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Corner firry ami First Sirctia.
Ose copy, one year i"2 50
One copy, six mouths...: I M
To clubsof twenty, each copy ...2 00
Single copies Ten cents.
SubscrilH-rs outside of I.inn -ouiity win )e
charged 2( eclits extra 3 70 for tbeyenr-as
that' is. the amount, of postage per annum
which we sire required to pay on each paper
mailed by u. r
A iff li In for ttio licjrister.
The following named gentlemen are author
ised to receive and receipt for subscriptions
to the Rjwsistf.b in the localities mentioned :
U?ssrs. Kirk & Hume Brownsville.
Robert Glass Cmwlbrdsville.
W. P. Smith Hal-sey.
rt. P. Tompkins Harrisburg,.
t. H. Clanghton Le!nn.qii.
. Wheeler & Co Shedd.
Messrs. Smith 4 Bmsfleld Junction City.
J. B. Irvine Scio.
Thos. H. Kevnolds satani.
W. Waterhouse Monmouth.
A mule has kicked Sergeant Bates
in Canada. Bless that mule. Bates is
now freezing there on the fires of patri
otism. s Sunday is a heathen name, and
Sabbath is a Jewish name, the Congre
gatioualists proposes to substitute ior
them be Christian name, Lord's Day.
. The Southern Oregon Swamp Land
Company rnetfat Jacksonville on Fri
day last and elected James D. Fay
J. N. T. Miller and Ileury Clippel as
directors; afso Ilenry Klipyel as Presi
dent. s Tlic. Chnrchmau, which does not
favor revivals, says the system of revivals
is often almost as "false and certainly
not as honsst as thc,Koran. The latter
requires something to be done, but the
former substitutes emotion for doing.
! At the late meetii)"- of the Georgia
Methodist Episcopal Conference, a reso
lution was passed expressing their firm
opposition to any movement which
looks to the separation of the work of
tho church into white and colored con
ferences. A man is reported as having attempt
ed suicide because lie regaled himself
with a dose of castor, oil, turpentine,
and several more such condiments.
Whv should an innocent man be accused
of snicido when physicians frequently
charge . liberally for exactly the same
prescription, and no one accuses them of
It was "chimplirisftaday" at Trevor
Hall, and the boarders were fast ap
peasing their inordinate desire when
one cf them" discovered a long hair is-
suing from his dumpling. lie tried
quietly to remove it, but discovered
that it was no loose appendage. He
then handed it to the waiter with,
"Pleas remove this and give me a bald
headed one."
Governor Thayer, of Wyoming Ter
ritory, in his annual message, directs
attention to the fact that, within six
months, along the Hue of the Pacific
Railroad, not less than three thousand
lk have been slaughtered for the hides
alone, that flesh bcins; thrown away,
and Le recommends tho enactment of
, laws imposing severe penalties for such
a wholesale massacre of game.
It is .estimated that one huudrtd
thousand and head of cattle aro annu
ally stolen from Texas and driven into
Mexico by JVIexican marauders. The
extensive border line between the two
countries, reaching many hundred miles,
witnesses many atrocious acts on the
part of Mexican bandits that the civil
ized world never hears of. Assassina
tions, robberies and other crimes have
been carried on to such an extent as to
make life and property very uncertain
and insecure anywhere on that bordeu. "
Sonic time ago, says an exchange, a
farmer came into the office and stopped
: his paper because iie "couldn't afford to
take a newspaper. The next week he
sold off his old corn four cents below
.the market price ; then his place was
sold for taxes because he didn't know
they were due ; he lost the nomination
for supervisor because he only beard of
the convention three days after it had
adjourned ; he lost $10 betting on Col
umbia two days after Cornell . had won
both races; he was arrested and. fined
- eightylollars for going hunting on Sun
day, and V he aid $300 for a lot of
.forged notes that bad been advertized,
and the people cautionad not to negoti
ate them, two weeks. Then he paid a
great big Irishman with a leg like a
derrick, three dollars to ' kick him all
the way to the newspaper office., where
he paid four year's subscriptiou in ad
Vance, aud Biade the editor sign ' and
swear to a written agree mene to -knock
him down and rob him if he ever order
ed hi paper stopped again, d
For Presideut the best man ; in the
republican party. IVtlliatusport Uull-
etm. V e appreciate the compliment :
but we don't want the office.
