The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, April 14, 1876, Image 1

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ALBANY, QKEtfdS, APRIL il4, 1870r
NOV 30.
' . V. ,.-' S
1- VUoHj1o and RtU tHXUOC it ? :)
First street, Alaany, OreoM-
St. Charles 'Hotel,
C.rutr WMblBftOB and First Kta.,
Matthews & Morrison,
TTo- newly -furaislKiil Hirousrtaoiit. The
beal the market afford always on the table.
Free Cimrb to and from the House.
- Deulers in .i i
n "3Z", G- OODOS.
t'lot-iiugr , Boots mid Shoes, lints, Uroee
rle, Fiuiejr tiooda, -Kottenn, KlMt;aiis.
- nrt Pistols, Knlls, Hope,' XIrrors, 1
Wallpaper, Wood and Willow
Ware, Trunks and "Valises,
Jorket Cattery , A. c. Are.,-; --
Sotii very low eit tier for cah,'or to prompt pay
ia customers on time. v7
Hatting: and 'MOTlng ISuUding-
Purrominnjl country l Imt. Having tiitppiiea oui-h-Ivkh
-itl the luHTssiry tiiachniery for mi
jiis an-l removing bniltlins. we are ready at all
limes to receive order tor such work, wliieli
we will do til short or ler at lowest nil es. We
t guarantee entire satislkclion in all work under
tiiken by u.-.
Orders left at the Rbgistku ofllec promptly
attentedto. Apply to. ' " . "
AllKl, li.Ml,.U.t. KUI.
Or., April 23. US73.
JL' th
thei- notice, freijjht from
" : WIU. BE
0 i E DOLLAR -PEll T0X
' m '.f m 1 e
All down freisrlit w ill Us delivered at X01iT-LA-V
Free of Dravage and Vliurragc,
At Reduced Rates.
Boats will leave AI.BAXT for COKVAI.LIS
Tor f urt her pa rt iculars, apply t o
Albany, Sov. 9X, 1i i AealS
il stock of
Holectod with care, and boht for cola at
Scandalously fcoTiri IFlgurcs
and as wc bought low we can and will sell them
at prices that will
Astonish Everybody-
Come aud see our selections of
lresa Joor
Simm W 6 UassacM
Brllllaatea, - X .
ftwtrHHii Hnwisfe,
Ribbons, Collars,- Collarettea,
Lacet, &c, &e., ,
'for the hKllea, and ou r complete lines of
Readycnade Clothing
r fottooades, ...
Moots, -j-CTaps,
lata. ' .:.. -
of aU deaetnptlons for tnea-nnd hoys.' AlsoJ full
asBonuieBu ui
The l9t goods, at the lowest rates every time.
, j f
Furniture Warerooms.
- IV.A anflMI ttrmSt. Of CI.
V: l iL tat flrtt' jfc Collar! In
Sea hlVi fa pa- and rmp tUy ask a
Sintinuanoe of the Saw... f
nltnre kept on hand aud Muf"" g "lor
at lowesR-ra-ies. . ?,.'.-;-w-"
I . fi,itu rijnivk -t nitk-j.HKof AUmii- inrt
him for the past seven year, sod" hopes for tho
future a conuisato oi titei tanom.' ur
Mvommnuitvtoo of tmnsteiit eustotneW, ana
in i,h nnnur tn.rt.or tonrn. he lianwen.
.i nvr linl.hnn nxit rtoor to Tavlor Bros.
SHlonn. whe.r s tsood workman wlU always bo
li atterulam-e to w:iU UJW'J pHtron. K)li WXBBEIU-
.'".'-" WE COME AS
If yoti or I !
Tod:ty should die,
'flie birds would sing as sweet to-morrow ;
The vernal spring
Her flowers Would bring,
And few Would think of us with sorrow.
ajm jie iSjead,"'
. " Wotild then be swM; -t ' -
The coru would floss, tlie giasd yield liny,
-tx i. i The stttie lovr, !
" And summer go, i
And few would heed us pass away.
How soon we pass? :
How few, alas ! j
Remcuiber those who turn to mold !
Wliose faces fade j
., . With autumn' sbade.
JV- " " .VrCarAcdld t -
' Yef, it U so, .
We eome and go
They hail our birth, they mourn us dead ;
. A day or more,
Tlie winter o'er,
Another takes our place instead.
Tne Diffieulty la RUyminK.
We parted by the gate in June,
That soft and balmy mouth,
Beneath the sweetly beaming moon.
And with a wunth hunth suatli
Can't find a rhyme for nsonth.
Years were to pass ere we sltould meet,
A wide and yawning gulf
Divides me from my love so sweet, -And
sadly with an ult sulf tlult
I plunge these in tlie gulf.
