country, is
rapidly giving way to modern improve
ments. Instead oi the plain tents, neat
and beautiful cottages have been erected,
and in many places stores and hotels have
befn built to accommodate the thousands
who gather annually tor worship in the
wood and by the sea-side. .Yet irt many
respects the esmpmeetings remain the
same. The glorious hymns our fathers and
mothers loved to sing, tnnll our hearts,
and the same blessed Gospel which inspired
their souls and made them happy, flllsand
comforts our hearts. It is to oe hoped that
these pleasant gatherings will multiply
and spread everywhere, and continue to be
what they have b;eu in the past, a great
blessing to the Church and the world.
In about three weeks we expect to start
for Philadelphia, from thence to Michigan,
where we will remain, and do what we
can to persuade men to become reconciled
to ( JihI.
Kind regards Jo" nil. Yours most re
spectfully, I.- WlI-SOX.
ive than any ointment.
largest and most gorgeous that ever visited
Oregon, will delight the people by exhi
bitions on Tuesday. September 19th. We
are inclined to think everybody'll be there.
See ad.
Miss Elva Brcyman, of Saleni, takes
charge of the musical department of tbe
Collegiate Institute. Miss Elva enjoys an
enviable reputation as a musician, and will
cel'tainly give tlie patrons of the Institute
the best of satisfaction.-
Remaining in the Post Office. Albanyj
Linn county, Oregon, Sept. 7th, 187C.
Persons calling for these letters must give"
the date on which they were advertised.
Bowie, John ' Hunter, J V.
Camett, Joseph E Lnbkier, Otto '
Casteel. Milton Langden, K
Churchill, II H Mauzey, Mrs. M
Churchman; Rev; W Rankin, Miss Ina
Custar. Knel Rankin, Miss Allies
Ie Maine, Robert Snyder. Hamilton
Friedrieks, John Speak. Miss Mary E
Ford, L M Thomas, Miss J C
Hampton Miss N - . -
Attention The City Council-lias or
dered property-holders fo grade certain
streets, repair sidewalks, etc. If the work
is not done within the time specified. HbeJ
comes the duty of the Marshal., F. M. WestJ
fall, to do the work, charging the same
against the property. .The Marshal desires
propertyholders to do the work themselves,
it they will, otherwise he will be compell
ed to do his duty in the premises.
MeBICAI. See card in this issue of Dr. I. 8.
Callaway; who lately purchased the new resi
dence, of Chas. Bonrgardcs, and has settled
among us for the practice of his profession;
Dr. Callaway has a professional experience of
over twenty-eight years to recommend him,
and is a gentleman who deserves the fullest
confidence of onr people.
CiDER. The first sweet Cider of the sea
son made its appearance on. Monday, and
was manufactured by Uncle Geo. Hughes,
the best cider-maker of the county. This
office is indebted to him for a liberal supply-
At GnADWOHI.'s You will rind Roland.
A 1 tiniiist. ready to execute all kinds of
work in his line, from putting on a tin
roof to making a new set of filrniture for
stove or range, in way-up style.
Capt. Cochran has let the contract for
building a light draft steamboat for the
tipper Willamette trade. It is to be 150
feet in length, 35 feet beam and 5 feet hold.
Tho. vessel is to be finished in two months.
Judge W. S. Newbury, of Portland
gave ns a call the other day. Bro. New
bury is in the agricultural implement busi
nes. and in that business he has no supe
rior on tlie Pacific coast.
P.vssrcn Awav. On Thursday morning old
father Houston, one of the old pioneers of Linn
count;-, died at his residence three miles east
of this city, after a few days illness, nircd 83
years, six months and seventeen days. The
funeral takes place at one o'eloclc P. M. to-day
from his residence to the family burying place;
PI5RHSCTJ.Y Sti.;2$JttD- Our folkB are undor .
a thousand obligations to Mrs. J. V. BackenmoV
for one of the loveliest boqnets we have ever -
seen, presented on Tuesday. Mrs. B. takes
great delight in her flower garden, one of the'
largest in the State.! - : .
'"Hurt. Bessie j Cniuor, one day last
week, in some way fell over or on to a
chair in such a manner as to injure her
spine severely, from the enects of which
she has been
confined to her bed ever '
Fences and the sides of houses are gor
geous with "pictures" of lions and ele
phants and tigers and hyenas, etc.. repre
sentations of the flesh and blood fellows
belonging to Queen's circus, advertised to
be here in a few days.
Educational. The Albany Collegiate
Institute opened on last Monday with a
good attendance and the most flattering
For a splendid, large, red-cored water
melon, on Tuesday, we are indebted to
E. M. Wadsworth, of Benton county.
Many thanks.