- A good hotel at night is like a rail
road bed full of sleepers.
lie was tcu years old. lie had a
red . nose, tears in Tiis eyes, ragged
clothes, and lie was awful sorry. ,
"It makes a shiver run up and down
my back when I think cf this boy
standing on a 6treet corner aud calling
pedestrians names," said- his Honor
"It was in fun !" wailed the lad.
"Think of hi.s calling men 'old bald
headed' and tho like of that !"
"Jim put me up to it!"
"I don't want to saw him in two,
and it's too late" now to use him for
lish-bait, but this boy needs reforming."
"I'll reform ! I'll reform 1" cried the
"I don't want to send him to prison,
and yet I fear he will turn out a bad
"Try ma try me I'll never call
names no more !" sobbed the boy.
His Honor left the chair, walked
down to the boy, aiid putting his hand
on his head he solemnly said :
. "Bub, a bald-headed man isn't to
blame lor it. He'd have hair there if
he could. I am bald, and Bijah is bald,
but we always pay one hundred cents
on a dollar and never dead-beat a street
car. You may go home, but if you
come again I shall know that you want
to turn out a Dick Turpinj and I shall
deal with you accordingly." Detroit
A husband and wife had arranged
that when one was drunk the other
should work, thus keeping on every
other day. But once John kept drunk
three days, and came home in Jistress.
"And what are you crying about?"
asked his helpmate.. "O, I feel so un
naPPy' cried John. "LTnhappy! and
you've been drunk, while I've been
working ever suce day before yesterdav.
Ho you expect to be an angel?"
Iu the four years from IS70 to 187-4
there was a decrease cf two hundred in
the number of candidates for orders in
the Protestant Episcopal Church. It
is said of the candidates that they do
not "represent the highest culture, talent
and social standing in the church.
The African Repository states that
since the close of the war 3,000 colored
persons have been sent to Liberia and
established there by the American Colo
nization Society.
Yesterday after noon While several
men were drinking at a Griwold street
bar a a woman quietly and soft ly. entered
Some of the men sat down, others stared
at the woman and the bar-keeper timidly
inquired :
"Come to pray?"
"No, sir!" she promptly responded,
"I've come here to get .the wash-bill
and if you don't fork over I'll make
these gin bottles sing a funeral march."
He forked.
We heard recently how one man
cured a neighbor newspaper borrower.
It is told thus: "Mr. , father wants
to borrow your paper. " He says he
only wants to read it." "Well, go
back and ask your father to send me
his surpar. Tell him I only want to
eat it." Tho next evening the boy did
net conic
A meteoric Stone weichinir ninetv
pounds fell in Missouri last week strik
ing a elarkey square on the head. He
seemed to be considerably confused when
he got up, and went off muttering: -'Et
I knowed for shuah, de man who trowed
dat brick, den I'd see whar am de
Libbu Rights ob uiggahs. Urookbm
Many a fellow who cannot possibly
pay his washerwoman, will rush" around
and scrape together enough to take his
girl to the theater in ten minutes.
Wm. A. Bombay, Secretary of the
Xew York 1 iectifying Company, has
been arrested for not making proper
A girl in Berks county ,Pennsylvania,
only twelve years old, rises daily at four
a. m., milks thirteen cows, and prepares
a breakfast for the family. Her hair
isn't "banged,", and she doesn't wear
a one-legged dress.
' "A -wife- will hardly ever notice
whether her husband has had his hair
cut or not, but let him go home with a
strange hairpin sticking in his. overcoat
and she'll see it before he reaches the
. A week female will berate a man for
'letting her stand up in a horse car, and
She will then dance from ten o'clock till
two. This shows that dancing is better
than standing up. ' . i
The look a man gives his wife when
he suddenly awakes in the morning and
finds her going through his vest pockets,
is not a studied expression, but it is
excellent in its way.
