The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, March 03, 1876, Image 2

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A man rmmctl IJragp; was buried nt
IiHleienlcncc last Saturday, w! o is snul
to be one hundred and ten years oM.
Ho crowed the plains in 1844.
Montana's Legislature has voted to
aid flie N. 1. Kailroad to the tune of
$3,500,000, which is extremely liberal
considering that she is a'ready pretty
heavily laden with debts. This addi
tional indebtedness will keep her pocple
right "down to their knitting" fur
some years in the future.
Ja.. l'arton, the author, not long
since divorced from his wile, "Fanny
Fern," lias married the daughter ot his
late wife, a daughter ot Fanny
Fern by her first husband. And it now
puzzles the public to know when l'arton
spreads himsell on the biography of
Fanny whether he will call Iter his wife
or his step-mother.
The N. Y. Ilcrahfy the paper firt
raising the cry ot "Ccesarisra, declares
its conviction that Grant does not want
a third term, and gracefully retires. It
will be in order, however, for Democrat
ic journals, of high and low degree,
throughout tlte country, to continue to
assert that Grant is arranging his forces
to capture the coming National Repub
lican Convention, and force the nomina
tion Ibr a third term.
Silver seems to be a drug in the mar
kets of the East, leing from 2 to 13 per
cent, below gold, or about on a par with j
greenbacks. The great yield of silver ;
on tlic Pacific coast latterly is said to be
the reason ot this discount. However,
because silver is at a discount it is no
reason why people should throw it away,
as it still beats no money all to pieces.
We are willing to take silver at par on
(subscription to the Register iu any
sums from $2 50 up.
Gen. Colquitt, ot Georgia, in a recent
address, said : "To remove slumps
from a field, all that is necessary is to
have one or more heet iron chimneys,
some four or five feet high. Set fire to
the stump and place the chimney over
it, so as to give the iequisitc amount of
draft at the bottom. It will draw like
a stove. The stump will soon be con
sumed. With several Mich chimneys of
different sizes, the removal ot stumps
may be accomplished at merely nominal
labor and expense."
Apaiu we are called upon to note the
fact that the Overland Stage Company
continues to draw its pay with unvary
ing promptness tor carrying the mails,
although it docs not carry them, while
the people still suffer the inconvenience
of receiving their mails by steamer once
in eight or ten days, instead of daily as
the contract requires. How long u this
jieople to suffer this infliction ? Let our
Postal Agent remain at his post and
attend to the business of bis office, or
let him be dismissed at once, and an
Agent appointed who will do his duty.
'Let no guilty man escape."
JNW Ucke foe 1 .vijpitatiox. A
cure for the arrest of palpitation of the
heart Las just been given to the world
by a medical correspondent, an account
of which we take from the ; Medical
Times, of London. As a great many
persons are subject to this disease, it
would be well for tfiem to take a note
ot what the correspondent' advises :
"Palpitation when not depending upon
organic disease, may be almost immedi.
ately arrested by bending tlie head
downward?, and allowing the arras to
liang pendant." The coiTefpoiident
further adds that "the effect is even still
more rapidly produced by holding the
breath for a few seconds, while the body
is in this bent nosition ' The above
has been tried by a medical friend ot
hesavstheeffi .nini i.'
aa he placed himself in tlie position de-
scribed, the palpitation was immediately
Why Hk Coci-pn't go to Church.
"I wouldn't be such a Christian as
you are, John," eaid his wife ' as she
stood In the doorway, dressed lor
church. " You could go with me very
well if you wanted to.' "How can I ?"
he half sobbed. "Tliere's the wood to
be split, and the coal to shovel over
I didn't think of that." she mnrmered
inoiignuuuy, ana giving her new cloak
a lreeh hitch aft, sailed out alone.
The Eugene Guard man advises
Carter ot the Corvallts Gazette, to "fold
his cars, if possible, to a sufficiently
small compass to enable him to get on
to a steamboat' etc. Hoys seems loJ
have lost all respect the head of his
tdinilyor any of Lis m.' IJn.
