The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, March 03, 1876, Image 4

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t 1 Ir n tY w ft i ! v
- Corner Ferry and Flrtt Strata , .
One copy, one year ?....'.... ......t2 SO
Omi mv, all nimitlis .. I :"0
I'd dulHuf twenty, each copy . 00
Simile copies ..........Ten cents.
Sulwcrlliers outsiilc of I.inn county will Tc
ehni"ed -20 cents extra-2 70 tor t he' year as
thnt. is th amount of XK',m;i' per annum
which we arc required to pay on each paper
mailed by us.
Agents for the Rcjtriate. v -
The following named srentlemcn are anllinr-
izel to receive and receipt for suliseriptions
in i lie k wiptkic in rue localities mentioned :
Messrs. Kirk & Hume
.'. ISif w n s v 1 1 Ve.
Kolxsrl tihis. ...........
W. V. Smith
. I Tompkins... ..
s. II. Claughfon
A. Wheeler Co. ..... .'. ;. . .-.
Messrs. Smith A Brastield
J. It. Irvine
Thos. IT. Reynolds"
W. Watei liouse .
. .Craw for Isvi 1 I,
...... .i .Ijolmiion
.. .Junction Cltv.
A Republican State Convention is here
by called to convene in the city ot Poi,
Wetinesdavr May 3tl. 1S70, at 11 o'clock
A. M.. to select six lelenites to the Nation
ai Kcpublicaii Convention, candidates tor
judges of tlie supreme court in the second
third and fifth judicial districts for prose
cuting uttoroeys for the several Indicia! ill:
tricts three presidential erectors and a
caiHlHlate for representative in onsrrwss.
and for the tnnsarJiwi of such oilier busi
ness as may come before the convention.'
- It Is recommended .that-primary and
county conventions in tlie several counties
be held as follow : I'rimary conventions
on Wednesday. April 49tl)-iM(t couutv;
conventions on Wednesday. April 2titli, or
at such other times as the conntv commit
tees may appoint. ..
The following Is the apportionment of
delegates in the mhi convention upon 11k:
basis of the Republican vote for representa
tive in congress In vsio : ; ;;
Baker .... .
Benton ....
I.inn 10
. Marion .... .... ..13
Multnomah 13
Polk ............ 4
.Tillamook 2
Union 3
Umatilla .... .... 4
Wasoo 3
Washington 4
Yamhill.... , 8
Total 115
Columbia .
Curry ....
Douglas . .
Grant ....
Ja-okson . .
Lake, ... rf
Lane . . .
In making this call for a Republican
State Convention, the State Central Com
mittee realize the fact that too much impor
tance cannot be attached to preliminary
operations. This being a "government of
tne people, ny tne people. lor the people,"
the agents or officers ot the government
should be in accord with the people. Ac
cording to the general accepted plan of
selecting candidates, the first steps are ta
ken in our primary, county and State con
ventions. These form the ground work of
political organization upon which tlie wliple
superstructure must stand or fall. If hon
est men desire honest officials, is it asking
too much that they lay aside for a day all
oilier business affairs and devote the time
necessary to select proper persons to attend
" county and State conventions? 1 -
In view of these considerations and of the
important interests at stake we earnestly
appeal to all legal voters who are in 83-10-pathy-.vith
the pri triples of tlie Republican
party, regardless of personal likes and dis
likes to rally at the primaries, and see to it
that none but true men re entrusted wit'i
. tlie business of preparing for the coming
political campaign : "Select men who are
not only true tltemselvcs in the broadest
sense ot thnt term but men of tli&mment,
men who can and will clioose wisely for tlie
good of the people in defiance of "rings"
and "cliques."
It is uiineccessary at this time to reiterate
in this calf tlie principles ot tlie Republican
party : its glorious record i -still fresh in
tlie memory ot an enlightened public ; it
is sound iioa all the great principles affect
ing our national existence ; it is tlie party
of progress and development ; it exjioses
corruption wherever found and inflicts pun
ishment upon conspirators, fearful and sud
den, without respect of person or position
it favors the universal enlightenment of the
people without trammel of creed or ism ;
and its banner is found in tlie van leading
on the hosts of reformers in all that tends
to higher civilization and enlarged treedtn.
. L. S- SCOTT, Clmirmauj.
J. C JIouelanis Secretary .jwr tem.
' . - , . - : . . f . .
t ii j 1 1 1 I .
The Mom Sledictne a m WW( Ilent.
' . . ; v r :?js.
A Young American under Ireatmetit
by Dr. l3rowSequard, of Parisjj writes
home an account pf that pliysfclan lia
vorite method of treatment, ly the Sarr'
iiig ofihe flesJi over the jjpinc, which -is
interesting in iteelf, and Isc as .teptling
to correct or modify greatly the preva
lent conception of extreme physical tort
ure aa a necessity of the operation. In
the first week of his undergoing the act
ual cautery, there were four applications
tlie first in seven places along tlie back,
the second and third on the head and
the back, the forth on the head 5 only.
