The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, February 18, 1876, Image 1

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NO. 22.
Wholesale ami lioiall iHsikr In
dry goods,
boots & shoes,
Reapers & mowers,
Vagons, PLOWS,
trt Ktrret, Allmuy, Oregon.
Terms :
St. Charles Hotel,
I'oruSr Wnslimstoii niii First Sir,.,
Matthews & Morrison,
ITohso iiewly rurnislxHl throughout. Tiic
inrsi ibb markvt lUloras always on tlie ta!)!e.
Vrco VwxvU to and froui tlio llomtr.
I. C. HAKrSR & CO.,
Dealers in
ID XL "S" 3-003ZS
'tolMK, Boots and SImms, Hats, tirorr-
rmj (tooth, .oliottN, ShotKiuiti
nd Pistols, SnUs, Rope, Jlirrwr,
tYHllwjer, YVmmI nnl Willow
ITf jrr, Trauks nnd Valises,
wikri Cutlery, A.,
wi vry low en ner ior titan, or lo prompt wv
ciislosHcrs on liine. v
l&atsiHg mitl Movinff SSnilding
"17"ethe unvki;sinko r.ttu i.eateti
T? annuanoi t t he ril izons rt" Aliisny nntl
surroiiii'iinij onuntry Hint, havin-'impplieil etur
w.ivesuii uw n.ary wm-liiniTi- for mw-
tiif? uml rciuovnt Imildttt-fs. we nre rutvlynt nil
llmiw to rxwiv ertlur tor sm-ii ww.-!, wlituh
M-u will tt in sliort oriler sit Itwt rat ratost. We
-Kiiiimiiii-o entire Jotiatkctkm in all work under
Orders huX at. tho &kgtsteb office promptly
Al!)tt, BANTY, ALLEN & CO.
Or, Ajiril SS. 1875. 2j;v
O- S. S. CO.
t her notice, freight from
All down freifilit will bo delivered at POKT-
if or A UK1A
Free of Urayagc and WIiaiTagc,
At Reduced Rates.
Boats will leave ALBANY for COUVALLIS or
For farther particiilars?, apply to
Albany, Sofi id, H-1'2 Ac;euti
v v stock or
selected with care, and Ijonylit for coin at
8canlalons9y Low "Flurca
uil s we bought low we csui inxl will ttoil then)
, ' at price; Unit will , ;
Astonish Everybody.
CSotoe and aeo oar selor.Uous of
ltVi-HH Uootls,
Mlbbon, Collars, Collarettes,
, BMCCt, ate, ..,
for the ladies, and our complete linea of
Ready made Clothing:,
' ' '- CnwiS m erf
of all descnplkme tor men and boys. Alao, f u 11
aaeortuienta of
Groceries, Crcclery ani Glassware.
v ,i 'or evoryljody.
Tho tAVit Roods, at tho lowest rates every time.
KWtVMiio and see.
Lebanon, Oregon, October 30, 1874.
Furniture Varerooms.
HAVING purchased the entire Interest, of O.
Collar in the lain nrm of Graf & Collar, in
tlie f urn iture business, takes this opportunity
to return his thanks to tho citizens of Albany
and vicinity wtio hare so ftenenoualy patron
iil him In the past, and respectfully nk a
continuance of the name. KaS-Aii kind of fur
niture kept on hand and manufactured to order
at lowest rates. UK1 OUAV.
Albany, Nov. ia-v8n8 -
Lztli House &J!arber Shop.
f ttily thtuik the citizens of A limn and vt
cmity for the liberal patrnnnie iwrowed on
rain for the past seven vtrs. and hoiww for the
f.imrea continuation of thir luvoi-s. For the
aoeotunirMiatlon of transient, etisioiiiers, and
triendd in the njner imrt of town, hr. has orx-n-MtaittIiUle6)iopn;xt
door to Taylor irOM.
Siiiixm, w liero a iioixl wm-kuiioi wiil ulwaya be
in fittetidtmee to wait iiimn put i-oim.
je. ll.lo?4. .joii WKlliiKB.
At tuc anmial meeting of tlie Dalles
Military KoaJ Co!iiny, liekl on the 7th
Just., the following ollicers were elected tor
tho present year : Pitwident, P.J. Murtin:
Vii-o Prcsiuei.t, Geo. I. Curry ; Secretary,
C N. Tlioi'iibury : IMreetors, -I. J. Iartni,
t.!eo. Curry, William Grant, O. S. S:iv
:igo nud JLosos Seller.