The women of Vancouver have jietition
el the town council to alSow one cow be
longing to each family to run at large In
the corporate limits.
Brownsville, March 1st, 1876.
Epitor Heuistkr: The . political
excitement is beginning to l felt in this
quiet little place, and before the next
regular election takes place there will
lie quite an amount of life exhibited by
each ot the two great parties. I suj
pose there are now real'y only two
parties, the other two being defunct.
The Republicans here propose to
make it lively for the Democrats, and
even at this early day I hear it intima
ted by some of the "faithful" that they
very much fear that this district, the
great Democratic stronghold, 'will go
Republican, and officeholders under the
"old regime" are lieginniug to feel tliat
they stand on slipjiery ground, and
realize that the day ot their doom is at
hand. Should their fears prove true,
(and they a to not groundless), this dis
trict will make ilselt felt on the Repulv
lican side in the coming contest. But
their fears do not stop here. Some ot
them even go so far as to say that they
believe that old, the "Democratic
Fanner County," will fall in on tlie side
of honesty and right, and redeem her
fast failing reputation. Should this be so,
our Democratic friends, who have been
holding "fat offices" at tlie Court-house,
and have felt so sate and certain of future
success, had better fear and tremble,
square their accounts ami prepare to
"pass in tlieir checks," tor the day and
hour wlien they shall lie called upon to
stand before the judgment bar is fast
hastening on and is even now at hand.
Let the Democrat who hath ears to
hear, hear, and let him, listening to
the voice of wisdom speaking from ags
and experience, give heed and reap his
golden liar vest while 'tis day, for the
night of his politcal death approaches,
when no Democrat can work.
The school taught by Prof. Hisliop
has just closed, but we have at least
one .other good school in progress.
This schoot is taught by Prof. G. C
Blakely, who thoroughly understands
his business. AH his scholars love and
respect him. His basis ot teaching is a
good one, and has a "firm foundation"
love and kindness and he never
attempts to govern and control by mere
brute force, as too many do to whom
tlie care and training of the youth are
On Thursday last several of the boys
had a sharp little "set to" but no seri
ous damage was done, and peace once
more reigns in Warsaw.
This is one of the best business places
in Oregon. We have five stores, and
expect another one to lw opened soon ;
and all are doing a splendid business.
I am sorry to have to add that we have
a "grocery" also, which is doing a
thriving business. This does not FjK?ak
so well, and "pity 'tis, 'tis true."
But this will do for the present.
O. R. KG ON.
Terrible Expi.osiox. On Wed
nesday last, at Umatilla rapids, the
ow belonging to Grant & Stone, iii
use removing obstructions and widening
the chauncl of the Columbia river at
J that point,was blown up, about 10 a. m.
of that day. One man was killed out
right, two wounded so that they will
not recover, and twelve others are mis
sing. There were between twenty and
thirty men in and about the boat at the
time of the explosion. Tlie explosion
was so terrific that it shook the biu'd
ings in Umatilla, six miles distant.
Tlie explosion ' is said to have been
caused by the igniting ot a package of
giant powder, used for blasting, stored
too near the furnace. Following are
tlie names of the missing men: Con
nelly, Hanson, Mangon, Sullivan, Fogg,
Krnss Trati,awav. p,0nder. McMallev.
Watty! Tenbrook, Newell and McCabe.
Gra was burnt aiK, t,, OMt
, , . ... T-
ot tlie water by the small boat. lp
I to last advices only the body ot nuc
Cabe had been recovered
A telegram from Umatilla, .laled
I March 1st, says : Scow blown to f rag-
I ments. Tliirteen men missing. Coe,
Basset!, Slonoand Tabor safe.
