The Albany register. (Albany, Or.) 1868-18??, January 14, 1876, Image 1

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    - 1 "W-f..ww. .. .: ... -: - . . rai,u ,..,.., ..;tv ;v .,r . .. .. ..." j?
H & - r : ' 'i k (t)(loJ ,)JU' 7iS7'y:r''777 ' r i?r "T i Wi anftfiHfj "A
yMv,;:v..:;g -,:,,,,; albanv, okix-qn. jat.vkv h,,i87o;: " - . ; : - ' no: it.
i nc masts ana ..yards; worn .nnLi I
' I will. ' . ."M
i in ., 'X" ""'lfi (UIIIJ3, HI 1(1 rilfi Kllin
was dash. no YhMnerfi 'ihtl v. j ,..,
"" "$Ilji ' Vi "i'"f """
Wholesale and Be1a ifJuerS in
DRY GSltS t: -
j 1'roHfl Columbia.
First street, AltMuiy, Orfrn
JFrra3 :
, Aster if an Exchange Ifetel.' j
. SfJ fii ai Washington Bts. '
A1JUXY, . . r . ' .'- OBEUOS.
so popular under the
7 -1- 1 t IIIKiUKUlTI llfUllUl'lUUIll,
IJ,i!,H,!?yiSrWea P tiia 1st of f ctoUy: to c.
first eHn -caterer, i tlmmasl th fco3
uusiness. ept. 20:7o-tf.
First Sis
i f6
"llatthcws & Morrison,
Itoiise. ncw'Sy furnisliod throughout. The
west the market affords always on The tabic.
fNttWa ud from the IIoumc
Dealers in
"Where the chillins snow of Winter
iOA',wu.iu4i0wy wMe
AM H-le1flet fii-l i fr-en tfter- v .
All the mountains tn their might ;
W,,ere among the roPky ttno9
I Kouiiih t lie ifrizzly bear lit will,
-rjThere, fn hlnshlnjc, tnhloii UenutVi
. Young Columbia's waters rill.
From its fountain
. i5 lVovmn. t-rf-vitM
-f J Leaps the water flito sfshtT
Flowinjr. dnrklini;,
P Anon, xparkliUK
Like a diamond In the light.
W)own the mountain anvnu rushing,
I l.enplaa or the beetKntr rocks,'
All impediments he tnoeks:
I'ltttm now to ks the hranrhlct
Han((ins o'er her limpid face' "'
Stnrtin otfofrain In Wildncsa
On her man lncal race.
V tl 3 q IpSroitfte
Kvcr mar thy wild nnrest ?
- i.h.etal!ei" now 8ho zander.
-,s,4aJ y fhe lofty pine, '
NouriblnK flie ynuwy meadows, '
'BearlnK on hr bosom vosaers -
GhUdrcn of her tnothpr-pridc-- "'' ' "
Rotlins ei-er to the ocvtin,
Mighty, pnftseless, nohlo tide.
- orthy gladness, "
And thy madness,
, ,yt.ay maniacal glee ;
'Or thy power, -And
tny dower,
;(,:-.! I'roud Columbia, proudarewe.
f W'herethoblmsfaciflc snrifes
Thwmler In their rythmic spleen,
M here in the occidental sunbeam
Jr" tneir Klot ies on t he scene,
T5,ere anid old natnre's-fnindeur
There, amid the Krand sublime,
Pr?J Columbia Joins her music
W ith the ocean's eeaeless rhvtiic.
,, , , , tirand old river,
KoHln-y ever
Onwnrd to the ocean wide.
Time ma v sever,
I5ut wi; never
..ltllplfrfBrectysiiiStv tide.
, Wo
insr rrronnds. a Kttlo ToiQ ;,; X.'.
wo- t j - - . -v- til kilt ;u.i .-w 1 1 ,
4-oihiB)r, Hoots aiHiAhIUOtVrorf
rlea, Wmmrr Uoods, Jtotl mw, aWiotKung
PtstoBans; Btope, Mirrors,
Wwltapgt ;Wod and Willow
Ti-es- IVmlM nnd Talbcs,
.Jwket Cntlery, Ac,
SoW fery low cither for eash, or to prompt pav
ii33 injr customers on time. v7
Raisins BIOTitigr Buildings.
uniHimwe to the citizens of AUmiiiv and
snrroiindiiiK emantry that, havinactsiipplieiloni'
selres with the nceesiatry machinery for rais
ing and rU)v4a uiklait we arei.-uly at all
times to receive orilers for such work, which
wc vflr'tp m'flirt orier ate lowest rwtea. - We
- j;itt-rtw-iriM satisfRctiuii in uii work nntJer
taken by us.
wraers nut at tne uhguteb onice promptly
at ten ted to. Apply to.
Alba, ,Wti t i : BAST Yt ALLEN JfcCO.
Or, AprU S3. 1875. i 2v7
S.nAg Pvi.lkk. Last week Hie uew m;i-
vliinery recently put into the Government
nng Puller was te&&; flnfl cave the be-t
of satisfaction. The innliiuerv. ' n !.
