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Corner F-rry and First Streets.
One copy, one year f 5J
One copy, s months....-..-- -
To club of twenty, each cop 00
Tnle conies .................... len cows.
sulJseri'"Ts outside of l.inn comity win le
rbaiwd 40 cents extra-! " for the year as
that 1 the amount of ixslai;e per annum
Mc we are required to pay on each paper
mailed by us. -
.MARCH 2. 1876.
ilaexe Hatters.
i m
Ckxtkal School. Following is tlie
program nie of exercises at tlio Central
School this afternoon. lr. Jones will lect
ure it the close of the - exercises. Mr. T.
J. Stites is principal :
Recitation Ellen Morgan.
Dla'ogue Laziness.
Recitation Ella Sehloser.
Dialogue Br eleven girls.
Declamation F. Banta.
Kecltatlon M.i ry West fall.
Dialogue I Kiel or.
Declamatiou Aide Cooler.
Song By two little girls.
Recitation Nettie Merrick.
Declamation Geo Westfall.
Dialogue. I
Beciution Etta Brown.
Dialogue Tlie fortune teller.
Beciution Helen Crawford.
Beciution Clara DeardofT.
Beading paper. "
Beciution Atitoiue Miller.
Song by tlie scliool.
Recitation Xel lie Wood.
Dialogue Aunt Polly' lesson.
Beciution Bell Cannon.
Beciution Bell Brown.
Diloguc An indignant meeting.
Beciution Dora Cowan.
Declamation Curtis Winn.
1 Dialogue 1776-1876.
i Recitation Annie Godley.
Declamation Freddy God ley.
Song By two young ladies.
Beciution Clara Keifer.
Beciution Lucy Spink.
Declamation Guy Wallace.
Dialogue Before and behind the scenes.
Centknkiai A sociable, supper and
fir will be bekl at Pacific Opera House on
Friday evening, April 7ih, the proceeds to
be devoted to the fencing and improving
fjhe grounds of t lie Albany Collegiate In
stitute. Tills will be tlie grand Ceutcuuial
iiterU!nmeut of tlie season. Genernl
JVashlngton and family, and otlier Revo
utionary diameters will be represented in
4yeanciente costume." Songs of 177G will
be rendered by artists in costumes. A
splendid collation will be spread in the
style of 1776, and tlie substantial and
luxuries of tliat dsiy will refresh the inner
man. Tliere will also be a "pound party,"
fancy and musical cutertaintneut, and
' overselling tlut ran will be done to render
(Mi the most enjoyable entertainment of
Che sea-tOM, Ttus College grounds consist
of tour block, lying in a body, and when
enclosed wiffi neat fence, will form quite
park, and add mtui to cite beauty of our
growing city. Let all liberal iniudcd citi
zen come tlie re and enjoy a sociable even
log, atid contribute to u nvovtliy an object.
Admission, 2.x.', ami an opportunity to
spend more after you get in.
Till-. We again ask our friends
throng! tout the county and elsewhere to
writs short, pithy articles for the Registek.
Especially give us the local news of your
neighborhood. If you are to have a spell
ing school, religion meeting, concert,
sociable. Grange or farmers' club meeting,
or any thing else you want public atten
tion called t write to or call on us and
gtvs US the necesary facts, and we shall
publish them, and be especially obliged to
yotj. Anything that is of local interest we
want to pubtLtli, atnl if anybody tells you
tfcat s notice of a meeting temperance, re
ligions grange or any other kind will not
be Inserted unless pakl for, tell the partv
making the assertion that lie is mistaken ;
jwe are anxious to publish any matters of
this kind that are of interest to our readers,
'and never once thought of eliargf ng for
tbem during a long experience In tlie news
paper business.
J . : v
F. 8. Dunning bos one ot the largest stocks
of fumUure ever brougtit to this city. . We
had no Idea of the amount and diameter
of the goods kept by him until, a day or
two ago, we took a walk through the es
tabQshaaent. lie has some beautiful wal
nut bedroom sets, good enough for the
bighastrtoned, besides some elegant but
cheaper sets. There seems to be no end
to his variety and kinds of bedstead&.elialr?,
lounges, bureaus, : mea&afes, umbrella,
stands, Ac &c:l We can't begin to give
you an idea of what lie has in store you
must go and see for yourself.
Next Fstoat Xkjiit. At a meeting of
the committee appointed by the M. E.
Sunday cbooL lt Monday evening, to
arrange fer a concert for tlie benefit of
said church, it was unanimously resolved
that the concert should be given on Friday
evening next, at the Opera House.' It was
also molred that the concert -should.. be
lollowed by a sociable, at which tlie usual
refresitiments would he provided, Tlie ad
mission to the concert and sociable will be
fifty cents for adults and twenty-five cent.
fat diUlrea. His concert will be unusual
ly attractive, as several noted vocalists from
Fortlsnd and Salem are expected - to " be
present awl take part in the programme.