Mr. Peter McKay, : formerly station
agent at Cheyenne, arrived there from
the Plack Hills 011 the 21st ult. He
reports all the creeks frozen solid, ex
cept Spring creek, and that all mining
I operations have been suspended till
Spring except the Allen and Montana
creelc wbcre U,e vo,um of water ia so
" vney are able to keep at
work washing gold, and they are mat
ing aa high as $20 a day to the hand
they-average fully $10 a day to the
man. He says that all throughout the
II ills there are hundred " of miles of
creek banks, and none of them but will
Afield from $5 a day and upwards. ' He
reports that so far but few very rich
diggings have been found, but all ar
paying well. Thediscovcries on White-
wood creek are such that 55,000 is tl
price named fur claims of 300M. Dead
wood creek ia particularly rich in gold
Perhaps it is true that the nebulae
are but the dust and debris ot the great
Artificer's workshop, but that isn't what
a man thinks ot who muses at the
front door at 2 a. m. and hears his wife
breathing through tlie key-hole.
Stock. 1'oisojki. Parlies who set
out Hison to kill rats, squirrels, eats or
dogs, should be careful to so place it
that stock don't get it. A widow lady
of this city lost a valuable cow the pre-
sent week, supposed to have been poi
soned. .
"Charles," sad a young wife to her
husband, as they sat at the window
watching the fashionables on their way
church, "when you die, and I get the
. . - . .1
insurance money 1 intern! to have a fur
cape and muff just like that lady has on
. .
Vesuvius is once more in eruption.
The bottom left in the crater by the
eruption ot 1869 has disappeared, and
the mountain is smoking again. It is a
peculiar result of modern lite that an
eruption of Vesuvius is always a great
gain to Italy.
During the "cold spell" at Olympia,
it is said tlie pumpkins which were fro
zen exploded when exposed to the air.
Thereupon tlie naughty Bee says, "va
cancies in the editorial staff in that city
in consequence." The Uee doubtless
According to the Dee, Porllanders
commenced fasting and praying on I
Wednesday, and this "regimen' was to
be continued forty days. They have
been reading of the fate of those two
ancient cities that were destroyed with
fire a:id brimstone, we suppose, and pro
pose to get out of it in this way.
The aerial lady who bestrode the
broomstick in M. G.'s melody has s
rival in a Pittsfield, Mass., woman,
who, during the recent gale, took an
involuntary ride across the street on a
dry goods box.
The late Anthony Rothchild's son-m-law,
a brother of the Earl ot Ilard
wicke, is said to lie the fmt Christian
who has married into that famous fam
ily of bankers. The other daughter of
the Hebrew baronet is still single, and j
as 4,000,000 are to be divided between
the two sisters, perhaps some otlicr
Christian gentleman may be found will
ing to sacrifice his prejudices 011 the
matrimonial altar.
A California inventor has patented a J
contrivance for driving sewing machines
which does away with Ihe treadle. A
number of springs are moved by clock
work and governed by a lever so nicely
that the needle may be made to move
at any desired rate of speed. -The ma
chine will run for an hour aud a quar
ter with one winding up.
A German tailor at Des Moines has
invented a novel piano, the hammer of
which strikes bells iutead of s'rings.
There are in this piano sixty-six bells,
arying from two inches to -thirteen in diameter, all so adjusted that
each bell shall give Us perfect tone in
response to the touch of the performer's
hand on the keyboard.
Hon. K. X. Tolin, State Senator
from Josephine county, died at his res
idence on Deer Creek, in that county,
on the 22d inst. His death was net
unexpected as his liealth had been im- i
pared fur some time previous. lie was
a good husban J, a kind father ami a
respected citizen. ; ; ,
The Cincinnati Star rises to a point
of order on the paragraphing that is
going 011 about Colonel McKee as a
'journalist," and states its point as
follows j"MeKee, though a
never was a journalist. lie owned
si ,u a .wr uu hum. no more
...... jnn u..w..w
kujck iu m raniuau oiaKex vnu uwui;r an
engineer. Drawing dividends Irora the
earnings ot a newspaper does not make j
a journalist any more than drawing
dividends from a street railroad makes
a man a mule."