Tn connection with this he took ( sepa
rately) lodMi pf Ktas6iuand J arterHc;'
and subcatarjeoos injections of atrophine
and morphine. The burning, ho pro
ceeds to - say, is not ; burning i ai ' alL
"The instromenfe is ot plantinum- (.
as to the tip), and is heated to a white
heat in a coal fire ; then it ia applied
two or three tunes and immediately pat
back in the fire tor the next application.
While fed hot iron or platinum would
make a terrible burn, there is almost
no pain whatever when it is at a white
heat. I cau't say there is do paia, for
at the moment of application there is a
oennation almost like that cf a burn ;
but the instant the instrument is remov
ed the feeling is gone, and there is no
sensation whatever afterward. There
is, of course, a sear at each point, with
a dry scab which wears off, leaving the
skin in its original state. So that it is
really only a drying of the enter layer
of the skin; there is no rawness of th
flesh. One has only to guard against
the rabbina: of the collar on one of these
epots ; otherwise there isn't the least
inconvenience. The skin of the head
heals still more quickly, though it is
rather more iistive j and, in fact, the
seneitiyeness increases some what z ftcr
the first application, both on the head
ami on the back. Itt is rather worse
than a mosquito bite, to Which llrowni
e juard compared it, but I stood it
without ycllinaor groaning, and. even
without clutching my Iiands. The se
verity of the treatment has bten very
much exaggerated in popular estimation
ami the above account i as near tlie
truth as words will allow.
l'x)erleu-e In Itnttle.
I believe uo two goo.1 .'soldiers will
widely disagree as to. their sensations
dining a battle. I take it to be a 'piece
of bi-avado in 'a man s to assert that he
has no tear during the progress of a
long and severe engagement. A liattle
is a- veritable hell upon earth ; !iiot to be
in serious appi-ehension while it lasts is
l Himin cmw!ce,B!ible-
i he 1figt)esttype at biivcry ftf that of
tlicnvatiwUo reajizes-jjie lull extent ot
thlixil but sti4ts reiolutery to I du
ty. It was my experience, and that of
all those alxiut me, repeated a dozen
times, that shell-firing is not ordinarily
ncarlvw demoralizin"; as that ot' wius
kelryiltjs not ofteuithatt aliell are
thrown so that their fragments scatter
death and wounds, and their loud hum
ming overhead does , not j cause that
nervtius tingling which always iollmrs
the sharp sip ot the rifle-bullet. "rhe
peculiar cutting of the air made by half
a aozeu ot these at once ;is apt to give
the soldier the idea that the whole air
is filled with them,' and that he is cer
tain to he struck with one of tliem. All,
I believe, will agree as to the sensation
first caused by "the impact of a bullet.
It is a stunning, tmnibuic teelins. which
for a time overpowers the local pain of
the wound. In my own experience a
single buckshot r.ear the litp knocked
flat,' arid for two days after gave such
acute pains and such muscular disturb
ance from knee to shoulder that I could
not stand erect. Soldiers have frequent
ly been prostrated by spent balls. , A
curio-is effect of tiiell wounds is that
they du? not bleed ; the hot fragment
sears the torn blood-vessels and stops the
effusion. A Minnie ball extracted from
the human body presents a remarkable
sight. I liave seen them where the re
sistance ot the flesh had turned back
the pointed end m all sides with such
regularity that the ball resembled a
saucer or a tkwer. AI V. Times.
One of the strangest claims, pending
before Congress is that pres-cnted in the
petition filed in the Senate by the chil
dren of the late Senator Wra. K. Sebas
tian, who was re-crected to his seat from
the State of Arkansas for the term be
ginning March 4, 1859, but was prevent
ed from holding it by a resolution of
expulsion passed at the special session
of Congress which wss called in July,
immediately after the breaking out of
the war. , A, resolution was pasted July
11, which recited that wheras certain
Senators, among whom Sebastian was
named, had failed to appear iir their
scats, and it being apparent that they
were engaged tii the conspiracy to de
stroy tlie union, they were declared ex
pelled. The petitioners aver that Sebas
tian was then a Uuioitmau, aud remain
ed such until 1 lis lenth in May 1865,
and they asked the revocation of expul
sion and the declaration that his legal
rights, that is the salary for the term to
w 1 1 tel -be IoeUrdyi ureaTs heirs
VTOfi the ctU1n'a?e a iTfiml)eFof Affi
davits from various parties, testifying
tlhe'lojaTtS-WlArr.'Sebaslfajb.8 tsi
Ttae Tnlleat Man tn Tennessee.