In Slieridan there art; 2 mercantile houses,
1 tint;? store, 2 blacksmith shop., 1 lioot
ami hIkk! shop, 1 hanicss shop, 1 wngoti
s!hjv, 1 iivery stable, 1 hotel, 1 butcher shop,
2 churches, a good school, a Masouie Lodge,
a Grunge and now but one saloon. There
used to be two salootis, but the peojile
have let down on it somewhat.
X!m: Dalles 3v-nlttiMCvr Kiys ; ''Tho vi
er in front vt cur city has been lull of ieo,
jammed in fifteen or twenty feet deep ;
the Kliekitat hill, on the opposite bank of
the river, covered with snow half wny
down, and the hill-sides on this sale tho
river covered wi.'h green, not an invisible
green either, but growing bunch grass on
which stoek may feed."
O. W. Boon was anesteil at Lone Iiock,
Wasco comity, l;ist w-eek, for an assault on
U. G. Kobinson. Boon is fifty-flve years
of age lie lost the tiso of his left ftrm in tito
Mexican war j two years ago three saw-
logs rolled over him. Gripping his left arm
still more ; also his right shoulder anil jaw
bone, and all his ribs were more or less
broken i and yet it took three ollicers to
arrest him !
At a meeting of citizens of Dailes City,
held at the U. S. land ofllee, Feb. 10, 1S73,
lor the purpose of devising means of utliliz
ing the U. S. mint building, which was
donated to the State of Oregon for educa
tional or charitable purjRWes, 31 r. O. S,
Savage was called to tlie chair and C. K
rhornbnry elected secretary. A committee
was appointed to devistj plans ot action mid
reiort at a future meeting.
On Thursday of last week, C. W. Young,
of Fugene, shipped to Olympia Sevcntoei
neau en beet cattle, wlneli would average
in weight about S00 pounds each, and were
probably the best lot ever shipped from
Lane county. Three of the largest weigli
ed respectively- 3,332, 1,084 and 1,(!4S
pounds. JIo received for tliem $00J,OG
ljoing an a veiage of 11 IS per head. There
Is always a market for lat eatrle, and not a
farmer in the country but could ship a
least one ear load each year.
From parties who have visited the recent
ly discovered placer mines in the heighlxn--
hood of Fort Lane, Jackson Co., the NV-
tiw-l learns that these mines are pnyin,
handsomely, and that a nugget of gold
weighing some $10 or 17 was picked up
one day last week. These mines were dh
covered in this wise : The water rtmnin;
through a rut which had been made by
wagons bringing wood from that vicinity
had washed the gold fret from the earth.
which was discovered by some parties who
immediately took up the ground in the
vicinity, and who have been working thi
same for the past few weeks. Some idea
ot their richness can be formed when we
stale tliatnfter washing up a piece of ground
not over S or 10 feet in width and about 13
feet in length, $200 was the result of the
The Seattle TiHtutte says; -'The sawmill
at TJfsalady has been shut down, and the
barks Omwd and lirontes tied up by the
laying on ot the Attachment ot last week
To secure relief, the company intend to sell
the bark Qawirtl; and, as profitable prop
erty, they keep the Facvrite sti'l rtmnin
and arc fitting tip the Litmic for the same
purpose. Bankruptcy will probably be the
upshot of it, the company carrying too
heavy a load of debt and paying too much
interest. It has been staved olf a long
time already, but is now almost certain
soon to come.'
In the district court: Antoine Hone, for
robbery, to be confined in the Kitap county
jaHforone year: John Rush, for assault,
to be imprisoned in the KhVap county jail
for two montlis; Ah Tuck, for grand larceny
to be imprisoned in the Kitsap county jail
for three rears; Georsre Johnston, tor m-niul
larceny, to be imprisoned in the1 Kitsap
county jail for eighteen mouths.
Rev. II. Cardwell writes from Klickitat
Feb. oth: During the winter there has
fallen in Klickitat valley in all near four
feet of snow, now all gone. Our coldest
was 4 below zero, and that but one morn
ing. Stock has done better thU Winter
than last, requiring less feed.
The citizens of Scappose made an attempt
to start a lyceum; the subject chosen was:
Resolved That a dog is a more useful ani
mal than a gun . ' The dog got salmon-sick
and the night set for' debate was deferred.
The gun failed to ignite and fizzled. ; Tlie
debate lias adjourned nine die.
A chemical analysis ot the waters of a
large number of wells at Salem reveals the
cause of so much sickness in that city and
a system of surface drainage is recommend
ed so that decayed animal and vegetable
matter will be carried off and not soak
through the ground into tho wells.