It is rumored that another express wag
on is about to be started for tlie accooiroo
datloa of our fiist growing city. This will
tusfea fcsiree express or accommodation
wions. The nnmber of drays has also
been great! j increased hi thi lisf few
Fibe. Last Saturday; night, jor irather
Sunday morning, about half past two
o'clock, the quick, sharp clang ot the ftrc
bell startled our people from their f slum
bers, and sent them hurriedly into the
streets, each anxiously inquiring as to the
location of tlie fire. v Tliere. is nothing
more dreadful than an alarm ot fire at the
dead of night. It was soon ascertaRled
that the building owned by Dr. Lister. Ton
Broadalbiu and Sixth streets, was on fire,
and before the Arc engine could reach the
spot, tlie fire had made such headway that
It was Impossible to save the building. The
building, a one story and a halt frame, was
unoccupied, Rev. Mr. Stratton liaving
moved out of it a few days before. The
parties who first reached tlie bnilding, aver
tliat there was plenty of evidence that the
building was set on fire purposely, and Dr.
Lister informs us tliat there had been no
fire in or about the house the dy previous
Tliere was an Insurance on the building of
$500, but the building could not be replaced
probably for. less Uiau three times the
amount of the insurance. This Isn't the
first work of the Incendiary iu this city,
anil It is high time that steps were taken
to find tlie transgressor and give him either
a chance to stretch hemp or make brick.
Remaining in tlie Post Office, Albany,
Linn county, Oregon, March 23d, 1S7G.
Fersous calling for these letters must give
the date on which they were advertised.
Ad kins. Melissa Myers, AVm '
Cawhom, WL McDonald, Thomas
brum in, Abncr MeOanghey, Will '
Dunkee, Sam T McColniu, J W (i
Dunning, Eliga B McMichael, Mr f
IMstvopcK FerdiiiandMcMalum, Miss Mary
Eairelukl. Fletclter i.2MUlcr, Cyrus
Hanner. E Ostnmder, Wilbur
Howard. W (2) - Patterson, Mrs Eliga
Houston, MissC Slww, W A 2) ,.
I.enuioii, Miss Ola Smith, Miss Maggie
V ilson, Miss EiumaVcmon, G W
P. II. RAYMOND, P. 31.
Clttixg and FrrrixG. Mrs. S. A.
Johns Is prepared to give instructions in
cutting and fitting ladies' and children's
clothing by the "Taylor System," recog
nized generally, we believe, as the best
yet invented. Clothing cut by tills system
are warranted to fit and give perfect satis
faction. 2fo married lady especially
should be without this system, as it will
save many a dollar, besides the childreu
may always have nesit fitting clothing
without paying taylor's bills, Mrs. Johns
went to Halsey yesterday, canvassing, and
will probably visit the
the county ere long.
various towns in
the completest stores in the city is that ot
Mr. J. Gnidwohl, in the brick on First
street. Tliere can be found one of the
completest assortments of bolts, and "all
kinds of shelf hardware, hammers, saw.;
chisels, augers, etc., the best and most
popular ranges, stoves, and tinware, while
the assortment of ci ockery ware is the com
pletest in tlie city. A full supply of gro
ceries is also to be found, as well a a good
cigar, excellent tobacco, and a thousand
other tilings yon want. Mr. Gradwohl Is
one of our most liberal, public spirited
men, of whom you can buy at as low fig
ures as anybody can sell and live. Go ami
see the stoak of goods offered, anyway.
Xew Soda Factokt. A. Carothers &
Co. are erecting a new building on the cor
ner of First and Ellsworth streets, where
they intend transferring their soda works.
Tlie business has grown and increased on
tlieir hands until they have had to provide
new quarters for it. Their drug business
has also . increased, making it necessary
for tliem to have all the- room in tlie pres
ent building to carry on this business alone.
Success to Andy and Rube.
ANOTiira Wakuiouse Siiml E. Young
lias purchased fifty feet off the e:ist sule of
Aus. Marshall's lot on Second, between
Washington and Ferry street, on which
lie intends ereethig-'aii- agricnltui-al ware
lioitse, 40x100 feet the building will run
through from Second, street to the. alley, be
tween Second and First sfreets. f "
Tlie three persons, not1ce6f wl'iose escape
from Portland iail anneared in last week's
5 f i.
Reciter, were captured 14 SahwTayJ10 tiMmtMamtmtfnber
afternoon, on the Grand Rouude road,
near Gopher holo, by DeiMtty Slwriff Gtmt,f
of Yamhill, and n not her man whom lie
called to his, assistances, .. i ;-i t .$ f
Enirgrants arrivfrig5 bf3tnry steamoH I
Inquiries for , work are quite frequent.
Persons desiring to employ any kind of
skilled or unskilled labor, sliould leave the
necessary word at tlie hotels or at this office.".
In this way they might benefit themselves
and lielp tlie needi-.