All ! bow I dreaded in nty soul
To leave my lovely nympK
While years should their long seasons roll
Before my hymp dympli ytnph
Alas! my loving nymph.
Ob! I had loved her many years ;
I loved her for herself,
I loved her tor her tender tears
And also for her shelf dclt spelf
Mut let it go at pelf.
I sorrowfully wrung Iter hand,
While tears did fast escape ;
My angHish I con'.d not command,
LVnd feeling like a tape eape ape
Ah! must I make it ape ?
I gave her a last fond adieu,
Sweet pupil of Jove's school ;
I told her I would e'er be true.
Ami ever be a rule mule fool
Iest wind up on the fool.
Dana lias been rejected,
vote, 17 tor to 3G against.
AY. C. GriswoUl, ot Marion
pays $834, taxes on property
in that
An old negro in Clark township,
Lincoln county, Mo , lias two fox hounds
that have, tip ti the present time this
winter, caught 17 foxes and 18 coons.
The tobacco crop in Cuba is caid to
be a failure this year, but the news is
not necessarily alarming to smokers ot
Iteiua Victorias Lancaster county,
Pennsylvania, promises the usual crop.
Joseph Mishon ot Williamsport was
102 years old on the 8th ult. lie is not
going to the Centennial on loot, out
proposes to take a l ilt man palace car
if his neighbors will subscribe the funds.
Urial Finn, wlioever be may be, pre
dicts tlie wor d's destruction this year,
it a recent ; number ot the New York
Herald. There will be no postpone
ment on account of the Centennial Ex
hibition. Tlie Chicago Times ""suggests that
among the products ot a hundred years
ot self-government, there should be ex
hibited at the Centennial circus in Phila
delphia at least a dozen or two eminent
public plunderers. -1 " ' '
The Pekiu Gazette is the oldest news
paper in tlie world, being over a thou
sand years old. It is a 10-page paper,
with a yellow cover ; lias no stories no
"ads,' i)o marriage or death notices, no
editorials, no subsciibers. It simply
contains the official notices ot tlie Gov
ernment. I
The CoUleii Club,' bt Xoiidonf have
established at HmbridgeOt&iversity
an annual prize, of $1)0, called the
Cobden prize, to be a warded rf to some
member of the. uuiverwty of .not more
thau three years standing from tlie first
degree whtf ; sliallntth9 bestT'esfay
on some subject connected with political
economy. jmiwi.1 ,.n a .
I,ove and Wealth. Edward Traf-
ferd is a wealthy young Englishman
who tor the past three years has; kept
Denver in gossip. He bought a ranche
np iu the mountains and furnished the
house with richs npholstery,' expensive
paintings and an $800 piano; and when
thViSovelty pi the thinjr had worn off,
abandoned it to lus etock-tenderk. .Then
heltarted a variety loWind lost6me
nioneytbere- b-? then feH in, loyewitfi
Emma Dmiunig, ter
gave the troupe a:tgranu : larewelf bari
quct and tollowed the LiHgarda to San
PraDcifco; and just as they were about
to sail for Australia, married Miss Uutt
ning aud:took her back to Denver.
A Xcvr HaVerr "dispatch Ms it' that
Uabcock offered to secure tho contract
for a proposed iron bridge across the
Potomac several years ago , for a citi
zen of that city, in consideration that
$200,000, paid down. 'The government
appropriated $1,000,000 for the purpose
but the whole thing - afterwards fell
through. s , -' '
Wadq I lamp ton BqltpuofTeu.ucssce,
died, recently, and. his will contained
the following provision : M.give and
bequeath to the widow and children of.
General Thomas Jonathan Jacksori,
known as Stonewall Jackson, who fell
at the buttle ot Cliancellorsville, Va
gina,' 10,000, as ItiVtnry tells jnJns
widow's furniture was sold after his
death for debt." - ? r
Pittsburgh has developed a ring of
no mean pretentious for so rmall a city.
Water works there, which were estimat
ed to cost 82,294,478, have already
absorbed nearly five millions, and two
millions more are demanded. It is a
remarkable fact, too, that all the large
cities are plundered outrageously ; by
rings under the pretence ot erecting water
An Incident of the War.
On the 12th day of Juno, ,1SG3, 1
witnessed a duel between a Capt. Jones,
commanding a federal scout, and Capt.
Fry, commanding a rebel scout, in
Green county, East Tennessee. These
two men had been fighting each other
for six months, with the fortunes ot
battle in favor of one aud then the other.