A boom lias been built at the basin at
Oregon City, which is to be adjusted at the
month of that receptacle to turn drift-wood
in the time of high water.' It is a ponder
ous institution, being nearly 300 feet in
length, and composed of three heavy tim
bers' lying side by side, fastened together
by heavy bolts of wrought iron.
Henry . RoeebiirT, who left Roseburg &
few wee rfs ago, to give himself tip to tho
authorities of Curry county, for the killing
of Scot! y, has been bound over for tho next
erm of court at Empire Cily. lie is out
on !fd,UW (-?)' i
The brass band is a new clement of dis
turbance in Seattle.
Sheep are reported dying fast in Clear
Lake valley.
At Graham's the Methodists are carry
ing on a spirited revival.
The ICsUcrjrrise says: "There arc onl
ton mules In Clackamas county."
More hhow than usual is reported to
have fallen in the Blue mountains fli't
Claekamas county has 07(5 men subject
to military duty, between the ages of 1
and 4'J.
John Myers and George A. Harding si
candidates lor Chief Engineer of the Ore
gon City Fire Department. I
Tho schooner JnmiiOi was oiit in a ga
off Fori Townscnd a lew days ago, aud had
her rudder broken.
The shipments of coal from Seattle in
January this year, were 5, W0 tons againsi
1,033 tons in January, 1S75; a very en
cottfaging increase.
tifteen hundred pomds of coal fell on
two Chinamen at Seattle tlie other day
Tlie ''Johns," strange to say were more
astonished than hurt.
Ilobson & Warren have secured from Mr
Hickox one thousand shingles for the ceu
tennial, a shingle measuring 20 inches In
A committee of Odd Fellows have been
appointed to ascertain and report tlie cost
ot building a hall m La Grande, with a
mu tiling smmoie for a store underneath.
Some San Francisco capitalists own a
track of about 1,S00 acres of excellent coal
lanu, near Coos City, which, from all ap
pearances, will prove the best coal mine
yet opened on Coos Bay.
lhe Independent says: W. "Masters, of
Farmiugton had an encounter with a half
dozen ot that kind of cats tliat the Irish
man said had been "atiu' onions,'" and
Masters was mastered by the said sweet
scented felines.
TV... T If .- ,
jw. -J, n jwani was nnumig a series o
meetings last week, at Cleveland, JDongla
county, assisted by the Rev. R. Boothe, of
Wilbur. Twenty-three persons united will
the M. E. Church, and several others were
converted. In some eases entire families
came forward together.
They Iiave a minister in Denver, Colora
do, who can lift 1,100 po.mdsand carry off
the load with ease. He ought to be able
to hold his own even in a lively tussle
with tlie "old boy' himself. j
1 nomas btm.ton, L., has resigned
tho iost of inspector of customs at Ncal
B.iyaud accepted that. of assistant .light-
house Keeper at Fort Angele?. Mr. Will
iam Cnshman takes the berth at Xeah Bay
A U isj tch from E. F. Bacon, general
agent at San Frane'sco, fo Otis Freeman
traveling agent on the Sound, informs the
latter that the Faeifie Mail company will
run two steamers a mouth on the Sound
route from and after the first of April.
Colorado lias a sensation in which Mr
II. II. Honore and other gentlemen prom
incut in public life figure conspicuously.
I hey arc charged with an attempt to cor
rupt the judiciary of that Territory for the
purpose of adding to their own private
James Morgan, late master of the Tcxzcr
and formerly ot the Mnitantr. has discover
...i - i i ? , ,
uu a vniiKiu.c qimrrz icau on jiiiaj'mas, or
Dog island, opposite Fidalgo island. Some
of the ore ha been assayed and yielded as
follows : .$S0 of copper, $5 of gold and $1.
1 5 of silver to the ton.
T. B. Warren, who owns an interest in
the Henrietta mine, at Washington, left a
Sjeeimen of ruby silver from Ills claim at
the Aml'o.c'ie oflicc, which is well worthy
of inspection. It is almost a solid chunk
of the precious metal itself, and will assay
away up into the thousands. f
b or keeping a bawdy house at Seaitle
i' rank lmrkc was sen tenced by Judge Lew-
kj pay a nne or f:rOU. If he; can brinff
..u.-,i;.ctory proof before- court a Mourns
that lie lias'not been engaged in tho same
disreputable business since he was indict
ed last August, 200 of the fine will be
A Salt Lake telegram' of the 12th .gays':
A few days ago, Alice, graud-daughtcr of
JSrigham oung, and daughter of Brigham
x oung, .jr., - married Clias. R. Honking.