CoxcEirr. About next Friday ;ilght
yon cart get ready for a way upentertahS
nient iu the way of a coocerfr Old Folk's
concert by tlie M. E. Sunday . School,
lliat octnple solo," by eiglit of tlie hlglf
okl boys of snug, will be gorgeous beyond
description. J"orgnt it liot, forget It hot.
Our City Marshal lias had FJrst street, .
from Broadalbiu west to Washington street
scraped, and all IhC loose mud liauled"off,
so that tlie street iireselitl aiuticlf sfjdier
appearance, and tliere will not be two or
three Incites of dust constantly moving and
filling tlie air during the coming SmnmetV
: SrocEssFCL. The entertainment given
by Ue ladies of tiie Soutliern Methodist
Church on last Friday evening,' was very
agreeable and pleasant at'id) panned out
unusually well, the : receipts being one
litiudred and ninety-seven dollars. .'.This
amount, we nndJrsUnd,wll1 entirely liqui
date tlie debt of tlie church. . '- ; '
' Peesosai -We met our old friend, Ad,
Eilgar, in this city, the; first 61 the week.'
Ad. looks very little older than he did ten
or twelve yearsagdasii'tfea '-particle
of his push and energy, atid, is ju6taSi 4uil
of Jolarity as In the olden days.
Graphic Jt'as,sftidf aefrtaln man
who has been up before the." Linn County
Circuit Court, he had rather tell a He
on six months credit than to telllrH truth f
for the cash down 1
Circuit Cotjrt. Spring term, for the
week jading March 23, 1S7S:
Samuel Cooper V3. Elklns Bros. Judg
ment for plaintiff, $215 25 '
Rebecca Rose vsA J. 'Itoae.' Cause
contlnaetL-" 1 ' ' - ) i ' j "
8i-- 3 Muikey t al. "vs. :Yn' Plttman
et al. Cause continued by agreement of
counsel. " , . 4 ,
Tliomas Clcmc;i8 vs. ' I-iartha Clemens.
Divorce granted as prayed, for, and custo
dy of nihior diildreii given to- plaintiff.
II, B. Sprenger et al. ts. Chas. X.
Walt et al. . Report of referee "confirmed.
H. Alexander vs. S. . C. Sutton. Judg
ment of lower court-Veversed.
State of Oregon vs. S. wW. Eddy and
Marnetta EIdy. Were arralnged tor lar
ceny and given usual time to plead.
Blain, Young & Co. vs. Thos. Clemens.
Judgment for plaintiff by default.
Mary A. Altree et al. vs. S. J. Morton
etal. Case settled and dismissed.
Jacob G.Lowe et'aL vs. "Martin Low
et al. J. O. Bushuell appointed sole ref
eree to sell real property, and cause con
tinued. J. Hausman vs. D. A. Beeder. Cause
continued. ' f
Phil. Wasserman vs. Hampton Weed.
Dismissed without prejudice on motion of
SUte of Oregon vs. Mary E. Xonls.
Verdict of not gtttltyfj tJT
Ckxtexsiai On the 4thot July, 1776,
George Washington was 41 years old ;
Martha Washington, 43 ; Sam. Adams, 54;
John Adams,!) tfi&igafl&fldttiillU Si ?
John Qutiicy Adams, 9; Tliomas Jeffer
son, 33 ; Patrick Henry, 40; James Madi
son, 23 ; Thomas Paine. 39 ; James Otis,
51; Fisher Ames, IS; WillUm Pitt, 6S ;
Josi;dtJnIocyJr4 32 ;3 Nathaniel 3reene,
34 ; Edmund Burke, 46 ; Jonathan Turn
bull, 36 ; Roger Sherman, 55 ; Aaron Burr,
20 ; Benedict Arnold, 36 ; George Clinton,
37 i Alexander Hamilton, 19 ; Robert R.
Livingston, 29 ; PliUfp Li vli gston, 60;
Philip Schuyler, 43; Benjamin Franklin,
70 ; lienjamin Rush, 31 ; Robert Morris
42; Charles Carroll, 39; Cwsar Rodney,
46 ; Edward Bittledg.', 27 ; William Moul
trie, 4arIIortiO .Gates, 43 ; John Rut
ledge. 37 ; Tliomas Sumter, 42 ; diaries
C. Pickney, 30; Charles Pickney, 18;
James Monroe, 13 ; Tim. Pickering, 31;
Anthony Wayne, 31 ; Israel Putnam, 53;
Rutus King, 21 ; .Tolni li&iioockV 39 f XI
bridge Gerrj-, 32; Ricliard Stockton, 48;
George Wythe, 50 ; Marquis La Fayette,
19 ; Francis Marion, 44 ; Henry Knox, 20 ;
Richard Henry Lee, 44; John Jay, 31.
nesolniton of TlioBkw. "
The ladies of St. Paul's M. E. Church
South aid society, realizing a sense of grati
tude, hereby adopt unanimously the follow
ing resolutions :
Resolved. We acknowledge tlie generos
ity of our friend David Frouiatt for the tree
useot the 0era House and fixtures at our
late fair and festival.