A Troy ( N. Y. ) man has been try-
ing to kill rats with bread covered with
arsenic The' bread disappeared, but
the rats didn't diminish, and finally he
caught his thirteen-year-old ' daughter
eatino- it. She confessed that she had
disposed of all of it, and liked it better
Usan anything she had ever tasted. It
appears that the girl had fits a year ago,
when she kept begging for arsenic and
the'doctor, thinking she was going to
aie any way, gave some, w..;
ujion she got well. Since then she lias
Ijeen given the deadly poison at differ-
cnt times, the only effect being to make
t .t -.3 .1
ner appear wen, origin, aim uuevriuu.i
lhecae has been laid before several
scientific men, all ot whom pronounce
one of tho most remarkable phenomena
of the age.
TV... . 1 . 1 .
jjun v,ai k s 13 rejiori-xi to 00 eu route
Ought to be allowed to sit down
A merchant of forty years' standing. .
lta,y wil nd "or hundred tons of
S(Kh1s to exhibited at Philadelphia.
Markets have been unusually quiet
during the week.v -Liverpool advices
still show a declining tendency in wheat.
Tlie bill for the saleot timber lands
in the States of California and Oregon
passed the Senate on Tuesday.
We hope our fO. li. Egon" will
stick to his "knitting,' and favor us
often with his interesting letters.
It is proclaimed that hjhmi the en-
trauce t,ie W a,my i,,to. Mad'1,
thprn will lx tlirno rlavc fan i v it ips. hull
-. -,
fights, etc. -J
; - ,
Our New York letter is behind time
wotully. All on account of the irregu-
larity of the mails between this city
anj gan Francisco,
Only one railroad passenger in 7,-
000,000 is killed in a year, and one in
1,000,000 receives any injury from rail-
road accidents ; 1
T i ; vi t T-..:.l I
lames j.oruiier viraiiam, . unci
States Consul at Florence, is about to
retire from tlal post on account of ill 1
health. I
The King of Spain proclaims that he,
with 50,000 ot his brave troops, will
repair at once to Cuba to quell the in-
snrrectiou there.
Tliere are now 25 men engaged in
graveling and leveling up tlie track of
tlie railroad from Walla Walla to
Gen. Crook lias started with a force
from Fort Laramie to hunt up and pun-I
ish Silling Bull aud Ids followers. Sit
ting Bull is said to have 1,500 warriors.
Tweiity-fi ve years ago a boy left home
and started out to become the President
of the United States. That boy is now
one of the best shoemakers iu the Oliio
Captain Hogardus lias been challeng
ed by Ira A. Payne to shoot for the
Captain's Laurel medal. The contest
WU1 probably take place out West in
A whisky flask has been invented
which looks like a book. Henceforth
book-worms and the worm of the still
incur the risk of being considered ider.-
They arc telling pitiful stories ot suf
fering from poverty in London, this
Winter. A barrister in good standing,
who was an Oxford "honor man," was
recently arrested for begging.
Don Carlos lias surrendered himself
to the French authorities, and the pro
tracted struggle in Spam is probably
at an end. Cuba will next receive the
attention of Spain.
A recent letter from San Francisco
has this :
"It is estimated that thirty thousand
men are here iienmless and out ot cm
ployment. Advise no one to come here
r Only by the hardest work can
keep above water ; once beneath tlie
surface, there is 110 resuscitation."
Parties making calculations on going
to California to get work or make a
"raise, will Ao well to read the above.
Tlie Bessemer saloon-steamer, that
proved an otter failure, has been sold at
a heavy Ions Ly the company which
owned it, and is undergoing tlie change
necessary to its conversion to tlie i:r-G of
a great floating bath, some distance
down tlie Thames, Kngland.
Gen, Hancock has been tried and ac-
Quitted. i You will nrobablv not bo able
'1 tn fiiul a tittlFiltivOfft Mklliitrv rVumwrtfut
...n. w aw.. .vwii wi.iivi .
sheets 111 tli TTnitil KfAtuM tutvovAr.