Gentile, contrary to the wishes of her par
ents. Yesterday she visited . her mother,
ami during tho.evening her husband called
a . .
lor ner, due sne could not be fmmd. A
writ of habeas corpus was procured and
to-day the lady and parents appeared in
tho third district court to answer. Their
attorney claiming tliei-e . was not forcible
detention, the husband withdrew fm-ther
proceedings and tlw lady went homo with
her parents.
baby sea serpent, seven feet Ions, has
been found by Capt. Stratton, of Nenh Bay.
is wna taken to fort Townscnd, and Is to
be sent to tho Centennial.
Everj- cent of tho taxes levied in Klicki
tat county for the current year has been
Five dwellings arc in course of const ruct
ion nt this time in Belltown Seattle's
northern suburb.
Wm. Brown, one of Olympia's oldest
citizens has been appointed farmer on tho
Ncali bay Indian reservation.
Seal catching is the principal business
w ith the Indians, down at Capo Flattery.
Seven were taken week before last.
Two gentlemen; living about eight
miles South ot Olympic kHlcd twelve deer
on Thursday and Friday of last week.
f hehe is quite an excitement In coal
properly at Nanaimo. Tlie Comrish farm
tud West wood estate are either being pros
pected or are about to be proi-peetcd. Tlw
lew Chase river coal is sure to rsse in the
tuuiition of co.ll barbers and dealers. - i
11Y MAKY N. raiiSCOTT,
"There, say any tiling that comes in
to your head, bilvia 'any thino- that'
nice antl sentimental, and Bounds as it I
knew all creation, and had studied aud
read and thought no end ; any thing, so
mat no won t guess what a mi(erabl
little dunce I am. Only don't bother me
about it r
"And supposing he finds out
'Finds out! How in the namo
goodness is ho going to find out, uuless
you up ana tell hun (
"I shan't tell him. Hut it doesn'
iom right ; my coiircionce rebukes me,
I wake up rtometimes at dead of ni-'ht,
in a sort of nitrhtmarc-, where I sec him
treading your letters underfoot, and his
eyes like javelins : '
"It's high limo a-day foiSyoii to Bit
there and lecture mo, Silvia, and prato
about your conscience. I know what
I'm about; write tho letters aud keer
the dreams to yourself, What business
had you to be dreaming about my lover
let me ask t &. pretty case of con
"The same business that I have to be
writing to him, I suppose."
" irou write to hira Ijecause I require
m. ; anu papa mres ana pays you to be a
companion to me, and to do what
will. I don't see that yon need troublo
yourself at all about it, unless yon want
to inrow up tiic situation and oblige mo
to get used to a new companion." .
"Von might find thocliango ot hand
writing embarrassing, to be 6tire
laughed Silvia.
"it's very generous of vou to remind
mc of that dilemma, now, isii't it?
fun! just to show mo how deiieiident
am upon you ? Perhaps it's a bid for a
higher bgure. I always mistrust you
nign ana mighty conscientious tolks."
i oil know me better," answered
bilvia. "I was only thinking that vou
were laying up trouble for yourself."
"That needn't trouble you."
"it annoys mc that I should be ol-
liged to aid aad abet you in the under
" 'bwect sensibility! Oh, la !' You
may resign your situation and find
better if you can. I'm almost afraid to
keep such a saint in the house."
"Situations don't grow on bushes
i , ... . ...
uu laooreis are uncKcr than lues n
August; and Madame Genesis would
turn the twins out of house aud home
it I omitted a quarterly payment, you
Know." : ,
, "Well, what's the need of so mud
bother?. It's only a matter of choosino-
between your conscience which is only
another name for your own comfort
ana tho welfare of tlto twins. We'll
see which you lovo best, you goody
goody! And, after all, I can't under
stand that your poor conscience has
any thing to do in the matter. You're
always magnifying tiilles, looicing
tnrongn your i'antan siectacles at" -
Silvia Fat down at the desk and took
up the pen.
"You could write as good a letttr as
i, it yon chose.
"Hut I don't choose to bo bothered."
"It wou'dn't bo any bother to me
began Silvia. .-.-.
ihen youd better (Jo without anv
comments. .