Their commands were camped on either
side ot Lick Creek, a lare and sluggish
stream, too deep to tord and too shal
low for a ferry boat ; but there a bridge
spanned the stream for tlieTcoriveiiieuce
of the traveling public. Each ot them
guarded this bridge, that communica
tion should go neither north or south,
as the railroad track had been broken
up mouths before. After fighting each
other for several months, and contesting
the point as tq which should hojd the
bridge, theysi.reed to fight a duel, the
conqueror to hold flic bridge undisputed
for the time being. Jones gave the
challenge, and Fry accepted The terms
were that they should ngnt Willi navy
pistols at twenty yards apart, deliber-
ately walking towards each oilier, and
firing until the last chamber of their
pistols was din-barged, un'ess one or
the otlier toll liefore all the discharges
were made. They chore their- seeonds.
and agreed upon a rebel surgeon (a-? be
was the only one in eillier commandl
to attend them in case of danger.
.Tones was certainly a fine-looking
fellow, with light liair and blue eyes,
five feet ten fjnclies iii.lieiglit, looking
every inch the military chieftain. He
was a man that soldiers won d admire
and ladies regarded - with Admiration.
never saw a man more cool, determin
ed and heroic under such circumstances.
ha ve a ead bf I the? deodsj "pC tbrValry
aud knighterrantry in the middle ages,
and of brave men emba'med in modem
Hcy : but, when f saw this man Jones
come to the duclud.'scratch, fighting,
not tor real or supposed wrongs to him
self, but, as he honestly thought, -tor
us country and tf ie glory ot the- tfagj I
could n6t ' help admiring the main, not
withstanding be fought tor the freedom
of theiegrowhfok. I WM opposed to
slender, with long, wavv, em-ling hair,
iet black eyes, wearing a slouch bat and
gray suit, and looking rather the demon
than, the man, & There, was nothit.g fero
cious about Dim ; out ite iiaa max tseir-
sufficient nonchalance that said. "I will
kill you." Without a doubt be was
brave, cool and collected, and. although
suffering trom a terrible flesh wound in
bis left arm, received a week before, ne
manifested no symptoms ot distress, but
seemed ready for the fight, i,
The ground was stepped off by tho
seconds, pistols loaded and exchanged,
and the principals brought face to face.
I shall never forget that meeting, Jones,
in bis military, ' boyish mood, as they
shook hands, remarked that -
A soldier braves death for a fanciful wreatbj
When in glory's romantic career; ; '!, ;;
Fry caught np the rest of ."the sen
tence, and ended by saying-- -.sV, "'"
Yet lie bends o'er the foe when in battle laid
. low, .) K-'.c.v.-ii- ! r.,i .'.:.
And bathes every wound wijh a tear:'":
.They turned around and walked back
to the point da igsatetl. Joned' second
had the word (' fire," a,ud as he slowly
said, Oue two three fire 1" they
simultaueously turned at -the - rOueJ
and instantly fired. . Neither was hurt,
They cocked their pistols, and deliber
ately walked towardseacb other, firing
as thev went.. ' At the fifth shot Jones
threw ub his right Land and, tiring his
oistot iu; the airsaiik dowu." 'Fry was1
iif the act ot firing b last ''sliot ; butfj
seeing Jones fall, wlently lowered ? hi
pistol, .dropped , it to ,tlie groundiM
s&rang to Jones side, taking lus -neats
iii his lap. as be eat down, aiid asked'
him it be was hurt,- I discovered that
Jones was shot through the regioii-ol
stomach, vhe bullet glaucing around that
organ, and comiDg out at the left ot the
tpinal cotnrnh'V besldeshe had received
three other" frightful' flesh' wounds in
other portions -of Ilia body. I dre&cd
his wwnids, and gave hifn such stimu
lants as I had . lie afterward got well.
; Fry : received thre" wOunds--one
breaking his left rirt,THeiW the -lett
and the otlier in tW righfc aide, r After
montlis of suiierinshe got well. . Neither .
of them asked fyrftt d jeslrgQ, but botl
resumed tbeir commaji4s.;i,wheu ,they
got well, aud fought tlie war put to, the.
bitter end, ard, to-day? fre partners, in
a wholesale grocery business down south,
' doing a good-' tms!nesa;.',anS ' 6ring
the sentiment ot Byron,nhat fA' soldier
braves death," etc. etc. IT-.
Trusting that the above- truthful .war.
rativeh will be a tesson t aorae people
north atui smith 1 that MsYed oh the 6ut
side ; and yelTedadre
'rtiHliot.'iaOsfiejl wilhTJ r&M
war, ; let me ; subscribe .myself, a reoon-
structed confederate surgeo. 'Vntettj-
"Vit ,:
Nnpolmi IV.