Resolve I, We acknowledge the kindness
of Prof. Cathcy and tlie ladies and gentle
men who regaled us with niu-sie of touch
ing beaut-. - . .-'?'"";
Resolved. "We acknowledge tl.e well-rendered
reading of Prof. Henderson Creed
of tlie Hells."
Resolved. We acknowledge tlie dona
tions and favors of our worthy ami respect
ed sisters and friends of all sister churches
of this city.
Resolved,.. We appreciate and acknowl
edge the presence and cordial approval of
the large audience in attendance, and the
universal good behavior and decorum ot all.
Resolved, That our city papers be re
spect lully requested to publish these reso
lutions. Mus.. Eia Cakteil Pres.
M iss Lizzie Smith. V ice Pres.
Mks. B. W. Cl'ximkf, Sec'y.
Mrs. E. D. Sloan, Treas.
Albany, March 18th, 1876.
Resolution of '
if J
Whereas, It has pleased God, iu his all
wise providence, to remove by death Sister
Roland, of Brownsville Lodge, therefore
be it . . , . ;,,
HenoTred, n Ixxlge assembled, by Val
ley Lodge, Xo. 155, I. O. G. T., that we
bow with submission to the will of a just
J?enfreit, Tliat we tender our sympathies
to tlie bereaved husband and family; also
Jiexoireii, That a copy of tlie above pre
amble and resolutions be sent to the hus
band and to the Lodge of which Khe was a
member, and to the Register and Dnmo
crut of Albany, for publication.
1 Audition. Ans. Marshall has enlarged
his new livery stable, bulkling an addition
on the cast side tlie whole length of tlie
stable. Ans. now has one of the most com-
Lmodioua and elegant livery houses any
k Meiucal. Tlie attention of tlie citizens
of Brownsville and vicinity Is asked to tlie
card ot Dr. H. C. Stone, whose office Is at
'iue-jraig'saranuJtliariacA Hi Dr
a hlgl reputation andf wf 1 givl propef
nieouyl atsent
I aTfcut'Mjii to!l caingupoiiiin
s-ssLndar, MaHh 19tfeI8J A
tlie wife of C. D. Burkhart, twins a boy
and girl. This makes thirteen children
with which our friends, Mr. and Mrs. been blessed. Both deserve
'well of their country. "
'; Exceixent Workman. We are told
tliat Mr. E. Beyle Is an excellent workman,
making a perfectly fitting and neat looking
boot or shoe. lie Is the man you want
to patroiUzo, cerUltdy, See J bis i card hi
this Issue of the Register.
"ArgmneuUtion" whh regard to the
proper place tor a new bridge across the
Sautlani has been going on for some time.
Undoubtedly the interests ot the Forks
demands another bridge, but tlie exact
point at wWtltlttbouklUiBeeed ah,
there's the rub.
The College Improvement Society are
making -grand preparations tor their
"Promenade Concert" on the evening of
&ptil 7th and th College folks never
fail on anything they undertake.
Boss FBtrnsTS. The first of tlie week,
on the second day thereof; the Directors
elect of the Albauy Fruit Preserving Com
pany met and selected from their number
Allen Parker as President, A. X. Arnold
as Secretary, and P. C. Harper as Treasur
er. : - '
. Warehouse Sold. Mr. Beard has sold
his fine warehouse at Tangent to the Far
mer's Warehouse Company of this city.
The price paid was f5,000. Tim F. W.
Co. now has a storage capacity of 300,000
Some of our fanners have the wheat ot
last liarvest still In their barns, and tliere
they will keep it until better roads or ad
vance iu prices induce them to haul it to
the city. ' - -
Sweet Home Objects To having all
the subjects of scandal credited to her.
Sweet Homers say that the Ally-Falrcloe
affair occurred in Canada, in tlie locality
known as Big Foot.
; Married. In this city, on Saturday,
March 18th, 1876, at the bride's residence,
by Elder John A. Powell, Mr. Henry New
man, of Miller's Station, and Mrs. C. C
Hopkins, of Albany.
Cloudy, but little rain during the week.
During the last five months, we are told
by S. Cannon, who has dotted it down for
his own satisfaction, we have had more or
less "falling weather."
That Legacv I-ett Conductor Stroud
by an aunt rather "obtained" some ot the
Oregon dailies. Stroud's leg-l-cy! Won
der If they see it now. Stroud won't do
he makes troubles nut de noospapers.
Since writing tlie above we learn that tlie
insurance was $1,000, and that the Dr.
had been offered $ 1,600 for the place re
cently. Subscribers still coming In. We have
some friend who are doing us proud.
May we be able to repay tliem a tliousand
Beligiols. Bev. T. B. White will
preach In St. Paul's church next Sunday
monilng on the subject of "ParenUl Re
sponsibilitythe Training of Children."
Protracted Meeting. Rev. Mr. White
commences a protracted meeting at St.
Paul's church next Sunday. All Chris
tians are Invited to attend and aid.