1 mean to write my own love-let-
"That's because it would be such
novelty, perhaps." , ,
iow uon d do rude. Luna. 1 was
only thinking what a pleasure vou loscJ
l can aitora it, and my Iot is vour
"am. -
'I know if you would only give a little
piacuce to it, your haiul.vritmg would
1C finer than miuc. Let mo beg you to
try. j iiau-hour daily would work
" j'shaw ! I would a" tho hired to waste
so much lime on it. I nate to writo
and wh3t is money good for if it can't
relieve me ot doing things I hate to do ?
lhe girls at school used . to write mv
compositions and weren't halt as fussy
as you, tnougn 1 uian't pay them. Ami
noiXHly found it out either. '
LutI should so hate to deeoivo mv
i . :
lover. - .. r- .
Wait tnl yon cet one. And as t
that, the deception has begutf, and it
wouia only mako things worse to con-
"And when you'ro married."
"La, I shall get my letters, then or
yours, rather and burn them up pro-
viaea lie has not done so already. And
ho'U forget whether I wrote well or ill :
anu, like as not, won't care a fig.',' ,
"And are, otiln'lovo with 5im
I call that an imrertineiit o nest ion.
feilvia. It implies, a doubt. Most ,of
J-m . . a I 1
tho girls are in love with hjrn, let fno till
you. Perhaps yon'll experience a sbock
when yon see. lam, J IIe isn't so stun
ningly handsome s but h has those se
ductive manners that make mere beauty
a bagatelle I read that somewhere
and he's rich, rich as mud. and descend.
cd from the great Mogul, for all I can
tell. : lie knows enough to run two or
three colleges, I believe ; ami when I'm
flirsr J'rotossor bhalo it won't siernifv
wliethcr I writo in Choctaw or hiero
glyphics, awl nobody will ask whether
my grand lather was a soan-boiler or a
cobbler. I shall be at the top wave of
society, don't yon see?"
"I confess that I don't see it with
our eyes."
"Hut don't you with you could ?
"Sweetest eyes were ever seen.' so Max
calls them not that I'm a bit nroinl of
them! Aren't those gloves a er!ect
fit? A philopot'na gift from Mr, Mush
room. .Now, Pm going out, and you i
uiay linibh the letter and leave it lor
me to read. I know it will bo a gem.
Max says my letters always are. Ila !
ha ! He says it almost makes amends
for absence to receive one. So consider
yourself complimented."
--Poor Maxl"
"Poor Max, iudeed ! Didn't I just tell
you tnat he's rich as a Croesus, whoever
he was? . Uy the way, if I'm not here
early you had better send the letter off
to catch the evening mail he'll bo so
sorry not to receive one to morrow."
"And isn't there any thins: in nartic
ular that you wish mc to say in it ? Let
mc tell you it's no fool of a job to writo
a lovo loiter to a man you never saw."
"Lh ! you always hit upon tno rieh
things to say. I'lay that you had known
hun always and loved him dearly."
"iiut just, give mo a message of your
own-pioaueo. Silvia. - i : -
"Oh I well, tell him. tho last book lie
, sent me was absorbing ot course it
was, or he wouldn't have sent it; and
you must know, for I saw you reading
it ; i really haven't had time to opeu
it, out you needn't add that.
"Oh ! dear, dep.r."
"Why, did you bny it at that price T
langneu luna. ;
"Can't you nay any thing any thing
affectionate ! How am I to do all that
sort of thing in cold blood ?"
"Why, don't travel out of your way
to say spooney things ; writo natural ly
just as if we wero talking together,' he
ana 1.", ,-.: ;, ;. - '
," How do I know what you would
say tc him it you were talking together?
"How can I tell you 'in cold blood ?'
Can t you lniagina ?" - , . .i
"I may compromiso you ; I may lie
too gushing or too frigid.
"Never fear. The king can do no
wrong. I here e his last letter : maybe
it will give- you the cue. 1 declare, it
you make such a fuss I shall be sorry
ever set you about it."
"I am sorry already."
"Tho bargain's made and the money'i
jmid," murmured Luna, significantly.
as sue ciosea the door. :
Silvia opened "his last letter" and
sighed. What a pleasant one it was, to
be sure, and how little appreciated
owcetness wastea on the uesert air
Supjx)sing it were her own. Would any
one ever write to her like that ? A
genuine love-letter, meant for no eye but
ins sweetheart's, yet how desecrated.