I T11"acrJEviiiTe Senility,
Termessee,a wonderful curiosity in tho
person or 3anlesMrlier;theTinessee
giant. lie 4r-orte tof afJmily of eight
children, vfom of the Test of whpnY Irayo
exhibiteii any unusual traits. At eiht
'eeii years he was a 'well grown man,
six feet high, and weighal one hundred
and eighty ptfiiinls. Jf tweaftyCone he
was six inches taller, and .-weighedrwo
hundred and ten pounds. Z A nj '-growth
after that was riot lioticed, until lie was
twenty.fbur years old, and .OieU only by
the small ness of his clothes, and he then
measured in his stock! ngs six feet nine
inches: ' Siiice henhq U how tlnrty
oiie years of age-tie' has attained the
heighth of teven feet nine inches, and is
0tl growing, this behig au increase of
about two indies annually. Some yean,
he grows more and fiome less, but thi;
iai his average. While he ought to
weigh at least 300 pounds, 1 nly
weighs 223, he is excessively lank and
gawky, and only possesses one quality
iti a large degree, and that is his ability
td walk. lie th inks nothing of wal king
from home to IJrnden,thesc'urrly seat,
twelve miles distant, aiid back to dinner.
! " - " A Sovt'l Dtvlee. I i " '.i
Among other devices to obtain th
"ways and means" of life is a novel ap
peal to patriotism and vanity introduced
by a lady of dashing appeapnee. She
has installed herself in a committee room
ai the Capitol, with a large and elegant
ly bound blank-book, each page of which
is ruled into small portions, each one
large enough to contain an autograph
signature. The book when filled is to
be nailed anp; in a box and.depositediii
the Capitol, with an inscription stating
that it ir not to! fee dperieo! UntiT 1976.
For the privilege' of thus ifansmltting
liia name to posterity each signer is to
pay the sura of $10. How many will
time embalm their autograph remains
to be sceu. r 't ;,, ' . .
? A New York exchange says tho col
ors found in millinery invoices this year
are, "creme, ble, italic, biscuit, cid, cor
dial, morrow and noir."
"lie I'tuMM-a on to Sbunem." ,
Tlie words "of my text, my ' hearers,
you will find iu the II Kiugs iv chap
ter, verse 8 : "And he passed on to Shu-
ncm" Take to heart the lesson our
text teaclies, and when temptations ? try
you aiid evils' lie iii wait to ensnare you
"pass on to Shuii'etn." ; ; , ...
. W lieu you see men of wrath fighting
ami breaking bonds and necks, and
hear them cursing and sweai nig Viiind
the words of tlie text, apd r '.'pass on to
ShiiiiVni." '
A nd oh ! my hearers if you should
come into one of our little "towns ami
behold a row ot nice little offices with
tin signs on the door of each, and hear
mpij talking of attchmcnU witlioutaf.
fecttonsaud seqiiestration without quiet
ah : and seize yours and never theirs
ah; and 1 about eternally, ,gifig to
law ah : it will tie to yoiir profit to
mind the words of the prophet and -'pass
on to Shun'em."" " - f-
; 1 And if you go around where the' mer
chants are ah Arid they rush out t6
shake hands with you ; and are especial
ly anxious to learn the condition of your
wile's health and the children's and the
worms ad the crops, aiid offer to sell
you, a little bil of, goods a good deal
Liwer than cost PU account of their love
for you .anu for. cash al "pass on
to Shuietn. , , ..C-i'
And if youhonld happen tQ go tound
the corner ah and ?e men. drinking
beer,' that will bring them to their bier,
and gin slings thatrwilt sling down tlie
strongest j and smashes that vilt smash
a man's fortune faster than commission
merchants who advance snpp!iesJon the
last crop ah oh "pass on to Shun,
'em." , I'-'ia ..? i .
-..-But oh, fflyiliearers! if yon should
go down to Kew Orleans that modern
Sodom and Gomorrah, where I have
lately been ah and when the gas is
dashing and glimmering, and the cabs
are dashing along the slieefs, and oblig
ing drivers aie offering to carry you
where only steamboat captains ai;d fast
gentlemen go ah and brass bauds are
crushing music from the balconies aiid
men hi little holes are ready to sell you
tickets to go in and see the lilack Crooks
dance with nothing to wear, and make
spectacles of themselves ah oh, my
friends, "pass ou to Shun'em."