- .
Mr. Ellison and wife, who recently I
moved from this city to California to live.
arrived hack Tuesdav. Oregon suits tlujm
better than it did.
Prof. Campbell, of Monmouth College,
lectured at the Court House on Tuesday
evening, to a fair audience. He Is on fji
lecturing four lor the benefit of his Col
lege, and will go as far south as Douglas
county. !
Aiis. Marshall's contract for feeding the
animals wit n Queen's circus, calls lor 3.000
pounds of hav and 60 bushels ot oats. In
addition to tiiisj the ring horees, 27 hi
number, are fed at Ans' stable.
,' Mrs. Allison litis received information
that her mother, sister-in-law and lour
children, living near Eugene City, are ill
with what is supposed to be famallpox in at
light lorm. "
John Althouse and Dave Froman return
ed on Tuesday, after a successful hunt of
two or three weeks iu the mountains.
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of
an order of the County Court within and
for the county of Linn, .State of Oregon, duty
made and entered of record in said Court on
the 8th day of August, 1876, in the matter of
the esiate of William B. Gilson, deceased, 2,
William Clytner. remaininirexecutor of the last
will and tent union t of the said William B. Gil
son, deceased, will, on
Sutturilny Keptember S3d. 1M76,
At the Court House door, in thecitv of A loan v.
In said Linn county, lietween the hours of"9
o'clock in the forenoon and t o'clock in the
afternoon, to-wit, at the hour of 1 o'clock in the
afternoon of said day, offer for sale at public
auction the following descrilwrt real esiate tie
longing to the estate of said Wlllium B. (iilson,
deceased, to wit : The east third of the 6outh
half of the donation land claim of Thomns 8.
Summers and Kliza Summers; known n Noti
fication No. 2,304 and claim No. AR. in Township
13 south of Rnnge 1 west, and claim No. 70, in
TuwnsipSo. 12 south of Range 2 west of tho
Willamette Meridian and lying in the county
of Linn. State of Oregon, and hounded as fol
lows: Beginning at a point oh tho east line of
sata claim mtv-turee ciiains and tuiny-i nreo
links south of the north-east corner of said
claim and running thence west twenty chains,
thertc6 sOuth thirty-eight chains nnd eighty
five links, thence east twenty chains, thence
north thirty-eight chains and eight y-flve links
to Tlie place Of beginning, and containing
76 65-1(10 acres less 7 4A-10H acres in town lots
heretofore sold leaving 69 20-100 acres more or
Terms ; Said real estate will bo sold for gold
coin of the United Mates, one-half to be paid
clown on tbe day of sale and the remainder in
six months, with interest thereon at tbe rate
of lOpttr cent, per anhnmy payment 10 be se
cured by mortgage on' the premises . ,
Remaining Execntor of last, will and
testament of W. B. Gilson, deceased.
E. N". Takuy, Atfy for Ex'r. Iaugllni6v8.
Special Notice.
: Tlie above property entirely snrrrtunds the
noted frA M'I?IU at fcodnville, celebrat
ed for the curative properties of its waters.
Bruised. On Tuesday evening, after
A. N. Arnold had come in with the ex
press from the depot, he, as usual, drove
around to the stable and unhitched hfi
team. Opening the barn door and letting
the ponies enter, he started for the wagon,
when some one went for him, knocking
him down and jumping on him. Arnold
was taken unawares, but nevertheless he
made fight, "turned'his man.drew his'knife
and dug a hole iu his fa-e. His assailant
didn't appreciate the knife business, and
drew out and away from there . in such a
hurry thtit Mr. A. is not certain that he
knows who the man was, but he is certain
the man failed in his design, which was to
rob him. There are plenty of thieves and
vagabonds around, and citizens who are
out late should go prepared for them.
Waitsburg, W. T.-We have received
a letter from Mr. W. W. Parrish, who, to
gether with his family, left this city some
weeks ago for the Walla. Walla country
The letter is dated at Waitsbu'rg. W. T.,
August 30th, at which place they had ar
rived four days previously. Bill complains
of having had a nice, comfortable trip
across the hills, traveling slow and resting
rtierever, whenever and as long as they
pleased. Mr.-W. says the land seems, to
be rich even on top of the highest hills in
a'iid around" Waitsburg" ;. the country is
much more rolling than he expected to See,
and the health is perfectly splendid. The
cost ot living is about, half what ft is in
the Willamette valley. The corn crop is
almost equal to that of Illinois, ami the
yield or trait of all kinds promises to be
immense.'' WaTtsbnrg is a neat . little vil
lage of about two hundred inhabitants.aud
contains a flouring mill, planing mill,-three
dry goods stores, stove and tinware store,
drug store, two blacksmith shops, one re
pairing shop;" one harness and one boot
and shoe' Shop, one church (Methodist), one
good, comfortable school house, hotel,- liv
ery stable and a saloon the last named
receiving a very thin support.-
Gorge Alexander, the man who was ar
rested at Boston Mills for supposed partici
pation in the burglary at Independence,
has returned to his home, haVingbeen dis
chatged. There appears to have been not
a particle of evidence against him.