The old lino said "Men were deooiv
ers ever." Had they taught woman the
craft i Hero was she professincr senti
inents she did not feel to a man she had
never seen. Was not the sin as mncl
hers as Luna's? -."Ought she not to ro
sign her situation, rather, and trust to
Providence for another ? Out there were
the twins two little babv sisters, witl
only her to look to, only her between
ineni aud the poor-house- Had 6tie
right to jeopardize their welfare for a
scruple, as Luna had hinted? This was
not the nrst time, to be sure, that she
had lent herself to the fraud ; but on
each occasion she had wrestled witli
herself and had been worsted by neces
sity. In fact, she had been trapped in
to it at the beginning. Luna had yawn
ed one day and said: "Come, Silvia
dear; Max has been away a fortnight
and I haven't written him once. VTe
were never separated before. I never
wrote him a line in my life ; but, good
ness, how his letters are accumulating !"
tossing a ha If score on the table, "and
something must be done. I hato writ
ing. I was never taught, I learned to
flirt and danco and parley vots-x
board ing-scnool, I learned small talk
very small talk and crochet: but my
nanuwritmg is ail pothooks and skew
ers. iuax wouia noyer speax to me
again if he once caught sight oi it; I know
no wouldn't. Aiui, as to o. mposition,
t can it say Doo ! t( a goose, on paper;
I havdn't any head for it. And his
letters are real poems. Do lash off
somethins;, that's a love. Let mo sec
what you'd say.
ig you had a
lover lika Max which would bo an
impossibility, of course. Hut there are
his letters. Head them."
And so, in a frolic vein. Silvia dash
ed oft a love-letter m the merriest mood
to an unknown Max, with, iust enonch
love m it tor flavoring and coquetry.
jttst enough to tantalize and make a
man s mouth water tor more, and sicrn-
ed it "your devoted Moonshine m
travesty of Luna's namo.
bplendid J" cried Luna, rcadinsr it
over Olivia's shoulder. "What prac
tice you must have had."
"lnever wrote a love-letter m mv
life, said Silvia. . " .
Why, what are you coins'' to do ?"
asked Luna, precipitately, arresting the
nait-tiried sheet that cm 1 via waved hi
the air. - "
'Tcar it up, of course." ' ' ' ' '
3f i'Xe vcr ! It's a work of art.' Let me
road it again, myself, before you make
away with it. . ; - ,
Iut Silvia fired with indignation
later, when sho learned tliat ray Luna
had dispatched the letter to Max a$ her
"Oh ? how could . yon ? How could
you?" cried Silvia
"It was just tho easiest and the neat.
est thing in the . world. He had left
mo an envelop all directed himself,
or iear i cwowa lorget. And he gives
mo no end of crotlit lor my brilliant
talent calls mo a Scvigno, whoever she
may bo. Ila! ha !" '
"Haven't you any conscience, Luna?"
"My dear,' you have euouch for us
But every little while since then Sil
ia's conscience, as well as her comix on
sense, had taken alarm: but all tho
same the letters wero written, and Max
eligbted. fchoiioe. to lie awake nights
trying to tie vise a scheme lor estricat-
Lunu and huhcit from the atiu-.
lion; and, alter all, the only ono which
she could invent was that which Luna
scorned, and would none of.
After Luna had taken herself off to
the promenade, Silvia diped her pen
iito fie gold and ebony ink-stand, and
wrote freely, as if she were indeed hold
ing sweet converse with a familiar af
finity. It was something, at least, to
be able to utter the thoughts that surg
ed in her soul, to express herself under
this mask. It was an oppoi tunify for
companionship, from which she was, in
a manner, cut off in all other directions.
Tho opinions and fancies of Silvia
Johnson, a needy day laborer, counted
for nothing in tlie society about her,
and it was only when she put on her
disguise, and wroto to another woman's
loyer, lhat they bit tho mark, and were
received with 4Jow; wonder,
fill that lie should appreciate and . re
spond to all heT extravagances and
transcendental notions, as if there had
already been some secret magnetic un
derstanding .botwecn them, before cir
cumstances had, thrown them, mentally
in each other's way. Was it only lovo
ror lAina, or - was it the unconscious
groping of a soul for its twin, which
caused every word of Silvia a to receiv
l 1 . ... -a
siicn nearty approbation, ana every
truth Bhe expressed seem an inborn in
stinct of the others leing ?
une day she tried aa experiment,
She 'wrote' in' this wise: '"I must tell
you of tho strangest thing that happen
cd to an acquaintance of mine.; "She
was ambitious, very .naturally, to ap-;
pear wen in ner lover's eyes. One day
lie foolishly went' away, and ' being a
bad penwoman and aware of other
mental deficiencies, which, however.
only needed time aud caro for their
improvement, she employed a friend to
write her love letters. Imagino her
lover's dismay when he discovered the
fact ! How should you have acted in
ins place r
"The woman who could so cruelly
deceive, would deserve my unbounded
contempt, as well as tho friend w ho
should lend herself to tho fraud," he
answered. . -
"There," said Silvia, "you have his
opinion ot us."