- i r " .L
Mrs. Partington wants to know why
the. captain of" a vessel can't keep a
memorandum of the weight of the anchor
instead .. of weighing it every time it
leaves port. - . - -.
" The Indians continue to alternate in
the far West, between minor massacres
and pipe-smoking conventions. Their
pipes of peace are mere shams.
Two heads are better than one, from
a hatter's point ot view. '
: :- .
In the journey of this world the man
who goes right is not apt to get left.
Josh Billings says': "You can't
change a date by cussing after an edition
n is been, worked off."
Big ears are now said to denote intel-
ue inaKBims statement solely
because we do not desire td see Al
bany become a deserted city. -
An unusual number of people are mar
rying now. Next year is leap-year, and
no woman wants it presumed that the
popped the question herself. p
Counterfeiting money is getting to bo
one of our most imnortnni-. i..i?.t.:.
In Brooklyn recently ten million dollars '
iu counierieit greenbacks were burued.
Columbus discovered America, but
when a bey he had as much difficulty in
seeing an empty wood-box or water-pail
as any other boy.
You will notice that when a boy steps
on a Canada thistle, or sticks a splinter
into his toot, it's iuvariably a few seconds
before school;
The Dominican Fathers have formed
an antiprofanity society iu the Eastern
District. It is recommended "to disap
pointed politicians.
A noble Omaha mastiff has saved the
lives of three children within a month
past, and bitten fourteen men who call
ed to sell a patent clothes-bar.
A woman is composed of two hun
dred and forty-three bones, one hun
dred and sixty-nine muscles, and three'
hundred and sixty-nine pins.
LOST 0. IirE IInius.
(Correspondence of Ien vor News.)
Plattkville, Col., Nov. 29, 1875.
On Saturday evening last our town
was startled by the report that a little
girl, aged about nine years, a twin
daughter ot a Mr. Sutherland, who
recently moved into the neighborhood,
was lost on the plains. It appears that
the child accompanied' her father in
search ot cattle, aud when about two
miles out they found some calves, one
of which had a bell attached to its
neck. The cows not being in sight,
the father directed the child to follow
the calves, which he supposed would
go directly home, while he went in
search of the cows. It was then 4:30
P. M. At about 6 o'clock the father
returned home, and was alarmed to
learn that his little daughter liac not
come iu, but was all the while supposed
by its mother to be with the father.
Ihe alarm was given to the people in
the village and twenty or more persons
went out and secured the couutry for
six or eight hours in every directioo,
but without success, though some.ot
them were out until 4 o'clock next
morning, and two, one a boy of 17,
having themselves beeu lost, did not
reach home until 8 o'clock Sunday
morning. On Sunday" sonic 40 men
and boys on horseback and at least 20
on fool, went out, notwithstanding the
extreme cold, wet wind, but after hunt
ing all day returned unsuccessful.
Again on Monday morning men from
every direction were on hunt, and in
the most sy&tCmafic manner examined a
wide strip of country, from the Platte
to near the Box Elder, and were still
looking, headed toward home, when a
signal gun was heard, by which all
knew the cYiid 1 al been found. It ap
pears the little one followed the calves
i jr a tin e, but, cs they did not go t -ward
home, She became conscious she
was lost. At first she says she wan
dered around; but hearing the wolves
growling around her, started in a straight
course, which took her to the Box Elder
and, without knowing what direction
she was tkiDg, 6he followed the bed of
thejereek until daylight. At that time
she saw trees on the Platte, and staitcd
for them, arriving at the ranch of Mr.
John Beede, .about "(our miles below
Evans, at 10 o'clock Sunday morning,
having traveled constantly for eighteen
hours, and probably a distance of not
less than twenty-five miles. When,
asked it 6he was not frightened, she
said no. She said he wolves kept
close to her heels and snapped at her
feet; but that her mother told her that
if she was good the Lord would always
take care of her, and so she knew the
wolves would not hurt her because God
wouldn't let them. After being kept
at ihe house of Mr. ; Beede "until the
"following day," Monday, she was brought
home as sound and fresh as though she
had only taken a short walk of ten or
twelve miles.