Portland Keening JowhhK consists of an
iinniiially powctfnl and well built dtnikey
engine, constructed in tint city. The boil
er and "engine are placed near the middle
of the deck. On each side of the boiler is
an iron capstan, worked by Roni ing in ihe
liold. Tli capstan on Hie starboard, side
is goarexl to develop power,' moves slowly
aim la used for hoisting logs, snags and
other objects. The capstan on tlie poi
.t . -. . - . ...
muu isgejireu in jim the opposite war, o
that it gains great rapidity as it looses pow
er. This capstan U wholly intended for
taking in lines, as is of-en done in moving
the vessel by taking a line and making it
last far ahead of the boat. Levers reach-
ru rto tlie hatches with prime oil.' Tlic
nailing-Had been good fn th Arctic, and
the? captaiu would no come , while the
t were so plentiful, although he knew
the danger of staying too long in the
northern seas ; and the failors, prov'erb-
lauiy careiess ot danger, : only -thought
tha each fish towed'alongside addqd to
the yaluo pf their "lay." ,,The ea was
lwg?iiying to show signs of coming dan
ger, aM was full of floating block1 of
ice and Hoes, but as yet not . etioiisb to-
giVe ;causo iot serious ftpprelieoron..
There vas always danger at pea, and
especially in the whale-fishery '; that We
well' knew, bnt that we were in Smniedi
ae tlafigeft,r)o onfe irould believe: - We.
had a good ship and kind officers,, who
always look their share iu any dagger,
cheerfully and bravely. asoffieers should.'
If it had beeir otlierwise, the men wortkl
have been clamoroun,'. long befQrei (or
them to take the ship out of those seas.
They would lunve srueiled danger then,
only too qu'ickhy. " ' '
'We WGro!fiill' now: linvni'or ol
were to sail early next day for the South
i acinc, iiiere to winter. Ihe men
were crowing o.ver the pleasant days
they were to j-pent among the delighfiil
ly immoral inliabitants of theSouth 8e
Islands, and lliinkincr of the inantilv ot
i Iee they, would stow away when once
, j at Tahiti. Hut tlieir dreams 'M' ere bro
j kenthat night by a call to the deek
j order tusa:l at once; They nn.
i clr.stood ihe danger . low ; tlie wiud
iiau. shitted, and, was blo.wmg . qtyte
I Strotio-lv fr. im tlin cmtlnfacl All il,Ar
floating fragments which had been pass- J
ing uicin tor. ruany days would be driv
en back upon them, crowding them in
upon that desolate coast; and if tlat
was doi;e, it meant, at the least, a win
ter of terrible toil and, danger in those
icy seas. ,
It wa a beautiful clear night, such as
we see only, itt ; the frigid : ssnie. Tlie
1'ale moon beamed full, upon the turrets
and pinnacles of lowering ice burgs.' al-
l'Oadv Iw'll'ITtfr jlctUril lll-jill lie l.
tipAttltf l.r' zrvtr. trsssfrthore I
...j ,w. jxtt .rn uviiUli, VIIJACI
were in si-rht. avtendinsr toward th
wast, and thieatenin2 us in their dumb
iieiimn. ve must set out ' or tins
-.- ilKI WtLII
every ail net. ' We needer tmtd how
us iiuv vaiaiu miiu. xi We;!OUlt i.JVISS
through -tliat rapidly, narrowing Hpe.of
water, all would be well. ' "If not -well
we musV take tlie 1chaiices:'; Tho Sea'
Horse was a fast tehip ij -wtf itrusted in
Iter, and tlie stout Vepsel flctBllyfeetn-
? ouch , of
the helm was obeyed, arid we dashed
into tlie onenino fi t-. kt,,At.j
- j. -) nun nn;
cape at A ftartul speech tnifc, as fust as we
went, we cpuld see. tlie t,spaee : of dark
water liarrowinsr foot bv TunV T"i.M
was 'no chance fvt retreat noflf; when we
had once passed into the trap. Tliere
was no room for beating, and ireLcouM
iio gpt fjack agaipslUiew. iu ,ajr
other wav. - CaDtain L
puciLiuii iijjoii v'ie capstan neal
watching the approach ofthe'great flerd
bnt not a mnscJe et liw istemfitee moved
asue.norea! tueiiiearULvfaiadity with
which- the ice ..was. closing in. , JJ gave
ins oiuera wunoui a cnange in voice or
attitude, and by hU 'gallant'' conduct
Kept, up ine npimsiot iirie meni Bnt
our ..uajiger: was , iiicreasuig cn-ery mo-
Ult io ciear tne mile ot the passace
...v-i. iiiuaiiii.u iiciuie we couki reach
tlie opeft sea whiles the-' iee-fioid passed
AL'Ali n i.ini-ln. . . 1 . ,1 ! -.,
" Muanu ui niu uisiance, wasjltie
1.1 1 . ' . - i
.-niuougn ine sjjeca ot the ship was
tremendous, yet "to" us she seemed to
crawl, and but for Hie tell-tale log-line
we shduld ;iia) .said that: we IiaTdly
moved, yet the tall masts were bendiug
under the weight of the Iiravv oiio or3
fit seemed-as if the canVaswonld be torn
Irom the boltroppii yet tfievheld '
Still the
majestically dri,vig Jore it a fright!