. jp
tbeir tfeeble judgment agaiiist the decis-
ion. of tliecomt, and with no otlier
evideiieotn" eir own wwikss, persist
evidence tlum tlieir own winltes, persist
in declaring him guilty. This is their
capital all they have.
capital all they
Great excitement prevails at Steam
boat Spiiugs, eleven mites from lie no.
j Nevada, ovr recent discoveries of ein-
nabar. On Sunday last there was
great rush of people to that vicinity,
j and the whole country was "taken up,
I Dean & tWheelcr sold one claim for
$10,000 cash, but refused $120,000 for
j an adjoining c'aini. That these discov-
erics are valuable no one denies, but
just exactly how, rich they are no one
I knows,
VTe judge from the remarks of ' the
ntmnrrnt t )at itg &xXox U opposed to
0mination an,i election of Mr.
. . Pres;.lencVi Tins much.
ftfc lo can ,Q jj uiaine8
I '
it j ;Mr. Taylor recently Bhod four
j horses at Rocky Bar, Idaho, with snow.
I simps, and brontrht them a distance of
flfVw mi Ins through snow so deen that
I -J .0 .... .
they couhl not have traveled tlirougii
The freight tariff on Walla Walla
and Columbia River Railroad is to bo
materially advanced, y
They Lave another Oriflamme at
Portland, the present one being a British
iron ship, of 2,250 tons capacity, loading
w;t, whcat for Europe,
New Orleans has a debt of 21,000,-
000, and is trying to compromise with
cieditors tor sixty cents on the dollar.
Extravagance in public works the cause.
The farmers Blue Gravel mine at
Sucker Flat, Yuba county, Cal., valued
at $400,000, is to be sold at sheriff's
sale on the 16th inst.
Fat cattle are scarce and much sought
afier in this market. More stall feeding
will have to be done in the future the
grass business is failing.
Another motor man, one named Gary,
lias turned up in Pennsylvania. Where
is the Thug, the gentle Thug, whose
mode is simple, nent and snug ?
Write your name by kindness, love,
and mercy, on the liearts of the people
you come in contact with, and you will
tin I'fir lin tnroYil txll
A Wisconsin man named Welsh is
to he credited with a novel suggestion
concerning suffrage. lie would give
each man 21 years old one vote, and
another when he reaches 42, and bestow
a final one when he is 63. Age and
experience, he says, produce patriotism,
a sense of public duty, and political
Tlie editor of the Boston Transcript
thus describes a meteor : "A 6haft of
gclden light was seen to shoot athwart
the sky. After traversing a path which
might have consumed a second tlie
erratic body relaxed its spec! gradually
until it had become motionless. In an
instant it burst into a shower ot crimson
and emerald brilliants, which descended
ilia luminous rain until they were ex
tinguished." Then he sat down on the
oilcloth in the hallway, and his wife
pulled oif his boots.
A negro, known as "Uncle Den,"
has been fuuud on the Filoiis plantation,
eight miles from Chappell Bill, iu
Washington county, Texas, who says
he was a g-xd sized boy, blowing the
licllows in a blacksmith shop in Virginia,
at the time of Braddock's defeat, in
1774. He lost his eyesight at about j
sixty years of ago, but 111 the course of
twenty years it returned to him, aud he
sees as well as anybody now. His hair
turned white with age, turned black
again, and is now w hite the second time
He now masticates with h's third set ot
teeth. He had fourteen wives ; is the
father of eighty five children, ami is
hale, hearty and active. From his
statements lie mut bo one hundred and
forty or one hundred and forty-five
years old. 1 lie centennial can nave
him it they want him.
Xew To-Daf.
j ''""
Tt'ST OFKKI, in llwlnilMinsnn rirt ft.,
iiut of Fttrrv liatctlv ticcuuled by II. Woed),
a new nd f caii stock of
Groceries, Provisions, Etc
wliMi I ofR-r 1o the clitecns of Allwiny and stir
romidln eouni ry t fair flvln rnle.