The latest plea in favor of tho Texas
Pacific Railway subsidy from tho Gov
ernment is that it is not a subsidy ; it is
merely a grant which Congress shall
pass to help build the road. As well
call a present a gift as to call that a
The Reading Railway in Pennsylva
nia has to be guarded near Mt. Carracl,
against the acts of desperadoes. A
gang of them had boarded a passengr
train and badly mangled the conductor
and brakesmen. Stroud could set 'em
up level.
Richmond, Va., has been rolling in
the luxury of an earthquake, and yet
the people were not happy. No great
shakes, we reckon.
Secratary : Bristow refuses to grant
the petition of the wool growers ot Low
er California aud San Diego.
The red buoy at the mouth of the
Nanaimo harbor went adrift on Monday
nfght during tho heavy blow,
ViT grand ball was given by the Xanai
moSocial Club on Friday evening,
December 2ith. ,
. . v, j . - -m ,...-. i .r..n. i - !
A MrIreland in going from Walla
home on V dark night.- recently, fell
down a steep bank about 20 feet, and
was seriously hurt.
A corret-pbiideut writes us from Nico'a
Lake that everything is quiet in the val
ley. The weather was very fine the
snow was about gons from the low hills,
and the live stock was doing well.
John Kircbhoffer, of Walla Walla,
had one arm crushed very badly last
week while working a fence building
Candidates for Sheriff are announcing
themselves in the Baker City papers.
They go on the principle that the early
bird catches the worm.
The wrecK cf the Isabella was success
fully righted on Saturday, and about
25 tons of coal taken out and placed on
board the schooner Blade Diamond.
The schooner is but slightly damaged,
and will be taken to Victoria to be
refitted. " "
The census returns of Washington,
Union, Multnomah, Graut, Columbia,
Baker and Benton counties have not yet
heen handed in to the Secretary of State
and the assessment rolls 6f Wasco, Mul-
tonmah,Lake and Benton counties have
also failed to put an
... : .
Hon. A. J. Dufur has appointed A.
If. Sale, Deputy Master P. ot II. for
Clatsop county, as chairmau of a com
mittee to assist in procuring and forward
ing to him in Portland such specimens
of timber and ornamental woods as may
be deemed creditable to the State.
Two companies are now stationed at
FortKalamath one of cavalry and one
of infantry, but owing to a number to be
discharged this month, both companies
will be considerably reduced in force
From the December report of the De
partment ot Agriculture we learn that
during the month cf November Oregon
wheat brought a h:2er price than that
of any other country or section except
Anstralia,the latter being quoted at lis
10 J against lis 6d for Oregon.
The Jacksonville Sentinel says : "A
large number of immigrants have lately
arrived in this section, and, notwith
standing the bad weather, some are still
comiwr. In many instances those arriv
ing are poor and of large families one
couple who came to Ashland a short
time ago having 14 childien."
The Indians of Barclay Sound picked
up, a few days ago, a boat painted white
about 24 feet in lenght, with 18 inches
ot her stem torn away, as if it met with
the injury in lowering her from the
davits of a vessel. It is probably a boat
which had belonged to the wrecked
steamship Iacie. A lot of hops, liquor
in barrels, and any quantity of lumber
has been picked up floating and drift
ing around the coast.
Tho directors of the Dalles Military
Road Company had a meeting on Tues
day last, at which it wa determined to
place the road iu thorough repair. A
resolution in reference to the death ot
Hon. O. Humason was placed on record.
The president of the company was au
thoi ized to take action iu reference to
the selection of the lieu lands of the
company. Considerable other business
of importance to the advancement of the
interests of the company was also trans
acted. ,
. Lime, Shingles, Planter Iarit,
Latli, llair, etc.,
and for sale low, at tho warehouse of
The Highest Cnsh Price I'm HI for "Wool.
Albany, May H, '75s35v7 -
... , ' AND
Old JBeapera, Mowers ud Threshers
Repaired and made almost as good aa new
' Is now prepared to do all kinds of
Wood' Tmutnff, Sawing and Dressing.
Also, any Ironwork and general Blaclrsmlth
injr thn Uncle may demand.