ened Ijerd of seal. The rending pf tlie
ice by the force of the waves -tlie crash
of falling icebefgs-i-the barking -of the
sealall riMnglvtlfjii etrango; confusion,
iiiu et una narrow path -to safety grew
narrower still. , Loyking ahead, we saw
the open sea," not three hundred ' yards
away, but scarcely theW&s length be
tween the fieiit aiid the ;ice akng the
shore!. Kveiy mail held his breath, for
he knew that the moment of dir?W iiiV-
il had come. " TIte mate sprung into
the chains and shouted iiis ni-dcra in a
' harsh, and - straineil voice. . Tlie ice
ners' to Capt. Price's camp, arid if things
were not found lust
on tlie fourth day of departure of, said
iiuiiKir? at twelve o'clockj lie might do
with his prisoners as he pleased, r The
Tunner started.'' Oarsnn anA
.. . . - .. . ,i - i.i i j
saoHttlne that everything wnnld "
satisffletory , to the ieff tm.itied pris-:
viiwrmiiy ana nappy.' !.-iu
Ori the morning of the fourth day ail
were momentarily ''expecting the runher
to appear. -Ten' ofcIock came and no run
ner; iusiVht : 11 and no mimnrm
fVEv:erything in camp was excitement
; . ... w ... unuuiTCIC W&n COTTRI n
Don't let us make sport any longer of
" "-v ,s.".Hv i,yyw"i, nuv j non, anu snail continue i? .grow ..wvrau
went to sea in a bowl,'? or, let us .pause j until breakfast, time' has arrived; to re
since perusing tlie annexed 'lines' relat
ing to a certain Donnlarcalinarv Coerai
. ' . 1 1 T I . .
hiivn lis sr Aur tiQnrra
x Here's oeano' in tlie irying-pan,
When the fntl.rvpiip high'; v
jiTliera be&iUy Um dozeu eggs, ; :..
Dropped softly in to fry;
There's beauty id n slice ot ham,
-Vi' rWestplialla, yoiiug and sweet ,
A nil U'liun fnmilliai. Ihnv a ,a f'i-1 tj 1 '
; , - " ii.i ;i, . "-f r.
xiivj re iJttiiiiiui iu e;n.
. I
'1 ;
before doing so and await ,-the outcome
ot Ukj Itussian yacht' here descriled by
Mr. Itecd, an English - naval arclrttect
on a visit to St. PeteTsburtf. as foflows
Ve activity irid Varied ' eiiteVprise
"ing nere may De interred trorrr ttu
circarastance that I 'have divided my
lime: UMlay between lb steaming trials i I ,J "" " . . "
that his runner had V..,iT' tV " r, reme'y fcrew launch i A Jetroit boy stopped rnakirfg ' finger
inat, ms runner nad been foully dealt and tlie saili.w triaia nr;.ii..i.. aLL:.' n :
.T.' 1 :I:an6r "" VJ-epanu Most of your readers will have heard, at once one dav Lmk nr m kov-
iuiKj iui vnmmarv renflrotirw'i,niAKA f . . -
-i-.-r. " rf , v .-' rui. n many nave eeen the fust little fAid M. Mr Porrm ft .,lm'
j (Wn: i....,-i. t.: v... i v ' " V" T7-, , vr " .v iiiuuij fcKitt. i rue ouaneieu. : ".uecause wnen . A was. t
etiterriso arrd ' sncess tJo Grand over there this morning she '.put her,
Dnke CertiracVof'lfflijiv' liaiid lri la4ike this; aiid shaaT
bought one of these 'little steamers and most cried aJ sle said: ,PoT,:d8arrtoy!"",
brotoght hef here,- it1 occntred !ttf?Mr. howcotild f ur fallitei'!'fver! Ihmlc or"5'"1
Laird, who is the beaii-of a larcre erfi maiTvifwr thafr shar.noMd. t irmra.r(
wernnst plpar llio inim f irii- r;i..c ,15- i harsh ai
i tant. or we were doomed.- V.verv inm: 1 clo" ; the prow of the ship had inst
was on deck at his. station, for we knew
that it needed quick hands and willing
hearts to save us now, and to avoid the
'bergs in our path. Two of the Ijest
men were at the wheel, and the first
mate, a stanch old whaler, conned the
ing tlie deck are used in connecting either ship and gave orders. Acain and aaain
or both remstnrts will. tl.t , i i . . y , , .V
S- CO.""
IMIITD T-4 l.'t. T VTIT I"
- tber no! ice, freijjht from
or both capstans with the working shafts
of the machinery. At the trial a large water-soaked
log was taken hold of and lilted
about twenty feet in two minutes to ac
complish which effect by tlie old method,
Capt. Smith informs us, would have reunir
ed at least an hour's work. As the steam
gagne only showad forty pounds pressure
when tlie log was hoisted, and allowed a
maximum of one hundred andjfifty lbs.,
sevpral times as'iiTttcl force ca"rr-1e Oevcl-
VV C 10 " j coming in fast now,
tin tw-ttes l$'gr'& ft-Mihead ot its, it will
the flveff and Capt. Smith sys that scArccTeaVe the shin "
ly one in a
...' T T . Ii .i SSI r (
All down fr.;wht will be delivered at l'O'KT-'
At redw.ceq Rates.
Xloaft- wm 1eai-e AI.BAXT for COX'.'ALLrS or
, -- POHTLANO , -
, 0 gyui-
ror f-rtltf OCSSJCIWlHI AJS
Any, Kov. 5d, 74-li AffnU
Itt'llilti ! i
JiOBT. mca;xv.
pOSTIilH'" j 4'T ?JeALLEY
stock of "
" Scandalonslr Low Figures
and as we tellltf ''caia ai4 trifiscll them
Hll.ll.. .
s In a luujdredail heo he-u-i-. ,
of this cifj, recently graduated at the med
ial college, in San Francisco, with the
liighest hem,'- Being imideflfafefy' 'pfll-rl
etl superior inducements by Dr. Tolan, he
acceptMl ti-M4iM4fiy imyiiuyfi
we seemed about to foul one of theso
ice-mountains; but, as often, the prompt
orders ot the mate carried us out of dan
ger, and the white mass passed us by
O" its way to the ccast. It was a mag
nificent sight, but full of erii, lor we
knew that many a ship had been crushed
by the sudden overturning of one of
these floating hills. Y '
. "Twill be touch "and co if wc e'ear
the cape," 1 heard the captain whis-
Ier to ine seconu mate, "ihe ice is
and if the floe gets
passed into the open sea, when we felt
her train bio1 througlv her oak;i frame,
and we were lifted bodily from tlie wa
ter, hung tliere a uiumeut, and then shot
fonvard as if launched from the ways
into the tossing waves. lieyon'd !