I imiHi lrrfttiiz a itoou hiovk oi evrviinnic
In mv line. In lt skmhoii. nd rej fully k
tlie littronasre f t he eil litenn of AHwny and vl-
""y. promising low prici-snml fill rrtenll nil trltli
March 3, IS7I5-S4VS
Comr Flint Md Ferrjr Ktn
Watches, Clocks, Stiver anI PlaUrd
Ware, and Jewelry of cvnry descriotlon and of
the best iuanufaetoriua.uu hand for Hale at fair
rule. . ,s ... ,'i
vjf- f'lciuiinir nnd rcoairinz Tlmenieccs a
'K"- .., cleaMd on
"'jSurnV' "wlifi
, Wreh s, wTo-aivs
ana aoo lor yoaneii-sg
j3arler JS2a.ox
' L. B. "ROYAL
ttas OPKXED a BarlK-r Slion on First street
Xi one door went of Thoinjwon ftlrvinu'sltar.
ntm Mion, wliera nc win oe )i.!tei 10 nioet u
nesa to nierii a p4.n111111111.ue in t in-, kiuki. mil
keep constantly on lmnd a full supply of
( Pcrnnurry and Hair Oils,
the best assortment in town. Come and see
tne. ....
Alimny, or., Foornary , I87s-23vs
"tlTAXTKU. An atrent for thiacttr and vicin
Vt Jty, tor the Mile of K. llutterlck Co.'
cektbrated and reliable patterns, tktod refei-
eno reqnireii. Aunrei n. a. ii,iu.iit 111
font tit., Min 1 nuieisco, cui. siini
J Itv: hlr. linhain and Mrs. Urubb linve
oiicnetl a ditniaking Bbop, one door west of
Fox's SI ore, anil are now prcparou 10 uu any
and all kinds of ladies' work with neatness imU
disnaleh. ; - - ' .
Mm. is n llinrnuuh and aecoiiiTilBnen
divusrnakcr, having len In Iho Imolnesn more
I nan t wenty yeai-s. en, an we imve n wy if,
try us and be convinced. Thanklul for past fa-
TOrs( we ask a continuance ot ini sumo
1MIIN nnd MHS. VRirnn. at tb
Nunc nlac. Iiave a stock of Fancy tJootts, and
useful a'i'i ornamental Roods for ladies' wear,
wl.i.-li tliev will sell at low rates.
i'lu-y ilo'all kinds of stamping on short not ieo
at reaonaiie leriii. iiso. itvius uu inu in
tary Corset the most fusliloiiiibltr and bast i
use. liivt) iiitnui, .
. ..Allianv. Fob. l--. ';-:-42.
C'-oraer Flrwt aad Ferry Streets.
Just Ifcoooi vol I
OF EV 1316. If ST I,E Sc. MAKE m
Highest market Price,
In exchange, lor all kinds of
..... r
Alerclianta'blo Produce 2
Silver & Plated Ware,
The Best Machine Made.
Iiicorporated Feb. 4. 1S7.1. "fnpUal. 20,000.
Conier First and Washington streets,"
ATLumx : Oregon.
r-reKident, S. A. OA WSON. V
Superintendcnl, A. J. JOIIXSOX
j. .. iiki:i.
A. ni.KVlNS,
1A HhU.M.
Wliolesnk; and Retail iHwIm-K In
Clothing:, Hardware, -Croefcerjr,
Groceries, Farm Implements
and OTacliinerj-, dee., Ate.
Man. Itnv and wll on vwnmlsioii all kinds of
laOIHI, MflrKTJIOH: liniKiUCr, AU.
JICC..4, IKilVBni'
From this date until furl lier notice, I will sella
Stoves & Ranges !
Allxtny, llec, 10, 1874-13
X no chair goes from my factory without my
name limn It. Ail others are false Imitations.
and should lie so resrardod. All persons are I
hereby warned ainiitist attempting any such
imposition upon my cusromer.