A special correspondent ot the Figaro ,
who lately made a visit to Cliiselhurst,
gives the following details concerning
the Prince Imperial : , . s
Tlie Prince is of average height and
well looking; his teeth are( extremely
fine, aud his mouth like tliat ot the; Eni
presss, while the remainder of his face
resembles his father's. On the npper
lip a small brown mustache is beggin
oing to make its appearance! , His voice
is full, sonorous, aud well fitted to com
mand. To sum up,- the 1-ince has all
the grace of bis age j he Is gay, imagin
ative, and French. , .Showing me a
small piece of furniture iu which ail his
school exercises were placed,- be said :
"I preserve and regard then with plea
sure ; do you know why ? ' Because I
am enchanted at not having to do them
agaio." His daily labor is something
extrtordinary for one of bis ago. liais
ing at daybreak; he sets apart all the
morning fur study.: His. professors are
English, residing in "London lie is
now ot age to be admitted to -Oxford,
but is was jireferred that he should study
at Chiselliurst the higher branches of
education. After lunch the prince rides
out; he has three saddle liorses, and
among them Hems, the well known
sorrel ijf the Emperor. Sometimes, in
tine weather, lie walks out With' the
Empress. Two or three times a-week
lie goes to London to take ...lessons ; in
fencing, which is his greatest amuse
ment ; he also practices at home with
Count Bassano. Without being attach
ed to the British army, be occasionally
takes part iu tlie drill of a batlcry: of
artillery to which some ot bis Woolwich
comrades belong ; it is a fete for them
when he goes to Aldershot. . . If I stated
that the Prince said nothing about
l-'rance no one would believe me. But
as my instructions are. not :to. occupy
myself with politics, I am restrained
from giving an account ot our conversa-'
lion, which lasted nearly thirty-five
minutes; I can only' say that 'when I
left the Prince I was absolutely charm
ed. , . r ....,. ; , ... ... . ;
The Lawtkb's TiLVDfi. A day or
two ago, when s young man entered a
Detroit lawyer's office toVtudy law, the
practitioner sat dowu beside' him and
i ........ ..i ....
said :
"Now, see here; l ba-vo'!!? t'me to
fool away, and 'if. your don'; pan out
well 1 won t keep you here, thirty days.
Do you want to make a good lawyer.?''.
1 es, sir.'
?' Well. now, listen. lie polite to bid
people, because tliey - haret cashi --'Be
good to tlie bovs.s because tliev are
growing up to a eash basis. - Work in
wit h reporters and ; get rpufrs," Go, ' to
church tor the sake of example. IJoirt
tool any time away on poetry, aud dou't
even took at a gm wad you can plead
a case.' If you cau follow these iustrtif
tions you will sueceedr"It you cannot,
go and learh to be ''dbotoriatid kill
your best ftieiids.1' V ,011 n-itl. .'
v, . 'I-: t
The Mercury says Jlessrs. Parrisb
Js -Miller, olatfort
ly engaged, iu, tbecultivatioil ;., ot flax
and preparing, thedint.tor, market., are
in cominuuicauon WUU iUf., Henry .U.
Crane, of New fYork Stte, with? the
view of inducing him to come to this
State and engage in J manufactriring tlie
flax, raised, by them auc . others," JMr.
Crane is reported to be an experienced
spinner and weaver, and has the neces
sary machinery and means with 1 which
to carry on a manufactimng .business.
v e now have the gratifying intelbgeuce
that Mr Cian will soou be in tUte
with machinery, and will'cnnraence
operations scimetirne during the early
part ot the preficnt. season.
j Jlcria is a KiWfinpderaJiaUtora,,
Sheridan and liis sotf tvere supping one
to;- getr-HalxrPailiaroeritA
father," said he
'that manv men who
are cailetl great patriots in the House of
commons are great uumougs. J. or uiy
own part, if I get into . .Parliament, J
will pledge . myself to no 'barty,' ' but
write upon my forehead inf legible char
acters. "To Let.'' "And" underthat
JFom," said hisfathe'r; "wrild'u&fiiriiish
eu. - - ,IW1M8 Jiws - .K:t.,.;
- . rr. ' j i.
s Tbere Will bo no tickets at the Cen-
LfenniaLij -The 'price xif adtaissioir ''Will
be 50 cents, and every visitor will hav
to prt v ide himself With a SO1 ccotpi6e;
fas aH-'tMii:':'io'o1rnt''iiot
be received, t. ut this out aud suck it
in your hat and dou't ask us again.-
l A - , ' , ' 1 t I ,' .1 $A ''- :
. flVNEI) GRAHAM., . .
-;. I c h T 'j. t ,-. ".!
M Sil verwmg - was Uhe -Watne bf a
criantry, inn. where I frequetitly stopped
nearly-halt ; century ago-,-t when ? csn-
Lnected with a snfveyiig party, establish
ing certain dJvwiBg jluies on -tlie eeUJn
known as tbQj'Jhrejrids.?