Fencing Pickets wiU be kef "n band at all v7n82
Bath House & Barber Shop.
M. fully thank the citizens of Alban and vi
cinltv lor Mm lllvrnl mtmnaim heKrnwed on
him lor the past seven years, and hojws for the
future a continuation Of t heir favors. For the
Hresmmodatlon of transient customers, and
friends in the nnnei irt of town. hbas open
ed a neat little shop next door to Taylor Bros.
wnereagooa worstnan win aiwuys uo
ii uuvituiinw iq wiUl UPOu nairons.
loe.n,lS7i. - JOJE WEBBER
From Railroad (north andVmth) dally
FromfJorvallis.dailv.atlOJ!(lA. m.
From Lebanon, tri-weeklv. (Mondnv.
Wednesday and Fi'iday) at 10.30 A, M.
For Railroad north aiid' tcntS), daily,
Close prompt at 11.10A. M.
For Corvallis, daily, at 12.50 P.M.
For Lebanon, tri-weekly, (Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday) at 2 v. H. -
Offlee hours from A. M. to 7 P. M.
Sunday, from 12 M. to 2 P. M.
Money ordur office lionrs from 9 A.' K. to
6 P. M. P. H SAVMOSD, P. M.
Attorneys 8c Counsellors at Law and So
lleitors in t'bnneery,
Albany, Oregon. Collections made and con
veyances promptly attended to. ,1-8
From this date until further notice, I will sell a
choice m:uxtio?i OF -i
I : - - -.
Stoves Ranges !
-AT -
Albany, Doc. 10, 187M3
Silver & Plated Ware,
Singer -
The BcKt Machine Made.
Foreclosure of Mechanics"! Lien.
In the Circuit Court of I bp State of Ores-on for
the county of Linn,
Suit inequity to foreclose a mceluinic's lien
notice. , .
ei. Smith. Plaintiff, vs. If. C. Clement and
S. M. t'ornui, defendants.
oTH F. is hercbv iriven that, the above named
plaintiff has commenced a suit in the above en
titled conit.asainst the defendants above nam
ed, to foreclose his lien of $1-24 00, and Interest
on the same at ten per. cent, per annum from
i ne yju day oi ec:oier. lSJa, on tue saw mill or
ino uetenuants, witn the appurtenances t Here
unto beloneintr. and on the land on which the
same stands, together with a convenient space
about tho same Irs may be required for the con
venient use and occupation of the same, situate
in sjiid Linn count v. luore narticnlnrlv describ
ed iu plaintiff's notice of his said lien on file in
mo uiei-K's omee in saia conntv : 'i nat m uls
complaint In said suit, plaintiff prays the Conrt
to order and decree that tlni said property bo
Spld to satisfy said lien and interest as afore
said, and the costs and disbursements therein ;
and that plaintiff have and recover of defend
ants the wild sum of $124 00 and interest thereon
as aforesaid, and his costs and disbursements
therein : That all persons Interested in theen
forcement of said lien, or claiming any rlffht
thereto, are hereby called unou to present their
claims within ten davs after the complet ion of
i . . . . . i .i : ;.... . . .. i. . . .... i i
n'u imuiivmiuii m una nuuvu, itu 111 VUK; 111
failure so to do within that timeor within such
further time as may lie allowed by said Court
or Judge, uU such cluims will be forfaited.
Nov. 26. T5-10v7w3 PllTs Attorneys,
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian
II A 1 11 HE N EWE 11
This standard nrtlt'ln Is oomiwi-iiilflrf u-lti.
the'Kreatest care.
Its effects areas wonderful and satisfiirtnrv
as ever.
It restores gray or faded liair to its youthful
colur. .- . '
It removes all eruptions, itchinfr and dan
rduff; and the scalp by f no becomes white
and deai). . . .
By its tonic properties it restores the capil
lary glands to thou uoimal vipor, preventing
baldness, and inakinv thn Imtrimiwthtcir.nri
as a aressuifr nothinj . has been found so
effectual, er desirable.