Ai;d oh, if later in the evening,' with
a very particular friend, you go up stairs
into splendly furnished rooms ah and
see the supper tab'e spread with delica
cies from every clime and country, and
teal duck and snipes and yaltar legged
pullets and pheasants, and all fish, and
tbwl can afford ah and champagne
and brandy and Burgundy and Chateau
I-atitta, olderthan Wateiloo, and noth
ing tu pay and all free of charge ah
and a nice gentleman with rings on his
fingers, and a diamond breast-pin, play
ing with little spotted, pasteboard-, and
another turning a machine and dropping
a little ball that rolls round and round
and stops sometimes on the eagle, and
oftener don't ah and men sometimes
win, but mostly don't ah oh, "pass
on to Shut. 'em." '
And in conclusion, my friends, when
the world, the flesh,, and the devil ah
lie in wait for you "pass on to Shun
A Stoky of RoTncini.i. Many stories
are told of tlie RothchikK generally d
lustrathig their shrewdness kud . greed in
money-getting; bur. here is a story which
show tlmt even a' Rutltchild may be en
trapjed by a pretty young lady: ' ' !
, Iuringone of the fairs in" Paris, some
yoai-sagtv Baron James de liotlichild was
a patron, plmacing tp pass a stand where
some pietty young ladies Hvere installed,
lie asked,, in a b.-nitci iiitr tone. nt . ..
5;Well, uiy .deurft wliat .can I Uo for J
Oil.- , , n,., ...... ,-
Ah, Bii ron," said oic, "joucan give
ns your autograph."... ; . - .j.,,
"With pleasure,"' resixinded the gallant
o'd Baron, "if you will pref;ice it with an
sgeeable sentiment." .
So tlie; youngr fetdyr m-iiliout "much ado,
wrote pu.a. dainty slip of ptipeiv-r - ,tto,i
"I hereby . , denote, tq charity ten,
thon'ancl franc..""' aiid Jlie Baron imme
diately signed his iiamd im tnf.l! and Smil
ingly paid the amount' td the enteriirfs'mg
A lad of abou t ' 10 years, son of Ben
jamin Swarta, f jMid way, Fulton coun
ty, . Illinois, was killed recently i a
tingu'ar niarineni;j Ipj was 'dryiiig his
neck on a iong towel runiiuig m a roll
er, fpid put his nwk ihrbhgh the t6wel1
lie was toiina hanguig there afterward,
life being extinct, and it is supposed he
fell into a fit, to which ho was subject,
and choked to death 1' " '"
; "'"- " t -. ij ' . . - -Hit it
; An Omaha school boy asked his seat
male to rise, aijd as he did so, he placed,
a sharpened slate pencil under him. The
boy sat down upon it bat got up again
rather suddenly, as ;th6 pencil ' had
pierced his leg to the depth ot two inches
Tlie wounded boy had to bo taken home
in a buggy, and has been sick ever since.
Tlie Idaho World is responsible for
the statement that, 'by simply shifting
her big toej an Idaho City belle capsized,
a coasting sled on which were seated
thirteen persons besides herself." i The
TlrorW ought to be suppressed. ' '
They say now that onions are an in
fallible remedy for tho epizootic. Hor
ses to which they are fed eat them greed
ily, and soon recover. . u-,
-. .. .....
i lr, Beck, tho new Kentucky Sena
tor, is a native of Dumfriesshire, Scot
land, and is now fitty-fbur years of age.
In the Black Hills, flour is worth
$12 per hundred, coffee 33c to 50c per
pound, tobacco from $1 to $2 per
pound, and a square drink ,of .whisky
25c. . Tlie boys who are going, there
will p'ease make a note. s
, 'in m '' ' ' ; ;i J 'r ' '. J
A Mr. Calhoun killed a large' deer
last week near niympia, first throwing
a stone and knocking it down and then
cutting its throat with a pocket knife,
In Jackson county, Tennessee, an cx
rebcl has just been convicted of killing
a Utah roldier in 1865 and sentenced
to ten years' imprisionment therefor.
Tlie Judge, Prosecuting Attorney and
jurors were all ex-rebels. This is about
the first lime the killing of a Union
roan has ever- been recognized in the
South as a crime. '
In striking at a ! cockroach on his
office table a Dctroiter struck his hand
such a blow as to cripple- it for life.
There are men who plead : "Wait a
little longer give the down-trodden
cockroach one more change."
If parents would tallow ..their chil
dren's noses after dark and put them to
bed instead of allowing them to rom
the streets, there wouldn't-be nearly so
much music on the sweet catarrh as
there is now. - -
There used to be some noble adult
liars in, this country, but since that Ver
mont boy stuck to it that he was "liar
ley 1 Joss there seems no show tor those
who have ttruggled along for years.
, Vkai. Cutlkts, I'emove every bit
of skin, sinew, or vein, from the veal,
and chop H -very: finely, with salt, pep
per, and a. very little parsley. The
mince, should now be, made into the
shape oT cutlets'; and ' if you have the
proper bones, the effect will be so much
the better. The cutlets must now be
egged arid bread-crumbed twice, fried
in boiling buttcrj and served with sorrel,
spinach, green peas, asparagus or toma
toes. 'For the egg and bread-crumbs.