' We looked back, now tliat siirfety was
assured, and saw that tke passage
through which we had come was utterly
obliterated, and that the ice-field was
uucauy piung lisen up on the shore in
the utmost confusion. I have passed
many hours of peril, but never one to
equal the passage of the Ca-ic. w
f amte41l,
Pool las,
for the ladies, jnrf oof aoniptate lines of
: o 1 1 oiaaa r , ..k
of all descriptions for men and boys. Also, full
J,eJ'w goooji, at the lowetrt rates every time,
pfCome and see.
umaon. Ormmi. Mihm M. 1M1 .
lTyTv Vnrrhmm the entire Interest of .
3," ' t . fnn e-f O-sf Collar, in.
f.J. ' , tts opport'ini'y
wi . '"T1"? '! tti Hlzens of Alfny
vicinity who iisvo so jrenronly natj-oa-la
tl past, ant'erfitlly afie a
mT.IJS'"'''' "fthowiaio, C-rAll kinasof iur
"r tyn nd and mauufactnred t o order
AP,? ? f KEU GRAF.
AiBanj-, Not. IJ-vSuS (
fd surgeon in the hospitals and in his. pri
vate practice, eivinsr him a nostrfnii'thWii
generally only to be obtained by long years
of rfslVe'rlflg'-emiVt. It is a flattering
tri buto t U :-J ii tfhT onr.Cieiirf llrllliZ
rta, and we. together with hU many friends
1 . . i i .
nere, are giau to nc-Tofhis sutvess.
"O n- i ;-r ...
w i i.uii.i l, turLioK. -N unibor .nriA
ot ViCKS ,o.vGviDE,fr.J87$.J41as wi-
ijeru numoei. aneau oranvthinv in
o j ,
issued from the press. Tynoffranhieallir it
can liaj-clly be excelled,,, and--Ua contents
wiir inost certainly be receivea with f-ix-or
by the public. Send 25c to James Vlck.
IJoclicste? Kevv-jVotif, nod eveeive UieGnide
ror one year.
- . T
Hard a-starboard 1 " yelled the first
l diaiYm
' '.At i
Last Friday the mail service was
iuiuvu, win ecu mus city aua fort.iaiiu, on
the Albany express trtin. The reason
for Its discontinuance was that ii didn't
pay the Railroad ,jCo. VTelL : wa ran' tin
without it, bfc It would have been ouite a
cuuveiiience to our people, who are net
expected to care much whether it was
convenience to the railroad or not.
lie Centennial ifistorical
stems: ipjiThonrrsnnprie
a,.tAikkli Q anotheWcididac
for public favor. It is handsome) v nH nf.vl.
and has some neat Hllustralloiis.' s '
rt, ..' .' ) :. . if
Mrs. A. B. Morris was buried nn VrlHuo
afternoon oiMtt iftniltj ltevs:'nhlte and
Alfred, Pojtrf )fcltte(J at, tfw graye g A
large number of citizens, followed in the
funeral procjqi v., , ,r ;..' .
. t. .1. :: . ,"t ,1.
Vert iLtfTM fnip. Iriends, of '118
Ella Barrows will bp sorry -to learn that
news from San Francisco states that she is
very fil UKe94 mfifrvpelpT hei soctf
The Uofvaf ttf 'a5 fomfts out enlarge
and Is nfw feecf ii pape v
bopeSilfy rBr-niat'e Wpiirthat ranth-bet-
ter than it did betore.
m . .
Died The yoimgest child ot Chas.
Barnes died on Friday and was" consigned
to tiie tomb on' Saturday.' . -
See tlie several legal advertisements in
i tlil Issue, 'JTiey my be of iiitereft to you.
be all we can do to
"Cant we carry a little more
captain?' said the mate, uneasily,
"It won't do now. We are carrying
all we dare in this sea, fr it is hard
trY nt'in'rl ilia ILmhwad I
" " va.w wi t.-,,i IV I t .
mate r "Ilartll M
The prow ot the hhip receded from a
great 'berg we were approaching, and
we fair'v ownnl flw Tl v-:-
-j . . .... . J .J . IIV IV A I, luw-
ment the iceberg bowed its mighty head
and went down with a great surge and
gplash, seine of its pinnacles striking the
water scarcely a hundreJ yards astern.
The base came up from ' the depths of
the sea, and the great mass sailed on its
way. . - .' -. ,
We ran north ten miles, for we necd-
en mat much othng to weather the cape,
and, then headed southwest bv west
Wo were now coiner through the water
a me rate pi ten Knots an Hour, scatter
sng the spray before us, while tlie bump-
inif ui Final i ot ine aoaniKt our
Side told U8 that the rnn . was nrtmino-
j - i ji i. ' . . ?
uuwu rapiuiv. it was a mo-lit nt tai
j, , ...i,-T
aim uanger,, Dut when morning came
wo were close to the cape, and as we
looked seaward a crv burst from
i; a . -""
ir., iu uur uanger ueeame apparent. .
Two miles of blue sea were clear, but
beyond that, wo saw the ice-field .tntK
ing away to the distant horiion, tossing
under the ran "rif tha v,-;.... - t .