Dr. A. A. llayes, State Assaver of Massachu
setts, says of it : "I consider ' Ute bexpreparn
ttun for its intended purposes.
Buckingham's Dye.
A j-cr Sarftaparilla, :.
For P.rllylsK the Blood.
xuis compound
the veg-etable altera
1 1 v e s , Sarsaporilla.
'?k fiullingia and.
Mandrake with tbe
Iodides of Potassium
and Irnn muira. A
njpst effectual core
. series or mm.
:plaints which arc very
prevalent and afflict
liif?. It purifies, the
plopd, purges out the
system, that upTIe iKtTa'XseUle'into
troublesome cUsordeis. Eruptions of the skin
""- "m-" jiviu iuo uioou. in
ternal derangemets aro the detei initiation of
these same humors to someioternal onran or
organs, whose action they deransre. tnd vh'i
substance they disease ftndSro AvS
SARSAPARiWLejrpels these hnmora fw,m the
blood. When thcyaregone, the disorders thev
prodnea disppear, such aa UloemtUmr of the
I Aver, Utomnvn, Aulnryt, yn?,, .Yunlioni ami
Eruptive guetue the Skin, &. Anthont,' J.tre
lleati, 72wi(7" Ulcm ana Sores, Jiheumn
'.1', WyzfW-1 ' the fiffla, SiVfc and
Jecwl, J'htnala Weukne, Sterility, Juoorrhrpa
aristng rota internal ulceration ami uterine
disease, Jp), rhxpepsia, Emaciation and
General Ztebdtly. With their departure health
returns. . . . .. . .
Dr. J.C. AVEli "0., Iwon, Hash.,
Practical and Analytical Chemist.
T Sold by all iTug'-ista aud Dealers in
Medicine.- - . vZaS
Chicago & North-Western
Passengers for Chioago, Niagara Falls, Pitts
burg:, Philadelphia, Montreal, Quebec, New York
Boston, or any point Kast, should buy their
i Via (he Pi oueer Koate,
MTHi: '. : '
Its Track ts of STEEL RAILS, and on It has
been made the FASTEST time that has ever been
MADE in this country. By this ronte passen
gers tor points east of Chicago nave choice of the
following lines from Chicago :
By the Pltfctbnrgr, Fortwnyne and Chlcaink
unit rriuisjlvaulK liMtlways,
Palace cars tbrouif h to Philadelphia aud Now
York on each train.
ITIinoUGII TRAIN, with Pullman Palaoo cars
to Ualtimora and Washington.
By the Imke Shore and Hiehljrnn Sontli
ern Bail way and connections i$ew York
Central aud Erie Bailroads),
Drawing Koom and Silver Palace ears thro'
to New York. - .
' y the f lelifgan Central, Grand Trunk,
Clrent Western and Erie and New York
. Central Hallways,
3TintOUGIT TRAINS, with Pullman Palace
Orawing Room and Sleeping cars through to
New. York to N iagara Falls, Buffalo. Rochester
or New York city.
By Baltimore and Ohio Bnllvoad,
Palace ears for Newark, Zanesville, Wheeling,
Washington and Baltimore without change.
This is tho SHORTEST, BEST and only lino
running Pullman celebrated PALACE SLEEP
ING CARS AND COACHES, connecting with
Un ion Pacific Railroad at OMAHA and from the
WEST, via Grand Junction, Marshall, Certnr
Rapids, e;iinton. Sterling and Dixon, lor CHI
This popular route is unsurpassed for Speed,
Comfort and Safety. : The smooth, well ballast
ed and perfect track of steal rails, the celelmt
ed Pullman Palace Sleeping cars, the perfect
Telegraph System of moving trains, the regu
larity with which they run, tlic- admirable ar
rangement for running through carstoChicago
from all points West, secure to passengers all
the comiorts in modern railway traveling. No
changes of Curs, and no tedious delays at Fer
ries. Passengers wiU find Tickets via this favorite
route at the eJeiiCral Ticket Ofik of the Central
Pacific Railroad, Sacramento.
Tickets for sale at all the Ticket Offices of tho
Central Pacific Railroad. . W.H. STEXN ETT,
MARVIN Hl tiHITT. Gen. Sup. Gen.Pas.Agt.