- Jefferson, Or., Jan. 21, 187U.
A It. I'EKSOXS knowing thcmselvfw inrtebtetl
xa. ny note or aeeonnt to jiuui linens, an-
liereby iiotiQed that he calls lor a settlement.
aim reiio4is inai iney will govern ii:iii!i'.i;
iMvordiiifftv. .1'iit.v ;;i;n.t..
port CASH,
- AT (,
Alliaov. lw-. S. 1S7A-IIVS .
Furniture Eooms.
Jks leave to announce to the citizen of t hi
city and snrronnding country, that helmsopeii
ed a large stock of
I.'!JJ"V"i,Hn" lately occupied ly Iw. Plnin
UlfT lr.rn ll,n!' 'lrt Htrvet. wlierc ran bo
liad.on miMt nnsonable term,
Parlor Sets, .
Bedroom Suits.
Koran, .';.'
Easy Chair,
Center Tables,
' - Desks, . a - -Book-eases,
Safes, v. :.
and in fact everything else needed te
My good are well made and of the Tory
Latest and Handsomest Styles.
.eSrf'I'BXITt'RK JiHUinfaetnivd to order, at
short notice. . .. ..-.- . ...
c Furniture repaired and put in irood aliapa
on Hliort not ice.
Ulv ineauul.
Albany, Nov. tt. 1H7J leva
Dress Slaking l
Millinery- Goods !
Ladies Furnishing Goods!
Mrs. R. A. ji)HN!. at hi-r nrvMnn on It yh).
albin street mur tlie inir of toennd, otter
the ladies a splendid stock of uuw
of every description, sill of the latest and most
lasnionauie styles, hue also lias a eouiivlele as
sortuientof )
IMlicaT aud C1illdria Faint Rlilnc Uood
Mixl lail.rwvnrl ,
of every quality and style, embracing
NiMineM. (Imii'lil r embroidered)
Kid slo'i-o,
eK-'l l.j,
and all kinds of ladies' nnd childivn's UUiler
wnir. wlii-li will lie sold very low.
Call tind exuminu good.
Alliany, Xo-. 2t!, 187V10V8
Choice City Property
For Saloi
rptfE VXTKKStfl'En, wlslilnz to emimte, ;
X isoirerint his prnficrty In Allwiny to- mik.-.
nsistin.!r of a iimhI residunee. kmiiol handy,,, ,
and near the business part of tlie city, wli It
jots i" block 33, IroiltiilK to the north on Tllint '
smwt and to the west on l'ali)MMia. The ktls
nreeneloseil by a nice piekit feint;, and there
isa ijfiod Imrn and otlier oiitbnildins, iMMiites
a choit lot of lMnrini fi-nit tiiii mid irraiie
vines, wit li a fence bui It tHtwn lite two lot,
forming a nlw little irnrtlcn snot, wlilcli Is in
extra condition for gardening, l'ossussion iflv
en soon after sale.
Any In formation given at I lie rcsnli-ncc of
J. M. IlKAlll. r
or as lie is ijciic'r.illy known, Mitt. llcavU.
Cheiaical Paint,
. i - ...i --"'"T"
Iachine Shop,!.,
A.F.HEtta Irortetr,
r :-;.. . . .- - j ' - -;-; -
Manufactures Steam Engiues.
Ftouf and Saw Kill! Haenln-
... And
' 'And all klnt'8 of . , .
TMrtlntnratlAtttnn nald toreniklrinirall .
kinds of machinery. lv3
Groceries & Provisions,
establishment on comer of KHsworl ir ,
and First streets, with a frosli rflxk of '
ttrooerlus, l'lwislons. Candles, Mrar, To
Inom, An., to whnli bo Invites the atten
tion of our citizens.
In eonnootion with tho store he will ktwip
a llakery, and will always have on lunula
f ull supply of frusU bread, cruckvii, &o.
CiT" Call uml sue tue.
Fohrimry !B-2tv4
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tor fcngianti. 1 it otherwise.