Threshing has been going decidedly slow
this week, owing to tho damp, cloudy
Wheat hauling has been pretty lively
since the damp weather set in.
A horse on which Mr. John Barton
was - riding at a rapid pace, a few days
since, stumbled and fell. John was not
quick enough to keep on top, and wa con
sequently severely bruised. He is, how
ever, able to be about, and will probably
be well as usual again soon.
Some young gentlemen were exercising
their musical gifts by moonlight at a late
hour the other night. The population ot
our town is so dense, and the nnmber of
belles and notabilities t?o great, that we are
unable to learn tor whose special benefit it
was designed. Our whole population en
joyed it, and in their name we return
thanks for the pleasure afforded.
One of the roost eligible building lots iu
-the eity-has been offered as a free gift to
Linn Engine Company, provided a brick
be erected upon it by the Company.
The Grain Crop Being belovv the av
erage botfi' in quantity and prie makes the
exercise of rigid economy a necessity to
those who' would tuake both ends meet.
One of the most effectual means of doing
this, is to buy your goods at the one-price,
low-price, ready-pay store ot Wheeler, in
Shedd. New and complete fall amf whiter
stotk scon
Awful Tragedy. A young man named
Wm. H. Smith, a resident ot Jefferson,
was ki. led about 10 o'clock of Wednesday
forenoon, by a falling tree. On the day in
question, deceased,' with another young
man, was cutting timber within ljtniles of
Jefferson, A large tree had been cut down,
anil after falling it rebounded, striking de
ceased on the side of the head, mashing
him to the earth and holding him in that
position until parties from some distance
could get to the spot. It has been only
about two weeks since the body of de
ceased's father, Absalom Smith,- who was
drowned in the Santiam last Spring, was
recovered and buried.
Mr. Settlemeir's huge barn, 80x100, is
rapidly approaching completion. It will
be one of the land-marks on Albany Prairie.
Blaiu. Sox & Co., at Mammoth Ware
house, having the facilities and being
obliging geiitletneiij are securing a good
Mr. George Patterson -and Mrs. Grubb
were united in man-iase by Rev. II. W.
Stratton on last Saturday evening.
Clyde Pennington, of Umatilla countyi
is at present visiting relatives and friends
I hereabouts. ..... .. .
Tyler & Tate always have a' good supply
Of fresh vegetables, fruits,- groceries, etc.,-
on lan at trteir place on r irsi street.
Onito A number of Odd Fellows went tW
Jefferson yesterday, to attend the funeral
ot the late Jabez Terhune.
Charley Perkins. Ot Portland, formerly
mine host of the St. Charles of tliat city,-
smiled on us Weduesday.
Rev. J. F. DeVore, pastor of the M. E.
Church, arrived on Monday evening, and
takes immediate charge.
Ike Conn and wife, of Grass Ridge, were
in the city Tuesday.- All healthy and hap
py in that bailiwick.
Don't forget the meeting Saturday night:
at the Opera House, to organize a Hayes"
and Wheeler club.
Officers Elect. Following are the
officers of Linn Engine Company fo'r the
next year : Dr. G. W; Gray, President f
Jay Blain, Recording Secretary ; Judge
Sloutanyc,- Financial Secretary; Samuel
Miller. Treasurer; Billy Miller, Foreman;
Geo. Burkhart. and Jas. Foster, Jr., First
and Second Assistants. Just about as good
a set ot officers as Is.
Chas. Keifer returned Tuesday after a
long visit to the Centennial and the Eastern
'Judge Montague was In the city one' or
two davs lasl week,' making arrangements
for a big law suit.
The Georgians toot their horns to-night
said to be the way-uppest minstrel troupe
that ever visited Oregon.
Ans. Marshall now keeps mi organ at
his livery stable, so that his horses may be
thoroughly educated in music.
New Ads. See the several new ads. in
this issue, and if they concern you, give
them proper attention.