. j v . 'i-ii't run. xx
vast white Mirfacfij broken and irregular,
IfTCai UIOCKS .. tlld rhPAII t..rnrl
through the face of tlie field in i arions
positions, comiriflf down" hefi-A 1Kb win
toward the noint whiefi we' rioe'rd
- . " j
WLn . I 1
y., auu we naa yet some miles to go
wc couia ciearit. ' t;antjtni i ar
ton sprpng up uri the capstan and look
ed out, and then'itxke to Iiis'menI
. IIL, . 11, 1 - -l - , . ... ...
fjov.ui, i ne criea. ins , stinii vn iw
riricriiiar ut lifcn- thin hi nut Af -,.
fc. o - v. MHuindta
' .s .1.- J. I I-j ,v . .-
- -y hib uanger as- wen as ' J.
---- - "y.jv lyi up i,u uu auuut ana
make a winter harbor. "before ' tfie field
"f?" FMjiie us, out, a . ipinR ,lhe Chances
bout even whether wa ciear tlia mi
ff not. - .As Hmnv; as !artt'tin favor f
.u i 7 ... . ... .
uiKiiri' uie nninnsf i nnm nn t hai -ink
'ew aiid everv:handi-srrwv mn .iml .
spile was seeu upon' the face of the cap-
tt-,?j -'-'fjli"? wisk-Mr the studding
f".'" a" kb out ''everyiniiig wnicn
win qraw, tor wnat we, ' want is' speed
- "Lay aloft, vou sons of freedom !"
cried tho first mate; I "Jump I l Away
you go now.'"
In the town' ol Arrow Kock, on the
Jlis-sonri Uiver, the celebrated mbnntain
eer and trapjier, Bob Carson, vet lives;
is hale, stout and liearty able'aud will
ing to make many more like trips. He
is full of anecdotes, and gives us many
hair-breadth crapes fVoiii 'niountain
stoims nd I d ian' figlits, - .r .
He says he, last lights piace lie got
into was, in ihfi'vfwr is. -i..,.:.. i.
Mexican war. The Mexicans were com
m ittmg depredations,' ' a fid ' litid toleii
some of onr goyernmeot horses and raulea '
Captain iPriae. aflci-ward .fion. stri;.
Carson Uioueht Ida .Knur bad
as preparations were made ; ' aiid, t well'
Knowing the terms wonld be complied
withi 6 -called ? Sandivere and - told
him le would like to have a talk with
him betore he and bis
. , ; v Wl V V
Carson and SaridiVere commenced their
talk. Caron all the time walkincr alotciv
and leisurely from the eamn. tAlMnrr tU
chief that the horses, saddles, blankets,
eic, were au donated or willed to him,
the crea't chief, and that ho wrnQ not.
compelled, on accpunt of this donation.
io uivtue ine in among ins warriors. ; -t , ;
The chief was ! much , inUreted oru-l
pleased witli this donation, and by this
time thev were eisrhtv to one hundred
yards away, from camp, when Carson,
with the; dexterity of an old mountain
eer, pulled from Jus boot leg an ugly
lookinsr holster nistol. cocked mid nn:
sented it directlv at tTiV. fn nf ilm r-M
'chief, exclaiming : ' '" '"- ' '
"&tand sir ! you are my prisoner."1 "
"What do you mean?" asked Sand i-
vere. ' ' - ' ' " -
'I nienn lust what I: sav Jf von
move one inch, you ars a dead man."
ine iiiuians, seeingtlieir chief m dan
ger, siarieu to Jr.s rescue, but Carson
told him to motion his men back, or he
Would shoot him on the spot. The old
chief, well knowing the man he had to
deal witli- instantly complied, and mo
tioned his men back. Carson then told
him to order ap his twelve men with their
horses, just as he had received them,
and Leo with them. This was instantly
complied with. , ,
Carson, then, mounted the old chief
behind one of his men, and started for
Capt. Price's, camp,' where Saiidivere
found things as represented by Carson.
The runner had been there, but had lost
.1.- . i i , -i .
ii.e iran, wincn nau , caused the delay.
Capt. Price gave the chief many pres-
cui!., anu escorieu nun to ins tribe lie
afterwards was a true friend to the
whites, and in many instances did verv
valuable er vice. ,
1 bus by tho coolness, cunning and
downright bravery of Bob Carsoti this
devoted band were res
cued from certain death.
. ; w . . iw.pv, .n- ' CfiUI ir-UWETfTU,! trivia
gitnneejablishme'ntHn -'thw eiu-f to 1 faced nU moil? fni cAfkrvMii untaV'1
I " J J I t -f , m'wm svra . , on uuywo1 f WW ' Sx ' J
show what can be done in Russia in a ( She look Henry Ay l,lio ear, and i whilo
similar way, and it . is on board ; tbei she led him intoi the shed she informed
in.ue craii winch JieJias. produced that bim that it would be nothing 1 short
Long live Bob Carson.
.'rice, was in command of a company of
J nited Stisfles volunteers,' who were ever
To keep away Fi.iks. This is not
the season for the housiiold pests, but
if there be any virtue in the? subjoined,
we don't know of a more seasonable
time to give it to readers, in order that
they may be prepa red when ' the flv
time filial! come : , . i .