It was one I -
; jlt, svioiosiaooe ausctiv w.trout ot rise.
oi tnese piaces wuere travelers iiKea,io j
tarry; for host-Hras'a geriiarsteird;trS
aood Jitder, Md ittryMart
feci coiutjbrtable who fountLvit fomres-
.dy4onetliiiigtwa tlneretomar tjie
perfect quiet of . the. place. ; now and
tlien'tobberjllad 1 been' coftjinitted
there by some experfbftrgfer, and with
all the effortsnrt tonh : tpd$tect Uie
thief 6r UifeVCs. fib aae'riauV beenob.
;yFpj!ld'3t SiltJB-rtl
any -uirectioii. t kf, 'was vgeuerauy 'supj
posedr iowever,,that some -member. ,pr.
meinucrs oi a regmariy organizext oanu
of thieves, known to exist in that part'
bf the country at.ilie" fime,"oTTwhichsI
write, carried on tlie 'work. jif'every
instance the: robber bad "goff away 'with under, leaving do distinct trace of
how he came i or, .how he went. )VTlie
landlord had a stamling reward posted
up in the bar-room lied other places, of
five hundred dollars, for tho apprehen
sion of the gniltyparty." - -
I, perhaps,' felt a greater, interest in
the affair than any ptl ef outsider ; ' not
from any danger of ! losing any' great
amount ot money, for it was, antbrtu
nately, not in my posscssion,but because
I had formed a warm attachment tor
the beautiful daughter of the proprietor
of theSilverwing. " I had Indeed be
conio inf atnatcd with Eleanor, and tiad
the blessed satisfaction of knowing from
her own sweet lips that my love-was
not bestowed iu vain. - -
For m6rs than a '"year I ftad- been a
freque,nt gnest at her.iather's housend
each occasion had beep jOiie ,-of exceed
ing liappiness. The parents of ny ideal
knew that' our foncy for each other had
ripened into a strong aftectionyand they
most heartily encouraged the proposed
union... 1 t f t.j :-f vJ:"'snivU .
! Elcanori itimes t Wore a7 troubled
look; often in the midst of a spirited
conversalio'n would lapse into silence or
burst into tears, and especially was this
the case when reference "was made to
the disrepute her tatlicr's : house was
likely to fall into it the crimes-perpetrated
iu it were much, longer, continued.
Her emotion showed a sensitive nature,
and a filial affection which strengthened
I my admiration, and led "hie to vow oyer
and over again with solemn oath, "that
1 would not rest until tlie rogues -: had
been detected and punished. . ; ,
My first investigations developed the
fact that room 13 of the chamber was
the one in which the greater number of
robberies bad taken place; but this was
accounted tor from the fact that it was
the best room in the house, and tlie one
sually occupied by parties ot consider
able means. ' - ' ' '
The second development was, that as
the doors and windows' Were amply sup
plied with looks, bolts and ban, there
must be a confederate connected with the
house, tor these appeared to iu no way
interfere with the silent and successful
workings of the thieves.
: , Aly suspicions lmutally fell tipori the
hostler,: who was a hrewd fellow, faxilt-
less in deportment, but mari jvho kept!
Ins own counsel. , , . , . .. .. . . r
lhe more I thought of jit lhe more
certain .1. became .that I had a clue.
These" tisiicibn8cre cbiiveyed 'W'El-
eanor and fier father, who were - some
what surprised at first, but finally ad
rhitted that . they- wer- aiot, - perhaps,
giouudlcss,, and both promieod. their
full co-operation , in working up a plan
iof briiid the'crifmiiai id the surface.
1 1 hail ouly got my net-work well ar
ranged, as I supposed, for capturing the
thief, when 1 was called away U attend
to other and important business, which
might letain tee for'a -1iBWrtBSwT,1h--tbnned
ray host and Eleanor of mysUl
16 leave, and after getting a fiilL assur
ance that they .would play t the part' "pf
detect! vef'accoidmg to' the planar I bad
laid out, 1 took an affectionate lea- of
my amaiKX-d, promising to return at the
ea'f-s P .l aJ j i-
i naa not uceu away irom tne pi.ver-
wiug more than a week, when my mat
ters -took such shape as to allow me' to
return. 1 was glad it was io,iiol-s6iy
lieart felt strangely sad away .from , the
one who had. awakened . its, first emor
turns of lovetand I made haste, to re-
trae "mV 1 steus.'1 ' Mv mind' had been
good deal occupied , with . the robbery
" . J . , AT. It .'.'-- i. . , ,) ' " .
matter, aud X invented a new device for
detection which led to ie', tnrayeling
ot ttie.wnoie anairi .f " -,
I changed my .clothing entirely-dark
ening tn v face: put 'on a lieayy ratriol
DjacK, iaise wuiSKerSj.a'Hi asinuu. oi.