It is certainly preferable tor this dish,
as it "hinds" the curlets better.
- ' '- m - -
CunisTMAS I'cddixg. Tn a deep
basiii Or nappy, place first a layer of rice
whiclilias been boiled until nearly done.
Add next a layer of equal jmrts of sliced
tart apples, rash is ami dates. The dates
and rasins shou'd be chopped. Add
another layer of rice, then one of fruit,
etc., alternating until the dish is full.
Cover, and bake halt or three-quarters
of an hour.' Berries or any other kind
ot fruit may used in the fame way.
Pkakl Baklkv. To four parts of
water add . one part of pearl barley.
Cook iu a double boiler, if possible, for
two hours. Pour into teacups, and let
it. cool. Warm slightly befove placing
upon the table, turn out on a suitable
dish, and serve with grape, raspberry,
cr whortleberry sauce.
Fi PtrrmiNG. Soak a half pound
of figs until soft. Scald a quart of gra
ham flour and make iu into a stiff
dough. Fill full of the soft figs, and
bake or steam an hour and a half.
Serve with lemon, plum, or pic-plant
A resnrvey of the Vancouver town
site shows that many of the houses
stand in tlie streets.
Puget Sound foreign exports last
year were valued at S8O(5,100, and the
foreign imports, $67,000.
The steamer Cornet was snagged
and sank as she was on her .way down
Wlnte. river tq Seattle last week. ;
The bark Wimhcnrtl sunk at Use-lesK-bay.AV.lV
has been raised, and
her purchase wills prove a 'good thing
for the buyers. : , !
, A,t a Leap Year ball, given at Silver
City, the reception committee was com
posed of 5-f ladies,' but ' they were all
niai'iied- ''" : " " ' '' ,! ''' '
"TTw l." If. '3fril has information that
a marr named f WiIliarrrJIIame1, was
drowned s ly tlie iipsetting Of lii boat
near the liead of Buck bay,. Orcas
Island, a tew day ago.
Tlie Olympia jail now - boasts of a
siditarj' inmate, who was brought from
Kalama, having been held to await the
action of t he tiext court on a charge of
larceny. : His name is Wilson.
mailh akihVk:
Fmin RullroHd liiorlh and sontli) daily
ftt 11.1U r. M. . ,
rrotnn-tthis'.ttjnv,'at. a. m. -9
Frrtin-'Ixilwiion, tf-wetyi (Monday,'
: Wcduesdny and nday) at 10.30 A. M.
it'lAIUMWITi .
For Railroad (north and crati), daily,
clone Twompt at 11. 10a. m.
For CorruUis, duUy,ar 13.50 P. M.
For Lclmnon, trl-weckly, (Monday, Wed
nesday Mill 1'rkliij ) Dtir.Hi . i ,
OflV honra from 7H A. n. t T X r. x.
Sunday, from 12 M. to 3 p. M.
" Money order ollV, hoirs from 9 A. M. to
6 p.m.. . J. H SAIMUNI), T. M.
Sicw To-Day.
2Vcw Millinery Store!
HA8 moved tnto the store recently oecnpiotl
liy Mm. V. (J, Kntf Hull, on First strtvt, nd
Joininff the lty Unix Store, where she luia
opened out tier select aloc k of
Fashionable Klcx-k or Millluerjr oods.
IlRving liftd manyyenrs of experience in the
millinery busiiimw In the Kaat, Mrs. Stevcnsbo
lieves she can give the fullest wit isfiuit ion to nil
who Rive l;r iheir pat roiinwo,and would there
fore respectfully solicit a shure of I Iu; mine.
Alliany, Nov. 19-T8n9nl
! ' ItOWN81LLE. Liyy CO., OGJf.
business. 2Jv
Attorneys & "uur5lor nt Iah kuiI Sio.
liltor in Claancrjr,
Alhany, Oiiwii), CollM'.tions made and con
vojiineea pnmiptly atteiuled to, - lvj
Valuable Property for Sale!
TIIK UNDERSIGNED would respect
fully call the attention of emigrants
and other3 who wish to procure lands In
Oregon, to the following propositions t .
I will sell upon easy terms several dwell
ing bouses, principally new, some of them
fine residences with excellent lots, situated
m the central part of the citv of Albany,
convenient to business, and which are pay
ii5 fine interest. Also, some splendid
unimproved lot. Also, three tarnva hi' Linn
comity, two ot them containing 320 acres
aieli. lying together, anil have been woiked
as one i l;rni. They are two donation
claims, taken up in. 1850. Tbej- are princi
pally prairie and bottom I.nid, and lire un
der fence, being divided into suitable field,
tiood buildings orchards and uieadowa on
them, with the count v road running through
about the eenter. These lands cm be di
vided into three or four farms, ami all have
timber, water and good soil, and all front
mi the road. Horses, wagons, terming
imnlcmciiUand cows ean 1m iimi-Ii:i1 with
them. Price $13 per siere one-third in
iiami anil remainder in iwyroents to suit
pin ensisers.