,! Tlio Rev.vGeorge Meai-cs Drought,
writing trom J re land to the London
Times, says : For three years I lived
in a town, and during that time mV siti
iing-room nas reen tree trom flies, three
or tour only walking about my break
fast table, while" all ray neighbors rooms
.were crowaea. l otten congratulated
myself on my escape but never : knew
1 have seen to-day. .. fcibe, lias .been
built of thin sheet bi ass find fitLAil ip till
compound engines from" the desieos of
Mr. Norman Scott Russell,1 the, man-
Ser oi -ir. uaira's establishment, and
is ill evnrv rosuert a mvwt cn
.- - - I. '. ,
Cidedly surpassing in speed. I am cred
ibly informed, t he English steel lx)at.
jhiuiow uouot inai sue to-dav exceeded
a speed of eighteen ' miles ' an honr, al-
mougn unaer conditions tlit were not
altogether favorable. : JlKThornecrofi's
uoat was said to have gone ui England
at a higher speed than Mr. JJaird claims
for .liia,. but when the two, competed
here the Russian., built - boat iwas tho
faster, 1 As a sjjecimen of these extremely
light and iast. river boats, which are so
useful in taking three or four persons
swiftly from place to place. Mr, Baird's
deserves crreat uraise. No - ur riraisn
but from quite another cause, is duo to
mo cuuuiis ii,:e circular sailing yacht
twenty reel in diameter- m which
afterward made' some1 sailing trials.
I he little craft was 'built by a young
omoer or the JiusAiau Navy attached to
Adnnral Popofl's' staff io show : that
the circular form is not by any means
as adverse to sueed -as manv Rimnoce
She is cutter rigged, with a very taunt
iijuai. anu nas great spcea under canvas ui
uuiuuiuuiion Willi ail alLoo-etlier.,Miin.
qualled jower.of 'staying -and wearing.
one is perred'y round, like a tea saucer
uccKeu somewnai alter the fashion of
isermuda boat, and having great, sta-
uiiiiy, can carry, aimost-without wcluia
tion, ail the canvas which it is possible
u spreaa upon her. bhe is conseqnently
uiy na, as i nave already said
extremely handy withal. Like every
thing : I have seen i in connection
with Kussian circular; shqw, she is cal
culated to disturb many prejudices, and
to teach much even to tho.e who know
death if lie "ever ehtered'Mrs.-
hotise again. ' .j;i; '3- ilitiom
A WvntIa , Wonder
, - , w VI V V-l I -..w ...w.. v. ' M i.n.,1 n t vw iia y o JOLiZKJ,
ready tur a scout' or a i-ir I 1 tiiiv nwi hnmn A ... r..
ordered to make a detail of twelve of tq auotbei house, while I remainetl on
his best men nd, .sejid liern, in tsearch oi for a .few ; days longer. . Among other
. Z r ?" vyiyx;. : a wciveciioice aud i imngs movea were two boxes ot Ucra-
f.ftfwT rriAn (irhViA aF.-.v" ' ' j ' 1 ' V I f ' ' ' t -'- la - - .
v- cic uiijjst-u. Anen came tne mums ana calceolarias, winch stood
query wlio is abfe and williiig to take in my' window, the windows always
commaiidi'of ;this -eqnad ? i Ifc. must, be being Itept open to fall extent, ton and
some man who pan talk with tho differ, bottom. The boxes were not gone half
ent Indian tYiKno i!,-,,.i.' If.i.i. . i f 1 t'r L : ' ,. -
viuuuuii wiiicji Liiev u iiuur uvioro in v room was as tun nt
iiln.-iiA-: I 41,aci tv.. - A J .1 , rrn : . .r .
may have to pass in pursuit of the Mexi
cans." "' -f.UA i;iti.v;.-&tl 5.,a j,.
Luckily for the squad, at this rnoiuent
Jiu;vnr8pu rpae up, well mounted, on
u liivorue Hunting norso, Leo. A
shout frori-f 'xM tweTi viftor.,'iW'
welcome ; theirobject was stated ad be
JKuncsiea io uve Rommaiul Mtl,
insr 6uited Carson better than I
He told Capt." lYwo thai fie could
ioiiow a eoia tran as Jast as anv Kviin?
ran wuiu, unu to mve himuii rm.i.n.
easiness, that he woivld bring his twelve
The t?eoael afcbw.? Mu-11-4 Ji
I he ec6nd day out they ef ruck the troi f ;
nies as mo: e arouna me, ' J his, to me,
is a new discovery, and nerhaLria it nui-
serve to encourage others in that which
is always a source of pleasure, and that
Which now tmivea aAsn lev tm a cu-umno
of comfort, vi.V Window gardening.
. Figures aboct Trrfi PAt.Arp The
foreman of construct ion - 6f tho Palace
hotel has ' been ' ' nuttlno tnorether arvmn
. r. .
iTiiereHtiiitr smisucsftbotitttie mammnih
wiuw. . ii says luat mere were i:y
miles of mouldings used in the interior,
aroillid the rloArs ftnd wfiuYrn-fa 1A1
miles of tr tlnnra nrl - nMntiAn.-
- --- osoww ww m
O A L rtsTu0 Vr c-rt twivo n Osll - . : 1
. . m ' j vnoti-iii) 1 -v2 -iio vi jau-wemixio auu a,i,r ; lUHs
I fit tn Al-nnli-i o i - ! a : rm - -TLi.'11
"'o' a , j -lj .aiii'' li vi hh ur in r nm l-i i nint iomn ' sma i i i t: v ..
tance a Jage.. party, pf, Judians. and as dew frames,1 3,411 pairs of sash; and
iney were on tnendly terras wfth' the 60,126 feet of inside blinds.- ' There are
uinereiix irioes,!. arson and his band huf- 2,125 turned and fluted columns in use
ried to oveitaifo tKm, ivAn;i. .i,::J u :,t .u... ,
. "'png w gain i ciippuiio tu ine tun iuoi b, uiuing ailCt
Spme information COlleeriiino- t hn. tlr IhrealrfW rnome r.ffi 1,oll0 n.,.l l '.