new, norsefc j;cacneu jsiivprwmg. soiuc
time:afterj'pild night, wbeuj IJcnew ill,
would be fir repese." ; I, iroiised the. hos
tler and told him,iu a changed., ypice,
that I wished thebest ooh in thebouse,
as I had aarabtf.ijiy1! as
into a hall, and knocVed at tna door of
toe ianqioraA,ano j-epeatea my worqs,
and rcivd the reply to do'tbe1 b6t ie
could fijrmey .I 'm f. coiiree, how
to rpoai lfu'M, desiredJThe bbstleV io
tormetf me that I wis.tee.oiiI.Ytiuestit
the inrt p& uEght Aiid -coulij sleep" jas
Jate' in ' the "moruiug as; I ghoseS'fir I
r t I weighed his i word? welJapd.tSought
ue nau a )urjxjiji in .teimig . pie nat, I
tnight sleep ' kundly, etc,', nc.uded
not to sleep at all, so bolting, thd jdbbr
-i.'j ...!...- .!. . i.
auu wiuuuw eecureiy, ana ma King
thorough examination ot the room,
'threw mycelf upon the couch without
undressing,: blew put t the candle, nl
awaited developments .... .. .,.
; A dim liht came in at the casement,
allowing me ' from ' my' positSon ' t6" see
both door and : window, ! and 1 kept a
close watoh of them.! k .ivu'it-'
S The famly loc had ftr'iujk three,
and J bad almost given up' receiving a
. .
Tt WM , - .
wasa msterr that made mejiaif
belie vfhst I wasdreaknlng. 1 1 had ex.
aniiried the c'oset closely and there
were nq false doors or panels iu back or
sides, yet I was certain the figure before
me 'was no mythlcil thiiig," grwqf put
Vkf f ,'.i,Mr:l f A,2ll, ; iT
pUtf vyrknew that iyas wide awake.
Not the slightest noise ltad, been
tuade by the coining f tlie' thief, an J A
Lr,caviiic Dtiiiiiicas1 .it;raiici. - i- ui t.ij
a minute, and. it may- have" been' man';
neither s of Mis. InoVed. Thr bngff tfe
window came sufficient , light to . show
pant was:s:eeping
Apparently 3 becoming .satisfied tlie
6hadowy,figurq cat-like mQved.torwM-d-The
situation was one of , nwre, .terjror.
tliau I had anticipated, and 'inv lieart'
pounded as if it would break-, trom my
breast. -j Perhaps: If . I moved, I would
the next instant feel a blade ot cold steel
in my flesh. To allow .bina -to escape
would undo all that T had done for, de
tection. I thought of my affianced and
resolr&d t6act.,-i--" a--oh ,:-''nvll .' '
: I had a small.' single barreled pistol,
and as tlie object came close to the bed,
1 quickly leveled the weapon and pulled
the trigger. It missed fire and the bur
glar made fcr tlie ctoect again. jfSpring
ing from the bed, I clutched tliet v,illaiu
by the throat. iTwice had I thrown my ,
adversary to tlie floor with all .of my
power, tefore 1 conld'get hohP of any
thing in the shape of a weapon. Luoku
ly, 1 stumbled against a chair;, -seizing
this, tlie contest was soon brought to a
close;"orie crashing blow laid the inter
loper senseless upon tne noor. - ' '
'J'he jioise brought the family: to my
door, and unbolting, the landlord - and
the hostler rushed in , Tie lights which
they bore revealed a sight tnore terrible
to me than the suspense of a few ' mo
ments before. .-Tiroio-$w -.:.-'r-rnif
A bleeding ayd. apparently, lifeless
form lay before us. The blow I ,had
given removed a cap which allowed a
protosioii ot beautiful, long, dark tres
soss -to flow ; out. u tlie fioor. ; One
glance at the bruised, and blood -stained
taee told the wuoie 6tory. for a mo
ment I stood paralyzed; the ' landlord
looked me full in the face' and spoke
my name. -1 only had" power to utter a
single word : I'.LtAXOit ! and staggered
from tlie room. f f ., 5 ...... ,.
An nour was stent in wandering 111
bewildered thortght. Hr.d I killed ray
own sole idol Y 1 dreaded to know; the
truth. FTlie sweet, blood-stained lace
haunted me at every turn, aud I was
glad wheii the daylight came to drive
the phantom' away. ' ' 0
I was met at the 6teps ot the inn by
the landlord, who informed me that his
daughter would like to see me. .
J "Then she is not dead ?".
"Slie is not seriously lnjdrcd were
the welcome words that fell ' upon TnV
ear, and. hastened to tlie room where
Eleanor was sitting jui an, anued chair,
wun a oanqage around ner tair brow
i u pow entering 1 was motioned to a
seat -close -beside her, and taking my
hand withiu her owa she fat 'silent for
a time.