"La, he'll never supect me and in
for a penny, in for a pound," laughed
"Would you never forgive her ?"
Silvia asked, pursuing the subiect i
her next letter, "when it was only love
for you, and a mistaken wish to secure
your approbation, that prompted the
action r
UT 1 1 ' , - ' " ' ,
i eouiu never Kve sucn a woman
again, not if she repented in sackcloth
and ashes," he returned in reply, "and
suen women are not apt to repent."
"Oh ! Luna, Lima !" cried Silvia, ter.
rifled at the confession she had wrung
irom i roressor Ajax; "whatever will
you (iu r" : -
J ako care that ho never finds me
out eternal vigilance, ami all that
and, after all, there's as erood fish i
the sea. I'm not a bit scared; there'd
ue a rumpus and a row, but bless you
he'd come to his senses rrcsentlv: lit
couldn't help himself; the moth ami the
candle, you., know! Jleaveii save ns
what are you crying for ?"
"I'm crying about my sins,
"Oh ! all right; only it's bad for tho
eyes, ana it would mako it inconveni
ent for me if yon should crow blind
"I'm not so blind but I foresee a cri
sis some day, which you will rue."
"Catch me! Besides -you will be as
deep in the mud as I in tho mire."
"Jut I am not eucfsed to Professor
"Lut don't you wndi vou were?
Come, dry your eyes and remember
that tho end will justify tho means."
"I hat is just what I'm afraid of."
"Well, think of the twins, then, Max
is coming back directly, and uerhaDs
there won't be any more letters neces
sary wedding cards instead, may-be;
or perhaps I shall tell him myself and
explain that it was only a joke."
"And it will never do to laugh at
your, own joke, unless you laugh tho
other side ot your mouth
Uon't be sarcastic at the expense of
your mends. YouTt find my new ini
tial paper In tho left-hand drawer; vou
may, bo : brief - to-day, it yon pleaso.
Tliero, do I look eomme il fault 1 liy
tho way, yon needn't tell Max that I'm
going to the Mushroom's croquet party
tins aisernoon.
"Certainly not : how could you bo
writing to . him ; playing croquet with
mr. liuinon Mushroom at tho samo
time? I suppose it will be nnnecesary
to mention tlio fact that Mr. Mushroom
repeated poetry to you till nearly twelve
las? night on tho veranda, with only tho
moon tor , duenna ?r Was it 'Paradieo
Tst' or ?"
"Pome, I will not be lectured ' Silvia
Johnson ! ; Could I tell Mr. Mushroon
to go homo? Besides, they were some
verses ot his own very sweet ones,
too." .
"Sonnets to a Luna tic?" -"Well,
am I to blame if he is sweet
on mo ? v, J here, I shan't jar ey any
longer with you. Bo a good girl and
write your letters and think ot the
twins.'' ;
Silvia becan to write.; "My dear
Max:" how droll it looked all at onoo.
Sho could hardly help laughing, hardly
eip crying, uut compromised and wont
on, and had finished and folded tho let-
er and was m tho act of incWinrr it in
its addressed envelope when her two
lands wera suddenly imprisoned from
bohind, and a deep voioo Faid ovei her
A feast
of reason and a flow of
a brow ii-bearded lip Was
o id 1" and
ttoout to touch
Silvia'w white : nock;
when she turned her head aud oouliont
cd a strange gentleman, who dropped -her
hands and shot halt across tho room.
"Have I tho pleasure ot seeing Pro-,
fessor Shale?" said Silvia, faking in
the situation,1 but not liking it a bit," "
and dropping the, letter in her excito
ment. . ;.-.:
" "You flatter mo in calling it a pleas- '
uro,". said the Professor, "and I beg;
pardon; but, not having my glasses on,
I mistook you for M iss Lutestring." "
And then he stooped and picked up the"
telltale 'letter, and spread it out on his
knee and glared at it and then at shrink- '
ing Silvia, and selected choice morsels
to hurl at her, the lightning shcolirg
from his glance. - :
"And this is the way in which Miss
Lutestring wroto to me, eh ? "Yoji arc
her amanuensis aud mind-reader, I sup- !