Present indications are that our city will
be a busy one during the summer. A large
number of buildings will be elected, both
for residences ami business.
Tlie Vivian & Kochler troupe are getting
away with tlie people of Portland, and
receiving tlie higliest encomiums at the
hands of the pressgang there.
Judge Burnett, of the Second Judicial
District, opened court for Judge Bouham
on Monday, he being detained at his resi
dence in Salem by sickness in his family.
Improving. Mr. Belding. whose life
was despaired of last week, by close atten
tion and good nursing, lias passed the cri
sis, and is now slowly recovering.
Montgomery Queen, with his huge cara
van of wild beasts ami gorgeous ci reus,
proposes to visit Oregon during this, tlie
centennial year.
Sociable. Tlie Calvary Society give a
sociable at the residence of John Moiitcith,
Esq., on this (Friday) evening. ' Come one,
come all, and enjoy a pleasant evening. 1 ;
Our city has been pretty well filled du
ring the week, Circuit Court attracting
tliem hither.
Judge Strong, of Portland, declines to
lecture tor tlie Library Association ot this
city. Bully for Strong !
Our friend Mr. Newliouse, wlio has been
residing in Portland for some months has
moved back to his old home in this city.
Six new buildings have been erected in
Halsey since February five dwellings and
one business house.
Bev. Jos. Taylor has got the contract for
manufacturing the furniture of the Episco
pal church of this city.
Executor's Sale. See notice of valua
ble city property at executor's sale, else
wliereln this number.
Mr. Gradwohl will go to- San Francisco
soon, to lay in an enormous stock of Iiard
wsre, crockery, stoves, ranges, etc.
Second Half.-This number of tlie Reo
istek Is the first number on . Uo second
half ot volume eight. How time passes.
For musical instrument and music books
gotoJno. Fosliay' theParrisli brick.
Mrs. Geo, F. Setttemclr is about again,
after a severe attack of bilious fever. -
Tlie political cauldron is getting gradual
ly up to white heat Let ler bile. ..
New Goods at S. E. Youngs fresh from
San Francisco.
A free circus with a lunch counter at
tached, would draw well about now.
Pluz hats are makiuz their aonearance
once more indications of fine weather. .
Charley Bourgardes is lit- receipt of a
large tiivolce bt clocks, tliat are way up.
' .... ..
The auction has been busy every night
during tho week, we believe. : -S : " fi
I Miss French, prostrated last week with
fever, is reported slowly convalescing.
J udge Upton, of Portland, made us a
pleasant call yesterday.
No change in general market prices. :
Hams now retail from groceries at 18c
per pound.
: We bavo been having good grass grow
ing weather during the week.
Ed. Register ; We are called upon to
behold the emblem of victory for the Cen
tennial year. Tlie Democratic .rooster Is
again nailed to tlie mast-head. The first
guu of the Centennial year is fired by tlie
State of Texas, 50,000 strong. . This b cer
tainly cause of rejoicing by our Democratic
friends, but not more so than when the
first gun was fired upon Fort Sumter, and
when Sumter fell with very great rejoicings,
and Beauregard, with his chivalry, drank
damnation to the Yankees, they imagined
tlie Independence of tlie Southern Confed
eracy was fairly established beyond dispute.
But not so, sir. Neither Is the centennial
election ot 1876 established. The next
terrible report comes down from Sweet
Home Valley all Democrats up there save
only eight souls, the same number, tliat
jvere saved from the flood. .Thank' God
for that. There Is always a seed of right
eous men left. The Democrat thinks tliat at
the next election they will do even better
titan this. What a glorious sweet little
place Sweet Home Valley Is all Democrats
save only eiglit souls!
The Democrat informs us that at the last
election Linn county gave 240 Democratic
majority. Now, Mr. Beoisteh, what was
tlie reason of such a majority P The trne
reason wis, the Republicans were divided,
and very many Republicans sUyed at home
and never went near the polls on election
day. There were at least 300 Republican
votes lost at the last election: : ' '
Republicans, you are called upon to be
preparing for the great events which are
before you. Attend your primaries. Let
every Republican attend who possbly can,
and elect for your delegates to the County
Convention good sound men, wlio will
select from among us a ticket that all Re
publicans can unite upon. What you at
tempt, do with all your might. Determi
nation Is omnipotent. Put on the fire of
resolution, and kindle a flame that nothing
but victory can extinguish.
FBOM oir
Iii traveling through tlie comity we find
many warm friends of the Register, which
is encouraging in tlie extreme. We occa
sionally come across an old chronic case of
sorehead, that like nothing we or any one
else can do. But this is not discouraging
in the least. We find Democrats as well
as Republicans taking the Register, and
nearl' all ot both parties speak in the high
est terms of the Register. We return our
thanks to the many frieuiis who have been
so kind to us on our canvassing tour cast
of town and of Lebanon.
We stopped one night with Mr Keebler,
living near Lebanon. He is one of the
jolly California boys, and made my stay a
most agreeable one. Long may he live,
and may the Register add to his happiness.