Also, a small farm of 235 acres. Rituated
half a mile east of Lebanon; good frame
dwelling, ham. orchard, etc quire all en
closed and divided into fields. There is
about 150 acres of good grain land on this
u-uL-i, aiiu a r.neiotot excellent saw-tiinber
convenient to the AHmnv Canal, and can
be run to Albany iu a few hours at little
cost, where it is worth f7 pe M. Price
l per aei-e, one-third in hand, balance In
payment'. ,
A Iso from 100 to 200 acres of nniin proved
lands. 4 miles east of Lebanon, on smith
bank ot the Sautiam river : bottom, prairie
and timber land, fine soil ; good lot ot saw-
imioer, which can oe run to Albany through
m v.uia, hi, nine cosi ; will lll.'IKe !I goou
farm ; convenient to roads and mills. Price,
per acre.
To persons desiriiiit to encasre in the stoek
business, I will sell Irom 800 to 1.000 liead
of tine slock cattle, containing from 200 to
300 liead fine beef steers, ransriiiflr from 3 to
6 years old ; 200 to 300 cows, tlie remainder
voung cattle all good commoti American
stock with some fine English blood. AV'itb
the isittle will be sold several head liorsess,
mules and farming implements, an from
800 to 900 acres of as flue meadow and Iiay
latid as can be found on the Pacific coast.
The cattle are running on a fine range, and
can lie purchased lor si 8 ner head all round.
while the land can be obtained for $12 per
acre. The cattle and land are situated 200
miles east of Albany, and cast of the Cas
cade mountains, in an excellent country.
Also. aiKiut sOO acres of fine meadow
land, 20 miles west of the above, or 180
miles east ot Albany. This is splendid
farm land and Mirrnunded with excellent
range, water and timber. Price, $10 per
All of the a Ikivc property will be sold for
one-tiiiru casit iu nana, tlie remainder in
payments to suit purchasers, with Interest
at 10 per cent. For further particulars
apply to L. ELKINS,
Albany. Oregon
Possession given 1st of April, 1S76.
Feb. 11, 187(i-2lw4.
In the Circuit Court of the Sintcof Orpjron for
I.inn conntv.
Kdwnrd It. Knliarts. plaint iif, vs. K. K. Beach
and Ilemna Bench, defen:luntt.
Action at law to recover money.
To E. X. lloiu-h, one ,if tho defendants above
limned :
In the name of the State of Oregon : Yon are
hereby summoned and ro(iiii-il to ttc and ap-lx-:ir
in the Circuit Court of the Slate of Mvon
for I.inn county, i.nd answer to the complaint
of the alKive named plaintiff, on file against
you with the Clerk of said Court, in the hIhivc
entitled act ion. by the first dnv of the next reg
ular term or aid court for said Linn county, to
wit, on the
2-f MitnAay nf March, 187G,
or judgment for want of such answer will be
taken against yon.
Von are hereby notified that if yon fail to ap
pear and answer tile riluiiitiff s comnlnint lw !-
In as above requested, the plaintiff, for want of
sticn answer, win lake judgment narainst yon
for the sum of 4S SB In roldcoin of the United
States, with interest on the gaino lit like Kold
miin at the rate of one iieri-cnt. ier month from
the -Ziith day of Januarv. 17 1. and for the cots
and disburstnents of this iu-1 ion.
I'liHIislied by order of II. F. Konham. Jndjre
of wiid Court, for t.ix weeks, in the Aibaxy
H1-X.USTKK, which order b,nrs date Jami:rv 7th.
1M7S. 1WELL & FL1NS,
Jan. 1. 1S7G-I7w Attvs for Fitt".
In the Cirt-'tiit Court of the State of Ore
gon for the county of Linn.
Thomas Clcmniens, plaintitT, vs. Martha
Clennnens, defendant :
Suit for divorce.
To Martha --Clem mens, the defendant
above named.
In the name of the State of Oregon : You
are hereby required to appear and answer
the complaint of the above named plaintiff
iu the above entitled suit, now on file with
the clerk of said court, within ten daysafter
the date of the service of this summons up
on you if served in Linn county. Oregon,
but if served in any other county within
the State, then within twenty days after
the date of the service of this summons upon
you, or if served by publication of this
summons, tlien yon are required to answer
the complaint by the first day of the next
regular term of said court, to'lie holtlen on
the 2d Monday, the i. . t, . Vi.