Pose?"... - . . ;.f , ,,V ; i :,
('l am her companion, bought and
paid for,M said Silvia, -withering under
his eye. ' 1 ' ' "'
"A pretty pair of hypocrites bird 1
of a feather! ; I could not believe that .
tho world held such a couple. ; Tho . f
conception and execution of this deceit J
is worthy of older heads shows genius '
ot a rare typo ! A person capable ot . '
assisting at such a fraud can have no
appreciation of its effects; so, let me tell'
you, madam, that you have not only ,
robbed moot a homo and fireside, with v
all its genial influences, but. you have
broken my idol before my eyes ami , .
robbed mo of a future, so to speak.' .
; "I I!" cried Silvia, putting out, her ,
hand, as if sho would ward off tho ac-'
cusation.' "No, no, you will .forgive '
her; you will bo happy together again. ""
She is only a giddy child nobody tauglit '
her " --i-i.v .:;.;.
Except yourself!" thundered Max.r
1 ou can mako her what yon Uke,"M V
not heeding tho interruption, "as you -.
have done." ,? .... . ;; , ,
"Oh ! it . was my fault. I . should
have prevented it. What is a coman-;., ,
ion good for but to prevent such things!"
; "I am glad that you see your error,"
said Max; "but it's rather' late in tho'
day as far as Luna and I arc concerned. "r
How could I lovo a woman who regards
truth merely as a plaything? I assurd1" "
you that if I would it is not in my pow-
er to do so." -
The end of it was that Luna lost her
lover and Silvia her situation. ; -
" Wanted an amciinensis,"; read
Salvia in tins morning paper, ono day. . i
"I mean to apply." And sho may i
have felt a littlo sorry at her headlong;
action when she encountered , Professor
Slia'e. . ,
"So you. want Asituation as amcnu
ensis ?" asked Max, with a grim smile.
"Well, perhaps I ought to employ
you, since you lost your last througlr
my means.". "
'I did not guess it was vou " cxi "
plained Silvia, with a blush. "I will'
withdraw my application, if if-
memocrmg ino twins. ' ' . - r
"That would be quito unnecessary.-
I am acquainted with your skill in this."
business. Consider yourself engaged.'
So she sat down, and wroto hour alter"" !
hour, day in and day out, for three ' '
months; and then
"I'm almost sorry that we have ot.l
ten throiich with this tiiln of
confessed Max. "I bcleivo that I eai.l
some bitter thintrs a whilo aw but ler
bygones be bygones. I am going:
' 1 es " said Silvia, alisontl v. " A twl
I must be looking about for another sit
uation. ;
'You would prefer a permanent'
one r'
-Oh ! yes; certainly."
"And you'll not be surnrised if I of ¬
fer it to you ?"
"You !" .
"Yes. I remcmlxir telllnrr rmi mm'
that you had robbed mo ot liotno anT
fireside; but even a learned Professor
may be mistaken, I find. At least, let
mo assure you now. that vou can mako -
ameuds, if you will; that I lovo thrr
woman who robbed me of my blind"
faith in an ianis fatuus. Hush ! Notr
a word ! I will not have an answer to
day, l am going away, as I said, and-"
you shall writo me ono of your incomv '
parablo letters ithcr for good or ill."'
And ho bent and kissed a tress of lier
hair, and was gone. " 1
somewhat later, tho evemner Winers"' "
corrnscatod with an account of tlio wed
ding festivities of Miss Luna Lnteslringr ' i
ami Mr. Bullion Mushroom. Max
smiled, as he put tho paper down ami
re-read a letter tho Boatman had ins,. .
brought him; .rf .i -r . 4.
Tho twins, bless them !" ho thought'..
My. homo shall bo their homa. - T'.n. .
under great obliration to thnK a
children. It was their neecssiiioi ihit
saved mo freni marrying' a woman who
held the truth as of no account." -The
TiutctentlenL . , '
ANOTIIKIi LaNTTSRN. 1 totshcforV h't
in contemplation a newspaiwr in I'aris.
ii tno pocKec or a man arrested in that
ity for drunkenness were fomul t-tt .
from Hochefort"' a'il-m i r
the organization of a new journal to bo
called tho Hailiement. ICochefon was
to writo for it over tho
Le Lantcrnier," giving , this rcasr-t-1
lie law permits a transports! r-irco
to writs, but not to sign. U all tho
world does not recognize mo the fault
will not be mine."
The telescoiHi man was t--
troit again roeonlly, liaving dloveanl
new oDject ot mterett on
rw ten ccnti yvi
soltin with its h' s 1
..w. . . .
fee Is
' ovt'r t! -j
and U aiiv
etlg,., gouts; it'sbaid-ho :, ,l"
oi you aro lookin' lor
...vyr v au laKe v, t ,
Kr i.