- ov vuaiju mi. ; JXf,
HBy tflSCOVererl tbot-AjV..MMAta UiI a-ah tm.JW-1 It in IS &et fVnm
"rirvt r"?r "VW TO Karfc ne rode I er uoor u tse wp ot the- ndgo po!e of
j"!' J 7 ,w -sirong, ciosea i.ino BKyiignbp. j-rlMli,.) . . fnim
r cosuoroteiv KnrrAfinz-Ai ' : - - -
- - , . . .'.villi - - . m . "i, --
aamimoia -alio lii j.,t I i r . T.
, ..i,, .vrvjv up'Lo arsr.'it.t 'M4JOKnEBED.iMr..i5. JXWijaard-t a
.iv.-l 1 1 , . wealthy merchant oi. Souths Monntain.
1 I ' J iv . wjbhuj uieivuwi'iUI;;OUUtp:yJUOBIHUn)
L t"TY0a are my prisoner. Owyhee, Idaho, and formerly of Boise
W IIjT-Z I T. -i7?"iiuib nie ciuei a viiy, was ruuiaerea m nis store tne night
srtinijsound thit they werolso in of D5cv 2l6t" Ho7 was shot Hhronzh
Dursuibot lost t:twlc.cfi... .i.u i i j i i.- . :
a?redr by, the .CnitedfStatea traons. - I ed with -.mA.jmn tj)mnst nw
, ;The Mexicans had told iiTm'tl.'iS'tU'I Ene t a -m
. - : T. Ar I TI- - iT;-T""".- HHtiyCl UXJUU
Uia ;. ia.rrr "JC" w"-" w u uaKi3e.
iiivii'.Mn UUllrU IfflHi' IIHlMt- NnnJlifii-- I.MfAa'K m-.. .
to!d Jiia tweJyA mon ,;. 4
' . Ihe next imornino-, the nM i,;r-.. f '. tji,i: . n.-i .
V' - - i- " ww- t,,, .v. iu iraiiivu uu n iuiju irum mast.
menced uiakincr nnrara;nn. it: i i'. . .i. . . .-- .
,, ,i . . ' . r"""""" " Miirui. u iiiv ui a tuiu, 1110 uisiaiice Dein
and scalp pnisoners. ' Carsoif caHed- 431feet, and several times lie was con!!
niro aside for a talk, and ' finally I pnr. pelled to stand still wbi'e the waves
nniucu nun ip cena one or rns best run-' rocked the ves?el.
From David Iiidcout wlio lias iieen
engagea in preparing a section of
petrified tree tor the Centennial
tion, wo leara; the . following lireJative
to the petrified, forest in tho desert of
- N orth western , ' Ilumbold r."; lv O ii ' ' the
nlain. about thirtv miles ;kroisf. of tlie
Blackiock i-aiigo, of mountains, Mauds
uueoi xue greaieBt natural cunositiCH
over ' discovered ' in ; Neinda) vTt in ' n
petrified forest,in: which, the 6lniiipipf
many or tne . trees, . now, changed into,
solid ,v40ok, and - mtHill standiiisr.
There are no living trees drwogetatioiH
of any kind other than stduted sagebrusli
in the vicinitv. Some of these ancient
Slants of a forest, which flont-islied wr.
imps thousands of years, ago, when the
a ? Lr t . .
yiuiiaie ,or axevaaa,- was unoouuteaiy
more favorable tor Has i rowtli -f ln-
urient vegetation than at present, rival
in size ine uig trees . ot California.
Stnmns. transfoimed into solid rrmlr
stand in an upright positionj witli tlieir
wus imueuaea iu ine sou, ; as when
growing, that measninf- from fifteen to
(went v-six feet in circumference and
QTouud in - tho VKllIUtV IB si iwn witli
the trniik8.and limbs, which retain tWir
natural eliace nd sfee. -'Mi. - Rid emit
determined to seciir a 'section of "one of
these trees for the Centennial Exhihi.
tion, and,-, with two. other men, peut
-.weive tiays in ; cutting it ; trom the
6tumD. This - Was aecomnHiilierl "he-
drilling all around tiie tree separating
n wiui weages.. ine specimen is three
t 1 V .
ieei iii-n -ana eiernieen teet meimnm.
ferecce, and its estimated weight is three
ions. - is stands on the stump from
which it was severed, ready to be loaded
on a wagon. . Mr. Hideout docs, not
feel abte to incnr the iexnerisa of ; lirino-.
ing it by team to the railroad. thoutrh
he had once made arrano-emems tii do
so, but the other liarty to the agreement
failed to jiei fonn his partV lie is "anx
ious to call the attention of the Centen
nial -commissioners to", the matter, and
see if they will not furnish the means -to
get it to the; railroad. iThe country in
w.ruuii i w miuaiea- is an mviun'- iield
for geologists."',-1". '".-
iE V.KMl'BESS; 0F,,At STCIA. -
Paris correspondent tlMia-tiercribos this
laugust personage: ' i
A Woman who hax n fin rrarrin'frfi-nd
walks most fnacefiillv. -not. i
gracefully as the Empress Eugenie, is
the Empress of Austria. ,wha has. beeiv-
pur izuest recently. Her ma lent v wenC '
about incognito, ; and ipf and out thei-'
snops and to see the markets; and to
. i. it - .. .. '
tnt' gaueries ;
foot, in a dark
ed cane, of tho twU
fl'n.t hi.. nmlt.iL.! n: T. j-!;t tal '-'vi
.....v numv.-u n IrtlJU UUJJ, WlliUIl IUR .