H. P. STANWIXD, Genensl Agency, 121 Mont
gomery street, San Francisco. v7n47y
Jnst Issued. ; 300th Edition.
Revised and corrected by the author, S. de F.
Curtis, SI. D., Ac, 4c.
A Medical Essay on the cause and cure or pre
mature decline in man, showing how health is
lost, and regained. It gives a clear synopsis of
the impediments to marriage, the treatment of
nervous and physical debility, exhausted vital
it y, and all other diseases appertaing thereto;,
the results of twenty years successful practice.
Opinions ol the Press.
CURTISON "MANHOOD." There isno mem
ber of society by whom this book will
found useful, whether he bo parent, preceptor
or clergyman. Tsmilnn Tint''.
CURTIS ON "MAN HOOD." This book should
be read by tho young for instruction, and by
the afflicted for relief; it will injure no one.
JHerlieal Time ami Ouzrite.
Price- One Dollar, by mail or express. Ad
dress the author, DE. C"!UUTIS,:t)SutterStreet,
or P. O. Box 337, San Fmneisco, Cal.
' 48v7m3
Uevr Elevator !
of wheat, and oats. We call the attem.v. - of
farmers to the fuel that we have erected the fi
nest warehouse in the Statcat u large expense,
and are in position to handle satisfactorily an
immense quantity of grain. Oar house lias a
capacity for
200,000 bushels of Wheat
nt one timc.nnd is located on tho margin of (lie
Willamette River, and provided w i t ha side truck
from the O. C. R. R., so that shipments may
bA mode daily by rail, and as often by water as
boatinir facilities offer. We have two large suc
tion fans, in addition to ot her fans, attached
to the house, run by water power, and are
thus prepared to ; '
O X.33 j. 3JflT
all the wheat received. Can take In and clean
10,001) bushels per day. Cleaned whdat la wort h
much more in all foreign markets than foul
wheat, and none should be shipped without
cleaning. Oureharges will be n veccntsa bushel
on wheat, and four cents on oats.' We have
to furnish those storing wheat with its, free to
those whose wheat wo purchase, and at tho
lowest cash price to t hose who sell their wheat
from our house to other buyers. Persons stor
ing w mi us ore atiioerty to sell to whom they
plise. Those who reside on the west side of
the river will hae ferriage free. Will be in
the market as buyers, and expect to be able 1o
pay tho highest possible price. Having pre
pared ourselves to do a largo business, we hope
for our share of the public patronage '
nl7v(jjuly 31
Albany, Oregon.
A. V UKELER. . . . C. P. UOOftA
. C. B. WnEELES.
A. Wheeler & Co.,
Forwarding "& CommissioR Merchants.
Dealers in Merchandise and Produce.
A good assortment of all kinds of Gootls al
ways in store at lowest market rates.
Agents for sale of Wagons ,G rain Drills, Cider
Mills, Churns, c, 4c " ' .
Sale t
A larse Body of Itlcli IanI for
Sale Cheap.- '-. ','..
tfOU 300 acres in cnltlvation every acre sus
ceptible of cultivation well watered. Has a
good' house, bam, and outhouses thoreon all
under fence, and lying within miles of a rail
road station. AH good grass orgrain land. The
entire tract will be sold cheap. Inquire of
' - . S. A. JOHN'S,
w' Aug Sorm&n . Albany, Oregon.
' Bins. C. C. EXCLISII,
. : Id constantly reociying
lew ami Stylish KUIinery,
To which she tovltes the stiecial attention of
the Ladies, fiood sold at tho lowest living
rates. Store first door cast of City Drug Store,
Albany, Oregon- . mil
tfj nj-
AVlien you wtah
Visiting Cards.
Business Cards,
Bill Heads;
Letter Heads
Ball Tickets,
(Horse Bills,
or In fact anything iu tl
Prix2tlkrj Line,
call at the
Wmm 1. u
printing nous::.
I.': "T Zr V -e . ,
CORNER FE2P.Y. & r.l'r.'T '7
R PR S I Ffl
1 1.
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