. At last idie spoke, iu a clear collected
oice ' tellling me that all was over now,
and her happy dream or a loving and
sinless Uw ewdedi- The criines she had
committed had "not been bef ohmtarv
actions; her father lvad compeiled her to
do the deeds ; had prepared Jtrap doors
in tne noors 01 tne cioseis; naa provi
ded srie imale attire or her to wear.-She
had jonly , acted in obedien?e toa law
she had never -been alio wed to tliink
could be disooeyed, , She told me that
. a -,.... .;: -ft. J.i . ;ii -':. a L..- '
t naa Kept my vow 10 acieci. ana puu
ish the thiefi aiaaVshe would ask but oae
1 i-,"'i. - " -. -"!-: 1 .--.- sr'.t.
more pieuge mat ot rturecy, mm tuen
membemit -as a ' dream. Her fether
hoped, for my.mercy, audi only' psked a
tnal as a test ot , his pledge to , never
violate tlie latv1 again at the SilVerwihg.
The host Iriwtk- was- ai 'efttirely Irw
ucceut party . would: keep: the aecretaod
retain his positicii.--- -'.-- ... .. .
Tlio-qnestioB 6f justice came tip and
for a moxuent battled, witji jay-stricken
beart, Tand, dear, reader, you ,k.npw
which conquered. "I Vowed not to ever
divulge th seeroio long $ -itlier ot
the giiiliy pftieivedu!aiMiI kept it.
. X will not, attempt ,. to .describe my
tarting with Eleanor. It was bainfuilv
bitten the poor girl moaned as if tier
heart would break, ana I wepVaI h&d
neyep' done before. We neyer met
againul daied- nbfi VtSntUM visit t.
Ih9 Silverwma. ktiowirig too well that
I had left the light of mv. aoul , titer
ana 1 inew .ner 109 well, to ..encourage
the hope for f tooccieiit that she 'would
everrenew thft'trotbtelightf
for long vews-bevonti-the eold-river.
; i Iraafi oD&4d.;.bow 'but t!sereife
upon mj heart pi -hearts aEpptggreda
5tb vaU?y in. spring time, anirnprinjli
for -teterbity, V' fslnr -rigrav6d- there
whiobl part ot B&r 4Tstence. aiid that
I th rnyipisguidedJEfeEAKOit.
Wilsbn i:bne:'6u&iner gone, Douglas
goDe. ColWr goiie.Fp gon
gone, and Fessenden and the brave ana
5L..:' v.i;.. Aoa.rW for the
bluDderot BalVs Bluff.-
a pair ot eyes were bent upon, the
bed where I lay, as if to ascertain if its
occupant waSs.'eepiiic?. 1
! t, ( SPICY PERSOSAM. . , ,
Senator Bayard's favorite by-word i
"'od '" ,- ;.. ; ; , -
- ; Bill Sharon is a ljule scrum pled cuss,
and if h had red skiu flight be njistak-
en for a dried herring; . , ,
' I r- - - --j ' l-n i a v ,' - v.
. fenatof Antson's face is so full of
sunshine that when peonle meet him '
ob a rainy day they iilstinctiV6ly shut!
Hp their .umbrellas. ,;.f; j w tjjt
a Bob Toombs iisS not yet. been gatb-"'
eid to bis fathers.- IIe,: like Jeff Davis,-'
is doing his loveliest to toalb Blaine a'
tenant of the While' Hwisfe. - j
' linrnsida isUhe best dressed1 man in'
the Senate. 11 is haudaoibe and si
lejit as a fashion plate.: Sineular that
4hoould,,l?? MltCT,,VJ! f1'
Tne rnosU acidebu's inan m'ftii'&bate"
Is Edratsndi"! fe dpts lika tl last wilt
and testament ctf vniangcoereHS- tacle.'
When lie objects thee is no se goiiiap
. . r. .... i . -
aiy luiuier, s .,..,.., - V A
.t. Tib6 weakest. njan, ilk Jth Senate , is; ,
Davis,'of West Virpnia. He . sits iu
the same 'spot Jefft Davis did irf 1860-61,? :
has a lumpish fact, and hadteS ' gram-'
mtr with all the recklessness ot tin- - 4
loaded sliot guns."ti$ f ..-.. -1 ? t .: : -si
Sargent is the fastest, talker, in tlie : .
Senate. His average is fully two hun-",
dred wdrd a minute., Tlie elder Mur-'""
phy,'bfolhef,"and Sumner, the celebrated" '.' : '
San Eranoisco reporter, are the only two
stenographers that clainx..a dead saro
thibg 011 him.t ( . .... j ' , j , : ?. , -
This talk about the Senate not being -.
what it used to be is all nonsense. V
is said it is a Senate ot rich millionaires, ' 1
because Jones of Qoldf,IiiU'is, .ther,,',; l
and Sharon, and Ferry, and Burnside. ,
Welt, in 61 there were Biglcr. and La-
tham, and Chandler,' and Ten Eyck,'
aU wealthy for the -times., (." - -t ; .
as to who ,13 the homeliest mkn m
the Senate it's nip aud tuck between'.