" I3tl lay of M.lrcll, IH76, ; - -
it Albany in said conntv and state: 'and
yon nre notified that If you fail toso appear
and answer as alxive reruired, tor want of
answer the plaintiff wilt apply-to the court
tor the reltcr demanded in the complaint,
which Is a dissolution of the marriasre con
tract existing between you and the plain
tiff, and for the care ami custody of tlie
minor children, Albert M.Cletnniens, John
A. Clemtnens. Samuel .1. Cietnuieiis. E.
ClerVimens,'; Thomas ClenitnensJ Alfred
Clemniens and Andrew Olenimens, named.
in the complaint to tne plan it nr. -
Attorney for plaintitT.
PublLsheil by onler ot B. F. Bonliam,
fudge of said court, which order was made
at tlie October term of said court for the
year 1875. s ... .,
January, 14. 1S7G-Gwl7 ?
IMcturcs and Pictnre Frames.
WouW announce to the citizens of Alliany and
vkriuity.tliat he in prepared to furnish all kinds
of PICTVKK FUAH'KStoortler.atehort notice.
I'lctures framed, and old frames iwntiml 51
at. lilo oillco on First, street, o door wet of
liroadalhiti, and leave yonr onbjro. ' M-i
Pure and Fresh
Toilet Articles,
KST Prescriptions carefully filled. s-15
SI T.17I.
west or ienanon. a fine sbillion, four
years old next May, 15 bands 3 Inches In
hisrht. welsdifrur I. Soft
and of good form for draft horse, well broke
io imniess oi a uaru oay in color. His
stock is. Sampson, Morgan and Bertrand.
A span of good work horses taken in part
lv. rur inn particulars address ,
. J. M. MARKS.
.Lebanon, Linn comity, Or., Jan. 21, '7ti.
1876. J 1876.
Chicago &. North-Western
I'assensrers for Chicago. Kiiunira Falls, fllts-
oiir. I'liiiadelpliia, Montreal, tneiec. skw y orK
itoston. or any point ul. should buy their
'li tbe rioueer Itontc, ' -
- THE -
Its Track is of STEEL KAIT.S, and on ft has
been nmdetheFASTKSTtiniethat has ever lieen
MADE iu Hiiscomilry. liy this route pussen
Kers forpointseast of Chicago have choice of tho
following lines lroin Chicuao:
Itjr tne littbtirc, For(wiBP d ( blcniro
Miii eunmylviiii. Mall wn-, - 4
wf l'alace curs t lirou-h to Philadelphia mid New
lork on each train.
-t TH IMHHJn TKAIV. with Pullman r-alaccrnrs
A to Uultiiuore and Washington. .. v.
By the liite MMtre mid nirhinii nth
-t mm nnuinjiuranmiitriiwuiiiicir morn
- Central and Erie UMilroHdA). -
IHnwinn itooiu and Silver Paine tttm il,r'.
iu -ew l (UK .
y the- Tllchljrau Ontral, nmi Trunk,
Ureat Weniem und Vrtm Maul Bcw Iwh
. t'entrnl Knllwiiyx,
3TIIKOtrm TRAINS, with Pnllmnn Palaee
Drawing limnn and Sleeping cars I lironeh lo
ew lork to Niagara Falls, liutlulo, Uocbcster
oifew York city. 7
By Baltimore od Ohio KaiUond,
2 THROUfiH TRAINS nAn.Y, with Pullman
Pulaoe cars for Newark, Zanesville,Whoohnir,
Washington and ISultiinore without chuntre.
Tills is the SHORTEST, DKST and only line
rmininir Pullman celelu-Kteil PALACE SI.KKP
IViJ CARS AND CO.lCUKS, ,lneetlint with
I. .lhm, 1urffll, Railroad at OMAHA and from the
WEfel, via Orand JniMion, Marsliuli, Oeil.r
Rapids, Clinton. Sterlinif and Dixon, lor CHI
This popular route is unsurpassed for iseed.
Comfort and Safety. Tlie niiwit h, well ballast
ed and perfect track of stejl rails, tlie celebrat
ed Pullman Palace Sleeping cars, the perfect
leleraph System of moving trains, the ren
larity with which they run, the admirable nr.
ratiKenient for running thrrniKh nirstnChicaxo
from all points West, securu to passeiiKers all
t lie comforts In modern railway Iravulimr. No
changes of Cars, and no todious delays at Fer
ries. "
I'assenffers will flnil Tickets via this favorite
ronte at t he funeral Ticket Office of t hu Cent rul
PaHrte Railroad, Sacramento.
Tickets for sale at all tho Ticket Ofllces of the
enlral Pacilic Railroad. W. H. STENNETT.
MARVIN m ilHTT.ifnii. tlen. Pas. At.