Will B. Rice is acting Supt. Telegraph
and Train Dispatcher, with headquarters
at Portland.
Mart. Angel has gone to the Sound to
sight see.
Daily Baxskk-19 the title of a little three
column daily issued at Roseburg. . Bully for .
Roseburg and her daily.
L. E. Blain and wife are expected home
sometime in November. They are' mak
ing a good stay.
Crill, Burkhart Is very III indeed, we are sorry
to say. Two or more of his children are also
very slck. ,
Loui Miller has built an addition to' his
dwelling on Fourtlf street, and now has one
of the most elegant residences in the city.
The new school house in the western di
vision of the city will be completed within
two weeks.
Rev. Mr. Van Dersal left us lot his ne
field of labor yesterday.
Very III. Mrs. Tyler is very lAw with biK
ious fever, with slight hopes bf recovery.
Mrs. Harrlsand little Clyde are both reported
improving, after their Severe illness.
Billy Parker returned home oh Tuesday
after several months spent; in California. '
W. R. Graham makes mosd elegant fit
ting clothing, at his shop on First street.
Af Home. Dr. G. W. Gray has re
turned from his Centennial trip, and can
now be found at Ins office, ilv- the Parristi
brick, up stairs, by all who desire dental
work of any kind. . 18v7.
On Satin-day last we had tne pleasure of
meeting Mr. WVS. Reeder, Superiuteinl
ent of Kingsla'nd, Ferguson & Co.'s large
farming implement manufactory, St. Louis.
He is out here looking after the interests of
the "Invincible Thresher," one of the
many implements manufactured by his em
ployers. On farms along the Canal between ' this
city and Lebanon, the wheat crop averages
about with last year. In the' portion ,
of the comity opposite Corvallis. the crop
ts as good as usual. In other portions tbe
crop falls off from one-fourth to ohe-half.
So we gal -
Riley Kirk, Esq., of Brownsville, was
in tho city the first of the week. Mr,
Hume, late partner -of Mr. Kirk, expects
to leave Brownsville, his home for so many
years, for California in a few days.
Albany Collegiate Institute opened last
Monday, with a good attendance.
Qiir milk mtfit now delivers milk in the
afternoon, as well as the foreuoon.
Born August 29th, fo the wife of Wes
ley Baltimore, a son.
Twelve marriage licenses were issued
from the CWk's office last nionth.
A. Scftlemetr informs us" that his wheat
turns out about twenty bushels to the acre.
The rain in the fore part of the week
"set up'? harvesting for a time.
Chas. Bohrgardes is selling watches anil'
jewelry low.
Bill Hand, of The Dalles Mountaineer,-
goes East t6 get married, .
A good deal of sickness throughout the
county 13 reportea.
Stroud is again on the Albany Express.
CiKCTS On Tuesday, September 13tb,
Ex-Sh'crlff Rice's son is reported improving"'
after a rather severe attack of dlptheria.
How to Vanquish tle Stouiaeb's Tor-
; mentor. . j..
If the Enemy of mankind was permitted
to exert his diabolical Ingenuity In the inJ
vention of a new disSa'se, he could scarcely'
devise one more worthy of his genius than
dyspepsia. The dyspeptic sufferer is" tor
mented by symptoms resembling those of
almost every known malady,-and Ts often
worried into monomania by tlies? conflict
ing manifestations! A favorite though abJ
surd hallucination of the victim of Chronlo
indigestion Is that he or she has heart dis-
ease. Dyspepsia has often been pronounced
iiicnrabie. but experience has shown that
Hosteller's Stomach Bitters will Vanquish
it. together with the constipation and bil
ious derangement which usually aecom-
pany it. Disease of the kidneys and sup
posed rheumatic pains are also frequent con
comitants of dyspepsia, but they, too, suc
cumb to tho above named invaluable cor
rective. sept.
i '
tVlstar'a Balsam of Wild Cherry.
Ttie irreat remndv for Consumntioo.
This well-knowu remedy is offered to the
public, sanctioned by the experience oi
over forty years ; nnd when resorted to In
season, seldom fails to effect a speedy enro
ol .coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis, influen
za, whooping cough, hoarseness, pa,MS or
soreness" In thecliestorslde, bleeding at the
lungs, liver complaint-, etc. Beware OF
counterfelte ! Remember that the genuin
,Wistar's Balsam of Wild unerry mt
the outside wrapper the signature or 'l.
Bults," and the printed name of the pro
prietors, "Seth W. Fowlk A SsONS, Bos
ton." - All oUier3 are base imitations. Ex
amine the wrapper careiuuy oeio pur
chasing. 1