McCreery, of Kentucky,, abd' . Chris-"
tiancy, of Michigan. Mac had every
thing his own way except Iris hair be
fore Cbristiaucy cable. . McCreery- and8
Proctor Jviiot arc . very . much alike " ;
f-loveiiiy and "witty. , ' .. t :
; Senator Br uceTs name in full is"
B'anche Koran Bruce. " His skin ain't.
so clear, out he has a hue set or
nerves. One evening at the theatre,''
accompanied by S white! lady'lie sat
near Mrs..Creighton and myself, lie-'-tween
the adl Mft. C", referring to tt.
colored uian's hat and face, hi ' the gab
lery said," "That: African's fece is -so'
b'ack and his hat so dark, that you'
can tell where one" begins and the
other leaves off." ' Bruce remaibed firtn'
to the last. -: :'-' ' ' ;' '
In '61' Jeff Davis, Slidell, Hunter"
and Douglas 'sat side by side, just'
where Sargent, Conover and Bogy now
sit. Buruside, now occupies, the .Chsif
tlutt Seward graced. Then Wigfal.
and Bob Toombs rather lhan contami
nate themselves by sitting on the lie-'
publican side, of the Clamber, although'
there, -were several dhoccupled seals,-
bad their 'seats arranged just back of
where 1 norraan sits now. mey botn
used an alarming duabtity of tobacco."
and five-gallon spittoons Tlid seat that -
fcumncr occupied when tlie bully Brooks
struck him down,' now contains the new
Indiana Senator, McDoiiald.- l'-'
. Of the seventy Senators who occu-'
pied the Senate Chamber in 1861, but
three remain. ' These ar6" Antbonf1, of H'
Hhoda Island; Hatnliii of Maine', and
Cameron of ;, ennsyUauia.;jAnthonyr
is the only one ot continuous service.-.
Let us look5 for the, others that were
there." Judah P.' Benjamin became no
table -- in r the Confederacy and , no?'
flourishes with a large practice ; On, the
Queen's;,,, 1 rusten I'olkr, ot Mis- .s
souri, went south and was .killed. . An
drew Johnson finally swung ohl of tiis "
circle-finally smacked the tweet taste'
of hisAmbti.,andjndied without a,
party, Jeflersonj, Davis still.fives ill the
hauowed toemorY or AndeionviIle. and
WherrBfaitse has-5 beddme" Piddhtf: Ml
csab depart, iii' i&me&y L. seer iid? lothr--
reason tyf jhe ex-l 'resident pf , the .Con-" -
federacy being kept .in, the .tortures of
an unamnestied life. 1 :
..Lime , in 7THKOBciS-ARDS.
apple orchards are kept permanently. in '
graer, tdpTdfesiing of fidfej tt Eighty '
bushels ttbeiacrerrevery : -fivoi years,
UI Drove beneficial. Aa to whitewaslw
ing 'the trunks of t treev we. give the , .'
preparation tot that purpose . presenbed ";
by W. : 'Saunders,' bf1 the 11 GoTermheBt.' ' -Gardebs
at Wasbingtonr ,. Tbi wash is"
made as follows; cut half-a , bushel, or, .,
'. -r 1 ' -t '- . -. , . - -
nme ana lour pounds or powaerea sui-
phur In aiglit barrel! slaking the lime" ' '
-with difet Water,' tbO'top' th barrel1 5
being covered with a.eiotb.? lnen to-
diioe to the consistency-Of --6rdihary
white wash; and at the tiuiV 6t applica-" :
tion add .baJf an ounce ot carbohd aflid
to every , galloi;. of. the Jiqaid. babb- ,- -
dttrs "says: I ' generally apply in the . o
spring,'" before" the lea yes make their f
appearaiicerixl' m convinced - that it ' 1
wonld be raore efibotiv if appued later; ,
but then it is ditSeult to do so when tt;,,,
tree is in foliage." Saunders appues toe , ;
wash not omy to tne biou
but to eoifafi eileut ttf the main braDches. .
A-jM'wat wa ptean ,
mah?wbo,nheo asKflu wr
his life, requested thtfybargla to'Uka c
tho Ute,t bis wil0Yaa they were one, , ,
ahd she could not pos-ibly t liv . it bo . . ;
died .ui he couldmftpage If jog aloes;;
tiir: "J" - ........ - 1 A"SL'.
cVally used for?" asked a teacher of,
c pauy " ni,rnf. ft srT.)oT.tin
a pupil. "or purpoeea 01 expiorancn,
was the reply. '