II. P. STANW(M)l), Jeneral A-eiicy, 1SI Mont
gomery street. Sail Francisco. v7u47y
New Eleyatoi !
of wheat and oats. We tll the attem .. of
farmers to the fact t hat we have erected 1 he 11
newt warehouse in the a InrKe expense,
and are in position lo handle saiisfuctorilv an
immense quantity of grain, oar houseful a
capacity for
200,000 bushels of Wheat
nt one time.and Is located on the iimivin oft lie
W illniuet tc River, and provided wit ha side t nick
trom the O. A CR. R., so Hint shipments may
le in:ulo dally by mil, and as often bv waieras
boatinafiu-iii! les offer. We have two" large su
tion fans. in. addition to other Inn. uiihcIic,!
to the house, run by water power, and are
iuus ircin?u iu uj
all the wheat received, ('tin lake in and ckvn
111,000 bushels per lUiy. Cleaned whwit is won h
iiiltnh ti,,,rt li. Mil tVti-ifi t. ..l-.., ,1
wbtat. anil none Hbonlil 1m, Ml,i,Yn,Ml m.i1i.,i,
ClciintlliT. Ot11(-lini-LOt4t Will Im- Avi..,,la. lilw.l
on wheat, and four cents on outs. We have
- - 1 . ...... . . .. i . ' . .....
to furnish thoie storin-i wheat with us, free to
I nM-. whose .wheat we purchase, and at the
lowest rush price to those who sell their wheat
from our house to other Imvers. Persons stor
ing with ns are at liberty to sell lo whom Ihev
piease. l nose w no reside on the west side of
the river will have fen-iatre five. Will Ins in
the mnrket as buyers, and expect tn lie able lo
pay the highest possible price. HuvIiik pix
pared ourselves to ilo a lanfu business, .we hope
foronr share of the public patronage.
nI7vCju!y 31
AUwny, Oregon.
Old Renners, Mowers and TIireMliera '
Reiwtrod and made almost as good as new
. in now prcparou to ooatl kinds of '
Wood Tnrnlnst' Sunlnjjr nnl freslnir.
Also, any Ironwork and general Klucksmitlt.
ItiK the trade uiav demand.
Fencimj Picket will bo kef hand nt all
tone. .'- ,'.,-; ,,..-V7u31 . .
For Sale X
A Large 'llody or Rich Iand Tor
.';.'.',, .;,,.' '. Sale CUcufti j 't ,.
7Jf SOO acres in cultivation everv nen, kiis-
oeptible of cultivation well watered.' Has a
goou I louse, narn, anu out nouses tnereon all
under fence, and lyine within B miles of a rail
road station. AIlKOed it "Kssorir rain land. 1'h
entire tract will be sold cheap. Inquire of
'i .i . i . A. JOHNS, !
' AnsSO'74-l8y7 . AUwny, oii:gon.
J ant I.SMiied. sooth Kdltfon.
Revised and corrected by Iflio author. K, do F.
Curtid, M. DM AVt :
A Mimical Essay on tlie cause and euro of pre
mature decline in man, showinic how lu-alth it
h-mt, and regained.- It jet ves a clear synointls of
the nnpedimenta to marriage, the treatment of
nervous and physical debility, exhausted vital
ity, and all other diseases appertain)? tliereto;
the results of twenty years successful practice.
" Oplniona ot the Press. ,
CITRTIS OX "MAN HOOD. "-There lino mem
ber of society by whom this hook will not le
found userul, wliether he lie parent, preceptor
or clersry man. London Timr.
CUR'IW ON iIANH001.-Thlhoolt should
be read by the young for instruction, and by
the atllicted for relief; it will injure no one.
HfdiixU Time ami lirn it. .
Price- One Hoilar4 liy mail or express, ; AdV
dresa the author, DR. CUHT13,.','2ilKutterStreet.
or P. O. Ilox S37, San Francisco, Cal.
4sy 7 mS . :'
For Sale Z
Lime, Shingle, Plaster Purls,
Luth, Ilufr, etc
... - y i
and for sale low, at tho warehouse nf -PARKER
- Jt MOKI;it.
The Ilixhent Cnslt lrtee 1'uitl for Wool.
Albany, Slay II, "J.vaivT '
t' l'
'When you wish
Posters. - '
- -'-I'
j I'r : ' : r ; -y i'
Visiting Cards,
Business Cards.
hi "tiA t J . i 4 i 1
- vi-i' i rtti i'r-' !i '!' v ";
Oill Heads,
i .--,i-i!tr
Letter Headsi
Ball Tickets,
i '!
Pamphlets, J
or in bu t :inytbiii iu (be
Prixitirj Line,
, , call at tbe
- ' x - . .
V; u
- -g-""-- -- i in,,, ; 8--.