Next night wo stopped with Mr. W. R.
Jones of the Lebanon Hotel. If you
want a good, square meal, give him a call,
and you will get it.
ext time we put up with Mr. Leedy,
one of our patrons. He owns a large farm,
and has about 100 acres ready for wheat.
Next night we stopped with Mr. J. G
1) ii
i weii. uwie very near not Iinding a
stopping place that night, for we were
turned away from several honses before we
came to Mr. Powell's. We began to won
der at tlie hospitality of that region west of
wliere he lives. He is a splendid follow
and a Granger to the backbone. Every
thing about the house and farm shows taste
and thrift. We took dinner next day at
his brother's house, west of there, and
well "yum, yum, yum." Only an epi
cure like ourself could appreciate and do
justice to such a dinner as Mrs. Powell
and Miss McKiught got up. Thanks, la
dies. :, . , f
We have more to say, but space forbids.
Tlie following is an extract from a pri
vate letter from Jackson county, Missouri,
which is one of tlie ricliest and best counties
iu the State. , We complain of liard times
lierc, but we ought to be thankful that we
are in as good a country as . the laud ot
Webfoot. Jackson county is in the grass
hopper infected region, and : although tlie
laud is as rich and : fertile as any in the
United States, it is in a deplorable condi
tion at present. Read this and then grum
ble if you can :
There never has been a time since the
settlement ot this State, wlieit the want
and distress among tlie people has been so
great and general as at tlie present time.
The country was so. ccarce of corn; last
spring and no grass, no clover, no green
oats, wheat, rye, or anything else, aft be
ing eaten by the grasshoppers til! late iu
tlie-spring tliat most of ottr nconle were
compelled to sell their bogs, to people-of
more favored sections and their cattle were
driven to tlie prairies of Kansas and came
back In the fall poor.1 Tliere was no wlieat
to sell, or anything else, so lhat ea 'great
many have not paid tlieir taxes, and tliere
is very little here tliat will bring money. .
: There are very many here that are liope
lessly iu debt. I sometimes get discouraged
trying to form, for although we work hard
we cannot make any money. : I do not
owe anything, but it grinds me to have .to
work hard and .make no money. ' We have
so many tilings to contend with here, it
really looks discouraging to t'iriners. : We
sow and plant in tlie spring, and have such
flittering prospects- of a good crop, ami
then, perhaps, drouth sets lu and 'shortens
lh5 crop, and from tlie time tlie seed Is
put in tlie ground the insect - workl ; preys
upon It till it is harvested ; so tliat short
crops and almost entire failures arc of con
tinued occurrence. ; "; :'
Now, people of Oregon, which do you
like best, Oregon as slw Is, or would you
rather be back : In the Stat, where so
many think tliat "every thing is lovely and
the goose hangs high" t i '
On easy terms and -very low, a Gang
Plow, to close consignment. ' " '
26. ' A; WnEELER, Shedd!
George McClnre, of Dallas, came near
being pierced by a lead ball straying
through the air. . He was thoughtlessly go
log along his way , when a guti shot- was
heard and he felt the warm visitation of
something in his clothes. The ball enter
ed his coat nearly under his left arm and
coursed forward, coming out near the vest
pocket on the same side, going through all
his clothes except his shirt. 1 A certain
party is suspected.
a. iv. wilcox,
Homoeopathic Physician.
OFFICE with Dr. K. H. Griffln,First street,
Albanv.OresoK. "Chronic! diseases a
26 v 8
Corner First Ml Ferry Htm.,
Watches. Clocks. Silver and Plated
i iuv..w .vMv ilowrlntiAll Hnd nf
tlie best HUinufucloiies, on hand for sale at fair
fPSJ- Cleaning and repairing Timepieces a
specialty. - ,
Jewelry, etc., repaired and cleaned on
8lnrt notice ai nvmg nites. -
EsSf-Give ne a call, and aec for yourself .3
March 3, 1876-24VS
Exchange Office,
check at sight.
Interest allowed on time deposits in coin.
" KxclmnKe on Portland, San Francisco,
and New York, for sale at lowest rates.
Collections niadeand promptly remitted.
Itelors to II. W. Cortiett, Henry Failing;
W. S. Ladd. ,
Banking hours from 8 A. M. to 1P.M. -:
Albany, Feb. 1, l-S71-MvS ;.
Attorney and Counselor mt Uw,
in the 3d, 3.1 and 4th Judicial Dis
tricts in the Supreme Court of Oregon,
and in .lie V. S. l iUtrlct and Circuit Court.
Office In Parrish brick, (upstairs), in
ofHee occupied by the late N. II. Cranor,
First street, Albany, Oregon. tol5vt
lnty tree. Thankful for past favors,
and wishing to merit the continuance ot
the Hume, tlie BAY TEAM will always be
readv. and easily found, to do any hauling
within the city limits, for a reasonable
compensation. eliverjr f Wowtto
aNpeeteltjr. A.N.ARNOLD.