Empress brought with her from Vienna.
It is said she is very, fond of such pets.
When Her Mfllestv 'nnbtod Paiis elm. -
b'urried along the,; railway : platfornv:
Without ariv ceremony; tlie- big dog,' :
and anothcP'she had bought at tho Jar- r
dm .d'AcclimataUoc, jumping at her ; -side
; and she" mounted her carriage, -kissing
and pushing her daughter, a very
small AKJiduchess.beforo hor her dogs:'
coming iii behiud. j i-a ',&:'!, ...'-
to see the markets ; and to
i; and all s this mostly .onk,
k dress,' an- a, quaint hood.
he style of touis X V: J?e-: '"I
Z Tiiixgs to Think Ovkk. Albert., .
Rhodes, writing on ''Woman's Occupa-' :
tiens" iu the Ga!&xv: savs " '
,; The moral sense akes'duTereut forms .
in different couutrics. The Creek pil
grim having bathed in the Jordan where-',
Christ" was baptized, believes himself:
saws of Heaven, and ctiiilled to a largo
license in tlie conduct of life. . In Sparta
it Was not SO much the rrimo nf cIahI
ing as thc.discovery which, was culpable.
In France, bankruptcy is social ostra
cism, and ip the Uiiited States it is an.
event which.hardly aflfccls the social po
..: : - - -nn - - .
onion, a lie married woman nf . ii'r.-ta
who distributes her favors to others than
1. 1 i i .
ner nusoand rny possibly bo regaided
with .indulgence ; - if -ho- i i rir-f ,
clieat heif creditors eho is hurried before i
ine iriouais -ot justice. - Jn t America. .
3he inavt connive with lier lllir.alul'rb -
evading -credUors by? ha-, ing propcrtv''
uutnM ui cr, vut sue may not
nut stabs in the
J C3 v( l w
is well . ' therefore: not to s-issiire mmnH 'i
superiority,! for tvirtuo is! more or less '
relativ6rconvtMrtK)iial.".f"''t , .
-j i t i ;-i - si:
' Fcrrv ; ureserif ed 'niernni-iai. '
Michigan to oay each Union -.ld.o- . 1
sailor $2Q0 in lieu of a homestead tract:
for an amendrnetittojthe terisiori Iw fof rfr
soldiers; of 1812 So as to grant iiehsion- "
to all WtiO fervfld fi VP llv n.Bf Vm.n - -
.lily discharp-ed and to amend 1 1.0.1 1 rvrv-i a. .' .
or x m ' - - ? 'r -o p -aa4x -1 . -t
steadlaw q as tq give each soldier and. '
sailor, who by loss of limbo other dka- .
bilitv are unable tn cnttla n
of land without the objigations to fcttla
nu ll '-" ' "' " ' -'
lit is a remark of tlie great and celei
brated Greek statesman, Pericles, which
the reader ma v find S 11 - t H COflAK.1 Vuvnl.
' -w WUU,WIK
of Ihucydides, that the dress of a feraal
should be such, as -'to be as litf,! as poii.
sible the theme of conversation .among
the other eex, either X t praise . or cen.
SUre' Tina i .tindonl-:w4l- V-
-;B ...,, j , W1UO
doctrine, not ' only for'' ladies; bit ' lor
gentlemen. ' " ', ' " ,--'.' - -
Mr. Budd askedi her T?
j A-fcVSTWo -ITIliK
thou be mine?" Rose answered: "1 am
sorry it cannot ha hnr a
i . - . v i vIJUUL
s D6 turned into a bud."
??: ft
r StPB-HEATBs Stkam.--Ih a d.
s enption of the City of Panama, which
runs between Puget Sound , and Sao -,
Francisco, ,the Seattle,, Dispatch --says i .
Tlie strangest part was, , however,, the '
super-heating boiler, which so dries the
steam; that it will tteiibar scald tior bom
tlie flesh, but glances off like hot air. -
. .. , . , , .,,,...'
' VTlie prisoner at thfl Lmtf Mm .'
ha ve a veiy fmooth face,") said spec
tator to the tailor. x.Va hi;l t ,, ,
jailor "he was ironed .'just' before lie'
was brought in." t fv - i';,;""fJ : i '
'Isn't vour husband . littlo koU
asked one lady t pf another,-5 in a store,
yesterday. "There isn't a hald t.air
Jiut:b,?.jwM:-tlihJiBy':blT of the "
Wife. '?; :-(-Vv "SiiiY " .i-tilj,' in t :
'fYes. he inav be a! row1 .liTs.- ... :
all that; but he cant pass ' beersaloon,"
was ! what ' one ' literarv' -nntlmn v
raarked of 1 another 6n the1 street ves-' ' '
ierdajr-.1' ?ii.--';rs, --;i'!i-.t , i"
- " " - " 1 T "1 - j nit j, ft it ' -T "'. ' . X" ' '
hangings fn, Louisiana. ' that' yvow
bonsUiitlyj-oQst; aihet with tbi
question: "Any boom te-day ?" .n vT.-
The rtumaii'1 rrarrit J fnu4nUtf t- -
uded to hw ; Rmtli
good brother knew a all Krm.k.. .
ana aimset&yiBoctotem jDemoante.
I Hi. i
A Detroit reman honl.5? tv.-vtr ij ..
inw jjjjuca pMf tb- -r; t &b
idea of Josin her powers c f rs e -ae-.
It is ihe ! man wPif ' i .
talks-most Iviokally ci" t,v,j
ness ot thin""-!. .. ,. '. i - - .t-.
4 t-
Tlie man who would like to see vqu
-the blind man. v