2oi Proorietor.
Albany Book Store.
.10. FOS1IAY,
School Books, Blauk Books, Stationery
Fanov Articles, 4e.
Books intiiorted to order, at shortest pos
sible notii-e. voiiSU
II. JJ. BOl rIITO., M. D.,
Medical College of New York, lata
member of Bellevieu Hospital Medical Col
hrsre. New York. Offick-Iii A. Carothers
& Co.'s drug store, AUwny, Oregon.
Gi'oceries," 3?x"ovisioTis,
Tobacco, 4'lBrarit, t'otlery Crock- '
rry, and Wood Ac Willow Ware,
Gz3OaIl and tee him. 24r5
-IXalcrs in-
ruEMirAia, eixn, paixts, dybi
All the iwpular
motions ''wnrrttanatT,';' r
, ' d Toilet lUootto. " '
Particnlar care and promptness pivon
Pbyslciana prescriptions and Family Ree
ipes. - - t .
' Albany, Oregon-4v5
t jPiles I i Files t
troublesome complaint cannot be
cured, when so many evidences of success
miht be placed before yoo every day
cures of supjioncd hopeless cases? Your
physician informs yon that the longer yoo
ullow tlie coniiliiint to exist, you lessen
your- chances for- relief. Experience ha
aught thtt in all cases.
A. CarsHwn Sc. Pile Pills mm!
:'V. OlBlatSt',
are all they ant racommendea to be. Will
cure I'hroiilc, Blind and Bleeding Piles in
a very short t imo. and are convenient to use.
This preparation Is sent by mail or ex
press to any point within the United States
at $1 90 per pucka. - '
Allure, a. UAKUlllfcKS S CO.,
y .JJox S3, Albany, Oregon."
Tlie Eugene lire men are making ar
rangements tor a grand ball at Lane's
llall on OUriatmas eve. 3 '.s.-:.-;. . -
iri'n -.5 -j'' ? '. - . ' -
;v:;: .i FOR SALE I -
IlalaM'a Hnrtm, (Wood's improve,!.)
'oqninnrrsIodlaaFai-tMVVaicon. "
Tlie Rtiss(l and Vibrator rs,
(best machines on tlie coast.
Nteieansan 'Forcelced JrUl. " . "ft '
nuur Plows, and other machines '
Call, see, and get price and term before bu vimr
elsewhere, at my Blacksmith Shop, eorner Sto-
: 000
Ewrge ond r iaakle Tract ol
Fttrmlnff Land for ale.
rpiTRKEJWSTJHKO ACRES of plow land, 200
jot re ur uumunm, iiouse. Darn, granary,
sheds, etc.; also irood bearing orcliard of fruit
trees - 30Oaciaof the very best pasture land :
SO acres of timber land, ash and maple, the best
of tannin x land whon .cleared A never falltna
stream of water rnns through the farm. There
uw i "P"mira quarry or Iime-rocIT on tlie
place, pronounced oy exports A 1 rock. Four
aunarea acres are uuuer lence. It is one of tlie
most desirable and cheapest farms in Horn? Ins
county, lying IX mik from the O. A C. railroad
at for particulars as to price, etc.
apply, in this city, to . ; v .
, . HOCGHTOJT, 51, D. .
Albany, May 14, 1873,. '
Umn Comity Aepublicau Convention.
A Republican Convention for Linn coun
ty, Oregon, will be held at tlie Court House
in this city, on Wednesday, April 2Gthf
187C, at 10 o'cleck A. M tor the purpose
ot electing ten delegates to attend the Re
publican State Convention, and tor tlie
nomination of a lull county ticket, as fol
lows :
State Senator six Kcjireentutive.a,
County Judge, two Commissioners. Clerk,
SlierirT, Treasurer, Assessor, Scliool Super
intendent, Surveyor and Coroner.
The Committee suggests tluit the several
Prednts of the county liokl their prim. -d ies
on Saturday, April lath, 1876. at one
o'clock p m.. for tlie purpose ot electing
delegates to tlie County Convention. The
Precints are entitled to the lollowing rep
resentation :
Albanv .. .... ...... .10
Orleans --
Ilalser... -
Harrisburg . . . . .... .... .... ....'....,
Brownsville4.... ......... .... .... ....
Brosh'reek' tti .-- . . ?: - - ' '
Sweet Home. .l
Waterloo:... ...r '-.
Santiam;... .... ?
Franklin Butte '
Scio..,. ... .
Syracuse ..1
Center .... ....o
Total ... . - 47,
l.f Msnr !fiiihliiulll ill tllO
county will attend tlie primaries, and see
to it that nonest, tapaofe, imsiwuinij ouu
rcpreseiitattve men are eiecieu ucivemlvs
to tlie Connty Convention.
Albany, March 17, 187tf.
finance Tamp Icommerce.
Thursday, March 23d, 1S7C.
t Gold in New York, 1144. ....
Greenbacks, 8788.
Wheat, 80c per bushel.
Butter, 30340c per Ik.
Eggs, lGc per dozen.
Oats, C2We per buslicl.
San Francisco wheat market, $1 85(31,
95 V 100 ft.
Portland wlieat market, $1 C7..C ikt
cental sacked. " '" -
S:in Francisco wheat market $1 80 to
$1 95 per cental tor fair shipping to choice
Liverpool ' wheat market on the 22d,
10s 2d(3 10s Cd foi average ; club 10s 6d31l3
Od. Kead onr New York letter.
Special Notices.
3T Cash paid for Eggs, at
ner's, corner of First ard
J. Fleisch
Brondalbin etf
tW If you want to buy the latest styltr
of lady's Kubbcr Boots, go to Jake Fleisch
ner's, on First and Brondalbiu streets. Gtf
In Every Town and Village persons may
be found who have been saved from death
from consumption by Hale's Honey or
Horehound and Tar.
Pike's Toothache Drops cure in one
minute. 20
Prsaipt KeiulorreuienC. -
Vlien the physical energies are over
tasked or flag through weakness or disease,
they need prompt reinforcement. Renew
ed vigor is most speedily supplied through
the medicinal resources ol that class, Hos
teller's Stomach Bitters assuredly deserve
a preeminent place. Weakness, whether
constitutional or arising from disease or .
over fatigue, cannot be better compensated
tor than by a resort to this prime strength
ening cordial. Tlie enfeebled invalid, the
convalescent, and the aged, infirm., find
tliat it. is an unfailing source ot vigor and .
comfort. Its combined tonic and alterative
properties also coustitue it an invaluable
remedy for indigestion, weakness of the
organs of urination, constipation, torpidity
of the liver, and many other irregularities
and disabilities, and render it an invaluable
protection against malaria, as well as dis
orders of the strnmch and bowels, nich.
The following table, prepared for refer
ence, shows the political sentiments and
the date of the Inauguration -of each Presi
dent, the length of time he lived after that
event, and his age at the time of his death :
1 . George Washington, Independent.
inaugurated 1789; lived 10 3'ears; nge G8. ,
, 2. John Adams Independent,' Inaugur
ated 1797 ; lived 29 years ; age 90.
3.. Tliomas Jefferson,, Democratic, in
augurated 1801, lived 25 years ; age 83.
. .lames mauison, ueuiocrat. inaugu
rated 1809 ; lived 27 years ; age 85.
5. James Monroe. Democrat, inaue-u rat
ed 1817 : lived 11 years : ace 73. "
6. John Q. Adams, Whig, inaugurated
1325, lived 23 years ; age 81.
. 7. Andrew Jackson, Democrat, inaugu
rated 1829 ; lived 16 years ; age 78.
, 8.: Martin Van Buren, Iemocrar. in
augurated 1837 ; lived 25 years 5 age 80.
- U. W. II. Harrison, Whig, Inaugurated
1841 ; lived 1 month ; age 68.
10. John Tyler, V. T., Independent,
inaugurated 1841 ; lived 21 years ; age 72.
1 11. James K. Polk, Democrat, inaugu
rated 145 : lived 4 years ; age 64. ,
12. Za ci in ry Ta y lor, Whig, inaugurated
1849 t lived 18 months ; age 60. - -
13. ' Millard Fillmore, v. P., Independ- ;
ent, inaugurated 1850 ; lived 24 years, age
"74. ?; ' .,. -.. , '. .-. . r s..
14. Franklin plero; Democrat, Inangu
ratcd 1858 ; lived Iff years ; age C5.
15. - James Buchanan, Democrat, inau- '
gurated 1857 ; lived 11 years ; age 77. 1
lft. Abralunii Lincoln, Republican; in
augurated 1801; lived 4 years and-I,'i
months; ajji 36. ' "
17. Aiidrew Johnson, Vi P., Imlepciid
ent, inaugurated 1805 ; lived 10 years; -age
07. ., . ;
: 18. General Grant, Republican, inaunt-
rated 1869. ,
Tyler and Fillmore were elected Vice
Presidents as Whigs and Johnson as a
Republican. Their 'independence" fol- :
lowed tlieir Inauguration as Presidents. - -
From the Lafayette Courier: . 'l'lie far
mers say that tlie stock lias but just com
menced to die, and tliat if this stormy
weather continues much longer that tlie
loss of stock will be enormous. There is
no strength In the grass now, and those,
who have used up tlieir feed cannot hope
to aave tlieir stock. Some one was count
ing up, the otlier day, the number of horses .
that have died in Chchalem alone, from '
different causes, this, winter, and they es
timated the lofs at no less than 50. This
will have a tendency to advance tlie pi ke,
of liorses; There seems to be quite a de
mand now, by those who have to hire, for'
teams to do tlie spring plowing. Many a
poor farmer Is praying that this stormy .
weather will uot continue nnioh ; longer.','
The Baptist church at UjI? Dalles Is wlilw
out a pastor.